Nali & Reece

Chapter One

A half demon, half human women named Nali built herself a home deep within the woods near a small village. Because of her human blood demons thought she was repulsive and disgusting. Because of her demon blood humans feared her and tried to kill her every time they saw her. Since her parents were murdered by a hoard of demons she had been all alone. Her parents died but had managed to hide their daughter. They heard the demons were coming and knew they couldn’t all hide or escape. Her father claimed to have eaten Nali when they asked where she was.

Because he was a demon the hoard believed her fathers lies and just slaughtered the two. Nali was hiding in a closet. It took everything she had not to scream and cry as she listened to her parents die. Nali made one friend a few years ago. A woman names Sincerity. Nali felt that name suited her. She was the only living thing that didn’t try to kill Nali on sight. They had become friends but only saw eachother once every week or two. If the village found out Sincerity made friends with a half demon they would hang her. Mainly because everything bad that happened within the village they blamed on Nali. Even if the weather was bad it was Nalis fault

Nali was begining to wonder if the one friend she had in this world turned her back. Nali hadn’t seen Sincerity around in almost two months. Nali hoped it was just Sincerity not wanting to see her. She’d hate to think her sweet friend got hung because the villagers found out. This morning Nali left her home to collect berries when she heard villagers running through the woods. She climbed a tree to let them pass. She listened to their conversation hoping the men would speak of Sincerity.

“That half demon is dead!” One man said with rage “Yes she is. Sinceritys been missing for almost two months and we know good and damn well that filthy half demon has her. We should’ve killed her off years ago!” Nalis heart stopped. If she had been gone that long that meant Sinceritys been lost since the last time she came to visit. This deep in the woods there were many demons, vampires and other horrific monsters that could’ve snatched her before she made it safely home.¬†Nali took deep breaths trying to settle herself. As soon as the villagers were gone Nali took off to save Sincerity. Nali only hoped it wasn’t too late.

Nali moved quickly through the woods, finding the path that her friend always took home. She used what the humans called demon vision. It gave her the ability to see the echoes of things even after they were gone. Her pupils enlarged and her irises turned a deep crimson. She saw Sencerity walking down the trail, carrying the basket that she used to deliver food to Nali with. She was humming happily after their visit. A twig snapped and Sincerity stopped walking. She looked around then started walking again. There were more snapping sounds and she turned, looking behind her.

“What do you want?” She asked. She backed up and a demon came into view. “Leave me alone.” She screamed and the demon pounced on her. It slammed her head against the ground over and over until she was unconscious and then lifted her. There was a whistle and the demon took off with Sincerity. Nali gasped, her vision going back to normal. She knew the general direction that the demon had gone. She ran back to her house and shoved a bunch of food in a bag along with a canteen full of water. She ran quickly back to where the demon had taken her friend and moved quickly through the woods. She ran until the sun began to fall and her legs could no longer carry her. She made a camp fire and sat down, catching her breath. She pulled a small bag of blueberries out of her pack and ate them. She grabbed the canteen and took a sip of water then put the cap back on and put it away. Her eyelids became heavy and slowly drifted closed.

“Are you alright?” A voice said and her eyes snapped open. There was someone standing over her. She came off the ground, landing on the person’s chest. She growled, her hands going around the stranger’s throat.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa calm down holy shit.” She pulled back and looked at the stranger’s face. He looked really shocked and was holding his hands palm up so she knew he wasn’t a threat. “My name is Reece, I thought you were unconscious, like knocked out unconscious, not sleeping unconscious.”

She got off of him “do you know what I am?”

“Your ears make it obvious. I wont hurt you though. Just dont tell anyone I didn’t try. I need to find my sister right now. I’m so worried and so are our parents. They blame you but I’ve seen you a¬†couple times. I’ve seen you help wounded creatures and do other kind things. You don’t seem bad so I know it wasn’t you. I would be hiding better though. All the village is after your blood”

“You’re Sinceritys brother?” She paused afraid. “You know my sister?” Nali didn’t know what to say. He was willing to let her live but how could she know he wouldn’t rat out his sister. She had to say somthing and decided since he’d spare her he of course wouldn’t let them hang Sincerity. “She’s my only friend. The only one I’ve ever had. A demon has taken her and I’m tracking it now.” Nali studied his face. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking “here I thought she had a secret boyfriend she’d sneak off to see. She’s been seeing you?” Nali nodded

“You wont tell on her will you?”

“Of course not.” He said a bit appalled at the suggestion. “I’m glad a half demon is on our side then. Can I join you in your hunt for her?” Nali smiled “Yes” Nali was still a little afraid. Her only comfort was the stories Sincerity told about Reece. She knew he was a nice man. Nali kept following the scent of Sincerity. It was very faint but her father had been an amazing and powerful demon. Most of his strengths and heightened senses she inherited from him.

Sincerity woke with a headache. She was gagged and her ankles were tied to her wrists so her back arched painfully if she tried pulling on the rope. She looked around, terrified. She remembered being attacked by a demon on the road between Nali’s house and her village. She was now in a cold, dimly lit cell. The door opened and a demon stepped in, moving close to her. It ran its fingers over her face, breathing heavily as it examined her. She jerked her face away and it grabbed her chin, tipping her head back as far as it would go.

“Jargo, bad boy. Get out.” A male voice said and the demon slipped silently out of the cell. A very human looking man crossed the room and squatted down so she could see him better. He slipped the gag off.

“Please let me go.” She begged.

“You’re such a pretty little thing. I can see why she likes you. That half spawn.” He said. “You’re the only way we can get her. She’s an abomination. It’s even worse that she would choose to be with a human.”

“You look human.”

“This is just an illusion. How do you think Nali’s father was able to blend in and get a human woman to fall in love with him?”

Sincerity started crying, slipping down her cheeks. “Please leave her alone. She hasn’t done anything wrong.”

“Her being alive is wrong.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and jerked it back. “We’ll all have a little fun before I kill both of you.” She cried harder and he leaned forward, licking the tears off her face. “Your despair tastes delicious.” He kissed her, shoving his tongue in her mouth. She jerked away, spitting in his face. “I love fighters.” He stood and left her, closing and locking the cell door.

Sincerity just sat there and cried. She was full of fear and anger. She couldn’t stand how humans and demons treated Nali for something she couldn’t help. Nali was nice and fun. People would love her if they wouldn’t hate her simply for being a half breed. As afraid as Sincerity was she hope Nali couldn’t find her. She didn’t want her best friend caught in a trap. Sincerity knew she’d die no matter if she came or not so she hoped to be the only one to die.

The demon Marbas sat in a chair savouring the tears and spit of Sincerity as he listened to her cry. It all gave him immense pleasure. Nothing made him happier than causing misery. He would get the fun of messing with Sincerity until Nali came and then he’d kill that disgusting creature. Half breeds shouldn’t be able to share the same air as everyone else. He’d have to clean his home after he killed her. He didn’t want her revolting blood stinking up his home.

“I gave you my name but you didn’t give me yours?”

“I’m Nali, sorry. I was just scared last night.”


“Because everybody tries to kill me when they meet me and I feared fro Sincerity. I’d hate if she ever got hung for giving me friendship.”

“I wont let that happen don’t worry. Not a soul will know I swear”

“Thank you, I guess her stories about you are true.”

“She talks about me?”

“Frequently, she looks up to you”

Nali shook her head. No one should ever look up to her or admire her. She was a being caught between two worlds, belonging to neither and always hunted. She was nothing but bad luck for those close to her. She cared for Sincerity more than anything and it would kill her if anything happened her. She would blame herself for the rest of her life. “You should go home before something happens to you too Reece. Sincerity would never forgive me if something horrible happened to you because you decided to follow me.” Nali said as she hopped over a fallen tree.

“I’m no coward. I’ve been looking for her for days while those idiots were busy trying to track you down. They care more about stringing you up than what happened to my sister.” He said angrily and she looked away.

“I’m sorry, I should have made her leave me alone.” He grabbed her arm and turned her around.

“I’m sorry I snapped at you. I don’t blame you, I blame the villagers and whoever took her.”

