Tarryn & Orthu

Chapter One

Tarryn was out with friends at a restaurant they all loved. They laughed and talked about their lives and eventually, as seemed to often occur, men came up in conversation. Her friend Alice was in a new relationship and it warmed Tarryn to see her so happy and gushing like she was about this guy. Alice was an amazing person and somehow she always ended up with the worst human beings. It seemed things were finally changing for the better with her. Once Alice was done talking Camilla, a friend Tarryn had had since middle school began talking. She was a wolf shifter and incredibly beautiful. Tarryn had expected to hear about another amazing lover she had hooked up with but to her surprise Camilla had apparently found her mate. read more

Elowen & Birch 2

Chapter One

It felt so good to have a normal life again with a caring, sweet, non psychotic fiance. They always went out for a date once a week, just because they both felt it was important to make sure they invested one day a week purely to eachother. The day had been perfect until dinner. Their server seemed annoyed to be there from the start and had somehow written down the wrong meal for Elowen which Birch insisted they put right. They sent her the right thing the second time but it was overcooked and gross. Over all the experience was terrible, even when Birch complained to the manager about their experience so he went online afterward to write a poor review. read more

Volmar & Viola

Chapter One

I’m not the most emotionally stable man by any means. I was raised by my father who was a distant, short tempered man. I didn’t grow up with any family around and I wasn’t allowed friends over. I didn’t even have friends outside the house because I was homeschooled and didn’t know what a computer was until I moved out. Truly ninety nine percent of my life was spent on my fathers property before I turned eighteen. Not only that but the only thing my father would ever tell me about my mother was that she abandoned us shortly after I was born. Knowing what I know now, I doubt she left. I hired a private investigator to find her, spent more money than I care to admit and there’s no record of her after her supposed run away from her responsibilities as a mother. I suppose I should explain why I don’t believe she went anywhere of her own free will. read more

Zane Jr & Arthur 2

Zanr Jr soared through the air with his mate Arthur resting in his claws. They were days away from the village outside the castle they lived in. The couple was traveling so ZJ could show him a type of animal he had only just realized his mate had never seen. The moment ZJ realized it he had wanted to go and as always Arthur would follow him anywhere. It was always nice to get away just the two of them anyway. ZJ was flying low since he enjoyed the area, thats how he noticed a ruin that shouldn’t be there. He circled over it, confused. He had been with Arthur thirty years and it had only been fifty since he had been out this way. How had something so large been built, destroyed and overgrown in just that time? read more

Ebisu & Eva 2

Chapter One

Ebisu sat there staring at the TV, unsure if he had heard correctly. He turned the volume up, hearing his villain name again. His phone vibrated and he quickly answered it. “Ebisu.” Eva said, her voice worried.

“I’m watching right now.” He said as he stood. “Someone’s using my name.” A camera zoomed into the man standing in the middle of the street. “And they copied my uniform.” He stood, pacing. read more

Lachlan, Teague, & Kennedy 3

Chapter One

Lachlan and Teague sat on either side of Kennedy, worriedly rubbing his back as he threw up again. Teague’s wolf whined and Lachlan’s heart hammered loudly in his chest. He had been like this for three days and they didn’t understand why. Vampires couldn’t catch diseases, so it worried them. read more

Tierney & Bradan 2

Chapter One

“why is this place so creepy” Tierney said as he shuddered away from another tree branch. Everything about this world was creepy, somehow even the plants and trees. It was the way they twisted, even their colors that had him creeped out. Bradan chuckled “you’re safe, not a lot lives here” read more

Theodas & Nimue

Chapter One

“Theodus, I don’t know where else to even look for him” Nimue said in frustration. They didn’t know where their son was and that was never good, for anybody. He had a nasty habit of going to different worlds and terrifying the populations with his massive power. He had an abundance of it coming from both her and his father Theodas and instead of appreciating it and using it wisely he used to to cause chaos and despair “Maybe we should go find Amisra” Theodas suggested and Nimue sighed “it should not always be her job to track him down. She’s a child too Theodas and she hasn’t spoken to him in a month. Knowing our son he’s vanished completely because he knows we’ll ask her for help and he knows she will because she’ll feel bad for the people he’s hurting. Is playing into what he’s trying to do really how we should respond?” read more

Alvah & Daray 4

Chapter One

Alvah sat on the porch while Daray paced in the grass. Alvah wanted to tell him to not be so nervous but he could hardly contain his own nerves. They had a son and they were finally going to meet him today. They had been a little confused when the vampire and zombie they met explained everything but when they showed the two of them a picture they both just knew they were telling the truth. He certainly looked like a combination of them both. They discussed meeting their son with Fatima and Lombard and they all agreed him coming here would be best so he could see his home world. When the family came into view over the horizon Daray finally stopped pacing. Alvah stood, hoping his size wouldn’t be intimidating to their son. read more

Abella & Corus 3

Chapter One

They were finally making that trip to see Corus’s cousin Aurel. They had been talking about it for years but there had always seemed to be one thing or another preventing them. Corus hadn’t even asked ahead if they could come so he hoped his friend was even there but if he wasn’t he knew they were welcome to wait in his home so he could show Abella around until Aurel returned with his family from wherever they had gone. They were just though the portal when Corus had to question if they were even in the right place. Destruction laid everywhere and fires burned without any control, raging through trees. Dragons of massive proportions flew around along with other humongous creatures, some of which Corus couldn’t identify. What could have happened? What could have gone so wrong in a world with the great Demon Chthon, the rest of the Apontes and a demon like his cousin Aurel. He didn’t want to believe this was the place but he knew in his heart it was and he didn’t know what he should do. His mate was only newly a demon and he was terrified of something happening to her but at the same time he couldn’t just leave his cousins world like this or not check to see how Aurel was. read more