Nayeli & Scott 2

Chapter One

Nayeli stared down at the pregnancy test in shock. She had been sick for days and both she and Scott had attributed to the flu. She had been in bed most of the time when she wasn’t throwing up everything she ate and drank. The only things that seemed to stay down were ginger ale and fruit salad. Scott had been worried and had wanted to stay home, but she refused to let him, even going so far as to tell his new assisstant to make sure he didn’t skip out on his responsibilities. Her hands started shaking and her heart raced as she read and re-read the word pregnant. She was afraid of what Scott would think, especially since they were still dealing with jealous ex lovers and the stress she knew she was putting on him with running her candystore while she was sick and at the same time him dealing with his labs medical research while organizing another fundraiser. They were also supposed to be planning their wedding, but her being sick and him being busy had put a halt to it.

Scott sat in the conference room listening to his researchers talk about a new drug they were developing for cancer patients. It was supposed to help with the nausea chemo patients experienced so they could keep their food down and not lose so much weight. Scott himself had had it made a priority after seeing the sad look on Nayeli’s face after visiting the children’s ward in the hospital to hand out candy. He worried about her the whole time he was away from home and had asked his assisstant to take notes for him. He wanted desperately to call her, to see if she needed anything. He motioned for his assisstant to come closer and she leaned in.

“Please call Nayeli and make sure she is okay.”

“Yes sir, of course.”

“Ask her if she needs anything from the store and tell her I will call her after the meeting.”

“Yes sir.”

His assistant left the room and called Nayeli. She heard her phone ringing but had trouble pulling herself out of the bathroom and away from her test. At the third ring she set the test down and began looking for her phone. She had no idea where she left it so it went to voicemail. Scotts assistant knew leaving a voicemail wouldn’t please him so she began to call again. This time Naeyli found it on the second ring “sorry, hello?”

“Hey, Scott wants to know if you need anything from the store”

“More gingerale”

“Ok, he says he’s going to call you after his meeting.”

“alright, thank you” They hung up and Nayeli sat on the bed. Scotts assistant Silvia rejoined the meeting to continue taking notes. She wrote in the edge of one of her papers what Nayeli wanted then slid it to Scott. He frowned, knowing she must not feel well still. It made him want to leave even more but what he was doing was important and he knew he had to stay. Scott began to try his best to listen but couldn’t concentrate. he was glad Silvia was so avidly taking notes for him. She had become thorough since he started not being able to keep attention.

Nayeli drank a glass of water, knowing she had to keep hydrated. She then went and climbed into bed and pulled the covers over her head. She squeezed her eyes shut and groaned, hating how bad the baby was making her feel. She wanted to set up an appointment, but she wanted to wait until Scott’s schedule opened up. She took deep breaths and rubbed her stomach, willing herself not to throw up. She finally fell asleep half an hour later.

Scott wanted to scream at the man speaking to shut up and let him call his wife, but he bit his tongue and stayed quiet. After another hour he was finally able to thank everyone for their hard work and escape from the conference room. He pulled out his phone and called Nayeli, needing to hear her voice and make sure she was okay. She answered on the third ring and he let out the breath he had been holding. “Hey baby, how are you feeling?” He asked softly.

“Sick, my stomach feels horrible.”

She sounded drowsy. “Were you sleeping baby?”

“Yeah, throwing up made me feel exhausted.”

“I’m sorry, why don’t you go back to sleep? I’ll be out of here in about half and hour then I have to stop at your store to make sure everything is going well. After that I’ll be home and take care of you.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“I love you too.” They hung up and he sighed then headed up to his office. He had some paperwork to review and sign then he could leave. He sat down and his phone vibrated. He picked it up and checked the text. It was from one of his former flings. He texted her back, telling her to leave him alone. Everyone knew he was getting married, it had been in the papers, front page since he was so popular. This wasn’t something he needed right now, not with Nayeli sick and having to plan a wedding pretty much on his own to take the stress off of Nayeli. Jealous exes were at the bottom of the list.

Scott read through the paperwork, probably faster than he should have but he was too worried and needed to be there for¬†Nayeli. He signed everything he needed to then left to go check on¬†Nayelis¬†store. He stayed on top of it, not willing to let somthing that brought Nayeli such happiness to fail. Scott arrived and was happy to see all going well. When he was sure there wasn’t a single problem he set off for Target. They had gingerale¬†on sale so he went ahead and grabbed three for her. Scotts phone vibrated again so he fished it out quickly incase it was Nayeli. He sighed frustratedly when it was the woman from before. He texted back angrily. “I’m not interested in you. I’m with Nayeli who is absolutely perfect. You meant nothing to me and you’ll never mean anything to me so get a grip and stop being annoying.”

She texted back “You shouldn’t be so mean to me. How could you just forget about me Scott?” In his annoyance he texted back “easily, it’s easy to forget you. I can’t even put a picture to the face. I only know your name because it was saved in my phone” In the check out line she sent him a picture of her breasts “Remember these? You loved them when we were fucking” Scott quickly deleted the picture “Never send me pictures like that and never text me again. I love Nayeli and I only want her. We’re getting married you dense bitch”

Once again she left him alone, he hoped it was for good. He bought Nayelis drinks then headed home to her. Scott put the car in park and grabbed two cases of Gingerale from his back seat. He found a place for both of them in their fridge then headed up to Nayeli. She hadn’t heard him come in over her TV. She sat up and greeted Scott with a smile. He walked over and hugged her tightly.

“Are you okay Scott? You’re shaking.”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that question?”

“I’m fine, I’ve been in bed all day, but I’m fine.”

He kicked his shoes off, sat down against the headboard, and pulled her back into his arms. “Maybe I should take you to the hospital. You feel like you’re losing weight.”

