Morgan & Chase 2

Chapter One

Chase woke feeling amazing. He stretched then turned on his side to look down at his wife. Morgan was so beautiful, her blonde hair fell across her face and he brushed it gently aside. Everyday he fell in love with her all over again. He kissed her lips softly then moved down across her cheek and chin. He nibbled at her collar bone and she smiled as she started to stir. He sucked at her breast, his teeth nipping her so she gasped. He moved his hand over her, tracing the scar between her breasts and moving lower. He rubbed his fingers against her and then slid them inside of her. She moaned, rocking her hips against his hand. His lips found hers and her fingers tangled in his hair.

He moved so he was on top of her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He thrust into her, sliding in and out. She ran her nails over his shoulders and down his back so he was covered in goosebumps. He thrust harder and her loud cry filled his mouth. He could feel the pressure building and he buried himself deeper. Her back arched off the bed as she orgasmed, the sound of her saying his name driving him over the edge so he quickly found his release. He rolled so she was on top of him and he could run his hands up and down her back.

“Good morning to you too.” She said and kissed the spot over his heart before resting her chin on his chest to look at him.

“I wanted to wake you up in the most amazing way possible. I thought of dumping a glass of water on you like you did to me, but sex seemed so much better.”

“You made the right choice. Now you get something nice in return.” She looked at the clock it was an hour and a half until her appointment. They needed to take a shower, get dressed and eat breakfast. They were doing all kinds of tests today, blood work, an EKG, and a CT scan. Her doctor had assured her that her heart was doing great, but he still wanted to keep an eye on her just in case. It had been a year since she had met and married the most wonderful man in the world and she was willing to do anything to make sure she could stay with him.

“I don’t need anything in return.” Morgan smiled and went with him to shower. She washed quickly so she could hurry up and make him a really nice breakfast. She only put on her bra and panties to cook knowing how much Chase liked that. He came out fully dressed then inhaled a long breath of air at the sight of how gorgeous she was. “You’re so bad. What’re you making?”

“Blueberry pancakes and banana nut muffins with sausage.”

“Don’t burn yourself like that please”

“You know I won’t, even if I do you can kiss and lick it better” she winked. “Be good so I can take you to your appointment. I’ll have sex with you the rest of the day but for now we need to make sure you’re ok.” She smiled at him again. When everything was done she kissed his cheek. “Eat and I’ll get some clothes on.” He groped her quickly and she laughed. She put on a beautiful dress Chase just bought her the previous week. She loved when he’d come home with something for no reason other than he loved her or thought she’d look beautiful in something.

Morgan fixed her hair and hummed happily. Chase hadn’t touched his food “Chase”

“I can’t eat without you” She shook her head and sat down to eat with her husband. He kept his free hand on her leg. He kept in almost constant contact with her which she loved. Everything about being married to Chase had been absolutely wonderful. She hoped today would go smoothly with no worries. She hadn’t been having any trouble so she knew there wasn’t much to worry about.

Chase cleared the table and quickly rinsed the dishes. He would clean them later if Morgan didn’t beat him to it. He tried to do whatever he could on appointment days. He knew how stressful they were for her even if she didn’t say anything. He swung her into his arms, making her laugh. He carried her out to the car and kissed her before lowering her feet to the ground and opening her door. She smiled and got in. He closed the door and ran to his side, climbing in and pulling out of the driveway.

They made it to the hospital and up to her doctor’s office just in time. She sat next to Chase and chewed nervously on her nails. He grabbed her hand and held it, giving her a reassuring squeeze. She rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. A nurse came and called her name and she walked hand in hand with Chase to an examination room.

“Dr. Burgess wants you to change into a gown sweety.” The nurse said and Morgan went into the bathroom, pulling her clothes quickly off and the always hated hospital gown on. She went back into the room and Chase lifted her onto the table. It seemed like an eternity before her doctor came in. He gave her a hug and then sat down on his stool. He opened her file and looked through it.

“How are we feeling today?” He asked.

“Good, nervous, but good.” She answered.

“I was talking to Chase, I know you’re doing just fine.” He looked up from his file and smiled and she laughed.

Chase shook his head. These two liked teasing him. “Oh doctor, you know how Chase is, tough as nails.”

“Not where you’re concerned. He as soft as pudding when it’s about you.” He sat her file down and stood, taking his stethoscope from around his neck and putting it in his ears. He checked her heart first and then her lungs. He nodded and put his stethoscope back around his neck. “I’m going to have Maria come in and take some blood then you can get that CT scan over with. After that she’ll do the EKG. By the time you get done I should have the results from your bloodwork.”

“Thank you doctor.” She said and he left with a smile. A smile was always a good thing.

It wasn’t long before the nurse came in and drew blood. “I’m so glad to see you doing well Morgan” the nurse said happily. “Thanks, it’s Chase that keeps me this good.”

“Well thank you Chase then. You better keep this up.”

“I will” He said with a smile trying not to be worried. “I’ll be right back and we can take you to your CT.”

“alright” Morgan said cheerfully. When the nurse came back Morgan held chases hand to the room they would do the CT. Chase stood beside the machine praying it would all be ok. His life was so perfect with Morgan. She tried to read the nurses facial expression but he couldn’t figure out if it was good or bad. He didn’t realize he had started to squint he was looking at the nurse so hard. She laughed at Chase. The fact she was able to laugh told him it couldn’t be too bad.

