Octavia &

Chapter One

Octavia and her sister Phoenix traveled side by side down the seemingly endless dirt trail. The light brown dust making their legs itch as the wind picked up sand. The people who raised them, Kieran and Acenath had wanted to come with them on this journey but Octavia had been insistent they not come. If she could have gone completely alone she would have but Phoenix wasn’t about to let her still human sister travel by herself when so many powerful beings lived in their world. Unlike her siblings who all lived happily without the parents who sold them off, Octavia had never been able to move on from it. Phoenix guessed it was because everybody else knew what reasons their parents had had when they sold them to the vampires that came to their villages looking for children and offering money. Octavia had been only four and the last thing her mother had ever said to her was be good and you’ll get to come back home. Those last words hadn’t been more than a lie so the young Octavia would stop crying.

It offered no clue as to why but said plenty about who her mother was as a person. Phoenix and the others thought her mother especially cruel for offering false hope. At least as aweful as their parents were they hadn’t been as low as that about it. Eventually Kieran asked for Chthons help in finding out where Octavia was from so Octavia could confront her birth mother and father. It had been hard since Octavia remembered nothing but with the help of the great demon Chthon and some of his allys they now knew where Octavia was born and the names of her parents. They didn’t have any information on them besides that but it was enough so that Octavia knew where to go and could maybe live a happier life.

Phoenix knew that Acenath and Kieran were hoping that if Octavia could heal from the wound her mother had caused that maybe she would finally choose to live forever with the rest of them.

Octavia looked over at her sister and gave her a small smile, knowing that she must be thinking in some way she was crazy. She had so many questions to ask her birth parents that they just kept showing up as a colourful swirl inside of her mind. The sun was getting brighter and the wind was picking up the dust and blowing her fiery hair all around.

Pheonix took a drink out of the water pouch she was carrying and offered it to Octavia. “So do you know what you are going to say to them when we find them?” She asked watching a stand of her own blonde hair fly around. ” I honestly don’t know yet,I have so much I want to ask” Octavia replied as she nervously dug the toe of her boot into the path. Pheonix grabbed her sisters has and gently gave it a squeeze. “First thing is we have to find them,we know where they are thanks to Chthon , but we have no clue what they looked like or if they moved on. It’s going to be about another 2 or 3 days to get to the village where they were last seen and
Nightfall is going to be here soon.” Pheonix knew once night fall hit some not Nice beings would probably be lurking about. She came to ensure that Octavia would be safe but she also felt like this whole trip was a bad idea to begin with.

When night came they walked only until they found a good spot to rest for the evening. “Let me go hunt while you make the fire Phoenix. We’ll need your demon strength incase anything attacks us and I’m more than capable of hunting dinner” Phoenix agreed without complaint and watched Octavia walk further into the woods. As Phoenix began the fire she hoped Octavia’s parents were sorry or had a good explanation. She didn’t want to have to watch the hurt her sister would experience if they still were just as aweful as they were when they sold her. It didn’t take Octavia long to return with two nice sized rabbits.

Octavia smiled at her sisters excitement, she had hunted down specifically rabbits just for her sister since they were her favorite meat. She may not have wanted anybody to come with her but this was really nice of Phoenix. She could be home, relaxing in the castle with their family but instead she was out here to make sure she got there safely. Phoenix took the meat from her sister and began to clean it

When the food was ready they quickly ate, put out the fire then slept close together incase anything happened over night. In the morning both women were relieved it had been a peaceful night. They ate their leftover rabbit and began again on their way

Both Pheonix and Octavia were glad the day seemed to be nicer then the previous one. They kept walking along the path chattering happily about their siblings and their home. Pheonix was feeling really uneasy about Octavia’s parents and she wondered if she would really choose to stay with her and their parents who raised them forever. She really didn’t want her sister to die while she lived on with their siblings.

Octavia sensed her sisters uneasiness and squeezed her hand tightly. “Your starting to feel home sick aren’t you?” She asked and watched Pheonix nod quietly in reply. She liked having her sisters company but she couldn’t help but feel bad even though she had said she wanted to go on her own.

Their journey went along without any trouble from monsters which Octavia and Phoenix were both grateful for. They arrived in town and Phoenix started using her demon abilities to try and find people who smelled like Octavia.it was another reason Phoenix had wanted to come with her adoptive sister, it would make figuring out who her parents were much easier. It was a bit overwhelming to have her senses so open in a town but Phoenix could manage. Phoenix’s nose led them to a house “this has to be theirs. A part of their scent is yours Octavia”

Octavia sighed, she felt so scared “is anybody home?”


