Maureen & Joey 2

Chapter One

“Ou est-il?” Maureen said angrily as she opened her drawers and looked under her bed. “Merde!”

“Whoa sis what’s with the cussing?” Hunter asked as he stuck his head in from the hall. “I remember that word.”

“Sorry, I can’t find my phone. I had it right here last night and now I cannot find it.”

“What almost eighteen year old can’t even keep track of her phone?”

“Obviously the kind who has spent three years with a sarcastic older brother who is never any help.”

Hunter laughed and walked in, reaching under her pillow and pulling her cell phone out. He held it up in front of her and she snatched it out of his hand, making him laugh harder. “You spend every night talking to Joey before falling asleep on the phone. Last time it was under the bed and this time it was under your pillow.”

“Enfant sarcastique. Thank you.” She kissed his cheek. “I’ll see you after school.”

“Joey picking you up today?”

“No, he had some college stuff to do so mom is taking me.”

“Alright don’t be late.”

Maureen headed downstairs, grabbing the bagel her father held out for her. “Have a good day sweetie.”

“I will papa, thank you for the bagel.” She followed her mother out to the car, climbing into the passenger seat. Her mother dropped her off and she told her she loved her before running up the steps and heading to class. She made sure her phone was on silent before sitting down.

“Hey Maureen, beautiful as always.” Kyle said from next to her.

“Kyle, thank you as always. What do you want? I already told you I am dating Joey and that’s not going to change.”

“But he’s away at college, come on. He won’t know.”

“He is not away at college, he lives in town and will be seeing me tomorrow and this weekend for my birthday and after that I will be living with him so stop asking or I will let my brother know you won’t leave me alone.” She faced forward, her attention on her English teacher. Kyle irritated her beyond words and she was becoming tired of his advances. She didn’t like being mean or rude to people, she tried to be friends with everyone in her school, but Kyle was a different story.

Kyle was practically laying in his chair. Angered once again by Maureen shooting him down. He wasn’t afraid of her brother so didn’t understand why she would use that as a threat. If they came to blows he could always have her brother arrested since Hunter was an adult and he wasn’t yet. He wasn’t afraid of her boyfriend either since Kyle was well aware how nerdy Joey was. Some computer geek could never best him in a fight and had the same problem Hunter would, Joey was an adult and he wasn’t. He huffed and the teacher stopped talking “Sit up in that seat and stop pouting. The girl doesn’t want you and you need to get over it. It’s sad how you behave when you’re so near being an adult”

The teachers scold only pissed him off more and he decided to walk out of class. It was an act Kyle knew would land him in detention but at this moment he didn’t much care. Maureen was glad to see Kyle go and concentrated on todays lesson. She couldn’t wait to see Joey tomorrow. She was especially excited about finally moving in with him so they could be together at night instead of just having their phones to keep them connected.

Joey glanced at the clock and willed time to move faster. He had not seen Maureen in three days since his schedule had been packed with computer science seminars and having to study for exams. After this he had to head to his wushu class which he hoped would help distract him. He knew the longer he kept his eyes on the clock the slower it would seem to tick off the minutes. He sighed and tore his eyes away, allowing them to once again stare at the thirty something speaker who had come to tell them about his successful business and what he did to achieve his dream.

Maureen pulled her gym clothes on and sent Joey a quick text telling him she loved him and couldn’t wait to see him. She sat her phone in her locker with her other things then headed into the gym. She smiled at one of her friends named Nonna and the girl huried over to her. “I can’t believe what Kyle did today.” She immediately said and Maureen rolled her eyes.

“You know how I feel about gossip.” She replied.

“Sorry, I know it’s irritating, but he’s acting like such a baby. It’s like he doesn’t know what no means.”

“Some boys are stupid like that.” Their teacher called for them to stand in rows with a good amount of distance between them. Maureen loved her gym class since it incorporated many types of exercise. They always started out with a quick warm up and then went right into kickboxing.

“So what are you going to do if he hits on you again?” Nonna asked as they stretched.

“I don’t know, ignore him I suppose. He needs to learn that I am already taken.”

“So who all have you invited to the party this weekend?”

“You, Hayley, Christopher, Abram, Bethany, and of course Joey.”

“Kyle is friends with Christopher so he may show up.”

“As long as he does not cause trouble I don’t care.”

“You are more patient than I could ever be. he’s being such a creep”

“Lets just exercise Nonna”

“sorry, ok” The day went by slowly for both Maureen and Joey but it did finally end. Maureen went to her room early tonight so tomorrow would come that much sooner. ¬†She got ready for bed as she always did before calling Joey, slid under her covers and dialed his number. Joey answered quickly making Maureen smile “waiting on my call?”

“Aren’t I always?”

“vous √™tes mon monde”

“et tu es √† moi”

“votre voix est si sexy quand vous parlez fran√ßais avec moi. Je suis heureux que vous vouliez apprendre”

“Je ferais n’importe quoi pour vous, surtout quand si √ßa me rend plus sexy” Maureen laughed and Joey happily sighed. “You excited about your birthday my love?”

“Very, I can’t wait to move in with you”

“You have no idea how ready i am for that. I hate going days without seeing you”

“Lets just hope you don’t get tired of seeing me all the time.”

“Don’t speak such nonsense” Joey said then Marueen laughed again. She told Joey about her day, leaving out what happened with Kyle. She didn’t want any drama at her party and hoped Kyle had the sense to behave around her boyfriend. If she was lucky Kyle wouldn’t attend atall but she knew she wasn’t that lucky. She had used all her luck when she got Joey to fall in love with her.

“So what time will you be here tomorrow?”

