Nedra & Talmadge

Chapter One

Nedra couldn’t believe it “what did you say?” She asked the village head doctor “you’re pregnant sweetheart. That’s whats to blame for the missing periods.”

“But..I can’t be”

“You’ve had sex right?” she blushed “ye yeah”

“so you can be and I assure you you are. Is it that wolf’s you’ve been hanging around?” she nodded “It can only be him…he’s the only man I’ve been with that way”

“He’s a demon, do you think he’ll want it?” she shrugged “I’m not sure he even wants me anymore. I was a pretty big bitch to him last time we were together and he hasn’t seen me since..we used to spend every day together so…I’m guessing he’s breaking up with me”

“I’m sorry, well, I can either be your care taker while you’re pregnant or..well, I can help you out of the problem. Just let me know which it will be.” She looked horrified at him and he said “hey, I’m just letting you know you aren’t stuck with a demons child. I’ve never seen the male creatures like him take to their young. You’re a sweet girl and beautiful on top of that. I’d hate for your future to be ruined over some fling, especially considering with a baby in toe you’re probably less desirable to him”

She got off the table, her fists clenched “don’t call him a creature. He’s not an animal”

“I’m sorry Nedra. It’s not my job to tell stories of kittens, rainbows and fairytale endings. I care about you very much. I helped your mother deliver you, I’ve watched you grow. I love you and I care what happens to you Nedra” her bottom lip trembled and she ran out. She went home and straight to her room where she cried until she fell asleep. Her parents woke her that night and noticed her face was puffy from crying “are you still crying over that boy?” her dad asked “sort of”

“sort of?” She wasn’t sure she was ready to tell them but she knew she had to and it may aswell be now. She hoped that maybe they would be happy to have a grandchild and wouldn’t be as cruel as their doctor. She told them about it occurring to her she hadn’t had a period in two months and then about seeing the doctor today. She had hoped for happiness but they were angry, it made telling them worse than talking to the doctor earlier. The three wound up yelling back and forth at one another until her mother said “You will kill that thing he’s left in your belly or you are no daughter of ours. You will not have a bastard child at sixteen! I can’t believe my little girl is a fucking demons whore. Sex is for marriage you hussy. None of the village men will have you now! Do you understand that Nedra! Kill it before anybody finds out!”

Her body wracked with sobs and Nedra protectivly holding her stomach she ran out of her home and away. She didn’t have anywhere in mind but she had to get away from her family and the village. She had never expected quite the reaction she got. They spent most their time outside the village or in his home but he had been to her home a couple times and she thought they had liked him. She felt completely alone, mostly because she could never kill this baby. She loved it from the second she knew he or she existed and apparently if she didn’t have an abortion she didn’t have a home with her parents and with Talmadge gone she didn’t have a place with him either and like the doctor said, he might not even want his baby.

Talmadge sighed as he thought of what he would say to Nedra. He wanted to see her and beg her to forgive whatever it was he had done. He loved and missed her immensely. He didn’t even know if she still wanted him, but he had to try. He stopped to pick some flowers then headed to her house, hoping she would see him, even if it was just for a moment. It was her mother who opened the door and fury immediately filled her eyes as she attacked him. He had to drop the flowers to restrain her and her husband came up behind her and pulled her back.

“Why are you here you son of a bitch?” She screamed. “How dare you show your face.”

Had he really upset Nedra this badly? “I’m sorry, I don’t even know what I did to make her so angry at me. I just came to try and make up with her. I love her and” She yelled over him “telling her sorry isn’t going to change the fact that she’s pregnant! You ruined her! If we would have known you were having sex with our daughter we would have never let you two hang out. If you love her you’ll convince her not to have it” His eyes became wide with shock “she’s, pregnant”

“what do you think happens when you have sex. Its why its for marriage”

“Get out of here, we don’t want you near her any more unless you’re telling her to have an abortion” Her father said sternly, anger burning in his eyes as he pulled his wife inside and slammed the door. Talmadge was still frozen in shock, just staring at her parents door. It was the village doctor that finally broke him out of it “you’re not welcome here any more demon” he lived near enough to hear Nedra’s mothers screaming. “where is she?”

“If she’s not home I don’t know. Did you hear what I said?”