“Do you have time in your schedule for doctor’s visits?”

He tipped her head back and she swallowed nervously. “Nayeli, I always have time for you. I only have to go into work for certain things, I don’t have to be gone all day every day. Anytime you need me I’ll be there. So what’s going on?”

“Well, I was going to wait to say anything until you had less to deal with, but I’m…” Scott’s phone vibrated and he actually growled as he fished his phone out of his pocket. He glared at the screen and would have thrown the phone if it had not been for Nayeli grabbing his hand. “Who is this? Patricia Armstrong. I remember her. She was the kind of crazy red head with the dragonfly on her ankle.” She looked up at Scott and his heart nearly leapt out of his chest.

“Nayeli, I was only texting her to tell her to leave me alone. She sent me a picture of her breasts, but I deleted it.”

“I can read you know.”

“I just don’t want you to hate me or be disgusted with me. I want to be honest with you.”

“If I thought for a minute you were screwing around, I wouldn’t still be here. I trust you implicitly so please stop worrying that I’ll accuse you of something horrible. I love you.” She kissed him to show him she meant it. “You should keep her messages though in case she gets out of hand.”

“Okay, I love you with all my heart Nayeli. Now, tell me what’s been going on with you.”

“I just found out this morning that I haven’t been feeling well because I’m pregnant. The test is in the bathroom still if you want to see.” She said softly and gave him a happy smile. Scott exhaled in gleeful suprise and held her tighter. Another thing weighing on him was worry he wouldn’t be able to get her pregnant after that STD and now here she was. They had been blessed with a miracle and he couldn’t have felt happier. “Oh I’m so glad you didn’t wait to tell me. That is just the kind of news I needed. I’ve been so worried about you and I’ve been worried since we got together if I would be able to get you pregnant. I love you so much. Please set up an appointment as soon as you can so we know how long it’s been. Maybe you were pregnant before it started making you sick.

Nayeli kissed him “I’m glad it makes you so happy. I couldn’t feel more fortunate. I can’t wait to have this baby, especially since it wont stress you out.”

“why would it stress me Nayeli?”

“You’re so busy” Scotts happy heart sank “Have I been neglecting you Nayeli? I’ll stay home more. I hate you don’t know I have all the time in the world for you.”

“You are an important man baby. I know you love me. I love the work you do. It’s why I became your assistant after knowing your history. You’ve been nothing less than amazing to me since we’ve been together Scott. Don’t feel sad.” Scott kissed her cheek “I promise I’ll go to every appointment and I’ll be a good father.”

“I definitely know you’ll be a good father”

“I love you so much, thank you for believing in me.” He gave her a soft kiss and found himself smiling. “Let me go get you some ginger ale.”

“Take me with you, I’ve been stuck in here all day.” He lifted her off the bed and she rested her head on his shoulder as he carried her down to the living room. Her favorite place to be was in his arms. His warmth and love made her feel much better. He sat her on the couch then kissed her forehead before going and pouring her a small glass of ginger ale. He smiled the whole way back to her, his head filling with possible names and every outcome he could think of for his unborn child. He wondered if he or she would find out about his past and if it would effect the way he or she looked at him.

“You look scared.” Nayeli said as he handed her her glass of ginger ale then sat down and pulled her fet into his lap.

“I am scared, I’ve never been so scared. Having a baby is a big deal and I don’t know very much about them. I have very litte confidence when it comes to children.”

“The kids in the pediatrics ward love you. It puts such big smiles on their faces when you visit them. They always talk about you and ask when you’ll be coming with me again. If you can do that for them, then you will do just fine with our baby.” She sat her glass down and moved onto his lap. “Don’t worry about making mistakes, all parents do that. Just cherish the happy moments and be there when our child needs someone to talk to.”

“You always make me feel so calm and confident. Even when you were just my assistant you helped me stay level headed. Without you I would be nothing.”

“You were something before I even came along.”

“No, I was nothing. You made me into someone to be proud of. I love you so much.”

“I love you too and I can’t wait until we can get married and have this baby. I’m sorry we had to stop planning.”

He chuckled. “You had to stop planning. I however continued with some help from Silvia of course.”

“Scott, you shouldn’t over work yourself.”

“Hush now. I pride myself on my efficiency and I want you to have your special day when we planned. It’s never overworking myself when it’s for you.”

Nayeli kissed Scotts cheek. “I’ll start planning again too. I wont let you do it all yourself. One man can only work so hard baby”

“Only do what you feel like. I hope you don’t spend your whole pregnancy feeling this bad”

“I doubt I will. It’s an adjustment for my body is all” Scott kissed her black, tangled hair. It was a mess from how much she had been in bed. “I hope so. Want to watch TV and stay down here for a bit?”

“That would be nice. Tomorrow I’ll make an appointment for us to see how far along I am. I can handle that after breakfast”

“want me to stay home?”

“You have another meeting tomorrow. You can’t miss it” Scott had compleatly forgotten “still acting as my secretary even though you’re my wife” Nayeli smiled “fiance for now”

“You’re my wife even if the paperwork isn’t done yet.” Nayelis smile widened and she relaxed against him. ¬†Scott flipped through channels finding nothing he wanted to see so he went to on demand. He found Crazy Stupid Love and purchased it since Nayeli could never grow tired of seeing the hilarity and sweetness play out. Nayeli got up “I’m just grabbing a blanket” she said to Scotts questioning look. She found a small one then relaxed once again into her fiance.

“Have you finished everything for your next fundraiser?”

“Nayeli, you’re not my secretary anymore, you don’t have to worry about details Silvia can take care of.”

