Rahu & Albina 3

Chapter One

Rahu walked hand in hand with Albina, her carrying the red parasol he had bought her. He was enjoying these daily walks with her. Their sons, now seven, were staying with their grandmother and uncle in town for the week for a festival so he had plenty of time with her. He had been putting off turning her for awhile. He knew he was still hard to live with and had worried that she wouldn’t commit to forever. “It’s nice today.” She said and he smiled down at her.

“You could make the rain beautiful, bad weather, good weather, as long as I have you it’s always nice.”

“Did you do something bad?”

“Not that I’m aware of, it’s just…” He froze, every muscle in his body coiling, his ears picking up the soft sound and he shoved her. The arrows hit him in the chest, stinging as they pushed through muscle and bone. He gritted his teeth, his eyes catching movement in the distance.

“Rahu.” Albina struggled to her feet and third arrow hit the ground next to her, a fuse connected to it. Rahu scooped her up and she dropped her parasol as he ran away. The explosion was deafening, but he managed to shield her from shrapnel.

“Run home, tell Baldr there are hunters.”

“The sun.”

“Go now and don’t look back.” He knew this was only the initial attack, a pair at most, and he really didn’t want her seeing what he was going to do to them. His body ached because of the sun, but he let the pain in his body fuel his rage at being attacked, at his mate nearly being killed.

Albina ran as fast as her legs would take her in fear for Rahu. The men he could handle, the sun terrified her. “Baldr!” she started screaming his name repeatedly when she knew she was close enough to their home for him to hear. He came to her quickly “Albina? Where is Rahu?”

“Arrows came out of nowhere. He stayed to fight. Rahu says they are hunters.”

“We need to get you safe inside. They’ll hurt you too just for being with us willingly.”

“Don’t worry about me, worry about him”

“By worrying about you I’m worrying about him. I don’t have time to fight with you”

Albina wanted to yell at him to go, but she held her tongue, knowing he was right. He took her quickly inside and down into the basement. “Stay here until we get back.” He said gently.

“Just go, hurry.” He left the house, quickly turning and casting an illusion over it so it looked like part of the mountain. It would make it harder for anyone to spot. They’d have to be right on top of it to even notice it was there. He sprinted away, feeling the sting of the sun, but not caring. He and Rahu had faced enemies in daylight before and it was of little consequence when you were being attacked.

Rahu was clutching the second hunter by his throat when Baldr showed up. He was enraged, his teeth bared like an angry wolf. “Who sent you?”

“Fuck you blood sucker.”

Rahu wasn’t in the mood for games and he sank his fangs into the man’s throat, draining him then dropping his lifeless body to the ground. “Bastards.” He raised his eyes to his brother. “Albina?”

“Safe behind an illusion.”

“Search their bodies for tattoos. You know groups like to mark their own. I need to see Albina.”

“You should make sure to clean up first. You’re covered in that other guys blood.”

Rahu looked down. “I hadn’t noticed.”

“Another thing, they’re not just going to give up, more will come, things need to be taken into consideration. Don’t tip toe around it for too long, she’s vulnerable.”

Rahu glared at him. “Later, I just want to see her for now.”

Baldr sighed and just began checking the bodies while his brother went to her. Baldr knew she wasn’t going anywhere and would happily change. She had been with him this long, if she wasn’t going to put up with his crap she would have already left. Rahu hurried inside, leaving the illusion how it was. He went straight to her and pulled Albina into his arms. Every muscle in his body loosened with relief she was safe. She pushed a little to look at him “Are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine. I was only worried about you” She smiled at him “I love you so much Rahu. You’re so sweet” He chuckled “and you are crazy but you’re mine and I really do love you so much”

“You keep being weird. Please just talk to me about whatever you have been wanting to. I’ll hear you out before I answer” He looked a little scared which was odd for him. “stop being so damn observant…” She laughed “come on baby, talk to me”

“Why are you always so pushy, stubborn woman.”

“If I wasn’t so stubborn we wouldn’t be together or have our children.”

He sighed and gently stroked her cheek. “It’s not so easy Albina, it’s…being without you would kill me.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“That’s not what I mean. Even after all these years I still can’t clearly explain things, it’s frustrating, you’re frustrating.”


