Peyton & Ty

Peyton moved around the stage, her voice sad as she sang the soft, lilting tune that had her fans staring as if they had been hypnotized. Her band members played beautifully, making her very proud. She loved their music and often told them that without them she would be nothing. She loved the stage, felt like she had been born to sing. It wasn’t until she had come across a band called Until Dark looking for a new singer, that she had been able to realize her dream. They had been so happy with her audition that they had signed her on immediately. After four years of hard work and dedication they had made it to the top.

Once the show was over she made sure to sign autographs and took the time to speak to her fans. They were important, another driving force to her fame. She respected them and made sure they all knew she enjoyed the gifts and fan mail. She went back stage with the rest of the band: Kirk Peters the guitarist, Russell Maxwell the drummer, Cassandra Guzman the bassist, and Simon Atwood who played the violen and keyboard. Their manager Chris Beck was waiting for them to celebrate and standing next to him was someone she had never seen before.

“I need to talk to you guys.” Chris said.

“What’s up boss?” Kirk asked as he flopped down on a stool and took a drink from his water bottle.

“This is Ty Myers. He’s going to be your new member.” Kirk spit out his water and the others looked shocked. Peyton wasn’t sure how to feel. She had been with the same band for so long that the idea of adding someone else kind of threw her off. “He’s going to be singing along side Peyton.” Her heart gave a little lurch. She had never sang with anyone before.

“why didn’t you even talk to us first? Our bands been doing great.” Snapped Cassandra angrily. “Just pipe down. I think he’d do well singing with Peyton. When I heard his voice I imagined it perfectly with hers. It’ll be better for the band” Ty had come in with no clue Chris hadn’t talked to everyone else first. He was slightly embaressed now. Especially since the person he would be singing with seemed the most uncomfortable of all. Peyton sighed and offered her hand “nice to meet you. My names Peyton”

“I’m so sorry, i didn’t know he hadn’t said anything to you guys” He turned to Mark “why would you do that?” Mark sighed “Just relax everybody. Decide how you feel tomorrow when we all practice together. Just give it a chance. I’ve done a really good thing. You all will see.” Cassandra stormed off and Kirk quickly followed her. He wouldn’t have been upset but the fact Cassandra was angry was enough to upset him. Russel followed Peytons suit and offered his hand “I’m Russell, that guy still standing over there is my boyfriend Simon Atwood”

Simon gave a silent salute “lets go please” Russell followed leaving Peyton, Chris and Ty standing there. “I’ll see you tomorrow Ty” Peyton said then walked away to get into her car aswell. Ty sighed again angrily “you shoudl have told them about me and asked.”

“They probably wouldn’t have agreed on it. You are a good fit and they’ll see it tomorrow”

Ty sighed and quickly left. He went out to his car, getting in and heading for his apartment. He had hoped to make a good first impression on the band, not piss them off and make them hate him. He knew he should tell Chris that he wasn’t going to come in, that it was rude and intrusive, but an even bigger part of him had been intriguied by Peyton. He had heard her sing many times and compared to the previous singer, she was astounding. She put her heart and soul into her music. He wanted to be a part of that experience. Chris had hired him because the band was about to go on tour in Europe and he thought an extra voice would do them some good. Ty hoped he could earn their trust.

Peyton flopped down on her couch, her doberman Nexus crawling up beside her. Simon and Russell had adopted him from a shelter and given him to her for her birthday the second year she was with the band. They had said she needed something intimmidating around to keep all the creeps away. She scratched the dog on the head and turned on the TV. She was still a bit shocked about Ty, but she wasn’t angry. She trusted Chris’s judgement. She knew she could convince Kirk and ¬†Cassandra to welcome him and Simon and Russell always sided with her. She knew Kirk and Cassandra were only mad on her behalf. When she had first met them and sang for them they had promised to keep her dream alive. They were worried about her being replaced which she knew Chris would never do.

“You coming with me tomorrow to meet our new member?” She asked Nexus who wagged what little bit of tail he had. “You hav to get used to him before the tour because I am definitely not leaving you home.”

Nexus licked her face making Peyton giggle. She watched tv and texted with her mother for a little bit before getting into bed for the evening. Nexus settled into his dog bed ub the corner. Once he was situated Peyton turned the lights off and quickly fell asleep. She woke to Nexus jerking the covers off of her and whining. “Ok, just let me get this mess I call hair into a bun.” She pulled her hair up into a messy bun then ¬†made sure she was dressed before putting the leash on Nexus. They went on their morning walk then Peyton called Cassandra. Peyton could tell by Cassandras voice she was still angry. “we should really give him a chance. Ty didn’t know we weren’t asked and told about him.”

“what is Chris is replacing you? We want you! Not some pale, wimpy gangly thing!” Peyton had to stifle a laugh “thats mean Cassandra. Chris isn’t replacing me. I knwo he isn’t” Cassandra groaned “I guess I’ll give him a chance if you insist.”

“good, he seemed nice”

“You can’t tell if he’s nice or not. You saw him for a few minuets”

“calm down, you said you’d give him a chance”

“sorry, I’ll see you later ok?”

“Ok, bye” Peyton got her breakfast ready and ate. When she was full she quickly showered and put some clean clothes on. Lastly she did her makeup then ran out the door with Nexus. Nexus about drug her to the car. She opened the back door and let him jump in before taking her place in the front seat.

Ty showered and dressed quickly. He brushed his hair out then let it fall how it liked. He ate a quick bowl of cherrios then headed out. When he got to the studio and walked in he was immediately greeted by a very big, very excited red doberman. “Hello there pooch, what’s your name?” He asked and reached down and scratched the dog’s head.

“Sorry, that’s Nexus.” Peyton grabbed the dog’s collar and pulled him easily away. “He’s my big red boy. I’m so glad you came.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him down a short hall to another room where the other band members were warming up. “Let me properly introduce you.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

She smiled. “So the woman is Cassandra. She has a bad temper, but she’s actually very sweet and our bassist. You met Russell our drummer, he’s our little genius and his boyfriend Simon who almost always looks that serious. Unless you are Russell or I, it is like pulling teeth to get him to smile. He plays the keyboard and violen. The tall red head is Kirk.” Kirk just frowned and looked away. “Kirk Michael Peters.” She said as she let go of Ty’s arm and moved toward the much bigger man.

“Uh oh, he’s in trouble.” Simon said from next to Ty.

“What do you mean?” Ty asked.

“Peyton is about to make him feel really bad. Even though she’s the baby of this group she has all the power. Not even Chris can say no to her. If she says you’re okay then you’re okay. None of us can resist that girl. I can’t even smoke around her anymore. She found me with a cigarette in my mouth once and now I don’t even smoke around Russell.”

Ty smiled “I really am sorry about this.”

“You didn’t know and you seem cool. Like I said, Peyton has accepted you so we all do. Kirk will after she finishes with her tounge lashing.” Kirk walked up to Ty and hel out his hand “nice to meet you, sorry about last night and just now”

“I understand you guys being upset”

“Lets just practice, do you know all of our songs?”

