Lyric and Shadow

~ Originally created by Breanna Vincent ~

Chapter One

I closed my eyes, feeling the morning dew on my face. I raised my arms above my head, caressing the soft silky petals of the lily I was nesting in. It was such a beautiful day. I stretched out my gossamer wings as far as I could, inching them to the sky with every breath. They had grown recently, I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to show Shadow when he returned from this voyage. He had flown with Papa to gather food for the families. Oh how I loved spring, it was my favorite season. Full of new life and promises of glorious adventures. I wonder what we will get into this summer, Shadow and I always had at least one momentous exploration. They held tales of danger and excitement, it’s a miracle we didn’t get into more trouble than we do. Papa always scolded us for going so close to the humans. Silly Papa, they weren’t all forceful and savages. Some of them were delicate and gentle like us. I didn’t fear them as I should but stood in awe whenever I thought of them. They were such magnificent creatures but rarely ever used their powers. I wondered why. I pushed off of my lily and sprung into the air, as light as a feather. The light hum of my wings started the day of with a wonderful tune. Every day was music to my ears.

I giggled as I began to perform tricks in the air. The abounding joy in me just had to come out in some fashion. My friend Jaiyah must have heard my laughter because she came flying up to me “Morning Lyric”

“Good morning Jaiyah”

“You’re as cheerful as ever. I doubt anybody in the world is as happy as you Lyric”

“well I have good friends and amazing days like this. How are you today?”

“Oh, alright, didn’t get much sleep last night”


“I’m not sure, you know how I get uneasy at times, just me being weird me”

“Never call yourself weird. When you get restless sometimes something actually happens. Somtimes I think you possess a gift you don’t realize and therefore don’t use or realize you’re using it”

“Leave it to you to make me not feel like such a freak” we hugged tightly. I loved Jaiyah, I loved her nearly as much as I loved Shadow. She was almost precisely my size and had the most amazing smile. Her hair and eyes were hot pink, matching her wings perfectly. She and I didn’t spend a lot of time together but when we did it was always incredibly enjoyable. We’d probably spend more time together if she enjoyed the adventures I went on with Shadow but I’d never push her, we got to hangout in the times I couldn’t be with Shadow and things were perfect that way.

I closed my eyes and felt for Shadow but was disheartened when I felt nothing. I had always been able to feel when he was near, I couldn’t explain it and he was the only person who I could do that with but I loved it. The song that rang out as my wings fluttered changed tune but I tried to pick myself back up knowing he would be back soon. Maybe I would go without him, I mean, we had gone on multiple adventures together and never gotten hurt. There’s no reason why this time would be any different. I made up my mind and headed home to gather supplies. I touched the petal lovingly and it spread open in a beautiful array of violet. I gathered some food in case I got peckish and collected some dew from the lily in case I was thirsty. I hadn’t planned on a long trip, just something to occupy my time until Shadow returned. I was going to drive myself crazy if I just sat here and waited for him. I wonder if he is thinking of me.. I shook my head telling myself I was being silly. What did it matter anyways. I rolled everything up in a blade of Zoysia grass and tied it around my waist. I left a note for Shadow in the chance that he returned during my expedition and headed out. My wings beat furiously in a chipper collection of dancing notes. I was so excited, doubly so since it would be my first adventure alone. I can’t wait to tell Shadow!

~ Shadow ~

It was nearly dark by the time I came home and I couldn’t wait to see Lyric. I knew I would have to explain myself since I didn’t normally take this long but once we were over that Shadow looked forward to a nice evening with her. Time with Lyric was the best way to end a day. “Lyric” I say as I land and do not see her. A note catches my eye and I pick it up and begin to read.

“Dearest Shadow,
I know I should have waited for you but I simply couldn’t help myself. The deep desire to explore over came me but I didn’t want to leave without letting you know. I left maybe an hour or two after you and my father did going off of when you would normally leave. I should be back before you return, forever your best friend, Lyric”

I wonder where she is, if she was trying to be back before I returned she should have been back by now.

Worry spread through me, Lyric had never gone off by herself before. I was always there with her, making sure she was safe. We had had some close calls and I hated to think of her hurt. I pray that she hadn’t gone off to see a human and gotten too close, she always wanted to take one step too far. I remember one night when she had flown right up to one and pranced on his shoulder. Of course she had already disappeared by the time the child had turned but her stealth was the only thing that had saved her. I wonder if I should go looking for her. If I go and she returns she will worry that I never returned and I will fear if I do not find her. If I stay and she is hurt or needs my help I will never forgive myself.

I ponder a moment and then make up my mind. I mustn’t tell anyone for fear that she will get in trouble with the chief, her father. I leave a note underneath of hers just in case she returns.

