Mictian & Sonata

Chapter One

Mictian sat and listened to Sonata talk to that boy. He was so annoyed he couldn’t even remember his name. He just knew he didn’t like him and wished he would stop shamelessly flirting with Sonata. It had been six months since Rain had asked Fallon to marry him and Mictian still had not summoned the courage to do the same. He felt like such a coward. “I think Mictian and I are going to get going Huet, it’s almost time for dinner.” She said, her words catching his instant attention.

“Oh okay, I guess I’ll see you around then.” Huet replied as Mictian came to his feet. He was only there because Sonata had insisted he accompany her. He never felt comfortable in Huet’s presence and even though Sonata made an effort to include him in the conversation, he still felt left out.

“Want me to fly back?” He asked.

“Of course I do.”

He lifted her into his arms and took to the sky, her excited giggle warming his heart. He was happy that her love of flying had not diminished over the years. She found joy in the act every time and would stretch out her arms and pretend that she was flying too. He kissed her cheek and she turned a bright red. He wanted very much to express the depth of his feelings for her, but he always seemed to hesitate. He was still afraid of saying the wrong thing. He did a barrel roll as they flew over the castle before decending into the courtyard where Ryker was wrestling with Hern while everyone else watched. Even Nico had come to visit again with the still very sick Juliet. Hern threw his son off of him as Mictian landed and quickly got to his feet to hug his daughter.

“You stink dad.” Sonata said as he wrapped his arms around her.

“You’re one to talk.” He replied and everyone laughed. “Thank you for bringing her safely home as usual Mictian. I can always count on you to keep her safe.”

“Always and forever sir.” Mictian replied.

Hern smiled, knowing the boys feelings for Sonata. Hern wished Mictian would just propose. He knew his daughter would say yes and would be very happy if he did ask. It wasn’t something that could be rushed though. He knew Mictian would ask eventually and soon he’d have another beautiful wedding to attend. He loved that all his children had love. Ryker & Dahlia, Fallan & Rain, Nico & Juliet, Mictian & Sonata. He was happy for them all. Hern only hoped Suri would find a way to heal Juliet soon before Nico lost her. He couldn’t imagine the heartbreak of loseing the love of your life and never wanted to know. He especially didn’t want his children to know that kind of sadness. It destroyed his father when he lost his wife.

“do my girls want to help me make dinner?” Suri asked happily. Juliet, Sonata, Dahlia and Fallon followed Suri inside leaving the men to talk outside while they waited. They all exchanged stories about their day except Mictian. Nico cleared his throat “Hey Mictian, why so silent about your day?”

“We hungout with Huet again” The other men laughed “don’t let him bother you. Sonata doesn’t like him like that atall. She loves you very much Mictian.”

“I know, I wish he didn’t bother me so much…I guess it’s the demon in me.”

“It is that combined with love. All of us get jealous somtimes but you should try not to. Sonata wouldn’t leave you for any reason” Hern said giving the boy a reassuring smile. Rain started talking and Mictian was glad to get off the subject. Mictian started thinking of ways to propose to Sonata again. He thought about what he coudl say or do to make her see how madly he was in love. That she had his heart in the palm of her hand. He had to make her understand so that she’d say yes. He needed her to say yes. He wasn’t sure how he’d handle it if she told him no. His heart might never repair from it.

Time flew as the men chatted until Dahlia came out to summon them. The men hurried inside, all felt like they were starving from the busy day. Each couple sat by eachother and began to eat. Once the food was all cleared everybody sat and talked happily. Hern and Suri loved this, loved when everybody sat together for a meal. It was always so happy and fun. They wished they could ahve everybody here every night.

Sonata noticed that Juliet was looking a little pale again. She knew her sister in laws seizures really sapped her energy, but she insisted on spending as much time with Nico’s family as she could. She also didn’t want Nico worrying about her while he was gone. Sonata would give anything to make Juliet better. She loved her dearly. Juliet smiled at her when she noticed her watching. She always looked so happy in spite of her illness. Mictian grabbed her hand and squeezed it, drawing her attention back to him. As always she got lost in his bright hazel eyes. They were always full of love when he looked at her. It was almost overwhelming.

Mictian could tell Sonata was worried about Juliet. The young woman had only seemed to get worse in the time she had been with them. He decided right then and there that his biggest act of devotion would be to cure the sister that she loved very much. It would prove to her just how much he loved her. They finished dinner and everyone went to bed accept for Mictian and Sonata. They laid out in the courtyard and stared up at the star filled sky. He had his head in her lap and she gently stroked his temple, soothing him.

“Did you have fun today?” She asked and looked down at him.

“I always have fun when I am with you.” He answered. He just didn’t have fun when another man had her attention that wasn’t related to her.

“You didn’t seem like it.”

“I promise with you I am happy no matter what we do.”

She knew he was lying. He had been jealous while she talked to Huet, but had done his best to hide it. Huet had been her friend since childhood so to her it was natural to show him affection. She had never been in love with him even though she knew he wished it. Mictian had stolen her heart and her mind was filled with thoughts of him alone. “I’m glad.” She smiled and he gave her that look that said she was his everything. “I think I need to go to bed now.”

“Let me take you.” He stood and lifted her off the ground. He carried her to her room and sat her gently on her bed. “Sweet dreams Sonata.” He kissed her forehead and left her room before he kissed her lips. He had a plan for how to help Juliet. His father had had many books on medicine that he needed to get from his old home. He would have to break the seal that Hern had put on the gate between their worlds then he would be free to move about as he wished. He would retrieve the books and return as quickly as possible.

