Nebi & Nathan

Chapter One

“I brought more blankets.” Nebi said as he entered Nathan’s safe house without knocking. “I know you destroyed the last ones.”

“You know you shouldn’t be here, it’s still the full moon.” Nathan said as he took the blankets from Nebi and headed down to the basement where the cage that had been put together for him was.

“It’s not night yet, you still have time.” He followed Nathan. “Your eye patch was damaged too?”

“Hmm?” Nathan reached up and touched the black patch covering where his eye used to be.

“You tied it in the back goofy.”

“Oh, it’s not a big deal.”

“I’ll grab you a new one later. I’m thinking red this time.”

“I like the black.”

“Alright, alright. Oh, Fino and Allon wanted to know if you wanted to go out for dinner some night after the full moon is done with its cycle.”

Nathan looked at his feet. “I guess.”

“It’s cute when you get all self conscious.” Nathan raised his head and Nebi grinned. “Come on, I need your help. I brought you food too.”

“Nebi, shouldn’t you be working or something?”

“Fino and I do get days off you know. Come on, I bought a lot, I even got your favorite snacks.”

Nathan followed, wishing Nebi wouldn’t risk himself like this. He could keep himself locked up now but he still feared hurting Nebi during one of his shifts. He had no control and Nebi was the last person in existence he would ever want to hurt. He was developing feelings for him and he didn’t think he could take hurting the man he was falling in love with. They brought all the food inside then put it away “Thanks Nebi”

“You aren’t good enough to yourself so someone has to get you the stuff you deserve and take care of you”

“I’ve hurt a lot of people

“thats not your fault though”

“So, are you staying again?”

“Of course I am silly. You’re always so disoriented afterwards and I want to be here in case you get out.”

“You could get hurt.”

Nebi chuckled. “That might be true if you were running with a pack, but since you’re alone I think my cat can handle you.” Nathan started to protest, but Nebi shaking his head stopped him. “Besides, I think your wolf actually likes it when I stay.”

“What do you mean?” He swallowed. “H…have you been coming downstairs when I turn?”

“A couple of times to check on you. I got growled at, but there was no slamming against the bars or snapping at me.”


“I didn’t get to close, I just wanted to make sure you weren’t hurting yourself.” He reached up and brushed Nathan’s hair away from his face. “You shouldn’t worry so much, I’m a big boy.”

Nathan had the sudden impression of a whine and the need to get closer to Nebi slip through his thoughts, but he held his ground, ignoring his wolf’s urges. He told himself it was because it was still the full moon, that it was because smells and sounds seemed so much more acute because of it and Nebi being this close was just overwhelming his senses and triggering the animal. “Um, I should make dinner and then get ready.”

“Let me help, four hands are better than two.”

Nathan knew better than to argue with Nebi when he wanted to help so he allowed him to enter the kitchen, it was always nice being around him anyway so he was somewhat glad Nebi gave him an excuse to be selfish. Letting anybody close to him at all always plagued him with guilt but it didn’t make him feel as bad when Nebi was over since Nebi really didn’t take no for an answer. They quickly made dinner then sat down together with their food and a beer each. “How’re things?” Nathan inquired of Nebi “My life is as fun and exciting as always. My line of work is fun”

“where did Fino and Allon want to eat?”

“They wanted it to be your choice this time’

“Things would probably be easier if they just bossed me around.”

Nebi chuckled. “I could if you want me to.”

Nathan smiling caused Nebi’s heart to dance. “I was kidding, I’ll think about it.” He sighed. “So, anyone new in your life?”

“You mean like a boyfriend?”


“No, far to busy with more important things like you and work.”


“Who else is going to bring you new blankets when you’ve had a particularly rough night?”

“Am I getting in your way?”

Nebi laughed. “Oh yes, you’re a real roadblock.” He teased.

“I mean it, if I am then maybe you shouldn’t come by so much.” The thought made his stomach sink, but he wanted Nebi to have a real life.

