Marius & Aeron

Chapter One

Aeron was in real pain, it radiated from the bullet wounds in his stomach and shoulder, filling his whole body. One hand was pressed to his abdomen as he walked, the other held his gun, blood dripping off the muzzle. He had screwed up big time, had not even killed his mark, but he couldn’t be completely blamed. If he had known the man would be laying in wait, then he would not have stepped into that house. He had only been told to kill the man, that was it. Instead he had taken two bullets and was now bleeding out. He turned into an alley, leaning against the wall and hissing in pain. Dying was painful, but at least he could feel something. He slid down the wall, sitting in the snow, too tired to continue on.

“It’s less than I deserve.” He said to himself and then let out a laugh. He lifted his gun with a groan and pressed it to his temple.

“But is it really what you want?” The voice surprised him and he looked to his right, surprised to see a man standing there when it was a dead end.

“Who the hell are you?”

The man moved closer, long black hair flowed down to his knees, red eyes stared unemotionally at him. His outfit was strange for such a place. Aeron started laughing, sure he was hallucinating from blood loss. “What’s so funny human?”

“You’re not real, I’m really losing it. Are you some dark angel of vengeance or something?”

“I’m a demon.”

Aeron laughed harder. “Right and I’m Santa.”

The man squatted down in front of him. “You don’t have long, do you really want to die?”

“Maybe, I mean I deserve it, I’m a monster.” He chuckled. “But then, no one really wants to die.”

“Let’s make a deal then human.”

“A deal?”

“You give me something of value and I will spare your life.”

“Hmm, I have nothing.”

“How about your soul?”

Aeron felt himself becoming dizzy, felt cold as more of his blood seeped out onto the snow. “My soul? I don’t need it anyway, it’s tainted and disgusting so take it if you want. I don’t want it.” He felt himself falling and the man grabbed his shoulders.

“Sleep now Aeron, sleep and heal.”

His eyes fell closed and he was wrapped in darkness. The next thing he knew he was standing in a pool of blood and water. He stared, horrified at the scene before him, at his mother laying lifeless and pale in the bathtub, her wrists slit. She had left the water on and it had flooded out and onto the floor. He felt tears slide down his cheeks, feeling suddenly numb as he walked from the bathroom and picked up the phone. Aeron jerked awake, his heart slamming against his chest. He was cold, but alive. He stared up at a ceiling he did not recognize, the mural above him was a beautiful scene of the moon and stars. Where was he? He didn’t know this place.

Aeron sat up and looked at his bare chest. He was either in some sort of afterlife or that demon had been real and healed him in exchange for his soul. He didn’t know what he hoped for. He had already been through a lot but a demon basically owned him now. He didn’t really know what it meant to own someones soul but it was a scary concept. One thing was for sure he would never be forced to have sex with anybody again. Even if it meant going back to dieing this demon was not going to rape him like his adoptive father had. “you’re awake” a male voice said and he looked in it’s direction.

A young man came into view. He had red eyes like the man he had seen before but these were much softer, far more friendly “I’m Genya” he introduced himself so Aeron did “I’m Aeron, where am I?”

“In my home. My brother brought you here. You traded your soul, remember?”

“what does that mean?”

“You belong to him, everything you are is his property.”

“I won’t be a slave.”

Genya laughed. “Silly, you’re not his slave. He’s not some evil bastard. If you want your soul back you must earn it.”


Genya shrugged. “Everyone is different. He traveled all the way to your world just to save you, so he must have seen something important in your head.”

“My head?”

“Marius can read your mind, see your memories.”

Aeron’s entire body became tense. That meant the demon had seen every shadow, every dark stain, his mother’s suicide, every single horrible thing his “father” had done to him and made him do. “That’s intrusive.”

“He can’t help it, it’s just habit. Anyway, you should go up to his study and let him know you’re okay. I need to get back to sculpting. Oh and don’t be intimidated by him, he’s actually super nice even if he doesn’t show it.” He started to leave then seemed to remember something. “If you turn right when you leave this room and take the stairs to the third floor, his study is the second door on the left.”


“See you around.”

