Nolan & Roady 2

Chapter One

Nolan could tell that Roady was still insecure in their relationship, especially after a couple of his old lovers had showed up at the house. One of them had pushed her way in even after Roady had asked her to leave and had made a scene in front of Roady. They had traded words and she had thrown herself at him. She had managed to get a kiss in before Nolan had wrestled her away and out the front door. Roady had hardly spoken about the incident, but Nolan could tell it had upset him. He wanted to make it up to him, so he had booked a trip to England for them and had even gone so far as to buy a small cottage there so they could be alone. He was excited about the trip and hoped Roady would be willing to go. He left his study and headed downstairs, knowing where his wolf would be. He found him out back sitting on the edge of the pool, his legs dangling in the water. Nolan paused for a moment, just admiring him. Roady was the very definition of sexy with bright hazel eyes and blonde hair that had grown long enough to frame his sun bronzed face. Muscles rippled beneath his skin as he laid back on the ground and Nolan inhaled sharply, wanting to touch him.

“You going to stand there staring or come over here.” Roady said, opening his eyes and slightly tipping his head back to look at Nolan.

Nolan took a deep breath then crossed over to his wolf and dropped down next to him. “I want to ask you something.”


Nolan raked his fingers through his hair. “I booked a trip to England and wanted to know if you’d go with me.”

Roady sat up and looked into Nolan’s eyes, studying him. “Alright.”

Nolan sighed. “If you don’t want to go I can cancel our flight.”

“I want some time away from here anyway.”

Nolan reached out and stroked Roady’s cheek. “Are you ever going to talk to me and tell me what’s wrong?”

“I just needed time to think.”

“Are you going to leave me?” Nolan was afraid of the answer.

“Why would I do that?” He looked genuinely confused. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He leaned in and gave Roady a gentle kiss, still worried his past promiscuity would further damage their relationship.

“what happened with that woman wasn’t your fault Nolan. I was there for the whole thing. You were trying to get her to leave. I know how much you used to sleep around. It’s not like you’ve just met me. I had a front row seat to the revolving door. I began dating you knowing everything so stop worrying please. I love you and all those men and women could come knocking at the door and I wouldn’t leave you. It did hurt to see her kiss you but I’m okay, we’re okay” Roady got up and hugged Nolan who firmly pressed Roady into him. “I care about us too much to not worry”

“We’re fine, really. I got jealous and if she had been a man I would have broken something.” He rubbed his nose against Nolan’s neck, causing goosebumps to cover his skin. “I do feel like punishing you a little though, it’s your fault after all.”

“Oh and how would you go about doing that?”

He felt Roady smile against his neck and the wolf suddenly gripped his shirt and tossed him into the swimming pool. When he came up Roady was laughing hard enough he had tears in his eyes. “Your face, the look you had was priceless.”

“That wasn’t very nice.”

“You have to admit you deserve it just a little.”

“Alright, but I’m paying you back once we have no one to interrupt us.”

Roady just laughed a bit more. When he could stop he wiped away the tears once more so he could see clearly. Roady was glad to see his mate smiling. He just wanted his mate at ease and not to worry. Leaving Nolan was never going to happen no matter what they went through. Nolan might leave him one day if or when he got tired of monogamy and wanted his old life back but one thing Roady got from his parents was mating for life. They stuck by eachother no matter what and he would stick by Nolan. Roady quickly pulled his mind away from that. He was fine but if he dwelled on the possibility of monogamy not being possible in the long run for Nolan he would be upset.

Roady took Nolans hand and they went inside so they both could pack for their trip.

“Nolan, no, we’ll be too tired to get up in the morning.” Roady shoved at him as he tried making dinner that night.

“Just once.”

“Yeah sure, I actually believe that.” He put a palm against Nolan’s chest and pushed. “I’m going to burn our food.”

Nolan hugged him tightly and ran his nose over his ear, making Roady shiver. “Please?”

“You’re being unfair.” He looked over his shoulder. “After dinner, but you have to let me sleep afterwards. I’m excited about this trip.”