“Sorry, old habits I guess.” He sighed happily and kissed her cheek. Half way through the movie Nayeli jumped up and ran to the bathroom. She barely made it to the toilet before throwing up. Scott was right behind her and pulled her hair away from her face with one hand while he rubbed her back with the other.

“Are you okay now?” He asked.

“Can you get me a glass of water please.” He hurried into the kitchen as Nayeli flushed and got to her feet. She wet a rag and rubbed it against her face and the back of her neck to cool her skin.

“Here baby.” She took the glass of water and gulped it down. She was always so thirsty after throwing up.

“I’m sorry, I ruined the movie.”

“It’s okay, it’s just a movie.” He couldn’t help but smile at how upset she was over something so small. He hugged her, not wanting her to see the look on his face and get angry. “Why don’t we take a shower then you can relax on the couch while I cook you something good.”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to keep anything down.”

“We could always work up an appetite and see if that helps.”

“You are such a guy, a perverted guy.”

“I’m sorry, it’s hard to be good when you have the sexiest woman in the world pressed against you.” He brushed his nose against hers. “I’m sorry for being such a perv, I’ll be good so lets shower and get something in your stomach.”

“Don’t be sorry, you know I normally enjoy it. I’m just not in the mood with how bad I feel. Hopefully later I’ll be one of those women that get an increased sex drive during pregnancy” Scott smiled “if you’re not that’s fine. You’ll just have to be patient with my own sex drive” They got their water running then took a long, relaxing shower. The heat from the cascading water loosened Nayelis muscles making her feel a little better. Scott took the opportunity to rub her back. “thank you” Scott kissed between where his hands were. “I’ll do anything to make you feel better. You’ve had me so worried baby. Not your fault but you have. I’m a little scared now that i think about being a dad but I’m excited and plan on being everything you and that baby deserve”

They stayed in the shower until the water ran cold. They each grabbed a towel and dried themselves before Scott lifted Nayeli to take her to their room. “I hope this doesn’t make me an ass but I really need you to wear clothes if I’m going to be good. You know better than anyone my sturggle with self control”

“It doesn’t make you an ass. I’ll wear some pajamas.” She put on her fluffy black pajama pants and a pink tank top while Scott pulled on a shirt and a pair of underwear. He carried her back downstairs and set her gently on the couch. “You just relax while I make somthing for you.”

“what’re you going to make?”

“That’s a surprise. Just enjoy whatevers on TV”

Scott settled on chicken noodle soup in hopes it would stay down. He had never liked when Nayeli would get sick, even the small colds she often caught while working with him always made him want to baby her. Then she probably would have smacked him or told him it was her job to work whether she was sick or not, but now he could cherish her and spoil her. He sighed, realizing he was becoming overprotective. Next he would be blowing on her soup so she wouldn’t burn her mouth. He got to chopping ingredients, needing a distraction from his spinning thoughts.

Chapter Two

A knock on the front door pulled Nayeli out of her daydreaming. “I’ll get it.” She said and got to her feet, walking slowly to the front door and pulling it open. She had to blink to make sure her eyes were not playing tricks on her. “Patricia?” She was confused and shocked.

“You must be Nayeli, you look familiar. Wait, wait you were the assisstant. Seriously?” She let out a high pitched laugh. “Is Scott here?”

“He’s busy.” She felt dizzy, but she forced herself to stay upright.

“Baby, who is it?” She could here him coming closer and turned just as he made it to the door. She fell into his arms and gripped his shirt. “Hey, are you alright?”

“Just a little dizzy. Just deal with her.”

Scott pulled Nayeli as close to him as he could get her and turned his gaze on Patricia. “What did I fucking say? Get the fuck out of here, now.” He snapped.

“Come on baby, look how helpless she is. Maybe she can watch us and learn a few things.”

“Go away, she’s not well. If you come back I will call the cops.” He slammed the door in her face and locked it then took Nayeli back to the couch. “Nayeli, are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“We can wait until she’s gone then you can take me.”

“This is because you haven’t been eating enough. Let me turn off the stove and get dressed then I’ll take you.”

“Okay.” He gave her a quick kiss on her forehead then rushed to turn the stove off. He then ran up to their room and pulled on a pair of jeans and tennis shoes. He grabbed his phone then rushed back to Nayeli, lifting her into his arms without missing a beat and hurrying out the door. He hoped the doctors could do something to help her eat until this morning sickness passed.
He set Nayeli in the passanger seat then buckled her up before getting behind the wheel. His heart was racing almost as fast as the car he drove. It felt like the longest trip to the hospital he had ever taken but they finally made it. He rushed to her side of the car and had her in his arms again. “calm down”¬†Nayeli said weakly. “I can’t until somebody helps you”¬†Scott said as he began to walk. He talked ot the nurses as he entered and explained what had been going on with Nayeli. He being who he was she didn’t have to wait to be seen. A doctor came out right away when a nurse told him who was there.This was one of the times Scott was grateful that he was so recognizable. They escorted them into a room and told Nayeli to sit on the table.

They took her blood pessure then listened to her heart and lungs while Scott filled out some paperwork. The hospitals on call OB/GYN came in and wheeled in an ultrasound machine. “I thought maybe you two would want to see your baby while we talk.” He said with a happy smile as he turned on the machine and switched off the lights. Nayeli laid back and lifted her shirt and he squirted some cool gel on her stomach. “So you’ve been having some morning sickness?”

“More than some, I can’t keep anything down but fruit and ginger ale.”

“I saw on your paperwork that you nearly fainted. That’ll happen when you don’t eat enough. Found it.” He turned the screen so they could see the small flutter of a heart beat and the clump of cells that would be their child.

