Mae And Lincoln

This story was contributed to by Stacy Meyer. She also had the original concept for it 🙂

Chapter One

Mae put the key in the lock and turned it jiggling it slightly, being told my the owners that the old thing could be quite finicky. The door opened and she kicked the box of belongings inside with a smile on her face. This was going to be the prefect place to set up her law firm.

Lincoln was running down the street with police cars whirling after him sirens blaring. He ducked into an alleyway to catch his breath,trying to remember what it was that happened last night but the only thing that came into his mind was the ripped up body that he woke up beside in the mountains.

Mae proudly hung her diploma on the wall and decided it was time to take a break and go to the coffee shop down the street. Just as she gathered her purse and keys back up she heard footsteps outside the door,she opened it and looked at the blood soaked man standing there. “I need some help…people are after me…” the man said. “Well if you need legal help which it appears you just might be looking for come inside” Mae replied stepping out of the doorway of her office.

Lincoln hurried in, hoping she could help him. It seemed nothing could stop these shifts but maybe she could help people understand he truly had no control over what happened during them. Better yet maybe she had connections with people that could help contain him during the nights his wolf took over. She had him take a seat and she took her own in front of him “first off, why are you covered in blood?”

“I’m not sure what happened…I can’t remember…I just woke up next to a dead body and now the police are after me”

“were you drunk?”

“No…I’m a werewolf…the kind that can’t control themselves during a shift. I also dont retain memories from when I shift” She sighed, this was quite a case for her first real one. She had expected to start with something much smaller but she’d take it anyway “alright but you’re going to have to answer a lot more questions and we’re going to have to talk to police as well. I wont lose my license for harboring a criminal but I promise you we’ll get this figured out”

Prison terrified him but he’d end up there anyway at this rate so he agreed to talk to her and let the police come. When they arrived at her office she let them know she was his lawyer and reminded Lincoln not to answer questions unless she told him it was okay. He had already given her all the information needed and she wanted to choose what they knew until she figured out what to do for this man.

“Why don’t you go over what happened last night Mr. Storm.” The officer across from them asked and Lincoln looked at Mae who nodded.

“My memory is spotty at best. I remember I was looking for someone. I don’t know why I was out on a full moon night or what I was doing on that mountain. Maybe I was working.”


“My client chases demons.” Mae answered.

“And do you think the victim may have been a demon?”

“I don’t know. My senses get a little overloaded when I wake up, it’s like a shock to the system. I was dazed.”

“You saw the body, is that correct?”

“It was about a foot from me.”

“It was torn apart, claw marks, teeth marks.”

“You don’t know if my client did it.”

“With all do respect ma’am, he’s a werewolf, an out of control werewolf.”

“Who chases demons.”

“I’d give you a card if I could find my wallet.” Lincoln said then shut his mouth when Mae gave him a look.

She leaned forward, feeling her heart stutter a little. “He could have been hunting and come across that body, the victim could have been a demon who attacked him first, or it could have even been a set up.”

“He’s covered in blood.”

“Which you haven’t determined the source of. It could be his for all you know.”

The officer had hoped this would be easy since Ms Mae Anderson was a new face but it was seeming she had done well in school and was going to be one of the larger thorns in the police departments side when it came to cases but he respected good lawyers so while it was a little frustrating the officer welcomed the challenge of convicting this man while dealing with an obviously intelligent lawyer. “I suppose you’re right. We will just need a sample of the blood. I imagine you’ll let him cooperate”

“yes, you can take your sample” She was going over ideas on how to approach this no matter what the results turned up. “Thank you”

“I expect to know those results right away”

“Of course” The officer shot her an obviously flirtatious smile and Lincoln had to hold back a growl. He was shocked at himself, hopeing that wasn’t a sign he was the monster he expected himself of being. He was at least glad he caught it before the cop heard him and had more reason to think the worst.

“And I would appreciate if you would lend my client a sweat suit. I’m sure you’ll want his clothes as evidence and he needs a shower.”


The officer left and Mae sighed, leaning back. “Asshole, he’s lucky I don’t have a reputation yet or I’d have slapped him.”

“He likes you.”

She huffed. “Are you alright?”