Mictian walked through the night, his mind on Sonata. He knew this was the way to prove to her the depths of his love. He also really liked Juliet. She was sweet and Sonata had so much fun with her. The whole family would be broken hearted if she died. Especially Nico, he couldn’t let a man he viewed as his brother go through that pain. He was glad he could see perfectly in the dark. Walking outside at night wasn’t any trouble atall. Even when he started going through the woods Mictian saw with no problems. He somtimes wished he could enable Sonata to do the things he did. He knew she’d love to be able to see in the dark.

Sonata was restless in her bedroom. She tossed and turned trying to get some sleep but her mind was busy with worry over Juliet. It really tore at Sonata when Juliet looked so ill. She also felt bad that her and Nico couldn’t have kids that she knew they both wanted due to her illness. Sonata knew they’d be great parents and she’d love nieces or nephews. It wasn’t fair Juliet had to deal with such a thing. There were so many bad people in the world that were perfectly fine and poor sweet Juliet had to be ill. Sonata sighed and concentratedon rest. She didn’t want to be tired tomorrow from staying up late with her worry. She wished her and Mictian were married so he could sleep with her. Sonata knew she’d never have a sleepless night again if she could be wrapped in Mictians arms every night.

Mictian arrived where he could travel to the land he once lived in with his monster of a father. It would be painful to go back but he would ignore all the bad memories and think of saving Juliet from her illness. He put his hand on the ground and began chanting. It was hard and tiring but Mictian managed to destroy the barrier Hern had created to keep demons from this world from entering theirs. Mictian took a deep breath and stepped through. Since Mictian had been born in this world he didn’t have to adjust his breathing. His lungs adjusted almost instantly since this was the very first air he breathed.

He had to be careful in this place even more so than before. He did not know who was in charge, but guessed it was whichever one of his uncles had won the throne through the most bloodshed. All of his siblings had been made far to soft to rule a kingdom the way it was intended. He looked around, surprised at how gloomy this place was. He had never noticed until he had spent time in Hern’s world with Sonata. His old home was truly the most depressing place in the world. He planned on sneaking into the castle and grabbing what books he could before he was found out. He decided the best course of action was to stay on the ground unless he absolutely needed to fly. It would take longer to get there, but he knew the end result would be worth it.

Sonata woke thirsty. She pushed the covers back and left her room in a half sleep to get a glass of water. She yawned as she entered the dark kitchen and switched on the lights. She wondered how Mictian was sleeping and if he was as lonely as she was. On nights like this she would go to his room with a book and have him read to her until she fell back asleep. She always woke in her room with her arms wrapped around the teddy bear he had bought for her birthday. She filled a glass and gulped it down, feeling refreshed. She went to the library and grabbed a book then headed down the hall to Mictian’s room. She knocked on the door and waited. When he didn’t answer she pushed the door open and was surprised to find his bed empty. He had been acting a little strange lately and she wondered if maybe he had needed some time alone. She sighed and crawled into his bed, grabbing his pillow and inhaling his scent. She slowly drifted into oblivion, hoping he was somewhere safe.

Mictian made it to the castle just before sunrise. He took to the air, moving silently to the library window. He pushed it open and slipped inside. He listened, but heard no one, not even the scuttling of a mouse. He moved as quickly as he could to the lower level of the library where his father had kept the medical books. He said these were for research. He had wanted to learn about anatomy and all the most painful points on the body so when he tortured someone he could inflict as much suffering on them as possible. He found the ones he wanted and started taking them down, loading as many into his arms as he could. He was sure one of these books held the cure Juliet needed. He suddenly felt like he was being watched and the air was charged with malice. He dropped the books and spun around as what looked like the head of a walking stick was coming towards him. He had no time to react and took the full blow to the head. He staggered and fell, finding himself face down on the marble floor.

“So the runaway prince returns.” A familiar voice said and his uncle’s face hovered into view. “You killed my brother you little brat.” He hit him in the head again, knocking him unconscious. Sonata woke screaming, something horrible had happened. She could feel it in her very soul. She felt tears in her eyes as panic rose in her chest. Something had happened to Mictian.

Hern, Nico, Rain and Ryker came running down the halls to Sonata. Her scream was so high pitched it had made it’s why through every inch of the silent castle. “what is it?” Hern asked panicked then Ryker chimed in “where’s Mictian?”

“I don’t know but somthing really bad has happened to him! I just know it! I don’t know how I know it but he’s in serious trouble and needs help dad.”

“I will have all the guards and knights search for Mictian” Hern looked at Rain “I will inform them” Rain gave a bow then ran to the barracks to awake the men and have them search. Hern got into Mictians bed with his daughter and held her as she cried due to her worry. She knew he was hurt and needed help fast. Soon all the women arrived but Juliet who felt to bad to leave the bed. “what’s going on?” Suri asked worriedly “Mictian is gone and Sonata fears somthing bad has happened. Suri got an upset look and exited the room. She was returning to her chambers to look into the future in hopes to guide the men in the right direction to find and help him.

Suri wouldn’t allow Sonata to lose the man she loved. “Why don’t you go eat breakfast with the girls? I want to go looking too.”

“I’ll go too father” Ryker said. Nico felt he should go but he was really worried about Juliet. Hern put a hand on his shoulder knowingly “your wife is your top priority. If you worry about leaving her alone then stay. Your sister loves Juliet very much and wants you taking care of her”

“He’s right” Sonata said then Nico left to go grab his wife breakfast then return to her. Sonata got up adn went to breakfast with Dahlia since she was the only person left there. Dahlia did her best to cheer Sonata but nothing seemed to wipe off that worried expression. “they’ll find him” Dahlia finally said. “I just hope it’s not to late…where would he have gone?”