“A demon took her. I saw it. He carried her this way. I don’t know why and I don’t really care why, all I want is for her to be safe.” She felt tears in her eyes and he pulled her into his arms.

“It’s not your fault. She knew the risks with coming to see you and I know the risks that come with helping you.” He pulled back and smiled then brushed her hair behind her ears. She smiled back. “There you go, you’re way to pretty to be crying.”

“Thank you.” She kissed his cheek and they continued on their way. She used her demon vision again, seeing something dart twenty feet to her right. It was the demon with Sencerity thrown over his shoulder. He was walking next to what looked like a human man. She shook her head, no he was not human. She inhaled the air, picking up his scent. He was a demon, very powerful. She ran after them and he suddenly turned and looked right at her. She froze. This was just an echo, he shouldn’t have been able to see her.

“Can’t make it that easy.” He said and waved his hand. Their images shimmered then vanished. She blinked her eyes. He had known about her gifts. Her vision went back to normal and she growled in frustration.

“whats wrong?”

“The demon who has her is very powerful. He knew about my gift and somehow knew I was using it just now. He made it to I can’t track her that way. Her scent is so faint any kind of disturbance will make me lose it now.” Nali clenched her fists. “I’ll just follow the scent and pray nothing has disturbed it. It’s a lot to hope for with how long she’s been missing but hope is all we have.” Nali could see the worry on Reeces face.

They kept running and running. Nali wondered where this man lived that was far away. Her mind was torturing her with thoughts of how he could possibly be hurting her or worse. He could be raping her. Sincerity was a virgin. How was she going to live with herself if Sincerity lost her virginity to a horrible demon. Nali could see Reece getting exhausted “we can stop if you need it Reece.”

“No we wont stop. I’ll be fine” Nali nodded. She had the strength to carry him if he ran himself into passing out. They ran on until the sun was going down again. Nali sighed “This demon must live very far away. This can’t have been random. He targeted her and it was probably my fault.”

“I told you this is not your fault. Don’t cry again please. It makes this harder for me to see you cry.” Nali looked at Reece and gave him the best smile she could force on her face. “Lets make camp and continue in the morning.”

“I’ll gather some twigs to make a fire.”

“Are you sure Reece? As a demon I have more stamina than you do as a human.”

“I’ll be alright, just sit there.” Reece disappeared into the woods returning with more than enough to keep the fire warm. He started a small one then Nali pulled out some berries to share with him. “Thanks Nali”

“No problem”

They ate and then settled as close to the fire as they dared. A cold wind whipped through the trees, sending goosebumps crawling over their skin. “Hey Reece.”

“Yeah, what’s up?” He said sleepily.

“Do you mind if we cuddle. This wind is really getting to me.”

“Come on over.” She crawled around the fire and lay with her back facing him. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in close. “You smell like summer.”

“What does that mean?”

“You know when flowers set all day in the sun and the air takes on a sweet smell? That’s what summer smells like. It’s very calming.”

She blushed, glad he couldn’t see her face. “Thank you, I guess.” He gave a small laugh and then fell asleep. She lay staring at the fire for the longest time. His warmth seeped into her making her drowsy. She laced her fingers through his, holding him to her. She finally closed her eyes and allowed herself to drift off.

Sincerity woke to the sound of her cell door opening. The same demon from before came in and untied her legs. He lifted her to her feet and forced her out of the cell. Her heart beat fearfully on her chest. He took her up some steps and down a hall to another room. He untied her wrists then pulled them in front of her and tied them again. He pulled them a over her head and put the loose end of the rope through a loop on the ceiling. He hauled her off the ground and then tied the rope off.

“What are you doing?” She asked as the demon circled her. He ripped her dress off and then pulled her hair from its braid.

“The master will be here soon. Try and be on your best behavior.” He said in a gravely voice. He left the room, locking the door behind him.

Sincerities heart was beating painfully fast. She had heard so many stories about how cruel demons could be. Everything she heard ran through her mind and she wondered if she would be beaten, raped or just tortured in unthinkable ways. She tried not to shake in her fear. She knew he’d only enjoy what he did more if she showed how afraid she was.

Marbas was going to make her wait there for a long time. Part of the torture was to let her torture herself with the possibilities of what he could do. He smiled feeling her fear. He stood beside the door just basking in everything Sincerity felt. His mind was still obsessing over Nali though. It would bring him much more pleasure to do this to her.

Reece woke first and smiled happily when he felt Nalis hand in his. If his sister wasn’t in danger he would’ve laid there enjoying being close to her. Nali was very beautiful and seemed to have such a good heart. He was surprised a half demon coudl be so nice. Everything he heard about them was horrible but Nali wasn’t like any of the stories. Reece took his hand from hers then shook her awake.

Nali jerked awake and looked up at Reece. He was smiling warmly down at her and it made her cheeks turns a very bright shade of red. No one had ever looked at her like that. She cleared her throat and got to her feet. She straightened out her clothes and rummaged through her bag while he put the fire out. She tossed him some jerky and they ate as they walked. She was barely able to pick up Sincerity’s scent, but at least it was still there. The wind had not carried it completely away. She had to walk slow to make sure she didn’t lose it which frustrated her more.

Reece worried about his sister, but he tried not to let it show. Nali was already angry and upset enough for both of them. The sadness on her face was enough to break his heart. He reached over and took her hand in his, giving it a reassuring squeeze. She looked at him for a brief moment, a small smile flitting across her lips. He kept himself close to her in case something happened. If they were attacked by demons he wasn’t willing to let her be carried away too.

“So, my sister is your only friend?” He asked.

“Yes, well and I guess you are my friend too. She was the first kind human I met. She didn’t run away or try to kill me. It was nice having someone to talk to.” She answered, keeping her eyes on the path ahead.

“I’m glad the stories were wrong and that you’re not some crazed killer.”

“My father was a demon and a good man. We’re not all evil. I’m glad you decided to help me and didn’t kill me the minute you saw me sleeping. It was also very sweet of you to keep me warm last night. I’ve never slept with another person before, it was nice having someone close.”

“I’ll sleep with you anytime.” Her eyes jumped to his face and he turned red. “I didn’t mean…I meant cuddling, not the other thing. I’m sorry.” She smiled and went back to paying attention to where they were going. He looked so embarrassed. “I’ll just stop talking.” He rubbed the back of his neck, feeling like an idiot.

“Don’t be so embarrassed. I knew what you meant.” Nali felt happiness dancing through her heart for a brief moment but then worry over Sincerity sank back in darkening it. The two emotions swirling with each other made Nali a bit nauseous. ¬†She was really enjoying the company of Sinceritys brother though. She hoped after they saved Sincerity he’d start to visit too. She thought she may be getting ahead of herself and should just concentrate on Sinceritys scent.

“That’s good, I just like you. As a friend I mean. I” Reece stopped talking before an even larger shoe got inserted into his mouth. They walked in silence, Nali had all her concentration on Sincerities scent. It was getting harder and harder to follow. She guessed animals had been running through. Nali was getting a bad headache she was concentrating so hard.¬†Nali actually had to pause a moment it was getting so bad. She reached into her bag and gulped down a small vile she had.

“what was that?” Reece asked, he could tell she was in pain and felt worried. “Her scent is so faint from all the animal traffic it’s taking a lot of concentration to be able to follow it. My head is pounding but that vile will stop the throbbing in my head in a few moments. I’m so sorry I have to stop until it works.”

“Don’t be sorry Nali.” The second the medicine in the vial took affect she walked. Reece loked over at her with sad eyes. He found himself overly worried for just meeting this woman. “stop looking at me like that. I’m fine now. I have a few more of those too if I need it”

“sorry” Reece said looking ahead.

Chapter Two

Sincerity tried wiggling her wrists free, but they were tied so tightly that the rope pinched her. The door opened and Marbas stepped in, his eyes moving over her. He had the most perverse look on his face, one that said he done horrible things to many women and would particularly love watching her squirm. He groped her, his hands moving over her breasts. She wanted to throw up. She kicked at him and he slapped her hard. She yelped and he slapped her again.

