Nina & Cavan

Chapter One

Nina was drving along the highway. She was making the long trip to visit her brother. He was engaged to be married and she was going to meet his fiance and spend a week with them. She had never met her before because she wasn’t close to her brother growing up. Her mom favored him to her and she resented him for it even though it wasn’t his fault. They were getting along better the past 2 years and she was excited to meet who he was going to marry.

She had been sweet enough to ask her to be a bridesmaid. It urked her a bit because the only reason she would’ve done that is to suck up to her brother since they had never met. Nina hated suck ups but she was going to play nice for her brothers sake. Suddenly a puppy ran in the road and she swirved driving off the highway and off a cliff. The car rolled down until it finally stopped. Her vision was blurry but she managed to get out.

In front of her were little pixies. She knew she was hallucinating because she just had hit her head. She passed out sprawled across the ground. Next thing she knew she woke up in a strange house with what looked like a person sized fairy standing beside her. She moaned and said “Oh my god, why can’t I quit hallucinating!”

“You’re not hallucinating,” he said with a half smile, “but please don’t move. You hit your head pretty hard.”

“I hit my head pretty hard, but I’m not hallucinating. Sure, you’re a fairy and I’m the Easter bunny.” She rubbed her head, it was bandaged. “I have to go, I’m supposed to be in a wedding, but first the hospital.” She managed to sit up, her head swimming.

“You need to stay still.” He placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Is the puppy okay?”

He arched an eyebrow. “You were just in an accident and you’re worried about a puppy?” She glared up at him and he smiled. “They puppy is fine, I took him home.”

“Okay good, I’m going now.” She stood, her vision spun and she fell into him. She looked up, her face mere inches from his. “Maybe I’ll just stay the night.” She sat back down on the bed. “My name’s Nina by the way, what’s your’s?”

“Cavan.” He replied.

“That’s weird.”

“It’s Irish.”¬†He was witty. She was going to like him.

“So why did you help me Cavan?”

“Well the pixies found you and brought me to where you were. You looked so pretty and helpless. I couldn’t let you just die there. Besides the pixies told me you were nice. They can sense good from bad people.” He winked at her.

“Well you’re bold are you?”

He laughed “I believe in saying what’s on your mind. I’ve never been too shy to say a thing in my life. You’re a pretty girl and you deserve to be told as much. You should really sleep though. Amita wont be here for a few hours. Another attack has occured and she was needed.”¬†She sighed still doubting any of this was real. She layed down expecting to wake next in the hospital being treated. She hoped for it.

She jerked awake to someone moving around her. Her eyes collided with a pair of sea green ones. It was Cavan. “What are you doing?” She asked.

“I brought you your suitcase. Your car was in bad shape, you’re very lucky.” He said and sat down next to her.

“Where am I exactly?”

“You’re in what we like to call the in between. It’s a house in between my world and yours that is neutral ground. The back door leads to my world while the front leads to yours. It allows us to move back and forth to maintain the land and keep the peace.”

She held up a hand and he snapped his mouth shut. He could tell she was becoming very overwhelmed. Most people went screaming off into the night about fairies and pixies and magical houses. He thought she was doing very well for someone who had just met him. He grabbed her hand between his and she looked at him. “Everything is just as it seems, I promise. This is not your mind playing tricks on you.” He said and held her hand against his face. “See, I’m real. Flesh and blood.”

They heard footsteps and a young woman about Nina’s age entered the room. Nina jerked her hand away, a blush warming her face. “I see she is finally awake.” The woman said, moving across the room and holding out her hand. “I am Amita, I trust my brother has been kind to you.” Nina took the woman’s hand. She had the same sea green eyes as Cavan.

“Oh yes” she said still blushing

“I hope he hasn’t said anything weird or offensive. You really never know what he’s going to do or say.”

She laughed “He’s been fine” Amita looked her over “You’re not in too bad of shape” Amita rubbed some sort of powder on her wounds. “That’s going to sting in a minute” almost as soon as the words left her mouth Nina started hurting. She growled which Cavan thought was really cute.

“It wont be wise to talk about our world when we take you back. People will think you’ve gone crazy ok?”

Nina laughed “No worries”

Amita got up “She’ll be good as new by morning. I’m going home Cavan if you’ll stay with her. He smiled “No problem” As soon as Amita had walked out the door leading to where they lived Cavan said “I want you to come to where I live once your head is better” She looked at him like he was a lunatic but then she thought how cool it must be and her curiosity started spiking. “Won’t you get in trouble for taking me?”

“I do what I want” He winked again and smiled “Just don’t growl at me like you did my sister”

She couldn’t contain her laughter. She really liked him and was looking forward to getting to know him better. “Sure I’ll go with you”

Cavan liked her smile and her laugh. She was gorgeous with shoulder length chocolate brown hair and grey eyes. He had never seen such beautiful eyes. They reminded him of storm clouds. He helped her to her feet, waiting a moment to insure she wasn’t going to get dizzy again. “Everything okay?” He asked.

“Yes, thank you.” She smiled up at him. He helped her walk through the house and into a hallway. To her left was a brown door and to her right a white door.

“The white door leads to my world and the brown to yours. If you ever feel overwhelmed by anything you see in my world, I can take you into yours. We fairies are good at disguising our true selves. If anyone was sees me they will see a normal human man. We’ll go slow.”

He walked her to the white door and pulled it open. It was bright in his world, a spring morning.

Her eyes lit up. Cavan had been hoping that’s how she’d react. He smiled again “So you like it?” He suddenly got behind her. He put his arms around Ninas waist and whispered in her ear “I want to give you a better view” He flew her up. She could see for miles and was even more amazed. She saw so many different and amazing creatures.

“Holy shit, some of these are animals from fairytales!”

“Yeah, quite a few people who became writers came here at one time or another. They act like they’ve got a good imagination but really they’ve just seen that stuff. I give some of those people a hard time about it.” He was enjoying holding Nina. He was sad when she asked for him to put her down. He gently floated down so she wouldn’t be afraid.

She turned around and hugged him “Thank you!”

“It’s no problem. I’ll do that again anytime you want just ask” She flashed him another huge smile that just melted him. He hoped she wouldn’t leave for a long time so he could spend time with her.

Nina walked slowly through bright green grass. The meadow was beautiful, covered in bright red and yellow flowers. A heard of unicorn grazed peacefully. She approached them slowly, wanting to get a closer look. The lead stallion noticed her immediately and cut her off, his nose flaring angrily. She knew horses and wasn’t afraid. He reared up on his back legs, his front legs kicking the air. She heard Cavan moving closer and she held up her hand. “Don’t move, he’s trying to intimidate me.” She reached her hand toward the stallion, palm out. “It’s okay boy, I won’t hurt you. I love horses.” The stallions front hoofs hit the ground hard. He moved closer, his warm breath hitting her fingers.

She giggled and the horse allowed her to pet him “There’s a good boy” Cavan couldn’t believe she just did that. “You worried me for a second”

“Why would you worry about somone you barely know?” He blushed a little “I just was ok” she laughed at how defensive he got. She started walking twords the other unicorns to get near a baby. It was so excitedable and seemed to love her. “I would’ve never thought I’d be grateful to have been in a car accident.”

Cavan sat in the grass just watching her enjoy the unicorns. She suddenly started running back to him. “Lets see more” Her adorableness was overwhelming him. He had never seen anybody so excited. He grabbed her hand “Ok come on” They walked seeing many different creatures. It was getting darker when suddenly she noticed around her a bunch of different colors. It looked beautiful against the night sky.

Cavan knowing she didn’t realize what the colors were he said “Those are pixies. They are always around just hard to see in the daytime.”

“It’s like the stars are alive and dancing.” She reached out, lightly touching one. It lew around her arm and up to her face. She felt a warm touch on her nose and then it flew away. “Too bad I can’t tell anyone. I would love to rub this in my brother’s face.” Nina remembered her mother reading her stories about all of this. It was amazing to see it and touch it.

“Come on.” He lifted her into his arms and took off through the sky. Her laugh of joy wrapped itself around his heart. He wanted to show her his favorite place. He took them down to some ruins, a pond rested in the center.

“These look Greek.” She said as she ran her fingers over an old pillar.

“They got the idea from us.”

“This place is so wonderful.” She walked to the edge of the pond and slipped off her shoes. She rolled up her pant legs and sat on the edge dangling her toes in the water.

Cavan had never met someone that didn’t greet this place with some for of apprehension. Most people screamed, went mad, or attacked. He sat next to her, legs crossed. “You can stay for as long as you want.” He watched as pixies fluttered over the water.

“I have a wedding to attend at the end of the week and my brother is expecting me. I don’t want him to worry.” She looked so sad.

“I’ll go with you then, I can be your boyfriend.”

Chapter Two

She smiled “Alright you can come. Atleast now I wont look pathetic and single. My brother wont think it’s weird aswell since we haven’t talked much over the years.” He put his hand on hers and smiled back excited about going. He was also excited to get to know Nina. He was already enamoured with her. Him putting his hand on hers made Nina very nervous.