It helped him relax. He would try not to look at anybody in the hospital that hard again. He just knew Maria was going to tease him later for it. Another thing the people at this hospital would hold to for dear life no doubt. He loved how they treated the two of them like family though. Morgan had become so close with everybody at this hospital. If they ever moved he’d want to come back to this one for everything just because of the friendly atmosphere.

Waiting for it to be over was one of the longest hour in his life. He wished it didn’t take this long but he did want them to be sure she was ok. “I love you Chase”

“Love you too Morgan” She was trying to help him relax. It was harder for her to relax when he got wound up. She just relaxed and thought about her wonderful wake up this morning. She planned on returning the favor the next time she woke up first. She imagined all she’d do to him and it made time fly. The nurse told her she could get up and go back to her room.

She sat on the end of the examination table. Maria came in with the EKG machine and Morgan lay down. She hooked it up to her and turned it on. She lay as still as she could, breathing evenly. Chase held her hand and she smiled at him. Half an hour later Maria unhooked the machine and wheeled it out of the way. Dr. Burgess came in smiling, he leaned in and whispered something to Maria. She left and then came back with an ultrasound machine and a blanket.

“Is everything okay?” Morgan asked as Maria put the blanket over her lap and lifted up the gown.

“Of course, your heart is doing amazing, but there is something else I am concerned about.” He rolled himself over next to her and picked up a bottle of blue gel. He squeezed some on her abdomen and then turned on the ultrasound machine. “You have a mass growing in your abdomen.” He said as he picked up the wand and ran it over her stomach.

“A mass?” Chase asked, worried.

“Yes and my biggest concern,” the doctor said as he turned the screen to face her, “is what you plan on naming it.”

Morgan looked confused for a moment as she glanced between her doctor and the screen then back again. “Wait, just wait. Is that a baby?”

“The start of one, little bitty thing.”

She covered her mouth and started crying. Chase just stared at the screen, unable to say anything. A baby? His baby? It was both exciting and terrifying all at once. “Is she healthy enough to have a baby?” Chase had to know.

“Of course she is, as strong as an ox. She can have as many babies as she likes. Congratulations, we’ll give you two a few minutes then I’ll come back and print you out some pictures.” He handed her a small box of tissues then left with Maria close behind.

They hugged eachother “I’m so happy” Morgan said through her tears. Chase was happy too. A baby was the only thing that could make their life better. “I can’t believe you’re pregnant”

“With how much we have sex It’s easy for me to believe.” Chase laughed “you better let me help you as much as possible, Don’t hog all the baby time when he or she is born.”

“Do you want it to be a boy or girl?”

“Boy, girls are safer when they have an older brother looking out for them. Men are pigs.” Morgan laughed “you’re not”. Chase rubbed Morgans cheek. “If only you knew how happy I was.”

“I know because I’m happier.”

“Puh lease” Chase said over exagerating the puh. Morgan laughed and the doctor came in the room and printed them pictures of their tiny baby. “we have to buy a frame.” Morgan said almost crying again. “I’m so happy for you Morgan” Burgess said smiling. She got up and dressed when he told her she could go home. She almost skipped out the hospital she was so happy to find out she was pregnant. It was the best surprise she ever had.

They went to the store and looked at a bunch of frames. They found one that would hold all the pictures that were printed and purchased it. The second they were home she filled the frame and Chase put it on the wall where she told him she thought it looked best and would be easy to glance at. It was a black frame since they didn’t know the gender yet. Morgan wanted to hurry and find out so they could start buying baby stuff for their little one.

“what room are we giving them?” Morgan jumped up excitedly and started to run. Chase grabbed her “please dont run.”

“why I do all the time?”

“But you’re pregnant” Morgan sighed “you’re going to be one of those dads huh? Oh well, it will be absolutely endearing. I will walk.” They looked at every room in their home multiple times until Morgan and Chase decided it would be best to have them in the room closest to theirs. It was their computer room but Chase would get his friends at work to help him move all that stuff into another room.

Chase made Morgan set down on the couch so he could make lunch. She just rolled her eyes. He kissed her softly and she smiled as he disappeared into the kitchen. She switched on the TV, watching some show called Hell On Wheels. It was about some guy looking for the man who had killed his wife and very interesting. “He’s cute.” She said out loud and Chase stuck his head out the kitchen door.

“Who is?” He asked and she smiled at him.

“The guy playing Cullen Bohannan.” He came into the living room and looked at the guy with long hair and a cowboy hat.

“You like the beardy guys don’t you? I could always grow one, walk around in a duster and tip my hat to everyone.” She started laughing and he leaned down and kissed her.

“Please don’t grow a beard, I already get rubbed red by just the little bit of stubble you have.” She looked back at the TV then back at him. “Besides, you’re way hotter than he is. He’s just cute, you’re dead sexy.”

“Trying to get yourself out of trouble for teasing me? I guess I can let it slide this time, but next time I’ll take this belt off and spank you.”

She blushed and he went back into the kitchen. She continued watching the show, running her hand over her abdomen. She couldn’t wait to feel that little baby kicking her in the ribs. She still had to call her mom and dad. They would be so happy. They had wanted grandchildren, but the problem with her heart had kept her from having a full and happy life. Now she had everything she ever wanted and never expected to have.