Aeron had a hard time believing the demon was kind but he was naturally untrusting after everything he had been through. His mind raced with what all this demon might demand of him as he walked to Marius’s study. He barely noticed anything about their home he was so consumed in his own thoughts. He found himself in front of the door he was supposed to find and took a deep breath in and out before knocking on the door. “come in” Marius beckoned. Aeron walked in “thank you for not letting me die. I mean, I’m going to have to pay for that I know but thought I should thank you anyway”

“so you’ve talked to my brother?”

“yeah, he says it wont be anything like I’m probably thinking but I want to tell you too I will not be a slave or some sort of sex toy. You might as well go ahead and let me die now if you have anything like that in mind”

“I don’t, you do have to earn your soul back from me but you’ll experience nothing like I saw in your head. I know you completely. I have seen your whole life. You really don’t have to tell me anything because I already know”

“If you know what a monster I am why would you save me”

“You have done bad things but believe me, you are no monster”

“I know some people who would beg to differ”

“and they have not been in your head as I have”

“You should have stayed out, no one should see any of that.”

“It’s something I can’t help, as my brother has told you. I read the minds of those who pass me by instinctively. I feel I may have developed such a gift as a way to survive, but it has served to help me understand the reasons others make deals with me.”

“So what am I to do then, if you don’t want me for your own pleasure then what am I here for?”

“Perhaps you could work as my assistant.”

“What does that mean?”

“You would help me with my deals, collect the necessary payment.”

“You may not have realized, but I’m human and don’t have the ability to collect souls.”

Marius looked him over. “I can handle the souls, you can take care of the money and other things.”

“So what, you want me to be your muscle.”

Marius stood and crossed the room, causing Aeron to take a step back. Marius grabbed his wrist and spun him around. “We both know force is not the answer.” He traced the scars on Aeron’s back. “He beat you for refusing to submit to his will. Using force without cause only breeds fear and resentment.”

Aeron jerked away from him. “Don’t touch me.”

“You’re cold, let’s get you a shirt.”

“This demon really cares if I’m cold?” Aeron asked in his head “yes I do” Marius faintly blushed “it’s going to be hard getting used to you reading my mind”

“nothing you think will get you into trouble unless you ever think of harming my brother but I know you wont, it’s why I can trust you here”

“so you’re not like I see in the movies then?”

“There are demons like in the movies but I’m much more civilized, so is Genya” Aeron followed Marius the rest of the way in silence until they turned into a large, beautiful room in it’s own gloomy way. Marius pulled out a shirt from his oak dresser and handed it over to Aeron “you can wear my clothes and eventually we’ll collect yours. I don’t have time for that today though.”

“What kinds of payment do you collect, besides souls and money I mean?” Aeron asked as he tugged the shirt over his head. It was incredibly comfortable for such a simple thing and he felt much better now that he was covered.

“Many things, let me show you.” He took off walking and Aeron fell in behind him, his eyes continuously scanning for danger. “Only my brother and I live here at the moment so please calm down, your heart rate is very high.”

“You can hear my heart?”

“I can hear and smell and see many things. You have anxiety attacks at times don’t you? I can make you something to help keep you calm.”

“No thanks, I have to be alert, always. It’s what has kept me alive.”

Marius glanced back at him then away. “Now I will keep you alive, trust in that.” Marius led him to a set of double doors that had beautiful gold handles and pictures of a forest under a moon carved into the wood. Everything about this place was darkly beautiful. “You must never take anything from this room, some of it is dangerous.”

“I understand.” Marius pushed the doors open and stepped in first, not wanting to put himself behind Aeron when he was so stressed. “Holy shit.” Aeron turned in a circle to take in everything. There was jewelry, money, weapons, and many beautifully decorated boxes. “What are in those?” He asked as he pointed at a box.

“They house they things I cannot just leave out. That blue one there holds a mermaids tail. It will be returned soon I feel.”

“How soon and how do you know?”

“I watch those who have made deals with me and soon, maybe a month.”

“How will it be earned back?”


Aeron snorted. “Love doesn’t exist.” He turned and Marius was right in front of him, his face closer than he would have liked.

“You have no concept of love because you have not experienced it, but it is very real and it is far stronger than anything else in this world.” He cocked his head to the side. “You need to eat, you still look far too pale.”

