Melody & Grady 2

Chapter One

“So what are our bosses having us work on this time?” Melody asked as she walked down down the Interpol hallway to the conference room.

“I don’t love, probably something dangerous. We worked so good together last time that they decided we should work together again.”

They walked into the conference room, shaking the hand of Grady’s boss then taking a seat. “So, what is this about?” Melody asked.

“We’re waiting for one more person.”

Grady froze when the smell of vanilla hit his nose, spinning his chair around and looking at the woman that was standing in the doorway. “Marta? What are you doing here?” He asked.

“Your boss asked me to team up with you since the job is in Russia.”

“Oh.” Melody looked between the two, sensing something more between them. Marta sat down on Grady’s other side as his boss explained they would be going after a Russian crime syndicate who was big in the drug and sex trade.

“I’ll leave it up to you three to come up with a plan. Your flight leaves tonight at eight.”

“Yes sir.” They all stood and Marta grabbed his arm. “Can I help you?”

“Come and have a drink with me like we used to.”

“Sorry Marta,” he said as he pulled his arm free, “I have plans with my beautiful mate here.” He laced his fingers through Melody’s and pulled her close to him.

“Oh I see. How sweet.” Grady gave her a polite smile then quickly pulled her out of the room. She didn’t say anything as they rode the elevator down to the parking garage and kept her mouth shut until they wee on the road.

“So that was weird. You two had something.”

“Please don’t be angry. We were on and off lovers, nothing more I swear. We went undercover together every now and then. I never loved her.”

“That was a really long explanation. I’m not mad, it was just weird being right in the middle of that. I love and trust you Grady, I just don’t trust her.”

“Neither do I love. She’s a bit of a hot head and Russian on top of that. She’s going to be a handful, just promise me you won’t shoot her.”

“I promise.”

Grady breathed easier knowing his mate wouldn’t suspect him of straying. He didn’t even want to work with Marta but he knew he had to. Part of what you accept when you have relations with someone at work is the possibility of being forced to work with them when things go south. Not that things truly went south but he had a mate now and he didn’t trust her to simply back off. He had grown tense when she entered the room before so his muscles were wound tight when they got to their room. “Let me rub you. i can tell you’re aching”

“Thank you” Grady said as he laid down. Melody sat on his hips then began to gently coax his muscles out of their knots. He let out what was a mixture of a sigh and groan “don’t let her upset you. She wont upset me. Even if she’s bitchy I’ll wave it off”

“They are just wound when she first entered the room and i was worried about you being upset with me” She smiled and leaned down to kiss his back “my sweet wolf”

“You make it worth coming home love, you’re my everything.” She got off his back and he sat up then pulled her into his arms. “Maybe someday you’ll be my beautiful little she wolf.”

She smiled. “How about after we get back.”

“That would make me the happiest man in the world. Be even better if you married me and maybe had a few pups.”

She laughed. “You are so romantic.”

“I know it’s in my blood.”

He gave her a long, love filled kiss then pulled back to look at her again. “I promise to give you a very romantic proposal that you won’t be able to forget. Just give me some time to think something amazing up.”

“Alright, I can do that. So what’s the plan for tomorrow?”

“Well after we land and meet up with our little security team, you know the back up, and get our ear buds and fake I.D. cards we’ll be going to find my old partner Mildred. She’s working undercover as a prostitute she she might have some information.”

“Did you and Mildred ever…you know?” He started laughing and she gave him a look. “What’s so funny? A man and a woman who are alone most of the time could possibly sleep together.”

That only seemed to make him laugh harder and she punched his shoulder. “Sorry love, no Mildy and I never slept together for the simple reason that I still call her Ellis on occasion.” He gave her a moment.

“Wait, is Mildred a man?”

“Was a man and a damn good partner. You’ll like her and let me tell you, you’ll think I’m lying when you see her because she makes a damn good woman too.”

“I’m glad her surgeries have gone so well. Has she had all she needs”

“Yep, she’s so happy now and I’m glad for her.”

“Me too then. I can’t wait to meet her” Grady kissed her cheek “lets take a bath before bed” she agreed that would be nice. They walked into the bathroom and got the hot water flowing. Grady got in first then Melody got in after him. She laid against his torso and relaxed in the soothing heat. Grady wrapped his arms around his mate and admired her beautiful body. He smiled thinking of her turning wolf. He hadn’t been surprised she was willing but it was glad to have the confirmation she would be with him always.

When they decided to get out they dried then packed their bags after setting out what they would wear. Once everything was by the door they dressed then walked out to meet Marta, neither excited about seeing her but they would do what they must for the job. She greeted them with a flirty smile and they just waved back polietly. They grabbed a taxi together and headed over to the airport. Marta tried to grab Gradys arm again in the cab and he jerked “stop that Marta”

“what? Is Melody easily jealous?’

“No but i dont want you hanging on me”

“Ya lyublyu svoy svirepyy kharakter.” Marta said with a little wink.

“Kak mne.” Melody said as she looked out the window, shocking Marta with the fact she knew Russian.

Grady cleared his throat so he wouldn’t laugh then kissed Melody’s cheek. When they got to the airport Marta was pouting, but neither of them cared. They checked their bags, showing their badges when the scanner saw their weapons. They were allowed through without any trouble and quickly boarded the plane. They took their seats, Grady frowning when he saw they were right across the isle from Marta. “Would you like the window seat?” Melody asked and he nodded, not wanting to sit too close to his old lover.

