Mictian & Sonata 2

Chapter One

Mictian was incredibly nervous about the wedding in two days. He and Sonata had barely had a moment alone together since the planning started. Flowers were being arranged, both of them were having clothes made for the wedding. His took longer because they had to be made to fit around his wings. Right now all he wanted was to spend time with her, he wanted to take her flying, but he was hard at work on his vows. He didn’t know how to tell her how much he loved her. She had come to mean everything to him. Every morning he looked forward to her smile and her laugh and every night he looked forward to cuddling with her. Ever since his accident she had stayed with him. He didn’t know if it was for his benefit or hers, but he honestly didn’t care as long as he got to be with her.

Sonata was so excited she was having trouble standing still for the seamstress. “Sweetie if you don’t stand still then you’re going to get poked.” Suri said as she sat in front of her daughter.

“I know, I’m sorry. I’ve just never been this excited.” She took a deep breath and stood as still as possible.

“You look very beautiful. Mictian is going to be left speechless.”

“I hope not, he looks like he’s been so nervous. I feel bad because I know he misses our time together. I keep reassuring him that soon we’ll have our time back, he just has to be patient.”

“He really loves you. Your father is very proud to call him his son.”

“I’m very glad that we brought him out of his work when we did. I was so scared of him at first, but he’s grown into the sweetest man.”

“Alright miss, let’s get this dress off of you so I can work on it.” The seamstress said.

“Sorry I’ve been making it so hard on you.” Sonata replied as she slipped slowly out of the dress.

“It’s okay, you’re excited so no worries.” She draped the dress over her arm, gave a bow and left.

“Get dressed sweety and lets eat dinner. I’m sure Mictian is dying to see you.” Suri said and she smiled before hurriedly slipping into one of her summer dresses.

Mictian was waiting in front of the doors of the dining hall. Sonata ran into his arms and he hugged her happily. They all walked inside where Hern, Ryker, Dahlia, Nico, Rain, Fallon and Juliet were sitting. Nico and Juliet had come back again for the wedding. Fallon and Rain were helping with so much wedding stuff that they were staying in the castle for the time being. Hern and Suri loved when they were all under one roof. Everyone ate dinner and talked. Mictian had a tight hold on Sonatas hand. He seemed to always hold her hand like it was his life preserver now that they got less time together. Once everyone got tired they seperated into their rooms for the night.

Sonata undressed her fiance then herself before they cuddled up to eachother in the bed. ‘Are you done with your vows yet?”

“No, it’s so hard to express what i feel.”

“They will be wonderful, I bet if you weren’t so stressed about them it would be easier to write. You say such sweet and romantic things to me all the time I know the words would flow if you didn’t over think. I already know how much you love me anyway”

“I’ve got to be sure” Sonata giggled and kissed Mictian. He savored her kiss for the duration of the contact. They both relaxed into sleep since they knew there was more to attend to tomorrow. They were grateful to their family for helping set up a big and beautiful wedding. It was just nice to see Juliet so happy and healthy. She was three months pregnant and barely showing. Knowing a baby was on the way had both Juliet and Nico glowing. Ryker and Dahlia still weren’t trying. Ryker wanted to get a better grip on running the kingdom first so he would be available to help Dahlia. He didn’t want her to turn to servants when she needed anything. He wanted his child to know he was there and to be a big part of his life. Dahlia wasn’t in a rush so was happy to wait.

The only people in a rush seemed to be Hern and Suri. Fallon often joked they should have their own babies to quell their baby fever. Rain and Fallon weren’t really trying yet but would be very happy if they found out she was carrying a child. Rain was still so lost in the bliss of finally being with Fallon he didn’t much care or worry about anything else. When they weren’t helping he spent his time making sure Fallon knew how much he loved her.

The next morning Sonata woke Mictian with a kiss. He groaned and wrapped his arms tightly around her and pressed his face into her neck. “Come on baby, we have stuff to do.” She said softly.

“No, all I have are my vows and the flowers are almost done and you’ve already got everything you need finished.” He nibbled at her neck and she giggled.

“I still have the final fitting for my dress and we have to practice everything before tomorrow. I would love to stay in bed all day too, but we can’t. We also have to pack everything so we can leave after dinner for our honeymoon in the Winter Woods. So come on, up we go.” He groaned again, but let her go.

“I love you Sonata. I just can’t wait to have you to myself.”

“I love you too, I really do.” She kissed him one more time, making him smile then they got out of bed and got dressed. She helped him with his shirt and they went put to eat breakfast. After breakfast Sonata hurried off with Suri and the seamstress to try her dress on again.

“Hey Fallon.” Mictian said to his soon to be sister in law.

“What’s wrong Mictian?” She asked.

“Would you come and play chess with me? I need your help with something.”

“Of course. Rain, I’ll be in the chess room if you need me.”

“Okay love.” Rain gave her a soft, loving kiss before letting her leave. She took Mictian’s hand and pulled him to the chess room. He set up the board and they sat down.

“What’s wrong?” Fallon asked as she made the first move.

“I’m having trouble with my vows. I don’t know how to tell Sonata what she means to me and it’s starting to frustrate me.” He moved a piece and she took it.

“I can tell, you never lose a piece that fast.”

“I’m just not very poetic.”

“Lets try this. What does she represent in your life?”

He paused for a moment, his mind working. “Hope, joy, excitement, adventure, and love. She’s the light in the darkness, she’s perfect and pure and warm. She makes me feel like nothing could ever go wrong again, like my life before never existed.” He smiled at Fallon. “Thank you for helping me.”

“No problem, I’m glad Rain and I had a small thing so it wouldn’t be quite so much work. I can’t wait to see this in action though. I know my sister is going to be stunning. Lets hope you can speak when you see her”

“Yeah, nobodies going to let me forget it if i stutter or somthing” Fallon giggled at the thought of a demon stuttering and crying because of her sister. They finished their game then Fallon left to find Rain so Mictian could work on his vows. He went to his room and sat at the desk in there. He pulled open a drawer and set paper on the desk. His pen started flowing across the paper without a second of hesitation. Fallon had unlocked the walls in his brain now that he saw things the way she said them. All he had to do was write precisely how he felt. Sonata had said the same thing but it took the way Fallon said it for what his fiance was saying to sink in.

Mictian guessed it was because when he was around her all he could think of was enjoying every second he could before the wedding stole her again. He was a little late for lunch so he could finish the vows. After lunch they would rehearse the wedding. That was somthing he was excited for. He had dreamed of Sonata walking down the aisle and commiting her life to him and he would see it today. She may not be wearing her dress but it didn’t matter. It would be an amazing sight to see. He would of course have to practice the kiss too. Sonata kissed Mictians cheek when he sat down beside her “what took so long?”

“I was finishing my vows” Sonata smiled “I’m so glad, I told you you would get them written” Mictian quickly ate then they all went outside. Suri and Hern were the ones guiding the rehearsal. Mictian loved how it felt outside today. He hoped it would be this perfect out tomorrow when they had the real ceremony. They had picked this time of year because of how nice the weather was.

Mictian stood nervously waiting as one of the maids played the harp. Nico, who he had picked as his best man came walking down the isle with Fallon, behind them was Ryker and Dahlia, then Rain and Juliet. They took their places and then Sonata rounded the column on Hern’s arm. She immediately smiled at him and all his worry and nervousness vanished. Even though she was dressed as she usually was, she still looked absolutely radiant. Suri waited patiently for him to hand her off and the take a seat. The music slowly faded out.

“So then I will say a few words, then you two will exchange vows, then I will say a few more words then you two will kiss.” They just stood looking at each other with goofy grins for a moment then Mictian pulled her into his arms and gave a soft, short kiss. He pulled back and her cheeks reddened. “Just think, you’ll be doing that in front of a lot more people.” Suri said and Sonata turned an even deeper shade of crimson. “After that I will say some more stuff and then bam, you’re married.”

“Sounds pretty easy.” Mictian said happily.

“Would you like to run through it a couple more time?”

“Yes please.” Sonata answered.