“I’m sorry, can we take a shower first, I may have gotten a bit out of hand.”

“Sure.” He scooped her up and took her upstairs, pulling both of their clothes off and getting the shower started. He held Albina in his arms, letting his hands move over her, making sure she had no wounds. He had been so close to losing her.

After their shower she insisted again, irritating him but he knew he had to talk to her. “Just hush woman and give me a moment” he said crossly and she sighed. She just stared at him until she heard Baldr come in “I’ll just go hangout with him then. I’m tired of sitting here” He grabbed her and groaned “fine, It’s just that they will be back and as a human you are more vulnerable. I wanted to make you a vampire like us already but now it just seems more important…I can’t let them kill you and regardless I can’t ever live without you. I mean you gave me three boys. They tend to end up being whomever you had them with. I can’t handle three me’s by myself. Only you are that insane”

She smiled and hugged him “that shouldn’t have been so hard Rahu “I love you and my boys and I want to live forever with you and them. Besides, you’re right, you four would probably kill eachother without me here”

“so you will become like me?”


He crushed her to him as his lips found hers in a hungry kiss and he backed her up, pushing her down on their bed. “Albina, I love you.”

“I love you too my sweet, gentle vampire.”

He groaned. “I am far from either of those things.” She smiled lovingly and he felt his heart skip a beat. Only she could do that to him, only she could look at him and not flinch from the darkness lurking beneath the surface. His damnable pride kept him from admitting that she was far stronger than he would ever be. “I need you.”

“Then take me.”

“And change you?”


His lips descended on hers again, his hands pushing at her clothes and pulling at his own until they were skin to skin. Goosebumps swept over him and she traced her fingers over his skin, her touch warm and gentle. She so easily stirred him up and drove out his control. He moaned loudly when her heat enveloped him, his fingers tangling with hers as he slammed into her. His lips found her neck, his teeth nibbling so she tipped her head back for him. Fangs sank into flesh, her sweet blood washing over his tongue, his skin flushing as it rushed through him. He feared overindulging and removed his fangs, letting his tongue sweep over the small wounds. He pushed her over the edge, her back lifting off the bed, her heat dancing around him so he released into her. “I love you.” He said as he kissed her softly.

“I love you too.”

He sat up, pulling her up with him so she sat straddling him. “I’m going to change you and it’s going to hurt.” He reached down and grabbed one of his daggers from the pile of clothes. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Hush, I’ll be okay, stop worrying and delaying the inevitable.”

“You have to drink, it may taste strange.” He said as he let the blade pierce his wrist. “Afterwards, you’ll need to feed from me from time to time.” He refused to let her do so from others unless there was an emergency, he knew his jealousy would never permit it.

She drank it all, not letting the taste get to her. Albina was strong as she always was. He hated watching her go through changing but now she’d live forever with him. He nor his boys would ever have to lose her because as long as he lived there wouldn’t be a soul that he’d let harm her. Rahu already knew he would die for his mate before he let harm befall her. When she fell asleep from the large tax on her body Rahu went to make himself a drink to calm him. “You changed her?” Baldr said, appearing in the kitchen “yes” he downed the drink and Baldr said “don’t get drunk now”

“I’m not, I just needed one”

“You were an idiot to think she wouldn’t change for you. She’s been here this long hasn’t she?”

“just shut your face” Baldr smiled “You’re really happy”

“I love her why wouldn’t I be”

“my mushy big brother” Rahu broke the glass in his hands “I will pound your face in. Stop it”

“fine fine”

“So, report, what did you find?”

Baldr cleared his throat so he wouldn’t laugh at his brother’s attitude. Teasing him over Albina was the highlight of his day, seeing him actually blush when she said something that embarrassed him was a bonus, but he knew right now Rahu was on edge. “They had the cross and crescent moon tattooed on their ankles.”

Rahu growled. “The old order, damn.”

“They’re nothing we can’t handle brother, we’ve faced them before.”