“Then I guess we sit here and wait” Octavia sat down on their doorstep and Phoenix sat at her side “You sure you just want to sit here? What if they went on a trip?”

“I’ll wait as long as it takes” Phoenix took her sisters hand to offer support and the two sat there in silence. It was late in the night when a hooded woman showed up “what are you doing on my step?” She asked, her voice steeped in hostility “It’s your mother Octavia” Phoenix said, her eyes daggers at the woman. “Oc…Octavia?” She asked in shock “yes mother, I’m teh daughter you sold to vampires and this woman beside me is my adoptive sister. She had been sold by her family. We were saved with a bunch of other children and raised by kind demons”

“Kind demons? Ridiculous”

“Be careful how you speak of my family” Octavia threatened. “Child, mind how you talk to your elders”

“I wish to talk, could I come in mother?”

“Fine I guess”

“Where is my father?”

“Who cares, somewhere or another.” Her mother pushed past Octavia and went in, leaving the door hanging open for the two woman. Octavia followed her mom in followed by Phoenix. Her mother was taking things off her body from the long journey she had just been on “you and my dad don’t have a good relationship?”

“I’d barely call it a relationship. I’ll just cut straight to the chase. I don’t know why you’d come back to me. Pretty damn pathetic when you know I sold you to those creatures. A grown ass woman coming back. You want your mommy and daddy? We’re con artists, plain and simple. We stay somewhere afew months, fleece the people then move on. I hate children but love unprotected sex. Thankfully in our sort of world theres always buyers for children. Some, like you, take longer to sell than others but they do sell and make it well worth my time. I dont care who you are or what your life has been. I care nothing for you and neither does your father. All children are to us are cash cows”

Octavia stared at her mother in shock. “You just kept having children and selling them! Why did you tell me I could come home?” She could feel hot tears stinging at her eyes but she blinked them away. Her blood was boiling and she was beginning to regret asking the demons to help her find this woman. ” it was a lie so you would shut up. I never did expect you or anyone else to show up on my door step. Honestly I thought you would have died by now.” Octavia’s mother replied with an annoyed tone. Octavia could feel the next question on the tip of her tongue but she really didn’t want to know the answer even if this woman could answer it for her. She probably couldn’t because if she didn’t care about Octavia why would she care about the other children she had?

Octavia had to ask anyway “do you remember who you sold the others too?”

“No, I never have asked questions. If someone will give me money they can do whatever they damn please with my offspring.”

“She’s lieing Octavia, she knows where at least one is” The woman glared at Phoenix and Octavia said “Mother please, if you know let me help them. Tell me where they are”

“I’m guessing I’m getting too old to bare children so I don’t have a reputation for you to tarnish by you telling someone I let you know who had her but I sold my last child to a demon. No idea why he wanted her but he’s had her for two months” Her mother gave her directions to where the demon lived and said “could you get out now? I only let you in at all because I figured I would get rid of you quicker if I gave you your way”

Without a word Octavia stormed out, absolutely disgusted by her mother. Phoenix wanted to break her nose but she ignored the desire and followed her sister out. They were off to more important things now, maybe they could spare her sibling whatever she was purchased for.

Octavia walked over to a stone bench and kicked it in frustration. “That damn woman!! I should have listened when everyone told me to just stay home” she felt hot tears stinging at her eyes as she looked over and Pheonix who had her hands balled into fists and was pacing back and forth between the hut and the stone bench. “I want to go find them if I could just find one of them maybe this will all be worth it.” Octavia sobbed as she finally let the tears stream down her face.

She felt incredibly used and stupid for believing that she would actually come back to a mother and a father who loved her. She had people who loved her and she wondered if she should risk everything to find her lost siblings.

Chapter Two

Phoenix and Octavia sat together, comforting eachother through the storm of emotions they each had “We need to try and find the most recent child she sold. There’s at least a chance they wont have to suffer…Hopefully the demon who bought her isn’t hurting her” Phoenix said and Octavia agreed “yeah, we should find a mail office somehwere and tell our family where we are going”

“This late we should rest first. Most hotel rooms have paper so we can check in, write up a letter and send it in the morning before we prepare for our new journey” Octavia nodded and they walked through town. This town didn’t have an Inn so the two ended up sleeping outside. The next morning however they went to the market and were able to buy paper for their letter. Phoenix was better at writing so she wrote one up, read it to Octavia then got it ready to mail with her approval. Much to their dismay this place didn’t have a post office of any sort but they asked around since in towns without one typically there was at least one person who had trained a bird to take care of it.

It took a few hours to hunt someone down but they managed to find someone who would send their bird with the letter. The price was majorly steep but it was their only option and there wasn’t any way the two were going to confront a demon for Octavias sister without letting their family know. With the letter flying off and the greedy man paid the two restocked their supplies and headed the way Octavia’s mom had instructed.

