Nigel & Vina

Chapter One

Nigel was just traveling the worlds now that Chthon had Ruth and a happy family that only seemed to get larger everytime he came back to visit his dear old friend. Nigel was having a great time exploring all there was to see and meeting new people. A friend he met in Piticimer told him of a world called Qwerxi. The more Peter described the landscape and people he met from there the more Nigel wanted to make that the next place he visited. He decided he would make his way to the portal that could get him there tomorrow. Peter told him it was only half a day away. After this journey he would make another trip back to the castle to see how Ruth and Chthon were doing.

Vina Arroyo ran through the fields of flowers just enjoying the sweet smell of the aroma washing over her in the wind. She laughed and spun around until she was laying flat on her back. She giggled a little more then took a deep breath in and out as she smiled at the sky. Her closest friend Prima flew just above her and laughed “you never grow tired of running in these mountains do you?”

“I could never.”

“Good, you are the only other being I’ve ever liked being around…well…since I lost Katrina” Vina frowned as her friend landed and sat beside her. Vina grabbed her hand “I’m sorry”

“Do not be, you are not the demon who killed her.”

“I still feel bad, I feel ashamed for my race. That demon killed your sister to be hateful because she was an angel…..I’m ashamed anyone of my species would do such a thing….demons do so many horrible things” Prima grabbed her friends chin “and their crimes aren’t for you to carry the burden of. The only demon I hate is the demon who killed my sister. I will never forget that demons face. I dont care how many hundreds of years it’s been. He is the monster, not you”

“You should let go of your hate Prima. It only burdens you. You are only letting him make you suffer more” prima sighed “I will miss you when I go to Katrinas grave tomorrow. You know¬†you’re welcome to spend the weekend with me there.”

“I think thats a private time. Just be with your sister and while you’re there just think about this. She wouldn’t want you to spend your life isolated and angry. I’m alone because I like it, I love these hills and just doing what I want when I want but you, you say you like just being here with me but you were once very social and were always in town or doing somthing with many people. The life of the hills isn’t for you”

“You are for me. I love you like you were also my sister Vina”

“and I you, I just hope to see you make more friends and go enjoy the town life as you once did. You weren’t meant for these mountains. This is all I’ve known, my parents abandoned me here when I was six because they got tired of being parents. You belong in towns and in the skys surrounded by people like you once loved. You shut yourself off, granted its how we became friends since you came to this mountain but I really think it’s time you got back to the life you once lived.”

“I love you Vina”

“I love you too Prima”

Nigel stepped through the other side of the portal and into the fresh spring time air. It smelled of wild flowers, sweet and warm. He inhaled deeply and smiled with closed eyes. This place radiated peace. He opened his eyes and made his way through the field of flowers, admiring the many different colors and the beautiful butterflies that took flight the moment he stepped too close. He finally stepped out of the field and onto a dirt road. It had been made from years of people just like him walking and riding back and forth. It was just as natural as the world around him.

He stepped into the field on the other side of the road, allowing his hands to skim the top of the flowers. He let out a light hearted laugh as he allowed himself to get lost in this place. Vina sat up when she heard footsteps approaching and rolled put of the way of the stranger who was not paying attention to where he was going. The sudden movement startled him and in the blink of an eye he had a dagger in his hand and had shifted into a defensive stance. His eyes were dark and menacing for a moment until he realized he was not looking at a threat, but a woman. He blinked and the glint in his eyes vanished.

“I must apologize.” He said as he slid his dagger back into the sheath at his thigh.

“You almost stepped on me.” She replied with a smile.

“I’m so sorry, I was lost in how amazing this place is. It’s absolutely gorgeous.”

“You must be new here.”

He gave an embarrassed smile and rubbed his neck. “Is it that obvious?”

“Yes.” She held out her hand. “I’m Vina.”

He took her hand in his and felt a jolt run through him. She had not shocked him, he knew what that felt like, but His body had given a small jerk in spite of that fact. “Uh, I’m Nigel. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you. This is a beautiful world. You’ll enjoy it here. Especially these gorgeous mountains.” Her every syllable sounded like a music note in his ears. Her tone was both soothing and uplifting. “Do you live around here?”

“Yep, I’ve lived in these mountains pretty much my whole life. My parents just left me here when I was small. I love this place and will never leave. I’m grateful that if they were going to abandon me anywhere that it was here” Nigel gave a small frown “I’m sorry”

“Don’t be, this is a truly magical place. I don’t long for them or anything.”

“That’s good. Since you’ve always lived here could you give me a tour? I’m sure you know where the most gorgeous places are.”

“I’d be happy too. Where do you come from?”


“I’ve never heard of that place but I’ve made few friends in my life to talk with. The only person thats ever stayed is Prima”

“The only thing that world is known for is the great Chthon”

“Chthon?” She asked with a head tilt that made a smile flash across Nigels face. “He’s a very powerful and good demon. He’s like a brother to me. I’ve become very close to him and his family”

“That’s nice, Prima is like my sister.”

“where is she?”

“Not to be rude but I feel it’s personal. If you’re here when she gets back she can tell you if she wishes to share. It took her a long time to talk to me about it. I’m normally not good at knowing what’s socially normal to do and not but I’m guessing since it took so long for her to tell me it’s not something I should discuss with you. That being said, if I offend you or do something out of line I’m sorry. I just don’t have social skills since I was alone so long before Prima found me. You’re very handsome and seem nice so I want you to stay awhile” Nigel smiled “it’s hard to make me uncomfortable. I’m glad you think I’m handsome because you are a very gorgeous woman Vina”

She smiled “well lets take that tour”

She hooked her arm through his and pulled him through the beautiful field, giving him some history about the mountains. He was so lost in her voice and her smell that he hardly saw the world around him. It seemed to diminish in her presence, her beauty far out shining everything around them. His heart thundered loudly in his chest and he knew she could hear it. He felt nervous and embarrassed at his reaction to her. He wished Chthon was there to help him make sense of his feelings.

“Are there any villages close by?” He asked, trying to calm himself.