She liked it though so she didn’t say anything. She thought to herself “Amita was right you never know what he’s going to say or do.” Cavan noticed she was starting to look tired after about 30mins of being there and asked “Do you need to go to sleep? All of this will be here tomorrow so you don’t have to keep yourself awake” She laughed “yeah I am tired”

He took her back to the place she was resting before and kissed her forehead. “I have to go home tonight but I’ll be here before you get up. I always get up as soon as the sun rises” she blushed from the kiss and said “Ok I look forward to seeing you” She wondered why he’d take her there instead of his own home. She thought maybe he couldn’t and just layed down and went to sleep.

As he walked away another fairy came up to him and started to tease Cavan because he saw him with Nina. “So the prince has found himself a princess huh?”

“Shut up she may hear you!”


“She doesn’t know I’m a prince and she wont know ok?”

He looked at him confused “Why?”

“I just don’t want her to know ok shut up about it”

He laughed “You really do like her huh? You probably just want to make sure she falls for you and not your castle and what you can offer her”

Cavan shot him a very scary look. “Ok ok settle down there”

Nina had caught a little bit of the heated discussion between the two fairies, words like falls for and prince. She certainly hoped they weren’t talking about her. There’s no way she’d fall for some high born twit who probably never left his castle. She didn’t need that kind of arrogance in her life. She closed her eyes, dreaming of Cavan and how beautiful he was. She woke the next morning to someone touching her face. Her eyes snapped open. Cavan was smiling down at her.

“Good morning beautiful.” He said sweetly.

“Good morning.” She stretched and yawned, covering her mouth because she knew she had morning breath. “I need a shower.”

Cavan could tell she was embarrassed by her appearance and it made her that much more adorable. He lifted her off the bed and carried her one room over. “The bathroom m’lady.” He lowedered her to her feet.

“You could have just pointed it out.” She laughed.

“Now what fun would that be?” He grinned and winked. “You go ahead and shower, I’ll pull something out of your bag for you to wear.”

She showered nervous because he was there. When she got out she quickly grabbed a towel and wondered how he had planned to give her her clothes since they obviously weren’t in there now. Cavan hadn’t thought before he did that and was just standing outside the door nervous wondering what he should do. He didn’t want to enter to give her them and make her angry and think he was a pervert.

She eventually decided to stop standing there and opened the door only wrapped in her towel. As soon as Cavan saw her he was breathless. She was such a beautiful sight and he just held out the clothes in front of him. She grabbed them and giggled. She could see all over his face that he ment no harm and didn’t know what to do with himself.

She got dressed and came out. “I guess we should grab the clothes before I get in?”

“I guess it wasn’t all that bad. You look mighty pretty in a towel.” He laughed and rubbed the back of his neck.

She blushed, her hand on her heart. Oh my she thought. She cleared her throat and smiled at him. He made her feel so shy and nervous. It was both amazing and terrifying. “You should probably change into something more appropriate for my world.” She finally said, pointing out his attire. “Men don’t tend to dress like they hang out with George Washington anymore.”

“I’ve seen the way humans dress and I have to say jeans and a t-shirt do seem more appealing.” He touched his chest and he went from eighteenth century clothes to wranglers, a black t-shirt and biker boots. His wings were gone. He looked very human. She believed that would be a very handy trick to have. She tugged her shoes on and stuck her dirty clothes in her suitcase.

“Alright, time to go.”

She then remembered her car. “Oh god how will we get there! My car is torn up.”

“I fixed it” he smiled

“You fixed it?”

“I can do most anything I want. Where do you think they got the concept of a fairy godmother? Not all fairies can do that though and I can only do so much in one day.”

“What makes some fairies different from others?”

He was suddenly at a loss for what to say. The difference was he had royal blood which gave him that power but he didn’t want her to know who he was. “Don’t know” he lied. They walked out and up the hill. Her car was at the top waiting. They jumped in and off they drove. Originally he was staring out the window but after an hour in the car he set his gaze on Nina.

He had been wanting to look at her the whole time but didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. After a few minutes she asked “Why are you staring at me?”

“Why do people go to mueseums to look at art?” He winked and smiled

“Because they’re bored?” She smiled back.

“Oh yes, terribly bored.”

She drove faster than she intended, knowing her brother might be freaking out. She thought of a good excuse as to why she was late getting to him and his suck up soon to be wife. Lying to him didn’t seem like such a big deal. She hardly talked to him anyway and never really told him much. “Okay,” she said, “when we get there we tell them we’ve been together for almost two years and I met you at an art auction. Just so you know I don’t know my brother that well and I dislike his fianc√©. You’ll see why when we get there.”

“Anything else?” He asked.

“Don’t mention anything weird.

He laughed “I’ll try not to. I’m guessing we’re pretty serious then? Being together 2 years and all. I better keep you near me and show my affection often so they don’t catch on we’re liars” They arrived at his house and her brother ran out “Where have you been! I’ve been worried sick!” she told him her lie and he seemed to believe it. “Well atleast you’re here and safe. Who is that with you?”

Cavan had just been standing there at the front of the car. “I’m her boyfriend.”

“You didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend bunny”

Cavan laughed and asked “Bunny?”

“When she was a little girl she was always out in the woods behind our house. Mom was always yelling at her because she’d find bunnies in Ninas room she had snuck in. They were her friends apparently. I took to calling her bunny”

Nina was so embaressed and angry her brother had called her bunny. She had hoped he had forgotten. “I really can’t stand you somtimes why did you have to tell him that?” her brother laughed then hugged her. “You’ll always be bunny to me Nina”

“Nina, oh my god you’re here.” The squeal caused her to roll her eyes. She smiled at the overly excited blonde.

“You must be Amy,” she held out her hand but the woman wrapped her arms around Nina’s neck, “uh nice to meet you too.”

The woman wan overflowing with energy. She was like a teenager. She noticed Cavan standing behind her. “Who’s the cutie?” She whispered in her ear.

“That’s Cavan, my boyfriend. He’s the reason I’m late.”

“Oh I see.” Amy winked at her then giggled her way over to her brother Gavin.

“Well you two look exhausted,” Gavin said and looked a little embarrassed, “why don’t you follow me so you can get settled in.”

Cavan walked up and took Nina’s hand and smiled at the couple in front of him. “We’ll get settled in later, we’d love a tour of the house.” He said, his smile warm and engaging.

“Oh yes, yes, yes Gavin.” Amy said happily. “Then Nina can try on her dress. Oh and Nina I put you in charge of the bachelorette party. I thought it would be an awesome bonding experience.”

They toured the house and then Amy all excited and like a teenager grabbed Nina from Cavan. “You are trying on your dress!” She dragged her into her bedroom. About 30mins later Amy ran out dragging Nina. It was a salmon pink dress with a big bow. She felt so ridiculous and hated Cavan seeing her in that hideous dress. Gavin said “you look cute in anything bunny”

“Oh don’t call me that please”

Her brother laughed “Why not? I bet you still adore bunnies especially the white ones. You always favored the white ones. You’d cry and cry when mom would take them away”

Cavan said “you look beautiful in the dress”

Amy said “Ok lets get you out of it and have lunch!” They ran back in the room and came out with Nina back to normal. Her brother said “Lets go outside” everybody followed Gavin. He lead them to a cage of white bunnies. “No you didn’t” Nina said trying to mask the excitement of seeing the two white bunnies. “Oh don’t you dare just stand there because yu don’t want me to call you bunny. I can see yourself holding back.”

She went over and scooped one up it rubbed its little face against hers. Amy got upset “that thing clawed me why does it love her!” Her brother laughed “I don’t know all animals adore my sister.”

“Oh Gavin, thank you.” She stood up, bunny cradled in one arm and hugged him with the other.

“I realized we hadn’t gotten you anything for being in th wedding and when I came across these two I just had to.” He looked a little shocked at how affectionate she was being. She realized in that moment that she had been to hard on him.

Cavan loved watching her with the bunnies and her brother. She had such a warm and loving heart. He loved that smile, the way she laughed. He believed animals showed her such trust because somewhere along the line a fairy had entered her bloodline. It was probably a long dead ancestor. He would ask her later. She put the bunny back down with its companion and turned her electric smile onto him. It sent a thrill through him. He held out his hand and she took, allowing him to tug her close.

“How about that lunch?” Gavin was grinning ear to ear.

“Then you can start planning.” Amy said. “I can help if you want. I don’t know if you’ve ever planned a party.”

“I am not a party planner so any suggestions would be appreciated.”

Chapter Three

Gavin took them back to where he said their room was and told Nina & Cavan they’d call for them when lunch was ready. As soon as the door was shut and Gavin was down the hall Cavan hugged Nina and whispered in her ear “I can see why you dislike that girl so much” she whispered back “Ugh that dress.”

“That thing is really horrible, but you can make anything look pretty.” She smiled then he thanked her for bringing him.

“You’re actually enjoying yourself?”