“No, you’d think I’d be used to this, but what if…”

“Don’t say anything else. Someone could be listening from the other side of the glass or something. We’ll talk once we’re out of here.”

“What if they put me in a holding cell?”

“They don’t have any proof it was you, only that you found the body. You running was stupid, but understandable.” She lowered her voice. “To be honest if I woke up next to a corpse I’d be screaming and running.”

It truly felt like this woman was on his side and it helped him not be quite so panicky about everything. She believed in him and for whatever reason that meant the world to Lincoln. They were released about an hour later and Mae asked “where do you live?”

“I suppose in a hotel for awhile so they don’t think I’m fleeing. I chased this last demon a long way”

“I’ll drive you to a good one, the one i recommend when family or friends don’t want to stay with me” Mae drove Lincoln to a nice hotel, helped him get a room then walked him to it. “I have the number to your rooms phone. If you remember anything at all or just need to talk to me please call. Don’t let the cops talk to you without me as well” He nodded and she asked “do you need anything else before I go home?”

“No, thank you”

“I guess my first case may as well be big and I know people aren’t always what they seem but you hardly seem like some crazy murderer. I’ll make sure you get more clothes too. You’ll need some nice things to wear. It shouldn’t affect anything but how you look does make things easier or harder”

“when will you come back?”

“tomorrow, we can talk more over breakfast about your life and the information you have on this demon” She waited until he was in his room to leave, going straight to a nearby clothing thrift store that always had nice clothes. She had gotten a lot of her own clothes from there.

Lincoln tried to stay awake and rack his brain for answers. He hated he couldn’t remember, hated that the memories were always so disjointed. His mind and body were so exhausted from everything, from the forced change, from the stress of thinking he may have hurt someone. He knew he had been hunting, but what had happened after the change. Had the wolf tried tracking his prey or had it found someone else wandering through the woods. He sighed as he switched on the TV and laid down, his eyes growing heavy.

Images flashed through his mind, broken into tiny, confusing bits. The smell of blood and cologne filled his nose. The flash of a grin. Screams brought sweat to his brow. He jerked away, panting, the smell still in his nose. He glanced at the clock sitting on the table next to him and saw it was three a.m. He let out a breath and draped an arm across his eyes. His wolf whined as if telling him he was missing something and it took him a moment to realize he could still smell that scent. His wolf nose had locked onto everything that night, not that it mattered, it didn’t mean he could find whoever had been out there.

The next thing he knew Mae was knocking, he must have fallen back asleep thinking. She held out two bags of clothes “they were having a sale and I went kind of crazy. ”

“I’ll find something and quickly change”

“you don’t have to rush, I have nothing else to do. You’re my only client” He hurried anyway, putting on the first outfit he saw. “perfect” she said when he came out of the bathroom. “I didnt even tell you my size, I’m surprised”

“I’ve always had a good eye for peoples sizes. Men are particularly easy”

“How much do I owe you?”

“Not a penny, I got them at this clothing thrift store I like. It’s no big dea. What do you like to eat for breakfast?” she said quickly “is there a waffle house close?”

“sure is”

“can we talk there?”

“if you’re worried we can pick up food and come back to this room. I mean you were hunting a demon so that may actually be wise”

“yeah, lets bring it back” They went to her car and soon arrived at Waffle House. It seemed busy but it was a breakfast place and it was breakfast time. “I already know what I want so just tell me when you know Lincoln”

Chapter Two

“I’ll have what you’re having, I’m not picky. Shifting makes me ravenous so anything is fine.”

“You’re so easy.” She smiled and his heart skipped a beat.

“Well, I’d rather not give you anymore trouble than I already am. Not many people would so readily take in a possible nutcase covered in blood.”

She laughed. “You’re far from crazy, I can tell.”

“Really? How?”

“It was the look on your face when you ran into my office.”

“I could have been pretending.”

“True, but you weren’t. Your shock, confusion, and fear were so genuine I could practically feel them radiating off of you.” She shrugged. “Besides, if you had wanted to kill me then that would have been the perfect time. You’re actually a really good boy.”

He chuckled. “Dog jokes?”

“Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. I’ll make that the last one, promise.”

His wolf wagged its tale, perking up. “I don’t mind.”

