Macon & Alosa

Chapter One

Alosa stared at the camera that watched her, lost in thought again about where she could be and why. She had been abducted precisely one hundred and eighty days ago, six months to the day she had been in here and in that time not a soul had come to her besides a robot that would bring her food, other necessities and the occasional book to read. She couldn’t even remember her kidnapping. One second she was hanging up her phone and the next she woke up in this beautiful cell. As far as prisoners went she was living a pampered life but it killed her not to know why and it caused her to yell again “who kidnaps someone and never comes to them or even talks to them! Please, just let me go or at least come talk to me and tell me why. I just want to know why!”

She sat on her bed and spoke in a calmer voice “You don’t make any sense…and I know you might not be able to hear me but I have nobody to talk to so if I’m talking to myself I may as well…I know you know me, you have to. You always send me food I like and you know I’m allergic to peanuts because I’ve never gotten anything with peanuts in it…is this some sort of test to see how long until I go crazy? Did I do something to you and now you’re punishing me? Did you like the guy I was making a second date with so you put me in here so you could have him? I mean, you don’t even have to come talk to me yourself, send me a letter with that robot…please…” She had said all this before and she knew she’d say it again in the future, she’d keep trying until who ever had taken her let her go.

Macon gave a sigh of frustration as he watched her. Six months, six months and he hadn’t said a word to her. He groaned as he dropped his face in his hands. It wasn’t like he had meant for it to turn out like this. He had been meaning to approach her in person, especially after finding her. Taking her had been spurt of the moment, to protect her, and he had found himself far too cowardly to say anything to her. What could he say now? Hey, it’s me, do you remember me? We met a long time ago when you were just a kid and I’ve been watching over you like a creep ever since oh and by the way, alien.

He knew he needed to say something, anything. He hated himself every time he looked in on her. She was confused and angry, justifiably so and he wasn’t sure if she would be willing to listen to him. He let out another frustrated sigh and decided to stop avoiding the situation. He pulled out a piece of paper and grabbed a pen. Writing letters wasn’t usually something he did, but he owed her at least a little bit of an explanation. He stared at the blank page for a few moments and then started, hoping maybe if he reassured her she wasn’t in any danger, he might be able to set foot in that room and face her.

Alosa was startled when the robot came to her again. Her internal clock was perfect and the robot never came off cue. She actually gasped when she saw it gripped a letter. Finally, finally she’d at least have some sort of explanation as to why she had been taken. Macon watched nervously, afraid of her reaction, afraid still he had ruined any chance with her by keeping her this long without any explanation. He wasn’t sure if she was done reading or not when she stopped to say “I gathered at this point you aren’t going to hurt me. I mean, you’ve had ample time. It’s most of why I don’t understand. Most people kidnap people wanting to rape or harm them but you’ve just been taking care of me like I’m some sort of fragile pet”

She looked back down, she wasn’t done reading. “so we did meet, you dont say how long ago though. Well, I suppose maybe if I finish the letter and leave commentary for after” she looked back down a second time “soooo yeah, fragile pet kind of deal because you were trying to protect me. I need more answers though. Please, come talk to me. I’m grateful for the letter, I really am but it’s going to take us forever to have a conversation like this. I promise to listen. You don’t even have to take me out of this room, you can come in right?”

Macon rubbed the back of his neck, letting out a sigh. He wanted to see her, he knew he owed her that much. He stood, feeling nervous, terrified even. What if she hated him? It’s not like he wouldn’t deserve it, but it would crush him. He ran his fingers through his hair and straightened his shirt. He hoped he looked alright. He stepped out of the room, his heart thundering in his chest as he headed for her room. He tried out a few lines, not exactly sure how he was supposed to start an actual conversation with her. His worry increased when he was finally standing in front of her door and he hesitated as he reached for the button that would open it.

Alosa jumped to her feet when the door opened, her heart stuttering a little at the bright silvery eyes that met hers. There was something about them, something familiar. He looked nervous. “You wrote the letter?” She finally asked.