“Noon. I have a couple of morning classes then I have to go pick up your gift.”

“What is it?”

“Nice try beautiful, but you don’t get to see until your birthday.” She huffed and he laughed. “I bet you are making the most adorable pouty face.”

“Maybe I am.”

“I can’t wait to kiss you again, I have been missing you more than you know.”

“I think I know perfectly well because my heart aches when you are not here. I just want to curl up next to you and fall asleep among other things.”

He laughed again then they talked until Maureen finally fell asleep midway through their conversation. “I love you so much baby, sweet dreams.” He said softly then put his phone on speaker phone and sat it on his pillow. He loved falling asleep to her soft breathing.

Maureen woke to a dead phone so she got up and plugged it in. She then went to her dresser and pulled out a pair of jeans and a tshirt Joey liked since she would get to actually spend time with him today. When Maureen arrived in front of the bathroom door her brother was in there relieving himself as he did first thing every morning so she leaned against the wall and waited. It didn’t take long for him to walk out and smile “dolled up sister time. You shouldn’t fuss so much when you see Joey. He’d like you just the way you are when you know he’s not coming around.”

“I’m sure he might but I’d prefer to be showered and have my makeup on.” Hunter smiled then walked to his bedroom. Maureen entered the bathroom and adjusted her water before stepping under it’s relaxing spray. She didn’t know what time it was since she relied on her phone for that so she just took her time with no intention of hurrying. Maureen couldn’t believe her parents were letting her miss school today to spend time with Joey. They really were kind, loving parents and she was so happy they found her. Christophe and Jackie were always kind and caring but living with them was nothing like living with her real family

Joey tried to keep his nose on the book they were reading in class, The Canterbury Tales. It was hard to pay attention when he would be seeing Maureen soon. When class was just about out the instructor asked them to do a report on what they had read. Joey put his book in his bag and hurried to the last class of the day, his French class. “Hey Joey, can we sit together today?” A young woman named Lydia asked. It was the same every day.

“Sure.” He replied as he took a seat.

“Have any plans this weekend?”

“Yes, I’m going to a birthday party.”

“Need a plus one?”

He glanced at her then back up front. “No, it’s for my girlfriend.”

“Such a shame, all the hot guys are taken.” He rolled his eyes. She always said this as if one day he and Maureen wouldn’t be together. He allowed his mind to drift, the instructor’s voice fading away as he stared at the clock. Half an hour later he was running to his car, wanting to hurry and pick up the necklace he had bought for Maureen. It was a heart with a rose in the center and on the back were the words “I love you” in French. He knew she would love it. He had asked for it to be gift wrapped and planned on asking Cedric if he could stay the night that way he could give it to her the morning of her birthday.

He pulled up to the shop, glad to see it wasn’t bustling with people as it had been the day he purchased Maureens gift. The man brought it out to Joey who thanked him before running out. His body was tingling with excitement as he drove down the rode. He was giddy by the time he pulled up to Maureens house and got out of his car. Days were far too long to be without her. Maureen heard Joeys door slam. She had been waiting in the living room so that she would know the second he arrived. She had the door open before Joey could even knock.

They hugged eachother excitedly and briefly kissed. Joey wished the contact could ahve lasted longer but didn’t want to be disrespectful to her parents. He worried about their feelings even more so today than he normally would since he would be asking to stay the night. They had never refused him but it made him nervous all the same. “we haven’t eaten lunch yet. Are you hungry?” Maureen asked. “Of course, what are we eating?”

“I was going to make some burgers” Cedric said. “that sounds delicious” Joey answered.

“Why don’t you come on out and help an old man.”

“Uh oh.” Hunter said as Joey followed Cedric out back. Maureen went to follow and Hunter grabbed her wrist. “Just let it be.”

“What is dad going to do?”

“Nothing, probably.”

Joey stood next to the barbeque pit while Cedric flipped burgers, feeling a little nevous and wondering if he had done something wrong. “Have I done something to offend you sir?”

“No, not at all, I just needed someone to hold the plate.” He pointed with the spatula and Joey picked up the plate sitting on the picnic table and Cedric lifted the fully cooked patties off the grill. “You need to stop worrying so much, we’re not going to kill you.”

“I can’t help it, you’re her father so of course I’ll be nervous.” He sighed. “Would it be alright with you if I stayed the night. I would sleep on the couch of course. I just want to be the first one to wish her a happy birthday.”

“Look, she’s going to be eighteen tomorrow so you don’t have to ask to stay anymore. Besides she’ll probably end up going home with you tomorrow anyway. I trust you to be safe and respectful.” Joey swallowed nervously and Cedric placed a hand on his shoulder. “I’m damn glad it was you Joey and not some other boy. You’ve been good to her so stop worrying so much.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Enough with the sir, you pactically lived here as a kid so Cedric will do.” He put the last of the patties on the plate. “Go ahead and take those inside while I get this turned off.”

Joey walked inside, smiling at Maureen as he passed her. When Maureen smiled back he would have dropped the plate if he wasn’t prepared for it. He loved that sweet, beautiful smile and hoped to inspire a large one when he gave her his gift. Joey set the burgers down on the kitchen table as Maureen and her family walked in the kitcehn. Maureen gave Joey another hug which he held longer since Cedric gave him that encouraging talk outside. They ate and talked. It was a wide ranged conversation. They discussed School, tomorrow, memories, and just life in general.

