Peyton & Ty 2

Ty couldn’t help but get lost in Peyton’s voice as they sang at the last concert on their Across America Tour. It had been a year since they had started dating and three months since he asked her to marry him. She had excitedly said yes and even announced it at one of their concerts. There had been many congratulations from fans on the band’s Facebook and Twitter page. They finished the song and the concert hall filled with loud clapping and screaming. The band members gave a bow and Peyton thanked their fans before they headed off stage. Ty pulled Peyton into his arms and gave her a long, love filled kiss that had her smiling.

“You were so amazing baby.” He said as he picked her up and swung her in a circle before putting her back on her feet.

“So were you, I just love listening to you sing.”

“Get a room you two.” Kirk said and Cassandra elbowed him in the ribs. He grabbed her and kissed her cheek, making her giggle.

“Next stop is home guys and then the wedding.” Chris said with a warm smile. “I’m giving everyone some time off while Peyton and Ty are honeymooning.”

“We’re all excited, especially about being in the wedding.” Russell chimed in.

“Well of course I would include all of you. You’re my family.” Peyton said, sounding exhausted but happy. They all headed back to the hotel and showered then made sure everything was packed and ready to go. They carried everything down to the tour bus, the men helping the driver put everthing in the under carriage while Peyton and Cassandra boarded and sat down.

“You ready to be Mrs. Ty Meyers?” Cassandra asked.

“So excited.” She looked around then gestured for Cassandra to lean closer. “I have a big surprise for Ty, but I don’t want him to know until our wedding day.”

“What is it?”

“You have to promise not to tell anyone. Simon already knows, but he knows everything because he’s Simon. I’m pregnant.”

Cassandra slapped her hand over her mouth to contain her squeal of excitement. “Oh my god, how far along?”

“A month so don’t say anything.”

“I promise I won’t say a word.”

Cassandra pushed down her excitment as quickly as possible so the boys wouldn’t think anything was up when they got on the bus. She wanted to tell Kirk but would stick to her word not to say anything. Especially because she knew he wouldn’t be able to not tell Ty. Their relationship was also going extremely well even though they weren’t talking about marriage like Peyton and Ty. Kirk had been very faithful and hadn’t flirted with a single woman that wasn’t Cassandra their entire relationship. It had been amazing to her how faithful he could be after seeing him before.

The men started to get on so Cassandra went to sit with Kirk who put an arm around her as soon as she sat down. Ty happily sat down beside Peyton and kissed her “I’m so glad to be going home” He said softly as he pulled back “me too” Peyton said in just as happy of a voice. Everyone talked for awhile but then just enjoyed their significant other while gazing out the window. Peyton couldn’t wait to show her baby the world. Already she was wondering how he or she would like this view.

“You seem far away?” Ty whispered, tugging her back into the bus. “I’m just excited about our future” she responded truthfully. Ty kissed her cheek “I’m glad. I can’t wait to introduce you to my family. They will all adore you. I know they will.”

“I hope so. My family is very open and loving so I know they will love you Ty” They went back to being silent so Peyton once again got lost in the trees and thoughts of her little one. She almost grabbed her stomach without thinking so she grabbed one of his hands instead so he wouldn’t ask why she had moved her hand like that.

It was going to take them about two days to get home and after that it would be hectic. Peyton and Ty’s parents were both coming, along with their many cousins, aunts, uncles, and Ty’s grandfather. Chris had put his managerial skills to use and made sure her cake and flowers would be ready on time. He had made sure everyone was measured for tuxes and dress then sent them to the bridal and tux shop. Planning a wedding while on the road would have been hard if not for him. When they got back they were going to go ring shopping.

Chris and the driver took turns driving so the driver could rest. They were driving all the way through, only stopping for gas, snacks, and so everyone could stretch their legs. They slept in the built in bunks, each couple snuggling close. Ty was so excited about being home that he had trouble falling asleep. He knew if he didn’t he would be exhausted, but his mind wouldn’t stop spinning with all the happy thoughts. He had never expected to be where he was, with his dream girl and that she would soon be marrying him. He sometimes wondered if he was dreaming. Peyton shifted in her sleep and raised her head.

“You’re still not asleep?” She asked and rubbed her eyes.

“How could you tell?”

“Your heart was beating overly fast. It woke me up. Is something wrong?”

“Just so happy I’m not tired.”

