Peter & Adamaris

Chapter One

He was waiting for her when she exited the dance studio of the university she attended, he was always waiting for her. “Peter, on time as always.” She said with a warm smile.

“It’s my job to ensure you make it home safe.” He replied.

“I’m pretty sure it’s your job to make sure daddy is safe.” She teased.

It was true, Peter knew that, but he had not needed to watch over Ardan for many years. “Your father is a capable man.”

“What about my brothers?”

“Feno has started leaving school before I arrive and I already took Arathorn home, all that’s left is you Addie.”

She giggled. “You know, I’m not helpless.”

“I am aware, little reaper.” In truth, he simply wanted to spend time with her more than anyone. He was sure if Grace and Ardan found out, they would make him leave, so he kept his feelings to himself.

“Still, I do appreciate it. I think I’d be sad if you never came, I’m so used to you being here after school.” She took his hand and he felt his heart skip in his chest. “Let’s stop and eat somewhere, my treat for you being such an amazing escort.”

That would mean extra time with her and he was more than up for that. The place she had in mind wasn’t far. She thought their food was incredible and she was also incredibly hungry. Some days dance seemed to take more out of her than others but it was one of the things in life that made her most happy. She knew Adamaris liked it too but he was easy to please. He seemed to enjoy anywhere she wanted to go. “How was dance today?” Peter asked once they were waiting on their food.

“Our new routine takes a lot of energy but it’s beautiful, I love it. I can’t wait for us to be able to perform it. You’re going to come right?”

“Of course” Adamaris smiled “Maybe that was a silly question. Anyway, how was your day?”

“Fine, nothing very exciting about it”

“Maybe you should take up a class or something. Though I would miss you meeting me after my class if something interfered so try to get something around the same time I’m in school” she winked, to let him know she wasn’t serious. She would miss him but she’d never be selfish enough to demand his world be planned around her. His heart fluttered again with how cute he had found that. It was getting harder and harder to hide his feelings but he still felt he must.

Telling her how much he loved her wasn’t worth her father making him leave. He hoped he could always keep these feelings to himself and stay by her side. “I’ll look into it”

“good, you might find a passion for something you don’t even realize is within you” Their food soon came and they began eating, only now saying a few words to eachother here and there. Once they left they returned to where Adamaris lived on her fathers property and to Peters surprise she invited him in “I don’t want to go to sleep this early and I feel like I will if I’m alone. Want to watch something or maybe play a video game Peter? If you have other things to do please say so. It’s not your job to keep me awake.”

Trying to answer in a way that didn’t sound too eager caused him to be silent a few moments “yeah, that sounds fun. I don’t have anything I have to do” He felt he still sounded a little too excited but she just smiled and welcomed him in “just please forgive my kitchen. I know I’m behind on dishes”

“we could do them together quickly if you want help”

“I invited you in to have fun with me. I’ll do them after you leave or in the morning. What is it you’d like to do?”

“despite me not being very good at them I do enjoy playing video games with you” there it was, that gorgeous smile again. He was thankful she smiled so much. He wondered if he knew just how gorgeous she was when she did that simple little thing. “you just need more practice. Hey, maybe that can be what keeps you busy. You’re welcome to come in and practice on my system even when I’m not home. You still have that emergency key right?”


“Then if you want play games here sometime to get better at my games. You better not become my secret butler though.” she knew him too well “I never mind helping you clean Adamaris”

“You’re really too sweet Peter” she said in a tone that portrayed how much she appreciated him. “what would you like to play?”

“Can I look at your games again first?”

“Sure” She walked him over to a bookshelf in her home that was just for games. “if none of these look fun you can look on my computer too”

“we could play together on the computer”

“I can cast it to my tv. You know Divinity is amazing and thats a team game. Like we’d be working together. If you like it that’ll take hours and hours of gaming for us to finish. Theres also a sequel to it”

“That sounds perfect”

“sweet, but that one you cant play without me or I’ll miss the story. I’ve already beaten the first one but it’s been a long time” They went into her room which always caused him to feel nervous which he knew was dumb. He couldn’t help it though. He waited patiently for her to set it up, happy for the opportunity to admire Adamaris. She was so wrapped in getting her game started and on the tv she couldn’t possibly care about him staring. She wasn’t going to allow him to help her clean up anything while he waited anyway.