“Oh yes, I especially liked you with those bunnies” he winked at her

“Well you and my brother will have to excuse me for liking animals and them liking me” She said a little miffed. He put his forehead on hers “It’s not like that atall. I’m not teasing you. I really did like it.” she blushed. It always sent Ninas heart racing when he’d get close to her. He put his arms around her again and just held her there. Nina was really starting to fall for Cavan. She decided she’d go visit him often. She was sure he was just a flirt and probably didn’t really care about her as more than a friend.

Soon Gavin was calling because dinner was ready. Cavan grabbed her hand and they walked into the dinning room. Amy squealed again. “You two are so adorable. I don’t think I’ve seen you guys kiss yet! Can I please see? Oh, I bet it’s twice as cute as seeing you guys hold hands!” Cavan without hesitation tugged Nina into his arms and kissed her with one hand gently rubbing her face. “Omg! Too precious! Come sit now Nina & Cavan!”

She felt her cheeks flush and shot Amy an I’m-gonna-kill-you-if-you-say-another-word glare. Unfortunately she didn’t notice. They sat down across from Gavin and Amy who was still all bubbly. She didn’t know how long she could keep from shaking the girl. Maybe she could refrain for her brother. She took a bite of her food and almost spit it out. Amy was watching her with an excited smile. She had cooked it. She forced herself to swallow it and smiled back.

“Any good?” Amy asked.

“Delicious.” Nina answered and both her brother and Cavan agreed. She looked at Gavin who mouthed a thank you. She would give Amy some passive pointers later. She would hate for the food to kill her brother. She managed to clean her plate and prayed she wouldn’t barf on the table.

“So Amy, why don’t you and Nina go and do something girly while I talk to Cavan.” Gavin said with a smile.

Nina glared at him and opened her mouth to tell him no interrogations, but Cavan silenced her with a hand on her knee and said, “I would love nothing more than to get to know you better.”

Nina reluctantly went with Amy while Cavan and Gavin went to sit on the couch. Cavan was a little bit nervous about what Gavin was going to say when Gavin said “Thanks for making my sister happy. I really do love her. We’ve always had our trouble because our mother favored me to her. Ninas father and my mother fought a lot and he ended up leaving. She seemed to blame Nina and started treating her horribly. I think that’s why she was always in the woods and with animals. They made her feel the love she so desperately wanted from our mother. She’s close with her dad but Ninas dad is a wild one. Always gone and somewhere else.”

“So you and Nina have different dads?”

“Yeah, my mother was friends with my father and they had a one night stand. No hard feelings between them and I see him now and then. You’ll meet Ninas dad at the wedding. I invited him so Nina could see him.”

“I hope I always make her happy. I love her very much” Cavan was shocked by what he just said. He knew he enjoyed being around her and thought she was beautiful but right then he realized he actually loved her.

“Good, hopefully I can go to your wedding one day”

“So what are you gonna do for the bachelorette party?” Amy tugged Nina upstairs to a big study that was full of wedding stuff.

“I don’t know…uh what would you like.” Nina was trying very hard not to jerk her arm free.

“A stripper,” oh no Nina thought, “we could do the whole sex toy thing.” Nina wanted to run. She actually felt herself blushing. “Booze and cake and ice cream.” What was she planning, a weird birthday party?

“Yeah, sure we can do all of that.” She finally managed to say.

Cavan found that enjoyed Gavin’s company. The man was very sincere and welcomed him with open arms. He looked the man over. There was a little flicker of something in those eyes, a bright almost unnatural light that came and went. The same light was in Nina’s eyes, but glowed much brighter especially when she played with the animals. It seemed that Gavin had suppressed his abilities or at least ignored them while Nina had unknowingly embraced hers. “Sorry if this is to forward, but your eyes had an oddness about them.” He said.

“You noticed the light. Our grandmother always told us we had weird blood. It dates back to some ancestor from the eighteen hundreds. I never understood it, ignored most of it. It just sounded crazy, like grandma was losing it.” He replied with a smile.

Cavan felt an odd vibration in the air and so did Gavin because he looked around. Amita was here. “I’m going to step outside for a few minutes if you don’t mind.”

“Go ahead please, I need some water anyway. I feel odd.”

“What’re you doing here Amita?”

“I was just checking on you. Mom’s been worried since you told her you were going to spend some time in the human world. Does that girl know who you are?”

“No she doesn’t and don’t tell her”

“I can see you like her Cavan. I saw it right away but you lieing to her is bad. How do you think she’s going to react when she finds out you haven’t been honest to her? Most important, mom is worried because you seem to already have your heart set on her. You are a prince Cavan and you need to spend more time in our world than here. What if she does’t want to live in our world? Mom and dad want you to be happy so they support you if you want to be with her but we’re all worried you’re setting yourself up to be hurt.”

“Back off Amita. I would rather spend a week with her and end up hurt than spend my time listening to our parents prattle on about politics and noble this and noble that. Besides I think her and her brother have fairy blood.” He whispered.

“How is that possible?”

“People like me falling in love or lust or whatever it happens. Have there been anymore attacks since I left?”

“A couple. The Wolfen Clan and The White River Clan are fighting. You need to get back as soon as possible so this doesn’t spill out into the human world.” She snapped.

“I can’t leave yet, I have to see this week through. I have faith that you can hold them off. If you need me just call my name and I’ll be there I promise.”

The heard the front door opening and Amita was gone in the blink of an eye. It was Nina, a panicked look on her face. “I’m not out here understand, if anyone asks.” She whispered.

“What’s wrong”

“She’s driving me crazy! It’s so hard to be nice for my brother. I keep telling myself if i just make it through the wedding it’ll be easy. She wants this crazy bridal shower and for me to wear that horendous dress and I’m sure she’s made your night hell”

“How?” He was honestly confused

“She made you kiss me”

Cavan smiled “It wasn’t so bad. I actually enjoyed it. Your kiss is so warm and sweet. Your face was soft as my thumb ran across it.” Nina blushed then smiled “well I’m glad it wasn’t horrible.” He hugged her “it’ll be ok. You’re doing well. That girl seems so nutty. I like your brother though. He’s a good guy”

“What did he talk to you about?”

“Your parents really then he just wanted to know about me”

Their patents. She didn’t want to think about that. She was sure her mom would be at the wedding, she wasn’t sure about her dad but she hoped so. She had forgiven Gavin, it had not been his fault their mother was insane. He owned his own business, was successful, had a lot of money but he was still the same bright eyed boy who had followed his sister into the darkest of caves when she had wanted to go exploring. She loved her brother and hopefully with time and the patience of a saint she would love Amy too.

“I hope he didn’t get too nosy, he can do that.” She said, her head resting on his chest. She was exhausted.

“Nah he was nice enough, just wants you happy. He did tell me about your ancestors and your weird blood.” He replied.

“He doesn’t believe in it, but I do. Probably why when we were kids and he was attacked by a mountain lion I was able to make the beast go away. He still has scars on his chest and shoulder.”

“How terrifying it must have been.”

“The animal was wounded. A severe infection had made it delirious. It was hunted down.” She yawned, covering her mouth. “We should go to bed, I have some calls to make for Amy tomorrow.”

“That sounds good” They walked in the house and said goodnight to everybody. When they got in their room Cavan took his shirt and pants off. Nina was nervous. She was surprised he wasn’t shy until she got a good look at him. He was absolutely gorgeous. She couldn’t believe how attractive he looked. It made her even more embaressed. Suddenly Cavan said “Do you plan to sleep in all your clothes? I’m sure that wont be comfortable. I promise to be a gentleman.”

She then took her shirt off and pants aswell. He lost his breath like he had when she was in her towel. He felt himself blush at her beauty then he walked over to the bed and layed down under the covers. It was only a twin sized bed so they’d have to sleep close together. She climbed in with him laying her head on his chest. She needed the comfort.

He was glad she did and wrapped an arm around her then placed the other on her head through her hair. He hadn’t noticed how wonderful her hair smelt. He was so happy he’d get to sleep with her for a week. Cavan realized it would be very hard to be a perfect gentlemen but he’d do it. “Thanks for coming. I couldn’t imagine doing this alone.”

“I’m glad I got to come. I hope to spend a lot of time with you in the future.” She was so tired, she fell asleep even before he finished the sentence. He was so happy in that moment laying with her. The only way he could’ve been happier is if she was actually his. He wanted to talk to her about it but decided it was best to wait awhile. He didn’t want to ask too soon and ruin things. Timing is so important in everything.

Cavan burried his face in her beautiful hair and slid the rest of her body closer. He knew she was sleeping but he said “goodnight beautiful”

The next morning was hectic, spent making phone calls and going over things with Amy and Gavin. Cavan excused himself, telling her that Amita had come by and he needed to go home of awhile. She dreaded him leaving her alone with Amy. He smiled and kissed her then left. Nina had scheduled Amy’s bachelorette party two days before the wedding and she was expected to go. She rolled her eyes. If she ever got married then she would make Amy do the planning then not show up. An hour later Cavan was back and she ran happily into his arms, needing a break.

