Macon & Alosa 2

Chapter One

“Macon.” Alosa said as she stood behind him while he piloted his ship. “Macon.” She touched his shoulder and he blinked, looking up at her.

“Sorry, is everything alright?”

“Where are we going? We changed course, I could feel it.”

“A planet pinged on my radar and I wanted to check it out. I should have asked first, sorry.”

Alosa smiled as she let out a little sigh. “It’s alright.”

“It’s not, I should always ask you first, instead of jumping into things.”

She slid into his lap and pressed a kiss to his lips. If he hadn’t been piloting, he would have wrapped his arms around her. “It’s fine, I’m happy to go.” She rested her head on his shoulder and looked out the window, taking in the vastness of space. “Do you know what it’s like yet?”

“No, I’ll do a scan once I’m closer. This could be a chance to explore a whole new world.”

“I’m excited, I would have definitely said lets go for it so don’t worry. Anyway, I’ve come to enjoy how impulsive you are”

“you mean that?”

“Yeah, it’s fun”

“still, I’ve already made a huge mistake once with my impulsiveness…I don’t want to make another one”

“You were scared for me though I must admit it did suck loseing so much of my life” He kissed her head “I love you so much Alosa”

“I love you too Macon”He hated that she was human, that he would lose her one day. He was reminded of it when he thought back on when he essentially kidnapped her. That time meant so much to her because unlike him she only had so many years to live. He was scared to suggest making her immortal since her family wasn’t for that. Jakoby was terrifying when angry but as the years went by with Alosa it became even more terrifying to think of a life without her in it. Besides, it became more and more apparent that Alosa was incredibly dear to Jakoby, more dear than anyone in the family. If there would be one of them he’d want to have immortality it would probably be her.



“its scary when the driver spaces off like that” he chuckled “you know this ship has many auto functions. Nothing would happen but I’ll try not to think too much”

When the planet came into view, Alosa let out a little gasp and got up, getting close to the window. It was beautiful even from space, dotted with shades of pastel blue and pink. “Macon, it’s so pretty.” She said.

Macon switched on the scanner and looked at the display. There were signs of life, animals and plants, and the air quality seemed normal. “It seems safe enough. Want to go down?” He asked and Alosa came back to him, sliding into his lap.

“Yeah, please.”

“Just promise you will stay close to me, you’re human and you could easily be hurt.”

“I will.” He kissed her temple then made his way slowly down towards the surface of the planet. When they finally broke through the atmosphere and past the small amount of clouds, they could see that the blues and pinks were actually the tops of trees.

Alosa couldn’t believe her eyes. They weren’t even on the planet yet and it looked beautiful. She gave Macon another quick kiss, to thank him for changing their course when he saw this planet. Macon looked diligently for a place to land. He may have gotten annoyed with the tree cover if he were alone but Alosa was in his lap so he stayed relax as he searched. They finally found a good spot and he carefully made the full descent. He did a scan of the immediate area to see if life had sprung as soon as the planet did but it didn’t look like it so far “you done double checking?” Alosa asked with a smile “yeah, I just want you safe”

“I know, you’re so wonderful Macon”

Macon took Alosa’s hand as they exited the ship, knowing if he didn’t she might run ahead. He didn’t know if there were predators and if there were, how dangerous they might be. The world was so much more beautiful now that they were actually standing on the surface and Alosa pulled him, wanting a closer look at the plants that grew in the immediate area. “This is amazing, Macon.” She let her hand slide over the bark of one of the trees. “It’s warm.”

He reached out and touched the tree. “It is.”

“And look at these flowers, they’re beautiful.” She wanted to touch them, but refrained.

He could see she wanted to know if they were dangerous so he bent down and gently picked one and opened his bag to drop it into one of the containers he carried. “I’ll test them once we’re done exploring.”

“thank you” Macon smiled “anything you want me to look at just let me know” Wandering around without touching was certainly a test of self control but she knew he just wanted her to be safe and she definitely didn’t want to get some sort of terrible disease or hurt herself out of impatience. It was gift enough to be blessed with a boyfriend like Macon who could take her around the galaxy, showing her things she couldn’t even dream of otherwise. Something smelled particularly amazing do you smell that Macon?”

“yes, you want to follow it?”

