Lupin & Brigid 3

Chapter One

Brigid pointed her gun down the firing range, squeezing off round after round, the loud noise muffled by her earplugs. All her bullets hit the target center mass so there was a nice sized hole in the paper. “Brigid.” She heard her name yelled and stopped firing to pull out her earplugs. It was her partner.

“What’s up?”

“Wade told me he saw you come in here looking pissed. You alright?”

She sighed and holstered her weapon. “Lupin and I got into an argument this morning. It was stupid and I totally overreacted.”

“What was it about?”

“He left the milk out all night and it spoiled. I flipped out, damn hormones. I felt horrible, but I was so emotional I couldn’t talk so I just came here to cool off.” She felt herself tear up and wiped at her face. “I yelled at him like some sort of crazy person.”

“Hey, I’m sure he doesn’t blame you, being pregnant isn’t easy.” He pulled her into a hug and she cried until she felt better. “You okay now?”

“Yeah, I need some water though.”

Lupin sat in the police station at Brigid’s desk, waiting for her. She had been so upset when she left and he wanted to make sure she was okay. He’d even cut one of his classes because he had been so worried about her. Being six months pregnant, a demon, and a police officer left her on a constant emotional roller coaster and all he could do was hang on for dear life and try his best to be a good husband. He had even bought her a bar of chocolate on the way over since it what she had been craving lately. He peeked in the file setting on her desk while he waited and felt his heart give a stutter. She was still trying to find that serial killer, one he was pretty sure wasn’t human. He closed the file, not wanting to get upset and tell her to stop working the case.
When Brigid walked in the station Lupin could see she had been crying and felt even worse. “I’m sorry” Brigid said as she went to hug her husband. “I’m sorry too. I wont leave the milk out again”

“You didn’t mean to. It was only five dollars wasted.”

” I bought you this chocolate bar since thats what our baby craves lately” Brigid kissed him “thank you for being so sweet after I acted like a lunatic”

“I understand baby. After all you put up with from me before we were together I think I can handle you getting over emotional and upset due to real problems. I was just an asshole before”

“hey, thats in the past. You are great now.” Lupin smiled and kissed her one more time “I’ll let you work. I just needed to make sure you were ok and bring you that chocolate.”

“Shouldn’t you be in school actually?”

“Yeah, there was no way I could concentrate though without checking on you”

“Go on you sweet man. Thank you” He left, still fighting himself on asking her to pass off that case. She was a demon but she was a pregnant demon who wasn’t used to her powers and he didn’t want anything happening to her or their baby. His next class was still awhile off so he decided to pass time studying in the college cafeteria.
“Lupin, you’re back.” He glanced up then back to his book as a woman named Maria came running over and sat down across from him. “So, how’s she doing?”

“Fine, feeling better. She’s just needed to calm down.” He flipped the page on the book he was reading.

“What’s that about?”

“It’s a book on trial practice. If I’m ever going to be as good as Jasper I have to study hard. I know it sounds stupid, but I want to make him see me as an equal, I want him to be proud of my abilities.”

“Is that a hint for me to leave?”

“Please, I really need to study.”

“Alright, see you in culinary class.” He just nodded and waited until she was gone before closing his book. He ran his fingers through his hair, pushing it away from his face. He was still worried about Brigid and that case, it nagged at him. He figured it was just him being overprotective, he trusted her to take care of herself.

Brigid stood in the alley way studying the dead body of the young man. From what his license said he was only nineteen. He had been cut open from groin to sternum like the others and his throat had been slit. Like the others one of his eyes had been plucked out, something they thought the killer was keeping as a trophy. The thought of him or her having jars with eyeballs floating in them made her sick to her stomach.

“You alright Brigid?” Her partner asked.

“Yeah, just a little nauseous. I’ll be fine. He’s just like the others, I bet the coroner finds his liver missing too.”

“You thinking cannibal.”

“Something like that, everyone likes liver and onions.”

Breslin wrinkled his nose in disgust. “Not anymore, thanks Brig.”
She may have laughed in return but coming to these scenes gave her worse nausea than anything else. When they were done they gave CSI full access and went back to the station in hopes the crime scene unit would find some evidence. Hopefully this time he or she had slipped up and left even the smallest clue behind for them. At the station she poured over her notes and the file in hopes that maybe she was missing some sort of connection with these people. Upon pulling up the dead young mans information there was nothing that tied him to the others that she had noticed.

