Mildred & Allan

Chapter One

Mildred looked through the scope of her rifle at the trainees as they ran the obstacle course. It was her job to give them a fright and teach them the value of finding cover. She was using rubber bullets so if one of them forget how to hit the deck and run for cover they would only have a nasty bruise. She aimed ahead of one of them and pulled the trigger. The young man fell to the ground, covering his head and then crawled to the stack of barrels. She watched him peek out and she squeezed off another round. As the rubber bullet hit the barrel he sprinted out the other side and continued through the obstacle course, this time more alert than he had been. She shot some of the other trainees, pegging one in the hip and another in the ribs. Once they were all past she got up and slung her rifle over her shoulder. She made her way to the finish line, stretching her arms above her head.

“Mildy, good shooting, you really gave them a run for their money.” One of the coaches, Jake said.

“You know me, I always hit exactly where I’m aiming. How are the two who got hit?”

“They’ll live.”

“Alright, I’m going to shower then, call me if you need me.” She past the trainees and the first man she had shot at smiled at her, his blue eyes lighting up as he used a towel to wipe the sweat from his face and neck. She pulled her eyes away from him and headed to the gym. She left her gun sitting in the locker room and pulled her dirty clothes off before walking into the showers. She washed the sweat and dirt from her skin then switched off the water and walked back into the locker room as some of the female trainees were coming in. They smiled at her as she dried then pulled on her skirt, blouse and heels. She stuffed her dirty clothes in her gym bag, lifted it and her gun and walked back through the gym and into the main building, taking an elevator upstairs to her office.

“Mildy, the boss wants to see you.” One of the secretaries said as she was disassembling her rifle.

“Alright, thanks Jessica.” She finished with her gun then left her office and went to her bosses. She was surprised to see the same man from the obstacle course sitting across from Derek.

“Mildred, please sit.” Derek said and she took the seat next to the young man. “As you know I require all of my agents to have a partner, that way if anything happens to you, you have someone to pull your ass out of trouble. I have a mission for you in India, a man by the name of Jovanni Ortega has kidnapped a politicians sixteen year old daughter, but I’m not sending you until you have someone to back you up. So, this is Allan, Allan this is…”

“Mildred Shane, nice to meet you. You were partners with Grady Rowe, it’s an honor.”

“Really Derek, a trainee?”

“He’s twenty-five years old, graduated at the top of his class, took boxing and wrestling, and if very good at not being detected. He’s also another werewolf, something you know how to handle. He was only running the obstacle course because he wanted too, he’s no trainee. He’s your new partner Mildred so get used to it.”
“well since he’s not a trainee it’s no real problem. Just know you’re trying to live up to Grady as a partner and theres no replacing him” Allan smiled “it’ll be nice to work with you” Derek smiled aswell “good, I was prepared for a war about this with how hard headed you can be. You two are flying out tomorrow at ten am so don’t be late. Allan, that mainly goes for you, Mildy is never late”

‘yes sir” Allan said before walking out. “does he know what airport?”

“Lets hope since he didn’t wait. I’m sure he’ll guess it’s the one he arrived in”

“Is he really fit to be my partner?”

“I woudln’t pair you with somebody I didn’t think could work with you and like I said, not many agents can handle a wolf like you can”

“alright, I’ll just have to trust you.”
He picked up a red folder on his desk and handed it to her. “Read and re-read this and make sure Allan does the same. They guy you’re going after is extremely dangerous.”

“Yes sir.” She took the file and turned to leave then stopped and turned back. “He does know I used to be a guy right?”

Derek shrugged. “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask him tomorrow. If he has an issue with it, too bad, he’ll have to deal with it. Though I doubt he would believe you without you showing him your before pictures and even then you still looked feminine. Now get back to work.”

“Yes sir.”

Mildred went back to her office and got to work writing up her reports for her most recent missions. Derek loved his reports and would tear into you if you went to long without writing one up. Her mind drifted to her new partner and she wondered how he would react to her being transgender. She had always looked beautiful, had even had boys in high school make sexual remarks and talk about how they could easily forget she was a man. It had bothered her for the longest time and she had not got over it until she had joined Interpol and met Grady and all of the other amazing people she worked with. She hoped Allan was just as accepting and understanding so their partnership would run smoothly.

