Nina & Cavan 2

Chapter One

Nina rode the unicorn stallion, her fingers gripping his long mane as he took her around the meadow. She laughed as he jumped high in the air, her arms outstretched. She felt such freedom. The unicorn landed softly and danced in a circle. She slid off his back and hugged his large head. Long emerald wings rested against her back like a cape. When Cavan’s mother had drawn the fairy out of her she had sprouted the wings. They were green for nature magic. She heard someone call her name, the familiar voice exciting her. She flew into Cavan’s arms and they twirled in a circle through the sky.

“Ready to go?” He asked and took them back to earth.

“Yes, I can’t wait to see Gavin and Amy and my little niece.” She hugged him. It was Gavin’s birthday in two days and they had promised to visit. She also wanted to hold little Patrice. She loved babies.

Cavan took her hand and they took off through the air. They flew over her clan’s village and waved at the young men and women. Suri had chosen a second in command to take care of her people when she left. He was so proud of how much she had accomplished in the two years she had been in his world. She was so beautiful and carefree, accepting her role as clan leader with courage and grace. They landed in front of the door to the house and touched their chests, getting rid of their wings. He had taken to wearing modern clothing so he didn’t have to worry about changing completely.

Amy about knocked Nina down when she pounced out the door onto her. “Hurry and come in!” When they were in the door Gavin hugged them. “Where’s Patrice?” Sleeping right now, be patient she’ll be up soon. Nina was really dissapointed but glad to see her brother. “Is my dad coming?”

“Yep and so is mine. Mom can’t make it though”

Just then she heard little Patrice wake up and dashed to her room picking her up. Patrice was happy to see her Aunt it seemed. Patrice smiled brightly up at her Aunt. She came back in the living room. “May I feed her for you guys!?” Amy laughed “Sure I’ll get some baby food ready.” Nina sat down on the floor with Patrice to change her. By the time that was done Amy had some food out so Nina washed her hands then started feeding the baby.

Gavin laughed at his sister. “I’ve never seen anyone so happy to take care of a baby. Most people consider that work but you act like it’s fun.” She smiled “It is fun for me. I love babies. Especially my little niece!.”

Cavan loved how she glowed when she was around Patrice. It was like there was nothing else in the world. He knew how bad she wanted to be a mother. She smiled up at him, her eyes like two bright stars. It warmed him. “Why isn’t Naomi coming?” He asked Gavin as they watched Amy and Nina cooing at little Patrice.

“She has the flu and didn’t want to bring it around the baby.” Gavin leaned against the wall. “She really wanted to see Nina too.”

“At least she’s attempting to patch things up with your sister.”

“Baby steps.”

Nina lifted Patrice into her arms and gave her an eskimo kiss. The baby giggled and grabbed her face. Her heart ached for children. She wanted a house full of babies. She hand Patrice to Amy and the baby snuggled close to her mother. She actually felt like crying. “I think we’ll get settled in real quick then be down for dinner.” Cavan said and took Nina’s hand.

“Of course.” Gavin said and hugged them both then whispered. “Amy’s cooking has improved so don’t worry.”

When they got to their room Nina said “Oh I’m so glad we wont have to pretend to enjoy Amys food.” Cavan laughed then kissed her cheek. “I love seeing you with Patrice. You look so happy. I’m sorry I haven’t givin you a baby yet” She laughed “You have nothing to be sorry for.” They were staying in the same room they did last time. It was nostalgic for Cavan. He smiled thinking back on the last time they were here.

He hugged her close, running his fingers through her hair. He couldn’t wait to see Jasper again and meet Gavin’s father. He wondered type of man he’d be. Probably very business oriented. He knew Nina didn’t have a large family so there would be very few people there. Gavin’s step mom was also supposed to be coming. He hoped she wouldn’t hit on him like Naomi had. It was rather disturbing and it was the only time he had ever wanted to hide behind Nina.

“What are you thinking about?” Nina asked and he leaned back to look down at her.

“Everything, babies, life, your family.” He smiled.

“You mean my ex step dad and his wife? Hank is okay I guess, a bit boring and his wife is one of those big tittied blondes who wouldn’t know a light socket from an ironing board.”

“So in essence she’s a moron?”