I have missed you so and have returned only to find you have gone without me. My silly girl, you should always share your adventures with your best friend. I am coming to find you in the off chance that you are in jeopardy. I hope I find you well.
~Shadow. ”

I fly to my flower and grab a few things I may need and am off. I assume my best chance of finding her is to head to the nearest human village. There was a youngling born the other day and Lyric simply cannot resist herself with their young. She lays there, playing them lullabies with the musical notes of her wings. She loves to watch them sleep and even more when they awake and she makes them laugh. She has such a good spirit, she is the music to my ears and I cannot wait to see her.

I fly through the night chill that is setting over the land but it doesn’t bother me. I make it to the village but there isn’t any sign of her. I call for Lyric but nothing still. I fly discreetly all around and it is a few hours later when I truily start to panic, where is she and what has gotten her. I fly speedily out of the village, I need to check everywhere for her, for any sign she was there. Oh Lyric, why on earth did you leave without me? You know I would happily follow you anywhere. I call her name repeatedly once I’m far enough away from the village to not catch anyones attention but no response, just the sounds of animals and bugs all around me.

All I wish is for her musical notes to fly through the air to me. I close my eyes and concentrate, if only I could feel her as she could I. It’s no use, I can hear nor feel nothing. There’s only one thing left for me to do, if she is ok she is going to kill me but if she was then she would be back by now. I fly home as fast as I can and check her lily to see if she is there or left me any more notes but the flower is barren and the note left untouched. It’s midway through the night and every fairy is deep in slumber but I fear that if I don’t act now it may become too late for dear Lyric.

I arrive at the chief’s lair, in order to tell him what has happened to his daughter I will have to tell him everything. I will have to confess our far away adventures, her fascination with the humans, all of our transgressions will come to light.

“Halt! Who comes before the Chief?”

“It is I, Shadow, that comes before him. I have urgent news regarding Lyric. I fear she may be in danger!”

The two guards looked at each other startled, then flew to action. They alerted the Chief and he hurried out to speak with me.

“Son Shadow, what is this you speak of in regards to Lyric? What has become of my poor daughter?”

I then started from the beginning, and waited for his mighty staff to bear down for my part.

“I am not okay with you encouraging my daughters dangerous desires. Look what you’ve done, I am not claiming her to be innocent but you should have never indulged her. I spare you any punishment but only for coming to me now instead of just letting me sit here and wonder whats become of her. You were a man and admitted what was going on and I thank you. I’ll gather a search party” I could see how angry he was and I felt relief he wasn’t going to punish me. Now I just hoped he wasn’t too hard on her once they found her.

The party he gathered was a testament to what a wonderful person Lyric was. If this wasn’t everyone of our clan that I saw all around me it was near everybody. There wasn’t a soul who didn’t want to put their life on the line to fly away from their safe home to find her and bring her back. I flew alongside her father, noticing he wouldn’t look at me, maybe he was a little more furious with me than I had previously thought. I knew it could also be that he was lost in worry about his little girl.

Although I had told him that I had already looked in the village, it was the first place that we searched. The fairy were split into groups, one group per home to search for Lyric. Even though we had agile speed, our smaller demeanor made it tedious to search the highs and lows of every home. Hours passed, unfruitful and with each waking moment my heart sank to my feet. I knew that the longer it took us to find her, the less chances we had. This was all my fault, I should have been back sooner. Then I would have been there to save her when whatever had befallen her had occurred. My mind raced, trying to think of how to find her. I called out her name, knowing the humans couldn’t hear us. I yelled until my voice was hoarse and my throat burned like wildfire.

For a moment, I lost hope. I fell to my knee’s in despair, holding my head in my hands.

“Tink, tink, tink.”

What was that?

“Tink, tink, tink.”

I look around, filled with hope once more. Could it be Lyric?

“Tink, tink, tink,” I followed the muffled noise. It seemed to be coming from under this young humans bed. I flew under the cloth and there she was!!! Lyric had been trapped by a human and put into a jar.

“Overhear! I found her!” I flew to her, so elated to have found her alive. She banged on the glass, I couldn’t hear what she was saying but her face held of look of horror.

“It’s ok Lyric, I’ve found you. We can get you out now!”

Her silent scream never fell upon my ears.

Chapter Two

I woke up to Lyric crying as my head rested in her lap. I looked around and saw I was in the jar with her “Oh Shadow” she whimpered, continuing to talk “I’m so sorry”

“I’m not angry, I’m relieved I found you..I was so worried, we all were. I have to apologize too…I told your father everything”

“I think that’s the least of our concerns right now Shadow. I hate being in this thing, I’ve never been contained like this. Even when I was a child and father worried more than he does now I never felt so trapped”

“everyone is looking, they probably already know we are under here and are coming up with a plan” I sat up and hugged her, doing my best to provide her some comfort.