“You didn’t give me your name.”

“It’s Macon.

“Macon, please, tell me what this is all about. Why was I in danger and why wouldn’t you talk to me?”

“I was scared you wouldn’t understand”

“I’m listening” she didn’t seem as hostile as he thought she’d be about this situation so he walked the rest of the way into the room, shutting the door behind him and leaning against it, not sure if he should go any closer to her. “that man was going to hurt you…the one you were going to go on a date with”

“How did you know he’d hurt me? Physically? Emotionally?” He just stood there silently but she tried to be patient regardless of her frustration. She worried if she yelled he’d walk out and she’d be alone again, stuck in this room by herself for perhaps eternity. “Physically…”

“How did you know” he swallowed “well…I…I’ve been watching over you a long time…”

“I thought you looked familiar…your eyes…I know them” he smiled for a second but instantly felt stupid and embarrassed for it. He had no reason to smile, he knew what this all looked like to her. “do you remember anything else?”

“No” he nodded “well…you were a child when I first met you…”

“so you were a child too, we played together?” he shook his head.

“I was an adult like I am now. You were alone, you had been separated from your parents during a hike so I helped you get back.”

“But you look so young.”

“My kind age incredibly slow.”

“Your kind?”

“I’m an alien. I pilot an exploratory vessel and I was visiting your planet at the time.”

Alosa swallowed. An alien? While his appearance was a bit strange, he looked human to her. “I see.”

“I know how crazy that sounds, but it’s true. I decided to keep tabs on you, even from far away, just in case. I don’t know why, but it was like I had too. When I realized what that man was going to do, I…I stupidly kidnapped you.”

“Where am I now?”

“On my ship.”

“are you going to let me out to see the rest?”

“If you promise not to touch anything. You might be tempted to try and escape but you might hurt yourself trying. I’m not keeping you forever…so…just promise me you wont try anything that could get you hurt”

“You’d…you’d really let me out” it honestly shocked her. She had expected a firm no, even now. He had kept her all this time only in this room “I never intended to keep you in here so long…I’m so sorry I was a coward” she stood, coming closer to this strange man”let me see your ship, please” she didn’t know what she was expecting but certainly not a ship but when she was let out that looked like precisely what they were in.

He stayed close to her, scared of what she might do.

Alosa hurried to one of the windows running along the hallway and was amazed to see darkness and stars stretching out before her. She moved closer, her palm pressing against the glass, her breath fogging the glass. She looked down, swallowing when she saw Earth below them, the ship orbiting the planet. “That’s…is that really…?”

“Earth, yes.”

Her heart gave a jump and she felt her legs get weak. She felt Macon’s arms wrap around her and he turned her into him. “I’m fine.”

“You’re not, you almost fell.” He knew holding her was probably stupid, but he didn’t like the idea of her getting hurt in any way.

“We’re really in space.”

“Yes, sorry about the shock.”

“You think after what happened it wouldn’t be.” She stood up straight and he let her go as she stepped back.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I mean, I’m alright enough.”

Chapter Two

“I’m sorry…I truly was just trying to protect you” He wanted to say it again, desperate to not have completely ruined the chance at friendship with her. “well…I see you’re telling the truth now but keeping me that long…its been maddening”

“I’m sorry…I…I owe you forever, any amount of favors you ever need just let me know” He really did look apologetic, especially those silver eyes. “what did you do about my date…”

“called in a tip and dropped off proof of things he had done to other women…he was convicted and sentenced…you can look it up at home. I’ll take you now if you wish it”

“I need to…my family and friends are probably going crazy” He hadnt thought of that and now felt even worse. She could see the shift in his face “I get you were trying to protect me…I just wish you had gone about this differently…in any case…I wont tell anybody you took me. I’ll say Ive been held prisoner but I’ll pretend I don’t know who had me so you dont get in any trouble”

“why would you do that”

“I’m so curious now and you’ll probably flee earth without giving me any answers if I dont make sure you aren’t at risk of being arrested”

“I don’t think anything could make me leave, honestly.”

