Penelope & Max 2

Chapter One

Penelope sat nude in Max’s lap while she painted two leopards playing in the snow. His hands moved around to cup her breasts, his fingers tugging at her nipples. She moaned and wiggled her bottom against him. He was already hard and her wiggling made him painfully so. His lips moved up her spine to her shoulder where he gave her a soft bite. He kissed her neck and then licked her earlobe. He had asked if he could watch her paint and was now being tortured. He had not expected her to come out with nothing on but a ponytail holder.

“Penny, you’re driving me crazy here.” He said in her ear.

“So make love to me.” She replied as she painted another spot on one of the leopards.

“While you paint?”

“Yes love.”

He unzipped his jeans and pulled himself free of their confines. She opened her legs and he lifted her then lowered her slowly onto him. She gasped and moaned as he flexed his hips so he sank deeper into her tightness. He lifted and lowered her as she brushed paint onto the canvas. “You feel so amazing.” He said softly. He slid his hand around her thigh, brushing his fingers against her so she finally had to put her brush and palette down. She gripped the arms of the chair, her back arching as an orgasm rocketed through her. She leaned back onto him, her lips finding his as he spilled his seed deep inside her. They panted, trying to catch their breath.

“My god that was amazing.” She said with a smile.

“I love being inside you. I’m addicted to you.” He kissed her softly then helped her to her feet. Her legs shook and he smiled as he pulled his jeans off then lifted her into his arms and carried her into the bathroom. They had only been married six months, but it felt like they had been together forever. She made him feel loved and special. She made him so happy that he sometimes forgot about his scars and partial blindness. His birthday was coming up in two days and she had told him she had something special planned. She wouldn’t tell him what, but had smiled excitedly when she said it would make him happy.

Chloe sat outside Penelope’s apartment, feeling a surge of jealousy that Max was with that bitch artist. She knew she was so much better for Max. He didn’t need coddling, he needed a real woman to set him straight. She pulled away, planning on finding a way to rip them apart.

He got the shower running then they both stepped in. “You should watch me paint more.” Penelope said as she kissed his chest. “I don’t think you’d ever get any done if I watched you too much” Penelope giggled then grabbed her body wash. She went to squeeze some into her hand when Max took it “Please, like youre washing yourself” Penelope smiled as he ran his hands over her body. His movements slower when he washed her chest and thighs. “If you aren’t careful I may have to make you take me again.”

“Oh no, what a punishment” He teased back. She returned the favor once she was rinsed off then Max grabbed two towels. He handed one to his wife so she could dry. “You’re so handsome” Penelope said smiling at him. “and you are unreasonably beautiful” That made Penelopes smile grow wider. She hugged him then said “we better get dressed and make some lunch. We can’t live on passion and ecstasy sadly.”

“why don’t we go out to eat somewhere and then go out’ Penelopes heart grew warm and light. She loved that he was starting to want to be out and around people. She loved how he hardly ever noticed when people were staring any more because he was so caught up in her. “that sounds amazing baby. They went into their room and put some clothes on. Penelope brushed her hair as Max took care of his. Once they had everything they needed they locked up their apartment then went down to the car to decide where to eat.

“Let’s have pizza. We haven’t had it in awhile.” Penelope said as they got in his car. Max kissed her cheek before pulling out of the parking lot. He laced his fingers through hers as they drove to Little Ceasar’s. he would grab a pizza and then they could eat in the park. Being outside was so much better now. He smiled easily at those people who gawked at him. He had even offered to let one woman take a picture with him. She had run off, shocked and ashamed. He pulled into the Little Caesar’s parking lot and got out real quick. He bought one of their pizzas and then ran back out, handing it to Penelope before sliding behind the wheel.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to eat in the park.” He said as he buckled up.

“You should know by now that whatever you want to do, I also want to do.” She leaned in and kissed him softly, smiling at the look of happiness on his face. He pulled out of the parking lot and headed to the park.

They ate together under a beautiful maple tree and talked about her paintings. She noticed that he liked to sit there and let her go on and on about her art. She was surprised he never got bored. He genuinely loved everything she did and complimented her constantly. “So are you ever going to tell me what we’re doing onm y birthday?” He asked.

She shook her head. “Oh I do have a showing that night though. Would you mind going?”

“I love seeing your art displayed for all to see and I love hearing how much they love it.” She smiled and it was more because it wouldn’t be her art she was showing, but his. He never put his things up for others to look at. He took a client, took a few pictures, they paid him and that was it. She had already received permission from his clients to show their photographs. She was also going to show some of his flora and fauna pictures. She suddenly had the feeling she was being watched. She could feel eyes boring into the back of her head and looked around. She shook it off and went back to talking to Max.

Chloe was fuming in the bushes. She thought it was absolutely unsanitary to be eating with the pizza box in the grass like that. Chloe couldn’t believe how rude Penelope was letting Max be when people would look at him. He should be ashamed and hiding himself but there he was, in the middle of the day waving to people who would stop and look. Chloe could clearly see she let this go on far too long. It would be hard to get the old Max back but it would be possible once she tore those two apart.

She thought the best approach was to get Penelope to leave Max. That would help her put him back in his place. His heart would be wounded so badly he wouldn’t dare stray from her firm hand again. Max would become her pet once more to do with as she pleased. The two finished their pizza and put the box in the car to throw in the recycling dumpster in their complex later. The two grasped eachothers hands and began to stroll through the park just enjoying the scenery.

Chloe couldn’t look at this spectacle any longer and went home to figure out what she should do to make Penelope kick Max out. She knew she could set him up somhow. She wished it would be as simple as getting Penelope to walk in on them together but she knew Penny wouldn’t fall for that. She considered maybe finding another woman to get forceful with him and when she had him in a very compromising position quickly snap pictures. There were many things boggling around in her mind.

“I have to work in the morning.” Max said as he closed the pizza box and lay down in the grass. She found a comfortable spot next to him and rested her head on his chest.

“Sounds fun.” She replied.

“I wanted to let you know she’ll be posing in nothing but a sheet. She wanted to pose nude, but I told her no.”

Penelope raised her head. “Why?”

“Well because…” he trailed off.

“Because you thought it would make me uncomfortable.” He nodded and she rolled her eyes. “Max, I’m an artist too. I have painted both nude men and women. Nudity doesn’t bother me. I don’t think for a second that you’ll screw her just because she has boobs and a nice ass. If she wants to pose nude then let her. Who are they for anyway?”

“Her boyfriend.”

“See they’re supposed to be a gift for someone. They would be just like the pictures you took of me in my underwear. It’s not a big deal.” She rested her head back on his chest and he started laughing. “What?”

“Just the way you take my fears and completely obliterate them. I love you so much.” He tilted her head up and kissed her. “You make me very happy.”

“Good, you deserve to be happy.” They lay there watching the clouds and pointing out the different shapes. He loved doing the simplest of things with her. She made everything seem amazing and beautiful. Penelope started to fall asleep and Max shook her, wanting to take her home. She stood and yawned as he picked up the pizza box. He would stick the leftovers in the refrigerator for later. They got back in his car and he took her home. They made their way quickly upstairs and he stuck the box in the fridge while she pulled her shoes and jeans off. He leaned against the doorframe, just watching her undress.

“You are a fine sight.” He said, making her jump. “Sorry about that.” His grin said he wasn’t really and she threw a pillow at him.

“Oh yeah, you are so sorry for staring at my sexy tush. I mean just look at the shame on your face.”

He laughed and lifted her up so her legs wrapped around him. Max kissed Penelope soft and slowly. He sat down on the couch with a hand on the nape of her neck and the other pushing into her back to keep her close to him. He pulled back then looked into Penelops eyes ‘Thank you for making my life so happy and wonderful. I could never bare to lose you Penny. I need you to be happy”

“Thank you for all the same.” She said brushing her nose against his. “lets take a nap before I get even more tempted to ravish you.” Penelope giggled as he stood and carried her into their bedroom. He laid her down, his eyes filled with love and happiness. Once he had all his clothes off he got in beside her. Penelope wrapped her arms around him then gave him a kiss on the chest before drifting off. Max just laid there enjoying the bliss of having skin to skin contact with Penelope. She was so beautiful and sweet. Her skin softer than anything he felt before in his life, her voice light and musical. He couldn’t believe he got such an amazing woman to fall in love with him.

Chloe got busy using her connections to see all the jobs Max had lined up. She was thrilled to see a few were with girls who wanted to be photographed for their boyfriends or husbands. She looked at how much money these woman made to decide which one she could offer money to to help her destroy Maxs marriage. She also needed to look into their backgrounds to see how much of a good girl they were. She couldn’t have one getting cold feet and telling Max what was going on before she could mail pictures to Penelope.