“what do you have to eat?”

“many things that you will like. I’m sure my brother is hungry too so if you’re sure you don’t want my help with your anxiety we’ll eat somthing”

“I’m sure”

“My offer to help still stands when you have developed some trust for me. All you need to do is ask for it”

“I owe you enough already”

“you wont owe me for that. I don’t charge for everything” Thick silence held between them but it was impossible to make Marius uncomfortable. Marius had expected this little trust anyway. Aeron had been through far too much to ever trust easily again. When Marius was done preparing food Genya came like he had been aware that Marius had started and was done making a meal. Aeron looked confused so Genya said “It’s hard to explain how I knew” Aeron sighed, thinking again on how crazy this all was and wondering if he was going to wake up in a hospital at anytime.

This place felt real though, real as anything he had experienced but dreams could be this vivid, couldn’t they? He was doing more watching than eating as they all partook of the meal. Marius and Genya ignored it, Marius because he knew what was going on in Aerons head and Genya by his brothers lead.

Chapter Two

“So when do I start work?” Aeron finally asked.

“Tomorrow, you should rest until morning.”

“There’s a morning?”

Genya laughed. “Yes, the sun comes up and goes down just like in most worlds.”

“He didn’t know brother, that’s why he asked.”

“I know, I was just teasing. You should show him the portal room, he should know how it works.”

“After he’s eaten enough.” His red eyes flicked up from his plate, making Aeron’s heart leap in his chest. “His color’s returning. How are you feeling?”

“Fine, this food is great.”

“He told me that after I was given to him, he learned how to cook better. I told him he shouldn’t have gone through the trouble, that I would eat sandwiches for eternity and not care.”

“You pretty much do when your sculpting.”

“So do you have any siblings Aeron?” Genya asked and Marius gave him a sideways glance.

Aeron sat his fork down. “No, I don’t. No siblings, no parents.” His voice came out a lot colder that he had intended.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

He shrugged. “There’s no reason to be sorry.” He cleared his throat. “So, the portal room?”

“Come.” Marius said as he got to his feet and Aeron followed while Genya stayed to finish his food and clean up. “I hope you will come to like this place, even if you do not see it as your home.”

“It’s better than where I was. I mean I had a comfortable bed, but I was forced to share it with…well you know.”

“I do.” Marius said nothing else on the matter, not wanting him always reliving those horrible moments. He hoped he would be able to give him better things to look forward too. Marius took him to yet another beautiful door and pulled it open to reveal a flight of winding stairs that led down. Hovering near the right side of the wall were pale blue orbs that lit their way. Aeron swallowed nervously at the prospect of having to walk in such a narrow space with Marius. “I won’t hurt you like he did. His punishments were twisted. Just remember, you can come back up any time and there is a very spacious room downstairs.”

“Okay.” Marius started down the stairs and Aeron stayed closer than he meant to. He was able to breath again once they got to the bottom and stepped into a round room with a pedestal in the middle. Along the back wall were shelves and on each shelf small metal containers with labels below them. “What are those?”

“They hold the stones needed for each world. You put a stone in the pedestal and it opens a portal. I’ll make you a necklace like mine for easy return.”

“that’s really cool. So those fiction books I’ve heard so much about aren’t so much fiction.”

“You’d be surprised how many writers from your world have actually been to other worlds or are a creature from them”


“yes, I never lie”

“You aren’t scared to show me this?” Marius smiled “You owe me a debt and I’ve seen into your mind. You wont go until your debt is paid. You have done horrible things but you have an honor system. Honestly if you hadn’t grown up how you did you wouldn’t have done any of the things you have. You were forced into the life you live by that abusive worm”

“It’s a little weird being around someone who can accurately predict what I’m going to do and knows what I’m thinking”

“I know” Marius shut up again. He didn’t want to talk much on the subject but he wanted Areon to see that he was a good man despite what he had been forced to do. There wasn’t any way anybody would enter his home he couldn’t trust with his younger brother. They took a brief trip so Aeron could fully see how everything works incase he needed to use it for some reason. When they returned Marius lead the way back up the steps and showed Aeron to his room “you can just rest for the evening. If you need anything at all don’t hesitate to ask”

“Could I have more clothes so I can shower?”

