Nila & Guy

Chapter One

Her feet slapped against the wet pavement, the rain soaked her hair and clothes. It was dark with the exception of the occasional street light she passed under. Her face stung from her tears, her heart was broken. They couldn’t be dead, it was impossible, it had to be a nightmare. The toe of her shoe caught on a crack in the pavement and she braced for impact. Arms, warm and strong wrapped around her, halting her fall. She was pulled into a rock hard body, the smell of Old Spice washing over her. Guy, her savior, her protector had come for her. She pressed her face into his chest, crying even harder than before.

“I’m so sorry Nila.” He whispered, holding her tightly. He sat there on the sidewalk with her until she was done crying then lifted her off the ground. Her body was weak from the sorrow and horror of losing her parents, she felt so sick. Guy didn’t say anything else, just carried her through the rain.

Present day:

Blood, it was everywhere, it covered the floor, the walls, even the ceiling. He stood there, dressed as a priest, a psychotic grin on his face as he took a step toward her. She screamed, so horrified she was frozen, she couldn’t even run away. She felt hands grab her shoulders and she struggled, not wanting to die. “Nila, Nila wake up.” The hands shook her and her eyes flew open. She could smell him before her vision cleared enough to see him and she clung to him. “It’s okay Nila, I’m here.”

“Guy…nightmare.” She said, her voice cracking as tears slipped down her cheeks.

“I know sweetie, I know.”

She looked up at him, surprised to see his lip was busted. “You hurt yourself.”

“I heard you scream so I climbed through the window.”

“Oh Guy, I’m sorry.”

“Shh, it’s alright.”

“It’s not, it’s my fault.”

“It’s okay.”

“Let me clean it, please.”

He wiped the tears from her face. “Alright.” She got out of his arms and hurried to the bathroom, grabbing a rag out of the cabinet and wet it. She caught a glimpse of herself in the bathroom mirror and couldn’t believe how horrible she looked. She was pale, her hair was disheveled and she was sure she had lost weight. She hurried back to him, freezing when her eyes met his. He was far too sexy, his short hair messy from crawling through her window. He smiled at her and she nearly dropped the rag. “That for me?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry.” She crossed the room, dropping down on her bed next to him. She grabbed his chin and gently wiped away the blood. His arms were around her the minute she was finished and she rested her head on his shoulder.

“You okay now?”

“Not really.”

“You feel smaller, have you been eating?”

She pressed her face into his neck. “Not really.”

“Nila.” His tone was reprimanding. “You need to eat, it’s not okay to starve yourself. You’re coming downstairs to eat.”

“I can’t, that’s where…”

“You can, you’re strong.” He kissed the top of her head. “Take a shower, it’ll help clear your head. I’ll get breakfast started.”

She could hear in his voice there would be no convincing him to let her stay in bed so she got up again and went to her dresser for a change of clothes. Guy stayed on her bed until he heard the water running then went downstairs to cook for her. His heart was twisted from her screams then seeing her tear soaked face, then it was topped off by feeling how much weight she had lost in her depression. He kept bringing food but it looked like he was going to have to start preparing her every meal so he would know she was eating.

He could kick himself for not just doing that off the bat, of course it would be painful to enter the kitchen. Guy pulled out egg, bacon and what he needed for pancakes then got to work for her, listening to the shower so he’d know when she was coming. Nila washed slowly, procrastinating so she wouldn’t have to enter her kitchen. She would stand in there forever if she knew Guy would allow it but she knew eventually he would drag her out of the bathroom if she made him.

She finally got out of the shower, dried and dressed. She brushed her hair and pulled it back in a ponytail. When she entered the hallway, she felt her chest tighten and her stomach knot up. She walked slowly, feeling like she was moving through quicksand. When she got to the stairs she froze. She could still see his grin, could still smell the blood. It haunted her every step as she moved down the stairs. When her foot touched the bottom floor she turned left into the kitchen. Even though the blood had been scrubbed away, she could still see it splattered all around. She forced herself to look at Guy, her calm in the center of the storm. “Take a seat.” He said and she jumped.

“How did you know I was here?”

“I just knew, now set.”

She took a seat at the kitchen table, the smell of food making her stomach growl and her mouth water. She had starved herself like an idiot and now her body was demanding she replenish what she had lost. Guy switched off the burners then grabbed a couple of plates and put food on them. He sat them down on the table and grabbed them both forks. “Thank you.” She said then took a bite. The food tasted so amazing.

“Eat as much as you can.” He ordered.

She ate quickly and only realized she was eating like a crazed animal when she saw Guy staring at her. She blushed and put her fork down. He cleared his throat, trying his hardest not to laugh at her. “So how have you been?” She asked.

“Alright I guess. I’ve been worried about you, so have mom and dad.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, it’s…” he froze, hearing a sound outside. It was the crunching of boots on dead leaves. He suddenly felt static building in the air and he shoved away from the table, quickly grabbing her and shoving her into the living room. He pushed her down on the floor and covered her just as the kitchen wall exploded inward from a bolt of lightening slamming into it. Debris hit him and the smell of smoke filled his nose. He moved off of her, and shoved the coffee table out of the way. He ripped the rug aside, revealing a door. He grabbed the metal ring and pulled it up.

“What the…”

“It leads to my place. Look there’s no time to explain, we have to go.”

She was utterly confused but still trusted Guy fully so allowed him to tug her along with no protest. Why had her parents been murdered? Why had her kitchen just exploded? Why the hell did Guys place connect to hers? She had so many questions and as soon as they could stop long enough to talk she planned on getting answers since Guy seemed to not be confused at all. he seemed to understand precisely what was going on. He eventually picked her up, afraid of her getting tired and then not being able to run if she had to later. Once again Nila just let him, knowing he had reason in everything he did.

Guy felt terrible for taking her down into this dirty tunnel. It hadn’t been used since it was made so it was covered in cobwebs and the air was thick with dust. His night vision was amazing and he could very easily see her even in this dank place. She looked scared and confused, her eyes darting around the pitch black around her. He could only imagine what she must be thinking. Many branches had been added to confuse anyone who might follow them. His house was only a thirty minute walk from Nila’s, but the route he took added an extra ten minutes on travel time. When they finally arrived beneath his living room, he sat her down and reached up above his head, pushing a button. Nila heard a clicking sound then Guy pushed a trap door open. He lifted her out of the darkness then followed her and shut the trap door.

“You okay?” He asked.

“What in the hell is going on?”

He hated this was how she had to find out. He was afraid to tell her, but he knew if he didn’t she would be just as blind when the next attack came. “Nila, there are some things I need to tell you, that my parents and I need to tell you, but…”

“What’s so bad you can’t just say it?” She grabbed his face in her hands and made him look at her. “Guy, it’s always been you and me, we’ve been through everything together, you can tell me anything.”

He slid his hands over hers and pulled them away from his face, kissing her knuckles. “We both need a shower, you can use the shower in the guest bathroom and borrow some of my clothes. We’ll talk after.”

“Okay.” She was blushing at his show of affection as she got to her feet. He had been like that since she could remember, her defender, the one who held her when she cried or carried her home when she hurt herself. He had even gone so far as to threaten her first boyfriend when he found out he was cheating on her. She hadn’t talked to him for three days then he had shown up at her house with flowers, chocolate, and a copy of the Desolation of Smaug. He guided her to the guest bathroom and left her as he went into his room and grabbed his cell. He needed to call his parents and let them know what had happened.