“Why’s that?”

He blushed, the color standing out against his pale skin. “Oh…uh…because, you know.” He rubbed the back of his neck. He didn’t want to come off as any weirder than he already was. He couldn’t tell her that being near her made him happy, not after he had practically stalked her and on top of that kidnapped her. He probably looked like a lunatic. “Like I said, whatever you want, as long as it’s in my power, I’ll do it for you.” He cleared his throat. “So, let’s get you home.”


He guided her down the hallway to the back of his ship and into an empty, grey room with a darker grey metal disc sitting in the middle. “Just stand here and don’t freak out, I promise you’re completely safe.” He stood next to her and waved his hand in front of him, bringing up projected console.

“That’s cool.”

“This is even cooler.” He typed in some numbers and then hit a button. The disc under them lit up and she reflexively grabbed his arm. “It’s alright, I promise.”

Next thing she knew she was back on earth and near her home “wha…what” she said in shock. “My ship is incredibly advanced…if you ever trust me enough to board it again there’s a lot of amazing things I can show you…”

“for now I just want to be home…well…if I still have a home”

“why wouldn’t you have a home?”

“well I haven’t paid rent in six months’ he frowned “I am so sorry Alosa…theres so much I didn’t stop to think about”

“well now I certainly believe you aren’t from here so…I get it but seriously…don’t you do that again. I swear I would have gone crazy after too much longer…even with all those books you kept sending me” He wanted to say sorry again but knew it might become annoying. She walked up to her apartment and he handed Alosa her key “thankfully…I did think of something” she tried it and it worked, the locks hadn’t been changed. She stepped inside and almost cried with relief to be home and it still be her home. She wondered how, if maybe her family had kept paying for her place in hope they’d find her. She had a few particularly wealthy family members she was close to so it was possible.

“it’s still yours then…good”

“did you grab my cellphone?”

“no” she looked for it everywhere but couldn’t find it, coming to the conclusion a friend or family member may have taken it “since I don’t have a house phone do you have any fancy way to take me to my parents house? I have to let everyone know I’m okay and they deserve to be the first”

“Hold tight to me again” she did without hesitation and he still couldn’t believe her willingness to trust him at all after what he had done, even though it was for the sake of her safety. He blushed as they appeared in front of her parents home, hating how stalkery it felt to know where everyone in her life lived. She bolted for the door, trying to pull it open but it was locked so she began knocking, wishing she had more composure about it but she had missed them so much.

When the door was finally unlocked and opened, she jumped into her father’s arms, shocking him to the point that he stood frozen. “Alosa?”


His arms locked around her. “Oh my…oh my god, Alosa.” He screamed for his wife as he held tightly to her, crying. “Where? How?”

Her mother covered her mouth in shock when she saw her daughter and, her husband pulled her into his embrace, all of them standing there, tears running down their faces. “Where have you been? What happened to you?” Her mother asked.

“I was kidnapped by these two men…thats all I could ever tell about them.I finally got away” Her parents seemed to get emotional all over again and she wanted to just enjoy their embrace but she knew she had to think up the rest of her story before they asked too many more questions. She was now realizing it would have probably been better to figure out the story she wanted to tell before coming here but she just hadn’t been able to wait. She had missed everyone so immensely.

They were so wrapped up in Alosa it took them awhile to notice Macon “who is this?”