We sat there together, waiting to see another face, coming to our rescue. We were so scared though that they would be trapped also, but if it was Lyrics father they would be o.k. The fairy Chief was the only one who contained magic, who could save us both. Lyric’s tears eventually stopped flowing and a could hear her steady breathing, knowing she had fallen asleep.

“Oh Lyric, why couldn’t you have just waited. Your free spirit has gotten the best of you, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

I knew she couldn’t hear me but I wanted to talk to her anyways. I had missed her, and now we were trapped together. The minutes turned into hours and salvation never came. Soon it was dawn and I knew whatever monster had trapped us would be rising soon. Lyric stirred and slowly woke. I saw the peaceful look on her face turn to horror as the memories flooded her. Pain welled up in my chest at the longing to be able to save her, instead I had gotten captured as well. I would rather be captured with her than to be wondering if she was alright.

Suddenly, there were large eyes staring at us, filled with excitement. The human looked to be very young, under ten possibly but we have little knowledge of their growth patterns. She reached her hand in and grabbed us. We shook with fear, knowing that this human could snuff us out just by a few shakes of the jar. She smiled as she brought us from the cover of the bed. A large finger tapped on the jar, hurting our ears.

“Hello little fairies! Thank you for coming, I knew you were real but no one believed me. They will have to believe me now!”

“Please!” Lyric shouted, knowing only children could hear, “Let us go free, we cannot survive here.”

“I only want to play, Mommy has to see you so she will believe me.”

“You cannot tell anyone about us child,” Shadow pleaded, “it would put our lives in danger, do you want that? Do you not just wish to be our friends instead?”

We pleaded with the child to free us, to keep our secret. She seemed innocent enough with no malice controlling her actions.

The little girl sat down sat down “You really think my parents would hurt you?”

“Yes, please, we’ll come play with you as often as you wish, but please, we can only be friends if you don’t show us to your parents” The little girl stared at us, seeming on the edge of tears. I didn’t want to make her cry, I loved children but she needed to understand, she needed to let us go. I’d keep my word if she did but I knew there was no way to prove that to her right now. I almost didn’t believe it when she opened the jar. Though I knew it would upset Shadow I hugged her as best a little fairy could “I will keep my word, I swear it”

“when can we play?”

“when will you be alone?”

“I can go outside now”

“we’ll follow”

To steer clear of prying eyes she tucked us in her pocket. We knew we were not in the clear yet. Fear still gripped us with the unknowing. Shadow and I held each other as we jostled around in the dark. The girl was suddenly still and light flowed over us as she peered into the pocket. We flew out and the first instinct was to fly as fast as we could to safety. As much as I wanted to zoom into my fathers arms I couldn’t lie and abandon this little girl who only wanted a friend.

“Thank you dear child, although you endangered us, you have given us the freedom that we needed to survive.”

“Please don’t leave me little fairies. I don’t want to be alone.”

Our hearts sank as we looked at each other. What life this human must have, the sadness in her eyes overflowed and tears ran down her cheeks.

“Please do not cry little one. I promise to come see you every night before bed. I will whisper in your ear stories of far away lands and I will keep you company while you rest your head. Do not fret, you will never be alone again. When ever you are sad just close your eyes and listen for the sound of my wings. We are all around, you just have to look. ”

Shadow urged me, “We must go Lyric, it isn’t safe. The other fairies are worried sick, the must be thinking the worst!”

“I have to go to my family now child. I will be back!”

With that we flew as fast as we could out of the grasps of humans. The air on my face was refreshing as I wasn’t sure I would ever feel it again. Shadow grabs my hand and stops me once we are deep hidden in the meadow. He pulls me to him and hugs me as tight as I will allow it. The next thing I now tears are flowing onto his shoulder and I feel my body heave.

Shadow holds me tight, offering words of comfort and the occasional kiss on the head. I love the feel of it, his lips brushing through my hair, leaving feelings of comfort and safety. He kept me to himself until I could calm down then we searched for my father. He was easy to find. I thought his first words to me would be anger but all he cared about was that i was in front of him and still alive. It wasn’t until a few hours later he asked me to never approach the humans again. I told him of my promise, I wouldn’t outright lie to my father and pretend I wouldn’t go near them again. He wasn’t happy but he could see in my eyes I was absolute, I would keep my promise to the girl.

He ordered me a protection guard for when I visited her and I accepted, just happy to know the little girl wouldn’t be alone. I had noticed throughout being back that things were estranged between my father and Shadow. I felt guilty seeing as how my father only found out because I went off on my own. If I had only waited until they returned from their scavenger trip everything would be beautiful again.

I go off to look for Shadow so I can apologize once more. I come upon his home flower to discover that he isn’t alone, but with the Chief, my father. Voices are raised as I approach slowly. How could my father be so angry at him for something that I had done. It wasn’t his fault. Poor Shadow!