“Yes and they are all built into the mountain side and trees. It’s like they are part of the natural environment.”

“That’s amazing. Dangerous animals?”

“Most of the creatures around here only attack when provoked. You should see the dragonlings, they are so beautiful.”

“Perhaps we could go tomorrow.”

Vina smiled, wanting very much to spend more time with him. She had felt that jolt of electricity move through them when they touched. It had been exhilarating. It was the feeling she got when she danced in the rain or played in the beautiful fields of flowers. It was as if they were destined to be part of each other’s lives, connected by invisible threads. “Would you like to stay out here with me tonight? We could look at the stars and try to spot constellations.”

“I’d like that very much. I love sleeping outside. I didn’t do it often until I began exploring worlds but I’ve really enjoyed it.” Vina smiled “So you’ve just been exploring?”

“Yeah, I stayed in one place a really long time because of Chthon. I like to go somewhere new every now and then. I got a little behind on my traveling so now I’m just doing a lot of it. Not sure when I’ll go back to Chthons castle but I will eventually I guess. His castle feels like my home.” Vinas heart seemed to tremble in an odd beat when he talked of going back. She didn’t like the thought of him being anywhere but in these mountains. He noticed her expression change and asked ‘what’s wrong?”

“I don’t like the thought of you leaving.” She answered honestly, uninhibited by normal social nervousness at saying what was on her mind. Nigel gave a wide, exuberantly happy smile “If or when I do leave I will come back to see you, that you can count on. You could even come home with me if you wanted to see Barense. I’d love to give you a tour of my own and let you meet Chthon along with his family” Not much scared Vina but the thought of being anywhere but this mountain did. She had never left, not once in her lifetime. All she ever heard was horror stories from Prima about the world. She had been to the nearest village but according to Vina any other humans but the ones in this world would try to kill, hurt or even force themselves on her. He could hear her scared heartbeat, it was a sound he recognized well from when he was a horrible demon and fed off people fear “woah, what’s wrong? Why does coming with me scare you?” He asked in a concerned tone.

“Prima tells me how dangerous other worlds are. I’ve never left this mountain aside from visiting the village here. If somthing attacks me here its on my turf. I know these mountains better than anyone so I have the advantage but if I leave, whatever demons, humans or monsters I find I will be on their turf. It’s frightening to think of leaving”

“I know Barense like the back of my hand. I would never let anything dangerous get anywhere near you Vina. It would be good to see other worlds. I know you’d have fun, especially getting to know my friend Chthon and his family. I’ve never seen anywhere as pretty as your world but I think you’d still enjoy the sights” Her heart rate stayed fast “Could I hug you to help you relax Vina? We don’t have to talk about this any longer. I plan to keep visiting you for awhile so it’s not even a real question yet. If you don’t want to come to my world that’s fine with me” Vina hugged him “people ask for hugs? Prima and I just hug without asking”

“Typicly but it’s nice to know I don’t need to ask”

“No, I like you a lot and your arms feel good around me. Why do I panic you so much?”


“Your heart, it’s been so fast” Nigel blushed “I’m not sure myself Vina. Maybe we’ll figure it out. I’m not afriad of you or anything. You’re far too adorable and sweet to be scary” Vina pushed away from him a little but not so much that his arms weren’t around her “Hey, I can be scary. I’ve had to fight things off before. I’m strong when I need to be” Nigel smiled “Sorry, I didn’t mean to insinuate anything.”

“Insinuate? I’m sorry, my vocabulary is limited since I was alone before Prima. She sits down and teaches me new words somtimes..but…I don’t know that one…I’m sorry” Vina said deeply blushing and looking ashamed. Nigel gave her a tighter hug “don’t be embarrassed. it makes sense you wouldn’t have a wide vocabulary. It means I didn’t mean to suggest you were weak. Insinuate is suggest” She pushed her head into his trapezius “thank you for teaching me. I just get embarrassed when it isn’t Prima. One of the few visitors I had treated me like I was an idiot.”

“You are far from an idiot. I have some books in my bag that my friend let me borrow. If you like I could teach you to read.”

“I would love that, I mean I can read a little, but I don’t have any books.” She frowned up at him. “Do you promise not to get angry with me if I don’t understand?”

“I promise, I am not easily frustrated. That means angered, irritated, upset.” She gave him a happy smile. “How about we have lunch and then I start teaching you.”

“There are blackberry and strawberry bushes and then there are apple trees or I could catch us something.”

“Fruit will be fine, lead the way.” Nigel enjoyed her company, happy that she had been the first person to greet him. When they got to the fruit he helped her gather a good amount before they sat down under a tree and ate. “There is something I have to tell you before we continue our friendship.”

“Is something wrong?”

“I have a dark past Vina, really dark and I’m not proud of it. I just think we should start this relationship off honestly. You deserve to know about the man you’ll be spending time with. So if you have any questions about me then feel free to ask.”

She wiped some juice off her face. “Did you ever rape anyone?”

“No, I might have been a monster, but rape was never something I wanted to do. I promise I won’t hurt you, but if you come to not trust me then I will leave.”

“Well, you are nice now and it says a lot you would just come out and tell me that. Thank you for being honest. Have you truly changed? You don’t do any more bad things?”

“Not at all. I’m greatly ashamed of the monster I used to be. I changed hundreds of years ago into the man I am now. I haven’t done a single bad deed since becoming Chthons friend. I just had to tell you. I’m not sure why but I felt compelled to let you know. It’s not normally somthing I share because I’m so ashamed but I felt that I needed to be open with you.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever want you to leave Nigel. You make me feel good in an odd sort of way. You give me feelings I haven’t experienced before.” Nigel smiled “you’re doing the same to me. Any other questions?”

“What made you change?”

“I came from typical demon parents and grew up in immense violence. Chthon showed me that I didn’t have to be bad. That I could make better choices. He showed me how much happier life could be doing good things instead of living a life of hate. I will always be indebted to him for saving me from the life I was living.”

“I’m glad he made you good. I really like who you are right now”

“This is who I will always be. Any more questions?”