When everyone was done eating Maureen said “Joey and I can clean up guys” Anything was fun to Maureen when Joey was doing it with her and she planned on asking about her present again. Nobody was going to argue with an offer to do dishes so they walked out as Maureen and Joey took the dishes to the sink. They talked as they washed, rinsed and set them in the dishwasher. Randomly Maureen threw in the conversation “so what’s my gift?” Joey laughed “trying to trick me?”

“merde” Joey laughed “vous n’avez plus qu’√† attendre jusqu’√† demain. Soyez patient ma belle enchanteresse” Maureen smiled “I truly do love you Joey. With all that I am”

“I know, I feel the same.” When they were done they shut the dishwasher that had a faulty name in their house. Nobody ever used it as anything more than a drain board.

“So, what did you and my father talk about?” She asked as she leaned against the counter.

“Telemarketing.” He answered.

“Come on, seriously.”

“He just needed someone to hold the plate and I asked if I could stay here tonight.”

“What did he say?”

“Yes, of course. I think he gave me the go ahead to stay in your room.” She blushed and looked at her feet. “Hey if it’s to soon for that then I understand, there’s a perfectly good couch in the living room. I’ll be ready when you’re ready.” He tipped her head back and brushed his thumb over her cheek.

Chapter Two

“It’s okay, I don’t mind. We wouldn’t be doing anything would we?”

“Not here, I’m not quite comfortable enough for that. We could just cuddle or stay up and talk or both. Like I said, whatever you want to do I want to do, there’s no rush.”

She gave him her heartstopping smile. “You really are the best boyfriend a girl could ask for.”

“And hopefully someday I’ll be the best fiance and the best husband and maybe even the best father. I want it all with you Maureen.” He leaned in and kissed her, allowing himself to enjoy the sweetness of her lips until he heard someone clear their throat.

“I wouldn’t have bothered you two, but you’re kind of in the way and I want a soda.” Hunter said and pointed at the refrigerator.

“Sorry.” They both said in unison and moved as Hunter did his best not to laugh. He grabbed a Pepsi out of the fridge and walked back out. “Carry on.” He said as h exited the kitchen.

“I think we should adjourn to the back yard with your family.”

“Yes, I agree.” Maureen’s face was still bright red and Joey gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, thinking she was the most adorable thing he had ever seen.

Kyle called up his friend Christopher to ask if he wanted to go bowling tomorrow. “Can’t man, I’m going to Maureens eighteenth birthday party”

“Could I come?”

“I don’t see why not. I’ll pick you up before I head over there”


“No problem” Kyle hungup and went out to buy Maureen a present. He planned on finding somthing nice in hopes of getting her somthing nicer than Joey did. He was sure since they had been together for so long he was probably getting lazy with his presents. He felt all girls measured love with material things so if he bought her somthing over the top she may ditch Joey and become his. Outside Maureen and Joey just relaxed with Maureens family and enjoyed the day. It felt perfect outside and Maureen hoped it would feel this perfect tomorrow so they could have her party out in the yard.

“I think we should go in and play spit” Hunter suggested. “sure” Maureen said so they all went in and sat around the coffee table. Hunter was ridiculously good at this game he beat everyone at almost every hand they played. When Joey wasn’t around Hunter won a lot more but Joey was almost as good at this game as Hunter. They played it a lot the years Maureen was gone. It helped them get their mind off how sad they were.

When Maureen won a hand she very nearly jumped with joy, especially since it meant beating Hunter. After a couple more hands they put the cards away and switched on the TV. Rock N Rolla was on so they got lost in it Joey loved Maureen’s laugh and gave a contented sigh which made her family smile. They were truly happy she had said yes to Joey, that her connection to him had lasted through her life away from home. After the movie Hunter decided to nap and Jazelle went into the kitchen to pull the chicken out of the freezer she was going to use doe fried chicken. Cedric headed out to his shop to finish the music box he had been making for Maureen’s birthday.

“Do you want to go to the park?” Joey asked. “You know since it’s so nice.”

“Sure, let me just tell my mother where we’ll be.” She went into the kitchen and let Jazelle know that they would beback in time for dinner. Her mother told her to stay safe then Maureen gave her a kiss on the cheek and went back to Joey who was waiting patiently for her. They walked out to his car and he made sure her gift wasn’t in the front seat before opening the passenger door and letting her in. “Thank you.”

Being in Joey’s pesences always made her so happy. She loved the alone time they got and was overjoyed that they would be getting more of it. When they made it to the park, Joey got out and opened her door for her, making her smile. “God I love your smile.” He said and pulled her against him to kiss her.

“Joey, you silly boy, there are people here.” She giggled and her cheeks reddened.

“Sorry, you’re just so irresistible.”

“You have become more bold with your affection.”

“I’m sorry, it’s to much isn’t it?”

“Not at all. J’aime que vous besoin de moi. Mon¬†cŇďur¬†bat si vite tu m’embrasses.”

He chuckled as he grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the swings. “I hope to always make you feel that way. I really love you more than anything.”

As they played around and laughed they inspired smiles from a few other people at the park. Neither Maureen or Joey noticed them they were having so much fun together. Joey was disappointed when it was time for dinner but he took solace in the fact he could spend the night and would be able to move her stuff into his home after her birthday. They would then only be apart when they were in school. Maureen didn’t talk much about wanting to become anything but if she wanted to go to college he would support that though he would love to have her always at home when he was.

They arrived as Jazelle and Cedric were setting the table. At dinner they discussed the plans for tomorrow. Jazelle had to leave in the morning at eight to pick up Maureens cake. Everyone else would start putting up the small amount of decorations they got for the party. Maureen wanted some decorations but not a lot. She preferred small, simple parties over huge, over the top ones. After the exchange of goodnight Maureen and Joey went up to her room. Maureen felt extreamly nervous, far too nervous when it was only Joey in the room with her. “you don’t seem comfortable atall baby. I can leave if I need to”

“No, I want you to hold me.”

