Lupin & Brigid 2

Chapter One

Lupin sat at the police station, a boquet of red roses with white achillea in his hand. He waited patiently for Brigid, the woman who had changed his life and saved his soul. He could hear her voice as she walked down the hall with another officer, her beautiful laugh reaching his ears and making him a little jealous. He stood and her eyes lit up as they settled on him. “What are you doing here?” She asked as she kissed him.

“I just wanted to see you and give you these flowers.” He handed her the boquet and she inhaled the sweet scent.

“Well thank you very much.” She kissed him again, this time letting this one linger a bit. She blushed when she felt eyes on them and pulled back. “I love you and now I have to get back to work.”

“I’ll see you at home beautiful.”

He headed out of the police station, feeling happy to see her. He walked happily down the stairs and to his car, thinking of his plans for the weekend. Living together and her helping him through every moment of his withdrawals had shown him how much he really needed her. He had already bought the ring and planned a romantic date, something he knew she would like. He slid behind the wheel and drove home with a big smile on his face.

Brigid smiled at the beautiful flowers as she finished up her report. Lupin had come so far since giving up drugs. It made her happy that she was the reason for his change and his newfound strength. She couldn’t wait to get home and cuddle with him. She went through some files, impatiently bouncing her leg. When it was time for her to go home she practically ran out the door with her boquet. When she made it home and pushed the door open she was greeted by a very excited Odin and the smell of cooking steak. She put her flowers on the coffee table and headed into the kitchen.

“Hey beautiful.” He stepped away from the stove and lifted her onto the counter then leaned in and kissed her. “Give me a few minutes to finish off this steak then we can eat.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

She jumped off the counter and went into the living room and switched on the TV. Odin jumped up on the couch and pillowed his head in her lap. She watched Dogs 101 while she stroked his head. Lupin brought her out a plate and Odin jumped off the couch and curled up on the floor. “Thank you baby.” They chatted about their day while they ate, Lupin laughing when she talked about having to climb up a tree to save a kitten.

“So do I get dessert after dinner?” She asked.

“I bought cheesecake.”

“That’s nice, but I was thinking the naked and sweaty kind of dessert.”

“We can have both.” She punched his shoulder.

“You’re lucky I love you.”

“I am” he said with a¬†unimpeachable smile. They ate and then had their cheescake. Whens he was finished Lupin said in an ardor tone. He pulled at her shirt, taking it off with quick ease. Lupin licked her chest, loving the fact goosebumps almost instantly formed. She gave him a¬†look “don’t be smug” He smiled then tugged at her pants. She in turn began to pull at his shirt and soon all their clothes lay scattered across the floor. Theirs hands traveled, tongues mingled in Ecstasy. They parted from her chair and ended up on the floor by the table. Lupin slammed into her, Brigid letting out a loud cry. She loved when he took her hard.

Brigids nails drew blood as they traveled his back. The slight sting not bothering Lupin and only making him thrust harder into her wet confines. She said his name deeply in her moaning voice while he just enjoyed her feel, her hands, her intoxicating sounds. He realised he wasn’t wearing a condom and pulled out before his milk poured. He let it spill into his shirt as Brigid picked herself off the floor “shower?” she asked and he got up “sounds good”

Lupin followed his love happily into the shower. He grew hard for her again as her breasts bounced. She washed her hair in a rough way just to tease him into rising for her. Brigid rinsed her hair then said in a seductive tone “I was hoping for round two. We haven’t had shower sex in awhile”

He lifted her off the floor so she could wrap her legs tightly around his waist and pressed her against the cool shower wall as his mouth moved against hers hungrily. His fingers gripped her bottom as he pushed into her still sensitive insides, making her instantly quiver around him and cry out his name. He sucked and bit at her breasts, leaving marks on their soft mounds as he lifted and lowered her at a fast pace. He pulled out at the last second, panting as he spilled into the tub. He kissed her softly before lowering her feet to the ground and rinsing out the tub.

