Nolan & Roady 3

Chapter One

“Nolan, who’s Isao?” Roady asked as he held up an envelope.

“Isao?” Nolan took the envelope and opened it, pulling out a letter. “I haven’t talked to him in a long time.” He glanced at Roady. “Do you remember when we took that trip to Japan?”

“Oh, he’s an ex.”

“Not really. Like most of the people before you it was purely physical. He knew that and was alright with it. He’s actually an incredibly nice man.” He showed Roady the letter. “He’s invited us to his ryokan. He heard we got married.”


“If it makes you uncomfortable we don’t have to go.”

Roady read the letter. It sounded innocent enough and he hated that he was suddenly jealous. It wasn’t like the guy was begging Nolan to come and had even mentioned his mate and wanting to give them a late wedding present. “We can go, we haven’t been over seas in a long time. You should call him and let him know.”

“Roady.” Nolan took the letter and sat it on the kitchen counter then pulled Roady into his arms. “He’s a friend.”

“I know, I don’t mean to be jealous.”

“Do you really want to go?”

“Yes, let’s not be rude. I should give him the benefit of the doubt.”

“Alright, but if at any time you change your mind, we can get a hotel elsewhere, he’ll understand and so will I.”

“alright” Nolan hoped his mate would be honest with him right away if he felt uncomfortable. He never seemed to be with any of the people he used to sleep with but Nolan still worried. Roady was everything, worth giving up anything for. Nolan just couldn’t lose him. After being in such a real, meaningful relationship he would never be able to enjoy the life he used to live of simply sleeping around without making any connections. Roady had been an irreplaceable person in his life before but now, now he wasn’t sure if he could survive his loss. “I love you so much Roady”

“I love you too Nolan”

Nolan rubbed their noses together then kissed Roady, smiling when his wolf leaned into him and let out a little whine. “How cute.” No matter what Roady thought, he really was adorable.

Roady huffed. “Shut up or I’ll sink my teeth into you.”

Nolan grinned. “Is that a promise?” He slid his fingers into Roady’s hair and tugged his head back so he could get at his neck.

“Nolan, stop, I still have to make dinner.”

“Your words say no, but everything else says yes.” He teased.

“I can’t help it.”

Nolan chuckled and hugged Roady tightly to him. “Alright, I’ll be good.” He pulled back, smiling lovingly. “You’re so irresistible, I just want to eat you up.” He let Roady go. “Go on then, don’t let me distract you.”

Roady’s heart skipped a beat and his entire being warmed. There was something in the way Nolan said that, something seductive and predatory. “What are you going to do?” He had to ask.

“Do? What do mean?”

“Yeah, you’re plotting, I can tell.”

“Never.” He gave Roady another kiss. “I’m going to book our flight and start packing.”

Roady smiled as his mate left, feeling more comfortable with the trip already. Nolan loved him and his days of sleeping with almost anything that moved were long over. There wasn’t anyway he would cheat while they were there, even if the ex tried anything. Roady could tell Nolan was going to plan something special for him, he did almost any time they went anywhere. Roady finished making their dinner, serving it then making them each a Watermelon Lime Margarita. He also set a glass of water by each of their plates so they’d have something else to drink, especially since Nolan often downed these quickly when he made them.

With everything ready he went to get Nolan who was still on the computer, seemingly looking at a sight about where they were going “Hey, no peeking behind my back” Nolan said as he clicked the button to turn the screen off. “I wasn’t, dinner is ready”

“really? I’ve been in here that long? I’m sorry”

“It’s fine, come on”

As usual their dinner consisted of Nolan flirting with Roady and teasing him every time he managed to get him blushing. Roady was so proud that it was like winning a prize when he saw that rosy color tint his cheeks. He helped Roady clean up after dinner then lifted the wolf over his shoulder, causing him to struggle and demand to be put down. Nolan chuckled, taking him all the way to their room and tossing him on their bed. “Nolan, be good.”

“What, I can’t tease my mate a little?” Nolan crawled over him, his hand slipping under Roady’s shirt to caress his already heated skin.