“How old are you?”

“I’m not even sure any longer. I quit keeping track. Best guess is around six hundred. I’m sorry i don’t know precisely”

“That’s fine, I don’t know how old I am either. When you live by yourself time doesn’t matter. I only noticed time starting to move when Prima came along. She leaves me somtimes but she always comes back.”

“I couldn’t imagine anyone ever leaving you once they found you” Nigel said sweetly with a smile. Vina blushed, she began to wonder how he kept making her face warm.

They finished eating, throwing away their apple cores. Nigel could tell Vina was excited about reading and he flipped his bag open, pulling out a book of fables. She scooted closer and he flipped it open. She looked at all the words, her eyes moving over the pages. She had never seen so many before and it was a little overwhelming. “I can already tell I’m going to drive you crazy.” She said with a frown.

Chapter Two

“Nonsense, this will be fun.”

He read to her slowly, running his finger along the pages and defining the words she didn’t understand. He let her try reading a couple of pages, waiting until she asked for his help before pronouncing a word. He loved her smile. It was beautiful and sweet, lighting up her face and filling him with warmth. He could spend all of eternity teaching her things, showing her many different worlds. He would do anything to see that joyous smile.

“This is a good story, Prima would like it.”

“You will have to introduce her to me the next time she visits.”

“I will if she’ll let me.”

They read until the sun started to go down and Vina wanted to take him to her favorite spot. He put the book away and stood with her, letting her take his hand and guide him through the field. They came to a clearing of grass ringed in the beautiful flowers. There was a beautiful, crystal clear spring of water with clovers around it. “This is my place, where I sleep. I don’t show a lot of people this place.”

“It’s very beautiful. Would you like me to catch us some food? I could cook for you.”

“Okay, you get the food and I’ll make a fire.”

He smiled again, not really needing a reason to around Vina. She just filled him with such happiness his facial muscles could do nothing else but move his mouth into a smile. He ran off, not knowing the monsters of this world but he was sure he could easily defeat them. He hadn’t met much in his life that was actually hard to fight. When Vina couldn’t see Nigel any longer she gathered what she would need for her fire. Once everything was in a pile she just held her hand above it producing flames. Vina sat with her head on her knees, enjoying the dancing flames. Her mind was on Nigel. Everything about him was consuming her. Vina began to play his voice in her head. She loved that sound. It was even more beautiful than birds music which used to be her favorite thing to listen to. She loved learning how to read. She couldn’t believe how patient and sweet he was while teaching her. He corrected her so kindly and explained things without making her feel dumb or bad about herself.

It was how Prima taught her but somehow even sweeter. Vina wondered why Prima had never brought books so that she could read too. Vina guessed it may be not to overwhelm her. The book had seemed like so much but with Nigel it fun. She wanted to learn more from him tomorrow if he was interested in teaching again. Nigel could tell Vina was lost in her head as he came back. He approached slowly so he wouldn’t startle her. She lifted her head when he was almost to the fire. “welcome back, I can’t believe you caught one of those fish. They are fast”

“I recognized them from Barense. They are fast but worth the effort. i really like them” Nigel got to work gutting the fish and preparing it to cook. “want help?” Vina asked. “No thank you” Since he didn’t want her help Vina sat her head back on her knees and watched him. Nigel could feel Vinas eyes on him. It made his heart both warm and speed up.

She sighed and he smiled as he placed the fish on a flat rock and sat it almost in the fire. He took the guts, head and tail away from her spot, not wanting to give wild animals anymore of a reason to come sniffing around. He tossed them back in the water then washed his hands and knife before heading back to Vina. He sat down next to her and she smiled sweetly at him. “You know if you keep looking at me like that my heart might explode.” He said with a smile of his own.

“Is that a bad thing?”

“No, it’s a good thing. It’s a nice feeling.”

“If I ever do something abnormal please tell me. I don’t want to upset you or weird you out.”

He stroked his knuckles over her cheek, enjoying how soft she was. “I doubt there is anything abnormal about you. You’re perfect the way you are.”

“Thank you.”

He stopped touching her before he kissed her, moving closer to the fire and picking up the rock. He sat it in front of them and gestured for her to eat. She picked up a piece of fish and moaned in delight. The sound gave him goosebumps. “Good?”

“Delicious, thank you so much.” They finished the fish and drank some water from the spring. “Time for stars.” She said softly. Nigel manipulated the water in the spring, dousing the fire in it so it went out and they could see every bright glowing light over head.

Vina laid down in the soft grass and Nigel joined her. He laid so his head was right beside Vinas and his body was going the opposite direction. She began to point and talk about all the stars. He hung on every word of her stories. For the stars that seemed to make pictures she had made up her own stories. Some of them made Nigel laugh while others kept him hooked. “and that’s why the crab and Banlu ended up in the sky” Was the end to her final story. “So what is a Banlu?” Vina giggled ‘why didn’t you ask before I started the story?”

“I didn’t want you to stop talking for even a second. It would have taken me too long to ask” Vinas face felt hot again “I don’t want to get sick” she said in a semi sad voice. She had come to assume her face was getting so warm due to getting ill since that was the only time her head felt hot. “you feel bad?”

“No, my face keeps getting warm” Nigel laughed, he had noticed a few times he made her blush “you aren’t getting sick. I am making you blush. Is the warm feeling bad to you?”

“No, I kind of like it” He looked at her with adoring eyes “I’m glad you do. I’m very drawn to you and feel things that I’m not sure how to describe myself. You are an amazing woman Vina and I’m glad I almost stepped on you. Emphases on almost, I would feel terrible for hurting you”

“It wouldn’t have been that bad. I’m made of tougher stuff than I appear to be. Anyways, a Banlu is big and gray with a long nose. It has flowers growing all over its body and has eyes that change colors. They are pretty. Somtimes a few will walk these mountains”

“Hopefully I’ll see one”

“I know where a heard lives if you’d like me to take you to them”

“wonderful, where would you like me to sleep? it’s late”

“Sleep with me like Prima does. I mean, if you want to”

“How does she sleep with you?”