Max woke before Penelope and decided to cook dinner. He knew she would want to paint some more and wanted her to have as much time as possible. He slipped her slowly off his chest and kissed her cheek before going quietly into the kitchen. He was going to make his stuffed chicken breast with bacon wrapped around it. He pulled some chicken out of the freezer and put it in a bowl then stuck it in the microwave and set it to defrost. He set the oven to preheat. While he waited he chopped chives and garlic and mixed them into some cream cheese. He made a pitcher of tea while he waited for the microwave. He was very happy to be living with Penelope. He loved her apartment, loved how she filled it with her love and devotion. The microwave pinged and he pulled out the breasts, slicing them open length wise and then stuffing the cream cheese mix inside. He wrapped strips of bacon around them and used toothpicks to hold them in place. He popped them in the oven and the apartment soon filled with the smell of delicious food.

Penelope jerked awake and realized she was alone. She rubbed her eyes and then yawned. The smell of something cooking found its way to her and her stomach growled. She got out of bed and found Max sitting on the couch watching TV. “You didn’t have to cook.” She said and he smiled up at her.

“Yes I did. I wanted to give you time to paint.” She leaned down and kissed him then went over to the two snow leopards. She needed to finish it for the client that had asked for it. She picked up her brush and palette and started painting, focusing completely on the project. Max saw how engrossed she was and decided to snap a few pictures of her while she worked. He retrieved his camera and took picture after picture. She smiled as she worked, looking even more stunning. “I hope I’m not distracting you.” He said and her smile widened.

“No of course not, take as many as you like. After I’m done with these leopards I need to do another portrait of you.”

“Someday you might get bored of always painting me.”

“Never, you’re my muse Max. You inspire me in ways I never thought possible.”

He smiled as the butterflies inside him tickled his insides. “I love you so much Penelope.”

“I love you too.” She said not taking her eyes off the painting. She finished it in a little over an hour then sat down to eat with her husband. It was amazing even cold “sorry, I just really needed to finish that.”

“Don’t be sorry. I love to watch you. You are beautiful no matter what you’re doing. I got really good pictures of you.”

“You say that every time”

“well it’s impossible to get a bad picture of you” Penelope giggled “stop shamelessly flirting with me and eat this amazing meal you coudl’ve eaten while it was warm. “I prefer to eat with you”

“want to cuddle and watch somthing after we eat? I promise not to yell at anybody on the TV” Max laughed “It’s cute when you do. I’d love to watch somthing with you. In fact lets watch something scary just so you have lots of commentary. They ate and then went into the bedroom to pick a horror film they hadn’t seen yet on Netflix. They settled on one and then Penelope cuddled up to Max. It wasn’t long before she was yelling at people about how dumb they were. Max held in his laughter as long as he could but eventually started to let it go.

“What? These people deserve to die with how dumb they are” Max just kissed her head. Penelope started watching the movie again while Max just looked down at her. He loved his new life so much. He wondered when Penny would want babies with him. He was afraid to bring it up. He wasn’t sure why he was afraid but he couldn’t bring it up. He just decided he’d enjoy how they were now, babies would come when the time was right.

Penelope clapped excitedly when the heroine actually did something right. “It’s about time. Have you noticed how they always seem to pick the most remote place. Not just the victims, but the bad guy too. They’re always out hiding in the woods or in a lake house or underground in a mine.”

“Michael Myers doesn’t do that.” Max replied and she looked up at him.

“True, but he’s one of those teleporting bad guys. You run as fast as you can, put forth some real effort and he steps out in front of you and stabs you through the gut. Talk about the most demoralizing thing ever.”

He laughed and kissed her, smiling when she let out a content little sigh. “I love that sound.”

“You love all my sounds, from my moans to that very unlady like snort I give when someone is trying to bullshit me.”

“It’s cute, you sound like a little piglet.”

“You better watch it mister or you’re going to get in trouble.”

“What are you going to do to me?” She gave him a devilish grin and she was suddenly facing him. She tickled him, managing to keep him from grabbing her wrists. “Penny stop.”

“Take it back.” She said.

“Never.” He finally got ahold of her and pinned her to the bed. He straddled her hips and tickled her back. “See what happens when you try to punish me.” She tried with all her might to buck him off, but he was to heavy.

“Please stop.” She was gasping for air. He rolled onto his back and she rested her head on his chest. “Dear lord, never again will I start a tickle fight. You are way better at it.” He brushed his fingers through her hair and cleared his throat.

“I have three older brothers so I had to be.” She kissed his chin, feeling very exhausted. Between him and painting she was plain tuckered out. She snuggled in as close as she could, enjoying his fingers stroking her temple. Before she knew it she was completely relaxed and had fallen into a deep sleep.

Max just relaxed for awhile with her on top of him. Photoshoots took a long time so he’d miss a lot of the day with her. Max was glad he had a job like that though. He didn’t have to work five days a week like most people so he got more time with Penelope than he would if he had a regular job. He liked that she painted because all of her work could be done in their home. She was never too far away. Even if she went somwhere to paint he was always welcome along.

Eventually his eyes got heavy and he drifted off. They were both woken at the same time the following morning to Penelopes phone ringing. She answered half asleep. It was a relative of hers asking for a painting. Most people sent her requests online but family always called. “Yeah I can do that but I’m not sure when. I’ll get back to you when I know a good time. You are very welcome. Bye”

“what was that?”

“My cousin wants me to paint her family so they can hang it on their wall. They want us to come visit for a weekend.”

“I’m ready when you are. Pick a weekend and I’ll make sure to clear all work from it if there’s any.” Penelope smiled and kissed him “ok, lets get ready since I know you have a photoshoot this morning with a foxy lady. Don’t want to be late for her” Penelope teased. Max laughed “dont be bad. Come shower with me” Penelope followed her husband into the bathroom. They did more playing than washing so by the time they got out he didn’t have a lot of time before he needed to leave. Penelope grabbed some frozen waffles out of the freezer and put them in their toaster. It was a quick breakfast then Max got dressed and brushed his teeth.

He grabbed his camera and kissed her quickly on the way out. He ran down to his car and drove to work. His first client was already waiting for him and he apologized for making her wait. She waved it off and they went inside. He went into the room where he had all his lights and turned them on while she changed in the bathroom. She came into the room in a mini skirt, tube top, and heels.

“What should I do?” She asked nervously.

“Just stand over there and pose however you like.” He answered. “Just do what comes naturally and I’ll get rid of the ones you don’t like.”


Chloe waited outside the work of one Rosemary Dawkins. The woman walked out and Chloe stopped her. “Excuse me, can I speak to you?” She asked.

“About what? I have an appointment I have to get to.” Rosemary said as she kept walking.

“Is it with a photographer named Max?”

“Yes, why?”

“I need you to help me out. I need you to seduce him so I can get a few compromising photos. You see he’s been being a real asshole and I want to make him feel bad. If you do, I’ll pay you the fee you would pay him.” She seemed to think about it for a moment. She would probably not be getting her pictures, but she would be making a little extra money.

“Alright, deal.”

“Thank you very much.”

Chapter Two

The girl was very stiff and nervous in most the pictures. He let his camera hang on his neck and said “You shouldn’t be so nervous. It’s just us and these are only for your boyfriend right? I swear I’m not lusting after you. I’m very happily married. I have a picture of my wife on the counter by the computer.”

“I saw that. It’s not so much you that’s making me nervous as it is my boyfriend. What if he doesn’t like them?”

“He’ll love them because they are you I’m sure” The woman smiled and took a deep breath in and out. The rest of the poses were much more loose and natural. When he was done taking pictures he told her to get dressed then meet him by his computer to tell him what she liked and what she didn’t like. She almost ran to the bathroom. He took the card out of his camera and put it in the computer. Max picked up the picture of his wife and stared lovingly at it while he waited. He had the picture there so he could see her between appointments. Max got so lost in the photo he didn’t notice the woman had come out and was standing behind him. She cleared her throat making him jump. “I’m so sorry”

“Don’t be sorry. It’s sweet to see you love your wife so much”

“I really do, I’m a lucky man to have her.” Max opened the pictures and they browsed through together, She hated most the ones at the beginning but loved the ones Max took once she loosened up. When they were done he said “Ok, I’ll mail these to you after your check has cleared.”

“Thank you” The woman left and Max sat back down to look at his picture of Penelope. Max just wanted to go home to her. He wanted to watch another movie and hear her cute commentary. He wanted to here her adorable tirades at the protagonists. He laughed inwardly and smiled thinking about Penelope and all the cute things she did. He hoped if they had little girls they’d take alot after their mother. He wasn’t worried about how beautiful they would be because of her since just his face was enough to make people run away.

Max slipped the card back in his camera as his second client came in. Her name was Rosemary and she was the one who had wanted to pose nude. Even though Penelope had said it was okay, it still made him feel uncomfortable. He told her to go get ready and he waited impatiently. She came out with nothing on and he pointed to the spot where he wanted her. She walked slowly over to stand in front of his lights. “So just act natural, pose however you like.” He said, really not liking this woman for some reason. She bent this way and that, arching her back and thrusting her breasts into the air. He rolled his eyes so hard that he was sure they would fall out of his head.

“Alright, get dressed and I’ll pull your pictures up.” He sat down and slipped the memory card out and plugged it into the computer. Her hands were suddenly on his shoulders and sliding down to his chest. She licked his ear and he jerked away. “What are you doing?” She spun his chair around and straddled him. She tried kissing him her fingers going for his belt. He shoved her hard so she fell to the floor with a little yelp. “Get dressed and get out of here you slut.”

