Patrick & Kathleen

Chapter One

Patrick rubbed his cheek as he drove away from the mall. He had not expected to get slapped. One of the women he had been seeing had not been happy to find out he wasn’t planning on getting serious. He had told her that he had said before hand there would be no commitment and she wasn’t the only one he was with then she had slapped him harder than he had ever been slapped in his life. He put it behind him, knowing he would never see her again anyway.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Wes asked as she shoved through the door of the apartment building.

“I’m leaving you prick.” She snapped. After being together for two years he had crossed the line and raised his hand to her. She had hastily packed what she needed and had even grabbed the convention tickets she had paid for, not that he had wanted to go anyway. It had been like pulling teeth to get him to agree to accompany her.

Wes grabbed her arm and yanked her back. “You’re staying right here.”

“No I’m not, let me go.” She jerked at her arm, but he only tightened his grip. “Let me go you son of a bitch.” She swung her suitcase at him and missed.

“Fine.” He shoved her and she fell backwards into the road. Her eyes widened at the sight of the car speeding toward her and she curled up in a ball and squeezed her eyes shut, preparing for impact. She heard the screech of the tires and when she opened her eyes the car was an inch from her.

“Holy shit are you okay?” Patrick asked as he hurried exited his car and ran around to her

“I’m fine” she said angrily as she began to stand “just get the hell out of here!” Her ex boyfriend yelled at Patrick “and leave her with the asshole who pushed her into the road? i dont think so. You’re the one who needs to get the hell out of here.”

“excuse me dick wipe”

“I’m not wiping or touching your dick” He swung at Patrick who dodged and punched him in the gut before shoving him off. “fuck you Kathleen, you’re not worth this shit” Her ex said as he stood and walked away. Patrick helped her up “you really okay?”

“It wasn’t that bad, I’m just glad you didn’t run me over.” She dusted herself off. “So what do I call you, or do you prefer white knight?”

He smiled. “I’m Patrick.”

“Well thank you Patrick.”

“So, do need a ride or something?”

She smiled. “Could you help me get something first, just keep a lookout for that woman beating ass hat Wes.”

“He beat you?”

“He threatened too, that’s why I’m leaving. He raised his hand to me during an argument.”

“I’ll set out here and make sure he doesn’t come back then. Just put your bag in my car.” She was happy she was going to be able to get her costumes out of the apartment today. She had been afraid Wes would destroy them before she got the chance

She hurried inside unbothered by Wes brooding in the bathroom. When she came out Patrick asked her “what are those?”

“Cosplay stuff” she laid them in his backseat. “Nice, girls are sexy as hell when they cosplay”

“Pretty sure thats why half of the men go, to gawk” Patrick chuckled and got in his car “where can I take you?’

“I guess I’ll go ahead to the hotel I rented for the convention. I’ll just pay for the extra time I need, hopefully I can.” she looked over at him “want to come with me? Since you know what cosplay is you obviously like these things.”

“wow, thanks”

“May aswell give the ticket to someone and you didn’t have to do what you did back there. Its my thanks”

“I don’t have anything to wear.”

She laughed. “It’s not like it’s mandatory or anything.”

“Still won’t it seem awkward?”

“If you’re really that worried then go out and buy you a pair of cat ears or something, I bet you’ll look cute.”

“I don’t tend to aim for cute.”

She rolled her eyes. “So you’re one of those have to be sexy or dead guys then. I bet you don’t have a nerdy bone in your body.”

She was teasing him and it made him laugh. She was absolutely gorgeous, had a great sense of humor, and seemed to only ever speak honestly. “I happen to like Star Wars very much, but only the older ones. The new ones fell completely flat.”

“Favorite character?”

“It’s a tie between Wedge Antilles and Han Solo.”

“Everyone love Solo, I love R2, he’s just so cute. In fact,” she twisted around in her seat and rummaged around in her bag for a second before pulling out her keys, “I have a R2-D2 key chain.”


“If I get to nerdy for you just tell me to shut up. Some people don’t really care for conventions or Star Wars or anime and find it very childish.”