“please” he gently rubbed her hand with his thumb as he continued to hold her hand “anything you want. Just dont let go of my hand”

“I won’t”

The smell grew stronger the further they went and when Macon saw the smoking sticks sticking out of the ground with incense attached to them, he scooped Alosa up, becoming more wary. The sticks were in a line at regular intervals as if marking a path. “That means there is some sort of intelligent life here.” He said.

“Should we follow them?”

He was torn between curiosity and Alosa’s safety, his need to keep her safe warring with his impulsive nature. “I don’t know, it could be dangerous.”

“I feel like if they had wanted to attack us, whoever they are, they would have done it when we landed.”

He knew that was true. “Alright, just remember that any alien life could be hostile and should be treated that way until we know otherwise.”

“I know.”

“I’m sorry I’m being so paranoid.”

“It’s no paranoia, it’s understandable.”

“Thank you.”

They began following the path, Macon still keeping Alosa close. He was once again all too aware of her frail human body. She didn’t seem worried, if anything she still looked awestruck by the environment. “you seem to like this place better than any other I’ve taken you to Alosa”

“I do”

“If i’s safe here…maybe we could live here one day…maybe with” his shyness got the better of him and she smiled “maybe with children?”


“Maybe but I’m almost thirty you know. Human women don’t have forever to have kids. We’d have to soon, would that be okay?”

“You know…I’ve been thinking about asking your Uncle if there was some way to make you immortal” it made him a little sad how surprised she looked that he’d want to keep her forever. He hoped he wasn’t that terrible at showing her how he felt about her. “oh, well that would be incredible but I’d feel bad putting him on the spot. Maybe just you ask him and pretend I dont know about it. I don’t want him to say yes because he’d feel awkward with me standing there”

“why’d you look so surprised”

“I dont know, I mean, it would seem lots of immortals mate with humans then just let them live out their human life span”

“they obviously didn’t love their partners as much as I love you. I don’t think I’d enjoy being immortal any longer if you weren’t around”

“well if Jakoby can’t make me immortal you better not mope when I die. Just find another woman to spend your life with or simply enjoy our children and their children”

“I don’t think you realize how hard that would be, Alosa, how broken I would be. I never thought I would have someone like you, someone who could deal with my impulsiveness and curiosity. My heart is yours alone, no other could ever make me feel the way you do.”


“I mean it, I can’t lose you and I’ll go to the ends of the universe to keep you.”

The path of incense turned off and started down hill, making its way along the side of a stream. Macon put Alosa down long enough to gather some of the water. It had beautiful green tinge that reminded them both of jade and he wanted to know if it held any toxicity or unique properties. “Where do you think they go?” Alosa asked.

“Someone’s home? I haven’t noticed any wild animals since we’ve been following them so perhaps the smell keeps predators away.”

Chapter Two

He could see Alosa’s excitement building. He wanted her happy but he had already brought up living here and he didn’t want her disappointed if it wouldn’t be safe. She always saw a brighter side of things though “that would seem like they are peaceful. They’d rather do something to prevent fighting things off”

“true, it could be a good sign”

“the water seems safe enough too” he still collected some to test. “well lets keep going.”

“how’re you feeling? We could take these samples back and eat together. When we leave again we could pack more food and water to keep us going however long it takes to find the house”

“do you really think it will take us that long from here? I cant imagine he or she did this very far”

“I suppose you’re right. I’m worrying again” she lightly giggled “and I still love you for it. Lets keep going.”

They came upon the house about half an hour later and Macon paused when he saw someone outside of it sitting with a bucket of water between their feet, a knife in one hand and a fish in the other. The person didn’t notice them at first, but when they did they jumped up, surprised to see them. “Macon put me down.” Alosa said. “I don’t want them thinking we’re dangerous.”

“Just, be careful.”

“I will.” He lowered her feet to the ground and she put her hands up, showing that they were empty. “Hello? We’re not going to hurt you.” She said as she moved slowly forward, Macon close behind her.

When they were closer, they could see that the person looked like a young man, his hair a mass of pastel blue dreadlocks, his pale skin marked with tattoos. His large, green eyes looked wary and he held tightly to the knife. He looked between them and Alosa gave him a gentle smile. “Do you understand me?” She asked. He blinked at her then reached up and touched his ear and shook his head.

“I don’t think he can hear, love.” Macon said.