“Yes, I’ll be back”

Aeron paced his room, his mind whirling with everything he had seen and heard. He stopped and lifted his shirt, touching the spots where he had been shot. He still couldn’t believe he was alive. He had lost a lot of blood and he wondered if his will to live had been stronger than he first thought. “Are you alright?” He jumped at the voice, his eyes meeting Marius’s. He hadn’t even heard him come in.


“It didn’t take much to heal you. The biggest issue was removing the bullet that had lodged itself in your abdomen.”

“Pretty bad?”

“Your liver had been damaged and if I was not so skillful, I could have made it worse.”

“You probably should have let me die. My hands are so red with blood, my soul so stained that all I see is a monster when I look in the mirror.” Marius moved slowly closer and grabbed Aeron’s chin.

“I see no monster.”

Aeron was captured by that crimson gaze, unable to tear his eyes away. It was like he was falling into two beautiful rubies. “What do you see then?”

“A beautiful, sad, misunderstood young man. I will help you heal if you let me.” He stepped back and held out a change of clothes for Aeron. “If you need to find me, my bedroom is connected to my study. Please come for me if you need anything.”

Aeron was still lost in Marius’s eyes so spoke in a semi whisper “um..thanks” Marius nodded then left his human guest alone. Aeron sighed then glanced down at the clothes in his arms before going into the bathroom. He easily figured out the shower then began cleaning himself. He thought of his horrible adoptive father and all his years of suffering. A burst of happiness and relief filled him at the thought of not having to go back. There was no way he’d find him here and there was obviously many other worlds so after he paid off his debt maybe Marius would help him go to a world that wasn’t his own so that monster could never find him and force him back.

Marius set to work on making Aeron a necklace, his head much to full of the horrible things the younger man had suffered through to go to sleep. He crushed the shavings from each stone together then poured a clear adhesive in the dust. He took a paint brush and a beautiful piece of quartz he had collected and painted the dust particles onto it. Once he had the stone covered he sat it on a drying rack and went to wash his hands. When he came back he held his hand over the crystal and chanted softly, connecting it to his so he would always be able to find Aeron should he ever get lost in some strange place. He sighed, grabbing one of his books and flipping it open. He felt his eyelids grow heavy as he read and before long they had closed.

Aeron was standing there again, the large pool of bloody water washing over his toes. He stared, horrified at his mother’s beautiful pale face. Lifeless eyes stared back at him, one arm rested on the edge of the tub next to the knife she had used to slit her wrists. Something wet and warm slid down his cheeks as he turned away, suddenly feeling nothing but cold as he walked out of the bathroom and found the phone. His mother had always told him that if anything bad happened he should call 911 and he dialed the numbers without even looking at them. “Nine one one emergency.” He stood there in silence for a moment, the phone pressed to his ear. “Hello, is anyone there?”

“My mom…the blood.” It was all he could say and he just stood there in shock, barely hearing the dispatcher’s voice.

He jerked awake, his heart slamming against his chest, his forehead drenched in sweat. He sat up, wiping angrily at the tears on his face. If it wasn’t nightmares about his mother, it was nightmares about his abuser. He wasn’t sure which he preferred and he hated the fear and tears they evoked. He felt so sick as he got up, hating he was too terrified to even try falling back asleep. It had been much worse with his abuser. The nightmares had come every night and some days, Aeron was surprised he could shoot straight he was so sleep deprived. He decided to find Marius, the only other person who knew of his trauma besides his adopted father and the men who worked for him. Though he was afraid to trust the demon, he was even more afraid of the shadows that lurked in his mind.

This place was so big he wasn’t sure where to look so he went to the place Genya had taken him when he first woke up. Aeron gently moved the door open and almost jumped back out when Marius’s eyes instantly opened from where he sit. “Um, sorry” Aeron said with his body now outside the room again. “you’re scared”

“I’m not”

“You can’t lie to me. You had a dream about your mother. Your mind is screaming it” Aeron swallowed “and here I am like a pansy”

“Aeron, you didn’t just walk in on anybody dead. You walked in on your mother. Your father abandoned you and it may not have been in the same way but so did your mother. You’re hurting and you came to me because I know all about it. Please, come back in and come over to me.”