“I bet if they actually watched a few they’d see how great they can be.”

She smiled. “I’m betting you were way into Dragon Ball Z as a child.”

“Weren’t all boys?”

“Most definitely do” They talked the whole way to her hotel, Kathleen really liking the man she was getting to know. She was almost glad her bastard ex had shoved her into the road so she could meet Patrick. When they arrived he helped her get her things to the room then she asked “you going to get a room?”

“Yeah, i don’t want to make the drive. I’m going to go back to the desk and reserve one on his floor. I wont be long”

“Okay” he left and she started putting her things where she wanted them to go, hygiene and makeup in the bathroom, role play gear in the closet and bags against the wall.

Patrick flirted with the receptionist while she got his room in order, making her giggle. He prided himself on his ability to sweet talk and gave her a wink when she handed him his room key. He went back upstairs and straight to Kathleen’s room to let her know he got the room across the hall. He tapped on the door and she opened it, her smile lighting up the room. He had never seen a smile quite like it, had never seen someone eyes light up and look like two brilliant sapphires. “You okay?” She asked when he kept staring.

He shook his head. “Sorry, yeah. I got the room across the hall.”

“Awesome, it’ll be so much easier to meet up that way.”

“So, what now?”

“Dinner? Pizza maybe?”

“Sure, I know a place.”

They went back downstairs and the receptionist smiled and winked at him. He smiled back, giving her a little wave. They climbed into his car and he took her to this amazing place called Ken’s Artisan Pizza. It smelled amazing and made her stomach growl. They ordered and sat down, Patrick with his elbow resting in his hand while Kathleen looked around. “This place is cool.”

“I eat here all the time, they make some of the best pizza.”

“Smells like it. Look, thanks again for coming to my defense and making sure I didn’t waste a convention ticket.”

He chuckled. “It was nothing.”

“It was everything. I mean a lot of people wouldn’t have cared, but you actually hit Wes for me. You’re my hero.”

Chapter Two

He smiled triumphantly, winning over another girl just as easily as he always did. There wasn’t a woman alive he couldn’t charm and he loved that ability. It only made it better she was so amazing. Most girls were all the same to him but so much was special about this one and he hadn’t even known her a day yet. He could only imagine what would be special about her once he got her naked and had his way with her.
Their pizza came and he was disappointed at the interruption. She smiled as she picked up her first slice and took a bite, a look of delight moving over her face. “Oh my god, this is so good.”

“I told you.”

“Now I’m going to get fat, thanks a lot.”

He laughed. “I’m sure you’ll be just as cute.”

“Yeah right, I’ll probably look like a big round bubblegum ball.”

“Very descriptive.” They ate and chatted, her talking nonstop about the convention and all the cool things to do there. He didn’t really know what half the stuff was she was talking about, but figured it wouldn’t really matter once they were there. It’s not like he would be paying attention anyway. She got a bit of sauce on her cheek and he picked up a napkin and wiped it away, making her blush.

“Oh thanks, still taking care of me. At this rate I won’t be able to pay you back.”

“Don’t worry about it. When do we go to the convention?”

“The day after tomorrow. If you like, we can try and find you something to wear tomorrow, I mean if you really think you need to dress up. I’m sure there’s some character that dresses like a normal person.”

“Sounds fun.”

Her lips stretched into a quick smile before enjoying the pizza again. She would definitely be coming back here. Between slices they would talk more. It was Kathleen dominating the conversation since she was so passionate about all things nerdy and it didn’t seem to deter him from her. When they were done they split the bill and tip before leaving the restaurant. “another thing to like about you. Most ladies make men pay the tab everytime just because they have a vagina” She laughed “I like to pay my own way. Not that this was a date but on dates especially so men don’t think they have a right to me. I don’t see how spending twenty to thirty dollars means I owe you my junk”

He smiled, but was a little put off by her words. She was definitely going to be tough egg to crack. “So, how’d you meet that ex of yours?”