“How cruel.” He nudged Nathan as he brought his bottle to his lips so beer dribbled down his chin. “There, now we’re even. I’m precisely where I want to be, don’t forget that.”

Nathan got up to grab a paper towel. He felt happy that Nebi really liked being here even though he truly didn’t understand why. Nathan knew he had a tendency to brood and just in general bring the feeling in the room down. Nebi was amazing, a smart ass sometimes but amazing. He probably had a ton of people he could hangout with but instead of going to them Nebi chose him. When Nathan sat back down Nebi gave him another reassuring smile before going back to enjoying the meal they made together. They were having Spicy Shrimp With Creamy Polenta and it was something Nathan greatly relished eating.

“Nebi, are you sure you won’t leave?” Nathan asked as they cleaned up the kitchen after dinner.

“I’m sure.”

Nathan glanced out the window at the setting sun. “I could break out.”

“Doubt it, I had that cage made of some incredibly strong, incredibly expensive metal. Not even Fino could bend the bars. Not that that would stop him, he’d just pick the lock.”

“I just want you safe.”

“Awe, how sweet, you sound like a husband.” He grinned. “Should we just get married?”

Nathan felt himself blush and focused on finishing up drying. His heart had nearly leaped out of his chest when Nebi had said that. He felt another compulsion, a need to press himself to Nebi, to run his scent all over the cat. “I…I should get downstairs.”

“Are you alright? Besides the obvious I mean.”

“Yeah, it’s just getting close and I would hate to get distracted and wind up hurting you.”

Nebi reached up and brushed Nathan’s hair back, causing the wolf’s heart to stutter. “I really love seeing your whole face, even this bit.” He let his fingers gently brush the eyepatch. “It’s easier to see your expression and I really wish you would stop frowning and looking all concerned. I’ll be fine. Now go on and I’ll come and collect your clothes once I’m done here.”

Nathan briefly opened his mouth to say he didn’t have to but he shut it again, knowing Nebi would do it anyway. Nebi watched Nathan go, planning on talking to him more in depth after the change. He knew there was more wrong than just when this was and this time he wasn’t leaving without talking to Nathan. There were too many moments it seemed like Nathan wanted to say more and on top of that he wanted to make sure Nathan knew he wasn’t a responsibility, he was his friend and someone he cared about deeply. He had more friends than just him as well, Fino and Allon really liked him. Nathan was valued even though he didn’t seem to think much of himself or believe they all cared about him as much as they did.

Nebi came down as Nathan was shutting and locking the cage and let his eyes move over him with a grin on his face. “Well, well, well.”

“Stop staring.” Nathan said, embarrassed.

“I mean it’s hard not to.” He teased as he picked up Nathan’s clothes. “Come, turn for me.”

“Nebi, come on.”

Nebi chuckled. “You have no choice, you’re locked in a cage and at my mercy.”

Nathan sighed as he did a slow turn. “Happy?”


Nathan tested the bars then sat down in the middle of the floor. “Remember, stay away.”

“You should probably give me your eye patch.” Nebi squatted down and reached through the bars. Nathan nervously removed it and handed it to him, a little shock of excitement moving through him when Nebi let his fingers slide over his palm. He mentally reprimanded himself. “Hey, Nathan?”


“I’ll come down later to check on you.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I want to and who knows, maybe I’ll bring you a doggy biscuit.”

Despite how worried he was, Nathan still cracked a smile. “I’ll be sure to practice my best puppy dog face then.”

“Please do.”

Nebi walked up, heading toward the laundry room to drop Nathans clothes in the laundry for him. He then took Nathans eye patch and laid it on his dresser. Though he was doing these things all his mind was thinking about was Nathans naked body. He was such a sexy man and it was always a treat when he could see him naked. He hated how tortured Nathan felt on these nights though and wished he could accept himself. Especially now that they could keep him from hurting others when he turned. If he could just stop seeing himself as such a burden Nebi knew Nathan could be happy.

