Marius & Aeron 2

Chapter One

Aeron walked down the crowded city sidewalk on his way back home. He had asked Marius to let him take this job on his own, wanting to prove that he was good at talking to people and collecting payment on his own. Marius had simply tilted his head to the side, that movement that sent Aeron’s heart fluttering, and told him he never had to ask to go anywhere. Marius had simply asked that he be careful and had let him go. On his way back he had stopped and had his hair trimmed and touched up where his roots were showing. He was feeling amazing and inhaled the air with a smile on his face, his eyes closed as he took in all the different smells. Some times he missed the hustle and bustle of the city, but he loved being with Marius in his world more and had grown especially attached to their lighthouse.

“Aeron?” The voice brought him up short and his eyes flew open as he spun around, his hand reaching into his jacket and resting on his gun. “Holy shit, it is you.” His heart thundered in his chest when he found himself looking into the eyes of one of his “father’s” thugs. “The boss has been looking for you.” The man took a step closer and he took one back, careful not to bump into anyone.

“Sorry, you must have me confused with someone else.” He replied, needing a way out.

“Don’t play dumb you little shit. He’s been giving us hell since you disappeared. We scoured the whole city looking for his little pet.”

Aeron glared at him. “I don’t know who you think I am, but I suggest you walk away.” He flicked the safety off and prepared to draw his weapon. He knew he couldn’t open fire in the crowd of people, but he hoped it would be enough to warn the guy off.

“Now, now Aeron, be a good boy and come home. The boss’ll be happy to see you.” He took another step and Aeron pulled his gun from it’s holster. Someone screamed and the crowd scattered, giving him an opening to run. He sprinted away, not daring to look behind him. He had to get away, had to get back to Marius and the safety of his home. He slid his gun back into his holster and sprinted as fast as he could, his arms and legs pumping, propelling him forward and away from danger. He skidded into an alley and realized he was being followed when footsteps sounded behind him. He could see there was a chain link fence blocking his path and he cursed his luck as he jumped and grabbed onto the top. He felt fingers hook into the waist band of his jeans and he kicked out, connecting with his pursuers chest. The man didn’t let go and hauled him off the fence and slammed him onto the ground. He received a kick to the ribs when he started to get back up and the air rushed out of his lungs. He was kicked again and he collapsed onto the ground, unable to breathe.

“You little shit.” He was grabbed by his hair and hauled to his feet. “Did you really think you could get away.” Aeron was punched in the solar plexus and nearly threw up. His vision clouded over and he hit the ground with a thud. He heard his attacker talking as he faded away and his heart gave a leap of fear. He was going back to that place, back to that man and he was helpless.

“Marius.” He whispered. “Help.” He fell unconscious, unable to fight the darkness.

As if Aerons words traveled worlds Marius instantly didn’t feel right. He tried to ignore the feeling being this was Aerons first time out on his own since he brought him here. He had been a bit worried since Aeron had mentioned wanting to go alone but Marius would never tell him no to something like that. Aeron had spent his life as someones play thing with little to no freedom and if he wanted to go somewhere alone now that he was free he should be able to without his partner trying to stop him. The fact stood Aeron was just a human, easily killed, easily over powered by races that had power like his own. Aeron was out there alone and who knows what he could be going through right now.

His uncomfortable aura filled the home, eventually reaching Genya who stepped away from the sculpture he was forming to talk to his brother. The negative aura was even stronger by the time Genya got his hands clean and began changing clothes. He didn’t want to make a mess of their home walking through it in soiled clothes from his art. Changed he left his art room and began following his brothers scent. Genya knocked on the door after his nose lead him to Marius. Marius answered, looking only highly irritated. “what’s wrong?”

“Aeron went on a job on his own and i think something has happened to him”

“well go to where he went”

“and make him feel like he doesn’t have freedom, that I’ll just follow him if he tries to leave alone?”

“Oh Marius don’t be a moron. Aeron knows he’s free with you. He’s a human. wanting him to feel free or not it would be stupid to just sit here if you think something might be wrong. Make sure he’s safe. You may be my brother but the way you’re making the house feel is unsettling”

“Perhaps him being angry with me is better than the alternative.”

“Just change into something more appropriate for that world, you look like some sort of priest.”

Marius rolled his eyes as his brother left him and he quickly changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Aeron had taken him shopping with Genya’s encouragement, both of them wanting him to have something more normal to wear. He then braided his hair, tugged on a pair of shoes and hurried down to the portal room.