“How about I sing to you.”

“I would like that very much.”

Peyton sang one of the love songs they had written together. Her voice was always so soothing, lulling him to sleep. She kissed his cheek and ran her fingers lovingly through his hair. Before he knew it he had drifted off. Peyton gave a soft laugh and moved her head back onto his chest. “I love you, you silly man.” She said softly before allowing herself to fall asleep.

The next day felt like three to Ty due to how excited he was to get off the bus and have Peyton meet his family. His family wouldn’t be there until the day after they arrived home but just getting home would be a triumph because they could go buy rings. With how excited he was right now she couldn’t imagine when she let him know about their little boy or girl. She would probably need to make sure he was sitting or standing over a carpeted floor. She almost laughed as she pictured him feinting. All that showed was a goofy looking smile. Ty kissed the edge of her mouth, assuming she was just thinking of the wedding too.

They finally arrived back in town where they said their goodbyes for now and went their separate ways. Nexus happily bounded off the bus and jumped in Peyton’s car when she opened the door for him. Ty got in the drivers seat as Peyton got in the passenger. They drove home since they couldn’t take their dog with them shopping. They filled his water and food bowls before stripping down to take a shower. They looked bad from traveling in the bus and didn’t want to go ring shopping so disheveled.

This shower was probably the quickest of their relationship because Ty was acting like he was a small child going to Disney World. “The ring shops wont be closing anytime soon. Calm down” Peyton said as she pulled on jeans. Ty was already dressed and brushing his long, black hair the way he liked it. “I can’t help it. I’m so happy. I really hope we can find a ring you love.”

“I know we will”

They went to Kays and looked around. They decided to pick out each others rings. Peyton immediately found one that she knew Ty would love. She asked the clerk to pull it out for her so she could see it. The man stared at her open mouthed for a few moments and she smiled sweetly. “The ring please.” She said and he blinked.

“Sorry.” He pulled it out and handed it to her. She turned it this way and that, smiling happily at it.

“This is perfect. I’ll take it.” She gave him Peyton’s ring size and grew even happier when they had one that would fit him. He put it in a box and then a little bag and she paid before taking it. Ty found one he though would look beautiful. He glanced back to make sure she wasn’t close and asked for it. When they were finished ring shopping they decided to get hamburgers. They headed over to the Prauss House and ordered double bacon cheeseburgers and cherry shakes.

“So what does my ring look like?” She asked.

“Can’t show you, it’s a surprise and Simon can’t tell you either since he’s the best man.”

“Oh really, well two can play at that game.” She meant the baby, but she knew he thought she meant his ring. She started to feel a little sick and wasn’t sure if it was the shake or the burger so she stopped eating.

“Are you okay?” Ty asked.

“Yeah, just all that traveling and eating junk has made me a little sick.”

“We’ll have something light for dinner.” He grabbed her hand and rubbed his thumb over her skin and she smiled warmly.

Now that they had the rings they went home to take Nexus on a walk. Peyton wanted to stretch her legs more and take in some fresh air now that she was home. She couldn’t think of any better way to do it than walking with her soon to be husband and her loyal companion. They walked in and Nexus jumped on Peyton to give her kisses. Peyton laughed and Ty told him to get down.They grabbed his leash, connected it to his collar then walked out of the apartment.

They walked through a park near their complex. “Oh the air is so much nicer out here than in the bus and in stadiums” Ty smiled “yeah” They decided to take a break on a park bench before walking home so undid Nexuses leash to let him run since Peyton could trust him not to run off. Nexus ran around for a bit but then he came back and began to sniff Peyton’s belly and nuzzle it. Ty laughed “what is that crazy dog doing?”

“what he’s best at being crazy, stop that Nexus.” Nexus obeyed and Peyton said “lets go home” She hooked the leash back on and they walked back. They spent the rest of the day lounging around the house. Ty prepared¬†Mint and Arugula Melon Salad while Peyton stayed glued to the episode of Leverage they were on. He just brought it in the living room when it was ready “I hope this agrees with your stomach. We need more groceries”

“Thank goodness my neighbor bought anything for us yesterday in preparation for us being home.”

“They really love you.” Ty said with a happy sigh.

“Well, I do send their grandson tickets to every concert in this state. They said he really enjoys my music and now he idolizes you, grew his hair out and everything.”

“Does he want to be a musician?”