“You know, you don’t always have to pull out.” Brigid said as he switched off the water and they stepped out. “I know you don’t want to.”

“I don’t want to get you pregnant.” He replied and she couldn’t help but frown at his words. She finished drying and handed him the towel then went into the room and pulled on her pajamas. A big part of her wondered what would be so bad about having a baby. The way he had said it, almost like it would be an inconviniece, made her sad. “Hey what’s wrong?” He asked as he came out and pulled her into his arms.

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

His heart slammed against his chest with worry. “What did I do? I can’t fix it if you don’t tell me.”

“Do you not want children?”

“What? Why would you even ask such a thing?”

“You just seem like you don’t.”

He sighed. “I want children, just not right this second. I didn’t mean I don’t want to get you pregnant in a negative way, I just want to wait a little while longer. Not to long, just a little longer.” He pulled back to look at her and held her face in his hands. “Brigid, I love you and I want you to have it all. I’m sorry, please don’t be sad.”

“It’s okay, I just misunderstood is all.” He smiled with relief and kissed her, never wanting to be the reason for her sadness.

They laid down in bed together, cuddling until rest overcame them. The bright morning of Friday shown into their bedroom window as Brigids alarm wailed at them to get out of bed. She got up and Lupin was sad she had to lave for work but he was excited for the weekend that would soon come. When she was dressed she kissed Lupin goodbye and patted their dog on his head before walking out the door to work.

She liked that Lupin stayed home. He had made a wonderful stay at home boyfriend and she hoped he always stayed at home so he’d always be there when she didn’t have to be at work. She pulled into the station then walked inside, receiving friendly waves from all her coworkers. A few made suggestions about her night and she laughed it off.

She sat down at her desk to continue with paperwork she needed to take care of. With her head in the clouds since Lupin moved in paperwork tended to pile up since she was slower at it. She was glad she misunderstood Lupin last night. She wanted kids profoundly so would have been heartbroken if he truly didn’t.

Lupin called up to Bear Lake and rented one of their lakeside cabins for the weekend. His dad had taken them all there when they were kids and he wanted Brigid to see how beautiful it was. He then grabbed his keys and got in his car, needing to buy food for the weekend. He was smiling happily when he made it to the store and grabbed a cart before heading inside. He went around the store, grabbing a couple of steaks and hotdogs, then chips and Brigids favorite artichoke dip and a box of her favorite soda. He would put it all in the fridge and surprise her when she got home.

“Lupin Bookchild?” He froze at the familiar voice behind him and turned slowly around. “Holy shit it is. Haven’t seen you in awhile.”

“That’s because I’m clean now.”

“I was beginning to think you’d found another supplier.” Jacob Caplett or J-Cee as he went by was a drug dealer and pimp who Lupin had bought both drugs and women from on many occasions.

“No, I’m just clean.”

“That’s a shame, you were my best customer. I made a lot off of you. Come on, come have a taste. I just got some new product in.”

Lupin swallowed. “No thanks, I’m fine.”

Jacob shrugged. “Just know the door’s always open.” Lupin waited until he was gone before going to check out. He asked for a bag of ice and paid once everything was scanned and bagged. He headed out, grabbing a bag of ice and hurriedly putting everything in the car. He just wanted to get home and forget about Jacob.

Lupin put his purchases away at the house, feeling guilty for even speaking to Jacob. His heart was racing and he was terrified. He was scared of himself falling through on his promise and calling ¬†Jacob for product. He shook his head. Lupin wouldn’t allow himself to do such a thing, to ruin the wonderful life he had with Brigid. He broke out in sweat he was so stressed. Lupin decided to shower so he wouldn’t end up stinking from his puddling shirt. He calmed himself as the water ran over him. This was going to be a wonderful weekend and he wouldn’t let Jacob ruin that for him.

Hopefully Brigid would say yes and he would get to marry the amazing woman who helped him become a man his family was proud of instead of ashamed to be related to.When the water became more like ice than comforting heat he got out and dried himself. He decided to clean up to keep his mind busy until Brigid came home. He started in their bedroom then worked his way from room to room.

