Nigel & Vina 2

Chapter One

Vina was hopping as if those rabbit ears weren’t attached to a demon woman but a real, furry little rabbit. Nigel laughed happily and she looked at him “what?’

“you are far too cute when you’re excited”

“I haven’t seen baby dragons hatch in so long! Oh I can’t wait. We’re so close!” he laughed again, wanting to hold her but knowing there was no way to keep her still long enough. They walked well past nightfall and decided to rest so they’d get there within an hour of when they started walking tomorrow. “So the dragons don’t mind you watching all their babies hatch?”

“No, Prima has taken me many times to watch. It’s so cute Nigel”

“coming from someone as cute as you I can only imagine” she giggled with girlish glee then hugged his mate “I love you”

“Love you too my sweet. Lets lay down and enjoy this beautiful night together” Nigel put out the fire then laid down so Vina could rest her head on his chest “I can’t wait to see Prima again too”

“do I keep you two apart too much?”

“It’s not you”

“somtimes I can’t help but feel it might be”

“No, it’s not. She has long since forgiven you. I promise. You and I just travel alot and she takes care of a lot of things now that she isn’t worried about me all the time” Nigel kissed her head “I see, I just care because I know how much she means to you”

“You both mean the world to me. Stop being a dufus and get some rest.” his smile returned and he rested his eyes. Pleasant thoughts of Vinas excitement tomorrow filled his head as he faded into rest. In the morning Vina was reminding him of a child at christmas “come on come on lets go!” she said as she practically jogged along. He laughed “why don’t I let you on my back and we’ll run there”

“yay!” she said and jumped on. He took off with her guidance and soon his eyes grew wide and his jaw slightly dropped at the site. “wha” Vina giggled “yeah, all the dragons here have babies at the same time. You’re going to see the lives of hundreds of dragons start today”

“Holy shit” his eyes scanned all the nests and eggs and he had to say it again “holy shit” Vina got down and eagerly began staring across the field. Soon Prima arrived and hugged Vina “oh how I’ve missed you. It’s been too long precious one” she hugged Nigel aswell ‘you taking care of her?”

“the best”

“good” her attention went back to Vina “you ready, it should be any moment now”

“mhm” Primas smile began to show teeth. It always filed her with joy just to be around Vinas happy spirit. The hatching was an hour late but they were patient. Three hours passed and even the dragons began getting concerned “Prima, whats going on? Why aren’t their babies coming?”

“I..I dont know sweetheart. I’ve never heard of them not hatching.” One of the rarest sights happened that shot an arrow through both Nigel and Primas hearts, Vinas constant happy smile fell to a deep frown and they could see tears just beneath “but, their babies have to hatch. We have to know whats wrong so we can fix it”

“It’s okay sweetie, just stay here with Prima okay?” Nigel walked slowly across the field, amazed at how many dragons were swooping down to check on the eggs, distress evident in their growls. Many of them turned their attention to him and he brought his hands up, wanting them to see he wasn’t a threat. “It’s okay, I just want to check on the eggs.” He said as he drew closer. The dragons looked at each other then back at him. He wasn’t sure if they understood or could take human form, but for Vina’s sake he had to find out what had happened. “I promise, no funny business, I just want to make sure the babies are okay.” He drew closer, not taking his eyes off the dragons as he slowly placed his hands on one of the eggs. The dragon’s stared at him, their bodies poised to jump if he tried anything.

He focused his hearing to the inside of the egg, relieved when he heard the heart beat of a baby dragon. It was alive, which was good and he knew the others had to be as well. He ran his hands over the egg, sensing something was off about them. “I’m going to try and break it open okay, just try, I won’t hurt the baby, I promise.” The dragons didn’t say anything so he drew his eyes away from the scaled beasts for just a moment and hit the egg as hard as he could. Nothing happened, not a crack or even a scratch. “Strange.” He said. “I think there’s some kind of enchantment or something on these.” He looked over his shoulder and gestured for Vina and Prima to come over. Maybe the angel had an idea of what was going on.

“Vina you stay close to Nigel and I. These dragons are worried and upset over their babies” Vina nodded and walked with Prima to where Nigel was. Nigel slowly gave the egg he was holding to Prima “The babies are alive and perfectly fine. I think somebody enchanted the eggs so they couldn’t break through. I just tried to break it open for the little guy and I couldn’t. I’m an old demon so if I cant break these eggs of course these babies can’t” Vina let out a whimper as more tears flowed “the babies are trapped, who would do that to them” Prima sighed and felt the egg, causing more concern from a female dragon Prima guessed was the mother of this egg.