“Every one”

“Good, we’re already off to a good start then. I doubt Chris would have put us with someone who didn’t know the songs anyway. The songs aren’t really made for two singers though, what’s Chris actually planning with you in the group?” Ty shrugged “I’m not really sure, I just really liked you guys and felt honored he would hire me”

“We’ll talk to Chris about his plans when he gets here. Can’t believe he’s late”

“Stop your whining!” They heard Chris say. “Hey Chris” Peyton said happily”

“You all playing nice?”

“They are” Ty answered. Kirk cleared his throat “so how’s this going to work with two singers?”

“Trust me, his voice will compliment hers perfectly.”

“Come on you guys heard him, in your booths. Ty, you’re with me.” Peyton grabbed his hand and pulled him into a smaller sound proof room. They each put on a pair of large headphones and stood in front of the microphone.

“You ready Peyton?” Chris said, his voice coming over an intercom. She gave him a thumbs up. They could hear the other’s music in the headphones and she reached over and grabbed his hand, giving him a happy smile. They started singing, her lilting voice blending well with his deeper one. Her heart beat excitedly in her chest and she felt an instant connection with him. Her cheeks turned red and she found herself staring into his eyes. They were a beautiful shade of blue.

The song ended and she could see the others coming out of their booths to see if it was actually Ty in there with her. She pulled her headphones off and he did too. “Come on, lets see what they have to say.”

The minute they exited the booth Ty was mobbed by the band. “That was so amazing.” Cassandra said.

“I still can’t believe that was your voice. Chris did you sneak some other dude in here when we weren’t looking?” Kirk asked.

“I told you that he was amazing.” Chris said with a satisfied look on his face.

“You are a true artist.” Russell said. “What do you think Simon?”

“Very good. You sounded amazing next to our little sister.”

“Good, now that we’re all in agreement. He’ll be going on tour with you guys in two days starting in Russia.”

“Two days? He just got here?” Cassandra replied.

“I think he’s more than ready so pack warm clothes.”

Ty looked at Peyton “you really enjoyed singing with me? I’m not an intrusion” Peyton smiled “you’re a perfect fit. I’m just surprised we’re leaving so soon with you. I’m even more surprised how perfectly we sing together.” Ty smiled “I already knew it would sound that nice. I’ve sang with you many times in my home while I listen to your CDs. I adore the way your voice sounds when it mingles with mine.” He looked into her eyes again the way they had in the booth. They both blushed at the same time and broke the eye contact. “Um” he started looking at her again “Um what?”

‘I should probably have your number.”

“Ok, tell us all yours and we’ll send you a text.” He told them his number and they all put it in their cells before sending him a text back so he could add their numbers later. “Lets all go grab some lunch. Dont want to practice too much and hurt our cords and hands before a tour” Cassandra with a much more cheerful disposition than before. Kirk was glad she was feeling better about Ty “where would you like to eat?”

“Sonic good with everyone?” all her bandmates and Chris nodded so they walked out to meet eachother at Sonic. When Ty got in his car he went ahead and found the text with Peytons aname and saved her number. His heart raced as he dove into those beautiful grey eyes when they were singing. He was glad he sounded good because the music seemed to fade as he drifted away in them. He put the phone in his pocket and started the car.

When he got to Sonic, Peyton ran over and asked if she could order with him. He nodded and she opened the passenger door, pushing the seat forward so Nexus could jump in the back. “What about your car?” He asked.

“No worries, they won’t mind.” She answered. “I wanted to ask if you would like to stay at my place for the next couple of days that way we could drive to the airport together.”

“You just met me are you sure you can trust me?”

“Yes, I’m sure. You don’t have to stay with me, but it would give us a chance to practice some more.”

“I’ll think about it.” He pressed the button on the menu board and ordered for them. She got the foot long chili dog which was her favorite and an ocean water. “So what made you want to be a singer?” He asked.

“It’s always been my dream. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to sing. Most dreams like that never come true, but mine did and everyone has been helping me live it. What about you?”

He swallowed nervously. His dream had been to sing with her, but he couldn’t tell her that. “I don’t know, I just like singing I guess.”

“I’m glad you get to sing with us.” His heart skipped a beat at her smile. She was so much more amazing in person. He had fallen in love with her so quickly after hearing her sing and now that he was close to her he would do anything to stay with her. Their food came and they chatted about Russia while they ate. Neither of them had ever been and were looking forward to going.

“Here I have something for you if you decide to spend the next couple of days with me.” She pulled out her keys and unclipped her spare key. She handed it to him and he slowly took it. “Just come right in. Nexus knows you now so he won’t bite you or anything. Give me your phone.” He pulled it out and handed it to her. She put her address into google maps and saved it. “Come over anytime.”

“Thanks” He said with a smile “Well the group spends a lot of time together. I mean, I understand if you don’t want to stay at my house since you’ll be stuck with me constantly on tour but I just wanted to get to know you beforehand.” Ty really wanted to but was afraid of doing somthing wrong or too forward. He had been thinking of her for a long time but last night was the first she found out he even exsisted. They finished their food and she leaned over the seat to hug Ty. He quickly hugged her back. When she pulled away Peyton got out of the car and called Nexus. “Remember, anytime is good. Just come right in”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you” Peyton could see he was hesitant to stay and felt a little awkward about offering now. Maybe it was too fast to invite him to stay but that’s just who she was. She trusted everyone until they gave her a reason not to and she really liked him and those deep pools of blue that she just sunk into every time their eyes met. She hoped her offer hadn’t made him uncomfortable and that he actually would show up at her house. Peytons friends honked and waved at her as she walked by their cars.

When Peyton got home she fed Nexus and made herself a strawberry smoothy. Once it was ready she walked over to her couch to watch TV. She flipped through the channels until she saw that Too Cute was on Animal planet. This episode was about puppies so Peyton waited for Nexus to get jealous. When one barked Nexus came over and jumped on the couch making Peyton giggle.

Ty just sat staring at her key. He really wanted to spend more time with her. He sighed, knowing he couldn’t resist what was probably a once in a life time opportunity. He packed his suitcase and headed out. He resisted the urge to speed, not wanting to get pulled over and have to tell her he got a ticket. When he got there he could see that her TV was on. He knocked on the door and waited. When no one answered he unlocked the door and went inside. Nexus was standing there waiting and jumped up to lick his face.

“Hey boy, where’s your momma?” He asked and Nexus went into the living room. He followed and smiled when he saw Peyton asleep on the couch. He turned off the TV and lifted her slowly into his arms. She mumbled something and slipped her arms around his neck. “Come on boy, lets go to bed.” He said and Nexus took off. He followed the dog into the bedroom and lay Peyton gently down. He pulled off her shoes then covered her.