Breslin was doing the same, frustrated this person was still out taking lives. “You ready to go tell his parents?” she suddenly asked. “I guess” They went to his parents places of work and informed them of their sons demise as gently as they could, sparing as much detail as possible but the father wouldn’t stop asking questions. Brigid couldn’t blame them for wanting to know. She knew she would be the same way if anything happened to her little one.
Lupin’s culinary professor was letting the class have a free for all so he, a man named Riley, and Maria made a variety of desserts. He made sure they were all chocolate so he could take some home to Brigid. He knew she would want some after a long day at work, especially after being wrapped up in a serial killer case all day. “Look at that smile, that wife of yours must truly be something.” Riley said.

“She is, the sweetest and most stubborn woman in the world. She’s my angel.” Lupin could tell this made Maria a little jealous, especially since her now ex boyfriend had been a piece of work. He had first met her when she and her boyfriend were arguing in the parking lot and the bastard had slapped her. All Lupin had had to do was drop his brother’s name and the guy backed off.

“You two will actually have to meet her one of these days. Maybe you could come to the baby shower next week, it’ll be all cops and lawyers pretty much, but it’ll be fun.”

“That sounds exciting, I’d love to go. What about you Riley?” Maria asked.

“Count me in.”

“Awesome.” He kept the smile on his face as he pulled the chocolate crinkles out of the oven and transferred them to a baking rack to cool. They smelled delicious and he knew Brigid would love them.

Brigid stood next to the Pearson’s behind the pane of glass as they prepared to identify their son’s remains. She always hated this part and her pregnancy had made it that much worse. She would become weepy and sometimes Breslin was left with the burden of calming her down. “We’re ready.” Mr. Pearson said and Brigid nodded to the coroner who pulled back the sheet.

They started crying and Mrs. Pearson turned to her. “That’s not him, that’s not him. It’s his cousin James, oh my god my brother is going to be devastated.”

“But we found your son’s i.d. on his body.”

“James is only seventeen, but he smokes so Eddie loans him his license since they look so much alike.” Brigid didn’t want to have to inform another family that their son was dead, but she knew it had to be done. She was also going to have to call in Chthon who she was sure would try and make her set this one out, which she would politely refuse to do.
Breslin offered to take care of the next family if she wanted to go ahead and contact Chthon. Breslin knew and was comfortable with Chthon and his family being demon and he also agreed that there was no better way to track down a suspected demon than a demon. Brigid went home to collect a necklace Chthon had given her. If she wore it and spoke she would speak directly in his head. He was in his world right now as he was most the time so she couldn’t just ring his phone.

Inside she went straight to where she and Lupin kept it then put it on “Chthon, please come. I think theres a demon in our world who is killing people. These bodies…they are horrifying to look at. I really need your help.”

“we’re coming” he answered back. It wasn’t much later when he and his wife Ruth opened her front door. Brigid and Lupin had given them keys so they could just waltz in at any given time they felt like. “thank you” she said and hugged each of them. “You’ll be able to tell if mine, Lupins and Breslins suspicions are true right?”

“I’ll be able to tell by the scent of the dead bodies. You still have one right?”

“In our morgue right now. It needs identification from the parents before its released from us. I’ll take you two now.”

“after you show me you need to sit your butt at your desk. You are pregnant.”

“No I wont, I have a city to protect and I’m going Chthon. I know you love me and this new baby but this is my job and I’m doing it” he opened his mouth to speak but Ruth interrupted “talking to her will be just like talking to me when I’m pregnant. Let her do her job. You and I can protect her” he sighed “you’ll let us protect you right?”

“Yes, I wont do anything dumb. I don’t want anything to happen to this baby either”

“Good, I still don’t like you coming around atall but if you’re like my Ruth it’ll only be a waste of time to try and make you stay.”

“it’s the men of this familys fault for mostly liking hard headed women” he chuckled “what would we do without you girls. Come on before more people lose their lives. Even if it’s a human I will stop him” They went to the police stations morgue where brigid pulled the body out. “this was definitely a demon”

“can you name the demon or do you just know it was one?”
“I know his scent, but not his face. These murders resemble some that happened long before you were born. The killer vanished without a trace. He must have traveled worlds committing such heinous crimes. If you take me to the crime scene I can track him.”