“She lays down and I lay my head on her stomach. Somtimes she sleeps on her side with an arm and wing around me but you don’t have wings. You could just lay on your side and hold me though, just however you want”

He pulled her into his arms and her head down onto his chest. “Is this okay?” He asked.

“Yes, I really love the sound of your heart. It’s beautiful. I can say that right?”

“If I didn’t like it I would tell you.” Vina smiled and rubbed her cheek against his chest, making his heart skip a beat.

“Goodnight Nigel, I had so much fun today.”

“Goodnight beautiful.” She smiled as she drifted off. Nigel ran his fingers up and down her arm, savoring her sweet smell and warmth. He had never seen anyone as beautiful as she was and she had such a big heart. The more time he spent with her, the more he wanted to always be with her. He was enamored, entranced, his heart and soul yearned for more. He wondered if this is how Chthon had felt the day he found Ruth, if his heart had raced and his breath had stuck in his lungs. He ran his fingers over her cheek and tipped her head slowly back so he could look at her face.

“Oh Vina, I think I may be in love with you.” He said softly before kissing her forehead and laying his head down. The thought that he had fallen for her so fast kept him awake so he just stared at the star filled sky.

Nigel wondered just how young Vina was when she was left here. She was old enough to remember her parents just left her so she had to atleast be five. It was a sad thought. He hadn’t been a major part of any of his childrens lives except maybe Wexsel when he became too much for his mother but he could never imagine just abandoning them somewhere. He wasn’t very involved because the mothers were happy on their on. Two of his children had the same mother. Having sex with her was fun but never meant anything. His oldest son, Wexsels mom was a one time thing. They didn’t even talk again until she realized she was pregnant and thought he’d like to know. Still, when he saw her it was only about seeing Wexsel. They hadn’t had sex again since the night he impregnated her. He wondered what Vina would think about him having children. She wouldn’t have to see their mothers since all his children were grown but he was still concerned. He would tell her about his children tomorrow. Nigel knew she was sweet enough it wouldn’t necessarily be a problem but he worried she might not understand that those women weren’t special to him like she was since she had never been involved with people aside from whoever Prima was. He wanted Vina to know that she made him feel like no other and hoped he could make her understand that demons frequently just hook up with eachother. He wondered how much she knew about sex in general. The thought made him blush and he changed what he was thinking about.

Nigel began to think of how peaceful this world must be for demons to leave such a small little girl out in the mountains and she not die. She had made it through her adult life without much trouble or any male demons trying to capture her. In any other world a child would have very little chance of surviving on their own. It was especially astounding to him a female made it. He knew too well how cruel male demons were and how they saw women as nothing more than toys. Vina was beautiful so she would catch any male demons eyes. He was grateful no other demon from his world or another had entered and found her like he had.

Then again he hadn’t seen Vina fight so maybe she had encountered a bad demon and could just defend herself. He knew better than to judge a demon by what he or she looked like. Just because Vina was adorable didn’t mean she couldn’t rip someones throat out if she needed to to defened herself.

The next morning Vina woke and smiled up at Nigel who had stayed awake all night watching her sleep. He had become so lost in her that he had not noticed the passing of time. “Good morning beautiful.” He said and ran his fingers lovingly over her cheek.

“How was your night?” She asked as she propped her chin on his chest.

“It was amazing, peaceful.”

“Good, would you like me to make you breakfast?”

“If you really want to.”

Vina got up excitedly and took off across the field. He wanted to follow her and make sure she was safe, but he Knew she was a free spirit and feared it would look like he didn’t trust in her abilities. Instead he got a fire going and waited for her. When she came back she had four eggs and some berries cradled in her skirt. She dropped down to her knees and sat the flat rock in the fire, letting it heat up. They snacked on the berries until the rock was hot. She then took it out of the fire and cracked the eggs onto it, letting them fry.

“I hope eggs are okay.” She said as they cooked near the fire.

“The smell amazing.” She smiled happily and he felt that already familiar tugging in his heart.

“Do you still want to see the dragonlings and Banlu? I can take you after breakfast.”

“I would really love that. I have really enjoyed our time together and want to see everything with you.”¬†They ate the eggs then drank some water before getting up. Vina grabbed his hand and pulled him through the flowers. They were heading toward one of the many mountains that surrounded the valley. “After the dragonlings can you show me a place to bathe?”

“There are hot springs where the dragonlings are, we can bathe there.” When they made it to the cave Vina whistled and then waited. Nigel was about to ask what she was doing when a large red head pushed out of the cave. It was a large dragon and she turned one large green eye to them. “Hello Trian may we come in and see the babies and bathe?” The dragon chuffed and moved back into the cave. The stepped in as the large beast was setting fire to a large pile of wood to provide them with light. Three small dragon babies came chirping over and rubbed against their legs. They played with them awhile, petting them and watching as they tried to use their fire. Nigel enjoyed Vina’s laughter, smiling at how happy she looked. “Ready for a bath?” She asked.

“Yes, thank you.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him a little deeper into the cave where the hot springs were. The minute the got there she pulled off her clothes, surprising him. She dove into the water and he just stood there, his face red.

“Come on, it feels amazing.”

Nigel started to strip. He could barely breath and his face seemed to deepen its red. Vinas body was so perfect. Seeing her without clothes was by far the most breath taking thing he had ever laid eyes upon. He got in the water slowly, wondering what she thought of him, if she was as blown away by what she saw. Vina was blushing too, she didn’t understand what she was feeling or what she was desiring. All she knew was she wanted to feel him, to push her lips into his. She was almost as red as Nigel when she wondered if what she wanted was to make love. Prima had told her about sharing passion with the person you love. Maybe love is what she had been feeling since yesterday. It was the only way to describe this new feeling Nigel gave her. She loved him and now desired expressing that love physically. She knew nothing of the mechanics though, Prima had not gone on in that much detail. She’d probably just make a fool of herself if she attempted anything.