“Good night.” He said softly and kissed her forehead. “I love you.”¬†He left her room, closing the door and finding the closet where she kept her blankets. He pulled his boots off and lay down on the couch, covering himself and slowly drifting off.

The next morning Peyton woke a little confused. She didn’t remember going to bed. She got up, stretched and yawned. She went into the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. It was the pair of tennis shoes setting by her front door that let her know someone else was in her house. She snuck over to the couch and smiled when she saw Ty sound asleep. She went around to the front of the couch and dropped down on her knees next to him. She rested her head on his chest and kissed his chin. He jerked awake and she smiled at him.

“Good morning, would you like some coffee.”

“Yes please” he said as his heart raced. She giggled “I didn’t know I’d scare you that bad. I’m glad you decided to come over here. Since my kisses are so frightening I’ll try and refrain” Peyton said as she walked into the kitchen. Ty stood and tried to fix his hair as best he could without a mirror. He followed her and she spoke again “thanks for putting me in my bed last night. I was confused when I woke up in there but then I saw you when I came out here and it all made sense.”

“Nexus was nice enough to show me where you slept”

“My couch is so comfortable I’m always falling asleep on it”

“Yeah, I slept pretty well.” When the coffee was ready she grabbed two cups and filled them both. She handed one to Ty then asked “Would you like to take a shower first?”

“You could shower and I can start on breakfast. I’ll shower after breakfast.”

“You know how to cook?”

“As long as you like omelettes” Peyton smiled and finished her coffee. She walked up to Ty and kissed his cheek “thanks for cooking. I hate cooking” She walked to the bathroom as Tys face got warm again. He nervously looked for her pans then grabbed some cheese and other ingredients to put in the omelettes. When he had everything on the counter her cracked the eggs he needed for the first one and began preparing them. It was unreal to be in Peyton Majias apartment. It was especially unreal that he woke to a kiss from her and had received another just for offering to cook breakfast.

Peyton hummed happily as she undressed and switched on the water. She pulled her hair out of its bun and stepped under the warm water. She washed her hair then her body, rinsed and got out. She dried, wrapping a towel around her hair and then another around her body. She danced through her room to her closet, dropping her towels and pulling her chest of drawers open. She had forgot to fold her clean clothes. She opened her bedroom door and stuck her head out.

“Ty can you bring me a pair of panties out of the dryer please?” She asked.

“Uh…sure.” He answered nervously. He went into the laundry room and opened her dryer. It didn’t help that all of her panties were lace thongs. He cleared his throat and grabbed a pair, taking them quickly to her. He held them out, not looking at her.

“Thank you so much.” She grabbed her panties and disappeared back in her room, dressing quickly. She could tell she had embarrassed him. She hadn’t thought anything about asking him to bring her underwear. She had asked Kirk, Simon, and Russell to do the same thing, but then again they were like brothers. She went out and into the kitchen, jumping up on the counter. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay, you needed help.”

“Want to slug me for embarrassing you?”


She giggled. “It was just a joke.”

He was just finishing the second omelette. Peyton hopped down and grabbed her plate and juice he had already poured. They sat down together and she tried the omelette he had prepared for her. “Thank you, I like it alot. Much better than cereal” Ty smiled “I’ll make you somthing better for breakfast tomorrow if you’d like to go to the store with me today. I’d like to buy a few things so I can make you nice meals”

“aw, that’s so sweet. I’m glad I invited you to stay with me. My cereal in the mornings is going to be extra lame after this.” Peyton was enjoying her omelette so much she didn’t say anything else. When Ty was done he went to clear the table and Peyton stopped him “you cooked, go take your shower and I’ll clean up. Don’t forget any clothes like I did. I don’t want you t be embarrassed again” Ty went over to his suitcase and pulled out a change of clothes and his toothbrush. He looked into the kitchen as he walked by to get a quick glance at Peyton again. His shower was short since he was anxious to be with Peyton. Ty brushed his teeth, dried then pulled his clothes on. He messed with his hair until it was how he wanted it.

Peyton was playing with Nexus when he walked out. She stood and said “woudl you like to get our shopping done so we can just hangout and get to know eachother better?”

“That sounds like a good idea. Lets take my car”

“Fine by me” They walke dout of her apartment then she hooked her arm with his like she often did with her other band mates. She was much more excited than she was letting on about him deciding to come. She found herself hoping he woudl frequent her apartment. They got in and Ty drove to the store. When they arrived he thought about what he would like to make her. He decided he would get what he needed to make Honey Ginger Salmon for lunch, White chicken chili for dinner and Breakfast Pizza for breakfast. “since this is for both of us to eat do you want me to pay for half?” Peyton asked as they walked around the store.

“No, it’s my treat”

She smiled and kissed his cheek again. He was enjoying her constant affection. “Would it bother you if I invited the others to dinner tonight?”

“It’s your home.”

“Yeah, but I want you to be comfortable. They can be kind of intimmidating.”

“I’m not scared of them even though I’m sure Kirk would like me to be.”

She giggled. “Trust me when I say he’s usually very nice. He’s a real flirt, not with me but with other women. Pisses Cassandra off and he’s even in love with her.” She sighed with a smile on her face. “If he stopped flirting all the time then she’d give him a chance. Anyway, most guys are afraid of Simon. Anyone who has ever asked me out didn’t stay long because they were terrified of him. I guess it’s a good test for a good man. If you can look Simon in the eye without flinching then you must be made for me.”

“You guys seem like a real family.”

“Yeah we are. Simon is the oldest and acts as the eldest child. He’s the one with the cool head that keeps the others under control. Then Cassandra is next, the hot headed older sister. After her is Russell who has the smarts then Kirk who is the second youngest, then me the baby. Chris is like the band dad which makes sense.”

“It’s funny you say Simon keeps everyone under control because he says you are the one who does that. He said they would do anything for you.”

She shrugged. “Maybe. So I’ll call Chris when we get back and have him call the others and bring beer.”

Peyton and Ty finished their shopping and paid. When they got back to Peytons apartment he tried not to let her carry the bags. “None of that, I will help you carry this stuff. I live by myself, who do you think carries bags all the time?” He reluctantly let her grab some. They got all the groceries put away then Peyton sent a text to all the band members at once inviting them for dinner and asking someone to volunteer to get the beer. After it was sent she said “I need to take Nexus on a walk. Want to come? We can let him play in the dog park.”

“sounds fun” Peyton attached Nexus’s leash then they headed back out. “How far is the park?”

“Like ten minuets. You can walk that long right?” Ty laughed “Of course I can”

“Hey, that’s actually not a ridiculous question. My last boyfriend would’ve had to rest after the shopping trip”

“Not surprised he wasn’t tough enough to stare down Simon then” Peyton lightly laughed “I’m going to have a tough time ever getting a boyfriend with Simon around but like I said, if a man can stare down Simon he must be the one for me. I know Simon and the others just try to look out for me. We really are a family”

“So, if Kirk loves Cassandra then why does he flirt? Why doesn’t he stop to be with her?”

