Maude & Hugh 2

Chapter One

Hugh watched as Maude and Isaac practiced dancing before class. He had made them partners of his studio and they helped him teach classes. He felt a little jealous of her dancing with Isaac, but knew they were only friends and that he would get to dance with her once class started. When people started to come in Isaac switched off the music and changed the CD while Maude ran over to Hugh and gave him a kiss. “Are you ready for class?” She asked excitedly.

“Always, I’ve been wanting to dance with you all morning.”

“Today, I’ve chosen something sexy to dance too, I hope you like it.”

One of the new students couldn’t take his eyes off of Maude as she and Hugh walked to the head of the class. “For those of you who don’t know I’m Hugh, this is Maude, and that is our friend Isaac. Maude and I will be instructing you today while Isaac helps you keep correct form with your partner. So lets get started.”

Maude switched on the CD player and Live With Me by The Twilight Singers started up. They moved slowly with each other, staying close as they let the music take them away. The young man looked at Maude each time he got a chance, enamored by her beauty and grace. He had been wanting to meet her for awhile now, had been to all of her shows and had fallen in love with her the moment his eyes had touched her lithe form. Hugh felt his heart hammering in his chest as he slowly showed the class how to lift their partners, waited for Isaac to make corrections then lowered her slowly so she slid down the length of his body. They were both completely flushed by the time the song ended and bowed to the class.

“Lets take a breather and then we’ll do something more upbeat.” Hugh said and grabbed Maude’s hand, pulling her into his office. “No more sexy songs during classes.” He said huskily.

She grinned. “I’m sorry my love, I’ll make it up to you.” She gave him a long sweet kiss and he held her tightly to him.

“I love you, now be good.”

“Until we get home later you mean.” They went back out where Isaac was showing the students some good stretches. “Okay, now something fast and fun.” Maude said. “Why don’t you make corrections my love and let me dance with Isaac.”

“Alright.” He gave her a quick kiss her and let Isaac take his place.
As Nathan danced with his partner he wondered if he would ever get the chance to dance with Maude. It gave him motivation to dance even better and practice more. Nathan thought he might have a chance at even just one dance if he showed her how good he was. Even one dance would make him happy. Nathan did however know she was with Hugh which is why he wasn’t hoping for me. He felt real love for her and as his parents always taught him, love wasn’t selfish.

Hugh found himself calming easily from the excitement before as he danced with his partner. He was actually glad Maude switched back to Issac so he’d have the opportunity to calm down. Last thing he wanted was an embarrassing performance from his pants infront of their students. Class went by quickly as always until it was time to sweep the floors and lock up.

“why don’t you two go home. I’ll sweep” isaac offered. “thanks” Maude said before kissing his cheek. “eh, I’ve been leaving you two to do it alot lately and you need to put out that fire you started in Hugh” Maude laughed “bye goofball”
“He’s way too observant.” Hugh said as they stepped out of the dance studio.

“He’s a dancer, he must be observant, must pay attention to the cues of his partner. He has to see when I am about to jump, if I am hurt, what emotions are playing out through my movements.”

They went around to the passenger side of Hugh’s car and he pulled the door open for her. She smiled and climbed in then he shut it before walking around to the driver side. Maude noticed a young man standing at the bus stop across the street and rolled down her window. “Excuse me.” She yelled and waved at him to come over. He looked both ways then ran across the street.


“I thought I recognized you, you were in class today.”

“Yeah, I’m Nathan.” His nervousness made her smile.

“How far away do you live from here?”

“Oh, I don’t need a ride if that’s what you’re asking. My roommate is coming to pick me up and I told him I’d be at the bus stop.”

“Good, thank you for joining us today. Will we be seeing you again?”

“Yeah, of course.”

She gave him a big smile. “Stay safe then Nathan.” She rolled the window up and Hugh pulled away. “What a sweet boy.”

“He has a crush on you.” Hugh replied.

“How can you tell?”

“Because he looks at you the way I do, complete and utter adoration. It’s not creepy or anything.”

