Abella & Corus 2

Chapter One

Corus sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at his beautiful mate. She slept so soundly, her breathing soft. He leaned down, letting his lips brush over hers and smiled when she stirred. “Good morning, Abella.” He said softly as her eyes focused on him.

“Corus? What time is it?” read more

Zeric & Amorie

Chapter One

Zeric and his father laughed happily as they walked back home “I can’t believe you turned eighteen last week son”

“that’s all you’ve been able to talk about”

“you’ll understand when you’re a parent…it’s weird to have your child become an adult” Zeric decided this was a good time to ask his father “can my girlfriend stay the night tonight?” read more

Nebi & Nathan

Chapter One

“I brought more blankets.” Nebi said as he entered Nathan’s safe house without knocking. “I know you destroyed the last ones.”

“You know you shouldn’t be here, it’s still the full moon.” Nathan said as he took the blankets from Nebi and headed down to the basement where the cage that had been put together for him was. read more

Ariane & Jairo 2

Chapter One

“Listen here you jackass!” Ariane shouted angrily, her friend had now left out of fear of Jairo “How dare you treat him like that or speak to me that way and especially how fucking dare you try to ever tell me what I can and can’t do. I go on this trip every single year and I will continue to do just that. He is my friend, nothing more and you need to grow up. I’m serious Jairo, I’m going, you’re welcome to go but only if you learn how to behave. I am so disappointed in you right now, we’ve been doing so well and now you’re letting your jealousy get the better of you” read more

Varuna & Somnus 2

Chapter One

“I’m home.” Somnus said as he walked through the front door, exhausted after a long day of meeting with walk in clients.

“In the kitchen.” Varuna called back as Somnus kicked off his shoes and loosened his tie. “Hello gorgeous, you look tired.” Varuna was cooking dinner, but that didn’t stop him from reaching for Somnus and pulling him close. read more

Eliora & Emrys

Chapter One

Eliora rushed in the house, having the horrible feeling that she just might throw up again. It was why she was home from work hours before she was supposed to be. When she ran in and straight to the bathroom she was so occupied with the need to spill her stomach contents she didn’t notice the small brunette in her living room until she was walking out of their downstairs bathroom. Eliora was startled but the girl was small, looking no older than thirteen so she was able to be calm enough to see the girl was afraid too ‘Honey, what’re you doing in my house?” she was trying to be as calm as possible, this was just a child after all. The girl didn’t say anything and before she could press further her husband came in, seeming a perturbed himself “what’re you doing home?!” he asked angrily. “I’m sick and what kind of greeting is that? Who is this little girl?” read more

Luke & Carya

Chapter One


Luke looked down at the little baby as he sheathed his sword, shocked that she was even alive. Her mother’s body was curled around her, arms holding her close in a protective embrace. He had found the child’s father dead in a puddle of blood by the front door. The house was a mess, completely ransacked. The only living thing was the little girl. He bent down, gently moving her mother’s arms and lifting the wailing infant up and against his chest. “Shhh, now, now little one, it’s alright.” He said softly as he carried her out of the house and over to where he had dropped his pack. He pulled his blanket out and wrapped it around her then laid her down. He couldn’t leave her parents like they were, but he also didn’t have time to bury them. read more

Nedra & Talmadge 2

Chapter One

Nedra happily walked hand in hand with her husband Talmadge. They were in an absolutely gorgeous place locals called The Crystal Woods. Everything shimmered here and while they weren’t actual crystals but living plants they gave the appearance they were made of crystals and this was the only place in the world, that they knew of anyway that plants looks like this. Their triplets were laughing, exploring all around them but keeping up with their mother and father. Nedra had been living such a happy life with her husband even though her parents and the doctor who realized she was pregnant told her she was making the worst mistake of her life. Talmadge wasn’t a mistake, he and having these children were the best choices she ever made. read more

Kokou & Umay

Chapter One

Umay cried and begged as she fought against the men who dragged her down the hall to the electroshock room. “It’s not my fault.” She screamed as they pulled her along, tears flowing down her cheeks. She had only smiled at the young man when he had suddenly attacked her, trying to pull her clothes off. No matter how much she had fought, he wouldn’t stop until she had kneed him in the groin. She hadn’t wanted to hurt anyone, but his disposition had gone from polite to aggressive in a matter of moments and in broad daylight. It wasn’t her fault, it wasn’t fair, but they wouldn’t listen to her, she was just a woman. “Please!” They forced her onto the table and quickly buckled her down. She cried as they switched on the machine and as the leather bit was forced between her teeth. The paddles touched her temples and then there was a crash of glass as the window across from her exploded inward. A wind howled through the room, the lights flickering and then he was there standing at the foot of the table. read more

Fiora & Kaleb

Chapter One

Fiora sighed, feeling incredibly bored. She was about to get up and leave the river when she felt Kaleb land, his massive black wings somehow looking cooler in the setting sun. His long, wild hair was all over the place as usual but that was just another incredibly sexy thing about him to her. There wasn’t much clothing on him but that was normal for Kaleb. She didn’t mind, his every muscle was pronounced and she loved being able to glance every now and then. She’d stare if she was more confident and didn’t worry about coming across rude. She had never felt ugly but she felt plain next to a creature as attractive as him. “Fiora, are you alright? You look sad” read more