Mikel & Maril

Chapter One

When Maril left in the morning to sharpen her sword for tomorrows lesson Blake and his parents met with Marils parents. “Before we start a negotiation of price I want it to be laid on the table she’s defective. I don’t know why my son wants some woman who can’t speak but he would like her to be promised to him when they are adults. We’re willing to pay two hundred gold for her. That price is barely bendable but we are willing to talk it out. Our son has insisted she’s who he wants and she keeps spurning his advances. I don’t see how she feels she has options since my family is among the few who bothers to speak to mutes. You already knew this from yesterdays talk so I’m sorry to bring it up again. It just pisses me off she wont give my son a chance. She wouldn’t take the easy way so I’m glad you two agreed to arrange a marriage since it’s your right to do so. What do you say to two hundred gold?”

Marils father spoke “that’s more than generous. We don’t want to keep her forever. Especially not after that elder came into town and taught us all about how mute, deaf and children of any abnormality are curses and bring bad luck on a home. No doubt she’s why we’ve had so many struggles. I’m glad someone pointed out to us why. I’d say we’re taking advantage at two hundred since she’ll bring bad luck on your son. We plan to give the money to our own son as penance for how we forced him to play with her and tend to her growing up. We didn’t realize she was just a curse laid upon us.”

“we have it with us” Blakes dad said then set the bag on the table. “Blake, get an elder to make this sale and promise of marriage official” Blake got up and ran. Zem laid upstairs listening in his room. He couldn’t wait for that brat to be gone and was glad he knew when she would be. Since she was only sixteen there was still five years until she would be gone but there was atleast a┬ádeadline in sight. He was glad his parents were giving him the money for having to give up so much of his own time because little Maril didn’t have any friends. It would also help make up for the embarrassment of being related to a mute.

Mikel ran across the desert sands to find Ava and Olivias home. He had finally become strong enough to travel through portals alone and was now on the hunt for Maril. When he had been returned to his Aunt he told her about Maril and how he wanted to mvoe closer to her. His Aunt panicked and told him the humans would kill the both of them if they were to be friends. They fought and fought about it until his Aunt decided it was for Mikels own good to move into a different world. You had to have a certain amount of strength to even enter a portal by yourself so she knew Mikel would have years to realize how stupid it was for a demon to want a future with a human. Mikel was now seventeen and was finally able to make it all the way through the portal to Tresnia on his own. His Aunt had been extra clever and went to a world where portals had age requirements. He wasn’t able to come back until today, his seventeenth birthday.

Mikels Aunt had raised him with kindness and love. She truly did what she did because she thought it was in Mikels best interest but he could never forget Maril. Mikel hadn’t even tried to. He knew she would look a little different as a woman but he could still see those eyes, her long beautiful hair and the sweet way she smiled perfectly. As he grew older he realized what that feeling was he had back then. He realized he had fallen in love with her while they were both prisoners. He practiced his sign language every day growing up so he wouldn’t be rusty when he finally saw her again. His only concern now was if she woudl remember and actually want him in her life. He planned to take it slow but there was a chance the humans had brainwashed her into thinking all demons were bad. He was mentally preparing himself as best he could for his Maril to be afraid.

Maril practiced with her sword, slashing at a twig on a tree to test its sharpness. She smiled when it cut easily through instead of just snapping it off. She heard approaching footsteps and turned, frowning when she saw Blake. ‘What are you doing here?’ she signed. ‘Go away.’

“I don’t have to go away if I don’t want to Maril.” He said cooly back and dug in his satchel. “You are promised to me now.”

She snatched the paper from his hand and looked at it in open horror. She threw it on the ground and took of running back to her home, bursting through the door and startling her parents. ‘Why?’ she signed frantically. ‘Why would you give me away? I said no, I hate him.’

“Because no one else wants you.” Zem answered before their parents could make up some stupid lie.

She felt herself tear up. ‘Is this true, do you hate me that much? He is not for me, I don’t want to be his. I hate him.’

“We had no choice Maril.” Her father said.

‘I refuse, I would rather die.’ She signed angrily. She ra to her room and slammed her door then locked it. She knew why Blake had showed her the paper, to rub it in her face, to taunt and torment her. She flopped down on her bed and cried. She didn’t want Blake. There was only one man for her, she dreamed about him every night. She cied herself to sleep and woke to the sound of knocking around dinner time. She grabbed a book and threw it angrily at the door, wishing she could scream at whoever it was to go away.