“I never notice these things because the only eyes that matter are yours my love. I only ever feel you looking at me when I dance and I like it that way. You make me feel so alive, you fill me with passion.” He didn’t know why her admission sent his heart into a frenzy or why it made him want her more, but it did and even now it was still such a shock.
They finished their drive home then quickly went inside. Hugh only waited for the door to be shut before kissing at Maudes neck and getting her out of her clothes. The couch was the nearest thing to them so he sat down, pulling her on top of him. He didn’t take very long to get hard nor her to get wet so Maude pushed herself around his cylinder then began to go up and down, slightly moving forward then back as she did it. He particularly liked it that way.

Hugh gave Maudes breasts a hard squeeze when she finally made him reach the point of release. Maude held herself up enough to let Hugh fall out then Hugh carried her to the kitchen where he sat her in one of their chairs and grabbed them each a cold soda from the fridge. Maude gulped a portion of it down. She had really been needing a drink but knew her boyfriend needed her badly.

“You’re so amazing Maude” hugh said as he sat down. “I know, how about a shower after we catch our breath and get a bit more liquid in us”

“sounds good”
After finishing their sodas then drinking some water, Hugh lifted Maude into his arms and carried her into the bathroom where he sat her on the counter. She sat there smiling while he started the shower and tested the water before turning back to her and picking her up. She kissed his cheek as he lowered her feet into the tub then stepped in after her. “I love you.” She said and pushed a strand of wet hair away from her face.

“I love you too my beautiful dancing goddess.”

“I don’t know about goddess.”

“You are, when you’re dancing you look like some wild, sexy old world goddess. Like Aphrodite or Artemis, so beautiful and graceful. When I watch you dance with Isaac, I can’t take my eyes off of you. You are art in motion.”

She smiled and pulled him into a kiss. She always loved when he said such sweet things. He grabbed her body wash once she pulled back and squeezed some into his hand. She gave a contented sigh as his hands moved over her, massaging her muscles after a long day of dancing. She rinsed then took her turn washing him, enjoying the feel of his skin and the definition of his muscles beneath her fingers. He rinsed and they got out, drying each other then going into their room to dress. She pulled on panties and one of his shirts while he threw on a pair of sweats. “Can we order out tonight?” She asked.

“How about I go pick up some sushi. Spicy tuna?”

“Sounds delicious. Oh, what’s on our schedule?”

“We’ve been asked to do a performance at Syracuse University in New York and then after that a Q and A with the students. We’ve also been invited to perform at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.”

Her eyes lit up. “Really, that’s amazing. I can’t wait, New York and then London, I’m so excited.” She kissed him excitedly. “Isaac is going to be so happy.”

He chuckled and hugged her tightly. “Okay, let me get dressed and get us some sushi.” He went back into their room and pulled on a t-shirt, socks and shoes then grabbed his wallet and keys. He kissed her again on his way out the door and she giggled at his constant affection. She decided to make a CD for tomorrows class while she waited, filling it with different kinds of music to show their students you could dance to anything.
When she heard his keys unlocking their door she got up excitedly and greeted him with a hug. They took their sushi to the table and poured glasses of water before enjoying their rolls. “thank you baby. I made a new CD for class tomorrow. It has a lot of different music so we can further show them they can dance to anything atall”

“good idea. I guess you didn’t mind that it took me so long to get the sushi then”

“Nope, I was busy the whole time” They finished their rolls then Maude texted Isaac to tell him what was on their agenda. She smiled when she received his text back ‘he’s really excited”

“Couldn’t wait till tomorrow to tell him?”

“What we have planned was too amazing. I’m putting my phone down now”

“Good” They watched tv until they were tired then went to bed. The next day they readied themselves and went straight to the dance studio. To start things off they announced their plans to let their students know they would be gone for awhile.
Nathan felt a little disappointed he wouldn’t be getting to spend more time with Maude. He had enjoyed the class the day before and she had been so nice to him even though he had lied about being picked by a nonexistent roommate. He couldn’t very well tell her the truth, that he lived with his mother who was an alcoholic and counted on him to take care of her. Maude had been his one saving grace. “Nathan, are you alright?” Maude asked and he jumped.

“Uh yeah, when are you three leaving?”

“Next week, sorry you just started classes and now we’re leaving you.”

“Oh it’s alright.”

“Would you like to be my dance partner today?”

He looked at her surprised. “Would Hugh be okay with that?”

