Meliae & Loxo

Chapter One

Meliae looked up at the knocking on her study door and called for the person to enter. It was her steward Alois. “Yes, what is it?” She asked in a gentle tone.

“You have two visitors ma’am, elves.”

“Elves? Did they say who they were?”

“The male said they were Loxo Breksta and Nox Hymn of the Brusnica Clan. The female refused to even acknowledge me.”

Her heart leapt in her chest. “Did you say Loxo?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Are they in the throne room?”

“Waiting for you ma’am.”

She nodded. “Tell them I’ll be there in a moment.”

Alois bowed and left her study. She buried her face in her hands and took a deep breath to get rid of the wrenching in her chest and the knot forming in her throat. She took another breath then stood and grabbed her spear. It had been her late mothers and she always took it into the throne room to give her strength. Alois was waiting for her outside the throne room door and pushed it open and announced her presence. She crossed over to the chair that had belonged to her mother. She had had her father’s removed after his death since she was unwed. She sat down and turned her eyes to the two elves. Her heart rate spiked and she felt that same old feeling of longing at the sight of Loxo.

She took a deep breath then said, “Why have you come here?”

“It’s good to see you again Meliae.” Loxo replied and she felt a knot forming in her throat.

“What business do you have here?”

Loxo frowned at her very businesslike attitude. “My king sent us here to ask you for your help.”

She arched an eyebrow. “My help, your king wants my help?” It was an unbelievable concept. He just nodded. “Why?”

“An army of demons is being lead by a dragon to our capital city. They have taken out a few villages and captured many of our people. We ask that you send soldiers to aid us in our time of need.”

“So the elf king has gotten himself into a spot of trouble and comes groveling to those he has alienated for so long?” The female voice drew all of their attention to the other side of the throne room where a woman with long red hair was leaning against one of the pillars.

“Zorya, thank you for joining us.” Meliae said and the Dryad crossed over to her and bowed her head, an action which made Nox wrinkle her nose. Zorya sat down on the floor next to the throne.

“And he has sent you.” She said directly to Loxo.

“Why does a Dryad side with a human?” Nox asked in a cool tone.

“Because I have long lost respect for your people, you would do well to let your king know this.”

“Enough Nox, do not question Zorya, she has her reasons.” Loxo interrupted then turned his attention back to Meliae. “Please help us.”

Meliae sighed. “I will gather my strongest and we shall accompany you, but I cannot send a whole army and leave my kingdom unprotected. Alois please give Loxo and Nox rooms and food, I’m sure they are exhausted from their journey.”

“Yes ma’am.” Alois gestured for them to follow and Loxo only lingered for a brief moment before following him and Nox out.

“Are you sure it is wise to be in his company?” Zorya asked when the door closed.

“You know how I feel about him Zorya and because of those feelings I will not allow him to get close enough to break my heart again. I can handle it. There is something I need you to do for me though.”

“What is it my queen?”

“Since you can travel quickly from tree to tree I need you to go an see how big this army is. We will not be here tomorrow so you’ll have to find me after.”

“Yes ma’am, please stay safe and remember you can call on me at anytime if you need me.”

“thank you” they hugged and Zorya left. Meliae sighed and hated herself. She had deeply hoped if she ever saw him again he wouldn’t tug on her quite this much. He had clearly shown that he was lieing when he said he loved her. He was only here now because his king said it was okay and sure enough if his king ever decided he hated their kind again he would leave just as he had before no doubt intended to just leave and not see her the second she couldn’t serve him and his ruler. Sadly she coudlnt help her feelings no matter how pathetic she now felt they were. To love a man who would just cast you aside because it wasn’t easy to be with you was foolish. She had to hope she was atleast a strong enough woman not to fall for his deceit again if he tried to have a fling while she helped. Melia knew it would be hard to concentrate on work but last thing she needed was to go to his room or have him come to hers so she returned to her office, hoping to talk to Loxo as little as possible.

After half an hour Alois came to check and see if she needed anything. She asked him to tell Elijah and Landon that they would be accompanying her and the two elves in the morning and he bowed, leaving her alone again. She sighed, resting her head on her desk. She wished it wasn’t Loxo. Right when she thought she could breathe again, he came back into her life. She felt suddenly exhausted, her mind already filling with the memories of their time together. She found her eyelids growing heavy and before she knew it, she was sleeping.

Loxo came from his room, moving quietly down the hall, slinking like a shadow. He avoided maids and the steward Alois with ease as he went to Meliae’s room. When he didn’t find her there, he went downstairs to her father’s old study. He needed to talk to her, to explain things. He deserved her hate, but she had to know that leaving her was his biggest regret. He didn’t bother knocking, he just pushed the door open and stepped quietly inside. He was a bit disappointed when he found her sleeping, a frown on her beautiful face even as she rested. “Meliae.” He said as he gently shook her and she jerked awake.

“Loxo, what are you doing in here?” She asked as she pushed her hair back. “What do you want?”

“We need to talk.”

“I don’t want to talk, please leave.”


She held up her hand. “Don’t, just don’t. I can’t do this with you okay, I just can’t.” She hated she was getting so upset, but he was so close and she still wanted him even now, even though he had ripped out her heart. “We’ll be leaving early in the morning so you should rest.”

He frowned. “Of course, forgive my intrusion Queen Meliae, it was rude of me to come in here uninvited.” All he wanted to do was pull her into his arms and make her listen, but he forced himself to turn and walk to the door. “Sweet dreams.”

She didn’t answer. How dare he be so self centered as to come into her study, to be here at all after playing with her heart. Sweet dreams was more like an insult due to the agony she was feeling. If she thought it would break her of her stupidity for still have feelings she’d slam her head into the desk until she was unconscious again and not a stupid queen pining over someone who didn’t love her, who cared so little over what he had done to her he felt it fine to come into her study. As she walked to her room holding back tears she reminded herself the only reason he had ever come back was because his king had told him to. There still wouldn’t be a sign of that bastard if he hadn’t been given the okay to be near her.

Whatever he had to say she hoped he had the decency in him to keep it to himself and not insult her by acting like they were anything. If he had come here on his own accord maybe but he was sent and that made all the difference. She reminded herself over and over she was only worth his time if it was convenient. That he’d proved that every day by not coming back and apologizing for blending her heart and throwing away what they had, or truly, what she foolishly thought they had.

After wandering around the castle for a few minutes to think, Loxo finally made his way back upstairs, hating himself even more than before. He should have known she wouldn’t want to talk, but a part of him had hoped that she would want an explanation. “She’s not worth your time.” He looked up to see Nox standing by his bedroom door and glared at her.

“Watch what you say.” He replied, a hint of menace in his voice.

“You have been pining after her like some love sick hound for far too long. She is nothing but a pathetic human who cannot be trusted.”

He moved without a thought and was in front of her in an instant, his hand gripping her shirt. “You will not speak ill of her, do you understand? She is my everything, the only woman I ever have and ever will love. I don’t care how much you dislike humans, you will keep anything pertaining to her to yourself.” He shoved her away and went into his room, slamming the door.

