Mikel & Maril 2

Chapter One

Ayla and Alexio knocked excitedly on Bishin and Olivias door. They came over planning to swim in their oasis and maybe spend a day or two just enjoying their company. Olivia heard the knocking and answered the door “welcome! I haven’t seen you guys in months”

“We went on a trip with out parents” Ayla answered. “well come in. Remember those kids you helped me save? Two of them are here and they are living in that house next door.”

“awesome” They walked in to see Mikel and Maril sitting with Bishin “Remember us?” Alexio asked and Maril nodded with a big smile. Ayla then spoke excitedly “I’m so glad it’s you Maril! I told mother about you way back when we saved you and turns out she thinks Uncle Savant can fix you. He was born with amazing powers to heal and has healed people of things they thought nothing could mend. It isn’t a promise of getting you a voice but I’d love to try for you Maril. I didn’t know where to look for you and definitely didn’t think you’d go with me anywhere once I talked to mom about it but now you’re back and I don’t have to wonder about you. What do you say? Do you want to see if he can help you?” Ayla asked, knowing her brother wouldn’t say no to helping Maril.

Maril just stared at Ayla shocked. They had barely gotten in the door and they were offering to give her a voice. Maril suddenly got up and hugged Ayla while nodded. Maril turned back to Bishin and Mikel “we’re all going right?” she signed and they both stood “of course we are” Mikel said trying to contain his excitement. He would love to know what her voice sounded like, to hear her moans of pleasure when he made love to her and for her to be able to yell to him if he was needed and they werent at eachothers side. The list went on and on in his head about how wonderful it would be if his love could speak.
“We’ll get to packing, why don’t you two make yourselves at home.” Olivia said with a warm smile.

“Okay, thank you.” Ayla said and they relaxed on the couch as Mikel and Maril went next door. Maril quickly grabbed their bag and started grabbing things, making Mikel smile. He grabbed her and pulled her into his arms, pressing a tender kiss onto her lips.

“Calm down or you might forget something.” He said sweetly and tucked her hair behind her ears. “I can’t wait too hear your voice. I bet it’s beautiful.”

She wiggled out of his grasp and put the clothes she was holding in their bag. “I doubt my voice will be beautiful.” She signed. “It’ll probably sound terrible since I’ve never used it.”

He pulled her back. “Everything about you is beautiful to me.” She blushed and hugged him. He always made her feel special and it warmed her entire being. He kissed her forehead. “Let me help you pack, that way we’ll have everything we need.” She nodded and he let her go. She managed calm down and they made sure they had enough clothes and her sword. She pulled it out of its sheath and studied the blade, deciding it was sharp enough before putting it back. Next they packed some food in a separate bag, apples, bread, and some strips of peppered jerky Olivia had made for them. They also packed salt and pepper in case they decided to hunt for food.

“I think we have everything.” Mikel said as he went through the bags really quick, double checking before closing them.

“I really hope their uncle will be able to help me, I want to speak so badly.” Maril signed. “I’ll still sign of course, but having a voice sounds like a dream.”

“Even if you don’t get too, I will still love you Maril. You’re my everything.”
Maril smiled before signing “I love you”

“I love you too.” They walked back over to Bishin and Olivias where they were still packing. Maril and Mikel sat with Ayla and Alexio to wait. Alexio began talking of pleasant memories he had with their Uncle and made sure to warn Maril about his appearance. Their Uncle looked terrifying and he didn’t want Maril shocked by it since she was human. Seeing a creepy looking demon would instill no fear in Bishin, Olivia or Mikel but in a human woman it might if she wasn’t atleast warned.

“I’m sure he’s a lovely man. His appearance doesn’t matter” Maril signed when Alexio was done speaking. Bishin and Olivia finally came down the stairs and they all walked out of the house. The desert heat was scorching today which made Maril tire faster though she was getting used to it. She envied the fact heat didn’t bother Olivia, Bishin or Mikel. Mikel was more than happy to carry his mate on his back, infact he enjoyed it more than when she was simply at his side.When Maril’s legs grew too tired to carry her Mikel lifted her onto his back. She rested her head on his shoulder, enjoying being close to him even in the heat. “How far is your uncle?” Mikel asked.

“We’ll get to the base of the mountain he lives in in two days. Once we’re there we have to climb halfway up. He lives alone and tends to only come out when he needs something due to his appearance.” Alexio answered.