Aeron groaned as he drifted into wakefulness, his head aching. He slowly opened his eyes, blinking. He was laying on his stomach, his cheek pressed against a cold floor. He tried to get up, but found his arms bound tightly behind his back. He knew where he was even without seeing anything. He recognized the smell, musty with a hint of cigar smoke. He groaned again as he moved onto his side then onto his back, wincing at the strain on his shoulders. He sat up just as the basement door opened and his heart gave a leap of fear. A light flickered to life above him and he waited, his mouth suddenly feeling dry, his entire being becoming tense.

“Welcome home, son.” It was a face and voice he had hoped to forget and he felt himself break out in a cold sweat as the monster from his nightmares came closer. “It’s been awhile.” He reached down and Aeron flinched away, but the man grabbed his chin anyway and forced his head up. “How could you run from me and after you failed. I missed you.”

Aeron knew it was obvious he was scared but he wouldn’t give his so called father the satisfaction of him talking. He just looked at him angrily. “when did you start getting this defiant? I started being too kind and letting you more and more off your leash. It wont happen again. This time you’re here with me for good.” Aeron still didn’t speak, he was scared but knew if he was gone long enough his mate would come looking for him. Marius didn’t use his power often but in the few instances he had to Aeron had seen that his fathers mob would be like swatting away children to him. Aeron knew he would be free again, it was only a matter of time. He just hoped he wouldn’t have to go through too much misery before he was once again with Marius.

“You better speak to me boy” his father threatened. Pain was coming, Aeron knew it but he wasn’t going to beg or try to playcate him like he used to.

Marius remembered Aeron talking about all his favorite places, at least those he had been allowed to go to when he was nothing more than a prisoner. He checked the bigger locations first then moved on to smaller establishments. He caught a whiff of his scent in front of a hair salon and he stepped inside, nearly backing out as the chemicals assaulted his nose. A woman noticed him and stared at him open mouthed. “Excuse me ma’am.” He said and she blushed.


“I’m sorry to interrupt your day, but I am looking for a young man with blue hair and blue eyes.” The woman seemed to have lost all brain function.

“You’ll have to forgive her.” Another woman came out of a back room, a towel in her hands she was using to dry them. “She’s new.”

“It’s alright.”

“You’re talking about Aeron right, it feels like forever since he’s been in here. It’s the first time he came alone. You must be the boyfriend.”

Marius smiled. “Yes ma’am.”

“He left here about an hour and a half ago, he looked happy for once.”

“Which way?”

“Left and straight.”

“Thank you.” He practically ran from the salon, his nose searching for Aeron’s scent.

Aeron refused to scream. He kept his lips pressed tightly together and gripped at the straps holding his wrists. His shoulders ached as he dangled from the ceiling, his back stung where his adopted father beat him and he was freezing. His clothes being taken had been meant to humiliate him, but he kept it from himself. “Do you think I want to do this to you Aeron, I really hate punishing you.” He just glared back, his jaw clenched. His chin was roughly grabbed, fingers digging into his skin so hard he was sure he would bruise. “You’ve been with someone haven’t you? I will find whoever it is and kill them.” Aeron didn’t know what came over him, but he spit in the mosnter’s face and recieved and immdiate back hand that busted his lip. He felt hands around his throat and he couldn’t breathe. It was another form of punishment his adopted father favored, not just with him, but with others who displeased him as well. His vision started to darken around the edges and he felt the panic set in. The fingers released his throat and he sucked in the life saving air, coughing, his eyes watering. He now wished more than anything that he had brought Marius and cursed his own weakness.

“who have you been with?” His adoptive father asked in ragefilled jealousy. Aeron didn’t answered, further infuriating Atilio. “I will wip you harder. You will tell me who you’ve been sleeping with”

“You’re a weakling compared to him.”

“well then tell me who he is if you don’t have to protect him”

“Marius, his name is Marius Chisholm and when he comes for me you’ll be sorry for everything you’ve done” Atilio laughed so hard he bent over. He was still just as cocky as Aeron remembered. Atilio called one of his men into the room “find Marius Chisholm and bring him to me”

“yes sir”

“what does he look like boy?”

“You’ll know soon enough”

“I may just beat you again yet Aeron”

“Fine” Aeron decided to go back to being quite. The hench man ran off and Atilio began beating Aeron again. Aeron just closed his eyes and thought of his new home. He kept telling himself he’d be back there soon. All he had to do was endure this one final time.

