Nayeli & Scott

Chapter One

Nayeli sat to the side and listened to Scott speak. She was his assistant and he required she go with him to every benefit and fundraiser he hosted or attended. She didn’t know why since it was easier for her to text him and tell him about his next appointment. This time it was a fundraiser for improving the city’s hospital. Scott wanted to add onto it and wanted the support of many of the big name politicians and businessmen. She stared at him, sighing at how wonderful he looked. She had been warned after taking the job that he was irresistible, that many women wanted him and most of his assistants had fallen for him. She had been fine until a month ago when she had hit her head while getting out from under a table and he taken her to get a bag of ice put on it. He had checked to make sure she had not split her head open and made her feel better by telling her a story about when he had run into a door.

His hazel eyes reminded her of river rocks, smooth and beautiful. He had the sexiest smile and he was so confident. She sighed again. He was also a huge flirt and incredibly promiscuous. She had met more than one of his flings and had done so with a smile. She would wake him up with Tylenol in hand, knowing he would have a hangover. As always he would smile up at her and she would smile back even though she was disappointed in him. He finished his speech and everyone clapped. She stood and followed him off the stage so he could mingle with people.

“How was the speech?” Scott asked.

“Very good sir. You really hooked them.” She said even though she had missed most of it.

“Thank you for coming.”

“It’s my job to be here. You say jump, I ask how high.”

He frowned, but said nothing as they were greeted by his guests. Women flaunted themselves, hanging on him and shooting her jealous looks. It wasn’t like she was his date or anything, just a lowly assistant. Scott talked and laughed with his guests, but every once in awhile he would look over at Nayeli. She looked beautiful, but irritated. He had called her at the last minute and as usual she had come running without complaint. He admired her dedication, but hated that she seemed so displeased. A young man walked up to her with a glass of wine and she took it with a sweet smile. He felt a pang of jealousy and wanted to scare the little creep off. He mentally shook himself, shocked at his thoughts. He had no right to tell her who she could and couldn’t date, especially when he slept with so many women. He tried to ignore it and went back to talking.

She started laughing, the sound heard over and over as he told her jokes and funny stories about his childhood. Scott felt himself get more and more jealous until a women distracted him. He had met her at a previous party where they hooked up. He tried to dive into conversation with her but her conversational skills were very lacking so he became bored. Most the women he hooked up with were beautiful but lacked any sort of brains. The smart ones, like Nayeli mostly stayed away.

“You’ve got to meet my friend Slyvester.” Was all Scott heard the man say to Nayeli before they walked off together, leaving Scott alone with a woman who he was trying really hard to remember her name. He knew she would be insulted if he didn’t so he hoped he could figure it out before she figured out he didn’t know.

Nayeli chatted with Kevin and his friend Sylvester, laughing at their jokes and stories. She glanced over at Scott and noticed he was talking to a woman and looking a little confused. “Can you two excuse me for just a moment?” She handed her drink off to Kevin and crossed the room to her boss. She recognized the woman’s face. “Maya, how nice to see you again.” She said with a smile. Maya looked at her confused. “Oh sorry, we only met briefly once before. I’m Nayeli Wallace, Scott’s assisstant. I was just making sure that he had everything he needs.”

“Yes, thank you Nayeli.” Scott was very thanful. He didn’t know how she remembered Maya’s name after only meeting her once.

“Alright, I’ll be right over there if you need me, just holler.” She walked away, going back to Kevin and Sylvester, the former of who asked her on a date. She wanted to say no, but looking back at Scott she didn’t think he’d really care. She said yes, much to Kevin’s delight and exchanged numbers with him. “Just tell me when and where and I’ll get the time off.” She said.

“How about this Friday, I’ll make reservations somewhere for about seven.”

“Sounds good. Casual or formal?”

“Something nice, but not overly dressy.” She talked with them until it was time to go and Scott came over. She was surprised he had not invited Maya back to his place. “I have a date Friday night, can I have that time off?”

“A date? Didn’t you just meet him?” She arched an eyebrow in confusion and he seemed to realize what he had said. “Sorry, of course you can. You deserve some time off. Just email me my schedule.”

“alright” she said in a still slightly confused tone. He had sex with women he had met only hours before, somtimes less. She was only going out on a date and she never had sex on the first date. HIs face still look conflicted. She wondered if he was ill or somthing was wrong. He had an opportunity to sleep with a girl and he didn’t take it. Maya was one of the easiest girls Nayeli had ever seen so she knew Maya must have offered. “are you feeling ok?” She asked before they parted ways at the hotel. “Yeah I’m fine, don’t forget to email me”

“I wont, enjoy your night. Text if you need me”


“Night” They went their seperate ways. Nayeli couldn’t help but be worried about Scott. She hoped nothing happened that she missed somehow. She sighed, it wasn’t really her problem. All she had to do was keep track of his schedule and help him the mornings he had a hangover.She hoped he could manage to not drink Friday night so she could relax the next morning. A late date would mean going to bed late so it would suck to have to get up early to help Scott and whomever else was in his bed.