Allan sat at his desk bouncing his leg, completely bored. He didn’t have anything to do until tomorrow. He rested his chin in his hand and looked around the room. He inhaled the different smells coming off of everyone. Since he was going to be working here now, he wanted to get to know everyone and their smells told him a lot of things. He knew who was pregnant, who was cheating on their spouse, who smoked and drank. He sighed and tipped his chair back so it was resting on just its back legs. He couldn’t wait to go to India in the morning and get to know his partner better. He had heard a few things about Mildred and Grady. They were legends in Interpol, the two best agents and a force to be reckoned with. He was really looking forward to working with Mildred and showing her he could hold his own.
When Mildred finished her reports she grabbed the red file and began to pour over it. She would memorize every bit of information before handing it over to Allan in the airport. As always a sickly feeling came over Mildred as she studied this mans file. It seemed no matter how many rotten people they rid the world of there were more. She knew what they did had a good impact and she couldn’t imagine the world without their work but she still hated knowing there would always be horrible people to stop, that no generation would ever know true peace.

When Mildred was done reading she packed her bag and double checked everything. Her thoughts went to the mission and her new partner as she drifted to sleep. It seemed almost instant that her alarm was blaring that annoying sound. Every morning she regretted not changing it to make a different noise but she never changed it. Mildred was afraid ti might not wake her if it wasn’t incredibly annoying.
She got up, giving a long stretch before changing her clothes and pulling her hair up. She made sure she had her keys, cell, and I.D. before grabbing her suitcase and heading out to her car. She was still a little tired and once she got to the airport she was going to grab some coffee before they boarded. Allan waited patiently in front of the airport, feeling excited he was going to India with Mildred. He had never been before and had heard that there were a lot of beautiful things there. He hoped they could easily find the politician’s daughter so maybe they could enjoy a little bit of Indian culture before coming home. He was practically wagging his tail when he saw Mildred walking across the parking lot carrying her suitcase and he ran o her side.

“Let me carry that for you.” He said.

“It’s fine, I’ve got it. If you want to do something nice for me you can buy me a coffee.” He smiled warmly at her and she blushed as they went into the airport. They stopped at the Starbucks inside and he bought her her favorite coffee. “You don’t drink coffee?” She asked when she saw he bought nothing.

“Coffee tends to get my wolf a little wired.” She sipped on her coffee as they went and checked their bags in.

“Oh I need to get something out of my bag.” She said and quickly unzipped it, grabbing the red file. She then closed it and let it be taken away. “Here, read this and re-read it.”

“Yes ma’am.” He let his fingers brush hers as he took the file and she felt goosebumps crawl up her arm.

“Allan, I need to tell you something important. I…” Their flight number was called while they were standing there and she huffed in irritation. She gulped down her coffee then tossed the cup and they boarded their flight.

“So nine hours, how boring.” Allan said once they were in their seats.

“The flights always are. So uh what made you transfer over to the English division?”

He looked up at her for a moment and then back at the file. “I heard you didn’t have a partner and I really wanted to work with you so I asked for a transfer.”

Allan smiled at Mildred’s red face then allowed himself to get lost in the file. He was sickened by the man they were going after. He had done many sick things and now he had an innocent young woman. They knew he would have had to be hired by someone and as soon as they found him they would find out who. He closed the file after reading it a few times and sighed as he relaxed into his seat. “Oh what were you trying to tell me earlier?” He asked.

“I’ll tell you later.”

“Want me alone that bad huh.” He teased and winked at her, making her turn a deeper shade of crimson.

“Don’t flatter yourself, you’re not even my type.” He grinned and moved his face closer to hers, her heart skipping a beat.

“Really, if you say so.” He leaned back and looked out the window, still grinning at the sound of her thundering heart.
Mildred knew that smile meant he was listening to her heart which only embarrassed her further. The flight felt like an eternity but they finally touched down and were able to collect their luggage. It was about two am here even though just nine hours ago to them it was 10 am. They hailed a cab and soon arrived at their hotel. With room keys in hand Mildred said “at this hour we should just try and sleep. I’ll meet you in the lobby tomorrow morning so we can get somthing to eat and discuss how we’re going to tackle this mission”

“don’t you want to talk to me about somthing?”