“Do not test me human. Until Nedra herself tells me she doesn’t want to see me again I’ll come and go as I wish. I may not hurt her parents but there’s nothing stopping me from hurting you if you try to keep me from her”

“hurt me, show Nedra why she shouldn’t be carrying your child” Talmadge glared, knowing this human wasn’t worth it. He needed to find her. He took in a long inhale as he bent down to pick up the flowers he had gotten for her then ran off, following the scent. The doctor shook his head, hoping Talmadge wasn’t coming back.

Nedra sat against a tree, her knees pulled up to her chest as she cried. Her arms were wrapped around her, hugging her belly. She couldn’t bring herself to get rid of it. She would never judge a woman who did, but she couldn’t. It hurt to know she couldn’t go back, that her parents had been so angry with her. It hadn’t been like she would just abandon the baby with them, she just wanted their support and understanding. She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. “We’ll find a way little one, I promise.” No matter how hard she had to work, she would take care of her baby.

“I’ll help you if you let me Nedra” Talmadge said softly. He startled her since she hadn’t heard him come up. He was always so light on his feet but she truly hadn’t expected him to come to see her again. She was standing now, her hand over her heart “Talmadge?”

“I’m sorry for scaring you” he held up the flowers he had picked for her. They were a little messy from him running with them but she still smiled, thinking it was adorable. She took them out of his hands and he pulled her into him. He needed to hug her and hoped he wouldn’t be apologizing for this too. Nedra wasn’t sure how she was able to cry again or why she was back to bawling but she cried into him. She felt relief that he was here and unlike everyone else he was being kind. He wanted to comfort her but he didn’t know what to say. He wished this wasn’t his first real relationship so he wouldn’t have to feel like such a useless mate in this moment.

When her crying had died down he sat with her under the tree and wiped her face. “I looked for you at your home first. Your parents told me you were pregnant”

“More like screamed at you I’m sure” He smiled down at her and gently caressed her cheek “that doesn’t matter, what matters is how you’re feeling. Talk to me.”

“I..well, for starters I’m so sorry about how I was acting last time we were together. I was such a bitch”

“Hey now, I don’t tolerate anybody talking about my mate that way. Not even you beautiful”

“You’ve been so good to me. I felt so terrible that night”

“you’ve been a dream to me too Nedra. I’ve never loved any woman like I do you. Hell I’ve never loved a woman at all before you. I’ve been incredibly happy this past year, happier than I knew could even be possible. You have the prettiest smile and the most contagious laugh. You’re perfect and I’m so glad to know it was just hormones from being pregnant. I hated myself for making you so angry, especially because I felt stupid for not knowing why you were angry. I’ve only stayed away because I didn’t know how to approach you and I didn’t want to make the situation worse or push you into breaking up with me completely. I don’t want to go back to life without you Nedra”

“You want the baby and I?”

“Of course I do. Do you want the baby? I support you and love you no matter what you want. I know you’re young and maybe aren’t ready for that responsibility yet but..it” he was getting emotional “I’d feel so blessed to have a child with you Nedra.” she nodded and he hugged her to him. Talmadge felt prodigious amounts of joy to hear she still loved him and that she would have the baby with him. “we’d have to live with you Talmadge. I’m not welcome home unless I have an abortion”

“You have always been welcome to stay with me. I’m sorry they’ve hurt you by casting you out but I can’t deny I’m happy I wont have to part with you anymore.” Nedra pulled his face into hers and kissed him.

Talmadge felt that familiar stirring of need and quickly reprimanded himself. She needed emotional support right now. When he pulled back he smiled lovingly at her blushing face. “Better now?” He asked.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Is there anything you want from your parent’s place?”

“Just the things you got me, I don’t want them to destroy them.”

“I can always buy them again.” He stroked her cheek. “I don’t want you under anymore stress, not when you’re pregnant.”

“Can we go to your house then Talmadge?” He stood up with her “of course my love. I’m sorry your flowers are such a mess”

“You brought them. It’s incredibly sweet”

“I was so worried about you after talking to your mom and dad”

“I know you don’t need me to apologize for them but I still hate you wound up there”

“I’d have to care about their opinions for it to hurt me. Until this baby is born your words are the only ones that can upset me” She relaxed into his arms, the gentle sway of his walking putting her to sleep after such an emotionally draining couple of days. He pressed a kiss onto her forehead, feeling blissful. Nedra still loved him and best of all, she wanted to have this baby with him. Though they hadn’t been actively preventing her getting pregnant it hadn’t been his intention. It made him happy she was but if she was unhappy he would have felt like an ass.