“I don’t know but Hern has every man at his disposal searching. Mictian will be found as fast as it is possible”

Mictian woke with a splitting headache and blood drying on his scalp. He tried to move, but his arms and legs were both tied tightly down. He blinked and inhaled, knowing exactly where he was. He was in the torture chamber beneath his father’s castle. “Glad to see you’re awake boy.” His uncle Gren said as he moved into view.

“Let me go old man.” He said angrily.

“Or what, you’ll kill me?” His uncle laughed. “Do you have any idea what you are laying on?”

“Feels like the rack, nice choice.” His uncle turned the wheel until the ropes holding him were extremely taut. “I’m shaking in my boots uncle.”

His uncle hit him in the face then turned the wheel some more. Mictian felt his muscles stretching, threatening to tear. He stared impassively up at the ceiling. The only outward sign that he was in pain was the sweat dotting his brow. “One more turn and your shoulders will pop out of their sockets.”

“Fuck you.” His uncle turned the wheel again and he could hear both of his shoulders slip loose. He refused to scream. “Are you done avenging my idiot father now? I have somewhere I need to be.”

“Not yet you little bastard.”

Suri pulled out of her trance with a gasp. Mictian had gone back to his home world to find a cure for the ailing Juliet. Suri had seen images of him bound and bloodied as a man taunted and tormented him. She ran from her room and quickly found her husband. “He has gone to his old home.” She said as she flew into his arms.

“How and why?”

“He broke your seal to get something to help cure Juliet. He’s going to be tortured, you have to get to him.”

“I will bring him back I swear it. I will not have our daughter mourn him.” He gave her a quick kiss then ran to alert his men.

Sonata was barely able to keep from crying as she picked at her food. Without Mictian there was nothing. She needed him more than anything, wanted to kiss and hold him. Suri came into the dining room and sat next to her, wrapping her in a tight hug. She finally allowed herself to break down, weeping uncontrollably into her mother’s shirt. She felt tears soaking her hair and knew her mother cried as well. More sobs reached her ears and she realized it was Dahlia. She pulled her closer and they all sat there clinging to each other.

Hern went as fast as he could until he had rounded them up. Hern lead them to the portal quickly, not wanting to waste a second. The demons in Mictians world were particularly cruel. Mictians dad had actually been one of the more tame. With Hern leading the way all the men jumped through then started running towards the castle. Hern hoped nothing attacked them along the way but all the demons would smell they were not of this world and come after them. Hern was glad to see his son and Rain make it to his side. He wanted to keep track of them and make sure nothing took their lives. They were very strong and able bodied but demons had a lot of tricks and power behind them. All that lived here were demons.

When the girls could quit crying they decided to check on Juliet. They knew she had to be really bad today to not get out of bed to be with them. They walked upstairs and to their room. Suri knocked and Nico quickly answered then whispered “she’s sleeping again. I’ll tell you guys when she’s awake.”

“We’re sorry”

“Don’t be, I know you’re just concerened for my wife” Nico stepped into the hall “What’s going on with Mictian?”

“We know where he is now. He apparently went back to his world even though people would be after him to try and help Juliet. There’s somthing there that can help cure her.” Nico didn’t know what to say. It meant a lot to him. All Nico could do in reaction was hug his sister “You better marry that man” Nico said sounding as if he was very near tears. “If he ever asks I will” Sonata said softly. Suri rubbed his back “it’s ok to cry son. I now it’s hard to see your wife feeling so terrible. Plus I know how close you’ve become with Mictian. We’ve all grown to love him very much”

Mictian spit blood into his uncle’s face when the man hit him again. He dangled from the ceiling by his wrists, his already dislocated shoulders put under more strain. “Hurry up and finish this you pig. I’ve already missed breakfast.” He said through the pain. He was sure he had a couple of cracked ribs since it hurt to breathe.

“You little brat, why won’t you scream?”

“I don’t want to make getting off for you that easy.”

Gren growled in frustration and dropped Mictian to the floor. “You were always such a pathetic waste of space. Your father should have killed you along with that bitch mother of yours. She was nothing but trouble and she raised a weak piece of shit.”

“Don’t you dare talk about my mother.”

“Shut your mouth.” He kicked Mictian in the side, making him gasp for air.

Hern raced through the woods with Ryker, Rain, and the others close behind him. They startled many animals with their passing and stopped for nothing. They burst through the woods and into a valley, heading straight for the castle. There were guards at the front door as well as up on the towers. Rain made quick work of the ones above with his bow and arrow while Hern and Ryker killed the two below as the demons drew their swords. They pushed through the front doors and were met by more of the winged soldiers.

“Father, go find Mictian. We will hold these idiots off.” Ryker said as he pushed one of the guards back. Hern knew Mictian would not have been welcomed back with open arms. He would be seen as a traitor and taken down to the dungeon. He broke away from his companions and searched for the door to the dark rooms below.

Nico came and got his family once Juliet was awake again. She wanted to see them since she had been in bed all day. Sonata couldn’t help but think her beautiful sister in law looked even worse than yesterday. “She had a couple of seizures last night so she’s very weak. I got her to eat as much as I could to keep her strength up.” Nico said as he sat down on the bed next to her.

“Stop worrying so much Nico, I have looked a lot worse.” Juliet said with a bright smile. No one knew how she stayed so optimistic. “Can you help me set up?” Nico lifted her gently and moved so he was setting behind her. He pulled her back so she could lean against him and kissed her cheek. “Where is Mictian?”

“I haven’t told her yet.” Nico said.

“He went back to his world to help you.” Suri answered softly. “There is a way to cure you there and he went to retrieve it on his own.”