“I should text Lupin and tell him what’s going on.” She pulled out her phone and sent him a text while she, Chthon and Ruth left the morgue. When Lupin saw it his heart gave a leap of fear and he immediately excused himself from class to call her. Brigid sighed when she saw him calling, knowing very well what he was going to say, but answering anyway. “Yes?”

“You are not going after a demon who has been eviscerating people in your state.” He replied, his voice upset.

“I can handle myself just fine Lupin.”

“This is insane, let me talk to Chthon.”


“To tell him to tie you up and leave you at home because going after a demon while pregnant is stupid.”

“Oh so now I’m stupid?”

“I didn’t say that.” There was a desperation in his voice, but she was angry, her hormones latching onto her so she didn’t hear how scared he was.

“I’m going Lupin, it’s my job.”

He raked his fingers through his hair. “Then at least let me come. Demons like that love pregnant women, one attacked Stella remember. So just tell me where you are and I’ll meet you there.”
“you have class. I’m fine. Chthon will protect me”

“Brigid, just this once can you not be stubborn?”

“So I’m stupid and stubborn all the time. Why are you with me then?”

“Brigid, you’re blowing what I say out of context”

“Brigid, let him come” Ruth said and Brigid sighed “fine, we’re still by the morgue. Hurry up and come”

“ok, I love you” she was too angry and hormonal to say it back so she hungup as if he hadn’t said I love you atall. Lupin frowned, feeling hurt but knowing it was just the pregnancy and he had said plenty of nasty things to her when he was a drug and alcohol abusing pervert. He reminded himself yet again that if she could look past the slew of whores he had fucked, his disgusting hard core porn, drug and drinking problems he could be a man during her pregnancy and just be understanding instead of angry when she was upset or angry over little or non existent things. He left school and slid into his car then drove as fast as laws would allow to the morgue she told him she was at.

Brigid was crying when he got there and he ran up to hug her. He was glad when she accepted the hug “I’m sorry Lupin”

“It’s ok”

“It’s not”

“You’re just pregnant sweetheart. After the baby is born and your hormones settle things will go back to normal. I can take it. You’ve taken enough shit from me”

“I still feel bad”

“well I love you.”

“I love you too” They let her get it all out and then they loaded into Brigids car, just deciding to leave Lupins there.

Chapter Two

When they made it to the crime scene Brigid was still teary eyed and she damned her hormones. She still felt bad for yelling at Lupin and wished he didn’t have to deal with her temper. He could see she was still upset and laced his fingers through hers as they walked into the alley where an innocent teenage boy had lost his life. Chthon paced around the crime scene, his nose taking in the scent of the killer. “Can you find him?” Brigid asked.

“Most definitely, his scent is still strong. He climbed up the fire escape.” Chthon climbed on top of the garbage can and pulled the ladder down. “Follow me in your car.”

Brigid, Lupin, and Ruth climbed back into the car and Brigid watched the rooftops as she followed Chthon through the city. He took her into the part of the city that was mostly industrial or abandoned buildings. She didn’t know why crazed serial killers always had to choose the creepiest part of any city where you could get tetanus just by stepping out of your car. She slowed down then came to a stop when Chthon honed in on one building in particular. He jumped down, landing next to her car and she sat there for a moment wondering if she would be able to do the same if she practiced enough. She could just see Lupin now, demanding she get down from the roof of their house only to have her jump off. She knew he’d have a heart attack and for a brief moment an amused smile crossed her face.

“What’s so funny?” Lupin asked.

“Nothing, just thinking of ways to drive you nuts.”

“You already drive me nuts Brigid and it makes me incredibly happy.”
She smiled “I do love you, you know that even when my hormones come over me right?”

“Yep” They got out “so he lives here?”