“Alright, I promise…maybe.”

“Be good.” Nolan chuckled and rested his chin on Roady’s shoulder, letting him finish cooking. He wanted to do everything in his power to show Roady he was the most important person in the world.

Nolan struggled to behave as let Roady finish cooking and set the table. Roadys every movement teased him but he love Roady more than he desired his body so headed his request to wait until they had eaten. Roady was going to clear the table when Nolan lifted him “I will do it after we make love okay? I swear.”

“You? Clean up the table? Really?” Nolan gave Roady a hungry kiss “To bed you now I would clean the whole place from top to bottom” His voice was already husky with need. It made Roadys heart stutter. Nolan took Roady to their room, dropped him on their bed and began tugging his and Roadys clothes off. Roady could tell this would be one of Nolans more passionate nights.

Nolan got so lost in Roady that he couldn’t bring himself to stop even when the wolf begged him too. He knew he would get an earful in the morning, but he couldn’t help but indulge. His demon lust consumed him and Roady’s wolf responded in kind, wanting his mate even if it exhausted him to the point he couldn’t move. “No…Nolan, I can’t…no more.”

“One more time, please?”

There was a desperation to his voice Roady had only remembered hearing when Nolan had hunted him down. He was still worried about what had happened between him and that woman, about Roady seeing the woman practically attack him. “I love you.”

“Me too, so much Roady.”

Later when Roady was sleeping, Nolan couldn’t help but feel like a bit of a jerk. He cleaned the kitchen, as he thought about his sweet wolf and how lost he would be without him. He felt so bothered by Roady witnessing his ex lovers desperate attempts at getting in his pants. He would die if Roady left him and he wanted him to understand that. When he was sure everything was picked up and wiped down, he headed to bed, pausing for a moment to watch Roady sleeping peacefully. He brushed his hair out of his face and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips, careful not to wake him. “Sweet dreams.”

Chapter Two

In the morning Roady was still in a deep sleep. It made Nolan feel bad all over again. He put their bags in the car then picked up Roady and set him in the front seat, buckling him up then locking the house before driving them to the airport. They were taking Nolans private jet so it was as simple as getting there and going to his craft. He was carrying the still dead asleep Roady in his arms. He didn’t need to be awake anyway until they arrived and this way they were still getting there despite his selfishness last night.

They hadn’t been in the air long when Roady woke with a grown, surprised to find himself in Nolans jet. He looked at his mate and Nolan took his hand “sorry, I just carried you here since you were so tired from me”

“It’s okay, at least we didn’t leave late right?” Nolan kissed Roadys cheek. Roady could feel so much love in it. It made him rest his head on Nolans shoulder. Nolan kissed his head and told him again “i love you so much my wolf”

“Mmmhmm, you made that abundantly clear. I think I’ll sleep forever.”

“I’ll try to take it easy next time.”

Roady huffed out a laugh. “Liar, you’re insatiable, I’m not going to be able to walk anymore.”

“I am sorry.”

He nibbled at Nolan’s neck, making him let out a little moan. “You’re so easy.”

“Watch it, you don’t want to scar the pilots.”

“I feel pretty safe actually.” He snuggled closer.

“It’s kind of cute when you get all cuddly.”

Roady huffed. “I’m not cute, I’m a wolf.”

“That just makes you even cuter. You have all that fluff.”

“Don’t make me toss you out the door, I will do it you know.”

“Oh I’m terrified.”

Roady laughed and snuggled into his mate a little more. hen they landed a car was already waiting to take them to the Luxury Suite Roland had reserved. Once in the room Nolan wrapped his arms around Roady from behind. “You like it?”

“It’s amazing” Nolan kissed his shoulder “good, lets take advantage of the Jacuzzi” Nolan began undressing, needing the warm water and bubbles to release some of his tension. Roady stripped too and Nolan got the water ready for them. They slipped in, Nolan pulling his mate right back up against him. Roady smiled happily then said “I’ve been with you a long time so nothing really surprises me about you besides this cuddliness. I’ve never seen you cuddly before” Nolan kissed him again “I’ve never loved anyone like I love you Roady”

“Hmmm, really?”