“Is he in danger?”

None of them could lie to her so they just nodded. Tears welled up in her eyes and Sonata hugged her. “Please do not blame yourself sister. He just wanted to help. He probably thought he could get in and out without a problem.”

“You guys have been so wonderful. I was lucky to wander in here” Nico held Juliet tighter. He hoped when they found Mictian he had managed to get what coudl save his wife. He needed her, love her very much and wanted to have a family of his own. He knew she wanted it too but couldn’t until she was well. “Lets not be so glum everybody” Juliet said wiping at her eyes “could you play us some music Suri. You play the harp beautifully.”

“Of course, I’ll be right back.” Suri quickly left the room to get to hers. She found the harp and ran back. Suri sat down on Nicos and Juliets bed then played a soft and relaxing tune. Everyone ended up sitting to hear that beautiful sound. They could almost forget the horrible situation they were in now. Suri played and played until Juliet was sleeping again. Suri stopped then asked “what can we make for her? Any treats?”

“Caramel brownies?” Suri smiled “come girls” Sonata and Dahlia followed Suri out to help with the brownies for their sister. “Your music is almost magical mom” Dahlia said to Suri. “I was taught by Hern. He’s still much better than me”

“I don’t think so” Sonata said softly. “I agree, you’re better” Dahlia concurred. They baked the brownies as quickly as they could in silence. Nobody was in high enough spirits to talk. Once the harp music quit playing the sad feeling within the castle loomed again. Sonata was heartbreaking just looking at her. Suri could see how worried she was about Mictian. “Mictians a demon baby” Suri reminded her daughter hoping it would help “so” Sonata said softly “so he’s very powerful and can take a lot. Mictian is so sweet and gentle with you I think you forget just how tough he is.”

“I still ahte to think he’s in pain..”

“I know baby” Suri hugged her daughter until the oven went off. They put the brownies on a plate then Dahlia walked it upstairs to leave in Juliets and Nicos room. Suri went back to holding her little girl. She knew how painful it was to worry about the man you loved. She had to worry about Hern many times and it was never any easier.

Hern finally found his way to the lower levels, the sound of battle fading behind him as he walked down a set of spiral stone steps. The dungeon was cold and unwelcoming, a sense of dread hung in the air. The cells were empty save or the occasional rat that looked for whatever scrap of flesh may be left over. The sound of an angry male voice traveled up from an even lower level. Hern moved on silent feet to the staircase and descended with caution. The voice became louder, the words were hateful. There was a door at the very bottom, a soft light shown from beneath it.

“You’ll have to do better than that old man.” Mictian’s pain filled voice said from the other side.

“I will kill you, you little brat.” Hern kicked the door open, startling the man who was standing over Mictian with a raised cane. “Who the fuck are you?”

“I am that boys father in law. You will release him or I will gut you.” Hern said, his voice like ice.

“I don’t know how you got in here, but I will have the guards take care of you.”

“Don’t bother, they are all dead.”

The demon looked shocked, scared. He was cornered like a wild animal. He attacked Hern with his cane. Hern grabbed his wrist and punched him in the face, breaking his nose. He wrenched the cane from the man’s hand and threw him on the floor. “If you get up, I will kill you.” He went over to Mictian and untied him.

“Hello Hern, I could have handled it. I was just biding my time.” He said with a smile.

“Oh I know, I jus thought you might need help finding what you were looking for. Two pairs of eyes are better than one.”

“Ah yes, I need help carrying a bunch of books back. They’re in the library.”

“I don’t think you’ll be doing any carrying.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Both of my arms have been dislocated, maybe you can put them back for me.”

Hern rolled him onto his back and grabbed one of his arms. He worked his shoulder back into its socket and waited a moment for him to catch his breath. He grabbed his other arm and did the same then helped him to his feet. “Do you need help walking?”

“No, I can do it.” Mictian stumbled over to his uncle and kicked Gren in the face before falling back down. “Okay, maybe I do need help.” Hern helped him back up then gently pulled one of Mictian’s arms over his shoulders while he wrapped an arm around his waist. He helped him up the stairs and back to the entrance. There were bodies everywhere, none belonged to Hern’s men.

“Father, Mictian oh my god. Are you okay brother?” Ryker asked.

“Yes, we have to get to the library. It’s upstairs.”

Chapter Two

Lead us then. Hern helped Mictian up the stairs until they reached the library and went inside. Mictian was glad to see the book still on the floor. I’m not sure which book it is. I just know it’s in one of them so I need all the ones on the floor” Mictian put his hand on one of the shelves “to be sure it would be wise to take the rest of the books on this shelf so we don’t need to return.”

“With this many men we can do that easily.” The men got the books in their arms then they set off to get out of this horrible world before anything else happened. Once they were out of the castle Mictian asked “Is Sonata angry at me?”

“Not atall, she’s only worried. She’ll be relieved whe she sees you alive even though I expect the state you’re in will make her cry”

“I wish I could have been stealthier.”

“It’s an amazing thing you were trying to do. You’ll be Nicos and Juliets hero if Suri can figure out how to help Juliet from these books. You are an amazing addition to this family son. Stop wasting your breath with silly words. The whole family is proud of you and we’re glad we got to you in time. Next time you want to do somthing like this I want you to tell me so we can help you from the start”

“I just didn’t want anybody else getting hurt if this went badly.”

“Together we are strong. Thats the wonderful thing of having a loving family Mictian. Always allow us to help you. Sonata would’ve been crushed if you didn’t come home. She loves you so much and wants no other man.” Mictian smiled to spite the pain he was in. It was harder for Mictian to travel between dimensions with how injured he was but it wasn’t as painful as what he just went through. “can we walk faster? I really want to get back so Suri can get to helping Juliet.”