It wasn’t long before the howls, growls, and sound of him thrashing around came up from the basement. Nebi paused the movie he was watching and listened just in case. The growls softened and he could hear Nathan pacing back and forth. The wolf either did this or sat in the corner. He hit the play button, deciding to wait a few minutes for Nathan to calm down a little. His phone vibrated on the coffee table, causing the wolf downstairs to make a sound of annoyance which had Nebi laughing. It was adorable even under the circumstances. He answered. “Hello Allon.”

“How is Nathan doing?”

“Right now he’s downstairs grumbling because he can hear me.”

“I just wanted to check in and make sure everything was okay.”

“It’s perfect, I’m going to go and check on him in a moment.”

“Other than that how is he doing?”

Nebi sighed. “Oh you know, self conscious, scared, sexy.”


“What? I can’t help it. I really do wish he saw how wonderful he is. He still blames himself.” He let out another sigh. “He tried to get me to leave, like I would. It helps I’m so irresistible.”

Allon chuckled. “Well if you need anything call us.”

“I will.”

They got off the phone and Nebi sighed, wanting to go down there even though he knew Nathan didn’t like him near the cage. Nebi decided he should at least finish the movie first so clicked play again. He only half watched, Nathans noises constantly distracting him. He’d sit with him the entire time if Nathan was okay with it. When the movie was over Nebi got a snack from the kitchen to bring down. It wasn’t a doggy biscuit but he definitely planned to bake one next time just to tease Nathan later. The wolf in the cage growled then snapped at him when Nebi came into view and he chuckled “Now now, you wont scare me away. I brought you food Nathan”

Chapter Two

The wolf bared its teeth, the hair on the back of his neck raising up as his focused on the person across from him. His nose processed the scent; male, feline, familiar and something else, something important. It tickled at that primal part of his brain as it always did and tried to urge him forward with a need for domination. He was so focused on the male it took him a moment to notice the stick of meat in his hands. No matter how angry the beast was, it still needed food and it had him salivating.

“Come on, Nathan, it’s jerky, you love jerky. I mean why wouldn’t you, I bet you’d be even happier with a nice juicy steak.” Nebi moved closer to the bars. Nathan would kill him if he knew he was nearly touching the cool metal. “Come on.” Nathan growled at him while also looking longingly at the jerky and he chuckled. “Well if you want it, come and get it.” He raised it to his lips and took a bite out of it, grinning when the wolf followed his movement. “Come here or I’ll eat all of it.” The wolf huffed in annoyance and finally stepped closer. He held the jerky through the bars and kept his eyes on Nathan. The wolf sniffed, coming closer until Nebi could feel his hot breath brush against his skin. The wolf growled and snatched it away then back up and gnawed on the tough piece of meat. “There we go, maybe I’ll swing by the butcher and see if they have any bones they can give me. I bet you’d like that, though you might kill me for it.”

Nathan seemed too wrapped in the jerky to care what he was saying so Nebi left to see if the butcher had anything for him to give Nathan. He felt bad Nathan had to spend this entire evening caged so he tried to make it better any way he could. To Nebi’s delight the butcher had just what he wanted and soon had him out the door and returning to Nathan. Nebi went straight downstairs, seeing Nathan pacing around his cage “I’m back” he announced though he knew there wasn’t any way the wolf didn’t notice him there. Nebi received another growl as he walked toward the cage but as always, it didn’t intimidate him in the least. He would be in the wrong business if a wolf in a cage could frighten him.

Once Nathan had one of the bones, Nebi sat and watched him for a bit, having a hard time not comparing him to a dog. No matter what anyone thought of him, Nebi thought he was adorable in a way. Sure he was large and the missing eye made him look sinister, but it was cute watching him gnaw on a soup bone. “Alright, I guess I should leave you alone so we can both get some sleep. How about we go out tomorrow? Maybe the carnival. They got a new Ferris wheel. Then we can decide where we want to eat with Fino and Allon.” The wold huffed and he smiled. “Good night then.”