“Wow.” Scott said wide eyed and Nayeli felt herself tear up. “Oh Nayeli don’t cry, smile for me.”

“I’m sorry.” She said, sounding a little choked up.

“That’s just the hormones, it’s going to be a roller coaster, but it’ll be worth it.” The doctor said.

Scott kissed Nayeli on the forehead and just stared at their baby. He felt so blessed and couldn’t wait to hold his child. “It’s so amazing. Can we have a picture?”

“Sure you can and if you like I can go ahead and be your doctor.”

Nayeli smiled at him. “That would be great. We have enough going on and looking for a doctor would only add to the stress, especially since you’re so great doctor…”

“No doctor, just call me Avery.” He smiled back as he printed out a couple of pictures. “I’m going to write you up a prescription for nausea medication. It’ll be completely safe for the baby and will help you eat. It might make you just a little drowsy.”

“drowsy is far better than sick.” Nayeli said and Avery smiled “I knew you’d think so” he handed Scott the prescription. “You will also need prenatal vitamins. Just order some online”

“we will” Nayeli said softly. She still felt tired. “If you want her to stay the hospital will of course let her but if she goes down to the hospital pharmacy and gets that filled she can go home, take those and be ready to eat dinner in about a half hour or so. “you want to go home Nayeli?”


“Then we’re going. When’s our first apointment?”

“Next month this day work for you?”

“Of course”

“Then that’s when your appointment is.” They got Nayelis prescription filled then they went home. Scott carried her in and set her down on the couch. He quickly got poured a glass of water then gave it to her so she could take the pills she was prescribed. “you going to finish cooking now?” Nayeli aksed and he nodded before kissing her “just relax, if you even need to go to the bathroom yell for me and I’ll take you”

“I wont go anywhere or do anything. Just go cook, I can’t wait to eat” Nayeli was exhausted and wanted to sleep but didn’t want to go to bed without giving her baby dinner. She looked at the picture of their baby she had been holding. Nayeli just admired it until Scott came in with a bowl of soup “how do you feel?”

“Better already”

“Thank goodness” She smiled then started to blow on her first bite of soup. She moaned when it slid down her throat “You truly make the best soup baby”

“I hope our kid thinks so”

She smiled and took another bite, happy it was staying down. Scott just watched her eat, his spoon hovering just above the bowl. “Eat silly.” She said and he tore his eyes away from her and took a bite.

“Sorry.” She giggled and ate every bite of the delicious soup. Scott took their bowls to the kitchen and came back to a half asleep Nayeli. “Hey miss drowsy, lets go to bed.”

“I don’t want to, I want to spend time with you.”

“We’ll spend time together tomorrow. We’ll do some wedding planning and even go to the hospital and hand out candy together.” She looked so cute he just couldn’t resist kissing her. He pressed his lips into hers and she gave a delighted moan.

“Scott, make love to me.” She mumbled and he chuckled.

“Tomorrow my love.” She slipped into unconciousness and he just smiled. The medicine had made her a little loopy. He kissed her softly and lifted her off the couch. He laid her on the bed and pulled off his shoes and pants before crawling in next to her. He leaned over the bed and grabbed his phone, texting Silvia and asking her to reschedule his meeting. He wanted tomorrow to be all about Nayeli since she had been so sick. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her one more time before closing his eyes and allowing himself to drift off.

Scott woke first in the morning and checked his phone. He had five messages and he knew they all couldn’t be from his assistant. As he thought only one was where Silvia told him the meeting was moved to next week. The rest of the text were all from the psycho¬†Patricia. This time she had sent him pictures of them in bed together with text that said “I bet she doesn’t please you the way i can. Don’t you remember these? You’ve had every mans fantasy and banged your secretary so come back to a woman who really knows how to work a man. You don’t need some wussy for a wife that can’t even seem to stand on her own”

Scott gripped his phone angrily, wanting to be rid of her. He wanted to text back that he didn’t remember the night atall. That fucking her was a blurr with all the other women he fucked back then. It was the truth but he knew texting back would only encourage her. He wondered if he made a mistake texting her back the first time. Scott just put his phone down and kissed Nayelis shoulder. She didn’t respond atall which was unusual but the doctor did say her pills would make her drowsy. He also considered her body had been through a lot with all the hurling and growing of their baby.

Nayeli woke with a jump about an hour later “Scott your meeting” He laughed and gently pushed her back down “it’s been rescheduled. I want today to be about us” she smiled “that will be nice. What do you want to do for breakfast?”

“Biscuits and jelly?”

“sounds good”

Nayeli rolled her eyes when he told her she needed to relax and insisted on at least sitting at the table so she could watch him cook. He carried her to the kitchen and sat her gently down. She rested her chin in her hand and watched as he made dough then rolled it out and used a cup to cut it. She gave a happy sigh and he smiled as he popped the biscuits in the oven. He switched on the timer the came and sat with her. “It’s sexy when you cook.” She said softly and he moved so his face was closer to hers.

“Maybe that’s my plan, to be irresitably sexy.” He pulled her onto his lap so she was staddling him. “So sexy that you’ll melt the moment I touch you.” He slid his hands up her shirt and ran his hands up her back to her shoulders. He kissed her hungrily, moved his lips over her chin and down her neck so she gasped and moaned.

“Scott, please.” She whispered.

“Not yet, we have things to do today so just be patient and I’ll reward you later.”

She groaned and he licked his way up to her ear to nibble at her earlobe. “Scott, I can’t.” She knew she was pouting, but what he was doing wasn’t fair.

“Sure you can, you have an extremely strong will.” He kissed her softly on the lips then hugged her to him. “You are so beautiful, especially your messy hair.”

“You perverted tease.”

“But I’m your perverted tease.”