“The first person I came upon when I got away. He’s Macon, he helped me get here” Macon smiled awkwardly and came a little closer, feeling guilty when her mother hugged him and her father shook his hand and introduced himself “I’m Hamlet and this is my wife Paige. Please come in” Paige wiped at her face “yes, please, I’m going to go in there and cook all of Alosa’s favorites I’m able to and I’d love for you to enjoy the meal as well”

“Oh I…”

“come on Macon” Alosa urged gently from the porch. He almost teared up himself as he relented “Okay” They were soon inside and settling down in the living room where Paige couldn’t help but hug her daughter again “are you thirsty baby”

“I’ve been thinking about that perfect lemonade you make so much. Do you have any already made”

“I just made a pitcher yesterday, just one moment. I’ll get a glass for…”


“Macon too then” She hurried off and Alosa said “the first place I went was home…I couldn’t find my cell to call anyone. Do you guys have it?”

“The police did for awhile but I think your Great Uncle Jakoby ended up with it. He’s why you still had an apartment to go to. Right away he talked to the people that owned your apartment. He wanted you to have your own place to return to. He was more confident you’d be back than anybody. I couldn’t believe it seeing him again. I wonder who in the hell does good enough work for him to still look like that with how old he is” Alosa gave a half hearted smile at her dads comment. He sounded so sad, like he was struggling not to just sob that she was home. She walked over to him and settled in his lap so he could hold her “God we missed you…we missed you so much Alosa”

Macon found himself wanting to crawl into a hole. Every moment he was around these people, he hated himself even more. He wanted to get up and leave, but he couldn’t move and swallowed down the knot forming in his throat. “So how did you find my girl?” Hamlet asked when he could calm himself.

“Uh…I spotted her walking so I picked her up.” Macon replied.

“Did you see anyone else?”

“No, just her.”

Paige came back with a glass of lemonade and Alosa took it with a happy smile. “Thanks mom.”

“We need to let everyone know, especially the authorities.” Paige said. “Do you need to go to the hospital?”

Alosa knew what they must be thinking, that she was assaulted. “No, I’m fine, just tired and happy to be home.”

“well don’t expect to have to lift a finger, you rest all you need to and if you want to get rid of that apartment and come back home awhile your room is still yours, you know that”

“I know mom…thank you” Paige hugged her daughter again then went into the kitchen, obviously trying not to sob again in front of her daughter. “I guess I should start calling people” Alosa said and her father handed her his cellphone. She got out of his lap, sitting back next to Macon as she began letting everyone in her family know she was okay. She then called her closest friends before making a long post on Facebook. She was just looking it over for misspelled words or punctuation errors when her mother called them to eat.

She just clicked post, if anything was typed wrong it was typed wrong and she doubted anybody would Grammar Nazi a post like that anyway. They all sat together, soon enjoying the amazing food her mother prepared. Macon, had made her these things fairly frequently but it was still an amazing treat from her mother. As most kids did she preferred her moms cooking over anybody else’s. Eating it just gave her this warm feeling in her heart.

Her parents talked the whole time, making sure she was alright and getting to know Macon, who she could tell was uncomfortable. She was amazed at how easy he was to read, at least for her. “We thought the worst when that boy you were going to go out with was arrested.” Paige said, turning the conversation back to her daughter.

“I was ready to kill him when we found out what he had been doing.” Hamlet added. “But he kept saying he didn’t know where you were.”

“It wasn’t him.”

“That’s the only good thing that really came out of all of this. If he had touched you…”

“It’s okay daddy, I’m okay, I wasn’t hurt.”

Chapter Three

“we can see that…its wild to see you so healthy and seemingly unharmed…”

“I didnt have to suffer much mom and dad, so dont worry…I’m so glad to finally be home” The phone rang later that evening, it being the Uncle who had her cellphone “Of course you can speak to Alosa” She heard her mother say then accepted the phone “Hey”

“I’m sorry I missed your call”

“It’s alright Uncle Jakoby”

“Should I bring your cellphone in person or will you come to me?”

“After everything you’ve apparently been doing I’ll come see you”

“do you remember my address?”


“good, be sure that alien comes with you” Jakoby hung up, leaving Alosa a little stunned. Her Great Uncle knew, but how. She clears her throat, trying to quickly go back to normal “is everything okay?” her mother still asks and Alosa answers “yeah, he just wants me to come see him. Where’s my car?”