Nebi stood and left the basement and the wolf lifted its head to watch him. Once he was gone the wolf stood, circled and then dropped back down and rested its large head on its paws. It had come to understand the cage. There was no way out, it had tried, had bit the bars, had slammed into them in an attempt to break free before and had only received pain for it. It watched and listened, hearing the male upstairs becoming still, hearing the sound of his breathing and heartbeat. The wolf huffed and closed its eye, slowly drifting off. Nathan jerked awake the next morning to the sound of the basement door being opened. He blinked his eye open and slowly sat up as Nebi came over to the cage, a smile on his face.

“Good morning handsome, breakfast is ready.”

“What time is it?” Nathan asked as he tiredly got to his feet and unlocked the door.

“About eight.”

“Why do I taste meat?” He looked down at his hands, expecting there to be blood.

“I fed you some jerky and a soup bone.”

Nathan sighed. “Nebi.”

“I didn’t get bit or anything, actually you were a very good boy last night.” He reached up and playfully tussled Nathan’s hair, messing it up even more.

“That’s not funny.”

“It’s a little funny.” He held up a towel and Nathan’s eye patch. “Go shower then come eat.”

Nathan sighed, hating Nebi put himself at risk again but he had gone through the trouble of making breakfast for him so he decided just to hurry and shower so he could enjoy the meal. When he got out Nebi was waiting at the table, wearing the same smile he always did. “You’re so happy, even after being with me on nights like last night..”

“I’m with you, of course I’m happy”

“I wasn’t here last night”

“don’t be dramatic Nathan, that wolf is a part of you. It’s why I’m not afraid.” Nathan blushed “well…thanks for breakfast”

“you’re welcome Nathan, I need to talk to you”

“about what?’

“about not being so angry at yourself all the time and acting like you’re a monster. You’re not, even the things you’ve done, you didn’t do it because you had a bad heart, you just had nothing to keep you under control when you lost control. You’re a good man and you owe it to yourself to forgive yourself”

“Nebi, I’ve hurt and killed people, I changed Allon without his consent. I…I’m…”

Nebi took his hand, causing heat to move up his arm. “Stop already, it wasn’t your fault and Allon has already forgiven you. You can’t control everything.”

“I’m dangerous.”

“No you’re not, not anymore.” He chuckled. “Damn I missed the chance to take a picture of you with that bone in your mouth, how cute would that have been. Then you would really see how very not dangerous you are.”

“Nebi, come on.”

“Nathan, I’m serious. You’re a wonderful man, you have such a big heart and are incredibly kind to everyone. So stop acting like you’re some crazed, bloodthirsty beast.” He reached across the table and brushed Nathan’s hair away from his face. “And you’re handsome so stop hiding your face.”


Nebi smiled as he went back to eating. “Now, how about we go out today, it would do you some good to stop hiding so much.”

“I guess I should” Nathan didn’t want to but Nebi was so good to him. He felt he owed it to him to try and leave his home. Nebi felt relieved Nathan hadn’t tried to fight him more about leaving “I was thinking about going to the carnival, they have a new ferris wheel”

“Okay, I think I was a kid last time I went to one so I’d enjoy it even if something wasn’t new..”

“I’m glad you’re not fighting me but please try to be more excited about tonight, I might get offended you know”

“Offended?” Nebi couldn’t help but chuckle at the hint of panic he heard in Nathans voice. “well yeah, I mean you’re going out with me”

“sorry, I didn’t mean” Nebi laughing again made Nathan blush and stop talking. He realized Nebi was just teasing him and wasn’t hurt.

After breakfast they cleaned up together then Nebi insisted they go ahead and go out. “It’s a little early for rides.” Nathan said even as he pulled his socks and shoes on.

“I just want to walk, you need it.”


“Don’t sound so down, it’s just a little walk.” He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a ponytail holder. “And keep your hair back.”

“But my eye.”

“Well one,” Nebi said as he moved behind Nathan and gathered up his hair, “you’re wearing an eye patch and two, it makes you look very sexy and mysterious.”

“I’m neither of those things.”

Nebi turned him around. “It’s not polite to lie. Besides, I’ve already seen everything, I know how amazing you look.”