She wasn’t going to stay there. She refused to be sold like a piece of property, law be damned. She got silently out of bed and started packing a bag. She was going to run and she wouldn’t stop until they killed her or she got far enough away that their laws could not touch her. When they were asleep she would make a break for it and would fight anyone who pursued her.

She cried in her room, deeply hurt by her family. She knew they had grown to loathe her since that elder came and told them she was a curse but she hadn’t expected them to sell her to a man she hated. Blake was an ass and preferred women to be seen not heard which was why he wanted her. She was aware that he actually liked she was mute so he wouldn’t have to hear her speak. If he didn’t pay attention to her hands he didn’t have to know what she was saying atall. They had once loved her, atleast her parents did. She couldn’t believe how one man had made them hate her and treat her as if she was a burden.

Not even Mikel seemed to be coming back for her. Sh ehad waited and waited, he promised he’d come back but he hadn’t showed. She wouldn’t give up though, she needed to see him again. Over dinner, not feeling even the smallest tinge of guilt her parents finalized the sale with an elder. Blake smiled smugly, he couldn’t wait for them to be adults. he had found the perfect bride. He could treat her anyway he wanted and demand anything of her and nobody would care because she was a curse. He could rape, beat and cheat on her. get his way in anything because she was a mute. Plus she had an amazing body to look at. She didn’t have a voice but her body made up for that even if it were a flaw to him. He thought all women should be born mute.

Mikel finally arrived at the houe he remembered in the desert and knocked. Bishin answered the door, recognising him right away even though he was gronw now “wow, Mikel!?”

‘yes? Please, where’s Maril?” Bishin smiled and went to get Olivia. She hugged him excitedly “hey!” she knew him right away aswell. He asked her just as he asked Bishin “where’s Maril?”

“It’s a two day trip, you want to rest first or go as soon as we’re ready?”

“I want to go now. Please”

Maril waited patiently for everyone in her house to fall asleep. She knew her brother stayed up later than everyone else so she couldn’t go until it was almost two in the morning. She pushed her window and jumped down, taking off at a sprint the moment her feet touched the ground. Her heart hurt so bad and she felt sick to her stomach at the betrayal. She felt tears in her eyes again and quickly dashed them away. She knew by morning they would realize she had fled and would get the dogs out to track her. She would do her best to cover her tracks. She headed into the desert, letting the silence and shadows envelope her.

She ran until her legs began to tire and she was out of breath. She didn’t want to stop, but she knew if she didn’t she would collapse and she needed her energy to evade her pursuers. She found some berry bushes and sat down to eat. The fruit would help revive her. When she had her breath back she got to her feet and started again.

Mikel impatiently ran across the sand, wishing he was already with Maril. He could still remember the look of sadness on her face when they parted ways. It had broke a part of him seeing her like that. He had wished she had had no family to go back to so she could have stayed with him. When he saw her again he was going to promise never to leave again. He wanted her by his side forever. When Olivia called for them to stop and rest he wanted to tell her no. The longer they ran, the closer he got to the love of his life. Instead he did as he was told. He owed Olivia a great deal and wouldn’t argue with her. They drank some water and ate an apple each then once they were breathing normally they took off again.

“What is she like now?” Mikel asked.

“Beautiful, smart, tough.” Olivia answered. “She’s become very proficient with a sword.”

“I can’t wait to see her.”

“she’ll be thrilled to see you. The whole village has turned against her..even her own family. They believe she is a curse and they are cruel to her aside from her mentor who actually loves her.”

“stupid assholes” Mikel cursed in anger. He would make up for everything she endured. He planned on changing her so he would have eternity to make her feel loved and just as amazing as she was. That was, if she remembered who he was and wanted to be with him. “we wanted to get her Mikel but we were afraid if we tried they’d think she was attracting demons and they would hurt her”

“I know you would have gotten her if you could. Her life wasn’t worth the risk. Between the three of us we can get her. Do you think she remembers me?”

“I know she does, I’ve talked to her outside the village a few times. She’s been dreaming of your return Mikel.” Mikels heart gave a happy leap and it surged him with energy. He was so glad that didn’t have to be a worry any longer. She remembered him, wanted him and wouldn’t be afraid. “I’m so glad to hear that”

“You two can live with us if you’d like”

“Thank you”

“we love you two so it’s no problem”

“where’s Ava by the way?”