He tossed and turned in his bed, his eyes staring into the darkness as he thought of ways to get Meliae to talk to him. He let out a frustrated growl and got up, leaving his room and heading downstairs to sit in the garden. When he and Meliae had been together before, the garden had been his favorite place, so beautiful and well taken care of, it reminded him of home. He sat down on one of the marble benches and stared up at the stars. In the silence of the night, he started to sing. It was a love song Meliae had often asked to hear and every night they were apart he sang it. He had truly missed her, her laugh, her smile, her kisses and touch. He remembered the day he had hurt her in vivid detail, the look of sorrow on her face as her heart crumbled. He had allowed duty to his king to override his love for her and in doing so had shown himself to be a dishonorable coward.

Meliae got out of her bed, unable to sleep. She went out onto her balcony, the warm spring air helping to refresh her. She rested her arms on the stone railing and stared off into the night. A sound caught her attention in the silence and she looked down into the garden to see Loxo. He was singing, his voice clear and beautiful. She could hear the words of the song he was singing and she felt herself tear up. Why did he have to be singing that song, the song that he had wooed and won her with. It had been so long since she had heard it, that she actually stood there for a moment, a captive to her memories of him. She forced herself away and back into her room, closing the balcony doors behind her and flopping down on her bed.

She sobbed into her pillow. She wanted to run to him, to kiss him, to have him hold her once again while he sang but she had to be strong. If she went to him again it would be her fault if he took another hammer to her heart. She couldn’t do that to herself. Not being with him hurt but letting him play at love again would destroy her. She was a queen, she was supposed to be stronger than this. Before she realized it she had cried herself to sleep. When she slid out of bed and walked sleepily to the mirror it was obvious on from he face she had cried herself to sleep. “perhaps a shower might help that” she said to herself as she turned from the mirror and went into her bathroom.

The last thing she wanted to admit to anybody was that he still had the power to make her cry harder than she thought a person could cry before he came along. She made the shower quick and was disappointed when it was still vaguely noticeable. Meliae sighed, it couldn’t be helped so she wouldn’t worry about it. If she was lucky nobody would notice and bother her about it. She dressed, brushed her teeth and hair, fetched her shoes then went to breakfast.

Chapter Two

Loxo could tell right away that Meliae had been crying. Their eyes met for a second and she quickly looked away and took a seat at the dining room table to eat. He looked at his plate and pushed his food around, not feeling like eating. “Nox, let’s go get our horses ready while the queen eats.” He said as he pushed his chair back and stood. Nox did the same, not saying anything. “We’ll be waiting for you outside.” He bowed to Meliae then turned and walked out of the dining room.

Meliae followed him with her eyes until he disappeared from her view. She frowned, feeling her stomach knotting at the depressed look on his face. Her breakfast was brought to her and she quickly ate then got up from the table to meet everyone outside. Alois had already made preparations for her and everyone else and she saw that he had remembered her mother’s spear, having strapped it to her saddle. Loxo, Nox, Elijah and his son Landon all stood next to their horses. Alois handed Meliae her reigns, a look of concern on his face at his queens still red eyes. “Are you alright?” He asked quietly.

“Yes, thank you. I want you to take care of this place while I’m gone.”

“Of course, everything will be as it was when you left.”

“Thank you so much Alois. Wish us luck.”

“Good luck.” She mounted her horse and clicked her tongue so the beautiful black mare took off at a trot. Elijah and Landon took up positions on either side of her while Loxo and Nox took up the rear.

Elijah and Landon could both see clearly Meliae had been crying either that morning or last night and were been more pissed at Loxo for coming back. He had broken her heart and now came asking for help. Landon wished Meliae could get over Loxo, that asshole didn’t deserve his sisters love. He hoped that soon a man would come along and make her forget him so she wouldn’t end up one of those women that held affection for a bastard no matter what he did. It was frustrating to him sometimes how many women seemed to prefer men who did nothing but crush their hearts. He honestly didn’t understand it in the slightest. When a woman proved herself a bitch to him it hurt at first but he got over her and moved on but for a lot of women it seemed breaking their heart only made them more attractive.

He had known Meliae for as long as he’d been alive so he had confidence she had more self worth than all that but the fact Loxo still had so much of a pull she’d cry hard enough for it to be noticeable now worried him. Elijah on the other hand knew Loxo had actually loved Meliae, it had been obvious to him since he had more experience in life than Meliae. He just wasn’t man enough to fight for what he wanted. He was more of a puppy than the wolf he was supposed to be. Honestly the fact the elf king didn’t like humans was a blessing in disguise. They didn’t need a king who wasn’t even man enough to put effort into being with the woman he loved. If he would abandon her how could he run a kingdom with their confidence. Instead of finding out he didn’t have a spine while ruling their kingdom they found out before things got too far along.

“They don’t trust you.” Nox said under her breath.

“I know, with good reason. Once this is over, if the King does not change his ways, I will leave our homeland and I will never return.”

“That’s idiotic.” The words for a human hung in the air between them, unspoken by Nox who had heeded his warning.

“I would rather be an idiot than be without Meliae.” They rode on until lunch time, stopping near a little grove of trees. Meliae lifted the bag Alois had put on her horse off and looked through it. He had taken the liberty of having them sandwiches made and she quickly passed them out, not looking at Loxo as she handed him his. “Thank you.” He said and she nodded. “I think I’m going to take a small walk.”

“Just be back before we have to leave boy.” Elijah replied and Loxo said he would. He walked off and Landon watched him go. He got to his feet, mumbling something about having to use the bathroom and followed Loxo.

Loxo slowly ate his sandwich as he walked through the wooded area close to their rest area. Usually nature would help him think, but right now it just made him think of all the wonderful times he and Meliae had gone hiking and camping together. They had been together so much, even her parents had believed they would get married. He was sure they had gone to their graves hating his guts and he would not blame them. If he had a daughter, he would kill anyone who hurt her. “Hey elf.” The voice pulled him out of his thoughts and he turned around to see Landon standing there.

“What do you want?”

“You’re a real bastard for coming back here.” Loxo started to speak, but the young man was on him in an instant and punching him. He hit the ground, dropping his sandwich. He got back up and wiped at the blood coming from his lower lip.

“You done?”

“Not even close.” He raised his fist to hit him again, when his arm was suddenly caught.

“How disgraceful of you son, following the elf out here just to give him a beating.” Elijah said, surprising them both.

“No such thing happened sir, “Loxo said as he wiped away more blood, “it was just a friendly sparring match that got a little rough.”

“It certainly looked that way. I suggest you get back to camp elf, I need to have a talk with my boy.”

“Yes sir.”

Loxo walked off and Elijah looked at his son angrily, still gripping his arm “I don’t like that spineless asshole any more than you do son but you are a knight and you will not behave this way! Being a knight means being honorable. You have no idea how ashamed I am right now. You do not sink down to the level of guys like him you understand me? Next time you don’t uphold yourself with honor you will no longer be a knight.”