“Lets have some fun.” He said.

He moved behind her and she heard him pick something up. She wished she could see what he was doing. He smacked something against her back, making her scream in pain. He hit her again and again until she was crying. She screamed until her voice was hoarse. Her back felt hot and stung. He walked back around to her front and showed her the riding crop. He ran it over her chest and down her abdomen then brushed lower. She kicked him in the chest and he smacked her in the face with the crop. It didn’t break the skin, but a huge welt formed on her cheek. She cried until her stomach was in knots. “Just kill me and get it over with.” She said weakly.

“Not yet.”

Nali tried to keep her attention on Sincerity’s scent, but found herself glancing at Reece. He looked so sad and was staring at his boots. “Are you alright?” She asked.

“Just worried about my sister and you. I’m trying not to let myself imagine what is being done to her and you straining yourself. I can see it on your face. Her scent is fading isn’t it?” He answered.

“Yes it is, but I’m holding onto it. I’m not going to let them kill her I promise.” She took his hand, holding to it tightly. “I’m glad you came with me. I hate being alone honestly.”

He moved closer to her and kissed her cheek. She blushed and he smiled happily. “Sorry, I had to. You looked like you needed a kiss.” She smiled back at him, happy to have someone else she could count on.

Nali cursed when night came upon them again “No god dammit! How far did this sick psycho come to get that sweet girl. My sweet sweet friend.” Nali sat on the ground holding her knees as she cried hard into them. Reece instantly got behind Nali and held her close “we’ll get to her Nali.” is all Reece said before simply continuing to shush her. Her tears and frustration made him want to cry too. Suddenly Nali stood up and wiped her face. “we’re continuing. I can still smell in the dark. Sincerity risked her life to be my friend. I was so lonely and sad before she came along. Once she met me she visited me every week except once where it was two weeks because coming was too risky. We’re going to continue walking. I wont leave her with that awful demon one more second than needed”

Reece saw protesting would do no good. She was firm in the fact they’d keep going. He wanted to hurry and get his sister back too. He took her hand. “Just hold tight to me so we don’t get separated.”

“Ok” Nalis voice sounded close to tears again but she held it back. They walked until Nali got excited “Reece, the smell is suddenly more intense! That means she isn’t too much further! She cant be more than a few hours away. Maybe even as close as a half hour! Lets walk faster!” Reece was happy to hear they were close and to also hear that happiness in Nalis voice. They were almost in a run as Nali followed the scent. The two only still going because of their adrenaline.

They crested a hill and slowed to a stop. The large building had been carved out of the mountain side. It was a shocking sight to see. There were torches on either side of the entrance along with two demon guards. They were on all fours, looking like deformed dogs. She let her anger wash over her, consume her. She dropped her pack as her demon vision took over. She held out her hands, pulling a sword from the air. It glowed a bright blue, electricity seeming to arc over it. She screamed her battle cry and rushed down the hill, startling the two demons.

Reece stared in shock at the transformation. It both terrified and astounded him. He pulled his dagger from his boot and followed her as fast as he could. Both demons rushed her, but he intercepted one, kicking it in the chest and sending it falling backwards. It roared at him as it got to its feet, swiped at him with clawed hands. He was to fast, ducking and slashing deep cuts along its chest and arms. Blood covered its skin, weakening. He drove his dagger into its chest, ripping through muscle and bone to its beating heart. Nali slashed at the one in front of her. It jumped this way and that, landing a punch to her jaw. She screamed angrily, her now crimson eyes boiling with rage. She slashed upward, catching the demon across the chest. Electricity arced and burnt a hole in its chest. It convulsed then went limp.

She started kicking the dead beast and he had to grab her and pull her back. She struggled against him, trying to get back to the demon. “Nali, please calm down.” He said, but her focus was solely on the monster in front of her. He grabbed a hand full of her hair and tipped her head back, kissing her softly. Her struggles slowed then stopped all together. He pulled back and she blushed.

“Sorry, did I mention I have anger issues when it comes to other demons. They remind me of the ones who destroyed my childhood.” She said softly.

“It’s okay, it gave me an excuse to kiss you. Now, lets find my sister.”

“an excuse to kiss me?”¬†Nali thought but didn’t speak on the matter further. They ran in and were greeted by more demons. There were much more in the entrance. They fought and killed them quickly. Nali managed to keep a cool head. The longer she spent fighting these the longer Sincerity was subjected to whatever that demon was doing. Reece found himself to be a bit sad Nali kept control that time. They ran through the building fighting demons as they came. Nali slowing only as long as she needed to then following the scent of Nali and her blood.

There was alot of it and it had Nalis heart gripping tightly. She loved this girl like the sister she never got to have because demons were angry her father loved a human and worse had an abomination with her. The only creature though less of than what Nali was were half angel, half demons. Nali would hate to know what their life was like in this cruel world.

Finally Nali figured out which room Sincerity was in. The smell of blood was so powerful Nali almost cried worried if Sincerity was alive. She tried to push open the door but it was bolted. She threw herself against it as hard as she could. Reece tried to help. Margus smiled and walked away from Sincerity. Nali was here and now the real fun could begin. Before he opened the door he said tauntingly. “Of course the disgusting half breed would bring a human male to help her”

He slipped the bolt as Nali slammed against it again. She and Reece nearly fell when it flew open. They gasped when they saw Sincerity hanging from the ceiling, blood covering every inch of her. She whispered something that they didn’t quite catch. Margus stepped out from behind the door, grabbing Reece and throwing him against the far wall. Nali turned, caught off guard. He hit her in the face, busting her lip. Her vision swam and she found herself face down on the floor. The demon gripped her ankles and pulled her out of the room. She gripped the doorframe and he stomped on her fingers so she let go. He slammed the door and locked it as Reece slammed against it, screaming for him to let her go. He turned to his sister, anger and sadness coursing through him. He untied the rope and lowered her slowly to the floor. She was crying her eyes out and laying in the fetal position. He untied her wrists and pulled his shirt off, helping her into it.

“What did he do to you?” He asked sadly as he pulled her into his arms.

“Everything.” She could barely talk. “The more I fought, the more he hurt me.”

“Did he rape you?” She shook her head. “Thank god.” He stood back up, slamming against the door. The demon might not have had time to rape his sister, but he would have time to do it to Nali. He would hurt her worse that Sincerity because she was fearless. He pulled out his dagger and worked it between the door and doorframe. He had to get to Nali. He couldn’t let anything happen to her. He had found himself enjoying being with her. He wanted to cuddle with her on cold nights and kiss her some more. His dagger broke and he screamed in frustration. There had to be a way out.

Margus dragged Nali to his room. He grabbed a hand full of her hair and threw her on his bed. She was suddenly on all fours, growling at him like an angry wolf. She jumped at him and he grabbed her, throwing her against the wall. She struggled to her feet and he grabbed her by her throat, lifting her off the ground. She kicked at him, clawed at his hand. “You’re going to be hard to break. That’s okay, I like a challenge.” He said, his tongue sliding over her cheek. He kissed her and she bit him, drawing blood. He glared at her, punching her in the stomach. He threw her back on the bed, shackling her wrists and ankles.

“I’m going to kill you.” She screamed. “I’m going to fucking kill you.”

Margus just laughed. “It’ll be very hard to kill me chained to my bed like that. That human man is too weak to help you and that girl will probably bleed to death before anything happens. I made sure she was bleeding as slowly as possible so I could torture her longer but never the less she will bleed to death.” His tone sounded menacing and thrilled. “You only wanted me. Please just let them go.”

“It’ll torture you more to know they are here and that your friend wont survive. She doesn’t deserve to live being friend with such a revolting creature. You are pleasing to the eye but have no worth. You were born an abomination. I’m going to have my fun with you then treat you to a very slow, agonizing death. I’ll be honored by other demons for ridding the earth of such a creature and making sure you paid for not taking yourself off the earth to spare the rest of us your presence. I bet you that girl was only your friend honestly because she feared you. She probably thought you’d leave her village alone if you had a friend. Just like everybody else you’ve met she never liked you, hated you even.”