‘i don’t know but I can feel somthing weird too. There are a lot of terrible beings in the world. Who knows why sombody would do this”

“but you and Nigel can fix it right? They can’t stay trapped forever” Nigel hugged her “just calm down honey, we’ll fix this okay” A deep male voice behind him startled Nigel and almost made him call on his whip. “I’m one of the dragons. Just a shape shifter so I have babies in the way you guys would but the dragons that are here because these are their eggs are upset and uncomfortable with you all handling their babies. What’s going on? Help me help them understand” Prima now gave him the egg “sombody has enchanted the eggs. The babies are fine, they just cant break out.”

“Who would do such a thing?” He handled the egg with great reverence, gently cradling it in his arms as if the baby inside had already been born.

“We don’t know, please let them know what’s happening and that we will fix this for them.” The man faced the dragons, speaking to them in dragon tongue. The language was beautiful and they would have taken more time to revel in that beauty if it weren’t for the matter at hand. One of the dragons spoke back, its voice more of a growl than the man who stood facing it. They talked back and forth for awhile then the man turned to them.

“They said they are grateful for your help and that they may have a lead for you. There was a man who came through here about a month and a half ago who was interested in the dragons and their breeding grounds. He looked like some sort of mage or something. They thought nothing of it since sometimes scholars and people like that come through to do research. They heard him mumbling things, but they couldn’t understand. They paid him no attention so he could have done anything to this place while he wandered around.”

“Can they describe him, his height and hair color? Was he taller or shorter than me, were his eyes like mine or yours or even Vina’s or Prima’s? What did he smell like?” Nigel asked and the male dragon turned back to his friends.

He spoke in that beautiful language for a time before giving Nigel a description. “he apparently is your size give or take a little. They can’t remember an eye color but he had brown hair and smelled like cinnamon. His brown hair has a small amount of gray but he didn’t look old enough for gray hair. Probably just poor genes. They say he wasn’t white but they wouldn’t call him dark skinned either. Maybe a white man who spends some time in the dessert. I hope that’s helpful, I’d like to come with you guys. These are my brethren, it’s why I always come to watch their babies enter the world. I can’t just sit here and watch them worry over their babies.”

“of course, if he’s just a human he shouldn’t be hard for myself and Prima to handle but I understand the want to offer aid to us.” He spoke to the dragons again and obtained a direction the man had walked off in. “they say this way. I’m Kuol, what’re your names?”

“I’m Nigel, my mate is Vina and the angel is Prima.”

“Nice to meet you all.” Nigel picked up his still crying wife and began in the direction Kuol had pointed them in. Vina looked at the dragons, hating how concerned they looked. She asked her husband “are the babies scared?”

“I listened to it’s heart my love. The babies are peaceful. I don’t think they know anything’s wrong and I’m sure the parents will be able to tell if they are scared and will comfort them. Vina nodded and rested her head on her mates shoulder. Kuaol was surprised the female demon was so weepy and upset over this. He was good at feeling ages and she was old, too old to not be much harder than she apparently was. In the demon world you didn’t often find someone of her age being so emotional so easy. Maybe a young demoness but the cruelty of their lives would sweep that out of anybody.

He cleared his throat, catching Nigels attention “yes?”

“Prima and I are going to fly so we can see further out” Nigel nodded and Kuol shifted into a midnight black dragon. When his shift was over Prima followed him up into the sky. He flew upwards until he reached an altitude his voice wouldn’t reach the demons ears. “Prima, that female demon. She seems so” he sighed and she continued his sentence for him “sweet?”

“yeah, much too sensitive for her age. I can feel ages and she’s at minimum four hundred, I would believe up to six hundred”

“she’s lived most her life in isolation in the mountains where her parents abandoned her. They weren’t interested in the hardships of being a parent. I’m glad we’re having this talk because I always worry about her around new people. Vina is far too trusting and naive. She has the biggest heart you’ll ever know and in the demon world that can get you hurt. You should have seen me the day I found her with Nigel. I just knew he was taking advantage of how trusting and gullible she is from not having the normal experiences of interacting with others. Even after going around with him all these years she’s still too trusting, and her heart only seems to get bigger. Also, Nigel and I will both kick your ass if you make her feel bad. Somtimes she can seem a bit weird due to her isolation and I dont want you poking fun at her”

“I still can’t believe someone would do something to those babies.” Vina said as she rode on Nigel’s back. “I you think they’ll really be okay?”