“How sad.” Olivia said.

“I’m sure he’ll be glad for the company.”

They walked until everyone became hungry then stopped, finding a place to sit under the shade of a small group of trees where they ate fruit and drank water. Alexio and Ayla asked Mikel and Maril about their lives and Maril told them about how she and Mikel had met again while he interpreted. They couldn’t believe Maril’s parents had sold her to a man who would have beat and raped her once they were alone. They also didn’t understand how someone could see Maril as a curse. She was an incredibly sweet and loving person despite her handicap and did her best to make those around her happy. Once they were full they got up and started across the hot desert once more.

“If I get a voice the first thing I’m going to do is learn to sing.” Maril signed.

“Why is that?” Mikel asked.

“Because if we have children I want to be able to sing to them. I remember my mother singing to me before she found out I was mute and I loved it so I want to sing to our children.”
Mikel smiled and happily totted her along. He didn’t dare try and imagine her voice. He knew whatever he thought up wouldn’t be anywhere near what his love would truly sound like. He just imagined how happy she might look if Savant could help her speak. as the day progressed they past many beasts but none were interested in bothering three demons and two vampires so the travel was peaceful. That night when they stopped Olivia and Maril tended to gathering what they needed for a fire while everyone else went off together to catch food.

Olivia hugged Maril. Maril looked over confused and Olivia said “I just get a little sad when i hear about your parents and what they did” maril smiled and signed ‘don’t worry about it. I’m not. I have you, Mikel and so many friends now. I hope my family just thinks me dead and never comes for me again.”

“If they try to come they wont be taking you anywhere. I can promise that” Maril smiled at Olivias words, knowing she meant them whole heartedly.
The others returned, Mikel and Alexio with desert fowl and Bishin with a rabbit, already cleaned, skinned or plucked. Maril helped Olivia and Ayla season and cook the meat then they all ate, talking excited about Maril getting the chance to speak. When all the food was gone Bishin took the bones away from the campsite then everyone settled down to sleep. Maril rested her head on Mikel’s chest and he kissed the top of her head. “I love you so much Maril.”

She kissed his chest, wishing she could say the same words to him. She hoped Savant could help her talk. There was so much she wanted to say to Mikel, how happy she truly was, how much he meant to her. She closed her eyes, allowing herself to drift off. The next morning Olivia shook them awake and they ate some fruit for breakfast before setting off. The early morning air was cool and Maril could actually walk without getting tired so easily. Mikel held her hand and brought her knuckles to his lips, kissing them lovingly. “So do you plan on telling your family off once you can speak?” Ayla asked.

Maril released Mikel’s hand. “I don’t plan too simply because the man they sold me to still owns me. If he hasn’t destroyed the document then there is a chance he will try to take me back.” She signed.

“Is there no way around it?” Alexio asked.

“He and Mikel would have too fight for my hand, but there is no way he would do that so it’s best they think I am dead. I’m happy now and if it means never seeing them again then so be it.”
Once her family had been falsely told she was a curse she had no good memories anyway. The warm, amazing parents she once had treated her as just that, a curse. She knew if she was around them again they would still treat her like a burden. Them selling her was the final nail that told her how little that old mans words had made her mean to them.

The day that man came was the day she lost her family so there was no point in ever returning. The people that once loved her were forever gone. How they turned made her even question if there was ever a time they loved her. If they did how could they turn their backs on her so easily and sell her to a man that would abuse her.
When it begin to get hotter Maril pulled her hair up on top of her head and rubbed a little water on her neck. “Being a demon will keep you from getting so hot.”

She smiled and signed. “Maybe after we see Savant we can change me, that way you won’t have to carry me through the desert every time we want to go somewhere.”

“But I enjoy carrying you so I’ll probably do it anyway.” He grabbed her and lifted her in his arms making her smile happily. He hoped he would get to hear her laugh. They kept going until they came to a small oasis and stopped for a break.

“We’ll get there early in the morning if we walk through the night.” Alexio said as Maril rinsed the sweat from her face.

“Maril do you think you can walk through the night?” Bishin asked.

“If I can’t Mikel can carry me. I’ll just sleep in his arms.” Her hands moved quickly as she replied to him.