“yes sir” Elijah let go and became a little softer “I’ve wanted to do that many times son but we represent our queen, our little Meliae. You disgrace her when you don’t uphold yourself with honor. Look how well Meliae is handling herself and she is the one he hurt.”

“women seem to lean towards men that hurt them. What if she takes him back? He’ll hurt her again and again and we’ll have to watch. She doesn’t mean anything but tail to him. He just dropped her when the going got hard”

“he does love her son. You’re just not wise enough to see it” Landon scoffed at his fathers words and Elijah sighed “he’s just a coward. She means the world to him but he doesn’t have balls son. If they were together again he’d be kind to her and truly as much as I’d hate to serve a puppy of a king Meliae has spine enough for both of them to lead us so don’t worry. Meliae can handle herself” Landon groaned and Elijah spoke again “she is our queen and has agreed to help. You respect her choices, all of them. She isn’t stupid and as much as she is a daughter to me and a sister to you she doesn’t need our protecting from men. Just concentrate on upholding the honor all knights need. I meant it when I said one more stunt like this and you wont be a knight”


“walk it off” Elijah said before leaving his son.

Meliae was shocked when she saw Loxo walk up with blood on his face, so shocked she was on her feet and crossing over to him in an instant. “What happened?” She asked.

“I took a bit of a tumble is all, no need to worry.”

“Loxo, did Landon do this?”

“No, I did it to myself, wasn’t paying attention and the ground got a shot in. I could have won if I had really wanted to, but falling on my face seemed appropriate.”


“Please, don’t worry yourself.” She stopped in her tracks as he wet over to his horse and rifled around in his pack, pulling out a rag and canteen. She had been worried. Her body had simply reacted on its own to the sight of his blood. She was surprised at herself. She also knew he was lying, trying to cover for Landon. He had been attacked, but instead of preventing it like she knew he could have, he had let it happen. A little bit later both Elijah and Landon came back, the latter looking angry.


“I’ve already taken care of it Meliae, let’s just put it behind us.” Elijah said with a warm smile.

She frowned. “Alright then.”

Meliae couldn’t help but glance over worriedly at Loxo from time to time. So much raced through her mind. Why hadn’t he stopped Landon and why would he even go walking alone knowing how protective they were of her. Had he wanted to let one of them vent their anger at him? If that was the case why. There were multiple times she almost walked over to him to ask him about it but decided against it. To talk was to connect and he would be gone again when this was over. Once everybody was ready they saddled up again and got in the same formation as before.

Nox could have burned holes through Landon as she stared angrily at his back. He had dared touch Loxo and Loxo wouldn’t let her retaliate. Humans had shown her yet again how despicable they were. She wished the king hadn’t made Loxo come. She had been there when he asked not to be sent yet the king wanted to take advantage of the fact he and Meliae once had a romance together. It was baffling that he was going to stay. The king should have known not to send him back but he didn’t and now their kingdom was going to lose an amazing asset to some worthless human.

Loxo started to sing softly, wanting to break up the strained silence. He avoided Meliae’s favorite song and instead went with something more upbeat. No one told him to stop so he let his voice rise a little. Meliae loved the sound of his voice and found herself getting lost in the upbeat tune. She glance at Elijah, who seemed to be enjoying it as well and the Landon who still looked angry, but sat silently in his saddle. She still wished he had not taken matters into his own hands. The song seemed to end too quickly and they fell back into that awkward silence. As night fell, they found a safe place to sleep in a field and Elijah took Landon to gather wood while Nox disappeared to go hunt something for dinner. Both Meliae and Loxo pulled the saddles off their horses, neither of them talking to the other. She heard him whisper something and when she glanced at him, she could see he was talking to his horse as he took the bit out of its mouth.

She did the same with her own horse and they let them roam free. “So uh, how’s your lip?” She finally asked.

“It’s fine.” He sat his bridle next to his saddle. He sat down and stared off into the darkness, a forlorn look on his face. She took a seat in the grass, her eyes seeming to always find their way back to him. When Elijah and Landon came back she forced herself not to look his way. The two knights got a fire started and not too long after, Nox returned with a couple of rabbits already gutted and skinned.

“So Meliae, have you been practicing your magic?” Elijah asked.

“Not lately, I’ve been so busy lately.”

“Maybe you should get your spear and practice a little.”

“Alright.” She took her mother’s spear off of her saddle and got to her feet. The stone at the end of the spear swirled with blue and green light as she called on the elements of water and earth. She opened a hole in the ground and water bubbled up from beneath the surface filling it. The end of the staff then turned red and she used fire to make the water bubble and wind to cool it.

Loxo watched her with affectionate eyes, always amazed by her ability to work with magic. White lines glowed along her skin, making her look like some sort of wild nature goddess. He had never seen a sight so so beautiful and he knew he never would. She pulled back her magic and the stone went dormant while the lines slowly began to fade. “Try to remember to practice every day Meliae.” Elijah said.

“I will.” She replied, giving him a happy smile. When dinner was ready they all ate then settled down to sleep. In the middle of the night Meliae heard movement and jerked awake, seeing Loxo leaving their campsite. She sat slowly up and saw him walking further out into the field. She pushed herself to her feet and silently followed him. He sat down in the grass then laid back, his fingers laced behind his head. It didn’t take her long to realize he was looking up at the stars and as she stood there, she could hear him start to sing, his voice sounding sad.

Chapter Three

She listened until her heart couldn’t take his sadness any longer. She loved him which meant his feelings meant more to her than her own. She risked getting too close by speaking with him but she had to comfort Loxo.She spoke his name and he seemed startled “what’re you doing here?”

“I followed you…you sound so sad” he looked away “of course I am”

“what do you mean of course you are?” He glanced up at her, wanting to move closer but felt he’d be over stepping. “I’ve been sad since the day I left you behind” Meliae didn’t know how to feel at those words. it was a mixture of anger and feeling touched. “Yeah, you left me behind Loxo. it was your choice. It was what you wanted”

“No it wasn’t.”

“Its what you chose. You’ve been gone for years Loxo. You only feel lust boiling because you’re looking at me again. Don’t let it fool you”


“I’m sorry Loxo but you…” she grunted frustratedly “you made it plain as day you didn’t love me the day you walked away. When you love someone they mean more than all else and you chose your king over me. Just dropped me like a piece of trash and didn’t speak to me again. How can you claim sadness? You want it all and you want it easy. Well you cant and you picked what meant more to you. I still love you and I hate it and it isn’t fair to claim sadness” her lip trembled and as much as she didn’t want to she cried, revealing the weakness she had for him. Her hand was now showing and he had the power to destroy her yet again. Now he’d hug her and she’d let him and once this was over she knew she’d once again be alone and missing him like the foolish woman she was.

