Melody & Grady

Chapter One

Melody followed Alexus Salas through his house and down into the basement. This man disgusted her, his flirtations and his wandering hands made her want to break his neck and feed him to the tigers he had chained out back. She had been put on this case a month ago, pretending to be a member of the sex trade looking for new merchandise. One of Alexus’s bodyguards flipped a switch and the large basement was bathed in flourescent light. Dog runs lined the walls and inside the fruits of his labor. Innocent men, women and even children kept locked behind strong steel doors. Unlike most victims of the sex trade, these were unique. Vampires, werewolves, psychics. They fetched the highest prices, they were like exotic animals and often suffered the most because of how fast they healed from injury. The exception was the psychics. They were just normal humans with amazing gifts.

“Please Miss Maltin, take a look at this merchandise and see if there is anything that stands out to you.” She almost smirked as her fake name rolled off his lips. Her fellow agents had really gone all out for her.

She walked down the narrow hall, looking through the small barred windows in each door. Her heart ached for these people. A pair of golden eyes caught her attention and she froze. They belonged to a man who was leaning against the wall like he wasn’t in such a terrible place. There was no fear in his eyes, just a calmness that contrasted greatly with his predicament. “How much for this one?” She asked.

“The werewolf? He killed a lot of my men so will be more expensive.”

“Anyway could I pay for a few nights with him? Maybe he just needs a woman’s touch to make him obedient. I’ll pay four thousand.” Alexus was hooked and agreed.

“Take him up to my room please.”

She finished looking at all the people, feeling sick to her stomach, but smiling sweetly at this slaver. She headed upstairs and went into her room, shutting and locking the door. He was sitting on her bed, that same calm look on his face. “Can you hear anyone out there?” He shook his head. “Good.” She moved closer to him, opened her mouth to tell him who she was. He grabbed her and pinned her to the bed. “Whoa calm down, I’m not like them. I’m a…”

“A cop.” He finished for her. Her eyes widened. He slipped his hand up her skirt and pulled her badge and I.D. off her thigh. “I could smell this thing, the metal and plastic. Agent Melody Bridges, well nice to meet you Melody Bridges, I’m Grady Rowe.” He pushed himself off of her and handed her her badge. “Mind if I take a shower?”

“Who the fuck are you?”

“Well I’m not a victim, I’m also undercover. Interpol and yes I got caught on purpose. The boss isn’t going to like this, an american in Europe. I think it would be best if we worked together, put these bastards away for good and save everyone downstairs.”

Melody was not only confused, but also a little angry. “You can’t just take control you stupid hound.”

“Hound? Now that’s a new one. You don’t agree that this would be better as a joint operation? I could play the slave and you could butter Salas up and get ahold of his contacts. We could take down the whole operation, not just this guy.”

She sighed frustratedly “We’re equal on this though. You consult me. Don’t just tell me what we are and aren’t going to do” He half smiled “alright, I like a woman with a little attitude in her anyways. I would like to take a shower now. Is that alright?” Melody glared “don’t be stupid. You can shower when you want. Only ask if the slaver is around” He just kept smiling but it seemed so pompous to her. Melodys first impression of this man was horrible. It especially pissed her off he felt free just to reach up her skirt. She sat on the bed, glad he would be away from her for a little bit.

Melody was glad he was atleast sexy so if he drove her up the wall she would atleast have somthing good to look at. Grady just enjoyed his shower. He hadn’t gotten one since being locked up and he had been feeling dusgusting. He woudl ahve thought they’d want their sex slaves clean but apparently they didn’t care. It felt nice to let the hot water unwind him from how much those men pissed him off.

He got out and quickly dried then wrapped the towel around his waist. He walked out of the room and smiled when he saw her eyes widen. “Sorry about the nudity love, but I don’t have any clean clothes. So if we want to fool those assholes, we’ll have to either a) have sex or b) pretend to have sex.”

“I’m not your love and I am not having sex with you, you animal.”

“Most women like a wild man. Oh well I’m sure it would have been amazing. So how do you contact your boys? I didn’t smell a wire though I wouldn’t mind searching you.”

“Fuck off, pervert. I have my cell phone and I’m also supposed to be planting bugs all over the house which I was planning to do once everyone went to sleep.”

“I wouldn’t if I were you. They have security cameras everywhere in case on of us gets the idea in our heads to break out. Anyway, I can crawl across the ceiling in my half wolf form. It would be better if you gave me the bugs and let me do it. Unless you want to spend the rest of your time here as a slave. I have managed to keep the mens focus off the women by constantly causing disturbances, even had my ribs broken once.”

“How noble of you.”

“Alexus likes to have the women broken like horses. His goons beat and rape them until they are completely submissive. Sometimes the men get the same treatment and the children are to afraid to disobey. I just get beatings.”

“It must be the smart mouth.” She sighed. “Thank you for taking a beating for the others.”

“It was nothing love.” She rolled her eyes and he laughed. “Sorry, just habit. It’s supposed to be endearing.”