She smiled. “That’s true and I love you very much.”

“and I plan to spend today showing you how loved you are. Today is just going to be happy and fun.”

“If Patricia lets us” Scott sighed “please, lets not even say her name.” Nayeli kissed him “ok” When the biscuits were done they ate and talked happily about which room could be their babies and how they’d decorate if it were a boy or a girl. Soon Patricia was the furthest thing from their mind. Patricia was pacing around her apartment angrily. She was pissed that Scott couldn’t even answer her texts. That he would have the nerve to cast her off like he was doing. She was better than that secretary, better than any other woman and it was insulting he’d choose Nayeli over her. Her mind began to get busy with all the things she could do to get back at them. She wasn’t sure what she would do but she was going to do somthing.

She eventually decided to get in her car and drive over to Scotts. She parked in another neighborhood and walked so Scott wouldn’t see her car near his house. She crept up to their yard and noticed them coming out of their house. She hid inbetween a few bush sculptures one of Scotts neighbor had. It was uncomfortable but she stayed still until the sickening view of the two of them riding off together passed her. She then walked right up to Scotts garden and dug in the purple flowers. She smiled when she felt a key. He was still hiding what he called his drunk key in the same spot as when he was screwing her. He hads told her all about him keeping a key in the purple flowers just incase he lost his key somwhere while he was drunk.

She unlocked Scotts front door and stated rifling through drawers to find scissors. She wanted to cut up all that bitches clothes. She didn’t deserve the money Scott was spending on her. She finally found scissors then went to Scotts room. Fabric fell everywhere as Patricia cut up dressm aftr shirt after blouse. Patricia went mad destroying anything in the house that looked like it belonged to Nayeli. Patricia started taking pictures on her phone and laughed. She wanted to remember this moment. To relive how good it felt to do this.

Everyone at the candy store was happy to see Nayeli back on her feet. She chatted with them for a few minutes then announced she was pregnant. Everyone became instantly excited, making her laugh as they crowded close to feel her stomach and ask when she was due. “We don’t know yet, but I am sure my doctor will tell me when we go to my appointment. I will be sure to let everyone know, but no buying resents until we know what it is.”

“We’ll throw you a baby shower so keep us posted.” Joseph the store manager said.

“Thank you very much. Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys see that I’m doing better and pick up some candy. I’ve been neglecting the kids at the hospital and I want them to know I still care.”

“Alright, we’ll see you later then.” She grabbed a paper bag out from under the counter and filled it with candy before heading out. Scott took the bag from her and she giggled.

“What’s so funny?” He asked as she got in the car and he sat the bag in her lap.

“You being so protective. The bag isn’t heavy.” He went around and climbed behind the wheel.

“Just let me be protective, let me spoil you and give you everything you deserve. You’re already growing a baby so just let me be me.”

Her heart fluttered and her skin warmed. “I really, really love you and I’m really, really glad you’re here with me. Spoil me all you want, I won’t complain.” He gave her a quick kiss then started the car, wanting to get to the hospital and see her face light up when the children there greeted her.

Patricia laid on Scotts couch trying to think of what she should do next. This wasn’t enough, not nearly enough. She began to walk through her disaster, pondering any wicked thing that she could summon into her head. She knew she wouldn’t be able to get back in since Scott would no doubt change the locks after seeing their punishment. She grew angry again as no ideas settled into her head as the right one. She smirked and had an idea. She ran out of the house and back to her car to grab the cord for her cellphone. When she walked back into the house she went to their computer and hooked it up. She moved all the sex pictures and naked ones of her onto their computer. Setting the one where she was going down on him as Scotts background. She proceeded to print as many as she could with the ink Scott had in his printer.

Chapter Three

When she had her stack she found tape then went up to their bedroom. She taped every single one all over their bedroom then admired the new scenery. Patricia decided to leave and wait for Scotts text. She would take her key and plot more at a friends house incase Scott was a big enough pansy to tattle to the police. The Scott she knew wouldn’t but he had to be different since he was trying to marry a lowly secretary. Just as Scott hoped Nayelis face was alight with how happy she was to be making these children happy. Every time one smiled she seemed to get increasingly jubilant. When they finally had to go she got hugs from all the children. When they were out Nayeli said “Thank you for that candy shop. It makes me feel so good to bring those kids happiness.”

“You being happy makes me happy so it’s a win win win” They grabbed somthing to eat at Burger King then went home. Scott was jerked out of his relaxed, cheerful state when their door was already unlocked. He pushed it open and both their jaws dropped. Nayeli gasped “what the hell”

“I know what fucking hell. I’ll bet you a thousand dollars but how in the fuck does she have a key to my god damned house!” Nayeli could hear how livid Scott was and she tried to calm him “it’ll be ok, calm down” Scott began to storm through the house to see what else she had done while they were away. It was just ransacked room after ransacked room until the two of them entered their bedroom. Scotts heart sank, knowing his fiance was seeing this too.

Nayeli covered her mouth, her eyes wide with shock. He reached for her and she flinched without meaning to. The hurt look on his face broke her heart. “Scott I…”

“Just go sit in the living room and I’ll clean this up.”

She backed out of the room and he shut the door. She had not meant to hurt him, she had just been startled after the shock of seeing their house in such a state of destruction. Even worse, she was positive everything that had been destroyed was hers. She decided to help clean up and got a garbage bag. She wouldn’t let Scott do this on his own. Scott pulled every picture down and tore them up, not wanting to remember those things. Nayeli had forgiven him for so much and now she was disgusted by him again. He could hear Nayeli cleaning up and took the shredded pictures out to her, throwing them in the garbage bag.

“I’m sorry.” He said.

“For what?”

