Molly & Blake

Chapter One

Molly Ayers stood on the pier as the wind tussled her gorgeous, light brown hair. She looked out at the ocean almost as if the person she was waiting for would walk right out of the water if she looked long enough. She was meeting him in person today, the man she had fallen hopelessly in love with online. They would spend hours talking about Anime, life, books and good movies. Somtimes they would even exchange poetry for eachother to give honest criticism to. He had no idea how she felt, how much she longed to truly be with him. He had no idea that every love poem she sent for him to read was about and for him.

They had always known where eachother lived but business had brought her father to Ocala, Florida. When she heard he was going she begged to accompany him and he of course was glad for the company. Especially since he didn’t get to see his daughter often. Molly barely saw her dad when he lived at hoem due to how much he worked so when she grew up and moved out the relationship fell apart all together. Even now she was really just there to meet Blake Barrazza. She wondered if he would see her as crazy if she professed how many times she imagined her first name with his last.

She wondered if he could ever tell how jealous she was when he had a short relationship. They had known eachother three years and the whole time they were both single aside from a period of two weeks where he was dating this girl he met at his book club meeting. She wasnt sure why they broke up but it was very abrupt and he wouldnt talk about it.

Blake watched Molly from the end of the pier, nervous beyond words. She was so much more beautiful in person. The wind tugged at her hair and reddened her cheeks. He ran his fingers through his hair and took a deep breath as he made his way towards her. He reached out and tapped her shoulder, making her turn around. “Molly. hey it’s me.” He said, his voice shaking a little. He cleared his throat.

“Blake, my god, it’s so good to finally meet you.” She wrapped her arms around his waist. He hesitated for only a moment before hugging her back. It felt so good to have her in his arms. He pulled back, feeling a little embarrassed.

“I’m so happy you came. I didn’t think I’d ever get to see you.” His smile came easily, making her tingle with warmth. It was almost mischievous, playful even and it made him look that much sexier. Her heart hammered in her chest and a blush creeped up her neck.

“So, what should we do?”

“I was thinking I’d take you out for coffee, maybe do a little sight seeing, introduce you to my friend Shad. He’s been wanting to see you too. Maybe we can hang out on the beach tomorrow and sip slushies.”

She smiled warmly up at him. “I would really like that.”

“Shall we go then?” He offered her his hand and she slipped hers happily into his. He laced his fingers through hers and she turned a deeper shade of red. “Are you okay?” He asked, feeling his heart thundering inside his chest. He loved the feel of her skin, didn’t think he’d ever get enough of touching it.

“Yes, lets get that coffee.”

They went to Great American Coffee Roasters since it was within walking distance and Blake didn’t want to have to let go of Mollys hand. They made their orders and Molly went to pay but Blake stopped her “You’re my guest. Please let me” She smiled and gave him a humoring look “alright, but don’t expect me to let you pay for everything while I’m here” Blake paid then they moved out of the way so another person could order while they waited on theirs. “How was the trip? Twenty hours must have been terrible. Was it awkward with your dad” He noticed he was starting to ask too many questions at once like he always did when he became nervous. He forced his mouth to lock shut so she could answer what he already said.

“I looked terrible at the end of it all but I enjoyed my Manga and checking Facebook on my phone.” She answered that part even though they had talked during most her ride here so he already knew how her trip was. Him asking again was cute, albeit odd but cute. Molly continued “I took a shower and changed before coming out here to meet you. It wasn’t like a car trip would be with you but I wouldn’t say it was awkward. We talked here and there, told some jokes. It wasn’t that bad atall”

“That’s good, where are you staying?”

“Golden Palms but I figured you and I would have all night Anime marathons. Do you want to do that? Anime until we drop?” She asked nervously, trying to keep her face from becoming rosey again. She’d feel embarrassed the rest of the day if he didn’t want to do that with her. “That sounds fun. Of course you’re welcome a my house. Your father wont mind since you came with him?”

“He has work. You know nothing means more to him than his job. He knows I came here to see you anyways so he wont care” Blake felt euphoricly happy but a frown still managed it’s way onto his face. He hated how work obsessed her parents were since he knew at times it hurt Mollys feelings. ¬†It wasn’t so bad now but when she was a kid she often became depressed because of it.

“So would you like to take a walk around our historical district? I means its just old homes and buildings, but I think they’re pretty interesting.”