Chapter Four

“Hi to you too” he smiled really happy she greeted him like that. “It’s been a long day. Was everything ok?’

“Yes that’s why it didn’t take me long”

“good” she smiled and it overwhelmed him. “You’ve got to stop smiling at me like that.” She laughed not sure what that was supposed to mean. Her brother came in “Welcome back Cavan!”

“Sorry i had to go”

“No problem”

Next thing they heard was Amy screaming. They all three ran into the bedroom where she was standing on the bed. “There’s mice! Kill them Gavin!” Nina shook her head “You don’t have to kill them” She sat down “Come here little guys” She said it very cheery. They soon started quickly coming to her. They crawled up her arms and on her shoulders. Amy screamed again and Gavin laughed. “She’s taking them away now hunny calm down”

Nina quickly walked outside and sat on the ground letting them run off of her. Cavan had followed her trying not to giggle at Amys terrfied face. The mice didn’t leave right away they just looked at her. “I know it’s nicer in there but she’s going to kill you guys so you have to go” They ran off after she said that. She looked at cavan and said “She’s too funny. it’s like she thinks they will hurt her or somthing.”

“Never seen a beast so terrifying. I wonder what she’d do if I brought a dragon out here?” He grinned.

“Don’t you dare, my brother would never forgive me or you.” She laughed and stood. Cavan wrapped his arms around her waist. She liked this time with him. “My brother said you were very curious about our bloodline, why is that?”

“I think you may have a little fairy in you. Just enough to be useful. I believe it’s why you are so good with animals and your brother has been so successful with business. Your mother would be the carrier since you both have it.” He waited for her response, actually held his breath.

“Huh, I always knew we were special.” She smiled up at him.

“More than special, you’re amazing.”

“Mom disagrees, but I guess that’s her problem. She’s going to be here tomorrow and Gavin said he has someone special coming.”

Cavan realized Gavin had not said a word about her father. He decided to keep his mouth shut and keep it a surprise.

They went back inside and Amy was in the living room. She jumped when Nina came in “What’s wrong? Did I not get them all?”

“They were on you!” She said in a shakey voice.

“I’ll shower don’t worry” Nina went into the room Cavan and her shared and grabbed clothes then got in the shower that was in the bathroom in their room. It was a fast shower. Just long enough so that Amy wouldn’t be terrified to come near her. She got dressed and came out to see Cavan just sitting on the bed. “Why are you sitting there?”

“They wanted some alone time if you know what i mean” he laughed. She sat next to him and whispered “Oh god I hope they don’t make more Amys.” She put her head on his shoulder “It will probably sound weird to you but i really missed you while you were gone.” He smiled filling with joy “That’s not weird Nina. I’m glad you missed me.”

“So will we be seeing eachother after this?”

“We can see eachother as much as you want to see me”

“Good” she smiled looking up at him. That beautiful amazing smile that made his heart race. He wanted to kiss her again so bad. Remembering how good the kiss before was. Just then sombody knocked on the door. Nina opened it and a man scooped her up yelling “Nina! Nina my beautiful girl! I couldn’t wait! Your brother invited me to the wedding so i’ve been here and I just couldn’t take it anymore” He saw Cavan come behind her. “Who’s that young man there?”

“My boyfriend” He set his daughter down and shook Cavans hand. ” I’m Jasper, Nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you sir.” Cavan smiled at the bear of a man. The man tried to stare him down, but he was not easily intimidated.

“This one has balls Nina.” Jasper said and laughed.

“Daddy.” She went for serious, but only wound up grinning. “Gavin didn’t tell me you were coming, he’s lucky I’m so polite or I’d barge right in his room and embarrass him.”

“It was supposed to be a surprise my little bunny rabbit.”

She hugged her dad again. She had missed him something fierce. He was always moving. “I’m going to go bang on your brother’s door and tell him to show me my room.” He kissed her on the cheek, smiled at Cavan and went down the hall.

“A real teddy bear that one.” Cavan said and winked at her.

“Shhhh, don’t let him hear that. It’s our best kept secret. Besides he can go from cuddly teddy bear to raging grizzly in a nanosecond if he has to.” She whispered.

Cavan believed it, but he still liked the man. If this was the one who had made Nina into the woman she was today then he respected him. Her warmth and acceptance mirrored his. He didn’t look like anything could scare him. Standing at least six foot six and muscular nothing probably did.

“I think my daddy likes you Cavan. I’m so glad” Her voice sounded very excited and happy. Cavan was glad he got to meet Ninas dad. Next thing they heard was Amy scream. Nina hated that sound and by the look on Cavans face he hated it too. They then heard Ninas fathers loud laugh. In a few minuets all three of them came into the living room.

“Thanks for inviting me. You’re a good kid”

“Just please try and get along with my mother. I know she starts it but please.”

“Oh don’t worry, I plan to make sure the two of us don’t fight. The only thing that gets me is when she dares say a thing about my Nina”

“Like I said I know she starts it. Just be the bigger person”

“I will”

He then darted over to Nina picking her up like she was a baby. “You’ve got to update me on your life. Why don’t you and Cavan get in the car with me and we go to our spot until dinner.”

“Oh I’d love that!” She kissed her father on the cheek and asked Cavan “Do you want to?”

“Of course, sounds fun!”

They got in his car and drove to some woods that had a big river in it. Nina bolted out of the car. Her father laughed again and looked at Cavan “You don’t know how much I miss her when I’m gone. We better run before we can’t find her.” They both got out chasing behind her. They made it to where the land started going downwards. All they saw was Nina sliding down with a big cloud of dust behind her. They both started sliding too.

Nina was already in the water by the time they got down there. Her father slung her over his shoulder and spun around which made her laugh really hard. They all just played around having a great time. After a few hours Jasper looked at his watch “we have to go guys” Nina looked sad “already”

“We can do somthing else fun tomorrow I promise”

“Do you think Chuckers still has the plane?” Nina asked as the drove home.

“Chuckers?” Cavan arched an eyebrow.

“Charles “Chuck” Atkins. He’s an old war buddy. Nina here’s been calling him Chuckers since she could walk. The son of a bitch loves that nickname.” Jasper smiled. “I’m sure he does Nina. Want to go up?”

“Yes and we can take Cavan, he’s never been on a plane.”

“We should take Amy too, might scare her into silence.” Cavan said with a devilish grin and Jasper laughed.

“You better keep this one Bunny or I’ll kick your ass.” Jasper said as they pulled into Gavin’s driveway and got out.

Nina blushed. Keep Cavan? Oh yes, most definitely. He was just so perfect and had easily won over her father which was a monumental feat. She hooked one arm through her father’s and the other through Cavan’s. Her father started singing We’re Off to See The Wizard, making her laugh so hard tears were streaming down her face.

Cavan was loving this time out with Nina and her father. He was very sad the day was coming to an end soon. He then assured himself by thinking “Well atleast I get to hold Nina again tonight.” They came in and dinner was ready. Jasper leaned down to Nina whispering “Lets pray we don’t puke.” She giggled. More music to Cavans ears. They all sat down. Nina between Cavan and her father.

They ate and lied again about how good it was. Jasper said “You and Cavan head to bed. We’ve got a big day tomorrow. I’ll be waking you up probably before the sun rises.” Nina smiled and grabbed Cavans hand as they went to their room. Jasper stretched and said goodnight to Gavin & Amy. Nina was so happy. It was amazing to see. They both got down to their underware again and layed down the same as they did last night. Nina half way got up leaning her crossed arms on Cavans bare chest.

“My father liked you so much. I can’t believe how happy I am. Today was wonderful. You have to be my friend forever! You’re stuck with me. I know where you live so if you try to leave me I’ll hunt you down.”

While she was talking he was getting lost in her beauty. When she quit he said ” There’s no way in the world you’re ever getting rid of me Nina” She found herself staring back into those beautiful eyes. Before she knew it she was kissing him. He started kissing back without a second thought. It was long sweet and passionate. He longed for more when she pulled back. “That was amazing” she said a bit breathless.

He smiled “You can have more you know”

She smiled back hugging him. He cleared his throat and sat up. She got up too and waited because he looked like he wanted to say somthing. “Nina” he said sounding nervous. “Nina I really like you, as in more than a friend. Based on what just happend I think you must feel the same.Do you want to…well…um..”

She laughed “I’m shocked you of all people are nervous” She wrapped her arms around him. “Of course I’ll be your real girlfriend.” He couldn’t believe it. He hugged her back tightly. The happiest he had ever felt. He didn’t want to ruin the moment so he decided to wait to ask the harder questions and to tell her the truth about who he was. Now he was in knots over how she’d react. He hoped she wouldn’t be angry and would understand why he wanted to get to know her without her knowing he was a prince.

Tonight though he’d just enjoy being able to call her his.She tried to pull back from the hug but he held tight. When he finaly let her go they layed back down. She started running her fingers across his chest. It was relaxing and soon they were both asleep.

They awoke the next morning to banging on their door. Cavan answered while Nina pulled on some shorts and a tank top. It was Jasper, grinning ear to ear. “Good morning sir.” Cavan said.