“Not with loved ones at stake.” He sighed. “When night falls, sneak down to the village and check on the boys and Albina’s family. Explain to them what’s going on, reassure them everything is fine, and make sure they understand to keep the boys inside.”

“The hunter’s didn’t know about them?”

Rahu shook his head. “They would have gloated if they had. There’s a strong possibility they have been tracking us for years.”

“So what’s the plan?”

“I’m going to kill them all. They want a monster, then they will get a monster. I hope Albina will still love me afterwards.”

“She’s not so easily scared. She’d wash the blood from your hands without a second thought.”

“Indeed, I went straight to her instead of washing earlier and she wasn’t phased in the slightest” When night came Baldr did as he was told and went to check on the three boys and Albinas family. They were all making art in the living room when Baldr arrived “oh no, our times not up yet. I haven’t had nearly enough time with the boys” Aine said and Baldr responded “No, I’ve come to warn you. Do not take the boys out. Hunters are here and the most dangerous kind. They are from the old order. They are smart and much more skilled than any other group. It’s honestly best if all of you stay in. Don’t draw attention to yourselves”

“what happened? Is Albina okay?”

“Rahu and I would never allow harm to come to her. She’s okay”

“we’ll stay in with the boys.” The boys looked worried over their parents. He hadn’t intended to scare them but they also needed to understand it was too dangerous to go out. With that done Baldr left to be with his brother when he was ready to slaughter them. Killing them off truly was the best answer. Albina was up and groggy when Baldr returned. He went to check on her. He knew his brother would be unhappy with him but he didn’t care.

Chapter Two

“You should stay in bed.” He said gently.


“Stressing, not admitting he’s stressing.”

“I should go to him.”

“Just relax, you’ve been through quite a bit.” He sat down on the edge of the bed. “Thank you for changing. I knew you’d say yes, but Rahu is actually quite the coward.”

“Am I now?” Baldr turned and smiled at his brother, knowing he was in trouble.

“Hello brother. Albina was awake when I got here, you must be going deaf in your old age.”

Rahu glared. “I stepped out to hunt. Albina will need blood after all that.”

“Rahu love, it’s okay.” Albina said softly.

Baldr turned back to her. “I’ll leave you two alone, especially since he’s so worried about you.” He patted her head. “Rest okay, you need to recover.”

Baldr walked out, getting another glare from his brother “Please be nice Rahu” she said softly. He walked to the bed adn sat beside her “I know you hurt but do you feel okay?”

“I’m okay”

“I hate you woke when I left your side”

“I wasn’t up long before Baldr came”

“You need some blood. I got some for you. It will do more for you than mine”

“Thank you” He stared at her, saying nothing. She knew him well enough to know what he wanted to say “I love you too Rahu. I’m really okay. I’m glad you changed me, I love you more for wanting me forever” He stroked her cheek “I hated hurting you”

“I know, our boys? Are they okay?”

“Baldr saw to them. They’ll be safe.” She looked relieved and he smiled. “let me get that blood baby” Rahu walked out and soon returned. “You should like this taste” She quickly drank “not so bad”

“Don’t be stubborn and rest for me”

“what’re you going to do about those men?” Rahu was honest with her “I will kill them all. I hope in knowing that you still love me”

“Of course I do Rahu. My love isn’t conditional. I don’t like it but if you think thats what needs to be done I trust you”

He stroked her cheek. “I don’t want to scare you.”

She let out a soft laugh and he frowned. “You tried remember, snapping your teeth and threatening me. It was adorable.”

“Be good, you’re helpless you know and I’m not nice.”

“You’re the sweetest.” He laid down with her, his arms wrapping around her and his nose pressing into her hair. “See.”

“Hush, I will bite you.”


“And you don’t feed off of anyone but me, I’ll kill them.”

She giggled and snuggled closer. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

“They already stare at you enough as it is.”

“I wouldn’t know, I only have eyes for you.” He squeezed her a little tighter so she wouldn’t be able to see his face. It wasn’t fair the effect her words had on him.

“Rest okay, you need to regain your strength.”

“Because I’m definitely going with you when you hunt them down, no arguing. I can’t just sit around here waiting and worrying, I’ll go nuts.