“Thats not true! She’s really my friend”

“Tell yourself that all you want but it’s not true. Not a soul could ever like or love an abomination like yourself” Margus enjoyed the questioning look on Nalis face. She was trying to hold it back but now the thought did nag at her if Sincerity really wanted to be her friend. Maybe she had just been fooling herself into thinking somebody other than her parents could care for her.

“Sincerity I need your help.” Reece said as he pulled his sister to her feet.

“I’m to weak.” She said softly. He shook her.

“Nali is in trouble. So you have to help. I know you’re hurt and you’re tired, but you have to wake up and help me. I have to make sure she survives, so please.”¬†She glared at him and he smiled. “There are other demons in here besides the ones we killed. I need you to call one of them here.”

“Okay.” He hid against the wall and Sincerity cleared her throat. “Hey where’s that sleaze bag who tied me up. Not man enough to deal with me on your own.” They waited a few minutes and the door was pushed open. “Oh there he is, the masters favorite little pet. Are you done licking his boots already?” She snapped.

He entered the room, a look of rage on his face. “You watch your mouth you little bitch. We are all powerful. Not even your friends could defeat us.”

“I heard they killed a lot of you before they got to me.” He grabbed her by her throat and Reece struck, burying his dagger in the demon’s back. It screamed, trying to bat him away, but he stayed behind it. He pulled his dagger out again and stabbed it a second time. The demon stumbled and collapsed and Reece jerked his dagger free. He spit on the demon’s corpse then grabbed his sister, lifting her off the ground and carrying her quickly down the hall. He was sure the master demon had turned right.

Marbus ripped Nali’s clothes off, sliding his hands over her. She struggled against her bonds, screaming and spitting at him. He grabbed her face, making her look at him. “I will break you.” He said.

“Don’t count on it.” She spit in his face and he laughed at her. He crawled onto the bed, on his hands and knees above her. He licked his way from her belly button to her shoulder. He bit her hard, drawing blood, but she made no sound. She latched onto his face with her teeth and he screamed. He jerked back, losing skin. She spit it at him and he hit her in the face then in the stomach so she gasped for air. “Now you’ll be physically hideous.” She said with a laugh. He smacked her again.

“Just hold on Nali, I’m coming.” Reece said aloud.

“You like her don’t you?” Sincerity said, her voice a whisper.

“Yes I do. I loved what little time I had with her even though it was spent looking for you. She’s beautiful and intelligent. You should have introduced us sooner.” He was trying not to panic as he thought about her being hurt. “She makes me smile and she has the softest lips.” Sincerity laughed softly and he realized how foolish he sounded. He had no real hope of winning over a powerful half demon. She was far to perfect for him, but he was going to save her and spend the rest of his life protecting her from idiots.

Nali kept fighting Margus in every way she possibly could. “I wanted you to look good when I fucked you but apparently you need me to beat you first!” Margus went between punching Nalis face and stomach. He was relentless and lost in a rage caused by her fighting him so hard. Chained down to a bed and she still dared to fight. His face would never look the same and he was a very vain demon. Nali didn’t make a sound or cry. She wouldn’t give him that pleasure which only pissed him off more.

Margus got up to fetch his riding crop from the closet. He had them in rooms all over his home. “Maybe this will make you give me those delightful screams and pleas for your life.” Nali was still looking at him defiantly. No matter what she wasn’t going to beg for anything but sparing Sincerity and Reece. Margus walked slowly over then raised the whip to beat her when Reece came through the door with Sincerity. Margus was honestly shocked they were out.

“Wow, a human making it this far? How’d you escape that room boy?” Reece didn’t answer. He was too busy looking at Nali laying shackled to the bed with bruises covering her body and blood slowly moving down her chest from the deep bite he had given her. He turned his angry gaze to Margus and gently set his sister down before drawing his dagger back out. Margus actually laughed “You think a pathetic human can beat a demon such as myself?”

“The only pathetic one here is you demon. Only a coward ties a woman down and gets off on her screams.” Reece smiled when he saw Margus’s eyes overflowing with rage. No one talked to him like that and lived. He growled and attacked Reece, swinging the riding crop at him. Reece dodged to the left, slashing out at the demon and catching him across the arm. He was suddenly hit in the face with the riding crop, the sting shocking him. Margus reached for him and he back pedaled. “What kind of demon can’t get his hands on a pathetic human?” Reece taunted.

Margus growled throwing down the crop and coming at him in a blind rage. He swung hard and fast, screaming in frustration when he didn’t so much as brush the human. Reece grinned as he slashed the demon’s chest open. He finally ran out of room and backed into the wall. Margus grabbed him by his throat and Reece stabbed him in the arm so the demon dropped him to rip the dagger free. “You stupid boy.” Margus backhanded him, his head slamming against the wall with a loud thud.

Sincerity ran over to Nali, pulling at the shackles. “The keys are hanging on the wall above that chest.” Nali said and Sincerity hurried over and grabbed them. She was shaking so hard she almost didn’t get the key in the lock. She managed to free one arm and quickly worked on her other limbs. Nali was on hands and feet the minute she was free, crouching like a wild cat. She pounced on Margus’s back, her arm wrapping around his throat and her legs around his waist. She chocked him and he grabbed a hand full of her hair trying to pull her off. Reece took the opportunity to kick the demon in the knee so it collapsed out from under him. He wrestled the dagger out of his hands and drove it onto his solar plexus and up into his heart.

Margus had a look of shock on his face as he died by the hands of a half demon and human male. Nali quickly ran back to Sincerity who laid on the floor. Nali picked her up cursing the fact she left her bag outside. “I have things in my bag that will help you.” Sincerity made a noise like she was going to respond but no words came. Nali started to run for the exit while Reece followed as closely as possible. He kept darting his eyes around the halls and rooms to watch for other demons.

The night air was cold on Nalis skin since she was naked. It gave her goosbumps there was such a chill but she ran as fast as she could. She set Sincerity down when they reached her bag and pulled out two things for her to drink. “They dont taste good but you must drink.” Nali poured one after the other down Sinceritys throat. Sincerity gagged at the rotten taste but started to feel almost instantly better. Nali then pulled out a small container of bluish green cream and rubbed it on some of Sinceritys deeper cuts.

“Now we just need to sit for a few moments and your wounds will close. The other potion I gave you to help your body create more blood faster. Now that the most important things are at work how much pain do you feel so I can give you somthing for it.”

“I’m just numb at this point”

“Let me give you somthing anyway. Once you get more blood and my potion cease their work you’ll feel all the pain you did before.” Nali rummaged in her bag and poured another liquid into her mouth. “I’m glad that one tasted better” Nali smiled “Yeah, I have to take that a lot so I’ve worked harder on trying to improve the taste.”

“It’s a shame you have need to keep potions like that on hand. You’re too good of a person for this world to treat you so cruelly.”

“Don’t worry about that Sincerity. Just worry about getting better please.” Sinceritys cuts began to close so Nali knew she could move with her now. “Lets go Reece. I don’t want us to sleep this close to that monsters home.” Reece nodded. They walked a ways then Nali put the sleeping Sincerity down “I’m so glad the poor thing fell asleep.” Reece found himself blushing at Nalis nudity. He noticed she had goosebumps from the cold and felt bad for her. “I’ll get a fire going”

“Thank you” Nali said and looked at him. The eye contact only making him embarrassment worse as he ran off to get what he needed to keep a fire going. As Nali waited fro Reece to return she looked sadly down at her dear friend. The thought of her not really being her friend was gone. She knew Sincerity really cared for her but Nali decided she wouldn’t let this friendship go further. She couldn’t let another demon take Sincerity and hurt her because they were friends. She hoped Sincerity wouldn’t make it too hard to break the bond they shared.

Chapter Three

Reece came back with an arm full of wood and quickly started a fire. Nali looked so heartbroken as she looked down at his sister. He walked around to her and sat down next to her, pulling her into his arms. She started crying and he rubbed her back. “It’s okay, we’re safe now.” He said and tipped her head back, cupping her cheek and brushing her tears away with his thumb.