The minute she was in her room she pulled her dress and shoes off and headed into the bathroom. She switched on the shower and took her hair down before stepping under the warm water and washing herself. She scrubbed the makeup off her face and allowed the warm water to relax her. Fundraisers always exhausted her. She switched off the water, got out and dried. She didn’t bother with night clothes since she was alone. She opened her laptop and copied Scott’s schedule into an email. She sent it to him then set her alarm before going to bed.

Scott stood staring out his office window. He didn’t know what his problem was with Nayeli dating. He had tried to think of an excuse for her not to go out, but he couldn’t find one. He had felt bad enough for asking her to drive one city over and spend a few days in a hotel while he worked to improve his home’s hospital, he didn’t need to force her to work because he was jealous. He didn’t even understand his feelings. She had been nothing but kind and helpful, even taking care of him when he had a hangover. He sighed and sat down at his desk, turning on his computer. He checked his email and saw that once again Nayeli had kept her word. She never forgot anything it seemed. Tomorrow he had a meeting with the hospital’s board of directors about the money that had been donated to the hospital and what he wanted it to be used for. After that he had lunch with the mayor. The day after that was Friday and Nayeli’s date.
He wished he had any plans that day. Of course his schedule would be clear on a day he would need to distract himself. He knew he could find somthing to do, maybe he could reconnect with an old friend. He knew he could probably get a woman to give him some company but he found himself not desiring them. A couple of girls throughout the evening had thrown themsleves at him like normal but all he could think about was Nayeli talking to that man. Scott couldn’t remember his name because he really didn’t care. He felt bad for that too, Naeli could remember the names of girls he slept with only once. This man might be in her life to stay since they were going on a real date.

He finally decided to try and get some sleep. He took a quick shower and set his alarm before climbing under the covers. He stared up at the ceiling, not even a bit tired. The next morning they woke at exactly the same time, they dressed for this days business meeting and then ate a quick breakfast. Nayeli checked her email before grabbing her date book and heading downstairs. Scott was already waiting for her outside, looking exhausted and irritated. She slid into the passenger seat and quickly buckled.

“You look tired boss, didn’t get any sleep last night?”

“No, I didn’t.” He sounded irritated and she gave him a concerned look.

“Maybe I should reschedule today’s meeting. You don’t seem well.”

“No, I’m sorry I’m fine.” He couldn’t believe he had just snapped at her. He had been the one to stay up practically the whole night being idiotically jealous. She looked away from him and stared out the window. Guilt lanced through him and he wanted to beg her to forgive him. When they got to the hospital he got out and went around to her side of the car, opening the door for her and helping her out. He couldn’t help but think she looked beautiful in her black skirt and dark blue blouse. Her hair fell around her shoulders, framing her narrow face. His heart skipped a beat when he realized he was staring and he quickly jerked his eyes away.

“Come on or we’ll be late. They want to give you a tour before the meating and since the hospital is so big it’s going to be a long one.”

“Are you going to be okay in those heels?”

She looked down at her feet then back up at him. “Of course I will. I walk in them all day so I’m used to them.”

They went inside, her worrying about him as they took the elevator up to the third floor. He seemed so out of sorts, not his usual suave self. She hoped he would get in gear once he was face to face with the board of directors. She noticed his tie was a little crooked. “Hold this.” She said and handed him her date book. She reached up and straightened his tie then smoothed out his jacket. “There you go, perfect.”

“Thank you” He said a little nervously making her worry even more. This was really starting to scare her. Somthing really had to be wrong. No matter what the situation he was always together and calm. She had never even heard about him acting this way. Somthing was really badly wrong to actually make Scott out of sorts. She decided that she would have to have a serious talk with him after the tour. She worried it could even be somthing as serious as cancer, it would have to be to shake this mans foundation.

“Just breath, I’m sorry you couldn’t sleep” She said softly, trying to help him as the elevator stopped on their floor. “I’m sorry I snapped at you” She smiled “I’m just your assistant. Taking crap comes with the job. Just worry about talking to the board of directors. What you’re doing here is really important. Anything else can be worried about later. I want to talk to you when we’re alone.” He didn’t have time to respond because they were in front of the door. Nayeli opened it for her boss and he stepped in to meet everyone for the tour.

“Mr. Cain, just in time.” A man named Martin Young greeted them. He seemed to be the oldest in the room and Nayeli pegged at about fifty. He had rosey cheeks and a very warm smile. He directed them to take a seat across from three others, two men and a woman. Mr. Young took his seat between them then said, “First of all we would like to thank you for your contribution to this hospital and for getting others to help out as well. You pulled more than we ever have in the past.”

“You’re very welcome sir, anything to help our healthcare system.” Scott replied, sounding like himself again.

“Next, we just wanted to get an idea of what you wanted to do with this place.”

“I plan on putting an addition onto the west side. I want more rooms for patients, imaging rooms, a bigger burn care unit and pediatrics ward. I want to put a large nurses station in and a bigger break room. I would also like to include a learning center for any student of any age that is contemplating joining a healthcare profession.”

They looked at him wide eyed, as if they weren’t used to getting so much. Young cleared his throat. “That would be amazing. Thank you Mr. Cain. That’s really all we had to talk to you about this morning. I’m guessing you’ll be having blueprints drawn up.”

“Already done sir. Now, how about that tour.”