“Hey sweetie.” His mother answered after the third ring.

“We were attacked by a magic wielder, they’ve come for her again, we have to tell her everything now.”

“Your father and I are on the way.”

“Give us a few minutes to get cleaned up, we had to use the tunnel.”

“Okay baby, stay alert.” He hung up and tossed his phone on the bed. He grabbed a change of clothes for Nila and went back to the guest bathroom. He could hear the water running and his heart gave a little leap.

He tapped on the door. “Nila, I’m setting you some clothes in front of the door.”

“Okay, thank you.” She called back and he sat them down then went back to his room and into his bathroom.

As he washed he rehearsed in his head what he should say to her. He hoped she’d understand why they didn’t tell her. Anytime she was even the slightest bit upset with him it hurt immeasurably so he really hoped she would accept why or at least accept they didn’t tell her with the best intentions. When he was clean he roughly dried himself with a towel from under the sink then dropped it on the floor among his last few towels before tugging on clothes. Dressed he listened and could hear she was also done. He scented the air, wishing his parents were already there. It would be easier for them to explain since her anger or upsetness didn’t hurt them as much as it did him.

They met in the hall, him feeling guilty and her standing there awkwardly for a moment before finally moving past him and going downstairs. He followed her and they both sat down in the living room. “So, tell me.” She said, glancing at him.

“I’m waiting for my parents.”

“They knew?”

Her raised voice made him wince. He hated when she was angry with him. “Yes, sorry.” He ran his fingers through his wet hair, making it even messier than before. “Would you like some tea?”

She couldn’t help but think he looked like a sad, whipped dog. He refused to make eye contact with her and his voice held a hint of regret. She sighed. “Sure.” He seemed relieved to have something to do and went quickly into the kitchen. She sat there staring off into space, trying to wrap her mind around everything that had happened this morning. Guy seemed to have known the attack was going to happen even before it did and the fact their houses were connected was strange. She had never seen the trap door until today. She heard the microwave beeps and a couple of minutes later he came back with a cup of chai tea.

“Lots of honey as usual.” He said as he handed it to her.

“Thank you.” She took a sip of the tea, feeling a little better. She had not known how cold she was until her hands wrapped around the cup.

“Just tell me how long that tunnel has been there?”

“Since we were kids. My father and your father built it.”

“What, my parents knew? Were they preparing for us to be attacked?”

“Yes, please just wait for my parents. It’s better if you hear it from all of us.”

Chapter Two

“Okay I guess, I don’t hate you or anything so please don’t look so beaten. I’m hurt I was being lied to but I don’t hate you. I’m sure there were reasons”

“we weren’t trying to lie to you. We just wanted you safe and happy”

“and you did that by lieing, you lied when you didn’t tell me whatever you haven’t told me Guy” She was right and he didn’t know what more to say so he just sat there and sipped tea with her. He could breath a little better when his parents came in “what’s going on?’ they were barely in the house when she asked. “lets all sit down” his mother said then they all walked back to the living room and sat to discuss things

“The things we are about to tell you are going to sound incredibly unbelievable, but let me tell you that we all love you and that it’s the truth.” Abeni started.

“I know you love me and I’m willing to listen to what you have to say.” Nila replied and they both gave her small smiles. Guy still looked worried and guilty. She moved closer to him and took his hand, letting him know that she was still his friend and hoping she conveyed her love for him.

“You are not Nila Hamilton of Bend, Oregon. You are Nila Hamilton of Jar’Edo and immortal princess of said realm.” Brogan said. For a moment she thought he must be joking, but he was so serious she knew he was telling the truth and she felt her heart slam against her chest.

“I don’t understand.”

“Your mother’s sister wanted you and your parents dead. We helped your parents flee to this world. Abeni, Guy and I are not human, Nila.”

“What are you?” She was becoming more and more frightened and found herself squeezing Guy’s hand.

“We’re werewolves, Nila and you are still being hunted.”

She could hear herself screaming in her head and before she knew it she was shaking. She wondered if she was having some crazy dream, but the solidness of Guy’s hand let her know she was wide awake. “This is crazy.”

“The man who murdered your parents was an assassin.”

“So you were supposed to be watching over them then?”

They all frowned, looking sad. “Oh Nila, we didn’t know they were being attacked.” Abeni replied.

“But I knew, I could feel it.”

“That’s because you are their child and had an incredibly strong connection with them.”

“But Guy, he was there right after. You didn’t know, but he was right there.”

“His connection with you is also strong. He could feel your fear and anxiety even though you were apart.”

Her head was spinning and she placed her hand against her forehead. “I don’t know what to say or do or even feel.”

“You were attacked today Nila, that means she has sent another and that you cannot go home. You have to stay here with Guy until we can make a plan. We don’t know what will happen to you if you are captured and we refuse to risk losing you too.” Brogan said, trying to be as gentle as possible.

“we know how much this must be to take in” Abeni added softly, hating how upset both Nila and Guy looked. “I understand, I’ll stay here with Guy until we know what to do. I doubt I’d want to leave his side right now anyway” she freely admitted with no shame due to all she was trying to process at the moment. “why don’t we leave you two alone for a bit, we need to talk anyway and you need space to process” Guys parents walked away and Guy slowly wrapped his arms around Nila to hold her “I’m sorry you weren’t told the truth until now”

“I’ve known you forever Guy, you didn’t tell me because you thought it was best. I’ve only ever known you to have the best intentions when it comes to me. I just need silence right now, is that okay?”

“Can i keep holding you?”

“I need it”

“then you’ll have silence” Nila smiled “so was the price of me not letting you hold me noise?” he smiled and kissed her head “don’t be a smart ass” Her smile faltered a bit as she remembered her parents and their loss. Now those same people were after her, after Guy because they were after her. What if she lost Guy too? What did being what she was come with? Was she special in anyway aside form being immortal? Finally a question she asked out loud “Guy? Why do we have a connection? I mean, enough for you to always know when somthings wrong with me?”

He grabbed her chin and tipped her head back so he could look into her eyes. “For as long as I can remember we have always shared a special bond. Even when you were dating, I was the one you came to too talk or to cry. We have been inseparable. My heart beats when yours beats, I breathe when you breathe.” He pressed his forehead against hers, making her blush. “The truth is, I don’t know. It could have been another measure taken by your parents to keep you safe or maybe we were destined to be bonded. Whatever the reason, I am grateful.”

“But I can’t feel you.”

“Maybe you can and you just don’t know how, but it’s probably better you can’t.”


“I am a wild animal and feeling that part of me may frighten you and I don’t want that. I mean you’re already scared and overwhelmed, I would hate to make it worse.”

She lifted her hand, allowed her fingers to slide over his cheek and into his hair. She had always known he was a bit wild, even though he was always gentle with her, he had always been fierce in his defense of her. Now she knew, now she could see the predator in his eyes. “I’m so dizzy from all of this.”

“I’m sorry, I wish you could have been raised knowing your true nature, knowing mine. I feel as if this will pull us apart, that you may come to resent me.”

“I said I understand.”