“It’s never a little, you don’t even know what a little is.”

“I promise not to tire you out.” He lifted Roady’s shirt off and bent down to nibble at his chest, his fingers sliding hooking into Roady’s pants to drag them off.

“Nolan.” He knew he was fighting a losing battle, Nolan was just too good at seducing him and it wasn’t like the wolf was helping any. “As long as you promise.”

“I do, besides, I’ll have all that time in Japan so tonight I’ll be good.”

Roady was exhausted by the time Nolan was done with him but he had been good, for Nolan anyway. Normally he could barely move by the time they were done having sex. “see? I can behave a little” Nolan said and Roady smiled “I suppose you did promise” Nolan ran his hands through Roady’s blond hair “I’d never break a promise to you Roady, I hope you know that…”

“I do” Roady said sleepily. Nolan pulled Roady close, still a little worried even though his mate had shown time and time again he trusted him. Nolan wished there was anything he could do about his past but there wasn’t and thankfully he had been lucky enough to land an amazing man like Roady anyway.

Roady didn’t remember drifting off, but he was happy he was able to wake the next morning without feeling too tired. Since Nolan had taken care of everything, they were able to shower together and Roady even had time to cook breakfast. They headed for the airport once the dishes were washed, Roady wandering what Nolan had planned and Nolan hoping everything went off without a hitch. He didn’t want to give Roady any reason to worry and hoped he could make him see that Isao was only a friend and nothing more. “You know I don’t remember much of our trip last time we went there.” Roady said.

“Probably because you were too busy following me around and keeping me out of trouble.”

“I remember the food was good.”

“I don’t think your wolf would let you forget.”

“True, my nose remembers every scent it’s ever smelled.”

“Well this time I’m going to make sure you don’t forget a single moment. You’re going to love the ryokan. Isao told me he made sure we have our own private bath so we won’t have to share it with anyone else.”

“It’s outside right?”



“It’s no different than our hot tub.”

Roady blushed. “Point taken.”

Nolan took his hand, looking excited “you’re going to love it, I’ve planned a lot for us” Roady smiled, sending Nolans heart stuttering. They held hands even when they fell asleep on the plane. Roady slept more than Nolan but he was always more nervous when dealing with an ex than Roady was. To him sometimes it felt like walking through a mine field, worrying he’d do something wrong and that would be it. Roady had forgiven his past but there was no way he’d forget perceived cheating now. Nolan gently woke Roady when they landed, both feeling stiff when they could finally stand but the excitement of where they were made it not really matter to either of them.

Nolan grabbed a map of the railway as soon as they were out of the airport and looked it over. “So we need to take this train to this one and from there we take one of the shinkansen out to the country where Isao’s ryokan.”

“What’s a shinkansen?”

“Bullet train.”

“Oh, okay and how far out is he?”

“Not too far, but the train is fast so we can come back into the city easily. It only takes about an hour.”


“And you’re sure you’re okay with this?”

Roady nodded. “Yeah, it’s fine. I trust you, I really do.”

“Don’t think speaking up will upset me, you’re not only my husband, but my mate and I want to make sure you’re always happy.”

“I know, I love you.”

“I love you too.” He laced their fingers. “Stay close okay and let me do all the talking.”

Roady let Nolan take the lead, admiring how easily he navigated this foreign place. He traveled all the time but it was still impressive how he acted as if he had lived here his entire life. He even spoke smoothly like speaking in a language he hadn’t used in years was an effortless venture. Nolan was an incredibly impressive, charming man and sometimes it was mesmerizing just to watch him. When they were finally on the bullet train Nolan asked “how is it so far, once we’re settled we can go anywhere you like. Did you see anything?”

“you planned stuff and we don’t know what your ex lover wants to do”

“I want you to enjoy your time here. If you see something and you want to do it, schedules can kiss my ass” Roady smiled and kissed him “you’re really sweet Nolan. I’m happy and excited for whatever you have in store for us” Nolan pulled Roady against him, wanting to hold his mate again.