Melody could feel Marta’s eyes threatening to glare a hole into her spine. She rolled her eyes as she took her seat and did her best to ignore the jealous woman. When everyone had boarded the plane they buckled up and listened to the captain’s little speech and then the flight attendants showing of how everything worked. Melody was happy when they finally started down the runway and took to the air. “So how did you and Grady meet?” Marta asked.

“On a mission. I was undercover for the F.B.I. and he was undercover for Interpol. Our paths just happened to cross.” A flight attendant coming down the isle with a cart asked them if they would like anything. Both Grady and Melody asked for a Pepsi which the smiling woman gladly gave them before moving on.

“You actually let someone else on your turf Grady, how surprising.”

“All that fucking must have made him temporarily lose his mind.” Melody shot back and Grady choked on his soda. He started coughing and laughing at the same time, making Marta glare at him. He cleared his throat, managaing to get his laughter under control and to stop his coughing fit.

He was no longer nervous about this atall and now knew this would be a very entertaining job. the way melody dealt with marta made him love her even more. He adored that fire she had in her even though they somtimes ignited into fights. Even that was good though because it lead to the most amazing make up sex when they both realized they were being foolish. Meeting melody couldn’t have been anything short of fate because she was his perfect mate. He smiled, figureing he would put that in his marriage proposal.

Marta sat crossed armed and angry the entire flight. Melody was just glad her big anoying mouth was staying closed. Grady took his mates hand, only annoying Marta further. She felt h was shoving his relationship in her face and she didn’t appreciate it. She also didn’t appreciate being made a mockery of by his new mate. She would find a way to teach the little bitch a lesson.

Melody was happy when the plane finally landed. She waited patiently for it to come to a stop and nearly jumped for joy when they were told they could leave. It wasn’t that she hated flying it just sucked to be cooped up for over nine hours. If it had not been for Grady she probably would have died of boredom. They were stopped by airport security when they went to retrieve their bags and once again had to show their badges. The men apologized and gave them their things. “Where are we meeting our back up?” Grady asked Marta.

“The Moscow city center.” Was all she said back. They climbed into a taxi and Marta gave the driver the address. The surveillance team was sitting in an alley in an old van. Grady banged on the back door and a very irritated looking man opened it. He smiled when he saw who it was and let them inside.

“Grady, it has been a long time since you came here.” The man, whose name was given only as Benny, said.

“I’m glad they put you on this team Benny, you’re as sharp as they come.”

“And who is this vision of beauty I see sitting next to you?”

“This is my mate Melody.”

“Nice to meet you and I was wondering when Grady here would finally settle down. You must be really special to capture his always wandering soul.”

“I certainly hope so.” She replied with a smile.

“So we need our equiptment and to know if you have seen Mildy.” Benny handed them their ear buds and a box of small cameras with built in speakers.

“Mildy is over on the other end of the Tverskaya. There is a car behind this building that I took the liberty of getting for you, very low profile, but in good condition.” He handed the keys over.

“Thank you Benny, we’ll be in touch.” They climbed out of the van and headed to the back of the building the van was next to and got in the car waiting there. He asked Melody to sit in the back with Marta since it might look weird if he picked up a prostitute and made her sit in the back. Grady drove down the main road, watching out the window for Mildred. He grinned when he saw her walking and drove slowly next to her. “Excuse me miss, how much for a night?” He asked and Mildred looked behind her, smiling as he came to a stop and she moved up to his window.

“For you sugar, it’s free.” They both laughed and Mildred got in the car.

“How’ve you been?”


“where’s this beautiful woman you emailed me about?”

“In the back seat” Melody waved as she smiled. “Hey, you are stunning. His words didn’t do you justice. It’s nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you too” They pulled up to a sleazy hotel since thats where the prostitutes went then Grady and Mildred got out of the car. Grady didn’t want to leave Melody and Marta alone in the car but he wanted it to look like he was using Mildred, not having a party. He also knew if anybody messed with them they would soon regret it. Melody would have the tables turned in moments. Grady and Mildred didn’t speak until they were in the room. “I’m glad to have finally met Melody. Sucks you’re working with Marta though. Is she playing nice with your mate?”

“Not atall but Melody is handling it well and very hilariously’ Mildred smiled “when I’m not undercover we need to get together.”

“I know, tell me the second you’re done” In the car Marta said as she kept her eyes out the window “How do you know that mutt is faithful to you? He’s a hound and loves fucking around. He had sex with other girls besides me”

“I’m sure he has. I too had sex before Grady and I got together. I don’t worry if he’s faithful and I don’t care who he has slept with in the past”

“I bet you were a whore”

“The sluttiest of sluts” Melody said back and Marta scoffed. Melody had tried to contain her giggle but it didn’t work. “I’m glad you find everything entertaining” Marta said in an angered voice. It was infuriating she couldn’t get to Melody. “why can’t we just get along Marta? seriously”

“we just can’t”

“we have to work together”

“Fuck you, just leave me alone so I can get through this”

“Suit yourself.” Melody said with a shrug.

“So what can you tell me about this whole sex and drug trafficking ring.” Grady said as he took a seat on the bed.

“A group of eight guys patrol the streets at night while the other girls are out to make sure they’re working, during the day business is done in three underground brothels. Their leader, Afon Borislov, pays the police to look the other way in the event and John is caught in the act or the brothels are called in. They have both men and women working for then ages ranging from twelve to thirty. There is one woman that they all call The Madame, her real name is Gala and she’s Afon’s wife. She’s the one who examines the prostitutes before they are put to work.”


“Then there are the drugs which most of the girls are kept high on to make sure they keep coming back. Afon and his brother Fedir run that part of the business. They sometimes use the youngest girls to transport the drugs to other countries. They’re expendable and to afraid to come out and say Alfon’s name.”