“You can’t just say no arguing. You have only just been changed. You’ll distract me and make it harder for Baldr and I. You are staying”

“I’m not, I’m going”

“You’re being selfish, don’t make me fight with you right now”

“I’m going Rahu. I will listen while I’m with you I promise.”

“You don’t know how to use your vampiric strength or powers. How will you help us?”

“Rahu” he deeply groaned “fine, do what you want” He got up “where are you going?”

“If a newly changed vampire is coming I need to be more prepared. I love you and its fine, I just need to prepare more if you insist on tagging along” He knew he was an ass to her but she was frustrating him beyond reason with her unwillingness to stay where she was safe. Now he’d be forced to keep an eye on her while he fought since she hadn’t been a vampire even a day yet. Albina groaned, she would normally follow him but she was too tired for her stubbornness to let her do it. She loved him too but that attitude was too much somtimes. She didn’t know what she was going to do when her boys were teenagers and acted like their father.

“What’s got you so worked up?” Baldr asked as he passed through the living room. Rahu ignored him so he followed him into the basement. “Hello, I asked you a question.”

“Damn stubborn woman.” He started going through crates, tossing things on the floor.

“Oh so just you being you then.”

“She insisted on coming with us.”

Baldr sighed. “She’s not a baby.”

“She’s a youngling, she could get hurt, but she said she’s going. I should just tie her up and leave her down here, it’s not like she knows her own strength, she wouldn’t get loose.”


“What?” He snapped.

“I know you’re scared, but Albina isn’t stupid. Think about it, we can take her with us and possibly risk her safety or we could leave her hear alone and there’s the possibility of hunters sneaking in and killing her. Either way she’s at risk, even with my illusions.”

“I hate you.” He tossed more things on the floor.

“What are you looking for?”

“My battle armor.”

“Bottom crate.” Rahu lifted the half empty box and dropped it then opened the one under it. He pulled out his armor and headed upstairs. “Where are you going?”

“To wake up the stupid blacksmith and get him to make a duplicate of this for Albina.”

“Maybe with more you know coverage in the chest area.”

“Shut up and watch the house.”

“Yes dad, thanks for telling me something I already know.”

Rahu glared at him. “And for the record, I’m not scared.”

“You are, you’re a bigger ass than normal when you’re scared so the proof is in how you’re behaving right now” Baldr went to Albina to check on her “Are you okay?”

“Yes” she said angrily. “I’m sorry he was a dick. I’m glad you’re coming”

“He was being so sweet and me demanding to come just turned him right back into an ass”

“I think I softened him to the idea of you coming. I know you’re not an idiot but please actually listen while we’re out. I don;’t want to make you madder but he’s right about you not knowing how to use your abilities”

“I promised him I’d listen”

“we love you Albina”

“I love you guys too” she said a bit more softly. “I know you go above and beyond patience with him but try to pull a little more out for him.”

“I’m trying, I just ache”

“Are you going to let us carry you? Your muscles aren’t ready to do much running”

“Yes, I just need to come. I really wont try to push it”

“Okay, I’ll let you rest more. Rahu will be awhile. He’s getting armor made for you” He shut the door. He knew he was probably just ruffling her more so he left without another word. Rahu was terrifying the black smith while he waited. The man worked as fast as he could while still keeping the quality high. He was all too ready to have the man out of his shop when Rahu left with Albinas armor. He brought it to their room. He was going to have her try it on but her exhaustion from the change had her out again. He kissed her head “I love you” he whispered.

Albina was woke before sunrise by a loud pounding sound. Her eyes flew open and she found herself staring at Rahu’s chest. His arms were wrapped around her, trapping her against him. the loud sound continued to beat in her ears and it took a moment to realize she could Rahu’s heart beating. She took a deep breath, his scent filling her nose. Hunger rose in her and she rubbed her nose against his skin, startling him awake. “Albina, you okay?”


He tipped her head back, studying her face. “What’s wrong?”

“Your heart is loud, it woke me and your scent it’s making me hungry.”

