Marvin & Embrae

Chapter One

Marvins father, King Myron Nyguyen told his son over dinner one evening that he would be passing the throne on to him in five months. His mother and fathers anniversary was then and he would step down right before going on a trip to celebrate another year of a happy life together. Marvin decided he wanted some adventure before taking on all the responsibilities of running a kingdom so he decided to set off and explore the lands and other kingdoms. He would also stop in villages to hear the peoples concerns and wants so he would know what his first moves would be when he took the throne.

When the King stepped down and a new one rose they were expected to do somthing that very day. It could be adding a new law, ridding the kingdom of one, just anything as long as they made a first decision for the kingdom that day. It was a lot of pressure. It would set the tone for his rule. If his subjects didn’t like it, it could make for a bumpy taking over but if they loved it they would rejoice in the following of a new king. He hoped he could learn a lot from the people as he enjoyed the last few months of being a care free prince.

His mother was a little upset about his trip when he told his father he didn’t want guards to come but they managed to settle her fears by reminding her how good he was with his sword. It wasn’t much comfort but her son was a grown man and she respected his want to get to knows the lands and people. The day before his journey he had his sword sharpened and vials preparred along with other first aid things if he needed them. As he was packing a small bag to carry so he could change clothes every once in awhile he heard a knock on his door. He smiled when his older sister came in “Hey Kelti, here to say goodbye again?”

“No, I was hoping you’d let me come too. I know this is your freedom before becoming King but it sounds like so much fun and you know how I love adventure. I understand if you want this to be private but I’d really like to come with you.” Marvin smiled and hugged his sister “Jeez, you act like you’d be an inconvienience. Of course you’re welcome. I could use your skills in a fight. We will have my sword and your arrow to keep us safe” Keltie squeeled and nearly broke one of Marvins ribs hugging him so tightly, it felt like it anyway. “I’ve already sharpened my arrows for the trip and replaced all broken ones! Thank you! This will be so much fun.”

“Have you talked to father?”

“No but….you know what he’d say Marvin. You’ll be king soon and I was hoping you’d…you know…”

“I’ll talk to him. He can’t stop me from bringing you. I doubt he’ll dare try since I’ll have control soon. I promise you when I’m king you can do whatever you want. You wont have to wear those dresses you hate and you can do whatever activities please you. I’ve always hated how dad treats you and Emma. Emma does like girly things but he should let you be you”

“Thank you”

“well get to sleep, we’ll be leaving early. I’ll talk to dad after I’ve packed. Don’t worry, you’re going and thats that. He’ll have to respect my choices as King”

There was little fuss the next morning about Keltie joining him. Even though their father hated to admit it, he knew Keltie was a very skilled fighter. They set out after their goodbyes and Marvin promised to protect his sister should any danger arise. The spring sun warmed their skin and a slight breeze blew past them, bringing with it the sweet smell of flowers. He always liked this time of year when beautiful flowers were in bloom and birds flitted about here and there chirping at each other.

“You’re daydreaming brother. If you don’t snap out of it then I’ll be the one protecting you.”

He chuckled. “I trust you to watch my back.”

They rode on to the closest village, both of them instantly recognized as they tied their horses off. He smiled warmly at the villagers as he stretched. “Prince Marvin, it’s nice to see you.” A man said as he loaded crates into a cart.

“Same to you sir. May I ask your name?”

“Carter sir.”

“Well nice to meet you Carter, safe travels.” They walked around the village getting to know the people. Sometimes Marvin wondered if his father realized just how important these men and women were to the kingdom. They wee the driving force behind the king, they gave him power not the other way around. They grabbed a quick lunch at a bakery then set off again, waving goodbye to the citizens of this small place. He hoped he had made a good impression on them and they would always remember him as the happy, smiling young man who took the time to get to know them.

“It’s sweet your doing this Marvin. I can’t wait to see the kingdom at your lead. I’m proud to call you my brother” Marvin smiled “I’m proud you are my sister. You are an amazing woman sister and I’m glad you don’t allow yourself to just be an item. You stand out while most princess’s want to be arm candy to a king or someone else of noble blood”

“I’m glad, I hate disappointing mom and dad so much. They want me to be like Emma but I just couldn’t respect myself and be her…i love our sister as do you but I just dont see how any woman can live just to please the men around her.”

“well for some reason it makes Emma happy. I wish father would leave you alone about the woman you are. He should be proud is all I’m saying”

“You’ve told me before”

“I just don’t want you to ever change. When I’m king, as I know i’ve told you father will have no say in how you behave or dress. You are grown and he’ll no longer be the ruler”

“I would never forget those words. i can’t wait until father steps down. I’m sorry you haven’t found your queen yet.”

“It’s no big deal. I’m only nineteen, she’ll come along”

‘I hope she does, I know you want to be married and have a family. Four kids wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, i think four would be a nice number. If i was looking i’d probably be able to find someone but after Belles rejection i decided to give up for a bit.”

“Forgive me, i don’t know Princess Belle well brother since you always go see her instead of her coming here but i’m surprised you asked for her hand. Isn’t she girly?”

“She is but not to Emma standards. She takes great pride in her appearance and loves dresses and things of that sort but she’s also¬†willing to get down in the mud and have some fun.”

“I figured somthing like that but i had to ask. I was just surprised. I hear she’s dating Zane Koopman now. Scary” Marvin laughed ‘he is, he gives me the chills when I go to see Belle. He’s a nice enough man but there’s somthing bone chilling about him”

“I’ve heard that from many people.”

“I’ve heard rumors that when he kills he just goes cold, it’s like there’s not even a human in there anymore. There’s just nothing.” Marvin replied, getting the chills just thinking about it.

“That’s not surprising, to be the kind of person who takes lives for a living you would have to feel nothing.”

“He’s different when he’s with Belle though, he smiles and laughs and he has this light in his eyes. It’s crazy to think of him as a hunter of evil men until he turns his eyes on you and you can almost see the killer coiled and prepared to strike.”

Zane was the one man he would never dare to cross. He would wrather swallow poison than become one of the assassin’s targets. He sighed, wishing he had someone special like Belle, someone who could completely turn his world upside down and make his heart beat with excitement. The road they were on took them into the forest that was beginning to darken as the sun fell from the sky. They decided to stop for the night and lead their horses off the road. They gathered wood and Marvin made a fire while Keltie hunted. She came back with a couple of pheasants and got to plucking, beheading, and gutting them. They skewered them on a stick and placed them above the fire. Every now and then Marvin would turn them, making sure they cooked evenly.

“That smells so good. I’m so glad I get to be out here. Staying at home is so boring, the lessons.” Keltie rolled her eyes. “So boring.”

Marvin laughed and patted her back. “No worries sister. You won’t have to do anything of that boring stuff when I’m king. You can even join the guard if you wish.”

“Really? That would be so amazing. A woman among men, just like Bernadette. I envy her, she must lead such an exciting life.”

“She’s a real hot head, but loyal and strong just like you, well except for the hot head part.” After dinner they rolled out their sleeping bags and crawled inside, settling down for the night. Marvin felt something pressed into his throat and swatted at it. When he realized it was metal his eyes flew open.

“Don’t move prince or I might cut that pretty face of yours.” The man standing above him said. He heard muffled cries and looked over to see his sister tied and gagged.

“Just let her go, you can have me.”

“I think not, the wilds are a mighty lonely place.” He glared up at the man, his hand tightening around the dagger that he kept at his hip. Movement in one of trees above caught his attention and he thought for a moment that he saw a woman. He squinted and saw her move again. She was holding her finger up to her lips, a sign for him to be quiet.

