Nayeli & Scott 3

Chapter One

Nayeli shoved Scott away again ‘i said i don’t want you touching me right now. Leave me alone” She said through her tears in an angry tone. Work had kept Scott incredibly busy the past few months and a few weeks ago he had lost his wedding ring. They looked and looked before deducing he must have lost it in a hotel room. Scott was always losing things when Nayeli didn’t go with him and she was far too pregnant to be traveling comfortably so she just stayed home when he went. When they gave up they bought a replacement ring but much to Scotts horror his old ring came back in the mail with a note addressed to Nayeli. One of the women Scott screwed then forgot about saw Scott at a hotel he was staying at and seduced the man at the front desk to get Scotts room key. After he had fallen asleep she snuck in, snatched the ring with a plot in mind to screw up his marriage for using her like he did. She knew it would be easy to steal his wedding band in the night since Scott couldn’t sleep with a ring on and slept like a rock.

It was amazing what personal things you can easily learn about people as famous as Scott. She had done it, sent the ring back with a false note reading “After we had sex Scott took his ring off before sleeping. I don’t know why he did that since he wore it the entire time he was seducing me and screwing me but he did and forgot about it in his hurry the following morning. I didn’t care while he was seducing me but looking at this ring has made me feel so guilty and I had to let the wife know. Please forgive me, I hope atleast letting you know Scott is still a dog helps”

A mixture of hormones, sleeplessness from having such a big belly and back pains along with knowing Scotts history of screwing around had her actually believing this letter and she was devastated. She didn’t know what to do but all she knew was right now she didn’t want Scott touching her and she certainly didn’t want to hear him denying what he had done.
“Nayeli you have to listen to me, please just listen to me.”

“She sent a letter with your ring Scott.”

“Do you really think so lowly of me, do you really think I’d cheat on you after all we’ve been through? I stopped drinking for you, I got screened for STDs, I never flirt with anyone. What else do you want me to do?”

“Stop lying.”

“I’m not lying Nayeli, I have never lied to you, not once. This is another ploy to hurt us, to ruin the happiness I have found and it’s my fault. Whoever sent this obviously knows me so it’s probably another psycho like that bitch who blew her brains out.” He ripped the note up and threw it in the garbage. “You and our child mean everything to me, I would rather die an excruciating death than be unfaithful to you. I would do anything for you, anything. Do you want me to sleep on the couch, do you want me to stay at a hotel until you can trust me, do you want me to stop traveling and stay home? I’ll do whatever you ask.”

Nayeli cried harder, her hands covering her face. Scott just stood there, angry and hurt, not knowing what to do. He wanted to hold her and comfort her, but he couldn’t take her shoving him away again, it broke his heart. The name on the note was Ruby, he didn’t even remember a Ruby. He picked up the envelope, Ruby Lutz. He played the name in his head over and over again, but no face came to mind. He hated himself for his past, for screwing anything in a skirt because he could, it was still hurting Nayeli even now. “Look Nayeli, I love you more than you will ever know, I really do and that’ll never change. You’re my life and I will find proof that this woman is lying.”

Nayeli took a deep breath, trying to calm herself for the baby’s sake. “How did she get your ring?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll find out I swear to you. I’m going to sleep on the couch tonight, I love you.” He slowly leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on her cheek. “Good night love.”
“goodnight” she said in a heartwrenching voice. Scott grabbed an extra blanket and pillow and threw it on the couch before stripping down to his underwear. Nayeli had gone straight to their room and shut the door so he was completely alone in the living room. It never crossed his mind that sleeping around could cause him this much trouble but now that his body wasn’t pumped with alcohol and mind filled with sex he understood now that it wasn’t the decent, well rounded girls that slept with the man he used to be when he wasn’t working. Scott laid down and silently cried as he tried to make himself sleep. Eventually need to use the bathroom grabbed him so he got up to go to the one in the hall upstairs.