“Then we’ll walk through the night and get there in the morning.” Mikel chimed in and smiled warmly at Maril. She smiled back, loving that he was as impatient as she was to hear her speak.
They trudged on, too excited about the chance for Maril to speak to be anywhere near tired. Especially since their travels were met with no attacks. They hadn’t expected any since their group consisted of two vampires, three demons and only one human but it still came as a relief. Now they only had to get to the point of the mountain where Savant lived. Mikel carried Maril on his back up the mountain so they could run up it. The monsters and demons that lived here might actually try challenging them so they didn’t want to waste time.

It was a little after lunch when they reached the surprisingly beautiful home Savant lived in. Alexio knocked loudly to make sure his Uncle could hear. The door was pulled open moments later and he smiled “so good to see you two. You dont visit often enough”

“I know, we’re sorry” Ayla said. Savant noticed the other demons and the human “what’s wrong?”

“The human girl, she can’t speak. We were hoping you could help her”

‘Born that way?”


“Hm, that isn’t really an illness. Somthing didn’t happen properly when she was growing in her mothers stomach. Let me see her and I’ll see what I can accomplish. Are you her mate sir?” Savant asked Mikel and he nodded. “Please join me where I look over patients so I know what shes saying. I don’t speak in signs. The rest of you, please make yourself at home in my living room” Mikel followed Savant with Maril in his arms while Ayla and Alexio guided Bishin and Olivia to the living room.

After spending some time in the room Savant said ‘let me consult my books until morning. I wont be leaving my library until breakfast but Ayla and Alexio know this house well and can make you feel at home. All I have is open to you but please respect my privacy and dont go into my bedroom”

“Thank you” Maril signed and Mikel translated. Savant smiled “thank you for looking at me this way” Maril gave a puzzled look and his smile grew wider “you aren’t looking at me as most do. I have a scary appearance but you dont seem unsettled atall. It’s especially odd since you are a human” Maril signed her response “Looks are just that, looks. Why be scared of someone because of the way their form is?” Mikel translated for her then Savant thanked her again.
Mikel and Maril went to sit with the others while Savant headed into his library. “Hey Maril, would you like to help me and Olivia make lunch?” Ayla asked and Maril nodded. She kissed Mikel then headed into the kitchen with Olivia and Ayla. They made sandwiches and tea and Maril decided to take some to Savant. She knew he was probably focused on his work, but didn’t think he should do research on an empty stomach.

“I’ll be right back.” She signed once everyone was sitting down. She took the extra sandwich and glass of tea to the library. She pushed the door open slowly and smiled when she saw Savant hard at work. To have a stranger do so much for her made her feel overjoyed. She sat the tea and sandwich down next to him and tapped on his shoulder. He looked up at her and she pointed at the tea and sandwich.

“Oh thank you.” She smiled then pointed at herself and the books. Savant looked at her then at the books and back again. She made a gesture with her hands as if opening a book. “You want to know if you’re allowed to read them?” She nodded. “Of course read anything you like.” She hugged him then pointed at herself and at the floor. When he looked at her confused she did it again then gestured around. “Oh, you’ll be back tonight.” She nodded and pointed at the food. “With dinner and let me guess, to get a book?” She nodded with a big, excited smile. “Okay, I’ll see you then.”
Maril exited to return to Mikel and Savant smiled, truly hoping he could help her speak so she wouldn’t have to go through so much to get her point across to people who couldn’t speak in sign. He actually felt a little guilty he didn’t know how to read her hands. He decided to learn after she left. He finished the book he was holding then read one on the somtimes healing changes that happen when humans are transformed into immortal creatures. In the book is documented making people who couldn’t walk, walk and people who once couldn’t see, see. He wondered if maybe changing Maril would mend her throat and give her speech.

Savant decided to spend the rest of the night reading on it. He only stopped when Maril came in to bring him dinner “thank you” Maril nodded and took a book of his shelf. She showed him and he said “yes, enjoy it.” Maril almost skipped off which made his smile widen. The next morning after breakfast Savant said “I have somthing that is definitely worth a try”

“What is it?” Mikel asked eagerly “have you and your mate discussed changing her?”