They practiced everything over and over, making sure everyone came out when the music started and that Loki who had been chosen as an usher knew where everyone was supposed to set. To him this was just like guarding the castle. Certain people went to certain places at certain times and that’s how it was. They finally stopped when everyone’s stomach started to growl. They chatted as they ate, everyone was excited about the following morning. When they finished eating Mictian and Sonata went to their room and started packing for their trip. She was excited about visiting the Winter Wood. Mictian was curious about a place where it was winter all day and night. Sonata had told him that a long time ago before even her grandfather was born, someone had put an enchantment on the place. Supposedly it was to make a safe haven for winter creatures during the hotter months.

“There all packed” Sonata said happily. Mictian pulled her into his arms and began to move his lips against hers. She pushed away and he said “We need to practice for tomorrow” Sonata gave him a humerous smile. “we practiced already”

“Can’t have too much practice” He said as he pulled her in for another. He held Sonata tightly this time, not wanting the kiss to end. He picked her up and carried her over to the bed. He kept kissing Sonata, getting absolutely lost in how good it felt. Sonata stopped him once she began to get turned on “Baby, we need sleep for everything tomorrow. Tomorrow night I’m all yours, as many times as you want me.”

“Do you mean it” Mictian whispered softly then slid his cheek against Sonatas as he moved his lips to her ear “It’s dangerous to make a deal with a demon. You’ll have to stick to your word.” Sonata grew hotter and weakly said “I mean it” He kissed her ear, cheek then lips. Mictian and Sonata settled into eachother and drifted into the bliss of sleep. Neither stirred until Suri came to get Sonata in the morning. Mictian didn’t want her to leave him again but did so he could marry her and be forever Sonatas. He wondered how soon she would have children with him. The only thing that would compare to the happiness of this day would be too have her bare his children.

He knew she wanted them to be able to fly so he really wished they all could. It was possible but not extremely likely. Soon Hern was meeting him too and threw him an apple since nobody had time for breakfast. Mictian grabbed his vows and went over them as he followed Hern. A servant helped Mictian into his suit while another helped Sonata with her dress in another room.

“Are you nervous Mictian?” Hern asked.

“Yes, but I’m very excited.” He answered with a smile. “Isn’t this where most dads have the, you-better-make-my-daughter-happy-or-else, talk?”

“I think that tends to be during the dating phase, but I didn’t have that talk with Rain and I know I don’t have to have that talk with you.”


“Because I know you will always love my daughter and treat her with respect. You are an amazing man and I am very honored to have you in my family.”

“Thank you sir.”

He smiled. “Well I should go see if Sonata is ready.”

Mictian took a deep breath and headed out to wait in his spot next to Suri. Sonata looked at herself in the mirror. The bourbon colored material of her dress brought our the color of her hair and eyes. There was a soft knock on the door as a maid was finishing her hair. “Come in.” The door was pushed open and her father stepped in.

“You look so beautiful. That color suits you.” He said and she stood to hug him.

“I love you so much daddy. I can never thank you enough for this moment.” She replied and pulled back to smile at him.


“If you had never brought him home all those years ago then Mictian and I would have never fallen in love and we wouldn’t be getting married.”

“Well, you’re welcome, but you should probably be thanking his very dead father for kidnapping you.” She shook her head.

“No, because you could have left Mictian there, but you didn’t. I’m thanking you.” She hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek. “You are the best father in the world.”

“I’m glad you think so sweetheart. Are you ready to get married?” Sonata nodded happily then took her fathers arm. They walked out of the room. Sonatas heart rate growing faster and faster with each step they took. The walk outside felt longer than ever. She wondered how Mictian was doing and if he was as nervous as her. Sonata glanced at her fathers face. He looked so happy and proud as he escorted her. The brides maids and grooms men went down precisely on time. Mictian worried he may jumble up his lines. He was alreayd a mess with excitement and happiness. What he felt before was nothing compared to when his eyes found Sonata walking to him. To his surprise all the nervousness went away and his heart and soul filled with overwhelming happiness.

It took a lot to not cry but he held it in. The only evidence of him wanting to was his wet eyes. Sonata and Mictian barely heard the words of the ceremony as they were spoken. They were far too lost in eachother. It became time for their vows and Suri asked Sonata to go first. The worry that had left Sonata the same time Mictians left him came back as she worried about him liking her vows. Sonata kept her voice calm and crystal clear despite the whirlwind of emotion. “When I first met you, you were absolutly terrfying to me. I would have never believed that I would come to need you so much in my life. I’m crazy about you and I love every detail. I love you inside and out. You have become such an amazing and truly wonderful man Mictian. My heart will forever belong to only you. I need to wake every morning in your arms and sleep the same. I can’t believe I finally get to have your last name. I’m with you until death do us part Mictian. I’m a fish and you are my water. I need you just to breath”

A single tear cascaded down Sonatas cheek. Her eyes never breaking contact with Mictians who was having trouble speaking. It was like her words directly pumped into his heart and were moving through his body using his blood. He didn’t know feeling this happy was possible. He wanted to speak but knew he would cry if he opened his mouth. Suri said ‘go on Mictian” making Rain and Ryker chuckle softly. Mictian cleared his throat and still managed to keep it together. He needed to so his love could hear what she meant to him.

“Dearest Sonata, when we met I was a broken young man who didn’t know who he was or what he truly wanted. You have changed all that. You give me hope, you make me happy beyond imagination. You are the light that draws me out of the darkness, that warms me and protects me. Seeing your smile and breathing you in every morning gives me the strength to keep moving forward. You are everything to me, my heart beat, the air in my lungs. With you life is a never ending adventure full of excitement and surprise and promise of love. I can never thank you enough for being with me, for believing in me, and trusting me. I love you with all of my heart and everything I am. All of me, to the very core, belongs to you and always will.”

He had to clear his throat to keep himself from crying. Some more tears slipped down Sonata’s cheeks and brushed them away. They barely heard Suri talking, the only words that mattered were her telling him he could kiss her. The moment the words left her lips, Mictian had Sonata in his arms and was kissing her very tenderly on the lips. He pulled back before he got completely lost in her and ruined the ceremony. Suri finished the ceremony, announcing to all those present that they were now bound together forever as husband and wife. Everyone stood and clapped as harp music filled the air and they walked back down the isle hand in hand.

“You look so beautiful my love.” Mictian whispered as they headed for the dining hall. “I can’t wait to get away from here so I can see what’s underneath.”

“Mictian!” She said, going into a full body blush.

“What? No one can hear me.” He kissed her cheek then ran his nose over her ear so she was covered in goosebumps.

“If you keep that up I won’t be able to eat.” He chuckled and they sat down with everyone. He quickly ate, wanting to get going. He loved his home and his family, but he wanted to be with her an only her for awhile. He had been almost completely deprived of her the whole time the wedding was being planned and put together.

Mictian was ready to drag Sonata away from everybody else by the time they could actually leave. Sonata and Mictian hugged everyone while Ryker and Nico loaded their carriage. Sonata and Fallon hugged the longest as they cried happily. Mictian waited as patiently as he could but still heard the snickers of Hern and Rain. Finally Sonata walked back to him and they loaded into their carriage. As soon as the door was closed Mictian pulled Sonata against him and sighed contently. Sonata laughed as she lifted her head to speak. Before she could get a single word out he had his lips against hers again. The kiss was still soft but she could feel his hunger in it. Mictian could be a wild lover and she didn’t know what to expect tonight after what she had promised last night.

Chapter Two

When he parted their lips Mictian rested his head on Sonatas. “I could make love to you right here but I wouldn’t want to annoy the horses” Sonata lauged again making Mictian smile. He just held her “I’m so happy Sonata. Your vows were so amazing”

“Yours were even more amazing”

“we can bicker about that later” Mictian said softly as he enhaled her scent. Soon they were at a tiny cabin Hern had his guards construct just for them. The man driving the carriage took the bags inside for them so Mictian could carry his bride over the threshold. Sonatas just smiled at him as he set her down. The man bowed to the two newly weds then told them he would be back in a few days. They nodded and the man bowed again before leaving the cabin. Mictians eyes filled with intense lust making Sonatas heart stutter. It was too beautiful of a dress to rip off so he walked behind Sonata and slowly unzipped it to add to the anticipation. He could see and smell in the carriage how much Sonata wanted him too.