“Sounds like fun.” He took her to his car and opened the passenger door for her. “Thank you.” She said and he smiled happily, making her heart do a little flip. They talked nonstop as he drove, just enjoying the sound of each other’s voices. When they came to the historical district he pulled over and got out, moving around to her side fo the car and pulling her door open. She got out and grabbed his hand then they walked slowly down the sidewalk.

Blake had trouble not watching her as he sipped his coffee. She pointed at all the old victorian homes, commenting on how beautiful they were and how she would love to live in one. “I would buy you one in a heart beat.” He blurted out, making her blush.

“You don’t have to do that, you already bought me coffee.” She joked and he laughed nervously.

“This is really an amazing place, I bet living here would be great. I would love to be able to drive down to the beach when ever I wanted.”

“Shad and I could teach you how to surf. It’s a lot of fun even when you wipeout.”

She giggled. “How many times have you wiped out?”

“All the time when I first started, but I kept practicing and now I’m pretty good. Shad is better, but he lives closer to the beach so he gets to go a lot more than I do.”

“Then I’m glad you’re taking me tomorrow.”

“so you want to learn then? We’ll have to buy you a board.”

“I’ll buy me a board. You aren’t spending that much money on me. I’m sure they are expensive.” Blake knew he’d do little more than annoy her if he protested so they finished looking around the historical district then he drove her to the shop where he bought his own board. “hey Blake!” the owner who worked in the shop frequently said. This was the only place Blake shopped for gear so he was friends with the owner and the other employees. “Hey Carlson, this is Molly.”

“No way, in the flesh?’ Molly giggled ‘he talks about me?”

“Only every time he’s in here. Could I hug you? It’s crazy to see you in person” Moly smiled ‘sure” Carlson hugged her then said “what’re you two in here for? Just showing her off Blake?” Blake blushed. “she wants to learn how to surf tomorrow so she wants to buy a board”

“well just tell me if you two need any help.”

“sure thing” Blake said then they began looking around. “I talk about you because we talk everyday. You’re a big part of my life’ Blake said in attempts to explain himself. Molly smiled “I talk about you to my friends too so don’t be embarrassed Blake. they found her a board then Carlson measured her to recommend a good wetsuit size. She bought it just incase she decided to wear that instead of her bikini. When they were in the car again Blake asked ‘lets take your board to my house and then we’ll go see shad if you’re ready to meet him”

“sounds great. I’m so glad you were able to take off work for my visit’

“They couldn’t have made me go into work with you here. I don’t know when I’ll get this chance again to see you in person. Maybe i could go to Texas somtime”

“Good, then i can show you off too” She said with a smile. He wished desperatly he could stop blushing.

Blake tied her board to the top of his car while she waited patiently in the passenger seat. She played with her hair nervously, wondering when it would be a good time to tell him how she really felt. She didn’t want to put it off until the day she left, but she was afraid if she told him now and he rejected her it would be awkward spending time together. He pulled his door open, startling her and she smiled sweetly when he slid behind the wheel. “Ready?” He asked as he buckled up.

“Yep, lets go.”

Blake noticed she seemed a little bothered by something. He could see in her eyes that she was thinking very hard about something. He reached over and grabbed her hand, snapping her out of whatever thoughts were troubling her. “You okay?” He asked, concern evident in his voice.

“Yeah sorry, just lost in my own little world.”

He chuckled. “You look cute when you day dream.”

“That’s good, I was sure I made weird faces.”

He pulled into his driveway and they both got out. He untied her board and she grabbed her wetsuit then they headed ¬†inside. “Bring your wetsuit and hang it up in my closet.” He propped her board up next to his and she pulled his closet open and grabbed a hanger. “Feel free to make this your home Molly since you’ll be spending a lot of time here.”

“Thanks, we’ll need to get my suitcase from my fathers hotel room before the day is over. I’d like to meet Shad for now though.”

“if i take the long route to Shads we’ll pass your hotel if you want to go ahead and grab it. I don’t want us to end up here tonight and you not have what you need because we forgot to go’

“Ok, that sounds good then. Could I have a drink before we head out?”

“anything, my home is yours” They went into his kitchen and he sat on the counter “open up the fridge and get whatever you want” Molly opened the fridge, pleasantly surprised when she saw cherry pepsi. She went right for it as Blake knew she would. It was her favorite drink so he had bought it along with her favorite snacks two days ago. “You want anything else before we leave?”

“No I’m good” Blake almost went for her hand again but felt it would be silly in his home. Ouside Blake opened the door for her yet again before going to his own side of the car. She had a huge grin when he got in his side so he asked ‘what is it?”