“As long as their parents are around, they’ll be fine. The babies weren’t distressed Vina, they’re just sleeping. My guess is they tried getting out and it exhausted them. I’m sure once we get the spell taken off of them, they’ll come right out and if they don’t then we’ll help them.”

“I just hate it. It’s not right, why do people have to be so terrible.”

“I know baby and I promise you that we’ll fix it.” Nigel hated when Vina was upset. She was always so sweet and cheerful and loved everyone.

Chapter Two

Nigel mostly followed his gut until the light smell of cinnamon caught his nose. “I smell cinnamon, don’t you love?”

“yeah” Vinas tears had all stopped. She trusted her mate and Prima to figure out what was going on. Nigel kept on going until Kuol came down with Prima, the former needing a break. “flying really takes it out of me.” he said as he laid down in the grass. “maybe we should eat while we’re just sitting here anyway” Prima suggested and Nigel stood “I’ll find somthing, Prima you stay here. I don’t know him well enough to leave him alone with Vina” Prima nodded “Like I’d trust her to a stranger, go and hurry back”

“Hey” Kuol said, feigning hurt feelings but her understood. “so Kuol do you have kids?” Vina asked and he answered “yeah, one but I don’t see him often”

“oh, why?”

“We just never got close. It’s both our faults I guess”


“do you ever want to meet your parents?”

“No, why worry about people who didn’t care about me? It would probably just upset them to see me”

“True, many demons don’t give a damn about their offspring. How did you survive on your own?”

“The mountains they left me in were filled with mostly peaceful creatures and had abundant berries. I was doing okay and I was always happy among the beauty that surrounded me. Things got a lot better once Prima came along. She would get me meat and take me to amazing towns. She always brought me back to my mountains though. Before Nigel I just didn’t want to leave them.”

“He seems like a good mate.”

“He is, he taught me how to read and introduced me to new animals and plants. His family and friends are amazing. Prima didn’t like him at first, but that was for personal reasons.”

“He murdered my sister. You wouldn’t believe it, but back then, he was a monster.” Prima said. “His friend Chthon helped him change. He’s kind and gentle, especially with Vina.”

“She forgave him and now they’re friends.” She looked at Prima then back. “So you said you had a son, does that mean you have a mate?”

“No, his mother and I are friends, but we could never make the whole mate thing work. We argued too much, apparently living together was a bad idea and we never loved each other as much as we should. We decided it was best to stay friends and I moved out.”

“Oh, well Prima doesn’t have one either.”

“Vina!” Prima blushed.

Kuol chuckled “nice to know, thanks Vina” He winked at Prima who turned a darker shade of red. Vine giggled ‘Nigel has three kids. Wexsel, Anna and Brody. If we are going by where they are we stop in to see them and we always go on their birthdays. Somtimes they will tag along with us for awhile too. I really like them”

“sounds like they like you too if you spend that much time together” Vina nodded with a happy smile. “yeah, they were even excited when their dad first told them I was his mate. I had been nervous to meet them but it turned out I worried for no reason”

“why would you be nervous?”

“I’m not really that smart, or I guess as smart as I should be and I know I’m weird somtimes and..well..I didn’t want his kids not to like me because of those things. I’m smarter now and have learned more about how normal demons are so I might not have been as worried now but I’ve been with Nigel a really long time at this point” His expression changed “you seem like a wonderful person Vina. It’s not your fault your parents left you to yourself”

“I got some apples and berries.” Nigel said when he returned. “I would have killed something, but I figured we’d be on the move once we were well rested.”

“That’s just fine baby, they look delicious.” Vina said as he sat next to her and passed out food.

“Fruit’s okay right?” Nigel asked.

“Of course.” Kuol replied as he bit into his apple. “Thank you very much.”

“Vina and I smelled cinnamon so he must have gone this way. A part of me wants to believe this was just some accident.”

“Why would a mage accidentally cast a spell on the eggs?” Kuol asked.

“He could be young and stupid.” Nigel sighed. “We’ll find out when we see him. If it wasn’t then I’m going to drag his ass back and force him to fix what he’s done. He made Vina cry and attacked innocent lives.”