“what’re you going to do?”

“just come, you can trust me Aeron”

Aeron tugged at the inside of his cheek with his teeth. He worried Marius was really good at being deceptive and would take advantage of him. The demon didn’t rush him, just sat there patiently waiting for him to make his decision. He took a deep breath and pushed the door open, moving slowly inside. He shut the door and moved across the room, ready to defend himself if he had too. Marius sat his book to the side and took Aeron’s hands, tugging him gently until he sat in his lap. “What are you doing?” Aeron asked.

“Just relax.” He pulled Aeron’s head down onto his shoulder and let his hand drift up and down his arm. “You’re safe, I promise. I would never take anything you were unwilling to give.”

“You say that, but people say things all the time that they don’t mean.”

“Like when the man who adopted you said he loved you.”

“Yes, like that. He only said that to lure me into a false sense of security.”

“I don’t lie to people, not about who or what I am, not about what they’re getting themselves into when they make deals. I don’t even lie to my brother. I will never lie to you.”

“What were you reading?” Aeron asked, needed a subject change.

“Nothing you would like.” Marius answered without missing a beat.

“I’m sure it’s fine. Would you read to me?”

“It’s not in English.”

“It’s the noise I like, English or not.”

“Alright, if it would please you.”

Chapter Three

Aeron never fully relaxed but he laid there much less tense than when he came in as he listened to Marius’s smooth voice. He started nodding off but he kept struggling to stay awake. Marius had shown no agression so far but he was hardly going to sleep in his lap on his first night here. Eventually Marius said “I could go into your room and read to you if you don’t feel comfortable just yet in my lap”

“I just..I know you haven’t” Marius cut him off “I know Aeron, you don’t have to explain yourself.” Aeron blushed and stood with a slight wobble from being so tired. Marius walked near Aeron incase he needed to catch him up until they entered Aerons room. “Would me sitting on your bed bother you?”


“I’ll leave when you’re resting again”


“I know Aeron”

Aeron got settled under the blankets, deciding to lay facing Marius. He was never comfortable giving his back up. Marius sat down and leaned back against the headboard then flipped the book open and continued reading. Aeron tried his hardest to stay away, rabidly blinking every now and then to help his eyes stay open, but between his exhaustion and the soothing timbre of Marius’s voice, he soon lost the battle and drifted off. Marius continued reading a couple of minutes after he had fallen asleep, wanting to ensure that he was completely out before getting up. He closed the book and sat it on the end table, hoping Aeron would allow him to come back and read some more. He looked down at Aeron’s face and noticed his brow was already wrinkled.

“You have so much shame Aeron, so much that you’re drowning in it.” He gently stroked Aeron’s cheek. “If I could take all of your bad memories away, I would in an instant, but all I can offer is the knowledge that I share your burden. I have seen everything and I will carry your horrors with you. You’re not alone Aeron, not anymore.”

He moved slowly off the bed and silently left Aeron’s room, heading straight for his own. As he passed through his lab, he remember the necklace he had made for Aeron and picked it up. It was completely dry so he slipped it around his neck so he would remember it in the morning. He wanted to take Aeron out in the morning and show him how he made deals with others so he would know what to expect while they worked together.

Over breakfast the next morning the necklace caught his eye right away and Marius explained. He also told him of their plans today and Aeron was glad they were already getting down to business. He wanted to finally have his freedom. Once he got out of this he would never be owned again. He would die before anybody else ever had control he didn’t give freely in his life again. They finished and Genya started to clean so they could go. Not that he hadn’t expected it but Marius was impressed by Aerons confident stride at his side. He didn’t know where they were going and who they were seeing but he was ready for anything.

The necklace looked good around his neck. The pendant wanted to draw Marius’s eyes to it and across his amazing chest but Marius controlled himself. Aeron was one of the most handsome men he had ever seen but staring wasn’t the right thing to do. In fact he knew it would make him tense and even more untrusting so he wouldn’t give in to the want to study him with his eyes. It meant a surprising amount to him for Aeron to be comfortable in his presence.

“Are we looking for anyone in particular?” Aeron asked as he studied the faces of the people they passed. “I mean you came looking for me right?”