“It’s not so please stop. Maybe if you weren’t such a pervert it would be but you are so don’t call me love, call me Melody”

“I do not mean to be. I just say what’s on my mind and you are very beautiful. I’ve always been a forward man” Melody didn’t answer she just grabbed her bugs and handed them over to him “put them wherever and set them out later. I’d tell you where they were supposed to go but I doubt you’d care and put them where you preferred anyway” Grady sighed “I didn’t mean to rub you the wrong way lo” he stopped himself “Melody. Can’t we start over?” He held out his hand “I’m Grady, nice to meet you Melody”

Melody wanted to get along since they would be working together so she shook his hand “Nice to meet you. Please refrain from reaching up my skirt or calling me love” He smiled “I will, I apologize for going too far before. I didn’t think it would upset you like it did.I should have just said I knew what you really were instead of going for the shock factor. I’ll make sure these are put in proper places tonight.”

He laid down on the bed and she got up, going over to the window and peeking around the curtain. There were guards out there walking around the large estate. She hated she had to count on someone else to do her job. She glanced at him and rolled her eyes when she saw he was sleeping. He was an incredibly infuriating man. He woke a couple of hours later and gave a stretch.

“Sounds like everyone’s asleep.” He dropped his towel and she quickly covered her eyes.

“You have no shame do you?”

“Sorry, I’m a wolf so I spend half my time naked. I don’t think anything of it.” He shifted into his half wolf form and grabbed the box of bugs. He went to the window she was standing in fron of and slid it open. She uncovered her eyes, catching a glimpse of him as he slipped out. She closed the window and sat down to wait.

Grady climbed up the side of the house and slipped into another window, using his claws to pull him up the inside wall and up to the ceiling. He planted the bugs with ease, staying in the camera’s blind spots. When he was sure he had them all in good places he headed back to Melody’s room. He tapped on the window and she opened it, allowing him to crawl back in. She covered her eyes as he shifted back and grabbed one of the blankets off the bed.

“I’m descent.”

“I don’t think that’ll ever be true. Did you turn them all on?”

“Yes and I put them in very strategic locations. So where would you like me tonight?”

Melody wanted him on the floor, but the thought of making him sleep on the cold wood made her feel bad. “You can sleep in the bed with me, but there will be no funny business.”

“Understood, but remember that I have to go back to the holding cells tomorrow. Should I act like the loyal dog when they come for me? Like you broke me?”

“I’m about to break you Grady and there will be a lot of pain involved.”

“Sexy.” He winked and she almost laughed.

He smiled since he noticed her hold back a laugh. “Goodnight Melody”

“goodnight I guess” Grady closed his eyes, instantly falling asleep like he did before. It was so easy for him since he could be in a comfortable bed instead of a cell floor. Melody had a little bit of trouble falling asleep but after about an hour of tossing and turning she managed to settle down. It was really uncomfortable for her to sleep next to a naked man she considered a pervert but she needed to be at the top of her game tomorrow. She didn’t wake until her door was being pounded on. Melody messed up her hair then answered.¬†Alexus Salas himself had come to her room “this is his first job. Was he good?”

“For the most part but the small defiance he did give was sexy.” Alexus chuckled “good, I will be taking him for now though. You may pay for him again another night.” A group of men walked in the room to collect Grady who acted pitiful. She had to admit to herself he played his role well. If she didn’t know better she would believe he had spent all night tormented and forced to do things he didn’t want.

Grady was more than a little irritated to be taken out of a comfortable bed and thrown back in a cell. If he had not been trying to save his fellow captives he would have torn the guards’ throats out. “Be good now dog and you just might get a new master.” He snarled at them and they took a step back. It satisfied him they were so scared of him. They closed his cage door and he leaned against the wall, irritated.

“So I guess we should discuss a price for the little wolf.” Alexus said as Melody grabbed clean clothes and went into the bathroom to get dressed.

“Yes of course, just give me a moment.” She yelled back as she strapped her I.D. and badge to her thigh then pulled on another skirt and blouse. She did her hair and makeup and walked back out. “How much are you wanting for him?”

“I was thinking somewhere along the lines of forty thousand. After all the trouble he has caused I could charge more, but you have been such a good partron that I feel you deserve a discount.”

She smiled sweetly, but in her head she was imagining eviscerating him. “I think that’s fair, I’d like some clothes for him and maybe a collar.”

“Of course. Would you like him brought to your room?”

“Yes please.”

“Very well, I will have him dressed and collared as requested. We should go to my study where you can write me a check.”

“Sure. I may consider buying more if all of your merchandise is as pleasing as the wolf.” She made sure to talk about what he was doing as much as possible, wanting to get as much evidence as possible. The device she had hidden in her suitcase was recording everything said in this house of horrors. There would be no way for Alexus and his men to get out of prison.

