Nina & Cavan 3

Chapter One

The demons of Halvincora became outraged when they realized all portals leaving their world had been closed off. They started going around telling everyone and growing in numbers as they tried to break through and destroy the seals. Some started trying passages that hadn’t been used in centuries to see if they missed any that were just rarely thought of but it was to no avail until Kremler suggested ‘Lets try somewhere they’d never think we’d go. Lets go to a fairy world.” They began trying fairy world after fairy world but none of the portals would budge. Finally they found one, a portal they could travel through. The whole hoard that had come went through aside from one who was to tell the other demons. They decided to take out their anger and frustration on the fairies of whatever world this was. ¬†Just being in it was enough to enrage them with how vibrant and beautiful it was.

They were used to dark and gloomy so this was repulsive. The demons let out a battle cry, startling the wildlife and sending every creature running. A fire breathing demon set fire to the woods they appeared in while the others ran off to unleash as much havoc as possible while killing anything or anybody that got in their way. Cavans parents had stepped down as king and queen allowing their son and Nina to rule. Nina had relinquished leadership of her clan to their oldest daughter Maggie who was guiding them well. Both Nina and Cavan were very proud of her. They were proud of all of their children.

Today they were all gathered together at lunch which was rare lately. Their children were all adults so lived their own lives for the most part. Their second oldest Asher was the only one around frequently since he would be taking over when Nina and Cavan decided to step down as King and Queen. It was going to be Maggie since she was the eldest of their children but she wanted to watch over her mothers clan instead. Asher was more than willing to take on the huge responsibility it would be to become king so it was an easily accepted arrangement. Their two younger children Aeon and Fawn were trouble makers. They weren’t bad but if somthing was trouble it was what they wanted to do. Their adventurous nature was always getting them into trouble but it was somthing Nina found amuseing while it drove Cavan insane.

“So Maggie, I was told by a clan member that that boy Teasel has been eyeing you lately. He seems to have quite the crush on you.” Nina said with a swet smile.

“I don’t know what you mean mother, he and I are just friends. If that were true he would have said something, we have no secrets between us.” Maggie replied.

Nina just smiled, knowing full well no clan member would ever lie to her about such a thing. She decided to let the very shy Teasel tell her in his own time. Their happy lunch was interrupted by the sound of running and loud talking. Cavan came to his feet as a man burst into the dining hall covered in cuts and burns. “What happened?” Cavan asked.

“We were attacked.”

“By who?” Nina asked as she helped the man sit and handed him some water.

He took a big drink. “Demons, there were so many. They took many of our women and children. We barely managed to save any. They’re running ramapant.”

“Maggie you have to alert our clan.” Nina said. “Asher go with her and watch her back.”

“Yes mother.” They said as one then took off together.

“I tried to save the women and children, but I couldn’t. I’m such a weak coward.” The man said, his hands covering his face.

“Hush now, it’s okay.” Nina said softly then turned to the maid who had followed him in. “Take him to a room and draw him a bath.”

“Yes ma’am.”

The maid escorted the man away. Ninas heart raced as she looked at Cavan “lets go protect our people” Nina said to her husband. “we’re coming too!” Aeon and Fawn said in a voice that told their parents they couldn’t be budged on this. “fine, just remember your training and don’t be foolish” Cavan said sternly and both girls nodded. They all flew out, almost instantly seeing the¬†ruination of their world caused by the demons. The fairies were using what magic they could since non royals could normally atleast use elemental magic.

The king, queen and two princess sprung into action to help their people while Maggie and Asher went to warn the clan if they didn’t know already. Maggie wished her clan wasn’t so far from the castle. She and her brother zoomed through the air trying to get there. They were nearly there when a large, ogre like demon ran in front of them. Maggie and Asher both slammed into his rock hard chest. The ogre laughed in a disturbing way then held up his club to swing it at them.

Maggie and Asher both dodged then came back at hime with electrified fists. They hit him at the same time making the ogre let out a painful yowl. Maggie made ice appear, it was large and oval with a sharp point. She lunged it into the ogres heart and he went crashing to the ground. Both their necks hurt from slamming into him but thye just kept flying to warn the clan.