“He was at a friends wedding, like someone her husband was friends with. He was actually really sweet, but then one day he showed his true colors, little by little they seeped out until I realized I’d been deceived.”

He opened the passenger door for her and she climbed in. He closed it then went around to the driver side and got behind the wheel. “For the record, I’m glad you left. The kind of violence he displayed would have only escalated.”

“I won’t be a victim for anyone, no matter how much I love them. I’d rather be homeless, but I guess that’s easy to say when I have no kids.”

“Are you homeless?”

“Nah, I have friends I can stay with until I get my own place.”

“Good, so back to the hotel?”

“Yes please, it’s been a pretty exhausting day.”

He drove them back and walked with her inside. He glanced over at reception to exchange flirty smiles again but sadly she had been replaced by a far less attractive woman. He could lay one like her with no effort so she wasn’t worth his time until he conquered Kathleen. When they got up to their rooms he asked “can i watch some TV with you for awhile?”

“sounds nice” He followed her into her room and they both took off their shoes before climbing into bed.Kathleen handed him the remote “pick please, you’ve done a lot for me today” He flipped through the channels until he found somthing that interested him “this good?’

“I actually like this show too. You are far too awesome”

“I try.” She giggled and he moved a little closer. Halfway through the show he realized she wasn’t even paying attention to him. Her eyes were entirely focused on the TV.

“This part is awesome.” She suddenly said and he had to admit that it startled him a little.


“Yeah.” She turned those jewel like eyes to him. “Sorry I’m ignoring you.”

“It’s all good, I got like that during 300.”

Her eyes lit up. “I loved that movie, but not so much the second one.”

“Sequels hardly ever do the original justice.”

“I wish Wes had been this interested in what I like. I mean he didn’t have to love it or anything, but he liked to call me stupid and childish sometimes.”

“What did he like?”

“Football, which is fine, I like to watch sometimes, video games like you know sports and shooters, and sex.”

“Most guys like sex.”

“Yeah, but he was the get off and go type. There was no passion.” She blushed then started laughing. “Sorry, I have no idea why I’m telling you that. I must be tired.” She sighed and he grabbed her chin.

“Maybe I’m just easy to talk to.” He tucked some hair behind her ear and her face grew warmer.

She pulled her face away. “That must be it.” She cleared her throat. “We should get to sleep, tomorrow I’ll google a few characters and you can decide who you want to be.”

“alright, I’ll see you tomorrow” He quickly kissed her cheek, causing the blush that was already there to pinken just a little more. He left with a grin on his face since he had felt her heat and knew he was winning over yet another woman and this time she was more than just a beauty. Kathleen actually had substance. She swallowed when he left the room then got up to slide her pants off so she could just sleep in a tshirt and her underwear. Patrick took a shower in his own room then laid in the bed as soon as he was dry.

The next morning she sang happily to herself as she showered and pulled on clean clothes. She grabbed her key card and iPad and went across the hall and knocked on Patrick’s door. It wasn’t until the second time she knocked she realized he might not be a morning person, but just as she turned to go back to her room he pulled the door open. “Sorry, I had to pull my clothes on.”

“Oh, it’s okay, I shouldn’t have woke you.”

“Well come on in.”

He stepped aside and she walked into his room. “I guess I should have let you go home and get a change of clothes before coming here.”

“It’s fine, we’re going to buy me clothes today anyway.”

“Yeah.” She sat down on the edge of his bed and he plopped down next to her with a yawn and ran his fingers through his already messy hair. “You can use my brush if you need to.”

“Before we leave. So who am I going to be tomorrow?”

“we need to look. Hang on and I’ll find some good ones you can pick from” They searched regular Anime guys from at least semi popular Anime’s until they found one that he looked similar too and they were sure they could find the clothes to match. She turned her Ipad off and took it back to her room before going with him downtown to buy cosplay and regular clothes. They found him two changes of regular clothes then started hunting for the pieces he would need for his cosplay.