“It might just fix her voice. It’s healed many things. If she’s willing I’d like to try” Maril nodded so Savant said “come with me to my library and we’ll perform the ritual”
Maril was excited to try the ritual and Mikel was a bit apprehensive. He wanted very much for Maril to speak and didn’t want her to be sad if it didn’t work. Olivia, Bishin, Alexio, and Ayla followed them, ready to lend their support. Savant directed them to take a seat next to each other at the table while he grabbed one of the old daggers he kept. “This is going to hurt as I’m sure you know, but it’s completely safe. Mikel place your hand on top of hers and both of you keep your hands flat.” They did so and he picked up the book, looking over the ritual words and going over them in his head to make sure he had the pronunciation right. “Okay, hold still.” He started reading from the book, the words rolling easily off his tongue. He drove the dagger through their hands and Maril’s mouth opened as if to yelp, but not sound came out. He pulled the dagger out, allowing their blood to mingle as he continued reading the ritual words.

Maril felt fire move up her arm and suddenly her whole body jerked, throwing her out of the chair. Mikel caught her and pulled her into his body as hers convulsed. Her throat felt as if a thousand hot needles had been stabbed into it and she leaned forward and threw up. Her body clenched and convulsed until she was unconscious and Mikel held her close, tears running down his face. “The ritual is complete. I will set to making potions for the pain she is sure to wake with.” Savant said, his voice sounding apologetic. “Bishin, Alexio would you please aid me?”

“Yes, do you have something to close the wounds in their hands?” Bishin replied. Savant squatted down and held their hands between his. He whispered a few words that they didn’t understand and when he let them go the wounds were closed.

“Ayla would you like to help me clean up this mess?” Olivia asked.

“Yes of course.”

“Mikel go ahead and take her to bed and get her cleaned up. I’ll bring you food and drink.”

“Thank you.” Mikel responded as he got to his feet and carried Maril out of the library.
Mikel carried his mate to the room Ayla and Alexio had shown them earlier. Mikel stripped, cleaned, dried then just held Maril. All he could do now was hope Maril would wake and have a voice. He was glad that regardless the pain she just went through wouldn’t be for nothing. Now they had forever, voice or not. Mikel only didn’t want her disappointed if she woke unable to speak. Bishin brought lunch and dinner for Mikel so he wouldn’t have to leave his mates side. Bishin knew he wouldn’t want to leave Olivias.

Before Savant went to bed he walked into the bedroom with vials in his hands. He explained that the green ones would help with pain and the blue would help soothe her unused vocal cords to help them work since they were never used before. Mikel thanked Savant and Savant left to let Mikel rest if he could tonight.

Savant had been fearful for the sweet woman since he changed her. If he had done anything wrong he would never forgive himself. In the early hours of morning Marils eyes slowly opened. Mikel who hadn’t slept a wink hugged her, though she was already in his arms. He grabbed a green bottle “drink this for your pain baby”
She grabbed the bottle, her hand shaking so he had to help her. She felt instant relief move through her, her muscles relaxing. He grabbed one of the blue bottles and held it up to her lips. She gulped it down, it’s taste overly sweet. “Do you feel better? Do you need anything?” He asked.

“Wa…water.” She whispered almost too quietly to hear, but it shocked her anyway. She touched her throat and smiled.

Chapter Two

He smiled back and kissed her lips. “Let me get you some water.” He hurried out of the room, nearly running into Savant who was coming out of his room. “Sorry, Maril wants water.”

“How is she feeling?” Savant asked as he followed him into the kitchen.

“She said water, I mean just barely, but she said it.” Mikel answered excitedly.

“That’s good, you need to tell her to take it slow though. She’ll tire her vocal cords if she talks to much at once.”

“I understand, I’ll make sure she knows. Thank you so much for your help.” Mikel got her a big glass of water and hurried back to her. She smiled when he walked in the door and pushed herself slowly up. “Take it easy, your body went through a trauma.” He helped her drink some water and she cleared her throat. “Savant said not to talk too much at once since you’re not used to it.” She frowned. “I know baby, but you don’t want to wear your voice out before you completely have it.”
Maril nodded. She was disappointed but knew if she took it slow now that soon she could speak all the time like everyone else. Mikel hugged her “I loved your voice” maril pushed him back to sign “you could barely hear it”

“But I did hear and I loved it. I’m so excited to hear it more. I wish you could just speak now.” Maril smiled and signed “I’d like to hear it again too. Lets go back to sleep. I’m tired and it’s late anyway” They laid back down to cuddle and soon fell asleep. They were awoken the next morning by Bishin and Olivia. “Breakfast is ready. Should we bring it up?” Mikel looked at Maril who signed that she wanted to eat with everyone. They dressed then left the room to enter the dining room.

