Lotus & Zenon

A Collaboration between us and Caylie

Chapter One

Arian sat talking with Zenon again in his cage “I wonder if my sister is worrying yet. Theres really no telling since I’ve gone this long without seeing her before..I get caught up when I help people and somtimes forget to get in contact and let her know I’m still doing well”

“I hope so from the sounds of her. I bet she could kick all these asshole vampires asses and get us out” Arian smiled “I doubt my sister will ever meet an ass she can’t kick” he sighed “how did I not see this coming. I can sense lies, how did he trick me”

“as I’ve told you everytime you’ve brought that up he’s a vampire. You told him that and I’m sure he found a way to thwart that ability of yours. I’ll be the first to admit vampires are the top of the foodchain, well, maybe after Lotus” Arian chuckled “you seem to be enamored by her”

“I like women who are outgoing and can fight and she sounds like that and more. It would be amazing to meet her if you and I get out of here. Would that be okay with you?”

“I’m not her keeper and don’t let her know you asked me if you could meet her. She’d have both our heads. A man asking another man for her. Oh goddess’s I don’t want to think about it” Zenon smiled “I can just tell you’re protective of her”

“damn right and if you ever hurt her you’ll regret it”

“heard loud and clear”

“I’ll take you to meet her if she isn’t the one to get us out of here but knowing my sister if she isn’t hunting me down yet to check on me she will be soon.”

Lotus was worried, it plagued her constantly. She had not known the cause so she had flown to check on her siblings. When the twins had been found safe and Damae was helping rebuild a village, she headed straight for Arian’s house. She knocked on his door and when she received no answer she used her spare key to get in. She was even more worried as she looked around his house. He was known to disappear for days when he was working, but this time it just felt wrong, especially since they were so close. She shared a bond with him that she didn’t with her other siblings, though she still loved them very much. She had to find him, had to make sure he was alive and well. She knew he hated when she worried, but she also knew in her heart that there was something seriously wrong this time. When she found him, she would make sure he left notes for her from now on so she would always know where he was.

She decided to follow her feeling, wherever it took her since she had no idea at all where he was. “Oh Arian, you’ll be the death of me” she said to herself as she flew. Even though he was only concerned it still annoyed Lotus when an angel acquaintance of hers flew at her side “what’s wrong?”

“Arian, i must find him. Please don’t bother me”

“I can help”

“No you cant, you tire too easily. You’d make me stop for you and I feel he’s in trouble. Thank you though” She could tell he was a bit offended and she had to admit to herself she was being a little rude, could have even said that in a nicer tone but worry often times made her bitchy.

Lotus stared after her angel acquaintance who turned wing and left her alone with her worries, she did feel bad at being so harsh but she couldn’t help it, she was sick with worry. With a flurry of her wings she dropped low over the ground scanning the area for any signs of Arian, she doubted that she’d find any, she just needed to follow her instincts to where they led her.
Lifting her wings with a hard stroke she rose higher into the air to clear the looming mountian ahead of her, lifting her small frame up into the clouds she thought long and hard about what could have happened to him, where he could have gone. She felt she was going in the right direction and picked up her pace, spreading her wings farther outward and beating them both harder and faster to gain altitude and speed, feeling the rush of the air currents channel passed her wings she kept her eyes pinned on the floor below her. She followed a valley to the base of another large set of mountains and spotted at the foot of the largest peak sat a castle, nestled into the hillside and sat beside a great lake. She knew this is where he was at, she could feel it like an electric current zipping through her body, tucking in her wings she spiraled downwards shooting like an arrow. She unfurled her wings at the last moment snapping them outwards in a full display of luscious feathers and she landed lightly on her feet just a few yards from the castles large gates.

Arian raised his head and cocked it to the side. “She’s here.”

“She? Your sister?” Zenon was excited to meet her, but worry plagued him at the thought of her being harmed.

A vampire approached their cell, his keys rattling as he pulled them from his belt and unlocked the door. “What do you want?” Arian asked.

The vampire grinned as he crouched down in front of them. “An angel has been spotted outside, it’s time to play.”

Lotus attacked the vampires guarding the castle, moving so fast she was like a blur of wings and slicing blade. Vampires screamed as she cut them down in a rage. Zenon and Arian were forced out of their cell and upstairs to the throne room. The vampire guards shoved them to their knees and the vampire lord came down from his throne, his fangs showing as he grinned deviously. He grabbed their chins, forcing them to look at him. “You will fight the angel and you will bring her to me alive.” They couldn’t look away, his hypnotic gaze holding them captive as he laid a compulsion into their minds. They could hear his voice echoing over and over again, catch the angel and bring her to me.