“In our garage. You’re not leaving now are you?”

“No, I got the vibe he was just saying come when I’m ready, especially since he didn’t say anything about when”

“Good, don’t leave until tomorrow and…you’re not leaving alone right? You also still need to go to the police station for an interview” Her mother sounded a little panicky, still obviously overwhelmed with feelings of fear and relief. “why don’t we go in right now and get it done. You can drive me then I wont leave until after breakfast tomorrow”

“Okay” Alosa kissed her mothers head, giving her a reassuring smile that filled her mother with guilt. She hugged her tightly “I’m sorry, you’ve just been through god knows what and I’m making you comfort me”

“Mom, I can’t imagine what it would do to me if I had kids and they suddenly weren’t anywhere to be found for six months…when I go to Jakobys I’ll take Macon. You’ll go with me right?” she looked over at him and he nodded “see, I wont be alone” At the station she gave the best story she could, thankful they didn’t press her too hard since she was making this up as she went, trying to be sure nobody would suspect Macon. She felt a little guilt herself, not for lieing to the police but for lieing to her parents.

She vowed to herself one day she’d tell them what really happened but she did want to learn more about Macon and it would make things difficult if her family and friends knew he was the one who took her. She’d wait, she’d wait until she knew her feelings for him and to give them a chance to get to know him before she spilled the truth of her life the past six months.

Macon was offered the pull out couch that night and he gratefully took it, though he barely slept. He had hurt so many kind people and worst of all, he had hurt Alosa. He had stolen time from her, had watched her cry in the room he kept her in multiple times. He didn’t deserve to be around her but he wouldn’t be a coward. She wanted to know him and as long as she wanted him near her he owed her not to leave. Just as planned the two left after breakfast.

“Why did you ask me to go?” Macon had been confused about that since the night before.

“Uh, he knows you’re an alien.”

Macon blinked. “How?”

“I don’t know.”

Macon’s mind raced as he wondered if he had made some sort of mistake. Had his ship been spotted? Was this a trap? Would it even matter? He deserved to be punished for what he had done. Jakoby was waiting for them on the front porch when they pulled up and stepped off as soon as Alosa was out of her car, meeting her halfway and pulling her into a tight hug. “Are you alright, princess?” He asked gently.

“Yeah, I missed you.”

“Me too.”

She pulled out of his arms and gestured to Macon. “This is…”

She wasn’t expecting her uncle to punch him. He was always so kind and gentle, generous to a fault, that his anger was unexpected and it was even more surprising how hard Macon went down. He sat up halfway, holding his jaw and looking ashamed. She reached for her uncle to stop him, freezing when he started speaking to Macon in a language she had never heard. She knew he was fluent in many, but this one was strange and unfamiliar. Macon started speaking back in the same strange language, meeting her uncle’s piercing gaze as they spoke.

She had gone through so much, had only just the other day been in space and realized that aliens were real and now her Great Uncle. Now she was realizing he had known what happened to her, that he knew the same language as Macon. Was he an alien too? The same kind or different, were there different kinds? She assumed if there were aliens there must be different kinds. The shock and questions left her standing there speechless as she listened to the words between them, her Great Uncle obviously livid and Macon still as apologetic as he had been from the start. When her Uncles gaze turned to her it took a second to soften but it did and he sighed, shaking his head then looking over at Alosa “He says he never laid an out of the way hand on you, is that true? Did he take good care of you in general? You look healthy enough but that doesn’t always mean anything”

“He fed me well and gave me books. He never hurt me once nor did he ever try to get…well physical with me. I was alone the entire time besides this robot he had on the ship. I only just saw his face the first time the very same day he brought me home.” Her words didn’t seem to lessen her Great Uncles anger but she guessed it was the only thing keeping him from hitting Macon again. He glared over at Macon, his words venomous “if she confesses to me later you did anything to her”