“This is all my fault.” She dropped the bag and pulled him into a tight hug. “Nayeli please don’t hate me, please.” He started shaking and crying, angry and scared. He would die without her, his life would be meaningless.

“I’m sorry I pulled away, you just startled me. I still love you very much.” She kissed his cheek and he held her tighter.

“I don’t even remember any of that stuff, I don’t remember her taking pictures. I hate myself, I hate her, and I hate that you are stuck right in the middle.”

“Don’t hate yourself baby and don’t be upset I’m in the middle. We should actually stop cleaning and let the police see all this. She needs to be dealt with before she gets too crazy. Are there any more pictures in our bedroom?” Scott started crying harder, he hadn’t stopped crying “No, I didn’t want to look at them. I didn’t want to even touch them but I needed them gone”

“they’ll be able to see the ripped up remains in the bag and this house. Do you have any idea how she got in baby?”

“I must have told her about my spare key while I was drunk off my ass”

“where should it be? I’ll go check for it”

“you need to sit”

“No, we need to handle this. Call the police and I’ll see if your spare key has gone missing”

“I love you so much. It should be in the purple flowers.” Scott whimpered out then went to kiss her. This time she didn’t move but kissed him back. She hoped he could feel how much she still loved him. Nayeli walked out while Scott got himself together as best he could for the call. Nayeli dug in the flowers but found no key hidden within. She sighed and walked back in the house. Scott was still on the phone telling them what happened and telling them he had texts and ripped up pictures to prove who did this. When he hung up he ran to Nayeli, needing to have her in his arms. “they’re coming”

“Just relax honey”

“I’m too wound up from being scared you’ll leave me. I thought you were repulsed again. I can’t lose you, not ever Nayeli. I need you”

“I’ll never leave you, especially not for your past. I’ve forgiven you all of it baby” Scott held her even tighter “Nothing scares me like the thought of losing you” They held eachother until the police arrived. They took pictures of the house and pieced together what pictures Patricia left. A few of the cops blushing at all the pornographic shots. “How’d she get in?” One of the officers asked and Scott explained. He sighed “I can’t get her for breaking and entering since technically she didn’t. You told her where to find your key so you invited her to come as she pleases. Thats what any lawyer would say and he’d win by that. I can get her for vandalism though”

“Okay, I just want Nayeli safe. Just until this blows over.”

“You should get your locks changed and maybe invest in a security system.”

“Thank you officer.” They put the pictures in an evidence bag and left them to clean up the mess. He pulled Nayeli into him, needing her warmth. “Why don’t you relax while I pick this up.”

“Please stop treating me like glass.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just so fucking mad. I wish she wasn’t a woman so I could beat the shit out of her.”

“Scott, it’s okay. Just calm down.”

“I’m sorry, really, really sorry.” She grabbed his face in her hands and kissed him. She wanted him to let it go and move on.

“Lets get this picked up then we can do some wedding planning.”


Scott made sure every piece of broken glass was swept up while Nayeli picked up her shredded clothes. She hated that they would have to replace her entire wardrobe. She hated asking Scott to buy her things, but she would have to if she was going to ever go outside again. When she was sure she had picked up everything she took the bag outside and tossed it in the garbage. “I’m really glad she didn’t cut up any of my ictures of you.” Scott said when she came back in.

“We can always take new pictures.”

“I know, but I really like them.”

“Do you need help with anything else?”

“No, please let me finish cleaning. You said you’d let me spoil you so please relax baby.”

“alright” Scott was so wound up she didn’t want to keep pushing him about her helping. ¬†He finished up then asked “asked “you ready for bed my love? I just want to lay down. I’ll text Silvia and ask her to bring you a change of clothes tomorrow then I’ll take you shopping. You’ll need maternity clothes anyway”

“ok baby, lets go on up” They went upstairs where the two of them stripped and crawled into bed. Scott held Nayeli tightly, afraid Patricia would come back in and hurt her. He kissed Nayelis head then let go long enough to text his assistant. When he was done he took Nayeli back in his arms securely. Nayeli wanted to ask him to stop being so upset again but she knew it would be fruitless. “we’re getting a security system tomorrow. I don’t care what it costs” Scott said. “I guess we need one for crazy. I really hope you know none of this will ever make me leave you. Even if another loon you slept with shows up. I already know about them all so it wont surprise me and make me run. I love you and the man you’ve become. I would never hold your past against you Scott. All that matters is what you do now and in the future.”

“I’m so grateful for that Naeyli, inexplicably grateful. I need you”

“and we need you. Myself and this baby. Don’t stay up all night. Not resting is bad for your health”

“How can I sleep when she has a key to our home. She came in here and ruined your things. It’s only your stuff that’s gone”

“You know material items don’t matter baby”

“It matters to me Nayeli. You’re my wife and nobody should be doing this to you. Not my angel”

“sh, hush baby and relax. I can’t sleep with you this upset”

“I need you” he said as tears hit her hair. Nayeli got up and kissed him “It will make me happy if you would relax and sleep.” Scott smiled as tears traced his face. “Not fair” Nayeli smiled “I’m pregnant, I get to be not fair every now and then” Scott smiled and leaned forward for another kiss “yes you do. I’ll try but I can’t promise I’ll be able to sleep”

“all you can do is try” They settled down and Nayeli fell asleep within a half hour. Scott laid awake no matter how much he struggled. If Patricia was mad enough to leave their house in the state it was she could come over with a knife or worse, a gun. He’d take every bullet before he let even one graze Nayeli or his baby.Eventually he forced himself into slumber since he did tell nayeli he would sleep if he could make himself. Around eight they heard a knock on the door. “I’ll get it, you stay” Scott said to Nayeli. She just smiled and he walked away. Scott was glad she didn’t protest. He couldn’t risk Patricia being at the door and hurting her. It was his assistant¬†“Here’s Nayelis clothes. Is she ok?”


