Olina & Ronnie

Chapter One

Olina stayed late to study and admire a new piece the museum got in for the tribal exhibit so was alone when she locked up for the night. She knew she shouldn’t have stayed so late since she was going to Ihop with her incredibly handsome friend Ronnie in the morning then spending the day with him but when that piece arrived she just couldn’t resist. She walked happily thinking of tomorrow until a man she hadn’t heard coming suddenly was holding her with a knife to her throat “drop the purse bitch” he spit in her ear. She saw a few other men come out of the shadows and quickly dropped it as she was told. It had been a birthday present from her mother and she really didn’t want to lose it but the purse wasn’t worth her life. In this moment Olina was sure her mother would agree.

One of the other men grabbed it and started rifling through its contents. “man, theres nothing in this chicks bag except makeup and credit cards she can cancel. Stupid fucking bitch. We dont need no god damn make up!” a smart remark crept into her mind but she stifled it. The man holding her started trying to slide his hand into her jeans “she could be good for other things” She was willing to give up her purse but she wasn’t willing to be gang raped to get out of this. Olina nicked her neck when she moved to elbow him hard in the stomach. The knife moved enough in his shock and pain she was free enough to then get a small distance away and kick him in the groin.

She felt lucky none of the men obviously had a gun or intent to kill her with the knife but with three against one in an empty part of town because it was two am they beat her into unconsciousness and left her there in the parking lot. Her parents had gone to sleep without worry since it was summer and Olina had called them when her shift was supposed to end to let them know she was staying late and didn’t know when she’d be coming home. It was almost six am before sombody found her and called 911. Without a purse on her the doctors didn’t know who to notify.

Seven am came and her alarm started going off so she could get ready since Ronnie was to be there at eight. Since she wasn’t home to turn it off or snooze it it went on and on until it woke her parents. Siobahn got out of bed figuring her daughter was just sleeping hard from working late so she was just going to wake Olina herself since she knew how much she always looked forward to time with Ronnie. When she opened the door and didn’t see her daughter her face crumpled in confusion. Siobahn looked in the bathroom then all over the house before running back to her bedroom “Olina didn’t come home!” she yelled at her husband.

“What?” Jason said, his face confused. He grabbed his phone, seeing the last call was when she had told them when her shift ended. “That’s not like her. Call Ronnie and see if she left early.”

Siobahn called Ronnie’s cell and he answered quickly. “Hey Siobahn, what’s up?”

“Is Olina with you?”

“No, I’m on my way over right now. Did something happen?”

“She didn’t come home.” Ronnie felt his heart give a little leap of fear. Olina wouldn’t just stay out all night without saying something.

“I’ll be there soon.” He hung up wished the speed limit was faster so he could get to Olina’s. There was something wrong, something really wrong. He could feel it. He sent a text to Adelram, telling him there was an emergency and he needed him to get to Olina’s parents.

Siobahn and Jason dressed, Siobahn just throwing her messy hair in a bun. She honestly didn’t give a damn what it looked like right now. “why did we go to sleep Jason?” Siobahn asked as she made another lap around the kitchen. “Because she’s stayed late many nights before and is an adult honey. We’ll figure out what happened”

“what if someone kidnapped her?”

“then I’ll hunt them down and beat the life out of them”

“it wont change her going through that” Jason sighed and took his wife in his arms “we’re going to find her and she’s going to be okay baby. Drink some coffee and I’m gong to look up somthing online”

“what” he hadn’t wanted to actually say but now that she asked he asnwered ‘I want to look up the numbers to the hospitals in the area to see if she might be there”

“wouldn’t they have called?” He just looked at Siobahn, unable to say out loud all the reasons she might be there and they hadn’t known who to call. Siobahn started bawling and Jason took her back in his arms. She pushed him away “no, go”


“we need to find her” Not encumbered by traffic Adelram arrived at Olinas house about the same time Ronnie did. Siobahn answered and Ronnie couldn’t resist hugging her. “where was she last night?” he asked and Siobahn said “working late, you know how she is when they get a new item for the museum” Adelram who hadn’t come inside yet immediately left. He wanted to see if he could find anything to follow at the museum.