“Of course.” She turned. “Hugh, I’m going to dance with Nathan for a couple of songs.”

“Okay love.” Hugh replied and Maude turned back to Nathan.

Isaac started the music and grabbed the female student who was left. Hugh walked around helping make corrections and praising the students. He looked over at Maude and Nathan and frowned when he saw the underlying sadness on the boys face as he talked and danced with Maude. He would talk to Maude during break and see if she had found out anything about the boy. After the first song he switched places with Isaac, having fun and laughing with the young woman that was his partner. They called for a break after another song and Hugh made his way over to Maude, taking her hand. “I need to borrow her for a moment.” He said.

“Oh, okay.” Nathan said and gave Hugh a nervous smile.

“What is it my love?” Maude asked once they were in the office.

“What do you know about him?”

“Not much, he doesn’t seem like he likes talking. Why?”

“He’s got this look on his face that’s kind of sad and almost tired, like he’s depressed.”
“aw, I hadn’t noticed. Maybe we could invite him out with us and he might open up”

“see what he wants to do. You seem to be the main one he likes. As i said, he has a crush on you”

“I will” When their break was over Maude began dancing with Nathan again, her wanting to spend so much time with him lighting up his depressing world. “so, my husband and I were talking and we wanted to know if you’d like to go out with us and Isaac to do somthing?”

“really?” he asked in a disbelieving tone. “yes really, what would you like to do?”


‘Pick somthing”

“can I think on it?”

“Yep, tell me at the end of class” She loved his sweet smile. Maude was glad Hugh had been paying enough attention so they could put it there. The end of class came and Maude asked ‘so?”

“do you guys want to go to dinner at Cook Out?”

“love that place” Maude said with a bright smile. he returned it with a shy one. “Um, can i ride with you guys?’ Nathan asked and Maude said ‘of course, come on.”

Chapter Two

Maude and Hugh sat up front while Isaac sat in back with Nathan who was nervous and excited all at once to be with them, especially Maude whose warm smile helped put him at ease. They talked about their upcoming trip and the three of them included Nathan as much as possible. Once they made it to their destination they all got out and went inside, happy to see there was no line. “Shouldn’t you call your roommate and tell him not to pick you up?” Maude asked as they all looked at the menu.

“Oh…uh yeah, but…the thing is…” A look of sadness filled his face.

“There is no roommate is there?”

“I’m sorry I lied to you.”

“Let’s order our food then find a place to sit.”


They all ordered then found a seat in a corner booth where Nathan sat looking at the table. “So, tell us what’s going on Nathan.” Hugh said.

“I lied because I was embarrassed.” Nathan replied.

“You’re not homeless are you?” Isaac asked worriedly.

“No, nothing like that. You see, it’s my mom, she’s an alcoholic and I take care of her. I dropped out of school last year to make sure she didn’t hurt herself or anyone else. She used to drive down to the liquor store after she’d already been drinking so I sold the car and got a job. I saw Maude on TV one day and watching her dance made life bearable.”

Hugh understood the boys love for Maude now. It wasn’t so much romantic love as a young man looking for someone who cared. Maude was sweet and empathetic, she was always open and kind and this boy saw that. “Oh Nathan, I’m sorry sweetie.” Maude said as she reached across the table and grabbed Nathan’s hand.

“It’s not your fault. I was sad today because once you guys leave I’ll have to go back to completely focusing on my mom and work.”

“Your mother is an adult, she shouldn’t be putting you in this position.” Hugh chimed in.
Nathan shrugged then Isaac continued “it isn’t healthy Nathan. You don’t need to be taking care of her if she isn’t even trying to get sober”

‘she’ll hurt herself or someone else if I dont help her”

“then it will have to happen. You can’t waste your life Nathan. Look, why don’t you live with me and get away from her” Isaac offered. “I couldn’t do that”

“you can and I hope you will” Maude said. His eyes looked like Nathan wanted to cry. “what if my mom gets hurt when i leave?”

“Its a mothers job to worry over her children, not the other way around. It’s ridiculous you’re taking care of her and Maude and I will help you with school” Hugh interjected. “thank you guys”

“so you’re moving in with me?” Isaac asked and Nathan sighed “I want to”

“I hear a but in your voice Nathan” Maude pointed out and he looked at her, those sad eyes tugging at her heart “she’s just my mother and I love her so much. before she drank she was a great mom”
“What happened to make her like this?”