“At the least he spends a majority of his time here”

“are there dead bodies inside? I know you can tell from here”

“Three, why don’t you wait in the car”

“I wont and you know it Chthon”

“This stuff makes you sick to your stomach, you sure?” Lupin said, hoping she’d just sit in the car but not wanting to anger her again. No matter how much he knew she didn’t mean to be when she was hurtful she hurt him all the same when she’d snap at him. “this is my job guys. I only called you for help Chthon”

“alright, come then. Lets see what we can find here then you can call it in.” They couldn’t hear it but Ruth could hear in his tone the slight irritation that Brigid wouldn’t wait in the car. She just took her husbands hand and gave him a small smile. It wasn’t easy to smile with such a stench from the dead bodies.
The darkness of the old building only added to the creepiness of the situation. Brigid held Lupin’s hand tightly and in the other hand she held her gun. She actually shivered, becoming covered in goosebumps and the airs on her arms and back of her neck standing up. The stench of death and decay hung heavy in the air and her stomach twisted, threatening to spill its contents onto the ground, but she held it in not wanting to destroy potential evidence. Chthon lead them upstairs, going slow so as not to knock loose any of the old stairs. The room where they found the bodies was terrible. They hung by their necks from the walls and had been cut open, their blood drained out. Setting on a shelf were jars, each one full of liquid and an eye. To the left was a bed and on the ceiling above the bed was something that chilled Brigid to the bone and brought out Lupin’s protective instincts.

“These are photos of you at each crime scene.” Lupin said.

“It seems our killer has become a bit obsessed with you Brigid. Each of these killings was to draw you out into the open.” Chthon wished to take a closer look at the pictures, but he knew the local authorities would pith a fit if he disturbed anything. “He even wrote the dates on the pictures.”

“He wants my attention?”

“It would seem so, in fact he craves it. I never knew this particular killer to care for anything, but death and destruction, but he’s found something else to obsess over.”

Brigid felt a little faint, the smell of the corpses and the sight of the eyes and pictures of her made her queasy. She had never been like this before, but the baby made her stomach turn at the sight. “I need to get out of here, I’m going to puke.” Lupin lifted her and went as fast as was safe down the stairs. The minute they were outside, Brigid shoved out of his arms and threw up.
Lupin kept her hair away until she was done. She hugged him and he said “you have to stop going to the scenes. He’s going to hurt you” Chthon and Ruth had come down “Lupin, I’ll follow her next time. hen he comes I’ll catch his scent right away, even if he runs at mine. I need her to go to another scene. You know I’ll keep brigid from harm. You three are my family.” He sighed “I thought you were against her taking risks too”

“I am but if he somehow figures out shes not going to scenes then he wont come atall for me to find. Just let her go to another.” Ruth took the opportunity to speak before Lupin “You can brew a potion that will make me look like Brigid right? Why don’t I just start going to scenes?”

“he might be able to tell. He seems old and powerful”

“I’ll be fine, come on Lupin” Brigid now said and he answered. “Then I’m putting a condition on it. After this no more serial killers until after the baby” Brigid frowned “alright, I’m sure the chief will understand.”

“Thank you”

“it wont be too much longer before I have this baby. Are you two coming to our house?” Brigid asked Ruth and Chthon. “we’ll let you two be alone. We’ll get a hotel and give you a call from the room so you can call our room when you have to go to another murder scene.”

‘alright, love you guys. Thank you”

“Family should always be there for family, even extended. All family is important.” Brigid still had to work so Brigid took them back to Lupins car so he could drive Ruth and Chthon to a hotel. “I guess we’ll give you our room number before you leave then” Chthon said and Lupin answered “yeah, I really wish Brigid didn’t have to be in harms way again”

“I know, I definitely understand. Ruth has been in harms way plenty”

“You’re a tough, experienced demon. I am not yet comfortable with my new powers’

“doesn’t mean I dont worry”

“I guess” Lupin waited for their room number and room phone number before driving home. There was no way he was continuing his classes today so he just drove home.
“Lupin, you don’t have to stay home with me.” Brigid said once they were inside.

“I need to know you’re safe. I know you think you’re invincible, but you’re not and I need you to let me watch your back. I’ve been so useless so let me do this.”

She grabbed his hands and pulled him close. “You are far from useless. You don’t have to carry a gun and catch bad guys to be worth something.” She pressed his hands to her stomach. “You are our everything and this child is proof that I’m not even close to invincible.”

“I just don’t want to lose either of you. It would kill me if anything happened to you or this baby. You have no idea how blessed I feel to have the opportunity to be a father. After the drug and alcohol abuse, I didn’t think I’d be able to give you a child. I just need you safe so please don’t get upset and think for one second I see you as weak or stupid.”

“I know baby, I love you.”

“I love you too.” They hugged each other tightly and smiled when they felt the baby move between them. Lupin pulled back and gave her a long kiss, his hands coming up to frame her face. “My beautiful warrior woman, let me make you something to eat.”