“Savant says you said water last night!” Ayla spoke excitedly. Maril nodded with a bright smile. “try saying good morning” Savant prompted. Maril blushed, afraid her voice would sound weird. Savant guessed and went to retrieve another blue vial for her. He gave it to her “drink then try” Maril did and waited a few moments before saying “g good morning”
“Wonderful.” He replied and she turned a deeper shade of red. “I’ll make you more of this too help you, but remember take it slow. You’ll be speaking complete sentences in no time.”

Mikel grabbed her hand and smiled lovingly at her. She felt herself becoming warm and happy as she ate and thought of all the things she wanted to say to him. “Would you four like to explore around the mountain?” Alexio asked when breakfast was over. Maril nodded excited and the others agreed with her. “Uncle Savant, won’t you join us? You know where all the best treasures are.”

“Sure, you must promise to stay close. Sometimes the creatures of this mountain can be ill tempered. They know me so I’ll be able to make them go away as long as you don’t draw attention to yourself.” He said to his guests.

“We understand.” Maril signed to him and Mikel translated.

“Good, I would hate for anyone to get hurt.” She shook her head and he chuckled. “Lets get ready then and no going barefoot. There are very sharp rocks.”

Everyone pulled on their boots and Maril pulled her hair back into a bun. They headed out into the warm sun, following Savant on a path that took them around to the back of the mountain. Mikel could see that it branched off in two directions, one headed down a ways to an alcove with a lake and trees nestled in it while the other went up. “Where does each path lead?” He asked.

“Up is to a cave of crystals where I keep my garden and down there is the lake where I fish and harvest wild berries for jam. Which would you like to see first?”
Maril signed to Mikel “Lets go down so we can eat lunch there when it comes around” he translated for Savant so they started to descend the mountain. It was a beautiful trek. It made Maril and Mikel see why Savant lived here. Maril had always wanted to say Mikels name so she tried “Mikel” she said almost perfectly. His heart did a flip “yes beautiful?” Maril signed “tell Savant he’s welcome to visit us any time. He should get out more” Mikel spoke for her and Savant smiled “I might upset your neighbors”

Olivia laughed “We have no neighbors. We live in the desert. Besides, only a fool judges by appearance.”

“If you would like me in your home I will come to visit soon.” Maril smiled and he smiled back as they continued down the nature trail. When they were by the lake Savant showed them all the berry bushes and explained how he picked the perfect ones for jam. He promised to send every one home with a container of jam since he always had more than he needed for just himself. When lucnh rolled around Savant and Alexio cooked fish they caught while everyone talked.

Savant had almost a constant smile, loving the company. He didn’t seclude himself due to not liking interaction. He just hated the way people reacted to him. He hoped he would have them all as visitors for a little bit and definitely wanted Maril, Mikel, Bishin and Olivia to return again if they ever had the want to. After lunch Savant said “Hikin up takes longer so we may as well do that tomorrow. Why don’t we gather some berries and I’ll show you how to make jam? Alexio and Ayla know but the rest of you don’t”Maril was very excited and immediately started gathering berries. Everyone laughed at her eagerness and Mikel smiled happily at her. When they had enough they started back up the mountain and around to Savant’s home. The canning process was fun and messy. Maril stained her shirt with berry juice, but didn’t mind, her smile never leaving her face. They all sat down and waited for the jars to get finished cooking, Maril signing unless she had the chance to say a small word. When the jars were done Savant removed them and told them to listen for the popping. Maril, Mikel, Olivia, and Bishin smiled when they heard the lids pop.

“They’re done and ready to take home when you are ready to go.” Savant said.

“May we try some?” Olivia asked.

“Of course. Ayla please make toast, Alexio you can butter it and put jam on it.” Alexio and Ayla went into the kitchen with Maril close behind to help. When the toast was ready everyone ate and remarked about how delicious the jam was.

“Very good.” Maril said softly and everyone smiled at the progress she was making.
The next day they hiked up the mountain towards the cave of crystals and Savants garden. Today Maril was amazed at her energy. Yesterday she had still been sore but today she could utterly feel the difference in her body. The hearing was still giving her a headache but she hoped she would get used to all the noise soon. She planned on asking Mikel tonight how he tolerates and manages hearing so well and so far away. The crystal cave was nothing short of stunning. All jaws dropped aside from Ayla, Alexio and Savants since they had seen this before.