When lunch was over she stood “I’m going to call my parents. They’ll be so excited”

“I’ll call mine too. That way it can both be done at once and nobody will cry over who got told first.” Morgan laughed “ok sweetheart” They went into separate rooms and called their parents. Her mother screamed almost deafening her. She demanded as soon as they knew the gender they would let them come visit and go on a shopping spree for the little one. Chases parents were just as excited for their son. They got done talking at almost the same time.

“My mom almost defened me” Morgan said happily. “My parents were thrilled too. They wanted to know how many we’ll have” Morgan laughed “but I’ve only just got pregnant with this one.”

“That’s what I told them, besides pregnancy is a strain on your heart. You could get sick again if you ahve too many babies.” Chases face filled with concern. “I’ll be fine, the doctor says I’m healthy and can have all the babies I want.” Chase smiled “well I’ll give you any number of children you want. Just let me know.”


“Nine it is” Morgan laughed “I dont really want nine I was just seeing if you were bluffing.”

“well now you know, we’ll have as many children as you want.” Morgan hugged her husband and kissed him “You’re so wonderful baby” They stood there looking into eachothers eyes for awhile. Just enjoying being close. They only parted when the phone rang. It was one of Morgans cousins. Apparently her parents ahd called everyone because hers and Chases phone wouldn’t stop ringing. As soon as they hung up on one person they were talking to another. It was fun and exciting, when the phones finally stopped Chase sighed “I didn’t know we knew that many people” Morgan laughed ” I know”

“I can’t wait to tell Tony tonight. I think I’ll announce it on stage before I play.” She said excitedly.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea. I mean every famous person has that one fan.” Chase pulled her into his arms.

“I’m not that famous. I’m not Angelina Jolie, I don’t have paparazzi waiting for me on the front lawn disguised as a trash can.” He laughed and pressed his forehead against hers.

“I love you so much Morgan. You make this house a real home.”

“Some times it’s hard being this amazing.” She grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Now, you have to help me pick out a dress for the concert.”

“Just wear whatever, everyone will think you look beautiful.”

“All that matters is that I look beautiful for you. So come and help me.”

She took his hand and pulled him upstairs to their room. He went through her clothes with her and finally found the dress he had first seen her play in. It was a soft summer yellow with white straps and white that made a V down the back. It was long, falling to the floor. He pulled out a pair of yellow heels and sat them on the bed with the dress. “I like this outfit. It’s the one you wore that first night.”

“I don’t remember that night ending well.” She said nervously.

“If it had not then I would not have given Tony my number and we would have never fallen in love. You were so beautiful that night like an angel.”

“How do you always make me feel so wonderful?”

He shrugged. “It’s an acquired skill, lots of hard work. You’ll learn some day.” She punched his chest and he grabbed her wrist and tugged her into him. The fingers of his other hand tangled on her hair and he tipped her head back to kiss her. He pulled back, leaving her starry eyed and flushed. “That’s strike two Mrs. Cadwell, one more and I will spank you.”

“Yeah right, don’t forget I’m pregnant.”

“Naughty little thing using our unborn child against me.”

“You started it.”

“Indeed I did and I will continue to do things that may seem irrational and overprotective even if it drives you absolutely bonkers.”

“I can live with that. I think we should take a nap before tonight. This morning was such a shock and I’ve been so excited that I’ve exhausted myself.”

He carried her to the bed and wrapped her tightly in his arms. They both found sleep quickly. An alarm started going off telling Morgan she needed to get ready for her performance. She reluctantly got up and hoped in the shower. It slowly woke her up again. She had fallen asleep really hard. Chase came in after her “you left me”

“Can’t help you’re slow. To think I’m the pregnant one” He laughed. “Hush you” They washed then got out to get ready. She threw on her dress and applied some make up then did her hair. “Gorgeous” Chase said as he kissed his wifes shoulder. “You’re looking handsome yourself. You must kill your female students. I dont know what I would’ve done with a teacher like you.” he turned her head to kiss her. “Come on lets go.”

They walked out and hoped in their car. Morgan hummed every song that came on the radio. Chase turned it down so he could hear her better. He preferred her voice over anyones. They actually got there a bit early. It was better than being late though. “I guess we got ready too quickly” Morgan sighed “I know, we could’ve had more sex.” Chase winked. :I’m just a sex toy to you!” she said loudly then started to fake cry into her hands. It took Chase off guard “I thought I might give you a sample of what my pregnancy hormones may do to me” They both laughed.

He got out of the car and went around to her side, pulling her door open and handing her out. She took his arm and suddenly found herself mobbed by fans. Chase had to wrap his arm around her waist to keep her from being knocked down. She smiled and signed autographs and even talked to a couple of people. He checked his watch and whispered into her ear that they needed to get inside. She politely excused herself and he lead her inside and backstage where Tony was waiting.

“Morgan, you made it. Look at you, such a vision of beauty. Chase, wonderful that you could make it tonight. How did the appointment go this morning?” He said happily.

“It went great. Everything is functioning properly and we have a surprise for everyone tonight.” Morgan said as she took Chase’s hand.

“Oh really? What is it?”

“I’m going to announce it on stage with Chase if that’s okay.”

“The stage is yours Morgan, it is where you show people your art. Do what you will with it.”

She smiled and pulled Chase onstage. He usually sat in the front row with the audience, but tonight she wanted him with her through the entire performance. People stood and started clapping as they approached the microphone. She waved and smiled and as she opened her mouth to speak the room fell silent. “I am so excited to see so many people here tonight. I wanted to start the concert off with an announcement. Today, my husband and I, found out that we are expecting our first baby.” There were many gasps and then clapping. “Thank you very much. I wanted you to share in this joyous moment with us. Lets play some music shall we.” She pulled Chase over to the piano and had him sit next to her on the bench.

