Luthais & Saskia 2

Chapter One

“I thought I’d find you out here?” Saskia said and Luthais looked down from the branch he had been dozing in, his heart skipping a beat at her bright smile.

He jumped down and dusted himself off. “What are you doing out here alone?”

“I’m not alone, I’m with you.”

“Saskia, you know what I mean. Nothing bothered you along the way did it?”

“It was peaceful, I promise.”

“That’s good.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck, making him look into her eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really.”

“I went to your house first, but you weren’t there.”

“Sorry, we can go there now. I’m sure your feet must be tired from how far you had to go.”

“Can I at least get a kiss first?”

“Yes, of course.” He pressed their lips together, that familiar warmth sweeping through him and he had to pull back before he was swept away by her. “Happy?”

“Tell me what’s wrong?”

“Just one of my moods.” He said as he pulled away and took her hand. “I’m better now that you’re here.”

“Then maybe I’ll stay with you for a few days.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He started walking, pulling her gently along.

“Why not? I think after nearly two years I can stay with my mate.”

“It’s not that I don’t want you too, it’s just…” he sighed. How could he explain how much of a temptation she was.

“Just what?”

“Nothing, stay if you wish, but at least let your parents know you’ll be with me.”

“We can tell them later when you take me to get clothes.”

He agreed and she thought again how funny it was he insisted on telling her parents everything they were doing despite the fact she was an adult. Plus if she was gone they always just assumed it was with him somewhere. Nowadays she spent most of her time with him. By the time they arrived at his home she was in his arms. He had wound up carrying her there out of worry which was also an adorable habit of his “why don’t we eat something” he suggested, setting her down in his kitchen. “sure”

“what do you feel like?”

“surprise me”

He sighed as he pulled his pantry open and went through the contents. He pulled some stuff out then sat it on the counter and looked at his spice rack. Saskia had bought it for him when he had told her his food was always so bland. He grabbed a couple of things and then checked to see if he had any meat. He was glad to see he had some chicken left over and added that to the pile. “Don’t blame me if this isn’t good.” He said as he set to work.

Saskia smiled as she got up and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind and rested her head against his back. “You know I’ll be happy with it no matter what.”

“I know, sorry for being so negative.”

“It’s okay, you know I love you.”

“Gods know why.”

“Because you’re perfect.” She moved around to his side and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“Thank you for staying with me all the same. Please relax while I cook, okay?”


He worried as he prepared the meal, worried if she’d like it and worried about how well he’d be able to control himself with her spending the night. Saskia was so gorgeous and touchable, her skin was incredibly soft and her scent made him weak at times. Even now he had to concentrate on the food so he wouldn’t become aroused by her. She hadn’t expressed any interest in sex and he was far too lucky to have her for him to risk upsetting her. She already put up with so much from him. When it was ready he slid it onto plates while she made them each a glass of water. She eagerly took the first bite “I like it” she said and he asked “really?”

“yep, you’re getting better at cooking”

“I’ve been practicing.”

“I can tell.” She leaned over and gave his cheek another kiss. “You’re really sweet, you know.”

“Not as sweet as you. Comparatively, I’m a beast.”

She giggled. “But you’re my beast so it’s okay.”

He gripped his fork, keeping his eyes on his plate. She was so close, he could feel her warmth and her scent easily overtook that of the food. He thought by now he would be used to her presence, that his feelings would have finally tapered off, but each time he laid his eyes on her or felt her lips against his, he fell even more in love with her. It was overwhelming, his need for her. He jumped a bit when he felt her fingers brush the back of his neck. “Do I look tense?”

“Very, is everything alright?”

“Yeah, sorry, it’s just one of those days. I’ll be fine, I have you here.”

“you know you can talk to me about anything right?” It seemed like this was more than just one of his moods. He seemed more worried than agitated and she hoped nothing was wrong between them. He didn’t really seem to want her to stay despite the fact he thanked her for coming and it made her worried maybe he was considering leaving her. He was an impossible man to read so it wasn’t like there would be that many signs. She wouldn’t obsess over it, there was no point but she hoped if there was something wrong between them he would talk to her and give her the chance to fix whatever problem. “I know Saskia, there’s nothing to talk about”

“Okay, I love you very much Luthais”

“I love you too.” They finished eating and Luthais took their plates to the sink and rinsed them. “Let’s go get your things.”

“Alright.” They stepped out of his home and walked hand in hand back through the woods. He once again wound up lifting her into his arms and she snuggled into him, her head resting on his shoulder. She hummed softly and called for the butterflies, thinking maybe they would help Luthais relax.

“You’re a real treasure.” He said softly when they began to flit around them. It was like walking through a dream.

“Am I?”

“You always know how to make me feel better.”