It proved challenging but not impossible. By lunch they had all but an ear piercing the character had. She was still shocked he wanted to get the piercing for the cosplay. While they ate their burgers she reminded him “it will seriously be fine without the ear piercing”

“A lot of women find them sexy so I’ve considered it before anyway”

“You probably look good any kind of way” she said a bit shyly and he smiled, saying in his head “Score, I’ve already got her”

Chapter Three

They went to a tattoo parlor and she showed them the picture of the character and the ear piercing. They quickly pierced his ear and she paid for it before he could even get his wallet out. “I could have paid for it.” He said as they left.

“I asked you to come on such short notice, so it’s okay.”

“Are you sure, I can pay you back.”

“No way, can we get more pizza?”

He smiled at her hopefulness. “Of course.”

They ordered something different this time and she expressed that it was just as amazing as the first time around. “I’m definitely going to get fat. What have you done?”

“Now you have a place to send people when they want pizza for parties.”

“True.” They finished eating and left. “Lets go back to your room and see how you look in costume. I want to make sure everything’s perfect before tomorrow.”

He flashed his charming smile then took her back to the hotel. This time he almost didn’t notice the hottie was back at the desk but he caught her staring so gave her a wink and a look he had been told many times was sexy, making sure she was warm for when he had laid Kathleen. If he was lucky he could get them both into a threesome if Kathleen was cool with sharing. In the room he changed out of sight even though he was perfectly willing to strip nude right infront of her. Kathleen obviously had a bit more respect for herself than most women and would take awhile to want to be naked with him.

“You look so good” she said when he was modeling everything “yeah, I’m probably going to get oggled a bit” he said and she laughed, thinking he was playing around but he was serious and excited about it. He knew he was going to leave this convention with a bunch more numbers that would lead to fun experiences later.

The rest of the day was spent with them sitting in her room and watching TV. They ordered Chinese for dinner and watched Star Trek. She was a well of knowledge and chattered almost the whole time about each actor and how excited she was for some of their new movies. He found himself getting lost in her voice and smiled at her the whole time much to her embarrassment. She turned red and snapped her mouth shut. “Why’d you stop?”

“I thought I was going a little crazy.”

“You’re the beautiful kind of crazy.”

She laughed and elbowed him playfully. “Shut up, you flirt.”

“I only ever speak the truth.”

“Yeah right.” She had a smile on her face through dinner and once the movie was over she told him goodnight and he went across the hall. She set her alarm and climbed under the covers, excited about tomorrow and getting to spend it with Patrick. She practically jumped out of bed the next morning and hurried across the hall to wake Patrick so he knew to get dressed. She went back to her room, stripping out of her t-shirt and bra then pulling on the loose red pants and the white tube top. She did her hair and grabbed the fake swords she had had a friend of hers make then checked herself out in the mirror. She thought she looked pretty amazing as Erza.

“damn” Patrick said when he saw her. Kathleen smiled “Thanks, i think I make a good Erza”

“I’ll have to watch whatever Anime she’s from” Kathleen laughed again and they talked on the way to the convention. He was actually surprised with himself after a few hours passed and he realized he had only been paying attention to her. That had been the first time he didn’t at least have a portion of himself scouting more girls to follow into their bedrooms. She truly was somthing, cute, funny, nerdy, perfect. On the looks scale he could give her a nine but she didn’t need to be a ten to have his full attention.

She kept his attention on her until these girls in barely more than scraps of clothing walked by. His mind was drawn to a woman with breasts that had to be Fs, maybe even Gs. His johnson grew hard and walking away while Kathleen was in midsentence he walked over to flirt his way into what barely covered them.

She frowned at him, feeling hurt by him suddenly ignoring her. She felt tears prick her eyes and turned away, deciding to go on without him. She could understand guys staring, who wouldn’t, but he had straight up blown her off. She kept telling herself she shouldn’t be hurt over someone she had just met and tried to have fun. She met a few people dressed like Fairy Tail characters and got pictures with most of them. Every now and then she would search the crowd for Patrick and still see him with those women. She went around to the booths, stopping to talk animatedly with people. She smiled when she found a booth selling Dragon Ball Z stuff and decided to buy something for Patrick even if he was being a jerk.