Nathan had a feeling if he had a tail it would be wagging. He didn’t want to be so drawn to Nebi, he deserved someone whole, someone who could control himself, but he wanted him. Sometimes he felt like his wolf was showing and he feared he would do something Nebi would hate and drive him away. “Alright, I’ll stop talking bad about myself.”

“good, I really hate hearing you do it” Nebi finished putting Nathan’s hair up into a ponytail then they headed out the door. The two started down the sidewalk and Nathan was already glad Nebi had drug him out. The fresh air smelled so nice. It carried so many sweet smells with it. He especially loved the natural one, he could smell the trees and the grass that grew all around, he could smell the birds and the various plants on the ground. All these scents on their own were welcome but they also harmonized well with one another to bring him relief. “You look more relaxed already” Nebi pointed out “I always forget how much better I feel when I let myself go out”

“wolves weren’t built to stay indoors”

Chapter Three

“It feels like I should be running.”

“Too bad you can’t control your shifting or we could go out to the woods together. I guess we’ll just have to go jogging in the park one of these days.”

“I think I’d like that.” The wind changed a little and Nebi’s scent wrapped around him, making his body warm and his heart stutter. The wolf wanted and he rebelled against it. He didn’t understand why it was still such a battle in human form and it soon dawned on him that he really didn’t know a thing about being a wolf. He was too scared.

“Nathan?” Nebi touched his arm, startling him so he jumped away. “Whoa easy, are you alright?”

“Fine, sorry, I got lost in thought.”

Nebi smiled. “I hope it was all about me and how amazing I am.”

Nathan gave a nervous chuckle. “Yeah.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I mean you are pretty great. I’m surprised no one has tried sweeping you off your feet and taking you away.”

“Well, some men have tried getting my attention, but…” he moved closer. “Can I tell you a secret?”

“Of course.”

“There actually is someone, I just haven’t told him yet. I stopped dating when I found him. Do you know why?”


“Because I think he’s my mate. That means, we’re meant to be.”

“Oh, really?” He didn’t understand why he suddenly felt so jealous. He didn’t have the right to be, not when he was too much of a coward to tell Nebi how he felt. “Why haven’t you told him then?”

“I’m planning on it, I just have to find the right time. Wouldn’t want him trying to run away.”

what idiot would run away from you Nathan thought to himself. All he wanted was Nebi and if he was normal and could give Nebi a good life he would be doing anything he could to be with him. Whomever this man was, Nathan considered him the luckiest man in the world to have captured Nebi’s heart. Nebi found it adorable how Nathan tried to smoothly bring up this mystery man as they walked. Nebi answered him, doing his best not to let Nathan know just yet that it was him he was in love with. It was fun to tease and he still didn’t feel like Nathan was ready to hear that.

They headed back to Nathan’s house after awhile and only stayed long enough for Nebi to grab his keys, wallet, and phone. They headed for the carnival and Nathan knew there would be way more people there. “How do you stop smells from driving you crazy?” Nathan asked.

“You have to learn to filter through them. If I wanted to, I could easily find you in a crowd. I know your scent and the sound of your heart, I even recognize the way you walk.”


Nebi nodded. “Shifters tend to be very detail oriented. They’re predators so remembering is important. I’ll never forget anything about you.”

“Me either.”

“You spend a lot of time trying to fight of the animal when you should be using it. Even if you can’t control the change, you can form a sort of bond with the wolf. My leopard controls my reflexes and gives me amazing night vision. I don’t fight it, there’s no reason. It’s the reason I know who my mate is, because the leopard knows. It recognizes that one person in a million, his soul, his heart, his scent. You would know too if you stopped fighting so much.”

“I just worry.”

“I know, but you don’t have to.” They sat in silence for the rest of the drive, Nebi letting Nathan contemplate things.

“So are we going straight for the Ferris wheel?” Nathan asked once they were there and out.

“Nope. We have to play games and ride other rides and eat as much junk as we can and after all that, we’ll get on the Ferris wheel.” Then he would tell him when they were at the top and Nathan had nowhere to go.