“Absolutely, you’re my first love.”

Roady blushed, not really knowing what to say in his surprise. He felt a growl rise in his throat at being embarrassed and Nolan chuckled, rubbing their noses together. “Cut it out.”

“Seeing you all flustered over me makes me incredibly happy.”

Roady glared at him. “You say that now, but wait until I snap my teeth at someone.”

“You think I don’t get jealous? I see the way people fawn over you.”

“They don’t.”

“Sure they do. Women are always asking for your help, wanting you to fix this and that. When we go out men and women are always eyeing you, looking for a way in.”

“I’m pretty sure I’ve made it clear even from a distance that I’m not interested. I only love you, I only want you.”

Nolan stroked his cheek. “I know, you’ve always been loyal.”

“Well, wolves mate for life you know. We’re serious about it, there will only ever be you for me.” He left the fear of one day being left unspoken. This trip was about being happy and he was excited to explore a new place with Nolan.

When they got out Roady orered room service because they were both starving. It came quickly considered all the food they ordered. Roady being a wolf and Nolan being a demon they had big appetites. The way they made love only made it worse. “well we still have lots of day left. Lets just walk around for starters” Nolans said as he ate the last bite of his food. Roady got up and began to dress, Nolan quickly doing the same.

“This way, do you smell that?” Roady said as he walked down the street, his nose working in overdrive.

“Slow down.” Nolan said as he laced his fingers through Roady’s so he wouldn’t lose him. The wolf was excited about this new place and had locked onto a scent he couldn’t pass up. “At least tell me what has you so interested.”

“It’s musty and old.”


“Paper, I smell paper and leather.”

Nolan chuckled. “Alright, at least slow down and walk beside me.”

Roady blushed, reeling the animal back so he was keeping pace with Nolan instead of the other way around. “Sorry.”

“So what do you smell?”

“Old books and coffee, really good coffee.” Nolan laughed and Roady glared at him. “Stop or I’ll bite you.”

“I’m convinced you have some sort of biting fetish.”

“All wolves like biting, don’t go thinking I’m weird. Maybe try learning about wolves and mating.”

“So you’re all flesh hungry freaks then?” He winked and Roady sputtered trying to find a come back. When he didn’t find one, he looked away, glaring ahead as he let his nose pull him. Nolan couldn’t help teasing him.

Roady soon was excited again as they arrived at Foyle’s. They went inside, Roady eagerly looking down the isles of books. The only thing that stopped Roady was finding a book that caught his eye. He plucked it off the shelf and began reading the back. Nolan said in a laughter filled voice “I’ll get us some coffee. You just come sit with me when you’re ready” Nolans voice drew Roadys attention away from the book, he just sounded so completely happy, happier than he had ever heard him before and they werent really doing much.

Chapter Three

Nolan ordered something new for both of them and hoped Roady liked it. All the years they had spent together had been Roady taking care of his needs. He knew his favorite foods, his favorite drinks, even his favorite color. Nolan himself had only recently started learning new things about the wolf who had followed him around so loyally all those years. he was just sitting down when Roady came over and took the spot next to him. “Here.” He held out the cup of coffee and Roady brought it to his nose, sniffing.

“Oh, hazelnut and caramel, it smells so good. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome. I hope you like it.”

Roady tipped his head to the side, making Nolan smile at the almost canine display. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“I just hope you do.” He cleared his throat and looked at the book in Roady’s hand. “So, any good?”

“Could I read the first chapter to you?”

He smiled. “Of course, anything you want.”