“You two get ready. I called Chuck when I got up and he has the plane all fueled and waiting.” He looked around and then whispered, “Best if you hurry, Nina’s mom will be here in a couple of hours and she hates when I take Nina up.”

“Oh shit dad,” Nina said with a smile, “we’ll be right out.”

Nina watch as Cavan easily clothes himself by touching his chest while she was still digging through her bag trying to find a ponytail holder. “Do you need some help?” He asked, cocking his head sideways.

“I can’t find my ponytail holder.” She tossed things on the bed in exasperation.

“Here let me.”

He moved to stand behind her and gathered up her hair. He braided it quickly then like magic pulled a red ribbon out of the air and tied it around the end. He brushed his fingers lightly over that back of her neck and she got goosebumps. He liked he could do that to her. “We better catch up with daddy before wend end up naked.” She whispered.

“I wouldn’t mind.” He turned her around and kissed her cheek down her neck and to her shoulder.

“You are very tempting, but I have very little time to spend with him before my mom gets here. Maybe later.”

He brushed his nose against hers. “I can’t wait.”

She smiled “You’ll just have to do your best because Chuck can’t wait forever” They walked out, Cavan had his arm around her. Jasper said “Hurry up now love birds!” They got in the car and started driving. It didn’t take very long to get to Chucks plane. Nina got out extreamly excited. Jasper looked at her filled with happiness. He really missed his daughter and decided he should try to see her more. Especially after discovering his daughter had been dating a man 2 years and he didn’t even know.

He felt guilty. He was glad she had Cavan though. Any man who can handle a stare down with him he thought high of. Chuck ran up and hugged Jasper then Nina saying “I save the best for last. You need to come see me more Nina!” He looked at Cavan and shook his hand. “Very nice to meet you. I hope you’re taking good care of Nina”

Chapter Five

“Very good care, I swear on my life.” Cavan said with a friendly smile.

“Just so you know that’s what you’ll lose if you hurt my niece. Jasper’s a hell of a sniper.”

“Come on now Chuckers, you and daddy are driving me nuts.” Nina nudged him playfully.

“Well, get in guys and strap in.”

Nina climbed quickly in, Cavan followed. The plane had four seats so her dad sat up front. The plane roared to life and she got an instant rush. She looked at Cavan who was wide eyed and clenching his fists. “I never thought you’d be scared to fly.” She leaned in and whispered.

“If this giant metal bird crashes and I die and you don’t, I’m coming back to haunt you.” He whispered back.

“At least you’ll make a sexy ghost.”

With Nina distracting him, he had not realized they were up in the air. He was amazed he had not felt the plane rolling or pulling up or anything. She grinned at him. It had been her intention from the moment she’d opened her mouth. He wanted to kiss her, but he refrained. That could wait. Instead he laced his fingers through hers and enjoyed the view from above. It was a different experience from what he was used to.

It was actually fun and Cavan lost all his nervousness. Besides he had a lot to be happy for at the moment. To spite his sisters doubt Nina cared for him too. He held her hand a little tighter in happiness. She noticed and whispered “Are you scared?” he smiled “No just really happy.” They had been in the air a long time. Nina knew her mother would be there by the time they got back to her brothers house.

When they landed Chuck hugged Nina and her dad again. He even went over and gave Cavan a hug. “This family is so welcoming” he thought. ¬†It was really nice. He hoped his family was as excited about Nina. Amita did say they wanted him to be happy though so he was sure it would all be fine. They got in the car and Cavan could see the sadness on Ninas face. Her dad noticed too. “Nina your mom wont be mean to you while I’m there. Gavin said to be good but she wont treat you poorly under my watch.”

She smiled “I’ll be ok dad.” Cavan sat there hoping he wouldn’t lose his temper with her mother ¬†if she said anything. They made it back and sure enough Naomis car was in the yard. They walked in and she didn’t say hi to a single one of them. Nina was glad and thought “atleast she isn’t saying anything mean” Gavin nudged his mother. “Say hi to Nina and her father”

“Hi to that man? That man that walked out on me? I don’t think so. I want nothing to do with him or his daughter.”

Jasper said “It isn’t Ninas fault I left you Naomi!”

She spat and Gavin said “Ok ok enough of that you two. This is my wedding so please act civilized for me and my soon to be wife.”

“You know what Naomi, you might not like me or dad, but at least respect your son’s house.” Nina said cooly, arms crossed over chest.

“You don’t call your mother by her first name.” Naomi glared.

“I don’t have a mother.” Nina walked off before her mom could say anything else.

Cavan held his hand out to Nina’s mother. “Nice to meet you ma’am.” He said with a smile. Her eyes widened and she unconsciously licked her lower lip.

“And who are you?” She asked flirtatiously.

“Mom this is Cavan, Nina’s boyfriend.” Gavin said.

The woman didn’t look happy and Cavan was more than happy to make her dislike him. He was only being nice for Gavin. If him and this woman ever wond up alone in the same room he’d show her what he really was and make sure she never said another cross word to Nina. “Well at least your sister did something right, now introduce me to Amy.” Cavan watched as she walked away and Jasper whispered an apology. He really didn’t like that woman. He left to find Nina.

Nina had gone to their room and was just sitting on the bed with her face in her knees. Cavan sat beside her and stroked her hair and back. He felt sad and angry. He couldn’t stand seeing Nina upset. She looked up at Cavan and said “Thanks” then wrapped him in a hug. Cavan said “Don’t worry about your mother. She’s stupid if she doesn’t love you. You’re so amazing, sweet, beautiful and fun to be around. I don’t know how I lived my life without you before”

He was going to continue but she kissed him. When she stopped she said “Thank you, you’re always so good to me. I’m not really that upset. I’m used to it honestly. I’m just trying not to make a scene so Gavin will be happy. Thankfully he’ll do his best to contain Mom”

“She doesn’t deserve for you to call her mom. You should stick to Naomi”

She giggled and rested her head on his shoulder. He scooped her up and put her in his lap hugging her. Nina said “I’m really glad you have no plans of leaving me after this” once again his heart sank even though he was happy. He was so terrfied of the talk he needed to have with Nina. He was afraid she may not want him any more and he didn’t think he could handle that. He was happier than ever and he didn’t want to lose that happiness.

“You look so sad all of a sudden, like you’re lost.” She said as she combed her fingers through his hair.

“Maybe I am or maybe I’m not, I don’t really know. I’m so afraid of losing you.” He said and stroked her cheek.

“Why would you lose me, did something happen?” She felt her heart racing. She was worried and trying not to panic. Had she down something wrong? Had her mother? She was confused and all of a sudden very scared.

“Amita came by yesterday. She was concerned, as are our parents.”

She slid off his lap and put a little space between them. Did his family not see her as adequate? Was it because she was human for the most part? She rubbed her arms, feeling cold. “What did she say?”

“They are concerned with my happiness because I have been keeping something from you.” He said and she shot him a hurt look that cut deep.

Before she could ask what it was there was frantic knocking at the bedroom door. She stood there staring at him for a moment before answering the door. Amy burst in, wrapping her arms around Nina and crying. “Whoa, what happened?” Nina asked, barely staying on her feet.

“Your mother happened.” Amy choked. “She just wouldn’t stop picking at everything. The dresses, the cake I want, the flowers I picked out. I love your brother so much and all she wants to do is make me feel inadequate.”

“Amy, she doesn’t like anyone but Gavin. She’s a big bitch and a royal pain in the ass. I had to spend all my life with her picking. She uses her insults to jab you where it hurts. If she ever gets in your face again, come and tell me.”

Suddenly Gavin came in and grabbed Amy saying “We’re going for a drive hunny before I get into it with my mother.” Amy was happy to go. Nina and Cavan were alone again.

“What haven’t you told me Cavan?”

He stood up but didn’t get closer to her “I’m the prince of my world. Before you say anything I only didn’t tell you because I wanted you to get to know me without preconceived notions just because I’m a prince. I wanted you to just look at¬†me for who I am.”

Nina was silent. Looking like she was in deep thought. Cavan was pleading in his head for her to say somthing. His heart was crumbling looking at her. She finally said somthing “i guess I understand. If you would’ve told me up front I would’ve just seen you as a spoiled brat but thinking about it you’ve been nothing but kind, fun and open about everything else besides that. If I was in your shoes I probably would’ve done the same thing.

He hugged her tightly without even thinking of how tight it was until she choked out “Cavan that’s a little too tight” She hugged him back when he released a little bit “Anything else you haven’t been open about?”

“Not really, the only thing besides that is with us dating. I’ll need to be in my world more than yours because I have a lot of responsibility. If we were together you’d need to be there more. Would you be ok with that?”

‘Are you kidding? I love it there. I’m alone most the time with my dad always gone and my mom being how she is. Gavins always busy with business” She smiled at him. He hugged her again relieved. “I’ve been a wreck thinking about talking about all this with you Nina. I love you so much”

“You love me?”