“You say that now, but…if you came to hate me I would die.”

“Hey, I could never hate you. I just need time that’s all. I’m scared and worried and so confused my head is spinning, but I won’t leave you.”

He looked a little relieved but still unsure. He gave her a tender kiss on the head then just held her close. A few moments later she asked “immortal? Like seriously immortal?”

“yes, you and I will live forever, so will my parents”

“How were you guys going to ever explain that to me?”

“One day we would have told you without this happening. I’m still sorry we didn’t”

“No more sorries, I just want you to answer questions when I have them”

“Okay” She pushed out of his arms and sighed. “no wonder I never met any family” she said mostly to herself before addressing Guy again “shouldn’t your parents include us in talking?”

“They will once they have goodideas ironed out. They thought you needed time to let what you’ve already been given sink in.”

She gave a little sigh, sounding defeated. “I hate that I don’t know what to do. I feel so useless and helpless. You and your parents shouldn’t have to risk your lives for me.”

“It is our job to protect you Nila.”

She frowned. “Am I just a job then?”

He tucked her hair behind her ear and let his knuckles stroke her cheek. “Of course not, you are so much more. You are the heart and light of our homeland, beautiful and intelligent and amazing in every way. You are…” he wanted to say the love of his life, but instead he said, “you are you Nila. Cool, wild, funny, fantastic you. We would do anything to protect you and make you happy.”

She took his hand between hers and looked into his eyes. “Then don’t die okay, if you really want to make me happy don’t you dare die.”

He moved closer, his arms once again circling her and making her feel safe. “No matter how much pain and torture I may go through, I will never die and I will always come back to you. I swear on everything I hold dear that I will never leave you my princess.”

She blushed. “Don’t call me that it’s too weird.”

“But you make such a cute face, princess.”

“Stop before I put a collar on you and chain you up outside.”

He chuckled, glad to see her getting back to her old self. “Would you like to see me shift?”

“I…I don’t know, I mean what do you look like?”

“Taller than I am now, brown fur, sharp claws, big teeth. Think the big bad wolf, just more handsome and I don’t plan on turning you into a Nila sandwich.”

“So you don’t turn into a wolf wolf?”

“Every werewolf is different depending on which world it is from. I hope that doesn’t disappoint you?”

“No of course not, shift please.”

“Close your eyes then, I have to strip or I’ll tear my clothes and when you open them please don’t scream. I promise not to eat you.”

“I won’t.”

She closed her eyes and moments later she heard pops and snaps as if his bones were breaking to construct the wolf he was turning into. It sounded so painful she was surprised he he wasn’t crying out in pain. The noise stopped but she waited a few moments to open her eyes. She was excited but at the same time nervous to see what stood before her. It was still Guy but living a normal life up until now it would still be quite a bit to take in. Guy waited patiently until finally he saw those gorgeous Grey eyes open and look him over.

His tense muscles relaxed when he detected no fear from her. A little shock maybe but no fear. She approached him slowly with one of her small hands reaching out. She let it rest on his chest a moment then looked up at him “No matter what you would have looked like I wouldn’t have been afraid Guy. You are you no matter what form you take. If I didn’t know you though I could imagine this form would send me running for my life. I’m surprised if you do any fighting once someone sees you like this. Its impressive. Is it okay if I stroke your fur?”

He nodded and she allowed her warming hand to drift just slightly down, giving him short strokes to feel the thin brown hair under her palm. With tinted cheeks she stopped “I’ll close my eyes so you can go back to normal” As soon as she did he shifted back.

Chapter Three

Guy quickly pulled his clothes back on then flopped down next to her. She uncovered her eyes and he gave her a warm smile. “Insane right?” He said.

“Amazing actually.”

“I’m going to make you crazy with all this information.”

“I don’t mind, at least you’ll be there.”

He took her hand and brought it to his lips, pressing a kiss against her knuckles. He knew he was taking advantage of the situation, but he needed to touch her. It was like a compulsion and the act eased his tension. “We can lose it together then.”

Her eyes locked with his and she felt like she was falling. Those liquid gold pools of adoration stared right back at her, unblinking just like a predators. Her entire body grew warm at the touch of his lips against her skin and she found herself falling more in love with him by the second. She knew if anything ever stole him from her, she would die. “Oh Guy, I…” His phone rang upstairs, breaking the spell his eyes had cast on her. He let her go and ran upstairs while she sat there feeling embarrassed she had almost professed her love. He came back down with the phone pressed to his ear, a frown pulling at his lips.

“Understood.” He hung up, looking displeased.

“What happened?”

“They want to go home, to take the fight to your aunt.”

“They want me to leave to another world?”

“They said this attack was the final straw and while I do agree with them, taking you there will be extremely dangerous. Not even I know that place.”

“When do they want go?”

“In a couple of days. They want to give you more time to process all of this as well as find the one who attacked your home and dispatch of him or her.” He sat down. “They ordered me to stay here with you until it’s time.”

She covered her face with her hands and took a deep breath. “My head hurts.”

“I’m sorry, I really hate this. Now you get to be stuck with me of all people.”

“You know I care for you Guy, but no more sarcasm please.”

“Sorry, what can I do?”

“Just hold me.”

He smiled “I’ll lay down against the arm rest and you can lay on me” he suggested. She agreed to it so they got themselves in that position and he locked his arms protectively around her. Once comfortable he asked “so what were you going to tell me before the phone interrupted you?” she shifted a little against him “later”

“okay” He was curious but he wouldn’t pester her right now, not when she was dealing with all of this. The peaceful, innocent world had been shattered and he hated it even though he was happy she finally knew what he was and hadn’t been afraid of him in his other form. He rubbed her back a few times up and down as silence fell between them, hoping it gave her comfort.

Nila was exhausted after such a long, stressful day and fell asleep. Her mind slipped into that all to familiar nightmare and she found herself running up the front steps of her house. She knew something evil lurked inside the minute she touched the doorknob, but her worry propelled her forward and she shoved it open. “Mom, dad?” The living room was to her left, the stairs ahead and to her right was the kitchen. She didn’t know what possessed her to look into the kitchen, it was like some inexplicable force was pushing her there. It was the blood at the edge of the entrance that caught her attention first, it was bright red, the light glistening off of it. A sound drew her eyes up and she found herself staring into the face of a man she had never seen before. He smiled at her, his hand gripped a knife. He stood in a puddle of blood and behind him she could see her father, his body sprawled out, his eyes staring lifelessly up at the ceiling. Her mother was against the wall, her hand resting on her stomach where she had tried and failed to stop the bleeding. He moved towards her, but she was frozen, her limbs unwilling to move. The front door suddenly swung inward and for the first time she noticed the flash of red and blue lights.

“Nila wake up.” Guy gripped her shoulders and shook her. He had only left for a moment to get a drink. The moment the glass had touched his lips he had heard her wail of despair. “Nila baby, wake up.” He pulled her up and into his arms, hugging her tightly to him. She shoved against his chest, her heart beating wildly. “Shh, it’s just me, I’m here Nila.”

That voice, that smell, they broke through the horror of her nightmare and chased it away. Her struggles stopped and she slowly opened her eyes and blinked away that blurriness. “Guy?” She whispered and he pulled back.

“Hey beautiful, you okay?”