“Oh yes and she’s going to love you. She likes to flirt.” She laughed when he gave the most agonizing groan. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

Hidden in the wood along the back of the house was Argus. He knew Nina was in there with her prince. He wanted to take back what was his. He knew she would be out of fairy world for awhile. It was his chance to regain control of Diana’s clan. He would have to get rid of her second in command. It would be easy, the young man was far to trusting.

Nina headed back downstairs and into the kitchen. The smell of stew hit her nose and made her mouth water. She was starving. Amy smiled at her and offered her a spoon for a test taste. She scooped up a bit of the broth and took a sip. It was delicious. “This is amazing.” She said as she rinsed the spoon and sat it in the sink.

“Really? You’re not just saying that are you?” Her eyes were hopeful.

“I really love it, Amy. Do you need any help?”

“Could you fill bowls while I cut cornbread?”

“Of course.”

Nina started filling the bowls like Amy asked. Then she set them on the table. Amy cut the cornbread into small pieces and set it in the middle of the table. Between the two of them it was really fast. Soon they were all sitting down. Amy gave her daughter some cornbread. Nina spent most of dinner playing with Patrice. She finally quit and asked her brother “When are our dads coming?”

“They’ll be here in the morning.”

“Oh I’m so excited”

“You’ll always be a daddys girl huh Nina?” She smiled. Amy said “I hope Patrice is a mommies girl” Gavin wrapped an arm around her “I’m sure she will be Amy don’t worry.” Cavan was just sitting there shocked that he liked Amys food this time. Last time it had been hard for him to pretend it was good.  When they were done Gavin asked “Why don’t we play Monopoly?” Amy jumped up and down excited.

Gavin got the board game and Amy put Patrice in her bouncer and turned on Cartoons. They had to teach Cavan how to play. Gavin said “I can’t believe a grown man has never played Monopoly!” Nina laughed “Well he just likes to spend his time outdoors.” Cavan laughed and he actually enjoyed the game once he knew how to play. Of course Gavin won like always. “I swear you cheat Gavin you win every time!” Amy said. Nina laughed “Yep I’ve only beat him once and I think he let me!”

“Must be all those special mind powers I’m often accused of having.” Gavin said as he picked up the pieces.

“I’m sure it is and it’s not fair.” Nina jabbed him in the ribs.

“Says the girl who talked a cougar off of me. It would have saved me two weeks of being hospitalized if I had that ability.”

Patrice yawned and Nina couldn’t help but feel that little flutter in her chest. “May I put her to bed?” She asked Amy.

“Of course you can. You have to read her Goodnight Moon though or she won’t sleep.” Amy lifted Patrice and handed her to Nina.

She carried the baby upstairs and Cavan followed silently. He leaned against the door frame as she sat in the rocking chair in the corner with Patrice in her lap. He listened to her read and point out the pictures. The baby was so delighted. “Goodnight light and the red balloon, goodnight bears goodnight chairs.” She said softly. “Goodnight kittens and goodnight mittens, goodnight clocks and goodnight socks, goodnight little house and goodnight mouse.” Patrice snuggled into Nina, her eyes starting to drift closed. Nina’s soft sing song voice filled the room with peace and warmth. “Goodnight noises everywhere.” She finished and sat the book on the floor. She stood slowly and placed Patrice in her crib. She switched off the light and they left quietly.

They went back downstairs and helped clean up the kitchen and dining room. Cavan swept up the crumbs Patrice had left everywhere. Gavin talked animatedly about hopefully visiting them. It made Cavan a little nervous because that would mean bringing the whole family into fairy world and he wasn’t sure how well that would go over. He would talk to Nina about revealing everything to her family. He just smiled and nodded. Amy yawned and stated she was ready for bed. Nina agreed and they all headed upstairs. The minute the door was closed Cavan tugged Nina into his arms and kissed her. He lifted her off the ground and lay her gently on the bed.

“What was that for?” She asked as he untied and pulled off her shoes and then her jeans and t-shirt.

“For being so beautiful and perfect.” He stripped his own clothes off and flopped down next to her. “I have a feeling it’s going to be a long couple of days.”

“Aw why?” She layed on top of him. “Your brother wants to come visit us. I don’t think that would go over well and I don’t know what we’d say to him if he couldn’t come.”

“Well don’t worry about that right now and just enjoy the visit. I’m already having a good time. Their baby is so cute.”