“Oh come on. There’s a very beautiful, very naked woman who wants you.” Rosemary said with a grin as she picked herself up off the floor.

“Touch me again and I will hit you. I’ve never been one for violence against women, but I will use force if necessary.” She pouted and he glared and pointed to the bathroom. “Get dressed and leave.” His heart was beating so fast and he felt like pouring scalding water on himself. She walked away still pouting and he waited until she was gone before taking a seat and catching his breath. He quickly deleted every single one of her photos, not wanting that horrid sight on his camera. He moved his first clients pictures into a file in case she wanted more prints then deleted them from the camera as well. He buried his face in his hands, feeling sick to his stomach. He was afraid to tell Penelope, afraid of what she might think. He didn’t want to disappoint her or make her think for an instant that he wanted another woman.

Max just sat there with his head in his hands until he collected himself. He had to go home and shower to get that disgusting woman off of him. He hoped Penelope would be gone somwhere. He didn’t want to touch her before he got cleaned off. He drove home quickly then ran to his apartment. Max unlocked the door and stepped inside. Penelope was on her laptop in the kitchen when she heard the door open. She ran to hug her husband and was shocked when he said “wait, I really need a shower.”

“You dont look very dirty, besides even if you were I want a hug” Penelope was slightly hurt when he seemed uncomfortable and upset “are you ok honey?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry” He gave her the quickest hug she had ever recieved in her life then he ran to their bathroom. Penelope was confused, she guessed maybe nude women freaked him out more than she thought. She walked back over to her computer to check her emails and browse her Facebook. Max scrubbed himself hard in the shower. He washed and rinsed his body five times before he got out. He dried with two different towels then went to grab his clothes.

He just threw on anything. He still felt disgusting even though he had scrubbed himself really well. He walked out and Penelope came up and asked “can I have a real hug now” Max nodded then hugged her tightly. “Have you eaten lunch?”


“Then let me make it while you play on your computer.”

“Thanks” She kissed him on the cheek then sat back down.

Penelope scrolled through all the photos Max had taken of them. She couldn’t wait until they had a baby to include in them. She knew Max would take tons of photos and they would be plastered all over the refrigerator. She smiled and decided to check her email. There were quite a few from people who wanted her to paint them something. The first one said it was from anonymous. She smiled, thinking it must be someone who wanted something others would find odd. She clicked it and was shocked when she saw pictures of a woman touching and kissing Max. The woman was in his lap, completely nude. There was a message with them that said: Do you see what kind of man he is now?

“Hey Penny mayo or no mayo?” Max asked. When he got no response he went into the living room. “Hey did you hear me?” He walked up behind her and nearly collapsed when he saw what she was looking at. “Penny, please it’s not what you think. Those are taken completely out of context.”

“Is this why you showered before letting me touch you?” She asked.

“Yes, but I didn’t do anything I swear.” He shook his head as she stood. This couldn’t be happening to him. “Please don’t leave me, please.” He felt tears burning in his eyes and they were suddenly spilling over. “I’m not that kind of man. I would never hurt you. She just started touching me and kissing me. I shoved her onto the floor, whoever took those knows that. I made her leave.”

Penelope was hurt by those images. They would be forever seared into her brain, but she believed him. She suddenly found herself crying along with him and he pulled her into his arms so she was crying into his shirt. “Who would do this to you? They sent them to my email instead of yours. They were meant for my eyes.” For a brief moment she had let herself believe those images, but upon further examination she could see how uncomfortable and angry he was. “I’m sorry I doubted you.”

“Hush now, you had every right to. I know you are not a jealous woman, but even those would put an inkling of suspicioun into the most saintly of minds.” He was angry and felt like panicking. Someone had attacked his relationship with the most wonderful woman in the world. He had an idea of who it might be, but he couldn’t go and accuse his ex wife and it not be her. He tipped Penelope’s head back and kissed her. “I love you Penny and no one else.”

“I know, I love you too.”

Max and Penelope both lost their appetite but ate anyway. Max hated how sad Penelope seemed. “I am going to find out who put that whore up to staging that. I want you to come with me to talk to her.” Penelope nodded. Max continued speaking “I also don’t care what you say I will not take naughty pictures anymore. It’s either fully clothed or nature. That’s it, I will not allow that to ever happen again. You are too important to me. I can’t risk losing you” His voice broke worse and worse as he spoke until he was crying again.

Penelope got up and hugged him “It’ll be ok Max” He hugged her back and kissed her shoulder a couple times ‘I could’ve lost you…I can’t…I need you Penny. I love you so much.”

“I love you too baby. Those pictures hurt but I wont leave you. I know I’m all you want.”

“Do you promise you dont doubt me still atall?”

“I promise.” He brought her lips to his in a passionate kiss. “I’m going to get my laptop and find her address. I need to know who did this. Penelope sat back down as he went into the bedroom for his computer. She wished she could wash her mind of that very attractive woman on top of him. Max came back and his heart about hit the floor. He wanted Penelope to be happy again like she was when he got home, like she always was. Max sat down beside Penelope and kissed her cheek softly before opening his laptop to find her information. He got her address then said “lets go baby. I’m figuring this out now”

When Rosemary opened her front door and saw Max standing there her heart stuttered. There was a very beautiful woman there with him, looking sad and angry. She tried to close the door and he slammed his palm against it and shoved it open, forcing her to back up so they could come inside. He slammed the door behind him and locked it. “Go sit down.” He ordered and she went quickly onto the living room and sat on the couch. “Do you see this woman here with me?” She nodded. “This is my wife and you hurt her. You are going to tell me who had you stage that little act.”

“Or what?” She stuck her chin in the air.

“Or I am going to show them to your boyfriend. Would you like him to see that you’re nothing more than a whore?” Her eyes widened and she shook her head. “Then tell me.”

“I don’t know her name, but she has blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s really pretty and said you were being an asshole to her. I thought I was helping an angry wife or girlfriend I swear. Please don’t say anything to Emmit, please.”

“I don’t want to ever see you again.” He snapped, making her jump and then shake. He grabbed Penelope’s hand and pulled her out of the house. He was going to have a talk with his ex about her actions. He drove them back home, needing to spend some time with Penelope before he called Chloe. He carried her, taking her straight to their room and laying with her on their bed. She looked so lost and it nearly killed him. “Penny please don’t be sad.” He grabbed her chin and turned her head so she was looking into his eyes. He could see she was about to cry again so he kissed her, his tongue moving in her mouth.

He quickly undressed her, kissing his way down her body. His tongue darted out and swirled around her most sensitive spot. She tangled her fingers in his hair as he sucked and licked then slid his tongue inside her, making circles so she grew wet with need. He pulled his own clothes off and slid himself into her wet heat. He moaned, loving how she clamped down on him. He thrust harder and she gripped his shoulders, her nails biting into his skin. “Oh Max, I love you.” She whispered and he pushed himself deeper so she cried out, tears of ecstasy sliding down her face. Her first orgasm was quickly followed by another, leaving her limp and breathless. He quickly found his release and kissed her. She smiled against his lips and it felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

“You’re happy again?”

“Yes, I love you so much.”

“I love you too Penny. Lets cuddle together for a little while before i call that horrible bitch, I’m so sorry she’s tried to hurt you again.”

“She’s just jealous because I have such an amazing man.” Penelope said softly and rubbed his cheek. Max smiled, almost in tears again now that Penelope was happy. Max held his wife close, randomly kissing her head as they laid together. He didn’t want to call Chole but he had to. She had to stop this. Who knows what she’d do next to hurt the woman he loved more than anything. He never wanted to see that look of pain on Pennys face again. Chole doing it twice to her was too much. Max began to rub Penelope to make her go to sleep so she wouldn’t have to hear him fighting with Chole.

Between the heartbreak and tears all of Penelops energy was spent and she quickly fell into slumber. Max gave her one last kiss on the head then got up to get his phone out of his pants pocket. His belt clinked together, he looked at Penelope quickly to make sure she didn’t stir. When he saw no movement he quickly puled his phone out then set the pants down slowly. He walked out carefully shutting the door to their room. He went as far away from the room as was possible and dialed Choles number.

He hated he still knew it but he had been with her a very long time. He couldn’t believe how long he let her abuse him. He didn’t know what real love was though until Penelope. He didn’t know he didn’t really care for Chole as much as he thought he did. Chole didn’t answer so he left a voicemail through gritted teeth “call me back the second you hear this.” He was even more pissed now that she didn’t pick up. She had the Gaul to try and ruin the perfect life he now had and she couldn’t be bothered to pick up the damn phone.

Chloe had felt her cell vibrating in her pocket, had seen it was Max and had rejected his call. She was going to let him wallow in his pain a little longer so he would have no choice but to beg for her to come back and set him straight. She was also busy having dinner with a group of friends.

Max wanted to rip something apart. Instead he walked around admiring Penelope’s art. He wished he could paint. He wondered if she would mind him destroying one of her blank canvases so he could practice. He lifted the leopard painting gently off the easel and leaned it against the wall. He picked up a blank canvas and sat it on the easel. He picked up one of her brushes and her palette and dipped the tip of it in some paint. He ran it over the canvas, trying for a flower petal and failing.