He reached out for her, grabbing her hand and pulling her down into his lap. She tried shoving away, but he wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly to him. “Oh Meliae, please don’t cry.” He tipped her head back and brushed the tears away. “I’m sorry, so, so sorry. I missed you more than anything, I felt so alone without you.”

“Li..liar. You could have come back.”

“It was too late, the damage was done. I chose my king’s rules over my love for you, I knew I had ripped you to shreds and I hated myself. I stayed away, I hoped you would move on from me and then the king asked me to come to you. I knew it was a bad idea, I knew it would hurt you, but he insisted. I didn’t come here to tear you apart. I love you so much.” He kissed her and she pushed against him, but he tangled his fingers in her hair and tipped her back into the grass.

“Loxo, please don’t do this to me.”

“I love you Meliae, I love you, I love you and I’ll keep saying it until you believe me and if you refuse to listen to my words then I’ll show you how I feel.”

“Loxo.” She wanted him so bad, wanted to feel his warmth pressed against her and hated herself for it. She kissed him, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. His hands pushed at her shirt, his fingers sliding over her skin so she was covered in goosebumps. His lips moved down her neck, his teeth nibbling at her skin so she moaned.

“I missed you Meliae.” He whispered, his warm breath making her shiver.

“Meliae?” Her name being called from across the field made her freeze and stop him from touching her.

“Wait, wait, we can’t.” She said breathlessly. “I’m sorry.”

He pressed his forehead against hers. “I need you.”

“Loxo, please let me go. I need to go back.”

“Stay with me.”

“I can’t, doing this was a mistake.”

“No, damn it just listen to me.” He pinned her arms above her head. “I won’t leave again, I want to be with you. Please believe me.”

“I can’t…it’s just…I need to think Loxo, I’m confused. I don’t know if I can trust you.”

He stared into her eyes, seeing the turmoil and as hard as it was he sat back up with her “let me at least hold you. I love you so much”

“Its just so easy to say that now that your king needs me…now it’s easy to be with me…You have to understand how hard it is to trust you when you wait until your king needs us to suddenly love me again and anybody can have sex Loxo. Making love to me doesn’t prove anything. We did that plenty of times before you walked away”

“Meliae, you can ask Nox. I have already told her that as soon as this is over I’m leaving my kingdom for good. I need you, coming back I can’t leave again. I wouldn’t be able to. Even if I have to woo you for eternity it would be better than not even being able to look at you. I love you so much. I’ll even marry you in my way to show you how much. I told you when we were together. When elves marry they can feel everything the other feels. If you married me we’d always be connected and you’d know just how precious you are to me. I’ll give you my life Meliae. Elves can’t get divorced. The connection is until one dies”

He held her close and sang their song as she cried. He didn’t want her to walk away. He would do anything to just keep her in his arms. She was exhausted by the time the song ended. She whispered “you wouldn’t really marry me in your way”

“I would in a heartbeat. Just say the word Meliae. I’ll connect myself to you forever. I can’t think of any better proof than that. I love you and I’m sorry I left you” She silently thought and without realizing she fell asleep in his arms. He didn’t have an answer from her but at least he finally had her in his arms again. He held tightly to Meliae, as if someone might snatch her away as he sat still in the grass.

“Meliae!” The voice was closer this time and Loxo could tell it belonged to Elijah.

“She’s here.” He called back. He heard footsteps drawing closer and Elijah walked out of the darkness. “She’s sleeping.” He said more softly.

“I’m surprised she’s out here with you.”

“She followed me, I didn’t make her come.” He stroked his fingers over her cheek. “I want to make her happy.”

“Do you think you really can?”

“I can try. I know you don’t believe me and I know you hate me, but I will do all I can to make her smile.”

“And what of your king?”

“He changes the law or I leave forever. I would rather have him hate me than lose Meliae again.”

Elijah squatted down so they were eye to eye. “You listen to me elf. I believe in letting adults make their own choices and tend not to lecture any but my son, but should you stay and should she give herself to you again you better love her the way she deserves because if I have to see that look on her face again, I will quit the knights just to beat you into the ground.”

Loxo just stared into his eyes. “I’m not going anywhere, I’d rather drink poison.”

“Well, get her back over to the fire, I wouldn’t want her catching a cold.”

“Of course.” He got to his feet with ease, shifting her a little. He followed Elijah back to the fire and sat Meliae down so her head rested on her saddle. He wasn’t sure how she would feel waking up in front of the others while being cradled in his arms. Instead he sat down next to her and leaned back against the tree her saddle was propped up against.

In the morning they were awoken by breakfast. Meliae felt awkward as she ate while Loxo felt hopeful. He truly would fight for her this time, even if it was against her. He would woo her for as long as it took to make Meliae his again. He loved her and wished he hadn’t been so foolish all that time ago. Though Loxo would have loved to ride by Meliae’s side they took up the very same formation they had been taking. Loxo noticed how quick Elijah had been to cover her side once his son had taken the other. He knew he might never have anybody in her kingdoms trust with her heart but he knew he didn’t deserve anybody’s trust so he would just deal with it and hope he could change their minds.

Meliae’s mind should be on where she was going and what they had to do but all she could think about was last night. He had seemed so serious about tieing them together. It could be a bluff, he might not think she’d call him on it. Regardless it felt so good to be close to him again. Making love to him would have been so easy, she almost had.

“You okay Meliae?” Landon asked as he reached over to pat her back.

“Fine, just deep in thought.”

“Well don’t get too deep, you might fall off your horse.” She smiled at him and seeming satisfied with her reaction he went back to focusing on the road.

Loxo sighed, wanting her to smile for him again. All he had managed to do was confuse her and make her cry which only brought more self loathing. “Hey Meliae?” He said.


“Uh, when do you think we’ll see Zorya?”

“Probably not until we get to your home. Knowing her, she’ll be waiting for us there.”


She could tell he was struggling to make conversation, that the Dryad was really just an excuse to talk to her. Meliae wasn’t worried about Zorya. She was an incredibly powerful and capable creature. “Loxo will you come up here please, Elijah, Landon can you give us some privacy?”

Elijah nodded and signaled for his son to do as she said as he pulled back on his reigns to slow his horse. Loxo clicked his tongue and his horse moved forward. “I must sound really pitiful if you’ve invited me to the front.”

“Yeah, you do.”

He smiled. “I really love you Meliae.”

“So you keep saying.”

“Because it’s the truth. All I want is to hug you and kiss you and make love to you like we used to.” She blushed, keeping her eyes off his face. “Meliae, please give me a chance.” She didn’t reply, just continued to stare ahead. He sighed, leaving her to her thoughts and just being content to ride along side her. Just as the previous day, they took a break for lunch and let their horses wander around. They saddled back up as soon as they were finished and pushed their horses a little harder. They reached the elf city by nightfall and just as they thought Zorya was waiting for them. She stood on the outskirts, leaning against a tree

“My Queen, I need to speak with you about the demons and dragon.” She said then let her eyes drift to the two elves. “I would like to do so without them here.”