“I’m not going to do anything but hold you. I wouldn’t dare try anything until you told me its ok”

“I know Joey” They took their shoes off and crawled into bed. Joey pulled Maureen close and kissed her head. Maureen instantly relaxed in his arms and he smiled. “much better, I can finally hold you every night like I talked about when you agreed to be mine. I’ve thought of this every night Maureen”

“Me too” She said in a soft, comforted voice. Joey kissed her head again “You have always been the only woman for me”

“You’re so sweet Joe Joe” Joey chuckled “It’s still adorable when you say Joe Joe”

“You are and will always be my Joe Joe.” He tipped her head back and found her lips with his in a gentle kiss. She clung to his shirt and he moved so he was above her. “Joey.” She said against his lips.

“Don’t worry, I just want to kiss you.” He grabbed her hands and held them by her head, his fingers tangling with hers so she could see he wouldn’t try anything. “I love you so much.” He whispered and pressed his forehead against hers.

“I love you too.” He smiled and reclaimed his spot next to her. Her heart pounded in her chest, powered by her excitement and nervousness.

“Sweet dreams princess.”

“Sweet dreams mon amour.”

They fell asleep with her head on his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around her. Neither of them had ever known such bliss. The next morning Maureen woke to the chirping of birds, her movement woke Joey and he smiled happily down at her. “Good morning.” He said then gave her a gentle kiss.

“Good morning, did you sleep well?”

“Oh yes, I was so comfortable.”

“We should head downstairs. Mom has to get my cake so we should cook breakfast.”

He held her to him. “Hold on, one more thing.”

“What is it?”

“Happy birthday beautiful.”

She smiled and hugged him to her. She pulled back and said, “Now may I have my gift?”

“Sure. You get breakfast started and I’ll get your present.”

Maureen got off of Joey then hopped off the bed. Joey smiled again at her excitement then they walked down the stairs. Joey went to the car while Maureen went to the kitchen. She decided to make french toast for everyone. She hadn’t even thought about how she looked this morning. Joey had started it so sweetly her make up or hair didn’t cross her mind. Joey came back into the kitchen holding his present. “can I open it?” she asked and he said ¬†“You better finish cooking breakfast first. After that you can open it”

“I guess I could wait a little longer.” Joey sat there admiring Maureen as she cooked. He had a saccharine grin that could have given him diabetes if it was actually as sweet as it looked. Hunter walked in a little later and smiled “see, he doesn’t care if your make up looks nice or if you’ve brushed your hair from the night before” Maureen now finally relaized and smiled. Obviously Joey still thought she was beautiful so she didn’t think much about it “yeah, you were right” Maureen said in response to Hunter. “why would you have ever been concerened about that?” Joey asked, that sweet smile still on his face. Hunter smirked “yeah I mean look at him. That ridiculous smile and shimmering eyes. He looks like an idiot. That only happens to men when they really lov someone which means more than their looks”

Maureen laughed and Joey blushed. Hunter sat at the table, soon followed by his parents. Jazelle quickly ate hers and ran out. Finishing only shortly after everyone had theirs. “My present Joey” Maureen said, not even touching her food yet. Joey gave her the box and she unwrapped it excitedly Hunter and cedric looked curiously at the soon naked box. Maureen finished getting it open then pulled out the necklace with aw on her face.

“Do you like it?”

“Oh Joey, elle est parfaite. Voulez-vous s’il vous plait mettre?” She said excitedly and Hunter and Cedric just blinked in confusion. “Oh sorry.” She said as Joey tok the necklace and she held her hair up. “I told him it was perfect and asked him to put it on. I got excited, sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry sweetie, it’s a wonderful gift.” Cedric replied.

“Good job Joey.” Hunter said with a wink.

“I’m glad you like it, it took forever to pick out. I wanted it to be special.”

“It reminds me of the night you asked me to teach you French. Thank you so much.” She hugged him and then kissed his cheek.

“Well we all better get ready for the day then I have to get the steaks started and Hunter has to get the fries in the oven. I’m sure you’ll want to be made up for company my dear.”

“Yes papa. Joey did you bring clothes?”

“No, Hunter can I borrow some of yours.”

“Of course, just go up and grab some and you two can shower first while I get the fries started.”

A blush creeped up Maureen’s neck and Joey grabbed her hand. “Don’t worry, you can shower first then I’ll go. Hunter was just teasing anyway.”

Maureen just left her breakfast where it sat, much too excited about the day for all that. She grabbed a change of clothes then went into the bathroom. She took a shorter shower than normal to make sure Joey had enough hot water. She dried then dressed before exiting the bathroom. Joey greeted Maureen with a surprise kiss on the cheek “jamais le plus audacieux, vous ne pouvez pas sembler cesser de m’embrasser mon amour beau addict”

“Sauf si vous voulez que j’arr√™te alors je ne peux tout simplement pas m’en emp√™cher. Je n’ai plus √† vous soucier de d√©ranger vos parents si mon adoration s’est d√©tach√©e il est laisse normale.” Maureen went to her room as Joey entered the bathroom. She began to apply her makeup, occasionally glancing at her new necklace. After Joey had pulled his clothes on he noticed it was time to dye his hair again. Before he just made sure it was maintained but college and trying to spend every moment he could with Maureen made him stop keeping his appointments. He made a mental note to set one up after Maureen was moved into his home.

