Nolan & Roady

Chapter One

Roady leaned against the kitchen counter as he waited patiently for his canner to finish cooking. He glanced at his watch, there were only a few minutes left. He had been at it since early that morning, wanting to restock on everything they had used from tomatoes to jalapeno jelly. This was a batch of the blackberry jam Nolan liked so much. He sighed when he thought about the man he had come to love most of all. Nolan had always been kind to him, had given him a home, but the one thing Nolan could never see was the pain he was in. It was getting harder and harder to mask his jealousy, so hard that two weeks ago when Nolan had brought a woman home he had left before he bared his teeth at her. He had run off his frustration and when he had returned home the woman was gone and Nolan had said nothing about his disappearance.

“Roady.” Nolan’s voice startled him and he looked up.


“I called your name three times, are you okay?”

“Just focusing on canning. What did you need?”

Nolan hopped up on the counter across from him. “I wanted to know if you’d like to go out on a double date with me tonight. I asked this girl out, but she said she’d only go with me if I found someone for her friend. So, will you go?”

“I don’t really feel like going out tonight.”

Nolan cocked his head to the side. “Come on, it’ll be fun and you always stay home. Come out with me tonight, please.”

He sighed. “Didn’t you just have a girl here not two weeks ago?”

Nolan shrugged. “She left when she found out I was also into guys. She thought you and I were getting it on and felt awkward.” That made him feel a little better. “Roady, please?”

“Fine, after I pull the jam out I’ll go bathe and change.”

“Thank you.” He hopped down from the counter and grabbed an apple out of the basket on the counter before leaving the kitchen.

Roady sighed, he was a glutton for punishment after all. He knew he would have to watch Nolan shamelessly flirt, kiss and touch all over some chick but how could he say no. At least Nolan wasn’t full out whore so most of what he knew was coming would be saved for when the date was over and he could try to ignore it was happening yet again. Roady finished up then hurried to his room where he took a comforting shower then put on clothes he felt made him look handsome. It was a fruitless attempt to get Nolan to think of him but he did these things all the same. Roady flossed, brushed and mouth washed before letting Nolan know he was ready to head out.

“That girl isn’t going to stand a chance if you like her.” Nolan said with a grin when he saw Roady.

Roady smiled back, “Thanks.”

“Come on, let’s not keep those girls waiting.”

Roady stared out the passenger window until they pulled up in front of the house where their dates were waiting. He moved to the back seat and did his best to pay attention to the young woman next to him as she talked. She was a little annoying and he couldn’t help but ask, “How old are you?”

“Twenty.” Tessa answered and he just nodded as she continued her assault on his ears. He was nearly ecstatic when Nolan finally pulled into the parking lot of some club. He didn’t go out very much so he didn’t know what to expect, but he did know he wasn’t going to like the loud music. His wolf ears were very sensitive. His date grabbed his arm and he smiled as best he could and forced himself not to pull away. He didn’t want to be rude, not to someone he didn’t even know. They were immediately let in and he was pulled over to one of the dark blue couches.

“So Nolan says you’re his bodyguard, that must be fun.” Tessa said with a big smile.

He shrugged. “It’s kind of boring actually, nothing ever happens really.” He had to move closer so he wouldn’t have to yell too much.

“Have you ever had to kill anyone?”

He wanted to say not in a long time, but instead he answered, “No.” He cleared his throat. “Would you like me to get you something to drink?”

“Yeah, surprise me.” He got up, stealing a glance at Nolan and his date. He was sitting really close, smiling that same charming smile as he talked. He growled, happy the music muffled the sound as he crossed the room to the bar.

Nolan’s head snapped away from Cheryl, his eyes following Roady. He had felt anger radiate off of him, had heard the shift in his heart beat and breathing and even the rumbling in his throat. He glanced around the room, wondering if he had maybe caught wind of something or someone bad. He smiled when Roady came back carrying drinks for all of them. He had bought both girls the same thing. “I didn’t ask for anything.” Cheryl said over the music.

“Roady knows what he’s doing, he’s good at picking out what he thinks you’ll like.”