“I can’t be your friend anymore. When we get back you have to stay away from me or this will happen again.” She tried looking away from him, but he wouldn’t let her. He brushed his fingers through her hair.

“No, I’m not leaving you.”

“Don’t be an idiot Reece, you could…” He kissed her softly, his hands framing her face. She pulled back, blushing and feeling angry and confused. “Why, why would you do that?”

“Because I want you. I want to hold you at night and protect you from both monsters and men.” She shook her head.

“You can’t do that, not for me. Please don’t fall in love with me.”

“It’s to late.” He grabbed her hand and pressed it to his chest. Her fingers brushed his bare skin, giving him goosebumps. “The heart wants, what the heart wants. I’m not leaving you alone. Even if you beat me to a bloody pulp, I’m staying with you. You don’t have to love me back, even though I wish it. I just want to see you smile.”

“I hate you.” Tears slipped down her cheeks to drip off her chin.

“No you don’t.” He kissed her again then lay back, pulling her down with him so she could pillow her head on his chest. “I’m not letting anything hurt you again. I’ll always keep you safe.” Nali was moved by the love in his voice. It wrapped itself around her heart so tight that nothing could get rid of it. Her eyelids grew heavy and she slowly drifted off to the sound of his heart beating in her ear.

Reece felt Nalis body go limp and he smiled. He decided to stay awake until the flames were gone so they wouldn’t wake up on fire. He just laid there enjoying the skin to skin contact with Nali as he ran his hands up and down her back. When the fire was gone he gave her a gentle hug then lightly fell asleep. He was worried about both his sister and Nali being outside naked. Atleast his sister had something covering her but Nali was fully exposed. Some pervert might walk by and try to take advantage of the situation and these two girls had been through enough.

He was glad only half falling asleep finally had a use. He was beginning to wonder if that training was even truly needed. Reece was glad when the suns rays woke him. Both Nali and Sincerity lay undisturbed. “Nali, we should get going.” He whispered. Nali opened her eyes and couldn’t help but smile. He was looking at her so sweetly. The kindest look she had ever seen. She got off of him and grabbed her bag again before picking up Sincerity. “I hope she sleeps most the way home. One of the potions put her to sleep to help heal her body. It wont release her from sleep until she’s mostly healed.”

“That’s good.” Nali had never been more grateful to the sun. Reece had kept her very warm while she slept but now she counted on the suns rays to warm her nude body all the way home. “Why don’t you let me carry my sister?”

“The extra effort it takes to carry her also makes me warmer. It’s fine, I’m half demon so you don’t need to treat me like other girls. I can handle myself very well”

“I know you can. It’s just only fair I carry her too but if it’s helping you not be cold then I wont ask again. Let me know if you want me to carry her though”

“I will”

Getting home seemed to take forever. She was so exhausted that she barely managed to make it through her front door. Reece took Sincerity from her and Nali flopped down on her bed. “I’m going to sneak her into the village since it’s still night. I’ll be back when she’s safely in bed.” He said.

“Just be careful.” She replied and he hurried out her door. She stared up at her ceiling for a few moments then forced herself out of bed so she could bathe. There was a hot spring behind her house. She grabbed a towel and went outside. She stepped into the bubbling water, sighing with relief as the heat loosened cramped muscles. She closed her eyes, leaning her head back on the rim of the spring.

Reece returned as quickly as possible, running even though he was tired. He pushed open Nali’s front door and stepped inside. He didn’t see her inside, but he caught a glimpse of her out the back window. He went out back and she jerked awake, looking up at him. “Would you like me to wait inside?” He asked nervously.

“No, please come in.” She said, her voice shaking a little. He tugged off his boots then his pants and slid into the water. He stood there unsure what to do or say. She took his hands in hers and pulled him closer. She ran them up his arms to his chest then down to his abdomen. He gripped the edge of the hot spring, one hand on either side of her. Her hand slipped beneath the water, her fingers playing over him. She kissed her way down his chest, her teeth biting gently. Her head slid under the water and her mouth enveloped him. He moaned, the tight suction of her mouth driving him crazy. He tangled his fingers in her hair and hauled her back up, his mouth finding hers in a hungry kiss. “Make love to me.” She whispered against his lips.

He lifted her, her legs going around his hips. He pushed himself slowly into her, making her cry out in ecstasy. “You’re so tight Nali.” He gasped and thrust into her harder. His words made her blush a deep red. They kissed and touched each other as he made love to her slowly, their loud moans filling the night. They finished together and he held her tightly against him for a moment. He kissed her forehead then untangled their bodies, rinsing her off and then himself. He got out of the hot spring and lifted her out, drying both of them then carrying her inside. He lay her down gently on her bed and crawled in after her. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. “I love you Nali.”

“I know you do, thank you for that. I love you too.”

They both slept hard and soundly. Birds chirping woke Nali. She smiled at Reece then kissed his cheek before getting up to make them breakfast. She got everything out to make loaded scrambled eggs then quickly got to work in hopes Reece could wake up to a nice breakfast. She felt sore from last night but loved it. She hoped he would be making her sore many more nights. Nali found herself wondering if he’d stay here with her or go home and only visit every once in awhile like Sincerity. She’d love to have him always in her home. Nobody in the village found this home yet so they wouldn’t be able to check and see him there.

When breakfast was on the two plates Nali checked on Reece. He was still sound asleep. She grabbed a set of bra and panties sliding them on then a dress. She didn’t want to be indecent if Sincerity came back today. Her wounds should hardly exist¬†any more. Sincerity then found herself wondering how Sincerity was going to explain what happened. She hoped Sincerity could find a way to tell them her story without anybody finding out she was friends with Nali.

Nali woke Reece up with a kiss on the lips. He smiled against hers then sat up. “Morning beautiful”

“I made us breakfast.” He got up and sat at her table. He took a bite and his eyes widened slightly “this is the best eggs I’ve ever had.” Nali laughed “don’t need to exaggerate”

“No, you’re an amazing cook. Thank you for this and for letting me make love to you last night”

“I wanted it very much too.” Nali said looking away. “I hope this isn’t too forward of me Nali but may I stay here with you? I’m older than my sister. She is still a child but I’m a man in my village so if I leave they wont question it. Hell I’d come even if they would question it. Could I please live with you. If you don’t want that it’s alright but I needed to ask.”

“I’m so glad you asked. Please stay.” Nali said in a broken voice. Reece realized she was going to cry. he quickly went over to Nali and hugged her. “why are you crying”

“I just didn’t think anybody would ever love me. I’ve been alone so long.” Reece kissed her cheek and wiped her tears. “well now you have me for as long as I live.” Reece said smiling. Nali wished Reece was immortal like she was. She didn’t mind though. She’d just enjoy all the amazing years she could have with him. He looked very young so had many to give her. “how old are you?” Nali asked wanting to know about how much time she would have with him. “twenty four, how old are you?” Nali laughed “you wouldn’t want to know. I was just curious”

“I do want to know.”

“A hundred and fourteen. Even a half demon is immortal. If we have children they wont have enough demon to be immortal like me but halflings are immortal.” Then it really set in for Reece how long Nali had been alone moving from house to house when the villagers would find her. Sincerity had only been sneaking out a few years so all those years before that she was alone all the time except when people would attempt to kill her. Reece hugged her tightly “I love you so much Nali”

“I wish there was some way I could keep you forever.” She said sadly, wrapping him in a tight hug.

“Don’t be sad. I could always hunt down a vampire and ask him to change me at stake point.” He smiled and she laughed at the image in her head. Reece hovering over a vampire who was laying on the ground begging for his life. Vampires never begged.

“I would pay to see that.”

“You best fork up some money then because it’s happening.”

Sincerity washed herself down, making sure there wasn’t a drop of blood left on her skin. She pulled on a dress with long sleeves and a high collar. She left her hair down and looked at herself in the mirror. The only visible bruise was the one on her cheek where she had been hit with the riding crop. She pulled on her knee high boots, took a deep breath, and stepped out into the small village. Many stopped and looked at her, bewildered that she was safe in her home.