Penelope woke alone again. She hated being alone. There was a time when she had not cared so much, but then Max had come barreling into her life with the fierceness of a lion, beating men who were nothing more than sick minded monsters. She got out of bed and went into the living room, smiling when she saw Max staring at a canvas with a brush in one hand and her palette in his other. “Having fun?” She said and his eyes jumped to her face.

“Not really, I’m no good. I just wanted to doodle.” He answered with a shy smile.

“Let me help you.” She crossed the room and stood to his right, letting her hand slide over his. “Just slow down, let the brush lead you. Don’t fight it because you’re worried about messing up. Even I was terrible when I started, but I had a wonderful teacher.” She helped him make petal after petal, only there to help him slip into that creative calm that she often lost herself in. “This is going to be a beautiful flower.” She smiled.

“Only because you’re helping.”

“Not really, I’m not even moving your hand. It’s all you.” He sat down the brush and palette and pulled her into his arms, resting his head against her chest.

“You’re so amazing.”

“I try. It’s an acquired skill as you once said.”

“I’m so glad you didn’t leave me.”

“why would anyone cheat on this perfection?” Penelope said smiling. Max looked up at her and gave her a kiss. “I really want to do somthing for you. Can you think of anything you want?”

“we could work harder on having a baby. I mean, if you’re up to lots of sex” an excited glint shimmered in Maxs eyes “you want a baby?”

“Very much”

“we need a bigger apartment then too.”

“Our lease is up in four months. We can start browsing to see what we want.”

“Can we look at things now?”

“Sounds fun.” Max almost ran to grab a laptop. Penelope sat on the couch with a large grin on her face at how happy Max was. He sat beside her and they pulled up houses and apartments for rent in their area. They lost time they were enjoying looking for a new place so much. Maxs phone rang and he felt his anger come back. He knew it was Chole. He handed the laptop to Penelope and walked over to grab it. “what’s up?” she asked knowingly. “you know good and damn well what’s up you heartless bitch. You set that up and sent those pictures to my wife.”

“You’re mad at me because your wife found out you’re a dog?”

“You know I’m not. I pushed that slut off and you know it”

“talking to me like that isn’t going to get you in my pants” Chole said annoyed “I dont want anywhere near your pants. I don’t want anything to do with you and i never will. Penelope didn’t fall for your antics anyway. She still loves me and we’re going to have a baby together.” Chole was pissed “like you need to have a baby you freak. You’ll probably just scare it.” she said and hung up. Chole turned her phone off not wanting to speak to him until he calmed down and talked to her like he should.

Penelope came up behind her husband and hugged him “you shouldn’t talk to that horrible woman honey. You seem even more upset.”

“I need to talk to her so she never pulls another stunt like this again. That is the last time she hurts you and I want to make sure of it.”

“Come on just come sit with me please.” Penelope pulled Max over to the couch. He laid against Penelope with his head on her chest. She just rubbed his head and neck, giving him kisses on top of his head. “Just relax my love. nothing she could ever do would make me leave you.”

Max was so stressed, his stomach in knots over the whole ordeal. He wanted to take Penelope somewhere else, somewhere that they could get away from every bad person. He wanted a peaceful place to raise a family instead of having to constantly look over his shoulder. “I’m sorry I brought this down on you.” He said softly.

“This is not your fault. You don’t control what she does, just like I didn’t make Leonard an obsessive psychopath. Now that I think about it, I’m really glad they never met. Christ, we’d both be screwed.”

“That’s not something you should joke about.”

“Everything’s going to be alright Max. We’ll get through this together. I was thinking while we were looking at bigger places, we should get a dog. I always wanted a dog, but Leonard refused to let me have one and the boyfriend before that was allergic. Besides Molly needs a friend. Where is that pesky little brat anyway?”

He laughed. “Last time I saw her she was sitting on the fire escape eyeing a pigeon.” She snorted and he laughed harder. “She’s a cat honey, she’s going to hunt.”

“She’ll leave it somewhere in the house as a gift. It’ll take me days to find it while it stinks up the whole apartment.”

“What kind of dog would you like?”

“I’ve always wanted an Irish Wolfhound. They look so dignified and beautiful.” She said excitedly.

“Then we’ll find a nice place with a big yard and maybe a little out of town. We could jog into town together to buy groceries that way it gets enough exercise.” He missed having a dog. His great dane had been his closest companion, especially after the accident. He also wanted his children to have a dog because all children deserved to have one. After he dealt with Chloe, he was going to everything in his power to make Penelope happy.

Chapter Three

Max could barely sit still. Eventually he stood “I need to talk this out with her or I’ll never be able to relax.”

“Honey, there’s nothing you can say to make her stop. You are giving her what she wants by talking to her. Lets just work on moving so she doesn’t know where we live. We can change our email addresses and switch cellphone companies. Don’t call her or go to her house. Please, you’ll only make her have more reason to try somthing else.” Max sighed, he couldn’t say no to her and she was right. “look for houses outside of town with me. I’ll call the realtors of the ones we choose tomorrow and we can go look ok?”

“alright” He said kissing her cheek. His tension slowly went away as he got excited again looking at homes. Before they knew it the clock said 11pm. “wow we need to get to bed.” Penelope said as she stood. Max shut the laptop and put the list of numbers on the fridge so they would be easy to find in the morning. The two got naked and settled into bed. They both found sleep quickly in eachothers arms. When morning peaked through their bedroom window Penelope got up and started calling people. She was excited they’d be able to look at all the homes today since tomorrow was Maxs birthday.

Max woke to the smell of sausage and eggs. He walked in the kitchen as she was putting everything on the table “guess what?” She said bouncing with excitement. He let out a breath of laughter with his smile “what?”

“we can look at all the houses we picked today. Hurry and eat please.”

“That’s wonderful” Max said as he sat down. They both ate and showered before getting dressed. Once they were ready Penelope got in the drivers seat since she knew where they were going and they headed off to look at possible new homes for the family they would make together. Max was laughing so much he hurt at how she’d glare at every stop light as they exited town. They made it to the first house before the Realtor even got there. Penelope tapped her foot and Max kissed her “I’m glad you’re so excited. We’re going to have such a happy family” She smiled at him.

When the realtor got there they looked around the inside. “this doesn’t feel like our home” Penelope said. Max responded “well then we’ll move on”

“alright, I’ll meet you at the next one then”

Penelope shot down house after house. Max began to feel sorry for the realtor, but the man waved it off and told him he understood. “It took me and my wife six months to find our house.” He said as they got in their cars and moved onto the last house on the list. This one was two miles out of town with a creek running behind it. She nearly jumped out of the car while it was still moving when she saw the house. It was a beautiful four bedroom cottage style home. She immediately fell in love with the interior, the dark wood floors and cream colored walls. The kitchen counter was made of slats of the same wood with a wine barrel attached at the end. The bedrooms were all calm, earthy colors that were pleasing to the eye and gave one a sense of serenity. The realtor took them out back where a small cluster of cherry blossoms had been planted then even farther back to the creek.

“Wow it ends at a gorgeous pond.” Penelope said, bouncing happily.

“Actually ma’am it doesn’t. It goes underground and reappears three miles east. You could easily hike to it.” The realtor said.

“This is it, yes I want it.”

“Are you sure?” Max asked.

“Yes, I know I’ve been running you guys around, but this is the one. I can imagine a beautiful nursery, a place for me to paint, an office, and our bedroom. I love it.”

“Alright, then I guess we’re taking this one.” She jumped excitedly into his arms, kissing him.

Chloe went to Penelope’s apartment and knocked on the door. No one answered and she became irritated. She wiggled the knob. It was locked. She went back downstairs and around the building. She could see a window open. She climbed the fire escape and slipped inside. There were paintings everywhere, stacked on a large table and propped against the wall. She heard meowing and turned to see a cat looking at her. “Oh look at you.” She reached down to pet it and it hissed then swatted at her and ran. “Fucking cat.” She clamped her hand over the scratches and found a paper towel. She looked around the apartment, finding Penelope’s address book. There was a calendar inside with her schedule. She had a showing at a gallery the next day. That’s where she would confront them. She would dress her most stunning and talk some sense into her ex husband. She left the apartment the way she had come, the cat hissing at her as she headed back down the fire escape.

Penelope didn’t want to have to leave the house but all the paperwork had to be settled before they could stay there. The man told them it should all be settled before the weekend and that they’d be able to move in right away. “I’m so excited Max”

“Me too, I’m glad to see you so happy” Penelope talked non stop about their new home and how she would do each room even as they parked and walked into their apartment. Max just smiled and nodded. He couldn’t get enough of how excited his wife was. They opened the door and Molly hissed before she realized who it was. “why so crabby Molly?” Penelope asked then went to check her bowls to make sure they were full “well you arent hungry or thirsty grumpy paws.” Molly rubbed against Penelops legs. “silly cat” Max hugged Penelope “what do you want to do?”