They walked through the hospital with Mr. Young and he explained what everything was. Scott noticed some things that needed repairs and asked Mr. Young to have the place inspected so the repairs could be done during the construction of the addition. When they got to pediatrics they visited and talked to the children who were excited to have visitors. These were the little faces she had hoped to see in a candy store. It made her sad to see so many sick little ones. Mr. Young reluctantly pulled them away and Nayeli promised they would visit again. She would make time in Scott’s schedule for it and if he wouldn’t do it, she would come alone. They finished the tour on the first floor at the security desk. They shook Mr. Young’s hand and promised to have the blueprints emailed to him so he could take a look. Once they were outside Scott breathed a sigh of relief. He had not wanted to go to this meeting today.

“Are you okay?” Nayeli asked as they walked to his car. “You seem sick.”

“I’m perfectly fine. Just tired, don’t worry about it.”

“Are you sure because the mayor can wait, he’ll understand if you’ve been overworking yourself.”

“It’s fine, lets just get through lunch with him. I don’t want anything in the way of your date with…”


“Yes, Kevin. I want you to be able to have fun tomorrow.”

“If you’re sure”

“I am, now lets go please.” Scott got in the car and quickly scooted over for Nayeli to get in. She slid right in next to him, not convinced in the slightest that Scott was ok. She knew Friday was clear for him so atleast while she was on her date he could unwind from whatever was bothering him. If he hadn’t unwound by then he was going to talk to her about his problem no matter what. She would lock herself in the hotel room with him if she had to. They pulled up to Rigianis where they would be eating with the mayor. It was a very classy place so when they got out Nayeli scanned Scott with her eyes to make sure his suit looked good.

Nayeli checked herself and decided she looked presentable too. They walked in and the mayor was standing near the front waiting. He shook both their hands and they each greeted him with an award winning smile. Nayeli was glad Scott was able to hide whatever was bothering him so well when they were talking to people. She wondered if she was the only person he showed his true self to, the only person he let see what he was really feeling. She pushed that out of her head, he probably didn’t care about keeping up appearances with any of his secretaries. He had to elt loose somtimes and he seemed to like his secretaries by his side everywhere he went.

The mayor congratulated him on his successful fundraiser and said he couldn’t wait to see the hospital under construction. She listened to them talk, smiling at the mayor’s jokes. She never enjoyed these lunches, but put a smile on for Scott’s sake. “Thank you for all the support sir, I really couldn’t have done this without your support.” Scott said.

“Oh please Scott, you could have done this in your sleep, having me on board just got it pushed through faster.”

“Thank you sir.”

They talked a little bit more about the hospital then Scott changed the subject and asked about the mayor’s family. He was happy and proud to talk about it, even pulling out a picture of his daughter had her college graduation. When they were done eating the mayor told them he had another meeting to get to, but hoped to meet again. Scott took Nayeli back to the hotel, not wanting to leave. He wanted to tell her how he felt, but wasn’t sure how. He didn’t even know why he felt the way he did.

“I’ll email the blueprints to Young when I get up. I had fun today.” Nayeli said with a smile.

“I was wondering, would you like to have breakfast with me? I don’t have anything else to do.”

“Sure, is eight okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be here.” He looked like he wanted to say more, but just turned and left. She worried about him as she went up to her room. He might lie about being sick to spare her. She sighed as she unlocked her door and pushed it open. She was very tired and just wanted to sleep, but she still had to send out the blueprints and find a good construction company. She tossed her date book on the bed and switched on her computer. She emailed the blueprints to Young then researched different companies. She found one that had a good reputation for getting the job done in a timely manner and called them. They asked for the blueprints and she emailed them he waited as she got as estimate for the price. She thanked them and emailed the information to Scott. She sighed and pulled her clothes off and jumped in the shower, washing and shaving then getting out and drying. She picked out a dress and hung it on the bathroom door he flopped down on the bed and switched on the TV. When dinner time rolled around she ordered room service and ate. She then set her alarm and climbed into bed, falling immediately asleep.

Chapter Two

The next morning Scott woke and dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. He was excited about actually getting to have breakfast with Nayeli. They never relaxed together since they were always working. When he got to the hotel she was waiting patiently out front for him. She was wearing a cute blue sun dress and flip flops. “You look like you feel better.” She said as she got in his car.

“I do” he said with a smile. It was hard to be upset knowing they would spend the morning together. He just wished he understood what was making him so jealous and why he suddenly felt such a strong attachment to her. He didn’t knwo why a girl he barely noticed before was now always on his mind and making it impossible to have one night stands. They arrived at Lebons and went inside. A waitor showed them to their table and gave them their menus as they sat down. “So you slept better last night?”

“yeah” she could now see somthing was still wrong but she was glad he seemed happier and more put together than yesterday. Maybe it was the lack of sleep since he improved getting sleep last night. She was fairly certain she hadn’t done anything wrong since he invited her to breakfast. “I haven’t checked my email since I sent you the estimate. What ddi you think?”