Grady sighed. “So we’ll have to hit them both at once. How about you, how are you holding up?”

“I’m fine, of course carrying a gun is really hard in such a skimpy outfit so I had to buy a purse. I never understood why women carry these things until I needed one for my gun.”

Grady laughed then stood up and hugged Mildred. “Just be careful out there and keep your eyes and ears open. Don’t let any of those fucks take advantage of you.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll rip their hearts out. No one gets to hit this unless I say so. Flashing my badge has done wonders.”

“Alright I better let you get back out there.”

“It was good seeing you again Grady and I want to get to know your mate after all this, she seems like a real angel.”

“she’s the best. I’m coming up with a way to propose to her. I’ve already told Melody that I’m thinking marriage but I ahvent truly popped the question yet. I want it to be really sweet and nice.”

“You’ll think of somthing. If you haven’t by the end of this job call me up and I’ll throw ideas at you”


“Anything for you” Mildre winked then they both laughed. Grady returned to the car while Mildred walked to make sure it wouldn’t look like anything was going on. “what’s up?” Marta asked before Melody could. Grady retold everything Mildred had discussed with him. Melodys heart sank thinking there were young girls and boys as young as twelve working in such a life. Grady knew it would hurt her since it deeply hurt him too. Grady wanted Melody in the front seat with him but still decided against it. They drove off to where they would be saying so they could discuss what they should do with Marta.

Chapter Two

At their hotel they went into the room that would be Grady and Melodys to talk. “you know this place best Marta. What do you think we should do?” Marta sighed angrily, knowing she had to swallow her frustration with him and get this job done. “it’s a big operation obviously. I’ve been¬†mulling it over in the car but all I’ve gotten is a headache. Do you have any suggestions grady?”

“Lets see, we know The Madame runs more than one brothel and that Afon pays the police to turn a blind eye to their work. We know that Afon’s brother helps with drug distribution. We also know that we have to hit them at the same time. So we’re going to have to get in good with The Madame and hope she tells her husband about our willingness to spend a lot of money. I think we should run the same game we used on Alexus except this time you both get to be my owners.”

“Excuse me?” Marta said.

“You and Melody will go in under the guise of lovers with me as your plaything. You’ll tell her you are looking into buying a new toy and I am with you for compatibilities sake. You have to come off as people who are always looking for a new thrill, drugs, sex, booze. Once The Madame sees we are serious she should tell Afon about us. We’ll leave the cameras in both places so our boys in the van can see and hear everything. I’ll use my nose to sniff out the drugs and tell the boys where to look.”

“Sounds like a good plan.” Melody said and Grady smiled.

“We’ll head out tomorrow then, don’t forget your earbuds.” Marta left and Grady pulled Melody into his arms. “You must promise not to do anything foolish my love.” He said softly.

“You know me baby, I only take risks when absolutely necessary. I promise not to do anything stupid.”

“Good, because if anything happened to you I would die. I need you Melody.”

She smiled. “I know baby, I love and need you too so don’t worry.”

“why don’t we order food from room service?” Grady said then picked up the phone to call. He ordered them each a sub and cokes before hanging up. “we could do this job without her. I wish Marta wasn’t here. She didn’t even help with the plan when that’s pretty much the only reason she’s here” Grady complained. “it’s pretty bad she bothers you more than she does me” Melody said in a light, nearly laughing tone. “well you do make it easier. It’s been so hard to keep myself from laughing at your comebacks. It’s just annoying to see her act as a child. She knew i never wanted more from her than sex so i don’t get what the big deal is”

“You may have known but you werent in her head Grady. Maybe she interpreted somthing wrong or simply had hopes that I’m now crushing because you want me. Besides, I’m wise to your plan. Have two girls you have had sex with pretend to be lovers. Perverted men everywheres fantasy. I suspect you’re going to want a lot of sex seeing us together and us probably having to get handsy to prove we’re lovers”

“i think you’re joking and I hope you are.” Grady said seriously and Melody laughed “I am you silly puppy” He kept holding her until their food came. They ate then Grady wanted ¬†ashower before bed since he had been in that hotel room. He had no idea what sort of low lifes had been naked in there. Grady and melody washed and dried eachother then settled into bed so they coudl get plenty of rest for tomorrow.

The next morning Grady couldn’t help but smile as Melody looked at her clothes. She was having trouble finding something that looked good. “None of these say bi, junkie, who keeps shapeshifting pets.” She said and he started laughing.

“I didn’t realize that was a style of clothing.” He replied and she gave him the look. “I’m sorry, let me call Mildred.” He pulled out his cell and called the same number his old partner had always had.

“What’s up?” She asked when she answered.

“I need you to come to my hotel and bring some of your sexiest clothes.”

“May I ask why?”

“Undercover work. I need them for Melody and since you have better taste than me I thought you could dress her. Something businessy, but sexy.”

“Give me the address.” He told her where they were and they hung up.

“Okay, Mildred will be here in a bit, I wonder what we should do till then.”

She grinned. “What would you like to do?”

“How about we leave some love bites on you, you know for show.”

“Oh yeah, for show.”

Grady grabbed Melody and threw her hard unto the bed. She smiled as his tongue ran up her left breast. His teeth sunk into her shoulder making melody moan. His bites gave her the chills in a very good way. Grady ran his hands up hre sides firmly then moved inward to cup her soft bosoms. He bit her shoulder right beside the previous place he had bitten, amking sure it woudl leave long lasting marks. She moaned again, growing hot. Grady let one hand drift down her as he bit and licked her neck. . Once his hand was between her legs he rubbed as he took mouthfulls of her chest. He loved the way her breats felt in his mouth as he clamped down on them.