Loxo nodded. “Of course, Meliae I’m going to show Elijah and Landon to an inn, meet me at my home later so we can talk.”

“Shouldn’t we see the king?”

“In the morning we can all go.”

She sighed. “Fine, I’ll find you.”

Chapter Four

When they were out of earshot Zorya questioned her seriously, obviously upset by the fact she was meeting with Loxo “why are you talking to him? There’s no need. Just go to the Inn”

“I’ve already said I’d meet him. We’ve been doing a lot of talking while we’ve traveled” Zorya rubbed her face with her hand and sighed “Oh Meliae”

“I know”

“he will always have a hold on you wont he?’

“I think so” Zorya sighed again “I wont lecture you or try to dissuade you. You know you two being together is the last thing anybody wants but I love you, we all do. Just, be careful please. I do not want to see you shattered again”

“I am, I promise” Zorya nodded “and that is all I need”

“what’s going on?”

“the elf king who thinks he and his race is better than everybody else’s has rubbed other races the wrong way yet again with his superiority. If they don’t remove this king and pick a new one eventually they will be destroyed. Though even if they did replace him he’s manged to make most elves feel better than everybody else. They are not innocent in this attack against them.”

“I’m blown away’ Meliae said sarcastically. Zorya smiled “Oh I was too” she answered back with just as much sarcasm.

Elijah turned to Loxo as they dismounted in front of a stable. “Remember what I told you boy.”

“I wouldn’t forget sir.” Loxo replied as the two knights handed their horses over to the stable boy and paid the owner for board.

“You are going to have to work hard to earn everyone’s trust back.”

“Doubly hard sir.” He pointed across the street. “If you go in that inn and tell them I sent you, then you will be given free rooms and food. They owe me for protecting their establishment from thieves. You two should be comfortable there.”

“Very well, you and Meliae come and get us in the morning then.”

“Nox will wake you.”

His companion glared at him. “Will she now?” Landon asked in a sarcastic tone.

“She will.”

“Then we’ll see you all tomorrow.” Elijah said as he and Landon walked across the street.

“Just what do you think you are doing offering me up as some sort of babysitter.” Nox said angrily when they were out of earshot.

“It’s your punishment for speaking ill of Meliae.”

She scoffed. “That’s ridiculous. Why can’t you do it?”

“Because tonight is the night I start making up for what I did to her.” He turned his horse away. “Are you saying you can’t handle waking a couple of humans?”

“Just shut up and go away.”

Loxo nodded and walked towards his house. He’d fear Meliae wouldn’t come but he knew she would keep her word and at least give him a chance to start mending the relationship he broke. When he arrived he took all the riding gear off his horse and left her in her barn for the night. Now began the agonizing wait for Maliae to be done talking to Zorya and come speak with him.

Meliae concluded her conversation with Zorya then parted ways with her. It was tempting to shield her heart and just go to an Inn but she had said she’d see Loxo and she couldn’t deny that she actually wanted to. He was still so handsome and his touch still enough to drive her senses crazy with even the slightest of contacts. He was everything she ever wanted, she was just struggling with trusting he actually intended to stay with her no matter what this time. When she came upon his house she sighed before gently knocking on his door.

Loxo was to the door and ripping it open in an instant. He grabbed her, pulling her into a tight hug and burying his face in her hair. “I’m glad you came.” He said softly and she melted into him. “Sorry, come inside.” He took her hands and pulled her inside then shut the door.

“You wanted to talk?” She said, trying not to sound nervous.

“Would you like something to eat or drink?”

“No, I’m fine.”


He still held her hands and he brought them to his lips. She shivered at his touch, her face turning red at her reaction. “Loxo.”

“I love you Meliae, so much it hurts. Please, please forgive me. I’d rather die than hurt you again, I just want your happiness. I want to love you the way I used to, Hell even more than I used to. I want to marry you and make you mine forever.”

You’d marry me in your way? Seriously? After all this time apart?”

“especially after all this time apart. I’ve missed you immensely every single day. I made a horrible and cowardly decision. I’m not worthy of your hand in marriage, I know that and won’t be shocked if you refuse me again but I am before you now supplicating that you marry me. Please, You’ll never understand how much I do love you unless you are able to feel it due to my mistake. You will not regret marrying me. I’ll spend our eternity trying my damnedest to make you the happiest queen any world has ever had. ” Her heart fluttered, her stomach brushed with butterfly’s, her eyes fought back it’s emotion from how true that all sounded. His words seemed so honest as his pleading eyes stared into hers.

Her mouth reacted even before her head could finish processing just how much all over her body reacted to his request. “okay, I’ll marry you” Loxo choked on the instant tears that came “Meliae, oh Meliae you mean it?” she still wasn’t sure if this was all real or why her mouth had said yes but she had and she couldn’t say she didn’t want to be with him. All those promises she had made to herself about not falling for him were now out the window and it was terrifying to trust him. He just seemed so genuine and as Zorya had pointed out, he’d always have a hold on her.

He hugged her as his body became wracked with sobs. She of course didn’t want him crying but even this already spoke to the fact of how honest he was being and that maybe she wasn’t being moronic. She was glad that her accepting his proposal meant so much to him. She hadn’t even been excited when she said yes. It was an okay, almost as if she was saying okay to a place to eat and yet it had him crying with happiness.

“we an get married tonight. I know someone who can do it”

“so quick?”

“yes, please” yes he was eager for her to truly know how deep his love ran but he also did here the uncertainty in her voice and he needed them married before she backed out. He knew without doubt she’d be happy she married him when she knew the truth of his feelings. All it took to have her trust his love was marriage and forever with his Meliae would be a dream.

“Who would marry us? Most of the elves around here hate humans.”

“A friend and a half elf.” He pulled her outside, a determined look on his face. She watched him as they walked, her heart giving a little flutter. He stopped at a flower shop and bought a bouquet of flowers before continuing on. “He lives just outside of town. The people here don’t mind him being around because he is half elf, but stays outside town due to the fact that there are those who hate he is half human.”

“Are all elves like this?”

“No, there are worlds with elves that see humans as their brothers and sisters. The problem with places like this is that most people have been conditioned to hate anyone who does not look like them.”

“Like your king?”

“Exactly.” They left the city behind and stepped out onto a dirt pathway walking toward an apple grove. Resting in the center of the trees was a small house, smoke curling up put of the chimney.

“Wow, he lives here.”

“Yeah, he shares his apples with me.”

Loxo pulled her up to the front door and he knocked a little louder than he meant to in his excitement. The man who opened the door looked younger than Meliae had expected and he smiled warmly at Loxo. “I knew it was you.” He then turned his attention to Meliae. “You must be the princess he spoke so lovingly of.”

“Yes, Meliae, though I;m the queen now.”

“That is quite a responsibility, but from the way Loxo spoke of you, I know you can handle it. I am Liwen, please come in.”