“I know”

“he’s welcome in if you insist Alosa…he says you want him around”

“I do want him around but this is your home” he sighed “as I said, if you wish him to come in I don’t mind”

“Then please let him come in with us” Macon got up, seeming to be in a bit of pain from the blow to his face. As they walked inside she asked “Jakoby…how did you know…how do you speak that language…I know there are many but that sounded…I dont know how it sounded but it wasn’t like anything I’d expect from a known language here”

“Lets get comfortable first, I have a long story for you and I’d like you to have a cup of your favorite tea and some cookies, maybe a cake?”

“angel food cake?”

“Anything for you…you are my favorite niece after all”

“Obviously, I cant believe you’ve been paying for my apartment”

“you know thats nothing to me”

“It doesnt matter how much it is to you. You didn’t have to and you did, it means a lot” Once inside he instructed his kitchen staff to make tea, cookies and angel food cake then walked with them in the living room, Macon trailing behind, afraid to walk at Alosa’s sides after the things Jakoby had said to him outside. The look in his eyes had told Macon he meant his threats. Soon they were situated and Alosa said “please Jakoby, I have to know. My mind is so blown. I can’t sit here and wait for tea even though it wont be long”

“where would you like me to begin?”

“what was that language and why can you speak it?”

“Like Macon, I am from space, I come from a completely different sect of the universe than his and I’ve reminded him of just how strong and capable my species is if he should ever even dream of taking you anywhere again…” His eyes were back on Macon as if he were threatening him all over again. After a frustrated sigh he continued “things from space generally speak one of three languages, I of course know all three. I know a lot of what makes Macon tick”

“Jakoby stop, he gets it”

“I’m sorry, it’s just…”

“I know, but he didn’t mean any harm.”

“His species is already incredibly impulsive, but doing something so stupid…” he took a breath, “Anyway, I will try to hold my temper.”

“So, you and he are different species of aliens.”

“He is Nollu, my people are Chuoq’ar.”

“A…are you really my uncle?”

“Yes, but I am your father’s half brother and he knows nothing of aliens. My father came here some ten years before he met your grandmother. I arrived a few years later under the guise of my father’s teenage son from his previous marriage.”

Alosa swallowed. “I see.”

Macon could see she was upset and confused and he said, “Don’t be angry, Alosa, there’s a reason he wouldn’t have said anything. It can be dangerous. Aliens are seen as threatening, as invaders.”

Jakoby sighed. “He’s right. Most of the time we are met with guns, it is rare to meet a human who accepts us.”

“But…this is me?”

“I know, I am sorry. When your father’s was born, your grandfather wanted him to live a normal life and luckily he was born without our gifts, at least as far as I know, they may be latent. He made me promise to keep it to myself, so I did.”

“How did you know Macon took me”

“It was many little things but your phone confirmed it. I was looking through it once the police were done and I found something” He pulled it out of his pocket, going through it a few moments before handing her the phone “how would this video tell you anything”

“don’t look at yourself, look at the background” She didn’t catch it the first time so she played it again, looking all over the background until she saw Macon briefly appear and vanish “Oh my gosh, Macon”

“Makes me wonder how long he’s been stalking you. I wager he wanted to see you but then saw one of your friends was filming on your phone and poof, gone. I went through everything on your facebook and surprise surprise he’s made a few other appearances in crowds. He may have protected you but…it doesnt sit well with me he’s been following you for years”

“Macon, why?”

“I…from the moment I first laid eyes on you, it was like…” He sighed. “How can I explain it? It was like I had to protect you, like I had to watch over you. Once you became an adult, I wanted to approach you, to talk to you, but you were always with someone and I would lose my nerve or they were filming and I…I don’t exactly look normal. Then you were going to go out with that monster and I did something unforgivable to you without thinking.” He swallowed. “I wasn’t trying to stalk you, I wasn’t trying to come off as weird and I am sorry.”