When her dress was unzipped he slowly pushed it down. His hands running along her soft body. Once she stepped out of her dress Mictian kissed along Sonatas spine before even more slowly sliding her panties off. Sonatas heart racing and she blushed knowing Mictian was listening to it. He was doing this to drive her crazy and it was working. She wished her senses were as strong as his so she could see and feel how crazy she made him.

“You are so beautiful.” He whispered against her ear. He undid her hair and let it fall down her back. He tangled his fingers in its softness and pulled her head back and to the side so he could get at her neck. He kissed his way down to her shoulder and bit her, making her moan. He slid his other hand around to her front, cupping her breasts and tugging at her nipples. She relaxed against him and he slid his hand lower over her abdomen to rub between her legs. His fingers pushed past her soft folds and slid into her, making her legs shake. He wrapped his arm around her waist as he aroused her. “I want you to undress me and then I want to taste you.”

She swallowed, her heart thundering louder and louder in her chest. “Taste me first.” She said in a nervous whisper.

“I want you to touch me the way I touch you.” He grabbed her hand and brought it back behind her and against his groin. Her breath quickened at the feel of his hardness pressed into her palm. She flexed her fingers and he moaned. “Undress me please.” He begged. She nodded and he let her go so she could turn around and undo his shirt. She slipped it off his arms and let it drop to the floor, her hands moving slowly over his torso. She leaned forward and bit at his chest as she pushed him back so he was setting on a chair. She tugged off his boots then made him stand and pushed his pants down. She couldn’t believe how big he was and she briefly wondered how she was going to take all of him. “Touch me.” He said before kissing her. She wrapped her fingers slowly around him and stroked him. He gasped and moaned, his hands gripping her hips.

“I need you really bad Mictian.”

“Not yet.” He kissed his way down her, biting and sucking at her skin. He dipped his tongue in her belly button as he dropped to his knees. He made her widen her stance and licked her. She cried out, her fingers tangling in his hair. His mouth covered her, his tongue delving deep inside her. He was absolutely ravenous, pushing her until her legs were shaking and she was ready to fall.

“Please Mictian, please.” He licked and kissed his way back up her body and kissed her softly. He turned her around and grabbed her hands, pulling them down and making her hold onto the seat of the chair so she was bent over. He used his foot to push her feet further apart and held tightly to her hips as he thrust into her hard and fast. Her scream stuck in her throat and he gave her a moment to adjust to accommodate his size.

“I’m going to go slow this time.” He whispered and kissed her shoulder as he took on a gentle pace. They moaned loudly together as he moved in and out of her. He brought her slowly over the edge before finding his own release. He kissed her between her shoulder blades and pulled out of her then lifted her and carried her to the bed. He crawled in next to her and pulled her into his arms. “Was that okay?”

“Yes, amazing.” She said softly.

Mictian smiled and kissed her head “I’m glad, that was so astounding. I know you gave me permission to have as much of you as I wanted but I’m going to stop with that. I don’t want you getting too sore on me baby.” Sonata wrapped her arms around Mictian as tightly as she could. “I love you so much” He rubbed her cheek and a few tears finally forced their way out. “I love you too, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been today.” His eyes expressed that clearly but she was happy he said it. Sonata kissed each tear “don’t cry on me handsome”

“I’ve been trying not to since I saw you walking to me to become mine forever. I’m so blessed to have you. I love you so deeply. I just can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have your love the rest of my life” Sonata pressed her face into her husbands chest before the look in his eyes brought her to tears. Mictian kissed her head again then began to rub her back “Just for today can we stay in bed so I can hold you? I’ve missed holding you so much. I need you in my arms Sonata” She nodded so he allowed himself to fully tune into her and enjoy the bliss of being truly lost in her body and scent. There was no place he would rather be than laying in a bed holding Sonata. Making love to her felt intense and absolutely earth shattering but this he still loved even more.

When Mictian did this he became so intune with her that if she fell asleep he did the same so this night they fell asleep at precisely the same time. They stayed in their peaceful embrace until a sound woke Sonata. She had always been sensitive to noise in a room when she rested. She laid still so not to wake Mictian. She knew it was probably an animal or somthing. She stayed awake listening but no other noise came. She guessed whatever animal had come in had run out the second it made a sound.

She started to drift off again and the same sound snapped her back awake. Her heart slammed hard against her chest and woke Mictian. “What’s wrong?” He asked and she pressed her hand against his mouth and a finger against her lips. The sound came again, a crunch and then a scrape. He was sure the first sound was footsteps. He slid slowly out of bed and moved quietly across the room, his head cocked to one side to listen. More footsteps, moving slowly and then stopping. He let out a sigh of relief and pushed the curtain open then motioned for Sonata to come to him. She crossed the room and he pulled her in front of him and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Don’t make a sound.” He whispered and she stood as still as she could, waiting in anticipation. A large grey stag came walking out of the trees. He moved slowly, stopped and then rubbed his antlers against a tree.

“What’s he doing?” She asked quietly.

“He’s trying to get the velvet off his antlers. See the stuff dangling from them and the blood. He’s coming out of velvet.” He kissed her cheek and they stood there and watched the huge beast until it disappeared again.

“That sound really startled me.”

“Wake me if something bothers you. There will probably be a lot of strange noises out here. Don’t wander off without me. I am sure there are many predators.”

“I won’t I promise.” She turned in his arms and pulled him down into a kiss. He pulled her tightly against him and she felt him grow hard.

“How sore are you?” He asked as he kissed his way down her neck.

“Just make love to me, I’m fine.” He lifted her off the floor and pressed her against the wall. He thrust into her and she screamed his name.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, harder, faster.” He took her roughly, almost violently. Her nails dug into his shoulders, her loud cries excited him. “Yes, all of you.” She gasped and he pushed himself as deep as he could. They finished together, her legs and arms holding tightly to him as he pressed his forehead against hers and they caught their breath. He kissed her softly as he untangled their bodies and took her back to bed.

“Remember to wake me if anything bothers you and also when you wake up tomorrow. You’ll want a warm bath.” He kissed her goodnight and they fell back asleep.

When Sonata woke it was just as Mictian said, she really wanted a warm bath. She slid her hand across his cheek and his eyes opened and instantly felt with warmth and devotion. “I don’t want to set you on a cold counter top. Just lay here until the bath is ready for you my beautiful rose.” Sonata smiled and he kissed her head before walking into the bathroom. Sonata was still smiling when Mictian came back. “you look so happy, you dont hurt?”

“I’m sore but its in an amazing way. I’m so happy we’re married and we got to make love to eachother.”

“Me too, I didn’t hurt you atall?”

“Only in a good way.” Mictian softly kissed Sonata then walked with her into the bathroom. He gently and very carefully set Sonata in the tub then climbed in behind her. Once he was settled how he wanted to be he slid Sonata back and wrapped his arms tightly around her stomach. Sonata relaxed again and let the warmth of the water tend to her very sore lower parts. He was almost too big for her but she was sure in time it wouldn’t hurt so much. Sh ewas glad it was atleast mingled with intense pleasure. She could barely imagine how good sex would be once it didn’t hurt. As they sat there relaxing Mictian would give random kisses to Sonatas cheek and shoulder. All the while inbetween reciting poems and how much he loved her.

“are you ready to get out?” Sonata asked softly and he stood. Mictian then lifted Sonata out and dried her before himself. He didn’t want her to be cold. They put their warm clothes on then walked into the kitchen to cook breakfast together. Sonata excitedly talked about all they could enjoy here. Sonata wondered if Mictian was really retaining any of what she said. His face looked as if he was having a day dream.



“Are you listening to me?”

“Uh huh.”

“Would you like to go swimming in lava?”

“Anything you want love.” He then wrinkled his brow and looked at her. “Did you just say lava?”

She laughed and kissed him happily on the lips. “Silly man, I love you.”

“I love you too and I’m sorry for not listening, you’re just so damn sexy. It’s very distracting.” He rubbed his nose against hers and finished with the ham and eggs. “I hope this very generic breakfast is okay. I promise to make up for it at dinner time.”

“It’s perfect, thank you.” They sat down at the table and he found himself getting lost in her words. He loved her voice. “Could we go exploring today?”