“Are you sure you want me up here?” He asked.

“Very sure love. This is our night and I want them to see you too.”

Chapter Two

Morgan started playing her beautiful melody and the room fell silent. Nobody made a peep so they could let her beautiful notes drift through the air. Chase could’ve fallen asleep to this song. He had a few times at home. He watched her fingers float back and forth across the keys. It hardly looked like she even touched them when she’d make a note play.

She seemed to have even more heart in her playing tonight. He could feel her happiness about the baby in her music. Her beautiful playing always showed great emotion. She decided with Chase up there to do a duet from Mozart’s Symphony 40. Chase agreed to after she asked the audience if it would be to their liking. The two of them easily played it together. Morgan had spent a lot of time practicing it with Chase.

Chase was over joyed to be playing with his wife. He wondered how much their new baby would like piano music. He imagined him sitting on the floor playing with their baby while Morgan played sweet music. That would be so perfect. He just couldn’t believe he had such a dream life. He still had a lot of worry about some deranged fan. He felt it was most likely over protectiveness but he felt somebody in the audience that night was not enjoying the performance like normal.

Morgan decided to close with Chopin, the song slow and one of longing. The audience had tears in their eyes, all but one young man. He glared at the man sitting next her, the one standing between him and the object of his obsession. Every smile she gave that man, every brush of her fingers across his hand as they had played tore at him. He had written her many letters expressing his love for her and her music. The music stopped and she stood with her husband then bowed to the audience. She stepped up to the microphone, smiling brightly.

“I would like to thank everyone who came tonight and everyone who sent me flowers and letters. My mantle is absolutely covered in cards. I may have to get a file box at this rate.” Everyone laughed. “Please know that I read everything you send me. Thank you all very, very much.” Everyone stood and clapped as she walked off stage. He had to get to her quickly, just to speak to her for a moment.

Morgan’s skin was warm from the stage lights and the excitement of playing with Chase. Tony embraced them both when they came back stage and told them how happy he was that he was going to be an uncle. Morgan had never seen him happier than that moment and he even said he looked forward to Morgan’s child playing on his stage some day. She would love that, love for their little one to be showered with so much love for doing something that brought many happiness. She kissed Tony’s cheek and he said he would see her at the end of the week for her second performance. She wrapped her arm around Chase’s waist and he draped his arm across her shoulders as they walked down the steps to where her fans waited patiently and very quietly.

Chase let her go and leaned against the wall as she talked to everyone and signed autographs. There was one young man, maybe eighteen years old, that gave him the creeps. The way he smiled at Morgan was almost manic. She shook his hand and even though she smiled sweetly at him, he could see by her eyes that she was repulsed. Never in his life had he seen her afraid of a fan. She pulled her hand slowly away as of he was a dangerous viper and she was the unsuspecting victim. He moved back to her, resting his hands on her shoulders to tell her he was there and would protect her if she only asked. The young man glared at him and he looked cooly back, not even close to intimidated. The boy moved away and Morgan seemed to relax.

Chase kept a close eye on his wife but her mood didn’t darken again. It was just that one fan that seemed to scare her. Finally she told everyone she was very tired and had to be going. Chase grabbed her hand and they walked to the car. As soon as they were on the road he turned to her and asked in a serious tone “why were you afraid of that one boy?”

“He just likes me a little too much. He writes me love letters and sends me photoshopped pictures he’s made of us together.”

“why didn’t you bring him up when I was talking about that one fan Morgan?”

“He’s just a boy, I think he’s seventeen”

“It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to allow him at your performances.” Parker went home angrily thinking about Morgans husband. He didn’t deserve Morgan. She and that baby should be his. Didn’t she read his letters or look at how perfect they were together? He pulled out his box of photos he had made. He wanted real pictures with her. He looked through ones he had managed to just get of her. He had found out her address a few months back and would hide in different places to snap a photograph of her.

There were many times he’d follow Morgan into town to take pictures of her there. She was always beautiful and bright. He had to have her. Now he could have her and a baby, all he had to do was get rid of Chase. He got on his computer to research some good ways to kill Chase without anybody linking him to it. He considered maybe kidnapping him first to make him pay for touching his love.

Chase would talk to Tony about the young man before the next concert. He wasn’t willing to risk the life of his wife and child if fan boy decided to snap. Morgan rested her hand on his leg and he glanced at her. She was the epitome of serenity, so calm, so innocent in her belief that a teenage boy wasn’t capable of violence. He was really worried, his mind drifted to the look the boy had given her. It was not the look of adoration or joy, but of obsession. It was the look of a man who thought he already owned her. He didn’t like it one bit and would show his violent side if that boy so much as touched her again.

Morgan waited until Chase pulled the car into the driveway before unbuckling and kissing him. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and she gripped his shirt. She pulled back and he looked a bit shocked. “What was that for?” He asked, his voice a husky mix of love and lust.

“For being the greatest husband in the world and playing with me tonight. Oh and lets not forget giving me the greatest gift in the world.” She placed a hand on her abdomen.

“I would give you the world if I could, the universe even. Every star, every world from here to the edge of space.”