They walked in and Liwen asked ‘so what brings you two here?”

“we want to be married. Please do it tonight” He nodded “let me fetch my book. I’ll wed you in my living room” Once they were all standing where they should be in his modest living room Liwen asked ‘Are you sure? I know you love her but the king will be livid. Once you marry her you’ll never be able to fully break away again unless one of you dies”

“I’m sure, I never want to leave her side again.” Liwen nodded with a smile. Meliae was glad he didn’t ask if she was sure because she still didn’t know if she was and if someone asked her she might back out. The ceremony began but instead of being in constant doubt like she thought she’d be Loxo’s steady, confident gaze comforted her. He was so sure about doing this, so sure about them this time. He might just honestly stay. It was a struggle for her not to jump when the blade came down between their hands but she managed and soon she became overwhelmed at the connection that had just been made.

She felt the full impact of how happy Loxo was that they were married, that she could feel all he felt. She felt the sadness in him and was surprised that she somehow knew it was guilt and self loathing over ever leaving her. It was all so much to take in she had to sit down due to feeling light headed. Liwen quickly ran into his kitchen to fetch her water. Loxo sat down and wrapped his arms around her body “you feel it right? All of me, all of my love and regret?’

“yeah” he kissed the side of her head “I love you” he said just so she could feel how he felt, how his heart stammered when he said those words to her.

Chapter Five

“Here, drink this.” Liwen handed her a glass of cold water and she gladly took it, letting its contents slide down her throat and wash away her dizziness.

“You okay baby?” Loxo asked as he swept her hair aside to rub her neck.

“Yeah, just give me a second.” She wiped at the tears that had collected in her eyes. “I can’t believe how much you love me.”

“I told you, I love you more than anything. I’ve fallen more and more in love with you every day, I’ve needed you from the moment I left you, I will always hate myself for hurting you.” He leaned in and kissed her cheek. “I will always be yours Meliae, forever. No one will take me away from you again, I swear on my life.”

“People are going to think I’ve lost my mind.”

“I’m sorry.”

She grabbed his hand. “Even after everything we’ve been through, I still can’t live without you. Just don’t ever break my heart again.”

“I won’t I promise.”

“I told him he was an idiot when he first told me about you. If I was stronger, I would have beat him up.” Liwen said with a smile then rested his hand on her shoulder. “He is telling the truth Meliae, you’ve been all he talks about when he visits. I feel like I know you already just from out talks.”

“I know, I can feel it now. Over time everyone will see he’s not going to abandon me again. Even if they don’t it’s my choice to make. If it’s a mistake or not is my concern.” Loxo stroked her hand then brought it to his lips to kiss before asking his friends “can we stay here a few moments to make sure she’s fine before we go back to my house?”

“Of course, I’m not going to bed anytime soon” Liwen sat down in front of Meliae “how did this fool win you back?”

“being persistent and honestly, I still loved him. It was hard to try and resist” They continued with small talk until Meliae told Loxo she was ready to go. They hugged and Liwen wished them luck as the two walked out into the cool evening. “It’s going to take away to get used to feeling so much. I can barely tell where my feelings start and yours begin”

“I know, I hope its not too overwhelming baby”

“It’ll be fine. It’s nice to know for a fact I’m not being the idiot of a lifetime”

“I love you more than llamas love spitting” Meliae laughed at his comparison “and now I remember one of the things I love about you, you big idiot” she giggled again and held his hand lovingly until they reached his place “you’ll stay right meliae? We’re married and I want to hold you tonight?’

“don’t be silly, of course I’ll stay. You should be able to tell how much I want to cuddle with you”

He lifted her, pushing the door open and carrying her inside which made her give him a big smile. “What?” He asked as he kicked the door closed behind them.

“Just you, carrying the bride over the threshold. It’s cute, but you do know we won’t be living here.”

“Of course, there is no way I’d want to stay in a place where we are not accepted. I’ll just have to carry you into the castle as well.”

She laughed and he kissed her forehead. “I really missed you Loxo.”

“Me too.” He took her up to his room and sat her down, pulling off her boots and rubbing her feet. She laid back, giving out a little moan. “Good?”

“Yeah, thank you.”

“All your muscles are tense, I’ve stressed you out.” He pulled at her clothes, letting out a little sigh of pleasure when she was bared to his view. “Wow, still so beautiful. Turn over so I can rub you.” She rolled onto her stomach and he let his hands move over her, rubbing out all the knots. Her body warmed and goosebumps covered her.

“Another thing I love about you, your hands.”

He chuckled. “Well, I’ll touch you as much as you like until you get tired of it.”

“I doubt that will ever happen, they’re pretty amazing.”

He pressed a kiss between her shoulder blades then pulled his own clothes off and lifted her she could pull the covers back. Once he had them settled, he pulled her head down to rest on his chest and hugged her as close as he could, enjoying the skin to skin contact. “I really, really missed this Meliae. Just laying with you feels good.”

“I missed this too, so much. More than I would have ever admitted if you hadn’t apologized and married me”

“should have married you the day I met you”

“I was too young”

“should have married you anyway” They both smiled, enjoying the coziness of the perfect position they had their bodies in while still enjoying the discovery of eachothers true feelings. They had expressed them with words but by feeling them they understood at a far deeper level than they could have otherwise. Meliae now felt bad for all creatures that couldn’t marry this way. When the first rays of morning light came through the window it woke Meliae. She rubbed her face and sat up, gently placing her hand on his chest “We need to see the king Loxo” she said and he woke just that easy “I wish we didn’t”

“You can stand up to him…you have to this time” Loxo frowned and looked at her. She had confidence in him but not as much as he wished she did “Meliae, I’m going to stick up to him. I swear it”

“I know”

“I just wish there wasn’t that small hint of worry i feel in you”

“I can’t help it”

“I know, let me make you breakfast”

“I just want some juice”

“Okay, juice it is” He pulled out his orange juice and poured it in a purple glass “here my sweet” Loxo said and handed it to her.

Once they were ready, they stepped outside, startled by Elijah, Landon, and Nox who were all waiting on the front porch. “Why didn’t you knock?” Loxo asked.

“We figured you wanted a morning together.” Elijah said as he got to his feet, making both Landon and Nox sigh. “Do we have a problem children?” Elijah asked.

“No sir.” Landon answered.

“Of course not, why would we?” Nox answered, her arms crossed over her chest.

“Shall we head to the king then?”

Both Meliae and Loxo nodded then they all retrieved their horses and rode through town to the castle. Meliae was amazingly fascinated with the elf king’s castle. It looked like it was made of tree roots spiraling up into the sky. They dismounted at the front gate and Loxo ordered the guards to let them in where they handed their horses off at the stable. They were let in the front door where they were greeted by a butler. “If you will come this way, the king is waiting in the throne room.”