Tears filled her eyes and spilled down her cheeks. “I’m sorry.”

“Hey, it’s okay.”

“It’s not, this is my fault. I’m putting you and your parents in danger, I’m going to get you killed. I don’t want you to die, I don’t want to be alone.” She cried, tears spilling down her cheeks.

“I already promised I wouldn’t leave you.”

“You can’t keep that promise, anything could happen.” He hated her tears and how defeated she sounded, hated her aunt and the assassins she sent. His lips were against hers before he could stop himself. She was surprised at first and sat there motionless, but as her brain caught up with her body she found herself kissing him back.

Both heir hearts felt an electric pulse as their bodies shivered with how good it felt for their lips to connect. This felt right, like they had been meant for eachother since they came into the world. Neither wanted to end the kiss, not when he had waited so long and it brought her so much comfort. By the time they did part lips Nila was blushing so she pushed her head into his chest. He smiled, feeling weakened by her kiss but incredibly happy. Don’t be shy about it Nila. I was the one to start it and I’m elated you actually kissed back”

“I thought about doing that so many times…it felt remarkable”

“same for me. Need a hot drink or anything? I could make you tea”

“I think that sounds good” he took her hand and tugged her gently into the kitchen where he pulled out a chair for her to sit while he made her tea.

Guy’s kiss had managed to take her mind off of most of her worry. When he turned to hand her her tea, their eyes met and she blushed. She took the cup from him and he grabbed a chair, turning and sitting in it backwards. His arms rested along the back of the chair and his chin rested on his arms. She could feel him looking at her as she sipped her tea and her heart rate increased. “I can hear that you know, your heart, it makes such a beautiful sound.” He said.

“What big ears you have.”

He chuckled. “The better to hear you with my love.”

“Don’t you mean my dear?”

“I mean my love because that is what you are.” He reached over and stroked her cheek. “You’re so soft, I just want to keep touching you.”

“You really are the sweetest man in the world.” She ran her finger around the rim of her cup. “Thank you for everything, you’ve always been there for me and I never thank you enough.”

“You never have to thank me beautiful, everything I do is because I love you more than the very air I breathe. I was just a small child the day you were born, but I remember coming to see you. They say children don’t start remembering things until they’re about four, but I remember seeing you. I remember only smelling your scent and your cute pink face as you slept in your mother’s arms. You were the most amazing sight I had ever seen.”

She took another drink of her tea then he scooted his chair closer and kissed her. When he finally parted their lips, they were both breathless and flushed. He pressed his forehead against hers and gave a contented sigh. “How’d you get so good at that?”

“I didn’t, kissing you just comes naturally.” He opened his eyes and she gasped at the desire she saw there. “I’ve been weak for you for a long time Nila, everything about you is so sweet.” He gave her another kiss, his teeth tugging at her lower lip until she parted them an allowed his tongue to duel with hers. He moaned, his fingers tangling in her hair. He moaned and pulled back. “Mmm, mint tea tastes better when it comes from you.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Crazy for you, my mate.”


“Wolves have mates Nila, and they mate for life and for us that life is forever. I can feel in my heart and soul you are my mate. Don’t you feel the same?”

She didn’t even have to think about it “Yeah” They both smiled at eachother. Nila finished her tea then asked “can I lay on you again?”

“Like I’m going to say no, come on” They returned to where they were and relaxed in the same position “I could get used to this Nila.” he said as he let his fingers slide into her hair, just leaving them there. “Good because I’m going to expect this all the time. Its so comfortable” Guy was blissful and hated this bliss was only temporary. Soon they’d be returning to their home world, a world they knew nothing about and where a crazed bitch was trying to kill his mate.

The day seemed to drag along, especially when they had no word from Guy’s parents about the assassin. If it had not been for Guy’s constant affection, she probably would have worried herself to death. He made them something to eat when her stomach growled and frowned, fussing a little at her for not telling him she was hungry. He was still pretty upset about her not eating. She sat on the counter while he made them turkey sandwiches. “I want you to eat every bite.” He said as he put their plates on the table.

“I will.” He lifted her off the counter, giving her a kiss before lowering her to her feet.

He stared at her as they ate, causing her face to stay hot the whole time. He didn’t take his eyes off of her until she had eaten the final bite of her sandwich. He took their plates and washed them then scooped her up before she could even get out of her chair. “What are you doing?”

“I’m tired and need to be well rested if I’m going to protect you.”

“You need me to sleep?”

“Think of yourself as my teddy bear.”

She giggled. “You told me you never slept with one.”

“You’re the only one I want to cuddle with.” She felt her heart skip a beat when he dropped her on his bed and climbed on next to her. His arms wrapped around her, his nose pushing into her hair. “I love your smell.” He whispered and kissed her neck. “I’m going to have to make sure all the other wolves know you belong to me. I wouldn’t want them thinking they can take you away.”

“I doubt they’d even try.”

“All it takes is one guy thinking he can challenge me.” He gave her another kiss and she shivered.

“Go to sleep silly.”

“Don’t let other males touch you the way I do.”

“Why would I do that?”

“It sucked when you were dating, really sucked.”

She couldn’t help but smile. “Rest Guy, I’m not going to be dating anyone but you, I promise.”

Chapter Four

He took one more kiss before nuzzling his face into her hair, slightly tightening his hold on her and allowing himself to start drifting off. Nila felt more comfort in his arms like this than she had ever felt in her life. Her ex couldn’t compare to Guy in anyway and she’d never insult him by trying to compare the two. It was going to take getting used to to handle him being so possessive but she knew he couldn’t help it. Guy was incredibly good to her and she didn’t know if he had it in him to ever just be an ass.

She was surprised how little his hold loosened when he fell asleep. It would be impossible for her to get up without waking him if she needed to use the ladies room or grab a drink though she suspected that was the point. He was worried and didn’t want her up and moving around without his protection from whoever may be after her.

Nila didn’t know she had fallen asleep until she jerked awake an hour later. Something was wrong, she could feel it in the air. Guy was gone, but his side of the bed was still warm so she knew he had just left her side. Her heart was beating fast, a million different horrible things flitted through her head as she swung her legs over the edge of the mattress and stood. She moved quietly on bare feet, not daring to make a sound as she crossed over to the door. She pulled it open and stepped out into the hall, looking both ways before heading for the stairs. It was raining outside, she could hear it even in the darkness. Lightening flashed and she froze at the sight of blood smeared on the banister. She reached out to touch it, needing to know if it was real or if she had slipped into another nightmare when she was grabbed from behind and pulled into a closet. The hand over her mouth kept her from screaming and she could feel something wet soaking through the back of her shirt.

“It’s me Nila, calm down.” Guy’s voice made her freeze and she turned in his arms, hugging him.

“What happened, why did you leave me?” She whispered back and he placed a finger over her lips.

“I went to get a drink, she was waiting for me and was fast.” His other hand was pressed to his stomach. She batted his other hand away from her mouth.

“Did you get hurt?”

“Stabbed, just once, it’s nothing.”


“I got a hit in, but I know she’s not gone, she’s waiting. Listen, I need you to get to my phone.”

“Where is it?”