He followed her voice downstairs where she was talking to her brother and mom. Jazelle had already returned with Maureens cake. They got busy hanging the few decorations Maureen requested of her parents then joined Cedric outside. Hunter tended to the fries, making sure none burned.

The doorbell rang a few minutes later and Maureen hurried to answer the door. She was immediately hugged by Nonna. Hayley, Abram and Bethany followed since they had rode with her. She was about to close the door when Christopher pulled up and got out with, to her dismay, Kyle. She greeted Christopher with a warm smile and a hug and nodded to Kyle.

“Where do we put the gifts?” Christopher asked.

“Oh on the dining room table.”

Everyone dropped off their gifts and headed out back where Maureen sat in Joey’s lap. Kyle rolled his eyes and sat down on the edge of the patio with Christopher and Abram, the latter of which was telling a story about his skate boading accident the week before. “May I sign your cast?” Maureen asked.

“Of course you can.” Maureen ran and got a marke then came back and wrote a funny message in French for him. “What does that say?”

“C’est ce que vous obtenez pour avoir manque le conseil, l’amour Maureen.” She said with a smile.

“Which means?”

“That’s what you get for missing the board, love Maureen.” She translated and everyone started laughing.

“That’s so cruel.” Abram said with false hurt.

“Poor baby.” Maureen teased and kissed his cheek. “Better now?”

“A little.” She got back in Joey’s lap, leaning down and kissing him on the lips.

“If you’re worried about me being jealous please don’t. I know how affectionate you are.” He whispered.

“I just want you to know that I love you and only you.”

Kyle wanted to throw up at the exchange of a kiss and words between Joey and Maureen. All of¬†Maureensfriends aside from Christopher had no idea why Kyle would come aside from causing trouble. They hoped he wouldn’t ruin the party in some manner. He wasn’t known for being the most mature and were a little upset at Christopher for bringing him. There wasn’t a student at school who didn’t know Kyle liked Maureen and made frequent advances. They had their lunch which was followed by¬†Jazelle¬†running inside to light the candles onMaureens¬†cake.¬†Jazelle¬†came out slowly and began the traditional birthday song when the others could hear.

Chapter Three

Maureens¬†friends joined in and¬†Jazelle¬†set the cake on the table outside. Everyone was served a slice and some¬†icecream. “when are we doing presents?” Kyle asked. “right after this” Cedric responded. Kyle just went back to eating. He was excited for Maureen to see his present. he wanted to know how it compared to whatever Joey bought for her. When plates were empty Cedric and¬†Jazelle¬†gathered them. Hunter said “lets go inside and do presents now” Everyone got up and went inside. Joeys anticipation peaked and he wore a smug smile. Despite what reality was Kyle was sure the second Maureen opened her gift she would be flying into his arms and leaving Joey.

No one has ever said much for the mind of an adolecent who refuses to mature. To top it off, even most of Kyles peers wouldn’t say much good about him and the function of his brain. Maureen unwrapped Nonnas first. It was a book they had been discussing about a month ago. “aw, thank you Nonna”

“So you didn’t buy it yet?”

“No, this is perfect”

“I’m glad.” Next Maureen opened her fathers gift and gasped. She opened the beautiful box and listened to the melody it played. She put the box down gently and ran to hug her father “thank you so much. You made this yourself didn’t you?”

“I did, I couldn’t buy the perfect thing so I made it. I love you so much my beautiful daughter”

“I love you too daddy” Next she opened Hunters and laughed. It was ten vials of the purple nail polish. Hunter let out a small laugh “when I accidently broke your bottle of nail polish I did say I’d replace it ten fold” Maureen giggled again “you’re such a dork”

“a dork who loves you. Happy birthday”

She hugged her brother then opened her mother’s present. It was a dress Maureen had been looking at. She gave her mother a hug then opened Christopher’s which was an iTunes gift card. “I didn’t know what music you liked.”

“Thank you so much.” Next was Bethany’s which was an ankle bracelet and Abram’s which was a year pass to the zoo. Hayley’s was a pair of amethyst earrings. She gave them all hugs, making them smile. The last was Kyles. She pulled it open and smiled when she saw the box. She opened it and pulled out the little clock that was shaped like the Eiffel Tower. “This is so cool.” She said and stood and hugged him. Even though he could be an idiot, she still appreciaed the gift.

“What did Joey get you?” Nonna asked and Mareen pulled away from Kyle.

“This beautiful necklace.” She held it up then turned it over so they could see the I love you.

“That is so cute.” Hayley chimed in.

“Wow man that way out does us.” Abram chimed in.

“I love all of your gifts, thank you so much. I can’t wait to put this clock in Joey’s apartment. It’s going to look beautiful on top of the entertainment center. Thank you Kyle.”

She hugged her brother then opened her mother’s present. It was a dress Maureen had been looking at. She gave her mother a hug then opened Christopher’s which was an iTunes gift card. “I didn’t know what music you liked.”

“Thank you so much.” Next was Bethany’s which was an ankle bracelet and Abram’s which was a year pass to the zoo. Hayley’s was a pair of amethyst earrings. She gave them all hugs, making them smile. The last was Kyles. She pulled it open and smiled when she saw the box. She opened it and pulled out the little clock that was shaped like the Eiffel Tower. “This is so cool.” She said and stood and hugged him. Even though he could be an idiot, she still appreciaed the gift.

“What did Joey get you?” Nonna asked and Mareen pulled away from Kyle.

“This beautiful necklace.” She held it up then turned it over so they could see the I love you.

“That is so cute.” Hayley chimed in.

“Wow man that way out does us.” Abram chimed in.