” I don’t want to talk about work. I Invited you here to just spend time with you” Nayeli was actually taken back “Oh, ok, awesome. I don’t think we’ve ever just talked aside from the time I hit my head”

“No we haven’t, we should take more time out for fun when we travel for business”

“sounds good to me. I think you over work yourself”
“I was built for work.” She just smiled and shook her head as she looked at her menu. Waffles sound good, but she wanted them with chocolate syrup instead of maple. Scott decided on sausage and eggs and they both wanted orange juice. The waitress came back and they ordered. She openly flirted with Scott who gave her a polite smile. He had started to feel very self conscious of his actions when Nayeli was around. He wanted her to see he wasn’t all money and women which was the image he was usually trying to convey. She made him feel clumsy and unsure, it was an odd feeling that through him for a loop. He wanted to know her better than he did. He felt guilty for having ignored her for almost a year.

Nayeli was shocked again. He used to always flirt back and would most times end up exchanging numbers. He smiled. Their food didn’t take very long to come and they ate while making small talk about their lives. Scott was enjoying learning more about Nayeli. He kept her talking and asked as many questions as he could think of. He truly didn’t want this breakfast to end. He noticed the way her hands moved when she got really into what she was talking about. He thought it was cute and wished he noticed it sooner.

He thought about reaching out and holding one of her hands and was surprised at himself. Maybe he was finally ready for somthing serious, to really be with a woman. Maybe he just had to find her and Nayeli was the woman for him to settle down with. He had to tell her, he needed to. She may reject him since she knew much more than he wished she did already but he had to try for her.”Nayeli I” just then his phone began to ring. He groaned and answered it “yes?” He listened for a time. When he hung up he looked annoyed “someone from the fundraiser came to our hotel and is wanting to talk to us. Interested?”

“Of course, lets go” The check was already on their table so they only had to pay and leave. “what were you going to say Scott?” He didn’t have time to really talk to her now. He cursed himself for not using the word no more. He should have told them to go away. Because he didn’t say no he had lost a chance to tell Nayeli how he felt.

“Just that I had fun spending the morning with you.” He wanted to strangle himself. Her smile almost made him change his mind, but they had to go. They got inh is car and headed back to the hotel. When they arrived he opened her door and handed her out.

“Thank you.” She said with a warm smile and they walked inside where they were greeted by a man named Grayden Reece. He was a reporter doing a piece on the hospital expansion. “Nice to meet you Mr. Reece, but you really should have made an appointment.”

“I sent an email to his assistant, but received no reply.”

“Sorry, today’s my day off. You should have waited, but I suppose it can’t be helped. You can talk to Mr. Cain in the conference room.” She said and Grayden looked a bit embarrassed. They headed into the conference room which was empty and closed the door. They sat down and Grayden pulled put a notebook.

“First question: What made you want to expand the hospital?”

“This is my home town and I want it to be the best it can be. I run a research and development company, the expansion is the best thing for his city.”

“Would you consider helping other hospitals?”

“Of course, I would help any who ask for it.”

“Awesome. So this comes from all the ladies out there. Are you in a relationship?”

“No comment.”

Grayden arched an eyebrow. “Is she your girlfriend?” He pointed at Nayeli.

“No sir, I’m not. I only work for him, that’s it. Please leave.” He held up his hands to show her he meant no harm then got up and left. “Sorry, I lost my cool.”

“It’s okay, I almost did too.”

“Well you should go and check those estimates. You need to get the expansion started as soon as possible.” He didn’t want to leave her. Her comment about them not being together had stung even though it was true.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll see you later then.”

“Sure.” He left and she headed up to her room. Scott was upset and wanted something besides work to distract him. He got in his car, buckling up and starting the engine, feeling incredibly frustrated. When he got home he grabbed a bottle of brandy and a glass and went straight to his office. He didn’t want to think about her with another man.

She got into the most stunning outfit she brought with her and brushed her hair out. She put only a minimal amount of make up on then called Kevin. He told her to wait outside and he would pick her up. She did and he pulled up not too much later. She got in, her mind still aprtially on Scott. She didn’t think he said what he was really intending to say. She didn’t understand why he just went ahead and drove home. They could have talked about whatever until her date that night. “You look sexy” Kevin said making Nayeli have to keep herself from wrinkling her face in a disgusted motion.

He seemed sweeter at the party. The way he said you look sexy rubbed her the wrong way. She ignored it but didnt say thanks since it wasn’t the type of compliment she wanted or appreciated. She was beginging to think she made a poor choice going out with this man. She hoped he would become funny like he had been at the party. He took her to an italian place that was nearly always booked up. She thought he may improve since they were going to eat somewhere this fancy.

They went inside and soon were escorted to a table where they sat down to look over the menu. “do you eat here often?”

“No, I thought you’d like it though.”

“Thanks for trying to think of me”

“How was your day today?” He asked.

“Amazing, Scott took me out for breakfast then we talked to some annoying reporter. He got a little to personal with his questions.”

“What did he ask?”

“If me and the boss were together. We’re not, but I guess I can’t blame Mr. Notebook for thinking so.”

Kevin nodded, getting a pleased look on his face. A waiter came over and handed them each a menu. Nayeli ordered quickly, not really caring what she got. The way Kevin was looking at her was making her uncomfortable. “So, no boyfriend or girlfriend?” Kevin asked.

“I wouldn’t be here if I had one.” He reached across the table and slid his hand over hers. She smiled politely even though he made her skin crawl.