Vina ate hopeing this was all an accident. Maybe he was trying to help the babies in some way and didn’t know quite what he was doing yet. They all walked together now though occasionally Prima would go up into the sky to try and spot the man. Nigel hoped this light smell of cinnamon really was the man. He had days to get ahead of them and he could have gone anywhere. Not to mention the fact he didn’t have the market cornered on cinnamon so they could be following someone else. There were many things Vina saw that she wanted to talk to Nigel about but he seemed so concentrated she remained silent. She could ask about thing after the dragons were aided.

“What are we going to do if this was an accident?” Kuol asked. “I mean other than drag him back.”

“I’m going to punch him for casting spells without thinking.” Nigel replied.

“Nigel, you can’t just go hitting people.” Vina said as she gave his hand a squeeze.

“Sure I can, but I won’t if you don’t want me too.”

She looked at her feet then back up at him. “If he tries to attack us it’s fine.”

He smiled at how adorable she was. Even after all this time she could make him turn into a big ball of mush. He lifted her into his arms and planted a kiss on her lips that had her blushing. He rubbed his nose against hers as he pulled back and smiled lovingly at her. “You are far too soft baby.”

“I like to think of it as me balancing you out. I’m soft when you can’t be.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Get a room.” Prima said.

Vina laughed as Nigel started raining kisses on Vina to mess with Prima. Prima shook her head and blushed when she noticed Kuol glance at her. Primas mind instantly went to Kuol doing the same. Through her laughs Vina pushed against Nigel “stop” he set her down with a large grin and took her hand again. Vina felt happy, especially seeing that serious face had disappeared and been replaced with the one she was more accustomed to. It was the morning of the next day they were walking by a pair of male demons that made Nigel tense and pull Vina a little back so he was closer to them than she was while they approached. “we mean you no harm” one of the demons said. The other added “besides, there are four of you and two of us”

“we’re looking for someone, a man who smells of cinnamon and is a mage. Have you seen him?” They started laughing instantly, confusing Vina and irritating Kuol and Nigel. “what?” Nigel asked crossly and the males wiped at their eyes to speak “he got caught in a human trap for animals. We just freed the moronic bastard. I mean” they started laughing again “thats meant for animals and it caught a grown man”

“Shut up you idiots, do you have any idea what he has done. The dragonlings can’t hatch because of some spell he put on their eggs.” Kuol snapped and the two demons snapped their mouths shut.

“We’re sorry.” One of them said.

“Which way?” Nigel asked, glaring at them. They both pointed in the direction the had just come from and Nigel lifted Vina while Kuol and Prima took to the sky.

“You didn’t have to be so angry.” Vina said softly.

“They are idiotic children who need to learn that not everything is a joke. One of these days they could fall prey to someone pretending to be trapped simply because they chose to stand there and laugh instead of assess the situation.”

“Do you really think someone would do something like that?”

He smiled down at her. “Oh Vina, my love, there are many bad people in the world so you can’t always trust someone when they say they’ve been captured. Some times, it’s just a dirty trick.” He kissed her forehead. “Don’t worry, I’ll always be here to protect you.”

She sighed “sorry I don’t know these things”

“everybody needs to be taught, by others or experience” Nigel was glad the man had been slown down and they obviously were following the right trail of cinnamon. Nigel began running as he followed the scent since the dragon and angel would have no trouble keeping up. Eventually he caught site of the man and put Vina down before he reached him so if he was bad she wouldn’t get hurt. So far he did sound like an idiot but he couldn’t be too careful with her.

The man tried to run at first but Nigel called his whip and let it catch the man around the ankle so he fell hard on his face. He jerked the man over to him and asked “did you hurt those dragon babies on purpose? They can’t get out of their eggs and it’s because of whatever you did” Vina was running up to them now and Nigel could hear Kuol coming down. Prima flew silently to his ear but reason said she was coming down too. “Nu..no..why would I do that..”