“I love all of your gifts, thank you so much. I can’t wait to put this clock in Joey’s apartment. It’s going to look beautiful on top of the entertainment center. Thank you Kyle.”

Kyle stood there frustrated. Not only was she not dumping Joey, she was talking about putting his gift inside the mans apartment. He wanted to scream or atleast groan but did neither. They were surrounded by people who would kick his ass if he made a scene and he was atleast smart enough to know he couldn’t win her over by ruining her birthday. “you’re welcome” He forced out. He was only able to push those words out because she did like the gift so much. He felt his foot had nudged the door open. All it took was Joey slipping up which would come since he was in college. College was filled with drinking and gorgeous women. He would undoubtedly cheat and Maureen would come running then and beg him to take her. He would of course oblige and they would in turn have the relationship he so craved with Maureen.

Maureens friends hung around a few hours longer then began to filter out of the house. She may not have greeted Kyle like she did the others but since he gave her such a nice gift she hugged him the way she did everyone else when he left. Kyle took this as a sign though it meant nothing in reality. When everyone was gone Hunter said ‘so you going to get packing?” Maureen hugged her parents “you ready for me to go? She asked and her mother answered “Never, but you can’t stay with us forever. Just don’t forget we exist, please visit often.”

“Of course I’ll visit. I was robbed of so many years with you. I will make sure to visit as frequently as I can” They hugged her then Joey retrieved her suitcase. They went upstairs and took all she wanted that would fit. “If you feel you need anything else we can load stuff in my car. I’ll bring you back next weekend and we’ll get the rest”

“what I have in the suitcase will do until next weekend’

“You two be careful.” Jazelle said as they came back down.

“Always mama.” She followed Joey out to his car and he opened her door before putting her suitcase in the back seat. She waved at her family as they pulled out of the driveway and onto the road, excited and nervous to be alone with Joey in his apartment. Her heart was beating so fast that she thought it might burst by the time they pulled into the parking lot. He got out and hurried around to her side of the car and pulled her door open then retrieved her suitcase. “I can carry that you know.”

“Please let me my love.”

“Okay, as you wish.”

Joey smiled and they headed upstairs to his apartment. He unlocked the door and let her in first, following and heading to the room to put her suitcase next to the door. “I hope this is okay.” He said as he tossed the keys on the counter and pulled her into his arms.

“I like it a lot actually. It’s very cozy and intimate.” She replied and smiled up at him.

“Someday I’ll get you a bigger place, I promise.”

“Always thinking ahead. I love you so much Joey, I don’t know what I would do without you. You filled a void I never knew I had.”

“I’m so glad you came back to me. It nearly killed me when you disappeared. I searched high and low for you, all I wanted was my beautiful, wonderful Maureen back. Thank you for being mine, for loving me the way I love you.” She swallowed the lump forming in her throat and pulled him down to kiss him, so happy she wanted to cry.

Joey felt her lip give a small hint of a quiver and pulled back “are you going to cry? Please don’t baby”

“I’m just so happy to be here with you” Joey gently caressed her cheek “I wish I knew how to tell you how happy I am you’ll be here with me every night. I can’t wait until you finish up the last bit of school. I know you might be considering college but atleast we’ll have the summer where I’ll get to see you all the time” Maureen kissed him again “do you want to cuddle until we’re ready for sleep? I really liked laying with you in my room”

“Nothing would make me happier¬†mon ch√©ri”

“Your voice was made to speak french. Did you know that?”

“I was made just for you. I’m sure of it” Joey said as they went into his bedroom. Maureen grabbed pajamas then changed in his bathroom while Joey changed in his closet. Joey finished before she did so was laying on the bed when Maureen came out. She smiled and crawled on the bed, settling against him the same way she did the night before. Joey gave a happy sigh and wrapped his arms around her. “I’m glad you’re more comfortable than last night. Remember that i wotn try anything until you tell me you’re ready for more than this”

“I know, it’s why I’m not nervous. I’m”

“stop it, don’t say you’re sorry for not being ready. I’ve told you before I wont have that. I’m with you because I love you. I don’t care about sex. We can wait until we’re married if that’s when you’re comfortable. I am not worried about it in the slightest Maureen”

“Isn’t that what all men say?”

“No and I mean it.”

“We don’t have to wait until we are married, it’s just I have never had sex before and it makes me a little nervous. I wanted to wait until I met the right person and I have, I just don’t know what to do.” She sounded so upset with herself that all Joey wanted to do was kiss her until she couldn’t remember what they were talking about.

He sighed. “If you want we can try touching each other. I just want you comfortable.”

“Okay.” She whispered and swallowed nervously. Joey moved so he was above her and kissed her softly, reassuring her that she was safe with him.

“Tell me what you’re comfortable with okay?” She nodded and he slowly slid his hands under her shirt, running his fingers over her smooth skin. “I’m going to take this off.” He lifted her shirt up and over her head then tossed it one the floor. He kissed his way down her neck to her shoulder, gently cupping her breasts so she moaned.

“I want to touch you too.” She said shakily.

“Then touch me baby.” Maureen pulled his shirt off and let her hands wander nervously over his torso. He gave a moan of delight, making her heart skip a beat. She moved her fingers lower, slid them along the waist band of his sweats so he gave another moan. He hooked his fingers in her shorts and pulled them slowly off, giving her enough time to protest. “Vous etes si belle.” He said softly. His whispered words gave her goosebumps and she could hear the desire in his voice. She took a deep breath, allowing herself to get lost in his soft kisses and gentle hands. She slid her hand into his sweats, blushing when she felt how hard he was.