Roady sighed and spoke inwardly, “Yeah, just the all knowing servant to your conga line of fucks. Can I be anymore pathetic?” When everybody had their drinks he sat down and acted as if he was having fun and had any interest in his own date. It was hard not to pay attention to Nolan randomly feeling and constantly flirting with his date but he was accustomed to this even though it hurt so he managed. What else would happen on a double date? Nolan suddenly saying screw these girls I want you? He actually chuckled aloud and took a drink. He’d probably just be another fuck too. They’d go back to friends as if nothing happened.

After a few drinks Tessa was all over him and tried kissing him. He gently pushed her away and smiled. “You don’t want to do that, trust me.” He reached over and tapped Nolan on the knee. Nolan leaned over and he said, “I’m going to take Tessa back to Cheryl’s house then I’m going home.”

“Is everything okay?” Nolan asked.

“Everything is fine, I’ll see you later.”

Nolan was concerned about his friends behavior. He didn’t seem very happy, his smile fake, not reaching his eyes. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I remember the address so I’ll take a cab and get her home.”

“Alright, if you need anything, please call.”

“I will.” He got to his feet and helped Tessa to hers. Since his body metabolized booze differently than a humans, he was merely buzzed. He got her to the door and managed to hail a cab. He knew they liked to drive around clubs and bars because just about everyone coming out of them needed one.

“Where are we going?” Tessa asked.

“Somewhere safe.” She giggled and rested her head on his shoulder. She was asleep before they made it to Cheryl’s house. He asked the driver to wait when they arrived and carried her up to the door. He was annoyed when he found it unlocked. He took her upstairs to one of the rooms and tucked her in then checked the whole house for any hidden attackers before heading out, making sure the door was locked before crossing the yard and climbing into the taxi.

“That was mighty big of you.” The driver said.

“Taking advantage of a drunk, unconscious person is just wrong in my book.”

He gave the driver Nolan’s address and stared out the window until they arrived. He paid the driver, giving him a little extra for himself and getting out. He sighed when he stepped inside, hating how much worse his jealousy seemed to be getting. He didn’t want to get territorial and he knew he was going to snap at someone if he didn’t do something. He went up to his room, changing into a pair of jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt. He grabbed his duffle bag and filled it with clothes, a couple of books, and a picture of him and Nolan. He found some paper and a pencil and wrote Nolan and note. “Sorry you had to find out this way, but it’s getting hard to be nice. I know this is cowardly, but I really don’t want to argue with you. I love you, really love you. If you want me back, you’ll have to find me and I won’t make it easy, I’m good at covering my tracks. Happy hunting. Love, Roady.”

He placed his house key on top, feeling a wrenching in his chest. Either Nolan would come find him or he wouldn’t and if he didn’t then he would stay away for good. He didn’t want to risk showing his teeth to someone who didn’t deserve it. “Bye Nolan, hopefully I’ll see you again.”

Nolan enjoyed his night as always, his demon lust helping him ignore Roady’s bad mood and just get lost in another meaningless night of animalistic sex. He slammed her into the wall so she couldn’t move and bit her so she screamed. It was filled with a deep moan that lifted him so he could slam into her. He pumped her until his seed filled her bottom then jerked her back then pushed her to the floor where he slapped her so hard her head jerked and the side of her face slammed on the floor since she got off on being treated roughly. She moaned again and he entered her a second time, doing her as rough as possible and gripping her so she’d be left bruised in the morning.

Nolan then stood her up, knowing she could only take him one more time so he wrenched her arm painfully behind her back, pushed her down on his bed and fucked her again until he was spent for the last time this evening. She was crying when he let her go. “You okay?’

“Oh yeah, I’m great.” she said in a deeply aroused but tired voice through her tears. He allowed her to sleep in his bed then took her home after coffee the next day. The only visible bruises to anybody from their night was her face and the wrist he had been holding to hold her arm painfully behind her back. He had one more cup of coffee before wondering if Roady was still upset. It wasn’t like him to not be making breakfast.

He went up to Roady’s room and knocked on the door. When no one answered he pushed it open and stepped inside. His bed was made and his closet was partially open, his drawers cracked just a little from not being completely closed. Even worse his cell was sitting on top of his chest of drawers. He began to feel the first inkling of fear and hurried back downstairs. “Roady!” He yelled, but there was no answer. He looked around the house, skidding to a halt when he saw the piece of paper and key setting on the kitchen counter. He picked up the paper the key sliding to the counter with a clink. His eyes widened when he read it and he went over it again to make sure he was seeing correctly. He felt his heart wrench in pain and his breath caught in his lungs.