“She has a boyfriend now and is living in Chthons castle”

“good for her. You and Bishin seem like Mates. i get that vibe from you two”

“Yeah, we have been for quite awhile now”

“I’m glad, now I just need my mate. Will you two help me change her into a demon”

“Of course”

“I will be forever grateful.” Maril only stopped when her legs simply refused to go any longer. She fell to the ground panting. Her legs cramped badly and she knew she absolutly had to stop incase somthing attacked her. It wasn’t long after she stopped that morning glazed the horizon. This morning her parents decided to force her to eat so her buyers wouldn’t get upset if she wasnt a healthy weight to carry a baby for their son. Her father knocked on the door and when she didn’t answer he opened it.

He was shocked to find the room empty and the window open. He yelled for his wife and son and they came running. “What are we going to do?” His wife asked.

“Zem go to Blakes house and alert him, get him to rouse the dog man. If we don’t find her then there will be hell to pay.”

“Yes sir.” Zem took off running, angry at his sister for threatening their livelihood.

Maril pushed herself to her feet and started again, this time at a walk. She needed to find some water. She walked until a small oasis came into view and dropped down on her knees next to the water. She scooped some up and drank, her dry throat feeling so much better. She looked out over the desert, unsure of which way to go. She took her canteen out of her bag and filled it, not sure when she would find another place like this. She chose to head West and got to her feet. Blake was enraged when he found out Maril had ran away. He should have demanded she stay in his house where she could have been chained up.

He met the dog man along with Zem, Maril’s father and two more men on the outskirts of town. They climbed onto the backs of their horses as the dog man let his hounds smell one of Maril’s shirts. He climbed onto his own horse and gave the dogs the order to hunt. When he found Maril he was going to beat her until she couldn’t move and tie her down until she learned her place. She was nothing, but a cursed mute who should feel lucky a man actually wanted her.

Mikel was happy when their first day of running ended and this time he was less angry about taking a break. He was closer to Maril so he didn’t feel as impatient. “What are you going to say when you see her?” Bishin asked.

“I don’t know to be honest. I guess that I love her and I’m sorry for taking so long to get back to her.” He answered, feeling a little embarrassed.

“You’re too cute Mikel and I’m sure whatever happens she’ll be overjoyed just to see your face.” Olivia said with a big smile.

“I pray so, oh how i pray so. i wish my Aunt hadn’t forced me into a world I couldn’t leave until I was seventeen”

“so thats what took you?”

“Yeah, I honestly couldn’t get to her. I would have come long ago”

“You’re here now and thats what matters” They rested and were drawing ever nearer to Maril. Since they were both running towards eachother it wouldn’t take two days to meet. Unlike Mikel, Bishin and Olivia. Maril had nothing to be excited over. She didn’t know they were coming so had no idea what she was going to do with herself since she could never live in a village again. She was glad she was so good with her sword so could defend herself now that she would be in the wild forever. What saddened her was that even if Mikel did come back now he would have no way of finding her.

Chapter Two

She made herself feel better by deciding to stop at Olivia and Bishins so they would know to tell Mikel if he stopped by. She knew they would offer to let her stay but she wouldn’t bring that on them. She didn’t want humans ruining their peaceful home. Blake only grew more infuriated the longer the had to hunt for Maril. He kept playing in his head all the things he would do to punish her and make sure she never tried escaping again. he especially couldn’t wait to finally take her. He had been imagining screwing her since the day his eyes traveled her body.

Sadly for Maril, on horse back the men were gaining fast. Sh eknew they’d use horses which was why she was pushing herself so hard to keep moving. She was asking of her body as much as it could give her. The sun beating down on Maril was starting to take a toll aswell. Unlike demons she didn’t have resistance to heat which made all this running even harder on her body.

Mikel, Olivia, and Bishin moved at a more leisurely pace since they would be there some time in the night. Mikel ran things through his head that he thought might sound good to say to Maril. Anything he thought of sounded stupid and cheap to him. There were no words to express how much he loved her or how sorry he was she had been waiting for so long. His heart had yearned for her, he had dreamed only of her. Other women had stood no chance and walked away disappointed when he ignored their advances. He needed her, he craved her, being without her had been a worse nightmare than being the captive of a hungry demon.

“He really looks lost in thought.” Bishin whispered.

“I guess we should make sure he doesn’t trip and hurt himself since he has his head in the clouds.” They both smiled as they walked hand in hand. They hoped Mikel and Maril had a love like their’s. They both deserved happiness after being seperated.