“You’re so good with her too.” He wrapped his arms around her pressing her into him. “I love you so much Nina.” She yawned “I love you too. She relaxed and drifted off to sleep. Cavan just enjoyed holding her hoping they’d have their own little family soon. He eventually fell asleep with his happy thoughts of the future. It seemed like his eyes had only been shut a few seconds when there was pounding on their door.

Nina & Cavan jumped up and quickly got dressed. She opened the door and her father picked her up “It’s been too long Nina!” She hugged him happily “Oh yes it has!” He then picked up Cavan in a tight hug. “Nice to see you too. Nina better have nothing but good things to say about you or I’ll have to take you outside and teach you how to treat my daughter.”

“Dad stop that! He’s amazing to me!” Her father winked and said “good” smiling at Cavan who didn’t seem afraid. Jasper loved how nothing he did intimidated Cavan.

“So what’s my little bunny rabbit been up too?” He draped one big arm over her shoulders and the other over Cavan’s

“Same as always, wandering around the forest and trying to take every wild animal home I come across.” She smiled up at him as they walked downstairs.

“I used to let her keep snakes, turtles, and one time a porcupine. Her mother nearly had a heart attack when she found that thing sleeping in Nina’s closet. I got glared at for weeks.” He laughed. “Anyway, Amy and Gavin are outside with his dad and step mom. Crazy broad gave me the I want you look so watch your ass Cavan or she might grab it.”

Cavan had never laughed so hard in his life. He slapped the old man on the back as he pulled open the front door and they stepped out onto the porch. Everyone in the front yard looked up and he had to cough to cover up the sound. Jasper let them go so he could get his suitcase out of his car and Cavan laced his fingers through Nina’s as they walked over to greet Gavin’s dad and step mom. Nina had been right when she called the woman a big tittied blonde. They were almost falling out of her top. He felt embarrassed.

“Nina, how nice to see you.” Hank said and hugged her. “This must be Cavan.” He held out his hand and Cavan shook it. “This is my wife Clara.” The woman couldn’t be more than thirty five.

“Nice to meet you, ma’am.” She grinned at him and he felt uncomfortable.

“Likewise.” She said.

They all went inside and Nina helped Amy make breakfast. Cavan felt a vibration of energy in the air and saw Amita standing outside the window gesturing for him to come out. “Excuse me for a moment.” He went into the kitchen and whispered in Nina’s ear.

“Amy, Cavan needs to talk to me do you need anything else?”

“Right, talk. No you two go ahead and talk.” She winked.

They rushed outside to talk to Amita “What’s going on?”

“Nina your second hand man was attacked and killed last night. Nobody knows what happened.”

“Do you need me to come back?” Nina said worried and upset. She had grown close to him. “I don’t think so at this moment I just thought you should know. We’re trying to figure out what happened but mom and dad think it was Argus. We’ve been waiting for him to strike back. Especially mom didn’t think he’d really step down without a fight. Try and think up an excuse in case your clan needs you ok? I may have to come get you at a moments notice.”

Cavan was fearful for his wife. If Argus had attacked her second in command he’d surely attack her. “We’re fine to go whenever. Thank you for letting us know.” Amita was gone in a flash and they went back inside. Jasper noticed they both looked upset “What’s wrong you two?”

“It’s just stuff with Cavans family. There’s been a death. His sister was just here but she’s gone now.”

“Wow, why didn’t she come inside?” Gavin asked. Amy hit him “She’s probably distraught! Don’t ask things like that!” Cavan and Nina sat down for breakfast. Her father tried playing with her to cheer her up but nothing worked. Cavan was surprised how much hearing he died had upset her. She had such a big and caring heart. Maybe they should sneak out tonight and check on things. He’d suggest it to her later.

Maybe going home and helping sort things out would make her feel atleast a little better. Patrice woke up crying. Amy asked Nina “Would you like to get her” Hoping it would cheer her up a bit which it did. She practically ran to that room. She hadn’t finished breakfast but the news made her lose her appetite. She just layed on the floor playing with Patrice, Finally smiling. Jasper said “Well atleast somthing can make her happy. I guess she’s already close to your family huh Cavan?”

“She loves everyone. My dad says she’d mourn the death of a star if it occured to her to do so.” He answered.

“That’s about as true as it gets. Your sister sure left fast. I didn’t even hear her car.”