He paused for a moment, listening. “On the coffee table. I’m going to cause a distraction, you get my phone and jump into the tunnel. You should still get service down there so call my parents, but never quit moving. Go straight thirty paces, turn right, take the second left after that and head straight until you come to a fork. There will be this black box, inside is a gun and a flashlight, take them and go right. The tunnel ends at my parents house. Wait for me there.”

“No, I can’t just leave you.”

He grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her. “Yes you can baby and besides, I’m a werewolf and will heal. I promise to come to you after the assassin is dead. Please just do as I say.”

“What if I’m caught?”

“Fight with all your strength, kill anyone who tries to hurt you. They may have orders to return you to your aunt and we don’t want that, so don’t go willingly, do whatever it takes to stay alive.”

“What if they take you?”

“Just don’t worry about that right now, you have to survive.”

She had so much more about this she wanted to contest but she decided she was only increasing the chances of somthing going wrong if she continued to fight with Guy. She quickly but quietly retrieved his phone then hurried into the tunnel. She followed the first instructions of going thirty paces before calling his parents because she wanted to be sure she wouldn’t miscount. She did what he said to do next and dialed his mothers numbers. “whats wrong?” Abeni asked since she knew her son wouldn’t be calling if everything was still okay.

“Someone came after us again. Guy is still in the house and he gave me directions to get to you through these tunnels. He told me to call you and let you know what’s going on”

‘come quickly, get off the phone so you dont get lost down there. If you dinf yourself lost you call me again and i’ll find you”

‘okay” they ended the call and she hurried along. Nila wanted to run but she also didn’t want to pass a turn.”

Guy ripped his clothes off and shifted, growling as he prowled around the house. Lightening flashed and he suddenly sensed someone behind him. He turned, his claws hitting nothing and a knife slicing across his chest. He could see the silhouette of his attacker and went after her with the ferocity of a rabid dog. He was cut again and again, but he was so angry at this person invading his home to hurt his beloved that he didn’t feel the pain. Lightening flashed and he could see the panic in the woman’s eyes that he wasn’t going down. She was so distracted by his snapping jaws that she backed herself into a corner. His claws caught her across the stomach. She stabbed him in the shoulder and he grabbed her by the throat. He snapped it like a twig and threw her to the floor, letting out a loud howl. He was sure it would scare his neighbors, but since none of them had even seen a wolf, he doubted they would venture out to investigate. He made his way to the trapdoor and jumped in, wanting to be with Nila.

Nila followed Guy’s direction to the letter. Once she had the gun and flashlight, she felt more secure. She ventured down the tunnel that he had said lead to his parents house, her breathing the only sound in the oppressive silence. She didn’t know how long the tunnel was and hoped she was drawing closer. She froze when she thought she heard something behind her and spun around, flashlight and gun up. She wondered if Guy had lost his battle with the assassin and if she was about to be killed next. She stood stock still, waiting. At the end of her light beam, two eyes glowed and she knew it had to be the eye shine of a predator. “Guy.” She knew it was him, it had to be. She ran to him, her eyes filling with tears as she leaped into his arms. “I was so scared.” She felt him shifting back to his human form as he held her and his lips pressed against hers, warm and alive. “You’re bleeding.” She said when she pulled back.

“Don’t worry about it baby, they’ll close. Lets get out of this tunnel.”

“Did you kill her?”

“I had no choice.”

He lifted her though he was wounded and she would have protested had it not been for the look of worry on his face. She knew what he was thinking. He was worried she would think him a monster for taking someone’s life. She relaxed against him, trying to ignore the stickiness and familiar smell of blood. He put her on her feet when they got to the trap door and banged on it to let his parents know it was them. It was pulled open and Abeni reached in and pulled Nila out. Guy followed her and slammed and locked the door. “Where’s dad?” Guy asked.

“He went to your house to assist you.”

“He’ll only find a body.”

“He knows what to do sweetie. Your wounds?”

He waved his hand. “Fine.” He wiped some of the blood away, revealing smooth skin. Nila was so shocked she had to wipe blood from his abdomen to make sure they were really closed. “I told you they would close.” He gathered her in his arms. “We’re going to use your shower mom, can you get us something to wear please?”

“Of course baby. Your father said we were going back home when he returns, this attack was the last.”

“Then get us when he gets here.” He lifted Nila off the floor and carried her upstairs and into the bathroom.

“We’re going to shower together?” Nila was finally able to ask.

“There is no reason to be modest, we’re mates and it’ll be faster this way.”


He sat her on the counter and kissed her, making her face turn red. “I promise not to do anything unless you ask me too, even though I would love to make love to you.” She swallowed, her heart beat quickening. “I don’t think we’d have time anyway, so please don’t worry baby. I just want this blood off of us.”

It took her awhile after he had started to undress to make herself start. No matter how innocent he described this shower as it was still the first time he would really see her naked. He got the water running while she finished stripping, forcing his eyes to stay off of her so he wouldn’t make her more nervous than she already was. He stepped in and soon she followed. He couldn’t resist a glance any longer so turned to take in how gorgeous she was “Nila” was all he said and it carried so much meaning and emotion. How could he say so much in just her name? It made her weak and strangely a little more comfortable naked around him.

“Would it be alright if I washed you?” She asked shyly, but she really wanted to get the blood off of him. There seemed to be a lot and it was a little distressing.

“Of course, do what you like.” He handed her the bottle of soap. She squeezed some into her hand and rubbed it on him, happy when the blood came off and there was not even a scratch on him. She had been more than terrified upon learning he had been stabbed. Flashes of her parents murder had filled her head and she thought for sure she was going to lose him. He had calmed her so easily and had kept his promise to come back to her. Her hands moved over his chest and abdomen, making his breath hitch a little as her fingers brushed his happy trail. She worked her way back up to his shoulders then went down his arms, suddenly giving a little smile. “What?” He asked.

“I remember when you were nothing but a string bean and then one day you shoot up and get all these muscles.”

“It’s called puberty and it was a very hard time for me.” He grabbed her hand and pressed it against his chest. “All of those hormones and on top of that I’m a wolf so you can imagine how crazy I was.”

“That’s when you joined the wrestling team. I seem to remember you winning quite a bit.”

He chuckled. “I did have an unfair advantage, but it’s better to be exhausted than hounding around, especially when all I wanted was the girl of my dreams.” He moved closer to her so they were touching. “I really love you Nila.”

“I love you too.”

“Would it be okay if I washed you too?”


He smiled at how red she was as he grabbed the soap and let some drip on her skin. She gasped at how cold it was and he sat the bottle down to let his hands move lovingly over her. She was so soft and warm, her skin like silk. He longed to let his lips travel her, to taste her sweetness. He wanted to prolong their time in the shower together, but he heard what he knew was the front door opening and closing and rinsed her off. He pressed his forehead against hers, giving an irritated sigh. “When all of this is over, we’re going to spend some actual time together. I’m going to put a big sign that says ‘Get the hell away or die’ and hopefully people who value their lives will listen.”

“So possessive.”

“I can’t help it, I’ve wanted you for so long that having you now is so overwhelming I want to lock you up and keep you to myself for awhile.”

Chapter Five

She smiled, actually loving the sound of that. They turned off the water, dried then put on the clothes that his mother Abeni had placed on the bed for them. Nervous for what was to happen next Nila took Guys hand tightly in hers and kept it as they walked back out to his parents. “You two okay?” Brogan asked. “yeah, lets just get going” he nodded a bit solemnly. All he could think about was failing Nila like he had her parents. He knew Guy would die if it meant keeping Nila safe but he also didn’t want to lose his son.