“you sure you can?” Hern asked Mictian concerned. “I know I can”

Mictian was ready to collapse when they finally made it home. Sonata game running and wrapped her arms around his waist. He fell to his knees with her in his arms, letting her cry into his shirt. “It’s okay Sonata, I’m home. I am so sorry I made you worry.” He said and kissed the top of her head.

“What you did was very foolish. You should have told me where you were going. I was so scared.” She pulled back grabbed his face in her hands. “You are covered in blood and bruises. Lets get to your room and get you clean.”

“Just come and get me when he’s clean. He’ll need healing.” Suri said softly. “You men take those books to the study.” They nodded to her and hurried away with the books. Hern helped Mictian back to his feet.

“I can walk sir.” Hern let him go and he walked off with Sonata to his room. She helped him into the bathroom and started the bath. She tested the water before plugging the drain and turning back to him. He looked so exhausted.

“Let me help you with your clothes.” She gave him a warm smile.

“Are you sure because I think I can mange on my own.”

“Afraid of me seeing you naked?”

“Of course not. My father didn’t believe in modesty. I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable.” She moved around behind him and unbuttoned his shirt from around his wings. She helped him slide his arms out and covered her mouth in horror at the dark bruises that marred his skin. “They are just bruises, they will heal.”

“I can’t believe you suffered this to help Juliet. You are so brave. Take a seat and I’ll pull off your boots.” He sat slowly down on the edge of the tub and she tugged his boots off. She helped him back to his feet and pulled his pants down so he could step out of them. He swallowed nervously and she looked up at him, smiling her sweet innocent smile. “Lets get you in the tub and wash all this blood off of you.” She switched off the water and helped him step inside then set down. She grabbed a rag and soap and gently washed him. She was very careful of his face and ribs. She washed his hair, checking the cut on the side of his head for debris. “Mom should be able to heal all of this. You’ll be better in no time.”

“I really love you Sonata.”

“I know you do, I’ve always known.”

He grabbed her hands in his and looked into her eyes. “Why did you never say anything?”

“Because I know that if I had said it first you would have thought yourself a coward. I wanted to give you time to say it first. Everyone tells me every day how much I mean to you. I also love you very much.”

Mictian pulled Sonata into a kiss. Sonata smiled against his lips then they parted. “we need to get you clean so you can get healed by my mother.” Sonata said softly. Sonata finished then helped him out. . He couldn’t tell what she thought of him and he wished he knew. She chuckled at his expression and said “you’re very sexy, even bruised up. It just makes me sad to see you this way”

“It’s worth it if we cure Juliet. Nico will have his wife forever and you’ll be happy. I got the idea trying to think of somthing I could do for you to show my love” Sonata hugged him even though he wasn’t wearing anything yet. When she let go she helped him dress then to his bed where she pulled the covers over him then ran off to get her mother. ┬áSuri came quickly and pused her magic into Mictians body. He took a deep breath in and out. Already feeling relief. “I’ll get some stuff prepared for you to drink for your ribs alright?”


“Thank you for doing this Mictian” Suri left but Sonata sat on the bed holding his hand. “I love you” she said softly. The smile that appeared on his face made her melt. He looked so incredibly happy. “I love you too. I have a question for you.”

“What is it?” Mictian took another deep breath “I wanted a nice romantic speech but I’ve been failing at making one for you. All I can say is I love you with everything I am. Would you marry me?” His voice became really soft. Tears started falling from Sonatas eyes again. “as soon as you want to be married lets. I’d be happy to be your wife Mictian” Sonata brought their lips together again as they got lost in eachothers kiss. Mictian even forgot about the pain he was still in due to his ribs. Suri was standing on the outside of the door. Heart aglow from whats he just heard. She decided to give them a few more moments before coming in.

“Enough love, I want you healthy.” Sonata brushed his hair off his forehead.

“Will you stay with me tonight, you know in case I need something?” He asked and she smiled.

“Of course I will.” There was a soft knocking on his bedroom door and Suri came in with a cup pain medicine. It was something Fallon had developed and Suri had improved upon. She handed it to him and he drank the whole cup.

“That might make you a little drowsy, but it will make you feel a lot better. Hern told me you had both of your shoulders dislocated. I am surprised you were not screaming all the way back here.”

“I didn’t want to give my uncle the pleasure.” He handed her the cup and she kissed his forehead. “I’ll have dinner brought to you two so just relax.”

“Thank you mom.” Sonata said and Suri left. Mictian pulled Sonata down on top of him, his mouth finding hers again. He was very happy to be kissing and holding her. She smiled against his lips and tried to push off of him. “Calm down Mictian or you might hurt yourself.”

“I don’t care, just let me kiss you.” He crushed her to him, his fingers tangling in her hair to hold her in place. Just the taste of her lips would be enough for now. He started to become drowsy and finally let her breathe. She moved so she was laying next to him, her face bright red. “I love you so much Sonata. You are so beautiful.”

“Shh go to sleep now. You sound so tired.”

“Just don’t leave me.”

“I promise I will be here when you wake up.” He smiled and finally let sleep take him. She kissed his cheek and slid slowly off the bed. She drained and rinsed out the tub then gathered his dirty clothes and took them quickly to the laundry room where the maids were already washing clothes. They smiled at her and pointed to where she could drop Mictian’s clothes. She hurried back to his room and crawled under the covers with him. She kissed his cheek then fell asleep with her hand on his chest. The sound of knocking woke her a couple of hours later. She made her way to the door and pulled it open. It was a maid with two bowls of clam chowder.