Olina opened her eyes, finding herself laying on the floor of an all white room. She slowly sat up, feeling confused. The last thing she remembered was being attacked. She remember fighting back and the ensuing beating. For a brief moment she felt fear creeping in at the thought that she was dead. “No Olina, you’re alive, don’t even think about being dead.” She whispered to herself.

“You are quite right little Olina.” She was startled by the voice and was surprised to find a man standing there in the room.

“Who are you?”

He held out his hand with a smile on his face and she took it, allowing him to pull her to her feet. “You humans have many names for me, Reaper, Death, Hades, collector of souls.”

She snatched her hand away. “Am I dead?” She asked.

“No, but for the moment you are in a coma, I am simply here help guide you out of this place.”

“A coma?”

“You took quite the beating Olina.”

“My god my parents and Ronnie will be beside themselves. I have to get out, I have to wake up.” She moved around the room, sliding her hands along the walls. “How do I get out?”

“You only have to think of an exit and we will be able to leave this room.”

“But not wake up?”

“Waking up from a coma is not easy. Your brain has been injured so getting out of here will mean passing through many rooms and corridors. If that lion or his friend find you, they will be able to grant you immortality and your brain will heal much faster.”

“Lion?” Ardan nodded “He’s using magic so you can’t see his pointed ears. Naturally they don’t look like humans”

“Lions don’t have pointed ears” Ardan laughed “No, but in his human form Ronnie does. There was an elf in their line at one point. Pixiu genes are very dominant though. No matter who they mate with their children will be Pixiu” Olina thought of when they talked about going to breakfast. He had told her he had somthing important on his mind and they had to talk about it. She wasn’t the worrying type so it had barely been on her mind but maybe he had been planning to reveal that part of himself to her. “do you think he was going to tell me?” Ardan nodded “you’re important to him but it’s not my place to say how important”

“How do you know so much?’

“I don’t think that’s important right now. We need to get you out of this coma. You aren’t meant for death yet, you’re a fighter so I know if you try you’ll get out”

“may I ask somthing else?”


“Pixiu or whatever are immortal?”

“yes and while he cant give you immortality his friend can. Adelram is a very powerful being and thinks highly of you. He’d make you immortal to save your life. I’m sure he’s going to”

“wow” she said, this was a lot to absorb but she believed it. Even if Ronnie hadn’t been planning to tell her today she wouldn’t be angry. That was a lot to tell sombody, especially sombody who was just a friend. They were close friends, friends she thought were leading into a romance but still, that had to be somthing that was hard to say.

Ronnie paced back and forth as he listened to Jason talking to another receptionist. He wanted to know where Olina was, wanted to hug her and kiss her and tell her how much he loved her. He hated himself for not telling her the truth of who he was sooner, hated not knowing where she was. He would never forgive himself if something had happened to her and he had not been able to tell her how he felt. “Ronnie, would you like some tea?” Siobahn’s voice brought him out of his thoughts and he gave her a small smile.

“Yes please.”

“If anyone can find her, Jason can.”

“I know, I’m just so worried.”

“Me too, I hate not knowing where my little girl is. I just hope wherever she is, she’s safe.” He just nodded.

Adelram thanked the young man he had talked to at the museum as he walked away and exited the building. As far as he knew, Olina always turned right when she exited the museum and walked up the road. He took her path, keeping his senses open. Her scent hit his nose and he came to a stop in front of an alley. Not two feet in there was blood on the ground and there was no doubt it belonged to Olina. His heart gave a little stutter at the idea of her being attacked. He wondered how bad it had been, if she was okay. He swallowed as he pulled his phone out to call Ronnie.

Ronnie set down his cup of tea and quickly yanked out his cell “hello?”