“Sincerity, when did you get back?” A young man asked.

“Just last night.” She answered truthfully.

“Where were you, what happened to your face?”

“I took a trip to a village over. On the way back I was attacked by bandits. They got a good shot in, but I managed to escape losing only my basket.”

“We’ve been so worried, have you told Reece yet. He’s been looking for you like mad. We were worried a demon had taken you.” A woman said.

She tried not to let the images of Margus touching her get to her. She had to stay calm for Nali’s sake. Her half demon friend and Reece had sacrificed much to save her. She couldn’t let them know about what happened. Maybe some day they would learn to trust people like Nali. “I haven’t seen Reece. I should go find him.”

“Let me go with you, just in case.” A man named Hylden said.

“No, no I’ll be fine. There are not many dangers so close to home. Please just stay here.” They seemed even more bewildered by her strange reaction. She hurried away, wanting to make sure her brother and best friend were okay.

Hylden decided to follow anyway. He stealthily followed Sincerity in the trees as she walked below. He was very careful to not make a sound especially when he noticed she wasn’t looking for her brother but going deep within the woods. After a very long walk she came upon a little house and knocked. Hylden watched intently then saw Nali answer the door. Hylden couldn’t believe his eyes. Sincerity was seeing the very dangerous and evil demon their village feared.

He ran back to the village as soon as the door was closed to tell the other men where Nalis newest home was so they could finally kill her. He’d try to make the village go easy on Sincerity. He still loved her and knew she had only been decieved by a wicked demon. ¬†When he arrived at the village he went to the leader of the warriors and explained the situation to him.

Gareth grew angry and told Hyldan to round up the other warriors and have them meet at the entrance to the woods. Hyldan nodded and got to work gathering the men. They would bring every warrior to ensure Nali wouldn’t escape again. It didn’t take long for all the men to arrive once the word started spreading and they soon were able to head back into the woods.

“I’m so glad you’re feeling better.” Nali said as she hugged Sincerity.

“I just have a few bruises here and there. The one on my face raised some questions, but I think I managed to fool them.” Sincerity said with a big smile. “You look happy. What did you two get up to last night?” Reece cleared his throat and a blush stole up Nali’s neck and into her face. “Oh,” she said covering her mouth, “I see.”

“Reece has decided to stay here with me. I hope that’s okay.”

“He’s an adult so of course it’s okay.”

“We have some breakfast left over sis, why don’t you have a bite.” Reece said as she sat down at the table.

“That would be lovely.” Nali scooped the rest of the food onto a plate and handed it to her. They sat and chatted as she ate. Nali was so happy to have her friend alive and well. She had feared the worst when she saw how many wounds she had and how traumatized she had been. Nali opened the window and froze. The scent of man came to her on the breeze. There were a lot of them.

“We have to get out of here.” Nali said and they both looked at her. “They’re coming for me.” All the men surrounded the house and she bolted both the doors. She knew they must have followed Sincerity.

“Come out demon spawn.” Gareth yelled.

“Come out with that traitor.” Hylden screamed.

Reece looked out the window at the angry men. He was furious at how judgmental they were. “Why don’t you all go home and leave her alone.” He yelled back.

“Reece? You too?”

Nali pulled the rug back and pulled open a trap door in the floor. “You two get down there now.” She ordered.

“We’re not leaving you Nali.” Sincerity said.

“Yes you are, now go.” She forced Sincerity onto the dark hole. “Reece, you too.” He shook his head and she pulled him into a kiss then shoved him hard into the hole. She slammed the door and bolted it shut. Reece slammed against it angrily. Nali opened the front door and stepped out. “If you want me then take me. I will not fight, I will not harm you. Just leave Reece and Sincerity out of this.” She held her wrists out, staring at them all and waiting to be shackled.

Two men walked up swiftly and put the shackles on her seeming to be as rough as they could. They each grabbed an arm to walk her back to the village where they’d gather everyone so they could see the demon that had plagued them for generations be slain. The men would deal with Sincerity and Reece after her death. Nali walked along hanging her head. She was so close to a happy life and now it was going to end. She was atleast grateful she got to fall in love. Even briefly before she was put to death by the humans who hated her so since they learned of her existence.

She regretted trying to help that man when she first moved into these woods. His leg was badly wounded and she came to offer aid but instead he drew his sword curing her and trying to hurt her. That man went home and told the village an evil halfling lived in the woods. Ever since then it’s been nothing but people trying to kill her. She thought this might be best though. What kind of life would Reece have had with her. He would’ve had to run every so many years like she did when people or demons discovered her. It wasn’t a very fun life and she knew Reece would probably hate it.

They made it back to the village and the men started yelling “We’ve finally caught the evil beast! Our homes will be plagued no longer!” People cheered and spit at her. Some even threw food in her face. Nali just kept hanging her head trying to tune out the hateful words and somtimes painful hits if it were an apple they were throwing. They even had small children throwing things at her and cursing.

Reece slammed against the door, the screws finally beginning to give, he hit it again and again, finally knocking it open. He climbed out and pulled Sincerity up after him. They ran hand in hand from the house, racing through the woods. His heart beat out a fearful rhythm, his mind racing with thoughts of what they might be doing to his Nali. Sincerity was having trouble keeping up. “Just go on ahead.” She said and he let go of her hand, quickening his pace.

They walked her up to the gallows and she felt tears slip down her face. They pulled her up the steps to the noose and slipped it around her neck. She closed her eyes as they tightened it, holding onto an image of Reece’s face. Someone pulled the lever and the trap door opened beneath her. For a brief moment she was falling through space and then brought to an abrupt halt. The rope cut off her airway instantly and she began to suffocate.

Reece broke through the woods and ran to the town center. He was horrified when he saw Nali hanging by her neck. He pulled out his dagger, taking aim at the rope and throwing it. The rope spilt and she fell to the ground. He rushed to her side, pulling the rope from around her neck. She lay limp, a rope burn at her throat, her face pale and lips blue. He shook her. “Please wake up.” He pleaded. She wasn’t breathing. He lay her flat, tipping her head back and pulling her mouth open. He covered her mouth with his, blowing air into her lungs. “Please, please wake up.” He blew more air into her lungs. She gasped and then coughed. He lifted her and carried her out from under the gallows. “You should all be ashamed.” He said angrily.

Sincerity came running toward them, placing herself between them and the mob of shocked onlookers. “She has been nothing but nice. She has never hurt a soul. Ruben, did she not try to help you?” She pointed at a man in his forties. “What did you do? You attacked her and spread panic. You’re all a bunch of selfish idiots. Do you want to know what happened to me. I was kidnapped by an evil demon because he wanted her. She could have left me for dead, she could have let him rape me, but you know what she did? She came for me, she risked life and limb to pull me out of that hell hole.”

The crowd stood speechless. Some of the villagers had shame on their face while others looked conflicted. Reece wasn’t interested in staying around to see what they said. He started to walk off to Nalis home to put her in her own bed where he’d guard her and make sure nothing further happened to her. Sincerity just stood there staring down the crowd of people. She was so angry. She had never known such anger. She spoke again “Nali has a big and good heart. She can’t control the weather or if your crops do well. She cant help if dragons or demons attack the town. She is giving and warm. You all are the monsters not Nali!”

Even more faces showed their shame in what they did to a girl who they honestly couldn’t think of a thing she truly did but defend herself. Ruben walked up and stood beside Sincerity. “I’ll tell you people this much. She did try and help me but I was too focused on the fact she had demon blood to accept the help and I attacked her. I was foolish, I ask you people this, Name one time Nali did anything. Just tell me one thing she ever did to us to make us treat her so?” There was murmurs among the crowd and nobody could say a word.