“Good, I’m glad so smile for me, it makes me happy.”

He smiled down at her gently, once again finding himself falling even more in love with her. When they arrived at her home they were greeted with a smile from her mother “come on in” she said, moving out the way. “I’m just here to get some things so I can spend the night at his home if that’s okay? I might stay a couple days”

“You’re grown baby, that’s fine with us. We know he’ll take care of you”

“see” Saskia said, looking at Luthais. “I just wanted to be sure” He watched Saskia pack a small bag then waited patiently for her to tell her parents goodbye before picking her up again. She felt a little more secure at this point he wasn’t unhappy with her for some reason. She still wished he would relax though or at least talk to her about what had gotten him in a bad mood.

“Do you feel up to swimming?” Saskia asked when they got back. “We still have day light and it might make you feel better.”


She gave a small laugh. “We don’t have to, you can always say no. I won’t be mad.”

“I like doing what makes you happy. You’re really the only person I enjoy spending time with so I don’t care what we do as long as I’m doing it with you.”

“I hope you know you’re a wonderful mate.”

“Am I?” He lowered her to her feet. He could spend all day holding her.

“I’ll tell you every day until you start to believe it.”

He wondered what she would think if she could see his thoughts and the way he fantasized about her. “Well if you say it then it must be true.” He gave her his best smile. “Let’s get changed.” He thought a dip in cool river water was just what he needed.

They slipped into swim wear then ran together back to the water together. An activity Luthais thought might calm him only made Saskia more arousing. So much of her was exposed in her tight, rainbow colored bikini and on top of that, her perfect, incredibly soft looking breasts were bouncing around in her top. It seemed his mate was far too beautiful for anything to take his mind off wanting to make love to her. He hated that as a half demon male he had such an overly large sex drive. He wished he could know how she felt without him asking since he worried that if he asked she might feel pressured or uncomfortable. He was able to keep a much more innocent mind when she jumped in and began laughing. Her body may be beautiful but her voice was heavenly as it filled his ears.

“Come on silly.” She said as she splashed him and he waded into the deeper water. He pushed off after her and had one arm around her waist before she could even think of getting away. “No fair, you’re so much faster than me.”

“It’s a gift.” He replied as he pulled her in and she turned in his arms and wrapped herself around him. The shift in weight dipped him under for a minute, but when he came back up his heart was beating hard in his chest. His breath caught in his lungs and he fought the urge to push her off.

“Are you alright? Is this uncomfortable?” She unwound her legs from around his waist and he felt a little relief.

“I’m fine.”

“Hey, what’s wrong? Is it me?”

She wouldn’t let him look away and with her arms around his neck he couldn’t get out of the water. “Never, you’re perfect. I’m sorry if I’m worrying you.”

“You’re my mate, it’s my job to worry, especially when you’re acting so out of character. I’ve seen you gloomy and selfish and remember when you got mad at that young man in the village and you were so upset I reprimanded you that you locked me out of your house?”

“I didn’t want to yell at you and you were so disappointed in my behavior I needed to calm down before speaking to you.”

“Little good it did when you left your bedroom window open.” She gently stroked his cheek. “What’s wrong?”

He had been with her long enough to recognize the determination in her eyes. She wasn’t going to drop it again without answers. He gave a long sigh “I just..I want you…I find myself more and more attracted to you physically. Your body is so hard to resist, especially with you in this little clothing now…I want to make love to you and I’ve been afraid to talk about it because I didn’t want to upset you. I’m so lucky to have you, I truly don’t know why you stay…the last thing I’d ever want is to push you away…I hope it’s okay to desire you so much…I would never act on my desires unless you gave me permission but I’m so nervous about you staying with me…I can’t lose you…not ever Saskia…” he could feel himself on the verge of rambling so he shut his mouth, awaiting her answer.

“Luthais, it’s only natural you would be sexually attracted to me, I’m your mate.”

“There’s a part of me that is all lust and domination. I don’t want to hurt you or give you a bad impression. I would hate myself if I ever did anything to scare you. It terrifies me.”

Saskia gently stroked the back of his neck. “You should have said something to me earlier, you’ve been overthinking. I have never for a moment thought you would hurt me, I mean look how much you’ve been holding back.” Her cheeks turned a deep red and she found herself looking shyly at his chest, her eyes focusing on his tattoos. “If you really want me that much, then you can have me.” She said softly, her heart stuttering as the words left her mouth.

“Saskia, you don’t understand, demons…”

She raised her eyes back to his. “My father is a demon and he’s always so gentle with my mother, you know that. I trust you. I know you’re wild, it’s just who you are and I’m not scared. I love you and you love me, you wouldn’t be so scared if you didn’t. You have to trust that I’ll tell you no if I don’t like something.”