After the check was written she continued talking with him about his work as long as he would talk. Eventually he stood “I have business to attend to beautiful. I’m sure you understand. I will escort you back to your room if that’s where you are going then make sure your new pet has clothes and a collar.” Melody stood “thank you” Alexus’s eyes traveled Melody as they walked back to the room. She knew if she wans’t a buyer he would have tried to make her his property too. Being near him and talking to him was almost enough to make her vmoit.

He grabbed her hand and kissed it when she opened her door “I hope to see a lot of you around here”

“You will” she said with her best smile. Melody went straight to the bathroom and washed her hands. She scrubbed them multiple times to make sure any of him was off of her. He coudln’t imagine how those poor girls felt that were forced to have sex with them. She coudln’t wait to get them out of here and begin their healing process. She knew none of them would probably feel clean for a very long time.

Chapter Two

Grady was a little surprised when his cell door opened and he was given clothes. He pulled them on then was grabbed by his hair and had a collar put around his neck, a dog collar. He forced himself not to laugh as he was forced out of his cell and taken upstairs to Melody’s room. The two armed men shoved him inside and closed the door.

“You actually look good in those clothes and the collar doesn’t look bad either.” Melody said.

“No leash master? How disappointing.”

“Does nothing get to you?”

“No, I’m shameless and immodest. So what’s the plan?”

“Well we need names like you said. I’m sure since I have thrown enough money around he’ll want to introduce me to a few people namely the men who supply him with his victims. He’ll want to keep me satisfied in hopes that I’ll buy more. I just want you to play the part of the obedient hound. Use those wolf ears to hear the things I can’t hear and that nose to smell the things I can’t smell.”

“So I get to be your sniffer dog and what do I get in return for all my hard work? Being a bloodhound isn’t easy.”

“What do you want?”

“Two things for me not to have to wear this bloody collar while I’m in here.” He took it off. “It itches. How do dogs wear these things. I should make you wear it.”

“Okay well except for me wearing it.”

“I think you’d look cute with a collar on.”

She rolled her eyes. “What’s number two?”

“Hmm well I haven’t figured that out quite yet. It’ll have to be something special.”

“I don’t think I like the sound of that.”

“You weren’t supposed to.” He put his collar back on. “I guess you should see about meeting those suppliers. Maybe ask them to bring some of their best stock.”

“Ok, we’ll have to give him some time though. After talking for awhile he said he had things to take care of. In about an hour I’ll call him up and see if I can meet some suppliers. I hate that those women don’t have you down there any longer to buffer their torture. I wish things could move faster.”

“I know it, I’m glad I have a partner now.”

“Could have fooled me. Seems like you’ve been trying to chase me off”

“No I haven’t, I apologized last night didn’t I?”

“I guess” She said looking at the wall. Grady was actually surprised he bothered her rather than enticed her. He had never met a women before her that wasn’t immediately taken in by his charm. It was refreshing and made her all the more attractive. Not that her beauty and spunk needed any assistance. Grady sat on the bed “it’s probably good you’re waiting an hour. I’m sure they expect you’re having sex with me again. If you called right away he might get suspicious since you wouldn’t be playing with your sexy toy”

“Thats also what I was thinking but I doubt you could last an hour.”

“Oh hoh, I’d gladly prove you wrong. You don’t like my perverseness but you’re provoking it right now Melody” she laughed “I was teasing you. I’m trying to like you more since we’re working together. I really don’t care or wonder how long you last when you fuck women”

“You wound me. You seem to think I just sleep with anything that walks. On the contrary, I pick my partners very well. I mean I might be an animal, but I’m not a whore.”

“Oh really, an animal with morals.” He moved across the room and placed his hands on either side of her, effectively trapping her. She turned around and pressed herself against the window. “Back off.”

“Animals do what they have to do to survive. Mating, killing, sleeping, and eating are all about survival. I follow my instincts, let my senses lead me. Do you know what they’re telling me right now?” She swung at him and he caught her wrist then pinned her arms above her head with one hand while he grabbed her chin with the other. “They’re telling me that you’re angry, frustrated, and most of all aroused.”


“This nose can smell bombs, missing people, and disease. My ears could hear your elevated heart and your pupils are dilated.” She swallowed nervously and blushed a bright red.

“You are a real beast.”

“But even though it pisses you off, you like it.” Melody’s heart thundered in her chest as she realized he was right. Being pinned against the window with him this close heated her whole body. “Just admit it and I’ll let you go.”

“No way.”

“Got to love that stubborness.” He sighed and let her go then went and flopped down on the bed. “I’m napping until you need me.”

She pulled off her shoe and threw it at him. “You are the biggest asshole in the world.”

“Hey throwing things is childish.” She pulled off her other shoe and threw it too. It hit him in the head. “Ow, what the hell Melody?”

“That’s what you get. You are the most frustrating animal in the world.”

“Frustrating, but drop dead gorgeous.”