“Pianist and a singer.”

Ty smiled and nodded. “Kids deserve to follow their dreams. How old is he?”

“Seventeen, almost eighteen. He graduates this year.”

“Hmm, well has he applied anywhere yet?”

“He wants to go to the Australian Institute of Music, but his parents don’t have the money.”

“Maybe we could help. When’s his birthday?”

“The week after graduation. What are you planning?”

“To pay for his schooling. We have plenty of money and he’s like we were, young and full of potential so lets give him the money as a birthday present. We can pay his full tuition and once he gets back he can spend some time with us getting to know the music industry.”

Peyton smiled and gave him a kiss. “You are the sweetest man alive. We can sing happy birthday to him. We can get the whole band to go as a surprise. I’m going to go tell his grandparents.” She kissed him again. “I really love you.” She said before jumping up and heading out the door.

Ty just sat there and smiled, glad to have made her so happy. The elderly couple pulled Peyton into a tight hug when she gave them the news of what they planned to do for their grandson. The woman actually started to tear up so her husband held her close and rubbed her back while they just kept saying thank you. When Peyton went back into her apartment with Ty she greeted him with a passionate kiss “that really made their night. I can only imagine how their grandson will feel. That was an amazingly sweet idea” She began to kiss him again and pushed up his shirt. He smiled against her lips and started taking her pants off.

Ty slid a hand in her underwear and began to rub her as he jerked the panties down with the other hand. As she began to moan he pulled her on the couch and under him as he continued to rub her. He went until she was starting to orgasm then stopped to take off his pants. She moaned “oh, how could you stop?” Ty laughed and then slammed himself into her. She let out a louder moan as he started to gently move back and forth. He leaned down to kiss her as he glided in and out of her depths.

He didn’t break their lip contact until he released “Oh you’ve got to stop that Peyton. I’m going to get you pregnant before you’re ready if I keep getting lost in the moment and just going in you. You are such a seductress.”

“I barely did a thing. You just have no self control” Ty kissed her again. “Your looks and charming personality are the real culprits here. You need to stop being so perfect, then maybe I could resist you better.”

“If that were true wouldn’t many other men be vying for my attention.”

He sat back, taking her with him so she was on his lap. She rested her head on his shoulder and he sighed. “You really don’t pay attention do you? There are a lot of men lusting after you. They all want the beautiful Peyton Majia.”

“Meyers, Peyton Meyers, and I don’t care what they want because all I want is you. Sorry for being so charming and beautiful, but that’s what you get for being handsome and sexy.”

He chuckled and kissed her cheek. “I guess we’re both cursed.”

Peyton’s cell rang, startling both of them. She sighed and leaned back, grabbing it off the coffee table. Ty actually blushed as he stared at her, liking the way she arched her back. He felt himself getting hard again, still inside her and didn’t know what to do. “Just be still.” She said as if reading his mind. “It’s Cassandra.” She answered. “Kind of busy.”

“Sorry then I’ll make this quick. We’re all coming over for dinner tonight. I have your dress so you can try it on. Kirk and I are cooking, we bought the ingredients and everything”

“Okay, see you later.” They hung up and she put her phone back on the table.

“That was incredibly embarrassing.” Ty said and she smiled and kissed him. He held her tightly to him as she rode him, their moans filling the silence once again. They orgasmed together and Peyton went limp, gasping for air.

“Shower time and everyone’s coming over for dinner tonight. Cassandra has my dress.” Ty carried her into the bathroom and sat her on the counter so he could start the water. They pulled the rest of their clothes off and stepped under the warm water.

This time they enjoyed their shower and took their time getting dressed. Peyton kept thinking of Ty’s comment earlier, she wondered if a part of him knew. She knew he didn’t realize it or he would have said something. It wasn’t long after they were ready that their friends arrived. After hugs were exchanged Kirk and Cassandra immediately made them selves at home in the kitchen since they had cooked there so many times. Chris took Peyton’s dress into their bedroom and told Ty he wasn’t allowed in. Ty wasn’t impatient so he didn’t mind. He didn’t care what she wore on her wedding day as long as she went through with it and didn’t get cold feet.

Everyone talked in the living room while Cassandra and Kirk went between flirting, playing around and cooking. Peyton loved seeing them so happy together. Honestly, everybody was happy they were finally together and turned out to be just as perfect of a fit as everyone thought. Kirk and Cassandra finally joined the chatter after dinner was served. The talking died down at first due to how good the food was but as plates emptied everything drummed up again.