“You have such soft skin Nayeli, so flawless.”

“That sounds like something a cannibal would say.” She would give anything not to be there. He was being creepy. Their food arrived and she hoped he would just be quiet and eat.

Scott stared at his phone for what seemed forever. In his drunken state he was feeling brave and wanted to tell Nayeli everything, but she was with that man, Kevin. He felt jealousy boil to the surface and speed dialed her. Nayeli’s phone vibrated in her purse and she checked it. It was Scott. She quickly answered. “Yes?”

“Can you come over?”  He asked.

“You sound drunk, how much have you had?”

“A bottle of brandy.” She sighed, but would rather deal with her drunk boss than her creepy date.

“Give me half an hour.”

“Why, so you can sleep with that idiot?” She hung up on him and took a deep breath. He was drunk and obviously upset.

“Can we do this another time maybe? Duty calls.” Kevin didn’t look happy, he even glared at her.

“Are you kidding me? He’s an adult, he can take care of himself.”

“He may be an adult, but he needs me and I’m going.” She stood and he reached for her. “Touch me and I’ll scream.” He pulled back, still glaring. She called for a cab and headed for the front door. It didn’t take long for her ride to get there and she quickly got in. She didn’t want to deal with creepy Kevin. She was sure Scott would be irritated after being hung up on.

If he was he would have to get over it. His comment was rude and unnecessary. She wished Scott wouldn’t drink so much. It was so bad for him and made him stupid somtimes. When the cab pulled up to his house she paid then hopped out. She had a key so just walked right in. She frequently came to drop off and pick stuff up for him. A time or two he had to get somthing a woman left there which on occasion was repulsive because it was underwear. She prayed it would only be Scott and she wouldn’t have to see yet another naked tramp.

She found him laying back in his office chair looking at the ceiling. He jumped to his feet when she got there. “why did you hang up on me?”

“Because that was offensive. I was nice enough to answer during my date and you are rude to me even though I left it to come to you. It was a horrible date anyway. I just needed the time to get here.”

“Good, I’m glad it was horrible” Nayeli sighed, hoping she had the patience. She assumed he was in asshole drunk mode which struck odd to her because it was only Vodka that made him an ass. Brandy just made him brave and eager to get in womens pants. Not that he needed Brandy to desire a random woman. “what do you need Scott?’ She said, expertly hiding how much his attitude was getting to her. “I need you Nayeli, I really do. I feel like an asshole but I never really noticed you before you hit your head. Then we sat there and just talked. I loved talking to you, never enjoyed talking to someone more. I think about you all the time. ALL the time. It’s why I havent had sex since that happened.

She was shocked by his confession, but skeptical of how serious he really was. He had downed an entire bottle of brandy and could just be running at the mouth. “Scott, you’re drunk. Let me help you to bed.”

“No, I’ve been waiting to talk to you this whole time about what I’ve been feeling.”

“You don’t know what you’re feeling or what I’m feeling. You’re drunk and ranting. Tomorrow you’ll get up and I’ll be here with water and tylenol and you won’t even remember this conversation just like you can’t remember the names of the women you’ve screwed. Now, lets get you in bed so I can go.”

He crossed the room and she almost took a step back. He still didn’t look happy. He put his face right in front of hers and she wrinkled her nose at the smell of booze. “Go where exactly, back to that moron or maybe you want some other guy.” She glared at him and slapped him as hard as she could.

“I’m not like you Scott, I don’t fuck everything that moves. I’ve had two boyfriends, just two and that’s it you idiot. I don’t sleep with people the second after I meet them.” She wanted to hit him again just for good measure, but refrained. “I quit, take care of you and your whores on your own.” She turned to leave and he grabbed her arm. She turned to slap him again and he caught her wrist then pulled her into a tight hug. “Let me go.” She said angrily.

“I’m sorry Nayeli, so sorry for everything. Please don’t leave me, I need you.” He said softly.

“You’re just drunk.”

“Yes I am and it was a stupid, childish thing to do. I was just so jealous, I acted like you were some kind of possession. Please stay, I’m begging you. I’ll do anything, say anything.”

“I wont quit tonight but I also wont talk to you until you’re sober. I highly doubt you will remember any of this in the morning or the feelings you think you have for me. The Brandy is telling you you need me, that’s all. I’ll find you a good replacement if I still quit in the morning’

“I had these feelings before i grabbed this bottle. It’s the only reason I did. I couldn’t stand the thought of you being out with him” It was beyond frustrated. If he would have just stayed sober and told her she would believe him but his drinking was ruining him again. “Like I said, we’ll see what you feel and remember when morning comes” He reluctantly let her guide him to his bedroom. She had made it clear that she wasn’t talking about how he felt tonight. She helped him sit on the bed “I’ll be back early in the morning with your tylenol and water.” She quickly left before she stupidly believed him. She wanted him and this was only torture. She didn’t think she coudl handle it if he started doing this every time he drank.

She went straight home and set her alarm. She wanted to fall asleep but was so conflicted. A part of her hoped he remembered his feelings in the morning and they werent just made up by the brandy bottle he downed. He seemed so sad and sincere but it was hard to take anybody seriously who slurred their words and smelled like a bar. She only got a few hours sleep by the time morning came. She changed her clothes and went over to Scotts house. She got nervous as she approached his door. She was almost afraid to know if he remembered or not.