Nigel got as close as he dared. Being in the water with her was the biggest test of will he ever faced. What he wouldn’t give to taste her skin, to kiss her, to slide himself in and make her moan like she did yesterday. The memory triggering goosebumps. She noticed his breath getting heavier and how he seemed to avoid looking at her. She moved closer and touched his shoulder “Ni” she didn’t even finish his name when he jumped away. She frowned, the movement hurting her feelings. “this is bad isn’t it? You aren’t comfortable because I did somthing wrong. I’m sorry. You bathe and I’ll go sit with the dragons.” Her voice getting sadder with every word. Vina went to climb¬†out but NIgel grabbed her

Chapter Three

“No, you’re ok. It’s just hard to be with you like this. You are gorgeous and I’m having trouble not feeling you or kissing you. Last night..well last night I realized I love you Vina. I have never loved a woman before other than the love you feel for family. This is new to me so it took the day to figure out what my feelings were. Normally you don’t just get naked around people but I know you didn’t know that. Your body is greater than any work of art I’ve ever seen, more beautiful than the worlds are vast. You are sexy, incredibly sexy, almost irresistibly sexy. If I were any less of a man I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands at bay Vina. Don’t be sad, I was just concentrating so hard on being good you startled me. Your touch on my arm felt so good I wanted to get away before I upset you. Look what you’ve done to me” Nigel said pointing down. Vina saw the flesh between his legs was outstretched.

“I’m causing that?”

“Yes, thats also why i was concentrating. I didn’t want to rise.”

“You’d put that in me?”

“Yeah” he said in a nearing husky tone. Nigel saw that he was correct in thinking she hadn’t been with a man before. “I must love you too. You gave me new feelings aswell. Now that I’ve seen you naked I’ve been wanting to touch and kiss you. I’ve never made love before though. I’d probably just make a fool of myself if we tried. I don’t want to embarrass myself with you. I’m sure you’ve made love with lots of girls….you’re really handsome and you travel”

“I’ve had sex Vina but I’ve never made love. I have never loved a woman before meeting you. I promise you that. All sex has just been meaningless beyond getting pleasure from it. If you let me have you, it would mean so much more than sex. It would be a physical expression of my complete adoration. I would like you to be my mate if you know what that is Vina.”

“I’m not sure I can be brave enough to leave. You’ll want me to go home with you. Mates stay together. i want to always be with you but I doubt you want to stay in Qwerxi.”

“I’ll be wherever it means I’m with you Vina. I would like you to try leaving so I can introduce you to the ones I consider family. If you find you don’t like it in Barense I will bring you back here and we’ll stay here forever or until you feel you can leave again. If you love Barense we can live in Chthons castle among my friends and family. Everything is whatever you want Vina. I love you and want you as my mate no matter what that means. I just don’t want to face a day where you aren’t with me” Vina was moved, her heart stuttering in her chest. “Lets be mates then because I can’t imagine you not being with me. I’d be so sad if you left my side Nigel. I’ll go to Barense with you. I know I can leave this world if you’re doing it with me. Prima will be back tomorrow. I can’t leave without telling her bye. We can enjoy our first day as mates, tell my friend bye tomorrow then go to this Barense where i can meet your friends.”

Nigel wanted to be sure before he did anything so he asked “Can I make love to you? If you aren’t ready it’s ok.”

“what would I do?” Nigel smiled “whatever you want. If you want to bite me, bite me. If you want to feel an area of my body just do it. If you want to just wrap around me and hold tight as I move in and out of you that’s good too. Do whatever you want. I want to let you know somthing before I make love to you though. Since you’ve never had a man inside you it will hurt a bit when I’m in there this time. I hate it and wish it didn’t have to hurt but it will. The first time is the only time it hurts. After this you will only feel good.”

“Ok” Vina answered nervously. Nigel leaned against the edge of the hot spring “come to me Vina. I want you to start. Do with me what you want. I might go a little crazy if I let myself start.” Vina swam over to Nigel. She had been wondering what the flesh between his legs felt like when it was up like this so she put one hand on his chest while wrapping the other tightly around him. Just that was enough to make Nigel moan and his shaft throb. He didn’t do anything though. Her hands began to move all over his body. “I love how you feel Nigel”

“May I touch you too?” He asked breathlessly.

“Yes, make me feel this good.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and kissed her, her sweet lips only increasing his hunger for her. He lifted her out of the water, pulling himself out after her and pushing her back onto the ground. He licked and bit at her neck, making her moan. His lips trailed kisses down to her breasts where he gently bit her nipples as his hands flowed over her. His lips followed his hands lower and he pushed her legs slowly apart, kissed her inner thighs before covering her with his mouth. She cried out, her back arching off the ground as his tongue thrashed over and in her.

“Nigel I can’t take anymore.” Vina whimpered and he kissed his way slowly back up her.

“Wrap your legs around me.” He ordered softly and she shakily did as he asked. He kissed her lips, his mouth moving tenderly against hers as he quickly impaled her. She felt tears sting her eyes, his lips muffling her cry of pain. “It’s okay baby.” He whispered, giving her a moment to process what was happening to her. “I’m going to move now, I promise to be gentle.”

“Okay.” He moved in and out of her slowly, pushing as deep as he could. He felt her tighten around his shaft, quiver around him in the most delicious way. Her nails scratched down his back and he kissed her as he spilled himself in her. He pressed his forehead against hers as they gasped for air. She started crying and he hugged her to him, hoping he had not hurt her.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” He said softly.

“Nothing, that was just so amazing.” He breathed a sigh of relief and lifted her off the ground and down into the water.

“I love you Vina.”

“I love you too.” She rested her head on his chest as he held onto her with one arm while the other was draped over the edge of the hotspring. He smiled when he realized she had fallen asleep. He would give her a few minutes before waking her.

When he decided to wake Vina Nigel kissed her again. His lips moving even slower than before. Vina woke kissing back then smiling “Sorry”

“Don’t be, want to go see the Banlu?”