“Daddy Patrice wants you.” Nina handed him the squealing little girl who immediately latched onto his beard. Cavan mouthed a thank you for the distraction. He hated lying to her father. He excused himself, nearly running into Clara as he went into the kitchen. She brushed against him and he cringed. He filled a glass with water and gulped it down. Nina came in, looking worried.

“Your dad pays too close attention to detail. I think he’s starting to suspect something.” Cavan said and refilled his glass.

“We might have to consider showing him. I mean it’s not like he can have a heart attack.” She gave him a small smile.

They stood there in silence for a moment, listening to everyone laughing and talking in the living room. “I’m worried about the rest of the clan.” Nina finally said.

“We can go check on them once everyone falls asleep tonight if you like.” He finished his water and sat the glass in the sink. He pulled her into his arms and stroked her hair. “I’m sorry about Nathanial, he was a good man.”

Chapter Two

‘I just feel bad. I shouldn’t have left him in charge of things by himself.”

“Don’t talk like that. It’s not your fault.” He kissed her forehead.

“Lets go back before my nosy dad gets more suspicious. Just calm down everything will be fine. My dad is good at keeping secrets if he does find out.” They walked back into the dining room. They didn’t sit back down though. Cavan just stood behind Nina holding her. Everyone finished eating and Jasper asked Nina and Cavan if they wanted to go out to the lake down the road. Maybe go hiking up the trail near there.

“That’s a great idea!.” Gavin agreed then asked his dad if he wanted to go to the movies with him and Amy. Gavin said “We’ll meet back here for dinner. Maybe we’ll buy a new board game before we get back to play.” Cavan and Nina walked out to Jaspers car and they started their way to the lake. Nina sat up front with her father while Cavan sat in the back. “Where do you and Cavan live Nina?” She froze. They had never thought to think of what to say to him about that. Now she was sure he was on to the fact she was hiding somthing.

“Dad, please.” She said.

“I’m not a senile old man. I know when you’re keeping things from me.”

Cavan sat in the back, unsure what to do. He didn’t want to get in between father and daughter. “Turn around.” He finally said.

“I’m not taking you back to Gavin’s.” Jasper said.

“I know, just turn around and drive until I tell you to pull over.”

Jasper slowed and made a U-turn. They drove in silence, Nina staring uncomfortably out the passenger window. Cavan hoped she was angry with him. She had said he was good at keeping secrets. They drove a few miles from Gavin’s house and Cavan told Jasper to pull off the road. “Follow us.” He said and exited the car. They walked up a small trail to the house that was the doorway between worlds.

“This is your home?” Jasper asked.

“Not exactly.” Nina grabbed his hand and led him inside and to the back door. “You have to promise not to do anything out of character, you know like fainting or screaming like a little girl.”

“Why would I do that?”

Nina took a deep breath and pulled the door open. “This is why.”

Ninas dad looked around in awe. He coudln’t believe his eyes. “Thi this…but..ho how….what?” He looked at his daughter then at Cavan. They placed their hands on their chest and he saw them for what they really were. He couldn’t believe his eyes looking at his little girl “Please explain this to me.” Nina sat down with her father and she told him everything. It took about two hours to go through it all. “You can’t tell anyone dad. Promise me.” He promised

“I knew you were keeping somthing from me but I never imagined somthing like this. I knew there was somthing special about you Cavan. My little girl. It’s hard to think the cold Naomi has any fairy blood in her. I just don’t know what to say beyond that. Thanks for being honest with me you two. I promise not to speak a word and when you need to come back I’ll cover for you ok?”

She hugged her father. She was so happy to have that in the open now. It was miserable for her to tell him lies. “Can I explore a bit please?” Cavan smiled and said sure. They showed him all sorts of things that just made Jaspers jaw drop. It was getting to be about dinner time so they left. “You guys have to let me go back somtime!” Nina nodded happily.

They arrived back at the house. Everybody else was already back and Amy had started supper. Gavin said “I was worried you guys wouldn’t make it back in time. How was the lake?”

Jasper said “Absolutely amazing.” A huge smile across his face. Gavin looked confused “It’s the same old lake Jasper why is it suddenly so wonderful?” Jasper laughed “Because I had fun with these two. I can’t wait to go back with them!” Nina helped Amy finish up. Gavin said “i bought Balderdash today. It looked so interesting!” Nina read the box. “That sounds like it’s going to be fun!” They played a few hours until Amy looked like she was going to pass out. Gavin said well I guess we better all head to bed.