“sorry that took so long. Sometimes Steam Link likes to be a prima donna” Peter almost chuckled “it’s alright” It was more than alright. It was often he felt comfortable just taking in how beautiful she was. She pushed her computer chair in front of the tv then started to walk out of the room and Peter stopped her “I’ll go get the second chair”


She smiled up at him from her seat when he came back and his heart stuttered in his chest. It wasn’t fair how easily she stirred him up and he actually had to look away. Why did she have to be so beautiful? He placed his chair next to hers and sat down. “Peter?”

He raised his head. “Yeah?”

She held out his controller and he grabbed it, but she didn’t let it go. “Are you alright?”

“Of course, sorry, my mind was just wandering is all.” He smiled. “Let’s play.”

She let him have his controller. “You know you can talk to me about anything right?”

“I know, thank you Addie, I…” he swallowed, he had nearly said it, told her that he loved her. “I appreciate it.”

The game began with them walking along, their characters talking to one another to explain what was going on. It seemed simple enough for now. Things didn’t get difficult until he accidentally stole something in town. She sucked air through her teeth “you have to be careful about picking up things in town. Thats my bad, I didn’t think to warn you”

“I didn’t even take it on purpose. I’m sorry”

“It’s fine, We just have to take a more difficult route to get these men jobs”


“Nobody likes us in this part of town now. Our reputation will get better again though so don’t worry” Peter had his character following Addies as he inquired “how would we have gotten them jobs if I hadn’t done that?”

“we could have set them up with the fishermen but if we go out the north exit of town and through a bit of woods we can have them join…I guess a guild. I’m not sure what to call that group”

“I’m glad you’ve played before”

“Not the whole thing but yeah, it’s helpful right now”

“I’m very sorry” she giggled “Peter, it’s just a game and theres a solution to the problem. Don’t sweat it”

“I should have played more when you were little.”

“You were pretty bad then too.”

“Hey, I wasn’t that bad. I did alright.”

“Sure.” She teasingly bumped him, her smile causing his heart to dance. They locked eyes for a moment and it took everything he had not to lean in and kiss her. It was her cheeks turning rosy that had him looking away and back at the TV. “So where are we going again?” He could feel that she was still looking at him and was relieved when she finally turned her attention away from him.

“Just follow me silly and try not to get us into too much trouble.”

“No promises.”

They managed to get the men their jobs and awhile later they were dealing with a violent ghost. His story ended up sad, though, it was hard to pity him. He had done terrible things out of jealousy and the misconception that his wife was cheating on him. He was a ghost unable to rest because in the end he knew she actually hadn’t been so he had to deal with the guilt of taking innocent lives and ruining his marriage. They managed to set the spirit to a peaceful rest and they moved on, taking other side tasks on their way to complete the main story.

“so you take every one?”

“In this game you kind of have to for the experience. If you don’t it’s going to be grind city later. Plus, I find the stories you uncover along the way interesting”

“I just can’t believe after all these hours of play we’re still in the first part of the game really”

“Its a looong game but we have eternity to finish it. We also can switch off to other games too so we don’t get bored of just playing this one”

“There’s no such thing as bored when I’m with you.”


“We could be sitting in complete silence and I’d still enjoy our time together.”

Adamaris let out a happy laugh and rested her head on his shoulder. “You’re really sweet, Peter.”

“I’m glad you think so.”

“I know so.” They played for a little while longer, only stopping when her stomach growled and Peter insisted they take a break and eat and drink something.

“I’ll get you whatever you want.” Peter said.

“We could go see my parents, mom’s always making something good and dad might be home.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Do you not want to?”

He was afraid that Grace and Ardan would notice how he felt, but he couldn’t really tell Adamaris that or avoid everyone. “I do, whatever you want.”

“Great, we’re already dressed to be out so lets go”

“Should I put my chair away?”