“I don’t think I can hold anything down after that building. I still feel all twisted inside.”

“You need to eat something, especially for the baby.” He gave her another kiss. “Eat for me, even if it’s just a little.”

“Alright, just a little then.” He smiled and went into the kitchen while she sat on the couch. He grabbed a can of chicken noodle soup out of the pantry and heated it up. When the microwave beeped he took the bowl out, thankful the demon blood had made him immune to heat. He grabbed a spoon then sat down on the couch next to Brigid. He got a spoonful and blew on it, making her smile.

“It won’t burn me.”

“Just let me fuss, it’s my job.”
She smiled “how was school today?”

“great while I was there. I was talking to my friends about you meeting them”

“After all this that would be great” Lupin fed Brigid soup and they continued to talk between spoonfulls. Eating soup took a long time this way but it was incredibly sweet. “do you have any homework or can we watch TV?”

“I need to study a little but i want to cuddle with you first”

“ok” They turned the tv on and got comfortable on the couch. Lupin rested his hand on Brigids stomach and she rested hers on his. “you’ll be a great dad Lupin”

“I hope so. I’m really going to try” Lupins mind was consumed with worry over his two girls. He utterly didn’t want them as bait to lure a demon but he would have to keep faith in Chthon. He was a great demon and cared for his family more than anything else. Brigid fell asleep watching Tv as she commonly did lately. he laughed then kissed her cheek before getting up to grab a blanket.

He wrapped her up then picked up the dirty bowl to clean it. When that was done he started studying, doing his best to retain what he read. He knew he was already making his family proud but it would just make thigns all the more amazing if Jasper would see him as an equal at being a lawyer. Most people knew the name Jasper Bookchild and Lupin dreamed of being just as noteable.

Chapter Three

An hour later Brigid’s phone rang, jerking her almost violently out of her sleep. She pulled it out of her back pocket and answered. “Hello?” She said sleepily.

“Brigid, it’s Breslin. Sorry to wake you, but there’s been another murder.”

She shoved the blanket off of her. “Shit, okay, what’s the address?” She heard the sound of paper moving around then he read her the address. “Alright, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” She hung up, getting to her feet and stretching. She took her hair out of its ponytail then pulled back up again.

“Another body?” Lupin asked.

“Yeah, could you call Chthon while I wake up?” She handed him her phone and went into the kitchen, splashing her face with cold water.

Lupin came into the kitchen and handed her a washrag out of one of the drawers. “Chthon said he and Ruth will meet us there. Are you sure you’re ready?”

“Yeah, lets get this over with. I can’t have that sicko taking another life because of me.”

“Hey, this is not your fault. You didn’t do anything to get this guy fixated on you so just get that thought out of your head. We’ll stop him and everyone will be safe again.”
Brigid hugged him and gave Lupin a kiss “well lets hurry. Thanks for the reminder though. It still is a weight to know he has been killing for my attention”

“Thats because you’re amazing, it’s why I love you” They got into her cruiser and went to the address. Chthon and Ruth were already there. Chthon had just carried his wife on his back. He had actually tried to get her to stay in the room but that was as easy as it was to keep Brigid from these sort of things. Chthon wasn’t shocked how fast the demon who had done this arrived. He could smell the lust this man had for Brigid and Chthon was disgusted by it.

Just as he went to confront him the other demon noticed Chthon and Ruth then took off running. Chthon and Ruth gave chase, not wanting to lose him. If they lost him now another person might have to die to find him again if he would even still draw Brigid out with murders. Chthon and Ruth taking off was so fast it was a mere gust to the humans but Brigid and Lupin saw them go. Lupin was breathing easier that the demon ran away instead of trying to snatch up Brigid.
“We should follow them.” Brigid said and Lupin grabbed her arm, worry evident on his face. “It’ll be okay, trust me. You drive though and go fast.” He let her go and they jumped her squad car, him pulling quickly out of the parking lot as she switched on the siren. She sent a quick text to Breslin to let her know she was pursuing a suspect. “To our left.” She pointed and they could see Chthon and Ruth chasing a man across the rooftops. “Keep the wheel steady.”