She unlocked his door and went immediately to his kitchen. She filled a glass with water then went to his room and into his bathroom. She grabbed the tylenol out of the medicine cabinet and took a deep breath before going to him. “Scott, it’s time to get up.” She said and he jerked awake.

“Nayeli? Good morning.” He replied. He sat up slowly and rubbed his head. She handed him the water then took two Tylenol out of the bottle and handed those to him too. She put the bottle on his bed side table and waited patiently as he popped the two pills in his mouth and downed the entire glass of water.

“What did you think of the construction company I recommended?”

He paused and looked up at her then cleared his throat and sat his glass down. “Hire them, they have a good reputation and are asking a fair price.”

“Yes sir, right away.” She turned to walk away and he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her onto his bed. She actually yelped in surprise. He kissed her, his mouth moving against hers gently. She tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled until he stopped.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Well for one that scared the crap out of me and two your breath still smells like booze.” He laughed and kissed her forehead.

“I’m sorry, but did you really think I would forget telling you I love you? I mean especially after that slap. I didn’t know you were that strong.” He brushed his fingers through her hair, looking a little sad. “Please don’t quit.”

She sighed. “Scott, this has never been my dream job. I love being near you, but being an assistant wasn’t what I wanted.”

“Then what do you want?”

“It’s stupid, but I want to own a candy store. I majored in culinary arts, but I didn’t have the business smarts to go through with it. After we visited the hospital, those sick children made me want to go through with my dream.”

“Am I in that dream of yours?”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Brush your teeth then we’ll talk about our future.”

He kissed her cheek and hurried into the bathroom. He was glad it atleast wasn’t a no. He felt he had hope that she would forgive him for how much of an ass he had been and allow him to love her. He would make everything up to her if she would let him. He would buy her that candy store and give her her dream. While brushing his teeth he decided to give it to her regardless. She deserved it for everything she put up with and did for him. He was resolute that no matter if she wanted him or not he would make sure she got her dream job.

He came out and she was just standing there “am I in your future?” Nayeli just looked back a few moments, long painful moments. “you are under one condition. I know it will hurt your feelings but I need this to be with you”

“I told you last night, I’ll do anything”

“I need you to get screened for STDs. I’ve seen first hand the types of women and how many come into this bedroom and into your hotel rooms. Maybe if you were choosey atall but wow, some of those women. You just put your penis anywhere.” Scott frowned, ashamed of himself “I will, afterwards does that mean I’m your boyfriend?” She walked over and hugged him. He hugged her back, pleading in his head. “Yes, I just don’t want to have sex with you until you’re tested. We also need to buy you all new sheets. I can’t sleep on sheets after a few of those girls.”

“I’m sorry for my disgusting behavior. We can go right now. I want you to know I’m safe.”

“You don’t have to do that, you have a headache.”

“I gave it to myself. Just let me shower.” He grabbed clean clothes out of his chest of drawers, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.” He headed into the bathroom and she sat down on the edge of his bed. “How does my schedule look today?” He asked as he switched on the water and pulled his clothes off. She got up and went to stand next to the door.

“You don’t have anything today. I’ll call that construction company and get everything set up.” She pulled out her phone and called. She talked to the secretary and asked for a contract to be drawn up and faxed to Scott’s house. Scott came out smelling of Old Spice. She loved that smell and blushed. He smiled and pulled his socks and shoes on.

“Okay, let’s go, there are plenty of clinics that will do a blood test. Then we can eat and shop.”

“Are you sure? You don’t have to do this today.”

“I want to, you won’t let me touch you if I don’t and I really want you. I want to show you how much I love and need you.” She frowned and he pulled her into his arms. “Or not, we don’t have to have sex. I won’t get mad if you say no, I’ll take you anyway I can get you.”

“Really?” He nodded and smiled. “I really want you too, I’m just not experienced like you.”

“You mean you aren’t a whore like me. I’m glad, I really am. You have more self respect than I do and I should have had more. You are the only woman I want and need. All those others were nothing and I feel bad for my promiscuity. I fell for you the minute you smacked your head into that table and was to stupid to even realize it. I will do anything to make this work. I’ll get tested, I won’t drink anymore it’s not like I need booze, I’ll throw away every sheet I have and even buy a new mattress. I’ll even call that stupid reporter and let him know I’m with you and I love you.”

“I would like it if you quit drinking” Nayeli said softly, she was in shock. She never expected this kind of man was in Scott atall. “Then no more. I’ll throw it all out as soon as we get back. I’ll do it now if you prefer”

“when we get back is fine, lets go” He grabbed her hand and they walked out together. They got in her car sine it was right there and drove to the nearest clinic. He gave his insurance information and sat down to wait. He held Nayelis hand the whole time as fear crept into him. He had never considered getting anything from one of those women. He was terrified that they would tell him he had and STD. He could lose the only woman that meant anything to him over a one night stand that was nothing more than wanting to feel good. They called him and he went back.