“Just go to sleep. I’m done trying to like you. You are determined to be unlikeable so sleep. I’d rather just be alone after you pushing me against the window and being an asshole. You’ve been full of yourself and a jerk since I brought you up here. Yeah you’re hot, whatever but I’ll be damned if I ever want to sleep with such a prick” Grady was actually dumfounded for a few moments at her words. He was surprised by how badly it upset her, especially since it turned her on too. She was a sexy ball of fire that kept making him want her more which sadly kept making him push her away. He decided to just do as she said before he made things between them worse.

Melody pulled out her ipod and listened to music since it always helped her relax when she got wound up. He had more of an ability to piss her off than anybody she encountered before. She kept an eye on the time so she woudln’t get so lost in the soothing music playing that she waited longer than intended. The men, women and children downstairs needed her and they needed her to hurry before they dealt with too much more.

“Come on fuzzy butt, get up and lets get this over with.” Melody said as she shook him. She turned to get her shoes and he grabbed her wrist as he sat up. “No more Grady.”

“Just let me apologize before we begin our little dance with the devil as master and dog. I shouldn’t have been so forward or acted like an ass. It’s just my way. I keep telling you I’m shameless, but I am also sorry. Don’t be mad okay or Alexus will be able to tell. If you look disappointed with your purchase then he might not bring his supplier around.”

“I understand and apology accepted. Lets just go.”

“Let me help you with your shoes. They’re heels.” He sat up and grabbed her shoe. “Hold my shoulders.” She grabbed his shoulders and he lifted her foot by her ankle and slipped her shoe on. “Now the other one.” She swallowed at the feel of his fingers on her skin. He was being so gentle now. He slipped her other shoe on then slowly let go of her ankle.

“Thank you.” She said softly and he stood, running his fingers through his hair.

“After you master.”

They headed out the room and downstairs. He kept his head down, but his ears and nose open. He followed her to Alexus’ office. She smiled at the two security guards guarding the door and they let her and him in. He didn’t like the way they looked at her. It was the same look they gave their victims. All the horrible things they wanted to do to her showed in their eyes. If he had not been playing the part of a submissive, broken pet he would have ripped their throats out.

“Ah Miss Maltin, to what do I owe this visit? Does the wolf still please you?”

“He is more than satisfactory. Such a good boy.” She grabbed his collar and pulled Grady closer. “He knows a few things this one. Anyway, Alexus, I was wondering if perhaps you would like to do more business.”

“Would you like to take a look at the ones downstairs again?”

“No, no, no they simply will not do. This wolf was a lucky find, but I am sure that your suppliers have even better creatures in stock. I want to see their best and most beautful. I’m thinking another man like this one. You could arrange this yes?”

“It’s short notice…”

“I will pay you double the asking price if you allow me to meet your suppliers.”

Alexus smiled “very well then. How could I refuse such a generous offer? I’m glad you are that pleased with your purchase. Just give me a few moments and I could get them here. With you offering double they could be here in a half an hour or so. They’d rush right over with their best stock”

“good, I’m not very patient”

“that is obvious. A woman who knows what she wants and when she wants it. I see how you’re able to control that mongrel. You have no idea what it took to get him in control” Melody pulled Grady closer again then licked up his neck and across his face “No pet of mine would be foolish enough not to obey me. He comes close but as i said, it’s sexy” if Grady wasn’t so pissed by how much that turned on Alexus he may not have been able to control himself. Her tongue had given him light goosebumps and her breath was so sweet. He wanted to make her pant and moan. They were thoughts he couldn’t help but have.

“will you be waiting here as I make my calls?”

“sure” she stood and commanded that Grady sit in the chair she had been sitting in. Her tone was far from the one she was using in the bedroom with him. She sat in his lap “may as well be comfortable while we wait.” Melody almost broke character when she felt how hard Grady was for her. She stayed professional and didn’t let it show she wanted to jump off of him for being perverted. She wouldn’t get mad though since she did lick him for show. She knew men really didn’t have control over when they got hard.

Chapter Three

Grady about pitched her off his lap. He had wanted to be good for her, but his body had a mind of its own. He wished Alexus was a faster talker so they could get out of his office. “Okay they will be here in half an hour.” Alexus said.

“Thank you for being so accomadating. I think I will take my new play thing upstairs. I just can’t get enough of him.”

“I will send someone to get you when they arrive. We can all eat together while we discuss business.”

“Very well, I will be waiting.” She stood and commanded Grady to follow. They headed back upstairs and into her room.

“I’m sorry.” He said immediately. “I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“I know, it’s okay. Of course the fact you like being licked is a little perverted.”

“That’s never happened before to tell you the truth. I’ve had women lick and bite my ears, but it never had that effect. I guess it’s just you.”

“Whatever, I bet you say that to all the ladies.”

“No, I really don’t. You’re just different, you’re special and that’s the truth. I’m going to go take care of this problem. Sorry again.”