Nebi was so eager to start playing around with Nathan they began playing the first game they came to, one of those games where you try to knock the glass bottles over. Nebi was amazing at games like this, even when certain festivals tried to rig them to make it near impossible to win. They walked away with the biggest prize that game offered then went to find another one. They only played one more before beginning to ride so they wouldn’t have to take what they got on too many things. They could always go out to the car but that would take away from their evening. Plus Nathan had a tendency to want to hide away from people. He didn’t want to give Nathan the chance to suggest they go home.

Nathan inhaled, taking in every scent carried to him by the breeze. “It’s beautiful, don’t you think?” Nebi asked and Nathan turned to face him.

“Yeah, it’s amazing. There’s so much going on.”

“See? I told you you’d like it.”

“Thank you for insisting.”

Nebi chuckled. “You know me, I can’t help myself. I would have dragged you out by the scruff of your neck.”

“You know, you can only take those dog jokes so far.”

“I don’t know about that, I can think of at least a hundred more. Besides, I can see you trying not to laugh.”

“Shut up.”

“See?” The Ferris wheel stopped at the top and they both took in the view. “So, I have something important to tell you.”

“Is everything alright?”

“Well, it’s about my mate. You see, he’s completely and utterly oblivious. I just don’t understand how he doesn’t see it.”

Nathan suppressed a jealous growl. “I’m sorry, want me to smack him for you?”

Nebi started laughing and Nathan looked at him confused. “Now why would I ask you to hurt yourself?”

Nathan almost spoke but then just looked at Nebi confused which caused Nebi to chuckle “You’re my mate if what I said before wasn’t clear enough”


“dont even start with all that Nathan., You’re my mate and you’re an amazing man if you’d just forgive yourself and look at all your good qualities. If you’d stop fighting your wolf and listen to it you’d know we were meant to be together.” Nebi moved closer before continuing “Let me kiss you…if we kiss there is no way your wolf wont howl at you that I’m your mate.” Nathan was like a deer in the headlights and he didn’t want to get off this ride without a kiss. He needed his mate, he needed him to know they were meant for eachother so Nebi pressed his lips into Nathans.

Nathan’s heart did a flip as he grabbed Nebi’s shoulders. He told himself he should push him away, but he couldn’t. He could feel the wolf rejoicing and instead of running away he let out a little whine and pressed closer. His arms slipped down and around Nebi’s waist, crushing the leopard into him as he deepened the kiss. Nebi had to turn his head to break the kiss and laughed as he pushed at Nathan’s chest. “Easy, we’re still on a Ferris wheel.” He said and Nathan pulled away with a look of shock and embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, I…” he really didn’t know what had come over him. “I didn’t mean to…”

“Kiss me?” Nebi teased.

“Yes…I mean no…I…”

“It’s alright, take a breath.”

Nathan inhaled deeply then let the air out of his lungs, trying to calm his erratic heart beat. “It’s just are you sure?”

“Nathan, we shifters know, we can sense it. You felt it right?”

“Yeah, I’m just amazed and shocked. I don’t deserve a mate.”

Nebi took his hand, lacing their fingers. “Yes you do, you more than anyone. You need someone who isn’t afraid of that wolf of yours, who can show you he’s not all that bad. He likes me, I can tell and so do you. You’re both one and the same, you should be working together rather than fighting. Even if you can’t control the change, you can still learn to bond with that part of you.”

“I just don’t want to hurt you. What if I was too aggressive while…” he rubbed the back of his neck, his blush worsening. “I mean it would kill me if you hated me.”

“You do know that as a species wolves can be very dominating, that’s just the way they are. Even Allon has some habits he can’t just get rid of because of his instincts. Like biting. You probably haven’t noticed, but Fino has them on his shoulders sometimes.” He chuckled when Nathan groaned. “Sorry, too much information?”

“About them, yes.”

“He likes showing them off, it’s like a badge of honor.”

“If I did that…would you mind?”