He said “Yes very much. I can’t imagine my life without you in it. I don’t know what I would’ve done if that would’ve caused you not to be with me”

“I love you too Cavan. There’s no way you’re getting rid of me”

Nina felt giddy. She wanted to do something special with him. “We’re going swimming, come on.” She grabbed his hand. She made sure to tell her dad they would be gone for a little bit. She felt bad leaving him with her mother, but he was a tough old bear and could handle her. She drove them down to her favorite spot and hopped out with him following close behind. “Lets get in.” She tugged off her shoes then slipped out of her shorts and tank top. Her bra and underwear were next.

Cavan just stared. He wondered if maybe she had forgotten he was there. He coughed and she smiled at him. “Never been skinny dipping before?” She asked as she sashayed up to him. “It’s fun, lets get these clothes off.” She tugged his shirt up and over his head. “Boots, come on hurry up I’m getting cold.” He kicked them off and she unbuttoned his jeans. She hooked her fingers in the waist band of both his jeans and underwear and tugged them down. She grinned up at him then turned away and waded into the water.

He followed her nervous. So many emotions had run through him in the past hour. Anger, worry, relief, happyness and now he was nerovus out of his mind. He wondered what she thought of him. She then called “Hurry up sexy!” winking at him. He laughed thinking “Well I guess she answered that question.”

He swam up to her and grabbed her from behind pulling her against him. “I expected the water to be a little colder”

“Yeah, it’s always about perfect here”

He kissed her cheek and started kissing down her neck like he had earlier. His warm breath and gentle kisses gave her goosebumps and excited her. Cavan lightly laughed “I’m glad you like that” he whispered sensually in her ear.

Chapter Six

She turned in his arms, her arms sliding around his neck and her legs around his waist. She kissed him, her tongue dueling with his. He carried her out of the was and onto the bank, pressing her back into the grass. He gripped her hips, thrusting into her. His mouth found its way down her neck and over her shoulder then down to suck greedily at her breast, his teeth tugging gently on her nipple. Her excited cries could have driven him mad. He loved that sound, sensual and sexy. He rolled onto his back when they were finished, her still in his arms so she rested on top of him. He ran his hands up and down her back and his lips moved against the top of her head.

“We should rinse off and get back. I’m sure your brother and sister are home and have lunch ready.” He said softly.

“We should stay here until the wedding.” She rested her chin on his chest so she could look at him.

“I would love that, believe me, but we can’t. Isn’t the bachelorette party tomorrow?”

She groaned. She wasn’t looking forward to it, but she knew she owed Amy for the way her mother had treated her. “Alright damn it.” She kissed him and he lifted her, wading back into the water.

They quickly rinsed and got clothes back on then jumped in the car. When they arrived they could hear Amy crying. Gavin and Naomi were screaming at eachother. Lunch was indeed ready and Naomi didn’t lie about how good it was like the rest of them did. When Nina came in Amy ran to her and hugged her. “Your mother is so terrible. How did you and Gavin end up so nice?”

“It’ll be ok”

Naomi then walked away to her room and Gavin fell into a chair/ Amy went back to him. “You didn’t have to fight with your mom over it.”

“Yes I did, she needs to start treating people better. I will not enjoy our wedding with mom being a jerk to everybody”

Nina and Cavan sat down and ate “We like it Amy”

She sniffled “You do?”

Cavan said “Yes, thank you for making it for us” They all ate and Naomi never came back out. Nina asked “Where’s Jasper?”

“Not sure he said he’d be back before dinner tonight”

The rest of the day was eventless with Naomi refuseing to leave her room. Amy, Gavin, Nina and Cavan just enjoyed eachothers company and chatted. Jasper finally got back right as Amy had gotten up to make dinner. Jasper said “No no Amy I got it. I don’t want you to have to cook for Naomi again.” Gavin sighed with relief.

He cooked then and Nina set everything out for everyone. Everybody sat down then Jasper went to fetch Naomi. They heard some screams and then out Naomi came sitting next to Nina because Gavin wasn’t willing to sit with her. Nina was really tense waiting for an attack from her mother but thankfully none came. Maybe because Jasper was giving her a look like “Don’t you dare say one nasty thing to her”

After dinner Naomi left again saying “I’ll see you girls at the bachelorette party.” Nina and Amy both sighed when she left the room. Nina decided to be kind to Amy and help her relax. “Come outside with me Amy and I’ll help you pet the bunnies. I promise wth me they won’t scratch you.”

She smiled “Ok thanks!” Hand in hand they walked outside. The men were left just to hangout with eachother. Nina went and picked up a bunny and sat down. “Come here Amy.” Amy slowly walked up and put her hand out to pet it. She was so happy when it let her. After a few minuets Nina handed the bunny to her and grabbed the other one. They spent hours out there talking and playing with the bunnies.

Amy yawned “I think we should go to bed Nina.” Nina agreed and they walked inside. The guys were all laughing and having a great time. Nina was happy how easily Cavan got along with her brother and dad. Jasper had never approved of a boyfriend before. She wondered what he’d think if he knew Cavan was a fairy.

“I’m sorry you have to be here and here my mother ruining everything.” She said as she crawled into bed next to him.

“I can handle anything that bat can throw at me and if she gets too out of hand I’ll summon a ghost to haunt her.” He smiled wickedly.

“Oh please, she’d demoralize the ghost and leave it in tears too.”

Cavan knew she was right and he didn’t want to subject anyone or anything else to Naomi. They should send her out as a one woman army to emasculate enemy soldiers into surrendering. He noticed Nina was looking at him weird. “What?” He asked.

“You look like you just thought of something funny.” She said.

“Very funny actually.” He kissed her.

Nina had never felt so happy, but she couldn’t help but feel there was something odd about happen. It was a weird sensation that vibrated through her body. She tried to block it out, attributing it to the stress her mother had brought. She fell asleep in his arms, her dreams unpleasant.

Cavan woke up, Nina was squeezing him. She looked so upset while she was sleeping. He rubbed her hair and back trying to calm her. After a few minuets of this she settled down. He kissed her head and noticed the sun would be rising soon. He decided since it would be time to get up soon anyway he’d just lay there and enjoy being close to Nina.

She was so beautiful and the sound of her breathing was relaxing to him. He’d miss sleeping with her like this when everything was over. He knew his parents would allow her to have a room in the castle but they wouldn’t allow them to sleep together unless they were married. It made him a little upset. He thought ‘I’m too old for my parents to boss me around”. He knew he’d have to follow their rules when he got back though.

Since Ninas parents were divorced he didn’t know if she’d ever want to marry him. Thoughts of them married and being together always, filled his head. He held Nina tighter as she slept. He wanted to wake her up to spend time with her before she was dragged off for the bachelorette party but didn’t want to be selfish. She was going to have a long night. He wondered if he was going to be dragged into a bachelor¬†party.

Nina woke just as tired as when she had fallen asleep. Her nightmare had been strange. She hadn’t really seen much, but had felt distressed. It was like nature was sending her an echo of something bad. Cavan’s smile warmed her, chased away the shadows. She kissed him good morning and hopped out of bed. “Tonight ¬†get to shoo a male stripper away.” She said and laughed at his look of disgust. “Don’t worry, I’ll nut punch him if he gets to close.” She rifled through her suit case, needing something nice to wear to the bachelorette party tonight.

Cavan wanted to do something special for her since she was going to have to spend most of the night with her psychotic mother and overly happy soon to be sister in law. He pulled his jeans on and kissed her as he headed for the door. “Where are you going looking so pleased?” She asked.

“You’ll find out, just get dressed.” He was going to make her and her family breakfast. Since no one else was up he had the kitchen all to himself. His parents didn’t know, but he had spent a lot of time in the castle kitchen learning how to cook everything. He went through the fridge, pulling out a container of ham chunks and eggs. He cooked the ham, wincing as hot grease hit his bare stomach and chest. He beat some eggs and poured them in. When they were done he moved the skillet off the burner, deciding breakfast wasn’t complete until he’d made his apple muffins.

After completing those he was excited and set everything on the table. He decided to go put on a shirt so Naomi wouldn’t flirt with him as she had when he first met her. There was his Nina, all dressed and beautiful. He sighed then smiled at her. She laughed “What’s that look for?” He pulled a shirt on then held out his hand “Come on”

Her father was already out there. The smell of his cooking had woken him up. Nina was surprised “Did you make this Cavan?”

“Yes I did. I wanted to do somthing special for you” He kissed her forhead and she hugged him. Her father looked at them happy. He really did hope Nina and Cavan would work out. His daughter deserved happiness. The three of them sat down to eat. Soon Naomi, Amy & Gavin came out. Amy squeeled “Who made this!?” Nina smiled again “Cavan”. Gavin and Amy thanked him. Naomi didn’t say anything. Nothing in the world could make Naomi happy.

Cavan was glad she was silent. He was getting really tired of her. He looked at Nina. He was overjoyed she liked his cooking so much. He loved to cook so he was planning on cooking for her a lot.