“Sure, just remember to stay close to me.” They finished breakfast and pulled on their boots. She had an ankle length jacket with fur trim that he had insisted she bring. It had wooden, toggle buttons and she adored it. He had bought it for her on her seventeenth birthday. He laced his fingers through her s and pulled her out into the beautiful white world. Her eyes widened and she gasped in wonder at everything. They made their way deeper into the woods, only stopping when she spotted a group of Lumi. They looked like little white kittens with a line of green scales down the middle of their backs. Their eyes were a beautiful shade of yellow and they immediately came up to Sonata when she dropped to her knees. Mictian kept an eye out for any adult Lumi while she played.

“Aren’t they gorgeous?” She asked and he smiled warmly down at her.

“Yes, absolutely beautiful.” He answered and she handed him one. The little cat climbed onto his shoulder and started playing with the feathers on his wings. “Hey careful, they grow back, but it takes awhile.” He said as he picked the kitten up by its scruff. It just looked at him in irritation even as it dangled harmlessly. He cradled it and scratched its tummy before putting it down.

Sonata stood and took Mictians hand so they could keep exploring. “This place is so beautiful, I’m glad you wanted to come here for our honeymoon” Sonata looked up at Mictian, smiling like always. “I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I came here many times with my family when I was younger.”

“well now we can take our little family when we start one” Sonata loved how happily he said it. “That would be so much fun”

“when we get home I think I’m going to start being shirtless like the other men”

“why so you can have sex with me faster?” Mictian laughed “I’ve been considering it longer than that love”

“suuure, we get up for a few moments last night and you take me again then you don’t even listen to me while we cook this morning. You’re already addicted to sex” Sonata said with a giggle and he kissed her “I’m addicted to you, that is all. I really didn’t mean not to listen earlier. I listened the rest if the morning”

“I know, I’m not upset.”

“Good because if you didn’t want it we would never have sex. I love you and all I need is to have you in my arms and company.”

“Well good thing for you, I enjoyed last night a lot.” Mictian smiled and lifted Sonata in his arms, craddling her. He moved his lips against hers and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He set her down before he got excited. He knew even if she did enjoy last night, she didn’t want to spend their entire honeymoon making love. They kept walking around until lunch came. “want me to fly us back so we can get there faster? When we’re done I’ll pick you up again and go to this same spot so we can go from where we left off” Sonata nodded and he picked her up. He had wanted to fly with her anyway. She had flown with him many times but this would be the first as his wife. It felt special even though he was sure if he said that out loud he would sound like an idiot.

They landed and walked back into the cabin “I really just want to go back out so how about sandwhiches and an apple?”

“Perfect” Mictian said softly. Sonata quickly made their sandwich’s and they sat down to eat them. Mictian had never seen Sonata eat so fast. He tried but he couldn’t hodl back his chuckle. “shush you” Sonata said, knowing what the laughter was about”

“sorry beautiful”

Once they were finished eating he carried her back outside and flew back to the spot they had left. He almost didn’t land he was enjoying flying with her so much. He kissed her cheek and they explored some more. The sun was nearly down when they decided to go back. Sonata looked a little disappointed, but he promised they would explore everywhere before they had to go home. He lifted her into his arms and took to the sky. She laughed happily as he spun in the air then tossed her and caught her. She was absolutely fearless when it came to these aerial acrobatics. He took them down when her cheeks and nose started to turn red from the cold air.

“I was having so much fun.” She said.

“I know, but I don’t want you getting to cold.” He carried her inside and got a fire started while she took off her jacket and shook the snow off of it. “Come and warm yourself while I cook.”

“Sweetie, I’m warm enough.”

Mictian walked over and touched the back of his hand to her cheek then took her hands in his. “Your face and fingers are ice cold. Please go get warm.”

“Okay, if it will get that concerned look off of your face.” He smiled and kissed her then made her take a seat on front of the fireplace. She hummed as he cooked her mushrooms saut√©ed in garlic and butter with stuffed chicken breast and fresh spinach. “That smells delicious.” She was suddenly beside him,making him jump. “Sorry, I thought you heard me.”

“I guess I got lost in your humming, it was very soothing. Could you get us something to drink?” He made thei plates and she poured them both a glass of milk. She smiled when she took her first bite of chicken, making him really happy.

“I can cook, but not like this. It’s so delicious.”

“I’m glad, I’ve been trying really hard to get good at it. The cook at the castle says I’m a natural in the kitchen.”

“You are so much better than me at everything.” She sighed and he put down his fork to grab her hands.

“That’s not true. I’m not better than you at loving someone or being patient. I’m not as soft and gentle as you are.” He brushed his fingers through her hair, enjoying it’s softness. “I’m not as good at expressing myself with words as you are. See, there are a lot of things you are better at than me.”

“You are so amazingly sweet Mictian, I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” He gave her a brief kiss then let her go. “Finish your dinner.” She smiled and went back to eating.

Once she was done Mictian stood and lifted her out of the chair and carried her to the bed. He slid her shirt off and began to lightly kiss all over her stomach and chest. Sonata smiled down at him, loving how sweet his kisses were. Mictian stood, asking Sonata to help him undress. “what’s with that smile?”

“You’re an animal, absolutly insatiable when it comes to sex”

“Is it bad?” Sonata shook her head as his pants hit the floor. She pushed off her own pants and underwear while Mictian took off Sonatas bra. He stood there, admiring his wife with amazement in his eyes as they traveled her form. “You are far too beautiful Sonata. Your body sends chills as they stir up a storm of love and lust within my body.” She wanted to tease and say “mainly lust” but decided not to since she felt she had been teasing him too much. Mictian pushed Sonata down on the bed with her hips on the edge. He got a firm grip on them and started sliding his tounge over her soft lips. He gave light teaseing licks as he pushed his tongue within her folds. It danced and twisted over and in her. Sonata gasped for air as the pleasure gripped her. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take but had no voice to tell him to stop. He only seemed to get hungrier as she grew wetter and weaker.

Chapter Three

“Please” she whimpered out and he moved her up so her head was on a pillow. He opened his mouth wide, getting as much of her left breast into it as possible before swirling his tongue. He gave light bites over her breasts so he could taste her sweet skin. His shaft couldn’t have been harder as he finally slid it inside her clenching walls. As tight as she was she still grew tighter as her depths squeezed him. Mictian let out a loud moan and took a fast pace with his lips. Their moans mingled until Mictian reached his climax. He laid at her side, kissing Sonatas cheek. “sleep well beautiful, don’t forget to wake me if anything wakes you”

“Ok” she said breathlessly. It wasn’t long after she was wrapped in his arms that he drifted to sleep. Sonata was exhausted but having trouble getting to sleep. She laid limply and listened to the noises fo the creatures around them. She loved the sounds of the night, especially out here.

After about an hour of not being able to fall asleep she gently shook Mictian awake. “What is it?” He asked sleepily.

“I can’t fall asleep. Could you tell me a story?” She said softly and he sat up and leaned against the headboard.

“Come here.” She got up and sat between his legs, resting her head on his chest. His steady heart beat helped calm her as he told her the story of a lonely prince and the beautiful princess who saved him. She couldn’t help but smile when she realized he was talking about them. She wanted to tell him that it was Fallon who had saved him, who had convinced him to open his heart, but she kept her mouth shut. He believed that she was his hero and it warmed her heart. She felt herself drifting off, her eyelids becoming heavy and soon she was sleeping.

Mictian kissed the top of her head and tightened his hold on her. He closed his eyes and let himself fall asleep. He dreamed about Sonata, her soft moans and love filled eyes, the way she begged him to take her and how trusting she was. He admired her, her honesty and child like joy of things he had once seen as a simple act. She had brought him so much joy, had helped heal his broken soul and shattered heart.

“I love you.” He whispered in his sleep. “So much.”

The next morning Mictian woke first. He smiled down at his beautiful wife. He wanted to make love to her again and felt a little guilty at how hungry he was for her. He knew she was exhausted and decided to let her sleep while he made breakfast. He managed to tip her onto the bed and lay her head gently down on her pillow. He slid put of bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. She mumbled on her sleep and he froze, waiting. She finally settled back down and her breathing evened back out. She was so incredibly gorgeous and he couldn’t help, but give her a very soft kiss on the lips. He smiled when she didn’t wake up then went to make her something to eat.