Roady took a small drink of his coffee then opened the beautifully bound book. It was rare nowadays to see a book with such a beautiful made cover. It looked like it had to be hand done. It just didn’t seem possible to mass produce a book like that. Soon Roady’s voice took him away from examining the cover. He gave a relaxed sigh and sat back, just enjoying his coffee and the wonderful sounding voice Roady had. When the first chapter was over Roady said “I really like it and it’s a series. It has five books and is ongoing”

“Well before we leave this shop grab them and I’ll buy them”

“But they aren’t cheap. I could probably find cheaper copies.” Nolan shook his head and surpressed a laugh “My wolf, I have the money to spend and I want you to have them. Just think of it as a thank you for everything you’ve been doing for me over the years. Please don’t fight with me”

“Thank you.” Roady never knew what to do when Nolan spoiled him and he seemed to be doing a lot of it on this trip. “You should get something too.”

“I’ll just listen to you read from now on.”

Roady blushed as he took another sip of coffee then went to get the other books. Nolan just smiled at him as he followed him to the counter and paid for them. He took the bag before Roady could grab it then walked hand in hand out the door. He could feel them being stared at so he pulled Roady closer. “You really like to stir the pot don’t you?” Roady said.

“Just staking my claim.”

“They were probably looking at you.”

Nolan snorted. “You’re clearly the better looking of us.”

“Oh shut up.”

Nolan gave his cheek a quick kiss. “Where to next? I’ll follow you and your nose anywhere.”

“You don’t have to keep apologizing, I’m not mad at you.”

Nolan sighed. “I know, but I want you to know you can have anything you want, whether it be books or this body, it’s all yours, I’m all yours.” He kissed him again. “Plus, I love seeing you smile.”

Roady led Nolan around the beautiful town until dusk. As most days ended Nolan unleashed his near endless sexual appetite on Roady who made love to him until he simply couldn’t any more. In the morning when Roady woke Nolan asked “want to go to the National Gallery?” Roady excitedly got up even tough he was sore, “Of course”

“I’ll order food then we can shower” Nolan ordered a quick breakfast then went into the bathroom with Roady. When they got out room service had left it on the table in their room as requested. They ate, dressed and were quickly out of there to enjoy another amazing day.

Roady really liked the gallery. He could smell the age of the paintings and could see how cared for they were. Nolan walked along side him, admiring him and Roady gave him a quizzical look. “You aren’t looking at anything.”

“I’m looking at my everything.”

They both felt other patrons glance at him and Roady quickly turned and walked a little ways away. He didn’t know when he had turned into such an easily embarrassed sap. He was usually the alpha, the one in charge, but the more time he spent with Nolan, the more docile he was becoming. While the wolf was content, he was left feeling a bit confused. He had the sudden urge to run, to breathe in the English wilds and clear his head. Nolan wrapped him in a hug from behind and his body immediately relaxed into him.

“Why do you look so serious my wolf?”

“I want to go out and run after this.”

“What’s wrong?”

He let out something between a whine and a growl. “I just need to run and think.”

Nolan sighed. “Roady, you can’t just leave me every time something irritates you or scares you. We’re mates, so talk to me please.” He brushed his nose against Roady’s ear and the wolf perked up its ears. “Tell me.”

“You’re not playing fair.” He whined again. “I’m just feeling a bit…well…insecure and confused.”


“Do we have to do this here?”

“Yes because you’ll try to change the subject if we leave so spill it.”

He growled and Nolan kissed his cheek. “Damn it, well for starters I feel like I’ve changed so fast from when we first got together. I’ve become such a complacent, submissive puppy.” Nolan started laughing and Roady tried to wiggle out of his arms, but he held tight. “I really hate you.”

“You saying that’s kind of stupid, I mean I’m practically a slave to you. I come to you don’t I?”

“Well yeah.”

“Okay, now to the next issue. What has you so worried?”

Roadys face showed the conflicting emotions. Nolan pushed a little “please Roady, talk to me”

“I don’t want to hurt you by saying it out loud. Especially when you’ve taken me on such a nice vacation” Nolan gently stroked Roadys cheek ‘I love you so much wolf. Relationships can’t always be about sweetness. Sometimes you have to talk about hard things, hurtful things. If we don’t talk about it it will always bother you and that means I risk loseing you. I’d rather have my feelings hurt and us talk about it than have it fester inside of you” Talking about things had never been Roadys strong suit. He was the quiet type but Nolan was right. He couldn’t look Nolan in the eye as he said, he couldn’t look at all the hurt it would probably cause so he looked more at his shoulder than his face “I want to be mated to you forever but I worry monogamy might not be something you can do forever.” he decided Nolan deserved to be looked in the eye as he said the rest so he forced himself “don’t think I think you’ll cheat on me. I Just think you might end up leaving me to sleep around again one day”

Nolan frowned, but instead of pain there was guilt and shame. “Roady I…I can never say sorry enough. I wish I could go back and see how much you loved me. I was such a useless moron.”