Bishin asked if he could take some and Savant answered “they are natures, not mine. Go ahead” Bishin collected only a few then they left to check out Savants garden. “what’re you going to use them for?” Savant asked. Ayla answered before Bishin could “He makes amazing things. He’s probably going to make those diamonds into somthing even more gorgeous. You need to see the houses he’s built. He built his mothers, his old house, the one he has with Olivia and the one he built for Zeus and Lucy but now has given to Mikel and Maril.”

“Now I will definitely have to visit.” Savant said and Bishin smiled. They weren’t near his garden for more than a second before Olivia hurled. It deeply alarmed Bishin “why didn’t you say you didn’t feel well?”

“I felt perfect until just now” Olivia answered and Savant gave a small chuckle “I’m sorry, you didn’t tell me you were pregnant Olivia. It’s these light pink flowers. They make pregnant women sick.” everyone aside from Ayla and Alexio were shocked “I didn’t know” Olivia said then Savant gave a smile “Well, you and Bishin should return to my home. You’ll throw up again if you stay here too long” Bishin excitedly picked up his mate and ran off.

“well i dont have to explain that flowers now.” Savant said before explaining to them everything he was growing. It was enthralling for Mikel and Maril so they listened intently. It was more of a refresher course for Ayla and Alexio. Around dinner they returned to Savants home where he received a hug from olivia “thank you so much”

“I didn’t do anything but take you to my garden”

“I know but you were growing those flowers and now I know I’m carrying a baby. We’re so excited and we now know because you you”

“You’re welcome””Why do you have those vomit flowers in your garden anyway?” Mikel asked and Savant laughed.

“To the average, not so pregnant person it helps with stomach viruses and fever. There are some who suffer from the demon sickness and it helps with vomiting and brings their fevers down so they can function and be coherent.”

“Ava and I got sick once, I mean really sick, we almost died. Olivia kept us alive.” Bishin replied.

“Not without help of course.”

“You are incredibly fortunate. I will give you some of my already dried flowers so the next time someone gets sick you can give it to them, just don’t drink it Olivia or you’ll puke until there is nothing left in your stomach and any woman you give it too who pukes is probably pregnant.”

“Thank you so much.” Olivia replied and hugged him. “You have been so kind to us.”

“It’s just the way I am.” He smiled warmly at her. “Let me cook something for everyone, I’m sure you’re all hungry after hiking, especially you Olivia.”

“I’ll help.” Maril said and followed Savant into the kitchen.

“What would you like to cook?” Savant asked and Maril went through his pantry until she found the rice.

“Fried rice?” She nodded and he smiled. “I’ve been studying sign language. I know a few things, but not enough yet to hold a real conversation. Unfortunately you’ll probably be talking before I’m fluent in it.”

She shrugged then said, “Good to learn.” She cleared her throat. “Still use it.”
“I’ll know it by the time I go visit you, Mikel, Bishin and Olivia.” Maril smiled and they began cooking. They spent nearly a week with Savant then decided to go home. Savant hated for them to leave but it would enable him to really get going on learning how to sign. “so, can we spend a couple days around you guys when we get back?” Ayla asked Bishin “yes, would you guys like to have a guest room in our home or use my old home to sleep in?”

“Your old home. That way if you two want to have sex we dont hear anything” Everyone laughed, especially Olivia who was overjoyed to be pregnant. When their friends were done visiting she planned on making a trip to her grandfathers castle to let him and every one else in the castle know. She hoped she would have twins but would be happy even if it was just one boy or girl.

With the help of the blue potions Savant taught Mikel and Maril to make Maril was up to speaking full sentences without strain. She still couldn’t have a conversation without any signing but she was steadily improving. Savant guessed with her demon rate of healing and the potion it might only take her a month to have full use of her vocal cords.

Maril was excited for just what she had though. Just speaking atall was a blessing and she would be forever grateful. It was sad to her such a nice man lived all alone on a mountain. Maril would make sure they went to visit him every now and then so he wouldn’t have to be so alone.