He looked around to see if he could make pancakes. He was delighted when he realized he could. Mictian went through his happy memories with Sonata as he cooked. How sweet she had been to him from the start. He had gotten attached to her so quickly at the castle. He chuckled when he remembered sitting at the dinner table and she seemed to have unending questions. His favorite being when she asked if his wings were heavy. He laughed at the thought. He knew so fast he wanted to be with her but he didn’t know then how deeply he would fall. She had filled his days with happiness, aside from the ones where he had to deal with her male friends. It had gotten easier and he knew it would be especially easier to deal with now that she was his wife.

When the pancakes were done Sonata was still sleeping. He gave her kisses until she smiled and opened her eyes “I made pancakes” Sonata got up and tugged a shirt on so she wouldnt get syrup on herself. She noticed Mictians brief sad look and laughed “I won’t wear it. I bet you’re hoping I get somthing on myself so you can lick it off.” She dropepd the shirt on the floor and he picked it back up “wear it Sonata”

“It’s fine Mictian” Sonata said and sat down. She took a bite of her pancake and smiled even wider. “delicious again, thank you” He smiled back “You’re welcome, you slept all through the rest of the night?” Sonata nodded, not wanting to quit eating to speak. “I can cook all the time for you when we live in our own little house like Fallon and Rain”

“We should get started on that when we get back to the castle”

“How big do you want it?”

“Depends on how many children we plan on having I guess. My mom had two sets of twins so chances are I will also have twins. They can share a room up until they decide they don’t want to anymore. Then we have to decide if we’ll want to have more children while they are still in the house. We’ll also need a guest room.”

“So in other words it’s going to be really big.”

“Yeah, is that okay?”

“Of course it is. I’m sure Hern and the others won’t care how much room we’ll need.”

“I just hate to trouble everyone. Rain and Fallon didn’t have to worry about it because Rain already had a house. Nico and Juliet are leaders of a clan so they were given a house, Ryker and Dhalia have the castle and so does mom and dad. I’m the only one putting people to work.”

He grabbed her hand and borought it to his lips, kissing her knuckles. “Please don’t worry. They won’t mind and neither do I. I’ll help them and work just as hard to provide you with the home that you deserve. Where would you like to build it?”

“I don’t know, somewhere beautiful. I bet daddy knows all kinds of amazing places. He’s been everywhere.” She was excited again, so excited she dripped some syrup on her chest. She started laughing when his eyes followed the small drop. “Oh just get it already.” She said through her laughter and he leaned forward and licked it off of her. She tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled him into a kiss. His lips tasted sweet and she was sure hers did as well. “Yummy.” She whispered and he grinned.

“We’ll have to build it somewhere secluded since a certain someone gets really loud when we make love.” He replied, his voice a soft, seductive whisper. She blushed and he rubbed his nose against hers. “I like that I can make you scream and beg and turn the most enticing shade of red.”

“You are so bad.”

“I can’t help it, I’m a demon. We are known for our appetites.”

“I think you should take that appetite of yours and finish breakfast.” He pouted and she poked him in the ribs with a laugh. “Eat, pervert.”

He smiled and finished his food. “I’d really like to go out and enjoy everything outside today. You can have me tonight mister insatiable. That is if you can last. My only feeling of security is that you care if I’m cold. I know you wont destroy my clothes and push me into the snow.” Sonata said as she got up. She pulled on jeans, a long sleeved shirt and her jacket before brushing her hair. She then grabbed some clothes for Mictian and helped him get dressed. “Good, now I really am safe from your traveling hands.” Sonata giggled and Mictian kissed her head. “If it’s a problem honey I can take you less.”

“It’s not a problem, it feels amazing” Mictian picked Sonata upo “I’ll fly us to where we were yesterday my love” She just smiled as she always did and he walked out then took off into the sky. Sonata held tight to him as she admired the world around her. When he got to where they were Mictian slowly decended. It still amazed her how gently he could come down and land. He wanted to keep holding Sonata but he set her down, knowing she wanted to explore. He happily watched Sonata as she talked to wildlife and ran around. It began to snow and her hair looked absolutely gorgeous covered in the snow flakes. Suddenly she hit him with a snowball and laughed.

“You know better than to” before he could finish talking another one hit his face and she laughed harder. Mictian dropped down and quickly made snowballs. He ran after her and threw them. When he was out of snow balls he ran faster so he could catch her. He hugged her then looked at her red face “You’re cold again”

“So, that was fun”

“you sure we shoudln’t go back to our cabin?”

“No because we’ll have sex and I’ll miss out on all this nature, come on! A little further there’s about a million snow bunnies.” She pushed out of his arms and ran again. Mictian followed until she started walking again. He grabbed Sonatas hand as soon saw that maybe a million wasn’t an exageration. The land was covered in them. “wow” he said softly and she started walking again to pet one

He sat in the middle of the bunnies, still in shock that there wer so many. They hopped into his lap and then off again as they all pushed to get closer to Sonata. She giggled, trying her best to scratch each of them. “Okay, calm down guys. I love all of you, I really do.” She finally stood and brushed some fur off of her shirt. “Come on, let’s keep going.” He stood and laced his fingers through hers. She guided him through the bunnies and away from them.

“Where are we going now?” He asked.

“Somewhere warm.” He thought she meant back the cabin, but she was actually pulling him further into the woods. The ground beneath them started to become slushing with melted snow. The air was warm and steam rose up around them. “Hot springs, it’s one of the warmest places in the woods. Would you like to swim with me? There’s something really cool I want to show you.”

“Sure.” They undressed and she dove into the warm water. He followed, grabbing her and pulling her back to the surface. She laughed as her head broke the surface and he kissed her.

“Calm down or I won’t get to show you what I want to show you.”

“Alright, show me then.” He kissed her forehead before letting her go.

“Follow me.” She took a breath and sank beneath the surface of the water. He followed, staying right on her heels. She pulled herself through a tunnel, using the walls to pull herself along faster. They broke the surface, gasping for air. They were in a cave, in a small lake. The light from the other end of the tunnel bounced off crystals imbedded in the walls, making them glow softly. “Pretty cool huh?”

“Very cool. How did you find this?”

“Just exploring on one of our trips.”

“It’s so warm in here. The cave must trap the heat.” She nodded. “Wow, just wow.”

“I’m glad you like it. Come on there’s more.” She pulled herself out of the water and he followed. He stretched out his wings to shake the water from them, spraying her and making her laugh. She grabbed his hand and pulled him deeper into the cave. She ran her hands along the walls, making crystals glow a soft orange.


“Rain says it’s fairy magic.”

“This is such a wondrous place Sonata, thank you for bringing me.” She squeezed Mictians hand with a happy smile. She was hoping he would really like this place. Her, Fallon and Rain had been floored when they discovered this cave. Mictian was surprised nothing lived in here. His hearing went a long way and he couldn’t hear a single heart beast aside from his wifes. He was comfortable with the fact nearly every living thing had a heart beat so he wasn’t worried. Mictian was always alert when he went places with Sonata. He would never let anything evil like his father take her. He kenw far too well teh evil creatures that lived in the many worlds.

There were so many things that he had been through that he never wanted Sonata to experience or even hear about. His father had put him through many tortures and dropped him in deadly situations to make him tougher. All his father cared about was power and having a son to be proud of. They walked peacfully along as Sonata showed him many gorgeous things inside this cave. He just let her silky voice flow into his ears and relax him. He quit listening to the cave since he was sure nothing was inside and only listened to her voice and the rhythm of her body.

“I’ve never been this far back before.” Sonata said as she hopped off a small ledge, splashing in a puddle of cool water.

“Maybe we should turn back.” Mictian said softly.

“Come on, just a little further.” She insisted. They came to an area where there were many stones littering the ground. “If I take some of these will you carry them back to the surface for me? I want to decorate the cabin with them.”

“Sure, anything for you.” She picked out a hand full, getting as many different colors as she could. There was suddenly a high pitched whine in her ears. She shook her head, but it only got worse. She dropped the stones and grabbed at her head.

“Do you hear that?” She yelled.

“Hear what?” His words sounded muffled.