“well you did you freaking idiot. What the hell were you trying to do”

“I ..I…was..It was supposed to make the dragon babies stronger. A lot of people try to kill dragonlings when they are newborn and weak I didn’t mean anything but good”

“you just made the damn eggs stronger”

“Nigel please let him up. He didn’t mean to do anything” Vina tried. Kuol had landed “so what did he mean then” Nigel spoke since the man was shaking with fear. “He apparently was trying to make the babies stronger” Kuol placed his hand on his face and sighed while Nigel made the whip disappear and jerked the man up “if you aren’t 100% sure in your magic you ask before you do shit like that. Their parents are worried and upset because their babies can’t get out and its only a matter of time before the babies get upset too. You’re coming back with us and fixing it”


“Go ahead and say you don’t know how, I dare you.”

The man shut his mouth and just nodded that he would go. He dared not disappoint this demon. Nigel gripped the collar of his short, pushing him forward and the mage walked dejectedly in front of him. Vina reached out and took Nigel’s free hand, giving it a squeeze in hopes he would calm down. The man was obviously terrified and sorry. Nigel looked at her, his eyes softening, his muscles loosening as he took a deep breath. She smiled at him and heard his heart quicken. It still amazed her she had such a profound effect of him. They only took a short break on the way back to drink some water. Vina offered some to the mage and he took a few sips, his eyes never leaving Nigel, looking like the demon might pounce at any second and strangle the life out of him.

They continued on, Nigel still holding onto the mage, but not being as rough this time around. He was still angry, but he had manged to let go of most of it for Vina’s sake. When they finally made it back to the hatching grounds, the dragons gathered there growled and hissed at the mage who reflexively backed up and bumped into Nigel. Kuol quickly jumped in and explained what had happened, that the mage’s spell had backfired and that he would make it right. The dragons spoke back and Kuol turned to the mage. “They say if you don’t fix what you have done they will eat you.”

Vina’s eyes grew wide as Nigel pushed the mage forward and she whispered to Kuol. “Will they really?”

“No, I just said that to make him understand how precarious the situation could be. The dragons actually said though they are displeased with his misuse of magic, that at least he wasn’t trying to harm their young and if he can fix it they will let him go, but if they can’t then they will enslave him until he does.”

The man was paling with worry as he thought of what to do. If he messed up again he was dinner and worse he would die knowing in trying to help these babies he had made sure they could never be born without the parents risking hurting them by trying to force the eggs open. He swallowed once he decided on a reversal spell. All eyes were on him as he walked around chanting. When he stopped nothing was happening and his heart rate spiked “please just give it a few moments” he begged, looking at Kuol who spoke his request. The dragons agreed to sit and wait to see if the spell helped.

Vina sat in Nigels lap as he rubbed her arms gently. He kissed her head “no matter what happens baby I’ll fix this. Even if I have to go get Chthon I’ll fix this” Around twenty minuts later an egg started cracking. Vina covered her mouth and made an excited noise. As if the dragons were listening for eachother the others seemed to start trying aswell. Vina stood in her excitement and the mage passed out. Prima hugged Kuol who was standing beside her. He chuckled happily, hugging her back. Baby after baby came out and shuffled it’s way to their parents.

Some of the dragons appeared to be crying which moved Vina even more. Nigel held her from behind, raining kisses on her shoulder, face and head “see, I told you I’d make this okay” she turned in his arms and hugged him. When the show was over Kuol asked Prima “will you stay and help me watch idiot until he wakes up?”

“ah, sure” she walked over to Vina and hugged her tightly “it was nice seeing you again beautiful”

“Nice seeing you too. I love you”

“I love you too” Prima hugged Nigel next “I see you’re still taking very good care of her. Thank you”

“Hopefully we’ll all see eachother soon” Prima smiled, waving as Nigel picked Vina up to leave.

“Are you happy baby?” Nigel asked as he spun in a circle, causing her let out a little giggle.

“Very happy, thank you so much.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” He slowed to a walk, his lips finding hers so she blushed from head to toe. “I want to take you somewhere.”

“But we’re already somewhere.” He grinned, loving how his kisses seemed to drug her. It was another thing he found adorable about her. He veered off the path they were taking and carried her into the woods. There was a lake not far from where they were where he used to swim. It was beautiful there that time of year and he knew she’d love it. Her gasp of astonishment once they got there told him she was pleased and found a spot in the soft grass, keeping her cradled in his arms. “What is this place?”

“Just a detour.”

“It’s amazing.”

“Just wait till it’s dark. There are so many fireflies you can’t even count them.” He grabbed her chin and tilted her head back. “Nothing’s more beautiful than you though.”