She blushed thinking about him going in the bathroom to fix himself but still didn’t believe it wasn’t somthing he said all the time with how flirty, forward and perverted he was. She didn’t want to by chance here any noises from the bathroom as he relieved the tension so she picked her ipod back up, turning it low incase someone came to the door and just listened to a mixture of Motzart, Lindsey Sterling and The Piano Guys. When Grady came out he was actually nervous that she would be angry. He felt like ¬†a pup that broke somthing and was now faced with his mother and whatever anger she had over what was broken.

He was happy to see her at ease and just listening to music. She noticed him come out but didn’t feel like talking. It would probably lead to her getting pissed anyways so she just kept listening. She couldn’t help but hum along with a few of the songs. She knew if it bothered Grady he would tell her. The man didn’t have a fear of anything and probably wouldn’t care if it hurt her feelings when he said her humming sucked.

Grady liked the tune she was humming and tapped her shoulder. She pulled her ear bud out and gave him a questioning look. “May I listen with you?” He asked.

“You might not like it.”

“Come on, let me listen.” She put one of the buds in his ear and he closed his eyes and smiled. “You seem like the Chopin type. He’s my favorite.”

“You like classical music?”

“Very much and blues and jazz. My mom was a pianist so I can play a few classical songs. Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven.”

“That’s both amazing and surprising. Alexus has a piano so maybe you can play while I talk to his suppliers.”

“If that’s what you want then I will do it. I’ve never played for anyone other than my mother so if it sucks, I’m sorry.”

“I’m sure it will be beautiful.”

There was a knock on the bedroom door and they both took a deep breath as she switched off her iPod. “Come boy.” She said and he gave her a smile before putting on his submissive face. She opened the bedroom door and smiled up at the bodyguard.

“The boss and his guests are waiting for you in the dining room. Will the dog be dining with you?”

“Yes, he goes where I go.” She hooked her finger in his collar and pulled him out the door and downstairs.

“welcome!” Alexus said, his eyes and the suppliers looked at her as if she were candy. It was much harder to control how angry that made him with so many people but nevertheless he stayed in character. Too many people were counting on him, he reminded himself. Grady took comfort in the fact they wouldn’t touch a woman they could make so much money off of. She was worth more as a buyer than a slave. The suppliers look eager and greeted her as such. One dared grab her hand and kiss it. Grady very nearly lunged at him right there and had to suppress a deep growl.

None of the emotions he was feeling crossed his face so neither Melody, Alexus or the suppliers knew what he was thinking. “Alexus, I want my pet to play the piano. Can I have him use yours while we all talk?”

“Of course” Melody jerked the collar, her voice becoming that cold commanding one she had in front of them “go and play, don’t you dare try to run mutt” he acted scared of her and quickly went over to begin playing. His soft, beautiful music filled the air. She didn’t know how he could even worry if she’d like it. If Melody could have recorded it she would have. She began talking to each one about what merchandise they had, how they obtained it, what methods they used to break them and how much they cost. It was sickening conversation but Grady made it easier with his¬†prepossessing music. She needed all this on the bugs so they would have proof for the courts. Melody never wanted these horrible men walking the streets again

“So, may I see the merchandise?” She asked with a sly smile.

“Of course, please come with me.” One of the suppliers named Rodrigo said as he stood and held out his hand. She took it and came to her feet.

“Come boy.” She ordered Grady and he stopped playing to follow her.

“Why are you bringing the dog?”

“Anyone I buy must be compatible with him. They have to be willing to share me. Even the most docile dogs can get jealous.” They headed into the library where there were four people lined up, all men about Grady’s age. She examined them, inwardly flinching at the bruises on their bodies. She looked at their teeth, finding one to be a vampire. They all looked so sad and broken. “They are all wonderful to look at.” She stopped in front of the vampire. “I’ll take this one. He seems to my taste. Have him taken to one of the rooms next to mine. I believe we agreed on double the price.”

“Yes.” Alexus said.

“Let take care of that so my puppy and I can break in our new toy.” They took the vampire away and Melody and Grady went to Alexus’ study so she could sign another check. “Thank you Alexus, could you have your cook send some food and blood up to the vampire’s room?”

“Of course.”

She smiled and walked away, heading up to the vampire’s room. She walked inside and Grady locked the door behind them. The vampire looked at her with haunted eyes. “What’s your name?” She asked.

“Luke ma’am.”

“How long have you been a captive?”

“A year.”

There was a knock on the door and Grady opened it, allowing a maid to wheel in a cart with three bowls of soup and a couple of blood bottles in. She left in a hurry and Grady shut the door. “Are you thirsty Luke?” Melody asked as she picked up one of the bottles and handed it to him. “Drink all of it.”

“So what are you going to do to me?”

“Nothing.” She sat down next to him. “I’m an undercover agent trying to bring Alexus’ little organization down.” She pulled up her skirt, making Grady’s heart race, and grabbed her badge. “See. Grady here is undercover too.”

“Are you going to save us all?” Luke asked.

“I’m going to try. Just stay in this room and don’t go anywhere unless I tell you. Grady and I are going to eat with you then go to our room. You have to stay here.”