“I don’t need the universe, I just need you and this baby. Oh and maybe a couple of horses so the barn doesn’t go to waste.” He laughed and they got out of the car. He carried her up the steps and she unlocked and opened the door for him. He tossed her playfully on the couch.

“I am going to make you something delicious, something sweet and sinful. Something chocolate.” He said as he slipped her heels off and sat them on the floor. He slid his hands up her legs, pushing her dress up to her thighs.

“Like what exactly?” She whispered.

“You’ll just have wait and see.” He traced the edge of her panties and she gasped. “While you’re waiting you can sit here and imagine what I’m going to do to you.” She swallowed and he smiled, making her blush a bright red. He left her there, wet and needy. She couldn’t believe it. She wanted to follow him into the kitchen. “Don’t even think about it love or it’s strike three.” He said as if reading her mind.

“I don’t like you.”

“You say that now. Watch something while I cook.”

She walked into the living room shaking her head at him. She found a documentary to keep herself from going in there and climbing on her husband. The mans boring tone did nothing to help her. Morgans mind raced with everything he could be planning. Their sex was always amazing and sometimes left her wanting him again. She laid there impatient. Whatever he was making was taking him far too long.

Finally he came out with Chocolate Cream Cheese Bars. He set them on the coffee table then got on top of her “I’m glad to see you’re already laying down for me” Chase whispered in her ear then bit it while his hands explored her body. He got her really built up and then stopped “Lets eat these.”

“Chase you can’t do that to me” He smiled “The more I build you up the better orgasm you are going to have” he winked and took a bite of one of the bars. She got up and started licking and sucking on his neck. He almost couldn’t fight her off “come on just eat one baby.” She grabbed one and started to eat as sensually as possible. “You’re so bad Morgan.”

“Like you can talk” Chase started ripping her clothes off then his own. He pushed her down roughly then greedily sucked and licked at her nipples as he rubbed her. Her hands were running through his hair as she moaned and writhed under him. He lightly bit all up and down her legs making sure to let out light breaths as he he squeezed her ass tightly. He got over her and started thrusting at a fast steady pace. She had an orgasm almost instantly that wouldn’t stop. It ripped through her making her moan loudly. She felt it in her every inch of her body. Then the second one came and she could barely take it.

“Chase.” She gasped his name, her nails biting into his back. He gripped the arm of the couch to push into her harder. His lips found hers, his own hoarse cry filling her mouth and sending her into another orgasm as he found his release. He turned so she lay on top of him and they panted loudly trying to catch their breath. He ran his hands up and down her spine and kissed the top of her head. He shook her a little.

“Did you fall asleep on me?” He asked with a laugh.

“You wish.” She managed to raise her head and prop her chin on his chest.

“Lets take a shower and go to bed.” He sat up and then stood with her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her upstairs. She rested her head on his shoulder until they got to the bathroom and he sat her gently on the counter. He switched on the water, testing it before turning on the shower. He lifted her and placed her gently on her feet in the tub. They took turns washing each other and then rinsed. He dried her first, taking his time on her long tresses before drying himself. He carried her to bed, laying her down then climbing in next to her. He pulled the covers up and then pulled her into his arms. He stroked her back and kissed her hair until her breathing evened out and her body became limp.

“I love you my sweet angel. Never forget that.” He whispered and kissed her one more time before closing his eyes and letting himself drift off.

They both had a peaceful and deep sleep. Chase grunted at the alarm wanting to stay in bed. Morgan lifted her head and gave the alarm a death glare. Chase laughed pulling her in for a kiss. “Don’t go to work”

“I have to”

“That’s what substitute teachers are for” Chase laughed happily. “I’ll be back my love.”

“I guess” she sighed then continued “I’m going to the store today, do you want me to get anything?”

‘Nothing comes to mind.” Chase went into their closet and pulled out a shirt then opened their drawers to get pants. Once he was ready he kissed Morgan one last time before running out. Morgan felt a bit sore from last night but it was wonderful. It still took her breath away the amazing and passionate sex she had with Chase. She just laid there for awhile since she didn’t have anything to do today besides shopping. She thought maybe while she was out she could find some stuff to do in town to make her day go by quicker.

A few hours slipped by and she decided she shouldn’t be lazy so she got out of bed and put on a marine summer dress. She did a few chores around the house then got a list ready of things she needed from the store. It was a little after twelve so she would eat lunch while she was out. She put on some flip flops and brushed her hair before running out the door to her car. She decided to eat at The Cookout since they had the best milkshakes she ever tasted. When she was done she decided she’d go walk around the park while she finished her Banana fudge milkshake.

Morgan couldn’t believe how nice it was outside. When she was done she found a trash can and kept walking. She decided it had been to long since Chase and her went on a nature walk and she’d see about them taking one this coming weekend. She decided to lay down and just enjoy the warmth of the song while she listened to the sweet song of the birds.

Parker hid behind a tree across the street from the high school Chase worked at. He watched as Morgan’s husband pulled into the parking lot and into his space. He was going to hide in the backseat. He had a gun and when Chase pulled out of the parking lot he would pop up and force the man to drive at gunpoint to an old run down house he had found. He could keep him there in the basement as collateral in case Morgan ever stopped loving him.