“Now time to try on that dress.” Chris said happily. Cassandra and Russel got up to help Peyton and everyone else stayed. “No fair only those two are going to see it on her right now.” Simon said. Kirk just smiled, Cassandra had promised to snap a picture so he could get a sneak peek.He didn’t want to publicize that though in case Ty decided to hound him to see it.

“You look absolutely gorgeous.” Cassandra said.

“Do a turn.” Russell chimed in and Peyton giggled as she spun in her dress.

“You look amazing, Ty is going to love you in this.” Peyton smiled shyly and Cassandra pulled out her phone and snapped a picture.

“Hey, no pictures until the wedding.” Peyton said.

“It’s just to show Kirk and don’t worry, no one else will see it. I promise.”

“Oh alright.” They helped her out of her dress and Russell put it back in its bag and hung it in the closet while Peyton got dressed. They went back out and decided to watch The Ghost and The Darkness on Netflix. It was older movie, but good all the same. Cassandra and Russell stared at a young Val Kilmer as he fought to defeat two killer lions along side Michael Douglas. Simon fell asleep halfway through, but no one blamed him. They were all always tired after being away from home for so long. After the movie Russell shook him awake and he apologized and promised to make it up to them.

“I guess we need to get home and get some sleep.” Eric said as he stood and stretched. “You two have fun with your parents.”

“Oh one more thing. Ty, you need to give Simon the ring.” Peyton said and he jumped up and took the little box out of its bag. He handed it to Simon who tucked it safely in his pocket.

“Remember, no matter how much she begs, she’s not allowed to see it until the wedding.” Ty said with a smile.

“Understood, no matter how much she uses those puppy dog eyes I will not give in.”

Everybody headed out then Ty and Peyton began to pick up the house. It was cleaned quickly since Kirk and Cassandra cleaned up as they cooked in the kitchen. Once everything was neat they refilled Nexus’s bowls and went to their room. stripping off their clothes as they walked in. Ty instantly rose up making Peyton smile in a way that said she almost laughed “You just don’t get enough”

“I could never have enough of you” Peyton smiled brighter as he pulled her against him, working her neck with his mouth. He lifted her and pressed her hard into the wall. He thrust into her and rammed her over and over. Peytons legs had a vice like grip as they began to moan again. Right before he spent himself he jerked out and set her down so he could go into his dirty shirt. Peyton hobbled over to the bed, soon followed by Ty. They were both so worn out from their day, trip and all the love making they fell asleep in an instant.

Ty woke first and decided to get cereal ready before waking Peyton. He went in the kitchen and prepared their bowl, setting them on the table then fetching glasses for juice. He set them out then filled them with orange juice before waking Peyton with a kiss. She locked her arms around his neck so he couldn’t pull away. When she decided to let him go he chuckled “good morning my beautiful fiance”

“I don’t want to get up.” She said with a pout.

“I know, but both of our parents are going to be here soon and we have to spend time with them.”

“We could just run away.”

He chuckled and gave her another soft kiss. “Come on, get up and get dressed so you can eat breakfast.”

“Yes my love.” She got up, stretching and moaning so he had to leave the room before he had her again. He heard her laughing and his heart melted. She came out, smiling brightly at him as she took a seat at the kitchen table. He poured milk into their bowls and they ate as they talked about what they should do with their parents. This would be the first time the in laws were meeting each other as well as the one their children would be marrying so they wanted to make it fun.

There was a knock on their door as they finished rinsing out their bowls and Ty become suddenly very nervous. Peyton bounded to the front door and threw it open, smiling sweetly at both of their parents. She let them in and hugged everyone. Ty’s mother and father were instantly taken by Peyton’s friendly smile and affectionate nature. Ty’s parents hugged him then everyone was introduced.

“So this is the boy who finally stole out Peyton’s heart. He’s a real cutie sweetie.” Peyton’s mom Angie said excitedly. “I can’t believe my baby’s getting married.” Ty was relieved when everyone got along. Peyton’s parents were a lot like his own. Very open and laid back with a good sense of humor.

“anyone thirsty after traveling?”