Nina called down electricity and sent it arcing over a large group. She flew high then dropped back down, driving her feet into the chest of a demon so he was slammed into the ground. She flew back up before his friends could grab her, shooting fire at them. One of the demons summoned lightning from the sky, shooting it toward Nina who dodged as quickly as she could. A bolt struck her int back, sending her plummeting toward earth. Cavan flew toward her, snatching her out of the air and checking her pulse. She was still alive and breathing.

Maggie and her siblings made it to their clan’s village and she quickly rounded up every able bodied man and woman. They flew back to the battle field, angry that their home had been attacked. Cavan flew Nina a way from the battle then kissed her cheek before flying back to help defend his people. He raced through the horde, his electrified sword cutting through every demon he passed. The demons began to retreat when a voice boomed over the noise, telling them to hold their position. Every fairy could tell this new demon was very powerful and Cavan faced him down, sword held out in challenge.

“Does the little fairy want to play?” He asked.

“Come, I welcome the fight.”

They attacked each other, the demon growling as he dodged the enraged fairy. He punched Cavan in the face, sending him flying. He was back on his feet in an instant, coming back at the head demon. The demon laughed catching Cavan’s arm and slamming him into a tree. He then punched Cavan in the stomach, making him drop his sword. “You’ll make a nice play thing, King Cavan.” The demon said and slammed Cavan’s head into the tree until he was unconcious. He whistled for the demons, taking the fairy king with him and they retreated.

Maggie arrived with her clan, Teasel close by her side. “where’s my parents!” She asked angrily. One of the men said “Your mother was taken in the castle by some maids. Your father was taken by the demons along with most of the women and children…there were so many princess…We’re sorry we have failed ¬†you and your family.”

“It is us who protects our people. I’m sorry, All wounded are welcome to stay in the castle. The maids will tend to you all. All fairies that have strong magic and want to fight for your fellow people and king come with us. All others please go to the castle and help our maids with the wounded or, those who are able to heal nature, help restore the land to it’s former beauty. Some quickly flew up to join Maggies clan, others headed to the castle while some started on healing the world that had been destroyed by the intruders. Maggie flew angrily to the portal into the demon world. She knew these were Halvincora demons. Teasal stayed close to Maggie, worried about her fighter demons. They were dirty and underhanded. They would use any trick to win a fight.

When they had all passed into Halvincora they were appauled by the land there. Everything was so bleak and dreary. It was no wonder demons were such a¬†disconsolate, woebegone bunch. They flew fast, searching for their king, the women and children. Nina woke with a jerk to a maid dabbing her forehead. “where’s my husband? My children?” She asked in a panicked voice. “I’m afraid the demons have taken your husband and all your children are in the pursuit after them along with every able bodied fairy. We’re tending to the wounded here. Please rest. Ninas face became quickly¬†lugubrious. Her voice was even so when she got up “My queen” One of the maids said “please Jessica, I must go help them. I’m fine. Where are my clothes?” She asked, relaizing they had stripped her “we wanted to check for more wounds” Tisha said.

Nina went to her closet and threw on the first thigns she saw ‘i’m leaving. Thank you for tending me. Please continue to help the people”

“we will, please be careful” Looks of concern on all their faces “I am your queen. It’s my job to help protect everyone” She flew out of the castle while the maids went off to tend others.

“Wake up you stupid fairy.” Someone said as they slapped Cavan in the face. His head felt like someone was constantly smashing a brick over it. He opened his eyes instantly glaring at the demon before him. “Look at the little fairy king all chained up, weakling. You were so easy to capture.”

“The only one who could defeat me was your boss. The rest of you were hardly a challenge.” The demon punched him in the stomach. “Is that all you’ve got.” The demon raised his fist again when the cell door behind him opened.

“Enough.” The familiar voice of the demon leader said and the one who had been beating him backed off. “Fairy King Cavan, you have spirit. I love the spirited ones the most. They are always the most entertaining to watch fall into the dark void which is mindlessness. They also make the best pets.” He grabbed Cavan’s chin. “It amazes me how beautiful even your men are. You have a son don’t you? I think I’ll take him too.”

Cavan jerked his chin away. “You stay away from my childen.”

“Or what, you’ll kill me? So terrifying.” He laughed. “We have your women and children, they’ll be easy enough to break. Your men will be easy enough to defeat and the survivors easy to sell.”

“I will not allow you to auction us off like livestock.”

“You will be staying here little king, you belong to me now and when I get your boy he will belong to me too then you’ll have to live with the fact that you let your son become one of my toys. Think on that for awhile.” He called the other demon away and they left Cavan there alone with his rage.