As he started to pass his room he heard Nayeli was still awake too and crying. His frown deepened and his anger at whatever bitch had done this amplified. He wanted to run in there and hold his wife but Ruby had made sure he couldn’t do that. Since holding her wasn’t an option at this second he decided to make her some comfort food. Scott forgot his need to use the bathroom and went into their kitchen where he sliced up and apple, spread peanut butter across the slices then covered them with sprinkles. During these months of pregnancy she couldn’t get enough of this and it was the only way he could think of to comfort her that Nayeli would let him do.

He poured her some water then carried them to their room where he knocked gently with his foot “Nayeli?” She wiped her face “yes?”

“Can i come in for just one second, please” Nayeli got up and answered the door “yes?” she said just as she noticed the apples and water “Oh Scott”

“I know you want me to leave you alone but I cant knowing you’re in here crying and upset. I just wanted to give you these”

“will you bring it in”

“Of course I will” he sat them down on the nightstand and she hugged him, needing some support and honestly confused. He hugged her back quickly before Nayeli changed her mind. “I dont know what to think” she said in a voice wrecked from crying. “I love you and I have never and will never cheat on you Nayeli. I really will stay home. I’ll do anything. I can’t take you leaving me. Please just dont leave me” Scott said as he began to silently cry again.
“I won’t.”

He felt relief flood through him and he tipped her head back to kiss her. “I would die without you.” He wiped away her tears and gave her another kiss. “You’re such a gift, you and this baby. I never thought I’d get so lucky, to think I never noticed you at first. Having your love has made me into a real man.”

Nayeli hugged him tighter, her forehead pressed against his chest. “I don’t want you to have to stay home, I’m just so confused, my head is spinning from all this.”

“It’s okay baby, I understand why you’d doubt me. I don’t deserve you, not even a little and how I ended up with you is beyond me. I ask myself every day what you see in someone like me, why you stay with me.”

“I love you Scott.”

“I love you too.” He kissed the top of her head. “I’m going to let you eat, I’ll be on the couch.”

She wouldn’t let him go when he started to pull away. “Don’t, please.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, stay with me.”

“Okay, but I have to use the bathroom first, I promise I’ll be right back. Go ahead and enjoy your goodies.”
“That was so thoughtful of you.”

“I could never just leave you to cry, especially when you’re crying because of me and some heartless bitch that’s trying to screw up my happiness”

“Don’t cuss. The baby can hear us already” He smiled then kissed her belly, now feeling just how bad he had to go. ‘sorry, I’ll be right back” As Scott nearly jogged out Nayeli picked up her plate and sat on the bed. Scott back in and almost cautiously got on the bed “I said you could stay Scott”

“I know, I just can’t have you pushing me away again. It hurt so badly. I swear to you I haven’t done anything. I’ve never touched another woman since I committed myself to you. Tomorrow I’m going to tell Silivia to apologize to whomever wanted to see me or for whatever work I’m not going to do because I’m figuring this out”

“as long as you dont brush off anything important. You do really important things so only push off things that actually can be without anything bad happening. Promise me you wont be wreckless. Lives count on your work”

“I promise, you did tell me you wouldn’t leave me and I trust that. Maybe i can hire sombody to look into this for me. I’m sure Silivia can find a private detective”
“Maybe we should just let it go.”

“I can’t let this go Nayeli, last time I tried to let it go you had to watch a woman shoot herself, not this time.”

“Okay, I understand.”

She finished eating her snacks and drank half her water then laid down next to Scott. She rested her head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her, breathing a little easier. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She was so exhausted that she fell asleep fairly quickly. He was too stressed to sleep so he just watched Nayeli. She still looked so sad, her face pulled into a frown. He turned slowly on his side and kissed her forehead. He ran his fingers through her hair, wanting all of this to just go away. He didn’t fall asleep until it was nearly four in the morning and his eyes refused to stay open any longer.