Nolan sent Isao a message when they were halfway there and once the train pulled to a stop, Nolan guided Roady up where a young man with shoulder length black hair and dark eyes was waiting for them. He smiled and waved to them. “Nolan, it’s so good to see you.”

“My goodness, still as short as ever.” Nolan replied as he shook Isao’s hand.

“Perhaps you are just too tall.” He shot back then turned to Roady. “It’s good to see you again as well. I hope this isn’t too forward of me, giving you and Nolan a gift.”

“Not at all.” Roady shook Isao’s hand.

“I hope you and I can become friends as well. I know it’s a bit awkward considering.”

“I’d like that.”

“Well come on then, I just had dinner delivered to your room.”

Roady was excited to eat, remembering how good the food was in this part of the world. He was now remembering more about this man named Isao and was glad they came. He was incredibly nice and had an amazing sense of humor. When they were sitting down he decided that there was even less reason to worry, Isao just didn’t strike him as the type of man to try and get into a mated mans pants. It was nice to feel trust for Nolan but it was even better to not have to worry about Isao trying. They talked all through dinner, Nolan making sure Roady was included in conversation despite the fact Roady was such a silent man. It was part of his nerves from being here around a man he used to sleep with.

“I think I will leave you two to enjoy your room for the night, if you need anything you can either come to me or one of my employees.” Isao said as he stacked empty dishes on the tray. “Roady, I hope you will enjoy your time here and feel free to ask me anything, whether it be about me or the relationship Nolan and I had. I have nothing to hide and I want to clear the air of any issue you may have.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh and one more thing.” He reached into his pocket and produced a key. “We usually lock up at night, but if you wish to go out, take this. My staff knows you are my personal guests and won’t worry about you going in and out.”

“Thank you, Isao.” Nolan said and his friend stood and left them alone in their room. “So?” Nolan said. “What do you think?”

“He’s really nice, not what I expected.”

“Isao is a very gentle person. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.”

“I can see that. I’m glad we came.”

Nolan rested his elbow on the table and dropped his chin in his hand, giving Roady a mischievous smile. “So my love, would you like to check out the hot spring?”

Chapter Two

“In swimsuits right?”

“what fun is that?” Roady blushed “we’ll end up having sex out there if we’re naked”

“Oh no, what a terrible thing to happen”

“there’s other people here”

“Can I have my way with you when we’re back in the room? I promise to behave if you can promise me that” Nolans grin grew as he listened to his husband rapid heartbeat. “I…I promise”

“good, now lets get down there and enjoy ourselves” As always Nolan was a constant flirt even as they finally waded into the water. Roady sighed due to the comfort the heat gave him “this is better than our hot tub”

“we’ll come down here a lot while we’re here”

“by the way, I can tell you’re still nervous. Stop that, I trust you.”

“I’ll try to relax more”

“good, I love you Nolan”

“:I love you too Roady”

Roady got lost in the beauty of the night sky and the cherry blossoms that were in bloom. He couldn’t believe how amazing this place was and it was only part of their trip. Nolan brushed a kiss over his ear, causing goosebumps to cover his skin and a shiver to run up his spine. “Nolan.”

“Let’s get out.”


Nolan gently bit his earlobe and Roady let out an involuntary whine. “If you insist my sweet mate, I can stop, but I would really like to go inside. I’ll beg if I have too.”

“Please don’t, it’d be too embarrassing.” Nolan chuckled as he leaned in and pressed his lips hungrily into Roady’s. He felt heat rush to his groin, causing him to grow hard with want. “You said you’d be good.”

“I’m just kissing you, it’s not my fault my body reacts to you this way.” He grabbed Roady’s hand and slid it over his groin, making his heart stutter and his body grow hotter. “Please?”

Roady couldn’t resist giving in, he almost never could. They got out of the hot spring, fumbling their way back in their room due to not being able to keep their hands off each other. When they were by what would be their bed while they were there they fell back on the floor. They were too eager to be careful and trusted the bedding that lay there. Now that Nolan had Roady laying down he dipped his tongue inside Roadys belly button, swirling it around then letting it run up his body until he was at Roadys mouth. Once their they began to kiss, their hunger for one another growing deeper. Nolan ached for Roady and slipped himself inside of him, moaning right along with his mate.