“You’re just so sweet. I’m not even your girlfriend but you dote on me like I am” Blakes heart froze then beat harder. He loved her too much to treat her in any other way. “You like it?”

“Yes, it’s sweet. You’re a good man.” She said as she sat her pepsi down and twirled her hair. There wasn’t a second of silence in this ride either. They talked every day and still never ran out of things to say to one another. Molly was mainly talking of her excitement about learning to surf tomorrow and how awesome it was to get to meet him and Shad both in the same day. At the hotel Blake and Molly went in an up to her fathers room. She fished her room key out of her purse then went right in. Her father was taping away at his computer while talking on the phone “I’m just getting my stuff” she said and he nodded. She grabbed her bag then walked out. Blake took it from her ‘please let me”

“Thanks” While Blake put her bag in the back Molly texted her father what she had said to him upstairs to make sure he actually heard. He frequently nodded when she spoke and he was busy but it didn’t mean he actualyl listened to whatever it was she said.

He texted back: Okay be careful.

A small smile flitted across her lips. She wished he could always be like this, not just when she texted or emailed him. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, it still makes me sad sometimes that he doesn’t answer when I actually talk to him.”

“I’m sorry, I wish there was something I could do.”

“It’s okay, maybe there will be a time when he cares enough, hopefully he won’t be on his death bed by the time he realizes all the time we lost. Same with my mother.”

“If they don’t at least you’ll always have me. I promise to never ignore you.”

She smiled. “Thanks for that, for being one of the most consistent things in my life.” They enjoyed the rest of the drive in contented silence, just soaking up each others warmth. When they pulled into Shad’s driveway they saw him standing in his open garage waxing his surf board.

“Hey brother what brings you here?” Shad asked when they got out. “And my word it’s Molly. Come on give me a hug.” He opened his arms and they embraced. “It is so good to finally meet you.”

“You too.”

“Molly wants to learn how to surf tomorrw, we got her a board and wetsuit today. Do you feel like helping me teach her.”

“Hell yeah, I was planning on going out tomorrow anyway. The waves are supposed to be nice.”

“Are you sure it won’t be a bother?” Molly asked.

“Not at all, I love the ocean so I’ll use any excuse to go.”

“what do you two normally do?” Molly asked. “Talk bad about you¬†behind¬†your back mainly” She gave a small sound of laughter “seriously” Shad smiled “I love your voice by the way. You call that knuckle head but you’ve never called me so this is my first time hearing it”

“sorry, when i go home I’ll stat calling you too if you want”

“great, I’ll give you my number through messenger later. Why don’t I give you a tour of my home for starters and we’ll see what happens from there”

“ok” Shad walked with Blake and Molly inside where he showed them room by room of his home. When he got to his bedroom Shad pulled out a photo album that had pictures of him and Blake when they were kids. Shads mother was big on scrapbooking and gave him a bunch of pictures she ended up not using in her books so he bought a photoalbum for them. “my mom would make a bunch of prints of every picture she took to leave her room for mistakes with cutting so i have a ton of her unused pictures. They all laughed and talked about what moments these were all from until it was nearly dinner time. Shads stomach growled “Well, the bells ringing the dinner bell. Why dont we go grab somthing at Ruckus?” Shad suggested. “They don’t have one where I live. What kind of food is that? Molly asked.

“they sell burgers, sushi and pizza. I know it sounds bad to do all those things but I promise they are amazing.”

“I’ll take your word”

“Great, there’s one by the mall. After we eat we can mess around there for awhile”

“Like the sound of that Blake?” Molly asked and he answered ‘yeah, lets go” Molly and Blake loaded into Blakes car while Shad took his own. They pulled up to Ruckus then waited to be seated. “so this boarders on the fancy side?” Molly said when they had to wait to sit. Shad smiled ‘yeah, you’re going to love the food. I’m paying and i don’t want lip from either of you”

“alright” They both said, offering no protest. When they were seated and could order Molly decided on a chicken, avacado and bacon burger just out of sheer curiosity. Shad and Blake ordered the End All burger that consisted of¬†1/2 Pound of Angus sirloin, Vermont cheddar, applewood bacon on a toasted kaiser bun. When the waitress was gone Shad said ‘my mother loves what you ordered. i hope you like it too. if you don’t like it please order somthing else”

“I’m sure it will be great if you and Blake like it here.” Blakes ex was there in a booth not far from them. She looke dat Molly with both jealousy and sadness. She wanted to be her, wanted to know what was so special about little Molly that had Blake so wrapped around her finger. She debated leaving her ttwo friends and going to sit with them. She just wasn’t sure if she could remain friendly and didn’t want to be a bitch about things. It especilly wouldn’t be right for her to be a bitch when Molly didn’t even know Blakes feelings.