“Your mother said you would be hungry.”

“Thank you Fiona.” She took the bowls and sat them on the little table in his room. She went over to him and kissed his lips. He smiled and she pulled back to look at him. “It’s time to eat. Can you set up?”

“I can do anything for you.” He pushed himself up and leaned against the headboard. She grabbed their bowls and handed him his before taking a seat next to him.

“Eat all of it.”

“Yes ma’am.”

He did as he was told as fast as he could. He wanted to kiss her again. Mictian just couldn’t get enough of how his heart felt when they kissed. When Mictians bowl was clean he started staring at Sonata and she giggled “I can’t breath food like you.”

“Could I have one kiss before you finish?”

“You might not stop”

“I will” Sonata giggled and set her bowl down to let their lips meet briefly. Mictian wanted to grab Sonata again but let her finish her food. When she was finished he got over her and kissed her while she was pressed against the headboard. Sonata started giggling again. A sound that made him smile “you need to rest, please.”

“You’ll lay with me again?”

“I’ll lay with you all night. We can sleep together every night.” Sonata kissed his cheek then Mictian laid down again. Sonata got as close to Mictian as possible the laid her hand on his chest. He put his hand on top of hers and smiled as he fully relaxed. He wished he hadn’t gotten so beaten up so he could really cuddle with her but just this was a heaven he didn’t want to leave. They fell asleep nearly at the same time. Nothing disturbed them until Sonata put her arm around Mictian and held him in her sleep. It was painful but wonderful at the same time.

He couldn’t bring himself to remove her arm so just looked at her. He let the peaceful look on Sonatas face help him get back to sleep. The pain slowly vanished from his mind and he was out again. When Sonata woke in the morning she took her arm off Mictian, waking him up. Sh elooked sadly down at him “I’m sorry, maybe we shouldn’t sleep together until you’re healed.”

“No, that would be the worst possible solution. I loved you did that. i woke up the second it happened but I didn’t want to move you. Please don’t stop sleeping with me when you’ve only just begun. I love it so much.”

“Just make sure to tell me if I hurt you. I don’t want to cause you unecessary pain.”

“I would endure all the pain the world has to offer if it meant getting to sleep with you every night.”

“I love when you say things like that. It makes me so happy.” She ran her fingers over his jaw, happy to see that her mother’s healing powers and medicine had made almost all of the bruises vanish. “I think I’m going to go see what my mother is doing. I want to help her with Juliet if I can.”

“Let me come with you. I learned a few things from my father that may be useful. There may also be some things Suri cannot understand.”

“You are an adult, I don’t let you do anything. If you want to come with me then come with me.”

Sonata helped Mictian out of bed and he walked slowly out of the room. His ribs still hurt the most and hit skin was still black and blue. They headed straight for the office where Suri was bent over a book while Hern looked curiously over her shoulder. They both looked up when Sonata and Mictian entered, frowning at the bruises. “Good morning you two.” Hern said as he helped Mictian set down.

“Would you like me to take another go at your ribs?” Suri asked.

“I’m fine, really. You need all of your energy to help Juliet.” He replied with a smile.

“We came to help mom. Mictian said there may be some things you don’t understand in the books and I can lend you energy.”

“There are three books that neither of us could translate and some things your father wrote on a few of the pages that neither of us understand. If you would like, you can take a look and see if you know what they say.”

“Anything to help.” Suri handed him the three books and he flipped one of them open. He read through them, finding nothing of use in the first two. Halfway through the third one he came across a spell used to keep old kings alive and healthy until they had made a suitable male heir. Since demons did not age he guessed that this was for some other race of people. “I think I found something.” Suri and Hern moved to look over his shoulder. “This is a spell to cure people of disease. There is a list of ingredients, some that are incredibly deadly. They could easily kill Juliet if not prepared correctly. If she would be willing to take the risk, I feel that between myself and Suri, that we could cure her.”

“We must discuss it with her and Nico. She must know what she will be facing.” Hern said and they all nodded their agreement.

They walked to Nico and Juliets room and knocked. Nico told them they could enter so they did then explained to both of them the situation. Nico looked to Juliet for the answer. “I want to try, I trust you guys to be careful because you love me so much. I especially don’t want what Mictian went through to be for not. We have to try.”

“Don’t feel pressure because I got the books Juliet. You’d be gambling your life.”

“It’s not just that. Like I said, I trust my family to be careful” Nico squeezed Juliets hand “If my wife feels comfortable trying then please make it as quickly as possible.” Sonata ran over and hugged Juliet “don’t worry sister” Juliet said softly to Sonata. “It’s impossible not to. I love you so much Juliet.”

“I am in good hands.” Juliet turned her gaze to Mictian. “Thank you so much for doing this. You are a wonderful man”

“we’ll always owe you” Nico added. Mictian shook his head “you don’t owe me atall. Out of it I gained the courage to tell Sonata how I feel and ask her to marry me” Suri smiled at Nicos and Juliets expression. Suri had only told Hern what she had heard through the door. “Congratulations” Nico and Juliet said at nearly the same time. “we better get to work” Suri said. Everyone left the room so they could get busy gatheing what they needed. Suri was a little rense because of the danger but she trusted her skill. Suri knew she could do this for her daughter in law.

They walked back into the office where the books laid open so Mictian could make a list of what they needed. Hern gave him pencil and paper quickly. As soon as Mictian had it he began to jot things down. When he was done he cleared his throat and said “I ordered them by how far they were away. That way it takes less time. The nearest thigns are of course first on the list. I know where to find them all in your world.”