Meliae grew nervous the closer they got to the intricately carved double doors. She hated it, but she feared being hurt again. The butler pushed the doors open and waved them in then closed them behind them. The elf king was a beautiful man. He sat straight backed, his face a mask of seriousness. “Loxo, I am glad to see that you and Nyx came back with those we asked for.”

“Of course sir and the queen had news from the Dryad Zorya.”

“A Dryad?”

Meliae stepped forward. “It appears the demons and their leader are angry with your ways, your racism has landed you in hot water.”

“Excuse me?” The king’s eyes turned angry.

“What’s wrong elf king, can’t take the truth?” Zorya’s voice sounded from the doorway and they all turned to look at her as she crossed the room. “You with your ridiculous laws and your haughty attitude. You think you can hurt people, force people to do as you wish, brainwash them and you expect no one to hate you.” She stopped in front of the throne. “You should feel lucky that there is someone like Meliae to come to your aid because if it was me, I would let you dear king, be wiped off the face of the earth.”

Loxo cleared his throat and Zorya and the king looked at him. “I also have news.” He took Meliae’s hand. “Since we’re already arguing, I need to tell you that Meliae and I married last night and I am leaving after we have found a way to stop the oncoming war. After all, it is your fault we are being attacked and there is no reason for innocent blood to be spilled over your racist issues.”

“Loxo! How could you!” he growled, suddenly losing most of the beauty Meliae had seen on him when she came in. She knew he was still just as gorgeous of a being but his ugly heart leaked unto his features. “because I love her and have never stopped. She’s amazing and I’m damn lucky she would marry me after the cowardly thing I did. She is my everything and there is nothing you can do to make me crush her again”

“If i would have known sending you there would cause this sham of a marriage to happen I would have never sent you!If Zorya was a cartoon character she’d be engulfed in flames with her fury. “If you wouldn’t have sent him then you’d be at the mercy of these demons and dragons you pompous dick! We’re the only help you have and you know it! Nobody likes you because you’ve spent your entire rule alienating all the races. Don’t you dare call Meliae marriage a sham. Might not make anybody happy but it’s what she wants and damn it you’re going to respect my friend. She is here and commanding us to help! More than anybody else would do for your rotten soul”

The king frustratedly groaned. “fine, what will be do about the attacks?”

“You’ll apologize, beg their forgiveness and stop acting like your race is superior to all.”

“I am a king, I do not grovel”

“You better start learning how if you don’t want your kingdom wiped out. Start with Meliae, tell her you’re sorry for everything”

Chapter Six

“I will not.”

“You will learn some humility or I will shrivel up the forest and destroy any crops nearby.”

The king glared at her, his fingers gripping tightly to the arms of his chair. “Damn it, fine. I’m sorry Meliae for giving Loxo and ultimatum and making him break up with you. There are you happy?”

“I’m never happy with you.” Zorya replied, arms crossed. “Is that a good enough apology for you Meliae?”

“It’ll do Zorya and honestly, all that matters is I have Loxo back. I know that disappoints you, but he really does love me and he really does regret what he did to me.”

“You are an adult Meliae, what you do with your life is your choice, but if he hurts you again, there will be nothing on this earth that can keep him safe.”

“I’m never leaving her side, not for anything.” Loxo pulled Meliae into him and let his fingers brush through her hair. “I would rather die in the most agonizing way possible, than break her heart a second time. I would subject myself to any torture, any punishment no matter how bad.”

“Oh Loxo.” Meliae said, her voice softening as his name left her lips.

“No matter what you may think of me after this my king, I refuse to give her up again. Banish me if you must, tell me I am unwelcome in your presence I don’t care, I will follow Meliae wherever she goes.”

The king snorted. “Do not make light of Meliae’s happiness elf.” Elijah said with a glare. “You are nothing but a spoiled brat of a king who knows nothing of respect. You will be the downfall of this kingdom if you do not either step down or shape up. Honestly, I prefer the former.”

“In any case it’s time to try and get an audience with the demons and dragons. I will see if they are willing to speak with you. Do not waste my time king. If I bring them here and you do not humbly apologize not even meliae can get me to help again” Zorya walked out and everyone else followed. “what should we do now?” Loxo asked Meliae “we’ll go wait at your home for Zorya to tell us the results.”

“alright” he laced his hand in hers and they walked away from the castle. Nox groaned and practically stomped towards her home like a teenager who hadn’t gotten their way. “feel any better son?” Elijah asked Landon. He shrugged “well the apology wouldn’t have been accepted by Zorya if he would have tried to put a wedge between them again so while he showed his backbone exists I still don’t fully trust him”

“That isn’t what I asked, do you feel any better about him”

“I guess”

“well, Meliae is connected with him now and seems to feel he wont leave her again so I have much more confidence now. We’ll just have to trust he truly was as heartbroken as he claims without her.”

Elijah and Landon decided to go back to inn once they arrived at Loxo’s, both knights giving Loxo a warning look. His response was to smile and wave at them as they rode off as he was getting used to their looks. “Landon still doesn’t know.” Meliae said as they stepped inside.

Loxo shrugged as he went into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of apples out of the pantry. “He is young and impulsive, but he has every right to be upset with me.” He sat the apples on the counter and got a knife, skillfully coring them then cutting them into small wedges. He grabbed a bowl next and poured some honey it then turned to her. “Come here.” He ordered softly and she found herself crossing over to him without question. He dipped a piece of apple into the honey and held it up for her. “Eat, you only had juice this morning.”

“Are you ordering me around?”

“You bet.”

She smiled in amusement and took a bite of the apple. He stared at her the whole time, making her blush as he fed her. A knowing smile tugged at his lips and she almost walked away, but sensing her intent he lifted her onto the counter, effectively caging her in with his body. “I want you to eat it all, you’ll need the energy.”

“Okay.” Her heart was beating a million miles an hour and she knew he could feel the excitement he had stirred up in her. He held up another piece of apple and she let her tongue slide over it, then her lips suck the honey off. She heard his sharp inhale of breath and she took a bite, making sure to nip his finger with her teeth.

“Don’t be bad Meliae.” His voice came out in a husky whisper and she grinned.

“You started it.”

“you’ll make me finish it and you know I’ll have you begging beneath me” she practically moaned at the thought and his smile said he knew. He spread honey on his hand then rubbed it sensually on her neck before letting his moist, warm tongue clean it off her. “Loxo” she moaned as he thrilled her. When there wasn’t any honey left on her he stripped her clothing then his own before lifting her off the counter to take her to his room. She nipped at his chest and played with one of his nipples as they went. She had him hard and ready for her even as he laid Meliae down. “How is it you drive me to the brink of madness so easy my succulent human.” he kissed between her breasts “could it be these perfectly sized mounds on your chest?” his tongue ran so light it was barely touching her breasts as he let his tongue travel up each one.