“My goodness Cavan,” Amy said as she finished her muffin, “If you keep cooking like this I’ll never fit into my dress.”

Everyone laughed but Naomi who had a look like she hoped so. Nina was glad he could bring everyone’s spirits up. He was truly amazing, an angel in disguise. She wanted to jump in his arms and kiss him. She spotted her dad grinning at her and blushed. She had it bad and he knew it. “So are you having a bachelor party?” She asked and heard Cavan clear his throat.

“Tomorrow night and don’t worry we won’t get wasted I promise. Do you want to come Cavan?” Gavin asked.

Cavan glanced at Nina. He didn’t really want too, but he also didn’t want to disappoint anyone. “Of course he’ll go Gavin,” Nina smiled, “he can be the designated driver.”

“Tonight your Jasper wants to take me fishing. I haven’t been in years.”

“Why don’t you come with us boy.” Jasper said and grabbed another muffin.

“I think I’ll stay here and make sure the girls make him home safe.” Cavan said politely.

Jasper nodded his head, obviously pleased. He had never found someone who his Nina had dated that he actually liked. He’d chased off his share of losers. “I guess we’ll see you at dinner time, hopefully we’ll have a few fish you can fry for us.”

“I’d love to cook for everyone again”

Amy jumped up “Nina you and I need to go out shopping for a few party supplies! Lets hit up Spencers in the mall. They have the best things for this sort of event!” Cavan had to hold back a laugh at Ninas fake excitedess. Amy didn’t want to invite Naomi but she knew she should “Naomi would you like to come?”

Naomi got a mean look on her face “I’d rather do anything than be around you two” Amy looked a bit hurt but Nina didn’t seem phased. “Come on Amy lets hurry” They both were gone before anybody knew it. Jasper and Cavan both felt like snapping at her. Gavin could see it and said “Why don’t we watch a movie while the girls are gone? How about Liar Liar. It’s so funny nobody can resist laughing watching it”

They all agreed and sat down to the movie. The girls had made it to the mall about an hour into Liar Liar. It had been a long time since Nina had been to a mall but Amy knew her way around. She dragged Nina all the way to Spencers and they bought all kinds of stuff. Amy seemed to bounce from place to place. “Nina, lets look at some clothes while we’re here please! I don’t want to see Naomi again yet!” Nina laughed and agreed so they shopped around a few hours then had lunch in the food court.

They stayed out until it was a few hours out from the party. They drove home, Gavin and Cavan hugged them before they got ready to leave. When it was time to go Nina got Naomi. All three said bye and drove on their way to the little house the party was being held at.

“Alright Gavin lets grab our poles and get to the store for worms.” Jasper said.

“If you need anything Cavan, Jasper’s number is on the freezer door.” He stretched and stood.

“You guys have fun, I bet you get a lot of fish.” It wasn’t just a bet, it was a promise. He wove his fairy magic around them, giving him his blessing.

They left and he went through the DVDs. He settled on Dragonheart. He had actually met Sean Connery once a very long time ago. Like many actors he had wanted to live forever. He had been blessed by the fairy folk. Acting was art and fairies loved art. He hoped Nina was having fun, at least a little.

Nina sat in a house full of screaming girls, her mother, and two male strippers. It was both amusing and irritating at the same time. Her mother sat there with a disgusted look on her face while the other girls, especially Amy, stuck money in the strippers underwear. That in itself was worth being happy about. The noise was getting to be a little much for her so she whispered to Amy she’d be on the back porch getting some air if she was needed. Amy said okay and thanked Nina. She walked out the back door and sat on the porch. She still couldn’t shake that odd feeling. Something was wrong. She felt a sharp pain on the left side of her chest that quickly subsided. Her father’s name jumped into her mind. She had to call Gavin and make sure her dad was alright. She started back inside and ran into her mother.

“We need to talk.” Her mother said.

“Not right now, mother. I have to call Gavin.” She snapped.

Naomi grabbed Amy by the arm and pulled her back in front of her. “You will speak to your mother when she asks you to!”

“You’ve never been a mother to me so let me go!” All the girls went quite when they heard a loud smack. Naomi had hit Nina so hard she fell. Nina had bitten her tounge as she fell and her mouth was bleeding a bit. Nina stood back up and walked away from her mother again. Naomi grabbed her by the arm like she had before when Amy ran over. “How dare you hit Nina! Why are you intent on ruining my marriage to your son?”

Chapter Seven

“Oh shut up you little gold digger.” Naomi snapped.

Amy looked very upset, verging on tears. Nina had had enough of this woman and her controlling ways. “Amy would you please go inside and call my brother?” She never took her eyes off the with that gripped her arm.

“Are you sure you want me to leave?” Amy looked back and forth between the two.

“Yes sister, please leave.”

She waited until Amy was back inside before shoving her mother. The woman came at her and Nina backhanded her across the face so she spun and hit the ground. Naomi looked up at her in shock, clutching her cheek. “If you ever touch me again or say anything mean to Amy or Gavin or my father I will leave you in a bloody heap on the ground. I am tired of you Naomi, tired of your abuse. I have done everything to make you proud of me and you never noticed. You don’t deserve the children you have. When this wedding is over you better never call me again or even mention my name.” She was heated, finally taking some control back from this woman.

“Nina I’m so…”

“Save it you horrid old bat.”

Amy came rushing outside, her eyes wide with panic. “Nina your dad, he had a heart attack.”

A tear fell from Ninas eyes. “We have to go! Come on Naomi” All three ran to the car and to the hospital. When they got there she went to the front and asked where her father was. They circled it on a map of the hospital and they took off. When she saw her dad laying in a hopital bed she ran and hugged him. He layed a hand on his daughters head “Don’t worry Nina, this has happend before it’ll be alright”

“This has happened before! Why haven’t you said anything?!”

“I didn’t want to worry you my dear. What happend to your face Nina? It’s so red and you have dry blood on your mouth.”

“Please lets not discuss that right now dad.”

“Ok” They huged again then Nina came up and hugged him. Naomi stood outside the room. “Aren’t you coming in Naomi?”

“Fine” she stomped in

“Oh no Naomi what did you start?” He could see her face was red too.

“Like Nina said lets not discuss it”

Cavan suddenly felt like something was very wrong. He went into the kitchen and grabbed the phone number off the freezer door. He found the phone and called Jasper’s number. Nina answered. She sounded upset. “Calm down love, what happened?” He asked. She told him what had happened and wanted him to come to the hospital. He hung up the phone, running outside and shooting up into the air.

Nina paced back and forth, her heart aching for her father. Two heart attacks was bad. He should have said something, should have been taking it easy somewhere like a beach, not helping her deal with Naomi. She couldn’t lose her daddy, not yet. “Nina, Cavan’s here.” Amy said and she stopped pacing. She ran into his arms, bawling her eyes out.

“Calm down Nina, it’s okay.” He said softly, stroking her hair.

“He can’t have another heart attack or he might die.” She felt so scared and wanted to deny everything. “What am I going to do? I don’t want to lose him.”

He thought about it, his mind racing. There was one way, but it meant taking Nina to his parents. He didn’t want to, not because they were horrible people, but because they might deny her. He didn’t know what clan she belonged to so she could invoke her right for assistance. Even then his parents might deny her because she was mostly human. He hoped they weren’t that petty. He needed to talk to Amita.

“Listen to me Nina, ” he whispered in her ear, “there may be a way to save your father, but I have to talk to my sister first. I’m going to go up to the roof and call her to me. I want you to stay with your family until I come for you.”

She held tightly to him for just a moment. She didn’t want him to go, but it was for her father. She needed her father there. What if she decided too get married, he had to walk her down the isle and what if she had children, they deserved to know their grandfather. She nodded and let him go.

He gave her a quick kiss and ran off. Naomi came behind her. “Nina I’m sorry I hit you for all the times I’ve hit you” Nina sighed “It’s fine mom just please let this be about dad right now.” Naomi actually expressed sadness. Nina wasn’t used to her mother showing any kind of emotion. Cavan had reached the roof already.

He called for his sister who was there almost instantly. “Yes Cavan?” He explained everything to her and she said “I’ve already told you Cavan. I talked to mom and dad as soon as I saw how you were looking at that girl. They want you to be happy. This is serious though Cavan. Is she really who you want to be with forever?”

“I’ve never been more sure about anything Amita”

“Well then all there is to do is to take her to our parents”

“Tell them I will be there with her in an hour. She needs to spend a little more time with Jasper.” He hugged his sister and let her be off. He found his way back to Nina. Her mother looked very sad and he noticed she had a big red mark on her cheek. He looked at Nina, her lip was split. He had been in such a hurry he had not noticed. It looked like Nina had won though. He grabbed her arm and pulled her aside.

“We have to leave in a little bit to talk to my parents. Amita will let them know we are on our way. You should spend a little more time with your father.” He said in a low voice.

“Come and see him with me please.” She gripped his hand.

Nina told Her father they were going to go, but they’d be back. He looked up at her grumpily. “Tell those doctors that I’m going home.” He said and tried to get up. She laid a hand on his shoulder.