Her moans intensified as she began writhing. He let his fingers travel into her depths while he bit her sides “Grady” She moaned making him grow rock hard. He locked their lips as he thrust into her quivering insides. Her moans only driving him wilder as his hips moved harder and harder. They both went over the edge and he bit her thigh “for good measure” he said in a still lustful tone. “you want me again baby? I want your bite marks all over me” She still had goosebumps from their love making “Mildred will be here soon baby. You know I would otherwise”


“I love you Melody”

“I love you too”

“remember what you promised me last night”

“i do and will do nothing foolish” Grady began dressing and soon Mildrd arrived. She hugged them both then set down the suitcase she brought “i couldn’t decide. I need you to be a model for us. We need woflys approval too I’m sure”

Melody pulled her clothes off and Mildred let out a soft laugh at the sight of the bite marks. “My goodness Grady, you almost drew blood.” She said as she handed Melody a thigh length skirt and a button up blouse. Grady just smiled and watched as Melody dressed. There was a knock on the door and Grady answered, frowning when he saw Marta. She was in a knee length black skirt with a slit up to the top of her left thigh and a black blouse with the top two buttons undone so you could see a fair amount of cleavage.

“Melody’s still getting ready so come in.” He stepped away from the door, leaving Marta angry that he hadn’t been effected in the slightest by her outfit. He sat down on the bed and watched Meldoy putting clothes on and pulling them off, his heart going into overdrive at how sexy she looked.

“I kind of like the red blouse, the black skirt and the red heels.” Melody said.

“Here, put on this push up bra too.” Melody pulled off her bra, making Grady lick his lips. She would have laughed, but she didn’t want Mildred teasing him. She pulled the clothes on and Mildred went to work. She unbuttoned her top, making sure all the bite marks could be seen. “Now I’ll do your hair and makeup then you can show our little hound here.”

Grady took a deep breath as Mildred pulled Melody into the bathroom. She was far to sexy and he was already hard again from watching her. Marta sat down next to him and he scooted over, not wanting her touching him. “You used to like my skin against yours, you used to tell me how good it tasted.”

“That was ages ago. Why don’t you just let it go? I told you when we were together that it was just sex. What didn’t you get about that? We were fuck buddies Marta, that’s it. Melody is not my fuck buddy, she’s the one I have chosen to spend forever with so get over it.”

“you didn’t act like it though. I thought it was a tough guy thing to call me a fuck buddy and not call when we weren’t working. I thought you just didn’t want to admit your feelings”

‘You shouldn’t assume other things when someone is telling you you’re nothing but sex. I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I thought you understood and were comfortable then. I wouldn’t have kept sleeping with you if I thought you had feelings for me. I can be a jerk but I’m not that much of an ass” Melody and Mildred listened awkwardly in the bathroom and now Melody really felt bad for Marta. It was just as she thought and Marta had thought more of their relationship than just sex.

Marta didn’t respond to Grady. She didn’t know if she should cry or scream. Mainly because she was still unwilling to accept she had been only sex to him. She felt he was lieing and he had thought more of her until Melody came along. Her pride wouldn’t allow her to think she had been only sex. Grady actually felt bad he hadn’t noticed Marta had real feelings for him but didn’t know what else to say to her.

His erection settled itself and even managed to stay down when his mate came back out. His eyes wandered over her stunning body. if he hadn’t been feeling guilty he would have been craving to strip her again and go crazy. “you like?” Mildred asked. “Perfect, thanks for your help”

“Of course, okay back to the streets. The brothels are on the main street and marked by red flags so keep your eyes open. I’ll get my suitcase later and if you want that outfit Melody you can keep it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I have plenty of clothes and you look really good in that.” She hugged Melody and Grady then headed out.

Melody turned her eyes to Marta. “You look really pretty Marta, well sexy actually.”

Marta just crossed her arms. “Can we go now?” She asked.

“Of course, remember things might get a little heated so don’t hold back. I’m not afraid to kiss a woman to get a job done.”

Grady’s lips twitched, but he managed to keep his laugh to himself. “Come on ladies.” They left the hotel, catching the man at the front desks attention. Grady gave him the death glare when he looked at Melody and the man averted his gaze. Sometimes Grady felt very possessive of her, but she didn’t seem to mind. He was a wild animal and she understood he couldn’t help it. They got in the car, Melody sitting in the back with Marta. They looked out the windows as they went along the main street. Grady spotted one of the red flags and pulled over. Melody got out and went inside, asking for The Madame. She was told she was at the brothel at the other end of the street.

“We have to go to the other end.” Melody said when she got back in the car. “The Madame is there right now so we should hurry before she decideds to move on.”

They drove over and they all got out this time since they knew the madame would be there. Melody leaned over the counter when she asked for the madame, making the mans mouth water and Grady had to struggle not to glare or act as if it bothered him that this man was lusting for his mate. No answer came from the man as he examined her breasts and the bite marks he wished he would have laid himself.

“Where’s the madame?” She asked gently but a little more pushy this time. “I’ll get her. Just wait right here sexy” Marta rolled her eyes in disgust. She should be the main showcase, not this american girl. She got close to Melody so she could make sure the men in the room could see them side by side and see that she was far more desirable than Melody ever could be. Melody wrapped her arms around Martas waist and pulled her closer so the madame would see them touching when she came.