Penelope looked at the time “jeez, it’s almost dinner time. Did we eat lunch?” Max shook his head “well who needs lunch when you’ve found the perfect home to raise our baby in. We better go in our room and get to work before we need to eat dinner. Lets order somthing so we have more time for baby making” Max laughed happily “ok” he said lifting her up and running with her into the bedroom. The two kept on and on, their whole apartment filled with sounds of ecstasy and pleasure. They kept going until Penelope couldn’t take it any longer. She hadn’t been able to move on her own for the past hour but now she couldn’t even let him do anymore.

“I will be shocked if I’m not pregnant after all that”

“I’m happy to do it again tomorrow or later tonight” If Penelope would have had the energy she would have laughed but she just laid there doing her beast to breath. Max looked over at his wife happily. “You’re going to rip your face smiling that wide Max”

“I can’t help it. I can’t wait for a baby. I really hope i got you pregnant one of those times.” Penelope smiled “i dont know how you kept going that long.”

“Love” Penelope giggled “You’re so cute Max. Can you call and order dinner since you still seem fine?”

“Yes, what type of food do you want?”

“anything edible”

Max opened the drawer with all the take out menus. He decided in Thai food. He called and ordered, making sure to get something extra spicy for Penelope. He couldn’t eat food like she did. She drenched some stuff in hot sauce. He always had to remind her to brush her teeth after because he wasn’t interested in certain parts of his anatomy burning. She had almost died laughing when he told her that. Molly rubbed against his leg and he lifted the cat into his arms, scratching her on her head.

“Hey kitty, you seem like you’re in a better mood.” He said and she purred, kneading him with her claws. He noticed she had blood on her claws and grabbed her paw, pushing gently on it so he could get a better look. “What have you been fighting with?”

Penelope finally managed to get up and pulled on one of his t-shirts on. She walked out into the living room, blushing when he smiled at her. She flipped open her laptop and opened some of the emails. There was one that really caught her attention. It was a commission for a painting of a woman in a red dress dancing in a field of fireflies. She thought of how beautiful she could make it. She tried not to pick favorites as far as clients went, but every now and then one sent her a request for something extraordinary. There was a knock on the door and Max pulled on a pair of sweats and grabbed some money out of his wallet. She decided after dinner she would start on the firefly painting. She was very excited about tomorrow and hoped Max would love seeing his art displayed. Max sat the food on the table and she sat down next to him, eating happily. He leaned over, kissing her once she swallowed.

“Holy crap, that stuff is hot.” He said.

“You only got what was on my lips.” She giggled.

“I’m a wimp when it comes to spicy food I guess.”

“Start eating it more and build up a tolerance. I’ve been eating like this since I was five.” She took a big bite, grinning. “So the gallery showing tomorrow is at seven. What would you like to do before that?”

“Stay in bed with you all day. It could be our lazy day.”

“You really want to stay in bed all day for your birthday?” Max nodded “I can’t think of anything better to do than cuddle with my wife and attempt to get you pregnant as many times as you’ll let me.” Penelope giggled “the real want emerges. Don’t try to sweeten it by saying you want to cuddle” Max laughed “I do, I swear but I really want to have a baby too.” They finished eating then threw away their trash. Penelope went straight for the bathroom to brush her teeth for Max. He followed her to brush his own. When their teeth were clean he said “can we go ahead and start our lazy bed time.”

“Of course, are we going to watch anything? I still need a little more time before we have sex again”

“sure, pick anything.”

“No, I’m counting tonight as your birthday time. You are required to pick what we watch. I wont budge.”

“Fine” Max picked Penelope up and carried her to their bed. He grabbed their remotes and decided to watch a comedian perform. If he couldn’t hear her moans he wanted to hear that sweet laughter. They watched different comedians until they were both tired. The two fell asleep quickly ready for the next day. In the morning Penelope got out of bed and made chocolate chip pancakes and hashbrowns for her husband. She found a TV tray and brought it to him in bed. “wake up handsome” she said loudly. He woke with a smile as he sat up. She put the tray in his lap then went to get her own.

They stayed in bed all day together. The only time Penelope left him was to cook or get a drink. A few hours before dinner they just finished having sex again when Penelope said “If I’m going to be able to walk tonight we need to stop.” Max smiled happily. A very smug look on his face. They just held eachother and watched one more movie. “Lets grab a burger before we go so you don’t have to cook alright?”

“Sounds good to me”

They stopped at the Prauss House since they made her favorite cherry milk shake and ate quickly as Max drove. They were both surprised they didn’t get ketchup on their clothes. Max came to a stop in front of the gallery and they quickly wiped their mouths. He got out and ran around to her side, pulling open the passenger door and handing her out. “Why thank you.” She said with a smile and laced her fingers through his. The photographer covering the event stopped them at the bottom of the stairs and took a few photos. She smiled and pulled Max inside.

Max froze when he saw not her paintings, but his photographs blown up and hanging on the walls. He looked down at her and she smiled warmly. “You did this for me?” He was moved by her love for him.

“Of course I did. Happy birthday.” She answered and he pulled her into a tight hug, lifting her off her feet to bury his nose in her sweet smelling hair. Butterflies fluttered in his stomach and he actually felt tears in his eyes.

“Thank you so much.” He sat her back down and kissed her.

“Oh baby don’t cry.” She brushed at the tear that slid down his cheek.

“I’m sorry, I’m just so happy.” He hugged her again, composing himself before moving with her into the group of people. They all greeted him, telling him happy birthday and complimenting his work. Jade was there and very excited to see him. Penelope tried not to giggle at the girls enthusiasm and Max just smiled politely and said it was nice to see her again. He wrapped his arms around Penelope from behind and kissed her shoulder. “You didn’t put any of your photos up.” He said.

“I didn’t want to seem conceited.” She laughed and looked up at him. He kissed the tip of her nose and she blushed at that look of adoration.

“Next time I’m putting only pictures of you up.”

“You’ll let me do this again?” He smiled “Yes as long as next time I can put all photos of my beautiful wife”

“I love you”

“I love you too. Thank you for this. Thank you for everything.” Penelope didn’t expect but wasn’t shocked when Max was getting alot of people asking for him to take pictures at their weddings, birthday parties and other events. He would be booked up for awhile with work. Some people he had to turn down. Penelope thought it was sweet that he told every person that he’d agree to it but he may have to cancel depending on what weekend she wanted to go see her cousin.

When the married couple walked away excitedly hoping he’d be abel to take pictures of their wedding Penelope said “you dont have to do that. I can plan my weekend around your work baby.”

“No, my work can go around when you want your weekend. I’ve got more than enough anyway. I feel I may have taken too much.” Penelope laughed “nothing says I can’t go with you to a few of your jobs.”

“You’d want to?”

“Could be fun, I mean you watch me paint now. If you can come to my job I want to go to yours.” He kissed Penelops cheek happily. The whole night was wonderful until Max needed to go to the bathroom. He went into the back. Chole saw him go and followed. She sat on the couch back there waiting for Max to finish and come out. When he came out every ounce of happiness he felt turned to pure rage “what the fuck are you doing here? What part of I’ll never want you do you not understand?”

“You need a real woman, not Penelope.”

“Penelope is a real woman. You wouldn’t know what a real woman was since you’re nothing but a selfish, spoiled, whore.” Max said through his teeth. His hands were balled into fists. “It’s sexy to see you this pissed. Angry sex was always the best. There’s a couch right here baby” She started towards him “Don’t you dare touch me or I will hit you.”

“Oh please, you’re nothing but a wimp. You’re not man enough to do anything to me. An ugly, monstrous man. Fucking you is probably the only thing keeping that bitch close.” She knew exactly where to hit him.

Penelope was worried when he took longer than usual. She moved through the throng of people, suddenly becoming very worried. As she neared the bathroom setting area she could feel the tension and hear a very angry female voice. It was Chloe. “Look at your face, scarred and horrible. She doesn’t love you and never will.” She heard Chloe say.

“Shut up.” It was Max and his voice cracked.

She heard what sounded like a slap and burst in, shocking them both. “You get away from my husband you stupid bitch.” She felt herself shaking with her rage. She had never been so angry in her life. Not even when Leonard had a gun pointed at her had she felt this enraged.

“Fuck you. Why don’t you tell him what he really is instead of coddling him.” She slapped Chloe so hard she almost knocked her down. “No one touches me.” She came at Penelope, trying to hit her back. Penelope grabbed her wrist and punched her in the jaw. She started to hit her again and Max stopped her.

“She’s not worth it baby.” He said softly. Penelope let her go and Chloe backed up, clutching her face. Max noticed the scratches on her hand and almost went at her himself. “You were in out apartment. Molly had blood on her claws. You’re the reason she was so upset.” He started shaking. “That’s how you knew where we would be. You psycho bitch. Stay out of our lives or I swear to god I will tear yours apart. I will ruin you.” Chloe backed away, unable to believe what he was saying, unable to comprehend that Penelope had lashed out at her. She ran from the waiting area, barely making it out of the gallery without falling.

Penelope hugged Max. “That woman is so crazy. Come on, lets close early and go home.”