He kissed Nayelis cheek, praying it wouldnt be the last time he was allowed to. They swabbed his mouth, took a small sample from his genitals with a smaller swab and took some blood. They told him he was free to go and that they would give him a call on the number he listed while signing in once they had the results. He walked as fast as he could back to Nayeli. She stood when he came through the doors and they hugged. “you ready to go grab somthing to eat?” He asked as he pulled back. She gave him a kiss on the lips “yes”

He took her to Quizno’s and they ordered sandwiches to go. He wanted to get new sheets as soon as possible. They went to Kohl’s and ate as they walked around the store. He told her to pick whatever she wanted. She picked out four sets and he paid for them. They went back out to his car and threw the sheets in the trunk then decided to take a walk. He laced his fingers through hers, just enjoying the fresh air. They finished eating and threw their garbage in a trashcan.

“So, tell me about this candy shop you want. What do you want to do with it?”

“I just want to make delicious candy at a good price. I would make it for free if I could. Chocolate, cinnoman hearts, all the cool seasonal stuff. I want to do it all. I could hire a couple of people, people just as passionate as me and have this amazing business. I could go to the hospital during the holidays and visit the kids that have to stay in pediatrics.”

“I want to help you with your dream, I mean really help you. If you want to make candy for free then make it for free and let me worry about the bills. I make plenty.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Sure I do, I owe you so much and this is the only way I can think to start making it up to you. I want you to have your dream and stop being my assistant. I can always hire another one.”

She smiled. “You really are sweeter than I thought. We should go home and change your sheets.”

“We’ll do anything you want.”

They went back to the house and up stairs. Nayeli took the sheets and pillow cases off then put the new ones on. “Much better” Scott hugged her from behind “I’m glad” They went and gathered all the alcohol in the house and threw it out. “I promise I’ll never drink again. Not even when I’m out with my friends”

“you can drink with your friends” Scott shook his head “I dont want to atall. I get stupid somtimes and i wont do anything that risks you being with me” Nayeli kissed him. They held the kiss for a long time then touched forheads “I love you”

“I love you too” A few days passed and Scotts phone rang. He answered it as eagerly as he always did while he had been waiting to know if he was clean. “we need you to come in to talk to you sir” he sighed, knowing if he was clean they would have told him over the phone. He told them he was on his way and got Nayeli. Now he was grateful she didn’t let him have her. He wondered what could be wrong with him. It seemed to take them forever to call him back once he arrived. He had trouble holding his head up as he walked back, knowing that he couldn’t be with the woman he loved because he had been an idiot. The doctor sat him down and handed him a bottle “I know its scary being called back. You have a very treatable case of Chlamydia. Take those once a day until you’re out. They’ll last you seven days. We’ll test you again to be sure but you will most likely be free of it after seven days of those pills. You need to call the women you’ve slept with and warn them. If a woman gets that it can make her infertile. It’s an almost symptomless disease so alot of people are too damaged by the time they realize it. Even in men it can seriously damage your ability to get a woman pregnant. So give them a courtesy call and take your pills. Here’s a card with your appointment on it to be tested again.”

Scott almost wanted to cry. He was just glad it was treatable and he hadn’t slept with Nayeli. It made him sad to think he might not be able to get Nayeli pregnant now. He didn’t know if she wanted kids but if she did they might have trouble. He couldn’t even warn all the girls he had slept with. Most he didn’t remember sleeping with. it would be awkward but he would see if Naylei had any information of some of the previous girls.

He wasn’t able to look at her when he walked back into the waiting room. She put down the magazine she was reading and frowned. “What did they say?” She asked softly.

“I don’t want to talk about it here. I really hate myself right now so can we just go back to my place so I can take one of these stupid pills?”

“Okay, sure.” He drove home under a cloud of melancholy, catching her looking at him out of the corner of his eye. She looked so concerned and he almost wanted to send her home. They pulled into his driveway and got out, heading inside. He took one of his pills then went and flopped down on the couch and buried his face in his hands. Nayeli sat down next to him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “Talk to me, I won’t get mad.”

“I have chlamydia, it’s treatable, but fuck.” He felt himself choke up and waited for her to recoil and leave. He wouldn’t blame her. It’s not like he deserved her.

“You need to call your partners and let them know.” She kissed his cheek and he started crying. He wrapped his arms around her and rested his forehead on her shoulder.

“I can’t remember their names, I hate myself so much. I’m such a bastard.”

“Shh, no you’re not. You were dumb for not using protection, but you’re not a bastard. I’ll write down their names for you and find their numbers then you can call.”

“Are you going to leave me now?”

“No, I still love you very much.”

“But what if you decide you want children and I can’t give them to you? Will you hate me then?”

She rubbed his back and kissed the top of his head. “No my love, I won’t hate you. I’ll still have you. Shouldn’t we be talking about marriage first and then children?”

“that was just the first thing I thought about. I want to live the rest of my life with you which means one day getting married and having kids. I just…I want you to have it all.”

“I’m sure you’ll be ok. Hopefully you havent had it long. Let me go make that list for you”

“I love you so much Nayeli.”

“I know, I can see that very clearly. I love you too and will be right back.” Nayeli compiled a list of all the girls she could. She knew there was a few he had been with that she didn’t remember but she was glad she could get most of them. When she came back into the living room he looked so broken even though she had told him everything was alright. She handed him the list and he looked up at her. She could see he had been crying while she had been compiling the list.