A month later it was just as Savant predicted. Maril could speak easily and freely though somtimes still chose to sign. They were still at Chthons castle since Olivia and Bishin had invited them along so everybody was excited when she could truly have conversations. They had another celebration even though they had just had one for Olivia and Bishins pregnancy announcement. It was crazy to her she had always been taught how evil all demons were when this family was more loving and accepting than anyone in her village could ever be. She corrected herself, Shad had been wonderful. She hadn’t thought of her mentor in a long time and wanted him to hear her speak too.

When the party was over Maril told Mikel “I want to return to my village to see my old mentor Shad. He was always so nice to me and I miss him. I want to see his reaction when he hears my voice”

“Then I will take you. maybe Chthon and Ruth will come so that nobody can harm us”

“You think they would?”

“Of course they would. We will ask in the morning”
“Why not ask now?”

He grinned. “Because I have you to myself now and I want to keep it that way until morning.”

Maril blushed and he crowded close to her, making her back up so she bumped into the bed and fell down onto the mattress. His hands pulled at her clothes as his lips moved against hers. He cupped her breasts once she was naked, making her moan, the sound arousing him so she could feel him grow hard through his pants. She pulled his shirt over his head and he tugged his pants off. He lifted her, sitting on the bed and pulling into his lap so she straddled him. “Hurry.” She whimpered out between moans as he sucked and bit at her breasts. She could feel him smile and he gripped her hips and brought her down onto him as he thrust upward, making her call out his name.

Mikel lost himself in her moans and gasps, finding pleasure in every little sound she made. He loved the way her body moved against his and the way her insides squeezed his shaft so his moans mingled with hers. Her arms went around his neck and he kissed her as she milked him of his seed. He sat there holding her as they panted, trying to regulate their breathing and calm their hearts. “I love you so much Maril.”

“I love you too.” He kissed her again then laid with her in their bed, pulling her into his arms and covering them. He ran his fingers gently through her hair, rubbing her temple until she fell asleep. He smiled at her beautiful face, his heart giving that familiar stutter at the sight of her. He was so in love with her sometimes it made his chest ache. He always looked forward to that feeling, it was sweet and wonderful and made him fall even more in love with her. He allowed himself to drift off, hoping going to her old home would prove uneventful, but knowing they ran the possibility of seeing her family and that man who had dared lay hands on her.
The next morning they asked after breakfast. Chthon was happy they asked him to go. He would hate for them to go alone and be hurt. Ruth convinced Olivia and Bishin to just stay in the castle instead of coming. She didn’t want her great grandchildren hurt in the village. Their Great Grandfather was more than capable of protecting them but anything could happen with them surrounded by humans. Olivia and Bishin didn’t fight the point and decided to stay.

They readied for the journey then hugged everyone bye. With nothing being foolish enough to attack Chthon they arrived at the village a few days later with no attacks. That was another reason it was great to have Ruth and Chthon there. Only extremely powerful creatures dared challenge Chthon and even so, only the young, foolish ones. Just outside the village Maril took a deep breath “you ready?” Chthon asked. “yeah” she said and he smiled at her voice. Chthon grabbed Mikel and suddenly his horns went away ‘woah” He said shocked “I’m going to use my magic to make you look human. I have more than enough energy for it”

“Thank you”

“I just want as little trouble as possible” Chthon said. They walked into the village, instantly hearing all the whispers. Maril ignored them, these villagers couldn’t hurt her any longer. She went to Shads house and knocked on his door. Shad answered, his eyes becoming wide at how shocked he was. When he could move his body he wrapped his arms around Maril “Oh sweetheart, I thought you were dead. Hurry inside”
They all stepped into Shad’s house and he quickly closed the door before hugging her again. “I’m so glad you’re okay.”

“How have you been?” She asked.

“I’ve been…” he stopped and pulled back to look at her. “You spoke, you really spoke?”

“Yes.” She answered with a smile.

“But how is this possible?”

She grabbed Mikel’s hand and pulled him to her side. “Mikel and a man named Savant turned me into a demon. Mikel is my mate and the one who saved me from Blake with the help of some friends.”

Shad looked at Mikel and the other two then back at Maril. “They don’t look like demons.”

“Chthon is using magic to hide my horns, Ruth was once human, and Chthon has them just not in this form or so I’ve heard.” Mikel replied. “Maril looks human because she was human.”

Shad chuckled. “Demons save you from demons, how appropriate. As long as you are happy, then so am I.”

“Thank you.”