Chase ran inside and to his classroom. He made it just as the bell rang. His students grinned at him and he shot them his death glare that had them looking at their desks. He sat down and pulled out his lesson planner. “Looks like today we’re doing some text book work. How exciting right?” His students laughed. “Page 230, a story called The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant. Read it, do the questions at the end, and if you finish before class is over we’ll discuss it. Homework for tonight will be to read the first three chapters of any book and do a report. Trust me when I say I will find the book you have mentioned and read the first three chapters to make sure you are being genuine. Now, get to work.” He leaned back in his chair and stared at the clock for a few minutes. When that didn’t make time go faster he stood and started walking around the class room, deciding to do the scary teacher hover so the students thought they were being watched and would do their work.

Morgan checked her watch and sighed. She had to get the shopping done today or they would starve. She drove quietly to enjoying the CD of piano music Case had made for her. He was always doing things like that for her. She thought it was mostly to keep her mind off of her heart. Even though it was in good health, she still sometimes scared herself thinking about it failing. She didn’t know why she worried so much after she had been reassured time and time again that everything was okay and would be for a long time. She pulled into the parking lot and switched off the car. She got out and headed into the store where she was stopped by an old couple for an autograph. She couldn’t say no to them and quickly asked a cashier if she could have a pen and a blank piece of paper. The young man gave it to her without question and she signed the paper then handed it to the old woman. She kissed them both on the cheek then grabbed a shopping cart, hoping she had made their day a little brighter.

She picked up all she needed for a few recipes she wanted to try if Chase would let her be in the kitchen. After she made sure she had everything for those she got the normal things they kept in their house. She went into the candy aisle to grab some of Chases favorite candies. Once she was sure she had everything she checked out. The man behind her spoke “Miss that’s a lot of stuff, wait for me to check out and I’ll help you put that in your car.”

“I’ll manage, thank you so much though.”

“You sure?”

“Yes” she pushed her cart out and unloaded everything. It was a lot of stuff but she knew she could do it without the mans help. She made her way home looking at the clock. It would be three in fifteen minuets so Chase should be getting home in about an hour. When she arrived at the house it took her multiple trips to get everything inside because it had been so long since they bought anything. She decided she would make herself go shopping once a week so she’d never have to make such a huge trip again.

She was glad the bag boy was smart this time and put all the frozen stuff together. The first couple times he bagged for her everything was thrown whereever which made it take longer to unload when she got home. After everything was put away she made sure her door was locked and collapsed on their couch. Morgan switched on Spike TV to keep her mind busy while she waited on Chase.

“Remember to read the first three chapters of any book. The report is due on Friday.” Chase said and the bell rang. He made sure he had all the papers he needed to grade and hurried out to his car. He was happy to be going home. He started the car and suddenly had a feeling of foreboding. He shook it off and pulled out of the parking lot. He heard someone behind him and the barrel of a gun was suddenly pressed against his right temple. He looked in the mirror and could see the face of the young man from the theater. “What do you want?” He asked, his fingers gripping the steering wheel tighter.

“I want you to shut up and go to the south side of town.” Parker answered.

“How about I pull over and you just get out and walk away. You can leave the gun here and no one will ever know.”

“How about I blow your brains out all over the window. Now drive.”

“Alright, just calm down.” He couldn’t risk getting himself killed and not seeing Morgan again. He slowly lowered his left hand and pulled his phone put of his pocket. He slipped it in the waist band of his jeans where this boy couldn’t find it. “Is it okay if I play some music?”

“What kind of music?”

“Morgan’s music.” The boy nodded and Chase turned on the CD player. Her music filled the car and he could see that very manic smile cross the boy’s face. This was about his wife and if the obviously disturbed young man knew where he worked then he knew where they lived. They made it to the south side of town in half an hour.

Parker ordered him to turn left and go up to the house at the end of the road. It was old and rundown with boarded up windows and police tape strung across the door. He was forced out of his car with a gun in his back and around the house to the overgrown back yard. Parker opened the door to the cellar and ordered him to go down into the darkness. “Sit down in that chair and don’t try anything or I’ll shoot you and leave you to bleed out all over the floor.” He said and Chase sat down. “Now put your arms behind your back.” He did and Parker quickly cuffed his wrists together with one pair of handcuffs and then took another pair and latched one end to the center chain of the pair on him and the other end to the leg of the chair. He moved around to look at Chase’s face.

“What do you want with my wife?” Chase asked.

“Everything. She should be mine, not yours. You don’t appreciate her like I do.”

“Screw you, you little brat.” The boy hit him on the side of the head with the gun.

“Shut up, don’t call me names. Morgan would never call me names. I’m going to go see her now okay. So be good or I’ll be forced to hurt her and our baby.”

Chapter Three

Chase hadn’t realized before just how disturbed the young boy was. Parker left and got in Chases car to go see Morgan. He knew now that Chase wasn’t in the way she’d kiss him, make love to him and let him raise their baby with her. His mind filled with fantasies of the life they would now have. Parker was going to open her door and be greeted with a hug.

He was going to walk her up the stairs and have sex with her like he saw Chase do countless undeserving times. Parker was already growing hard at the thought. Morgan was getting impatient for Chase. She was pacing around the living room. She opened the front door and sat on a rocking chair wondering what was taking him. She hoped he didn’t have to stay after class because of some student. Morgan swore sometimes Penny would cause trouble just to get to talk to her husband.

Morgan felt worry wash over her. Felt like something was off. Her mind started flitting through horrible things. She thought maybe he was late because he got in an accident. He did normally call if he could when he wasn’t getting home on time. Finally she saw the headlights of his car and ran out. Parker smiled, and got out to get his hug. Morgan froze “where’s Chase?” She started to back away from Parker.