“Oh, I wonder if he would be able to read writing or if it would be nonsense to him”

“we can try, I brought something for any notes I wanted to take” Macon wrote down that they were friendly and their names in the three main languages of space and slowly handed it to the man who pointed at the second language he used “so he will understand writing” Macon conformed to Alosa “good” The man began writing and Macon became curious where he learned it. There must be others here or there must have been visitors before them. Alosa still couldn’t read the alien languages and could only really speak one at all but Macon didn’t mind reading out what this man wrote to her.

“He says his name is Beorthelm and it’s nice to meet us. He invited us to dinner”

‘we should do it. If I get sick I have you to take care of me. I don’t want to hurt his feelings”

“Alosa, we can’t risk your health.” Macon wrote something down. “I’ll ask him if it’s safe.” He handed the notebook back and Beorthelm read it and then replied and handed it back. “He says it should be safe, but if we’re worried he can test the food and water on your skin first.”

Alosa smiled at Beorthelm and nodded. He then picked up his bucket and gestured for them to follow him inside. Even though Macon was still a little wary, he still gave the young man the benefit of the doubt. He seemed nice enough and hadn’t attacked them the moment he saw them. He sat the bucket on the counter and then went through his pantry and pulled out a bunch of ingredients neither of them had ever seen before. Beorthelm tapped his arm then pointed at Alosa’s. “Okay.” She said, nodding at the same time. She held out her arm and he took each ingredient, making a small line of each on her skin.

He gestured to the notebook when he was done and Macon handed it over. He scribbled something down then handed it back. “He wants us to wait here for a bit. Is that alright with you?” Macon said.

“Of course. You should ask him who taught him how to read and write and ask if there are other people around here or animals.”

Macon chuckled at how excited she was, getting a blush from her. “You’re far too cute my love.” Beorthelm patted the kitchen table and they all sat down. Macon asked him a few more questions and they were able to find out that a man had crashed on this planet ten years ago and had spent four years with Beorthelm until leaving to explore. “Apparently he’s been gone for six years. He says they met when he was sixteen, but after awhile Lyren’s urge to explore go the better of him and they parted ways. He hasn’t seen him since.”

“That’s so sad.” Alosa replied. “Do you think he could still be alive?”

“Six years is a long time baby.”

“But, he could be right?”


“why didn’t he go too?” Macon wrote and Beorthelm answered in his own writing “Beorthelm said he doesn’t have any interest in leaving. He was also not invited and he wouldn’t have invited himself but he doesnt want you to feel bad about that because he probably would of said no anyway, he’s happy here. He also added he’s happy to meet us and is looking forward to having new friends”

“We should work on my ability to write and read this stuff Macon. I want to get to know him but don’t want you stuck translating”

“you know I don’t mind”

“still, lets work on it. I mean, if you’re going to keep me alive forever that means a lot of traveling. I should learn”

“then I’ll take the time to teach you more but never feel like it’s a burden to me” Macon began writing again, explaining what they were talking about so Beorthelm wouldn’t feel awkward. Beorthelm wrote a question and Macon answered all the while telling Alosa “he wanted to know what you are. I just told him you’re called a human and explained that your species can’t travel far enough yet to explore like this”

Beorthelm wrote back and Macon read. “He says he hopes your time in space has been good so far and he’ll do his best to be a good host.”

“I’m sure he will be.” She looked at her arm. “Should we wash my arm off now?”

Macon asked him and Beorthelm nodded and guided them back outside and around to the back of the house. There was a well there and he drew some water up and helped her wash her arm off. He then examined and smiled. “It looks like you’re not allergic my love.”

“Good, I’m glad.” She gave their host a warm smile. “Do you think he would show us around before dinner time? Maybe he could tell us more about himself or his friend?”

Macon chuckled. “I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

Beorthelm was more than happy to take them on a walk around his property and he answered as many questions as he could. Alosa was shocked to find that he had been alone since he was thirteen due to his deafness. He had felt like a hindrance to his people and had moved to be alone so as not to endanger them. He didn’t seem upset or sad, so Alosa let it go. He also explained that the incense kept predators away, making it safer for him to travel away from his home. When Alosa asked if he wanted them to look for his friend he smiled and told them they didn’t have to.