Chapter Two

It was almost adorable how afraid he looked, it was moments like these that told her how much she was loved by Luthais. It was moments like these that helped her get through the patches where he was hard to deal with. “I promise…if I do anything you don’t like you just have to tell me and I wont do it any more”

“want to go inside then or do you want me out here?”

“another man might see us out here, inside” she giggled as he began carrying her out of the water. It was amazing to him how at ease she seemed, he could see her blushing but it was obvious he truly had overthought things. He took her inside then straight into his bedroom.

“You’ll really tell me? You won’t pretend everything’s okay?” He asked as he lowered her feet to the floor.

“I promise.” She kept her arms around his neck, pressed her lips into his, causing his eyes to drift closed. He had his hands clenched at his sides and she smiled against his lips. “Stop fighting yourself.”

“S…sorry, it’s habit.” He said softly.

“Let’s break it okay?” Her skin was bright red, and her heart was skipping in her chest, but she coaxed him until he slid his hands up her sides and around behind her to undo her top. He let it drop then hooked his fingers in her bikini bottom and peeled the damp cloth away from her skin until it dropped freely to her ankles.

Luthais swallowed as he pulled back to look at her, his breath catching in his lungs as he let his eyes sweep over her. “You’re so beautiful.” He let his hands move slowly over her, marveling at the goosebumps that rose on her skin. “And soft.” She smiled lovingly at him, letting her hands move up and over his chest, her fingers tracing the tattoos before heading back down to his shorts, pushing them off. He bent his head to kiss her as he lifted her and laid her on his bed. He wanted badly to take her, but he forced himself to take his time, wanting to know every inch of her. This was her first time and he wanted it to be beautiful and special for her. She deserved it for dealing with him.

He slowly began to trail kisses across her jaw then down her neck. She made a sound he found adorable as her winsome body moved ever so slightly.She was obviously sensitive and it made him all the more eager to have more of her. He almost needed to keep making her wriggle in his arms. He licked the nape of her neck before biting down, wanting the skin to be more sensitive before he did it. She moaned deeply, making his length harden. Her blushing became more profuse. He had already told her he wanted her badly but she thought it would take more to get him hard.

“I love you Saskia” he whispered, biting further out, on her shoulder. He had bitten harder that time, causing Saskia to bury her nails in his skin. He loved the feeling so bit her again, just as hard. He began kissing again, his lips trailing diagonally so his mouth would reach her breasts. Her chest was magnificent, most of his fantasies involved finally getting to feel, play with and taste them. She gasped a little once his lips finally made it, showing again how sensitive she was.

He left another bite mark on the soft swell of her breast before letting himself move lower. He pressed kisses to her abdomen, his lips sucking to leave little hickeys. The cry of surprise she gave when he licked between her legs sent a shiver of pleasure up his spine and he allowed himself to get lost in the sweet taste of her. His tongue moved expertly over and then in her, his lips sucking gently so her back arched off the bed and her eyes grew damp with tears of pleasure. He kissed his way back up her, his lips finding hers. “Luthais.”

“Are you ready for me?”

“Yes…please.” Her legs wrapped around him, urging him forward and he held her gaze as he pushed slowly past her folds into her soaked inner warmth. She clung tightly to him, her cry tinged with the slightest hint of pain. He kissed her, moaning into her mouth as he filled her completely. He withdrew and drove forward into her, his hips finding a steady pace. He hoped that he was able to express how much he loved her and how much her trust meant to him. Her back lifted off the bed with her orgasm, the quivering sending him over the edge so he flowed into her.

“Saskia.” He said her name softly, his fingers running gently through her hair as he pressed tender kisses to her lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She lay there in absolute bliss, every cell in her body singing. She was sure she was glowing.

Luthais wrapped himself around her as he laid at her side, wanting to keep her close. It had been incredible to finally have her in that way. It was especially amazing to see that she truly enjoyed it. Now she could come and stay nights with him all the time and he wouldn’t have to worry. He soon began to wonder if he’d be able to let her leave his side any longer. He always missed her when she was home, he wanted her home to be with him. He decided that didn’t have to be discussed now. He wanted to keep basking in this blissful moment awhile longer before talking about her just staying here with him.

“Could we take a bath and eat?” Saskia asked. “I’m a little sore.”

Luthais could feel her blush and couldn’t help smiling. “Sure baby, just wait here.” He pressed a kiss to her head and got up, quickly getting the water started then going back for her. He felt desire dance through his body when she pulled the covers back, it burned through him, setting fire to every nerve ending. He quickly averted his eyes as he lifted her into his arms. He didn’t want to wear her out.

“You’re blushing.” Saskia said.

“I’m not.”