“No, I was in the neighborhood returning something when I heard your thoughts. They were so loud, reverberating out, moving like ripples on water. I had to find you.”

“How far does your psychic power extend?”

“It depends on the intensity of the thoughts. When they are really loud, I can hear them from a good distance.”

“I take it mine are pretty loud then?”

“Yes, it’s like you’re constantly screaming on the inside.”

“Sorry, that must be irritating.” Marius suddenly stopped so Aeron bumped into him. “What the heck?”

“Look at me.” Marius said softly and Aeron made himself look into the demon’s eyes. “Why would you think something so idiotic?”


“The idea that you could be irritating is frankly stupid. Everything I see and hear in your head is painful, not irritating. I want to help you Aeron.” He started to turn away then had a thought and turned back. “And stop thinking you’re my property.”

“I thought you owned me?”

“I do, but you are free to leave if you wish. I won’t force you to stay with me. I am not your master, I will not abuse you and will only give you orders if it means keeping you safe.”

Aeron felt his cheeks get warm and knew he must be blushing. “I understand.”

“Do you? You don’t trust anything I say. You think one night I might find my way into your bed and hurt you like he did. I can see it. It won’t happen Aeron.” His head suddenly jerked up before Aeron could reply and he took off walking at a faster pace than before.

“What is it?”

“Someone needs us.”

Aeron just did his best to keep up. There were so many people and Marius was so fast. It was crazy to him how Marius glided through not bumping anybody but he seemed to hit shoulders and thighs with every other passer by while they were rushing. This time when Marius came to a sudden halt Aeron still wasn’t quite prepared but he managed to stop before slamming into his tall, dark and handsome owner. He sighed, hoping Marius was too focused on someone else to hear that. Especially the master part. It would take his mind a bit to get over the shock of hearing he didn’t have to stay if he didn’t want to. Why would he forgive his debt when he obviously didn’t typically just let it go so easy. Aeron was sure that mermaid had to be missing her tail greatly and would have gladly kept it if he would have been willing to let her and still help.

That soon cleared his head and he stepped to the side of Marius so he could see and hear everything easy. He was curious about his workings and honestly, wanted to stay and help for a little while. Marius was a man that while he still had a few reservations about he wanted to get to know. He would tell him as much as soon as they were done with this first man.

“Excuse me sir.” Marius said to the man sitting on a bench in front of a bakery. Aeron could tell the man was full of anxiety just from looking at him. The man gave Marius a strange look, the same one he was sure he himself had worn the night they had met.

“Who are you?” The man asked.

“You’re having money troubles.”

“Yes, how did you know that? Who are you?”

Marius cocked his head to the side, that small movement that Aeron was starting to find adorable. It reminded him of a dog, except Marius never looked confused. “You’re about to lose your home, your wife is worried, you are thinking of sending them away to live with her parents until you can figure things out. Figuring things out can take ages sometimes and sometimes you never figure anything out at all.”

The man just stared at him for a time, entranced. “What do you want from me?”

“It’s not about what I want, but about what you need. I am a demon and I can help you if you wish it.”

“Explains the odd choice of clothing.”

“Demons come here?” Aeron asked.

“Usually to pass through.” The man answered. “We are kind of a pit stop. So how would you help me demon?”

“Give me something of value and I will make sure work comes your way. You and your wife will have financial security, something you will need with a third little one on the way.”

“I don’t have much or I would gladly give it to you.”

Marius just stared at him for a moment. “The pocket watch, it was your grandfather’s. I know it is sentimental and you would hate to part with it, but it’s value should suffice. You can always earn it back.”

“My family is more important than the watch. If that’s all it takes to fix things I’ll gladly give it to you” Marius nodded and opened his palm. The man swallowed and gave his pocket watch a long look before placing it in Marius’s hand. “work will come your way. I swear it”

“thank you” Aeron was shocked when the man walked away without asking how to earn it back “people seldom ask how they an get their things back.”