When Nolan came they began kissing again. Nolan felt better but his mate deserved more than that. When Nolan parted thier lips he trailed kisses down the same path he licked up until he could take Roadys length in his mouth. He sucked and swirled his tongue until Roady flowed into his mouth. Nolan then got up, always brushing his teeth after. When he returned they cuddled up to one another, both thinking this was a great beginning to their trip.

Warm sunlight seeped into their room and woke them to a warm morning. Nolan gave Roady a kiss then went and threw the back door open to let in the fresh air. It smelled sweet, like cherry blossom and earth. Roady’s wolf became excited at the prospect of exploring new smells, but Roady was too busy staring at the perfection that was Nolan. Well built, good looking, his blue hair that drew your gaze to his face and that charming smile. Nolan looked over his shoulder, grinning so Roady blushed. “Enjoying the view?”

Roady huffed as he got up. “Yes, the mountains are quite nice.”

Nolan chuckled. “How mean, but you’re right, they are gorgeous.”

“Can we explore the forest later?” He moved into the warmth of Nolan’s arms and looked out at the view. Isao had really given them the best room.

“Sure, anything you want.”

“What did you have planned today?”

“That’s a secret.” He pressed a kiss to Roady’s lips then pulled him into the bathroom so they could shower.

There was so much to do here but they still took a few moments to hold each other in the shower. One of the many things Roady loved about being with Nolan was the fact he indulged his wolfs need to stay close and actually enjoyed it. He was sure Nolan would stay close often even if he didn’t enjoy it as well but it was better and made his wolf happier his mate also wanted to take moments like this just to be close. Nolan didn’t take his arms from around him until Roady himself moved away so they could get clean. Once out they opened up their suitcases to find something to wear. Roady just grabbed the first thing in his bag but it took Nolan a few moments since he cared more about what he wore each day.

“Good morning.” Isao said when they came out. “I was just about to get you for breakfast. I hope a traditional Japanese breakfast is okay.”

“That sounds perfect.” Roady said. “Sorry if you had to wait on us.”

“He took forever to get ready?”

Roady laughed. “Yes, he already looks like a model, but he thinks he has to do more.”

“I once told him that he would be the last person to evacuate a burning building because he would be too distracted picking out which pants would be perfect for it.”

“Now, now, you two be nice. Roady, you’re going to get yourself in trouble.” Nolan said, crossing his arms. He tried for serious, but he could only smile. He was happy they were getting along so well.

“Oh how terrifying.” Roady felt perfectly safe. No matter what Nolan did to him, he knew he would never hurt him, he trusted him completely. “Thank you for making us breakfast.”

“It’s no trouble at all. I really am glad you decided to come” When they sat down at the table Roady took in all that set in front of them. They each had a bowl of steamed rice which sat next to a smaller bowl of miso soup. Then his attention rested on the grilled fish, it looked perfectly cooked and he couldn’t wait to try some. The food tasted as good as it looked as they sat there eating and talking to one another “so I’d like to give you two your wedding present tonight if that’s okay”

“Yeah, we’ll be gone all day but I was planning to be here for dinner”


They finished eating breakfast and Isao had to stop Roady from helping him clean up, which caused Nolan to let out a little chuckle. He handed them his car keys, insisting they use it to get to the station, then they told him bye and went to the front door to retrieved their shoes. “So, what do you think he got us?” Roady asked.

Nolan shrugged. “I don’t know, he didn’t tell me anything, I assumed the ryokan was the gift.”

“Now I’m curious and excited.”

“I think I might be getting a little jealous, you’ve grown awful close in such a short period of time.”

“There’s no reason for that, I’m not…”

“I’m teasing silly, I’m happy you like him. I’ve been so worried about you hating him for my past, but you haven’t growled at him once.”

Roady shrugged. “He’s different than those women who came to the house that one time, he’s so friendly and sincere. My wolf can’t sense any deception, it’s like he’s honest to a fault. You know me, I tend to follow my nose.”