She took a deep breath and excused herself. “Red alert.” Shad said.

“What?” Blake asked, confused. He turned around and went pale at the sight of Agatha walking toward them. “Agatha, how nice to see you.”

“Hey Blake, would it be okay if I eat with you guys?”

“Uh.” he glanced at Molly, not wanting her think he was rude. “Sure, I guess.” Shad moved over, not happy about Agatha nosing into their business. He wasn’t stupid, he knew what this was about.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Molly.” Molly said with a warm smile.

“I’m Agatha, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Oh are you a friend of Blake’s?”

“She’s my ex-girlfriend, the one I met at the book club.”

Molly’s eyes widened in shock. “Oh, sorry.” She felt trapped and uncomfortable sitting at the same table as the woman Blake had dated. Since he had not told her anything about her, she felt at a loss for words. Shad could feel the tension mounting and wanted to tell Agatha to go away. Blake didn’t look happy even though he was trying for Molly’s sake.

“So you write poetry Molly?” Agatha asked.

“Yeah, nothing good, but I just do it for fun anyway.”

“That’s not true, I love your poetry.” Blake said, making Molly blush. “Every word is beautiful and passionate and just down right amazing.”

“you think everything she does is amazing. Can i read one so i can see how good it really is?” Agatha said in a¬†impertinent tone that neither Shad or Blake appreciated. Molly felt so uncomfortable she didn’t even notice how rudely Agatha had spoken. “sure, i keep a notebook with some in my purse. I mostly write them in Celtx but if I’m not home I have my pad and pen in my purse.” Molly opened up her purse just as their food came. Agatha looked at the waiter “please bring my food to this table now” The waiter nodded then Agatha accepted the Helsing notebook from Molly “what’s this on the cover?”

“It’s a character from an Anime I like”

“Oh, i’ve never watched any.”

“Do you like vampire books?”


“Then if you try Anime you might like Helsing. That’s what’s on the cover”

“alright, can i keep this and return it to you at Blakes house tomorrow?”

“I already have all but one saved in my computer at home so that’s alright. Take your time”

“I’ll need to know where you live then Blake” Molly looked confused. Agatha noticed the look so she said “yeah, I was his girlfriend and he never let me come over ONCE. We met at my house or out in public. Crazy right?”

“well you guys weren’t dating long” Molly said and regretted her words. She didn’t want Agatha to take that in any sort of rude way but they only went out for about two weeks, a month at most. Since Blake didn’t really talk about it she wasn’t quite sure how long it was. All she knew was how torturous it felt while she knew he had a girlfriend. Blake opened Mollys notebook and reluctantly gave Agatha his address. Shad now wanted her to go away more than ever especially after what Molly said next “give her my number too Blake so that she can call to make sure we’re at your house” Shad didn’t think anything good could come from Agatha having Mollys number.

Chapter Two

Blake could barely make his hand write he didn’t want to give Agatha mollys number so badly. “wow, know that thing by heart huh” Agatha said in a more annoyed tone than before. She was starting to lose her patience. She knew it didn’t make sense but she was angry at Molly. She wanted to jump across the table and strangle her. She had enough of an advantage ten hours away and now she shows up here. They ate in silence. Everyone at the table aside from Agatha just wanting the meal to be over so they could leave.

“So where are you guys going now?” Agatha asked when they were finished eating.

“Home.” Was all Blake said as he came to his feet and went to pay the bill, letting the woman behind the cash register know that Agatha would be paying for her own. Shad cleared his throat and Agatha got up so he could get out. If she had been a man he would have already hit her.

“I guess I’ll see you when you drop off my notebook.” Molly said as Blake made his way back to them. Agatha kept her mouth close, knowing if she opened it something profane might slip out. Blake grabbed Molly’s hand and pulled her away from Agatha who looked like she was about ready to scream. “Bye.” Molly said as she was pulled outside.

“So are you going to come hang with us or are you going home?” Blake asked Shad.

“I think I’ll go on home, I’ll see you two at the beach tomorrow.” Molly gave him a hug goodbye then let Blake lead her to his car. He opened the door for her and she got in and buckled up as he closed it. She still felt a little embarrassed after meeting Agatha and wanted to apologize for causing such drama in Blake’s like. He slid behind the wheel of his car and she sat there looking at her hands.