Octavia could feel the butterflies in her stomach as they walked. She was excited at the thought of possibly saving her sister but scared at the thought of facing a demon. “Should we stop for lunch?” Pheonix asked as her stomach began to growl. Octavia was so deep in thought she didn’t realize what time it was. It was going to be a few days journey so she had plenty of time to think.

The girls found a nice little spot on a cliff that over looked the fields and buildings of a little village to eat their lunch.

“If I would have known I would have a sibling to save I would have let more of you guys come” Octavia said and Phoenix shrugged “I’m pretty powerful, you know that”

“Yeah but we don’t know this demons skill set and I wont be able to face our parents if I go home without you. It would be all my fault” Phoenix looked at her almost angrily “don’t say that, I begged you to let me come keep you safe. If somthing happens to me I’ll haunt you until you quit being an idiot Octavia. I love you and this is what family does for eachother. Meeting your mom was somthing you needed and I’m glad as your sister I could be there for you and knowing theres a chance we could save this child I could never turn my back. What if Acenath had turned her back on us? I’m doing this for you but I’m doing it for that little girl too.”

Octavia took her sisters hand “I love you so much sister”

“and I love you. We’ll save her and I’ll get you both home safe”

“I really hope mom and dad actually get our letter so they can at least have an update and know we’re alive”

“Me too” They finished and set on their way again.

“We need some sort of plan.”Octavia said. “I mean it’s just the two of us.”

“I could work a distraction while you sneak in.”

Octavia shook her head. “Then that would leave you alone.”

Phoenix shrugged. “We could try knocking and asking politely.”

Octavia snorted. “You know male demons are hardly ever kind.”

Phoenix shrugged again. “You never know. Kieran is kind.”

“He’s different, he’s dad, but outside of our family there aren’t many.”

“Let’s just see how it plays out okay. If he tries anything I’ll take his head.”

They were halfway through their journey to get to this man when their letter arrived home. Kieran sat down with his wife to read it. When they completed the letter Acenath was afraid “honey, what if he hurts our babies. Octavia’s only a human. Even if we left right now we couldn’t catch up before they got to him. Who knows how long ago they sent this” she was starting to panic so Kieran set the letter down and pulled her into him, shushing her and stroking her hair “we just have to trust our daughters sweetheart. Phoenix is strong. She has so many amazing skills and Octavia is smart. You’re right about us not being able to catch up to them in time. Lets wait it out a few days and if our daughters dont come home we’ll go search okay?”

“Kieran, we shouldn’t have let them go without us”

“Acenath please don’t cry. Octavia was dead set against it and she’s an adult now. She can do what she wants”

“But Kieran” He was afraid too but was trying to contain it. Acenath needed him to be the rock right now and he would be that for her.

Octavia was tireless as they traveled, completely focused on getting her sister back. She needed her to be okay, to give her a good and loving home. She thought of each worse case scenario, formulated plans of attack. Males were generally strong and never just backed off when they were told so if he did fight, blood would be spilled. Phoenix trusted that everything would be okay, but Octavia couldn’t just believe in a stranger like that. The only time they stopped was when Phoenix insisted they take a breather and when Octavia tried to argue, Phoenix placed her hands defiantly on her hips and told her if she didn’t listen she would tie her to a tree until she took a nap. Once Phoenix was satisfied she was rested, they were off again.

“That’t the place.” Octavia said when they finally reached their destination. They stopped a little ways away, surveying the demon’s house. There were lights on inside, but no sounds. “What do you think?”

“Knocking seems like the best course of action.”

“It could be a trap.”

“But if we just break in there and you’re right about him, then he could kill her. If I knock and you stay just out of sight, we may take him by surprise.”

“I guess”

“everything will be okay. Hopefully he’s been good to her and didn’t have anything bad planned when he bought her” Phoenix always had so much more faith in people than her. Phoenix approached the door while Octavia hid. The man that opened the door had such an easy aura and kind demeanor “Hello?” a little girl ran up behind him “Hey!” she said excitedly. Phoenix smiled. Octavia’s sister was too cheerful to have been abused by this man. “hey little one.” she looked up at the man “is she yours?”

“I don’t want to offend you but who are you before I answer questions” She sighed, debating just calling Octavia over to talk to this man.

“Sorry to disturb you sir, but that girl there, you got her from a woman. Well her sister came looking for her. If it’s alright, could they meet? I promise we don’t mean any harm.”

He studied her. “Is she the one hiding behind the berry bushes?”