“Good…I’m glad you don’t hate me for my past either”

“I love you Nolan, you being with as many people as you have doesn’t change that. You’ve stopped for me, really and truly stopped and that means a lot. Most people who sleep around like that struggle to be faithful, they tend to always need to have a little of everything when it comes to sex”

“well you give me plenty of adventure in bed’ Nolan said with a wink and Roadys cheeks tinted just a little bit. Nolan chuckled again, feeling utter bliss as they got into the car and drove to the station. Roady couldn’t keep his eyes off the world around them. He actually hoped they would come back often.

The bullet train pulled to a stop and they were off and rushing for the next one. Nolan kept one arm wrapped around Roady’s waist when they boarded, the other reaching up to hold onto the metal pole above his head. They ignored the looks they got, too lost in each other to even notice. “Last train, I promise.” Nolan said as they changed over again.

“I don’t mind, the railway’s actually pretty cool.”

“Very efficient.”

Roady’s eyes widened when he saw the temple out of the opposite window and looked up and Nolan who just smiled. “Here?”



“We’re climbing all the way to the top of the mountain and we’re going to pass through all of those gates.”

“That’s so cool.” He kissed Nolan excitedly. The wolf was happy about a hike on the first day and he had to keep telling himself he couldn’t shift while they were here, it wouldn’t be appropriate and might scare a bunch of people.

Chapter Three

Nolan couldn’t keep the smile off his face as they got out of the final train. Roady was just as excited as he hoped he would be. It even showed in the way Roady walked toward the temple. He seemed to want to run and not in his human form, his wolf was begging to be let out but he knew without asking why he wasn’t shifting. It would incite a panic and then they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the temple. He now wished he would have looked into how much it would have cost him to close this area down for the day so Roady could enjoy it however he wanted to. Roady didn’t like that much fussing but Nolan loved spoiling him.

Every smell intrigued Roady and threatened to draw him off the path and into the woods. Nolan held his hand, chuckling as he pulled him close. He pointed out the archways they passed through and explained that they were called torii gates and that they were good luck. “All of these were donated by different businesses. See, they have name plates.”

“Some of them look really old.” Roady let his hands run over the vermilion surface of one. “How pretty.”

They continued the trek up, Roady stopping anytime he smelled something new or to take in the view of the tiny pond. He pointed at a turtle he saw swimming. “Come on mister wolf, there’s more to see.”

Roady hadn’t even broken a sweat when they made it to the halfway mark and found himself examining the fox statues. He hadn’t even noticed Nolan had pulled his phone out at first he was so engrossed in what he was doing. When he did, he blushed, feeling a bit childish. “How many did you take?”


“I hope you got some of everything else.”

“I will, it’s just you looked so cute.”

The wolf grumbled at being called cute but his mate looked so happy Roady didn’t complain. Instead he said “this is all so beautiful and amazing. I can’t get over the smells either.” Now that he was just with Nolan instead of keeping him out of trouble and taking care of him after long nights with different partners all the trips they went on were better. When they went somewhere it was all about them and there wasn’t a thing in the world to stress over. Truly it seemed now Nolan more watched over him instead of the other way around. Nolan continued to just admire his mate as he walked around with all the energy of a puppy as he explored and took everything in.

On the way back down, Roady caught the scent of food and started walking faster. It all smelled so amazing. “Roady, easy.” Nolan pulled back gently, slowing him.

“Sorry, it’s just all so amazing. All of these smells and sounds, I have to take them in. You know how the wolf works.”

“I do and I can smell the food too, but there’s no rush.” He slid his arm over Roady’s shoulder’s. “Don’t make me carry you in front of all these nice people my love, it’ll only embarrass you.”

Roady growled. “I will bite you.”

“Oh please do.”

“You really are the biggest pervert.”

Nolan pressed a kiss to his cheek and let out a little sigh. He really loved his wolf. Food stalls had been set up near the bottom of the trail and neither of them knew what they wanted so they ordered things at different booths then walked on to the gift shops.