“Thank you so much” he said in a hopeful voice that he may finally be free. Melody hated how sad Lukes voice was and how frail he looked. She was used to vampires looking strong and confident, not broken and barely living like this one. The blood he drank added color and made him look slightly better but he was still a heartbreaking sight. Melody noticed she was staring and looked away, concentrating on her soup as she ate it. Grady was having his own trouble fighting off staring but what he was looking at was Melody. Grady was silently kicking himself for that stunt where he had her against the window. Things had been fine until he went that far. Phantom pain of the shoe hitting his head started and he could hear her words again “Yeah you’re hot, whatever but I’ll be damned if I ever want to sleep with such a prick”

He almost whimpered as his mind repeated it. She had forgiven him but he was sure she was still just as put off by him doing that. They finished their food and left Luke alone in his room to rest in a warm bed. He laid down, grateful to have somthing other than a cold cage floor to sleep on and without the price of being a toy. He was getting this bed no strings attached and he coudln’t be more grateful to Melody and Grady for atleast trying to free him and the other slaves. When they entered the room Melody said “You know you don’t have to play the part while we’re in his room right? You were playing sad and beaten better in there than you were with the slavers.”

Chapter Four

“Sometimes it’s not an act.” He replied as they entered her room. He pulled off his collar and threw it on the bedside table. “I’m so tired of this fucking place. The only thing keeping me from ripping these monsters apart is you.”


“Yeah, your smell, your calm demeanor, your beautiful face. I would hate to see the way you’d look at me if I slaughtered every slaver in this house.”

“I didn’t realize you could be rattled.”

He sighed in frustration. “It’s enough with the snide remarks. I’ve apologized for acting like an idiot. You have no idea how much it sickens me to see them touching you and looking at you like they might make you one of their victims.”

“Why does it matter? Why do you care?” He turned and wrapped a hand around her throat then kissed her.

“I’ve been wanting to do that from the moment I laid eyes on you. Are you going to slap me now?”

Her heart was beating extremely fast and a blush reddened her face. She couldn’t even bring herself to reprimand him. She had wanted to kiss him too. Even though he infuriated her beyond all reason she still wanted him. “Kiss me again.” She finally said.

He tangled his fingers in her hair and found his mouth with hers in a hungry kiss. She excited him, made his heart work go into overdrive. “Just let me have you, even if it’s just this once. Please, I need you.”

She swallowed nervously. “I…I don’t know what to say.”

“Say yes, please. I need you.” He kissed her again and she gripped his shirt, kissing him back.

“Yes.” He pushed her back onto the bed licking and biting at her neck as he tore her shirt open, sending buttons flying. He slid his hands up her skirt, removing her badge and I.D. before ripping her panties off. He undid his fly, pulling himself free of their confines. He slammed into her, making her scream. He lifted her off the bed and pressed her against the wall, taking her hard and fast. “Yes, please harder.” He pressed her into the mattress, pushing himself deeper. She quivered around his hard shaft, her back arching off the bed as she orgasmed. He clamped his teeth down on her shoulder, growling as he spilled himself into her. He rolled off of her, trying to catch his breath.

“I hope this doesn’t make you hate me.”

“At least it looks real now. I don’t have to fake it anymore.”

“Sorry about your shirt.”

“It’s just a shirt. I have plenty in my suitcase.”

“Shower with me.”

“ok, I just need a moment” He smiled then picked her up “you don’t when I can carry you” Melody blushed, not only because he picked her up but the sweet way he was looking at her. Het set her down gently on the bathroom counter then started the water. He helped her off the counter once the water was warm then gently cleaned her. Grady kissed where he had left the bite mark on her shoulder before resting his forehead on it “whatever happens after this I need you to know you are special to me. A woman has never meant so much as you’ve come to mean in this short time. Thank you for being with me, even if you’re only going to allow that to happen this once. I feel truly lucky to have been with you one time”

Melody wrapped Grady in a hug “who knew such a sweetheart lurked in there”

“I’m not as bad as I first came across.” Grady responded, still keeping his head on her shoulder. He was savoring the contact and deeply taking in her scent. He wanted it to linger in his nostrils long after she was gone if she never spoke to him again after this. “you obviously aren’t. I guess I shouldn’t have been so hard on you. The whole window thing just really pissed me off and once I’m pissed it’s hard for me to get over it. It’s one of my many flaws” Grady kissed her shoulder again then cheek. “I love your attitude”

“I’m glad someone does.” He laughed and grabbed her face in his hands.

“You are absolutely gorgeous, a real vision of beauty and grace. You also have a wonderfully short fuse that makes you incredibly sexy.”

“Such a charmer.” He kissed her softly before switching off the water and stepping out. He lifted her out of the tub and sat her down in front of him.

“Allow me to dry you love.”

Alexus sat impatiently in the security room after one of his guards had said he had something important to show him. “Look boss.” He watched as the tape played. A flash of fur was caught by one of the cameras in his study.

“What in the fuck was that?”