She decided she wanted to give it to him now, but when she went back to where he had been talking, he wasn’t there. She looked everywhere, feeling both sad and angry. “Excuse me.” A voice called behind her and a hand grabbed her shoulder.

“Yes?” She jerked away from the woman.

“Sorry, you were with that guy Patrick right?”

“Uh yeah why?”

“He ran off with my friend and she has our room key.”

“Ran off?”

“Yeah you know, ran off.”

“Oh, I haven’t seen him.” She looked down at the collection of Dragon Ball Z dvds. “If you find them, would you give these to him and tell them they’re from Kathleen?”


“Thanks.” She handed them off. “Tell him not to call me, that now I know why he was so nice.”

The girl frowned “sorry, hard to find a decent guy, especially at these things, It attracts the perverts”

“I don’t care, I was being stupid and I’m glad I found this out before I made a fool of myself again” She did her best to enjoy the convention since she spent so much money but she stayed near tears until the point she actually did start crying and hating herself for it. She went back to the room to sleep off the sadness and hopeful enjoy the convention tomorrow. Patrick wasn’t done going between women until about four am. He had gotten a few other girls to join his fun and now he was worn out and ready for rest in his own bed.

The girl Kathleen had talked to was so disgusted she didn’t want to be near him or her friends so she had just left the DVDs with a note sharpeed in large letters so Patrick would read it. Upon realizing he actually felt a small stab of guilt, another thing he hadn’t felt when it come to a woman until Kathleen. He sighed, not knowing what to do about it now that it was so early in the morning and he was so tired.

Kathleen jerked awake when her alarm went off and groaned when she realized crying so hard the previous day had left her with a headache. She switched off her alarm and got out of bed, still feeling that sadness eating at her. She knew it was stupid to get so worked up over someone she barely knew, but she had actually felt like they had a connection. She jumped in the shower and just stood under the warm water as she felt herself choking up again. “He’s not worth it.” She whispered, her voice cracking. To her, he was no better than Wes.

Patrick had managed to get an hour of sleep at most. The fact he had hurt Kathleen had kept waking him up and now he was trying to figure out how to fix things. He couldn’t believe she had bought him a gift, even after catching on to his little game. He was so confused by his thoughts and emotions that he found himself pacing back and forth until he finally couldn’t stand it anymore and went across the hall and knocked on her door. When she didn’t answer he knocked again. “Kathleen, it’s me.” He raised his hand to knock again and the door opened.

“Yeah?” She said and he could tell she had been crying even through the makeup she had applied to her face.

“Are you going to the convention today?”

“I’m dressed for it aren’t I?”

He cleared his throat. “Thank you for the dvds.”


“Listen Kathleen, I’m…”

She didn’t know what possessed her to do so, but she slapped him. It sent a painful shock from her hand to her elbow, but she was too upset to care. “Pretending that you actually liked me was pretty low. If I had known what you wanted me for I would have told you to screw off. So did you get what you wanted or are you here hoping I’ll put out next?”

“That’s not why I’m here.”

“But it was the original reason wasn’t it?” His silence was answer enough. “I meant what I said, don’t call me. I’ll be going home after today so you can enjoy the rest of the convention without me, bang as many girls as you want.”

Chapter Four

“but I” she slammed the door in his face, planning to wait until he walked away to go to the convention. He just kept standing there so eventually she said “go away!”

“Kathleen, can you listen?”


“I feel bad”

“well you are, you’re just another disgusting man whore. Why do most men sleep with everything? Its disgusting and to think I was just your next target. God I’m so stupid. First Wes and now you”

“I’d never hit a woman Kathleen”

“I’m sure if it meant sex you would”

“Thats different” she laughed “oh god you’re worse than I thought” Her low opinion of him seemed to send multiple daggers into his chest “Kathleen, i swear I wont flirt with anybody else if you let me enjoy the convention with you…please. I’ll get on my knees and beg”

“Go away’

“Kathleen, I’m so sorry”

Just stop, I won’t allow myself to be further manipulated by you.”