“No, it’s okay, I mean, maybe we’ll come back and play some more. If not it’s a chair, I can easily move it later” He didn’t want to seem too fussy so he left the chair there and followed Adamaris out. When they arrived at her parents home her mom greeted Adamaris with a tight hug “Oh sweetie, hey”

“Hey, we were hoping to have dinner with you”

“Yes, that would be amazing. You know I always cook way too much for just us” Grace pulled Peter into a hug as well “it’s good to see you. Thanks for still watching over our girl. It keeps our mind at ease”

“Where’s daddy?” Adamaris asked as she and Peter joined Grace in the kitchen.

“He should be home soon. This recent job’s been tough on him.”


“A baby.”

“I’m sorry, I’ve been with him on those, it’s not easy.”

“Should we come back another time?” Peter asked.

“No, he’ll be happy to see you two, stay.”

“And where are my two evil brothers?”

Grace laughed. “One’s in his room doing homework and the other is out with his friends, but he did promise to be back to eat.”


“You were one once too.”

Adamaris turned to Peter and his heart danced when she grabbed his hand and smiled up at him. “I wasn’t that bad was I?”

“You were easy, for the most part, but you had such a stubborn streak, especially when it came to following your dad everywhere.” He answered.

“But you like how stubborn I am now right?”

“I do, you don’t give up, it’s admirable.”

Adamaris smiled so beautifully it took Peters breath away for a moment. He quickly pulled himself together, desperate for his feelings to go unnoticed. “so, these friends of Feno, do we like them?” Peter diverted talk to one of Adamaris’s brothers. “They’re alright, no reason to particularly love or dislike them” He was hoping there would be more to talk about there, he was still embarrassed so he asked “How’s school going for Arathorn?”

“Really well, I was blessed with incredibly smart children” Grace answered and Adamaris corrected “Not just blessed, from a young age you really cared about our intelligence. You nurtured our growth so much mom. If anything we’re blessed with you” Grace hugged her daughter “You’re so sweet Adamaris…thank you”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” He asked.

Grace let out a little laugh. “Peter, you’re here as a guest, relax.”

“Before your head explodes.” Ardan’s voice made Peter’s heart jump as he turned to face him.

“Daddy.” Adamaris ran into his arms and he hugged her tightly.

“Hello princess.” He pulled back smiling. “What a nice surprise.”

“You look tired.” She said.

“Death is never tired.” He joked then let her go and turned to hug Peter. “It’s good to see you too.”

“You should rest Ardan.”

“I will after dinner, I promise.”

“I’ll make him, Peter.” Grace said.

Chapter Two

Peter sat uncomfortably, hoping that maybe their perceptiveness would be less tonight since Ardan had just gone through such a hard job. Things seemed normal as dinner progressed but to his horror Ardan asked him to talk privately before he went to bed. He followed him, waiting to be yelled at. He had tried so hard at dinner but of course, they saw right through him, he just loved her too much at this point. “Peter, are you alright?”

“yeah, I should be asking you that” Ardan grinned “You seem really stressed”

“I’m fine”

“You know we haven’t been saying anything but if it’s about your feelings for our daughter you shouldn’t be so worried. I couldn’t have found her a better man. Have you not told her because of me?” Now Peter was embarrassed, of course they had known. They were caring, attentive parents and didn’t often miss things involving them, no matter how busy life became.

“I…” he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, “yes. I feared you would make me leave. I raised you for the most part and I thought if you found out, you would think there was something wrong with me.”

Ardan placed a hand on his shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “If I could choose any man to be with my daughter, it would be you. I have never known someone as loyal and honorable as you and I know you would never hurt her. There’s nothing wrong with you loving her.”


“Yes, so please stop worrying so much and tell her or I will.”

Peter chuckled. “I know you will.”

Ardan hugged him. “I never thought I’d be the one telling you what to do.”

“Thank you.”

Her parents went to bed and Peter asked Adamaris if she wanted to be escorted home. “Yeah, especially if you’ll play some games with me”

“sure” Peter thought about how he’d tell her as they walked, knowing he truly only had so long before her father said something. It took him awhile after they got there but during a snack break from gaming he said “Addie? Could we talk about something”

“Of course Peter” There was a short, pregnant pause before he asked “Is there anybody you have feelings for?”

