Mildred & Allan 2

Chapter One

“Mildred, will you please tell me why you’re mad.” Allan said as he followed his mate into their room.

“It should be obvious.” Mildred replied as she started pulling her work clothes off. They hadn’t really had time to see each other at work with her helping with the new recruits and him doing paperwork. All she had wanted at the end of the day was to see him and when she had there he was talking to some woman who was so obviously flirting with him.

“Look, if I’ve done something wrong, tell me. I’ve had a long day and all I want is to cuddle with you.”

She sighed as she turned and his eyes instantly swept over her, making her entire body flush and her heart quicken. “Allan.” His eyes jumped to her face and she could see that he really was confused. “I’m just tired, I’m sorry.”

“Mildy, please don’t lie to me.” He took her hands and pulled her closer, his arms sliding up and around her waist to hold her against him. “Tell me.”

She found herself looking at his chest, upset at seeing that woman practically throwing herself at him and embarrassed by her outburst. In truth, she was scared. Sometimes she worried he would end up leaving her for a real woman. She hated feeling this way, when she knew she was a real woman, but there were things others could give him that she couldn’t like children. “I really am tired, Allan, and scared and worried and that stupid woman was flirting with you and I lost my cool. I’m not even the jealous type, but…damn it.”

“Flirting with me?”

“Yeah and you were just smiling that stupid charming smile.”

“I thought you liked my stupid charming smile.” She hit his chest and he kissed her, making her entire being melt. “I’m sorry, I didn’t even notice. I think about you all day so I just don’t see when that stuff is happening. Forgive me?”

“If I must, you bad dog.”

He smiled. “I love you, you’re my mate. I can also see that that’s not the only thing bothering you. It’s in your eyes. I want you to tell me, but I won’t for you.” He gave her another kiss. “Let’s take some time off, we both deserve it.”

“Okay, I think we both need. I’ve barely seen you lately”

“I know, can we please just lay down and cuddle?”

“You truly couldn’t tell she was flirting?”

“No, I wouldn’t have kept talking to her if I had. I love you and I only want you and you have nothing to worry about when it comes to me. I love you and you’re my mate for life Mildred” He touched foreheads with her “I love you from the bottom of my heart” Allan said in a softer tone. It practically melted Mildred. They got in bed together and he pulled her in, pressing her against him. She sighed, letting out the stress of the day and the heart ache of seeing him with that woman.

The next morning, she called their boss, letting him know they were taking some vacation time. He didn’t argue, but he hardly ever did, realizing she had been working twice as hard with the new recruits. He also understood the frustration of training them, they could be reckless at times and it took everything you had not to smack them. “Surprised he didn’t fuss.” Allan said when she hung up, immediately pulling her back into his arms.

“He might be my boss, but we go way back, like college together back.”

“It’s probably because you’re so cute.”

Mildred rolled her eyes. “Doubt it.”

He rubbed noses with her. “So, where do you want to go?”

“How about we visit your home town? You’ve never taken me.”

“Really? I mean it’s kind of small and very country.”

“Are you saying I can’t do country?”

He chuckled. “Alright, alright, we’ll go, whatever you want baby.”

“good, will we stay with someone or get a room?”

“I’d rather us get a room. That way nights can still be just us. If we saw eachother more we’d stay with someone but I really need alone time with you Mildred” Her heart trembled. Allan was such a sweet man and that was one of the many reasons why she feared loseing him. She had never been with someone even half as good as him and now she was spoiled by it. She wasn’t sure anybody would ever match up if he ever left her for someone else.

“So are we flying in or driving?”

“We can fly, it’s not going to be like the planes we usually take though, these are small.”

“How many people live there?”

“Oh about seventeen hundred, give or take. Big Timber, isn’t all that big.”

Mildred’s lips twitched into a smile. “Big Timber? Really?”

“Yes ma’am, set right in the beautiful country of Montana. Small town, nosy, but helpful neighbors and all the room a wolf could ask for.”

“Shooting ranges?”

He chuckled. “Out there we just head out into the country and set up our own targets, you’ll love it, I promise.”