Maril started crying when her legs gave out. It wasn’t fair she was so weak. She crawled into a clump of bushes, needing the shade they provided. She pulled out her canteen and took a sip of water while she willed herself to stop crying. She wondered how close her pursuers were and struggled to her feet. Her legs shook uncontrollably, but she forced herself to walk on. She would get to Bishin and Olivia’s and take a real rest. She knew they would find a way to cover her scent so no one would find her then she would search everywhere for Mikel. She had had to suffer her nightmares alone without him after returning home. Every moment with her family had been terrible and she often prayed she would wake to find him standing over her, that he would pull her into his arms and carry her away, but every morning she was disappointed.

Marils mentor Shad her tale of Maril being promised to that horrible young man and how she ran away because of it. He was angry her parents would do that to her. Even if they were going to sell her, they could have atleast given her to a decent boy. He hoped they wouldn’t punish the poor girl to severely for running away. She was breaking a contract with Blake even though she didnt make it herself and he would have the right to punish his wife to be as he saw fit. It urked and pissed Shad off. If Maril was forced back to the village he decided he would abide by this no more. If they made her come back he would steal her away and make a run himself. It could end with him getting banished from the village but he just couldn’t watch the always sweet Maril be victimized by Blake.

The men had bene cruel to their horses and didn’t allow them to stop. Because of this they finally got Maril in their sights. She heard the horses and looked back in absolute horror. She kept running even though she knew it was futile. As if her parents hadn’t pushed the dagger deep enough into her heart it was her father who jerked her up and held her on his horse to take her back. Blake threw him rope and he tied her up. Maril cried but nobody cared about her tears. her father whose heart had turned to stone for her since the day that elder came didn’t even care, It didn’t even crack the cement on his heart.

She wnated to sign “did you ever love me truly?” but knew her father wouldn’t be paying her any attention. He was wroth with her, she could see it on his face and feel it with how creuly tight he held her. She tried not to look at Blakes triumphant face. She closed her eyes and pictured Mikel, her true and only love. She woudl picture his face always and never give up praying he would save her.

“We should make camp back at the oasis, she won’t be going anywhere.” Her father said.

“Fine, but once we are off these horses she is mine.” Blake replied angrily. They kicked their horses into a run and Maril cried silent tears of agony.

The sound of baying hounds brought Mikel, Olivia, and Bishin to a halt. They ducked behind a bunch of bushes and waited. The sound of hoof beats sounded in the silence and through the branches they could see a group of men and hounds racing across the sand. The horses were obviously in pain, their every breath agonizing as they were pushed to their limit. The wind whipped around them and a familiar scent hit their noses. “Maril?” Mikel said and stood. “They have Maril.” He was excited and confused. He had not seen her on one of the horses. His heart sank as he wondered if she was a captive. “We have to go to her.”

“Mikel you have to calm down. Lets just follow them from a distance and see what they are up to.” Olivia said softly, trying to keep the young demon from racing after the men.

Maril’s heart nearly stopped when the horses finally came to a halt. She was so scared, but kept her eyes closed and held on tightly to the memory of her dearest love. She didn’t know what Blake would do to her, but whatever it was she would not let it break her. He would have to kill her before he made her into some mindless toy. Her father swung off of his horse then pulled her down and immediately handed her over to Blake. “Did you really think you could escape me bitch?” He said in her ear and she spit in his face. He punched her in her stomach then pulled her upright by her hair. He dragged her over to a tree and untied her hands then retied them in front of her. He tossed the rope over a branch and pulled until her arms were above her head before tying it off. “Open your eyes.” He ordered and she shook her head. He punched her again and she had never been so glad to be mute. “Open your fucking eyes.”

Mikel growled, Bishin clenched his fists and jaw while Olivia covered her mouth at their cruelty. Especially since her father was sitting right there and didn’t seem to care atall. Bishin who was no longer afraid to turn full demon in front of his wife whispered “I’ll go full demon and then we’ll attack and save her” Bishin said in a low voice. Blake was still yelling at Maril so the men couldn’t hear them whisper. Mikel nodded angrily and Bishin shifted into his full demon form. Olivia whispered “I’ll grab Maril if you’ll cut her down Bishin.” He nodded then they slinked closer, trying not to let them be aware until they were right on top of them.

When they were close the three attacked. Bishin sliced at Marils roped first then Olivia grabbed her. Maril made a soundless gasp as she saw Mikel. He was older but there wasn’t any way she wouldn’t be able to recognise him. When Olivia got a little bit away Bishin threw up walls in the direction they were going so the humans couldn’t follow. Blake screamed in rage and pain. Vishin had sliced into his head while he freed Maril. Bishi had made no attempt to spare the bastard who was hitting her.