They all left hurriedly, Nila following without a question or even speaking a syllable. Her mind was racing with what her home world looked like, what her Aunt looked like, how she could want her own sister and niece dead, how they were going to overcome this and worry over loseing what little family she had left.

Guy picked her up as they drew closer to the city park and she relaxed into him, letting his warmth wash over her. She never felt safer than when she was in his arms. They walked into the wooded area at the back of the park, stopping once they came to a ring of mushrooms. They all stepped inside and Nila looked around, not understanding. “This is the opening to the portal.” Abeni explained. “We came through here with you and your parents when you were just a baby.”

“What if someone accidentally went through?” Nila asked, clinging a little tighter to Guy.

“They would have to know how to open it first, so it’s relatively harmless.” Brogan explained.


“Well if a bad person were to come through and some innocent happened upon them then that would be bad, but something like that is incredibly unlikely. Most people around here stick to the trail.”


Guy brushed his nose against her ear then whispered, “Don’t worry my love, I won’t let anyone or anything hurt you. Trust me to protect you.”

“I do.”

He kissed her cheek then gave his parents a nod. His father opened the portal and for a moment Nila felt like she was falling. Her stomach gave a lurch and her heart felt like it had stopped. She squeezed her eyes shut as tight as she could and held her breath. “You can open your eyes now Nila.” She let her eyelids drift slowly open and gasped. It was dusk, the sky was was full of shades of pink and purple. The grass was an indigo color and the leaves of the trees were covered in pink, violet, and orange leaves. It was beautiful and eerie at the same time.

“So, what do you two think?” Albeni asked.

“This is amazing.” Nila answered, her eyes constantly moving to take in everything. She finally let them settle on Guy. “What about you?”

Even though it had been years since he had been here and he had barely any memory of it, he still knew this place. He remembered the smells and the sounds, he was home. “It’s wonderful.”

“We should find the rest of the pack, I’m sure Achava and Luol will be happy to see us.”

They agreed and set off to find the pack. Nila who was previously filled with anxiety found it a bit lessened even though they were near her Aunt. This place was gorgeous and she wished she could have actually grown up here instead of where she had once thought was her home. If this ended well, this was where she wanted to be. She hated that things “ending well” would mean the death of another family member but it was the same one who killed her parents and no punishment was too much for that in her opinion.

Brogan, Abeni, and Guy suddenly growled, startling her. They crouched down, Guy holding her tightly against him. “Patrol.” Brogan whispered.

“This far out?” Abeni replied.

“Aafje must be getting paranoid with three failed attempts on Nila’s life.” They stayed quite as the patrol moved by and Nila buried her face in Guy’s chest, peeking to see the armored men walk by. They waited a few minutes after they had moved out of sight then hurried away.

“Where do you think our pack is?” Guy asked, wanting to get Nila to a safe place.

“I think we are far enough away from the patrol for them to think we are merely average wolves.” Brogan let out a loud howl, calling for his pack to answer. It took a few moments, but a reply soon sounded and both Abeni and Brogan smiled as they took off through the woods. Guy followed close behind, ever alert for an attack. When they came upon the pack, the males had all shifted, thinking perhaps this was a deception on Aafje’s part. When they saw Brogan and Abeni, they all shifted back, their leader pulling Brogan into a hug.

“Brother, I never thought to see you again.” The leader said then let go of Brogan and hugged Abeni. “And you Abeni.” He let go of her too then turned and looked at Guy and Nila. “This must be your boy and my, my the princess looks just like her mother.”

Guy gave him a wary look, but he felt as if he knew this man. “I know you.” He said.

“Aye, I am your uncle Achava.” He turned and gestured to one of the males. “That is my boy Luol. We are all happy to see you. We heard about the loss of the king and queen, we were heartbroken to hear of their murder. I suspect that is what has brought you home?”

“An assassin was sent after Nila, we have come to fight Aafje and reclaim the throne for our princess.” Brogan explained.

“We are all ready to fight at your command my alpha. We had to move the pack and rebuild our village after your departure, but there is plenty of room in my home for all of you. I suspect Guy and the princess will be sharing a room?”

“Yes sir, she is my mate and I refuse to leave her side.” Guy answered, making Nila blush.

“Follow us.” Achava turned away and they followed. “You will all like our new home. We built it close to a set of hot springs so it is always warm in the winter time.”

They all followed and were quickly shown where they could stay for the evening. Now in the safety of the pack and a room Guy was able to set Nila down without fearing for her safety. “we aren’t doing anything tonight?”

“My parents are probably talking now with my Uncle. We need to be well rested to win so it’s probably best we wait until tomorrow. The pack will keep us safe and I’d personally die before I let you get hurt”

“don’t say stuff like that, I dont want to think about you dieing”

“I wont, I’m just saying I would if I needed to so dont worry.”
“Don’t even need too. It doesn’t matter if there is a gun to my head or a knife to my throat, if you die I will never forgive you. I can’t live forever and be alone, my broken heart would kill me before my next birthday.”

“Nila.” He grabbed her hands and pulled her into him. “My sweet Nila.” His hands framed her face and he pressed his lips against hers. Her fingers bunched in his shirt as their kiss became more passionate, their tongues dueling. He tipped her head back, letting his lips travel her neck to her collar bone. “You taste like honey and smell like spring, so beautiful.”

His words touched her deeply and made her feel truly loved. He poured his heart and soul into everything he said and it made her tear up. “I love you.” Her voice cracked with emotion and he kissed his way back up, letting his lips move over her cheek and across both eyelids.

“Please don’t cry baby, I hate your tears.” He tipped her gently back onto the bed, his hands pushing at her clothes in a desperate attempt to get at more of her. She welcomed his touch, needing him to wash away all of her fears, wanting to be wrapped in the heat of his body. Goosebumps covered her bare skin and she heard him give a little gasp. “You’re always so beautiful, no matter how many times I see you, you take my breath away.” He bent his head to her breasts, his mouth sucking and his tongue flicking her already hard nipples so she moaned and tangled her fingers in his hair. His teeth bit down on the swell of her left breast, marking the pale flesh so others would know she was taken.

His hand slid over her stomach, his fingers moving between her thighs. “Guy, I…I…”

“Shh, it’s okay, neither have I my love. I wanted you and only you so please don’t worry.” He kissed her as he pushed his fingers past her folds and into her heated center, making her whimper with pleasure and cling tightly to him.

He went at a slow pace, eventually using his thumb to rub her as his fingers moved. He built her to orgasm then as desperately as he undressed her he jerked off his pants and mounted his mate. He kissed then licked her neck up to her ear before asking “you ready for me my love?”

“yes” she responded breathlessly. With wish he wasn’t about to hurt her he thrust his shaft into her tight hold as she let out a pained moaned. He kept going and when he saw more pleasure in her face and her moans became more lustful he bit down on her shoulder and let himself thrust as wildly as he wanted. He spent himself in her depths, letting himself enjoy her quivering a few moments before pulling out and kissing her lips.

Are you okay?” He asked, his voice gentle as he moved to her side. His hand swept lovingly over her, massaging her back.