“I think I made something angry.” She covered her ears, but the sound seemed to be coming from the inside of her skull. Mictian placed his hands over hers and chanted softly. The sound slowly faded away and then stopped.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, but my head hurts. Maybe we should leave before something else happens. Forget the stones.” He carried her back to the pool of water and pulled her back through to the other side where they pulled their clothes on and he flew them back to the cabin. He pulled their wet clothes off and put her in bed before starting a fire. He then climbed in next to her, pulling her close. “That sound was maddening.”

“Maybe it was some sort of trap for intruders. I didn’t hear or smell anything down there so it was either magic or a spirit.”

“Whatever it was, it made me feel sick. I don’t think I’ll be going back for awhile.” She rubbed her temples and groaned. “I think I need a nap.”

“Okay baby, go ahead and rest. I’ll be right here.” She kissed his chest and then closed her eyes. Her being in pain worried him. He hoped she felt better when she woke. He kissed the top of her head and stared up at the ceiling. He wasn’t tired, but he wasn’t willing to leave her side.

Mictians heart was beating at a faster pace than normal with worry about her. He hated somthing happened and he had no knowledge of it aside from his wife suddenly grabbing her head and yelling like there was a loud noise even though the cave was quiet. He hoped whatever it was wouldn’t come back and cause more trouble. Mictian gave Sonata gentle kisses as she rested peacfully. He stayed still until he noticed the fire dieing down. He didn’t want Sonata cold so he turned up his hearing and scenting senses to make sure nothing was near. It failed him in the cave but he had to atleast know nothing else would hurt Sonata. Mictian quickly grabbed more wood to feed the fire. Once it was going strong again he returned to Sonata and pulled her against him.

He tuned his senses into her to make sure she was really sleeping peacefully and nothing was in her head. A lot of nasty creatures crawled into peoples minds. He had used a basic chant he learned to chase off anything which is how he helped her before but without knowing what it was he couldn’t fully protect her from it. He would ask her to go into detail when she woke to see if anything clicked. He went ahead and started searching the archives of his mind, collecting all the memories of creatures that could make only you hear things and mess with your mind.

Sonata woke screaming, the high pitched sound having come back. It startled Mictian and he held her tightly against him as she writhed in agony. “Stop, stop please I’m sorry.” She screamed. Her nose started bleeding and Mictian did his best to drive the sound away. She collapsed against him and cried, her hands still gripping her head. “I didn’t take anything, I swear so why am I being punished?”

“Tell me everything you heard.” Mictian ordered softly.

“That high pitched sound and beneath it whispering. I kept trying to tell them I didn’t take anything, but they just hurt me worse. What did I do wrong?”

“Hush love, it’s okay. I’m going to figure this out. Do you remember what the voices were saying?”

“I didn’t understand the language.” She still had blood on her face and he grabbed his shirt and wiped it off. He kissed the top of her head and brushed some hair behind her ear. She looked pale, her face contorted with agony.

“It’s okay, just rest baby.” He rocked her until she was back asleep and then lay her down on the bed. He covered her and kissed her softly before getting dressed. He couldn’t button his shirt on his own so he left it. He had to get to the cave and figure out what was going on. He left quietly and flew quickly back to the hot spring. He pulled off his boots then dove into the water. He swam to the other side and hauled himself out of the water. He ran to the deep part of the cave, running his hand along the walls to make the stones glow. He jumped off the ledge and came to a stop among the loose stones. “Tell me what you want from her? Tell me what she did wrong? Tell me and stop hurting her.” He screamed. He heard nothing at first and then a high pitched whine started on his head. It didn’t hurt him the way it had hurt her, even when it became louder.

“Disrespectful little shit.” A voice whispered.

“We should kill him, nice and slow.” Another said.

“Tell me who you are?” Mictian commanded.

“We feed off of memories and emotion, but she fights us. We will break her down until there is nothing left then we will take you.”

He had to get back to Sonata. He turned and ran into a barrier. He smashed his fists against it. “Let me go.” He growled. An evil cackle filled the cave, sending a chill up his spine.

“She is ours demon child. The memories of a princess will be very filling.”

Sonata woke screaming again and gripped her head. Mictian was gone, she was alone. She knew he wouldn’t leave without reason. He had said he was going to figure out what was happening to her. “Leave me alone.” She screamed at the voices. They were pushing against her mind, using that sound to try and break her. “No, never.” She knew he must have gone back to the hot springs. She had to get to him, only he could stop the noise. She pulled her warmest clothes on and headed out into the snow.

The hot spring was a long ways off walking but she knew she could do it. She went on as fast as she could as her nose slowly dripped blood. Her head was pounding but somehow the cool snow hitting her helped to keep Sonata calm. The voices tried and tried with all their might trying to stop her and make her collapse but she refused. She was going to get to Mictian, there was no alternative. She went on and on long after she was tired. She hadn’t realized how much easier the fact Mictian could fly made things for her. Sonata took deep breaths to prepare herself for swimming through. She was so tired and her head felt as if it just may crack but she was too close now not to get to her husband.

Sonata dove into the water and swam as fast as she could. The voiced caused her to waste breath as they hollered loudly in her head to the point she couldn’t resist screaming. Her ears were now bleeding aswell but she still refused to panic and let them win this war. They had picked the wrong women if they wanted an easy victory. She was almost out of air as she finally pulled out of the water. Her breathing was labored but she made herself stand and keep going.

She dragged herself out of the water, laying there for a moment to catch her breath. She finally managed to push herself to. Her feet and stumble through the cave. “Mictian.” She yelled his name, her voice echoing.

The sound of her voice sent his heart into overdrive. He had not expected her to follow him. He saw her appear at the top of the ledge and she slowly started to lower herself down. She suddenly screamed and fell, hitting her head. “Sonata!” He screamed and slammed against the barrier. “Sonata please wake up.” He growled, his rage and panic growing. “Let me pass.”

“She’s strong, but not strong enough. Shall we steal her childhood or how about the memories of you? They are full of the strongest of emotions.”

“Leave her alone, just let her go. Take me instead, take my memories and leave her alone.”

“You would take her place so easily? A heartless, dark child like you? How interesting.”

Sonata stirred, her vision swimming. “Yes, take me. Take everything, but leave her alone.”

“Mictian, don’t.” She rolled onto her stomach and crawled towards him. She hit the barrier and slapped her palms against it. “Please, don’t.”

“It’s okay baby because nothing could make me forget you, nothing in the world. I am yours and only yours forever.” she started crying and he soothed her as best as he could. She shook her head and slammed her hands against the barrier.

“No, they can’t have you. I refuse to let them have your memories.” She hit the barrier again. “I might be a useless, untalented woman, but I will not allow this. Let him go, let him go!”


“No Mictian, I refuse to be bullied by these invisible spirits. I am the princess, sister to the king, daughter of Hern and Suri. I will not be bullied into giving up something that belongs to me. You’re just spirits and spirits are just energy and energy can be absorbed.” She picked up some of the stones. “Let him go or I will suck you up and bind you into these stones. My mother taught me how and I will use the last of my strength to seal you away.” She felt a sharp pain in her head and screamed in agony. “I’m not afraid of you!”

Chapter Four

“Sonata, I will give you my strength.” He pressed his palm against the barrier and she pressed hers against the other side. She could feel his strength flowing through to her. “You are not useless Sonata, you are brave and strong. I have faith in you love.”

She used his encouraging words and energy to start binding the spirits into the rocks. She could tell it was working as they became angry and screamed louder. They were trying to hurt her but they were only giving Sonata more fuel to bind with. She lifted one stone after the other, surprised at just how many evil spirits had been tormenting them. She couldn’t stand any longer as she tried to deal away the last and extreamly stubborn one. Mictian kept yelling her name and encouraging her to keep Sonata awake. The second she had that last one sealed the barrier fell along with Sonata. Mictian could see blood coming from her head, mouth and nose and quickly picked her up. He would ask Hern what to do with these stones when they returned to the castle tomorrow.

A servant should arrive to fetch them around lunch time the following day so he just had to make sure his wife got through the night. He put his own barrier around the pebbles just to be sure. Mictian quickly got Sonata through the water and took off into the sky. He hated the snow and wind hitting his very wet wife. He hoped she didn’t get sick on top of all this. He wasn’t very graceful landing but that wasn’t what he was concerned about at this moment. He took Sonata inside and destroyed her clothes due to impatience to get them off of her. He grabbed a towel from the bathroom and dried her damp skin. Once that was done he laid her down by the fire and went to search for first aid supplies he knew her father would have made sure were in here.