Lotus spun, her wings spreading out as she spun, knocking the vampires back. She screamed her anger, cutting their heads from their bodies, blood spraying in the air and dotting her wings. She heard approaching footsteps and turned, freezing when she saw her brother alongside another man. “Arian.”

“No…run…can’t stop.” Arian struggled to say. He gripped his head and as she took a step towards him, he attacked, the other man right next to him.

“Arian stop this.” His face was contorted in rage, but his eyes and the eyes of the man aiding him held an overwhelming sadness.

Fury raced in her veins. Whoever was doing this to her sweet brother was going to face punishment. Lotus flew past he raging brother, hoping he wouldn’t hurt himself too badly before she stopped this vampire. Her fury helped her more easily take down vampire after vampire that tried to come at her until she found herself before an absolutely evil looking vampire lord. His eyes danced with power that had gone to his head. Just as she was about to speak she felt Arian coming after her. She turned, blocking his attack “Arian!” she yelled and the vampire laughed “I’m glad the show brought itself in here. A brother killing his own sister” he chuckled then continued “gives me goosebumps”

“You bastard.” She knocked Arian back, turning to attack the vampire and being immediately cut off by the other angel. He came at her with the ferocity of a rabid dog, forcing her to back towards her brother so instead on fighting them one on one, she had to worry about blocking them both. Her brother was an extremely powerful being and the other male seemed to know a think or two. As she brought her sword up to once again stop her brother, the golden hair male hit her in the stomach, sending her flying back. She gasped, surprised at the power behind the blow.

“Come now angel, don’t make this so boring.” The vampire said, his chin resting in his hand.

She glared at him, pushing back to her feet. “I’ll remove your head vampire.”

“You have fire, I love it. Come now boys, step up your game. I don’t care if you hurt her, just bring her to me alive.”

She launched herself from the floor, her wings carrying her toward the vampire. He merely grinned, not bothering to move as she brought her blade down and found it stopped a mere inch from his face by her brother. He backhanded her across the face, making her spin right into the other male who grabbed a handful of her hair and kneed her in the stomach. She swung her blade at him and he grabbed her wrist, headbutting her. Her vision swam and she knew her fear of hurting them had been her downfall and if her brother could speak, he would have told her to not show mercy.

Fighting the battle inside herself she attempted to put some space between both her brother and the other angel, she need to figure out how to thwart her brothers power and get past him to defeat the vampire master “Adian! Listen to me! It’s your sister Lotus! You’re hurting me!” Beating her wings to stay afloat she side stepped the other angel dodging his attack midair.
Adian felt his sisters words stab through his conscious and into his body, he was harming Lotus, he was gonna be her weakness and get them both killed. He struggled to find control over the vampire master invading his mind and save his sister. The battle raged inside him as a pushing struggle, like a game of tug of war over his actions. The vampire pushed him to attack his sister and bring her to her knees. He wasn’t having it, he ripped his conscious away from the vampire and fell onto his back the impact driving the wind from his lungs screaming “NOOO!” As he fell.

Not having the bond with Lotus Arian did he went after her again while she was attempting to fly down and check on Arian. “Get off me!” she screeched crossly. Hearing the vampire lord chuckle pissed her off further. “How did such sick people come to be?” She thought frustratedly to herself as she then cursed her brother getting involved in such retched peoples lives. Arian pushed himself up and soon felt the vampire trying to force his will on him again “No, thats…my …sister you,…you fucking bastard!” Lotus punched upward on Zenons nose causing blood to pour everywhere. Breaking noses was a skill she was quite good at. It was enough for her to have another go at lunging at the vampire.

“Pathetic little weaklings.” The vampire said as he got to his feet and held up his hand. Lotus didn’t see the barrier until she was too close and it glimmered a light blue in the sunlight. She slammed into it and was thrown back. “Little whore angel.” He stepped down from the throne and was on her in the blink of an eye, his cold fingers wrapping around her throat and lifting her. He forced her to look at him. “Perhaps I should make you into my plaything.” He stroked her cheek. “Would you like to be forced into my bed?” She thrust up at him with her sword and he caught the blade in his hand so blood ran down the blade. “Don’t fight me.” He licked the side of her face down to her neck. “I’ll make it painful if you fight.”