“Can I assign men to gather some of it so itr’s faster or are the materials too sensitive?”

“Some are but there is plenty you can assign your knights and guards to. Please call five of them.” Hern left quickly. mictian couldn’t resist kissing Sonatas cheek again. He gave her a look that said I love you to her and she smiled. He smiled back making them both feel warm. “am I going with you Mictian?”

“I’ll need my arms so you’ll ahve to ride on my back which will worry me but I can manage it.”

“what about your injuries Mictian?” Suri asked. “I’ll be fine, I swear. I could endure much more than I went through and still move about.”

Rain and Loki were included in the guards he had asked Hern to get. He decided he could trust them with some of the more sensitive things since he knew them to be more competent. He told them to be very careful in the harvesting and transportation of these plants. He and Sonata then grabbed a couple of cloth sacks and a trowel. Sonata hopped onto his back, holding tightly to his shoulders as he pushed off from the ground. Even on his back the ride was still amazing. She couldn’t help but laugh and smile as joy overflowed from her. She hoped any children she had with Mictian would grow wings, but she knew that even if they didn’t their father would take them up every day. The wind whipped through her hair and reddened her cheeks, making them feel cold. They finally landed near a lake and she slid off of Mictian’s back.

“The plant we are looking for is a light blue. It looks almost like a blue clump of grass and will be partially submerged. We need as much of the roots as possible intact. So you go that way and I’ll go this way. Yell if you see it.”

“Okay, please don’t wear yourself out.”

“Don’t worry about me love, I’ll be fine.”

Sonata frowned as she moved along the edge of the lake. She knew Mictian wanted to help, but he was still hurt. No one, not even Juliet would want him to over do it. She walked as close to the water as she could, her boots squishing in the mud. After a half an hour she finally spotted the plant they had been looking for. She yelled for Mictian and he flew over the lake to her. He quickly, but gently harvested the plant and lifted her back onto his back. She felt him tense when her legs wrapped around his waist. She wanted to tell him to slow down, but she knew it would do no good.

They found the other plants they needed as quickly as they could. One was on the face of a cliff and he had to hold onto the rocks while she cut the plant free. Even though she flew with him every day, his injuries had made her worried. She would have hated for them to fall and him get seriously injured protecting her. Once they had everything they started back home. The flight would be long and Mictian flew as fast as he could. Sonata rested her head against his back and closed her eyes, exhausted after such a long day. She woke hungry and saw that they were getting back into familiar territory. They flew past Mt. Sarn and the Rapu Lake. She could see the castle and felt relieved that they were about to land.

Sonata got off of him as quickly as she could once he landed. They went inside and gave the ingredients to Suri. Only one other man had come back with what they needed so Sonata said “Lets lay down until you’re needed again baby. Please”

“yes go rest Mictian. You’ve shown plenty how tough you are. My daughter doesn’t doubt that” Suri said. “Ok” Mictian said then took Sonatas hand “just tell me when all the men arrive”

“I will send for you right away” Mictian and Sonata walked out and went back to his bedroom. “I really hate I hurt you so much while we were out”

“I told you I’m fine Sonata. Having you close was worth it. I’m so happy. Who cares about pain when you have the opportunity to be near who you love the most.” Sonata smiled and Mictian grabbed her face to pull her into a kiss. He wonce again moved his hand to the back of her head so she couldn’t get away from him. He knew she’d be tempted to jerk since it hurt him but he didn’t mind atall. He had dealt with a lot of pain growing up so he had a very high tolerance for it. His father had wanted him to be able to withstand any kind of torture their enemies may give him so the family secrets wouldn’t be revealed to someone who would use them against the king.

Mictian wanted more but felt like he may rush her if he tried. They hadn’t even been a couple twenty four hours and he was injured. He wanted to make their first time amazing and special. He wanted her to feel in it how much she meant to him. He could only do that when his body was healed. He would take his time and make sure it was the experience he wanted to give her. Mictian finally parted their lips and just looked into her eyes. They held eye contact until a knock sounded at the bedroom door. Mictian sighed, not wanting to leave the moment. He did however want to make sure this was done correctly so he got up with Sonata and answered the door.

They followed the maid back to the office and went inside. “we’re ready for you to guide us Mictian.” He nodded and re read each part multiple times before he instructed Suri or did somthing himself. Each step was done very slowly and with extreame caution. Each thing seemed to go well. The guard in the room looked tense. Some were even prespiring. They went through everything until it was finally done and ready to give to Juliet.

Suri and Mictian along with Sonata and Hern went to Nico’s and Juliet’s room. She was asleep, but they had Nico wake her. He kissed her gently and she slowly opened her eyes. “What is it?” She asked sleepily.

“They have brought the potion dearest love.” He answered as he helped her set up. Mictian flipped the book open and held his hand over the cup. He started talking in a language none of them understood. He then placed his hand on Juliet’s head and continued speaking. He finished the incantation and Suri helped her drink every last drop.

“My body is starting to tingle and I feel really cold. Is that normal?” Juliet said and Nico wrapped his arms around her.

“She’s burning up.”

“I don’t know what is and isn’t normal. I have never seen this done before.”

They all watched in apprehension as Juliet sat there shivering. Mictian was terrified and hoped he had done everything right. When she finally stopped shivering she said she felt tired. Mictian decided it was probably safe for her to sleep, but asked Nico to keep a very close eye on her. “When she wakes I want her to drink a lot of water and try to eat something. Don’t give her anything heavy. One of the plants I put in there could cause her to throw up.” He said as Nico helped Juliet to lay flat.

“Okay, anything else I should do?”