“That small town produced you. I know I’ll love it” He chuckled then seductively bit her “Allan”

“No excuses, no work to go to baby” he said, his voice already becoming husky. He began taking what little clothes she was wearing off. He wanted her so badly and now that he had gotten to hold her he deeply coveted to explore her. Allan nipped at her soft skin, it sent a rush of high every time his teeth sunk in. He then licked her breasts, massaging them with his hands as she moaned and grew increasingly wet “you’re such a tease Allan”

“You love it”

He lifted her, pressing her against the wall and she wrapped herself tightly around him as his lips pressed hungrily into hers. She could feel his erection pressing against her and she moved her hips, grinding against him so he let out a moan. “Allan, please.”

“Who’s the tease now my love.” He said as he pushed his underwear down. She grinned and he thrust his entire length into her in one swift motion, making her mouth drop open in a loud cry. Her nails bit into his shoulders, her entire body quivering as he moved in her.

“Allan, oh I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Mildred kissed him so he wouldn’t see the tears in her eyes. She always wanted to be with him, forever like he always told her. Her body shook with her climax, her breath coming out in gasps as she quivered around him. His teeth sank into her shoulder as he came, making her let out another moan. “How am I not dead?” She joked and he chuckled, pressing a kiss to her shoulder before pushing his forehead against hers.

“It wouldn’t be a horrible way to go.”

Mildred laughed then sighed happily “No it wouldn’t” They relaxed together for awhile before Allan called his parents and let them know he was coming for a visit with his mate and to let everyone else know. They didn’t question his choice to get a hotel, at least not that Mildred could tell.She wondered if everyone in his home town would like her. She wondered how many knew she hadn’t been born a woman and when they found out, would they hate her. There were a lot of people who accepted her and people like her but there were a lot of people who didn’t at the same time.

Allan was too strong of mind to let others influence if they were together or not but still, they might succeed in at least making him question his want for her. She would try not to dwell on it though. Allan loved her and Mildred knew she had to put these insecurities to rest during their time off.

Allan got tickets so they could fly out that evening. Not many people flew into his hometown that he knew of so it was easy getting them. He then helped Mildred pack, making sure she had the appropriate attire for Montana. “We’re going to have to get you more flannel.” He teased as he folded his jeans.


“Very country.” He turned to her. “We could unbutton it and tie it up.”

She laughed. “You perv, stop being such a bad dog. I’m not going to walk around dressed like your wet dream.”

He leaned over and kissed her cheek. “But you’re always my wet dream.”

“Oh hush.” She said with a blush and he playfully nipped at her ear. “We’re never going to leave if you don’t stop messing with me.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll be good. I just can’t help myself, I have the sexiest mate alive.”

It was incredibly good to hear those words given her recent insecurities. Mildred wished she was able to just be fully confident, she knew she should be with how wonderful he was but knowing something and making your feelings cooperate was sometimes impossible. That evening they took a taxi to the airport and were soon up in the air. They brought skip bo cards on the plane so they could pass the time playing together. “God, when was the last time we did this?” Mildred asked rhetorically. “I have no idea and I hate that Mildred”

“well this vacation is going to be amazing”

“The room I booked us has a hot tub too which is going to make things more amazing” He winked and Mildred blushed “You bad bad wolf” she chuckled, concentrating on her cards extra hard so not to look at the smug smile she knew he wore.

“So, who’s going to be picking us up?” Mildred asked when they finally started to near their destination.

“My dad.”

Her heart jumped. “Oh, I thought I’d have more time to practice what I would say. Hello, I’m Mildred, I used to be a man, but now I’m a woman, I hope that doesn’t hurt my chances.”

“Mildy.” He took her hand. “It’s not like you to be so nervous. You usually tell people who don’t like you to fuck off. What’s going on?”

“It’s nothing, just jitters because they’re your parents and it’s your hometown and when everyone finds out about me then they might treat you different.”

He shrugged. “Either they love you or they lose me, end of story.”


“I mean it, you’re my mate and you stand by your mate for life.” He kissed her cheek. “I love you, Mildred, you’re mine.”

“I love you too.”