“She was obviously attacked on her way back to her car. I can smell her blood but I don’t see her anywhere”

“Fuck, fuck” the first one came out angrily while the second sounded defeated. “what?” Siobahn asked. Ronnie tried to curb his frustration as he spoke to her “Adelram thinks she was attacked on her way back to her car”

“Thats where Jasons mind jumped which is why he’s” before she could finish Jason came barreling in “I found a hospital she might be at. A man that works at the art museum found a blonde woman beaten severely in an alleyway. It was near the museum Olina works at so I’m hoping to hell I’ve found her. The hospital says we’re welcome to come”

“what hospital is it?” Ronnie asked as he and Siobahn stood “Kara Memorial” Ronnie knew Adelram had good enough hearing to hear that so he just hung up and ran outside with Olinas parents, praying they had the right hospital and Olina was going to be okay. When they were finally shown to Olinas room by the main doctor tending to her he asked “is this Olina Fetsch?”

Olina slapped her hands against the wall in frustration and Ardan gave a little chuckle. “You have to focus Olina.”

She glared at the wall. “Open you stupid thing.” She said and a brown door appeared against the white wall.

“See, not so hard, you just really have to want it.”

She grabbed the handle and turned it. “I wasn’t expecting the Grim Reaper to be so nice.”

“Were thinking I should have a skull for a head and be wearing a black robe with a hood?”

She laughed. “That’s exactly right.”

“Well maybe if I was my father or grandfather. They liked that little illusion.”

They stepped out into a room with four doors. “What is this?”

“Each of these doors leads to a different memory. Each memory is color coded. Red is often where angry and passionate memories are stored, green is for happy, blue for your most fond memories, black for fears, anxieties and all around bad memories.”

“Should I go in them?”

“If you want.”

“Maybe just a peek and then we can leave.” Another brown door appeared to her left, ready to be opened.

“Well the doorway is ready when you are.”

Chapter Two

Olina decided to open up the green door first. She saw herself talking to Ronnie that first day they met. She smiled at the mild flirtation and the true happiness she felt being around him. She couldn’t remember enjoying talking to anybody half as much as she enjoyed talking to him. “Interesting, a memory of Ronnie. He really has a hold on you” Ardan said and Olina answered ‘I’m madly in love with him”

“so honest”

“why lie about somthing like that?” Ardan shrugged “a lot of people are afraid to be that honest”

“My parents are some of the most blunt people you’ll ever meet. It would be quite the phenomena if I wasn’t the same”

“I wonder if he’ll be in the blue door too”

“I want to finish watching this one first. I think back on it somtimes but its interesting watching this.” She watched up until he walked her to her car at the end of the day then shut the door. It seemed the green door was shut barely a second before it vanished. She stepped back and Ardan laughed “you wont vanish too. Blue next?” Olina gave him a mischievous smile “I’ll keep you in suspense” Ardan shook his head “should have known. So which one?”

“hm, Red I guess”

“That’s my baby.” Siobahn said, grabbing her daughter’s hand.

Ronnie was shocked at how battered she was and felt rage sweep through him that someone had dared touch her in such a violent manner. Jason grabbed his shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “You don’t need to let yourself get so angry, she wouldn’t want you going out and beating a bunch of guys to a pulp no matter how good it would feel.” He could tell that even though Jason’s words were calm, he was just as angry at Olina’s state.

“He doesn’t have to bloody his hands, I could always do it.” Adelram said.

“There has been enough violence.” Siobahn said as she stroked Olina’s head. “We’ll ask her to describe the men when she wakes up and both Jason and I will make sure the people who did this go to prison for a long time.”

Ronnie looked at the doctor “how is she?”

“She’s in a coma but try not to let that scare you. Signs are good she’ll come out of it just fine. There’s always risks and worse case scenarios but from my experience, looking at her xrays she’s going to wake up eventually and be just fine”

“Could I talk to you in the hall?”

“what are you to the patient?”