Suddenly she jumped down and landed on the mans back. The very instant she landed her legs gripped him tightly and she grabbed his head in her hands sending an electric current through his head. He jerked as his mouth started bleeding from him biting through his tongue. Just as¬†Embrae suspected the other mens were cowards following a ring leader and they just ran off in a panic. They dropped the terrified Keltie, still gagged and bound. Embrae walked over and took out her dagger. She cut Kelties binds so she could remove her gag ‘thank you” Keltie said and hugged her saviour “I’m only glad I heard what was going on and i was out so late” Keltie broke the hug to go for her brother who was now standing. “thank you” he said aswell. Embrae bowed “No problem my prince”

“dont bow to me please, if anybody should be bowing it’s us” Embrae smiled “So what i’ve heard of you is true. A prince with a sweet heart. I expect your rule will be better than your fathers. Don’t disappoint me”

“I wouldn’t dream of it”

“Why are you sleeping outside? You should know better prince and princess keltie i assume?”

“yes I’m Keltie. my brother wanted to travel and really get to know his peoples wants and concerns before taking the throne which is why we’re out” That seemed to deeply impress Embrae which made Marvins heart glow. “would you like to stay with me for the night? I don’t live far’

“that sounds nice, thank you” Marvin answered. They gathered their things then walked their horses to Embraes home. She let them set up their horses for tonight in her stable then came with them inside. Stomping came form one of the back rooms. A man came out who was thickly built and probably the tallest man Marvin had ever encountered “You had me worried sick sister! Where ahve you been?” Embrae lightly laughed ‘i’m fine and you should have known that. I was just enjoying the night when i stumbled upon these two being attacked.” Kepu froze a moment then bowed “forgive me for being so rude your grace.”

“oh please don’t bow and don’t call me your grace. I’m Marvin and this is Keltie. I don’t blame you for worrying over your sister as i have two of my own. keltie is more than capable but this late I’d worry for her if she were gone”

“My brother is the biggest softie there is.” Embrae said with a warm smile.

“So is Marvin, a real soft hearted teddy bear.” Both women giggled and both men blushed. It was even more shocking to see Kepu do it since he was so big.

“I keep telling him to find a wife so he has someone to worry abut besides me, but I can’t get him to leave. He’s more than a bit intimmidating so most women never give him a chance. “Anyway, please make yourselves at home. We only have two rooms so if you like I can sleep here in the living room and you two can have my room.”

“Nonsense sister, they can have mine. You keep yours.” Embrae threw her arms up, but smiled at her brother none the less.

“Thank you for your kindness.” Marvin said. “Keltie you can have the bed and I’ll lay on our sleeping bags on the floor.

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely, besides I promised to take care of you so take the bed.”

Embrae took them upstairs to Kepu’s room, showing them the bathroom along the way. “If you need anything don’t be afraid to ask. I’ll see you two in the morning. Good night.”

“Goodnight.” They said as one and went into the room. Marvin made a bed on the floor and they both sat their weapons on the chest of drawers then pulled their boots off and laid down. Keltie fell asleep insantly, but Marvin had a harder time. He was a little upset for failing his sister. He tried not to think of what could have happened if he had not been able to fight the bandit leader. If it had not been for Embrae, he would be dead and Keltie would have been taken away and victimized by those men.

In the morning all in the house woke early. Keltie and Marvin composed themselves before leaving their bedroom and heading downstairs. Kepu and Embrae were sitting on their couch talking but both stood when they entered. Marvin sighed, knowing they were standing because royalty entered the room “what did i say, please, treat us as equals” Embrae laughed ‘we’re sorry, habit. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, How about you sister?” Marvin answered then looked at Keltie “very well, thank you for giving me your bed Kepu” she said sweetly to him and he blushed again, not used to having any woman talk to him with no signs of fear in their voice. “you’re welcome” Embrae smiled at her brother then asked “want to help me cook Keltie?”

“sure, I definitly know cooking” the girls walked into the kitchen leaving marvin alone with the hulking Kepu. Marvin tried not to act nervous since he knew Kepu was kind. He didn’t know how his sister was so confident around a man this large. “Have you and your sister lived here long?” Marvin asked. “When she was fifteen she decided she didn’t want to live in town any longer so the two of us built a house out here. She’s twenty now so we’ve been out here five years. We visit our parents about every two weeks.”

“Is your father as big as you?” Marvin asked hoping it wouldn’t be taken as rude. Kepu chuckled in what obviously was a light way but still came out deep and loud. “Oh yes, he’s why I’m so big no doubt. Embrae is lucky she took after our mother and is a normal size. Embrae speaks the truth when she says i inspire only fear in most people. People peg me as a brute before I even open my mouth.”

“I’m sorry”

“Don’t be, it’s just the hand I was dealt and it comes in handy when my sisters in trouble.” When breakfast was ready they all sat at the table. Kapus chair standing out from the others because it had to be stronger for him. As they ate Embrae asked ‘so how long have you two been traveling?”

“Just started” Keltie said with excitement. Embrae smiled cheerfully “you seem so happy to be out after nearly being raped last night. I could see the intent in those mens eyes” Marvin responded “Keltie would be glad to have rocks pelted on her if it meant she got adventure. My father treats Keltie like shes a doll and expects her to be one. She likes archery, adventure and excitement but my father makes her take lessons in cooking and being a lady. I plan to change that the second I take rule. I wont stomach another minute of our father disregarding what keltie wants out of life” Embrae wore a small frown “I’m sorry Keltie” she said as she grabbed her hand “it isn’t as bad as Marvin makes it out to be. Our father just angers him.”

“Our father loves us, he’s just far to old fashioned. I want to be like King Gabriel.”

“You’ll make a wonderful king brother, I have faith in you.”

“You are a very nice man Marvin, it makes me happy that I will be ruled by someone like you.” Embrae chimed in as they ate.

“So how far do you have to go?” Kepu asked.

“Quite a ways, I want to see as many people as I can before returning home.” Marvin answered.

“Perhaps we should accompany them sister.” Keltie arched her eyebrow. “I’m not saying you can’t defend yourself, please never think that. I just would hate for you to be caught off guard again.”

“Keltie you’re embarrassing the man, stop giving him the look. He wasn’t calling you weak. Kepu, if you and Embrae would like to come with us then we accept your offer.” Kepu’s eyes lit up at the prospect of being close to Keltie. Marvin would do anything to spend more time with Embrae. She was exciting, her adventurous spirit got his heart pumping.

“Since Kepu insists then I guess I have no choice but to agree, after all traveling with you will no doubt be exciting.”

They finished breakfast and Embrae and Keltie quickly packed. They saddled their horses, Marvin and Keltie marveling at the large draft horse that belonged to Kepu. He explained that it’s saddle had had to be custom made to fit the magnificent beast. “Is he nice?” Keltie asked as they lead their horses out of the woods.

“He’s like my brother, sweet as pie unless messed with.” Embrae said.

They encountered no beasts or trouble of any sort as they made their way out of the woods and back onto the path Keltie and Marvin came off of to rest. They all hoisted up onto their steeds and got moving. They trotted along until they came to a fork in the road “this is your journey Marvin. Which way?” Keltie asked. Marvin looked at the ways deciding which town he should go to. He decided on Veqoupe because of how much of an ass Howie had made himself out to be there. “Let’s go to Veqoupe Keltie. We need to make up for Howies little incident there.”

“wow, I had forgotten about that. That is probably a good place to go” Keltie answered. they turned their horses down the path that went to Veqoupe and Embrae asked “Who’s Howie?”

“You know me but not my brother?”

“Oh, wow. guess not. I only heard things of you and Keltie. How many siblings do you have?”

“Besides Keltie just Howie and Emma. What did you hear of my sister Keltie?” Keltie then chimed in “yeah, I want to know” Kapu smiled again at the sound of Kelties voice. “The incident where prince Levi grabbed your ass and you stabbed him in the shoulder with one of your arrows.” Keltie went into a deep blush “yeah…slight over reaction. I was having a rough day” Embrae laughed ‘if you ask me he deserved it. Don’t you think Kapu?”

“Definitly” he answered in a serious tone and very quickly. “Hadn’t you just rejected an offer of marriage that morning and dad had ben scolding you for it?”

“Oh yes, he wouldn’t leave it alone. I was on edge and not ready to deal with wandering hands”

“Can’t blame you either. Dad does get pretty upset when you reject a suitor.”