Mae seemed in good spirits as she ordered their food and drinks, double checking to make sure he liked orange juice “there are people who don’t like orange juice?” Lincoln asked as they walked out and she laughed “you never know, I’m sure there are” He held their to go plates in his lap and Mae set each of their cups in her cup holder before taking them back to the hotel. There was a small table in the room but only one chair “we could sit on the bed together ” Mae suggested so Lincoln put their plates down and sat with her. “so, anything come up last night?”

“I had a nightmare about what happened but nothing was clear beyond the type of cologne”

“well thats useful, let me know if you smell it again”

“It didn’t belong to the dead guy. He smelled of the woods and blood.”

“Did you get a look at what he was wearing before you ran?”

“Jeans and a t-shirt.”

She took a bite of her food. “No jacket?”

“I don’t think so, but I didn’t really stay to exam him.”

“It’s been cold out, no one would go out there without a jacket, at night, unless they were nuts. Even if it’s not cold. Getting lost up there without warm clothes is a death sentence.”

He nodded as he ate. “You’re right and I had fur.” He sighed. “What if it was me, Mae? What would you do?”

“I’d still fight for you, especially since you have no control over your shifting.” She patted his back and he felt it tingle through him. “You’re my client, Lincoln.”

He smiled. “Thank you. I’m not usually like this, but the idea of me accidentally killing someone terrifies me. It makes me feel like more of a monster than I already am.”

“It’s because you have a good heart. Anybody with a soul would be unsettled right now. Your genuine concern is part of what makes me believe in you so much. You wont be wrongfully convicted under my watch, I swear to it and that also goes for the case of your shifting, if you did do it on accident we’ll make sure the court sees that” She wanted to be sure her words sunk in. She knew he couldn’t help but be stressed but she hoped to get him as relaxed as possible. They finished their meal then cleaned up “are you going again?” he asked and she said “I need to go to my office for a bit but if you want to come please do.”

“I’ll just think everything to death sitting in here by myself” her smile was kind “please come then, that way I’ll be right there if you remember anything else and you’ll be right there if the police contact me” They left his room and headed for her office, a place he could actually take in this time. He could tell her office was new, it was one of the cleanest places he had ever seen. There wasnt even a small amount of dust on anything he took in.

“How long have you had this place?”

“a week, how does it look to you?”

“I like it, you’ve made it your own but it isn’t filled with too much”

“Just wait, I’m sure after awhile it’ll be total chaos. You won’t be able to find me in all the papers and files.”

“Of course I would,” he tapped his nose, “nothing can hide from this once I get its scent. I could find you in a mountain of papers.”

“I’m kind of curious, what do I smell like?”

“Paper, lavender and honey. Is that your body wash?”

“Yeah, that’s amazing.”

“Have you never spent time with a wolf before?”

She smiled. “Not that I know of.”

“Well, maybe once this is all over with, barring me going to prison, maybe we could hang out or something.”

Her laugh was like music to his ears and his wolf whined at him. “I’d like that. You’ll have to treat me to dinner for being such an amazing lawyer.”

“Of course, whatever you want.”

He let Mae get to work, watching her while hoping he wasn’t getting in the way at all. Everytime her phone went off he tensed. He still held worry about what the evidence was going to say since he couldn’t remember things clearly. It took a few days for the police to call them back over and while Lincoln didn’t want to be imprisoned he also was grateful to finally be one step closer to all this being over, to knowing his fate. Before they went in Mae said “don’t speak first, let them tell us what they want us to know then I’ll ask questions. I want you to cooperate but I also don’t want to give them more than they need”

“Okay” They went in and were soon back in the very same interrogation room. “the results came back on your clothes Mr Storm”

“and?” Mae inquired. “It was his own blood and someone elses but surprisingly enough, not the victims. He must have hurt whomever was killing our victim” Lincolns wolf perked up, he wasn’t a murderer after all. “I’m guessing there was no match for the other blood”

“Not in our database. Are you sure you can’t remember anything Mr Storm?”

He looked to Mae who nodded. “Just flashes. The scent of cologne, a grin, just bits and pieces.”

“That doesn’t give us much to go on.”

“You said the blood on his clothes wasn’t from the victim.” Mae interjected. “Lincoln is a wolf which means if you let him scent his clothes, then he should be able to track the killer.”