“you aren’t tired from the flight? Neither one of us slept during it”

“what you wanted to tell me seemed important to you”

“I’d rather talk about it in private”

“well then lets get out of the lobby and discuss it in one of our rooms”

“Ok, lets go to yours” They took the elevator up to Allans floor then walked down the beautiful hallway that lead to his room. This was a beautifully built hotel but Mildred barely saw it with how nervous she was about talking to Allan about previously being a man. She normally had no shame but she was actually worried about his reaction. Upon entering Allan said ‘so, talk to me. I’m your partner and you can talk to me about anything”

“Well, you say you know a lot about me. What do you know?’

“How amazingly skilled you are at your job. I’ve read up on all of your missions. To me nobody is more impressive than you and Grady”

“Do you know I used to be a man?” Mildred forced out. “of course, when you first started working with Grady you were still a man, well a woman stuck inside the body of a man. You make a gorgeous and kick ass woman Mildred. Only an asshole would care you used to be a man. You are more beautiful than a lot of born women I’ve seen. Were you really concerned about that?”

“A lot of people are disgusted by it” Allan took her hand and gave it a comforting stroke “Not me, not by a longshot”

“I just thought as partners I shoudl make sure you knew. I’ll see you tomorrow Allan”

“Your rooms two doors down right?”

“right, come if you need anything or have some grand idea over night about what we could do to find this man”
“I’ll go through the file again and see if there’s anything that jumps out at me.” He kept a hold of her hand. “Please don’t worry about me being disgusted by you. I like you for who you are.”

“Thank you, good night.”

“Good night, Mildred.” He let her go and she exited his room, her heart thundering in her chest. Allan smiled as he went into the bathroom and switched on the shower. He couldn’t help but enjoy Mildred when she seemed embarrassed. She made the most adorable face. He washed quickly, got out and dried then went back into the bedroom and grabbed the file. He paced back and forth as he read it, making sure he hadn’t missed a single detail. When he had gone over it twice more he decided he needed to sleep so he could be completely alert during their search. He put the file in his bag and set an alarm before flopping down on the bed.

The sound of the room’s alarm going off jerked Mildred out of a peaceful sleep. She quickly switched it off, becoming annoyed by the buzzing. She jumped out of bed and pulled her clothes on before grabbing the hip holster and gun she had brought. She made sure she had her i.d. and room key as well then left to make sure Allan was up. She knocked on his door and she could hear movement then the door handle turned and he pulled it open. He had his tooth brush in his mouth and was shirtless, the latter making her blush. He motioned for her to enter as he went back into the bathroom.

“Sorry, just give me a second.” He came out after a couple of minutes and grabbed his t-shirt. He grinned when he saw her staring. “Would you like to take a picture?”

“Huh, no, shut up.”

“I wouldn’t care if you took one, you could show all of your friends your sexy new partner.” She glared at him and he chuckled as he pulled his shirt on. “You wearing a gun?”


“I better be good then, I’d hate for you to shoot me.” He sniffed the air. “I’m really glad you don’t wear anything but deodorant. My last partner wore really strong cologne and it completely blocked out my sense of smell.”

“What about you, do you wear anything?”

“No, it would be way worse if the smell were on me. My nose is my most important sense. Anyway, I think we should start where the girl was taken and see if maybe I can pick up anything while you ask some questions.”
“no breakfast?”

“My stomach is still off from the flight. We can eat if you’re hungry”

“I’m fine, lets hunt down this bastard” Allan double checked to be sure he had everything just as Mildred did before they left their room to make their way out of the hotel. They took a cab to the location of the kidnapping then separated. Mildred needed to ask anybody that might know anything questions while Allan took in all the smells.

He loved having such an amazing tool but sadly it came with the price of smelling every single horrible smell there was to smell in the area. No bad stench got past him because not a single smell that was present got past him. He looked a little odd to the passerbys as he was just taking in smells so he received quite a few stares, stares any wolf was used to.

Chapter Two

The smell of cigar smoke caught his attention. It was an older smell, one being masked by the others. In Jovanni Oretega’s file it had said he was big on cigars and smoked them on a daily basis. He followed the smell, letting his nose take him away, ignoring all the people and sounds. He found himself in front of a door on the second floor of the hotel and blinked his eyes to refocus his other senses. He knocked on the bedroom door and listened. He heard footsteps and a young woman, not much older than twenty, pulled the door open. She looked shocked at first and then smiled.