“Had I known this information before our trip I would never have agreed!” Shouts Chief Alden.

“Please Chief, you mustn’t rescind your blessing!” Cries Jaiyha.

“What was my childhood friend Jaiyha doing in this mess? None of this makes any sense, blessing for what!” Lyric thought to herself.

“I’m sorry Chief Alden, I must proceed. I cannot live if I do not. You must understand my position. I dearly wish to seek your blessing. I love you like a father of my own.” Shadow pleads.

I cannot stand it anymore. I burst in, looking each one of them in the eye.

“What is the meaning of all this? Why are we pleading with our own family, why are our hearts burdened?”


I look at Lyric, my heart deeply burdened. How I wish it wasn’t like this, I had planned telling her in a much more romantic way and with her fathers blessing but that was long gone now. “I…awhile back I asked your father if I could marry you…I love you so deeply Lyric. He gave me his blessing but he reascended it right after we found you.” Her fathers yell fills my ears once more “You are unfit to marry her! You put her in danger! You indulged her wild whims and could have gotten her killed in doing so. She needs a man who can protect her from herself! I see anger and heartache fill Lyrics face and it’s almost enough to break me. Her beautiful voice raises to her father, the first I’ve ever hear her speak to him this way “I am not a child father, no matter how much you wish it. It wasn’t Shadow’s job to mind me, he’s my friend”

“a good husband takes care of you”

“and he did, every time we went out. It’s my fault I got captured by a girl, not his and if he still wants to marry me I’m going to marry him!” Her father shook his head “Lyric”

“dad, I love him too and you cannot blame him for something I did, not when I’m a fully grown adult. That’s not fair” He hugged her but that didn’t surprise me. Their relationship had always been incredibly loving “I just need you to be safe, I need someone to protect you when I’ve passed from this world”

“and Shadow will, he always has”

The anger in his eyes slowly faded as a sort of acceptance came into his eyes. He felt sadness as he watched his little princess grow into a beautiful fairy right in front of him. He knew he must do the right thing but he was still angry at Shadow for letting her do what she wanted, even if it meant endangering her.

“You will have my answer by tomorrow morn,” and with that he left. He knew that he would give his blessing for their union but needed to rest on the days events before giving away part of his heart.

“Do you really mean what you said Shadow?” Lyric questioned.

“I did, and I do. I love you and I wish you to be my wife. I was to propose to you once I arrived back with your father but you had gone.”

Lyric felt shame once again for not waiting but the guilt was overrun by her happiness for the proposal, however skewed it may have been.

“Will you marry me Lyric?”

“Of course! I love you as you I. We will have to wait for my father’s blessing Shadow. He would never forgive us if we proceeded without it. We must respect his wishes, he is just being grumpy. He loves me too much to say no.”

“I hope you are right Lyric.”

With that they embraced and held each other for a moment. Jaiyha then took the opportunity to squeak in joy and remind the two that they were not alone.

“Oh Lyric i’m so happy for you!”

“You are without a doubt going to be my maid of honor Jaiyah” The girls discussed everything about the wedding happily for a good hour before Jaiyah left her so she and Shadow could be alone. “I’m glad you’re happy Lyric. I wasn’t sure what you’d say to be honest. I’ve been heartbroken since your father took back his blessing”

“Sometimes he forgets I’m not a child”

“all parents do, he just loves you immensely”

“I know”

“Am I to wait until we’re married or may I kiss you?”

“I want our first kiss to be on our wedding day if that’s okay with you”

“I’m okay with that” Lyric took his hand “You’re the best Shadow, really”

“No you are”

“No you are” he chuckled joyfully. “Now now, lets not get into that”

The next day came and although Lyric knew her father wouldn’t deny her, anxiety still ran through her.

“Lyric, Shadow,” he began, “as you know, I took back my blessing after learning of the activities you have been doing with my daughter, which in the end put her life in jeopardy.”

“But da-”

“Silence Lyric! Let me speak. I may be your father but I am still Chief. As I was saying, it wasn’t until last night that I realized that it wasn’t you, Shadow, that put my daughters life in jeopardy, but my daughter. She is no longer the child I thought her to be, but a beautiful young woman who makes her own decisions and is responsible for her own actions. I have decided to grant you my blessing to marry my daughter with the hope that you will inspire her to be more thoughtful of her actions and more responsible with her life.”

Lyric ran up to her father and hugged him as tightly as she could.

“Oh Daddy, I love you!”

With that Lyric approached Shadow and hugged him as tightly as she did her father.

“I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together Lyric. You will make me the happiest groom of all time.”

And with that the two started the beginning of their new life together with many ups and downs along the way. But that’s another story for another time.

~ The End

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