“her boyfriend, you can tell him anything. We give you permission” Jason interjected. He gave her father a confused look and Jason looked back in a way that said it was painfully obvious there were sparks between them. The doctor and Ronnie stepped out and Ronnie said “Her parents would probably fight me on it which is why i didn’t want to say so in front of them but don’t charge them for anything. I will pay it all. I have more money than I could ever spend and I want to know she’s getting the best care this hospital can give her. She gets nothing but the best of the best treatment. If theres even a better room she could be in I want her there. I can handle the tab”

“alright sir, just come with me to a nurses station and we’ll get that set up” Ronnie set everything up then went back to the room. “where’d you go for so long?’ Siobahn asked and Ronnie simply stated “I set it up so that you two dont have to worry about anything but your daughter getting better. I took him outside so you two couldn’t fight with me about it until it was already set up. Please just let me. I have more than enough money and I really want to. I can afford the best care for her”

“Thank you Ronnie.”

“Did you hear that?” Olina asked as she shut the red door. What had been behind it was the fight she had had with her parents about flying to Paris when she was fifteen. She had wanted to visit museums there, but they had refused to let her go alone. She had been so angry. Ardan had explained that she had always been passionate about working in museums, that she had admired art in a way that others had not. He told her that as life went on other memories would take the place of that one.

“Hear what?”

“Those voices, my parents and Ronnie and even Adelram. They found me.” She was excited and now uninterested in the doors. “I have to get out of here.” She ran to the brown door, pulling it open. This time she stepped into a very familiar room, her childhood bedroom.

“Cute room, even at this age you loved art. You even have posters of famous painting on your walls.”

“yeah, why am I in this room?”

“I don’t know. I don’t select these things. This is your own mind and you are a clever girl, you can figure this out” Olina looked around, pondering what she needed to do here to move on. The longer she was in her childhood bedroom the more overcome with emotion she was at different memories of her parents. She couldn’t even remember the last time she told them how much she appreciated the two of them. They were such good parents, far better than a lot of the parents her friends were stuck with. She had really lucked out and she needed to wake up and tell them how awesome they had been to her.

Just as her tears turned into sobs another door appeared. She ran to it, flung it open and ran through. “impressive”

“Impressive? I cried like a baby”

“going through this is emotional. I’ve seen body builders break down worse” Olina smiled ‘even if that isn’t true thanks for making that less embarrassing”

“I’m here to help”

A nurse nervously entered the room “mam, could I have that side of the bed please” the nurse asked Siobahn “Oh yes” Siobhan moved out of the womans way so she could push her cart to Olinas side “The doctor needs me to check a few of her wounds. I’m sure if she was conscious she’d ask her privacy be respected. I’ll be moving the gown so she’ll be fully exposed” Ronnie and Adelram knew seeing more of her wounds would only fuel their fury anyway so they walked out of the room so the nurse could do her job.

“I could easily track down the bastards just by scent Ronnie” Adelram whispered and Ronnie responded ‘You might pick up the wrong ones from her. The police will handle this”

“Ronnie, look what they did to her”

“You are aware enough to know I’m just as angry but her father is right”

“This is not how things work among lions and demons.”

“This is how things work in the human world Adelram. Jason will find them, he has connections because of his job so please let him handle this.”

Adelram growled. “Fine, but only because we are friends.”

“Thank you.”

A few minutes later the nurse exited and they went back inside, Ronnie stood next to her, taking her hand in his and stroking her palm with his thumb. He just wanted her to wake up, he needed her to wake up. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to her forehead then whispered, “I love you Olina.”

Olina paused, touching her forehead at the sudden warmth. She heard a voice whisper in her ear, Ronnie’s voice. “Come on, we have to go faster.” They were in another hallway and at the end was a door. She took a step forward and the walls fell away. The room was suddenly an obstacle course complete with traps. “What in the hell?”

“We all must overcome obstacles to get to what we want.” Ardan explained. “Don’t worry, you can’t die in here and besides this is your mind, use it to complete this.”