He gave another moan. It was deep and drenched with how much he wanted her “baby, could I taste you?” he asked which only made Maureen redder. “mhm” her sound high pitched with nervousness. Joey worried “you can say no baby. I wont be mad” he assured her. “No please do my love, please. You’ve been patient enough. I want this”

“Does that mean I can become one with you when I’m done tasting?” Maureen swallowed then spoke “yeah” Her voice wasn’t sure but he knew she was aware that he would stop at any moment. Joey kissed between Maureens breasts then moved his kissed down her. Each one feather light, leaving butterflys to scatter within her near trembling body. Just as he kissed between her legs he asked “you’re sure my love?”

“I’m sure, you don’t have to keep asking”

“The first times most important and I love you too much for it not to be when you want it and how you want it”

“This time and this place is perfect¬†amoureux” He pushed her legs a little further apart then let his hungry mouth open and moist tongue slide into her then up. Maureen let out a much louder moan than she expected. He started slow and sensuously. Just savoring her taste and sounds. Those moans were enough to drive a man mad. His shaft grew harder with each sound she made as he let his tongue relish in her luscious flavor. he stopped and kissed her cheek before whispering. “Je ne serais rien sans vous. Vous √™tes mon monde, mon tout. N’oublierai jamais combien follement Je t’aime” Maureen felt like crying before but now she just couldn’t control it and let out a few happy tears. “God how I love you Joey” He kissed her “you ready for me. Bite or claw me if you need to when I first go in. I’m sorry that it will hurt” He said in his husky voice. She nodded “Please just make love to me”

Joey slid himself in quickly, popping her cherry and making her moan so loud it was almost a scream. Joey took on a slow pace, both he and his love shedding tears. Joeys gave her loving kisses as he moved within her. He kept kissing her until they both climaxed and he pulled out of her damp confines. Joey pulled Maureen against him. “That was even more beautiful than I thought it would be Maureen.”

“I know” Maureen said still crying. Joey kissed her head “happy tears or do you hurt?”

“Happy tears Joey. I felt how much you loved me the whole time”

“good, you want a drink or anything”

“No, I just want you to hold me”

“I’m more than happy too baby” They stayed tangled in eachother until the next morning. Joey had two classes to catch and wanted to skip but Maureen wouldn’t let him “go baby, you can’t start skipping school because I’m here”

“Yes I can” he insisted and she shook her head “go to school you bad boy”

“alright, this is your home now so do what you want.” Maureen kissed him “go baby” Joey reluctantly left and Maureen checked her cell for messages. She had already received one from Kyle. “hey, I hope you know how sorry I am about how childish I’ve been. I saw you with your boyfriend yesterday and could see how in love you are. Can we meet up for coffee so i can give you a proper apology?”

She sighed, but texted back a yes and told him where he could pick her up before getting out of bed and hopping in the shower. She felt amazing after her passionate night with Joey and smiled at the memory still fresh in her mind. She was a little sore, but found happiness even in that. She couldn’t wait until the summer when they could spend every day together. She rinsed and switched off the water then stepped out and dried. There was a knock on the door just as she pulled her socks on. She grabbed her phone and texted Joey: I’m going out for coffee with Kyle. Love you.

He texted back: Have fun, I love you too.

She smiled and pulled her boots on then slid her phone inside the left one. She slipped her phone into her back pocket and pulled the front door open. “Good morning beautiful.” Kyle said as she locked the door and stepped out.

“Good morning.” She replied and followed him down to his car. “So where are we going?”

“I thought maybe we’d go to Harvey’s, have some coffee and a muffin.”

“Sounds good.” She got in his car as he slid behind the wheel, letting his eyes wander ver her for a moment before turning the key and pulling away from the apartment complex. She was absolutely gorgeous in her new dress. He loved her long, shapely legs.

“Joey off at school this morning?”

“Yes, just a couple of classes.”

“How was your first night in a new place?” She blushed and smiled.

“It was really good, I slept like a baby.” He pulled into Harvey’s parking lot and they got out, walking in and up to the counter. She ordered a cafe au lait with a lot of milk and a blueberry muffin, feeling ravenous after her night with Joey. She blushed again and reprimanded herself for thinking about such a thing when she was out with a schoolmate. Kyle ordered what he wanted then they took a seat at one of the tables. The barista called for them and Kyle insisted on getting their things, stopping at the sugar and cream area for a moment before moving to their table.

“They didn’t put enough sugar in for me.” He said with a polite smile. Maureen’s phone vibrated and she took it out. It was a text from Joey: Where are you going for coffee?

She sent a message back really quick: Harvey’s.

He sent back: Ok, love you.

“Joey texting you?”

“Yeah, we text whenever we can”

“Not trying to be a dick but you don’t mind him being so clingy?”

“I love that he likes to talk to me so much.” Kyle anxiously awaited Maureen drinking her coffee. He slipt some ghb in her drink. When she felt the effects he would tell her he was taking her home when really he would take her back to his place. His parents were gone for the weekend so he had the house to himself. It was safer than going to her place where Joey might walk in on all the things he planned on doing with her. Maureen finally took her first sip and he couldn’t help but smile. It was only a matter of time now. She would need more than the amount she just drank but she would of course keep going.As she talked Maureen felt more and more drowsy. “I need to go to the bathroom” she said to Kyle then walked to the side of the store the bathroom was on. Kyle smiled again. It was a creepy smile that caught the attention of one of the baristas. It didn’t sit right with her and she wondered if it was sugar he put in her coffee or somthing else.