“We wouldn’t have to take him back up the mountain and there’s no guarantee he’d pick up the scent.”

“Are you saying you’re willing to let a killer get away because of a little hike and the possibility of not finding anything?”

The officer frowned. “That’s not what I said.” There was a bite to his voice that nearly had Lincoln baring his teeth.

“Then it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Chapter Three

The officer seemed to be growing increasingly annoyed but by the looks of him he probably never did things like hiking by choice. In general Lincoln nor Mae imagined this was a police force to be reckoned with but she wasn’t about to let them be lazy and in consequence let the true killer run around free to strike again. Even if it was the demon Lincoln had already been after it would be killing two birds with one stone. The most recent case would be solved and Lincoln could return to where ever he would need to go after all this. The officers reluctantly retrieved the clothing evidence and handed them to Lincoln so he could take in the scent.

Lincoln took his time, making sure he really knew it before handing them back. “I’m guessing you would like us over at the mountain today?”

“Yes, as soon as possible” Mae answered and the man nodded, agreeing to meet them over there. Once they were back in Mae car she sighed “sometimes I don’t understand why people take jobs they don’t seem to want to do correctly. I mean, for a cop to be so pouty about a hike, ridiculous”

“On the bright side for people like me I wouldn’t be needed if all the police officers wanted to do their job all the time. There are a lot of beings willing to bring the particularly bad to justice when the law can’t seem to do it” Lincoln was glad when that made her smile, even if half heartedly. As a lawyer he knew there would be a lot of disappointment in her future when it came to judges, cops and others that were supposed to go above and beyond to inforce the laws.

Mae and Lincoln went straight to the mountain, not surprised in the least when the cops made them wait nearly two hours. She chided them in her head as they began the hike “I’m so glad the people’s safety means this much to you” Mae would have loved to speak those words but she reminded herself this was her first real case and it would make for a hard future if she got on their bad side right out the gate. Mae was a little relieved to see their attitude about the hike seemed at least somewhat improved from when she first brought it up at the station.

“I can’t believe you walked all the way down with nothing but torn clothes.” Mae said.

“I was pretty fresh off the change and full of adrenaline.”Lincoln replied. “Besides, I’m a wolf, we love walking and hiking.”

Mae laughed, suddenly tripping and Lincoln quickly steadied her, his arm around her waist. His heart did a flip when their eyes met and his wolf urged him to rub his scent on her. He let her go, surprised at the sudden realization. “Lincoln, are you alright?”

“Yeah, sorry, we’re almost there then I’ll see if I can follow him.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, let’s talk about it later, okay?”


He was relieved she didn’t push. The last thing he wanted to confess in front of these officers was that she was his mate and on top of that he needed to focus on finding the one who had tried to frame him.

Mae kept herself from talking unless the officers spoke first. He seemed even more determined than before and she didn’t want to be a distraction. She could almost see it in his demeanor when he picked up on the scent. This demon was either cocky, wanted to be found or simply hadn’t thought of the fact Lincoln would be coming back. Maybe it had assumed they wouldn’t give Lincoln a fair shot, just assuming that of course the werewolf with hazy memory did it. Beings were railroaded all the time by lazy departments that simply wanted to shut cases. He had been lucky when he found Mae to stick up for him. He felt so terrible he may have just let them had he been caught.

“I found it, I am going to chase it down” Mae gave a small, understanding nod. They wouldn’t be able to keep up and they would probably just be in the way once Lincoln did find this demon. “He made us come up here just to leave us?” one of the men asked “well you may have been needed and this is a crime scene still”

“whatever, just let us know what happens. We will walk you back down”

“thanks” she barely attempted to sound like she meant it, she was too busy worrying now to think about her future dealing with these men. This demon was obviously capable of terrible things and Lincoln was running right for the being. She didn’t want him to die or even get hurt again and these cops still didn’t seem to care much about the situation.

Lincoln zeroed in on the scent, the smell of his prey becoming stronger and another joining it. Female and human. He wasn’t surprised to find the demon crouched over a bound and gagged woman, taunting her and he growled as he tackled the demon off of her. They rolled away, sliding down a hill and away from his next victim. The demon kicked him in the stomach so he slid away and they both came up, Lincoln crouched low to the ground as they circled each other.