“why?” Embrae asked ‘eh, out of his fatherly love I guess. He doesn’t figure many men will want Keltie with how she behaves and he worries she’ll be alone forever if she keeps being choosy. Like i said, he loves us but he’s old fashioned. Atleast it’s not in a sense he abuses any of us. He has never laid a hand in a harmful way besides spankings when we were little” Embrae couldn’t believe just how wonderful Marvin was. She had heard so many good things but meeting him was somthing else.

Embrae couldn’t help but get lost in his smile and his charming nature. She wondered if he even knew how much he effected people. She found herself staring and looked away with a blush. “So what did your brother do?” Kepu asked.

“He slept with the wrong man’s fiance. When he was confronted by our father he said, it’s not like they were married so I don’t see the problem. Howie seemes to think an engagement means nothing.” Marvin answered. “I love him, but he gives me headaches.”

“He sounds like he needs his ass kicked. I don’t mind doing it.” Embrae said once her red face was under control.

“Someday he’ll meet a woman who won’t be charmed by him and he’ll really have a run for his money. Our dear brother prides himself on being able to get women to so whatever he says. The day a woman tells him no is the day he’ll be at a complete loss and I’ll be there clutching my gut and laughing.” Keltie said.

They made it to Veqoupe by lunch time and stopped in the market place to eat. Keltie decided she wanted to look at all th craft stalls while Marvin talked to the people. Kepu followed her away while Embrae stayed with Marvin. “So where to?” Embrae asked.

“To Duke Grogan’s house. He’s the man who had his engagement broke up by Howie. My brother’s indiscretion tainted our name. I want to make sure the duke has let go and moved on. I would like to be¬†his friend and perhaps he knows of any issues plaguing this city.”

“You shouldn’t have to face this man, your brother should.”

“We are family so his troubles are my troubles.”

“You really are the sweetest man.”

Marvin liked when she complimented him, loved how her eyes had that hint of admiration. He wanted to keep her close. “This place is crowded, perhaps we should hold hands so we don’t get seperated.”

“I agree, I would hate to lose you.”

They laced fingers sending an electric current that wasn’t of Embraes making through them both. They had a connection, maybe one of knowing eachother in a past life as they touched. Marvin had the briefest temptation to bring her hand to his lips but he wasn’t going to be that bold and push his luck with her. She obviously was attracted to him as he was her but they had time on this journey to move forward. For now he would just enjoy the surge her hand offered in him. They walked to Duke Grogans house and knocked. A maid answered “welcome prince, what brings you?”

“I need to speak with Grogan please” she moved so they could enter then guided them to Grogans den “Let me go fetch him. Make yourselves comfortable.” Though they were in a house where they couldn’t get separated their hands were still laced. Marvin didn’t think to let go until they were both sitting on the plush, velvet couch. It took around ten minuets for the Duke to enter. “Good day Prince Marvin, what brings you to me?”

“The last time my family was here Howie wronged you and shamed our name. I came to see if the air was cleared and if not, what could be done to clear it.”

“It was Howies indiscretion, not yours Marvin”

“Yes but he is my brother and soon I’ll be king. Wrongs he’s committed are mine to make right if he wont.”

“I may have been angry at the lot of you then but I haven’t been for awhile. Howie of course I have ill will with but you Marvin are always welcome and i have no problem with you. Honestly, if she would have cheated with him she could have cheated with another. It was good to find out before i married her and we had children.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I’ve also come to hear the concerns of the people here. When I’m king is there anything i could do to improve conditions here?’

“Our only trouble here is demons. Malicious demons have seemingly increased in number and have been plaguing us. Our women and children are not safe atall if unattended. Short of going on a mad spree of killing I don’t know what to do about the swell in numbers of vicious demons lurking about”

“Tifpani incense, we burn it in our house if we get demon problems. The smell makes them sick. If everyone burned it for say a week or so they wouldn’t stay near any longer” Embrae said. “we? Are you and prince Marvin an item?’ The Duke asked and she answered in an embarrassed tone “My brother and I. I’m only friends with the Prince” The Duke smiled, the expressions they both made were cute. He enjoyed seeing young love though he wasn’t too incredibly older than they were. Kapu followed Keltie closely. He didn’t have to worry about loseing her in the crowd since he was so tall and her white hair was a rarity around full humans. He was in almost a dream like state around her. Her scent was naturally sweet, that white hair around those blue eyes was mesmerizing. Everything about her was magical and beautiful to him.

“These necklaces are neat.” Keltie said as she picked up one that had a moonstone dangling off the end.

“Would you like that one? It would look beautiful with you hair.”

“You don’t have to buy me something just because I like it.”

“I want to, it would make happy to do so.”

She smiled. “Only if you let me buy one for you too, that way we’ll always have something to remind us of our adventure together.”


Marvin and Embrae stopped to watch a musician playing next to a large fountain. The music was lively and Marvin took the opportunity to dance with Embrae. She laughed, the sound sending a thrill through him. They were so caught up in their happiness that they bumped into a pedestrian and were knocked down. He wound up on top of her and his heart slammed against his chest. She smiled up at him and he kissed her. Her soft lips pressed against his excited him beyond reason. He pulled back, suddenly feeling embarrassed. He quickly got off of her and ran his fingers through his hair.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. Forgive me.”

Before Embrae could speak they heard Keltie calling Marvin. “Keltie, did you have fun?”

“Kepu and I bought matching necklaces for each other. Aren’t they beautiful?”

“Yes, I like them a lot. We should find our horses and be on our way.”

Embrae was sad he didn’t hold her hand on their way to their horses. Even worse he looked troubled and confused. She knew the kiss had been an accident, that he had been so caught up in his excitement to think of his actions, but to her it had felt so right. She wanted to tell him it was alright, that she had enjoyed it, but she would wait until they could be alone. An idea popped into her head. “We should stay here a night. We could enjoy the rest of the day then head out in the morning.”

“That sounds great. Don’t you think so Kepu?”

“Yes of course.” He answered, wanting desperately to spend more time with this amazing woman.

“If that is what you all wish then I’ll pay for our rooms.” Marvin said.

They walked to the nearest Inn then Marvin bought a room for each of them. They each took their things to the rooms Marvin bought then went back to the lobby. “It’ll be dinner in about an hour. Lets all separate again and meet back here when dinner comes. You and Keltie should go dance” Embrae suggested as she looked at her brother. He blushed and she realized that he was falling just as hard for Keltie as she was for Marvin. “sounds good to me! You know how to dance Kepu?” She asked, those beautiful, blue pools shimmering as they looked up at him. ¬†It was hard to find the words to answer but he did speak “Yeah, I dance with my sister when she wants to.”

“You’re sweeter than candy.” She said with a heart poundingly adorable smile. “If dancing is somthing that will make you happy lets go” Kepu said softly. They walked away leaving Marvin to awkwardly stand next to Embae. he expected she wanted to be alone to yell at him for advancing so fast. “lets go up to the room you bought me and talk” Embrae said and Marvin nodded. He felt it would be better to be reprimanded in private. It would wound his heart no less but atleast he wouldn’t be a show. They walked upstairs and Embrae shut the door behind them. Marvin looked nervously at her, waiting for what he knew followed. Instead of his expectations she wrapped him in a hug then said “I enjoyed kissing you Marvin. I’m glad you did. I also knew you were just excited and having fun. You lost control of yourself in the moment. I truly enjoyed kissing you and I’m not angry, not in the least”

He held tight in relief but wasn’t sure how to respond. So many responses were filling his head he couldn’t decided on one to give her. “it was amazing to kiss you Embrae” Finally slipped out. She smiled and pulled back “Well, maybe we should continue where we left off.” She said with a blush. Marvin returned her blush then slowly moved in to kiss her. Kepu twirled Keltie and just enjoyed having a reason to touch her. It was especially nice to have a way to make her fill his ears with her wonderful laughter. When Keltie grew tired they walked away from the music and dancing people to find a place to sit in the nearby grass. They both took a seat “you are possibly the best dancer I’ve ever had the honour to dance with.” Kepu smiled, his hand moved without thought to take her hand back ‘you are definitely the best dancer I’ve ever danced with”

Keltie blushed at his touch and the way he looked at her, how warmly his green eyes dove into her blue. Her eyes had captured him and he couldn’t pull himself free of their grasp even if he desired to. Kepu placed his free hand on her cheek, once again without any conversation with his brain. Kelties hot cheeks from her blush pulled him back and his mind began to work. He let go of her hand and removed his hand from her cheek. “sorry” he said. Keltie moved closer and kissed his cheek. He turned blood red that very instant “don’t be sorry. I really adore the way you look at me, the gentle way you touch me.” a few women screamed, breaking up their conversation “demons!” Kepu had left his hammer in his room and likewise Keltie left her arrows.