Chapter Two

Cavan angrily jerked and thrashed but nothing was helping. He decided to try and use bolt clippers to break the chains. He made one appear in one of his hands but his efforts were awkward at best. He dropped it and pondered what else he could try. He then decided on snibits. They liked eating all kinds of metals. He hoped they would and could eat through what chained him. It took a lot of energy to call on living things and he had used so much fighting but he knew he could do it. Cavan closed his eyes, gathering his energy to try and summon the creatures. His breathing became labored but to his relief he soon felt the small, black and purple creatures crawling on him. They resembled cockroaches with mice ears and cats fur. Cavan had to admit they were gross looking creatures but right now he would kiss them if he could.

They began to nibble at the chains, much slower than Cavan had hoped but they did seem to making some, if little progress. It didn’t much matter. He had used more energy than he hoped to and couldn’t move very much. He angrily thought of those demons hurting his family to gather up enough adrenaline to be able to fight if these creatures got rid of his chains before a demon came back to check on him.

He would have used all that energy for nothing if one of those repulsive creatures came back in the room. In the lead was still Nina, Silvermist, Teasel, Aeon, Asher, Fawn, and Maggie. They were all flying fast, desperatly listening out for any screams for help. It was frustrating to all they still hadn’t found where their comrades were being held. Nina halted and everyone else stopped to listen. “what if we aren’t seeing this world for what it is? Demons are tricky creatures”

Nina looked around them. It seemed to her like the world was going on in a continuous loop of trees and dark clouds. “I think you are right. We have stumbled into an illusion. Cover your eyes.” She said and they all did so. She began whispering to the wold around them, to earth, and wind, and light. She asked them to do away with the illusion and give them a true path to follow. When they uncovered their eyes the world was still as gloomy as ever, but now there was some variation in the landscape and they had a clear trail in the mud where the demons had ran. “Mother be praised.” Maggie said to both the earth and Nina. They raced over the forest, keeping, their eyes ever watchful and their ears open.

The sound of screaming was brought to them by the wind. It was the voice of a female in panic and they hurried through the air. They came upon a woman surrounded by four demons who were taunting her and trying to take the crying toddler out of her arms. They all felt a rage move through them and swooped down on the demons like an angry swarm of wasps. Teasel grabbed the female fairy and took her and her daughter up into the air. He did his best to comfort them as he sat them a little ways away and went back to help the others. One of the demons snatched Maggie out of the air and pinned her to the ground, his hands squeezing her throat. He tackled the demon off, rolled across the ground then came to his feet holding two daggers.

“You will not touch her you filth.” He snapped and the demon attacked him.

Nina was proud of the young male fairy and hoped her daughter could hear the love in the ferocity of his words. Gone was the shy boy who blushed every time he talked to Maggie. He was no a warrior fighting on his clan leaders behalf. When they were all dead Nina ordered one of the fairies to take the woman and her child home, wanting them away from the carnage so they would not be further traumatized. Teasel helped Maggie to her feet and wiped mud off of her face. “Thank you Teasel.”

“Oh, you’re welcome. Are you alright?”

“Yes, barely a scratch thanks to you.” He blushed and cleared his throat.

“It was nothing, I would slay a thousand demons to keep you safe. You are, after all, my clan leader.” He cleared his throat again. “Perhaps we should search the bodies my queen. Maybe they have some clue on them as to where they are keeping the others.”

“wise idea Teasel” Nina, Maggie, Asher and Aeon searched the bodies. Nina sighed “nothing, now that we’ve escaped that illusion we will find them” Everyone took to the sky again. Teasel flew closer to Maggie now with his worry another demon could strike. His worries were soon realized when three demons with huge, bat like wings started flying towards them “we must be going the right way!” Nina proclaimed and they all fought the demons off. Demons were powerful, most more powerful than fairies but fairies had an advantage the demons didn’t. When fairies were fighting along side one another they truly fought together. Demons fought people at the same time but were rarely, truly working together.

They flew faster until multiple female screams caught their ears and a large, red castle appeared in front of them. They weren’t out of the woods and in the castle yet though. What must be guards to the castle came at them, looking to be about thirty in number. “we can do this as long as we work together. We’re a team” Queen Nina said before they started the tussle with the demons. A few worried they may be over powered when a demon dug its claws into Maggies back. Teasal was already seeing red but when she screamed he got lost in his fury. Almost taking down the rest of the demons alone the guards sent after them fell.