They killed the other two village man and wounded the dog keeper really badly by the time they decided retreat was the only answer. Mikel tried to follow but Bishin grabbed him “no, they are retreating. If they become a threat again I dont mind but they are retreating now and we can protect Maril. They’ll just think random demons attacked and that we’re going to eat her. She’s free Mikel and she looked excited to see you. Did you see her face?’

He warred with himself, wanting very much to catch the pathetic bastards and rip them apart, but needing to be with Maril and know she was okay. He forced himself to turn his back on them and run with Bishin to catch up with Olivia and Maril. Olivia held Maril while she cried and they waited for Mikel and Bishin. When the two male demons came into view Maril pulled herself away from Olivia and ran straight for Mikel. He opened his arms and she jumped into them, her tears dripping on to his shoulder. “Oh Maril please don’t cry, you’re safe now.” He said softly and she pulled back to lok at him.

‘I’m just so relieved and happy to see you. Please tell me you’re real and not a dream.’ She signed.

“I’m really here baby, I promise.” He replied and more tears fell down her cheeks.

‘What took you so long?’

He frowned. “I wasn’t allowed to leave my world until I was seventeen. I missed you so much, but I had to stay away. Can you forgive me?” She nodded and rested her head back on his shoulder. She couldn’t believe her dreams had come true. All of her pain and sadness slipped away as he held her safely in his arms. She was so exhausted from the running and heat that she fell asleep while they still stood there.

“Poor girl, she looks so tired.” Olivia said as Mikel lifted Maril into his arms.

“Lets get her home, you two can stay in Zeus and Lucy’s house since they’re at the castle.” Bishin said as they walked across the desert. Mikel couldn’t keep his eyes off of Maril’s beautiful face. She had truly grown into the most gorgeous creature he had ever seen. It took his breath away and he brushed a light kiss on her forehead.

Walking made the return longer but they didn’t want to wake Maril and had no reason to rush now that she was in Mikels arms. When she woke she smiled happily. She was glad to see Mikels handsome face instead of Blakes evil one. She truly hoped her village would believe her dead and she woudl never have to see a one of them. The only friendly face she knew from Bista was her mentor and it was probably best if he didn’t know where she was anyway. He could get in trouble himself for consorting with demons. She had never even told her mentor Mikel was a demon.

Mikel leaned down to give Marila a sweet kiss on the head then they dcided to run to get her in a nice comfortable house sooner rather than outside in this heat. They went basically non stop until they were finally back to the houses “why don’t you two relax in your new house while Bishin and I make dinner at ours? We’ll come get you when it’s ready”

“Thank you, is that good with you Maril” He said looking at her. She signed yes then they went into their new home. Mikel set Maril down “lets explore it together. I’ve never been in here” They walked around and admired Bishins handy work. He was a true artist when it came to working with wood. When they had seen everything upstairs Maril realized they ddin’t grab her bag. She signed ‘Oh no, I don’t have any clothes” he smiled “I can make you clothes. I’m realy good at it. I have to make me some too. I didn’t bring myself anything. I’ll get to work on it tomorrow but maybe in the meantime Bishin and Olivia will lend us clothes.”

‘Can you go ask while I shower? I know I look terrible.’ She signed.

He smiled and brushed his knuckles lovingly over her cheek. “You are always beautiful to me.” He said and she blushed as he turned and went next door. It wasn’t fair how attractive he was, especially when she was such a disheveled mess. She went into the bathroom and switched on the water, testing its temperature before pulling off her dirty clothes and tossing them in the corner. She stepped under the water, feeling instantly better.

Mikel knocked lightly on Olivia and Bishin’s door. Bishin pulled it open with a smile. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, could Maril and I borrow some clothes?”

“Of course, come in.” He stepped inside and waited patiently in the living room. Bishin came back with a couple of changes of clothes and pajamas for both of them.

“Thank you, I’ll return them once I have us something made.”

“Don’t worry about it. We have plenty of clothes. Do you two still want to eat with us?”

“Of course.”

“Alright, if you need anything else don’t be afraid to ask.”

“thank you so much” Mikel went back to his home with Maril and walked up stairs. He heard she was still in the shower so gently knocked on the door. He said loudly to make sure she heard “Keep the curtain closed. I’m going to set your pajamas on the toilet” He walked in and set her clothes down. “I’m so glad I finally have you back Maril.” He wanted to end it with an I love you but wanted to tell her that to her face, not through a shower curtain. Maril pulled the curtain back enough to show her hands “I’m glad you found me. I was going to find you myself before I’d let them force me to marry Blake”

“is that why they were so angry?”