Everyone else agreed and went to their rooms for the night. When Nina and Cavan got to theirs Cavan asked her “Do you still want to go back and check on your clan?”

“Oh yes, lets wait an hour longer though to make sure everybody is in bed.”

“Sounds like a good plan!”

When the house was silent Cavan slid their bedroom window open and slipped out. He helped Nina through and they flew quickly, but quietly back to their home. Nathanial had been murdered inside the main hall. If someone got that close then it had to be Argus. Only a familiar face could have fooled her second. She walked around the throne room, recreating the murder in her head. There was blood on the large chair so he had been sitting. She sat down, her finger getting nicked on something sharp. She checked the arm of the chair and found an old arrow head. She shrugged, thinking it must have been something of Diana’s like a lucky charm.

She went around the small village, checking on everyone. She gave an order that if they spotted the fugitive fairy they were to immediately contact Amita. She promised she would return soon. She put one of the older men in charge and told him not to make it obvious. They held hands as they flew through the air and back to the house. They crossed quickly through and went back to Gavin’s house.

“This whole thing with Argus is just one huge mess.” She said as she flew back into their room.

“He won’t stay in hiding forever. He wants you. He knew killing Nathanial would hurt you.” Cavan closed the window and curtains. If Argus was out there he didn’t want him spying on them.

“This is my fault, poor Nathanial. His mother must be heartbroken and I have done nothing to comfort her.”

He hated seeing her so defeated. He wrapped her in his arms, his fingers tangling in her hair and tugging gently so she had to turn her face up to him to be kissed. She shivered and he noticed her skin felt cold. He pulled her into the bathroom, switching on the shower. He tested the water, making sure it wasn’t too hot before turning and helping her out of her clothes. He pulled his own off and tossed them on top of the pile. She stepped under the water and he followed, pulling her close. She felt so cold and her shivering got worse.

“It wasn’t very cold outside. Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m not sure why I’m so cold either.” He rubbed her arms and held her tightly. “I think you’re just stressed and upset. She looked up at Cavan. He was so sexy it was almost too much at times. Her mind wandered from her upsetness and worry thinking “How could such a gorgeous man be so enamoured with me?” He stared back and smiled. She actually looked a bit happy now which made him feel better. She still felt really cold and it concerned him.

“You’re the gorgeous one, next to you I look like a toad.” He smiled.

“I don’t know if my dad told you, but I love toads.” Her teeth were chattering and she clenched her jaw to stop them.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m just a little…” Her vision swam and she gripped his shoulders. “I think I need to lay down.”

Cavan stepped out of the tub and lifted her out he grabbed a towel drying her and then himself. He carried her to the room and lay her on the bed, pulling the blanket up to her chin. “My heart is going crazy and I feel sick.” She said. Cavan touched his chest, once again clothed. He ran to Jasper’s room and banged on the door. The old man answered sleepily. “Something’s wrong with Nina.” He said. Jasper followed him down the hall and to his daughter.

“What’s wrong baby?” He asked.

“Chills, dizzy, and sick. My heart is racing and my mouth feels like it’s going numb.” She answered.

“We have to get her to the hospital now. She has rattler venom in her veins.”

“Wasn’t bit, cut my finger.”

“It doesn’t matter how it got there, we have to take her now.”

Cavan lifted Nina still wrapped in the comforter. He followed Jasper through the house. The noise had woke Gavin and Jasper told him quickly in passing what was going on. They were outside and in Jasper’s car. Cavan sat in the back with Nina, her head pillowed on his lap. “I have to throw up.” She said.

“In the pocket on the back of the seat are some grocery bags I keep for when I have to clean the car.” Jasper said, driving at break neck speed. Cavan grabbed a bag and held Nina’s hair back as she vomited. She started crying and he whispered reassuring things to her. He had to keep her calm.

They arrived at the hospital and Cavan carried her inside. Jasper explained to the nurse what was going on and they took Nina back. “Just wait in the waiting room for a moment I’ll let you know when you can come back and what room she’s in.” They nodded and sat down. Both extreamly worried about her. About an hour passed and they allowed them to go and see her. The nurse said “Poor thing is sleeping but she’ll be ok now. We will release her in the morning.

Cavan asked “Can we stay tonight?”