Marius found that Aeron’s scent had ended in an alleyway. It reminded him of the night he had found him dying in the cold. There were a couple of cops around and he picked up from their thoughts that there had been two men with guns, one with blue hair being chased by another. He also picked up old memories of the attempted murder aeron had committed on the night he had been shot. The officers had not made any connection since it was common for humans to dye their hair. He decided to avoid the officers and continue his search. There had been another scent in the alley, male, one he didn’t recognize.

It wasn’t long before he felt like he was being followed and he cocked his head to the side, listening. He heard the sound of tires, a slow moving car. He was being tracked. He was sure it was not only the fact he was close to where Aeron had been kidnapped, but because his was not familiar. Whoever followed him, wanted him. He walked a little ways then cut down an alley and turned. The car pulled to a stop, blocking his path out and the man who got out was someone he didn’t know. It was the memories he was more interested in anyway. They came flowing into his head, their content shocking him. A small boy with big blue eyes, young and innocent brought into the house, blonde hair a mess on his head. A boy, gun in hand, aiming it at a man tied to a chair and another man patting his head and praising his first kill. A fifteen year old boy, eyes empty of everything but fear for the man he was forced to sit beside. He cringed when the man touched him, forced himself not to flinch away. Now, Aeron hanging by his wrists and the man again, the all too familiar shadow of Aeron’s adoptive father Atilio.

“Can I help you?” He asked the man.

“I haven’t seen you around here, you looked lost.”

Marius could smell the metal of the man’s gun, could see the memory of him hiding it under his jacket. “I’m not from around here, how nice of you to be so concerned for a stranger. I do have a question though, if you would answer please.” He moved so fast he was in front of this pig in the blink of an eye, a hand wrapping around his throat, the other catching his wrist as he went for his gun. “Where is my Aeron?”

Chapter Two

The question brought the memory to the front of the mans mind and that was all Marius needed “which way do I go?” he asked to prompt the next set of memories he needed. Marius took the mans gun away and cast him into the nearby building. He was angry and didn’t need him anymore anyway. Marius took off, seething with anger that the first time Aeron left alone his damned adoptive father got him. He hoped this didn’t affect Aeron so badly he wouldn’t want to go on his own again. As much as Marius always wanted to keep him safe he didn’t want him to live a life of fear.

“Wake up boy.” He was slapped across the face and he snapped his eyes open. Atilio was looking down at him and he scrambled away, his back pressed against the wall of an all too familiar bedroom. “Where do you think you’re going?” He grabbed a chain that was hooked to the headboard an hauled Aeron back by the collar around his neck.

“No.” He fought back and Atilio grabbed and handful of his hair and pinned him down. “Let me go.”

“Stop fighting me or I’ll tie you down.”

“Fuck you rapist.”

“That’s a nasty thing to say to your father.” Atilio’s face was right next to his, his breath hitting his cheek. He hated this. “You’re supposed to love you father, not disrespect him. Apologize Aeron, beg for my forgiveness and I’ll stop being so rough.”

“I’d rather die than be your dog again.” He was terrified of being victimized by this man once again, but he refused to give up. Marius had given him the strength to fight and even though he couldn’t physically overpower Atilio, he didn’t have to give him the pleasure of begging. “He’ll kill you either way, he hates people like you so do your worst because that means I’ll get to see you suffer even more.”

Atilio deep belly laughed “You over estimate your little boyfriend. Who has you? Me not him”

“You over estimate yourself. You are nothing”

“You’re the one who is fucking nothing brat!!” Aeron gave a pissed off laugh “You wouldn’t be so defensive about it if you actually felt you were anything but an abusive, loser rapist” Aeron didn’t want to be raped again so he was hoping if he pissed him off enough he would keep on bickering or maybe beat him some more. Beating always hurt less than the pain of being forced into sex. The emotional scars never seemed to fully heal. It didn’t have the desired effect. Atilio started to undo his pants with one hand while he pressed Aerons face harder into the mattress.

“Marius please hurry” He pleaded desperatly in his head.

Marius felt the vibrations of emotion, of memories from where he was and they were so powerful when they hit him that he was gasping. He sprinted down the street, every turn bringing him closer and closer to Aeron until he was standing in front of the front gate. He jumped, clearing it with ease and startling the security guard on the other side. The man didn’t even have time to call for help before Marius was to the front door. There were men inside, armed with weapons. Memories of Aeron vulnerable and shaking, of men turning a blind eye to his pain. They were just as guilty as Atilio and Marius exacted his revenge, snapping their necks before they even had a thought of using a weapon. Pain, fear, his name tinged with hope echoed through the house and he jumped up the stairs, following Aeron’s scent. Another mingled with his, cigar smoke and blood.