“He isn’t aware thats why she wont be with him. It’s not anyones place to make him aware of that aside from Cassandra. Flirting is just what he does, he doesn’t even mean it when he flirts with anybody but her. Of course he is attracted to other women but the only woman he really wants is Cassandra.”

“Has he asked her why she won’t go out with him?” He asked as they made their way back to the apartment.

“Yeah, but she just says if he can’t figure it out on his own then he must be a real idiot. The truth is Kirk is a real knuckle head and Cassandra is to impatient. I would say something, but I don’t think it’s my place. I guess if they keep dancing around each other I’ll say something.”

He smiled down at her, loving how devoted she was to her little musical family. “Would you like me to make lunch?”

“If you want to. We should work on writing a couple of songs. Our band doesn’t have any duets and I would really like some. They can go on our new CD.”

“I would like that a lot.” She went and got a pen a paper while he thre together two turkey sandwhiches. He went into the living room and sat with her on the couch. They ate and worked on lyrics, wanting to share them with the rest of the band when they got there that way they could write the music. Peyton was very happy with the words. It was a love duet of course, but she believed those were the best. She had always loved love songs, even sad ones. She smiled up at him and he smiled back, his blue eyes swimming with warmth and adoration. No one had ever looked at her so lovingly. She got nervous and looked away as a blush creeped up her neck.

He noticed the blush “you ok?”

“Yeah, sorry. This is a really good song”

“I think so too”

“I can’t believe how easily we wrote it.”

“well, we just seem really good together” Ty said with a blush of his own. “yeah” at the same moment they felt the urge to kiss eachother. Almost like their minds were in sync, they both moved into a kiss. Their hearts fluttered as they both were shocked at what they were doing. It was a long, sweet kiss. One that neither of them wanted to break away from. It only stopped when Nexus jumped on them. Peyton pulled away smiling “silly puppy, get down” Nexus obeyed and Peyton looked back into Tys adoring eyes. She smiled “I really love the way you look at me” Ty wsn’t sure what to say. His mind didn’t seem to be functioning any longer aside from wondering what that kiss meant to Peyton.

“are you going to say anything?” Peyton asked softly “sorry, that was just so amazing.”

“It really was’ Peyton agreed making Tys heart flutter again. He hoped that meant he could kiss her again as he pulled her into another. She wrapped her arms around his neck as their lips moved against eachother. Peytons tongue crept into his mouth and his tongue soon followed into hers. He pulled Peyton back as he laid down on the couch. Their sweet, gentle kissing turning more sensual. Peyton pulled back again and smiled “What do you say? Want to stay here longer than you originally planned?” She placed her hand on his cheek. He grabbed it “as long as that means we’re dating” Peyton giggled then responded “You ahven’t survived a stare down with Simon yet”

“I can take care of that tonight” Peyton giggled again and gave him a brief kiss on the lips. “Me asking that was my way of asking you to be my boyfriend. If you can kiss that good I can only imagine how good you are at other things.” Peyton winked and Ty got redder.

“I have to tell you that I love you Peyton and I have from the first moment I heard you sing. I had not even seen your face yet, but your voice made me want to at least meet you. It had always been my dream to sing with you.”

His words made her heart do a little flip. She had to kiss him again. He held her tightly to him and she moaned into his mouth. He slipped his hands under her shirt, stroking her soft skin. Goosebumps covered her and her heart thundered loudly in her chest. He was incredibly gentle, his hands seemingly worshipping her. She pulled back with a gasp and pressed her face into his chest. “I’ve never felt like this before. It’s insane.” She said, her voice suddenly shy.

“Me either. We definitely have some intense chemistry going on here.” He chuckled when she still had not raised her head. “You were so outspoken before, what happened?”

“I don’t know.” She raised her head and he smiled at her red face.

“I hope you can keep that blush under control tonight when everyone else is here.”

“Me too.” She rested her head back on his chest and he rubbed her back and neck. They both felt absolute bliss just laying together, soaking up each others warmth. She fell asleep on top of him and he turned the TV on then kissed the top of her head. He was going to love going to Russia with her. He knew from one of her interviews that she loved tigers and planned to take her to see some. He would do anything to make her smile.

Nexus whining to go to the bathroom woke Peyton a little while later. “I’m coming”

“want me to join you again?”

“I’d love that” They both got up and walked out with Nexus. Peyton checked her phone while they were walking “everybodies coming and Kirk Simon is bringing beer. You want me to wait to tell them we’re together?”

“Why would we wait?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t known you that long and I thought maybe you’d want to wait, especially since Kirk and Simon will probably try to intimidate you.”

“They wont be able to. If you would rather wait we can. Let them get used to me for a bit and then tell them.” Peyton smiled “Kirks pretty intimidating and so is Simone when he goes into serious, dark mode.” Ty laughed “I could face anything to be with you.” Peyton wrapped an arm around him and he wrapped his around her. When Nexus was done with his business they walked him back into the apartment. “they said they wanted to come before dinner so will be here in about half an hour.”

“Ok, want to practice the new song we wrote? Maybe we can sing it for them when they are here.” Peyton gave him a sweet smile then grabbed the lyrics. He pulled her into his lap on the couch and they sang the song, it’s beautiful lyrics filled Peytons apartment while filling their hearts with happiness. Peyton couldn’t believe what a sweetheart Ty was. Chris really had done an amazing thing added this man to the group.

They sang and laughed until there was a knock on the front door. Peyton hopped off his lap and ran to the door, pulling it open and giving everyone big hugs. Simon tusseled her hair and actually gave her a smile to Ty’s shock. He actually looked really nice when he smiled. “What? Dinner’s not ready yet?” Kirk said, making everyone laugh.

“Not yet and you guys are early anyway. I’ll get to cooking for you. Cassandra do you and Chris want to help?” They both nodded and followed her into the kitchen. Chris put the beer in the fridge and then went to help prepare the food.

“So what have you two been up to?” Kirk asked as he took a seat next to Ty.

“We wrote a duet. We wanted to show you guys so you could write the music.” Ty held out the lyrics and Kirk took them. Kirk nodded and handed the lyrics to Simon. Russell stood close and read them with him.

“These are brilliant. I hope you two will sing for us.” Russell said with a smile. Simon stared down at Ty then bent down so his face was right next to his. He sniffed and then pulled back with a hmm. He sat down on the loveseat and Russell sat next to him, scooting close so Simon put an arm around his shoulders. Ty switched on the TV and they sat and watched The Illusionist until Peyton called them to the table. They all sat down and ate, chatting about the tour.

“Oh just so you guys know there will be a journalist accompanying us. She does international coverage. Ty, she’ll be wanting to talk to you the most.”

“That’s fine.” They finished eating and Simon cleared his throat.

“Can I talk to you alone Ty?” He asked and Ty nodded, getting up and following him outside. Once the door was closed Simon said, “That’s a really pretty perfume you’re wearing.”