He searched the bathroom since it was the most logical place to put it in the small cabin. To Mictians relief his assumption was correct. He cleaned Sonatas head wound and wrapped it up. Now that he could look at it Mictian wasn’t so worried. It definitly wasn’t somthing that would kill her. He got a wet rag and cleaned her face and ears, making sure to dry her off really well again. Mictian wasn’t going to be able to sleep so he walked over to their bed and tugged the blanket off he returned to the resting Sonata and positoined her in his lap with her head on his shoulder. Mictian then pulled the covers up and draped them over her body.

Mictian kissed Sonatas head and kept his eyes on her the rest of the night. The hours crawled by, he wanted Suri to look at Sonata to be absolutely sure. When the sun was near rising he felt thirsty but didn’t want to risk waking her, he had once gone five days without water as a punishment from his father so he coudl handle until she was awake. It was nearly ten in the morning when Sonatas eyes drifted open slowly. Mictian gave the best smile he could manage. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine, a small headache, but other than that I’m just fine.” She cupped his cheek and brushed her thumb over his skin. “Don’t look so worried love.”

“Are you kidding me? I almost died yesterday watching you suffer. Never do something so reckless again. You could have died.” A tear slipped down his cheek and she wiped it away.

“Hush now, I did what I did because I love you just like you were willing to give up your memories for me. That was just as reckless.” She moved so she was straddling him and kissed him softly. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly to him. He cried as he tipped her back onto the bed, his tears falling on her face. “It’s okay baby, don’t cry.” She brushed away his tears, kissed his face and then back to his lips. “Make love to me Mictian, touch me and see that I am alive and well.”

“Oh Sonata, I was so scared.” He pushed his hand between her legs, slipped his fingers inside her. She moaned as he massaged her very sensitive insides. “Never again, never in a million years do I want to feel that weak, that terrified.” He nibbled at her neck and down it her shoulder where he bit a little harder. He tangled his fingers with hers and thrust into her, sinking completely into her tight warmth. “Never leave me, I would die without you.” He made love to her slowly, gently savoring every moan and whimper. He loved the way she squeezed and milked him, making him call out her name as he spilled himself into her. He leaned back, taking her with him and holding tightly to her as he cried.

“It’s okay Mictian, I’m not going anywhere.”

“I’m still getting Suri to examine you. I have to know that you are completely okay inside and out. No arguing.”

“Okay, no arguing. I’ll do whatever it takes to put your mind at ease.” She tugged his hair to tip his head back and kiss him. She pulled back and smiled warmly. “I’m hungry.”

“Then let me cook for you then we can relax for the rest of our time here.”

“well judging by the sun that’s only a few hours”

“still, just relax. I’ll see what I can make you.” Sonata got under the covers and relaxed. She was nearly asleep when Mictian came back “I made chicken noodle soup with extra celery, just how you like it” Sonata smiled happily as he lifted her out of bed and carried her to the table. Mictian set Sonata gently down in her chair. “It’s hot”

“Being wounded doesn’t make me four” Sonata said with a laugh at his over worrying. He slightly smiled as a light shade of pink tinted his cheeks. Sonata blew each bite even though how good it tasted made taking the time very hard. When she was done Mictian quickly drank what was left of his. “there’s maybe an hour before we’re picked up. Can we just lay together in bed Sonata?”

“I’d love that. What’re we doing about the stones?”

“I’ll ask your father, he’s the wisest so he will know the best course of action” Sonata nodded and Mictian stood. He picked Sonata up even though she didn’t need carrying and laid her in bed. Sonata laid blissfully while Mictian was still wracked with worry. He couldn’t calm down until Suri assured him Sonata would be fine. When he heard the horses coming Mictian got up and asked Sonata to get dressed then sit down until everything was packed. She obeyed, wishing he could be calmer. Once she was sitting Mictian made quick work of packing. Almost as soon as the zipper shut on the bag a servant knocked at the door.

Mictian answered and handed the bags to the man. Mictian then turned and picked up Sonata to carry her out. When the servant noticed Sonatas head wrapping he inquired as to what happened. They gave a brief description and the servant nodded “I will get you to the castle as quickly as possible”

Mictian cradled Sonata in his lap as the driver drove quickly across the snowy terrain. She rested her head on his shoulder and soon fell asleep. He was to nervous to do the same. He didn’t want something else to happen to her. He was still very shaken by what she had gone through. She didn’t seem to worried, but he figured he was doing enough of it for both of them. He kissed her temple and then her cheek. Time seemed to pass by painfully slow, ¬†but they finally made their way home. She woke as the carriage rolled to a stop and he carried her inside. Suri was very worried when she saw how pale her daughter was and they explained what had happened. Mictian gave the stones to Hern before taking Sonata to their room.

“Lets get you undressed so I can check that everything is okay.” Suri said and Mictian helped her take her clothes. He then took the bandage off of her head and Suri gave her skin a good once over. She healed the cut on her daughters head then pushed warm energy into her. “Everything should be fine now, but I want you to relax for a couple of days to make sure. Mictian can bring you food and something to drink.”

“Okay mom. What about…um…” She blushed and Suri gave a soft laugh.

“As long as he’s gentle, no rough stuff.” Sonata covered her face in embarrassment, making her mother laugh again. “You’re married now and it’s just we three in here. You’re safe as long as you don’t talk about it around your dad, brothers, Rain, Loki, or any of the other guards.” She kissed the top of Sonata’s head. “Get some rest, I’m going to go help your father with those stones.”

“Yes ma’am.” Suri left them alone and she was finally able to look up.

“You’re adorable when you blush.” Mictian said and pushed her down onto the bed. he kissed her softly then moved her so her head was resting on her pillow. He pulled the blankets up to cover her nakedness before he lost control and took her again. He had had plenty of her while they were on their honeymoon and he wanted to give her time to properly rest. “Sleep okay and I’ll make you some apple pie.”

“Thank you” Sonata said softly. Mictian kissed her again “Just thank me by sleeping.” Sonata smiled and Mictian got up to go to the kitchen. A cook was in there and offered to help but Mictian wanted to make it himself. The chef watched with approval as Mictian did everything to get the pie together. He was frustrated with himself when he realized he didn’t start preheating the oven while he made the crust and filling. He turned the oven on and Wesly asked “How was your honeymoon?”

“Not good, Sonata got hurt”

“She is Suris daughter” Mictian had heard a few stories about Hern and Suris life but cracked no smile. His wife being hurt was nothing to make light of even though Suri assured she would be just fine. Wesly realized this and said nothing further. The second the oven dinged Mictian slid the pie in and set a timer. he decided to wait in the kitchen so he wouldn’t disturb Sonata if she had gotten herself to fall asleep again.

Mictian paced around the kitchen until finally the pie was done. He made Wesly jump when Mictian simply grabbed it insteadof getting pot holders. Mictian ignored the mans shocked eyes and set the pie down. He cut off two slices then grabbed forks and Whip creme. He hurriedly went back upstairs and pushed open their door. Sonata was sound asleep, just as he hoped she would be. Mictian set the pie down on the dresser then kissed his wife awake. Those beautiful eyes looked up at him and he grabbed the pie “Sit up my beautiful princess” Sonata smiled and sat against the headboard. Mictian joined her and gave Sonata her piece.

“If you aren’t careful, I may end up spoiled and never cook a single meal in our new home.” She said as she took a bite. “This is so amazing.”

“I don’t mind spoiling you, especially after you took such good care of me after my uncle nearly beat me to death and even more so after this little episode with those spirits. I want to spoil you.”

“I get enough special treatment as a princess. I just want you to love me the way you always have.”

He leaned in and kissed her cheek. “I can definitely do that. When we’re finished eating, we should talk to your father about where he plans to put those stones and about a good spot to build a house.”

“I’m so excited.” They finished their pie then Mictian helped her get dressed and carried her to Hern’s office. She tapped on the door and Suri pulled it open.

“I thought I told you to stay in bed.” She sighed, shook her head, and smiled. She let them in and they were a little surprised to see that Rain and Fallon were there.