He wondered when Roady had left, wondered how long he had stayed after he had dropped his date off before deciding to leave. It angered him to the point that he wanted to hit something. He didn’t know what to think. He ran his fingers through his hair as he thought of what to do. He knew Roady only ever said what he meant, he wasn’t one to mince words so if he said he wouldn’t come back then he wouldn’t come back. Nolan suddenly smiled. Roady had issued a challenge, find him or never see his face again. He nodded his head, already knowing he was going to search for him. He went up to his room, packing a small bag and grabbed his cell and called Blaise.

“At work, make it quick.” Blaise said upon answering.

“Listen if Roady calls you or Lorenzo will you please call me?”


“Because he left.”

Blaise was quiet for a moment. “So he was in love with you, I knew it, I just knew it. What did you do, not notice?”

“Enough with the sarcasm.”

“Your fault.”

“So will you call me?”


He scoffed. “Why not?”

“Your fault, bye, I’ve got work to do.” Blaise hung up before he could say anything else, leaving him stunned.

Chapter Two

When he could finally think he didn’t understand why this was his fault. Roady could have told him at anytime, jumped right in his bed if he wanted to, but he hadn’t. All Roady ever did was cook, protect, and serve his one night stands or multiple night stands without a complaint in the world. How was this only his fault when Roady could have said something. He wished his date would have went sour last nigh so he could have started chasing sooner. His only mercy was that the woman was a little on the odd side so when she wanted more this morning he couldn’t because of the large bruise on her face killing his arousal.

Truly no woman was weirder in his opinion than the one who insisted on running a bath and having sex in it so he could hold her head under water while they screwed, only bringing it up to make sure she didn’t drown then pushing her head back under until he was finished. A lot of requests had been made of him but that made him feel the weirdest. His mind trailed off to some weird things even some men had asked him to do until he shook it off. He needed to find Roady and they needed to talk. Roady was amazing and if he could handle being with one person it was him. He wished there was anybody else who might help him but he couldn’t think of anybody who would. Nolan just tried to think of all the places Roady liked. It was somwhere to start at atleast.

Roady went to his favorite coffee shop and bought something easy. He asked the barista that if Nolan came by to tell him he was looking in the wrong place and to look harder. He did the same with his favorite book store and the animal shelter he sometimes volunteered at. He knew what Nolan’s move would be, this was like a game of chess and Nolan was always predictable. Roady had spent years watching him. Nolan was smart and charming, but he had a tell right before he made a move. He left the shelter and hailed a cab. He asked the driver to take him to the edge of town where the woods met asphalt. He paid the man once he was dropped off and got out, stepping off the road and into his element. He pulled off his clothes, folded them and stuck them in his bag then put his arms through the loops and shifted shape.

Nolan was more than a little ticked when he left the coffee shop Roady often frequented. The barista had told him Roady had been there and delivered the message the wolf had left for him. The anger on his face had made the young woman behind the counter take a quick step back. He checked every place he could think of. For the most part no one had seen him, but both the book store owner and the volunteer at the shelter recited the same message as the barista. He smiled as politely as he could then left and climbed in his car. He wasn’t at his favorite places and even though Nolan knew he had friends in town, Roady was no freeloader. He didn’t like living off of people, it wasn’t his way, which meant he was probably headed for the woods. Nolan groaned at the thought. Finding Roady in the woods, was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, nearly impossible until it stabbed you.

He still was going to try. As annoying and hard as this was, Roady had done everything for him for years. He deserved to be followed, especially now that he knew Roady loved him. He knew how hard it must have been to make breakfast for all those men and women he screwed. He wasn’t as bad as most demons but he still wouldn’t even begin to be able to list the hundreds of people he had been with just since meeting Roady. Nolan only wished he would have said something to his face. As he drove determinedly it became more and more understandable why he hadn’t. Why would Roady think he had the capacity to be serious since nothing was ever serious. He’d fuck and send them on their way, not truly committing to anybody. How could Roady know he would be any different than the people he picked up while they were out?