Lupin nearly slammed on the breaks when she rolled down the window and pulled herself out. Her foot was hooked under the passenger seat and she had her gun pointed at the killer. He wanted to scream at her to get back in the car, but was too focused on not wrecking. Brigid stared down the sights of her gun, taking a deep breath then squeezing on a round a little ahead of the demon. It caught him in the hip and he stumbled, falling off the roof and through a window of the building next door. She climbed back in the car much to Lupin’s relief. “Pull over.” He came to a stop and she switched the siren off then jumped out of the car, quickly crossing the street before Lupin could even get out.

“Brigid slow down damn it.” He hurried after her, his heart beating so fast he thought he might have a heart attack. He followed her through the front door of the apartment complex and up the stairs. It was six floors up and she was practically running up the stairs. They could hear quickly descending footsteps and they both saw a flash of blonde hair two floors above them as the demon raced to get away from Chthon. As the demon came around the corner, Brigid raised her gun and he came to an immediate halt.

“Don’t you take another fucking step.” She ordered, her finger already on the trigger.

“Officer Brigid Bookchild, we meet at last.”

“And you are?”

“Axor Horn.”

“Well Axor Horn, you’re under arrest.”

“Oh my beautiful Brigid, you don’t mean that. Come on now, put the gun down.”

She glared at him. “Don’t make me put one between your eyes. I’m pissed off, pregnant, and hormonal so don’t fucking push me. Give up now.” He growled at her and he was on her in the blink of an eye. She fired off a shot, missing him and he grabbed her wrist, twisting it so she dropped the gun. Lupin tried to stop him and the demon knocked him down the stairs.

“I didn’t want to hurt you, I mean after all that hard work, all I wanted was for you to notice me. You’ve hurt me instead so I’ll have to take you by force.” Chthon and Ruth dropped down behind him and he spun around, holding Brigid in front of them. “The mighty Chthon has finally found me, took you long enough. Has your love for the humans dulled your senses?” He laughed. “I would back off if I were you or I’ll rip the child from her womb.”

Lupin shook his head, clearing his vision, his heart leaping into his throat at the sight of his wife in the hands of that monster. He noticed Brigid’s gun laying at the bottom of the steps and crawled over to it, grabbing it quickly off the ground and aiming it at him. “Don’t you fucking touch my wife.” He fired off a round as Axor turned to look at him, catching the demon in his shoulder so he released Brigid and Chthon moved in, grabbing him by his throat.
“You are a foolish demon. It’s hard to believe since you are old. Brigid was once a human, you must smell that”

“You just love humans in general. I love Brigid because she was born to be a demon. She has all the fire of a true demon female. She’ll be my mate”

“You are psychotic, to kill for her attention and to mess with someone in my family. You are old enough to know better”

“You’ve been with Ruth countless years at this point. She has made you soft, too soft. You wont kill me right now, not while she’s watching you. You’ve never wanted her to see the monster you are.” Chthon tightened his grip until the demon couldn’t breath, his anger getting the better if him. “Chthon stop, we’re in the human world. He is subject to human law!”

“he’s not of this world”

“Chthon, let the humans deal with him”

“he’ll escape and kill more” Chthon protested. Brigid spoke “Chthon, we can’t play jury and judge. I hate him and I feel he’s given up his rights since hes killed others but I am a cop and I can’t let you just kill him.”
Chthon growled and pulled Axor close to him. “I’ll be watching you Axor and if you so much as give anyone a nose bleed I will come into that prison and I will kill you. I won’t even have to lift a finger.” Brigid grabbed her cuffs and quickly put them on Axor then took him from Chthon before the ancient demon changed his mind. She radioed in she had caught the killer and would be bringing him in.

Lupin sat quietly in the passenger seat of Brigid’s car, his heart still beating overly fast. He wished she would have let Chthon kill the man siting in the back seat so he wouldn’t have to worry about him getting out. “So you’re the one Brigid chose as her mate, how pathetic. I can smell a weakness in you.” Axor taunted.

“Shut your mouth Axor, he’s not the weak one here, you are.” Brigid shot back angrily.

“So what was it youngling, alcohol, drugs, were you a sexual deviant?” Axor continued like he had not heard Brigid.