He would be honest with Brigid and let her know he had been approached. He would hate for someone else to tell her and her be mad. Brigid got as much work done as she could, wanting to be able to leave as soon as it was time. “Hey Brigid, still got your head in the clouds?” Her partner Breslin asked. “I’m surprised with how hard you’ve been working.”

“I’m a woman and amazing at multitasking. Maybe you could learn a thing or two, like how to talk on a phone and fire at a suspect at the same time.”

“Are you still holding that against me? I mean we still caught the guy.”

“Because I hopped two fences and tackled him.” He laughed and shook his head.

“So how’s Lupin?”

“Good, happier than ever.”

“You are the only one who persisted when others had nearly given up on him, hell most of the cops here including me were tired of him. He would still be an addict if not for you.”

She smiled. “So I’ve been told. Anyway, let me get back to work, I’m almost finished and I don’t want anything left to wait until Monday.”

“Alright, I’ll just be over here then.” She chuckled and turned back to her laptop to finish typing up her report.

When it was growing near for his love to be home he began cooking burgers while preparing the toppings. He rinsed lettuce, chopped tomatoes and set the condiments out for easy using. He had timed himself perfectly once again. Brigid walked in as he was setting the table “yum, burgers. Let me just grab a drink” She opened the fridge and looked confused. She glanced over at Lupin who was smiling “I’ve planned a romantic weekend for us. Please don’t ruin the surprise by begging me for details.” Brigid didn’t bother with her drink and went over quickly to hug Lupin.

She kissed him when she was done with her hug “you sweet man. I’m excited” They made their burgers how they wanted them then sat down at the table. Before Lupin took a bite he said “I have to confess somthing to you Brigid”

“what is it?”

“I was approached by my odl dealer while I was buying stuff for my surprise trip. I didn’t buy a thing, didn’t even want to but I thought you should know”

‘Thank you for being honest. I trust you Lupin” he let go the breath he had been holding “I was worried you’d be upset”

“You can’t help if your past tries to jerk you back. You can only help if you let it or not”

“I just didn’t want one of your cop buddies to see me with him and tell you. Hearing things from another person has never ended well for anyone.”

“I promise to always ask you before jumping to conclusions. You have done so much for me, so I can at least believe you are innocent until proven guilty.”

He smiled and took a bite of his burger, feeling lucky to have such an amazing woman in his life. When they were finished eating they packed for the trip, making sure they had enough food for Odin as well as his leash. They double checked everything then Lupin put the suitcase next to the front door. When he went back into their room Brigid was getting undressed. He wrapped his arms around her from behind, his lips moving over shoulder as he cupped her breast through her bra.

“Lupin, I’ll be to tired to get up if we have sex now.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure yo get out of bed.”

She giggled when he nibbled at her ear. “You have become absolutely insatiable.”

“You are my one and only addiction.” He unhooked her bra and slipped it off, his hands squeezing her breasts as he left a hickey on her shoulder. He moved his hands lower, unbuttoning her jeans and pushing them down with her panties so she could step out of them. He ran his hands up her legs as he straightened, then over her butt and up to her shoulders. He turned her around, his lips finding hers as he gripped her bottom and held her tightly to him. She pulled at his clothes, craving the skin contact. He tipped her back onto the bed, her legs wrapping around him. He thrust into her, going wild so they were both moaning and gasping, her fingers gripping his back and his her hips.

He leaned back, taking her with him so she was in his lap. Their cries of ecstasy filled the room as they released together then clung tightly to each other. In his need for her he had forgotten about protection and mentally cursed himself. He had wanted to at least marry her before getting her pregnant. He kissed her cheek and lay down with her, pulling the blanket over them. “I love you Lupin.”

“I love you too baby, very much.”