“No daddy, you need to stay.” Cavan rested a hand on the man’s other shoulder and used his magic to put him to sleep. He knew the old bear would leave after they left if he didn’t.

“Come on Nina, we have to hurry.”

They ran out the hospital then he picked her up. “Hold on to me tight ok?”


He took off really fast and it scared Nina. She wrapped her arms around him tightly. He laughed lightly. Before long they were back to where she first met Cavan. Then in an instant they were inside the castle. He set her down and they walked hand in hand to his parents. His mother got up and looked at Nina then waved Cavans father over. “Isn’t she a beauty. I can feel her kind heart too. No wonder you have such affection for her Cavan.” She said smiling at Nina.

She looked at her son “Are you absolutely sure my son?”

“Yes mom I really am. I couldn’t be more sure”

Nina was so confused. “What’s going on Cavan?”

“I’ve chosen to spend my life with you, whether it be here or in your world or in between.” He looked down at her, waiting for what she had to say.

“You mean like marriage?” She felt her heart beating so fast.

“That’s what I mean and children if you want them. I’ve spent an eternity looking for you and it took a car accident to find you. I’ll do everything in my power to make you happy whether you decide to marry me or not.”

“I would be proud to be your wife.” He swept her up in a hug, his heart nearly exploding with joy. He released her when his father walked up to stand by his mother.

“Look at this face. Does she not resemble The Huntress Diana?” He said, his eyes looking her up and down.

“My word, she does indeed.” Cavan’s mother said winded eyed.

Nina had had a great great something or another named Diana. A painting of her hung in Naomi’s home. She secretly wondered if her mother knew of their heritage. “I had someone in my family with that name. She was killed by a jealous man, at least that is what I was told.”

“If she is indeed Diana’s descendent then she will have to prove it.” Cavan’s father said. “Two clans are at war in this world child, one of them is yours. If you can get them to stop fighting then we will help your father. Because Diana was so loyal we would have no choice but to side with her clan. We would rather there not be a war because it could easily spill out into your world.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“Alright Cavan take her”

“Yes mam”

He grabbed Ninas hand again and lead her out of the castle. Once outside he lifted her in his arms again giving her another kiss. “I’m so happy you want to be with me forever too.”

“Why wouldn’t I want to be Cavan?”

“Hold on to me like before ok?”

This time she started out by holding him tightly and in a instant they were at the gates of another castle. Cavan talked to the guards and they let Nina & Cavan inside. They walked hand in hand like they did before as a servant lead them to the clan leaders. A huge man that scared Nina a little bit got up “What do you want with us?”

“This is Nina your grace, one of the many children of Diana.” Cavan said.

“Diana vanished long ago, leaving her clan leaderless. Now they think they can just move on in and take what they wish. Diana would have punished them long ago. Do you have her spirit or just her face?” The man said, moving closer to her.

“If you don’t back up old man you will find out.” She glared up at him. She didn’t know what it was, but she felt like this was how her ancestor had acted toward him.

“I have not been called that in ages. You have her mouth that’s for sure.” He laughed. “I will cease this fighting if you take control of your clan. They are more wild than most fairies and hard to deal with. The man controlling them is named Argus. He claimed Diana’s throne as his own. You have her blood and her fire so get rid of him.”

“Alright, old man.”

Cavan led her out of the clan Leander’s castle. “No one has ever talked to him like that, bold move.” He said and took flight.

“Someone needed to. He thinks he’s better than everyone else. I thought to bring him down a few pegs.”

He brought them down in front of what looked like a Viking hall. It was a beautiful sight to behold. A young man in animal fur stopped them at the door. Cavan explained who she was and the bow actually dropped to one knee and lowered his gaze. “Please get up.” Nina said a little embarrassed. The man led them into the throne room. A man sat in a wooden chair, a large wooden dragon had been placed behind it. His eyes widened in fear and recognition.

“Diana, you have returned.” He said.

“I am not Diana, I am her descendant. I have come to claim what is mine by birth and stop this war you have started.” She was amazed at how sure and calm she sounded. Cavan had to smile. He had picked a wonderful woman. She was bold, beautiful and tough. He knew she’d make a wonderful queen someday.

“I am not fool enough to challenge you my lady. Do you really think you have what it takes?”

“I have no doubt I do.”

He bowed to her “well then, once everybody finds out who you are they’d over throw me anyways. Take what’s yours.” Even though he was bowing out she had a feeling that one day he was going to come back and try to get rule again. That was a future worry now though not one to think about currently. He left the room and she didn’t know what to do so she just turned to Cavan. He hugged her again and she laughed “You’re just full of hugs today huh?”

Chapter Eight

They announced to the rest of the clan that they were cease fighting. Nina made it clear that she would not tolerate war and of any more attacks were made on any clan she would banish those who opposed her. Cavan lifted her in his arms and flew her back to his home. They rushed to the throne room and let his parents know that they had been successful.

“Do you not fear Argus?” Cavan’s father asked.

“I’m not scared of cowards.” She answered and winked.

“You are Diana and then some. We will keep our word.” Cavan’s mother said with a smile. She left briefly and returned carrying a vial of blue liquid. “Get him to drink this and his heart will be completely repaired, just like new. He will be immured to everything but old age.”

“Thank you.” She wrapped the woman in a hug. Cavan’s mom actually hugged her back. It had been a long time since a human had shown such kindness.

“Lets get back to your father.” He lifted her and flew as fast as he could.

“I have to ask you a question before we get there.” Nina yelled over the wind.

“Then ask.” Cavan said.

“Won’t I also grow old and die like my father?”

Cavan smiled. “My mother can draw the fairy out in you. She can make you like us. It’s supposed to be a little uncomfortable, but it takes no time at all.”

They got back to the hospital and Nina bought a drink and poured it in so nobody would ask her where she got it from. She took it up to her father and he said “Oh thank you sweetheart I needed a drink so badly.” He drank it really fast. She was amazed but happy he got it all down. Within a few minuets he said “I feel good as new I don’t need to stay here anymore!”

The nurse came in “Yes you do sir you’ve been saying that every 30mins since you woke up now please lay down”

“Can’t a doctor check me please I want to leave”

The nurse huffed and went to get a doctor to check him out. Nina hugged her father again. He rubbed her hair saying “I love you so much hunny. I promise I’ll try to see you more. You can hold me to it.”

“You better and you also better never keep anything from me!”

“I’m sorry bunny rabbit. I swear I wont.”

Cavan came up and rested his hand on Ninas back while she still held tight to her father. Jasper looked up at him “You better always take care of my baby.” He looked at Nina again “You need to marry this man for me ok?” Nina laughed “Oh I plan to” She finally let go when the doctor came in. He was amazed. “Everything seems 100% normal with him. I’ve never seen anything like it. Let me get the discharge papers ready. It will only take about an hour.”

Jasper started unhooking things from himself and Amy jumped up in panic “Don’t you think a doctor should remove those from you!?” He laughed “It’ll be fine. I’m ready to get out of this place!”

When they were finally all home and Jasper was resting as ordered by the doctor, Nina flopped down on her bed. It had been a crazy week. Gavin decided he would be staying home until the wedding. He wanted to help keep an eye on Jasper. Nina wanted to tell him not to worry, but then she’d have to tell him why. The wedding was the day after tomorrow and things were finally looking up. Naomi had apologized to both Amy and Gavin for acting like a bitch.

“You look exhausted.” Cavan said and Nina sat up. He had a bowl in each hand, steam coming off of them.

“I made fish stew from what your dad and Gavin caught.” He walked across the room and handed her her bowl.

“It smells delicious.” She took a bite. “Thank you for helping my dad. You have no idea how much it means to me.”

“I would not stand to see you lose that man. We all would have been devastated, even your mother. Underneath all that shame and anger she was terrified for your father.”

“She loved him once I guess. Her controlling ways and bad temper drove him away. I know he loved her and maybe still does, but he loves me and Gavin more. He knows it would never work and he isn’t willing to make us miserable trying.” She took another bite, not realizing just how hungry she was.

“Looks like you get to ask Amy to help you plan your wedding.” Cavan said and nearly laughed when she made a face. “Maybe your mother too.”

“As long as there’s no salmon pink or fighting.”

Cavan laughed and they finished their meal. The evening was peacful. Ninas father asked if she’d read to him so she did until she was too tired and went to bed. Cavan was so happy. Nina had never seen such a big smile in her life. He held her tightly in his arms. “I love you more than you could ever know Nina”

“I love you too. Are you ready to go to sleep?”

He said yes still keeping that huge smile. His eyes were dancing with all his happiness. They slept tangled in eachother. The days up until the wedding were peaceful and fun. Amy almost cried when her brother chocked saying his vows because he was so happy with Amy. All Cavan could think about was his wedding to Nina. When the couple was off for their hunny moon Nina said bye to her mother and father.

They walked to her car and drove until nobody could see them. Then they got out and went back to Cavans world. They were both excited and happy thinking about their future.

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