“we dont have to”

“it’s your birthday and you look like you’re about to break down in tears. Lets go home baby.”

“Ok” He said in the most pitiful voice. He knew Penelope loved him but Choles words hurt him deeply. The feeling of being completely unworthy of Penelope resurfaced in his mind. Penelope appologized to everyone and closed up. She made sure to grab the little book Max had been writing appointments in. She decided to drive home since Max was so upset. “Baby, I love you so much. You know I love you. I don’t think your face looks horrible atall. Why are you letting her make you sad?”

A few tears ran down Maxs cheek. It felt like it took forever to get home. She grabbed Maxs handed and rushed to their apartment. She dragged Max to their room. He sat down on the bed against the headboard so Penelope got beside him. She wrapped her arms around his torso tightly as she laid her head on his shoulder. “max talk to me please”

“I’m a monster.” He said through his tears. Penelope sat up and grabbed his face to make him look at her “you are not a monster and I wont hear you say that. You are a handsome and wonderful man who makes me really happy. Don’t ever call yourself a monster or let anybody make you think you are. Especially not trash like Chole” Max pulled Penelope into a kiss. Penelope pulled back after a few moments and wiped away the falling tears “please stop crying Max. I love you so much.”

“I love you too”

“Don’t let her get this triumph. You are amazing and handsome. I’m the happiest wife in the world. I feel lucky to be yours Max.” That sad look didn’t fade but Penelope was glad he atleast wasn’ crying any longer. Penelope hugged him hoping she could hug away how sad he was. Pennys rage was only building towards Chole. This was supposed to be a wonderful and happy day. What should have ended in happiness was ending in Maxs tears.

“Can we just go to bed please?” He sounded so beat down, like he was on the verge of more tears.

“Of course we can.” She kissed his cheek and they got off the bed and pulled their clothes off then lay back down. She let him rest his head on her chest and she gently stroked his temple and sang a lullaby her mother used to sing. His breathing evened out and his body completely relaxed. Only then did she cry, pressing her hand to her mouth to muffle the sound that tried to escape. That woman had torn him apart after all the progress he had made. She hoped he would bounce back. She cried herself into exhaustion, falling into a deep sleep.

Max woke the next morning to the sound of birds singing outside. He raised his head and looked down at his wife. He could tell she had been crying. He felt that this was his fault, that if only he had not married such a controlling, manipulative woman then Penelope would not be upset. He had known Chloe was bad news from the moment he had started dating her, but had brushed it off like an idiot. He kissed Penelope on the cheek and slid slowly off the bed. He needed some fresh air. He dressed quickly, making sure he had his cell in case she needed him. He then wrote her a note and sat it on the counter before grabbing his camera and leaving. He would take pictures until he was calm and then come home to the most wonderful woman in the world.

He walked down to the park and photographed the plants and animals, excited when he managed to get a close up of a doe and her twin fawns. Some joggers waved at him and he waved back then continued to snap pictures. He walked down to the small lake at the park’s center and sat down on the bank, just staring across the placid water. He let the calmness of the morning wash over him, closing his eyes and letting the sun warm his skin.

Chapter Four

The peace of the world around him brought him back to reality. Chole was wrong, she was only trying to hurt him and put him down. Penelope was a sweet and amazing woman who wouldn’t use him for sex. She loved him, wanted children with him. He wasn’t hideous, had even made some friends now that he didn’t hide all the time. Penelope gave him life, a happy wonderful life and he wasn’t going to let Choles poison words hurt him. He stood thinking happily about his wife then walked to his car to go home and be with her.

Penelope was up and somberly eating cereal by herself. She wanted to call Max but didn’t want to hear any more heartbreak in his voice. When she was done eating she decided to paint the picture of the woman in the red dress. She let her brush pull her away into the peace of her painting. This one she was going to particularly love doing. She began to hum, she didn’t notice the silent tears streaming down her face as she painted. Max had fallen so far back. She hated Chole for doing this to her wonderful, sweet husband.

Max could hear his wife humming when he was unlocking the door. It put a huge smile on his face. He gently pushed it open and saw Penelope was painting. He walked over and his heart sank all over again when he saw she was crying. “Penny.” Penelope looked at him and smiled. She ran over and hugged Max tightly “hey baby.”

“why are you crying?”

“Because of Chole crushing your spirit so badly.”

“I’m fine now, I promise. Nature brought me back to reality. Her words were only poisonous venom from a snake. She’s an evil person and I’m not going to let her put me down. Please don’t cry. I’m only sad at this moment because you are sad.” Penelope wiped her tears away then kissed Max. “want to try some more for that baby?” Penelope nodded and he took her into their room after making sure he locked the door again.

“Close your eyes.” She said when he sat her down.

“Why?” He eyed her with false suspicion.

“Because I said so.” His lips twitched into a smile and he did as he was told. He listened closely, wanting to know what she was up to. He heard her open the closet and close it then open the drawer next to the bed and pull something out.

“Open.” She sounded nervous. He opened his eyes and saw she was holding a container of cherry flavored body paint in one hand and her friend Ophelia’s handcuffs in the other. His eyes widened and he inhaled sharply. Heat pooled at his groin and he became instantly hard. “What? You said you wanted body paint. I was going to let you use it last night, but we had issues.”

“What about those?” He pointed at the cuffs.

“What about them?” She grinned and handed the container and the cuffs to him so she could pulled her clothes off. “Would you like to cuff me?” She lay down on the bed and lifted her hands above her head. He swallowed and sat the paint down. He cuffed her to her headboard, making sure they weren’t to tight. He undressed and grabbed the paint, twisting off the lid and then kneeling between her legs. He dipped his finger in the paint and ran in slowly over her abdomen. She shivered and was covered in goosebumps. “Damn that’s cold.” He traced his fingers over her skin, making her giggle when he touched her ribs. He leaned down and licked some of the paint off of her breast. She moaned, her fingers gripping the metal headboard. He sat the container down and licked everywhere he had painted. His hand moved between her legs, his fingers rubbing her and then sliding inside her, moving in and out and bringing her to a very mind blowing orgasm. Her loud cries filled the room, exciting him and bringing him joy.

He teased her until he could wait no longer and thrust into her, moving into her hard and fast until she was screaming his name and begging for more. He gripped the headboard, thrusting as deep as he could so orgasm after orgasm tore through her and she lay limp beneath him, making soft keening noises. He kissed her as he found his own release. He pulled the handcuff key out of the drawer and uncuffed her, dropping them both back in the drawer. He rolled onto his back, taking her with him, so her head rested on his chest and he could run his hands over her.

“I love you Penny.”

“I love you too.” She rested her chin on his chest and smiled.

“We need to take a shower.”

“showers are so hard to take after sex. I’ll be a sticky mess. it’s alright.” Max smiled at Penelope then carried her to the bathroom. Once the water was ready he washed her. “I’m sorry I let what she said get to me. I just love you so much…the thought of you not loving me in return was so painful.”

“She got me to doubt you for a second too with those pictures. She’s a smart little bitch. Lets just be happy. ” Penelope said then began to wash Max. She heard her phone ring but let it go to voicemail. She’d check who it was when they got out. When the two were dry Penelope searched for her phone. When she found it she called her voicemail. Max knew it was good by how bright her face became as she listened. She hung up. “We need to go to our realtors office! We just have to sign some papers and give him first months . It’s ours as soon as we do that!”

“well lets get dressed then beautiful” Penelope ran past Max making his heart dance with joy. They both dressed quickly then went straight to Maxs car. Penelope was once again giving the red lights dirty looks. Max just smiled and kept on driving. Penelope scared Max when she opened the door before he was fully stopped. “Honey, it’s not a race. He’s not closing soon”

“I know but I want our perfect house. It’s going to be amazing to raise our children there.”

“Children? As in plural?”

“well duh” She said then went in leaving Max with a ridiculous smile on his face. They signed what they needed to and Penelope wrote the man a check. He suggested a moving company he had used and liked. Penelope was glad that they wouldn’t have to hunt a good one down on their own. He handed her the keys then she grabbed Maxs hand and pulled him back to the car. Once they were in she called to set up a moving time with Howards Moving Co. Max just enjoyed how excited she was. She was acting like a teenager on her way to her first concert.

“They’re coming tomorrow afternoon to pack everything. I have to do my paintings though. I don’t want them getting ripped. You want to help me wrap them and stack them?”

“Of course I do.” He kissed her and she went and got the large roll of brown paper and twine. They wrapped paintings until it was time for lunch and Max made tuna sandwiches while Penelope worked on the painting of the woman in red. He brought her her sandwich and she took a big bite, immediately spitting it back out on her plate with a gag. “Is everything okay?” He asked as she handed her plate to him and he sat it on the kitchen counter.

“I don’t know, it just tastes gross.” She said. “Can you get me a soda so I can get the taste of fish out of my mouth?”

“Yeah, just a sec.” He went to the fridge and grabbed her a can of Pepsi. He brought it back and she cracked it open and chugged it. “Better now?”

“I feel sick after that. I think I need to lay back down.”