Grady concentrated his attention on Melodys body before he lost control on one of the men in the room. The madame soon came, looking as stern and dominating as they expected her to be. She offered a friendly smile but all three felt the chill “what brings you here? You’re already getting plenty of attention I see”

Melody gave her a sexy little smile. “I’m sorry, but it’s not my fault your men can’t keep their eyes to themselves with all these tasty morsels running around.”

“Why are you here?”

“My girlfriend and I want to add to our collection. We have this good boy already, our little wolf, but we want something more. We need more excitement.”

“Your girlfriend, she certainly doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself.”

“She’s just moody because she wasn’t included in last nights little game. I told you I was sorry baby, please don’t be mad. Give us a kiss.” She grabbed Marta’s chin, smiling sweetly. “Come on my love.” She slid her fingers into Marta’s hair and kissed her. Marta angrily gripped Melody’s shirt, but moaned so The Madame would think she was into it. Melody pulled back, smiling at her before turning her attention back to The Madame. “All is forgiven now. So can we talk about possibly buying one of your girls.”

Grady could tell The Madame was turned on after the display and was a little surprised himself. He knew Melody was a good actor, but had no expected her to be that good. They waited patiently for The Madame to come out of her surprise. “We charge quite a bit for buying. What is your preference?”

“Gender doesn’t matter, we would like someone young, but not to young maybe eighteen and they have to have stamina. Our wolfy has quite a bit of it and we have quite the appetite.”

“Does it matter if he or she’s an addict?”

Melody smiled even though she wanted to rip the woman’s throat out. “Not at all, we sometimes use drugs to make the experience more exciting or arousing. We can always buy him or her whatever they need.”

“alright, wait here and I’ll bring you two options since you aren’t choosey”

“Thank you” She decided to grab two of the drug addicts since somtimes they could be harder to sell. Martawanted to wipe her mouth of Melody but refrained so she wouldn’t chance blowing everything. She was working first, her anger and disgust were somthing for later. Neither of the three spoke but Melody let her hands drift Marta for show so none of the madams men would suspect anything and get the madam suspicious. Grady found himself jealous of Marta being touched by his mate but silently reprimanded himself. He knew he was just extra territorial because of their love making last night.

He was always possessive

Melody and Marta looked them over, both of them trying not to frown at how skinny the girl looked. “What do you think pussy cat, they both look delicious.” Melody said.

“You’re right, I could definitely see our little doggy with both of them. How much for the pair?” Marta said.

“Fifty thousand american a piece.” The Madame answered. Melody pretended to consider this and The Madame said, “They’re both worth it, I promise.”

“Very well.” The Madame smiled.

“Come with me please, your pet can stay here while you have the money wired into my account.”

Melody slipped her hand into Marta’s and they followed The Madame into a back room. Grady didn’t like having her out of his sight, but he behaved like a good little dog. It didn’t take long for Melody to have money put into The Madame’s account she then took a piece of paper and scribbled down her cell number. “If you have any more product you would like me to look at please call me.” She held out the piece of paper, allowing her fingers to flirtatiously brush The Madame’s hand. “We have a very wide range of tastes and are willing to try anything once.” She gave The Madame one more smile before leaving, wanting her to call as soon as possible.

Melody left the Madame desireing to be with Melody and her lovers herself. They returned to Grady who was relieved to see them but he didn’t show it on his face. They were given the man and woman then left. Neither one of them spoke, their eyes were lifeless and dull making all three of their hearts go out to them. ¬†They stopped at a store to buy them clothes before taking them into their room. Melody got out while Marta and Grady stayed in the car. “what’s your names?” Grady asked so he wouldn’t have to think about his mate in a store in that outfit.

“I’m Chellie” The girl answered first and then the boy said “I’m Adrik”

“I’m Grady, the woman in the store is my girlfriend Melody and the woman in here is Marta. We aren’t going to do anything to you two” They looked at him confused and he said “I’ll have Melody explain at the hotel” They didn’t ask anything more, wondering if this was a game. Melody came back with clothes and tossed them to the two “put those on” They did then Grady drove them to the hotel. They went to Melody and Gradys room the two slaves sitting nervously on the bed, waiting for what was to come.

“I know you two are scared, but I want you to know that we’re here to help you not hurt you. She walked over to he suitcase and pulled out her identification. She flipped it open, showing them her card and badge. “I work for the F.B.I. and both Grady and Marta work for Interpol. We were asked to help stop Afon and Gala. You’re both safe.”

Chellie teared up and then started bawling. Adrik wrapped his arms around her, holding tightly to her and weeping himself. “Thank you.” Chellie said over and over again through her sobs.

“We’re going to get you two the help you need to get back on your feet.” Grady added

Melody sat down next to Chellie and rubbed her back. “Everything’s okay now, no one will ever hurt you again.”

“I’m going to go get them a room. Do you two want to stay together or do you want your own space?”

“We’ll stay together.” Chellie said, her face panicked.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” They could understand how they wanted to stay in the same room. They guessed those forced into prostitution had only ever had each other.

“Is there anything you two can tell us about Afon’s business? Did Gala ever say anything about it?”

“No, we were kept in our rooms most of the day and we kept our heads down so we wouldn’t be punished. The Madame would let men and women rape us if we disobeyed or she’d dope us up and beat us. Even Afon’s brother would come in sometimes. He and The Madame liked to have sex and sometimes they would bring us in with them.” Adrik explained, a look of shame crossing his face.