Nayeli woke around seven and found herself looking at Scott’s face. She could tell he had not slept, he looked so exhausted and the stress of the previous night was showing. She kissed him gently on the lips and slid out of bed. She went into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. She pulled out everything she needed for pancakes and got her pan heating while she made the batter. Scott deserved a good breakfast after what had happened. She felt guilty for not trusting him, especially after all he had done to clean up his act.
She hadn’t had one moment of doubting him until that ring came in the mail because he had become such a great man for her. Now that she had actually had some rest and felt a little better she thought of last night and how honestly shocked and horrified he was when he saw the letter and ring. Last night she guessed he was shocked to see the ring again because he thought she wouldn’t send it but now she knew it was because they were dealing with another crazy whore from his past. Nayeli tried to remember Ruby but struggled. Her pregnancy brain was practically mush at this point.

As she finished making breakfast her back began to ache again but she paid no mind. Nayeli poured orangejuice for each of them then went up to wake Scott. She only put her hand on him and said his name but it caused him to jerk violently and sit up “hey, calm down. I made breakfast” His face was still covered in his stress and heartbreak from the previous night. Nayeli kissed Scott gently to tell him how much she loved and wanted to be with him. Scott slid his fingers into her hair and held Nayeli in a long, needy kiss. “come eat breakfast handsome” Nayeli said warmly when he let her go.

Scott got out of bed and followed his wife downstairs. He sat down looking grateful she had cooked for him even though normally he just looked happy. “Scott, I’m not confused anymore baby. I trust you a hundred percent.”

“I’m so glad, I was terrified last night”

“I know, I’m really sorry for doubting you baby”

“I told you last night I understood. Not many assholes like the one I used to be change but I have. We are going to find Ruby and she is going to apologize to you and then I’m going to make sure she never does anything like this again. I’m going to hire the best lawyer I can find and get her thrown in jail for however she got my ring. I’m sure theres some charges they can find. A nice stay in jail ought to teach her to f..to mess with my marriage”

“Thank you for stopping yourself” He smiled then took a bite of his pancake.

Chapter Two

“These are good.”

“I only ever make you good food.”

“Well there was that time you forgot about the chicken and it burned.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

He chuckled as he leaned over and kissed her. “Must have been someone else.”

“Oh you need to call Silvia.”

“That’s right, two seconds.” He got up from the table to get his cell while she continued eating. He called Silvia, explaining the situation and asking her to find him a private investigator. He hung up and went back to the kitchen table, wanting to finish eating breakfast with Nayeli. She smiled and he kissed her as he sat down and started on his pancakes again.

“Did your call go good?”

“Yeah, Silvia’s going to find me someone.”
“It really doesn’t make sense how she got your ring if you two didn’t share a room together. You didn’t invite anybody in for even a second?’ Scott paused, frowning again. “Nayeli, no girls are ever in my room when I travel without you”

“I know Scott, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just hard to imagine any other way she could have gotten it since it’s only ever off when you sleep”

“Not anymore it isn’t. I’ll just have to learn to sleep with it on before some other crazy uses it to hurt you”

“Scott, I trust you”

“I just can’t have last night happen again. It hurt so bad to have you push me away” Scott stopped eating and Nayeli got up to hug him. “I love you so much. I’m sorry I hurt your feeling so badly last night” They just clung to eachother until Scott could eat again. He noticed the discomforted noise Nayeli made when she let him go “Let me rub your back when I’m finished Nayeli. It’s hurting you again”

“Thank you, I’m going to lay down on the couch until you’re done” Scott finished his food quickly then went into the living room. Scott Gently worked Nayelis back until Silivia called. “Hello”

“I’ve found someone. He will be at your home in a few hours”

“Do I have anything to do today?”

“Have you finished that paperwork you needed to do when you returned home?”


“well that’s all you need to do. I know you’re dealing with stuff but it needs to get done”

“Ok, thanks for taking care of that so quickly”

“No problem, I don’t want to see you and Nayeli divorce any more than you do” Just hearing that word made a small crack in his heart as he hungup. Scott pulled Nayeli against him so he could hold her for awhile before starting the paperwork he needed to do.
“I think I’m going to go lay down upstairs.” Nayeli said and kissed Scott’s cheek.