Like his permanently four legged brethren Roady could walk twelve or more hours without stopping and it was past one when he finally decided he needed to eat. He easily took down a rabbit, not even worried about cooking it. Before he had met Nolan, he had always eaten raw meat. Even though he knew how to cook, he had preferred it that way. As he ate, his mind drifted to memories of his first days in the human world. He inwardly smiled as he remembered being tranquilized and having a radio collar put around his neck. It had been the single most confusing moment of his life. He remembered running home, his vision blurry and the sound of Nolan’s uncontrollable laughter at the sight of him. After he had managed to cease the laughter, he had ripped the collar from around his neck and destroyed it. The sedative had made him incredibly sick and he had had to go to the hospital for an allergic reaction. It was the only time he remembered Nolan putting everything off to make sure he was okay. He huffed, licking his face clean and then continuing his walk. He would stop to sleep when he found water.

Nolan drove outside of town with his windows down. He didn’t go too fast, not wanting to miss Roady’s scent when he came across it. He missed Roady already and hated himself more and more for his selfish actions. He caught a whiff of something wild and pulled quickly off the road. He jumped out of his car, grabbing the back pack he had packed and slinging in over his shoulders. He inhaled the scent deeply, it was definitely Roady. There was no other scent like his, it was unmistakable. This was a test he was going to pass, no matter how long he had to chase Roady, he was bringing him home. Nolan ran, not planning on stopping until he absolutely had to unless finding Roady came before then. All the good times with Roady ran through his mind, increasing his need to hurry and find him. If this took too long Nolan knew he would become a wreck. Nolan didn’t have the stamina Roady did when it came to running so his search ended before his wolf was found. Nolan leaned against a tree and set the alarm on his cellphone to wake him in three hours. He knew that was all he needed to be able to run again.

In three hours he jumped up and instantly began running, not even realizing he was hungry. His only thought was catching up. In dreams Roady was with Nolan at the beach. They would go occasionally when Nolan would need a break. He felt genuinely happy when he had Nolan’s attention though as always, bikinis and swim trunks would eventually lure him away. It was actually when he was running up to a group of girls in bikini that Roady woke and frowned. He sighed, getting to his feet and running into the river. It would make him harder to find and he kept doing this until he felt the water touch his stomach. He jumped onto a rock then to another and then to the rocks running along the¬†river bank. He kept his feet off of the ground for a little ways so he wouldn’t leave paw prints then jumped down and shook off. He wondered if Nolan was coming and if he was how hard he was looking.

Nolan followed Roady’s scent, stopping when he found what was left of a dead rabbit which wasn’t much since Roady didn’t believe in wasting his food. There were paw prints in the dirt leading away. He had a feeling he was getting closer and continued running. He actually groaned when the river came into view, knowing Roady had used the water to help mask his scent. From the direction the paw prints were going, he had gone up river, staying in the water. He followed the water, his eyes searching for any sign that he had left the river. He was frustrated when he found no more paw prints and stopped to ponder his next move. He jumped across the river and inhaled the air, catching Roady’s scent on one of the many boulders that dotted the bank. He gave a small chuckle. “My aren’t you smart.” He took off at a sprint in the direction Roady had gone, the scent stronger than it had been before.

Roady stopped when he came to an open field and shifted to his human form, dropping his bag to the ground. He flopped down, resting his head on the bag and staring up at the sky. He figured it would be alright to take a small break. His stomach hurt from scarfing down a whole rabbit, something that usually put a wolf to sleep for almost a whole day from being meat drunk. He huffed at his stupidity and closed his eyes for a small nap. ¬†The sound of footsteps had Roady snapping out of his rest. He shifted to his wolf form, coming to his feet, a loud growl rumbling in his chest. The wind was not working in his favor so he just waited. He was shocked when Nolan broke through the tree line and he turned, sprinting away. “Oh no you don’t.” Nolan tossed his bag and ran at Roady who yelped when he felt Nolan jump on his back then growled as he rolled with him. “Shift back, Roady.” That only made the wolf growl louder and snap at Nolan’s face. He would never actually bite him, it was merely a warning. They rolled across the ground, Roady finally able to dislodge him and get on top. He planted his front paws on either side of Nolan’s head and growled down at him. “I just want to talk to you. Will you shift back so we can talk?” Roady huffed his no and Nolan sighed. “Then just listen okay?” He made a grumbling sound and Nolan could only imagine what profanities he might be thinking. Even though Roady had issued the challenge, he still wasn’t happy and Nolan wanted to fix that, to calm him down.