“thank you for your help” Melody said sincerely and Adrik said ‘I didn’t help you. I don’t know anything”

“well, who knows. We might be able to use the affair. If not I’m just happy we have atleast you two safe. Order whatever you want from room service and as often as you want. The two of you need food, especially you Chellie.” Adrik spoke again “They about starve her to keep her looking this way. The nasty perverts who rape us like seeing her bones.” Grady came back with their room keys and handed them over. “I’ll walk you two to your room to be sure you get there ok”

Chapter Three

Chellie and Adrik stood and walked out with Grady. Finally Martas mind wasn’t on Grady and Melodys relationship but these poor people. Seeing them up close like this was heart shattering. It never got easier to see the victims of the sex trade. Melody sat down where they had been sitting, revolted by her own fingers that touched that terrible woman. Marta sat down beside Melody, feeling a little guilty her mind wasn’t fully focused on helping these tormented souls before.

“I’ve always wondered how demented and far gone you have to be to run somthing like that. To look at your victims and not feel a single thing.” Marta said and Melody in a near crying voice answered “Yeah, we live in a world with cruel people who are too selfish to see others pain or even consider that they might be immensely suffering for your joy.”

“You okay?”

“Like you care you crazy bitch.” Melody replied with a little laugh.

“Me, hey you’re the one who kissed me and flirted with a psycho, I’d say you win the craziest bitch award.” They both laughed and wiped at the tears that threated to spill out of their eyes.

“You know Grady didn’t mean to hurt you.” Melody said after the laughter had stopped. Grady froze outside their bedroom door, his heart skipping a beat at her words.

“How do you know that? Maybe he just got with you because you were convenient at the time.”

“Marta, you and I both know that he sucks at reading people. He can smell drugs hidden on someone or track down an escaped convict like that, but when it comes to people he’s out of his element. If you tell him you’re okay with being fuck buddies then he’ll believe you, but if you had told him you were in love with him he would have broken it off. He’s not some evil bastard who toys with people’s feelings. You worked with him so you should know this.”

Marta sighed. “He really loves you doesn’t he?”

“Yeah and I really love him. I can’t see myself without him.”

Grady pushed the door open and Melody gave him her sweetest smile. He needed after seeing and smelling so many bad things. Marta stood, her arms crossed over her chest. “I’m going to go to my room. Come and get me if that bitch calls.”

“Okay, see you later.” Melody replied.

Grady quickly went over to his mate and hugged her. “you heard our conversation huh?”

“Yes, but I needed you anyway after being in that place and seeing those two. It’s just so barbaric and horrible to think there will never come a time when those things don’t happen”

“well, we’re going to live forever and be around to close down every house of horrors. At least we can stop them.” Grady moved up on the bed and melody stopped him ‘before we cuddle can we wash that place off of us? I know she might call this very night for us but I want to be clean of her now”

‘Of course baby” They got up and stepped into their rooms shower. Grady helped scrub her so that she could feel clean and then she thoroughly scrubbed him. Melody felt herself breathing easier as she stepped out of the showers heat. Marta had only just finished crying. She couldn’t let her pride force her to deny it any longer. Grady hadn’t loved her, it hadn’t been a tough guy act as she thought it was. He was in love with Melody and they would no doubt always be togther. She had to move on but it was painful after being hung up on him for so many years.

She let her sadness take her to sleep so she could clear her head incase she was needed. If they had to go out right now her headache from the tears would make it hard for her to think and might ruin their chances at taking these people down. She wouldn’t risk leaving the victims to their tormentors so she forced herself into the reset of sleep.

Grady and Melody cuddled in bed, needing the contact. Grady let  her scent completely overwhelm his nose, wanting nothing but Melody. He ran his hands over her soft skin, going from sweet and gentle to rough and needy within minutes. He came up on hands and knees above her, kissing her hungrily as he pushed her legs open with his knee. His let his lips drift over her, his teeth biting at her chest and the mounds of her breasts.

Melody moaned deeply, her fingers tangling in his hair as he marked her again and again, his teeth sinking into the flesh just under her belly button. He pushed her legs wider as his mouth covered her, his tongue moving over and in her so she was writhing and whimpering beneath him. Orgasm after orgasm pulsed through her until she lay limp on the bed, her entire body shaking. Grady licked his way up the center of her body, making goosebumps cover her skin as his lips found hers and he slammed into her soaked warmth. She screamed into his mouth, her fingers gripping his shoulders and her nails drawing blood as she quivered around his hard shaft.

They panted and moaned together until he came, his teeth clamping down on her shoulder and a growl rumbling in his throat. She lay completely limp beneath him and he brushed a soft kiss over her shoulder where his teeth marks were. “I love you Melody, sorry I bit you so hard.”

“I love you too and you know I don’t mind. I like how rough you are.” She brushed her fingers over his cheek, giving him her most loving smile. “I have to ask you to do something though and I know you won’t like it.”

“I can do anything for you love.”

“Would you mind leaving a couple of bite marks on Marta? I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t for the fact that The Madame thinks we’re all lovers. I think Marta understands that your relationship with her is completely professional now.”

He sighed, knowing he should. “I guess” He got up and pulled clothes on. She hated how uncomfortable and unhappy he seemed but it needed to be done. When he was dressed he kissed melody “I love you”

“Love you too”

“I doubt in the history of women one has sent their mate over to bite all over another woman”

“Hey, spome people like three ways” they both laughed. Meldoys was real but Gradys was mostly forced with his discomfort. He walked out of the room then knocked on Martas door. She woke the second time he knocked then went to answer “yeah?”

“Can i come in?” Marta moved out of the way so he could enter. When they were both by her bed he said “Melody pointed out that i need to leave bite marks on you too since the Madame thinks we’re all sleeping together. I will only leave a few.”