Nina healed her daughter then left her to Teasel so she could work on the wounds of the others. Teasel hugged her tightly. His eyes were in pain from the effort it took not to cry even though Nina had healed Maggies wounds completely. Still seeing the blood on her tore a hole through him. Maggie was in shock at the wild beast Teasel had become. She had never seen him fight like that.

Silvermist, Asher, and a few of the others followed her into the castle. The demons could smell them as they entered and began another assault on the fairies. They recognized the prince from before and knew they had to take him alive if possible. Cavan couldn’t help but feel a sense of triumph when the little snibits finally chewed through the metal enough for him to break free. He wrenched on the chains, snapping them and sending the bugs scattering away. “Thank you.” He said as he pushed himself to his feet. He winced at the pain in his ribs where both the demon leader and his lackey had hit him. He wasn’t sue if his ribs were merely bruised or if they were broken.

He walked over to the cell door which was surprisingly not locked. He wondered if the demons did not have the key or had not thought him capable of escape. He moved as quickly as he dared down the narrow passage, coming to a set of spiral stairs. “And where do you think you are going little fairy king?” He turned, glaring at the demon guard.

“I am going to kill your leader.” He answered, unafraid of this monster.

“He will rip your wings off like a little fly.”

“Not before I cut his heart out.”

The demon rushed him and Cavan gathered all the water that covered the floor then formed it into a cage that he wrapped around it. He charged it with electricity, shocking the demon to death. He panted for air, knowing he was overdoing it, but having no choice. He heard the sounds of screams coming from above him along with the sounds of battle. His family had come for him and the others.

Chapter Three

Cavan¬†felt he had to help. His body was growing weak from all the magic use but he had to persevere for his kingdom. He had already shamed himself enough by being captured. A king was supposed to protect his people but here they were saving him. cavan ran through the castle until he came upon the war waging. He joined in, helping Nina fight off her demon. “Cavan!” She said happily. He smiled and she could tell he was weak from over doing himself. She had been married to him long enough to easily tell. “Cavan, get out of here”

“No, I’m helping you”

“What if you pass out?”

‘I wont allow it” Nina had also been with Cavan long enough to know when he was immovable on a subject. She knew he was being a prideful king, ashamed of being taken. He was an open book to her and she wished she had a moment right now to tell him that kings don’t have to be invincible. One of the other demons stumbled upon the one Cavan killed. The demon knew it was Cavan because of how flower like fairy magic smelled. The demon checked where Cavan was supposed to be and saw that he was indeed missing and on the loose. He turned, running to get his leader.

Cavan fought back to back with Nina, drawing strength from her even when he was ready to collapse. The demons circled the band of faires, growling and lunging at them. A loud voice sounded over the mayhem and the demons grew silent, parting as their leader came walking through. “You managed to get a lot further than I thought.” The demon leader said with a smirk. “You came all this way to be disappointed, now I have all of you.”

“You will not take my family.” Cavan said as he stood between his rescuers and the demon leader.

“You are far to weak to fight me now fairy king which is too bad since I love when my toys fight and you brought your boy too. He is even more beautiful than the others. Take them.”

The demons moved forward and Cavan screamed, “Fight me for them. A fight to the death.” The demons froze.

“Cavan you’re to weak.” Nina said, grabbing her husband’s shoulder.

“I would listen to your wife little fairy and maybe I will keep your little family together as my own personal harem.”

“To the death or are you a coward? Come, step with me outside and fight me like a real man.”

The demon leader glared, a growl rumbling in his throat. “Very well and when you are beaten I will not kill you, but I will keep you alive to see what I do to your family.”

“Cavan.” Nina said and he turned and kissed her.

“Have faith in me my love.” He whispered in her ear. “The earth will be my strength, she’ll provide if I but ask.”

Nina nodded but still feared for her husband, children and people. Cavan and the large demon leader went outside followed by everyone else to watch. “respect your kings wishes and don’t intervene” Nina said though she’d have trouble herself not helping if Cavan started to lose. The demon laughed mockingly “lets get this over with so I can start having fun with my toys”

“they will never be your toys” Cavan seethed then started talking to the earth in hushed tones. “are you crazy little fairy king?” Cavan smiled but kept talking. The demon ran towards him, not wanting to play whatever game Cavan was trying. The great demon felt the earth shake but kept running. His running only ceased when the earth beneath him shot up like a geyser, flinging him up. The demon let out a pissed off and surprised yell. Cavan kept muttering, looking like a lunatic to anybody who didn’t understand fairies could talk to nature.