“excuse me?” He said puzzled and Simon smiled “don’t play coy with me. You and our Peyton are a thing or you atleast did the nasty” Ty couldn’t help but laugh, it wasn’t just that he said the nasty, but how he said it made it hilarious. “We kissed a bit and yes, we are together. I love her very deeply and was very pleased to find out she has a strong attraction to me too.”

“She doesn’t love you?”

“She didn’t say i love you too so I can’t say she loves me but she acted as if she loved me. She certainly kissed me” Simon smiled then his face grew more serious and he threateningly looked into Tys eyes. Ty had to admit, Simon could definitly be intimidating but Ty was unwavering. He knew he was being tested so showed no fear and even went as far to return the challenge in his own eyes. They stayed locked like that for what must have been ten minuets when Simon stopped and gave an approving smirk. “You’re fit for her. I approve and will tell her as much but if you do anything to hurt that wonderful woman in there the whole band will be on your ass. You treat her with respect and god help you if you ever cheat on her. Women love to throw themselves at musicians, especially singers. I will wring your neck if I ever even suspect you of cheating on Peyton”

“You don’t have to worry about that”

“well then, lets get back inside” When they walked in Simon put a hand on Tys shoulder “I approve. Any man that doesn’t shake when I threaten him is good enough for you.” Cassandra smiled “that’s so sweet, you shoudl have told me Peyton. When did this happen?”

“Not too long before you guys got here” Peyton said with a smile. “well good, I can’t believe one actually passed Simons test”

“He’s not that scary.” Ty said and elbowed Simon in the ribs. Simon put him in a headlock.

“Hey what about my approval?” Kirk asked.

“What about it?” Simon just stared at him. “If you want some alone time with him then be my guest.” He released Ty who almost fell from the force of him jerking back.

“Yeah come on Red, you want to go?” Ty joked, holding up his fists.

“You think you can beat me little guy?” Kirk asked, coming to his feet.

“I know I can. Lets wrestle and if I win you have to give me your blessing to be with Peyton.”

“Outside boys, this is an apartment complex.” Peyton said with a giggle.

“Yes ma’am.” Ty replied and they headed outside. Everyone grabbed a beer and sat out front to watch the two men wrestle in the grass. Kirk was a lot taller than Ty and more muscular. Ty just looked up at him, absolutely unitimmidated. They grappled with each other, Kirk using his strength to take Ty down. Ty just smiled, shimmying out of the hold and jumping on Kirk’s back. He clung to Kirk like he was a spider monkey and got him in a choke hold. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pry Ty off.

“Alright, I give you win.” Kirk said and Ty jumped off his back. “Holy crap, what are you a mutant?”

“I wrestled in high school and won a bunch of trophies and ribbons. My parents still have them displayed.” He said with a grin. He held out his hand and Kirk took it, allowing Ty to pull him to his feet. “Brute strength isn’t everything you know.”

“Alright children, come back in and lets hear that new song.” Chris said.

They went back in and gathered in the living room. Ty stood beside Peyton proudly and very happily. Kirk glanced over to Simon and Russel who also looked really happy. He felt sad again, wishing he knew why Cassandra wouldn’t have him. He would do anything for her but she wouldn’t say what was wrong. He cleared it out of his mind as Ty and Peyton began to sing. It sounded amazing and they knew their fans would love it. Chris knew it sounded so perfect because they had actual feelings for eachother. Love duets always sounded better when the two singing them loved eachother.

“Beautiful” Cassandra said when they stopped singing. “You two should write more” Chris added. “we will” Peyton said and Ty nodded. They just hungout, drank and talked the night away until Chris said that everybody needed to get to bed for the tour tomorrow. He told them to make sure they were all packed tonight and to be at the recording studio bright and early so they could get their tickets. He figured it would be easier to find them all at the studio rather than meeting at the airport.

When the other band members were gone Ty turned to Peyton “I’ve already packed all I need for the trip so we don’t need to go to my place for anything”

“That’s good, I hope Nexus travels well”

“He seems to be a good dog. Don’t worry”

“So, where am I sleeping tonight?” He asked.

“I was hoping with me.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. He held her tightly to him, their tongues dancing around each other. He lifted her and carried her to her room. They pulled at each other’s clothes, their hands exploring each other tenderly. He inhaled sharply at the sight of her nude form. He pushed her down onto the bed and crawled up her, running his tongue between her legs. She gasped, her fingers tangling in his hair as his tongue dipped inside her.

“You taste amazing.” He whispered as he licked up her body and kissed her. He tangled his fingers with hers and stared into her eyes as he pushed slowly in her. He made love to her at a gentle pace, bringing tears to her eyes. He kissed her softly as she orgasmed, her soft cry filling his mouth. He found his release and pulled back to look at her beautiful face. “Are you alright?” He asked as he caught his breath.

“Yes, I’ve just never been this happy.” He kissed her again and moved off of her, pulling her into his arms.

“All I want is to make you happy. You are so beautiful.” He brushed her hair behind her ear and tipped her head up to kiss her again. “I am so happy to be with you.”

“Me too, you are so amazing.”

“We have an early start tomorrow so try and get some sleep beautiful.” He set her alarm then pulled the covers over them. She fell asleep quickly, but he couldn’t help but stay awake and watch her.

He knew he could sleep on the plane anyway and he would feel awkward staring at her with all their bandmates around. She looked like such an angel. He would have never imagined that he would not only get to sing with her, but he also got to be her boyfriend. When the alarm went off he kissed Peyton awake “go get in the shower and I’ll start breakfast” Peyton smiled “Take one with me, we’ll pick up a biscuit on the way. We can’t be late because I have to check Nexus in. It’s ¬†along process if you’re flying a dog too. They have to put him somwhere else.” Ty kissed her head “lets get in the shower then.’ They quickly washed then put on comfortable clothes for the flight.

Ty wanted to carry Peytons suitcase too but she sighed “stop that, I like doing things for myself”

“alright, I’m sorry” Peyton kissed his cheek “you’re sweet, thank you but I will ask if I want help”

“I’ll keep that in mind” They got in the car with Nexus and their luggage then stopped to grab biscuits. They ate on the way to the recording studio. Everyone was there aside from Kirk. He arrived only a few moments after them though. They hopped in Chris’s van so everybody else could leave their cars at the studio. They already had their tickets so Peyton just ahd to check Nexus in. That process didn’t take too long. She kissed him on the head before they took him away. Their plane woud be leaving in twenty minuets so they just sat where they would be loading.

They were first up when it was announced they could board. The seats were in rows of four. Chris gave Peyton the window seat then had Ty, Cassandra and Kirk sitting with them. ¬†Russell got the window seat right in front of Peyton then it was Simon and Chris. When the palne was in the air Chris said “i’ve already gotten us a bus once we get there”

Ty rested his head on Peyton’s shoulder as she stared out the window. He fell asleep and she kissed the top of his head. “Looks like someone didn’t get any sleep last night.” Cassandra said quietly.