“I’m sorry.” She said, making his eyes jump to he face.

“For what? Hey look at me.” She raised her head and allowed her eyes to meet his. “For what?”

“For causing you problems. Even all the way from Texas I managed to make someone hate me and get mad at you.”

“Hey, that wasn’t your fault. She invited herself to our table and tried to start a fight. You were so nice to her and maybe once she’s cooled off she’ll see what she did was rude and uncalled for. So please don’t blame yourself.”

“alright, i just hate it kind of ruined the evening since Shad wanted to go to the mall after we ate.” His heart sank. He was so pissed at Agatha he forgot when they made their dinner plans they planned to go to the mall nearby after. “It’s not ruined..please don’t say that. We can call Shad and I’m sure he’ll still want to go. He’s only just left this parking lot”

“No it’s fine. Lets just go to your home. We can go to the mall another day.”

“Are you sure Molly? I want you to be happy and have fun. I can’t bare for you to be sad” Molly gave him the best smile she could. It was hard since she was disappointed in herself and wished she knew how she had offended Agatha so badly. She had never talked to this woman before tonight and yet Agatha hated her. Blakes heart plummeted until is was as low as it could be. He felt awful for allowing Agatha to piss him off. He knew Molly wouldn’t have ended up this sad if he hadn’t let it get to him. Blake drove down the road, taking glances of Molly every now and then. Her mind seemed to be lost as she stared out the window. She had been so happy and Agatha ruined it. What was worse for him was feeling like it was his fault too. They pulled up at his house and he opened her door. Molly gave Blake another smile. This time she managed a happier one but it still wasn’t the smile he was seeing before.

Blake lead her to where he kept his DVDs “What series do you want to watch together?” Molly browsed the shelf adn found one still wrapped in plastic. She pulled it off to read the back. Blake spoke “That’s Hunter X Hunter. Remember the manga I was recommending last week? I decided to see how the anime was. It actually just arrived yesterday. I paid for fast shipping since you were coming. Want to give it a try?”

“sounds good. I was reading the first manga of it online and loved it.”

“well lets get some drinks and watch our movie. Sit, I’ll get you another cherry coke.”

“I’d like to change into my pajamas if that’s ok” Blake smiled ‘you’re a grown woman and my house is your house. If you want to change into pajamas to watch the Anime then by all means go do it.”

“I’ll need my stuff out of your car”

‘Ok, I’ll get it”

“No, just give me the keys crazy’

“ok” Blake held out his keys so Molly could take them. She grabbed her bag, locked back up then went to Blakes bathroom. She slid her fluffy, uber comfortable pants then her tank top before putting her dirty clothes in a walmart bag she brought in her suitcase. When she returned to the living room she saw Blake had changed too. “thought it should be a pajama party” He said with a warm smile. He wanted so deeply to brighten her mood to the point it was before.

She laughed and it made him feel lighter. “I’ve never had a pajama party with someone with tattoos before. In fact the last time I had a pajama party I was eleven.”

“And I’ve never had a pajama party with a woman. I don’t think Shad would appreciate me calling our sleepovers pajama parties.” He handed her her soda then popped the movie into his DVD player before joining her on the couch.

“Can I touch them, your tattoos?”

“Uh sure, if you want.”

She traced her fingers over the one on his shoulder just on the outside of his tanktop sleeve. “These are so cool.” He got lost in her gentle touch, wanting her to touch more of him. his heart beat furiously in his chest and he forced his eyes onto the TV. He started the movie, wanting to distract himself. “Are they on your chest too?”

“Yeah and on my hips and back.” She blushed and dropped her hand, sipping at her soda while she watched the movie with him. She thoroughly enjoyed it, her blush disappearing as she got pulled into the plot. Blake really wished he could hold her while they watched the movie, but wasn’t going to push his luck. Having her next to him, in his home was good enough. Just being in her presence brought him immense joy.

The first disk ended so Blake got up to take it out “we watching the second disk or are you getting tired? It’s pretty late”

“Well i guess since we’re going surfing tomorrow we shouldn’t watch ourselves into exhaustion. Maybe tomorrow night we will”

“You sure? I love doing this, watching things with you in person” Molly smiled. She loved it every bit as much. Molly asked shyly ‘can I see the part of your tattoo that’s on your chest?” He took off his shirt without a second thought. He actually hoped she might start touching him again. She moved closer and did just as he hoped. Her soft fingers moved over the lines and this time she noticed goosebumps. Blake noticed them too and looked down at her nervously. She smiled ‘it must feel really good to be rubbed like that” Molly felt happy she could give him goosebumps so easily. “It does” he said softly. Her heart tingled with the way he was looking at her. She had never been lookd at like that before and felt that look tugging at her heart. Molly got lost in his eyes then suddenly felt herself moving to kiss him. She stopped herself then hugged him, hoping he didn’t notice what she was originally doing. Molly pulled back and noticed a look of shock with what seemed like an undertone of awe but she couldn’t tell. “where should i sleep?” Molly asked.