“Sorry to intrude on your day ma’am, but I was wondering if maybe I could have a look around your hotel room.” He pulled out his wallet and flipped it open. “Interpol.”

“Sure, come on in.”

“Thank you, I won’t be long.”

“Take as long as you need. I’ve never had a hot guy just show up at my door before.”

“Neither have I.” He walked around the room, taking in all the smells. He sneezed and wiggled his nose.

“Are you okay?”

“Your perfume is throwing off my nose.”

“My perfume, your nose?”

“I’m a wolf ma’am.”

He checked the whole room, getting down on hands and knees and checking under the bed and chest of drawers. He noticed something near the headboard of the bed and grabbed it. He came to his feet, seeing it was a receipt and reading it. “Find something interesting?”

“Yes ma’am, thank you for allowing me access to your room. Apparently the police officers here don’t know how to search for clues and cleared this room way to early. I should be going now.”

“Well wait, can I have your number or something?”

“Sorry, I already have a partner.” He hurried out of the room, wanting to show Mildred the receipt of supplies their kidnapper had bought.
When Allan found Mildred she was in the middle of talking to a couple so he waited for her to finish before showing her the receipt. “where’d you find this?”

‘in the room the police cleared. It was already taken by a new person but she was nice and let me search without a fuss”

“This is why more wolves should be on the force. You are much better at this job than a lot of us could be.” Allan felt proud with her compliment but said you don’t need to be a wolf to be amazing at this job, I mean look at you. You are as amazing as they come without the aid of heightened senses.” Mildred blushed again and looked away to read the receipt.

Allan smiled, adoring that face he thought was so cute when she was embarrassed. It was only made cuter by how hard she was staring at the receipt due to embarrassment. If she was staring any harder she just might burn a hole through it.
“There are a lot of supplies on here. I think that means they’re not leaving the country at least. That means whoever is holding her wants her close to threaten the father with. What was the politician’s name again?”

“Senator Franklin Hartz.”

“I think we need to talk to Mr. Hartz about any enemies he has made. There was a note in the file that said he was staying at another hotel here in town so lets go.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Mildred hailed a cab once they were outside and told the driver to take them to the Hilton Jaipur. She relaxed back in her seat and re-read the receipt. There was a lot of food, bottles of water, rope, beer, duct tape, and cigars. She hoped Hartz’s daughter was okay or at least had not been raped or tortured. Jovanni Ortega was an evil man and may not follow the orders of whoever had hired him. “He’s definitely planning on holding her for a long time.” She said to herself and Allan looked at her. She felt his eyes on her and blushed. He snatched the receipt out of her hand and she frowned at him.

“You know what’s on there, you know what time he made the purchase, stop using it to avoid making eye contact with me. Do I make you uncomfortable?”

“You would know if you were, you have that nose.”

“True, but I thought it polite to ask. Are you attracted to me?” She looked away and he grabbed her chin, making her look at him. “Be honest, I’m your partner so tell me how you feel.”

“We shouldn’t even be thinking about being in any kind of relationship that’s not a business one.”

“Do you know I turned down a woman at the hotel because of you? She was flirting with me and asked for my number and I told her I already have a partner. Now she probably thought that meant I was gay and I really don’t care, but I did it for you.” He took Mildred’s hand. “I remember the first time I saw you, it was in a picture taken after a bust. You were dressed as a stripper and you had this how dare you look on your face. It was adorable and it made me want to know you, I was actually jealous of Grady. Then you guys stopped being partners and I worked extra hard to get to where I am now.”
“you’ve been trying to be my partner since Grady fell in love with Melody?”

“Yes, you’re beautiful, smart, talented and a hell of a good sniper. I’m sure you can always kick a guys ass if you really need to aswell. You’re everything I want in a woman Mildred. Lots of partners in Interpol are couples. Even Grady is an example, look how well he and Melody do together” Mildred couldn’t believe how serious Allan was, how almost pleading his voice sounded. “I am attracted to you too. I don’t know as much about you as you know me but I like who I’ve gotten to know so far.”