“No but I need a bathroom” Angie said and Peyton told her where it was. Ty’s dad wanted a drink so Ty went and grabbed him a Dr Pepper. They all sat on the couch and soon Angie returned. “so what’re we doing today?” she asked as she sat down. They have this fantasy mini golf course in town. Dad can kick our butts like always. Peyton said to her mother. Angie and Ty’s mom Melba laughed “He has competition with Chad and I, we are experts”

“well challenge accepted.” Peyton’s dad said cheerfully. Peyton and Ty knew they’d all love it but were happy to see they were right. Peyton and Ty got in Tys parents car and gave them directions as Peyton’s parents followed in their car. They made it to the mini golf with no problem and got out. “this is a really nice course” Chad said as they walked up to pay. Peyton’s dad insisted on paying for everybody and ignored Ty’s parents protests. “you’re a stubborn man” Chad said and Antonio smiled.

They got their golf clubs and colored balls then went out to the first hole “ladies first” Chad said. Angie hit first, actually managing to hit it right by the hole so on her next hit she would definitely get it in. Then it was Melba who somehow managed to get in the same position as Angie just on the opposite side.

Peyton made hers in and jumped happily in the air. The men went next, making their balls in then moving on to the next hole. Ty smiled at how well Peyton got along with his parents. It was always like that with her. Her smile and her sweetness could break through the coldest of people. She was just that lovable. They played until Peyton’s stomach started to growl. She laughed and rubbed her stomach. “I think we should get some lunch. I want chili fries.” She said with a big smile.

They returned their clubs and left over balls and headed to the parking lot, with Ty and Peyton riding with her parents. She gave them directions to Shake N Burger, absolutely ravenous by the time they got there. She practically ran inside, making Ty laugh as he hurried I a father her. They ordered then sat down and talked. “So are you two thinking about having babies?” Melba asked hopefully.

“You and always wanting to be a grandmother.” Ty said with a warm smile.

“I can’t help it, your sister refuses to settle down and give me any.”

“I feel the same way Melba, I want grand babies.” Angie chimed in.

“We haven’t discussed it yet, but I’m sure when the time comes we’ll give you plenty.” Peyton had to resist the urge to touch her stomach. She was glad when their food came so she had something to keep her hands busy. She smiled at how sweetly Ty talked about children and hoped he always felt that way. “Am I that cute?” Ty asked when he noticed her staring.

“Huh? Oh yes, definitely and judging by your dad, you’ll always be that way. You could be his twin.” She replied and winked.

Chad laughed “I’m glad you’re keeping this one son” Ty took Peyton’s hand and kissed it “I’m glad she wants to keep me” They smiled and their parents gave an aw that was almost teasing. They finished their food and Antonio asked “where to next?”

“There’s this pottery place nearby where you can create and paint your own pottery. I thought it would be fun for us all to go do that together”

“sounds existing” Angie said with a smile. Peyton knew her parents would agree even though they had never done it because they were always open to new things. Ty’s parents seemed just as open to the idea so they finished eating, paid then left. It was a short drive to the pottery shop, only having to go through two lights to get there. They got out of their cars and went inside. Ty was a little nervous but he knew this was all in fun and if Peyton laughed at him at least he would be able to hear her laugh. They got to work as the instructor paced around, giving advice here and there when she felt it would be useful.

Peyton was making a vase, Ty, Chad, and Antonio were making bowls while the moms were making large hearts. Chads bowl barely resembled one but Ty and Antonio really pulled it off. Peyton couldn’t help but smile at Chad contagious laugh as he mocked himself and what he had created. She now could see precisely where Ty’s laugh came from too. Peyton’s vase didn’t come out as she pictured it but she was still pleased. The moms hearts looked perfect. The lady who had been helping them said “I’ll need to take them in back now. We have a way to speed up the drying process but it will still take a few hours.”

‘No problem” Peyton said cheerfully. The lady took their pieces one by one as carefully as she could to the back so they could dry. Everyone washed their hands in the area specified then let the woman know they’d be looking around at the stores near this one while they waited. The woman got Peyton’s cellphone number so she could send an alert when their pottery was dry and ready to paint.

“Let’s get ice cream.” Peyton said excitedly. “I want some chocolate.”

Melba looked at her suspiciously for a moment, opened her mouth to say something, but thought better of it and closed it. Peyton looked away from her, heart hammering hard in her chest. They went to Dairy Queen and Peyton ordered a chocolate dipped in cherry. She ate it happily, getting a little on the corner of her mouth that Ty had to resist licking off. He picked up a napkin and wiped her face, making her smile.