They fell into a deep sleep until the alarm¬†beckoned¬†them to get up. Lupins excitement about the plans he had for Brigid got him excitedly out of bed but Brigid was slow and barely willing to leave the warm comforts of their blanket and pillows. He laughed “come on baby” She smiled and got up with his coaxing. They readied themselves, walked Odin, had breakfast then headed out to the car with their luggage. Odin rode as always with his head out the window. Brigid smiled back at their dog then looked at Lupin “I don’t know what we’re doing but I’m really excited. I can’t believe you planned somthing special for me”

He took her hand and kissed the back of it “I want you to know how much I love you. That’s what this trip is about” Brigid tried to guess in her head where they were headed as she watched trees, houses and landscape pass them. She couldn’t figure it out for anything so she resigned to the fact she would have to honestly be surprised about where he was taking her this weekend.

Odin started to whimper and they pulled off the road so he could potty in the woods. They walked around with him until he finally went and they got back in the car. His head returned to it’s position out of the passenger window. Lupin held back a treat which he returned in the car only long enough to grab and eat. “good boy” Lupin called back since he told them he needed to go instead of going on their backseat.

When the lake came into view Brigid’s eyes widened and a big smile crossed her face. “Surprise baby.” Lupin said and she kissed his cheek.

“You are the most amazing boyfriend a woman could ask for.”

“I hope you always think so.”

He turned onto the road that lead to the lake, stopping at the front desk and checking in then heading to their cabin. She was out of the car the minute he pulled over, making him laugh at how excited she looked. She let Odin out to sniff around while he unlocked the cabin and got the cooler. He put everything in the refrigerator except for the soda and ice which he put in the cooler then set outside on a picnic table. Brigid jumped into his arms, pouring all her love into her kiss.

“I’m glad you’re so happy. I thought you might like this.”

“I really do, thank you so much.”

“Why don’t you go for a swim with Odin while I start lunch.”

She grinned. “You just want to see me get wet”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She kissed him again then grabbed the suitcase and headed inside to change into her bikini. She was really glad he had told her to bring it.

Brigid slipped¬†it on. feeling sexy as she always did when wearing it. Since being with Lupin she felt more gorgeous than she had ever felt before. He always made her feel stunning and desirable. She’d be a fool not to think so with how hungry he always was for her. She walked out, waiting for his eyes to rest on her. She caught his attention quickly. Both his eyes and the previously resting snake between his thighs noticed her. She saw the bulge of her boyfriend getting hard and giggled happily “you better get out there before that comes off” Lupin said playfully.

She smiled and ran out. Odin followed, ready and excited to swim. Lupin got lunch ready in bliss, praying she was going to say yes to forever with him. He willed himself down while he preparred food, refuseing to keep her in bed, against the wall or on the floor all weekend. This was a weekend of romance and his smaller head wouldn’t change that.

Brigid dove into the water, swimming as fast as she could. Odin easily kept pace with her, both of them enjoying the warm water. Lupin called for them when the hotdogs were ready and they hurried back to shore. When she came back dripping wet he very nearly dropped the plate of hotdogs before getting them on the table. She giggled, making her hot dog before setting down at the picnic table. “Are you going to eat?” She asked.

“Most definitely.”

She grinned. “I meant a hot dog, not me. You can eat me later. I want to go exploring.”

Lupin sat down and made himself a couple of hotdogs then gave one to the drooling Odin before eating his own. He stared at Brigid the whole time, her smile getting bigger. “You should hurry up and get into some clothes, seeing you in that thing is torture.”

“Rushing me just makes me want to eat slower.” She took a bite and moaned, making him choke on his soda. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath, focusing on his food instead of her breathtaking form. He would pay her back later after they had tired of exploring. When they were done eating he cleaned up while Brigid took a quick shower and put on some clothes. She got Odin’s leash and clipped it to his collar then laced her fingers through Lupin’s. “This place is so beautiful Lupin.”

“My dad used to bring us out here when we were kids. We would fish and have swimming contests and dive off that little cliff over there. That was back before I was an addict, when I mostly got along with my family.”