“You look rough, need anything?”

“No, just this. Thank you. I do need you to move everything indefinitly. I can’t work like this.”

“I understand, I’ll see what I can do”

“Thank you again.”

“This is my job”

“Not really”

“depends who you ask” She said with a smile.

He chuckled. “Shall we call you Nayeli 2.0?”

“I’ll take that as a compliment. I heard she was an amazing assistant.”

“That she was.”

“Please don’t hesitate to call if you need anything else. Someone doing this to Nayeli is unforgivable.” He smiled and told her bye before heading back to Nayeli. He could hear the shower going so he left her clothes on the bed before pulling his clothes off and stepping in behind her. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back into him.

“How did you sleep last night?” Nayeli asked softly.

“Not good, but I did try. How are you feeling?”

“i had to take some of my medicine, but other than that I feel amazing.”

“Good.” He kissed her shoulder then up her neck to her ear. “I’m sorry our day was ruined yesterday.”

“You’ll just have to make today extra special then.” He slid his hands up her sides and squeezed her breasts, making her moan. He slipped one hand between her legs, his fingers moving over and in her until her legs were shaking. “Please, I need you.” She begged. He turned her around and lifted her off the floor, her legs going around his waist as he pressed her against the shower wall and speared her.

“Oh Nayeli, I’ve missed this.” His voice was almost a whimper.

“Me too baby.” She clung to him, her lips moving against his as he made slow, gentle love to her. Tears slid down his face as he released into her and she gave him love filled kisses. “I love you so much Scott and no matter what happens I always will, I promise.”

Patricia had enough money behind her she wasn’t in jail long. It pissed her off to no end when they found her at her friends house. Not only did Scott embarrass her but when she got her phone back she found no text from him. She decided to text him “tattle tail baby.I can’t believe you ran to the cops. I bet that bitch put you up to it. Were those pictures of us too hard for her to handle?” Patricia shoved the phone back in her pocket and thought to herself¬†“soon she’ll find out I myself am too much for her to handle”¬†Patricia drove to her friend Todds house an drang his doorbell. He answered topless and in pajama bottoms. it showed off how lean and cut he was. “mmm, looking sexy as always’ she drooled. He smiled ‘what can i do for you Patricia?”

“I need one of your guns.”


“I don’t need to explain myself to you. I’ll go down on you for it”

“Doggy style” he counter offered. Patricia shrugged “sure’ Patricia stepped in and paid her price for the gun. When their clothes were back on he gave her one of his guns. “Bought illegally right?”

“Yep, i woudln’t give you a gun that could be traced back to me. You’re one crazy chika”

“you don’t even know, thanks babe. Keep working out and i may let you bang me for free’ he laughed “you know I will” Patrcia went home. She needed to plan on how she was going to use the gun. at this point all she knew is she wanted to shoot Nayeli for taking all of Scotts attention. He was meant to be shared not monogamous to some secretary. Scott wanted to spend all day just enjoying his wife but he needed his locks changed before patricia came back. he picked up his phone an saw the texts. Scott didn’t bother opening them and just called the highest rated locksmith he could find online. the man gave him his quote then told Scott he woudl be over within the hour to rekey his entire home.

Scott hungup then went back to Nayeli. “what do you want to do?”

“Pictionary man?” scott smiled “of course. When the locksmith leaves we need to go buy you a few more outfits.”

“yeah, I like this but can’t wear it every day” The locksmith arrived in about twenty minuets and began his work “How long will it be?” Scott asked and the locksmith said “about an hour, give or take”

“that’s great, thank you” Scott went back to playing with his wife. The locksmith cracked a few smiles as he listened to them. Patrcia checked her phone, still no call or text from Scott. Her sick, twisted mind finally came to a conclusion, an ultimate way to make Scott pay. She would shoot herself in front of Nayeli after telling her this is what happens to women who get involved with Scott. She would be dead but in the end Nayeli would leave Scott so in her death she would win. To her this was a magnificent plan though to the rest of the world it screamed just how crazy Patricia was.

The locksmith almost didn’t want to break up their fun when he was finished with all the locks, but he needed to give them their new keys and get paid. Scott grabbed his checkbook and wrote down the amount specified and the locksmith handed him his new keys. “Thank you sir.” Scott said.

“No problem, I’ll let you get back to your wife.” The locksmith left and Scott went back to Nayeli. She smiled warmly up at him and he felt his heart stutter at how beautiful she was.

“Ready to go clothes shopping?” He asked as he pulled her to her feet.

“Just let me get my shoes.”

He gave her a kiss then let her go. He decided to check his email while she was finishing getting ready. He sat down at his desk and moved the mouse. He about punched the screen when he saw the picture Patricia had put as the background. He quickly went through and found the pictures, deleting them before Nayeli got another shock. He heard the door behind him open and felt his heart speed up.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“I was going to check my email, but I found more pictures. I deleted them.”

“Hey, please don’t get upset again. It’s okay, it’s not like you knew they were there. Now, come on, I need new clothes.”

He couldn’t help but smile at the way she put him at ease. He stood and hugged her once again. He would never get enough of her. They left the house, making sure the door was securely locked before getting in the car and heading to the mall. Patricia followed them, her hands gripping the steering wheel angrily. When they pulled into the mall parking lot she thought of how amazing it would be to have more witneses so everyone would know what Scott had made her do. Nayeli and Scott went from clothing store to clothing store, Scott insisting on buying anything she lingered on for more than a minute.