“My guest room. Come on” he took her hand, not caring if it seemed odd he was holding it. Blake was determined to tell her while she was here anyway. Molly needed to stay, needed to be his. He would buy her any of those houses she saw earlier, would do whatever it took to make her want to stay. He also would have done anything to hold her while they rested but he knew things had to go one step at a time. “do you need anything before bed?” his voice still gentle and warm. ‘no I’m fine” she answered nervously. He just now caught it and worreid it was because of Agatha again “you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine”

“Please don’t lie to me Molly. is it still Agatha?”

“No, i had honestly forgotten about all that until you brought it up just now. I just have a lot on my mind”

“maybe we shoudl stay up longer or…maybe i could stay in here with you and rub your arms to help you fall asleep…would you like that? It feels really good” His voice growing ever more hopeful. “sure” He smiled joyously then they both crawled into her bed. “you aren’t going to put your shirt back on? Molly asked “not unless you want me to” he answered “no, it’s fine. just curious” Blake pulled Molly close then let his fingers travel her arm. Barely a second passed and she was covered in goosebumps. His touch was so caring. It was more than what he was doing, it was how he was doing it that gave her this reaction. She thought about today, how much he had been blushing and how sweet he had been acting. She wondered if maybe she had been blind this whole time. Maybe sh ewas oblivious to the fact Blake loved her too and maybe that was why Agatha hated her because the man she loved, loved her instead.


“Yeah.” He replied drowsily.

“There’s something really important we have to talk about.”


“Blake?” He didn’t answer. “Blake?” She raised her head and sighed when she saw he had fallen asleep. She rested her head back on his chest, telling herself it could wait until morning. She listened to his heart, allowing the strong, steady beat to carry her off into sleep. Blake woke the next morning to sunlight coming in through the bedroom window. He noticed Molly had turned out of his arms so her back was to him. He moved slowly, wrapping his arm around her waist and sliding closer to her. He buried his nose in her hair and inhaled her scent.

He gave himself ten more minutes of holding her and enjoying her closeness befor he finally decided to wake her. He raised up and kissed her cheek, making her gasp and her eyes fly open. When she saw it was only Blake, she smiled lovingly up at him. He wondered if she even knew how she was looking at him in her half asleep state. “Good morning.” She said softly and turned to face him.

“Good morning, did you sleep well?”

“Yes, you made me feel very relaxed. Thank you for staying in here with me.” She sat up and stretched. “So should we shower before we go surfing?”

“I wouldn’t recommend it, you’re just going to get soaked in sea water.”

“Can I wear my bikini under my wet suit?”

“Of course, I’ll just be wearing trunks and after your lesson we can go swimming.”

“sounds perfect.”

“good, let me make us breakfast first. How about omelettes?”

“You know I love omelettes” She said and he smiled before saying “well that’s why i made sure I had all Ineeded to make them. I’m glad you gave me warning you were coming instead of just going surprise I’m in ocala. It enabled me to be prepared to make this trip as nice as possible for you” his words saying more to her than their face value. She had gotten to know him so well online. She could ace any quiz anybody gave her on Blake but she had never detected this sweetness, this care he obviously had for her.

“can we talk Blake?”

“If your stomach can wait mine can” Molly smiled at his answer “We can eat first if you want.”

“No, what you have to say is more important than breakfast” Molly sighed “Maybe..well. I lo” The doorbell started ringing over and over then they heard kicking at the door. Blake got up, wondering who would cause such a distubance this early in the day. Molly came down after him to see who it was. He opened it and saw Agatha. Blake couldn’t contain his sigh “morning Agatha.” She looked behind him and saw Molly ‘O my god, she is actually sleeping here? I just thought she was coming over from her hotel. You fucked her last night didn’t you? We didn’t fuck once but of course you’d fuck your”

“shut up!”Blake interrupted angrily “I will not shut up you asshole” She screamed back. Blakes neighbor was out getting his paper. He stopped to stare as all nosey neighbors do. Molly pulled Blake back enough to move in front of him “Agatha, we didn’t do anything. Why would you think that?” Agatha scoffed ‘you can’t be that dense. That is impossible. You ruined my chances with him. I’ve been here, I’ve been here since childhood and he wants you. Do you even know why we broke up?” Molly noticed neighbors outside so she said ‘come in and we’ll talk about it. I don’t know and I don’t know why you’d think we’d be having sex. We only watched anime last night.” Agatha walked in “Nice house Blake. It’s awesome this is the first time I’m seeing it.’