He then went down to her stomach “or is it this adorable innie belly button that i can never get enough of” his tongue dipped inside and played a short time before his hands drifted up her sides “or the small curves of your amazing stomach. Oh there’s so much here that could put a man in the loony bin form pleasure if he over indulged” she giggled and he said “Oh that wasn’t meant to be funny. I’ll show you just how deranged you make me”

He pushed her legs apart, his hands holding her thighs firmly apart as he let his tongue part her already damp folds. Even though she had been so long without his touch, her body still remembered and her back arched off the bed as a loud cry slipped past her lips. He mercilessly teased her, his tongue lapping at her, slipping inside to probe at some of her most sensitive spots. She could feel how aroused he was, his pleasure at pleasing her, his absolute love for her, and his animalistic lust that the wolf brought out in him. Her eyes filled with tears and her body trembled at his ravenous hunger. Her fingers tangled in his hair and she practically screamed at the powerful orgasm that gripped her body. She fell limp, panting as he licked his way up her body, his lips pressing into hers as his fingers pushed into her.

“Loxo, please.”

“Beg all you want Meliae, I’ve been to long without you and want to take my time.” She was a slave to his lust, her body going wild with pleasure as he built her up and pushed her over the edge many times. She could barely move when he finally pulled her up and into his lap, her back pressed against his chest. He filled her slowly, making her clamp down on his stiff manhood. He moaned behind her, his hands gripping her hips as he fought to keep from climaxing. “Oh Meliae, how I’ve missed your heat.” He whispered, his voice quivering.

“I can’t take anymore, I’ll die.”

He lifted and lowered her as he thrust upward, making them both cry out. “You can take so much more my love.”

Their mingled moans filled his once empty, silent home until he could no longer hold himself back and released into Meliaes confines. They were both hoarse as they laid together panting and smiling at eachother “I love you so dearly Loxo” she said and he almost chuckled at how adorable she sounded speaking with her voice so gone. “Love you too my sweet” They were lost between lust and naps the remainder of the day. When morning came neither had known they had even fallen asleep. They both clumsily pulled on their clothes and answered the door “Elijah” Meliae said “I came because Zorya has a few demons and a dragon with the king now. I thought you might want to come and see. If all is done when we get there we can atleast know quickly if he apologized to them”

Loxo didn’t like the thought of Meliae not eating breakfast again but he planned on making her eat as soon as all was over with the king. When they arrived he was still in audience so they walked in, noticing him frozen before the guests in his castle “go on King” Zorya said in an annoyed tone that told Meliae she had been urging him for a bit to apologize. He took a long breath in then let it go “I apologize for acting as if we are superior and offending you all. My kingdom will change if you leave us in peace”

“We are to believe this coming from one such as you?” The dragon said, his bright green eyes staring at the elf king. “Your false sincerity sickens me. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t burn you now?”

“Because bloodshed will get you nowhere.” Meliae spoke up and everyone in the room looked at her.

“Who are you?” The dragon asked.

“I am Meliae Chloris, wife to the elf Loxo Breksta and queen of the neighboring human kingdom. The king asked for my aid in fighting you if war broke out.”

“Why would a woman from a race this man sees as inferior want to help him and his kind?”

“Because I have been on both the good and the bad end of elf hospitality, I know that the people here follow their leader’s laws without question because they believe them to be right and I know it can sometimes lead to horrible mistakes.” Loxo frowned and she took his hand. “But I know, that there are those who regret their actions, who wish for nothing but peace between the races, who simply want to live without the lingering threat of war hanging over their heads. I know the king is a bastard, he’s selfish and an idiot, but I believe that when it comes to his people, his loyalty for them will win and he will do what he has to to keep them alive. I am asking you to show him mercy, to show his people mercy and to forgive them for their racism.”

“Who is she Dryad?”

“A child of the earth, one who plants and animals have accepted as a sister, a woman that the very beasts of the world speak to.”

The dragon snorted. “Would you truly fight next to such a pitiful man?”

“If it meant saving innocent lives then yes, I would.”

The dragon huffed and crossed his arms. “I will give him two months to begin making improvements. If he does not, then I will come for him and him alone and take his crown from his severed head.”

“and I doubt a soul would blame you. Thanks for giving him a chance”

“well, your kingdom is a good one. I wouldn’t want to harm people from it due to this man. You are noble for coming to his defense” The demons seemed to take the dragons lead, knowing the dragon would make good on his promise if the king continued to rule the way he was so they all left “That dragon was serious, change your ways or loose your life and kingdom” Meliae said with a serious expression. He sighed and left the room. Zorya shook her head as she approached Meliae “you think he’ll change?”

“for his people”

“You trust far too easily”

“his very life is at stake. I’m sure he will” Zorya smiled “can we go home now?”

“yes, no reason to be here any longer. It’s all in his hands now” Zorya looked at Loxo “and you’re truly coming with us this time?”

“yes, forever”

“even if he gives you another ultimatum and its her or this place?”

“it’s her, for now on, every time. Nothing will ever be held in higher regard than her again”

“Just know as the king, your life also hangs in the balance”

“Zorya, stop” Meliae said and Zorya apologized as they all walked out. On the way back to the human kingdom Loxo rode at Meliaes side, tailed by Elijah, Landon and Zorya. When they arrived at the castle Loxo insisted they have a big meal since he felt she hadn’t eaten properly in awhile. She smiled at his fussing “alright”

‘we’d stay Meliae but I miss my wife” Elijah said and Meliae nodded ‘go to her, thank you”

“anything for you my queen”

Landon waved his goodbye as he followed his father out and Zorya seemed to disappear as she often did, leaving only the two of them alone. They made their way to the dining room, and Loxo propped his head up in one hand while he reached out and stroked her cheek with the other, letting his fingers tuck her hair behind her ear so he could clearly see her face. “My beautiful queen, my love, my life.” He said, his voice incredibly warm and loving.

“I missed how sweet you could be.” She replied, blushing.

“I missed making you blush. You always looks so sexy when your cheeks redden in embarrassment.” He grabbed her chin and turned her head. “And I’m the only one who can do that to you, which makes it even better.”

He sat there, flirting with her the whole time, making her feel all the love she had thought was lost to her. When their food finally came, he made sure she cleaned her plate and had her promise that she would not skip her meals if it was possible not too. She kissed his cheek, promising him. After eating, they spent their time getting him reacquainted with the castle and read together in the library which turned into him finding any reason to touch and kiss her. At the end of the day, he carried her up to what was now their room and drew them a bath, wanting to relax with her for a few moments. When they were clean and refreshed he dried them both and carried her to bed, needing to make love to her again. He moved in her slowly, savoring her every little cry and quiver, getting lost in their shared pleasure. When they were both spent, their bodies sapped of energy they cuddled under the covers, Loxo holding her tightly to him so she couldn’t get away.

“I love you Loxo, so much.”

“I love you too baby, more than anything. I will always be here for you, never doubt my feelings for you.”

“I won’t my wonderful elf king.”

He smiled and kissed her lips. “Sweet dreams my beautiful human queen.” She fell quickly asleep and he smiled, feeling lucky to have a second chance at loving his Meliae.


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