The door flying open startled the man on top of Aeron and Marius felt an emotion that was so much more than rage. It was like a dam had broken, releasing a darkness he had never known. His red eyes shifted to a dark black, looking like two obsidian stones that glinted with his absolute hate for this creature in human skin. Atilio had a gun in his hand and squeezed off a round and Marius dodged the projectile. He had his hand around Atilio’s throat and slammed him against the wall so hard it cracked and he dropped his gun. His teeth were bared and a growl rumbled out of his throat, sounding very wolfish.

Aeron was frozen, unable to move. He had never seen Marius so angry, had never seen him so much as lose his temper or hear him raise his voice. He was the epitome of calm. He was gentle and kind, never the judge, always the observer. The look on his face now was terrifying. He was an angel of death, an executioner. “So you’re the one.” He finally said. “The shadow of horror, the nightmare, the one who made Aeron feel worthless.” He squeezed Atilio’s throat a little harder. “You thought he was lying when he said I would come for him, you were expecting a weakling, but I am a real monster, a living breathing nightmare.” He pulled him away from the wall and slammed him into the floor. “Beg me not to kill you.”


“I hear that word in your head over and over again, please don’t, please I’m sorry. You never listened you just kept hurting him. Do you feel the desperation, the panic? There will be no please, only you dying.” He snapped Atilio’s neck and stole his soul before it could escape. He refused to allow such a monster to be reincarnated.

“Marius?” Aeron’s terrified voice helped calm him and he turned to his mate who was naked and shaking.

“It’s okay now, I’m going to take that collar off.” Aeron nodded and he reached slowly over and unbuckled the collar then pulled Aeron gently into his arms. “He hurt you.”

“I wouldn’t give him what he wanted so he beat me, he was going to…he…”

“I know, but never again. He won’t ever hurt another person.”

“I want to go home, please.”

“Of course.”

“But the payment, a ring, it was in my pocket and my clothes are gone.”

“If you give me a moment I’ll go down and get them, they’re in the basement and I don’t want you down there again.”

Aeron clung tightly to him. “Don’t leave me, not in this room.”

“Nobody is left here to hurt you? Are you sure?”

“I don’t want to be seperated from you again, please” Marius’s heart sunk for Aeron. “okay” Marius carried Aeron downstairs, only setting him down so he could dress when they found his clothes. Aeron fished the ring out and handed it to Marius after he put his pants on “I at least finished the job”

“That was the last thing on my mind Aeron. Finish dressing so I can get you out of this disgusting place” Aeron pulled his shirt on and Marius took him back in his arms to hurry and get him home. Once they arrived Marius had no idea what to do for his mate. He wanted to make him feel better and safe again. He wished he could remove all teh memories of that horrible man out of his head but that wasn’t an option. He decided it was best just to ask “What can I do for you. I want to make you feel better but I’m at a loss”

“I want to shower” Marius took him to their shower “alone or with me? I can sit on the toilet or be in there with you or I can wait in the room, whatever you want” Beyond being through another traumatic event with Atilio is was still a lot to take in how different his normally calm and collected mate was. First he had seen him angrier than he ever thought he could be and now for the first time since he knew him he had no idea what to do and seemed upset at himself for it. “I want you with me and I don’t want you to feel bad”

Just seeing the lash marks and bruises pained Marius. He knew what would have happened if he had been just a moment later. He could see it in Aeron’s mind, see him fighting, calling for help. He started the water and once it was the right temperature he helped Aeron in and stepped in after him. “He beat you.”

“I wanted him to.”

“I know, I still hate seeing these marks, your blood, the bruises. If I had been a moment later, he would have…”

Aeron reached up, his hands framing Marius’s face. “You saved me, I knew you would.”

“I could feel your fear even here, it was like the universe was screaming at me to find you. If my brother had not pushed me to listen, that pig might have raped you.” He pressed their foreheads together. “I love you so much, more than you will ever know. I wish I could erase your pain, but all I can do is continue to share it and hope that’s enough.”

“You’re always enough.”

“I want to wash you, can I do that?”

“Yes, please.”