“Yeah, my parents promised me to him so I ran away. I only wanted to be with you” Mikel blushed and so did she. “I’m walking out now ok”

“ok’ he was so happy that he practiced daily while waiting to see her. He was having no problem atall reading her hand signs. When Maril came out she gave him a shy smile then a hug “I missed your hugs Maril” he said as he held her close. She pulled back “I missed yours too” Mikel went into the bathroom and quickly cleaned. He had only just gotten out when Bishin knocked on the door to invite them to dinner. Mikel yelled to tell him they would be right over. Maril took his hand, not wanting Mikel to be any further away than he had to be.

“How’re you feeling?” Olivia asked as they sat down. “good” she signed and Mikel translated. Since everyone was tired they didn’t stay very long after dinner. Olivia had them take drinks home incase they needed one for the night. Mikel put them in then signed “are you going to sleep with me so I know you’re safe?”

“I’d like that a lot” She responded.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bedroom and she became really shy, looking at her feet. “Hey, I can take the couch if you don’t want to sleep with me.”

‘It’s okay.’ She signed with her head still down. He tipped her head up and smiled sweetly at her.

“I’m serious, you can have the bed to yourself if it’ll make you more comfortable.” She shook her head, wanting to be closer to him. She climbed under the covers and patted the spot next to her. He chuckled and slid in next to her, pulling her into his arms and her head down onto his chest. “Is this okay?”

She nodded. She wished she could talk so she wouldn’t have to sign every time he asked her something. He rubbed her arm, his gentle touch helping to calm her racing heart. She had missed him so much, his smile, his way of putting her at ease. She had clung to him so hard when they had been kidnapped that letting him go only to be given to a family who hated her had nearly shut her down. She ran her fingers lightly over his chest and he gave a small sigh of joy.

“I really love you Maril.” He said softly and her heart stuttered. She sat up and looked down at him.

‘I love you too, very much.” She signed. ‘I always have. Please never leave me again, no matter what.’

“I promise, I’ll stay right here.” He cupped her cheek and she leaned into his touch with a happy smile. “May I kiss you Maril?” He asked and her face grew hot against his palm. She nodded and his heart leapt with joy. He tangled his fingers in her soft hair and pressed his lips gently into hers. He nearly moaned at how wonderful it felt to taste the sweetness of her lips and deepened the kiss, becoming excited and slipping his hands slowly up the back of her shirt to trail his fingers over her soft skin. He promised himself that no matter how good it felt to touch her, he wouldn’t do anything else without her permission.

The kiss grew deeper and passionate until Maril pulled back. Mikel just looked at her as if he had been given a heavy sedative. She signed shakily “Do you want to make love to me? I’ve never done it before because I only wanted to do that with you.” she was nervous about his answer and deeply blushed. “I want to if you’ll do somthing for me Maril” she looked at him “will you become a demon for me so you can live forever and we will never have to part?” She frowned and he worried the idea upset her “I wasn’t serious, I will still make love to you. I just had to ask. I’m sorry” Maril began to sign “I’m not upset, I’m happy. I’ve been told all my life I’m a burden and a curse. now here you are and you think I’m wonderful enough to be with forever” Mikel hugged her “I never stopped loving you or thinking about you Maril. You’ll change for me?” She pulled back enough to sign that she would.

They embraced for a short amount of time longer before Mikel put his hands in her shirt again. He lifted it over her head then unsnapped her bra to let her breasts hang freely. Maril was once again too shy to look at him. He turned her head “please look at me so you can see in my face how gorgeous you are. You grew up prettier than I thought you’d be my love” She smiled and he bgan to take off his pants. She took hers off too and then her underwear. She lookd at his eyes, they were studying her like she was a million gold painting. He looked absolutley entranced by her beauty. A part of him was animalistic though. She coudln’t quite put her finger on it but his eyes also had an animals lust to them. She guessed it was natural for demons to seem that way.

Mikel pushed her down on the bed and he made her feel passion and pleasure unlike anything she could have imagined. If she had a voice Bishin and Olivia may have heard her but since she didn’t it was silent aside from his moans and words to her. They were both breathing heavily as they got under the covers. “that was amazing” he said wishing he could have heard her to know if she enjoyed it as much as he did. She nodded and then they just relaxed under the stars. It was so peacful being in eachothers arms and looking up at the night sky since the roof was made of glass. They looked forward to many more nights like this, especially since they had plans to change Maril so they truly would be together forever.

~ The End ~

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