“Of course you can.” They each sat down. Cavan pulled up a chair and layed his head next to Nina. Jasper kissed her on the head then layed down in the window seat. Cavan awoke to her running her fingers through his hair. He grabbed her hand and kissed it. “I’m so glad you’re ok! I wouldn’t have known what to do if it wasn’t for your father.” Jasper was still sleeping in the window. Nina smiled at him “When can I go home? I hate hospitals.” The nurse said we could take you home this morning.

“oh good!” He crawled into the bed with her and held her in his arms. The nurse came in after around 20mins and said “Awe, I have your discharge papers. You’re free to leave Nina.” The nurse undid her IV and NIna got up excitedly. They woke up Jasper who looked so relieved to see his little girl feeling better. “Thank god!” As he lifted her up then kissed her cheek.

Cavan let Jasper help Nina into a wheelchair while he gathered the comforter. The hospital had provided sweat pants and a sweater Nina’s doctor stopped him on the way out the door and Cavan told Jasper to take Nina to the car. “Are you Nina’s husband?” The doctor asked.

“That would be correct.” He said.

“We didn’t tell you, but we didn’t give her the anti venom. She wouldn’t let us.”

“Why not?”

“She’s pregnant, about three weeks. At least that’s what her blood tests say. Anyway, her body fought off the venom on its own and her and the baby are fine as far as we can tell.” The doctor looked fascinated. “I would keep an eye on her just in case.”

He was in such a state if shock he couldn’t say anything. The doctor just walked away. He didn’t remember the walk back to the car. He slid into the back with Nina, his hand grasping hers with a mix of excitement and fear. “What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Lets talk later, after the party.” He said and kissed her knuckles.

“You look so pale and you’re shaking.”

“Bunny rabbit, I’m shaking. That was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever been through and I had two heart attacks.” Jasper said as the drove back to Gavin’s.

They got back to the house and Gavin hugged her so tightly she couldn’t breath. “Jeez Gavin.”

“I’m sorry I was so worried.” Amy said “I have to pick up the cake.” Gavins dad asked to go with her and off they went. Nina looked at her brother excited “What would you like to do today? It’s all about you!”

“Are you sure you’re ok to do things?” She sighed deeply “Yes I am. Now tell me what you want to do.” Gavin thought. “I know, I have somthing to show you Nina!.” They followed Gavin outside and a little ways in the woods until they came up on a treehouse. Ninas eyes widened “It’s….it’s our old treehouse! The one we always played in!” He smiled loving how excited it made his sister. “Yep, I had an exact replica of it made so my daughter could enjoy the same one we played in. I probably should’ve waited until she was older to get it built but when the idea popped in my head I just had to get it done. Amy’s afraid to go up there.”

Nina started climbing up. Cavan didn’t think she should be climbing without her wings out so she could fly if she fell. Jasper looked a bit worried too since his daughter just left the hospital. Gavin climbed up after her. Then Jasper and Cavan followed. “It is! It’s just the same as ours! Oh how did you make this happen!” Tears were forming in her eyes and she hugged her brother. “I knew you’d love it. We had our best times in our treehouse.”

“It’s perfect.” She wrapped her brother in a hug and cried into his shoulder.

“Come on sis, don’t cry. You make such an ugly face when you cry.” He laughed and she punched him playfully on his chest.

“Who built the original?” Cavan asked as he ran his fingers over the wood.

“Both of our dads built it together.” Gavin said with a smile. “They wanted to do something special for us so they got together and designed this thing. Jasper added all the detail like the forest mural and the deer carved on the benches. My dad drew up the blueprints.”

“It took us awhile to complete, but by the time we were done and we saw the looks on their little faces it was worth it.” He wrapped Gavin and Nina in a big bear hug, squeezing them hard enough that they had to ask him to stop. “We better get back down. You need to be resting anyway.” Jasper was so serious.

“Yes daddy, I know.”

They climbed back down, Nina going second and Cavan helping her off the ladder. Jasper, in true father form, told her to march to her room and rest and for Cavan to make sure she did as she was told. He tried not to laugh at the look on Nina’s face, slightly annoyed with a glimmer of adoration. He lifted her off the ground and carried her into the house and upstairs. He lay her in bed and covered her up.

“I’m not even tired, Cavan.” She said. “Tell me what’s on your mind.”

Chapter Three

“The fact that you’re pregnant and everything going on at home.”


“You dont remember them telling you last night that you were?”