She kissed him “please don’t cry” He wiped his face “Thank you for being with me even though I dont deserve it.”

“shhh, you are wonderful and sweet. Just call these girls so we can ahve this done with. You’ll be better in a week” He nodded and took out his cell to begin calling. He shame faced told each girl. It was a relief when he was done with the list. He pulled Nayeli into his arms and cried again. She just gave him comforting words and told him how deeply she loved him back. Most of her I love yous only seemed to make it worse.

They spent the next week getting the construction on the hospital started and looking at buildings for a potential candy store. She wanted a lot of room in front and back so there would be plenty of space to move around for cooks and customers. They made a list of the ones she liked most and he hired an inspector to take a look at them. He wanted to make sure the building was completely sound and would accomodate her vision. He hired an architect to sit with her and draw out the plans, enjoying her happy smiles. They also discussed their families, him not enjoying talking about his father who had cheated on his mother constantly. Nayeli believed this was where his promiscuity had stemmed from. He didn’t argue with that theory and believed it himself.

When the day of his appointment rolled around he didn’t want to go. He was still incredibly ashamed, especially since Nayeli had insisted on staying with him all week to comfort him. She was such an angel and he loved her more and more every day. He was tested again and they told him they would be getting back to him once the results were in. He was terrified and prayed he was clean. He had made sure to take every pill without fail. He went back out to Nayeli who greeted him with a smile and stood, holding out her hand for him to take.

“So have you decided which building you want?” He asked, wanting to distract his wandering mind.

“Yes. I want the the big red one, but I want it repainted to look like cotton candy.”

“Call when we get home and tell them we’ll take it.” He stopped next to his car and pulled her into his arms. “I really love you Nayeli, I’m sorry you have to go through all this crap with me. You shouldn’t have to comfort me, you should be able to focus on your dream.”

“I want to be with you, if I didn’t I would have left. Just stop stressing so much, everything’s going to be okay. You’re going to be completely disease free then you can make love to me and marry me and we can try for a baby or two.”

“you really want to marry me?” he asked in a disbelieving tone. She smiled than kissed him “of course I do.” He hugged her again, this time way too tightly. She just enjoyed his excitement. He kissed her passionately, now even more anxious for the results so he could physically express how deep his love was. The results came back in two days. They gave him a clean bill of health and he covered his mouth with a hand and almost cried again with relief. He hung up and ran to the bathroom where Nayeli was soaking in the tub “I’m clean” She giggled and got out of the water. Before she could dry he wrapped her in a hug. Nayeli hugged him and rubbed his back “I’m so glad to hear that”

“will you let me make love to you now?” He asked in a whisper. “That would be amazing but I need to dry off first.” he kissed her shoulder than grabbed a towel. He drived every inch of her skin. Seeing her naked was such a temptaion, one the he could very nearly enjoy. He picked Nayeli up making her smile and carried her into his bedroom. Scott set her on the bed and noticed she was getting nervous. He held one of her cheeks and looked into her eyes “it’s good you aren’t as experienced as me. I was a filthy, disgusting man while you respected yourself. Don’t be nervous. There’s no reason to be. I just want to express my love for you.”

Scott took off his clothes making Nayeli blush. Especially when he removed his pants. They got on the bed together and he began to sensually kiss her. It was driving her wild. His tongue moved so smoothly in her mouth. It was absolutely intoxicating. When she out a soft moan he pulled back “Yet another sound you make I love”

She turned an even brighter shade of red, making him let out a soft laugh. He kissed her again then rained feather light kisses down her neck to her chest. He took his time at her breasts, biting softly and then licking, as his hands moved slowly over her. He wanted to know every inch of her, to know which spots she liked to be touched the most. He kissed his way over her abdomen and pushed her legs gently apart. She was already wet from his teasing and was shaking. She gripped the comforter beneath her as he tasted her, saying his name over and over as he seemed to devour her.

“I need you now.” She whispered. He crawled slowly back up her, letting his tongue run the length of her body before kissing her and thrusting into her. She wrapped her legs tightly around him and he slowly moved in and out of her, kissing her softly as he took her higher and higher with his gentle rocking. Scott had never felt this connection with anyone, this fitting perfectly together. It brought tears to his eyes and he forced them back, enjoying her cry of surprise and joy as she orgasmed. He pressed his forehead against hers, whispering her name as he spilled himself in her.

“I love you so much.” He said softly then kissed her again before moving to lay next to her. He held her tightly in his arms, finally letting himself cry. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

“I love you too, please don’t be sad.”

“I’m not, I’m incredibly happy. I’ve never loved anyone before and it’s a little overwhelming.”

“You’re so wonderful Scott and you deserve to be truly happy.” She wiped his tears away and kissed his chin, loving him for being so open and honest with her. She never wanted any secrets between them.

“Thank you for giving me your love and being so dedicated to me even when I was being a drunk, promiscuous ass. It’s such a precious gift and it’s one I intend to treasure for the rest of my life.” He held tightly to her, feeling a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. She had unburdened him and given him a life worth truly living. He kissed the top of her head and they drifted off together, dreaming of their happy future.


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