“You feeling okay?”

“Yeah, just a little tired.”

“Okay, I’ll be up after I finish with work.”

Nayeli went upstairs and Scott to his study where he pulled a manila folder out of his briefcase and flipped it open. He read through them, signing where he needed to, reviewing the list of prospective clients and how well their numbers were doing. Usually he didn’t mind doing paperwork, but with everything that was going on it felt like a tedious waste of time. He sighed with relief when he finally finished, flipped the folder shut and stuck it back in his briefcase. He sent a text to Silvia telling her she could come and pick them up any time then went upstairs to lay with Nayeli. She was sound asleep so he set an alarm and slid slowly in next to her, his arm going around her and pulling her gently against him.

“I love you baby.” He whispered then kissed her shoulder.
They slept comfortably together until Silvia knocked on their bedroom door. Nayeli started to get up but Scott kissed her again saying “I’ll answer sweetness” He got up and answered “sorry, I know Nayelis tired lately but the private investigators here so you need to talk to him.”

“I’ll be right down”

“I’m coming too” Nayeli said getting up again. They put on proper clothing for company then went downstairs “sorry to keep you waiting” Scott said apologetically. “It’s alright, Silivia said you were probably just napping with your wife.” he smiled at Nayeli “You look beautiful for a woman so far along. The last month of my wifes pregnancy she was a wreck with how miserable she was”

“Thank you, Scott pampers me. It’s probably the only reason I look good.” Scott collected the letter and handed it to the man “I’m surprised she put her name on it since she didn’t give a return address. Maybe it was a stab at you or it’s a made up name”

“Ruby sounds familiar. I don’t think it’s fake”

“Are you fine with me taking this?”

“Please do”

“Good, now i just need to know the circumstances of how you lost this ring so I can know where to begin.” Scott proceeded to talk about his trip and the last time he remembered wearing his ring. He explained that he only ever took it off to sleep and never had anybody in his room at night, not even his assistant so he had no clue how it could have left the room. “you’re wearing a ring. You have multiple?”

“No, I bought this when i got home”

“anything else you want to tell me?”

“I’ve given you all the information I can. I’m pretty sure she is just a crazy. I slept around a lot before falling in love with Nayeli. Theres no telling how many psychos I had in my room or hotels. i o want you to record any information you find. I want her to be locked away for this. I’m going to get a lawyer and charge her with anything he or she can think of. I’m sick of these women hurting my wife to get at me.”
“How about you Mrs. Cain, do you recognize this name?”

“It sounds familiar, but I can’t remember. Being pregnant has done nothing to help my memory. I used to be so good at putting faces to names.”

“No worries and the hotel you were staying at?”

“The Avalon Hotel, room 214.”

“Good, they have security cameras. I’ll start working.”

“How much are your services?”

“That’s something we talk about afterwards. I don’t take payment until the job is done, it wouldn’t be fair. I’ll call you once I have anything or have anymore questions. All I ask is that you’re a hundred percent honest with me about everything.”

“I have nothing to hide.”

“Good, I’ll be seeing you two then. Oh and congratulations on the baby, they’re a blessing.”

“Thank you.” Nayeli said and he left.

“You said you finished your paperwork.” Silvia said.

“Ah yes, give me just a second.”
Scott quickly retrieved the folder and handed it to Silvia “have a nice day you too. I’m sorry this is happening.”

“It didn’t have to be so bad. I shouldn’t have believed it” Nayeli answered. Silvia and Conor left and Scott took Nayeli in his arms and kissed her cheek “Need any more sleep?’

“No, I’ll never get to rest tonight if I sleep much longer. Can we go to my favorite icecream parlor and then maybe go to a bookstore. I want a few more books for the babys bookshelf” Scott smiled “Lets take our cellphones incase the investigator needs us.” They made themselves decent for public, grabbed their phones then headed out. Scott held Nayelis hand as he drove, feeling relief they were really ok and steps were being taken to find Ruby. They soon arrived at Nayelis favorite ice cream parlor and ordered. The icecream and the soft music of the parlor seemed to make Nayeli relaxed and happy which helped Scott not be so tense and upset over last night.