“Don’t look at me like that Morgan.” He said, waving the gun as he gestured. She took another step back. She couldn’t help but think he had done something horrible to Chase.

“Please just tell me where my husband is, please.” She was terrified. Her hand went instinctively to her stomach. What if he hurt her baby.

“I’m your husband Morgan, please come here.” She couldn’t make herself move toward him. Her eyes darted around, looking for a way out. She knew if she ran he might shoot her in the back. The only way out was to play into his delusion.

“Let me make you dinner love, you look like you’ve had a long day.” She didn’t know how she managed to keep her voice from shaking. He moved closer and she stood her ground. He was right in front of her and she forced herself to look into his eyes. “Doesn’t dinner sound good?”

“Dinner, yes I’m very hungry.” The way he sad it made her cringe. He took her hand and pulled her inside. She felt a chill move up her arm, giving her goosebumps. He took her to the kitchen and leaned against the counter as she pulled some fish out of the freezer. He wasn’t pointing the gun at her, but that could change really fast. She filled the sink with hot water then set the individually packaged fish in. He was suddenly behind her. She hadn’t even heard him move. He sat the gun on the counter and leaned into her, his arms around her waist, his nose in her hair. She could feel that he was hard. He inhaled deeply and she suddenly felt very sick.

Chase had to get to his phone. He ran his fingers over the second pair of handcuffs. They were attached to the chair leg. He thought of how incredibly stupid the boy had been. He obviously had not thought this whole kidnapping thing through. He stood and flipped the chair over so the handcuffs slipped off the leg. Now all he had to do was get the handcuffs off. He had asked one of his students to show him how to pick locks after catching the kid trying to break into his desk to get a pack of cigarettes that Chase had confiscated. All he needed was the right piece of metal.

Chase searched around and found one that was perfect. He fiddled with it until it was finally in the right position in his hands and began to pick the handcuffs. He wanted to rush but knew he had to do this slow and right to get out. Relief shot through him when the handcuffs became loose. He got them off and grabbed his phone. Chase dialed 911 and told them what was going on. He gave them his address and told them to hurry before the man hurt his wife.

Chase got out and saw his car was gone. He cursed then walked to the street and called a taxi service. Chase was much too far from home to be able to walk or run there. It would be faster just to wait on the cab. Chase mind filled with worry. The young man already had plenty of time to get to his home. Morgan had been through too much to go through this. It wasn’t right atall.

The cab arrived and Chase asked how long it would take to get to his adress. When the man told him Chase said “I’ll pay you triple the cab fee to make it in half the time.”

“Yes sir” The cab driver sped off. He took side ways to Chases home so he wouldn’t get pulled over by the cops for his speeding. They eventually had to be on a main rode but they just had to keep hope a cop wouldn’t pull them over. Chase kept repeating in his head “Please don’t hurt Morgan” At the house Parker started to slide his hands up Morgans dress “Honey, I’m cooking. We can do that after dinner right baby?” Parker smiled and kissed the back of Morgans neck “Of course. I just can’t get my hands off of you. You’re so sexy and perfect.”

“Only for you. Could you do me a favor?”

“I’ll do anything for you.”

“I have a bag of candied ginger in the pantry, please get it for me. The baby is making me nauseas.” He kissed her shoulder and grabbed the gun then disappeared into the large walk in pantry. She grabbed the butcher knife out of the knife block and backed slowly out of the kitchen. Her phone was upstairs by the bed. She moved as fast as she could up the stairs, skipping the fourth one since it creaked.

“Morgan.” He yelled her name and she ran to her room. She slammed the door and locked it. The house went silent. She listened intently and heard the fourth step creak. “Come out my love, I promise not to hurt you.” He wiggled the door knob and she backed up to the bed side table. She grabbed her phone and found Chase’s number.

“Pick up, please pick up.” She whispered. He did on the third ring. “Chase?”

“Morgan are you okay?” He asked.

“He’s in our house, that crazy boy is in our house.”

“Morgan open the fucking door.” Parker demanded angrily.

“Fuck you.” She screamed. “Chase please hurry.” Parker slammed against the door. She sat down on the floor on the far side of the bed and he hit the door again.

“Just stay on the phone baby, the cops are on their way.”

A sound caught her attention and she listened. Sirens. They were close, at least at the end of the road. The door finally gave and he crossed the room to her angrily. She slashed at him and he grabbed her wrist, twisting it so she dropped the knife. He jerked her up and threw her on the bed. She dropped the phone and could hear Chase screaming her name. He pressed the gun to her forehead. “Why would you run from me? Don’t you know I love you?” He said through gritted teeth.

“Yes, I’m sorry. Please don’t kill me.”

“I would never do that, never, but you have to be punished.”

She shook her head. She would rather die. She knew what he wanted and she wasn’t willing to give it to him. “No, I won’t let you.” She said as tears slid down her cheeks.

“You don’t have a choice.” He gripped her chin roughly. “I’ll take you back to him and make him watch. Do you think he’d be jealous?”

“Not of you, never of you. You are nothing.” He pressed the gun harder into her forehead, bruising the skin. The sirens were right out front, tires skidded to a halt. He raised his head to listen. He pulled her up and held her in front of him by her neck, the gun pressed to the back of her head.