“I guess not. I’m kind of surprised.” She replied.

“Oh, so you guys…”

“Shut up.” Kirk said quietly. “I can’t know that. Have girly talk some other time.” Both Peyton and Cassandra giggled.

“Listen to music.” Cassandra replied.

“I left my iPod in my suitcase.”

“Alright, we’ll stop. I love you Kirk.”

“I love you too Peyton.”

Ty woke six hours later, immediately receiving a kiss from Peyton. He couldn’t help but feel excited. He tangled his fingers in her hair and held her still, to kiss her more thoroughly. “Stop.” Kirk said and they both smiled. Russell, Simon, and Eric looked over their seats.

“Oh calm down Kirk, they’re just kissing.” Chris said and went back to reading his book Some Things Fierce and Fatal.

“How does that not weird you out?”

“Because we’re adults.” Simon answered in a very serious tone.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means you’re an adolescent stuck in a twenty-three year olds body. You kiss and screw plenty of women. At least these two love each other.” Cassandra said in irritation.

“fine, I’m sorry then” He said then sat back crossing his arms. When the plane landed it wasn’t long before Peyton had her dog again. He was overjoyed to see her as always. Their bus and bus driver was waiting on the band to take them to their hotel. Peyton couldn’t help but notice how sad Kirk looked and how frustrated Cassandra looked. Ty took her hand and gave it a squeeze. When they got their Chris went to the front desk and got everybody their keys. Kirk had a room, Cassandra had a room, Chris had a room, Peyton and Ty had a room and Russel & Simon had a room.

“Our rooms aren’t beside eachother but they are on the same floor. Just relax for this evening because you have a show tomorrow” Cassandra almost ran away and Kirk sulked away. Simon groaned “That’s getting annoying to watch. Why don’t we just shake Kirk and tell him to stop being a flirtacious idiot so those two can get together. Can’t I slap him and make him become an adult Chris?”

“Leave it be, he’ll grow up one day.”

“He’d grow up faster if he realized that’s what it took to get the girl he really loves” Russell added. Chris sighed “If he’s too stupid to figure somthing like that out he’s too stupid to handle a relationship with Cassandra. Kirk needs to use his brain more than his penis. If we solve this for him he’ll still be just as ignorant and do you really want them to get in a relationship and it go south? It could ruin the band. They have too much passion for eachother. He really can’t be this stupid forever”

Peyton sighed and grabbed Ty’s hand. She pulled him down the hall to their room, afraid if she stayed she would lecture everyone. She had been wanting to tell Cassandra and Kirk to stop being idiots. They were supposed be a family and families didn’t lie. “You okay?” Ty asked as they dropped their bags and he pulled her into his arms.

“Not really. I hate when they fight. I mean they’re not yelling at each other, but they’ll give each other the silent treatment. It makes me sad.” She answered and pressed her face into his shirt. He smelled like Old Spice and it comforted her.

“They’ll work it out.”

“No they won’t. I’ve been with them since I was seventeen. That’s four years of watching them dance around their feelings like a couple of drunk idiots. I want them to get along, I want them to tell each other how they really feel.”

He ran his hand up and down her back, trying to keep her from crying. She sounded so heart broken. He tipped her head back and gave her a soft tender kiss. He pulled back and tucked her hair behind her ears. “Don’t be sad okay? We’ll figure something out.”

“We could always lock them in a room together.”

He laughed. “Maybe. How about we order room service and stay in here until tomorrow?”

“You just can’t wait to get me naked huh?”

“So, I’m your lover now. I think I’m going to make a point of telling that journalist how much I love you. I want everyone to know you’re mine.” He stroked her cheek. “What about you? Do you love me?” He asked softly, sounding nervous.

“Why would you even ask such a thing?”

“You haven’t said you love me yet. I want to make sure you feel the same way I do.”

“I am madly in love with you. How can I not be? We have this amazing connection and you loved me before you even saw my face. That means a lot to me.”

“I’m so happy to hear that” Ty said then leaned down to kiss her. Kirk sat in his room frustrated. The only reason seeing Ty show so much affection towords Peyton was that he was jealous. All his friends were with the ones they loved while he had to be around the woman he had fallen helplessly in love with was always right before him and he couldn’t have her. It only made it worse that everytime he asked why she wouldn’t give him an answer. He would do anything, change anything. All Cassandra had to do was tell him what he needed to do so that he could have her. He stood, needing this to end. He had loved her too many years. He was going to get Cassandra to tell him why and he was going to get her to tell him tonight.

He made sure he looked good then left his room to go to hers. When he walked out he was ready but the closer he got to her room the more nervour Kirk got. He paused when he arrived at her door. fter a few moments he made himself knock. Cassandra opened the door with the most heart wrenching look. “are you crying?”

“No, I don’t cry” Kirk grunted and pushed his way in “hey! I didn’t invite you in here”

“I know you didn’t. We’re talking and that’s that. I’m tired of this, I need you Cassandra. I love you so much. Please, just tell me why i can’t be with you. You are the only woman I’ve ever loved” Cassandra frowned, feeling he probably said that to every girl. She didn’t feel special when he said sweet things because of how much she saw him flirt and sleep around. “Please leave Kirk. I dont want to talk to you”

“You never do, please, tell me what I need to do. I love you. I truly deeply love you. Stop shutting me out and explain to me why I’m not good enough for you”

“Just stop Kirk”

“I always stop, not this time Cassandra. I will not leave until you give me a reason. I love you and I can’t take it any more. I can’t take it one more day, not even one more night. I think I deserve to know why. Give me a chanve to fix whatever is wrong with me. I promise you I don’t know. I’m sorry if that makes me an idiot but I really don’t and it’s so frustrating. End this and tell me so I can be a man that you can love”

“I said go away you idiot.” She was getting angrier and angrier. She wished she had been holding something hard so she could throw it at him. She balled her hands into fists, ready to smack him.

Peyton could hear the fighting from down the hall and hurried out of her room. Ty was close behind and they came to a stop in front of Cassandra’s open door. “Are you two fighting?” She asked.

“No sweetie, Kirk was just leaving.” Cassandra answered.

“I’ve had enough of you guys fighting all the time. It’s not fair to everyone.”

“Peyton, we’re not fighting so calm down.” Kirk said and turned to comfort her.

“No, just stop.” She backed out of the room and slammed the door shut. “Hold this closed Ty.” He gripped the handle and placed his foot on the wall, pulling back.

Kirk tried opening the door, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Let us out of here.” He said as he banged on the door.

“Not until you both grow up. So do it fast or you won’t be able to play tomorrow. What would Chris say if we didn’t make it to our own concert?” Peyton replied in an irritated tone. “I’m going to go get Simon.” She said and took off. She knocked on Simon’s door and he pulled it open. His look of irritation quickly fading into a smile.

“What’s up little sister?”