Nayeli could still see the hurt and sadness in Scotts face so she tried to keep the topics as happy as possible while they ate. When Scott finished his icecream he got up and sat on the bench beside Nayeli to hold her while she kept eating. “sorry I’ being so slow”

“Don’t rush, I just wanted to hold you”

“so sweet” She said before continuing to eat and talk to him about some of the books she saw online that she wanted for their daughter.
When Nayeli finished with her ice cream Scott took her straight to a nice book store. He wanted her to have as many books to choose from as possible. She smiled as she picked out books for their little girl and handed them to him to hold. “Make sure you get something for yourself too.” He said.

“But I’ve already picked out so much for the baby.”

“So, I want you to have everything you want.”

She smiled and kissed his cheek then went and found some new books for herself. Scott paid for them then insisted on carrying the bags. She rolled her eyes, but smiled and let him take them anyway. They got in the car and he drove them home, almost feeling like everything was going normal again. He was worried that Ruby might cause more trouble, but he held on to the fact that Nayeli did trust him. He understood how hard being pregnant was on her and didn’t blame her for getting upset.
When they were home Scott carried their bags upstairs and into the babies room. Nayeli attempted to help shelve the books but Scott refused. He seemed happier and more at peace so she didn’t fight “I’ve got to stop getting this girl so many books. There wont be room soon”

“I’ll make her a library if I need to Nayeli. Get her as many books as you want.”

“As much as I’d love a childrens library self control is always good”

“Books will be good for her. I’ll add on to our library and make a section for her.” Nayeli laughed then hugged her husband from behind ‘I love you Scott. She has two bookshelves in her room. If shes interested in books when she’s older we’ll add on to the library. You have a lot going on right now”

“I’ll never have too much going on to make my girls happy. You and this baby are all that matters to me Nayeli”

“I know Scott, I really do” She said softly. When they were done he asked “what would make you happy now?”

“Cuddling if you want to”

“sounds perfect, I’m still in withdrawls from having to leave you again” Nayeli gave a laughter filled smile then took her husbands hand to guide him to their bedroom. It was only the next day when Nayelis phone rang. The investigator had called Scott first but hadn’t been able to reach him because he was in another call.

Chapter Three

“Hello?” She said when she answered.

“Yes, sorry to disturb you, but I couldn’t get through to your husband.”

“He’s on the phone, hold on.” She lowered the phone away from her mouth. “Scott, it’s Detective Conor.”

“Two seconds.”

She raised the phone back up. “Two seconds never means two seconds so you might as well tell me and I’ll relay the message.”

“Would it be alright if I came over and talked to you two. Talking over the phone can be a bit awkward.”

“I agree, can you give us an hour?”

“An hour it is, should I bring coffee?”

She gave a small laugh. “Coffee for him, hazelnut with lots of sugar, green tea with honey for me.”

“See you in an hour then.” Nayeli hung up as Scott was walking into the living room.

“So, what did he have to say?”

“He’ll be here in an hour bearing coffee and tea. Apparently he has some news for us.”

Scott looked at his hands, a worried look passing over his face. “What if he found nothing to prove my innocence?”

Nayeli grabbed his chin and tipped his head up. “I will still love and trust you, I promise.” He grabbed her hand and pressed a kiss to her fingers.

“I love you so much Nayeli, more than anything.” He kissed her fingers again then leaned in and kissed her lips. “You said we have an hour right?” He tangled his fingers in her hair and gently pulled her head back so he could kiss her neck. She moaned and he gave her small nip. “Can I make love to you?”

“You never have to ask my love.” She answered breathlessly.
They went up to their bedroom since Scott was unable to have sex with her anywhere else without worrying now that she was so far along. He stripped her slowly, trailing kisses as he tugged off Nayelis clothes. Scott normally took much more time with his wife but he didn’t want to go over their hour limit and he also wanted plenty of time after word to catch their breath when they were done so he licked Nayeli into orgasm then slipped himself inside of her. He laced their hands together as he thrust into his wife, loving her every movement and quiver. He couldn’t help but make himself last. He concentrated on not releasing so he could keep enjoying his Nayelis moans and how it felt to be with her like this.