The demon came tumbling down as dirt scattered. He fell into the hole that was created from the dirt geyser. Just as the demon leader went to start trying to climb out a majority of the dirt that came out fell on top of him. He began to be smothered and panicked. If he had been able to keep a level head he may have gotten out but his panic was his undoing. Cavan knew the demon would be so stupid. Any demon the relied on that many underlings was.

When the earth was closed the other demons stood there is stunned silence. Cavan turned his gaze on them and they took a step backwards. They had never seen such power in a fairy before. Even though he was completely exhausted and his legs were ready to give out, Cavan stayed on his feet and looked angrily at the demons, daring them to challenge him. “Release their captives and lets go home.” He ordered and Asher and Silvermist took off inside and down to the dungeon. They quickly released the captives and guided them out.

None of the demons budged as the fairies walked away, too afraid to defy their king. Only when they were out of sight did Cavan finally collapse. Nina dropped down next to him and checked his pulse. He was pale and soaked with sweat. “You silly idiot.” She said softly and called two male fairies over. They lifted him off the ground and everyone took to the air, heading quickly home. When they finally got there Cavan was taken to the castle and Nina sent Maggie to get her grandfather so he could seal the portal connecting the two worlds. Nina set to stripping and wiping Cavan down, worrying about him the whole time.

Cavan jerked awake, feeling sick and exhausted. He looked around, happy to see he was home. Someone shifted next to him and he turned, smiling when he saw Nina curled up next to him. “Nina, wake up baby.” He said softly and her eyes fluttered open.

“Cavan?” She teared up and punched his chest. “Cavan you idiot.” She started to hit his chest again and he grabbed her wrist.

“Hey it’s okay.” She started crying and he pulled her into his arms.

“Two days, you were unconscious for two days. I was terrified.”

“I’m sorry baby. I love you so much, please don’t cry.”

“How can I not? We were all worried sick. You shouldn’t have done that to yourself. You were being proud. You aren’t invincible though you wish you were. Your people don’t expect you to be a god”

“It’s my job to protect you all. I failed you, my family, my people. I had to fix it”

“Never do that to yourself again Cavan, promise me”


“Cavan, I’m serious” Nina said as she wiped away tears for them only to be replaced with new ones. “if it will make you stop crying I promise.” he held his wife tightly. “where are the children?”

“sleeping, it’s night time. They are all still here though, even Maggie and Teasel”

“are they together yet?”

“Nope, it’s annoying. She needs to kiss that boy or he needs to gain some courage and ask her out.”

“Maybe I could talk to him”

“If you dont scare him yes’ Cavan chuckled “I wont baby. I’ll take him aside after breakfast if the children will spare me”

“I’m sure they will”

“Go back to sleep Nina” Cavan said softly. “are you going to sleep?”

“No, I’m just going to enjoy holding you. I’ve been sleeping for two days”

“alright, I dont want my eyes sore from crying anyway” Cavan kept Nina in his hold as she drifted back to sleep in the comforts of him finally being awake. Cavan laid there holding her until morning came and it was time for breakfast. He kissed his wife awake and she smiled “I’m glad I didn’t dream that”

“Lets get ready then eat with the children” They both went into their closet and dressed before heading to breakfast. Cavan was greeted with more tears and hugs from everyone. Maggie, Asher, Cavans parents and Amita scolding him as Nina had. He apologized to everyone then sat down to enjoy a meal with his family. His heart elated to see everyone he loved safe and sound at his table. When breakfast was done Cavan said seriously “I need to talk to Teasel alone. Come with me to my room” Teasel looked nervous as he got up from his chair while everyone but Nina looked confused.

“He’s a dead man.” Asher said.

“Be nice Asher.” Nina chastised and he closed his mouth.

“Did I do something wrong sir?” Teasel asked as they stepped into Cavan’s room.

“I’m afraid so and I have to say I’m a little disappointed in you. Is there something wrong with my little girl that you can’t tell her you love her?” Cavan replied.