“Can you please come help Ty hold Cassandra’s bedroom door closed? We have her and Kirk trapped in there so they can talk.” He started laughing and went and grabbed his shirt.

“I’ll be back in a little bit Russell. Why don’t you order us four some food. This is going to be a long night.”

“Okay babe. You have fun.” Russell replied with a happy smile.

They stood there staring at eachother for awhile until Cassandras anger, frustration and sadness made her unable to resist crying. Kirk tried to hug her and she pushed him away “Cassandra please”

“just stop it. You don’t love me, you can’t possibly mean that you love me. You flirt with women all the time, you take them to your room all the time. How can any woman be special to you? You flirt right in front of me and claim you love me.” Kirk froze, unable to respond. It finally hit him, his flirting was the problem. Her tears wrenched his heart and made him able to speak “Cassandra…I did all that because I couldn’t have you…I didn’t know if I ever could so I was having pointless, irritated sex. I’ve always been a flirt but I can stop, I can stop if I have you Cassandra. He touched her cheek as his eyes grew wet “Please Cassandra. I’ll do anything to be with you. I’ll prove it. If you want me to prove I’ll love you I’ll quit flirting an abstain from sex for six months, I’ll do it for years if it means at the end I can finally be with my dream girl. You are everything I want, perfect for me in every way. I love everything about you Cassandra. I need you so bad…I’ve wanted to hold you for so long” Kirs voice started to crack and he tried to hug her again. This time she accepted and gripped the back of his shirt, crying harder into him.

Kirk didn’t know what else to say. He wished he wasn’t so stupid. “You’d really quit having sex all together for whatever time I chose, even if it were years with only the promise you’d get to be with me at the end.” She said in a shakey voice and Kirk nodded, not wanting to cry more. “I love you too, I always have. It’s why it hurt so much to see how you’d shamelessly flirt with girls all the time. Would you abstain for three years?”

“Would you promise to be mine if I did” Cassandra nodded and he said “then your wish is my command. I’ll prove I love you by not flirting or having sex for three years” Cassandras jaw dropped and she clung to him tightly and she sobbed into his shoulder. She couldn’t believe he had actually made such a deal “you really do love me” She said almost inaudibly. “I do, so much”

“I want to be with you now, screw three years. Just the fact you’d agree to that is enough for me” Peyton smiled and Simon let go of the door whispering “lets go back to my room guys, Russel ordered us food” Ty took Peytons hand and they walked away. Kirk and Cassandra stood there holding eachother until he asked in a whisper “Could we laying on the bed and tangle ourselves in one another…I’ve dreamed about that for so long”

“That would be wonderful” She whispered back. Kirk picked Cassandra up and got under her covers with her. He tilted her head up gently and pressed his lips into hers, fresh tears running down his face. When he pulled back “That simple, loving kiss is the best feeling I’ve had in my live. Please let me stay here all night and hold you. I just want to feel you close to me and enjoy how I feel when we kiss. I don’t even want sex, I just want to stay the night.”

“Get Chris to cancel your room tomorrow and we’ll move your stuff in here”

“Sounds good, as long as I can stay here.” He kissed her once more then just held her tightly against him. He felt like such an idiot for not seeing how bad he had hurt her with all the women. They had known each other for years, but he had still managed to overlook her feelings.

Peyton liked the potato soup Russell had ordered for her. It smelled amazing and she knew she would probably be eating it again. All four of them just talked about the next day. They were all excited to be in Russia. It was so beautiful. “After the concert we should all go to the zoo. They have tigers, and a liger, and even liligers.” She said excitedly.

“What’s a liliger?” Russell asked.

“It’s what you get when you cross a lion and a liger. The cubs are very rare. I want to see them before I leave and I want to pet a tiger.”

“Okay, we’ll all go. You’ll have to let Chris know though. He can’t resist you.” Simon said and took the bite of food Russell was offering him.

“I’ll give him my best pout.”

Ty loved how excited she was. He was going to get her a souvinear while they were there. He thought she would appreciate a tiger plushie the most. He leaned over and kissed her cheek, making her smile widen. He would gladly give his life to see that smile. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He was glad she wasn’t on the verge of tears anymore. He had been ready to give both Cassandra and Simon a stern taking to.

They stayed awake until they knew they had to rest for the concert. It took a lot of energy to perform for their fans. They loved the concerts but it was a big drain. When they recorded they could take breaks but live shows they just had to keep going. “I think it’s kind of sweet that everybody in the group has sombody now” Ty smiled “Yeah. Now we can all just be happy” They stripped down to their underwear when they got back in the room then relaxed into a blissful sleep in eachothers arms. Everybody had someone to hold tonight aside from Chris but Chris didn’t mind being alone, in fact he preferred to be most of the time. He did have some nights where he wished there was a woman in his life but for the most part, he was fine being single.

When morning came they all met in the lobby. Ty knew when Kirk and Cassandra came down because Peyton smiled. They were holding hands and looking extreamly happy. They found somwhere nice to have breakfast then loaded up to go to where their concert would be held. On the tour bus Kirk and Cassandra sat close with Kirks arm around her. Simon smirked “I thought PDA was a no go for you. You two just get together last night and it’s been non stop today. Even at the breakfast you kept making gaa gaa eyes at Cassandra”

“shut up” Kirk said with a smile. Russle lightly laughed at the exchange earning him a kiss on the cheek from Simon. Simon couldn’t resist giving Russel a kiss when he would laugh. They went in with their music equipment then had men Chris hired set everything up for them to perform. “are you nervous about your first show?” Peyton asked with a warm smile. “No, we have perfect chemistry in every way. This will go smoothly.” Peyton kissed him quickly. “I’m glad you aren’t nervous. I’m actually excited to sing with you for everybody”

“Ty, the journalist is waiting for you in the break room. I told her a few quick questions and then you have to go on.” Chris said and Ty nodded.

“I’ll be right back my love.” He said and hurried off. The woman who was waiting for him was dressed in business attire. Her hair was pulled back in a neat bun. Standing next to her was a young man, probably no older than eighteen with a camera. They greeted him with a smile and gestured to an empty chair.

“So Mr. Meyers, I know how busy you are so I will make this as quick as possible. How does it feel to be a part of Until Dark?”

“It feels amazing, one of the most exciting experience of my life.” She scribbled his words down in a notebook. The camera man took a picture.

“Did you always want to sing?”

“Not until I heard Peyton sing. She has an amazing and very inspiring air about her and her voice is so beautiful, it just kind of drew me in.”

“What has been your favorite part of being in Until Dark?”

“Being with the love of my life Peyton Majia.”

The journalist’s eyes widened and her pen hovered above the paper. “Are you two dating?” She asked and arched her eyebrow.