Embrae pulled back at the sound of screaming and pressed a finger against Marvin’s lips. The scream came again, this time the word demon ringing clear to both of them. They rushed out of the inn, dodging the panicking people who were trying to escape the demons. “Find my brother and your sister.” Embrae said as she shot electricity at a demon pursuing a mother and child.

“What are you going to do?”

“Get something to help drive these monsters away.”

Embrae ran into the market while Marvin slashed his way to Kepu and Keltie, the former who was fighting demons barehanded. Marvin cut down a demon coming up behind Kepu at Keltie. “We left our weapons in the inn.” Keltie said.

“Take my dagger.” Marvin replied and she pulled it from his hip.

Embrae found the Tifpani incense at one of the stalls the grabbed some leather cord and a walking stick from other carts and tied the bundle of incense to the end of the walking stick. She lit it as she ran back through the crowd, swing the stick at the demons while she cast magic at them. They growled at her, but the smoke kept them at bay. She drove them back as she made her way to her brother, Marvin, and Keltie. She surrounded them with the smoke as she sent electricity arching from demon to demon. It wasn’t long before the smell of the incense drove the demons away. The duke came running to them, sword drawn and covered in blood from defending his people.

“Was anyone taken?” Marvin asked.

“Not that we saw, but there are some wounded. If you had not acted as fast as you did, it could have been much worse. Thank you fo your service.”

Embrae put the incenses out. “Have everyone start burning this immediately before there are more surprise attacks.”

“I will, I’ll have every able bodied man take some to every house. Thank you again. Consider my people and I your loyal subjects.”

“I’m glad to hear it” Marvin said with a slight bow.¬†Embrae¬†noticed the demons had managed to swipe her brothers arm. Having only one mark from hand to hand¬†combat¬†with demons was impressive by¬†anyones¬†standards but it did nothing to shock¬†Embrae¬†since she was used to how strong and quick he was. It did however upset and impress Keltie. “Lets go back and clean your arm” She said with a concerned voice. “are you okay?” Kepu asked and she nodded before insisting ‘lets go clean and wrap your arm” They walked quickly back to the Inn. The crowds still scrambling to get home and light their incense. As they went to their floor Keltie said ‘come to my room. I have stuff in my bag to mend you.”

“he’s ok Keltie, don’t worry” Embrae assured her before they went into her room. When Marvin had Embrae alone he pulled her tightly against him “I’m so glad you and your brother know about that incense. I want to spread that knowledge everywhere so that every village may be safe. I’m so glad your mind works quick under pressure”

“when you don’t live in a village you have to be that way to survive. Just as Kepu was able to protect your sister without a weapon. He fights mostly with his hands for just such an event. He likes to be ready to defend who he loves at all times” Marvin pulled back “who he loves?” Embrae smiled “I’m his sister, I can see, heck i can practically feel his emotions for Keltie. He loves her, he would have fought off a thousand demons and suffered wounds all over his body to keep her from harm. He will fight to the death over anyone he loves. If it comes to be, I hope your father would approve a union between them”

“I’ll be king soon, she can marry whoever pleases her” Embrae smiled and blushed as she admitted “From how you’ve been acting and our kiss….am I right in saying you feel for me what Kepu feels for your sister? If so…I want to be with you too” Marvin smiled as his heart rejoiced. Marvin pulled her into a heartfelt kiss. “yes i do, I love you to the moon and back even though that’s absolutely insane. I feel as if I’ve always known you, always loved you. When I held your hand for the first time it felt like the millionth”

Keltie finished putting medication on Kepus arm then wrapped it. The deep concern on her face deeply touching Kepus heart. He had been hearing her words before the attack over and over and wondered if he had a chance with such a deity. Kepu asked again ‘are you sure you weren’t hurt atall?”

“I’m sure kepu, I can’t believe you fought off so many and only recieved one wound. You must do that a lot”

“Living in the wild makes you tough. There are a lot of predators and demons laying in wait.”

“Thank you for protecting me. I just kind of froze up when I didn’t have weapon. I feel so useless.”

“Hey, I won’t allow you to bring yourself down like that. You are far from useless.” He grabbed her chin and tipped her head back. “I think you are beautiful and brave and very strong. I…I love you.”

Keltie blushed and pressed her face into his chest. “Really? You might change your mind later when you realize how hard I am to live with.”

“If I can live with Embrae then I can live with anyone. I want you Keltie, you’re the first woman to treat me like a person who wasn’t my sister. You’re so perfect for me so please believe me when I say that I love you and only you.”

“I love you too.”

Marvin kissed Embrae as she sat in his lap. His heart beat out a happy rhythm at the instense connection he felt for this woman. His soul rejoiced at being close to her and an emptiness he had not realized he had was filled with her. “God I love you.” He said when he parted their lips. “I feel so happy, it’s crazy.”

“Some people believe that souls who are bound together in a previous life will find each other again in another life. Maybe we were in love before and this is our second chance.”

“Reincarnation sounds crazy, but I’m okay with crazy.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and pressed his forehead agaisnt hers. “If this is our second chance then I am happy to have it. I plan on holding onto you and treasuring you so never leave me. Marry me okay.”

Embrae gently gasped. “This is so crazy, especially because I want to say yes. I want to always be with you. Am I really cut out for Queen though?”

“You’re more than cut out for it Embrae” Marvin said as he stroked her cheek “Please tell me that was a yes to my proposal” Embrae smiled “you men, always needing things laid out for you. That was a yes. I want nothing more than to be your wife. I bet you there’ll be a double wedding with the love birds a few rooms over. My brother loves your sister too much not to express his feelings before this trip is over.”

“A double wedding would be beautiful if they are up for it.” Marvin said as he gazed into Embraes eyes. Kepu laid against the headboard holding Keltie as they talked. They had been talking about anything and everything, learning all there was to know about eachother until Keltie couldn’t help but yawn. “we need to rst if we’ll be any good for tomorrow’ she said in a tired voice that was just as musical as her normal one. Kepu asked nervously “would you stay in here with me, please. I only want to hold you and be sure you’re safe. I don’t want demons breaking in and hurting you.” Keltie kissed Kepus chest where her head had been laying making his heart speed even faster than it had been while she sat in his lap laying against him.

“I’d really like to stay in here with you. Let me get my things so I can get ready in the morning”

“Let me come and carry them”

“No, you hurt your arm”

“it’s fine, only a scracth”

“a scratch from demon claws. I’m capable, just sit and wait for me”

“If you must do it yourself I will wait here for you my beautiful deity” Keltie blushed again. No matter how often he said it she knew it woudl make her face flush and heart skip. There was too much love in his voice for it not to take profound effect. She got out of his lap and went quickly to her room. She returned shortly then set her bag and arrows by his things. Kepu was already laying when she came back and lifted the covers for her to come under them. She slid right in and laid on his chest. Keltie instantly began to gently run her fingers along his torso. “I love you too, so much Kepu. You are my sweet giant” He smiled, her words making him feel happier than he knew could be possible. He would follow her anywhere, do anything she wanted so that he could always remain by her side. If she truly wanted adventure he’d give it to her in any form she wished. All that mattered to Kepu now was spending his life with Keltie.