Cavan smiled. “We all know how you feel Teasel, we can see it on your face. You love my Maggie and are to shy to say anything.”

Teasel blushed. “Yes sir, it’s true, but I fear she would never have me. She’s so tough and beautiful, and the clan leader. She could have anyone so I doubt she would want a shy young man like me.”

“If you can kill demons for her then you can tell her you love her and even if she says no, at least you’ll know where you stand. So just tell her, for all you know she feels the same and like you she didn’t want to say anything for whatever reason.”

“Okay, I’ll try. Thank you sir.”

“It’s Cavan, my name is Cavan. I wish everyone would stop with the formalities. Anyway, talk to my daughter because if there is one man I would be proud to have as my son in law it would be you.”

Teasel smiled, his eyes lighting up at Cavan’s words of encouragement. They headed back to the dining room and Teasel took a deep breath before grabbing Maggie’s hand and pulling her out of her chair. “Hey wait, I’m still eating.” She said.

“You can eat in a minute. We have to talk now.”

“About what?” He pulled her into the library then closed and locked the door. He was so nervous he was shaking. “What’s wrong Teasel?” Maggie asked and he turned, pulling her against him and kissing her. He pulled back to look at her and she blushed. “What was that for?”

“I love you Maggie and I’ve always wanted to kiss you. How do you feel about me?”

“I love you too. I never thought you wanted me in this way”

“I didn’t think you did either”

“Is this what my dad needed to talk to you about?”

“Yeah, he told me to tell you how I felt” Maggie smiled then kissed Teasel again “I’m glad he did.” Teasel rested his forehead on Maggies “Me too” They stood there, just getting lost in holding eachother. Cavan and Nina left the castle to survey the damage to their world. They were amazed to find that their people had almost fully restored everything despite all the wounded. The ones that could had been working their hardest to bring their land back to it’s original beauty. Cavan felt proud to be the ruler of these people. He knew his kingdom was only as great as his people and Cavan felt he had the best people of any world.

When their survey was over with they went home to plan a celebration with all his people. It would awhile to prepare but he wanted to show his thanks to everyone for working together to protect their land. The planning and work weren’t hard atall. it was more like fun than work since he was doing it with his servants and family. The castles workers were practically family since they had been serving generation after generation with such a great relationship between them.

When the planning was complete and both Cavan and Nina had double checked everything everyone was invited to come to the castle. They were all happy, chatting with each other and putting the attack behind them as they ate and drank their fill. Cavan grabbed Nina’s hand and pulled her onto his lap, making her blush since there were so many people around. He kissed her cheek then rested his head on her shoulder, enjoying th love and joy that spread through his home. He was even happier when he saw Maggie and Teasal talking quietly to each other. All he wanted for his children was the happiness he felt when he was with Nina. If they had a love like his he knew he would never have to worry. Now he just needed his son to open his eyes to the fact Silvermist was in love with him. He would wait for them, give them a little more time before he stepped in.

The celebration lasted three days and ended with their people’s bond being stronger than ever. They thanked their king even though he didn’t think he deserved it. He still felt like a failure, but he smiled and accepted their words graciously. He saw them all off, smiling as he took Nina’s hand and lead her up to their room. “I finally have you to myself.” He whispered as he kissed her, making her smile lovingly against his lips. He made love to her, letting himself get lost in her love and adoration for him. He had never known such happiness until he met her. When they were both spent he lay next to her and pulled her close, her smile coming back when she heard the loud thundering of his heart.

“I love you so much Cavan.”

“I am undeserving of someone like you, someone so bright and beautiful and incredibly brave.”

She propped herself up and kissed him. “You are my everything Cavan so please don’t say such things. You are such a loving and devoted husband and a very dedicated king. I am proud to be your wife. I know you think you failed us during the fight with those fiends, but you riksed your life protecting everyone. You were captured because you refused to let them take our people without a fight. You are so courageous and I love you so much.”

He smiled and pulled her head back down so it was pillowed once more on his chest. “Thank you my love for always standing by me. Without you I would be nothing.”

“Damn straight.” She replied and he laughed then tipped her head up and kissed her. They just lay there staring into each others eyes for the longest time, getting absolutely lost in the moment and not caring if they found their way out. They had each other, an amazing family, and a bond with their people that could ever be broken. It was all they could ask for and more and it had all started with a simple chance meeting, one they would forever be thankful for.


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