“Tell him we travel a lot anyway so we’ll keep an eye out and say something to him if we do. I mean, if he’s an alien like you he probably just keeps getting distracted by his impulses. He might not even realize he’s been away so long. I mean sometimes you’ll think something happened yesterday and look shocked when I tell you that was like a week ago”

“True” Macon wrote what she said and Beorthelm smiled, writing out Thank you for Macon to translate. Alosa was excited once dinner came around and she could try his food. One of her favorite things about traveling with Macon was experiencing all these different tastes. Most she couldn’t even explain, there was just nothing to compare it to on earth. Alosa found herself immensely enjoying it which had Macon smiling. They stayed with Beorthelm until he seemed to be getting tired. Alosa had Macon tell him goodnight and ask if they could hangout again. He nodded at her after reading it so she hugged him, hoping it was okay with Beorthelm.

“I hope his friend is really okay.” Alosa said as Macon carried her back along the trail of incense.

“Me too and I promise, we will watch out for him.”

He became more wary when they began to travel away from the incense and fully relaxed again once they were in the safety of the ship. He lowered her feet to the floor, wanting to ensure their shield was up and their security system active. He didn’t want anyone or anything sneaking on and preferred not to hurt anyone curious enough to step foot inside uninvited. He turned back to her and she smiled up at him, causing his heart to flutter. He pulled her into his arms and pressed a kiss to her lips. “I love you.” She said softly.

“I love you too, very much.” He stroked her cheek. “So.”


He blushed and she gave him a curious look. “So, should we maybe start trying for a baby? I mean, if you really want to.”

“I do, even if we don’t end up staying here.”

“Are you sure? You may have to deal with a child with my impulsive nature.”

She smiled lovingly at him. “I’m ready.”

Final Chapter

He began kissing her slowly, the warmth of his happiness flowing from his heart all through his body. His hands began caressing her and soon began to gently take off her clothing. Goosebumps were already forming on her skin. Nothing aroused her quite like when he kissed her slow, honestly, nothing aroused her quite like him kissing her in general since he was particularly good at it. He almost couldn’t stop kissing her but once all her clothes had hit the floor of his ship he managed to pull himself away to remove his own. As he tugged at his shirt she began undoing his pants.

He lifted her into another passionate kiss once he was naked and she wrapped her legs around him so he could carry her to their bedroom. They kissed the entire way there, his breathing heavy as he laid her down. She smiled at him, at how much he obviously loved and desired her. There was something incredibly endearing about the way he looked at her.

She giggled when he seemed to be frozen, unable to stop taking her in. She pulled him down over her then began to kiss his shoulders, moving all the way across both of them as she lightly scratched his back, knowing how amazing that felt to him. She was about to move her mouth to his neck when he absolutely had to indulge his desires to touch her breasts and suck on her breasts. She smiled and soon began to lightly moan.

He kissed down the center of her body, his hands sliding down her sides and over her hips to her thighs, lifting her legs over his shoulders as his mouth covered her. She let out a sound somewhere between a whine and a moan, her fingers gripping the blanket. “Macon.” His name came out in a pleading tone and his hands slid to her hips to hold her in place as he lost himself to the taste of her. Her body quivered beneath him, her back arching off the mattress, a loud whimpering moan wrenched from her lips.

He trailed kisses back up her body and she wrapped her arms and legs around him when their lips met. He slid easily into her and took on a slow pace, wanting to enjoy the heat of her body as long as possible. He pressed kisses to her chin and neck, his hands and mouth finding her breasts as he moved in her. Her back arched again, her pulsing pushing him over the edge so he flowed into her. They lay tangled in each other’s embrace, his finger running lovingly through her hair as he kissed her. “Alosa, I love you.”

“Me too, I love you.” He let his hand slide over her and she let out a little moan that stirred him up again and she smiled knowingly. “Do you want me again my love?”

“Yes, very much.”

Macon rubbed Alosa into another orgasm before slipping back into her. She had already been more than wet enough for them to go again but he loved her reactions, the way her voice and expressions were when he pleasured her. It was also incredible to be inside her after an orgasm, the way her vagina quivered and milked him. When he had also released a second time he moved them away from the wet spot, finding a nice position to cuddle her to sleep in. He felt incredible but he wasn’t tired yet so when Aloa closed those beautiful light brown eyes he lovingly kissed her cheek then carefully got out of bed.