Night came and Ronnie decided to stay the night. “I’ll bring you breakfast in the morning. I’m going to go home and make her a bag so she has clothes and her own soaps and lotions when she wakes. I’ll bring it in the morning when I bring you breakfast” Siobahn said before she hugged Ronnie “I’ll call you if she wakes up tonight” he whispered back “Its the only reason I can pry myself away.” Jason and Siobahn walked out and Adelram excused himself as well “I’ll give you some alone time with her. Don’t forget to call me too if she wakes up”

“Okay, buy her some reeses and sour skittles befre you come back.” Adelram smiled sadly “Okay, night Ronnie” At home Siobahn cried as she made a bag for her daughter. She ended up just sitting on Olinas bed, unable to finish. She didn’t notice when her husband came in “Let me finish this. I ran you a bubble bath”

“Thank you baby” Jason gave her a long hug “she’s has our blood pulsing through that stubborn body and head. She’s going to wake up”

“I’m trying to think that way. I’m just so scared and angry and i still can’t help but wish we’d stayed up or one of us could have gone to the museum and stayed with her while she worked late”

“Siobahn, beating ourselves up over what we could have done to prevent it wont help. She’s a grown woman who is dedicated to what she does. She would have gotten annoyed with us if we would have tried to babysit her as she worked late. Yeah now if she ever wants to work late again I’ll make her call me or atleast someone before she leaves but all we can do is change the future okay” Jason walked with his wife to the bathroom and stayed until she was relaxing in the water. He kissed her head then went to finish making his daughter a bag.

“I’m really glad I can’t die in here.” Olina said as she rested on the other side of the obstacle. “And I really didn’t think I could get winded.”

“The feeling of being winded is quite literally all in your head. This is your mind and if you believe you won’t get winded then you won’t.”

“Oh, well that’s nice.” She got to her feet and they walked together to the next door. “So tell me about yourself. Do you have a family and why the Grim Reaper job?”

Ardan smiled. “I have a beautiful wife and a wonderful little girl, three brothers, a man who I consider my second father, and my parents.” He replied. “To answer your second question, my father was a reaper before me and when he retired he passed the job to me.”

“a family business, that’s actually a little awesome”

Adelram knew visiting hours were over but he came back to the hospital around three in the morning to talk to Ronnie about somthing that came to mind while he was buying the candy Ronnie had requested for Olina. He snuck past the front desk and walked so confidently in the halls that none stopped to tell him he needed to leave. It wasn’t surprising to Adelram when he found Ronnie pacing. Adelrams presence instantly caught his attention and he ran a hand through his hair “back so soon?’

“well, I can’t rest either and I wanted some chips so while I was at the store I picked up the candy you asked me to get for Olina and as I looked somthing came to mind that i really think we should do”

“what is it? This isn’t more vengeance talk is it?” Adleram stepped in and shut Olinas door just before he sound proofed the room “Ronnie, the doctor is confident but how many over confident cocky doctors do you think work all around the world? Doctors who give false hope just so they dont have to deal with emotional famlies? She’s in a coma and as hard of a truth as it is her human brain might not be able to fix itself. With your permission I want to make her into a vampire. I’d have to marry her to give her eternal life as an elf and as a demon she’d be a succubus and with how your jealous can be I dont think you could handle a succubus for a wife or even a girlfriend. She’s already in a coma so while the change will still be uncomfortable it wont be as bad as it would be if she wasn’t in this state. She will still be able to walk in the sun and everything since I can. Only difference will be she will become immortal like us and need blood. I know we can’t ask her and I know thats going to be a moral dilemma for you Ronnie but if I change her, she’s guranteed to live. A vampire could come out of this no problem. Her other wounds will heal too, much more quickly. Please give me permission Ronnie and if she’s angry when she wakes I’ll take all the blame. I wont let her hate you for it. Don’t you want her better? Don’t you want to keep her forever Ronnie?”