Allan smiled that comely smile of his. He lifted her hand to his lips and placed a reverent kiss on it. Mildred blushed and he chuckled “I hope to never make you stop blushing Mildred” it wasn’t much later when the cab stopped and they went inside the hotel to talk to the victims father.
When they arrived at the Hilton Mildred paid the driver and Allan followed her inside. She showed the receptionist her identification and asked where Franklin Hartz’s room was. She was immediately given the room number and they got in the elevator to head up to the top floor. Once they were alone again Allan reached over and took her hand and pulled her into him. “What are you doing?” She asked nervously.

“What would you like to know about me?”

“This isn’t the time for that.”

“It’s the perfect time, so tell me what you want to know.”

She swallowed and he smiled at her. “Well, what’s your last name?”

“Colt, like the gun. What else?”

“Uh well, it’s hard to talk when you’re this close to me.”

His smile was wolfish, giving her a chill. “I can hear your heart and feel how hot you are. You’re going to blush yourself into a fever.” He ran his nose over hers and she wanted very much to kiss him. “So what else?”

“Favorite uh food?”

“Steak of course, nice and juicy.”

“I bet you make a huge mess.”

“Just because I’m a werewolf doesn’t mean I eat like my wild brethren. Although with you I might make and exception.” She popped him on the head.

“Down boy.”

He started laughing and kissed her cheek before letting her leave his arms. He kept his hold on her hand and she did her best to slow her thundering heart. The elevator came to a stop and she exited far quicker than she meant to, almost falling. He caught her gently and righted her. The room where the senator was staying had two guards waiting outside and they both showed then their identification. “We need to talk to your boss.” Mildred said and the men let her in. Senator Hartz was sitting on the small couch, his head in his hands, looking absolutely distraught. He looked up when Mildred and Allan entered ad came to his feet.

“Have you any news?” He asked, his voice desperate.

“We’re sorry sir, but no.” He flopped back down, tears in his eyes. “We need to ask you a few questions.”


“Have you any enemies, have you wronged anyone, hurt anyone in any way?”

He came back to his feet, looking at Mildred angrily. “Why are you here asking me these stupid questions when you should be out there looking for Dawn?”

Allan stepped between them, his wolf already very protective of Mildred. “We need to know right now or you may never see her again. Now tell us.”

He sighed. “I was unfaithful to my wife on more than one occasion, but she would never have our daughter kidnapped. That is the extent of my dirty laundry, my wife knows and we’re in counseling.”

“What kind of women are we talking here?” Mildred asked as she gently pushed Allan to the side.

“Not prostitutes, I wouldn’t pay a woman, especially knowing the hell they go through. Rich, high class, well bred women.”

Mildred wrinkled her nose in disgust. “A vindictive ex lover could be behind this, but there’s more to it. Only someone with rage issues would hire a man like Jovanni Ortega. Tell me, did you use protection with all of them?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Pregnancy for one thing. One of your mistresses is told by you that you no longer want to see her, you “love” your wife and want to fix things, she flies into a rage because you’ve knocked her up and she thought you’d live happily ever after. Maybe you promised to leave your wife, maybe you just lead her on. I need you to write down the names of every woman you’ve screwed so I can get the boys back home to run background checks and check up on their financials.”

Chapter Three

He remembered all the names so gave her a list quickly. Mildred stepped out to call her boss, happy to have a reason not to be in the room with Senator Hartz. She wasn’t normally one to judge but cheaters disgusted her. Derek told Mildred he’d get people right on it and would call her the second they had information to give her. She went back in, disgusted by the man but feeling sorry for him that his daughter was in trouble. She felt the most sorry for the girl who was paying for her fathers mistakes.

They left since the dad had nothing more to offer them “maybe we should eat now so we aren’t hungry when we have a lead” Mildred suggested. “yeah, I’m worried about her”

“Speaking of worried, you didn’t have to jump between me and the senator”

“Reflex, you are my mate now. My body instantly protects you no matter what. I don’t want anybody to hurt you” Mildred smiled “you wolves and your adorable things like mates” They laced fingers and kept their hands that way until they were seated at the nearest restaurant. They selected their orders fairly quickly and ate with just as much haste so they could be ready since they knew it couldn’t take that much longer to receive a call back.
“How about we go on a date after all this.” Allan said as they walked down the street in front of the restaurant. “Like a real romantic date.”