Nolan picked up and bought everything Roady so much as looked at for more than a minute. “Nolan, this is excessive”

“I can afford it so let me, you deserve all this and more”

“well, we’re carrying a lot and I don’t want to lose anything. Do you want to take this all back real quick?”

“there’s still more shops though”

“You’ve bought me plenty today Nolan”

“alright alright, we’ll take this stuff back and relax for awhile in the hot spring” They caught the first train back to their car then drove to the Ryokan again. Once back in their room Roady and Nolan carefully set everything they bought today in one of their bags then stripped down to get into the spring.

Roady could spend all day there wrapped in Nolan’s arms and the warmth of the water. It was incredibly peaceful, every muscle in his body was relaxed. “I can’t believe how much we bought today and we’ve only gone to one place. We’re going to have to get a whole other bag just to pack everything back home.”

“Then I’ll buy another bag. I’d buy fifty bags if I had to.”

“You better not.”

Nolan chuckled as he tipped Roady’s head back to look into his eyes. “What would you do if I did?” He rubbed their noses together, smiling when Roady let out a little whine. “Punish me?”

“You’re bad.”

“You like it when I’m bad.” He kissed him. “I love you and please don’t worry about buying what you want. I have plenty of money and spoiling you makes me happy.”

“I love you too.”

They relaxed there for awhile longer, flirting with each other and talking about what else they wanted to do while they were in Japan. Roady wanted to go to the different gardens since the cherry blossoms were blooming and Nolan had plans to go to a couple of the museums. “We also have to visit some of the ramen shops and maybe have Isao take us to the fish market. I bet if I bought the ingredients he would lend me his chef.”

“I’d really like that, I’m already missing your cooking”

“really? Everythying’s been so good here though.”

“yeah but everything is better when you make it for me” Roady blushed and Nolan chuckled, rubbing his nose against his mates. “I love you Roady” When they decided to get out Roady asked to see the pictures from today, noticing about seventy percent of them were just of him but it was endearing. Nobody could ever tell him Nolan didn’t love him immensely. After looking through pictures they got dressed then went to see if Isao was around.

They found him in the small rock garden speaking to one of the other guests who had drawn him into a conversation about it. He was explaining the history of it, but excused himself when he saw them. “Busy day?” Nolan asked.

“Always, but I find this work very fulfilling and I get an amazing place to relax at the end of each day. Are you two doing alright?”

“We were wondering if you wouldn’t mind accompanying us to the fish market. I could really use your help picking out ingredients.” Roady replied. “I was also wondering if your chef would be okay helping me cook something for Nolan. I’m not exactly an expert on the food here.”

“Of course, just let me tell my staff I’ll be out for a bit.”

“Thank you.”

“Of course, you’re going to be amazed by it.”

When Isao returned he accompanied them to the fish market. Roady marveled at this place, how huge it was. There was fish and people as far as the eye could see. The only downside was his sensitive nose but that was easy enough to control and the wonder at seeing all this since he loved food and cooking so much helped too. ‘He’s like a kid in a candy store” Isao said in an amused tone and Nolan said “Roady has a passion for food and cooking”

“so I’ve heard” Isao helped Roady find what he was looking for and pick the best ingredients. He knew Roady was educated when it came to food but he wanted to be at his side so none of the sellers would see a foreigner and try to scam him or sell him something less than their best. Bags in hand they returned to the ryokan. Isao introduced Roady to the staff in the kitchen and made sure they knew they were to help him with anything he wanted help with and that he could use anything.

“You really are a lucky man.” Isao said as he and Nolan left Roady so he could focus on cooking. They headed out to the rock garden and sat down on one of the benches.

“You have no idea. I just can’t believe it took me so long to realize what I had. I can’t believe he stuck around for so long. I think I would have snapped if it had been me.”

Isao chuckled. “You might be smart, but you can be an idiot with some things. I noticed how devoted he was right away.”

“You should have said something.”

“You know what your response would have been.”

Nolan nodded. “Yeah, Roady? No, we’re just friends, we always have been.” He sighed. “You’re right, I’m an idiot, a lucky idiot.”