“I was miserable last night and hardly understood a word they said. This morning I could barely remember a thing! I’m really pregnant!?” He said yes with a smile and she got up and hugged him.  He made her lay back down then he layed down beside her to hold her in his arms. She looked happier than he had ever seen her before. He was glad she was going to finally have a baby. “How how could I rest now Cavan?!”

“Please do for me.” She sighed and closed her eyes to try and force herself to rest. Cavan was going to stay awake to make sure she kept laying down. She had terrfied him last night. Things would be even worse at home. Argus was a power hungry person and he wouldn’t stop until he was dead. He was strong and he feared for his wife and baby. He wasn’t going to let Nina out of his sight until Argus was dead.

Amy, Hank & Clara got back with the cake. Jasper thought Nina would be mad if they celebrated without her so he went to their room to check on them. He knocked and Cavan opened the door. “Is she asleep?” She sat up “Nope, just layed there for Cavans sake!” Jasper laughed. “The cake is here.” She got up and grabbed Cavans hand. “Ok we’re coming!”

Nina put twenty-eight candles on the cake while Amy lit them. Amy was so nervous she asked Nina to carry the cake out. It was dark in the dining room when they entered, singing Happy Birthday. Everyone joined in and Gavin sat there with a big grin on his face. He looked like a little boy. He blew out his candles and everyone clapped then Hank turned the lights on. Amy removed the candles and cut a nice big piece off for Gavin.

“Do you like it.” Amy asked.

“It’s delicious, butter cream with raspberry filling is the best.” He said and kissed her on the cheek.

She cut off a piece for everyone. Amy was so excited everyone loved it. Nina was glad her sister in law’s self esteem about food had received a boost since the last time she saw them. Nina had had to pull her aside after Patrice was born to give her some pointers on cooking. The woman had not understood the importance of seasoning and not under or over cooking everything. She had also helped her learn how to pick out the perfect food. Some flavored went well together while others did not. After cake Gavin and Cavan cleaned up. Amy heard some noises upstairs and had gone to check on Patrice. A bone chilling scream suddenly filled the house. Nina was the first person up the stairs, followed by everyone else.

“She’s gone, she’s gone.” Amy came running out of Patrice’s room, clutching her little pink blanket. Gavin grabbed Amy and Nina and Cavan moved into the room. The window was open and the crib was empty. There was a piece of paper on the window sill. It was from Argus. “Call the police.” Gavin said.

“No, we’ll take care of this.” Cavan said.

“What are you talking about, have you lost your mind?” Amy screamed.

“We know who did this.” Nina touched her chest and her wings appeared on her back. Cavan did the same. Everyone but Jasper looked shocked.

“Nina, what the…I don’t understand.” Gavin said.

“I don’t have time to explain right now. Dad you tell them.” Nina and Cavan flew out the window, not daring to lose another moment. They knew where Argus would be.

They flew as fast as they could until the reached the little house that led to their world. They bolted in and through the back door where Argus was standing with the baby. Patrice was bawling and afraid. “You give her to us you monster!”

“Now now Nina calm down. You wouldn’t want me to hurt her would you? I could easily just break the little ones neck you know.”

Cavan said “Just please give us the baby and we’ll talk.”

“How about I give you the baby Cavan and you leave me alone with Nina. It’s the only way I’m giving her to you. If you agree to that and don’t go away I’ll get her back and kill her. You can’t guard that little girl forever. Now just trust your wife and go take Patrice home.”

Nina looked at her husband “Take her and go please.”

“I can’t just leave you Nina!”

“It’s the only way Cavan! Take her home!”

Her face was completely serious and now if anything happened to the baby because he didn’t listen he knew she’d blame him forever. He reluctantly walked over to Argus who handed him the baby and he flew off to take Patrice home.

“Well now Nina it’s just you and I. Only one of us is walking away breathing tonight and it will be me”

Cavan wrapped Patrice tightly in her blanket and sped off as fast as he could to make it back to Nina. He arrived at Gavins house and handed them the baby and sped off again before they could say a word. He had to get back to Nina. He was not going to lose her and their baby.

“Just give up Argus and the King and Queen might show you mercy.” Nina said as Argus circled to her right. She kept the same amount of distance between them and did not give him her back.

“You’re stalling, hoping that little prince will get back in time. He won’t you know.” Argus walked to the door and locked it. “Now he can’t get in. He’ll be trapped out there while I kill you in here.”