“Surprised to see you free.” The demon said. “I thought for sure they would put you down like the rabid dog you are.”

“Bastard.” Lincoln snapped.

“It’s okay, I’ll just kill you myself and then the girl and maybe I’ll visit the woman who belongs to the scent on you.”

He snarled as he sprung at the demon and he felt his canines lengthen to sharp points as he grappled with the demon. His wolf came to his defense even if he couldn’t control it, jumped at the opportunity to protect its mate. The brief thought nearly distracted Lincoln, but he quickly pushed it away as he sank his teeth into the demon’s shoulder, using his weight to bear the monster down.

The demon was pissed off but he had threatened the wrong woman. Adrenaline was coursing hard through his veins and the wolf inside was lending all it’s strength with its need to protect Mae. Lincoln could feel the wolf urging him to end this creatures life but Lincoln didn’t want to become a murderer and he wanted to clear his name. He could never fully do that unless he brought this thing to the police. He just hoped they werent complete idiots and could handle maintaining him. Lincoln knocked the demon out then unbound the woman who shool as she asked “are you sure he’s out”

“yes, come with me.” he put the demon over his shoulder then continued “we’re headed to the police station. The girl was slow as she walked behind him but he knew she had probably been being tortured awhile before he got there. He was patient, ready to knock the demon out again if he came to. Once they arrived the police at the station seemed in shock he had actually brought someone back “this is your murderer” he said as he dropped the demon the the floor then added “and he was probably going to kill this poor woman too. You should take her statement”

“You actually…”

“Did my job, yes. Be sure to put him somewhere he can’t use magic or break the bars. He’s a demon, not some drunk or you regular low life.”

Two of the officers lifted the unconscious demon and a female officer guided the woman away, her arm wrapped around her shoulders as she cried. Lincoln sighed, but brightened as soon as Mae came to him. “My goodness are you okay?” She looked at his torn shirt and the blood that had dried on his face and arms.

“Yeah, just got a little scraped up, but everything’s healed.”

“He looks more than roughed up. What happened?”

Lincoln’s heart jumped. How could he tell her she was his mate? “Well he had that woman and then…well he threatened to come after you and I lost my cool.”

Mae felt her cheeks heat. “Over me?”

Lincoln rubbed the back of his neck. “Maybe we should discuss this after we’ve cleared all this up.”

“Okay” she almost stuttered. She composed herself as they dealt with what little more the cops needed of them then left “where would you like to talk?” she asked, eager to hear why her safety had meant so much to him. “Your place would be fine” Lincoln answered, happy she brought up the talk since his nerves about it were rising. She drove them to her home in relative silence. Once inside she asked “so…do you want to sit on my couch?”

“yeah” They took a seat beside eachother, silence once again falling since he wasn’t sure how to tell her. “Lincoln” she urged, causing even his wolf to urge him to tell her “do you know much about my kind?” He decided was a good lead in to the conversation. To his relief she said “yeah, I took some classes in law school about different types of beings. I thought it would help me once I got into a career”

“so…you know that our wolves tell us when we’ve found the person we’re meant to be with” her heart was thumping now, slamming against her chest as she put two and two together. He was so nervous, so protective “are…are you trying to tell me I’m your mate”

“yeah, I realized it when I caught you earlier…”

“wow, I…wow”

“I dont expect you just to move or to be my girlfriend or anything but…do you think you could give me a chance?”

“of course, I’ve really liked getting to know you and…well, instead of paying for a hotel you can stay here…you can take my couch at night” Relief swept through him, clearing out how nervous he had been. “thank you, I’ll make sure to go elsewhere when the change is coming. I promise, I’ll never hurt you. ”

“I know you wont and let me look into some things that can be done okay. There must be a way to help you with that”

“could I hug you?” she smiled and moved to hug him. Lincoln held her to him, almost in disbelief he could actually feel so purely happy. His life so far had been mostly work or feeling guilty over things he had done when he wasn’t in control. He hadnt spent his life miserable but now that he was holding Mae he knew he had never felt true happiness until this moment. He hoped he didn’t mess this up because he already knew he needed to be at her side for the rest of his life.

~ The End

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