It helped Marius breathe easier with the smell of blood and Artilio off of Aeron. He was as gentle as possible and couldn’t help but kiss him. Once they were both clean they got out and dried then Marius lifted him and carried him to bed. “I’m sorry for scaring you.” Marius said once they were settled under the covers.

“I was just surprised. You never get mad, ever and to see you like that was shocking.”

“I could see it on your face. That’s never happened to me before, it was like this darkness just took over. I wanted to do so much more, but I couldn’t with you there.”

“Thank you for losing your cool over me, it’s pretty flattering.” He wanted to lighten the mood and Marius moved so he was on hands and knees above him, his head do that adorable little tilt.

“I could get angry more often if it pleases you.” There was his Marius, playful and sweet. Marius ran gentle fingers over Aeron’s cheek. “Let me change you into a demon, I want you stronger, I want you to heal faster. Could I do that, I want forever with you so I can make up for not protecting you and please just let me fuss over you, it’ll help me feel better.”

“I don’t even have to think about it. I want to change…even though he’s gone I never want to feel so helpless again.”

“How soon can I?”

“As long as I’ve already gone through so much today how about after we’ve just relaxed for awhile. I only need an hour or two” Marius kissed Aeron “thank you, you’ll let me fuss over you aswell?” Aeron let out a breath of laughter “yeah” Marius kissed him again sensually “good”

“I don’t want to think of the stuff he was going to do Marius. Will you have sex with me and chase those memories away” Marius gave his answer by slowly kissing down his eck and across his broad chest. HIs skin tasted so good, so sweet somehow. Marius gently nipped Aerons nipples causing a faint moan each time. “Marius” Aeron said, further exciting Marius who was already flowing with demon lust for his mate. Marius began to tease Aeron by stroking his half hard length into full erection then running his tounge up it then swirling it on the tip hungrily. “Oh Marius” his moans were getting deeper.

Aeron sat up and bit Marius’s shoulder and slide his hands down his back before biting his neck and begging to lick it. Marius’s was now moaning and as solid as he could possibly be. It never took much with Aeron. Aeron began working Marius’s ear, biting and tugging, licking and breathing hot air across it.

He caught Aeron’s lips with his own, stroking his tongue across his lips so he parted them. “I love you.”

“Hurry, I need you.”

Marius pulled Aeron’s legs over his shoulders and leaned in, retaining possession of his lips as he pushed into him. Air rushed out of his lungs at Aeron’s tight heat and he had to take a moment to breathe. He could see in Aeron’s head the aching need, the fire that ignited in him the moment he was touched or kissed. It woke that dark, animalistic part of Marius, the lust he was so good at holding in check and he found himself slamming into Aeron. Their lips parted on a loud moan and Aeron’s eyes filled with tears at the overwhelming pleasure. He gripped Aeron’s hips, pushing as deep as he could and watching Aeron’s face as he pushed him past his limit.

“Ma…Marius, please, I can’t.”

“Just let go baby.” Aeron whimpered, his back lifting off the bed as he came. Marius pressed their lips together, his thrusts slowing as he flowed into his lover’s heat. He lowered his legs and sat back, hugging Aeron close to him. his hand massaging his neck and back. “I love you.” He whispered and pressed a kiss to his shoulder. He could see from Aeron’s thoughts that he was okay, that he was happy so he didn’t worry about his wild lovemaking scaring him. He always tried to be gentle, but after coming so close to losing him, he had been almost desperate.

“Thank you, Marius.”

“I can’t wait to make you like me Aeron” They took a brief nap, cleaned themselves up then Marius began set up for changing his mate into a demon. Once all was ready he warned his brother what they were doing so he wouldn’t worry then Marius brought Aeron into the living room to begin “You sure you’re ready tonight?”

“I’d be an ass to make you prepare and then say no”

“I wouldn’t mind”

“I know but I want to. You’ve told me it’s going to hurt and I’d rather just get through all pain in the same day” Marius nodded, taking out the dagger and having Aeron put his hand in place over his. Aeron had been through a lot in his life so he handled the change amazingly for a human. He didn’t even pass out which was particularly shocking to Marius even though he knew his memories. “You need to rest” Aeron felt weak so had no complaints about Marius wanting him back in bed.

That night was calm and the happiest Marius had ever been. Aeron was a demon now so he would never lose him to age. Marius also knew nobody or anything could ever take Aeron away from him so they had eternity and Marius was determined to never let Aeron regret it.

~ The End

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