When he could no longer hold himself back he released into Nayeli with a loud moan of his own then took her in his arms. They laid like that until they had to redress. Nayelis hair was a wreck which made Scott smile. “If you didn’t look so handsome when you smiled I’d have to hit you with this hairbrush” Nayeli said as she worked out the knot in her hair. He chuckled lightly “I love you so much Nayeli. I hope he has plenty for us”

“If not it’ll be ok Scott”

“No it won’t. I don’t want you to have the smallest doubt. I don’t want you to think back on this and wonder if maybe I wasn’t telling the truth. I need it to be proved to you that she’s a liar” Nayeli hugged her husband “baby, I promise. I know you’re faithful to me. The only reason my pregnant brain believed that atall was because I knew the man you used to be. You aren’t that any longer because you love me. There’s nothing in this world that could ever make you consider cheating on me or leaving me. You’ve given up on all the things I disliked because you love me and I know if i asked theres no limit to what you would do or give up for me. You honestly love me above all else and others. You’ve never done a thing to show me otherwise and I know you never will Scott”

Scott clung to Nayeli until she asked to finish brushing her hair. When Detective Martzia arrived they sat in the living room to discuss what he had for them. “well she’s not smart for starters” Martzia began. He pulled out a picture “this is her right?” Scott still couldn’t recognize her since he had taken her to his room while he was drunk but Nayeli remembered having to bring him headache medicine with that whore still in his bed. “yes that is” Nayeli confirmed. “She had sex with a man at the front desk for Scotts room key. I’ve looked you up online and read everything on you Scott, i did before I took the job. Anybody on the planet knows you take your ring off at night that follows you because it’s on the internet from an interview you were in. Armed with that information she seduced Mark Hollinder to get your room key then went into your room to steal it. There’s a video of the two of them having sex in the breakroom. Apparently Mark who is now jobless didn’t know this”

Scott was glad the asshole who would trade sex for a room key was fired so nobody else would have to go through this. Detective Martzia continued “One of my buddies from the police force was able to get your letter fingerprinted and hers are on there. Your husband really didn’t cheat on you mam. I have quite a bit of evidence I can give your lawyer that attests to it”

“I already knew”

“I also read online you always have the same firm represent you. Want me to send what I have over and let them take things from here?”

“Yes please, tell them I want whatever charges they can conjure up filed as soon as possible.”

“Yes sir, you two are fine people. Scott, I recommend you stop taking interviews. I know way more about you than anyone not close to you should”

“I plan on it”
“Or just stop telling everyone personal stuff.” Nayeli said.

“I’ll only do one if they really need me and only talk about business, no more family stuff.” He turned back to Martzia. “Thank you for all your help. How much do we owe you?”

Detective Martzia calculated the cost of everything then gave them the amount he had added up. Scott wrote him a check for over the amount, knowing no amount of money could thank him. Martzia told them good bye and left, planning on mailing the evidence he had collected as soon as he got back to his office. Scott flopped down on the couch and pulled Nayeli onto his lap, his forehead resting against her collar bone.

“You have no idea how happy and relieved I am.” He said softly.

“Baby, I told you I trust you. I’m sorry for ever doubting you and I love you.”