“You are.” She teased as he carried her into the bathroom.

“I can’t help it okay, I want you again. You’re just so beautiful.”

“You silly man, I don’t mind. It actually makes me really happy.”

He felt relief rush through him, she was always so amazing when it came to putting him at ease. They were soon settled into comfortable water, just on the edge of being hot so it would relax their muscles. He enjoyed admiring her gorgeous body as she laid on him, finally not having to worry about letting himself look too long. If he wanted her again he could obviously have her. “so are you going to be more relaxed now” she suddenly asked “yes..thank you for that”

“it was amazing”

“I could tell.” He pressed a kiss to the bite marks on her shoulder, smiling when he noticed her blushing. “These don’t hurt do they?”

“No.” She covered her face and he chuckled. “Oh stop, I think I might be some sort of freak.”

“There are actually a few species that like to bite their mates. It says this is mine.” He trailed kisses over her shoulder and up her neck to her ear. “It doesn’t bother you does it?”

She shook her head and dropped her hands. “I liked it.”

He hugged her. “Remember to tell me if that changes. I’ve never had a mate before nor have I been in love. I feel like I’ll become greedy and selfish to the point you’ll start to hate me touching you.”

She turned her head so she could look him in the eye. “How about this. We spend this week together, just us and then we go back to my parents and we tell them we’ve decided I want you to change me and then, we get married.”

He pulled back in surprise. “Change you? Get married? Why? You’d be stuck with me for forever then.”

She laughed as she turned over and pinched his cheek. “You idiot, I want forever with you. I want your smiles and your laughter, I want to be there to help you through your melancholy and depression and silly, selfish thoughts. I want moments like these. I love you, really and truly love everything about you no matter how much of a jerk you think you are.”

He felt a tugging at his heart at her words. He still would kick her parents ass if he had to go back but he had gotten such a gift without realizing it way back then. He may have never known this amazing, selfless woman he was now mates with. He could barely believe his ears that she wanted to marry him, that she truly wanted to stay by his side forever. He didn’t deserve such a reward for being such a monster in the past but at the same time he wouldn’t let that stop him from enjoying the blessing that Saskia was in his life. After their bath they made love again, neither able to resist each other.

Discussing marriage was something incredibly new to Luthais and he did his best not to get overwhelmed when he and Saskia would discuss it. The only thing he was sure about was that her dress should be butterfly themed and he wanted it done in green and gold. He knew he sounded pushy, but before he could apologize she shushed him and told him that sounded perfect. He was a little sad when the week was over, not wanting to take her home, but he didn’t want to be too selfish. She loved her family and he told himself he could see her anytime. “You shouldn’t look so upset.” She said, noticing as she always did.

“I feel like I’m being ridiculous, childish even.” He sighed as he lifted her into his arms. “I want to spend every moment with you. I want you to move in with me.”

“Alright, I will.”


“Of course, but I think my parents deserve some notice don’t you?” He nodded and she kissed his cheek. “We also have to let them know I’ve chosen to be changed and that we’re getting married.”

“Ediva is going to be excited…I hope.”

“Of course she will be” When they arrived at her home they began talking to her parents right away who were much happier about them getting married than Luthais thought they would be. They seemed a little sad at the prospect of their daughter not living at home any longer but he could tell they were happy for them. They were simply loving parents and no matter how happy loving parents are for their babies to find happiness he knew it was hard anyway to let them go. Saskia assured them she’d visit often and that they had an open invitation to come by Luthais’s. Luthais wanted to be selfish but he wouldn’t try to hog her. He was determined to start doing the right things by her instead of just thinking about what he wanted.

“I can’t believe everything went that well.” Luthais said that night as they were getting ready for bed. “And they let me stay.”

“You should have more faith.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe in us,” he replied as he got under the covers and pulled her into him, “it’s just I know how I am. I know what I was and if I ever caused you any pain or drove you away, it would kill me.”

She smiled as she pressed a kiss to his lips. “Anytime you have doubts, just remember I love you with all my heart and that I’ll never run from who you are. I’m proud to have you as my mate, Luthais.”

He pressed their foreheads together and closed his eyes to fight back the tears that threatened to spring forth. He had never cried, not even when he was a child, but Saskia’s love overwhelmed him. “You are such a light, I love you so much.”

“And soon we’ll have forever together.”

He opened his eyes, hoping she could see it adoration for her. “I swear I will spend all eternity making you happy, no matter how moody I may get.”

“And I’ll spend eternity making sure you know how amazing you truly are.”

They laid there talking softly to one another until Saskia was sleeping. Luthais snuggled closer to her, smiling as he fell drifted off to her sweet scent and the steady beating of her heart. “Thank you, Saskia, thank you for loving me.”


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