“I guess that would be smart” Marta began to strip her clothes. Honestly being a little disappointed when his manhood remained unmoved. He approached her ‘you ready?”

“yeah, go ahead” he bit her shoulder first. Marta liked it much more than she had wanted to. This was a tease but it was out of need, not cold heartedness. He left bite marks on her sides then a few on both her thighs before leaving just one on her right breast. He hadn’t wanted to but he bit his mates so much he knew it might ring odd if Marta didn’t have a single one. “I’m done.”

“alright, go back to Melody”

“What she said was true Marta. I never had any intention of hurting you. I didn’t know how you felt”

“I know that now. I should have known that then”


“Night, come right back if that woman calls”

“we will” Grady left and Marta cried again. He heard her as he walked away and it made him feel horrible. Melody got up and hugged him as he came back in the room. “I wish i didn’t have to go in there and do that. She’s crying”

“It’s okay baby, just let her cry it out and I’ll talk to her later. Lets get some rest while we can okay.”

“Okay.” He pulled his clothes off and followed her to bed, pulling her into his arms once they were under the covers. She rested her head on his chest and he rubbed his hand up and down her back and arm, just enjoying her warmth. She fell asleep fairly fast and he soon followed, his arms locking tightly around her.

The sound of Melody’s phone ringing woke them and she quickly grabbed it from the bed side table and answered. “Hello?” She said.

“Melody it’s The Madame.”

“How nice to hear from you. To what do I oh the pleasure?”

The Madame actually giggled, making Melody’s stomach turn. “First off how were your new pets?”

“They were perfect, the male especially. My sweet Marta is still passed out.”

“I’m so glad, I knew they would be perfect. Anyway, I remember you saying you liked to try new things and after you spent so much at my brothel I talked to my husband and he said he would be willing to sell you some of his new product if you wee willing to pay a generous sum.”

“How good is it?”

“Very good, I use it on everyone at the brothel as well as on myself. It makes things far more pleasurable than normal.”

Melody giggled. “Give me the address and we shall come right over. My little puppy is welcome correct?”

“Of course, bring who you like.” She gave Melody the address and she wrote it down then hung up.

“Okay, we need our ear buds and the cameras for this. You’ll have to find a way to slip out and bug the place.”

“I can do that. Lets get dressed and wake Marta” They hurriedly put on their clothes “I’ll wake Marta and you let¬†Chellie and Adrik know we’re leaving for a bit”

“alright” They went their separate ways. Marta roused easily again “hey, we need to meet the Madame.”

“Just give me a few moments”

“You okay?”


“You sure?”

“Yeah, I cried it out last night and now I feel better”

“I’m sorry”

“Don’t be. I’ll be fine” Grady woke the sleeping¬†Chellie and Adrik. Adrick opened the door “yes?”

“We’re meeting with the Madame. We just wanted to let you two we were going. What Melody said still stands. If you’re hungry order anything from room service.”

“Thank you”

“Just keep yourselves safe in here” Grady walked away and Adrick shut the door, locking it right away with the privacy lock. Melody and Marta were standing together when Grady went to Martas room “you girls ready?” Melody handed Grady the cameras “ready” They went out to the car and drove to the address. Grady didn’t know how to act in the car. he still felt guilty about things with Marta. He wished he could read between the lines better with people so none of that would have happened. Marta genuinely seemed better which he and Melody were genuinely glad for.

They arrived and all three checked and tested their ear pieces. they modeled for eachother to be sure they coudln’t be seen then got out of the car. They walked up to the door and knocked. A big, thug looking man answered then motioned for them to walk in. They did and soon had the Madame and her husband in their sights.

“Melody, Marta I am so very happy to see you again.” The Madame said, her smile getting big when she saw their bite marks. “Your little wolf has quite the taste for your flesh.”

“We enjoy him being rough with us. This must be your husband.” Melody replied.

“Yes this is my Afon.”

Melody held out her hand and Afon took it. “Such beautiful young women, what a shame you do not work for my wife.” He kissed the back of her hand and Grady had to supress a growl. He kept his eyes on his shoes, not wanting Afon to see his glare of contempt. Afon did the same with Marta who like Melody had to keep herself from cringing. “Such a subissive hound. How did you break him?”

“A woman’s gentle touch can do wonders for a beast. Isn’t that right boy?”

“Yes ma’am.” Grady answered and Melody grinned.

“A gentle touch you say?”

“We promise him certain things if he’s a good little boy and we punish him if he disobeys. He was hard to break, a real challenge, but we managed to destroy that alpha mentality. My Marta is a very good disciplinarian.”


“I worked as a dominatrix before meeting Melody. I learned a few things.” Marta replied.

Afon’s eyes filled with lust at the idea of Marta beating someone into submission. “Anyway, my wife tells me that you are open to new experiences. I have a drug I would like to run by you if you are interested.”

“We’re always interested.” Melody said and Grady tapped on her shoulder. “What is it pet?”

“May I use the bathroom ma’am?”

“May he use the bathroom?”

“Of course, up the stairs, third door on the right.”

Grady went quickly, not wanting his mate and Marta alone for longer than they had to be. “he must have been holding it awhile. Look at him go”

“He knows better than to ask when we’re out unless it’s an emergency. he will still be punished for it though”once again the Madame and her husband seemed pleased by this and their lust increased. They planned to get them drugged up and take advantage of them. “we want to let you three try our product here with us” The Madame said not even trying to hide her lustful, needy gaze. Melody didn’t want to actually do the drug but she couldn’t refuse so hopefuilly could just put it off and they could all just leave before they could try it. “show me your product first and tell me more about it”

“Should we wait on your pet?”