When Nayeli grew hungry they walked their bags out to the car then walked over to the food court. Patricia decided there would be the place to do it. Even children would have to see which would wound Nayeli deeper. as they crossed through tables to order somthing from Blossom Orient Patricia wen tat almost ¬†a running pace until the distance between until she was about two arm lengths away. “Nayeli! Scott! Patricia screamed in nearly a depraved manner. They both turned, hearts speeding up at the sound of her voice. Patricia pulled out her gun and people started running and screaming. Mothers and fathers grabbed their children to try and get them away. Scott moved in front of Nayeli “what’re you doing you nut case?” That only made Nayelis heart rate speed to new rates. That wasn’t the way to talk to someone wielding a gun.

“I just wanted Nayeli to know what happens to women who get involved with you. I thought I’d give her the warning to her face.” before anybody could register what Patricia was doing since both Nayeli and Scott assumed they were her targets Patricia shot a bullet straight through her skull. She crashed to the ground as blood spewed over tables and the floor. Nayeli instantly threw up at the sight and Scott stood there in shock. A female employee of Chik Fil A ¬†called 911 to tell them what happened. Nayeli couldn’t stop puking until there was nothing in her stomach. Scott walked her away and wanted to take her home but knew as a witness they had to stay. The cops interviewed everybody. Scott and nayeli were glad they talked to the cops before about Patricia so this situation would be easier to explain to the police. To everyones shock in the room Patricia was still alive on the floor which nayeli didn’t think was possible since she saw some of Patricias brains blow out of her head.

Later at the hospital it was announced Patricia hadn’t succeeded in killing herself but she had put herself in a permanent vegetative state. Her body could still live on what brain it had left but she would never speak or move again. Nayeli and Scotts home was bombarded by news stations, eventually making them go out of town for awhile until the press about it went down. About two weeks later Scott asked “You ready to go home Nayeli?” Nayeli looked ragged. nightmares had been plaguing her and she would somtimes sob uncontrollably for hours about what she saw in the mall that day. It was even more horrifying that Patricia actually lived. “we have to go back somtime” Nayeli said softly. “I think you should talk to someone when we get back. I have a friend who has a really good reputation you can talk to.”

“That might be what i need..” Scott kissed Nayelis cheek “I love you so much babe…I’m sorry”

“I’ve told you to stop saying that sweetheart. you didn’t make her do it”

“I may aswell have. I shouldn’t have slept aroudn so much”

“shhh, please” He kissed her cheek again then went to pack their bags. Scott couldn’t help but be angry at himself for this happening. he also feared another woman pulling a similar stunt. he didn’t know if nayeli could handle this a second time. He wished she wasn’t dealing with this this time. She didn’t know the nights he would cry when she was finally asleep. What happened bothered him but it was mainly the terror Nayeli was going through because of it that was shaking Scott to his core. Scott loaded the car then checked out of their hotel room before going back to Nayeli “I’m ready to go if you are honey”

“Yeah, we need to go back. Hiding here isn’t going to help me get past this.”

He pulled her to her feet anf hugged her tightly against him. No matter what she said, no matter what she did, he would always blame himself for her trauma. He should have been more caring, he should have seen what he was doing to people. He had been such a pig. He finally released her and they walked out to their car. She was quiet the whole way home, seemingly in deep thought. He laced his fingers through hers and she squeezed his hand.

When they made it home Scott got out and grabbed their suitcase then went around and opened her door. She got out and they went inside. Nayeli went to their room while he called his friend. “Hey Scott, what’s up?”

“You know how we witnessed that woman shoot herself?”

“Yeah, you had front row seats.”

“Nayeli is taking it hard, she’s having nightmares and crying all the time. I was wondering if maybe you could talk to her, help her through this. I’ve tried everything I know how to do, but it’s not working and it’s killing me.”

“You’re feeling inadequate as a man because you can’t fix the problem.”

“Don’t you even start with that stuff on me. I know exactly how I feel and I don’t appreciate being read. Just please help her.”

“Sorry I can’t help it, just habit. I’ll head over right now to talk to you both. She’ll need you thee to help her as well.”

“I wouldn’t dream of leaving her alone to face this.” They said their goodbyes and hung up. Scott went into their rom and crawled in bed with Nayeli. “Hey beautiful, my friend Dr. Hyland is going to be over in a little while to talk to you. Is that okay?”

“Yes, thank you. I’m sorry I’ve been such a burden, I’m just not good at dealing with this sort of thing I guess.” He turned her face so she was looking at him.

“If you can deal with my idiotic, womanizing ass for as long as you did then I believe you can deal with anything. You are so strong baby. Crying doesn’t make you weak. I want you to cry when yo need to. I love you and I am so glad you’re alive and I am so sorry you are hurting.”

Darrel visited with them in their home to help them through what they saw. He explained to Nayeli that seeing someone shoot themselves would be traumatic to anybody that had a sound mind and she shouldn’t feel bad for having such a hard time with it. Darrel kept coming until both Scott and Nayeli were happy and back to normal. Scott repeatedly try to pay his friend but Darrel refused. Scott wrote a check anyway but Darrel just laughed “I’m not cashing that. You two are my friends. I was happy to help. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you Nayeli. You two don’t be such strangers to me”

“we wont, thank you so much” He smiled ‘you’ve got a good woman Scott. You treat her right and don’t let any more wackos near her.”

“I’ll do my best. I know how lucky I am” Darrel hugged them both then walked out the door to drive home. Scott and Nayeli cooked dinner together then had a relaxing day just being lazy around the house. Scott was so happy to have his normal and happy Nayeli back. Their future was bright and happy again and he prayed no other woman would come out of the wood work to hurt his love again.

~ The End ~

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