“Oh yes, perfect.” Her eyes were damp with tears of joy and she snuggled closer to him.

“Thank you for giving yourself to me. I’m sorry I lost control, you bring the animal out in me.”

She kissed his chest, the feel of her lips moving over his skin giving him goosebumps. “I thoroughly enjoyed myself.” She nibbled at his chest then bit down so he jumped and inhaled sharply. A blush tinted her cheeks at his reaction.

He tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her head back, his lips descending hungrily on hers. He had never felt this happy or this needy in his life. “I fear you may be in danger my princess. I’m afraid you have awakened something in me, a greedy lustful beast.”

Her heart thundered in her chest, but a smile pulled at her lips at his admission. “I don’t mind being on the receiving end of your lust my wolf.”

“I love you Nila, more than anything.”

“I love you too.” She pressed her forehead against his chest and sighed. “I wish this moment would never end. I don’t want to storm a castle and fight with my aunt, I want to stay in your arms.”

“I know baby and the sooner we take back what is ours, the sooner we can start our life together. I plan on keeping you to myself for awhile and making up for all the days you were not mine.”

“I’m looking forward too it.”

He kissed her head. “I want you to make me a promise.”


“That you won’t leave my side when we storm the castle. Stick close to me at all times. I know you can defend yourself, you’re not helpless, but stay with me.”

“I’ll promise as long as you make me one as well.”


“Don’t take any unnecessary risks. If we have to retreat, I want you to swear you will run with me. I would rather you live to fight another day, than watch you die. Don’t let your pride get the best of you.”

“I promise.” There was a tap on their door and Guy got up, tugging on his pants as she covered herself with a blanket. Always mindful of her, he didn’t open the door all the way, but smiled when he saw it was just his father. “So?”

“We attack tomorrow. Achava has dispatched wolves to gather other packs to help us. Soon this world will once again be under peaceful reign.”

Chapter Six

“alright, we’ll be ready” he shut the door and went back to Nila to hold her. The second he slid into bed he wrapped his arms around her and gave her forehead a kiss. “are there a lot of packs here?” Nila asked and Guy answered “yeah, hopefully most will be willing to help out. Wolven kind here are noble so I’m not worried about them declining to help.”

“will i be meeting a lot of them?”

“Maybe after I’m done being greedy with you” Nila smiled and kissed his nose “you’re really sweet Guy”

“I’ve waited so long for you. I’m not going to screw this up”

“Why didn’t you ask me out”

“i’m not even fully sure. Being stupid i suppose”

“sounds about right” she responded playfully.

“As brave as I am when it comes to protecting you, I am a coward when it comes to being honest about my feelings. I was incredibly jealous when you were dating, I hated the smell of those boys cologne on you, hated they had kissed you. The wolf in me bared its teeth and growled every time I saw you with a boy. How childish of me.”

“I don’t think it’s childish at all, it’s actual pretty cute and shows me how much you love me. You could have interfered at any time, instead you let me live my life. You are without a doubt the sweetest man I have ever known.”

He planted another kiss on her forehead. “You should rest, we have a big day tomorrow.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too baby.”

She rubbed her cheek against his chest, making his heart give a little leap of joy. He couldn’t believe his luck and felt truly blessed having Nila by his side. Her breath softened, her body relaxed completely into him and he smiled down at her. “You are truly worthy of the title princess and soon you will be my Queen.” He gently stroked her cheek, reveling in her softness. She was such a miracle. He forced himself to stop touching her before he woke her and allowed himself to settle into the mattress. He knew the wolf would wake him if anything happened. He was still wary even of his own pack since he didn’t really know any of them. He was sure as time past, he would become more trusting of them, but for now he only trusted himself and his parents with Nila’s safety. A knock roused them the next morning, causing Guy to let out an unintentional growl as his eyes snapped open. The rumbling sound startled Nila and she very nearly jumped out of bed, but his arms kept her captive.

“Sorry love.” He said softly.

“It’s okay, it just surprised me.”

He got up and pulled the door open a little. It was his cousin Luol. “Sorry, but it’s time. I brought you guys some clean clothes and I made breakfast.”

“Thank you, sorry for the rude response.” Guy replied as he took the clothes.

He shrugged. “I’ve been growled at plenty, I tend to surprise people without meaning too. They say it’s a shaman thing and besides, you two are now a mated pair, it would be stupid for you not to be wary of us. You did just meet us.”

“Again, thank you.”

Guy walked back to the bed, dropping the clothes at the foot of it so they could eat before dressing. Nila just smiled at him “what?’ he asked “you growling” she shook her head slightly. “well I love you Nila. Makes me a bit jumpy I guess”

“You’re sweet” They quickly ate their food then set the plates down on the dresser since they didn’t know quite where to take them as of yet. After that they started pulling on the clothes they had been given then they both brushed their teeth and hair. Guy pulled Nila into his arms and held her tightly there. She kissed his chest “We’re both going to survive this.”

“I know, I just need to do this a second before we go”

In all Nila had counted about eighty wolves, give or take a few. Each pack dressed differently, some even wore war paint. It was amazing to see them all together. After taking out the patrol, two of the four packs had moved to either side of the castle. The third had moved their way to the back and Brogan’s pack stood out in the open at the front gate. “Aafje, come and face us you cowardly bitch.” Brogan yelled. “We have come to reclaim our land.” There was no answer and the wolves let out growls of irritation. Brogan gestured at the packs to the side and they in turn gestured to the pack at the back of the castle. They moved out of the woods and Brogan and Abeni lead their pack forward. They shifted as they got closer, Guy letting Nila climb onto his back before following the others up the castle wall. It was both terrifying and fascinating to see so many angry, snarling beasts.

The minute they made it over the wall they were met by a volley of flaming arrows. A couple of the wolves were hit and angrily yanked the arrows out as they jumped over the other side of the wall. She slid from Guy’s back the moment they touched down and aimed the gun he had given her back in the human world at the soldiers. Brogan and the other alphas had planned to only maim the soldiers if they could. Being ruled by Aafje was not their choice and they more than likely had been forced to follow orders. Nila fired at the men in armor, aiming at their appendages. “Guy.” Brogan yelled upon shifting back to his human form. “Take Nila and go after Aafje.” Guy nodded and lifted Nila off her feet, running past the guards and to the front door. He smashed through it, startling the few soldier waiting in the entryway. He did not pause to deal with them, simply sped past them for the throne room.

Nila’s heart was beating so fast she feared it might explode from her chest and her fingers tightened on the gun, her knuckles turning white, betraying her nervousness. She was so focused on her thoughts that she had not realized Guy had stopped running. A growl rumbled in his throat and her eyes snapped up to see a woman standing in front of the throne room doors. The lower half of her face was covered and she held two curved daggers in her hands. “Guy, what do we do?” She whispered. He put her on her feet and moved in front of her.

“So that’s the princess. A bit of a disappointment.” The woman said and Guy growled at her again. “Is the little puppy angry, that’s good, I like feisty men.”

“Just get out of our way.” Nila said, trying to look around Guy, but he refused to let her expose herself.

“I can’t do that, the Queen is paying me a very hefty sum of money to kill you and your pet.”