“Yes, I don’t like to let him roam far without us” Melody answered. Grady set up camera in opportune places then came back before his time away seemed suspicious. “that took far too long” Marta said angrily. “I’m sorry”

“sorry doesn’t cut it. You should have gone while we’re at home. We’ve had to stand here doing nothing because of your inconvenience.” Grady looked at his face like a puppy expecting to be swatted with a newspaper. ‘Shall we go see the product now?” Alfons said. “sure, come dog’ Melody said. They walked behind Alfons and the Madame to a back room where he was storing their newest product. Alfons had much more than they were expecting.

“Amazing.” Melody said.

“It’s a new form of ecstasy, very potent. We give it to Gala’s whores to make them more receptive to customers. It also helps when we need to break the stubborn ones. It is something I believe you will be pleased with, especially if you give it to your dog.”

“Sounds amazing.” Melody replied. “How much?”

“Wouldn’t you like to try it first?” Gala asked.

“I trust that your husband is telling the truth, especially since the new slaves you sold us were so much fun.”

“Come on Melody, we’ll do it with you.” Afon replied, grabbing one of the baggies and pulling it open. Melody had never done drugs in her life and this was the first time she had been asked while undercover. Benny’s voice sounded in her ear telling her to do it. He said they were moving into position at the brothels, but it would take them longer to get to Afon’s.

“I’ll do it, but my sweet angel and our pet will not. I would like to know the side effects before allowing them to take it.” She finally said.

“The effects are like those you get with normal ecstasy just amplified, it’s perfectly safe. You yourself said you were up for anything.” Gala said.

“We are, but we do things safely. I would feel more comfortable this way or we could always find someone more cooperative.”

Gala decided not to fight with her. She knew they would soon join after their precious Melody and even if they just got her that was thrilling enough. Melody acted like she did this all the time even though inside she was scared, Grady was afraid right along with her and was tempted to blow this whole investigation just to keep her from it but hew wouldn’t do that to their victims. Melody could handle this, Grady knew she could. Marta even found herself a little concerned. She was sure Melody had never done drugs so there was a chance trying this could kill her since there was no way to know if she was allergic or not.

Alfons gave Melody her pills and said “On the count of three” Gala counted and she popped her pills just as she was told. “we’re coming soon” Benny said in her ear. Melody felt different right away, instantly disliking how this drug made her feel but soon began to feel good sensations. Grady was fighting hard not to look concerned for her. Ben was keeping them updated as to what they were doing since he knew Grady would be stressed.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” Afon asked, wanting Melody more now than before. He reached for her, but she was still in her right mind enough to stumble backwards into Grady who wrapped his arms around her to keep her upright. She turned in his arms, licking from his chin to his ear and making his heart rate spike.

“Get me out of here.” She whispered then moaned loudly in his ear.

“We’re almost there.” Benny said. “Just around the corner so get ready to run.”

“Perhaps we should go upstairs.” Gala said, her voice breathy as she grabbed for her husband.

“Good idea.” Marta replied and Grady lifted Melody off her feet. She slipped her hand under his shirt and he wanted to restrain her, but kept himself from doing so. They walked out of the room, Melody biting and licking and kissing Grady, turning him on even though they were in a dangerous place. Grady could hear the sound of cars pulling into the driveway and footsteps moving across the ground. The front door was knocked inward and Grady took off running, Marta close behind a gun suddenly in her hand. Afon was so shocked that he sobered up enough to pull his gun out from under his jacket and open fire at the team of Interpol officers.

Grady hit the ground, pulling Marta down with him and covering both women’s heads. “Don’t move.” He ordered over the gun fire and shifted shape, letting out an angry growl as he pursued Afon up the stairs. Marta pinned Melody down, not wanting her to get hurt since she was under the influence of a very powerful drug.

Everything became a blur for Melody in her drug induced state. The gun fire and howls were like one erotic sound that she could barely make sense of. She woke the next morning, not remembering anything from the night. She jumped in Gradys arms rousing him from sleep ‘careful baby. The gun shot wound isn’t fully closed yet” She looked down, he had been shot in the stomach. “o my god, are you ok?”

“Yes, we got them and their victims are getting the help they need”

“I don’t remember anything after taking that pill”

“Good, alot of bullets were fired. it was a bloody mess”

“Is Marta ok?”

“Yeah, you got a little handsy with her on the ground though”

“I need to tell her sorry then”

“She told me last night to tell you it was fine. She knew you were drugged and not thinking”

“You sure you’re fine?”

‘I’m a wolf baby, you know it will heal” Melody kissed Grady “I hope I never have to take somthing like that again”

“Me too, I’m just glad it went so well”

“You got shot”

“yes but they were taken down, the victims are getting help and it was a lucky shot, barely any damage. Just rest with me baby. It’s five am and I’m tired.”

“I love you Grady”

“I love you too beautiful”

“You’ll fill me in the rest of the way in the morning?”


“Alright then, sorry for waking you”

“No, I’m glad you did. I was still worried about you.”

“You worry too much”

“You’re my mate, my greatest treasure. How could I not worry over the woman I want for my she wolf?”

“I love you so much Grady”

“and I you but I truly need more sleep” Melody kissed his chest then closed her eyes, soon returning to rest. She was glad all this was over and wished she had been more help when everything was happening. She hoped she hadn’t done anything too crazy in front of the other officers. Even if she did though she knew they all knew she had touse drugs to keep the Madame and her husband busy. She smiled when she was almost alseep, she couldn’t wait to hear the story from Grady in the morning and was glad everyone was alive.

~ The End ~

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