“did my dad ask?”

“No…I” he sighed “Addie, I” he started to say he loved her but that felt like too much too fast “I, I’d like you to be more than my friend. You’re more than a friend or family you’re…” she smiled, looking amused before she hugged him “I’ve always kinda liked you as more too Peter. You’re handsome, you’re always there for me, you’re an amazing guy and major points for not being on my Uncles side when they got dad to ditch mom. If my Uncles would have kept their way I’d never even been here and I’d like to think your support of dad is part of what got him to stand up for his own wants and get her back. You’re amazing that way, you believe in love and I kind of adore that. I could go on and on about the things that have happened in my life and before I was around that make me really impressed and amazed by the man you are. If you want me, I definitely want to see what a relationship with you would be like”

He hadnt realized it had been hard to breath until now “I’m so happy this isn’t weird to you. It would have broken my heart…thankfully your dad is okay with us too”

“I wouldn’t care if he wasn’t. I’m more like mom that way.” Peter chuckled “well definitely at this point I dont think anybody could convince him to leave her.” She grinned and laced their fingers together, I’m so happy you finally said something Peter”

“me too”

She smiled. “I think you should kiss me now.”

His heart stuttered and he took her face gently in his hands. “I think so too.”

He pressed their lips together, kissing her softly. He let his arms move to wrap around her waist and Adamaris smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck. They were both warm when he finally parted their lips and she was surprised to find him blushing. “I love you.” She said and giggled when she saw how surprised he was. “What? I do. Why wouldn’t I?”

“I just didn’t expect to hear you say it.” He tucked some of her hair behind her ear, letting his fingers stroke her cheek. “I love you too.”

“Now we have to tell my parents, I’m sure they’ll want to know.”

“They already know how I feel, but I’d also like to tell them that you actually said yes to being with me.”

“I suppose since they were headed to bed we should wait for morning, maybe we could go over for breakfast” His cheeks grew a bit warmer “so…how would I know when you’re ready to head over…am I staying here tonight or are you just going to call and wake me up” she giggled and couldn’t resist kissing him again “I’d like to cuddle with you tonight if you want to stay”

“That would make me incredibly happy”

“we could go ahead and lay down, maybe just watch something?”

“alright” They got comfortable and cuddled up to eachother in her bed, finding something on Netflix and just letting it play as they went between just enjoying being so close, feeling one another and kissing. They stayed up so late it was nearly ten when Adamaris woke. She woke Peter and he couldn’t believe the first thing he was seeing this morning was her smiling face. She whispered “we probably missed breakfast with them but lets still go over”

Peter didn’t want to leave, wanting to keep her to himself for just awhile longer, but he knew she was right. He pulled her into him for a brief kiss and made himself let her go so they could get up and get ready to see her parents. He felt much more relaxed as they left her home and he couldn’t stop himself from picking her and carrying her. She giggled and pressed a kiss to his cheek, causing his heart to stutter. “You are the sweetest man I know, Peter.”

“It’s easy when it’s you.” The adoring way he spoke to her had butterflies brushing her insides. She really did love him.

Peter only let her down when they were standing outside her parent’s front door and Adamaris knocked as she slowly pushed the door open. “Mom? Dad?”

“In the kitchen sweetie.” She heard her mother call back and the smell of pie hit her nose as they stepped inside.

Her parents were in the kitchen eating an amazing looking pie together “come have some” Her mother started to get up and Adamaris said “I’ll get plates for us mom” Once they all had pie and were sitting together Adamaris happily announced their news. “Peter and I are dating now” Her parents smiled, Grace congratulated them while Ardan said teasingly “good, you didn’t chicken out. Would have been a shame if I had to tell her you loved her” They all talked excitedly, Ardan getting a little more teasing in here and there. Adamaris couldn’t be happier, everything was going amazing in school, she had the best family and now she had an incredible boyfriend she knew loved her and would always be there.

~ The End

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