“What do you think your parents will say?” Embrae asked as she lay with Marvin on his bed.

“My mother probably won’t say much, but my dad will wonder why on earth I chose a wild forest dweller for a bride.”

“What will you tell him?”

“That I love my beautiful, wild at heart fiance and there is no princess or duchess who can change my mind. He won’t argue for long since I am to take his place. He’ll grow to love you and Kepu even if you are not is idea bride and groom.”

She smiled and brushed her nose against his. “You melt my heart when you say such sweet things.” She kissed him and he tangled his fingers in her hair to hold her in place. He moved so she was beneath him and slid his hands over her bare abdomen.

“Do you know how sexy you look when you dress like this?”

“I never noticed, it’s just comfortable.”

He ran his hand up her leg, letting his fingers play feather soft over her thigh and hip so she was covered in goosebumps. “I love how soft you are.” He kissed over her chest and gently bit down on the soft mound of her breast. “I love how sweet you taste. I need more of you.”

“You can have as much of me as you want.”

His heart thundered with excitement as they pulled at each others clothes. He cupped her breasts and sucked greedily at her nipples. Her sounds of pleasure made him grow hard with wanting her, but he forced himself to take his time, wanting to know every inch of her lithe form. Embrae gasped and moaned as he explored her body, finding her most sensitive areas and using them to drive her wild. She covered her mouth to muffle her cries when he licked between her thighs, his tongue moving expertly inside and over her so her legs were shaking and her insides quivering.

“Marvin, please it’s to much.” She whimpered.

“But you taste so good my love, I don’t think I can stop.” Tears sprang into her eyes and fell into her hair as he brought her over the edge again. He kissed his way up to her lips, kissing her softly. “I love you so much Embrae.” He whispered as he pushed himself into her and moaned at her tight heat. “You feel so good baby.”

Their moans mingled until he spilled inside her damp, trembling insides. They breathed heavily together as he got to her side and pulled Embrae close. They exhausted from traveling, the demon attack and making passionate love to eachother they fell asleep before another word was exchanged. In the morning a loud knocking at the door woke each couple. The Duke sent a servant to invite them over for a large banquet he had prepared in their honor. The female servant waited patiently for the four to get ready since she was instructed not to come back without them following. She was fidgety and nervous since she was sent after a prince, princess and their companions. She was new to working for the Duke so being around royalty was nerve racking. the Duke was kind and patient, so were any friends he had over but it was still a stressful job for young widow Marie who had only known being a wife up until recently.

They all came out at about the same time which she was grateful for so she wouldn’t have to wait around for one of them and risk making a fool of herself around nobles. Marvin noticed this maids nervousness and said “Calm down, no need to be nervous around us”

“I’m sorry my lord. I can’t help it” Embrae was only thinking about the fact she saw Keltie and Kepu come out of the same room. Keltie had obviously stayed the night with him and it made her wonder if her elder brother had finally lost his virginity. She wouldn’t embarrass him and only ask if she had a moment alone. It was mainly sweet to know things were working out for him as they were for her. He deserved someone to love and had been alone for so long just because he looked so intimidating. He had never once had a grilfriend or even a fling. It made her feel sad but he finally had a chance at love with Keltie. She wondered if he and Keltie would live in the house in the woods or stay in the castle after marriage since the wild life was apparently more of Kelties style than the royal life. Embrae preferred the wild too but knew as queen, married to Marvin, she would have to spend most her time in or near their castle.

It wasn’t a sad idea to her, just different. it was a change she was happy to have since it meant being with Marvin. They arrived at the Dukes house and sat down. All the villagers of high status were there. The leader of the warriors, leader of the magic users and so on were all there to eat with their heros of the night and saviours of the future. The Duke stood “before we everyones permitted to eat I have somthing to say. We deeply thank the four of you for your efforts last night. Be are grateful for the information about the incense so no more lives are lost. Too many family have been broken due to their increase of numbers and we will be eternally grateful. we all agree you will make a fantastic king marvin and we are glad that rule is coming soon.” The Duke sat and waved his hadn to tell everyone they could now eat.

They chatted with the people in attendance, Marvin getting to know them as much as he could since they would be moving out after they were finished eating. Keltie and Kepu held hands and everyone seemed a little shocked at how such a big man doted over a woman half his size. Marie was still as nervous as ever and accidentally knocked Marvin’s cup over.

“I’m so sorry.” She said as she wiped it up.

“It’s okay, you didn’t even get any on me. Calm down.” Marvin said with a smile.

“I’ve always been a bit clumsy. Not many people would be able to handle it. It makes it hard to find work. I know it’s only a matter of time before the duke fires me.”

“Well if he does or you just want a change in scenery, please feel free to come to the castle.”

That seemed to put Marie at ease and she took a deep breath as she poured him a new glass of juice. When they were done eating the duke thanked them once again and they headed out. Each couple stayed close to one another, smiling happily as their horses walked down the empty road. They came to the fork in the road and headed toward the next town.

An hour down the road, the sound of howling caught their attention. The horses spooked and everyone quickly jumped down to calm them. “What was that?” Keltie whispered.

“Dire wolves. We must be careful.” Embrae replied in a low voice.

They walked quickly down the road, staying alert the whole time. Marvin could see the wolves dashing through the woods like living shadows. They were being stalked and the wolves were gauging how risky an attack would be. He had never fought wolves before, but knew how they acted. They were pack hunters and incredibly cunning. A large male jumped out in front of them, making the horses back up as the rest of the pack flanked them. Kepu turned and swung his hammer as a wolf jumped at them, catching it in the side and sending it flying. Keltie’s arrows followed and Marvin slashed at the hungry creatures as Embrae called on fire to drive them back.

They managed to keep the horses close and send the wolves running away with singed fur and painful yelps. “Is everyone alright?” Marvin asked. They all answered that they were and quickly climbed onto their horses. They kicked them into a run, wanting to get as close to civilization as they could.

They rode the horses as fast as they could without being cruel to them. They knew they probably wouldn’t reach the next town before tomorrow, perhaps if they were lucky and¬†their¬†horses didn’t get too tired but odds were they were sleeping outside tonight. They didn’t stop for lunch since their horses were still willing to run for them. They kept going until they noticed them growing fatigued. It was about three but they hoped they could rest and get right back riding, atleast a short ways more. They had a light snack and gave the horses food and water for their hard work. They would watch them and only go if they seemed up to it. Marvin could tell they were close and would reach a town tonight somtime if the horses were willing to run again.

When Kepu finished his first apple he pulled Keltie into his lap before grabbing another. She and Embrae giggled though Embrae didn’t have much room for teasing since she and Marvin had their fingers laced yet again. nearly two hours later the horses seemd better so marvin said “maybe they’ll walk for us if we try. Do you want to try and make the town?”

‘sure, they don’t look tired anymore to me either” Embrae said. Kepu was excited to get moving. He didn’t know how far the wolves were so he stood with Keltie then walked her over to her horse. He set her down gently then kissed her cheek. Keltie smiled “thank you”

“anything for you” He said in that tender voice he always used. It touched her heart in a¬†strong, inexplicable way. Marvin and Embrae mounted their horses and set them to a trot. Marvin wanted to run them again but felt cruel for even desiring it. They trotted until about eight that night and stopped since at this point if they rested they would be at the next place just before lunch tomorrow. They all hoped down, this time Marvin and Keltie cooking dinner. They cooked well together since they did it so much at the castle. After their bellies were full they pulled out sleeping bags. Each couple zipped theirs together and snuggled close for the night.

The next morning Embrae and Keltie woke first and slid slowly out of their sleeping bags, surprisingly managing not to wake the men. “Want to help me cook?” Keltie asked.

“Yes of course, let me find us some fire wood while you find us some eggs. These woods are full of quail so I’m sure you’ll be able to gather quite a bit.”