The eldest of the elders stepped forward. “we owe this halfling a great apology. A bigger one than we can give. We should all feel great shame. Especially us elders who are supposed to guide you young down the right path. We need to arrange somthing for her to show how sorry we are and begin to apologize.” Sincerity had an idea. She walked over to the elder and whispered “my brother Reece loves Nali. Could we put together a wedding for them tomorrow? I’m sure that would mean the world to Nali.” The elder smiled “what a wonderful idea. It’ll show her well how we accept her now.” She cleared her throat and spoke so everyone could hear. “as our first step in apology I need everyones help in getting a wedding together for Nali and Reece. Quickly all so we can have things arranged tomorrow morning.”

Chapter Four

Nali had never been so scared in her life. She had been dead for about a minute before Reece had revived her. She clung to him as he carried her into her house and lay her gently on the bed. She curled up in a ball and he lay down behind her, wrapping an arm around her waist. He kissed the back of her neck. “Please say something.” He whispered.

“Sorry, my throat hurts.” She said hoarsely. She turned in his arms and ran her fingers over his cheek. “I was so afraid I’d never see you again.”

He pressed a finger against her lips. “If your throat hurts don’t talk. I can speak for both of us.” He kissed her, his fingers tangling in her hair. “I thought I had lost you. I had just fallen madly in love with you and there you were dangling from a rope. I would have followed you into that darkness.”

“It wasn’t dark. It was warm and bright. I wanted to float away, but I heard your voice and it pulled me back.” She suddenly frowned. “I must look horrible. I’m covered in fruit and vegetable juice.”

“You look beautiful, but if you like we can go bathe.” She nodded and he got up, grabbing a towel and then lifting her. He carried her out back and lowered her to feet. He quickly undressed her and then himself. He stepped down into the water then helped her in. He washed her and massaged her, taking his time to make sure all of her muscles were loose. He sat down on the small stone lip beneath the water and pulled her into his lap. She leaned back, resting her head on his shoulder.

“Thank you for loving me.” She whispered, turning her head and kissing him.

“Thank you for letting me.” He smiled warmly at her and they sat there a little longer, just relaxing and trying to forget the last couple of days. An hour later the sound of someone calling their names caught their attention. It was Sincerity. They got out, drying hurriedly and slipping in the back door to pull on clean clothes. Nali opened the front door, letting her friend in.

“You must come back to the village tomorrow and wear your prettiest dress.” Sincerity said. “Here brother I brought you something clean to wear tomorrow.”

“Why?” Reece asked, still feeling angry at the villagers.

“It’s a surprise, just trust me.”

“Alright, we’ll be there.”

Reece felt uneasy about taking Nali back there but he would protect her from anything. He also knew Sincerity wouldn’t have come to ask them if she thought Nali would get hurt. Reece hugged Nali then said “let me make you some lunch. You should eat my love.”

“I can help.”

“No please just lay down for me.” Nali smiled and went over to the bed and settled in. Reece examined her kitchen to find everything before he started. He took inventory as to what she had in the fridge and cabinets then decided just to chop her up a bunch of the fruit she had. The coolness of fruit might help her throat a bit. He chopped it all into very small bites since Nalis throat was bothering her. When he was satisfied there was plenty in there he brought the bowl to the bed and asked her to sit up. She went to grab the fork from him and he shook his head “I want to feed you please”

Nali started to laugh but quickly stopped since it was painful. She nodded and Reece fed her until she put a hand up asking him to stop. “well you ate a decent amount. It will do.” Nali smiled as he went to put the bowl in the fridge. He came back and cuddled with Nali. “I love you so much and I’m happy I met you. I’m serious about trying to find some way to make myself immortal. I want to live with you until the end of time Nali. I’ll search for any way. I’ll do anything it takes.” Nali saw how serious his face looked. She knew a way he could do it without chasing down a vampire who may just kill him. She went to get up and he pulled her down. She held up a finger and gave him a pleading look. He let go and she walked out of the room.

Nali came back with a book and opened it to the correct page. It was about a ritual they could do where she’d place her hand on Reeces while sombody said the chant in the book. They would stab a dagger through and her blood would mix with his. It would be very painful for Reece. It could even fail if the person reading from the book didn’t pronounce even a single word right. It stated as much in the book. “Maybe Sincerity could do it for us.”

“She’s been through enough gruesomeness Reece” Nali forced out. She was still very hoarse. “well someones doing it because I’m going to be with you forever and thats that” Nali smiled and hugged Reece. “You sure you really want to do that? I would love to have you forever but that’s so painful and what if you get tired of me. You wont be a full demon so will be hated as I have been hated. You sure you want that?”

“Absolutely Nali, Absolutely”

She put the book away and cuddled with him on the bed. She didn’t like the idea of hurting him. Forcing someone to be something they were not born to be was very dangerous. It would take all his strength and trust. It was enough to drive a man mad. Being stabbed also wouldn’t feel good, having a hole in ones hand was a very unappealing thought.

“Stop frowning Nali.” He said and kissed her nose.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want you to resent me later. It’s going to feel like you’re being torn apart.”

“I’m not afraid. We’ll do it after whatever surprise is waiting for us.”

She relaxed against him, her fingers moving over his chest. She loved him with all her heart and soul. She was happy to have someone who was willing to share her hopes and dreams with, to hold her when she was scared and feeling vulnerable. He was such a miracle to her. She tipped her head back and he kissed her, his tongue dueling with hers and making her heart go into overdrive. He moved so he was between her legs, pushing her dress up. He pulled her panties off and pushed his pants down. He pressed his forehead against hers as he thrust into her. She cried out, her nails sliding over his back drawing blood. He moved in her hard and fast, going as deep as he could. He moaned, pinning her hands above her head. She whispered his name, repeating it over and over. He kissed her as she orgasmed, capturing her cry of pleasure. He finished, moaning loudly into her mouth.

He rolled onto his back and pulled her into his arms. He rained feather light kisses over her face, whispering how much he loved and needed her. He finally stood and pulled his pants off then her dress and bra, wanting to be skin to skin. He lay back down and she rested her head on his chest. She fell asleep and he lay there staring down at her beautiful face. He couldn’t wait to spend forever with her.

Morning came and they both got up. “I’ll do breakfast while you go ahead and pick a dress ok?”

“Thanks Reece” Nali said then kissed him. Reece held Nalis face in his hands for a moment to hold her in the kiss. He let go and Nali went to her closet. She debated between three dresses she had but finally settled on her white summer dress. Nali found a bra and panty set that was the same color as the dress and put them on before slipping into it. She then found her white butterfly clip which was the whole reason she picked that dress. She really liked the clip and it looked especially good when she was wearing one of her white dresses. Nalis mothers favorite color had been white so Nali incorporated that color in most of her outfits.

Nali brushed her hair then put the clip in her hair. She then searched until she found her white sandals to go with it. Now she was ready so she walked into the kichen. Reece smiled at her “You’re so beautiful.”

“Thank you, my mothers favorite color was white so I wear it frequently.”

“It looks good on you. Come and eat breakfast. They ate quickly together then Reece put on the clothes Sincerity brought him. He decided while they were in town he’d bring as much of his things back as possible. When he was done getting ready they both walked out the door holding hands. “are you nervous about what the surprise is?”

“A little”

“Well I wont let them hurt you so don’t worry about that”

“I’m not, Sincerity would never draw me into a trap nor you” The woods were peaceful this morning. All you could hear were birds singing and animals playing. They enjoyed taking in everything as they made their way into the village. When they reached the village Sincerity was waiting with a big grin. She grabbed Nalis hand while their dad grabbed Reeces. “she can’t be alone in this village” Reece said worried “she wont be hurt. I promise son. I need you to come with me to wait on Nali.” Reece sighed and felt tense not being able to see Nali any longer.

“Sincerity, what’s going on?” Nali asked nervously.

“Don’t look so scared. We’ve decorated the whole village just for you. Lily Ann even used fairy lights to light the place once it’s dark.” Sincerity smiled. “You look so beautiful.”

Gareth and Hylden walked up to them and Sincerity smiled as Nali took a step back. These two had been the instigators of the mob. Gareth offered her his arm and she looked at Sincerity who nodded encouragingly. She grabbed his arm and Sincerity did the same with Hylden. “Are you ready Miss Nali?” Gareth asked as they started walking.