When he got home he slowly opened his door and carefully walked over to his bed where he laid her down and tucked her in. “sweet dreams my love. I’ll take care of this house while you rest. I don’t want you tripping and hurting yourself” His house wasn’t normally such a mess but he had been so depressed in the last few days since their fight he just had let things fall where they may. His home was modest in size so it didn’t take him long to get it clean for her so he was soon able to slide in bed with his mate and get some rest himself.

Chapter Two

Nedra woke the next morning feeling much better than she had. She was still a little upset about her parents, but knowing she was safe with Talmadge helped. She snuggled closer and the movement woke him. “Nedra? You okay?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

He moved her gently onto her back then propped himself up, letting his hand rest on her belly. “You feeling okay?”


“No morning sickness?”

“No, just hungry.”

“Good.” He leaned down, kissing her just above her belly button. “You be good little and let your mother eat.”

She smiled brightly “You are so sweet Talmadge” she couldn’t believe she thought for a second he wouldn’t want the baby. Talmadge was a wonderful man, it was the people in her village that were ugly. The whole time she had thought them to be loving and accepting too but how quickly that changed when she found out she was carrying his baby. “You just relax for me and I’ll cook you something. I don’t know what I have but I can go out and kill a few things later and maybe do some gathering”

“anything you already have will be great” He kissed her stomach again then walked into his kitchen. When he came back with food she said “I think I want to give my parents a day or so to cool down, then I want to try to talk to them. I know they are being jerks but they are my parents. I don’t want to move back in so don’t worry but I do want to make up with them”

“okay, I want to come too though. I don’t trust the villagers. I want to be there to be sure you and our child are safe”

“Okay” She didn’t even know if she could trust them now. Her own parents had told her if she refused to have an abortion she wasn’t their daughter and before she found out she was pregnant she never thought she could do anything that would make them say something so hurtful to her. Talmadge and Nedra ate then Talmadge moved so he could listen to their babies. He was laying there blissfully with his eyes shut until he realized something. He sat up excitedly, startling his mate once again “what’s wrong?” Nedra asked. “Nothing” he kissed her head “sorry sweetie, I just realized something wonderful.”

“what is it?”

“Theres more than one heartbeat baby. They stopped beating perfectly in time long enough I could hear there were three”


“I wish you could hear it”

“Me too”

“Does that news make you happy too?”

“Oh I’m happy, just a bit shocked. Maybe we tell my parents wayy later that there’s three. They couldn’t handle the thought of one”

“Just know that no matter what, I will always be there for you and our children.” He rubbed his nose against her belly. “How amazing that I am going to be a father.”

“You’ll be amazing.” She stroked her fingers through his hair. “I wonder what we’ll have.”

“Hopefully all boys.”

She giggled. “Why?”

“Because if they turn out half as beautiful as you I’ll probably end up killing someone.”

“It’ll just mean we bring any girls up strong that way anyone wishing to harm them gets a surprise.”

He chuckled “yeah, I’ll teach them to kick any mans ass who tries to harm them or force anything” Nedra giggled “that’s the spirit” She took a deep breath in and out “I know it’s early to worry about it but birthing three, whew. I’ve watched a woman give birth before and it seemed miserable”

“I’ll do everything I can to make it as comfortable as I can. Hopefully these babies wont take their time and come out quick”

“Do you know how to deliver babies?”

“Oh yeah, my sister stayed with me near the end of her pregnancy so she wouldn’t be alone when the baby came.”

“will I ever get to meet your family?’

“My siblings yes, my parents, only if you insist on it one day. My parents are not nice people. They are the demons the village is thinking about when they see me. I’d protect you with my life but I’m afraid of them trying something. I haven’t seen them myself since I was thirteen”


“Demons consider their young adults at a very young age. Most just leave when you are twelve or a little older. That is not me just like it isn’t my sister. I know my brother has left a few pregnant women to their own but I promise you Nedra, I am here, forever, you’re my mate for life and I’ll always love these babies”

“I’m not worried Talmadge, really, and I’d love to meet your siblings but I’m fine with not meeting your parents”

“What should we do today my love?”