“First of all, why didn’t you tell me you were gay?” Roady huffed, shaking his head. “You’re not, are you bi?” He just stared at him and Nolan sighed. “Could you please shift, this is so hard.”

Roady rolled his eyes and shifted back, his hazel eyes seeming to see to the very core of who Nolan was. “I just love you, male, female, it has to be you. My heart is yours.” He answered, still looking a little angry. “Now, tell me why you came after me.”

Chapter Three

“Because nobody means more to me than you. I love you too. Why have you never told me you felt that way?”

“You just seem so happy to be in the arms of random men and women. I thought if I told you it would leave me with a broken heart and an awkward situation. You’re not as bad as most demons, heck most rich men no matter the race but you still aren’t serious. You just seem to enjoy fucking and moving on to the next one. I wont share, I wont have those disgusting orgies so we just can’t work and I can’t even watch it any longer. I can’t.”

“You didn’t give me the chance. If I can be faithful to anybody it’s you. Besides, you know how I feel about relationships. Cheating is horrible. You know I’ve never gone after someone who is taken.” Roady nodded, his eyes growing wet. “I love you Roady. I want to be with you too. No more random men and women, just us. Please come home.” Nolan’s eyes and voice told Roady he was serious and his heart emptied his anger and filled with joy as he leaned down to kiss him.

Nolan’s heart stuttered, his lips even tingled at the contact which wasn’t something he was used to feeling. Normally the kissing part was boring but he didn’t want Roady to stop. Nolan slid his hands into Roady’s hair to hold him in the kiss. Despite Nolan’s efforts Roady pulled his head away. “What?” Nolan asked breathlessly, sad Roady had struggled away.

With a frown Roady said, “You still smell like her, you haven’t bathed since you two were all over each other. I’m sorry..”

“Let’s go home and I’ll scrub myself clean.”

“And change your sheets.”

“Of course.”

Roady pushed himself to his feet, not in the least bit embarrassed at being naked. He didn’t even seem to notice Nolan’s eyes moving over his body as he held out his hand and pulled him to his feet. “Would you mind carrying my bag?” Roady asked.


“Thank you.” He shifted back to the wolf, his hazel eyes blinking up at Nolan for a moment before he turned away and started back through the woods. Nolan sighed and picked up both of their bags, following Roady. It was dark by the time they made it back to Nolan’s car and he opened the back door to let the wolf jump in then popped the trunk and threw their bags in. He got behind the wheel and glanced in the back, smiling when he saw Roady curled up on the back seat, his tail over his face.

“Are you going to hide in that form forever?” He asked as he switched his car on and pulled onto the road.

Roady gave a little grumble and Nolan chuckled. Roady barked at him and he laughed a little harder. It wasn’t that he was hiding, it was because being in this form made him feel more secure, it was calming being wrapped in his thick coat of fur. He barked again and rested his head on his front paws. It would be better once Nolan bathed and changed his sheets. He didn’t even want to be in Nolan’s bed until the scent of every woman and man he had been with had faded. Nolan was welcome to stay in his room where it only ever smelled like wolf.

At home Nolan rushed to the shower which made Roady smile. Kissing Nolan had been amazing so for more reason than just not smelling that easy woman he also wanted him to hurry and get back out. Nolan changed into boxers and pajama pants, leaving his torso without a shirt. He brushed his teeth then just sat down on his bed to wait on Nolan. Nolan took a long shower to be sure Roady’s nose wouldn’t pick up, he paused, not remembering her name but that wasn’t uncommon. It didn’t even matter since he had Roady now. When he was sure he was clean he almost went to Roady nude, but wasn’t sure if that would be too far so also put on boxers and pajama pants before knocking on Roady’s door. Nolan’s eyes traveled his exposed torso the second Roady pulled the door open.

“Much better.” Roady said then moved so Nolan could come in. “You’ll have to sleep in here until the smells fade out of your room.”

“I’ll redecorate, been thinking about it anyway. I’ll get a new bed. Cum always soaks right through sheets and into the mattress so there’s no way they will all ever fully disappear. Even as a demon without your wolf nose I know that.”

“I’ll live once its not so consuming.”

“Seriously, I want to.” Roady smiled and pulled Nolan in for another kiss.