They headed their seperate ways, gathering what they needed for breakfast and hurrying back. Embrae got a fire started and Keltie grabbed the wire rack and skillet in one of the sacks tied to her horse. She set up the rack and and cracked the eggs in the skillet. The smell of food woke Marvin and Kepu who were surprised to find themselves sleeping alone. Marvin grabbed Embrae around her waist and pulled her into his lap. “Why didn’t you wake me my love?” He asked as he brushed her hair away from her face.

“You looked so comfortable I couldn’t bring myself to wake you.” She gave him a kiss then smiled happily at him.

Kepu moved to sit next to Keltie who gave him her sweetest smile as she turned the eggs. “How did you sleep?” He asked.

“Very good, thank you. I’m glad I have you to keep me warm. It was a little chilly last night.” He blushed and kissed her cheek, making her turn the same shade of red.

“You two are just adorable.” Embrae said and they both looked down, embarrassed.

“Come on sis.” Kepu said.

“I’m sorry, I’ll stop teasing.” Once breakfast was ready they ate quickly, wanting to get back on the road. They cleaned up and put the fire out before rolling up their sleeping bags and checking the horses to make sure they wee fit to travel. They had pushed them a lot harder than they had wanted, but the animals remained loyal all the same. They climbed onto their horses and kicked them into a light run, not wanted to run them into the ground. They knew traveling to hard could significantly shorten a horses lifespan.

It was peaceful all the way to the next town. Marvin mingled as always, asking about their concerns and wants for the future. Keltie, Embrae and Kepu stayed close. It was amazing how well he talked to everyone and how he seemed to truly care about their opinions. It went like this in every village and soon it was time to go back. When they were drawing nearer to Kelties and Marvins home Embrae excused herself from marvins arms to talk to her brother about Keltie. Marvin and Keltie had been making wedding plans every night they were in a hotel room and she knew her brother wanted a lifetime with Keltie so a double wedding would be perfect, he just had to ask her. Marvin hated Embrae leaving his arms but it was for a godo cause. Marvin wanted to see them married the same day too.

Chapter Two

Embrae knocked on the door which was soon opened by Keltie “Hey embrae, what’s up?”

“I wish to go on a walk with my brother for a talk”

“Oh ok” Keltie said and Kepu stood. He was blood red so she wondered if she had interrupted anything. So far she hadn’t gotten a chance to talk to him alone but she had learned from Marvin that Keltie was a virgin too. The second they were outside of the Inn Embrae asked “why so red brother?”

“we were kissing, don’t tease me”

“Just kissing?” he got redder ‘yes…we haven’t gone further than that yet.” She smiled ‘don’t turn into a beet on me. That’s ok” he sighed “I don’t know if it is. I want to make love to her but I’m afraid. What if I hurt her or I’m not good enough since i’ve never been with a woman. I could ruin everything so i’m scared. I’m also afraid she’ll lose patience and leave me. She hasn’t tried anything either but I don’t know”

“you shouldn’t worry yourself so much. Kelties a virgin too.”

“but she’s so beautiful and amazing, she must have men begging for her at home”

“She’s had a few ask but Marvin says she turns them down. She’s never made love to a man so for starters you can’t disappoint her. She will know nothing but the kind of love you make to her.I doubt you’ll hurt her either. You touch her like she’s a fine piece of china or a sacred relic. You’d never harm her Kepu, not even by mistake. That’s not why I wanted to talk though”

“whatis it then?” he asked, still a little red. “Marvin and i plan on getting married soon after our return to his kingdom. We know how much you two love eachother so i wanted to tell you and see if maybe you two would like a double wedding with us? I have no doubt in my mind that if you asked for Kelties hand she would marry you. Marvin knows her as i know you and she’s head over heels for you brother” his heart leapt in a nervous but joyous way “he truly thinks she’d marry me?”

“I do too, are you going to ask her?”

“Yes, of course i will. A double wedding sounds perfect if she’ll have me as a husband. ”

“then lets get back so you can ask”

Embrae left Kepu when they got back to his room. He just stood outside the door for a moment, taking a deep breath to calm himself. He pushed the door open and Keltie smiled her breathtaking smile that could easily bring him to his knees. “Is everything okay, you look scared.” She said as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

“I want to ask you something, but I’m afraid.” He replied softly. She moved to sit next to him then cupped his cheek and turned his head.

“Ask me, it’s okay.”

“I love you and I’m afraid of being rejected, it would honestly break my heart, but Marvin and Embrae are going to get married and my sister wanted to know if we’d have a double wedding. I guess what I’m trying to say is will you marry me?” Her lip quivered and her eyes filled with tears which sent him into a panic. “I’m sorry Keltie, please forget what I said.” She kissed him and his heart sped up in response.

“You silly man, of course I’ll marry you. I’m not sad, I’m happy.”

“Thank god, I thought I’d hurt your feelings.”

“Nothing you do could ever hurt my feelings, I really love you.” He pulled her into his lap and found her lips with his, kissing her passionately, hungrily. He felt himself getting excited and before he knew it he had her pressed into the matress. He kissed down her neck to her shoulder, getting lost in her softness. “Kepu, I’m a little scared, I’m a virgin.”

“Me too.” He replied, sounding a little embarrassed. She grabbed his face in her hands and made him look at her.


“Yes, you can even ask Embrae. I was never given the time of day, I was either ignored or feared. I hope that’s okay.” She hugged him tightly.

“Of course it’s okay. I don’t know why, but that makes me feel relieved. I love you so much.”

“I love you too Keltie. I also like we’ll be having our first time together though I’m afraid. I don’t want to accidentally hurt you”

“I don’t think you will but mother says it hurts your first time. For the woman anyway but it isn’t much and doesn’t last long. At worst I’ll be sore tomorrow. I want us to make love Kepu. I’m ready for you if you are for me” kepu kissed her, holding it long to just take her in. he undressed her and himself then ¬†kissed his way all over Kelties body. Affectionately savouring every inch of her. His lips began to travel down the top of her legs. Keltie grew hotter with want and anticipation. When he had gone up each side he began to kiss up her inner thighs, the kisses moving slower here as he grew nervous. Kepu could possibly make a fool of himself if he devoured her and she gained no pleasure from it. He would feel like a failure and would be upset with himself for not pleasing her even though he was a virgin. He reached the top of her inner thigh and wanted to try. The rest of her was so sweet he knew this part of her would be too.

He slide his tongue over her, happy when she moaned deeply. That sound driving him wild until he needed her. His heart beat fearfully as he looked down at his gorgeous fiance. Kepus eyes met Kelties and he froze again. Those sweet eyes and their paralyzing affects had taken him once again. She spoke in a lustful tone “please take me baby. ¬†Don’t be scared. It’ll be amazing” Kepu kissed her again “I love you, it’s hard not to just admire the beautiful perfection that is your body. Please don’t let me hurt you, tell me if I am”

“I will Kepu” Keltie said in a needy voice. Kepu needed her as much as she needed him. He was just far more nervous about this than she was since he feared if he hurt her it could ruin what they had and he could lose his angel. Kepu slid into her, a hard thrusting motion that nearly made her scream. it scared him and he jerked out of her ‘are you ok baby?” he asked as if somthing ferocious had just attacked her. She smiled, not wanting to laugh at him “Yes kepu, like i said. It hurt a bit but it felt amazing. Don’t be so jumpy” he entered her depths again. Moaning louder than she had been before. Keltie was tightly gripping his back with her hands and his manhood between her thighs. It was such an intense, powerful pleasure, far greater than he could have imagined. Kepu felt completely and deeply connected to keltie. It was not only a¬†pleasurable but a beautiful feeling that nearly brought him to tears.