“I just never want you to have even an inkling of doubt. You mean too much to me.”
“I know, I love you so much. I know with all my heart you love me. I’ll never doubt your commitment again Scott”

“I wish there was anyway for out daughter to never know who i used to be. The problem with being a public figure is that people know so much. I’ve read some of the interviews that the women I’ve been with have given. Our daughter is bound to find out about the horrible, disgusting man I once was”

“She’ll love you anyway for the man you’ve become Scott. You are amazing. You’re a good husband and you’ll be a fantastic father. That is all that matters Scott. Besides, it’s not like you were an ax murderer or anything. There’s much worse things you could have been doing. Even while you were screwing the planet you were doing the good work you are doing now” Scott frowned “I just wish i deserved you”

“You do Scott. You’ve treated me like a princess since we’ve been together. You’ve been a dream husband and our daughter will love you.” Scott pulled Nayelis face slowly into his and gave her a slow kiss. “You don’t have to put her in jail Scott” Nayeli whispered when he quit kissing her. “Nayeli, she entered my hotel room uninvited then sent you my ring. She’s not right in the head. Who knows what she’ll do if she isn’t punished for this. She’ll think she can do what she wants without consequences and so will any other crazy bitches I’ve been with.”

“I guess”
“Don’t say it like that, I just want you safe. The last time you had such horrible nightmares, I can’t have that again.”

“I know, I just hate making such a big deal out of it.”

“Hopefully this will be the last time we’ll have to deal with one of them. I’m sure they can at least get her for stealing my ring.”

Nayeli sighed, but didn’t say more. She understood this was something he needed to do and she didn’t want to argue about it. After a few minutes her stomached growled and Scott kissed her cheek before moving her to the couch. “I’ll make us grilled cheese.” He said.

“Sounds good, put some tomatoe on mine please.”

“Will do.”
It was only the next day when the firm Scott always used called him. They discussed everything then got off the phone with the firms promise they’d call him with a court date when they had one. Getting that call made Scott even more anxious for court than he had been. Only days before they were to see Ruby in court Nayelis water broke. It was the only time since that ring came in the mail that his mind was fully off getting Ruby put away.It moved Nayeli to see Scott cry happy tears when he finally got to hold his daughter for the first time. “Hey beautiful, you look just like your mom” were Scotts first words to his little girl. Nayeli wanted to hold Melissa but watching Scott with her was too precious to break up. Eventually he walked over to the bed and laid down with the two women that meant the world to him. “hey precious” Nayeli said once Scott handed Melissa over.

When their court date came Nayeli didn’t go since their daughter had only just been born but Scott had to be there. He hugged Nayeli then kissed his daughter, promising to call the second everything was over and he was coming home. “We’ll be right here waiting. We love you Scott”

“Love you too” He walked out determined but sad to be leaving them so soon. He thought of them the entire time he had to look at Rubys smug, unapologetic face. Even there in court she defended her actions. It was annoying but it helped them that she was so willing to admit everything since she felt she had a right to ruin his marriage. His expensive lawyers turned out to be worth it when she received two years of jail time for all the charges they had against her. It wasn’t a lot but more than he was expecting since she apparently didn’t have any priors.

Scott called Nayeli as soon as he was out of the court house. She was surprised too since all Ruby had done was seduce a man for a hotel key, steal a ring and then mail it back to them. She did remind herself though how much Scotts lawyers cost when they were needed. Scott hung up before getting in the car since Nayeli hated when he drove with a cellphone in his ear. He felt relieved that this was now really over and he wouldn’t hear anything from Ruby even after she served her time since eh had also obtained a restraining order forbidding her contact with him or his family in any way. Now he had his future to look forward to with his new little girl and his loving wife Nayeli. He prayed that this would be the last time any of the women form his past hurt either of them. if Nayeli didn’t have family she was close to he would even consider moving out of the US to keep away from them but he knew Nayeli wouldn’t go for it. She liked being near her family and he wouldn’t ask her to move away from them because of his history.

When he arrived home he helped with Melissa until she was sleeping then spent the rest of his day holding Nayeli between feedings. Even when the baby cried for them he went to be with them. He would help if Nayeli hadn’t chose to breastfeed their babygirl. She smiled at Scott as he lovingly watched her feed Melissa. She would remember that sweet look if anybody ever tried to mess with her head again. He loved them to the end of the earth and Nayeli knew he would never throw what they had for anything in the universe. She hoped Melissa would see that in Scott too and know just how much they meant to him.

~ The End ~

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