“I don’t know, I’m still recovering from my surprise and being here with you.”

“Why don’t we look at bigger places to live. We’re going to be having triplets, we’ll need the space.”

“Sounds exciting.”

“Then we can get you new clothes and whatever else you like to make this feel like home to you.”

They got ready to go out then Talmadge lifted Nedra into his arms. “The place I want to look at houses is pretty far away so I’m going to run. Make sure you say somthing if it makes you sick and you need me to take a break or just walk”

“where is it?”

“Remember when I took you to the crystal wood?”


“a little beyond that”

“wow, that is a long trip”

“yes but as I’m sure you remember demons and people live in a bit more harmony there. Our babies will be halflings and I don’t want them to ever feel bad for it. If we lived there they’d be accepted and loved just as our relationship would be”

“well lets go” He took off running, stopping whenever she asked. When they arrived he set her on her feet and they both fixed their hair. “How;re you and the babies feeling?”

“we’re good, don’t worry”

“I’m glad I didn’t make you nauseous”

“well you ran with me so much before I was even pregnant. I’ve seen more in this year of dating you than I had combined in the years before I met you”

“I’ve needed you from the day I met you Nedra. I figured what better way to keep you coming around me than taking you new places. Plus every time we just hungout in my home we wound up having sex and I didn’t want that to be the main thing when it came to us. Relationships built on sex typically fail and I don’t ever want you to leave me.”

“You’re pretty good at sex. You shouldn’t worry” He laughed then kissed her head. It was amazing walking through this stunning place again. She was glad she was going to live close enough to come see the crystal wood whenever she wanted. It would be just a short walk away.

“Will you be wanting to keep the babies in our room for awhile?”

“Is that normal?” She asked.

He nodded. “Many women do it, it makes it easier to get to their babies in the middle of the night and it makes them feel more secure about their newborns.”

“Alright, then yes, if it’s okay with you.”

He chuckled. “This is about you love, you’re the one carrying triplets. I want you to feel comfortable.” He brought her fingers to his lips, brushing a light kiss over them. “I’ll make sure our room is big enough to accommodate three cribs.”

She once again was glad he had come after her. She still would have had the babies but three on her own would have been terrifying. Talmadge was such a good man and she wanted to do something for him for being so forgiving about how she had treated him the last time they were together. They looked at the few places that were available there and they picked one that day. It was big enough and it was beautiful and he didn’t want to risk someone else taking it when his mate and children needed a place like this. “Can you afford this Talmadge?”

“I can afford half of it and the realtor said that was good enough for starting.”

“I can help with that. You know how well I can make dresses and bed sheets and stuff like that. I can start making and selling things to pay off what’s left. It’s a nice sit down activity anyway. I’m sure with three I’m going to get uncomfortably big”

“You’re going to be so cute with such a big belly.”

“And probably so miserable I’ll snap at you again.”

“That’s okay, I’ll make you as comfortable as possible and spoil you to no end so you always know how much I love you.”

Nedra felt herself tear up and he hugged her. “Oh Talmadge, I really don’t deserve someone as wonderful as you.”

“Of course you do, if anything you deserve more, but I’ll do my best to be a good mate and father.”

“When can we move in?”

“I’ll get some of my friends to help me move everything, it’ll be faster that way.” He gave her a gentle kiss. “Want to look at baby stuff so you can get an idea of what you want?”

“Yeah” she answered with an excited smile. He took her hand and they walked to where the shops were in the town. Looking at all these things with Talmadge and seeing how cute baby stuff was made her excited about the babies growing inside her. She felt so much joy that even talking to her parents again wasn’t going to bring her down. Before they left town they bought materials so Nedra could begin making things. Some of what she bought were for things to sell and others were so she could make a few things for her children. She didn’t know the genders yet but that didn’t mean anything to Nedra.

When they got home, Talmadge had her relax on the couch while he made her something to eat and Nedra got to work on making her first item to sell. “I hope salad is okay?” Talmadge said as he sat the plate on the coffee table. “I’m going to go food shopping so you have more choices for you and our babies.”

“You’re so sweet.”

She sat her project aside and started eating, feeling overjoyed that everything was going so well. “It’s good seeing you smile so much.”