He pulled Keltie up off the bed and into his lap, not removing his shaft out of her tight coil. He felt better not being over her. Like somehow this was a safer way to make love to her. Kepu held Keltie close and she soon felt tears on her. If she could have spoken she would have tried to get him to stop crying but she too was lost in emotion and the intesity of pleasure she was feeling. When he spilled into her Kepu pulled out but kept her in his snug arms. When Keltie was taking normal breaths she looked up at him with her damp, blue eyes “Don’t cry Kepu” she asked softly. kepu kissed her ‘thank you for sharing that with me..It was so, so perfect”

“It was perfect for me too. I’m glad I stayed a virgin and got to share this experience with only you” That seemed to only make Kepu more emotional. he laid down with her, pulling Keltie close. “you are everything to me Keltie, absolutely everything. I mean it”

“I love you so much.” She kissed his chest, loving how gentle and sweet he was. He ran his fingers slowly up and down her arm, the gentle movement lulling her into sleep. Kepu had to swallow the lump forming in his throat, afraid of crying again and waking her. She was so beautiful, an absolute gift and he would do anything to keep her.

Marvin woke the next morning as the sun made it’s way over the horizon. He smiled down at Embrae, thinking her beautiful even in her sleep. He slid his hand over her, cupping her breasts then sliding his hand down and between her legs. He kissed her, catching her moan as she woke. Embrae wondered for a moment if she was dreaming and clung to him as an orgasm moved through her, making her back arch off the bed.

“Good morning beautiful.” He said, grinning smugly.

She pushed him onto his back and pinned his arms down. “Smiling like that is liable to get you in trouble.”

“Then punish me.”

She reached between them, stroking his hard shaft then pushing herself onto him. He moaned and she gasped as she rode him torturously slowly. They released together, their loud cries of ecstasy filling the room. She collapsed on top of him and he wrapped his arms around her, kissing the top of her head and letting out a happy sigh. “I guess we should shower then make sure my brother and Keltie are up.”

“Okay my love.” They got out of bed and she switched on the water, while he stood behind her, staring at bottom.

“Having fun?” She asked as she switched on the shower and stepped under the water.

“Of course, you have a very sexy butt.” She giggled as he stepped in behind her and pulled her into his arms, kissing her shoulder.

Kepu kissed Keltie awake and she smiled happily against his lips. Her eyes fluttered open and ran her fingers over his cheek. “How are you feeling?” He asked, his eyes full of worry. “Are you sore?”

“Deliciously so my love. I feel absolutely amazing.” He kissed her again, every cell in his body singing with joy.

“Lets get clean, we’re almost to your home and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to look this disheveled in front of your parents.”

She giggled. “Don’t you mean this well loved, because I feel like I’m glowing with happiness.”

He smiled, she made him feel immensely good. “Are we showering together this morning since we’ve made love?” Kepu asked. “Of course we are’ Keltie said then got off the bed. He got up, admiring her jaunty behaviour and way of speaking this morning. She seemed so happy and he was glad he made her this way. he let her adjust the water so she would be comfortable with him and they got in. The water began to flow down Kelties body. While Kepu did find it sex, as any man would. He mainly just couldn’t stop thinking how gorgeous his fiance truly was. When she was done washing she moved so Kepu could clean himself. Keltie almost asked if he wanted her to wash him but they had gotten in the shower. That as a big enough step for today and they could wash eachother the next time. He over thought things and worried a bit too much so she didn’t want to overwhelm him with anything further than them showering together.

As Keltie went to get out she nearly fell on her face. She would have if Kepu hadn’t been quick enough to catch her. He lifted her into his arms then stepped out “You okay?”

“Yep, thank you”

“I will never let you fall and hurt yourself if I can help it.” He set her down on the carpet and handed her a towel to dry with. He was planning to dry at the same time but ended up staring instead. Keltie cleared her throat then giggled. Kepu blushed then dried himself before they both got dressed to meet Embrae and Marvin. They heard a knock on the door as they were putting their boots on. Kepu finished quickly then answered “good to see you guys awake and ready. lets eat breakfast and head out. We should be at the castle around three.” Being so close and living together for so long all it took was a look for Embrae to ask her burning question. Kepu gave her a look back that told her he had asked and Keltie accepted the proposal. She ran past him and hugged Keltie “I’m so glad you two are getting married aswell! It’ll be so sweet getting married together”

“I’m excited too” Marvin was just in the hall and congratulated them as they walked to their horses. Being sore from sex the ride made Keltie a little uncomfortable but it was well worth last night. They all made small talk on the way home. Words only uit exchanging when the castle came into view. This was the first time Kepu and Embrae had been this close to the castle so it was mesmerizing for them. They arrived at the stables and put their horses away to be groomed before they were released with the other horses to run and do what they pleased in the fields. They recieved many bows and welcomes as they walked into and through the castle. Embrae and Kepu were more nervous than ever as to what th current king would think of their marriage to his children.

Marvin knocke don his fathers study where he knew he’d be at this time of day. A male servant answered and bid them welcome. Myron stood asking “who are these you bring with you children?’ Marvin answered “They are who we wish to marry. We found love on our journey. We already know they are not who you’d choose for us but they are amazing people and the only ones we would ever marry father. We know you’ll grow to love them if you allowed yourself. We want to be married as soon as we can be” Myron paused, not approving but not wanting to say anything against it. he knew it woudl mean nothing anyway so he said ‘I guess I will, welcome to our family. I would like to be alone with my son to hear of what he’s learned and how he will use that knowledge though so pease join Keltie elsewhere for now.”

Embrae didn’t really like being talked down to and if it had not been for this man being Marvin’s father she would have given him a piece of her mind. Instead she just smiled politely and followed Keltie and Kepu out. “So, how did you meet those two?” Myron asked as Marvin took a seat.

“Embrae saved our lives and both she and Kepu welcomed us into their home. They accompanied us, helped us fight when we needed it, and protected those who needed them.”

“Embrae you say, a very old name. There was a a knight by that name oh about two hundred years ago. She and her husband held off an army of demons. They were quite a force to be reckoned with. We named you after her husband, it just felt right.”

“What happened to them?”

“They died on the battlefield, the demons overwhelmed them, but they gave their people just enough time to get to safety. It was an honorable death. They were buried together next to the lake where they met. Anyway, tell me what you have learned.”

“Oh, many things father. I want to give the villages not close to the castle more protection from demons. Embrae told me of an incense that drives them away. I want every village to be able to get their hands on it. There also seems to be a bit of a bandit problem on one of the roads. Keltie and I were attacked, that’s when Embrae saved our lives. I have also learned that the people in our kingdom are incredibly extraordinary. They work hard and never complain and even our nobles rise to defend them from harm. I’ll work equally hard for them, to give them a king to be proud of.”

“I’m proud of you. I’ve always known you’d make a good king. I have no fears about handing the castle and land over. I wont lie and say I’m happy about your choice of queen. I had hope you wouldn’t disappoint me there but I did expect this from Keltie. I guess what man would have¬†obstreperous girl like Keltie aside from a brute”

“Father, he saved Keltie from demons and is a good man. I am your son and under you since i’m not king yet but do not talk about him that way, don’t talk about Embrae badly either. I know you’re only expressing your opinion but you can be narrow minded to the point in infuriates me. Lets make today happy please”

“sorry son, ¬†I will try to open my heart and mind to them”

‘thank you father” Marvin said even though he was already mad. As Keltie showed Kepu and Embrae the gardens ear piercing screams of joy came their way. it was Emma in a baby blue, overly large ball gown. She wore them frequently since she felt most beautiful in them. She glomped her sister “welcome home! how I’ve missed you! Who are these people?” She said looking at Keltie and showing without any attempt to hide it her uncomfortableness around Kepu. “This woman is Embrae. She’s going to be Marvins queen. This wonderful man is Kepu. He’s going to be my husband”

“Oh” she said trying to sound confident now but not quite managing. She turned her attention back to Keltie “well congratulations. I wondered if you were going to be an old spinster, you sure proved me, father and Howie wrong.” Emma didn’t mean it to be rude even though it was. Keltie knew this but Kepu and Embrae didn’t so she hoped they weren’t too offended but couldn’t blame them if they were. Emma went on “I’d avoid Howie if I were you sister. He’s mad as a wet cat at you and Marvin”


“Apparently he asked Marvin if he could go too and Marvin told him no. He figures if you were more of a lady he could have gone in your place. He says you need to learn a thing or two from mother and i but obviously you’re fine. You are living and have returned with a fiance. Good for you”

“Thanks for the warning Emma, where’s mother?”