Jakoby huffed out a sigh. “Like it was fate.”

“Yes, exactly, like fate. I don’t know what drew me to that forest or why I found you, I wasn’t looking for anyone or anything in particular, I was just exploring and then there you were, scared and alone. If…if you wish me to leave, I will and I won’t come back. If you wish for your uncle to hit me again then I will let him.”


“I don’t want anything from you, Alosa, I don’t deserve anything.”

“See what I mean by impulsive. Highly intelligent, but they just do things without giving it a thought. I’d wager he came to earth on the day he found you because he liked how it looked or he had a sudden curiosity about the inhabitants.”

Macon nodded and Alosa’s heart went to him. She had been so angry and scared but she understood everything now and she could tell Macon had a good heart. “I’m not angry Macon, I meant it when I said I want you to stick around”

“I’ll ease up too I guess, you were only trying to keep her safe. Besides, who knows if we’d still have Alosa if it hadn’t been you to find her when she got lost all those years ago”

“If you knew who had me Jakoby why didn’t you come get me”

“I couldn’t find his ship, highly intelligent includes masters at not being found if they don’t want to be. I mean, he could have taken you anywhere so I didn’t really know where to look” Tea came out and their food and soon the entire conversation revolved around Alosa wanting to know more about Macons and Jakoby kinds. They were happy to answer anything, Jakoby had missed her immensely and Macon felt grateful they were on speaking terms.

Jakoby offered to let them stay the night but she wanted to be home to see her friends the next day. Her messenger was overflowing with friends wanting to see her again. “Just stay safe and if you let him take you back up into space, you tell me first”

“Okay” They loaded back into her car and she gave Macons hand a soft squeeze, causing his heart to stutter “you still look so sad, I just wanted to comfort you” He wished he had said anything in return but his voice had been caught in his throat. Once he found it again it would have been weird to answer her so long after. They returned to her apartment and she called her parents, letting them know where she was and that she’d be locking the doors “you’re not alone though right”

“Macon is staying the night, right Macon” she looked over at him and he nodded “he said yeah” The two said their goodbyes, leaving the two of them alone for the first time when there wasn’t any other distractions like her driving or him explaining himself on the ship.

“Are you sure you want me to stay?” His voice shook a little, betraying his nervousness.

“Of course, I have a guest room, so you won’t have to camp out on the couch unless you want too.”

“I’ll take the room, thank you.”

They stood there for a moment in silence. “So, how much do you know about me?”

“Well, plenty actually, not everything though, I gave you your privacy. I didn’t read your messages or…or you know watch you bathe or change or anything. The only time I really invaded your privacy was when that guy came around and then I felt like I had to.”

“You just kept an eye on me and followed me.”

“I wanted to tell you, I really did. I’m really such a coward. Nothing like your uncle.”

She took his hand, trying to comfort him again “you made a mistake, we all do. I mean, I’ve never kidnapped anybody but you took really good care of me and you did it with the best intentions. I’m sure you’ll never do anything like that again so stop kicking yourself”

“I just don’t understand how you can be so okay with me”

“you should know me well enough to understand. I’m a big believer in forgiveness when someone is truly sorry, especially when they never truly had ill will in their hearts. You just wanted me safe…do you want a hug? You look like you need one”

“You…” he looked into her eyes, his heart stuttering, especially when she gave him a gentle smile. “I’d…I’d like that” The hug didn’t last long but it had been the most amazing feeling on earth to him “goodnight Macon”

“Goodnight Alosa” The next few weekss it was friend after friend coming over or inviting them out somewhere. Not to mention all the time her family wanted. It was a slow process getting comfortable with everyone but Alosa was worth it. Every second he spent with her he could feel himself falling deeper and deeper in love but he still felt he had a lot of making up to do before he had any right to ask her to date him. He felt he barely deserved this friendship but even if that was all he’d ever have, Macon never wanted to leave Alosa’s side.

~ The End

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