The blow to his nose had broken the vampire’s hold on Zenon and he blinked away the fuzziness and tears. He spit blood from his mouth and pushed himself to his feet. He saw the vampire sink his fangs into Lotus’s neck and it filled him with rage and gave him the strength to continue moving forward. He grabbed the vampire from behind, his arm locking around the vampire’s throat as he pulled back. He squeezed as hard as he could, cutting off the vampire’s air. “You want to fuck with someone, then fuck with me you bastard. You’re nothing without your hypnotism.”

Chapter Two

Zenon tightened his hold on the vampire while lifting his golden wings high above his head and using his other hand plunging it through the vampire lords back with a scream sending it up through his rib cage and grasped his heart, using all his might he thrusted his wings forward for balance and shoved the vampire forward ripping his heart from his body. With a gasp Zenon stepped backward dropping his wings and letting the heart fall to the castle floor.
The vampire blinked in shock loosening his hold on Lotus who ripped her sword from his hand and unstably stepped backward and with a swift swing of her sword sliced off the vampires masters head watching it slowly fall from his shoulders and roll across the floor to the feet of Arian who stood stunned as the vampires hold snapped leaving his mind empty aside from the worry for his sister.

Arian ran to Lotus and took her in his arms “I am so sorry for hurting you sister” She held him tightly “Don’t blame yourself. You had no control over what you were doing and I am proud of how you fought him. He was powerful, theres no denying that. I love you and hold nothing against you. I am sorry I didn’t hunt for you sooner.”

“I knew you would come. I kept telling my friend Zenon you would be on your way as soon as you thought I had been gone too long” Knowing that other angel must be Zenon she let go of her brother and walked over to him. “Thank you for saving me. I may have come to save the two of you but in the end you’re the hero of the day. I would have failed my brother just then. I am not too prideful to admit that though it does smart to”

“It was thanks to the three of us this vampire and all his horrible minions are dead. Not just me. We’d still be in cages if you hadn’t come” Their eyes met in what felt like an unbreakable stare. Lotus and Zenon were lost to where they were until Arian said “Vasyklo, where is he? I know you wouldn’t have killed a child sister so did you see one atall?” Lotus turned, blushing intensely and not fully understanding why “No I didn’t, a childs here?”

“Yes, he is a kind little boy and would sneak us food. We can’t leave him Lotus. I know of a nice couple that will take him in”

“Hafsah and Chione?’


“If he’ll go with us I’ll be happy to find him. We’ll all take him there”

They looked around the castle for him, Arian calling his name. Lotus kept stealing glances at Zenon, feeling bad for breaking his nose. He hadn’t even had time to wash the blood from his face and she knew he must be in pain though his lack of complaints said different. When they finally found Vasyklo, he was in the kitchen hiding beneath the center island, his knees drawn up to his chin as he shook. “Hey buddy.” Arian said as he dropped down on his hands and knees.

“I heard screams then everyone just ran off and left me.”

“Well we’re here for you, come on out.” Arian held out a hand and after a couple of minutes Vasyklo took it and allowed the angel to help him out.

Lotus grabbed a rag since they were in the kitchen and wet it then turned to Zenon, wanting to at least wash his face before they left. “May I get rid of all that blood?”

“Oh, sure. I guess I forgot in the heat of things.”

She smiled and began to gently wipe away the blood, being careful not to bump his nose. When they got home she would give him something to heal his nose. She finished and tossed the rag in the sink and seeing that Arian had been standing there the whole time with Vasyklo in his arms, she blushed. “You two ready?” He asked, trying not to smile even under the circumstances.

“Of course.”

Arian looked down at the young vampire. “I want you to close your eyes okay, there’s a lot of blood and stuff I would prefer you not see.”

Arian took the lead as they wound their way back outside dodging dead bodies and piles of gore along the way. Lotus trailed after Arian with her mind on Zenon as he was behind her thinking the very same about her. Arian could feel the chemistry between the two behind him and he gave a smirk as he hefted the child in his arms closer to him in order to lift his wings and leap into the sky now that they had made their way outside. Keeping afloat with his large powerful wings he turned to them “why don’t you too further search the area, I’m sure since this was a major coven the vampires have slaves hidden in every nook and cranny, there’s a large barn by lake and some stables along the side road that winds around the mountain, I’m gonna take this little guy to saftey” he gestured to the tired child in his arms.
Lotus nodded slowly in understanding “That’s a good idea, we don’t wanna leave anyone behind”
Zenon bobbed his head in agreement “yeah that’s a great idea” using his golden wings his lifted himself into the sky as Arian turned and moved higher in altitude “please be safe sister”

As they searched Lotus said “Your nose has to hurt. I wish I could fix it now. I left in such a hurry I don’t have anything”

“it’s fine, don’t fret over it. I’m tougher than I obviously look to you” Lotus smiled, he was being prideful. It was an obvious sign he was attracted to her too. “so you’ve been in my brothers company the whole time?”