“Hey sister.” Fallon said and Mictian out Sonata down so they could hug each other. “How are you feeling?”

“Better, mom took care of me and Mictian won’t leave my side. What are you two doing here?”

“I started throwing up a couple of days ago and Rain insisted we come see mom. I told him I was fine, but men will be men so here we are.” They both giggled. “Mom was just about to examine me.” They let go of each other and Mictian wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist.

Suri closed her eyes and ran her hands lightly over Fallon, searching for any signs of internal injury or disease. She placed her hand lightly over her abdomen and cocked her head as of she were listening to something. She suddenly smiled and opened her eyes. “Is everything okay?” Rain asked worriedly.

“Everything is just fine…daddy.” Suri answered.

“Daddy?” He looked so excited. “Really?” He pulled Fallon into his arms and kissed her. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Just so you know, you get to be double the dad. She’s going to have twins.” That only seemed to excite him more.

“Congratulations sister.” Sonata said and they hugged again. Everyone else hugged and congratulated her. Hern was very excited to be a grandpa.

Rain walked out with his wife happily and very proudly. Hern got up and hugged Sonata. “I’m sorry your honeymoon was rough”

“well yours and moms was no picnic. I’d say it was worse than ours” Hern laughed “what have you two come in here for?”

“To see what you plan to do with those stones and to see where we could build a house for Mictian and I” Suri seemed a little sad that Sonata was already talking of leaving but she had known they would probably come back wanting that. “there’s many wonderful places but I do wish you two would stay close by. Maybe you could build a home around the area Rain built his. I’m sure he could help you find a nice spot over there. You would only be about fifteen minuets away, as they are. Let me call to them.” Hern left his office and yelled for Rain. Rain picked up Fallon and ran back “yes sir?”

“Is there any land near your home that we can build Mictian and Sonata a house?”

“Of course! I know Fallon would love her sister to be near her.” Fallon nodded her head and looked even happier. “Lets take them to look now Rain” her voice more thrilled than her face. Rain smiled as her happiness and the knowledge of her pregnancy warmed his heart. Hern wlaked back in the office “Mictian, lay my daughter down and come with Rain, Fallon and I. Suri will stay and tend to Sonata”

“But I’m fine dad” Sonata interjected. Mictian looked over with pleading eyes. She sighed “alright I’ll stay” Mictian kissed Sonatas head “just sleep more for me sweetheart. I need you to be better” Sonata smiled “Have fun” Mictian, Hern, Fallon and Rain left while Suri started walking with her daughter back to hers and Mictians room.

“So how are you feeling?” Suri asked as she helped Sonata into bed.

“Not pregnant, well as far as I know. It would be way to early to tell anyway.” Sonata replied with a warm smile.

“Maybe we’ll check in a couple of weeks.”

“Mictian would be ecstatic. So what about the stones?”

“You and Mictian did a really good job at sealing the spirits away. We are going to give them to an old friend named Akim and ask him to make you a bracelet like mine.” She held up her wrist to show Sonata the quartz bracelet around her wrist. “He knows how to deal with things like this.”

“Isn’t he the one who stole your memories?”

“Yes, but he gave them back. I also forgave him and convinced your father to let him live. His people are one of our greatest allies now. Akim comes here on business some times. He’s a good man, he just needed a little compassion.” she patted her daughter’s hand. “Always forgive those who have done you wrong, it goes a long way. I try not to allow bloodshed if I can help it. Your father is a warrior through and through, highly intelligent, but when it comes to his family he wants action instead of words.”

“I hope I can be like you in that sense. Mictian has a temper, but I don’t blame him for it. His upbringing was so harsh. I mean he was tortured day in and day out. He only seems to have patience for me and those close to me, well with the exception of Huet that is. He can’t stand him.”

“That’s because Huet has always wanted you and someday his flirtatious nature is going to get him in trouble.”

Mictian watched as Hern inspected the plot of land Rain had taken them to. He himself didn’t really know much about where it was okay to build a house or where was to dangerous. Hern tapped his finger against his chin then nodded. “What do you think Mictian? Do you like it?” Hern asked.

“Yes sir, it’s very beautiful here.” Mictian answered.

“You don’t have to call me sir. You and Rain are far to formal sometimes.” He smiled. “Do you think Sonata will like this place?”

“I imagine so, she likes nature and there will be plenty of it passing through our front yard if we live here.”

Hern nodded again. “Then it’s settled. We’ll build here.”

“I want to start when Sonata feels better. I’d worry too much now even though I know Suri is very capable.” Hern smile “My wife woudn’t protest to you and Sonata living with us a little longer. I know she will be just as sad as when Fallon moved out. She’s happy for her children but she misses them when they leave.”

“If you don’t need anything else I’m going to take Fallon home” Rain said and Hern told them he loved them and they were no longer needed. “You can fly us to the castle if you want, I know from the times Suris gotten hurt how anxious you are”

“Thank you” ¬†Mictian picked up his father in law. Almost as suddenly as they were in the air they were landing in front of the castle. They both went to Sonata and Mictians room. Hern knew Suri would still be in there. Suri smiled up from her book when they walked in. Sonata was resting soundly. “she’s still perfectly fine Mictian” Suri said softly before leaving with her husband to ask about where her daughter would be living. Mictian took off his shoes and crawled into bed with his wife. He couldn’t wait to show her the spot they found. He would fly her over later if she wanted but only if she promised not to try and explore. Suri said to rest and that was what Sonata needed to do.

Suri told Hern of her plans after he told her the location of Sonatas and Mictians house. Hern thought it was a wonderful idea “What would I do without you?” He said in a hushed tone before bringing their lips together. Suri smiled and grabbed his hand to guide him to their bedroom. Mictian laid still with Sonata until her eyes opened. He smiled down at her and she asked “Did you find somwhere?” Mictian nodded. “can I see, please?”

“Just promise me that I can show you and we’ll come right back, no exploring”

“No exploring, I promise” He put Sonatas shoes on her then put his shoes back on before lifting her off the bed and walking outside. Mictian took to the sky again. He flew as slowly as possible, letting her enjoy the world around them. He decended then walked a little further to show her the spot. “I love it” Sonata said cheerfuly and Mictian put his forehead against hers “I’m so glad”

He wanted her back at the castle resting and flew back as quickly as he could. After two days she was feeling like herself again and Akim had come by per Suri’s request. Sonata had never met him before so didn’t know what to expect. He wasn’t a very big man, lean of build with pale skin and a friendly smile. He pulled a really pretty rose quartz bracelet out of his bag and she held out her wrist so he could put it on her. “Thank you very much.” She said as she admired it.

“You’re welcome.” He replied then turned to Suri and Hern. “I took the liberty of making one for all the women in your family and necklaces for the men.” He pulled a smaller sack out of his bag and handed it to Suri who took a necklace out for Hern and Mictian. They were simple looking, nothing but a piece of quartz at the end of a piece of leather. Hern pulled his on, but Mictian hesitated for just a moment. He didn’t usually trust magic he knew nothing about. Sonata looked up at him and he quickly put it on.

“May I see the stones now?” Akim asked and Hern took a small pouch out of his desk and dumped the seemingly harmless stones out. “We call them tamna duŇ°a or dark soul. They are very dangerous. They eat memories and once they are consumed, there is no way to get them back. You are very fortunate and must have put up one hell of a fight. I will take them away and destroy them. Creatures like these cannot be reasoned with no matter what you say or do.” He scooped them back into the pouch and put them in his bag.

“Thank you Akim.” Suri said. “Would you like to spend the night here and have dinner with us?”

“I would love to. Make sure the others get that jewelry though, it is important.”

“Don’t worry, I will.”

Mictian and Sonata spent the rest of the day getting to know Akim and chatting with Suri and Hern about making blueprints for their house. By the time dinner was over Sonata was exhausted, but still very excited. She couldn’t wait to watch her dream home become a reality. Mictian carried her to their room and cuddled with her on the bed, happy to have her to himself again. He knew he was being selfish and he loved her family, but he loved being alone with her even more. “Are you happy?” Sonata asked softly.

“Very happy.” He answered.

“I love you.”


“Yes, forever and ever until the end of time.”

“Good, I love you too.” They both smiled and slowly drifted off to the steady beating of each other’s hearts.


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