“why don’t you just tell them” that adorably head tilt happened again “I guess because I never have a specific way. I’m very easily swayed”

“if I can leave how am I supposed to pay you back?” Marius smiled “You’ve been a prisoner all your life. I would feel vile making you one now. I also know you are an honorable man. You will help me to pay me back or be the first person I’ve ever met to surprise me. You do have the freedom to do that though”

“I’m still a little shocked you’re being so kind to me. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt your feelings. You’ve helped me more than I deserve”

“You never have to worry about me Aeron, it takes a lot to upset me or hurt me. Genya says I have the patience of a saint, though I don’t see myself as very saintly.”

“You’re definitely a guardian angel.”

Marius chuckled, a sound that hit Aeron right in the heart and sent a delighted shiver up his spine. He hadn’t expected such a sound from the demon and he wanted to hear it again. “I am no angel, believe me.”

Aeron heard the implication in his words and looked nervously away. “So what do we do now?”

“Let’s keep walking around.” He held out the watch. “You carry this until we’re ready to go home. If there is something you can’t carry, like a soul for instance then I’ll hold onto it.”

“Are you sure I should be responsible for something so valuable?”

Marius took his hand and sat the pocket watch in his palm. He closed Aeron’s fingers around it and just stood there holding his hand between his own. “If I do not give you the trust you deserve then how am I to earn it?”

“A trade then?”

“That’s what I deal in.” He let his thumb brush over Aeron’s wrist, causing his pulse to skyrocket. He swallowed nervously and gently pulled his hand away.

“I’ll keep it safe, I promise.”

Marius smiled causing Aeron to wonder how often he did it. Aeron followed Marius around day after day for weeks. Each day Aeron seemed to find thing after another that he admired in the demon or found incredibly sexy. It was odd to think when he first came he was scared of being forced upon but now he was struggling with thoughts of desire for him, the demon that saved his life. He did his best to keep his mind clear of the thoughts around Marius but he was sure one or two had been picked up on. He wondered if Marius was just being nice and not saying anything because he didn’t feel the same or if he was waiting for him to say somthing due to the past he had suffered through. Today they were taking a much needed break from work so today Aeron told himself would be the day he asked Marius if he felt the same he did. Hopfully he wouldn’t make a fool of himself and have to leave.

They sat in his study, Marius with a book in one hand while his chin rested in the other. Aeron was drawing, a hobby he had taken up since living with Marius and Genya. He wasn’t very good at it and his sketchbook was filled with more doodles than actual drawings. One page was covered in swirls that varied in size. “You look bored.” Marius suddenly said and Aeron looked up from his page to see Marius staring at him.

“I’m not.”

He gave him a small smile. “Are you lying to me Aeron?”

“Maybe, what if I am?” Marius shrugged and went back to reading. “Alright, I’m bored.”

He flipped his book closed and sat it down. “Come on then.” He got up and Aeron followed him, leaving the study and heading for the portal room.

“Where are we going?”

“Somewhere special, a place i have taken no one.” He reached up onto a top shelf and pulled down a black box. He flipped the lid open, revealing a deeply shaded purple stone. Aeron had never set eyes on this particular one before so was intrigued by it.

“It looks a bit ominous.”

He cocked his head to the side and Aeron’s heart fluttered. “Still don’t trust me, then I guess we shouldn’t go.”

“No, it’s fine.”

Another small smile pulled at his lips and he put the stone in the center pedestal. A portal opened and Marius took his hand. “Come on, it’s perfectly safe.”

“O…okay.” He let Marius pull him through. When they stepped out, it was dark and a bright full moon shown down on them. It took him a minute to realize they were standing on top of a cliff next to a lighthouse. The sound of the ocean reached his ears from below. “Where are we?”

“I’m unsure what this place is called and as far as I have found the lighthouse is the only place here. I’ve searched for any references to it and have found none.”

“It’s amazing.”

They stood there in silence for a moment, staring out over the moonlit ocean. “You wanted to tell me something. Perhaps we should go inside.”

“It’s hard to hide anything from you.” Aeron rubbed the back of his neck and sighed. “The thing is…” Marius leaned in and kissed him, making his heart skip a beat. Marius’s arms slipped around him, holding him close. Marius parted their lips and Aeron just stared into his eyes, his brain having shorted out. His whole body was on fire and his heart was slamming excitedly against his chest. “I…I…”

“Want me, need me, bear a strong affection towards me?”