“Kathleen…” He pressed his forehead against her door. “Sorry, really sorry.”

She didn’t say anything else and her silence hurt worse than any harsh word she might say. He wanted to set outside her door until she decided to come out, but he knew that wouldn’t be fair to her. She had come here to have fun and he had already ruined that with his selfishness, the least he could do was give her her space. “I’ll go Kathleen, I’m sorry.”

She peeked out the peephole and watched as he went back into his room. She felt tears in her eyes, but refused to cry again. She waited a couple of more minutes then grabbed her key card and left her room. She ran down the hall to the elevator, pressing the button. She was glad he didn’t come out and try to corner her in the hall and was even more glad when she was inside the elevator. Her heart was in less pain by the time she made it to the convention and she did her best not to think about Patrick. He had been so incredibly sweet, had seemed to enjoy her constant babbling. It killed her it had all been an act. She could have very easily fallen in love with him and she was sure other women had before her. She almost would rather be hit than have herself hurt on such an emotional level.

Kathleen managed to shake off Patrick and enjoy the convention. She wasn’t having as much fun as she would have if she never would have met Patrick but she was still having fun. meanwhile Patrick sat in his room unable to shake his depression. It honestly hurt to loose Kathleen and that wasn’t somthing he was accustomed to. Until now he didn’t care when women walked out of his life, most that time it just meant time for some new pussy to dive into but Kathleen was more, much more and he had ruined things because he hadn’t realized how much it would hurt for her to be repulsed by him.

He felt like getting drunk because he felt so shitty but if he was luckier than he should be she might talk to him at sompoint and he didn’t want to be drunk if that happened. He looked over at his gift from her and grew even sadder. She had bought that after he blew her off like she was nothing and from what he had seen she did have some value on herself so she wasn;t the typical girl who cared about men like him. She cared about him and still had self worth. He had really ruined a great opportunity and he wished he could kick his own ass.

The rest of that days convention was a lot of fun except for when she had to tell a man to leave her alone because he insisted on getting handsy. She had managed to get him kicked out and was able to finish the day off with hanging out and eating dinner with a family of cosplayers who had really loved her outfit. Now as she rode up the elevator to her room, the sadness from earlier found its way back into her heart. When she got to her room, she paused and looked at Patrick’s door. The lights were off as far as she could tell and she wondered if he was there or out prowling around. She sighed and unlocked her door and stepped inside. She put down the back of items she had purchased and undressed, folding up her outfit and putting it away. She took a shower, scrubbing her face clean of the makeup then pulled a pair of panties and a t-shirt and flopped down on her bed.

She wanted to talk to Patrick. He had sounded so sad when he was apologizing. She feared it was just another lie, that he was that good at fooling people and that if she went to him and forgave him that she would only end up feeling broken hearted again. She switched on the TV, finding a rerun of House. She loved this show and wondered if Patrick liked it, if he had liked anything they had watched together. Her vision blurred and she buried her face in her blanket, crying once again. She felt so stupid and immature. This wasn’t high school, the star quarter back hadn’t told her she was just some stupid nerd. She took a deep, shuddering breath and knew she wasn’t going to get any sleep. Even the constant running around had not exhausted her. She grabbed her phone and found Patrick’s number. She didn’t want to talk to him face to face right now, she worried she would just end up hitting him again. ‘Are you awake?’ She sent.

Patrick was awoke by his phone vibrating and was surprised to find it was a text from Kathleen. For a moment he thought his half asleep mind was playing tricks on him and he just stared at the screen like a man who had never seen a cell phone before. He sat up, leaning against the headboard and sent back, ‘Yeah, are you okay?’ She sent back, ‘I can’t sleep, I want to talk, but I don’t really want to see you or hear you right now.’ That stung, but he understood how texting would be easier. She feared being manipulated and knew through texts it would be harder for that to happen. He didn’t want to hurt her again, but she didn’t trust him anymore and he would do anything to earn that back.