“Besides, wolves have very keen noses so chances are they’ll know you’re a little different.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your scent is different from other women’s, not in a bad way, it’s just different.”


“I love how unique it is, I truly do” She hugged him :I love you so much Allan” The hug was a little awkward being they were in chairs on an airplane but he was too sweet not to embrace. When they landed MIldreds nerves picked up again so Allan took her hand firmly. He didn’t know what more to say to comfort her so if his parents reacted badly, which he was positive they wouldn’t but if they did he would just show her that she was his life and they had to accept that or this would be his last trip home.

When Mildred’s eyes rested on his father, she could see where Allan had gotten his good looks. He had that same energy about him, strong, confident, that spark in his eyes that said he could be incredibly mischievous. “Hey dad.” Allan said as they embraced.

“It’s been too long.”

“Sorry, work has me on a short leash.”

His dad chuckled. “You?”

“I’m serious.”

They let go of each other and his dad turned to her, making her heart leap in her chest. “And you must be Mildred, it’s nice to finally meet you.” He shook her hand. “You can call me Gareth.”

“It’s nice to meet you too.”

He smiled. “She’s nervous.”

“Well, you are my dad.” Allan said with a smile.

Gareth sniffed the air. “There’s something different in your scent.”

“Bad different?” Mildred couldn’t help but ask and immediately felt embarrassed at sounding so worried.

“No, just different. The nose knows, well at least it thinks it knows. Anyway, your scent doesn’t matter, as long as Allan is happy.” He let her go. “Well come on then, your mother about had a heart attack with the short notice.” He laughed. “Said the house wasn’t clean enough for your mate.”

“We chase bad guys, so it couldn’t possibly be that bad.” Mildred said, trying to calm herself.

“That’s what I said, but she wants to make a good first impression.”

Chapter Two

She couldn’t believe they were actually nervous to meet her. His father had to already know she was a man before transitioning to a woman and his aura was still warm and welcoming. Mildred tried to let Allan sit up front with his father when they went out to the car but Gareth wouldn’t have it. “I won’t have a lady in the back. I don’t bite either so don’t be afraid to sit next to me”

“are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’ve known my son his whole life. You sitting up front will help me get to know you” They climbed in and Mildred hoped that his mother would be just as fine with her not being born a woman. It was a long drive from the airport but it was a beautiful one.

Allan grabbed their things when they made it there, holding the suitcase away from Mildred so she placed her hands on her hip and gave him the look. “You look so cute.”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She threw up her hands and he chuckled they followed his father inside. She was in a hug the moment she stepped through the door, arms wrapping tightly around her.

“I can’t believe you’re here.” The woman pulled back, hazel eyes twinkling with joy. “My goodness you are far prettier than Allan said.”

“Thank you.”

“Phila, it’s so nice to meet you.” Phila let her go and hugged Allan. “There’s my boy, we’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too mom.”

“I’m so sorry about the mess Mildred” Mildred honestly didn’t know what she was talking about. Their place looked beautiful. She had to have been cleaning non stop since hearing they were coming. “Your home is beautiful.”

“well let me show you around the house so you can feel more at home here” Phila seemed excited to show her Allans old room and the rest of the house and precisely where everything she might need was “If you want anything washed I’ll do it.I do Allans clothes too when he comes home. I’d rather do it than have you guys at a laundromat.”

“You don’t have to do that.” Mildred didn’t want to be a bother for anyone, especially Allan’s parents.

“Don’t argue love, she’ll do it anyway.”

“As long as she’s sure.”

“I’m more that sure, the laundromat is so expensive.” Phila said. “Now, are you two hungry?”

“Momma, I’m always hungry, I could eat at least fifty horses.”

“Well how about you two go and get checked in to your hotel and then swing back by to eat. We’d love to get to know more about Mildred before you hog her.” His father said.

“He might try, but I plan on exploring every inch of this little town and hopefully hearing some embarrassing stories about him.”

“I’ll make sure to get the photo albums out.” Phila said with a big smile.