Chapter Three

Ronnie rubbed the back of his neck and made a frustrated sound. “What a low blow, you know I do. Damn it.” He went over to Olina, brushing his fingers through her hair. He sighed. “Do it, even if she’s angry with me later, I want her back.”

“Watch the door then.” Ronnie gave Olina a kiss on the forehead then moved to stand in front of the door so he could head off anyone who came in. Adleram stepped up to her and took her hand.

“This was my plan okay Olina, so don’t be mad at him when you wake up.” He bent his head to her wrist, letting his fangs sink into the soft flesh. When he had drank enough, he bit into his own wrist and gently opened her mouth, pressing the wound into it so the blood ran down her throat.

Olina touched her lips, pausing at the strange taste in her mouth. “You alright?”

“I taste something irony. It reminds me of steak?”

Ardan smiled. “It must be blood.”


“Your Ronnie’s friend must be changing you.”

“changing me?”

“I told you this could happen. If you’re tasting blood he obviously went with vampire”

“I am going to have an ocean of questions for those two when I’m out of here”

“I like that, positive, a when instead of an if”

“Oh I’m getting out.”

The next morning Siobahn and Jason came back. Adelram had left after changing Olina so he could rest in his own bed so the only man there to greet them was Ronnie. He felt a stab of guilt as he looked at her parents. Jason and Siobahn would have under any other circumstance noticed that guilt on his face but they mistook it for sadness due to the situation. “have the doctors said anything?” Siobahn asked “no mam”

“did you sleep any?” Jason said as he tucked Olinas bag under the table. “hardly at all”

“you sure you don’t want to go home? I’m leaving after lunch but Sio is staying all day”

“The last thing I desire is leaving your daughters side” Jason nodded approvingly.

Olina made it through yet another door and Ardan said “last room”


“yep, Adelram gave you a cheat so you don’t have to go through as much as others do. Your brain is doing quite well. You should thank him”

“I’m going to, I’m not mad. I’m not mad at them for anything. What do I have to do now? There’s nothing here Ardan”

“Because this room is where your will comes into play”

“what do you mean?’

“Fight to wake up Olina, fight like your life depends on it because it does. If you have the will power you’ll wake up.” Hours passed and Olina was passing angrily “come on Olina”

“I’m trying!” she snapped back at Ardan “Without thinking answer my next question. I want you to answer instantly”


“who makes you want to wake up’

“Ronnie” Olina answered them blushed. Ardan smiled, obviously amused “you need to concentrate on Ronnie then and all you’ll get to do together once you wake up”

“okay” She thought of Ronnie and all their memories together. She then thought of all the memories she wanted to make with him, even allowed her mind to wander into the more adult things she wanted to experience with him. She started hurting, actually feeling her wounds for the first time. Olina couldn’t help but clench her jaw “keep going! I know it hurts but that means you’re getting out! Fight Olina!”

The walls around her began to crack and she grabbed her head as pain spiked through her skull. Ardan’s hands were on her shoulders, supporting her. “You’re so close.” She felt tears in her eyes as she forced her memories past the barrier that separated her from the land of the living. The walls bowed outward and then exploded in a hail of debris. “Good girl.” He said as she started to wake. “Don’t let me catch you here again.” She gasped then whimpered. She felt someone take her hand and fingers brushed over her forehead.

“She’s awake.” It was Ronnie’s voice and she started crying harder.

“Oh my god Olina.” Her mother’s voice came from her other side of her. “Jason, get a nurse.”

“Olina, can you hear me?” Ronnie asked.


He felt relief sweep through him and kissed her forehead. “You have no idea how scared I was Olina, I love you so much.” His words moved her and she wished she could set up and hug him.

Ronnie kept Olinas hand as the doctor and his nurses examined her and asked Olina questions to make sure she was mentally sound. Nobody bothered her about the attack until a deputy arrived with a sketch artist “Your father called the station but if you aren’t ready to try and give a description it’s okay Olina. He can call us right back any time”

“No, I’m ready” she said weakly. She described the men as best she could then asked “did they leave my purse?”