There was a knock on the door and Shad looked confused. “I’ll get it.” Chthon said and went and pulled the door open. The men standing there actually took a step back, all except Blake who wasn’t very smart to begin with. “Where is she?” He asked and Maril looked worried.


“Maril, I know she is here. I demand she be given to me.”

Chthon smirked. “Oh do you now. Maril, Mikel there is some upstart here demanding I hand over what he thinks is his.” Maril took a deep breath and went with Mikel to the front door.

“There you are, come now.” He looked at Mikel. “Wait, this is the demon who took you. Come from him now.”

“No, I don’t belong to you.” Maril replied angrily.
“Yes you do! By our laws you are mine! Your parents sold you to me to be my wife”

“People shouldn’t be allowed to sell their children. Have them pay you back because I’ll never be yours’ Blake stepped towards her angrily and Chthon stopped him with one hand “she isn’t yours. Back off while you still can. We’re here to see Shad” Blakes face contorted in anger “Shad, you send her out right now or you’ll be defying our laws and be banished from this village!”

“Fine, I’ll just leave with Maril. This village is filled with self centered bastards! She was never a curse! Besides, you were sold a mute. Don’t you hear her talking?” Blake just now realized he had heard Marils voice. He was so used to normal people talking he thought nothing when she spoke to him at first. “How the hell are you talking?”

“Demonic magic” The other men went pale and ran. “you heathen!” Blake said in disgust. “That’s right, I am, now go. God, you’re so stupid. Anyone with a brain would have noticed me talking right away but not you. No wonder you still don’t have a wife and need one that was sold to you. Does it say he was sold a mute in the contract Shad?”

“Yes, i read it”

“Then it’s void Blake. I’m not a mute any longer”
Blake grabbed her and Chthon grabbed his wrist. “I could rip your arm off if I wanted too. Then you would be the disabled one. I wonder how long your family would put up with you.” He squeezed Blake’s wrist and Blake let go of Maril with a scream of pain. “Good boy, now be on your way and take your friends with you.”

“I will be back Shad.”

“We’ll be gone Blake.” Shad replied and glared at Blake and his friends as they walked away. Chthon shut the door and turned to the others.

“I’m sorry he came here.” Maril said, feeling angry and sad.

“It’s okay baby, it’s not your fault.” Mikel said as he hugged her.

“But now Shad has to leave or they’ll hurt him.” Her lip quivered and Mikel pulled her head against his chest.

“I don’t mind leaving Maril, I was ready for a change anyway so don’t worry about it.” Shad chimed in with a smile.

“He can stay with us until he decides to move on.” Chthon said. “We have plenty of room in the castle so you can stay as long as you want.”

“I’ve never stayed in a castle before, I guess it’ll be a new experience.”
They decided to hurry and leave before anybody came back to stir up more trouble. Shad packed what belongings he wanted to bring then they set off for the castle. Maril was honestly relieved it wasn’t her parents who showed up. It would have been painful to see them. To have to look into the faces of people who were supposed to love her and find no love atall would have been too much. She had a new family now, one that would always love her and would never dream of selling her. Shad was nervous at first when they arrived at the castle. He didn’t believe all demons were bad but to be in a castle full of demons still made him sweat a bit when he first came. He only became completely comfortable when Nisari began chatting with him. Her parents werent there again but this time when they left she decided to stay.

There was a room open beside Nisaris room so he decided to take that one. In bed that night Maril said “he seemed comfortable in the castle at the end of the day”

“Yeah, whatever Nisari did or said worked like a charm. She relaxed him pretty fast”

“I hope Shad likes it here”

“He will baby” They intertwined then slowly fell asleep in eachothers arms. They rested and visited with their family since they had done so much traveling recently. Maril also wanted to be sure Shad was comfortable but he and Nisari seemed to be inseparable so she knew he would be fine. When the day came to leave they said their goodbyes, Maril lingering with Shad “I missed you. Come visit Mikel and I whenever you like. Nisari knows the way and will take you”

“Alright, I’m so glad you’re alive and can speak. You have a sweet voice but I always knew you would if you could talk” Maril kissed her old mentors cheek then left with her husband and friends. Mikel and Marils hearts beat with a joyous rhythm as they walked and held hands. Maril could speak, their friends were having baby and Marils old mentor was far away from that cold hearted village. Shad had been the only kid soul there to her and she was glad he could be back in her life.

~ The End ~

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