“Just sit down” Blake said. he wanted to end that with bitch but already felt ashamed he yelled in front of Molly. He knew how she felt about yelling and wanted to rewind time. they all sat down and Molly said ‘what’re you talking about Agatha?”

“I asked him out and he agreed. he may have said yes but he was never my boyfriend. Every day you know what he wanted to talk about? You. He barely held my hand, barely even kissed me. One night we’re fighting on the phone and suddenly his line beeps. Well guess who it was sweetheart, you. he says he has to go even though I’m in the middle of telling him how hurt I am. When I told him no he hung up on me anyway to talk to you. Molly saw a few tears fall down Agathas face. She wasn’t some bitch, she was hurt and was having trouble dealing with things. Agatha continued “I kept calling him while he was on the phone with you but he ignored me. When he did finally answer a call I told him that I could see who was more important and he said he said im sorry. Nothing more, just two words. I told him we were over and he said ok. I was nothing to him and you were everything. i was stupid to ask him out but I’ve always had a crush on Blake…he loves you and not me and it hurts…it was only made worse that when he said yes to me i thought i really did stand a chance to make him fall in love with me”

Molly moved over to hug Agatha. Agatha gratefully accepted even though she was angry. She needed the comfort too much to push Molly away. “I can see why you’re hurting. I’m sorry.” Molly looked at Blake “That was mean of you Blake. Why would you agree to date her if you knew you didn’t feel anything for her?” Blake looked at Molly shame faced. This wasn’t the way she was supposed to learn he loved her. “I just….you live so far away…I didn’t think i would ever get a chance with you so I decided to try and be with someone else…..I did try but i couldn’t think of her the way i thought of you. When I touched her I felt like I was cheating on you even though we weren’t really dating. It’s true what she says, I love you and have for most of our friendship Molly….I’m sorry I hurt you Agatha. I should have considered your feelings instead of just thinking about me”

“It’s just so unfair, I tried so hard to get your attention.”

“I know and I should have told you I didn’t love you, I should have let you go the minute I saw it wasn’t going to work out. That makes me a real bastard and I’m so, so sorry.”

She wiped at her face. “It’s okay, I should have broke it off when all you acould talk about was Molly, I should have known better. We’re just a couple of idiots who made a mistake.”

“Do you feel better now?” Molly asked.

“Yeah, I’m sorry I freaked out.”

“It’s okay, you had every right too.”

Agatha smiled and wiped some more tears off her face. “Oh I brought your notebook, it’s in the car. You really do write amazing poetry. Let me go get it for you or I’ll forget it.” She headed out side and Molly turned her gaze on Blake.

“Please don’t be angry.” Blake said.

“I’m not angry, I’m disappointed.”

Her words cut at his heart like a knife. His chest actually hurt and he looked away from her. He was far to ashamed and angry at himself for being an inscensitive prick. Agatha came back with the notebook and handed it to Molly. “I’m really sorry, again. I think I should leave.”

“Well don’t be afraid to call me Agatha, I would really like to get to know you.”

“Okay, thank you. I guess I’ll see you around then.” She left, her heart still aching a little bit, but feelig better than she had the day before. She was still jealous of Molly, but knew there was nothing she could do that would get her Blake without hurting a wonderful and understanding woman.

Blake felt like crying as he heard the door close, wondering if Molly was going to be next to leave. Molly sighed “That really was cruel Blake. Why didn’t you just confess your feelings for me? Moving is possible you know.”

“I was scared and i did a cowardly thing with Agatha. Knowing my heart belonged to you I shouldn’t have gotten her hopes up or tried to fool myself into thinking I could love any other woman besides you.’