“Well dad left and then she lost her job because she was caught drinking booze at work. So it just got worse. It started when I was sixteen and I was so afraid she would get in an accident and kill someone or herself and I felt like I owed her for raising me and being such an amazing mom before.”

Hugh’s name was called and Isaac got up to get their food. “You don’t owe her a damn thing. She chose to raise you, not the other way around. A parent should never try to guilt their child into anything. Move in with Isaac, we’ll help you get you G.E.D. and get into college. If you want to pursue a career in dance you can use the studio to practice free of charge.” Isaac came back with their food, sat the tray down then went back for their drinks.

“I just don’t know, what about work?”

“Quit.” Isaac said as he put their drinks on the table then sat down. “I’ll pay the bills while you go to school.”

“And Hugh and I will pay your tuition.” Maude added.
“thank you so much” was all Nathan could say. “not a problem. Why dont we stop by your house and grab you some clothes and we’ll properly move you tomorrow. if you dont want to see your mom tonight you’re welcome to wear some of my things tomorrow” Isaac offered. “I’d like to grab a few of my own things”

‘then we will, eat up” Maude said and they all began eating. Nathan was nervous when they pulled up to his home but he went in to find his mother knocked out drunk again. He packed his suitcase with things he would need tonight and tomorrow then went back out to the car. “did your mom say anything?’ Hugh asked “No, she’s passed out from drinking again” Hugh groaned “I’m glad I was paying attention to you. I’m sorry to say it but what a poor excuse for a mom”

“well my dad isn’t a winner either. He hasn’t bothered with me atall”
“His loss because you’re a great kid.” Maude said and he blushed and smiled.

“And I want you to feel free to make my apartment as homey as you like.” Isaac added, patting his back.

“Thanks, I should call her tomorrow though and explain what’s going on. I don’t really want to talk to her in person, she might make me feel guilty.”

“Don’t let her talk you back into going home, you deserve a fresh start.” Hugh said as he pulled away from the house. He drove to Isaac’s apartment and pulled into the parking lot. “Look, I have something to ask you since you’re going to be part of our family. Would you like to come with us to New York and London?”

Nathan blinked and swallowed. “You want me to go?”

“Yeah, you’d get to learn a few things, meet new people and have two schools you might want to consider if you go into the performing arts. Afterwards we can do some sightseeing.”

“That would be amazing, I’ve never been out of state or out of the country. Thank you.” He looked truly touched and Isaac nudged him with his elbow.

“You alright?” Isaac asked.

“Yeah, I’m happy.”

“Good, we’ll see you two later then. We’ll buy you a bed tomorrow okay?” Maude said and he nodded. Hugh popped the trunk and Nathan grabbed his suitcase before following Isaac inside.
“I’m really glad you aren’t the jealous type Hugh.” maude said as she grabbed his hand and continued. “You may not have seen the horrible life he was living if you would have just gotten mad”

“what’s there to be jealous about when I know you’re nothing but faithful to me” Maude kissed Hughs cheek then just looked out the window until they arrived home. At home they relaxed for a little bit on the couch to unwind for bed then fell asleep easily in eachothers arms. The next day Nathan seemed a little tense but who could blame him since he had to talk to his mother about leaving today.
“Here, you can use my phone.” Isaac said and handed Nathan his cell. “We’ll get you one too.”

“Thanks.” He dialed his mom’s number and waited. It rang through to the answering machine so he hung up and redialed. It rang through again and this time he left a message. “Mom, it’s Nathan. We need to talk, I’m uh I’m not coming home. Just call me back at this number. I love you.” He hung up and handed Isaac his phone.

“She didn’t answer?”

“No, she’s probably still passed out. She’ll have a hangover.”

“That’s not your problem anymore and I’m sure she’ll find the Tylenol.”

Nathan nodded. “I hope so. So uh, class today?”

“Nope, studio’s closed today.”

“So what do we do?”

“Maude wanted to take you bed shopping and I’m sure she’ll also want to get you new clothes and shoes. We can get you a cell phone and even your own computer if you like.”