“Then you must be sure to cherish every moment you have with him. He deserves it.”

“I will, he’s my everything. I think I would die without him.”

“You would deserve it.” Isao teased.

“And what about you? Found anyone new?”

“Nothing permanent, you know how it is. I want something lasting like what you have with Roady. If I could find a man half of what he is, I would be set.”

“You’ll get there, don’t give up.”

“I wont, I don’t know how humans do this. My only comfort is I have forever, they have at max one hundred years, if that. A lot of humans seem to die in their eighties”

“yeah, if I only lived as long as a human I would have never made it to Roady. I would have died living such an empty, meaningless life. I would have never known how truly sad that kind of existence is. Having real love, a real relationship is so much better and makes at least me far happier” They talked until they were called in to eat and even Isao was impressed “you’re amazing Roady, I can tell your own touch is in this.”

“I’ve been cooking since I was a pup”

“Oh, I almost forgot, your gift.” Isao halfway through the meal. “Excuse me for just a moment.” When he came back he had beautifully wrapped box that he sat down gently on the table. “It’s actually gifts, but I figured if I wrapped them all together you could think of it as one. Traditionally money is given, but I know that Nolan would reject it immediately so I got you something else.”

“Can we open it now?” Roady asked.

“Of course.”

Both Roady and Nolan sat their chopsticks down and pulled at the paper then pulled the box open. They pulled out a large wooden bowl with a spoon and sushi roller in it which Isao explained was an oke bowl, as well as a matching pair of beautifully crafted chopsticks and a teapot with matching cups. “What does this say?” Roady asked as he pointed at the words printed on the side of the two cups.

“They both say love and I had your names engraved on the bottom of them.” Isao replied.

Nolan reached into the bowl and lifted out a key. “What’s this?”

“It’s a spare key to this place. I would like you to think of it as your second home and have permanently reserved the room for your use.”

“Thank you so much Isao” They enjoyed the rest of the dinner Roady worked so hard on then Nolan and Roady took their gifts to their room “I can’t believe this place really was our gift and these dishes are amazing”

“I know” Nolan said then kissed Roadys head “what’re we doing tomorrow?” Roady asked excitedly and Nolan chuckled “you know I’m not going to tell you”

“come on”

“can we have sex again?” Roady blushed “it’s always sex with you”

“It’s your fault for being so damn sexy Roady”

“That’s hardly fair.” Nolan smiled as he leaned in, his lips lightly brushing Roady’s. Every kiss was soft and seductive, leaving his mate flushed and needy. “Nolan.”

“You should know by now that I don’t play fair.”

Roady was so easily swept away by Nolan, unable to fight the hunger that his mate woke in him. He found himself pressed under the weight of Nolan’s body, his hands pushing at his clothes, wanting to get closer to the heat of his skin. Nolan teased him, teeth biting down to mark him, fingers gliding over his sensitive skin to explore every inch of him. “Nolan, please, no more.” Nolan’s lips found his as he filled him, muffling his loud cries as he took on a quick pace.

Nolan allowed himself to to be greedy and indulge, making love to Roady until he was unable to move, his breaths coming out in little panting moans as Nolan flowed into his depths. He pressed kisses to Roady’s lips then retrieved a rag and cleaned him. His wolf was already fast asleep and he snuggled up to him and pulled the blankets over them. The next morning Roady was sore, but happy and they started the next part of their adventure. The rest of the trip seemed to go by way to fast and they thanked Isao, promising to stay in touch.

“We have to come back.” Roady said once they had boarded their plane.

“We will, there’s so much more for you to see.” He pressed a kiss to Roady’s forehead, smiling lovingly at him. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For everything, for loving me and trusting me, for making friends with Isao even though it was awkward at first, for being the most amazing mate a man could ask for.” He pressed their foreheads together. “I really love you Roady, so thank you for being mine.”

“I love you too and I’ll always be yours, forever.” Nolan smiled and they sat there snuggled together as their plane lifted off, wrapped in warmth and bliss.


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