“I can’t help it, I really didn’t think all of this would be happening. My parents and that doctor had me so scared you wouldn’t want me or our children, but having you buying us a new home and being so attentive is just so amazing, it’s like a really good dream.”

“Well I can promise you, it’s not, I’m really here and I always will be.”

“I wonder if they’ll have your ears. They’re just so cute, I can just imagine them.”

Chapter Three

“They probably will, my siblings have them too”

“I want them to be just like you” she said in a day dreamy voice. He felt himself growing lustful again. Nedra made him hunger for her insatiably but he had to let her eat. Maybe now that she was feeling better and would soon be full he could allow himself to make love to his mate again. She blushed, familiar with the way he was looking at her. He looked away ‘I’m sorry”


“for wanting you like that all the time”

“You know I like it. You make me feel beautiful” she took his hand “and the way you touch and kiss me. I can feel how much you love me and it’s amazing. Nobody has ever been as good to me as you are and while I may have been a virgin when I met you you’re an amazing lover and I can tell you really care how I feel during.” she pulled him closer, moving his hand up her leg.

“You should eat.” He said even as he leaned down to kiss her.

“Eat me first.” She said softly, a blush tinting her cheeks.

His lips descended hungrily on hers, his hand slipping up to tear her panties away. Her little gasp of surprise sent heat straight to his groin, making him grow instantly hard for her. He tipped her back, his hands holding her legs open, his mouth covering her, his tongue pushing past her folds to taste her. She writhed beneath him, her loud moans like music to his ears. His hands held tightly to her hips when she tried to squirm away and he doubled his efforts, letting out a satisfied moan when her back arched off the couch with her orgasm. He lifted her into his lap, the finger of one hand tangling in her hair to pull her down into a kiss while he used the other to release himself from his pants. Her cry parted their lips when he thrust into her and he quickly pulled her dress off, wanting to see all of her. She was so beautiful, her skin satin soft and hot with her blush. “Nedra, my beautiful, perfect mate.” He got so easily lost in her, making love to her until she lay limp against him.

“Talmadge, love you.” She said softly. “I can’t move.”

He pressed a kiss to her shoulder. “Let me draw you a bath my love.”

“Will you bathe with me?”

“Of course.” He kissed her shoulder again and lifted her, carrying her their bed and laying her down. “Just relax, my sweet.” He brushed his fingers through her hair. “I’m sorry I got carried away.”

She smiled. “I wanted you too.”

He couldn’t help but give her another kiss, this one on the lips. “Now, you must promise me you’ll eat after we bathe.”

“I promise.”

The next day Talmadge gathered all the friends he had, happy they were all free to help him. The help wound up not being very much needed since their friend Acacia decided to show off a new spell she had perfected. One second they were in Talmadge’s home and the next everyone in the house and all their belongings were in front of the new one “How the hell?” Talmadge asked in shock. She laughed “one day you’ll know real power young one” Though two of Talmadge’s other friends were her age they looked surprised aswell. Nedra didn’t know a lot about how powerful Talmadge’s friends were but she had gathered at this point that Acacia was the strongest of them all.

“I’m not that young” Talmadge said in return and she laughed again. The group helped Talmadge and Nedra set up their new home and stayed for their first night in it. The next morning Nedra suggested “I think it’s about time we tried to talk to my parents again Talmadge”

“If you’re ready I am baby but like I said, I want to go with you and I don’t want them to take you aside into another room or something. I don’t trust them after their reaction to everything”

“I want you to come regardless. You’re my mate and the father of my children. They accept I’m with you and treat you like you deserve or they don’t get to see me again or ever meet these children”

“should I go?” Acacia asked. “No, just Talmadge and I” she sighed “well you better come get me Talmadge if they try anything. I won’t let them keep you two apart. You’re a sweet couple and should be together”

“Even things go down hill, I’ll grab her and go. I’m not letting anyone hurt her or our little ones.” He lifted Nedra. “You ready?”


He pressed a kiss to her cheek. “Remember to let me know if you need to stop.”

“I will, I promise.”

The minute he was outside, he took off running. He wanted to get there and get this over with as quickly as possible. Nedra didn’t need anymore stress, especially when she was pregnant. He stopped when Nedra needed him too and found fruit and water for her when she needed it. He could tell she was worried and did his best to keep her spirits up by discussing baby names and how they would decorate their room when they found out the sex.