“You guys shouldn’t spend so much money on me. I’ll never be able to pay you back.”

“You don’t have to do that, you’re part of the family now. Once we get back from our trip we can get you started getting your G.E.D.”
“thank you again”

‘Thank us by living the life your mother nearly robbed you of” Maude said and they headed over to Sleepys to pick him a bed. They browsed and made absolute sure he picked the one he felt most comfortable on. With that purchased and a delivery date set they headed over to the mall since it would have a large selection of clothes for Nathan to pick from. Nathan couldn’t believe he was actually picking new clothes. Everything he had was from before his mother drank.

Having gone so long without shopping for clothes made it difficult to pick things but Maude, Hugh and Isaac were in no hurry. When Nathan had a decent amount of clothing Maude paid then had Isaac run the bags to the car while they found a shoe store. He was having trouble deciding between a pair of Vans or DCs so Hugh bought both despite Nathans protests. “Now we just need a phone and a nice laptop”
“You really don’t have too.” Nathan said.

“Yes we do, no arguing.” Maude replied as they made their way to one of the cell phone kiosks. “Pick out what you want and don’t worry about the price.”

He looked at all of the phones then picked out the one he liked the most. Maude and Hugh put him on their plan then handed over his phone. “Thank you.”

“What kind of laptop do you want?” Hugh asked.

“It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. Just something I can do school work on I guess.”

“How about we get you something simple for now then and when you feel like upgrading you just tell us.”

“Okay.” As they were heading out of the mall to go to Staples, Isaac’s phone rang and he pulled it out of his pocket. It was a number he didn’t recognize.

“I think your mom is calling Nathan.” Isaac said.

Nathan took a deep breath and took the phone, sliding over the answer icon. “Mom?”

“Where the hell are you?” She asked angrily.
“I’m with my new friends mom. I’m going to be living with them for now on”

“the hell you are. I need you” It seemed hard for Nathan to say but they were all proud of him for responding with “No mom you don’t. You are a grown woman and if you choose to get yourself drunk then you can take care of yourself during the consequences of your choice. I’m going to get my GED and I’m going to college and I’m going to be somthing. You can’t rob me of my future anymore mom…I’m not going to let you”

“Fine, leave your mother. Abandon her when she needs you”

“You wont guilt me mom. Stop trying” Eventually Nathan had to hangup on her because she wouldnt stop. He looked disconsolate as he held the cellphone so Maude hugged him “Hopefully she’ll come around and maybe even go to rehab. If she doesnt thats on her, not you. Its amazing you took care of her as long as you did Nathan. Don’t let anything she says make you feel bad”

“It’s just hard. I love her so much”

“Because you have a big heart and she’ll always be your mother.”

“I just wish there was anyway to make her sober. She was such a good person sober and I know she can be the woman she was if she’d just quit drinking”

“Sadly there isn’t a way to force somone off alcohol. We just have to hope shes smart enough to help herself”
“I know, I just hate that she’s like this.” He took a deep breath and handed Isaac his phone. “I’ll be alright, thank you.”

“Let’s get you your laptop then get something to eat.” Hugh said and patted Nathan on the back.

Finding a laptop was easy once they were at Staples. Hugh made sure to get Nathan the best, not wanting his computer to freeze or crash simply because it couldn’t handle loading a video on YouTube. Once it was paid for he handed the box to Nathan who once again looked on the verge of tears from recieving another gift from them. He never cried, just thanked them as he followed them out to the car.

“What would you like to eat?” Maude asked and Nathan shrugged.

“What’s your favorite food?”

“I really like hot wings.”

“Hot wings it is.” Hugh started up the car and drove them to Nando’s. They had the best wings he had ever tasted.
They ate and talked about Nathans future. It was proving to get him over his mother. He knew it would always weigh on him even just a little since he did love her so much but he knew he would be an idiot to pass up this chance at life. It may never come around a second time and there was no guarantee his mother would ever go back to the woman she was before his father left them. They enjoyed classes together until it was time for their trip. Maude, High and Isaac loved how wide eyed and happy Nathan was as they traveled. It felt good to do somthing like this for another person, especially for such an obviously good person. They couldn’t wait to see the man he would become with an actual chance at reaching his potential.

~ The End ~

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