“I understand, I’m just glad you’re talking to me. I really am sorry. I know some people don’t believe in not knowing what you have until its gone but I really didn;t. I honestly didn’t think I’d care if you wouldn’t talk to me but I do and its the first time I’ve ever cared” she read it, not sure how it made her feel so she just sent back “did you watch your DVDs?”

“I couldn’t, felt too much like an ass. I’ve stayed in this room hating myself since you left”


“Ask the lady at the front desk if I’ve left”

“I don’t feel like running down so I guess I’ll have to take your word” He wasn’t sure what to respond. He was scared of saying the wrong thing and losing even this contact with her. He finally decided on “I’m going to wait to watch it until you’ll watch it with me. No matter how long that will take I’ll wait”

‘What if I never want to watch it with you?’

‘Then I’ll never watch it. I’ll let it collect dust.’

She wanted so badly to believe him. ‘Why did you lie to me?’

He stared at his phone, feeling incredibly nervous. ‘Because it’s easier to get what I want if I lie. You were right when you said I was no better than your ex. I would have humped you and dumped you without a thought to your feelings.’

Her heart felt like it was being squeezed in her chest. ‘But not now?’

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. ‘No, because you really mean something to me. You’re so amazing and I hate myself. I’ve never felt this way about any woman. I regret my behavior and wish I could undo it.’

She felt herself tear up and she wiped at the tears running down her face. She was so afraid of letting him back in, but she wanted to see him, to see how sincere he really was. ‘Can you come over?’

He was in shock as he read the words over and over again. He jumped up and pulled on a pair of night pants then grabbed his room key and ran across the hall. He tapped lightly on her door, so nervous his hands were shaking. His heart twisted when he saw the tears on her face and he pulled her into his arms. “I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry, please forgive me. I’ll do anything.”

“I’m still angry, I just want to pop you again.”

“Do whatever you want, torture me even.”

“I might consider it. I hate being lied to.”

“I’m sorry, let me come in before we wake someone.”

“You won’t try anything?”

“No, I swear. I just want to be in your company.”

“just answer this, have you showered since exchanging bodily fluids with whores you dont know?”

“yeah, I promise”

“teeth brushed?”


“Okay, come in. Wash atleast your hands one more time for good measure” He did and came back out of her bathroom. “you bring the movies?” she asked and he answered “No, I was so excited you said I could come over”

“would you go get them?’

“Of course, can i hug you again before I go?’

“yeah” he pulled her into his arms and held tightly. “I am truly sorry. You deserve better than you were treated today.”

“I do Patrick, if you manage to make me trust you again and break it I wont be stupid enough to give you another chance at breaking my heart”

“good think I wont” he ran over to his room then came back and opened the DVDs. Before putting them in he asked “do you want to talk more?”

“I’m not sure what to talk about. I definitely dont want to know what happened between you and those sluts. I’ll get grossed out” His frown was more visible and she had no words to comfort him. She knew this was how mot men were but it didn’t make it any less gross or easier to forgive.

He put the first disc in and sat with her at the top of the bed, making sure to keep his hands to himself. He wouldn’t touch her without her permission. They sat there in silence, him watching her out of the corner of his eye. She still looked really sad and it broke his heart. He never thought he could feel so low, but Kathleen had managed to make him feel like slime. “Kathleen?”


“Would it be alright if I held you?”

She glanced at him then back at the TV. He could tell she was giving it some real thought. When she finally nodded his heart gave a leap of joy. She moved so she was sitting between his legs and he wrapped his arms around her. She felt and smelled amazing, her warmth washed over him making him feel completely at peace. She had managed to find her way into his heart. He rested his chin on top of her head and focused on the TV, wanting to show her he could be good. He wasn’t sure how many episodes they sat through, they kind of ran together, but she was suddenly asleep against him. Her breathing was soft, her eyes moving beneath her lids to signal REM sleep. He didn’t want to move and risk waking her, enjoying this time with her far to much to end it. He pulled the covers over them then grabbed the controller and switched it back to TV, turning the volume down.