“You’re getting along with them again. They’re all very proud of you.”

“That’s thanks to you my love. Without you I don’t think I could have given up the drugs, booze, and women. You are the reason I’m still alive.”

“I’m glad you changed. Well you’re still a sex addict but I enjoy it”

“You are too. you deliberately tease me”

“Yep” She said with a playful wink. They stayed out enjoying nature together until dinner time. He wanted to pull the ring out and ask but that was more of a grand finale for the end of their weekend so he forced himself to leave it in his pocket. They grilled burgers for dinner then decided to lay in the grass to admire the stars. They laughed as they pointed out and talked about all the things they claimed the stars formed. “Oh we should make this atleast a yearly trip” Brigid said. “Sounds good to me” Lupin answered.

Chapter Two

They stayed out there late into the night. Lupin ignoring his previous plans of teasing her. She was happy out here under the stars and giving her the payback she deserved from earlier could wait until the next time he had her undressed. By the time she could barely force her eyes open he picked Brigid up “we need to get some rest beautiful”

“I guess” she answered as he totted her in. Lupin set Brigid in bed then made odin come in for the night. Lupin gave him fresh water and topped off his bowl before going in to lay with Brigid. He smiled when she was already sound asleep, as angelic as always. He got in bed and pulled her into his arms. “goodnight” Lupin said before allowing himself to fade.

The next morning Brigid woke feeling refreshed. She sat up and smiled down at Lupin who was still sound asleep. He had admitted to only sleeping like this when he was with her and even when he had been going through withdrawals he had been able to sleep for more than a few minutes because she was there. It made her feel extremely happy and loved that he could fins such comfort in just her presence. She kissed him, making him gasp and lock his arms around her. He pulled her down and got over her, smiling down at her in that happy boyish way that sent butterflies brushing her insides.

“Good morning my sexy goddess.” He said.

“Good morning my love. So what are we going to do today?”

“First we’re going to get dressed, then we’re going to head up to the lodge and have breakfast, and after that I’m taking you kayaking. Odin will have to stay here, but he looks exhausted after his swim yesterday so I doubt he’ll mind.”

“I’ve never been kayaking before.”

“Then today will be extra fun.” He kissed her nose and got off of her then changed into his swim trunks and a tank top. She put her bikini back on and pulled on a pair of shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt then pulled her hair up in a ponytail and slipped on her flipflops. She rubbed Odin’s head and let him out to use the bathroom before calling him back in and making sure he had plenty of food and water. He hopped up on the bed and curled up, falling almost immediately back to sleep.

Lupin made sure he had the ring before they left just incase the perfect moment presented itself to him. Once his shoes were on they walked hand in hand to the lodge where the breakfast buffet would be set up. Brigid was extra hungry this morning and unabashed. She stacked her plate high with all she wanted then sat down with Lupin who had waited for her to finish preparing her plate. He smiled at Brigid and she didn’t give the smile a comment. As they ate Brigid had Lupin tell her about his experiences kayaking. he had her laughing at some of his more silly family stories.

It was especially hilarious to hear of all the mishaps the now serious Jasper had caused when he was a child “yeah, he was a clutz and a trouble maker. A terrible but funny combination”

“your family is really awesome”

“They are. I hate I let the drugs and booze make me such an ass for so long”

“That’s over and done with. Your family has long since forgiven you”

“I know, I’ve just wasted so much of my life. Now everythings perfect and i want it to stay that way forever”

“Well I’m not going anywhere and neither is your family so no worries” They finished their food and left a tip for the busboy before walking out to rent a kayak. They had plenty and got one right away. The two were fitted with lifejackets then given their paddles so they could go. Brigid was excited but understandably a little nervous about doing this for the first time.

Lupin taught her how to paddle to keep them going in a straight line and how to get them to turn. After awhile she began to relax and enjoy the calm water. “Some day I’ll have to take you out onto the ocean when the whales are migrating. My dad taught us this thing where you flip your kayak so you’re upside down in the water. The whales look so cool.”