“I guess I was scared too. Upstairs I was trying to tell you I love you and ask if you loved me. I was so jealous when you dated her, beyond jealous really but i never stepped up and expressed my feelings because of the distance. Blakes lip trembled as he asked ” Do you still love me after coming here and finding this out?” Molly went over to Blake and grabbed his hand “true love isn’t fickle Blake. I honestly, truly love you so of course Ido. Like I said, I’m just dissapointed in you for doing that to her. I can understand why she had misdirected anger at me. If an opportunity comes we need to make it up to her somhow”

“I will, I promise. Does the we mean you’ll be with me? That you’ll move here and stay” Molly kissed Blakes cheek. Her heart was still heavy for Agatha so she didn’t much feel like a passionate kiss. I do want to be with you, i want to stay. I wish this moment was more romantic but I feel really sad for what you did to Agatha because of me”

“No, it wasn’t because of you. I couldn’t love her because of you but I didn’t have to be a selfish prick and date her when she asked. I should have said no and then I should have called you to beg you to be with me as I imagined so many times. I’m sorry Molly and I can’t say that enough. Please, do not blame yourself for this atall. You may have not confessed your feelings either but you haven’t dated anybody since we began talking. You didn’t play with anybodys emotions like I did. I may have not had cruel intent but I hurt her all the same being selfish. i can understand you not wanting to be cuddly right now so I’ll go cook for you….I love you so deeply Molly” Blake kissed her cheek then stood.

He forced himself into the kitchen even though all he wanted to do was hold her. It was hard to see how upset she was with him anyway so being in the kitchen was probably for the best so he didn’t break down and cry. Even though she said she wanted to move here and stay with him he would be terrfied until she wasn’t upset with him anymore. Molly sat there not really looking at anything in particular as she thought. She could see Blake was sorry for how he hurt Agatha and there was no taking it back but she just didn’t know how she felt about him doing that to another person.

With a heavy heart Blake made their plates and sighed as he carried them into the living room. He handed Molly her plate and sat at the end of the couch so they had space between them. He didn’t even look at her as he ate, wishing he could go back in time and punch himself in the face. He didn’t even taste the food as he took bite after bite, his eyes downcast. He felt like crying his eyes out, but wouldn’t allow himself to guilt her into touching or kissing him. They finished breakfast in silence and he took their plates to the kitchen and quickly washed them.

“We should get ready. Shad will be waiting.” He said as he walked into his room. She followed and retrieved her wet suit then went into the guest room, changing into her bikini then pulling the wetsuit on after. Blake pulled off his night clothes and pulled on his trunks then grabbed their boards and took them out to the car.

Molly noticed he still wouldn’t look at her when she came outside and got in his car. He pulled out of the driveway and started down the road. She hated he wouldn’t say anything. It made her feel like a huge gap was seperating them. When they made it to the beach he just sat and stared out at the waves for a moment then said, “Never in my life have I ever hurt someone like that. I’m a bastard, I know that and I can tell how conflicted you are now. How could sweet, fun, loving Blake do that? How could he be so cold and cruel? The truth is I really thought I could let you go if I found someone else, but in the end I hurt Agatha and worst of all I made you look at me like I’m the vilest creature in the world and maybe I am, but just know that no matter what happens, no matter what you decide to do in the end, I will always love you Molly.”

She swallowed the knot forming in her throat and pushed back the tears forming in her eyes. He got out before she could respond and pulled their boards off the top of the car. She got out to, immediately hearing Shad calling their names from the beach. He looked like he had been surfing before they arrived.

Molly took her board from Blake and he tried to start walking but she said “wait” he could see her eyes were damp and his heart hurt even worse “yes?”

“I’m not deciding anything Blake. I love you and i want to stay. I forgive you, I truly forgive you so lets just have fun with Shad. You just made a stupid mistake, you’re human. I can tell in the way you look at me, touch me and talk to me how deeply you love me. Will you kiss me and just enjoy this day? Tonight we can talk about one of those houses I saw.” Blake was so relieved he couldn’t stop his tears. he dropped his board and hugged Molly who dropped her board to hug him. he cried into her neck as he held her tightly. “shh, it’s ok Blake”

“I love you so much. I’m so happy you’re staying Molly. I’ll make you happy”

“You’ve been my best friend for three years Blake. Nobody has ever made me as happy as you do and that was just online. I can only imagine how happy our lives will be now that I’m here to stay” That only made him hold her tighter. He only pulled back enough to give her the lip to lip kiss he had been dying for. Shad just smiled, too far away to see the tears or hear their words. He was happy to finally see those two together. They spent their day laughing and enjoying the beach then went home to spend the night talking about homes, animals and everything they wanted in their life together. Molly enjoyed how affectionate Blake was. Hardly a minuet could pass without a loving kiss or him holding her in some way. Molly was glad she was here, glad she could forgive Blake and start a life she knew would be amazing as long as they had eachother.

~ The End `

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