‘sure, I’ll show you the way.” They climbed out and put clothes back on. Nigel took Vinas hand when she was fully clothed. She held back tightly as they walked out and she guided him to where the heard lived. “they look so funny” Nigel commented “You shouldn’t say that right here. They can hear you. Don’t hurt their feelings” Nigel worried she was upset “I’m so sorry Vina, I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t know they could understand. Please forgive me”

“It’s ok, want to ride one?” she said with a bright smile. “sure” Nigel said then placed a kiss on her hand. Vina began running. Nigel laughed when she just jerked him along. She stopped in front of one whose flowers were pink, yellow, blue and deep blue. “Could we ride you please Mel Mel?” The Banlus head went up and down “lets get on. Pick me up and I’ll push us.”

“Push us?”

“Pick me up and I’ll show you” He cradled her then she held her hand flat above the ground. Wind suddenly pushed them up and they landed safely on the Banlus back. Nigel smiled “That’s cool”

“It’s not as cool as flying but I can push myself pretty far. I love when Prima takes me in the sky. Angel wings are so amazing”

“Primas an angel? It’s odd for Angels to befriend demons”

“I’m her only demon friend”

“ah, who couldn’t be friends with you afterall?”

He enjoyed her joyous laughter as the Banlu took them around. the sweet scent of its flowers wafting around them. She seemed so much a part of nature, a true child of the earth. She gave him a bigger appreciation for the world that grew around them. He tightened his hold on her and kissed her shoulder. He knew he would be lost if he ever lost her, that his heart and soul would be crushed. He now understood what Chthon had gone through, the pain and sorrow, the wanting to die just to be with the person who had stolen your heart and made it their own.

“Never leave me.” He whispered in her ear.

“I promise.” She said back and tilted her head back for a kiss. He moved his lips gently against hers, loving her more and more as time passed.

The Banlu became tired and came to a stop. Nigel held tightly to Vina as he slid off its back and landed safely on his feet. He rubbed his hand over the beautiful, but strange creature. “Thank you Mel Mel.” He said, making her smile. He took her hand in his and they just walked together, enjoying being in each others company.

“Tell me about your world.” She said.

“Well it’s more dangerous than this place, but it has such a rugged beauty to it. Green forests, mountains, beautiful wildlife. Chthon’s castle is gorgeous. He built it himself and his family, well I guess my family too, are all so amazing. They would love you.”

“Even though I’m awkward?”

“Of course. We have this friend named Aurel, he married Chthon’s granddaughter. Aurel lived alone for a long time so he’s just as awkward socially. He’s learning though and we all love him very much.”

“I’m glad, I’m excited to meet them. Well, nervous but excited. What;s it like to pass into another world?”

“Barely noticeable. I will hold you the whole time we pass through. I’m not sure of a direct route from here to there so we’ll have to pass twice through portals. I hope it doesn’t scare you.”

“I’m sure with you holding me it wont” He kissed her again. Over dinner Nigel spoke “I want to tell you about somthing else”

“what is it?’

“I have three children. Two share the same mother while my oldest has another. It was only sex with them. In truth I haven’t been a huge part of my kids lives though I do see them from time to time. In Wexsels later years I had him a lot because his mother couldn’t handle him but I never loved their mothers, I never wanted anything from them than sex. I love my children very much but not them. You are so special to me, my one and only love. I hope you understand that with them it was only sex and that with you it’s different because I love you” Vina nodded “Ok, will I meet your kids too?”

Nigel smiled, relieved it wasn’t somthing that bothered Vina. “Of course you can meet my children but Brody will require traveling to another world. We’ll find them after you’ve hungout with Chthon and his family to your hearts content.”

“sounds fun, do you think they’ll be upset your with someone who isn’t their mothers?” Nigel chuckled “Not atall, they know I dont love their mothers and don’t mind it atall. Anna will just be happy I have a mate. She is always on me about being alone” Vina smilled happily “I’m so glad.”

“Good, you dont have to worry about those girls I used to sleep with. If I dont look for them they dont look for me. We’ll only see them if one of my children invites us both to somthing”

“I’m not worried Nigel. If you say you don’t love them and you only love me I believe you”

“You have no idea how happy that makes me.” He leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek and she quickly swallowed her food and grabbed his shirt, keeping him there so she could kiss his lips. He smiled and rubbed his nose against hers. “Everything you do is so adorable.”

“And everything you say is so sweet.” She let him go and they finished eating before settling down for the night. She held herself close to him, one leg draped over his thighs, an arm over his chest and her head pillowed just above his heart. He kissed the top of her head and listened as her breathing slowed and heart beat a steady calm rhythm as she fell into a deep sleep.

He was a little nervous about meeting her friend tomorrow. He did not have a good reputation with angels. He had killed plenty in his past, innocent men and women who had done nothing more than cross his path. He felt such regret for his actions and had tried hard to atone for his sins. Vina forgave him so easily, trusted him with everything that she was even though he didn’t deserve it. He sighed and closed his eyes, allowing the warmth of the woman next to him to wash away his worries and carry him into sleep.

Vina woke before Nigel when the sun rose. She smiled down at him, admiring his handsome face. He looked a little troubled in his sleep and she hoped she had done nothing wrong. Even though he reassured her constantly that he loved her the way she was, she still worried. She kissed his cheek and ran off to pick berries and apples for breakfast. She hummed to herself as she loaded the fruit into her skirt. A small breeze hit her back and she turned, smiling excited when she saw Prima standing there.

Chapter Four

“You’re back, I’m so happy. How was the journey?”

“Uneventful. You look and smell different. What’s going on?”

“I met someone, a stranger. He’s so amazing and sweet. I love him Prima, I really love him and he loves me. You have to meet him.”

“Where is he?”

“Sleeping, here help me carry this fruit back.”

Prima took the fruit and worried as they walked. She knew Vina would trust anyone since she hadn’t been around others enough to know they would lie to your face. She took everything everyone said at face value, not doubting for a second they were telling the truth since she herself spoke nothing but the truth. If it was someone bad she would make sure they didn’t hurt her sister. Prima had promised herself to never fail Vina as she had Tallow. Vina had come to mean too much to let some demon, man or creature cause her harm.