Nolan’s heart fluttered and his stomach did a little flip, making him feel like he was falling. He wrapped his arms tightly around Roady, pressing him closer so there was nothing between them but their pants. Nolan pushed Roady back onto his bed. The wolf growled and flipped Nolan beneath him then looked surprised at himself. “Sorry, I’m not used to…you know…being on bottom.”

“Then you’ll have to ride me.” He gripped Roady’s hips and flexed his groin against his bottom so he could feel how hard he already was. “Have you ever had sex with a man?”

“No, I wasn’t interested in any but you.”

Nolan smiled. “It makes me feel good I’ll get to be your first.” Roady felt his heart stutter in his chest and his cheeks grew hot. “I’ve never seen you blush before, it’s pretty cute.”

“Men aren’t supposed to be cute.”

Nolan sat up and kissed his chest. “Well right now,” he kissed him again, “you are the most adorable thing, I have ever seen.” He kissed his way up to Roady’s lips, making his wolf moan which further excited him. “I just want to eat you up till morning.”

Roady swallowed nervously. “Till morning?”

“Or until you beg me to stop.”

“That will never happen.”

He brushed his nose against Roady’s. “Is that a challenge?”

“Definitely.” Roady’s voice and face all at once serious.

Nolan smiled lustfully. “Good.” He whispered in a desire drenched tone. Roady’s heart sped up ever so slightly again as another blush tinted his cheeks. Nolan placed tender kisses across Roady’s chest, loving his body’s reaction to each and every one. While still kissing Roady Nolan slipped his hand inside Roady’s pajama pants and pulled out his rock hard length. Nolan gave it two strokes before fishing his own out of his pants. Huskily he said, “Damn it, we need lube since this is your first time.” He set Roady on the bed then ran to his own room, surprised Roady was already ready to have sex with him.

He actually felt a little nervous on his way back and it only got worse when he pushed Roady’s door open and saw him sitting there, completely nude. He cleared his throat and Roady cocked his head to the side, reminding him of the wolf. Nolan knew he could hear the quick thumping of his heart, could sense his nervousness. Animals were even better than demons at sensing changes in emotion. He crossed the room, crawling onto the bed and pressing his lips into Roady’s. His tongue slipped into his mouth and they both moaned. He kissed over Roady’s chin and down his neck to his chest here he lightly bit him. Roady growled and Nolan grinned, continuing lower. He slid his tongue over the head of Roady’s cock, making his hips jerk and a his fingers grip the comforter. He took him into his mouth, working him until his liquid flowed down his throat.

“You want more?” He whispered as he kissed and licked his way back up to Roady’s lips.


He grinned, sitting back and pulling Roady on top of him. He heard the wolf’s heart slam against his chest and it took some of his nervousness away knowing Roady felt the same. He kissed him hungrily as he rubbed the lube on Roady and used his fingers to loosen him up. “Just relax okay, I promise to make you feel good.” Roady nodded, panting and his fingers gripping tightly to Nolan’s shoulders as Nolan pushed slowly into him. They both moaned, Nolan lifting and lowering Roady, making him quiver with pleasure.

“I love you, I love you so much.” Roady said shakily, his wolf howling joyously at finally being with his mate.

“Oh me too, I love you.” He pulled him down harder, Roady’s cries bordering on screams. His own moans mingled with his love’s and he held tightly to him as he spent his seed deep inside him.

Nolan felt incredibly warm and happy as he pulled himself out of Roady. Roady looked at him expectantly and Nolan smiled, “Could we cuddle and me not lose the challenge? I’ll go for it tomorrow night but I just..I don’t know..I feel like holding you now. Sex has never made me feel so warm and complete before. It makes me want to hold you close and kiss you. Normally I’m just lustful, but right now I’m filled to the brim with love and adoration Roady.”

Roady’s heart was more like a gymnast right now rather than what pumped the blood through his veins. “I’d really enjoy that.” He¬†answered serenely.

They laid down and intertwined their bodies, every fiber of their beings exuding love and happiness as they lay there. “From now on tell me everything you’re feeling Roady, keep nothing withheld.”

“If you promise to do the same.”

Nolan kissed him. “Of course, will you do something else for me?”


“Never make me hunt you again, I was so scared.”

“I promise.” They laid there lost in each other, letting all their senses wrap around everything about one another until they felt like they were the only two men in the world. Neither Roady or Nolan has ever felt this complete, and looked forward to the rest of their nights being like this one.

~ The End ~

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