“yep, I was their prisoner before him. It was nice to have someone to talk to. He’s told me so many stories about you. I’m glad to finally meet you to be honest” She smiled, feeling grand until they found a few chained up human females in the barn. They had scars and bites all over their bodies. The two quickly got them all down, two women running away before they could even speak. Lotus and Zenon escorted the remaining women to their homes where they both finally got treatment for their wounds. They had a nice meal then were begged to stay for a night for returning their girls. “want to stay here a night Zenon?’ she asked and he smiled “if you’re staying” Lotus blushed at the look in his eyes. His stare had been growing more and more embarrassing by the day.

The villagers had obviously assumed they were a couple so were given one room for the night. Zenon decided to be the one to ask the awkward question “are we sharing this bed? I understand if you want me to take the floor but…holding you is a nice thought…I mean. I’d probably have to keep you in my arms for us to fit on such a small bed” Blood rushed again Lotus said “You can sleep with me”

“Are you sure?”


Zenon smiled happily as he climbed into bed then patted her side once he got himself situated. Her face burned as she got in next to him, deciding to sleep facing him so her wings weren’t in the way. He wrapped his arms around her and pressed a gentle kiss onto her forehead. “You smell really good.” He said softly as he buried his nose in her hair.

“Thank you?”

“Sorry, I’ve been wanting to meet you for so long, you’re all Arian talked about. He didn’t do you justice, you’re so much more amazing than I ever imagined.”

“Oh really? What did he say?”

“Just that you were really sweet and protective and an amazing fighter. He said if there was anyone he could ever aspire to be, it would be you. He said he would do absolutely anything for you and he really hated putting you in such a spot. He’s really very fond of you. He told me stories from when you were children, some of them you would probably kill him for.”

Lotus closed her eyes basking in the praise, it was nice to hear all the good things her brother said about her, and coming from a man she was beginning to like felt even better. She wiggled closer to him folding her wings tighter against her back and snuggling against him, he was warm and smelled like the man he portrayed himself to be, strong and hard working, his masculine smell made her more attracted to him and sent shivers down her spine, she wiggled closer to him hoping to hide the red tint spreading across her cheeks.

He felt the heat of her blush but simply smiled, opting not to say anything. He didn’t afterall want another bloody nose or to ruin the moment. Still overflowed with joy that she had accepted his forehead kiss Zenon blissfully laid there with Lotus in his arms until they both fell asleep. The next morning Lotus was brought out of her sleep by the smell of breakfast being made. Zenon was still out with a firm hold on her. She couldn’t remember ever feeling this secure or happy in a mans arms despite the fact they had only been in eachothers life a few days. She laid still, heart pounding until a knock at their door made her jump and Zenons eyes snap open. “breakfast” a female voice called. Zenon relaxed and Lotus pushed her face into Zenons chest. He smiled and kissed her head “what a way to starta day”

“yeah” Lotus got up and Zenon stretched. He looked sexy as he got out of bed behind her. They ate the meal the villagers had so kindly prepared then told them they absolutely had to go. Energized by a good rest and meal the two took off, flying at a slow pace so they could talk. As they neared the gates of where Lotus lived a few angels who knew her well were shocked to see her smiling and laughing so much with Zenon. It made all curious so they whispered among eachother. When they arrived at Lotus’s home she asked “are you going to visit for a time or go straight home now?”

His smile grew soft and he placed his left hand gently on her cheek. For a few moments he stared into her violet eyes, adoring their rare color. Then, once he felt brave enough he slowly moved closer until his lips were pressed against hers. It was a supple, mind blowing kiss for the both of them. Those often described fireworks going off between them. When he drew back Lotus found herself equally lost in his inviting brown pools. “I want to stay for atleast a few days? Please? If you tire of me I swear I’ll leave. I’m quite fond of you Lotus, quite fond” his words growing increasingly softer.

Thought her mind and body were running wild her voice was collected “I was hoping you’d want to stay” So stay Zenon did, days, turned into weeks, and those weeks soon turned small showings of affection into a full relationship. Zenon had never really planned to go atall and Lotus seemed just fine with that.

~ The End

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