“A date?” She looked unsure and he grabbed her hand, pulling her to a stop.

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to, but it would make me really happy if you would say yes.”

“It’s just, I’ve never had anyone want to do anything romantic for me ever. Usually it’s just straight to bed.”

He moved closer and rubbed his nose against hers. “I want to do a lot of nice things for you and to you. I’ve chosen you as my mate so it’s only natural for me to want to make love to you.”

“Bad dog.” She said and he smiled. He went to kiss her and her phone rang, startling her. She wrestled it out of her pocket and answered it. She cleared her voice. “What do you got?”

“Only one of the women the senator slept with withdrew a large sum of money recently. Her name is Blaire Uther and by her records she also bought a pregnancy test. Something tells me it was positive and she wasn’t happy she wasn’t going to be her happily ever after.” Derek answered.

“So she’s trying to get rid of one child to make room for her own. How about her phone records?”

“She made a couple of calls to an unknown number, we’re still trying to pinpoint where the call came from or at least get the immediate vicinity. It might take a couple of hours so just hold tight.”

“Just make sure you get Blaire before she can skip town.”

“I know how to do my job Mildy, I already called over to the American division and asked them to apprehend her. They’re sending good old Grady and Miss Melody.”

“Good, call me as soon as you have that location.” She hung up and sighed. “This is frustrating, I’m terrified for that little girl.”

Allan pulled her into his arms and kissed her cheek then her neck, making her shiver. “We have a couple of hours, lets go back to the room and try to relax, stressing over the situation isn’t going to help and we need our heads clear.”
“ok but as much as I want to make love to you I can’t right now, not when an innocent girl is stuck with some perverted asshole.”

“That’s fine with me. We’ll just cuddle. All I ask of you is to relax”

“I think I can do that if you’re holding me.” They hailed a cab and were soon back at their hotel. They went into Allans room and slipped into the bed. “would you like me to run my fingers along your back? I wont be bad”

“that would be nice.” Allan slipped his hand into the back of Mildreds shirt and began to rub. He grinned happily when goosebumps formed. “You respond so well to me. You don’t know how happy thats made me since meeting you. I could tell right away you liked me too”

“Thats what isnt fair about you wolves”

“I’ll give you your privacy, don’t worry. I’m sure you know from Grady we can control it”

They lay curled up next to each other, Mildred in a deep sleep and Allan asleep but completely alert. Even though they were in a safe place he still didn’t want anything to happen to her. She jerked awake to the sound of her phone going off a few hours later and glanced at the clock as she answered. “Hey, what’s up?” She asked as she sat up and started pulling her shoes on. Allan did the same and listened to what Derek was saying.

“We’ve managed to narrow down his location to a five mile radius north of Jaipur. Allan will have to use his nose to find them and I’ll have a chopper sent out.”

“Alright, we’re heading out now.” Mildred stood as she hung up and slipped her phone into her back pocket. She clipped her holster to her pants and made sure she had her i.d. Allan followed her out of his room and into the elevator. She impatiently tapped her foot, willing the elevator to go faster.

“Calm down Mildred, we’ll save her.” Allan grabbed her hand and she took a deep breath.

“I know, I just hate that it has to be a child. It’s always children. I went undercover as a prostitute in Russia and there were so many underage girls. It’s sickening and sad.”

“I know baby, but we’ll save this girl and hopefully she won’t be to traumatized and if she is we’ll get her help.”

They practically ran out of the elevator and outside, hailing a taxi and telling the driver where they needed to go. Mildred flashed her i.d. and it got him moving a lot faster than he normally would. Allan rolled his window down and stuck his head out, inhaling the air and processing the scents that came with it. When they were just about out of town the made the driver let them out. Allan instantly started stripping and Mildred’s heart gave a leap and she turned blood red. “Allan.” She exclaimed.

“Oh sorry, we wolves are not very modest.” He shifted shape, his body contorting into that of a large male wolf’s. Even though they were in a hurry, Mildred was still able to admire the beauty of the creature standing before her.