He rushed Nina and she shot off into the sky. He grabbed her ankle, throwing her back to earth. She called out to the birds and they dive bombed Argus, going for his eyes. She ran, clutching her ribs. She was sure at least one of them was broken. She took to the air, coming down again in the unicorn meadow. She felt fingers grip her hair and haul her off the ground. Argus’s face was inches from her, his eyes filled with rage. He slammed a fist into her stomach, the air leaving her lungs. She wrapped her arms protectively around herself and kicked out at him. He threw her in the grass and kicked her. He was suddenly straddling her, his fingers around her throat.

Cavan slammed against the door. It was locked, he slammed against it over and over. It wouldn’t budge. He panicked, pounding on the wood and screaming for Nina. He felt close to tears. He closed his eyes and called for Amita. She had to hear him, had to get there in time. He heard a click and the door opened. Amita looked confused, the door had never been locked. “I don’t have time to explain, just follow me.” He flew as fast as he could, Amita barely keeping up.

A unicorn pierced Argus and flung him off of Nina before he could finish strangling her. She got up gasping for air and he took off twords her again with his stomach bleeding. She doged his punch, her ribs were killing her. Him sitting on her caused her massive pain. He caught on to her ankle again getting ready to fling her to the ground when Cavan tackled him forcing him to let go of Nina. He then pile drived him into the ground.

It caused a bunch of dirt to fly up so Nina couldn’t see what was going on. Her and Amita flew towards the ground. Argus layed there dead. Cavan checked his pulse to make sure then he hugged Nina. Tears were streaming down his face. She cringed, her ribs hurt so much. Cavan noticed “Are you ok Nina?”

“No when he flung me to the ground I think he broke one of my ribs.”

Amita came over “Cavan take her to your room and lay her down so i can get a good look at her.” He nodded and picked Nina up.

Cavan lay her down flat and Amita raised her shirt. Nina winced in pain as Amita ran cool fingers over her skin, checking all the bones. “Hold still if you can, mending bone hurts.” Amita said and pressed a hand against her side. Nina felt heat move through her and then sharp, searing pain. She clutched Cavan’s hand, whimpering as her rib shifted and was reset. Magic tied the bone back together. She started crying and Cavan pulled her into his arms.

“Everything’s okay now baby.” He whispered and stroked her hair.

“I know, I just feel a little overwhelmed.” Nina took a deep breath. It had been so close.

“You have no idea how glad I am that you bonded with the unicorns.”

“When did you find out you were pregnant?” Amita asked.

“Last night at the hospital.” Cavan replied happily.

“Mom and dad are going to be excited. They’ve wanted a grand child forever.”

“We’ll tell them later. We have to get back and check on Nina’s family. That bastard Argus took Patrice and we were forced to reveal ourselves to them. Mother and father may be getting more visitors than they bargained for.” Cavan lifted Nina off the bed. “We’ll be back tomorrow night.”

He flew off holding onto Nina tightly. His heart was still racing. That was way too close. Atleast he could sleep comfortably tonight knowing Argus was dead. When they got to Gavins house they didn’t bother to disguise themselves. They walked in and Amy hugged them both “Oh thank you for bringing her back safe!” Nina said “I would never let anything happen to my little niece.” Jasper cleared his throat “I told them everything”

“Probably not everything. There’s still one thing even you don’t know dad.” They all looked confused and anxious to hear. Nina exclaimed “I’m pregnant!” Amy jumped up and down clapping. The whole family was excited for them. They spent the rest of the evening talking and hanging out until it was finally time for everybody to settle down for bed. When they got to their room Nina looked at Cavan “I’m so glad they know everything now. I hate lies.”

He hugged her then kissed her belly. “Lets lay down ok?”

“We don’t have to go home too early tomorrow do we Cavan? Can’t we stay atleast until lunch?”

“Sure, everything is settled at home so why not. Lets go out with your family one more time in the morning before we head home.”

Nina was sad to leave, but she gave everyone directions to their home. She made sure that they understood to knock first. Walking into fairy world uninvited was dangerous. They flew away, hand in hand. Nina had never felt so much joy and love. She wrapped her arms around Cavan and let him carry her home. He whispered in her ear how much he loved her and she couldn’t help but feel that it could only get better from now on.

~ The End ~

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