He made sure she was completely covered before leaving their room to study the different things he had collected today. He hadn’t even realized how long he had been experimenting and making notes when Alosa entered “good morning” he looked so surprised “you didn’t go to sleep huh?”

“I wasn’t tired”

“we could have kept having sex” he smiled “I know but I wanted to let you rest. I needed to work anyway. I need to make sure this place wont hurt you or our children”

She wrapped her arms around him and he moved back, pulling her onto his lap and kissing her. She smiled against his lips and snuggled into him. “Find anything?”

“No toxins or anything like that. The pollen is completely safe, the water is drinkable, I even tested our clothes and my blood, no parasites, but I would like to test yours too if that’s okay.”

“Of course baby.”

“I also took some images of the surrounding area.” He reached over and typed a command into his keyboard so some photos were brought up. “It’s a beautiful place.”

“What’s that?”


She leaned forward and tapped one of the pictures so it took up the screen. “That light.” She ran her finger along the screen.

“Hmm, I don’t know. I wasn’t really paying attention, I set the outer cameras to auto. It’s only in a few of them, then gone.” He looked the image over. “An anomaly perhaps or maybe a beacon?”

“Beacon? You don’t think Beorthelm’s friend is in trouble do you?”

He shook his head. “No, it’s white, not red for distress. He may have set it up for himself, to help find his way back to a location. At least we can confirm he’s alive.” He gently grabbed her chin and lifted her head. “You’re so sweet my love, you’re going to be an amazing mother.”


“Yeah, I can’t wait.” He gave her another kiss. “Now, let me draw your blood so we can have breakfast and do some more exploring. I want to check for any animals that may be dangerous.”

She waited patiently for him to take the blood he needed then they both went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Alosa was excited to get out so she checked the fridge for any leftovers “Oh look Macon, we can have this” she pulled out what was left of the stew she had made then added “we need to eat it anyway or it’s going to go bad”

“okay, I’ll heat it up then” Alosa set the container down and soon pulled out a pot for them to pour it into to heat it on the stove. “You can get your blood test started while I do this Macon” He nodded and she hugged him “it was sweet of you though to volunteer” he chuckled “well you cooked it the first time”

“I know, I just know I’m lucky to have you. Not all men are as sweet and thoughtful as you”

“I love you so much Alosa”

“I love you too” Macon left and she turned the stove on. She was concerned it might not be enough by itself so she rummaged around, happy to find corn she could prepare as a side. It was about two hours later they were both outside of the ship and ready to search the area for animals. Alosa did her best to stay close to Macon so he wouldn’t get worried.

Alosa was excited when they finally found some tracks and Macon took the time to document them. They were about the size of the ones a mountain lion might leave, but he couldn’t tell if the creature was a predator. They followed them slowly, staying as quiet as possible. “I wonder if Beorthelm and his friend ever had to fight anything off.” Alosa said. “He said the incense was for predators.”

“I didn’t notice any scars from the skin I could see and he didn’t seem particularly scared of the environment.”

“What kind of animals do you think there are?”

“Well based on the woods, big cats maybe or some type of canid. He was cutting up fish, so either is a possibility.”

“Maybe space bears.”

He chuckled. “That would be very interesting my love, but hopefully we find something less dangerous.”

“that would be more than interesting. In all the places you’ve taken me I haven’t seen anything that resembled bears.” They found a large group of creatures that reminded Alosa of cats. They didn’t even seem to care they were around. “well they don’t seem so dangerous. I guess he wants these away simply so they dont steal his food in the night”

“maybe, we can ask him more questions about the wildlife”

“this is all so cool Macon”

“I’m glad my impulsiveness did something positive”

“it has on many occasions.” He took her hand and smiled, filling with happiness. Everything felt perfect aside from her still being mortal. They stuck around the planet about a week before heading home to start looking into how to make her live forever. Jakoby didn’t know of a way to immortalize Alosa but he was more than eager to help figure out a way. He brought up the shifters “I know they exist and some kinds are able to change humans. Maybe I could pay one to do it. I have plenty of money”

Alosa was touched, it meant so much to her that both of them wanted her to live forever as badly as they did. She hoped they could manage it because she really never wanted to leave them either, besides, she also wanted to track down Beorthelm’s old friend.

~ The End

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