“Just don’t leave her alone. If you must leave this room ask one of us to set with her.”

“Okay, I will.”

Everyone left them alone so Juliet could rest. Sonata grabbed Mictian and dragged him to the chess room. She knew a little bit of his favorite game might help him worry less. “Chess? I didn’t think you liked playing.” He said as she pulled him through the door.

“I love playing if it’s with you and Fallon. I just feel judged if I play with anyone else because I know I’m not very good.” She replied as she set up the board. They sat down and he allowed her to make the first move.

Final Chapter

“I could teach you to play better if you’d like Sonata.”

“I might frustrate you. Fallons tried to help but I’m just so terrible”

“I wont get frustrated. I’d love to try and help you.”

“Then teach” Sonata was glad he wanted to. It would be the perfect way to keep his mind busy and she wouldn’t have to be so ashamed of herself when it came to chess. He calmly would explain to her why some moves were better and how to take advantage of all the pieces you had left on the board. He was mainly teaching her how to distract your opponent with one thing so you could accomplish another. The easiest way to win was to draw your opponents attention to other pieces than the ones you plan on using to win. They played a few rounds with him always explaining until she said “Lets just play and see if how good I am by myself. I’m so sorry if you’ve been wasting your time”

“nothing I do with you could ever waste my time. I’m just happy to be with you Sonata. I love you so much” They set up the board again. Sonata hoped she had gotten a little better and wouldn’t disappoint Mictian. He kept smiling as the game progressed and she wondered if it was held in laughter or approval. He won and she sighed “don’t be sad, you improved quite a bit. If I keep helping you, you will become amazing at this. You were really listening and paying attention to what I was saying.”

“I really do want to play well and your voice has always been very easy to listen to” Mictian wanted toi lift Sonata into a hug but knew she’d be upset because of his injuries so he refrained. Lunch rolled around but non in the house noticed. Everybody was gripped with worry over Juliet. Suri kept checking in on Nero and Juliet every now and then but nothing had changed. Juliet was still living though so it had to be a good sign.

They all ate under a cloud of melancholy. Suri went to Nico and made him take a break so he could eat with his family. He kissed Juliet on the forehead and went into the dining room where Fallon made him a plate. He picked at his food, barely eating any of it. “She’ll be okay Nico,” Fallon said as she rubbed her brother’s back, “Mictian would never give her something unless he was sure it was safe.”

“She’s just had it so hard. Her seizures have got worse, her asthma is making it to where even walking long distances is hard. I just want her suffering to stop. She is always so positive, always smiling and laughing even when she so tired she can barely lift her head. It’s not just an act she puts on for everyone’s benefit, she’s really happy no matter how sick she gets.” His voice cracked and Sonata went around the table to hug him with Fallon.

“Just trust in mom’s and Mictian’s abilities. She’ll wake up eventually and I bet she’ll feel loads better.” Sonata said, stroking his hair.

“I don’t know what I would do without this family.”

“Probably be bored.” Ryker chimed in and it made Nico smile.

Half an hour past and Juliet finally started to stir. Suri yelled for Nico who was on his feet in an instant and running to his room. He sat down next to his wife as her eyes fluttered open and she smiled lovingly up at him. “You look so worried.” She cupped the side of his cheek and he grabbed her hand, pressing his lips into her palm before pulling her up to hold her.

“I was worried, I still am. How are you feeling?”

“Hungry and thirsty.” He laughed and kissed her softly as the others made their way into the room.

“I am so glad that worked.” Mictian said as he leaned against the wall. “I was so worried I had screwed something up.”

Juliet pulled back and smiled at Mictian. “Can I get a hug from you?” He crossed the room and Nico moved. Juliet squeezed him tight then kissed his cheek. “Thank you so much Mictian.”

“I would do anything for this family and anything to make Sonata happy. You are all very important to me.”

Suri offered to make Juliet a plate and left. Soon she arrived back in the room and handed the plate to Juliet and set a drink on the nightstand beside her. Once finished Nico asked “How do you feel now?”

“Incredible, Like I’ve never been sick a day in my life” Juliet said excitedly. Nicos heart soared and he hugged Mictian again “Thank you so much for making this happen. I know I’ve already thanked you but I’m just so grateful.” He held Mictians shoulders and asked “when are you two getting married?”

“I’m not sure, hopefully soon. We can we get married Suri?”

“It depends, we could put somthing together by next month unless Sonata has some sort of dream wedding.” Sonata shook her head. “Then next month it is. Will you be staying with us that long Nico?”

“I wouldn’t miss it.”

“We couldn’t miss it” Juliet added. Suri then said “you’re still healing Mictian. I think you should be resting now too. “You’ll come with me to rest Sonata?”

“Yeah, I’m sure these two want to be left alone anyway.” Mictian smiled and took his fiances hand as they walked back to his bedroom. Mictian laid down then Sonata snuggled close to his side. “I really want to just hold you.”

“I know but there will be plenty of time for that when your ribs are healed fully”

“I could do it now and ignore the pain”

“No, they’ll heal faster if we leave them alone.”

“I guess, you wont be able to get me off you once I’m healed.”

“In more ways then one?” Sonata teased and Mictian blushed. “I definitely plan to be all over you in other ways too.” Sonata was now blushing too. He smiled then continued “I will be very gentle though. Our first time is going to be extraordinary, I promise you”

“Being with you in that way will be extraordinary regardless” They once again got lost in eachothers eyes. Each of their hearts overflowing with the love they saw. Sonata couldn’t wait for Mictian to get better and to see Juliet running around the castle healthy. Sonata was convinced that Mictian was the best thing to ever happen to this kingdom.

~ The End ~

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