Octavia’s heart nearly stopped. How had he known? Phoenix laughed. “Yeah, that’s her. She’s just worried.”

“Wren is my daughter, not that woman’s, but if she has a sister then I am more than happy to let them meet.”

“Really? That’s fantastic.” Phoenix turned. “Octavia you might as well come out.”

Octavia stood slowly, eyeing the male demon suspiciously as she approached. He could easily turn on them, it wouldn’t take more than a moment for him to grab Phoenix. He just watched her and the little girl, who he had called Wren, waved at her. “You have the same scent, you may come inside if you wish, Wren and I were getting ready to make cookies.”

“thank you” They walked in and Wren asked “do you remember our momma?”

“Not really”

“Good, she’s mean. I’m really happy my dad took me from her” Octavia smiled “can I hug you? It’s such a relief to see you are with someone that’s good”

“sure” she flung her arms open and Octavia bent down to hug her. When they let go they went into the kitchen where they watched the two playfully make cookies. When they were in the oven he asked “did you travel a long ways to get here?”

“Yeah, I didn’t know I had a sister until I came seeking my mother. I needed closure as to why she sold me. I was actually sold to horrible vampires who wanted to sacrifice me to some god but the people who raised me saved me because Phoenix over here can dream walk and asked for their help. They are both demons like yourself”

“wow, mine and Wrens story is a lot less dramatic. I had been wanting a child but couldn’t find a woman to settle down with. One of my friends informed me a human woman was selling a child to anything that wanted her so I took as much money as I could carry to be sure I had enough. I am blessed to have Wren, I love her just like she is biologically mine”

“I;m glad she ended up as lucky as me” Octavia thought of her family, how loved and cherished she was. She felt bad she had been refusing to turn into a demon to be with them forever. She decided as they sat there talking when she got home she’d let her dad change her.

They learned that her father, Idmon, had been teaching her to read and cook and anything else she found interested in. Seeing how happy Wren truly was, made her feel bad for instantly doubting this demon. Idmon offered them his room to stay in while they visited and got to know their sister. He had a worried look on his face and Octavia could guess he feared losing his child. She wouldn’t subject him to that, not when all Wren could do when he spoke was smile. They stayed for a few days and when they were ready to leave, Wren hugged them both, her eyes full of tears that they were leaving. “We’ll come back.” Octavia said in a comforting tone.


“Of course, I’m sure your daddy won’t mind.”

“Not at all, visit as much as you want.” Idmon replied as he lifted Wren onto his hip. “We’ll even go see them, it’ll be a new adventure.”

She hugged him “yay” she looked at Octavia and Phoenix again “thank you so much for finding me” Octavia looked at Idmon “thank you for taking such good care of her” They laughed, both in high spirits though they’d miss the girl. “Octavia..I hope now you’ll live with us forever. Did you get your closure?”

“Yeah, I’m going to when I get home to mom and dad” Phoenix gasped and stopped in her tracks “really Octavia?!”

“Yeah, I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to choose it” Phoenix practically squeezed all the air from her lungs “Oh my gosh”

“love you too Phoenix” Octavia managed. They rushed their journey home in Phoenix’s excitement to see her sister become a demon.

Acenath and Kieran were both happy to see they had made it home safe and hugged their daughters the minute they were through the door. Acenath checked them over for any wounds while Kieran tried not to laugh. Acenath loved their children more than anything and was very protective over them. “So how was the trip?” Kieran asked when they finally sat down to cups of cocoa.

“I found out my biological parents are no good, selfish, con artists. She gave me up because I was worth money and I found out she has done the same to many others.”

“I’m sorry sweetie.” Acenath said.

“It’s okay because I found one of my sisters, her name is Wren. Another demon bought her, but he was actually really nice.” She smiled. “I’ll be visiting her again later, I’d like her to know you and the others as well. She and Idmon should know they have family here in case they need something.”

“We’d love to meet them.” Kieran chuckled. “Your mother was ready to go after you.”

“I couldn’t help it, I was so worried that something bad would happen.”

Octavia sat her cup down. “I do have something else to tell you and I want to start by saying I’m sorry it took me so long and I’m sorry if I worried you or made you feel sad because of my indecision. I want to be a demon, I want forever with this family.”

Acenath’s face filled with emotion and she hugged her daughter again “Oh that makes my heart so happy. I didn’t want to lose you baby. Each one of you mean so much to Kieran and I”

“I love you” The next day Kieran changed her and when she felt better they threw a huge party, inviting everyone the knew to celebrate she had now chosen eternal life. Acenath, Kieran and her adoptive siblings couldn’t be happier and neither could she. She had been truly blessed to end up with these people and she’d never let herself take it for granted again.

~ The end

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