They borrowed his fathers car to drive themselves to the hotel they’d be staying at and checked in. “lets head back now baby” Mildred suggested and Alan tugged her in the direction of their room “but we should look at the room first”


“don’t you want to make sure it’s clean?”

“I highly doubt thats why you want to go to our room” He pouted and she smiled “fine you adorable puppy” She allowed him to pull her along excitedly to their room and they went inside.

Allan flopped down on the bed and pulled her on top of him, grinning. “Bed’s comfortable.”

“Is it now?” She tried for serious.

He let his hands slide up her legs to rest on her hips. “You feel better.”

“Allan, your parents.”

He sat up, letting his lips brush hers, causing butterflies to dance in her stomach. “They’ll understand, let me have you.” His hands pushed under her shirt, sliding over her soft skin as he pushed the material up and off. “God you’re beautiful.” He said softly as he kissed over her shoulder and collar bone, his teeth nibbling so she shivered. “Please, I need you.” She nodded and he smiled as he pressed her into the mattress, his fingers making quick work of their clothes.

He wanted much more of her but they made it a quickie since they were there to see his parents. Once dressed they drove back over, the amazing smell of dinner hitting their nose the second they entered the house. Allan had to admit he missed his mother’s cooking.

“Do you need any help?” Mildred asked.

“No, you two take a seat.” Phila said as she and Gareth set the food on the table.

Mildred sat there, still feeling a little nervous. She really wanted to tell his parents about her, just wanting to get it out of the way early. Once Phila and Gareth were both seated and everyone had filled their plates Mildred took a deep breath. “So when are you two going to give us some grandbabies?” Gareth suddenly asked and Mildred’s heart sank. It was the other reason for her anxiety.

Allan glanced at her then nodded for her to tell tell them. “Well um…” Mildred swallowed. “I can’t have kids, I’m…I used to be a man so I don’t have the equipment.”

Gareth nodded as he took a bite of food. “We know that honey.” Phila replied.

“The nose knows.” Gareth said. “And that’s not what I meant, just in general, adoption, surrogacy, Phila’s been talking about it since Allan told us he had a mate.”

“Oh I’ve been talking about it? He can’t wait for a grandson.”

Allan chuckled “yeah, don’t even try to pull that dad. I know it’s mostly you at the edge of your seat”

“well, I mean, there’s lots of ways to have a child and if it’s money getting in the way you know we’ll help. We just want grandkids.”

“We can do it financially. We just haven’t started any process yet because we haven’t talked about kids. If Mildy wants babies we can start figuring it out when we get home” Allan looked at Mildred who was struggling not to cry. She had been so insecure about Allan leaving her for a woman who could have kids or his parents being repulsed by the fact she was once male but they were all so accepting and happy. Allan seemed perfectly content to just adopt of have a surrogate.

“I’d..I’d love kids.”

“what way do you want to go about it then?”

“Probablt a surrogate, I’d want them to have Allans DNA”

Allan took her hand and brought her knuckles to his lips. “We’ll start the process when we get home then.”

“Allan, I really love you.”

He smiled. “I love you too.”

They continued eating, Allan’s parents both showing open excitement at the prospect of grandchildren. Afterwards, Allan took her out on the front porch where they could be alone. “Mildred, why didn’t you tell me you wanted children?” She looked down and he immediately tipped her head back up. “Come on baby, tell me.”

“Well, I mean I can’t give you children and I thought…” She sighed. “I feel so stupid.”

“You’re not stupid, it’s okay to be scared.”

“But I shouldn’t be, you’ve been so amazing, it just all came to a head when I saw that woman flirting with you. All I could think was he could have anyone, but he chose me.”

“And I don’t regret that choice, I’ve loved you from the moment I first laid eyes on you. You’re my everything, Mildy, that won’t change.”

She felt the urge to cry rise up within her again but she held it together and just hugged him. Mildred thought of how funny the universe was. Coming here is precisely what she needed to lay her insecurities to rest and here is where the world brought the two of them. She felt much better the rest of the trip and as Allan had said they started looking for a surrogate the moment they got home. Now they just hoped this woman would get pregnant soon and they’d be meeting their wonderful little boy or girl.

~ The End

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