Guy growled again, a deep, threatening rumble. The woman just smiled, filled with confidence this would be easy work. She had killed many before and these two would go down just as easily. She did hate wasting such a handsome man but there were more and the money was worth it. She ran at them and Guy did likewise. He’d kill her before he let her near his mate.

Nila watched as Guy and the woman moved around the hallway, the former’s teeth snapping at the latter’s face. The assassin’s daggers moved with lightening speed, cutting at the enraged werewolf so blood dripping to the floor. Guy slashed out with one clawed hand, catching the woman across the stomach. She hissed in pain, but that didn’t stop her from stabbing Guy in both shoulders then kicking his knee so his leg fell out from under him. “Die hound.” She raised her daggers and Nila watched in horror as they drove toward his face. She screamed his name and the daggers stopped an inch from his face. The assassin looked bewildered, but before she could utter a single word she was flung back and into the wall hard enough she was knocked unconscious. Nila dropped to her knees, feeling a little dizzy. She felt Guy’s arms wrap around her and she buried her face in his fur.

“What just happened?” She asked. “Did I do that?”

She felt him nod and she pressed herself closer to him. He shifted to his human form and pressed a kiss onto her forehead. “It’s okay, your latent abilities broke through, you’ll get used to it the more you use them.”

“I just want to be done with this day, I feel so exhausted already.”

“Then lets go knock a queen from her throne.”

They got to their feet and he shifted back to his wolf form. Nila forced herself to ignore the blood and followed him as he pushed the large double doors open and stepped into the throne room. The queen, her aunt, sat in a large chair at the back of the room. As they drew closer, Nila’s eyes widened. She could very easily have been looking at her mother. If it were not for the dark colors this woman wore and the glint of malice in her eyes, it could have been. “So you have returned.” Her held a hint of disdain.

“I am Nila, your sister’s daughter and I have come to claim what is mine.”

“I see you brought the dogs with you. How weak my guards and assassins must be to be defeated by such lowly creatures.” Guy growled and Aafje pointed a finger at him. “Quiet dog.” Guy moved toward her and a jolt of black electricity shot from her finger and hit him in the chest. He fell to the ground, writhed in pain as he was forced out of his wolf form and into his human one. His body convulsed and Nila dropped down next to him. The moment her hands touched him, she could feel the evil energy being forced away. It was as if it ran from her. He gasped for air, his body drenched in sweat.

“You bitch.” He snapped as he moved onto his hands and knees. Every muscle in his body felt like it was on fire and his bones ached. “You will give Nila what is hers or you will die.”

“And what will you do pup? Will you be the one to kill me?”

“Yes, I will eat out your heart.” His rage filled eyes stared at her.

“Bad dog.” The black lightening whipped out again and this time Nila put herself between the dark queen and her love. The dark magic swirled around her and Guy, but could not touch either of them. “You little bitch.” Aafje hissed and got to her feet, calling forth two hell hounds. “You presume to defeat me?”

“Yes, even though you are family, I will defeat you.”

“family? What does that have to do with anything?”

“Family is everything and I feel sorry for you you cold hearted bitch”

“I dont need your pity you pathetic brat! Others only hold you back and nothing will ever stop me from claiming all I desire”

“What good is having everything when you have nobody to share it with?!”

“I dont need anybody to share it with, the things themselves are enough” Nila scoffed, unbeliving how cold her Aunt truly was. It honestly was a sad realization.

Guy growled and shoved himself up from the floor and past Nila. “Dumb hound.” Aafje said as she let the lightening loose for a third time. Nila was shocked at the sounds of pain coming from his throat and grabbed her aunt’s arm to stop her. Her aunt grabbed her throat and shoved her to the floor, pointing at her so lightening hit her too. Her mouth dropped open and she screamed, her back bowing as it arched through her.

“Ni…la.” Guy’s voice sounded weak, but angry as he tried to crawl towards her.

“See how weak and pathetic you both are. How dare you come here and challenge me like some entitled brats. This land is mine.” She increased the strength of the electricity, making them both writhe in agony. Darkness closed in on Nila and she regretted being too weak to save Guy. Tears slipped into her hair and she closed her eyes.

“Nila, don’t…give…up.”

She felt anger move through her at Guy’s words. She could hear the pain behind his words, but he was still fighting, trying to push himself up to protect her. Her eyes snapped open and she looked at her aunt, feeling the sadness and betrayal fill her once again. This woman, her blood, had murdered her own family out of greed. “I won’t stop.” She said between clenched teeth as she forced herself onto her hands and knees. “Not afraid.” She pushed herself unsteadily to her feet. “You’re nothing but a monster.” Aafje gave her a venomous look and grabbed her by her throat. She pulled a dagger from the sheath at her thigh and started to drive it into Nila’s stomach, but found her hand unmovable. “How could you take them from me?” She felt a tingling in her body and white hot lightening surrounded them, arching from Nila’s body to the Aafje’s so the evil queen screamed in agony. The powerful build up of electricity sent them flying apart, Aafje slamming into the throne and Nila back onto the floor.

As if he hadn’t just been through the hell of electric shock Guy rushed to his mate, relieved he finally wasn’t being pinned down with agony. “Nila!” He exclaimed. Aafje hobbled trying to stand, soon her anger helping her raise up “fu…fucking bitch” she seethed, still full of spite and venom. Guy helped Nila stand as she glared back at her Aunt, summoning her power again.

Aafje’s dark magic withered under the brilliance of Nila’s power. She screamed, her body crumpling and then convulsing. “Just give up already, please. I don’t want to kill you, but I will.” Nila said, feeling exhausted.

“Ne…ver.” Aafje replied.

“Just let me kill her Nila.” Guy said and she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding tightly to him.

“Please don’t, no more bloodshed.”

Abeni and Brogan burst through the doors, both covered in cuts and blood, but still on their feet. They were in human form, obviously having won the battle outside. Nila stopped using her powers when she was getting far too tired to maintain the flow of electricity and her aunt lay limply on the throne room floor, her body still twitching. Nila slumped against Guy and he lifted her off the floor. Her eyes had drifted closed and she was pale from expending too much energy. Brogan took a threatening step toward Aafje and Guy said, “Nila said not to kill her.”

“What?” Brogan was frozen in his tracks. “After what she has done, after murdering the King and Queen?”

“She said no.”

“I don’t understand.”

Guy looked down at Nila’s face and smiled lovingly. “Her capacity for forgiveness is obviously greater than ours. She was so angry, I thought for sure she would outright kill Aafje, but she didn’t. Her heart is far too big.”

Brogan sighed. “Damn it.”

Abeni grabbed his arm. “Luol is the pack shaman, he can lock her powers away and then we can banish her. She would be no more harmful than a normal human.”

“If it is what Nila wants then we shall do as she says and spare that…that bitch.”

Brogan hated doing it but he took Aafje to their shaman and had her powers locked away before banishing her. He felt so much anger but knew he had to let it go, especially since Nila didn’t wish for revenge. Once the castle was cleaned up of all bodies and gore they let everyone in the kingdom know everything that happened and introduced Nila, the rightful heir to the throne. All were jubilant she would be taking over and grateful her horrible Aunt would make them suffer no longer. It was scary and a bit overwhelming for Nila but she knew she could do this as long as she had Guy by her side.

~The End

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