“Ready for what?” They walked to the town center. The gallows had been removed and replaced by posts with white cloth wrapped around them. White and pale blue lilies covered everything. A long white piece of cloth with pale blue and pink designs had been rolled out and standing at the end of it under a trellis coverd in flowers and ivy was Reece, his father, and a preacher.

“Ready to get married dear.” Gareth answered and she swallowed. A woman played on an old piano that had been carried outside. Even though Gareth had given her grief, she hugged him, making him laugh. They walked slowly down the isle, Reece smiling the whole time. He looked so happy. Gareth handed her off and she took Reece’s hands, her legs feeling a little wobbly. The whole village had their eyes on her and it made her feel a little scared. Reece squeezed her hands and she took a deep breath before she passed out. The preacher, whose name was Jesse, spoke about love and devotion. He also spoke about kindness and the value of understanding. A look of shamed passed over the faces of the villagers.

He then talked about Reece and Nali and how they had stayed together even though death had threatened to tear them apart. He talked about their courage and how everyone could learn from their example. He spoke in what she was sure was Latin. She didn’t understand it, but Reece and the other villagers obviously did and were all grinning. “Reece the ring.” Jesse said and Reece’s father handed it to him. It was a little silver band with a dragon etched around it. He slipped it on her finger. “I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.” Reece’s dad nudged him in the back when he just stood there staring and smiling. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her, lingering a little to long so the young women giggled.

He pulled back smiling at his wife. Everybody congratulated and hugged the two. Nali felt a bit overwhelmed by it all. Everybody was being nice but having so many people surrounding her was making her very nervous. Groups had never been a good thing in her life. Reece noticed she seemed stress and whispered in her ear “do we need to go love”

“I dont want to be rude.” Reece picked her up “we’ll see you all another time.” He then yelled for Gareth who came running “follow me so I can talk to you about somthing in private.”

“alright” When they were away from the crowd Reece said “As a half demon Nali wont die unless murdered. I want to live forever with her and there’s a ritual we can do to make that happen. I need you to come tonight to help us with it. I think you owe that to Nali”

“Of course I will. As soon as all the village is in their homes I will come to you two.”

“Thank you” Reece said then started to walk home with Nali. “Reece that’s so soon. You should wait maybe a month or so before you decide. Please, I dont want you to regret it. I don’t mind only having you for as long as you humans live. You don’t have to become an abomination like me.”

“You are not an abomination. You are beautiful, sweet and absolutely amazing. Theres no doubt in my heart or mind I want this. I don’t have to think about it. Now just relax while I take you to my favorite stream. There’s so many pretty flowers beside it and will be the perfect place for you to just relax from the stress. I knwo being around crowds must be hard even though they were nice. Nali nodded feeling ashmed. Reece saw it on her face “there’s nothing for YOU to be ashamed of. You have every right to be afraid of those monsters. I will never look at any of them the same. I’m surprised you lasted as long as you did Nali.”

“I love you”

“I love you too which is why I can’t wait for tonight” Nali started to relax as Reece carried her to the stream he was talking about. The landscape was gorgeous. So many different colors and flowers. There were some small bunnies and deer running through them. He sat with her by the water then gave her another long kiss. Now that nobody was watching it was an even longer one. Her lips were the sweetest thing in the world to him.

They lay there until the sun started to go down, listening to the calming sound of the stream. Reece lifted her in his arms and they walked slowly through the woods. Fireflys swarmed around them, their dancing lights making Nali stare in wonder. She reached for them, one landing on her finger tips before flying away. They lit up the woods there were so many. It was like orange stars moved lazily around them. She rested her head against his chest, sighing happily. When they made it back to the house, Gareth and Sincerity were both waiting for them along with Hylden. He seemed to be attached to Sincerity at the hip. Sincerity didn’t seem to notice the longing look on his face.

“Thank you for coming.” Reece said with a smile.

“We can never do enough to earn Nali’s forgiveness.” Gareth replied and opened the front door for the little house so Reece could carry her inside. He sat her at the kitchen table and retrieved the book, flipping to the page they needed and handing it to Gareth.

“This is a pretty complicated spell, one wrong move and you could die.” Gareth said and he read and re-read the page.

“Yes, I’m sure. Nali has already tried to talk me out of it.” Reece said and sat down next to Nali.

“We need a dagger.” Reece pulled his out and handed it to him. “Okay, put your hand on top of hers.”

“Don’t curl your fingers under, you could lose one.” Nali said and he made sure his palm was flat against the back of her hand. He cleared his throat and started reading, his Latin flawless. He raised the dagger and drove it through their hands. Neither flinched, but they both gritted their teeth against the pain. Gareth kept reading as their blood mixed and he pulled the dagger out. Reece felt heat moving up his arm and into his chest. It felt like someone was pushing a hot poker through his chest. He screamed and fell to the floor. Nali pulled him into her arms as every muscle in his body tightened. His stomach knotted and he turned on his side, throwing up. Sweat soaked through his shirt and made his hair stick to his forehead. He cried and screamed until the pain ebbed, leaving his muscles cramped and him unconscious. Nali cried and pointed to a set of vials on her spice rack. “Can you hand me the blue one please.” She said through her tears. Sincerity shook herself out of her horror and grabbed the vial, handing it to her friend. Nali poured some on her hand then on Reece’s, the clear liquid closing the wounds. Gareth and Hylden lifted Reece off the floor and into bed as Sincerity helped clean up the blood and puke.

“We’re going to leave you two alone now,” Gareth said, “but if you need anything please come and get us.”

“i will” Nali said then Sincerity hugged her. “I’m going to start visiting much more frequently now.”

“I’m glad to hear it” Sincerity walked out with the two men then Nali crawled in bed with her husband. She took off his clothes knowing he would be out as if he was in a coma atleast until morning. Maybe even dinner. She undressed and laid partially on him. She ran her fingers across his body crying again. It seemed everything went well but seeing him in that much pain was excruciating¬†.She cried herself to sleep and woke around eleven the next day. She frowned again since he was stlill sleeping. She listened to his heart beating an even rhythm so she was sure he’d be alright. Nali checked to make sure she had plenty of vials that would help him with pain.

She only had six which would be plenty but she would rather be absolutely sure. She’d never witnessed this before. She only heard stories so Nali went out to gather a few things she didn’t keep on hand to create more. About an hour later she walked back in. Reece was still out cold. She went into the kitchen and began making more tonic for pain. She finished it then put it in clean vials. She got back into bed holding Reece close. He grabbed Nalis hand when she ran it across his chest. “reece!” she exclaimed “My muscles.”

“One second sweetheart” she jumped out of bed and grabbed a few of her bottles. She handed him one “drink please.” He shakily grabbed it then downed the contents quickly. She handed him another and he did the same. A little bit later he sighed in relief. “thank you baby”

“You hungry?”

“I dont have an appetite atall. Just keep rubbing me please” Nali laid back down and gently ran her fingers across him again. A little while later he wrapped his arms around her. “Thank you for doing that with me so I can always be by your side. I really do get forever with you now.” Nali kissed him. “Nali I haven’t cleaned my mouth from puking”

“I love you so I dont care Reece. Can I make you something to eat?”

“Please” Nali got up and prepared a sandwich for each of them then cut up some carrots. Reece sat up slowly and ate with Nali on their bed. When he was done he held out his arms “come please” She did and he wrapped his arms around her. “Tomorrow I promise to start being a good husband. We just get married and I’m not doing a thing but laying in bed asking you to do things.”

“You’re a perfect husband. You went through hell last night just so you could live forever.” he smiled “would you give me another one of those drinks?” She grabbed one and handed it to him. He kissed her “I love you with all my heart Nali. Never have I felt so strongly for a woman. I’m lucky that I get forever with you and any demon or human who can’t see what a treasure you are, are the ones losing out. The world was blessed when your parents brought you into it Nali. I will love you until the end of time.”

Nali pressed her lips against his again “you’re so sweet” her voice broke and he pulled her close as she cried tears of happiness. They spent the rest of the day talking and cuddling in their bed just enjoying being with one another.

~ The End ~

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