“No, was that why they attacked you?”

“Well, it’s what they wanted at the start. It meant a lot to me but I know my mom would rather me come home than to bicker with thieves about not handing it over so I did but they weren’t happy with the fact I don’t carry cash and decided..” she glanced at her father, knowing he would be livid. “and decided” the deputy continued. “well they decided since I wasn’t good for money they could use me for other things” she could instantly feel the tension in the room as Ronnie and Jason realized what she meant. “well your fight made them change their minds. The hospital report says a rape kit was used on you and they found that you weren’t taken advantage of after they beat you. Thank goodness for small blessings.”

“Who found me?”

“A man walking to his job at the art museum”

“do you know if he was white, hispanic, anything like that?’

“I wasn’t paying any attention. The man who called 911 had the last name Walice”

“Okay, i just needed to know who to thank”

“is there anything else you can tell me about who attacked you Miss Fetsch?

“No, I’m sorry”

“Don’t be, you just rest up and have your dad call me if you think of anything to tell us”

“I will, thank you.” She relaxed once the deputy was gone and Ronnie looked into her eyes.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you.”

“Oh Ronnie, it’s not your fault I’m like this. The blame lies solely on my attackers.” He kissed her fingers and pressed her palm against his cheek.

“I’m so glad you’re awake.” She smiled and let her thumb brush lovingly over his skin. “Oh, I need to call Adelram and let him know you’re okay.”

“Go ahead, I’ll still be here.”

He pulled out his phone and stepped just outside the room and Olina turned her attention to her parents. “I need to tell you two something and I don’t want you to freak out.”

“What honey?” Siobahn said as she stroked her daughter’s hair.

“You do realize I am recovering a lot faster than I should be right?”

The glanced at each other then back to her. “Yeah, we’ve noticed.” Jason said.

“The thing is, and I know this sounds crazy…”

“Nothing is crazy after the people I’ve had to track down.” Jason interrupted. “Whatever you have to say sweetie, we’ll believe it.”

The reaper who helped me get out of that coma told me that Ronnie and Adelram aren’t humans. Ronnie is a Pixiu and Adleram is apparently multiple things but while I was in there he turned me into a vampire to save my life. I’m not human anylonger because he wanted to help me pull through.” her parents face’s were serious and they obviously believed it “So he’s a winged lion that wards off evil spirits and is one lucky son of a bitch when it comes to money. No wonder he’s loaded.” Jason said and Siobahn said “I’ll have to thank Adleram then but what about you going into the light? I guess we’l have to ask him.”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine since he can” Ronnie came back in and had heard the last sentence “can what?’ Siobahns sea green eyes looked into his “I know what you and Adelram are and what he did for me” His heart skipped a beat “are you mad at me Olina? I promise you i was just about to tell you everything. I just…I’m sorry I have spent all this time with you and haven’t told you.”

“Hey, I understand.” Ronnie swallowed the lump caught in his throat as he walked over to sit by her again. He stroked her cheek “Thank you for understanding and not being upset about what Adelram did.You’ll be you still, just a little more powerful and good at healing yourself. Since Adelram is mixed you’ll have no issues in the sun either.”

“awesome” Half Ronnies mouth lifted in a smile “feels a bit awkward to ask in front of your parents Olina but I’ve already had to wait too long. Will you be my lioness?” she smiled “I’d love to be. I’m absolutely crazy about you.” he leaned over and hugged her gently, moving his mouth so his lips stroked her ear with every word “I love you my gorgeous lioness” she felt a thrill of excitement as his lips brushed her skin. Her heart rate increased so she pushed him away before she did anything she shouldnt infront of her parents.