“Okay baby, let me carry you.” He lifted her and carried her into the room and put her gently on the bed. “I’m going to go to the store and get you some pepto and sprite.” He kissed her softly and grabbed his keys and wallet then headed out. Penelope never turned down food. She liked pretty much anything. It worried him and he hoped he wasn’t going to have to take her to the hospital.

Penelope’s stomach turned and she ran to the bathroom, throwing up the Pepsi. Some came out of her nose and she cursed angrily at the burning sensation. She flushed the toilet, washed her face and brushed her teeth. She went back to bed, laying on her back and staring at the ceiling as she moaned in agony. Molly came into the room and hopped up on the bed, meowing as she lay on her owner’s stomach. She nuzzled Penelope’s abdomen and then curled into a ball and fell asleep. “Do you know something I don’t kitty?” She asked as she scratched Molly behind the ear. “If you do please tell me because I feel like crap.”

When Max was at checkout a man behind him in line asked “are you ok sir? You seem upset.”

“I think my wife is really sick. I made her a tuna sandwich and she spit it out after the first bite then felt really sick. She’s laying in bed now.”

“Are you sure she’s not pregnant? Babies can be very picky about what they like their moms to eat. Give them one wrong thing and they are puking and in bed. Atleast thats how it was with my Charlene. Maybe you should run grab a test for your wife.” Max just stood there for a second taking in the mans suggestion. It hadn’t crossed his mind Penelope could already be pregnant. He suddenly moved very quickly out of line to grab a test for her. The man he had been talking to in line smiled as he saw Max go. He could tell the thought made the younger man happy.

Max wished there weren’t so many to pick from. He didn’t want to stay out too long since Penelope didn’t feel good. He just went with the one that was digital. He wanted a clear yes or no, not some line. He went back to checkout then rushed to his car. Max was filled with excitement and hope that he had made a baby with his wife. He wanted a baby for so long and he may finally have it with his sweet Penelope. Max knew she would make a great mother. She was already an amazing wife.

Max parked then carried everything upstairs. He quickly put her drinks in the fridge to cool. He opened the box taking one can out to put in a cup of ice. He grabbed the test and her drink then went into their bedroom. “Oh thank goodness, you’re back.” She noticed the box in his hand “what’s that?” He held it out to her and she smiled. “Give me my drink then I’ll take it.” He gave it to her and she drank almost half the cup. She stood and took the test from him “wait her or you’ll make me too nervous to pee.”

“Ok” Max said with unbridled excitement in his voice. Penelope didn’t want to see his face if she wasn’t pregnant. He was so happy and she knew if it turned out to be negative he’d be depressed all evening. She shut the bathroom door and took the test. She paced around impatiently as she waited for it to give her an answer. She almost squealed when it said yes. She set it on the sink and quickly opened the door. “come here” she said happily. Penelope grabbed his hand and led him over to the test.

He stared at the test for the longest time, trying his hardest to swallow the lump in his throat. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and started crying. “No more tuna sandwiches.” She said and he laughed then pulled back and kissed her.

“Thank you.” He said and sat down on the edge of the tub, pulling her close and lifting her shirt to kiss her stomach.

“You don’t have thank me. You did most of the work.”

“I love you so much. Can I make you something to eat since you didn’t like lunch, well I guess it was more the baby that didn’t like lunch.”

“Can you make stuffed peppers?” He nodded then stood and carried her back to bed. “Max, I’m fine now.”

“Just relax.”

“Alright, but can you get my drawing pad and pencil?” He left and came back with them, handing them to her and kissing her cheek. He disappeared into the kitchen and she started to sketch. Max pulled out everything he needed and got to cooking. He hoped she would be able to eat. He didn’t want her throwing up everything he made. He found it kind of funny that she could easily down spicy Thai food, but one bite of a tuna sandwich turned her stomach. He boiled the bell peppers while he cooked everything he needed for the stuffing. It smelled delicious and had his stomach growling.

Penelope drew pictures of the baby’s room, seeing in her mind the perfect vision for both a boy and girl. She knew Max would love it. She smiled and decided she wanted to draw n the kitchen to be near him. She went out and hopped up on the counter. She drew him while he cooked, planning to tease him on how good he looked making dinner. He stuffed the peppers and grated some cheese on top and then put them in the oven. He walked over to her and took her drawing pad, grinning at the picture of him.

“I love the way you see me.” He said and kissed her softly. “Thank you for helping me see myself like this.”

Penelope flipped it back so he could see the pictures she drew of a possible babys room. “do you like these ideas?” She asked as Max just stared. He lifted his eyes from the pad and looked at her with so much happiness it almost brought her to tears. “These are both amazing. I can’t wait. I’m so happy that man in line suggested you may be pregnant. I wouldn’t have gotten a test if he hadn’t talked to me.”

“what did you two talk about”

“He asked me why I looked upset so I told him. He said that when his wife was pregnant, anything the baby didn’t like made her throw up at the first bite. I had a hard time not running to get you a test” Penelope smiled then Max continued “I wonder how long you’ve been pregnant.” His eyes widened “They’ll let us see our baby wont they!?” Penelope giggled “yes they will. I’ll make an appointment right now while the foods cooking.”

“wait here I’ll get a phone” Max ran out the kitchen. Penelopes heart was pounding with joy. She couldn’t wait to see him when the baby was actually here. He came back with a phone and laptop. He picked her up off the counter and sat with her at the table. “we can’t just find anybody. We need to find the best doctor for our little one. I’ll help you look if you havent found someone by the time the foods ready” Penelope nodded then started researching the different obstetricians. She found one she liked but didn’t call yet. Max was getting the food out and wanted to be sure he liked that Obstitrician too. Max came over with the food and sat down. She turned the laptop so he coudl read “I like this one” Penelope said “She seems good. Are you going to call after we eat?” Penelope nodded then happily ate her food.

“I guess the baby likes this” Penelope said giving her husband a warm smile. “I guess so” He said in a soft tone. When she was done she called the obstitrician they chose and set up an appointment. “she can see me the day after tomorrow. That works out perfectly since we’re moving to our new place. Speaking of which you need to call the office and inform them we are leaving and pay our fee for breaking the renters agreement.”

“I will”

Max called while Penelope finished eating. She was absolutely ravenous with hunger. He smiled as he talked to the real estate agency and they waved the fee since they had been such good tenants. He hung up and went back to finish his food. He almost laughed when she sat there looking at her empty plate. He put some of his on her plate. “I’m going to get fat.” She said as she ate.

“I bet our child is a big baby. I was huge, almost eleven pounds.” He replied.

“I hope not. Your poor mother.”

“We need to find a creative way to let everyone know that we’re expecting.”

She thought about it for awhile as she pushed her food around her plate. “You could take some pictures of me with how far along I am painted on my abdomen then you could make some beautiful announcements and we could send them to our families.”

“I like that idea.” He suddenly frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

“My brothers are going to be making way to many jokes about making babies. It’s going to be a nightmare.” She laughed then leaned in and kissed him.

“Don’t worry my beautiful, wonderful, sexy hero. I’ll protect you from them. They wouldn’t dare mess with a crazy, hormonal bitch wielding a palette knife.” She smiled brightly then finished eating. He took their plates and rinsed them off. “I need to finish the lady in red before tomorrow. I want to be out of the movers way.”

“Can I watch?”

“Would you like me in your lap again?” She winked and he blushed. “You blushing is so rare. I love it.”

She managed to paint without her husband lusting after her. His mind was too focused on their baby. He just sat there gently rubbing her stomach, thinking about all the possible names for a boy or girl. He also envisioned different futures with them. Max was excited Penelope wanted multiple. He wanted atleast three, maybe five if she’d be happy with that. Regardless of the number they ended up with he was grateful for just this first one. He gave Penelope random kisses on her shoulder, silently thanking her for a baby. Max hoped her pregnancy wouldn’t be too hard.

When Penelope was done painting her breath was stolen away by her own work. She felt so pompus when that happened but non the less this piece was gorgeous. “It’s so beautiful, we need to be extra careful moving this.”

“I will be. It’s almost ten, are you ready for bed?”

“wow, that much time has passed?” Penelope said in disbelief “Yep” Max stood and carried her to their room. They snuggled close then went to sleep. Penelope was woken by nausea. She could tell she wasn’t going to throw up but it still sucked. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a sprite before writing a note for Max then driving to McDonalds to buy breakfast so they wouldnt have to dirty any pots since the movers were going to pack their stuff. There was a long line at McDonalds so it took longer than she hoped it would.

By the time she got back to their apartment Max was up. He ran to the door and took the bag of food from her. “I would have gone Penelope. Wake me next time please.”

“I’ve gone to get us food alone many times.”

“But now your pregnant” Penelope laughed loudly “Max, I’m not even showing. Don’t be silly” He just smiled and they both sat down to eat. “You are only moving the paintings today.I don’t care how long it takes the movers I dont want you helping them.”

“Hm bossy now.” He smiled again “please?”

“Ok, only paintings.”

“I wrapped up the red dress painting. All we have to do is put it in the car with the other paintings.”

“Well my part of the moving will be done quickly then.”