When Nigel came into view she dropped her fruit, Primas heart going into overdrive she grabbed Vinas arm to keep her from walking closer “Prima? What’s wrong?” Prima was trying to speak but a mixture of terror and anger was swelling too much inside to allow her too. Vina asked again, this time her voice drenched in concern and confusion “what’s wrong Prima?” Prima swallowed and drew her blade so it would be at the ready if he woke and attacked “Has he hurt you?”

“No, Nigel would never hurt me”

“Nigel is a liar and a horrible, vicious demon. He’s the one who killed Tallow! He ripped her to shreds and she did nothing to him! He killed her without mercy or care. He is not nice and has been deceiving you. Whatever his reason is for staying here with you it isn’t love. He’s after somthing, has he come onto you? Did he try to force you into sex Vina?” Vina was having trouble processing what Prima was saying. She knew Prima wouldn’t be mistaken about the identity of her sisters killer, it was an image that had been forever engraved in Primas mind. It was a face Prima saw in her nightmares when she’d lose her sister all over again then cling to her as if she were a liferaft in a storm.

Nigel was woke by the raised voice. His heart slammed in his chest when he realized Vina was gone and he came quickly to his feet, his eyes jumping to the woman who had ahold of Vina’s arm. He blinked, confused. He knew that face, but the eyes were different somehow. “It can’t be.” He said.

“You bastard, you sick bastard.” Prima yelled and attacked him. Nigel jumped back, staying just out of reach of her sword.

“Prima stop.” Vina yelled, but her friend was far to angry to hear her.

Nigel wanted to get the angel away from Vina if he was going to fight her. He didn’t want his love to see him hurt her friend. He turned and ran, leading the enraged angel away from Vina. He held his hand out, the black whip materializing out of thin air. He turned and flicked it at her as he grabbed a black blade in his other hand and blocked her slashing.

“Who are you?” He asked as he shoved her back.

“You killed my sister and now you’re trying to fool Vina, sweet innocent Vina. Not again demon.”

That face, he had seen one just like it on a beautiful and innocent young woman long ago. They shared the same face, but their eyes were different colors. He felt his heart wrench in his chest. This could very well be the end of him and Vina. No doubt she would choose Prima over him. He would not blame her. He blocked Prima again and snapped the whip out, catching her ankle and pulling her foot out from under her.

“I’m sorry.” He said.

“Liar.” She screamed and jumped back to her feet, her sword catching him across the chest. He gritted his teeth against the pain.

Vina ran as fast as she could, finally catching up with the two people she loved the most. Prima was going at Nigel like a rabid dog while he defended himself, unwilling to hurt Prima unless it was needed. “Prima stop.” She yelled. Her voice distracted Nigel for a split second and Prima stabbed him. She was so angry that her aim was off so she caught him in his side instead of his stomach. “Stop.” Vina yelled again and ran between them. Prima pulled back, shaking in anger.

“Get ¬†out of the way Vina, he needs to be put down.”

“No, please I love him.”

“He’s lying to you, he’s a monster.”

“No he’s not please just…” Nigel grabbed her hand, making her look at him as he sat on his knees in the grass.

“Just let her have me Vina. She’s right, I’m a monster so just let her have her revenge.” He said softly.

“But I love you.”

“I know, I love you too so much and I always will, but this is what is right.” He pulled her out of the way and placed his hands on the ground, exposing his neck. “Go ahead angel, end me if you must and find peace in my death.” Prima raised her sword, her fingers tightening on the hilt. She wanted him dead, but she couldn’t do it. No matter how hard she tried her arms would not move. She felt tears slide down her face and collapsed on the ground, dropping her sword and crying.

Vina knew as a fellow demon Nigel was in no danger from his wound so she ran to Prima. Nigel fished a potion from his pocket and drank it to help himself close up faster. Vina knelt and wrapped her arms around Prima who sat up to hold Vina. Nigel watched Prima shake with her tears and hold Vina tightly. He wanted to go over but he knew it was best to stay where he stood. Even though Vina had come between them, begging for his life while proclaiming her love he still worried where they stood. Just because she loved him and didn’t want him dead didn’t mean she was still his mate. The thought made his heart give another painful wrench. He needed Vina, she was now what made his heart beat and she may never kiss him again. There could possibly be no more nights of cuddling under the stars because of how heartless he once was.

Vinas hair was covered in tears when Prima let her go so she coudl wipe at her face “You love him Vina?”

“Yes, he’s different now. He told me he used to be bad and he feels a lot of guilt over it. He wishes he could undo it but he knows he can’t. His friend Chthon helped him become good. He’s been so sweet to me Prima. He hasn’t hurt me atall.” Prima took a deep inhale then exhale “this is just going to be hard for me. I can tell he’s different by the gentle way he spoke to you just then and how he was just willing to pass up his life. He moved you so I could kill him. The Nigel I met would have never done such a thing. The old Nigel may have picked you up to use as a shield. I will need time to be ok with him Vina but…if you want to be with him I would like to talk to him for a second” Prima said knowing Nigel could hear from where he stood.

Nigel cautiously moved forward as Prima stood. Vina stood at her friends side as they grasped hands. Prima had a sorrowful tone but her words came out clear “Vina is the only sister I have left. She is the world to me and she better be to you. You are to treat her how she deserves to be treated you understand? If she ever comes back to me with a broken heart that you caused your life wont be spared a second time. Vina deserves to be treated as a goddess and I expect that to happen Nigel.”

“If I ever break her heart I will willingly give myself to you for punishment. I won’t run or hide or beg for my life. I love her more than anything and I will do whatever it takes to keep her happy.” He replied, looking directly into her eyes so she could see how serious he was.

“Alright then I will not come between you two. I am still very full of anger and sorrow, but for Vina I will try.”

“I will do what I must to earn your trust.”

“Just take care of Vina.” He nodded and held out his hand to Vina she smiled warmly and took it, allowing him to pull her close.

“Careful, I don’t want you to get blood on you.” He said softly.