“A werewolf. I had the boys search the study. They found claw marks and a bug. Someone has been recording us.”

“But the only wolf loose is…” He stood up angrily. “Bring me that bitch and her pet.”

Melody sat between Grady’s legs, her back resting against his chest as he ran his hands over her. She moaned his name, enjoying his gentle touch. “I could get lost in you so easily.” He whispered in her ear. “You are so soft and beautiful.” He kissed her cheek. “Don’t you think you should call in your friends?” He asked.

“Shouldn’t you do the same?”

“No phone. I was supposed to break out, but I couldn’t force myself to leave the others. So you call and then they’ll contact my boss.”

She sighed, not wanting her time with him to end, but knowing she had to save the others. She picked up her phone and speed dialed her boss. Just as he answered, her bedroom door was kicked in. Grady shoved her out of the way and jumped at the men. A shot rang out, the bullet tearing through his chest. They grabbed him and then her, forcing them out of the room. She prayed her boss had heard the commotion and sent help before Grady bled to death.

Luke had fallen asleep in his room. Much to his horror he was woken up being manhandled by the guards and forced into a cell. Luke felt terror knowing this meant they had found Grady and Melody out. He worried for Melody with how pretty she was. She would undergo so much pain and torture as a sex slave. Melody jerked, cursed and fought them the whole way. They forced her into Alexus office where Grady grew even more enraged when he saw the lust for Melody in his eyes. He was bleeding badly and knew jumping and slashing around would make him bleed out faster. Melody had called her boss so help was coming. Normally FBI kept people close during a sting so he knew atleast her group would get there quickly. He just had to try not to bleed to death but he would rather do that then have any of these men force themselves on her.

“who the fuck are you with bitch!” Alexus asked angrily with spittle hitting her face and bare chest.¬†“great, he’s a spitter when he’s angry”¬†Melody thought to herself “You already know who I am you bastard. If you think I’ll buy from you again now you’re crazy” Alexus slapped her hard but she feigned that it didn’t hurt atall “stop lieing to me you stupid bitch! We have security camera and we caught your hound loose! You’re spying on us! Are you from competitors trying to figure out how to know out competition or are you an extremely stupid fed to walk up in here, into MY turf!”

Melody was glad he wasn’t settled on her being an agent. She was ready to pretened she was trying to bring them down as a competitor when one of Alexus’s goons came in with her badge “look what I found in her room.” Melodys heart almost stopped. There would be no more pretending now. She just silently willed Interpool and the FBI to hurry.

“Generally with agents we would kill you, cut you up, and leave your parts out for the wild animals to eat.” Alexus said as he paced back and forth.

“At least the animals would get to eat. Winter time is rolling around so I’m sure they would appreciate the meat.”

On of the guards punched her in the stomach, knocking the air out of her lungs. He pulled her upright by her hair. “We’re not going to kill you though, it would be such a waste. First we’re going to break you and get rid of that smart mouth and then we’re going to sell you to the nastiest man we can find.”

“Sorry, I’m already in a kind of sort of relationship.”

“You know my men and I have been eyeing you since you got here. I wonder what your little pet would think if he had to watch us fuck you.”

“Try and I’ll break your balls.” The guard punch her again and she grabbed his arm, twisting it behind him before grabbing his gun and kicking him in the knee cap. She pointed the gun at Alexus. “I’m trained asshole and my daddy is a retired Navy Seal.” The other guards pointed their guns at her.

“Drop the gun or we kill the wolf.”

“Don’t do it Melody, I knew the risks so just keep that gun on that nasty son of a bitch.” Grady said, his chest hurting, but healing. The bullet had gone all the way through so there would be nothing to remove later, but it still stung.

“Yes, don’t do it and we’ll paint the floor with his brains.” She had to force her hand not to shake.

“Listen to me Melody. No matter what happens just know I was very happy to meet you. It was love at first sight and what little time we got together was worth it.”

“You never told me what the second thing you wanted was.”

He chuckled. “Not the most appropriate time for that, but if you insist. Tell me you love me too even ¬†if you don’t.”

“Make it out of this alive and then I’ll tell you how I feel.”

“Then I guess I have to survive” As they spoke the FBIs SWAT team was surrounding the large building and getting ready to go in. With such a high risk situation for Melody they had the men and women ready to go on a moments notice if Melody got into any trouble. Now they were glad they had prepared for such a situation. It would be a sad day for the FBI if they lost Melody. Interpol was also on the move and sending people over to help. The nearest hospital had been informed it may be receiving a surplus of injured men and women soon so they were preparing aswell.

Once they had men on the roof and ready to drop down into the windows it was cleared for SWAT and all other forces there to go in. They were still in their standoff when men burst through the windows and others took down the front door. There were glass shards covering the floor and Alexus’s desk. His imbecile men let go of Grady in their shock and fear. Gradys wound was already mostly shut so he started punching the men who were only moments ago holding him down. He took each of their guns then happily let them be taken off to arrest. Alexus tried to run but he only made it to his stairs before being apprehended.