“I think maybe I should practice on the lake for awhile before going out on the ocean.”

He chuckled. “Well yeah, I want you to be as comfortable as possible.” They paddled out to the middle of the lake then stopped and Lupin turned to face Brigid. “So what do you think?” He asked.

“This is truly the most amazing weekend I have ever had. I hope someday we can bring our children out here.”

“I plan on it. I have a lot of good memories here and I would like to make some more.” She smiled her dazzling smile, making his heart leap with joy. He took her oar and laid it across the kayak then took her hands in his. “Brigid, you know you make me feel like I can do anything? You inspire me to be a better person, you captivate me with that smile and your forgiving nature. Without you I would be nothing but a sick, sad addict with no hope. You breathed new life into me.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the little box, making her eyes wide with surprise. “I really, really can’t live without you Brigid. You have done so much for me and I need to ask you to do one more thing.” He pulled the box open, revealing the ring that had stones the same color as her eyes. “Will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

She nodded as tears filled her eyes and he shakily slipped the ring on her finger. She jumped into him, her lips pressing against his as their kayak tipped over and they were dumped into the water. They sputtered, laughing as they grabbed their oars then hauled themselves out of the water. They hugged each other then kissed again before heading back to shore.

When their kayak was returned Brigid started to kiss Lupin again excitedly. “this was all to propose to me?” she asked softly. “yeah, I wanted to give you a fun relaxing weekend before I popped the question. You like your ring?”

“I love it” They kissed one more time then walked back to their cabin. Odin greeted them cheerfully and they let him go out. They kissed and tugged at eachothers clothes as they made their way into the bedroom. They were starving for one another as they fell to the bed. Brigid bit at him, leaving deep red bite marks in his flesh that excited him. He in turn bit her ear then let his tongue move sensually in it. She moaned an dhis manhood flew up. He rolled her so she was under him then began licking every inch of her skin. He spent extra time on her breasts before moving down to eat her tortuously. He built her up to the edge but kept her there. Her moans eventually becoming whimpers of need “baby…stop….. come on”

“I’m paying you back for teasing me” He kept going and she tried to jerk away to make him stop. The pleasure was getting overly intense for her as her breath picked up to gasps. He finally decided to let her have her orgasm. He slammed into Brigid. Once again going wild as he became one with her. Their moans unbridled as they got lost in how good eachother felt. Lupin fell to her side trying to catch his breath. He soon heard the dog whimpering at the door and he forced himself to get up and let him in.

“Sorry boy.” He said as Odin ran in. He went back to the bed and flopped down next to Brigid who turned and rested her head on his chest. She raised her hand and looked at her ring, making him smile. He took her hand and kissed her fingers. “I’m glad you’re so pleased.” He said.

“Why wouldn’t I be? You make me so happy.” She ran her hand over his chest and he gave a contented sigh.

“This is why I wanted to wait for children. You deserve to have the most perfect wedding without worrying about anything else.” She propped her head up and smiled down at him.

“Does that mean we can actively start trying once we’re married?”

“Absolutely baby.” He pulled her down to kiss her, both of them smiling. Since they had to leave at the end of the day they showered and had leftover hot dogs for lunch then packed everything and put it in the car. They sat outside in the grass, Brigid between his legs, and enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful sights. Odin ran along the bank, getting his fill of the water before they had to go. Brigid checked her watch and sighed, not wanting to leave this place, but knowing she had to go back to work in the morning.

“It’s time to go.” She said a little sadly.

“I know, but we’ll be back I promise.” He kissed her cheek and they got up. Brigid called for Odin and the dog came running. She opened the back door and he jumped, his head going instantly out the window. They headed out, holding hands as they left the lake, taking the beautiful memories they had made there with them.

“I love you.” She said softly.

“I love you too, always and forever.” Lupin was happy his future with Brigid only seemed to grow brighter and promised to keep it that way.


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