“Perhaps we should go back to the hot springs and let you get clean. Will you be okay Prima or would you like me to stay?” Vina said.

“It’s okay, go with him. I think I need some space to process what just happened. Nigel, I can’t say I’m sorry for stabbing you.” Prima replied.

“I don’t expect you to, I understand and I deserved it.”

“It did help.” Nigel actually laughed which surprised both Prima and Vina.

“Glad you were able to release your frustration and anger on me.” Prima gave a small smile as Vina lead Nigel back to the dragon cave. The mother dragon cave them permission to enter and he pulled his clothes off and slid into the water. “She could have killed me if she had been calm.” He said as Vina pulled her clothes of and dropped down next to him.

“You could have fought harder against her.”

“I could not bring myself to harm someone you love.”

Nigel wrapped his arms around Vina “wash and clean your wound Nigel” Nigel took in Vinas scent before replying “My heart was so heavy with fear you’d leave me.I’m so glad you still want me”

“It helped that you were alreayd honest and told me you did bad things in your past. To be honest, it’s good I met you without Prima. I may have cheered your exicution rather than tried to stop it. Then I would have missed out on knowing what love is” Nigel kissed Vina. This kiss was hard and desperate for her love. She gently pushed Nigel back after a few seconds. “wash your skin” He nodded then kissed her head. He rubbed the hot water on him “My bag sweetheart, theres a change of clothes for me in teh satchel. It’s the last change I have so it’s good my next stop is home.”

“I wonder how Prima will feel about me leaving.”

“If it upsets her and she wants you to stay I will stay. That is of course as long as you want me here” Vina kissed his chest “You know I do. I’ll talk to Vina when we walk back.”

“I’ll let you speak with her alone. I will stay by your side until we are almost there. I’ll stop and let you run ahead to speak with her.”

“Ok, you sure you wont mind if she’s not ready for me to leave yet? Prima really is like my sister. I would have a hard time enjoying myself if I knew she was in my world, sad and alone”

“Of course it is my beautiful, sweet Vina. I want you to be happy and have fun when we leave. I have no time table for going home. I am just excited to introduce you to my family. I want them to meet my mate.” Vina smiled “I love when you call me your mate, especially since you say it like having me is the greatest thing to ever happen. Your voice changes when you say it”

“It’s because I mean it, every word.” He kissed her again, his fingers sliding into her hair so she couldn’t get away. “You are such a temptation my love.”

“Is that a good thing?”

“Very good, it means I need to make love to you again. You make me hungry for you.” He kissed her again, his lips moving down her chin to her neck. “You taste incredibly sweet.” She wrapped her legs around his waist, blushing when she felt how hard he was.

“Please do it again.” She said breathlessly. “Please, I need you too.”

He chuckled and lifted them both out of the water and laying back so she was on top of him. She swallowed nervously, unsure of what he wanted. He grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto his waiting erection. He moaned at how tight she was as he lifted and lowered her then slid his hands up to cup her breasts when he got her in a steady rhythm. She moaned loudly, unable to contain the noise. It only seemed to excite Nigel further and he flexed his hips so he drove up into her as she came down. He rolled her beneath him, driving into her harder and faster, unable to contain his lust for her.

“I love you.” She whispered over and over again as they released together.

He kissed her softly. “Sorry, I got excited.”

“Good, I like you excited.” He smiled and kissed her again. “You need to talk to Prima.” He pulled her into the water and they rinsed off before getting out and drying and dressing.

They walked back to see Prima laying down, just looking up at the sky. Nigel stopped as he said he would. “I love you so much Vina. Talk to your friend and tell me what you wish to do”

“alright” He kissed her one last time before she walked off. “Prima?” Prima got into a sitting position “yes Vina?”

“We’ve always been honest with eachother and I know you’ll tell me your honest feelings now. Nigel wants me to meet his friends and family. I very much want to go and see new worlds. I want to learn of his. I guess what I’m asking is, is that alright with you. Will you be fine with me leaving for awhile? I wont have fun if I know you’re here upset” Prima smiled and cupped Vinas cheek “My sweet Vina, my adopted baby sister. I love you and I want you to go out there an experience life. Have fun with Nigel. I still can’t say I’m comfortable with him but in time I know I can be. I honestly think a good bit of time alone will do me some good in the way of healing now that I’ve gotten my rage out on him for what he did. Then, I’m going to do what you’ve been begging me to do. I’m going to meet up with my fellow angels and hangout, I’m going to travel as I used to and intertwine myself back with humanity. Go be happy with Nigel but promise me you’ll come back. Even if it’s years from now. Where precisely are you going again so I know how to find you?”

“Barense, Chthons castle”

“Ok, you’ll always be my sister Vina. I’m glad you have a mate now. Even though you have always been happy in these hills it always worried me that you may be alone forever.”

“You’re one to talk Prima” Her smile almost cracked into a laugh “yeah” Prima pulled Vina into a tight hug “goodbye little sister. Be safe and promise me you’ll be happy”

“I promise, I love you too big sister” They let go and looked at eachother. It was a silent goodbye. Vina stood “we can see eachother sooner of course but if life gets the better of us and we get busy I want us to promise to meet back on this hill in three years”

“It’s a promise but I’ll probably be at Chthons castle within months. It’s been you and me for so many years, well over 100. Wish I would have kept track so I knew a real number. Life will be odd without your laughter and your enthusiasm.” They stood a few more moments before Vina walked bakc to Nigel “she’s ok with me going. She may just pop by Chthons castle to see me if I dont return for awhile”

“He’ll welcome her with open arms. Want to ride on my back and I’ll run us to the portal?”

“I want to run too. Lets hold hands and run together. My favorite thing to do is run”

“alright” Nigel took her hand and they ran together. Prima just watched them go “I love you Vina” she said again even though she knew Vina couldn’t hear the words. Prima laid back down to run through all her memories with Vina before taking off to do as she told Vina she would. She smiled as she thought “You better take care of her Nigel. I’m serious when I say you’ll pay if you ever hurt her”

~ The End ~

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