“You’re gorgeous.” She said and he wagged his tail. “Lead me to that son of a bitch.” He yipped in response and started walking, his nose in the air as he searched for the smell of cigar smoke. He doubted Jovanni would have taken a car and if he had he would have ditched it before he got to his destination.
Allan became determined when he caught on to the smell and began to walk at nearly a run. Mildred kept pace, wanting badly to reach the girl before any more damage was done. Allan picked up the pace even more, going as fast as Mildred could keep up. When an old looking run down house came into view Mildred called to let Derek know how far out to send the chopper and gave him a few land marks to help, she needed to be sure sombody was coming.

With a hammering heart and the assurances of Derek she hung up. “they’re coming” she said to Allans waiting look. Mildred made sure she fully had her breath then they started walking towards the house. With gun drawn Mildred took silent breaths as they walked, hoping to have the element of surprise on their side.
Mildred went to take another step when Allan shoved her back, nearly knocking her off her feet. “What was that for?” She asked and he huffed then pawed at the ground. She looked at where he was pawing and was surprised to see a trip wire. It was black and looked like part of the shadowed ground. “Holy shit, that was close.” She stepped slowly over it and he hopped it then they continued forward. “He probably has the whole perimeter protected.” They ducked down behind an old broken down car and Mildred peeked over the hood. She didn’t see any lights or movement. “I’m going to go in from this side, I want you to sneak around to the front since you can hide better than me.” He made a whining sound and she ran her hand over his back. “Just trust me.”

She moved around the car, staying as low as she could, making her self a smaller target. Allan slunk through the tall grass, keeping all of his senses open. He slowed and got lower to the ground when he drew closer to the front of the house, not wanting to alert Jovanni to his presence. Mildred looked in the back window, but couldn’t make much out with the dust and darkness. She took a deep breath and holstered her gun then pressed her hands against the window and pushed up. The window slid open then stuck halfway. She glared at it, but knew it was just big enough for her to fit through. She had never been happier to have always been lanky. She crawled slowly through the window, using her hands to keep herself from falling on her face. It was the creak of old floorboards that alerted her to the presence of another person in the room and she fumbled for her gun as she tried to pull her legs through the window. She was kicked in the stomach and gasped as she fell to the ground.

Allan heard the scuffle and slammed against the front door, surprised at how easily it gave so he actually rolled across the dust covered floor. Jovanni drew a gun from his hip and aimed it Allan as he held Mildred up by her throat with the other hand. “Stay back dog or I’ll kill her.”

“Don’t…listen…piece of shit…kicked me.” Mildred said angrily.

“I’m not playing around and maybe I’ll have a little fun with you before I let you die.” Allan growled and moved closer, the hair on his back standing up. Jovanni flipped the safety off of his gun and as he was pulling the trigger Mildred kicked him just above his kneecap then punched him in his side so he let her go. Jovanni turned his gun on Mildred and Allan jumped on him, clamping his teeth down on his gun arm so when Jovanni fired the bullet merely skimmed Mildred’s shoulder.
Mildred barely felt the pain with all her adrenaline. She managed to pry the gun from him since Jovanni was distracted trying to get Allan off. Now that they had the upper hand Allan shifted into human form and quickly put his clothing back on. He knew Mildred had Jovanni so he went to look around for Dawn. He allowed his nose to guide him and soon found her tied and gagged. She had been beaten profusely but since she was still wearing her pants Allan hoped she hadn’t been raped. The girl looked afraid until Allan showed his badge and untied her. Once untied he asked “wheres your shirt?”

“he cut it off”

‘did he..anything else?” she shook her head and Allan helped her up before giving her his shirt. “thank you, is my dad here?”

“No but we’ll be taking you to him just as soon as we can” When Allan could hear the choppers he walked with dawn outside while Mildred stayed in the same room, holding the man at gunpoint. She was grateful when they took him so she wouldn’t have to stare at him any longer. Upon seeing Allan Mildred hugged him before asking “how is she?”

“he traumatized her but he hadn’t raped her”
“Thank god.” She let out her breath and relaxed into him. “I’d like to put a bullet through that bastard’s head.”

“I know baby, but he’s going to be taken somewhere he can never escape from.”

“Lets go back to the hotel, I’m sure the fly boys can drop us off closer to town.” He kissed her cheek and then laced his fingers through hers and pulled her out of the musty old house. The chopper pilot radioed in to the hospital and took off, taking Mildred, Allan, and Dawn straight there. There was a doctor and nurses waiting for them and they instantly took Dawn away the minute she was clear of the chopper.