“All of the above.” He whispered. “You’re just so amazing and I feel safe with you and you took me away from him, you gave me a life. You can keep my soul forever, anything to keep myself tied to you. I know I sound pathetic, but I…”

“Love me.” He stroked Aeron’s cheek. “I love you too.”


He cocked his head to the side. “You doubt me?” He smiled and shook his head. “I can show you if words are not enough.” He let his fingers move to Aeron’s chin, his thumb drift over his lips.

Aeron shivered and Marius smiled “ah, just as I wanted. You want me to show you. You want me to show you right here.” His voice was seductive as he held Aeron tighter and began to slowly let his tongue travel up his neck. Marius chuckled “outside? Under the moon? Really?” Aeron was already near panting “god its crazy how you do that” Marius lifted Aeron and Aeron wrapped his legs tightly around him as Marius walked out of the lighthouse and in a smooth motion laid Aeron in the grass. Marius ripped off his shirt and began nibbling his most sensitive areas on his torso “God Marius” Aeron moaned.

Marius then began undoing his pants, slowly sliding them down so he could take Aerons erect length in his mouth. Aeron gasped when he took the entire thing with ease. It was already incredible but near unbearably so when Marius began also to sort of massage his hips and inner thighs. “Ma” Aeron practically screamed as he tried to say the demons name. Aerons loud cries would alert anybody around if they weren’t truly alone.

Marius’s tongue swirled around Aeron’s sensitive tip, making his back arch off the ground and his voice come out in ragged gasps. He couldn’t speak or think, too lost in the sensations. He was close, his body winding tighter and tighter, his moans loud and uninhibited. His entire body seemed to come apart as he flowed into Marius’s mouth with a shaky cry of pleasure and fell limp. “So what should I do next?” Marius asked as he raised up on his knees and pulled his own clothes off. “You have many delicious things running around in your head.”

Aeron swallowed as he let his eyes drift over Marius. He was beautiful, his skin pale, his black hair falling down his back and framing his narrow face. He reached out his hand, letting his fingers slide over his abdomen and down to trace the dark line of hair that lead to his groin. Marius inhaled sharply then leaned down, finding Aeron’s lips with his own, kissing him softly. “I want…I need you.” Aeron finally managed to say. “I want to forget him, please help me forget.” His tone was begging and Marius lovingly stroked his cheek.

“Wait here.” He pushed himself to his feet and went into the lighthouse, leaving Aeron there to enjoy the cool breeze and calming sound of ocean waves. He wanted to stay here forever. “We can stay as long as you like.” Marius’s voice startled him and he found himself captured by that intense crimson gaze. He was immediately lost, falling into their red depths as Marius crossed over to him. He found himself reaching out and Marius dropped into his arms, locking their lips.

“What were you doing?”

“Getting something to make you more comfortable. I never want you in pain, not the bad kind anyway.”

Marius rubbed somthing cool and gel like on and in him before thrusting his shvantz inside of Aeron. Aerons moan was cut off bu Marius’s lips on his. They made love until Aerons human body could take no more. Knowing Aeron wanted to stay Marius lifted him up and carried him to a better area for sleeping before cuddling up to him. Aeron spoke softly “it may be overwhelming and weird at times but I now see the merrit in you knowing my every thought and memory.” Marius’s smiled “Just remember I always love you. Even knowing so much I can still somtimes come across the wrong way. A lot view me as cold and distant”

“I have my own issues Marius. I love who you are, not some man I want you to be” Marius’s eyes softened further “same for me Aeron, rest now.” Marius not being near as tired as Aeron was took the opportunity to admire how handsome he was in sleep. His whole body laying so limp in his arms and the soft breaths he took made him want to start kissing Aeron again but it would wake him. Finally the man he had slowly fallen in love with him felt safe in his arms and Marius planned to one day rid him off all his fears, self hatred and insecurity. It might take centuries but Marius was determined he would do it if given the time. He knew a lot about Aeron but not the absolute fact of if he’d say yes or no if offered eternal life . That wasn’t for now but soon, soon he’d make the offer and Marius hoped with all he was he could keep Aeron forever. Until then he would just enjoy this moment and moments like this with his sexy, amazing and incredibly resilient human lover.

~ The End

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