“Nolan, don’t say that.”

“It’s true, I had you right there the whole time and I couldn’t even look past my own needs to see the wonderful, loving man who had always been by my side.” He nodded. “We’re fixing this right now.”


He pulled a very confused Roady out of the gallery, this time using his own nose to find a jewelry store. He pulled him inside and the woman behind the counter put down her magazine. “Which one do you want?”

“Wait, what’s happening?”

“We’re getting rings and then when we get home we’re getting married.”

“You don’t have to wear…”

Nolan grabbed his face and kissed him, making the woman behind the counter blush. “I want everyone to know that I belong to you so choose. I want forever with you, all eternity. Just think of it like when you mark me to show other wolves, this is just another bite that says I’m taken. If this doesn’t work then I’ll do anything else, I’ll give you anything, I’ll beg you on hands and knees to believe me, to trust me, but right now this is what I’ve got.”

Roadys heart trembled and he tugged Nolan into a crushing hug. If Nolan hadn’t been a demon Roady may have broken somthing he was holding so tight. When Roady could let go they picked rings adn put them on eachother even though they hadn’t had the ceremony yet. It didn’t matter, Nolan wanting to do this meant more than words could say to Roady. Once outside the store Nolan said “I’d love to see you in a tux again. You havent worn one in awhile. Why don’t we go ahead and try some on here. We can buy us each a new one if you see something you like”

Roady had no objections and they quickly found a place called Hackett. They were measured and a few of the staff members helped them pick tux’s that suited them. Roadys wolf was panting when he saw Nolan. ‘You look damn sexy yourself” Nolan said, reading the look in his eyes. “I’ll take both of these” Nolan said as he took Roadys hands in his “I feel so lucky Roady…I really do”

“I’m sorry for doubting you.”

“Don’t be, I understand. I hate myself for all the pain I’ve caused, but just know I would die without you. The day you ran away, was the day I realized how broken I’d be without you there. Our home would be so empty without you.”

When their tuxes were paid for and packed up, Nolan insisted on carrying them. Roady tried arguing, but Nolan just waved him off and took his hand. They ate lunch at a place called Notes, the name making Roady laugh. He didn’t know why he found it so peculiar since they weren’t in America, but it got him smiling and that was all that mattered to Nolan. While they ate he sent a text to Blaise and Lorenzo, wanting to include them in the wedding. His phone rang almost the second after it was sent and while Blaise was congratulating him, Lorenzo wanted to hear it from Roady. Nolan chuckled and handed the phone over and Roady had to quickly chew and swallow his food.

He explained that Nolan wasn’t lying, looking a bit flustered. He then promised to call when they went home then hung up and slid the phone back to Nolan. “Not funny, Lorenzo thought you were genuinely making it up.”

“Sorry, it looks like you’re not the only one I have to prove something to.” He reached across the table and took Roady’s hand. “I really, really love you more than anything in every world.”

“Shut up.” He mumbled under his breath as he glanced at the other patrons, but inside he was extremely excited.

They had an amazing trip together and began planning their wedding as soon as they got home. Their friends were all incredibly happy for them though it took the wedding day actually coming for some to believe Nolan was getting married. It was such a beautiful ceremony and they were going to have more pictures than they probably needed since Nolan had hired two photographers. He just wanted to be sure they got plenty of pictures. Their wedding night was filled with passion, tears and two happily beating hearts. Roady now felt secure in their relationship and Nolan was happy a man like Roady would actually marry him.

~ The End

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