“Not feeling well. She’s been in bed since yesterday.”

“With what?”

“Don’t know, a doctor visited at dads request. You know how he gets when anything is ailing mom. Way over worried and stressed until she’s feeling fine again. I’m sure she’ll be better soon.” One thing keltie had to give her father was that he did indeed love their mother. He didn’t treat her as an equal but he truly believed women weren’t, he loved her all the same and vry deeply. his way of thinking was just warped. Emma not being comfortable around Kepu ran off. “I’m so sorry. i promise you two she wasn’t meaning to be rude. She is truly oblivious to how rude most of what she said and how she acted was’ Keltie quickly said “it’s fine” Embrae answered. She was already having trouble being respectful and hoped Marvins family wouldn’t keep being this rude and condescending. Kepu wasn’t bothered by Emmas fear, he was used to it. He hadn’t even been that upset about the king but he now was upset at Howie and how Emma talked to Keltie like there was somthing wrong with her. He hoped he would have the self control he needed around Howie if Howie made an ass out of himself.

Keltie was giving them a tour of the inside of the castle when Marvin and Myron found them. “you and father done talking?’ Keltie asked and Marvin nodded then spoke “we can be married this day next month if that’s good with you three” they all agreed that sounded good. “I’m going to go sit with my wife. She hasn’t beenfeeling well. I will see you al at dinner” Myron said then walked away.

“Did father tell you what was wrong with mom?” Keltie asked.

“No, but if it had been serious I’m sure he would have said something. You know how she is always getting sick. She’ll be fine sister so don’t worry.” Marvin answered.

“Emma told me you wouldn’t let Howie come with you and apparently he’s furious.”

“If he had not been such a man whore and would grow up then I would have let him, but he refuses to be an adult.” He rubbed the bridge of his nose. “He can be incredibly frustrating.”

“Excuse me sir.” A maid said and Marvin turned his gaze on her as she made her way to him.

“Yes what is it Anna.”

“A young woman just arrived. She says her name is Marie and you invited her.”

“Oh yes, please bring her here.”

They waited patiently in the garden and smiled when they saw how wide eyed Marie was at being in the castle. She tripped and Marvin grabbed her. “Sorry, sorry. This place is just so wonderful.”

“No worries, what are you doing here?”

“Oh well, you said I could work here so here I am. I didn’t get fired, I just thought you and your family might be a better fit. You were so understanding after I spilled your cup.”

“Well you are more than welcome.” Keltie added, wanting Marie to feel comfortable here.

“There you are you.” Marvin actually groaned at the sound of Howie’s angry voice and Kepu actually moved so he was partially in front of Keltie. “How dare you tell me I can’t go on your little quest, but you let our sister go.”

“Howie, not in front of Embrae, Kepu, and Marie.” Marvin retorted.

“Or what, you’ll punch me in the mouth. I’d like to see you try.”

“Why don’t you try shutting your mouth you ignorant, spoiled brat.” Marie snapped, shocking everyone.

“Excuse me?” Howie said when he found his voice.

“You heard me prince, stomping around here like a child just because you didn’t get your way. I’ve heard of you and your so called charm. You’re nothing but a bratty snake who slithers his way into any bed he wants. I can honestly say that I am not impressed. Forgive me Marvin, but I had to say something. Him snapping at a man who was willing to stand up for him despite his faults is childish. Now if you will excuse me, I must introduce myself to the other maids. Thank you Marvin for your generosity.” She walked away and everyone tried their best not to laugh at the stuned look on Howie’s face. He was even blushing in embarrassment. He glared at them and stomped off, mumbling under his breath.

Kepu was just glad Howie hadn’t been directly rude to Keltie. He didn’t know if he coudl abide by anyone talking down to her, even if they were royal. They finished the tour of the castle and then joined everyone for dinner. Jessie came down from her bedroom with Myron which was shocking since he normally wouldn’t allow here out of bed until she felt better. Marvin and Keltie stood to go hug her. “Oh my babies, how I missed you. I’m so grateful your father let me come down to see you two and your fiances. Will you two come greet me aswell?” Myron groaned, not liking when she requested things from people under her. He planned on scolding her for it when she felt better. Kepu and Embrae stood and approached her. Kepu was cautious, knowing she woudl be afraid once she really saw how big he was. To his astonishment she showed no signs of fear and hugged him without a tremble or jerk. Embrae was in awe at how beautiful Marvins mother was.

Embrae wasn’t bi atall but there was no denying how pretty the queen was. They hugged then everybody sat down aside from Myron who walked Jessie back up to her room. Marvin could tell she wanted to stay but didn’t confront his father as he always kept himself from doing. His mother was happy in this relationship, never showed any sign she wanted it to change so he respected them both and butted out as best he could. “you’re mother is gorgeous” Embrae said. “Yes, that’s what everyone says. Her beauty never diminishes but she is an elf after all.”

“hm?” Embrae asked, knowing nothing of elves. Emma answered before Marvin could “elves live forever and don’t age. Momma will always be around and so will we since we’re half.”

“really?” Embrae asked shocked and Marvin nodded. “that’s amazing” Kepu added. Only Keltie knew that they could do an elven marriage ceremony and make their chosen partners for life immortal aswell. It was a secret their mother only shared with her because she didn’t want Myron finding out. They were married but the human way. ¬†One day when Keltie found her mother weeping while their father was away they had a talk that Jessie made her swear never to repeat. Keltie guessed her mother needed a release, needed to talk to someone about how she truly felt. Jessie had told Keltie that when her father asked her to marry she felt she had to since he was king and she wasn’t of noble blood. She felt like as a commoner she didn’t have the right to refuse. She had grown to love him as one might love a sibling but she had never fallen in love with him and would one day enjoy finding a mate she actually loved as you should love your mate. Jessie felt she may have fallen in love with Myron if she could be herself but she hated having to ask permission all the time and being told what she could and couldn’t do. It was hard to love a man who acted more like he was your owner.

Keltie felt bad for her mother when later that same day she came to Kelties room to apologize and say that a mother should never tell her daughter somthing like that and apologized, wishing she could take her words back but Keltie understood and told her mother not to carry any guilt about their conversation. They had dinner then went off to their rooms to rest after the long journey.

“You look troubled my love.” Kepu said as he crawled in next to Keltie.

“I’m fine, I just get sad sometimes when I see my mother this way. She smiles for us, but…”

“It’s in her eyes, I know baby, I can see it to. She’s unhappy.” He tipped her head up and brushed his thumb over he chin. “I promise to always make you happy. I’ll do anything to make you smile.”

“I know you will and I promise to do the same. You have come to mean everything to me.” He kissed her softly then she cuddled as close as she could and fell asleep in the warm safety of his arms.

Marvin was happy to finally be in bed, exhausted after such a long journey. Embrae rubbed his back, helping to loosen cramped muscles. “Sorry I’m such a wuss, I need to get out more.” She flopped down next to him and kissed his nose.

“You are not a wuss, you are very strong and extremely talented. You’re an amazing person whose presence inspires confidence and loyalty. You are absolutely not a wuss.”

Marvin pulled her into his arms and gave her a long, loving kiss. He wanted her to know just how much of a treasure she was. “You are going to make one hell of a queen.” She let out a soft laugh and rested her head on his chest. “By the way, I think you were right about that reincarnation stuff. My dad told me about these two warriors who held off an army of demons. Apparently we have their names.”

“I knew we were destined to be together. I felt it the moment we held hands. Finding you was a stroke of luck and I’m so glad I did. I love you so much and I will forever.”

“Me too my love, I swear on all I hold dear that my heart will forever belong to you in life and death. I will always come back to you.” She felt herself tear up at his sweet words and kissed him, her heart beating out a wild rhythm as her happiness spilled over. Their hearts were eternally connected and they both vowed to keep it that way. They slept soundly that night, holding tightly to each other and the promise of always being loved.


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