In the bathroom Maureen wet her face then texted Joey “I don’t feel good baby. I think I’m going to have Kyle take me home” She sent it and the room began to get hazey. She stumbled back to the table “I need to go home Kyle, please take me”

“Oh no, you ok?” He feigned real concern. “Not at all. I just want to lay down.”

“Ok, I’ll take you home. Drink the last of your coffee. I bet caffeine will help” Kyle helped Maureen into the car. She finished her coffee then tried to put it in the holder. She missed and it fell on the floor “sorry”

“it’s ok beautiful”

“stop that” Maureen said, they way she felt made her lose patience. “sorry Maureen” The world was too hazy for Maureen to realize she wasn’t being taken back to her apartment with Joey. Joey was in his second class and had a bad feeling about Maureen so he checked his phone. His heart raced when he saw she wasn’t feeling well. He stood up and walked out of class, unable to squelch his worry. The great thing about college is that your professors could do nothing if you wanted to leave. Joey went to his apartment first. He checked the time of her text and knew she shoudl be home. She would have been home even if they hit every light. This relazation only made his heart sink further. He went to the coffee shop since it was the last place he knew she was. Sombody there had to know somthing that could help him figure out where she had gone to.

Maureen was a dead weight by the time Kyle pulled into his driveway. He went and unlocked and opened the door then went back for her and lifted her out of his car. “Not, home.” She said.

“Shut up, Maureen.” He carried her inside and up to his room, not wanting someone to see her if they stopped by. He put her down and got on hands and knees above her. “How could you choose that blue haired freak over me? What does he have that I don’t?” She couldn’t answer. She was hovering just on the brink of unconciousness. He pulled her dress up and off and she felt her heart beat out a fearful rhythm. “You look amazing.” He kissed her and she wished she had the strength to fight back. His lips moved down her neck and she felt fear and disgust surge through her.

“No, stop.” She mumbled as she slipped away.

Joey made it to Harvey’s and went straight to the counter. He pulled out his phone and went to a picture of Maureen. “Excuse me ma’am. Did you see this girl in here?” He showed her the picture and she nodded.

“Yes she was with a young man with brown hair and brown eyes. She was practically stumbling by the time they left.” He called Hunter who answered on the third ring.

“Kyle has Maureen. What’s is address?” He said in a panicked tone.

“He lives on fourth street in a teal house. I’ll meet you there.”

Joey felt sick to his stomach, wishing he had told Maureen not to go. He got in his car and sped away, calling the cops as he drove and informing them that his girlfriend had been kidnapped and he was headed to her location. He gave the dispatcher the address and hung up before they could warn him off. He gripped the steering wheel so tight his fingers hurt. He had to get to her before she was hurt. He and Hunter made it to Kyle’s house at the same time and banged on the door.

Kyle froze, his heart slamming against his chest when the knocking came again. He pulled away from the unconcious Maureen and took a few deep breaths before heading downstairs. He would make whoever it was leave and then continue what he was doing. When he opened the door, Joey and Hunter forced their way inside. “Where is she?” Joey asked angrily.

“Who?” Kyle asked.

“Watch him.” Joey said and ran upstairs. He knew she was here somewhere, he just knew. When he opened the door to Kyle’s room his heart nearly stopped. Maureen was completely naked and unconscious. He ran to her and checked her pulse. “Maureen.” He said and shook her. “Maureen wake up.” He pulled off his sweater and put it over her then held her close, afraid if he went downstairs he would kill Kyle. “Please be okay, please be okay.”

It wasn’t too long before the cops arrived. Joey finally came down holding his girlfriend since the police would restrain him from throwing his life away. He explained to them how he found his still unconscious girlfriend. “Officer Thomas will go with you two to the hospital. We’ll do a rape kit and check her blood to see what he gave her.”

“I didn’t fucking rape her” Kyle said in a nasty tone as he was handcuffed to take to the police station. At the hospital they tested Maureen and confirmed Kyle hadn’t raped her yet. They also found GHB in her system, confirming he had drugged her into the condition she was in when she arrived at the hospital. Officer Thomas had all he needed and went back to the police station to inform the cheif and call Kyles parents to tell them what their son had been up to. Joey was falling apart. He had her one day and let her get hurt by some bastard. He just thought Kyle was her friend and thought nothing of it. He didn’t know if he could trust another man with her again. When Marueen was back to normal they let Joey take her home. He couldn’t get her there fast enough.

In their bedroom he held her tightly “I’m so sorry Maureen”

“I’m sorry. I was stupid to think he invited me for coffee to apologize..I was an idiot baby. I’m just glad you got there before anything worse happened than what did”

“Me too, I can’t believe I failed you already”

“You didn’t fail me Joey, not at all” Word spread fast reaching Hunter and Maureens parents. They drove to Joeys right away to see their daughter. They hugged and also assured Joey it wasn’t his fault. They wouldn’t have thought anything of her going either. They stayed for the day then pried themselves away so Joey and Maureen could be alone. It took Joey a few days to go to school without staying in a state of panic and worry over Maureen. With each day that passed he got more secure. Especially since she would keep texting him to let him know she was alright. In court Kyle got sentence to eight years behind bars for what he attempted to do to Maureen.

Joey felt like Kyle deserved the maximum of ten years but was happy he would be in jail and not out on the streets for atleast eight years. He wouldn’t feel sorry for the little creep if what he wanted to do to Maureen happened to him in prison. Joey and Maureen were finally able to find true peace when they left he courthouse. At this point they were both out of school and could just be together aswell which gave them more comfort. They spent their summer with family and friends when they weren’t alone just enjoying the bliss of eachother. They had a bright future and the comfort of knowing Kyle couldn’t hurt or take advantage of anybody any longer.

~ The End ~

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