They headed back to Peyton’s apartment where she broke out the board games. They played Munchkin for a couple of hours, laughing anytime one of them got a weird card. “Mom, do you and Melba want to see my dress?” She asked as they cleaned up the cards.

“Oh my god, yes.”

They followed Peyton into her room and closed the door. Ty smiled as he finished putting everything away, impatient to see her in her dress, but willing to wait. He didn’t believe in bad luck, but he would wait for her. ”

“What kind of thoughts do you have going through your head son?” Chad asked.

“He probably wants to see my little girl in her dress.” Antonio replied and nudged Chad with his elbow.

Ty blushed and they laughed. “Don’t let us get to you, we’re just a couple of crazy old men.” Chad said and patted his shoulder.

“You’re only forty dad.”

Peyton and their mother’s came back out grinning from ear to ear. “She looks so gorgeous.” Angie said excitedly.

“I’m sure she does, she always looks beautiful.” Antonio gave his daughter a proud smile.

“The rest of the family should be here by now, Ty your grandpa is very excited to meet Peyton. He came all the way from Arkansas.” Melba said happily.

“It still amazes me how someone so old fashioned raised someone as free spirited as you.” Ty replied.

“I had your grandma to thank for that. She was free as a bird.”

Peyton checked her phone and realized she had missed the text from the pottery woman. The wedding was tomorrow and they had enough fun making them so she just texted her to hold the pieces and she’d pay whatever fee there was if there was a fee just to keep the pieces until she could come pick them up. Not long after she sent the text there was a knock on the door. ¬†Peyton answered it and was soon wrapped in hugs again. It was the rest of the family they had been waiting on to come. Everybody came in and was introduced. They all fit so perfectly together. It seemed like everyone of them was enjoying each others company.

They chatted until Angie said ‘we never went back for our pottery.”

“I know, I realized we forgot just before the rest of the family arrived. I told her just to hold it and it’s all been paid for. She isn’t charging a fee to keep them for us. If you guys would like you can go finish yours after the wedding tomorrow. If we all forget again because of the wedding, Ty and I will pick up your pieces and mail them to you.”

“Sounds good” Angie responded. “that was a lot of fun. Can’t believe we forgot” Antonio added. They all just kept laughing and talking until dinner time. “where do you guys want to eat?” Ty asked “none of us know the area. You guys pick” Ty’s grandpa said. Ty and Peyton seemed to think then Peyton suggested “Why don’t we go to a buffet? It’ll be the easiest way to make everyone happy. We have a Golden Corral here”

“perfect” Chad answered while everyone else agreed. They all got up, loaded into their cars and drove to Golden Corral. The workers there scooted a bunch of tables together so that they all could be at the same table which they were all very grateful for. They got so lost in talking while they ate they were there for hours. Nobody noticed the time passing until Peyton yawned. “Dang, we have a wedding tomorrow. We all better get home” Angie said and they all left their tips, picked up their things then went back to their hotel rooms.

Both Peyton and Ty were glad to be home. They loved their families, but they loved being alone together even more. When they arrived home he carried her inside, making her smile and laugh. He spun in a circle before finally taking her to their room and dropping her playfully on the bed. “So your grandpa isn’t a bad looking guy either, he aged very well and you and your dad look just like him. Now I know what I have to look forward to.” Peyton said as he pulled off her clothes.

Ty smiled as he took his clothes off and tossed them on the floor with hers. He climbed in next to her and pulled the covers over both of them. “I can’t wait to see you in your dress tomorrow. Everyone keeps saying how beautiful you look in it and I think I’ve become a little jealous.”

“Tomorrow will be here in no time. I bet Chris did an amazing job with the planning.”

“I’m sure he did, he’s a very good manager.” Peyton kissed his cheek and nibbled on his ear, giving him goosebumps. “We need to sleep or we’ll be yawning the entire ceremony.”

“I don’t care, at least we can yawn together.”

“We have our entire honeymoon, I may not even let you leave the hotel.” She blushed and he chuckled. “Why so shy, you’re the one whose sex drive has gone through the roof. I thought making love every day of our honeymoon would be very appealing to you.”

“You like my high sex drive.”

“Yes I do, now please get some sleep.”