She smiled, her eyes showing him how good hearing that made her feel. Nigel gave her a slow, long kiss then talked to her about the dragons and the next time they were going to visit his daughter. Things became silent as sunset approached and Vina could tell he was thinking. “what’s on your mind love bug?” she asked in that ridiculously sweet voice. He smiled at her “I’m going to ask you somthing tonight and I’m still going over how”

“it’s that important?” his smile seemed unsure now “yeah, it’s somthing I want badly”

“ask me now then”

“I wanted things to be romantic”

“I wont get in a romantic mood worried about your question” He kissed her “no, you’re too sweet and caring for that huh?” He rested his forehead against hers a few moments then spoke “You and I have been countless places and seen so many beautiful things. Ive been doing my best to show you the world you never got to experience. I..well.. for a long time I’ve wanted somthing but I’ve been worried to ask it of you” This pause felt like an eternity “I have three chidlren but I never loved their mothers. I wasn’t even fond of their mothers I just liked their bodies. I want to experience raising a child with a woman I’m lost in love with, a woman that owns my heart. I want you to have a baby with me. I want to see you all big and pregnant, I want to actually be there through the baby stages and see all the firsts, I want to be there when they are sick and not wait to get to know them…I..I was a shitty dad to my kids until Chthon turned me around. I honestly don’t know how they found it in them to forgive my absence but they did because they are amazing demons.”

Emotion consumed his face, especially his eyes “meeting you I finally understood what Ruth means to Chthon. Why in all the time she was dead he couldn’t love anybody else. You are my soul Vina and even though I don’t deserve another chance at raising a child right or having the woman of my dreams I would be humbled beyond what I am even now if you would let me be a dad again. I promise I’ll be everything you and the baby deserves, it wont even be hard to give that to you or a creature that is half you. Vina…Please”

Vina looked like she was going to cry and he hoped she didn’t. She buried her head in his shoulder and clung to him. He could feel she was sad and he gently wrapped his arms around her “You don’t want children do you my love? It’s okay, don’t get upset. You are still my universe and as long as I have you I can live with not being a dad again” She shook her head “but I’ll be a bad mom” He surprised her with how hard he pulled her from his shoulder to look him in the eyes “what kind of nonsense is that Vina?” she was crying “How can I raise a kid when I’m so dumb Nigel. I’m stupid and I’m weird. I love kids but”

“But nothing Vina. I can teach them things you don’t know while I’m teaching you. You would be an amazing mother and I don’t want to hear you tell me otherwise. You are so full of love and sweetness. You would be the mother of any childs dreams Vina. I can teach knowledge while you can teach how to love and show compassion. Together we could be great parents. I know they’d atleast be lucky to have you. Please, do not call yourself stupid or dumb. You aren’t, not in the slightest. You learn quickly from me. It’s not your fault you don’t know more Vina”

“You really think I’d be a good mom?”

“Of course, my kids adore you. Hell they like you better than their own mothers.”

“No they don’t”

“they do, remember when we had a get together at Brodys and you were outside playing around with some animals while I was inside finishing eating with the children? I promise you Anna actually said why couldn’t you have picked her as your mate long ago so she could be our mother. The boys agreed Vina and they proceeded to talk highly of you and what you do to me. They love you and any children we have will be happy you are their mother” Vina hugged him and cried as he tried to soothe her. When she stopped she said “okay, lets have a baby” He held her crushingly tight in his happiness.

When night came and the sky filled with firefly’s Nigel took off Vinas dress then began kissing Vina softly as he laid her down in the cool grass. His kisses traveled tenderly from her face and down each side of her neck. He let his tongue slide along each of her collar bones while starting to let his hands feel her body. His hands had no particular design in their motion, he just wanted to feel and caress all the skin that made up his gorgeous mate. He used one hand to grab himself and the other to go between playing with each of her breasts. He used his tip to rub against her sensitive area while massaging those petite mounds on her chest. She was moaning and soaking the grass beneath her when he slid in and began to slowly move inside of her quivering body.

Nigel kissed her gently then took her face in his hands and looked deep into her pink eyes, silently telling her with his own how much he adored her and hoped they would have a baby together soon. Nigel loved Vina so much it could possibly drive him mad and Vina felt just the same about him. Vina still worried how she’d be as a mother but it made her happy to hear her mate had such faith in her and her other children loved her as much as she hoped they did. When they fell asleep that night they both felt blissful anticipation of the new life they would create.

~ The end

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