“Why don’t you let a doctor take a look at your shoulder.” Allan said as they headed downstairs.

“I’m fine, it’s just a scratch.”

“Please, for me?”

He gave her puppy dog eyes and she sighed. “Alright, I’ll get a band aid.” Once they were actually in the hospital she asked one of the nurses to patch her up. Her shoulder was cleaned and a piece of gauze was taped over it. “Happy now?”

“Yes, thank you.” Allan replied and they left the hospital, managing to get a cab. They got a wide eyed look from the receptionist when they finally got back to the hotel. Mildred smiled at her as they passed and then got in the elevator. Allan pulled her into his arms and gave her a kiss, making her heart stutter. “I love you, I’m so glad you didn’t get shot. I hate you even got this scratch.”

Mildred laughed. “I’m not helpless you know.”

“I know, I just don’t like you getting hurt. You also have that bastards scent all over you, it’s a disgusting smell. I want to wash you and then cover you in my scent and mine only.”
Mildred blushed, becoming hot at his words. He gave a wolfish grin and bit her ear “I can wash you can’t I?”

“ye…yes” Allan gave the door a hard push then began to undress Mildred. He let his hands slide across her skin as he removed her clothes. Mildred then almost shakily undressed him. His body was so perfect and it made her self conscious. Allan could tell so said to assure her “You are sexy as hell Mildred.”

“not compared to you”

“yes compared to me” he said in a low, lustful tone then slowly let his tongue travel her neck. He lifted his mouth only a little, the hot breath of his words caressing her skin “now lets get you clean while I still have some control” Allan lifted her up so she straddled him as he walked into the bathroom. Once the water was a comfortable temperature they got in. He immediately squeezed some soap into his hands and scrubbed her head to toe.

Mildred was practically moaning with how he touched her. Now that Jovanis scent was gone he washed himself quickly, not wanting to have sweat or be anything but pleasant to Mildred during their first time of making love. He didn’t even wait to dry each of them off as they got out. His lust couldn’t be held back another second so he took her straight to the bed and held her by her wrists on the mattress.

He smiled at her turned on but slightly scared look since she had never been with a wolf in this way. “I’m going to make sure you never want any man but me” Allans voice heavy with his need. With a growl he bit her shoulder then licked his neck as he had earlier. Allan didn’t stop biting, licking and teasing until she was covered in his bite marks. Seeing Mildred like that only turned him on more, causing him to slam into her much harder than he had intended.
Her loud cry further excited him and he made love to her roughly. Mildred’s voice became hoarse from her loud moans and she felt tears run down her face and into her hair. “Love you.” She managed to say and he felt his heart slam against his chest, a thrill running through him as his lips found hers in a passionate kiss. He laced his fingers through hers, their moans of pleasure muffled by their mouths as he spent his seed in her depths. He rained kisses over her face, kissing away her tears.

“Are you okay?” He asked softly.

“Yeah, I’ve just never felt so loved and needed.”

A smile of satisfaction pulled at his lips. “Mates are alway supposed to make each other feel that way.” He kissed her again and she moaned, making him grow hard again.

“We couldn’t possibly.” Mildred whispered.

“We wolves have a lot of stamina my love.” He sat back, taking her with him so she straddled him. “I’ll be more gentle this time.”

The rest of their night was spent drowning in pleasure, their bodies coming together again and again until Mildred could barely move. He finally stopped at first light, holding her against him and enjoying the softness of her breath on his chest. They jerked awak to the sound of Mildred’s phone and she quickly answered. It was Derek letting them know Dawn was okay and with her father and that Blaire had been caught trying to flee the country. Mildred thanked for the update then hung up and rested her head back on Allan’s chest.

“Looks like we’ll be heading home soon.” She said sleepily. “So what are we going to do about living arrangements?”

“I’m in a hotel right now so I guess that means I’ll be moving in with you.” He ran his fingers over the back of her hand. “We should change you as soon as possible so you can be mine forever.”

“Good idea, we’ll get right on it as soon as we get home.”

“You are the most important thing in my life and I promise to always make you happy.”

She smiled and kissed his chest. “Good boy.” She teased and he smiled, his heart overflowing with joy at getting to always be with Mildred.


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