“Yes ma’am we are.” There was a knock on the door and Chris pushed it open. Ty smiled at him and got up. “Thanks for the interview.” He walked out and Peyton ran to him, her arms going around his neck and pulling him down into a kiss. There was a camera flash and she turned her head and smiled as the camera man took another one. He couldn’t help but think she was the most adorable sight he had ever seen. She grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the rest of the band. They stood there excitedly waiting as they were introduced. Each couple walked on stage hand in hand. Everyone broke apart to take their positions with the exception of Peyton and Ty who stood at the front with their fingers laced together.

The performance went perfectly. Peyton felt they sounded better than ever before now that she had Ty to sing with and the whole group was in perfect harmony now that Kirk and Cassandra were finally together. When the show was over everyone was exhausted, only running on the thrill and excitement of performing for their adoring fans. They signed shirts, cds and many other things while getting pictures with a few fans. The fans noticed Kirk walk on stage holding Cassandras hand but still tried to shamelessly flirt since Kirks whole fanbase knew he would hook up with fans. All their attempts either went unnoticed or he’d say that he was in a relationship with Cassandra and wasn’t interested.

Cassandra smiled everytime he rebuff a flirtacious fan. He really was absolutely serious about her. She felt sad that she had discounted his feelings all this time. He had truly loved her, was even willing to go without sex for three years just to be with her. When Chris finally shooed everyone away they loaded back in the bus to rest at the hotel and order room service.

When Ty and Peyton got into their room Ty kissed her head “I’m glad the reporter got a picture of us together. I want to make sure I get those pictures”

“I’ll tell Chris, he’ll have her email them. I brought my camera if you want some pictures of us together.”

“I want to hold you for now but I definitely want to use that camera later or tomorrow.” They both stripped so they could shower. Ty once again marveled at how beautiful Peyton was making her giggle. “We need to get clean”

“I could lick you clean” Peyton laughed again “I’m tired Ty”

“I’m still full of energy, it’s all that adrenaline.” He said as the stepped under the warm water. He pulled her against him and kissed her. “You have no idea how sexy you are when you sing do you? You should have seen all the men drooling over you.”

“I did see, but they mean absolutely nothing. All I want is you.” She yawned and rested her head against his chest. “I really am tired.”

“I know, lets get clean.” He washed and rinsed them both then lifted her out of the shower and dried them. He carried her to bed and got with her under the covers. “You still have to tell Chris we’re going to the zoo tomorrow.”

“I will in the morning. He won’t say no, he knows how much I love tigers. I have this plushie I used to bring with me to every concert. He was my good luck charm.”

“Why didn’t you bring him this time?”

She smiled with her eyes closed. “Because you’re my good luck charm now.” She fell asleep as soon as the words left her mouth and he kissed her on her forehead. He was so excited that he couldn’t fall asleep. After their trip to the zoo they would be on a plane to another country and he was going to be with Peyton the whole way. The next morning there was a light knocking on their room door. It woke Peyton instantly and Ty grumbled about not getting to hold her a little longer. She giggled and they got out of bed, quickly dressing. She pulled the door open and smiled up at Chris.

“Oh no, I know that smile. What do you want from me?” He said.

“Can we please go to the zoo? Please, I want to see the tigers and the liger and the new liliger cubs.” She tipped her head to the side, still smiling happily up at him.

“Damn it, yes we’ll go. Just let me wake the others.”

“Thank you.” She gave him a big hug and he couldn’t help but smile and hug her back.

Chris left and she squealed happily as she went into Tys arms. He kissed her head “stop being so cute” he whispered. “I’m just so excited. It’s going to be amazing!” Ty enjoyed holding her until she pushed out of his arms. “Lets brush our teeth then head down to the lobby” Ty grabbed Peytons face and kissed her sweetly before they walked into the bathroom. They quickly brushed then put their shoes on. Peyton made sure everything was in her purse that she needed then went down to the lobby where Chris, Simon and Russell were waiting. Russell gave Peyton a hug “we’re just waiting on Kirk and Cassandra”

It wasn’t much longer before Kirk and Cassandra entered aswell, holding hands as they were yesterday. Kirk seemed unwilling to break contact with Cassandra unless it was necessary. Peyton expected as much. It had always been so obvious how much they loved eachother. They exited the hotel and loaded into the van. Peyton was fidgety in the car since she was so excited. Ty kept giving her random kisses because she was too cute to resist like that. Even Simon, who was so often serious, kept smiling at Peytons glee. It was almost like taking a small child to the zoo for the first time.

Everybody let Peyton and Ty get out first before she burst. The whole group followed and made their way in. Cassandra let out a surprised squeak like noise as Kirk swept her off her feet and kissed her cheek. He smiled at her, his face full of happiness. Cassandra moved into a quick kiss then smiled back. Her heart swelling as she looked at his face. Chris gave Peyton the map “lead the way”

Ty had to hold tightly to Peyton’s hand to keep her from running. He didn’t want her leaving everyone behind. She squealed with delight when she saw the big tigers walking around their enclosure. Ty took picture after picture and she made everyone take one with with her. She saw a zoo keeper driving around and waved him down, asking if she could let one of the tigers. He recognized her from the concert and told her to just wait because he had to ask his superior first.

“I hope they say yes.” She said as she bounced up and down. The zoo keeper came back with three other men and told her he had been given permission to take her into see one of the females. The group followed the men around to the back where they were led through a small room and then into the enclosure. The men had poles and one had a dart gun. The female tiger grew immediately curious and moved slowly over. “Why is she by herself?” Peyton asked.

“She’s pregnant and close to giving birth.” The zoo keeper explained. He called the tiger closer and it started making chuffing sounds as he ran his fingers through her thick fur. He motioned for Peyton to move closer and Ty let her go. She ran her hands happily over the big cat who nearly knocked her down while it rubbed against her. Ty made sure to take a lot of pictures for her. The zoo keeper let them all play with the tiger for an hour then said they had to leave because it was time to feed her. Peyton was sad to go, but allowed Ty to pull her away anyway. They thanked the zoo keepers and signed autographs for them when they asked. Next the visited the liger enclosure and both Peyton and Cassandra melted when they saw the liliger cubs.

The men enjoyed them too but were ready to move on long before the girls. They decided just to wait and let them really enjoy themselves. Ty and Kirk were especially enjoying the girls amusement. They spent all day at the zoo just enjoying everything. When it was time to return to the hotel Cassandra and Peyton were sad but knew they had to get on a flight tomorrow morning so they could put on another show for their fans. On the way out Ty and Kirk went into a gift shop and bought Cassandra and Peyton a stuffed animal Liliger. They both kissed their boyfriends then walked with everybody else back to the van. They decided on room service for dinner again so everybody could just relax. As Peyton laid in Tys arms she couldn’t be happier. In the past couple days she had met the most wonderful, sweet man who loved her and her two of her best friends finally stopped being stupid and got together. All their tours would be so much better now with everybody happy in their lives. Peyton slowly drifted as her blissful thoughts danced in her head. Ty quickly followed her into sleep, thinking nearly the same happy thoughts about their future.

~ The End ~

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