“It was all three.” Lupin answered and turned to look at Axor through the protective grate. “I snorted and popped anything I could, I drank anything I could get my hands on, and I fucked any woman I could seduce or pay for. I was sick, but you know what demon, that’s the past. You can say anything you want, try to make me doubt myself, but the only opinion that matters is Brigid’s. You can’t get to me, not when I have the woman of my dreams and you have nothing.”
Axor didn’t seem to know what to say in response so he just crossed his arms and angrily looked out the window. He was contemplating just bursting out of this car and running again but he could smell Chthon was following closely. He knew he had underestimated Chthon and that the demon truly wouldn’t spare him a second time. If he was going to escape it would have to wait awhile. He would stay in whatever prison he was being taken to for maybe a year or two before getting out. The prisons of the human would weren’t made to hold in demons since so few believed they were real so he could really leave whenever he chose.
Lupin was relieved once they got Axor to the precinct and had him put in a holding cell. “Beautiful, beautiful Brigid. Don’t think you can get away from me. I have your scent.” Axor said, grinning at her. Brigid grabbed his hair through the bars and slammed him against the bars.

“And I have yours. If you even think about trying to escape I will let Chthon have you. So be a good boy and stay put.” She let him go and walked out of the holding area.

Lupin waited while she explained how she had seen Axor on the roof and how he had fled the scene of the crime with his camera. She told them she had shot him and they could check her weapon. She had mandatory counseling which she rolled her eyes at, but made an appointment with the precincts psychologist to get it out of the way. She was then given a week off which she insisted she didn’t need, but her boss insisted she did forbade her from stepping a foot into the precinct unless it was for her psych eval. Lupin stood up from the bench he was sitting on when she walked out of her chief’s office and immediately hugged her.

“So, what happens now?” He asked.

“They’re going to go through his camera, they have his fingerprints at his little hideout on the dead bodies and everything else. They also have some uh other bodily fluids I don’t care to discuss.” She shivered. “How can someone go so wrong? I mean Chthon’s a demon and every man in his family is one and they’re all good people. I just don’t understand it.”

“There are good and bad people everywhere my love. Come on, lets get you home.”

“You should get your car baby and I’ll follow you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m fine I promise.”

He gave her a gentle kiss and they headed out together. He walked down to the morgue parking lot and retrieved his car and pulled up to the front where Brigid was waiting patiently for him. He honked and she looked up, pulling out of her parking space and following him home. He grabbed the goodies he had made her before getting out and unlocking the door to let her in. “Lets go take a bath.” He said softly as he set her treats on the counter.

She grabbed his shirt and pulled him into a kiss, making his heart skip a beat. “Make love to me, I want to get that monster’s smell off of me.” He kissed her hungrily and they pulled at each other’s clothes. He tipped her back onto the couch and thrust into her, making her whimper against his lips and grip tightly to his shoulders. She felt the darkness of the day being washed away by Lupin’s love for her and it brought tears to her eyes. Her back arched off the couch, their loud cries filling the room as they found their release. He trailed rained kisses onto her face and wiped at the tears running into her hair.

“You okay baby?” He asked softly.

“Yeah, just emotional. It’s been a really long week.”

“Lets go take a bath now and then you can have some of the goodies I made you.”

“Then we can rest because I really need it.”
“of course” They went into the bathroom where Lupin ran them a hot bubble bath. They slid into the water, Lupin in back so Brigid could rest against him. When she was comfortable he locked his arms around Brigid and kissed her head. “I am beyond relieved you are getting time off”

“It’ll be nice I guess. I just love my job. I feel so proud to be a cop”

“I know, I can’t wait to feel the pride of being a layer. I really want to work at the firm my brother does”

“I’m sure you’ll get to. He’s already said he’ll get you in there. I doubt the partners would say no to their best lawyer”

“Still, they only hire the best”

“You’ve been getting amazing grades. You are among the best Lupin. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come from the man i first met”

“It’s only because of you. You keep denying it but I’d be that same piece of scum without you”

“I love you Lupin”

“I love you too Brigid” They rested in the tub until Brigid said ‘i really want my treats” He chuckled “alright beautiful” They got out, Lupin insisting on drying Brigid since she had trouble getting her legs anyway. Once they were in somthing comfortable Lupin excitedly gave Brigid her chocolate. “thank you baby”

“anything to make you smile” she gave him a sweet smile then kissed him “You are truly wonderful and I’m glad you didn’t let that demon get to you. I’m glad I’m your dream girl because the man you are now is my dream guy” They shared the sweets Lupin had prepared for her then cuddled in bed. The world was safe from that deranged demon and they were happy in eachothers arms. To them things just couldn’t be better.

~ The End ~

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