Grady dropped his guns and fell back down to his knees. Meldoy put his arm over her shoulder and helped him to his feet. “Sorry, dizzy from blood loss.”

“I should beat you up for wanting to sacrafice yourself.”

“You’re only getting brave because I’m wounded.”

“Barely wounded. We need to get you to the hospital.”

“No way, I don’t do hospitals.”

Her lips twitched into a smile. “You hate hospitals?”

“When I was sixteen I was shot by some conservationists. Heavy dose of tranquilizer. They took me into a lab to get blood samples then put one of those tracking collars on me. They released me back into the wild and I had to get rid of the collar then go all the way back to the lab and steal the blood. The smell of that place gave me headaches.”

“Alright no hospitals, how about a hotel and a hot shower, plenty of water and food?”

“As long as you stay with me.”

“Of course I will. I can’t abandon the man who took a bullet for me then told me he loved me. That would be incedibly mean.”

“I kind of like it when you’re mean.” They were given sweats by her team leader and pulled them on.

“Grady?” A man said as he got out of a car.

“Boss, if you don’t mind I need to get clean sir. The F.B.I. has everything you need. Try not to be to pushy with them, this was a joint effort.”

“alright, I expect a call from you as soon as you can tomorrow”

“I will” Grady got into Melodys car and they drove to a hotel. Once they were checked in and inside of their room they both went straight for the shower. Melody carefully and slowly cleaned Grady who just looked at her with the most warm, love filled eyes she had ever seen. “I made it through” he said softly as she began to clean herself. ¬†Melody giggled, finishing washing her body before rinsing. She then kissed Grady softly “I love you too and I mean it. You are infuriating at times but so am I. I think we’re a good fit” Grady practically slammed his face into hers and began another hungry kiss as he did before. Melody pushed him back “not yet, we need rest and food. You lost a lot of blood. You can ravage me once you’re better”

Grady gave her a few bites then allowed Melody to finish washing herself. They got out and wrapped themselves in towels. Melody walked over to the phone and ordered pizza for the two of them “anything you don’t like Grady?”


“who even likes those?” Melody said with a scrunched up nose making Grady laugh. As soo as she hung up Grady pinned her down to move his lips against hers again. Melody laughed “what did I say”

“what did you say about me being an animal” Melody laughed “grady, atleast eat first” He smiled mischeviously “I’d love to eat first” Grady said in a husky tone as he licked down her then spread her legs. Melody laughed again but her laugh soon turned into moans. His chest was still hurting but her mouth watering taste made him forget about it.

“Grady.” She gasped, her fingers gripping the comforter beneath her. “I love you.” She whispered. He kissed his way back up her, thrusting into her. She ran her nails down his back, making him moan as he slammed into her.

“I love you Melody, I love you so much.” Tears slipped down her face and into her hair as she orgasmed. He pulled out of her and kissed his way back down her, eating her again so she was screaming his name. He grabbed her thighs, pulling her down and thrusting back into her. He sat back so she was in his lap, kissing her as found his release and she orgasmed again. “Why are you crying baby?”

“Because I love you and I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.”

“Neither have I.” There was a knock on the door that startled Melody. Grady laughed since he had heard the the man coming. She jumped off his lap and she wrapped herself in a blanket as he pulled his sweats on and answered the door. He thanked the man at the door and came back with the pizza.

“Not paying the man?”

“Interpol takes care of it. Business expense.” He sat down on the bed and flipped the box open, pulling a piece of pizza out and holding it up to her lips. She took a bite and he leaned forward, licking a bit of sauce off the corner of her mouth. “Delicious.”

“Pervert. So where will you be going now?”

“That depends on you love. I want this forever. How about you? If you say yes then I will have myself transferred. If you say no then I will have myself transferred anyway and beg you to stay with me forever until you just can’t stand my puppy dog eyes anymore.”

Melody smiled, her heart beating a happy rhythm in her chest. “I love you so of course I want to be with you, always.” Grady kissed Melodys cheek “then I will request my transfer tomorrow when I call my boss. Lets eat and get some rest. I’m going to make you sore tomorrow if I don’t go to sleep. You are far too much to resist. I really struggled before.”

“I could tell from when I sat in your lap” Grady lightly laughed with a bright, jubilant smile “Hey, you licked me”

“Most men cant get turned on by a single lick”

“Most men aren’t with you. Just your scent is” Grady sighed “I wont try to describe it. Trying to put you and how you make me feel into words would only do it an injustice.” They ate their pizza then Melody laid down so Grady could pillow his head on her chest. He nuzzled into her making her smile. She began to run her fingers up and down his back, occasionaly rubbing his head. When Melody was sure Grady was asleep she whispered “I love you so much you annoying, handsome, sweet animal of a man” She started letting herself drift too. Ready for all the excitement, adventure, frustration and happiness she’d have in her life with Grady by her side.

~ The End ~

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