“Okay, if I must.” He smiled and gave her a soft kiss before letting her settle her head on his chest.

The next morning Cassandra and Kirk came just as they finished breakfast, already in her maid of honor dress. Simon was in his suit as Ty’s best man. Cassandra took Peyton into another room while Kirk just grabbed Ty’s suit to have him change at the church. Cassandra took what seemed like a million pictures with her camera and then Angie along with Melba arrived to help with Peyton’s hair. Chad and Antonio waited in the living room. Getting Peyton ready turned into quite the group effort. Angie was doing her hair, Cassandra was doing her make up while Melba did her nails. Once she was complete they walked her out for the dads to see. Peyton saw a tear escape Antonio’s eyes but she didn’t call it out.They both expressed how gorgeous she looked then they helped Peyton carefully go downstairs and get in the car.

Peyton was dying to see Ty’s reaction to her but knew he was already waiting for her at the end of the aisle. Chad, Angie and Melba went in but Antonio stayed to give his little girl away. When the music was cued Kirk and Cassandra walked in to the soft music. Peyton felt a little queasy but resisted the urge to spill her stomach contents. She silently urged the baby to be nice to her until she got to tell Ty. “you okay?” Antonio asked “yes, lets go” He kissed his daughters cheek and told her how beautiful she was one more time before they walked through the doors.

All Peyton could see was Ty waiting for her at the altar. The rest of the room had eyes glued to her. Admiring just how gorgeous she was in this moment. Ty admired her most of all. He could have sworn an angel had just walked into the church as she approached in her slim white dress. It was a simple dress but that was part of what made her look so stunning.

“Who knew she’d look so gorgeous.” Simon said from next to Ty. He had his hair pulled back in a neat braid and had even gone so far to remove his piercings so he looked nice for the wedding.

“Huh? Yeah.” Was all Ty could say as Antonio gave Peyton away. She passed her bouquet to Cassandra and held Ty’s hands, taking a deep breath.

She stared into Ty’s blue eyes, her nausea and nervousness forgotten as the preacher spoke. They exchanged rings and Peyton couldn’t help but gasp at how gorgeous hers was. When it was time for their vows Ty recited a poem he had written just for her, making her heart flutter. There were a lot of awes and whispers of how sweet Ty was. Peyton took a deep breath when it was her turn and said, “You are my perfect match in everything. You are sweet and loving and you always make me smile. Being with you this past year has been the most amazing year of my life. You have been the best boyfriend and fiance and now you get to be the best husband and the best father.” She took his hand and held it to her stomach.

“Wait…wait…you’re pregnant?”

“Yes, about a month along.”

He pulled her into his arms, making everyone laugh. The only ones who weren’t surprised were Simon, Cassandra, and Melba. Ty pulled back and smiled at her. “Can I kiss her now?” He asked, making everyone laugh again. The preacher wrapped it up and Ty kissed her, pouring all his joy and love into her.

This was truly the happiest moment of his life. He was getting everything he wanted right now and it was almost overwhelming. He lingered in the kiss longer than he should have but he was just too happy to stop. He only quit when Simon laughed saying “woah there tiger” More laughs filled the church and they parted lips. They were having their reception outside since this church kept a beautiful garden out back. Tables and chairs had already been set up though the food wasn’t there yet. Chris planned for the speeches to get done before anybody started drinking and eating. Every member from their band had a speech prepared making Peyton and Ty wonder when they had time to write with how busy they stayed on tour. They were all funny and heart warming.

Each one of their parents and even Ty’s grandpa had incredibly sweet speech to give the newlyweds that had Peyton in tears. Ty just kept an arm around her and gave her kisses on the head and cheek. As the last speech was finishing the food started to be set out on the long line of tables that had been pushed together. Chris decided it was more them to have a buffet style thing instead of a really fancy dinner. The bride and groom went first then everybody else followed. When they got around to the cake all camera were ready since everyone knew Peyton enough to know she’d do the cake in the face thing. Just as they all anticipated Ty got a face full of cake.

He payed Peyton back by shoving some into her face. Their parents came closer and snapped a bunch of pictures before they went and washed off. The whole day was filled with nothing but smiles and laughter. Every heart was singing in that church but none could out glow Peyton and Ty’s. They both felt incredibly blessed to be with one another and to know in eight months they would be having a baby to share their lives with.

~ The End ~

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