Parker walked downstairs with Morgan. She felt both afraid and angry. The only comfort she had was not being in her bedroom where he was going to rape her. He walked out on the porch where a negotiator got out of his car. The police had already sent a sniper around so she could position herself in a tree to shoot Parker if it became necessary. Morgan just wanted to see Chase. If she was going to die she wanted her husband to be the last thing she saw.

The cab finally arrived at the house and Chase threw all the money in his wallet at the man knowing it was more than promised but he just needed to get out and to see his wife. He tried to push the panic back when he saw Parker holding a gun to the back of his wifes head as he seemed to be bickering with the negotiator.

Parker was shoving the gun harder and harder into Morgan. It felt like he might break right into her skull soon. Her eyes caught her husbands. Morgan was so glad he made it incase she didn’t live. This was all her fault. She should’ve been more careful but she never thought for a second that a seventeen year old kid would do something like this. She saw it as an innocent crush. Her friends at the hospital always warned her she was too trusting but she never listened.

“Sir you can’t go through.” An officer said.

“You let me by or I’ll break something and yes officer that is a threat. If you want to arrest me then go ahead, but I’m not letting that piece of shit have my wife.” The look in his eye must have scared the cop because he lowered his arm and stepped aside. Chase moved slowly forward, hands raised. The kid looked at him, malice burning in his eyes.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Parker asked angrily.

“Come on Parker lets just talk, you and me. Morgan has nothing to do with this.”

“She has everything to do with this. She’s mine, not yours. She loves me, not you. Tell him Morgan, tell him you love me.”

Morgan looked into her husband’s eyes and he nodded. “I love him Chase, very much.”

“See, what did I tell you. You’re nothing to her.”

“Then why is she carrying my child? Why has she spent every night with me and not with you?” Chase asked, waving the negotiator back.

“Shut up right now.” Parker snapped.

“You’ve been here, you know. I can see from your eyes that you’ve seen us together.” He purposely antagonized the boy. “Every night since we’ve been together. I think your problem is you know she loved every minute of it.”

“Shut up.” He screamed and shoved Morgan to the ground. He raised his gun at Chase in a blind rage. A shot rang out, a hole blossomed in the boy’s forehead and he collapsed with a shocked look on his face. Chase ran to his wife and gathered her into his arms. She clung to him, crying into his chest.

“It’s okay baby, you’re safe and the baby’s safe.” He said. She leaned back and slapped him then cried some more. He lifted her and carried her into the living room while the coroners cleaned up the mess. “What was that for?” He asked as he sat down with her cradled on his lap.

“For being a goddamn stupid idiot. You trapped him, you made his angry on purpose. He could have killed you Chase.” She said through her tears. “I was so scared and then you go and make it worse by letting that little prick aim a gun at you.”

“I’m sorry, so so sorry. Please don’t be mad at me. I love you so much and I didn’t know what else to do. The negotiator was getting nowhere and I knew the kid was unstable. I’m sorry I scared you, sorry that you had to see me talk to him like that. Please forgive me Morgan, please.”

Morgan just cried awhile longer. A police man stood beside Chase “what do you want?”

“I’ll need her statement sir” She told the police officer all that happened then he left. “am I forgiven Morgan?” Chase asked when the door was closed. “I guess there wasn’t much else that could’ve been done. I just love you so much”

“I know” Chase said stroking her hair. Morgan cried until she was out of tears. “are you hungry honey? Can I get you anything? I’ll order us somthing.”

“I’m not hungry but I guess I should feed the baby. If that hadn’t happened I would’ve been hungry.”

“I’ll order anything you want.”

“Lucky 7?”

“Lucky 7, want what you always get?”

“Yes please” Chase pulled out his phone and called. “It’ll be here in twenty minuets” Morgan nodded and rested her head on his shoulder. “how’d you escape wherever he took you?”

“The kid wasn’t very smart, it was not hard atall”

“Good, I really didn’t think”

“I know you didn’t honey. I dont think you should perform for awhile. I’m sure Tony will understand” Morgan nodded and Chase held her close. Their food came and Morgan put ginger on it to help her eat without throwing up. As soon as they were done Chase took Morgan upstairs to lay down with her. He kissed her bruise then rubbed her hair to help Morgan rest. “I love you so much Morgan.”

“I love you too.” Morgan eventually relaxed in the arms of her husband and went to sleep. When he was sure she was out he started to cry. He held it in because he could tell she needed a rock but now he needed to let it all out. He couldn’t lose Morgan. He was so grateful he didn’t. He couldn’t even allow his mind to think of what would happen to him without her. She was his world. He started to jerk from crying so hard. he let Morgan go so he woudn’t wake her up. When he was all cried out he held her again placing a loving kiss on her cheek.

When morning came Chase ran downstairs to make her chocolate chip pancakes. He quickly made them then poured her some orange juice. He set it by the bed and woke her with a kiss. “I made you breakfast honey”

“Thank you” She sat up and he placed it on her lap “this looks so wonderful. Where’s yours?”

“I’ll go get it. I just wanted you to start” She motioned for him to get closer so she could give him another kiss. CHase ran downstairs and got his own TV tray ready. They ate and then cuddled again. “Thank you for breakfast and staying strong for me last night Chase. I’m so lucky to be married to you.”

“I’m even more lucky Morgan. Please, if you ever get a fan writing to you like that again tell the cops right away.”

“I promise.” They spent the rest of the day cuddled in bed watching movies together.

~ The End ~

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