They both were nervous as they approached her parents door. Her father was the one to answer “Why did you bring Talmadge?”

“because he’s my boyfriend dad and he’s the father of my child. I just want to talk to you and mom” her mother now came to the door “without him”

“No mom, with him. He’s not going anywhere.” Silence and hard stares fell between them until finally her mother rolled her eyes and let them both in. “This better be about you having an abortion Nedra” her mother said as she sat in the living room. “I just came to tell you two I’m not having one and it breaks my heart if that truly means I’m not welcome in this family any longer. You two have always been good, loving and supportive parents and I came here today because I know those people couldn’t have just vanished over night. I get being upset we were having sex but it’s a bit late mom and dad. I’m pregnant, I’m going to be a mother and I want my children to have grandparents but that means accepting my boyfriend. He’s nothing like you’re assuming. He wants to be there for me and the kids he”

Her mother interupted “Kids?” she sighed, she had tried but the plural had come out “Yes, It’s triplets” her mother went pale “Honey, you’re sixteen…I…you might come to regret this if Talmadge changes his mind. What if he decides it’s too hard and you’re stuck with three children depending on you” Her voice was calmer now, more concerned than anything “I don’t care, I love these babies. I can see you guys are just scared for me but Talmadge bought us a nice house. I never thought I’d live in a house so nice or so big. Talmadge loves me and I know you think I’m ruining my life but I don’t think I am. Please, I love you guys and I know you don’t want to shut me out. Please just accept I’m having these babies and that Talmadge is my boyfriend”

Her mother looked like she was going to cry as silence fell again. She soon got up and hugged her daughter “I just want what’s best for you. I missed you so much these past few days. I’m sorry we were so mean. We just got scared. I can’t say I’m not still scared baby”

“so you’re not coming home?” her father asked and Nedra answered “No, Talmadge already bought the house” he nodded sadly “Okay, is it far?”

“sorta but we can come to you. Talmadge makes the trip shorter” Her father looked at Talmadge “you’re serious, you’re committing to this? Because don’t promise my sixteen year old daughter you’re going to be there, have her give birth to these children and leave a child with three children”

“She’s my mate and I love her. I’m never going anywhere” Her father stood and shook hands with Talmadge. Nedra wished her parents were happier about this but they were moving in the right direction. The rest of the visit was awkward and Nedra was happy when Talmadge took her back to their home. “why don’t you call me your mate?” Talmadge asked as he held her on their bed. “I don’t know, I guess it doesn’t come naturally since we humans don’t use that term”

“Could you?”

“Of course baby. Why does it matter?”

“It’s like calling me you husband to put it in human terms.”

She sat up and looked into his eyes. “Husband? Like marriage?”

“Yes, it’s like being married.”

“You want to marry me?”

He smiled at her surprise and got off the bed, moving her so she was facing him as he dropped to one knee and took her hand. “Nedra, will you please be my mate, my wife? Will you marry me and be mine forever?”

She felt tears fill her eyes and she jumped into his arms, making him chuckle when she nearly knocked him over. “How can I not say yes, I love you so much.”

“I love you too baby, now and forever if you would have me that long. We can change you into a demon if you wish.”

She pulled back and he wiped her tears away. “You would really spend forever with me? Would it hurt the babies?”

“Yes, of course I do and no, the babies would be safe. Would you think about it?”

“I don’t have to think about it. Just like I didn’t have to think about having these babies with you. I love you so much and I only want you forever”

“I want it done right and Acacia has experience. I’ll have her do it with me”

“Thank you Talmadge” Nedra could barely speak through the tears. He held her tightly “Thank you Nedra for trusting me. I love you and our triplets. I can’t even bare the thought of ever leaving you.” The next morning Acacia was more than happy to help and stayed while Nedra recovered from the change. She also surprised them when they went to pay off more of the house. The person who sold it to them told them a demon woman who fit her description had paid off the rest for them. When Talamdge and Nedra talked to her about it she told them it was a gift and that they needed to worry about their babies not the house. “I have more than enough money to spare and I wanted to do it. I’m so happy you’re having these babies Nedra”

“at least let us make you a thank you dinner”

“sure” That evening was wonderful and so were the evenings following. Nedra hoped that one day soon her parents would see how happy she was because Nedra knew she was in no way making a mistake. All she saw in her future was happiness.

~ The End

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