“Not at all Nathan” they went back home after the ferris wheel, too much on Nathans mind to continue enjoying things at the fair. “Talk to me Nathan” Nebi prompted once they had set their prizes down in the living room. “I don’t know where to begin…”

“you think too much” Nebi took Nathans hands in his “Just let me love you, let me be with you. If you can do that, slowly I’m going to make you love yourself and life. I love you, wolf and all.” Nathan kissed Nebi again and this time Nebi let him take it as far as Nathan wanted it. Nathan was scared but after that first kiss he couldn’t deny himself Nebi any longer. This was his mate, he could feel it now and he didn’t think he could stay away if he tried.

He lifted Nebi and carried him to his room, falling with him onto the mattress and pushing at his clothes. He let out a whine and Nebi took his face in his hands and pulled back. “What’s wrong?”

“I’ve never had sex with a man, I don’t know what to do.”

Nebi pressed kisses to his lips, a smile pulling at his lips. “It’s okay, I’ll show you.” He pushed him back. “Get undressed.”

Nathan stood and shakily removed his clothes. He had never been so nervous in his life, but he wanted this with Nebi. He reached up and touched his eye patch and Nebi smiled as he tossed his own pants on the floor. “What?”

“Leave it on if it makes you feel more secure. I don’t mind, it makes you look like a sexy pirate.”


“Come here.” Nathan crawled on top of him and Nebi flipped him onto his back and straddled him. “Stay.” Nathan let out a growl and Nebi chuckled as he bent down and kissed him. “How cute, my wolf. I love you.”

“I love you too” Nathans voice was adorable to Nebi, how it was both annoyed and nervous at the same time. “Hey, this will be amazing and if you decide it isn’t all you have to do is tell me to stop Nathan. I will and I wont be upset by it or change my mind about being with you. Some people take longer than others to be ready for sex and sex isn’t everything. It’s amazing but it’s nothing in the grande scheme of things. I have found my mate, you, and that’s all that truly matters to me” Nathan swallowed, Nebis words tugging at his heart and helping ease him. He could tell Nebi meant those words, that he didn’t need to be so nervous because Nebi would still love him even if he couldn’t have sex with him just yet so there was no pressure. Nebi began kissing, nibbling and licking Nathan, enjoying his every reaction. Nathan felt the wolf within urging him to bite Nebi back but he was enjoying this too much to fight just letting Nebi do what he wanted.

Nathan let out a little whine when Nebi moved lower and moaned when he slid his tongue over his already hardened length. Nebi grinned as he teased him and chuckled when Nathan’s fingers tangled in his hair and urged him forward. “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” He panted out. Nathan took him into his mouth, gently sucking and licking at him, getting lost in his moans and the way his body quivered. He only stopped when Nathan pulled him up. “I…I need you, please Nebi.”

Nebi gave him a light kiss and guided him on how to prepare him. They both moaned loudly when Nebi finally lowered himself onto Nathan and Nathan gripped Nebi’s hips. He rode him slowly, leaning forward to kiss him and catch every little pant, moan, and whine. It tapped into that animalistic part of Nathan and he found himself rolling Nebi beneath him. He withdrew and slammed into him, causing Nebi to cry out in surprise and hold tightly to him. “Nathan.”

Nathan lost himself to his need for Nebi, slamming into him repeatedly, soaking up how much Nebi was obviously enjoying it. When they were both spent Nathan curled up with Nebi, holding him tightly “I’ve been such an idiot” Nathan said and Nebi chuckled “took you long enough to figure it out. I love you Nathan and I want many more days just like this one. I’m moving in and you can’t stop me” Nathan smiled, rubbing his face into Nebis hair “I’m happy you’re such a stubborn, insistent person”

“it was the only way to win you over and I needed you. I couldn’t let my mate pass me by” They continued talking, it being the most normal conversation the two had ever had. Nebi enjoyed it, Nathan just talking without somehow bringing into the conversation he was a monster that should be avoided. Nathan would never be a monster to him and would never hurt anybody again. Nathan was amazing and he would do everything he could to get him to a point he never brought himself down again.

~ The End

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