“Don’t be mad at me okay.” He said to Kathleen and gently tucked her hair behind her ear, allowing his fingers to gently caress her cheek. “I’ll never look at another woman again, I swear I’ll break all my bad habits.” He sighed. “Could it be that I’m falling in love with you, is that why I feel like the scum of the earth?” He knew he was babbling, but it was a lot easier to express himself when she was sleeping. “Sweet dreams beautiful.”

He watched the TV, a little scared of falling asleep too since he didn’t know if she’d be mad when she woke that he stayed. Eventually the exhaustion of being so upset and disappointed in himself finally made him doze off. When Kathleen woke in his arms she sighed. She liked being held like this and she had slept so good with him close. Kathleen opted to stay still so not to wake him. She could continue being held and wouldn’t have to admit she enjoyed it this much even though she was still hurt by him.

It was when she needed to relieve herself that she woke him trying to get up. When she was standing she said ‘sorry, have to pee”

“sorry? So you’re not mad at me for leaving?’

“No, kind of pinned you there”

“I didn’t feel pinned. I liked holding you, I enjoyed having a reason to stay” Kathleen blushed, how did he do this to her? She wanted to hate him but he seemed so genuinely sorry and he was the most awesome man she had ever met aside from his horn dog ways. Not knowing what to say in return she went into the bathroom, took care of business, washed her hands then returned to him. He looked incredibly handsome with his sleepy face and slightly messed up hair. It wasn’t fair atall.

“Hey beautiful, you okay?”

She swallowed. “Fine, perfect even.”

He moved to the edge of the bed. “Could you come here for a second?”

She moved slowly over to him and he wrapped his arms around her hips, hugging her to him. His face rested against her stomach and she felt her heart hammering against her chest. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t want anyone but you Kathleen. I have never felt so disgusted with myself, so ashamed at my actions. In the short time we spent together you managed to make me fall in love with you.”

She blushed. “If that were true you wouldn’t have abandoned me.”

“I didn’t know what it was. I’ve never loved anyone before, I’ve never given any thought to how someone else might feel, all that mattered were my needs. Now all that matters is your happiness. I know you hate me and are disappointed in me and can’t trust me, but it’s the truth. I will do anything you ask, anything. I want to earn your trust back and most of all I want to fall madly in love with you and have you fall madly in love with me. I want to have nerdy discussions with you, binge on anime, and go to conventions to have fun. I want to spend every day hearing your excited chatter and getting lost in your perfect eyes.” He hugged her a little tighter.

She was silent for a short time then sighed “Okay but if you ever do what you did at the convention again I’ll kill you. I watch enough crime shows to get away with it” Still holding onto her he looked up in disbelief “really?”

“You’re kind of hard to resist if I’m being honest. If you’ll be decent for me I want to be with you”

“I promise, losing you isn’t worth anything. Will you live with me?” The face she made told him she was uncomfortable with that thought so he qucikly continued “living with me doesnt mean sex and you don’t have a place to stay anyway. You dont even have to sleep in the same room as me if you dont want. I’ll take the couch”

“you’re right, I do want to cuddle with you at night though. I have to admit I slept really good last night”

‘me too” with a short pause he asked ‘can I kiss you?” she blushed “yeah” He got up and kissed her, holding her cheek gently in his palm as his lips moved. He felt humbled by her kiss and was glad she had previously lived with her boyfriend so she would go home with him and he could hold her at night. If she had her own place he knew it would have taken a much longer time to get that honor. While it would have been worth the wait he was beyond happy to be getting that now. They enjoyed the rest of the convention then Patrick helped Kathleen move her stuff into his place without her bastard ex hassling her.

He felt happier than ever before when her living there became reality. All her stuff where she wanted and havin her in his arms everynight and there to wake up to every morning. He spent every day trying his hardest to show Kathleen he loved her and praying he was lucky enough to get Kathleen to fall madly in love with him.

~ The End ~

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