“sure will, thanks for agreeing to it. I’ll try not to fuss over you too much. I’m just so excited and now two people my heart beats for are in one body. I have to make sure you two are ok”

She just smiled as she ate. She loved how devoted he was and knew that she would be driven absolutely crazy by his overprotectiveness. She had a feeling she was going to get bad as her hormones slowly spiraled out of control. He would probably feel like someone had bought him a ticket on the most bipolar roller coaster ever made. He’d probably wake up to her standing over him with a meat cleaver. She started laughing at her own strange thoughts and he turned his quizzical gaze toward her.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind. I was just thinking.” She said.

“Must have been about something amusing.” He took a bite of his hash brown.

“Very funny actually. Just images of me driving you absolutely bonkers. You know I’ll probably be a hormonal mess at some point. One burned piece of food and I’ll cry my eyes out, you might tell me you love my pregnant belly and I’ll lay into you because it sounds like you called me fat. I feel sorry for you already. I guess we’ll have to have lots of sex and romantic dates to keep my mind off of it.”

“You’ll always be beautiful Penny no matter how big you get. I’m going to cherish every moment of this pregnancy and any that follow. I can’t wait until you start craving weird things. I’m sure I’ll wake to you shaking me and asking me to get you pickles and chocolate sauce.”

After they were done eating he helped her move all her paintings to his car since there was more room in his backseat and trunk. She had so many it was crazy. He couldn’t wait to see them all hanging in the room that would be her studio. He loved looking at them. He was going to love watching her teach their child how to paint. He smiled at the mess he was sure they would make. He would find them both covered in shades of blue and green.

“You look happy.” She interrupted his thoughts and he lifted her off the ground, holding her up in the air so she laughed. He lowered her slowly, letting her slide over him until her feet were safely back on the ground.

“I am happy, very very happy. I finally get to be a dad. I’m glad I didn’t have to beg you.” He thought briefly about all the times Chloe had shot him down and made him feel worthless. She had said no one would want a man who wasted his time taking pictures and playing the guitar for a father. It had wounded him greatly, but now he had Penny and she was giving him everything he had ever wished for and more. He sighed happily and then carried her back upstairs, craving closeness with her.

Final Chapter

Max just wanted to lay with Penelope until the movers came. Max gave her a few soft, slow kisses. He hoped she felt in his kiss and saw in his eyes how much he adored her. That he had never loved a person as much as he loved her. He’d do anything and everything he could to make Penny happy. She was a dream, a blessing in his life. ‘How many babies do you want Penny?” Max asked, he was dieing to know how many she was willing to give him. “how does three or four sound?”

“That sounds perfect.”

“Sure you can handle it?”

“mmhmm” the sound was happy and joyful. Penelope smiled. The rhythm of his heart sang of his happiness. His every kiss made her weak with the love she felt. They got so lost in eachother they jumped when the movers knocked on the door. The two got up and answered. The men got to work quickly loading the big truck they brought. Two came in to pack up the smaller things while some others worked on the bigger things. Penelope just tried to stay out of they way. Max helped where they would let him help. They finished in only a few hours since they didn’t have a large apartment.

Max picked up Molly and walked out to the car with Penelope. Molly would throw up if she rode in a kennel, she always had to sit in Pennys lap. The movers followed Max and Pennys car up to their new home and unloaded the truck. Penelope just directed the men where to sit the boxes and furniture. Max wrote the men a check and they left. “we are going to need a lot of stuff. We definitely don’t have enough to fill a house.” Max smiled “it’ll be fun to make this our own. We can work on the rest of the house until we know the gender and then we can work on the babies room.”

“what do you want for dinner?”

“Pizza good?”

“Pizzas perfect.” Max pulled out his phone and ordered. The two just cuddled on their couch in their new, messy living room. He couldn’t get enough of holding Penny. The pizza man knocking was almost unwanted but he didn’t want his wife and bay to go hungry. The two had already missed lunch. They sat down at their table and ate as they talked excitedly about how they could arrange things in their new home.

Molly meowed and Penelope handed her a piece of pepperoni. She really hoped the cat wouldn’t mind a bunch of kids and a dog ten times her size running around. She would be getting her tail pulled a lot and probably be carried upside down. “Would you mind getting my paintings while I start unpacking?” She asked with a smile.

“How about you get the paintings and then relax.” He replied and she shook her head.

“You can fuss over me when I start to show, but until then I’m helping you unpack and organize.”

He huffed in exasperation, but it did nothing to sway her. “Oh fine.” He we not out and started clearing the paintings out of his car. She cut open boxes and put dishes away. She found a place for everything in the kitchen then moved to the living room. She would leave the heavy stuff for Max since she knew he’d have a coronary if he saw her trying to move the TV. She made sure everything looked good before grabbing boxes and carrying them upstairs. When she came back downstairs he had unloaded all the paintings and was hooking up the TV. She grabbed the portrait of him and took it up to the room that would be her studio. She found a place on the wall for it. He came in and wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“Let me help you set everything up in here.” He kissed her cheek and they got busy. When they were finished there they went to their room and flopped down on the bed, exhausted.

“I never knew we had so much stuff.” Penelope said as she rested her head on his chest. “Can you play your guitar for me?”

“I haven’t played in awhile, it might sound bad.”

“Nonsense, please play.”

He ran downstairs and grabbed his guitar and came back up. He sat on the bed and made sure it was properly tuned before plucking the strings. The sound was very calming and sweet. He played wonderful music. She would have him play for the baby the entire time she was pregnant.

Penelope just laid there enjoying the sweet sound. She felt sad when he stopped. “That was so beautiful. You need to play for our baby every night.”

“really?” He said with a heart warming smile. “really, while I’m pregnant and when they are born.” Max set the guitar down then wrapped Penelope in his arms again. He gave her a couple kisses on the neck and cheek. “You are perfect, so perfect I wonder somtimes if I’m dreaming. Maybe when I tried to save you from those men I got beaten into a coma and just imagined this life.”

“It cant be that perfect” Penelope said chuckling. He got over Penelope and kissed her forehead “It is that amazing and perfect being with you Penny. I’m so happy and so madly in love with you. You’ve given me all I’ve ever wanted and more. I could never do enough for you to repay you for this truly charmed life you’ve given me” Penelope pulled him down for another kiss “you are too sweet Max.”

“Lets go to sleep so we can hurry up and see our little baby.” Max laid back down and pulled Penelope on his chest. He rested his arm over her then kissed her head one last time before falling asleep. Penelopes alarm went off and Max had to stop himself from jumping up. Penelope got up and kissed his cheek. They both got showered and ready then ate some cereal before heading out the door. They made it to the doctors office fifteen minuets before their appointed time. Each minuet felt like an hour to Max. He wanted to see his baby. He wished they would know the gender but knew that came later. When they called Penny he stood up quickly and offered his hadn to help Penelope stand “I’m not that pregnant yet” Penelope whispered. He just smiled and they followed the woman that called them.

“Step on that scale sweety.” The nurse said, quickly jotting the numbers that popped up then leading her back to one of the rooms. “Lets check your blood pressure, heart and lungs.”

The obstetrician Doctor Gallagher came in with a bright smile. Max lifted Penelope onto the table and then sat down in the only chair. She asked a bunch of routine questions, checking things off as she went. “Alright, go ahead and lay back and lift up your shirt.” Penelope lay back and did as she was told. Her doctor squirted cold gel on her abdomen, making her shiver. She grabbed the wand and ran it over her abdomen. “Come closer daddy so I can show you too.”

Max moved to stand on the other side of the table, holding Penelope’s hand. “So here is the amniotic sac and right here, see that little flutter, that’s the heart beat. Oh wait, I see two flutters.” She took a couple of pictures and printed them then handed them to Max. “Everything looks perfect. I’d say you are a little over a month along.”

“How did I not notice?” Penelope asked.

“Sometimes you get busy and just ignore the little things.” She handed Penelope a box of Kleenex. She wiped the goo off of her stomach and pulled her shirt down. “You should make your second appointment for three weeks from now. Remember to eat as healthy as you can and drink plenty of water.”

“Yes ma’am.” Penelope said excitedly. She let them leave and Penelope made her second appointment. Max took them home and carried her inside, sitting with her on the couch. They just stared at the picture of their children. Every once in awhile she would brush her thumb over the little dot, making him smile. He kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear that he loved her.

“I’m so happy to be doing this with you.” She said, placing the ultrasounds on the coffee table and cupping his cheek. “You are going to be the most wonderful father.”

He grabbed her other hand and pressed her palm against his chest. “Thank you so much for being with me. I was so alone before you and I couldn’t imagine life without you. You make me feel whole and alive. Thank you so much for everything.” He felt himself tearing up. “You have done so much for me, never forget how much I love and need you.”

“I won’t. You’re my life Max, you and these wonderful babies. I can’t believe we’re having twins.” She kissed him softly on the lips. “Thank you for being my hero.” They sat on the couch, talking happily about their babies and their future. They talked until she was tired and dozed off in his arms. He just held her, kissing her cheek. This was the second best day of his life, the first being when he had met his wife. He felt like the luckiest man in the world.


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