Adelram soon came and she told him she knew everything and expressed that it was okay and that she was infact grateful. “thank goodness, for your health and the fact you don’t want to kill me. All you need to know is be careful who you tell. People will try to kill you just because of what you are. Secondly, you don’t need to drink blood all the time but try not to go more than a week without it. I’m sure Adelram wont mind you feeding off him. Blood every three days will keep you healthy but if you want to stay feeling good you might want to ask lover boy for a taste daily”

Siobahn laughed at Ronnies cherry face. When her laughter died down Siobahn asked ‘who do you drink from Adelram?”

“Mostly animals but there are actualyl clubs of people who enjoy being fed off of. I go to them when I want human blood. Some girlfriends have let me have some of theirs too. Speaking of which” he looked seriusly at Olina “not that i don’t think Ronnie has the brain to stop you but you need this warning. Do not drink fairy blood. It’s the equivalent of drugs and humans. Just don’t go there no matter what spot you’re in. You’ll regret it”

“Okay, I wont”


“I wonder when they’ll let me leave. I feel so much better already.”

“We’ll ask next time a nurse comes to visit, I want you to just relax right now.” Ronnie said as he stroked her hand.

“I feel fine though.”

“Come on sweetie, just rest.” Jason said and patted her head. “You’ll be out of here before you know it.”

She sighed. “Alright, I will.”

They spent most of their time talking, only breaking when a nurse came to check her injuries. She was surprised at her speedy recovery, but said nothing about it. Olina asked when she could leave and the nurse said she would ask a doctor. A few moments later a doctor came in, telling her she could leave tomorrow afternoon as long as she continued to improve.

Olina was ecstatic at that news. When the nurse left she thanked Adelram again who smirked “now I wont have to worry about you as much. Even though you’re a vampire now I hope if you work late, for now on you’ll let Ronnie or myself accompany you. I mean, I can teach you to fight but I think we’d all sleep better at night knowing you weren’t walking to your car at such late hours alone”

“I can do that but I would like to learn how to use what I now have”

“I’ll teach you whenever you like. We could take advantage of you not having classes right now. I’d be happy to teach you three times a week until school starts. After that once a week so you can keep up with your studies and your new boyfriend” Olina smiled “sounds like a plan” After amazing the staff Olina was released the next day feeling amazing. She showered and changed into the clothes her parents had brought then rode home with Ronnie. In the car Ronnie said “we still need to go on that date. You feel good enough to let me take you out tomorrow?”

“I’m a vampire now and I feel amazing. I’m glad we can make up for it so soon. Did anybody tell my boss whats up?”

“Adelram did, he said just call him when you’re ready to return to work and he wouldn’t care if you decided to take the rest of your summer off” Olina gave a small nod “I wont take the whole summer off but” she grabbed one of his hands before continuing “I want to enjoy a few days with you first” he smiled, his heart warming at her touch. Just as they pulled up to her home Olina asked “can i see what your ears really look like” His smile seemed as if her asking made him want to laugh “of course” he undid the magic that hid them and Olina ran her finger over their outline “sexy” he actually did laugh now “Adelram will show you what he looks like too but it’s a far more drastic difference. Be ready for that”

“Oh I’m excited now! Lets get in” Ronnie grabbed her chin “may I have a kiss first?” Olinas heart jerked, almost halted, her breath became unsteady even at the thought. “Um..okay” she said, embarrassed by the smallness of her voice. Ronnie kissed her, keeping it sweet as he let his mouth reverently move against hers. He didn’t want to part but he knew her family was waiting. Hand in hand they walked inside and enjoyed a fun evening with her family. Ronnie spent most the night just adoring his Olina. She was alive, awake, well and finally someone he could call his. He couldn’t ask for anything more in the world than the bliss he had now. Before the night was even over he already had plans to ask her to move in with him when she was done with school. She could obviously now but he wanted to give her parents and their relationship a little more time before he sprang that. He would give the blossom of their relationship time to grow, unrushing until each perfect moment brought him the opportunity to advance it until he had her as a wife and a mother to however many children she wanted.

~ The End ~

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