He smiled. “Oh, well first your hearing and nose. Just will them down to normal levels. After awhile it’ll be second nature.” She tried, taking a few minutes to get the hang of it. “Better?” She nodded. “Being hungry is normal the first couple of days. Your body it recovering so it needs sustenance.”

“What do I do?”

“This is why you should stay.”


He sighed, his thumb brushing over her lips then parting them. “Your fangs are like little cat teeth.” He chuckled. “I’m turning into one of those men who thinks his wife is cute, it’s a bit irritating.” She smiled and he huffed. “Stop, don’t say a word or I swear I’ll tie you to the bed and leave you.”

“Sorry, just your face.” She cleared her throat.

“It’s fine, since it’s you I can let it slide I guess.” He sat up, taking her with him and setting her on his lap. He pushed his hair to the side and pulled her head down so her lips brushed his neck. “Just sink your fangs in and drink. It won’t hurt, but you should know that. After, I have a gift for you and then we have to head out so I can find those bastards.”

He held her as she fed then had her try on the armor “I wont have you wear it forever but you’ll need it for now. You will be a mess if you need to fight. I love you and you can yell at me all you want but its true. I’ve accepted you’re coming though so I’ll shut up about it. Do you like the armor. It’s the female version of what I once wore.”

“You had it made like yours? How sweet”

“I asked if you liked it”

“:I do”

“good, keep it on. We’ll be going once I gather a few things.” He walked out and soon came back with Baldr. Albina was changed and back in the armor. “It looks good on her” Rahu nodded and they walked out. Rahu lifted her “I need to carry you” he seemed as if he had been expecting her to bicker with him and looked relieved when she didn’t. He still looked majorly serious but she could see the relief. By hunting them the men had left a scent trail all the way to their base. Baldr and Rahu guessed they had been cocky and assumed that first group would kill them.

“Who are these people exactly?” Albina asked in a whisper.

“The old order.” Rahu answered as he studied the hunter base from the shadows.

“What does that mean?”

“They were created when the first of us were discovered. It was actually our ancestor who drew the unwanted attention of the humans, since then we have been hunted like dogs. The vampires fought back, training their own warriors, people like Rahu and I. They hate vampires, all vampires and will not take the time to figure out whether you are good or evil.”

“I have seen clans destroyed by them.” Rahu added. “Men, women and children.” He lowered her to her feet and tipped her head back so she was looking right into his eyes. “You must stay close Albina, they will show you no mercy.”

“I understand Rahu.”

“And touch nothing, they have their traps.”

“I won’t.” He sighed and gave her a quick kiss. He called on the wolves, commanding them to surround the lair of his enemy. He wanted any who would try to escape taken care of.

Albina followed Rahu and Baldr closely as they snuck in. It quickly became a chaotic blood bath. Albina wasn’t even fighting and she had numerous peoples blood on her being so close to her boyfriend and his brother. What men and women they didn’t kill were killed by the wolves whom Rahu thanked before scooping up Albina and heading home. It was weird seeing him actually tired and honestly seeming to hurt. They hadn’t gone down easily and she knew at least one wound had to do with how much he was looking over at her to make sure she was fine.

When they arrived home Baldr cleared the illusion and they lumbered inside. Rahu went straight for the shower, followed by Albina “are you okay?” he asked and she said “yeah, they were pretty good”

“I knew they would be. Thank you for sticking with me”

“I’m stubborn but I’m not stupid. You seem to confuse the two a lot” He sighed “sometimes your choices just seem stupid to me so it’s hard to discern.” He answered honestly. “if you weren’t hurt I’d punch you”

“You’d punch a vampire you have just seen mercilessly kill that many people? These are the moments I’m talking about”

“You’d never hurt me. You’re hurt worse worrying about me”

“As I said, I didn’t know you’d actually stay by my side. I thought you’d think you could just instantly control your powers and fight with me”

“stubborn not an idiot” he puled her into him “No fighting tonight please.” he said it with so much exhaustion she complied. The next day at about mid afternoon Baldr went to give Albinas family an update and have them keep the boys a bit longer while he and Rahu trained her. He knew it might be best if Albina told them she was a vampire herself but her and Rahu needed rest and her family needed an update before they worried themselves to an early grave.

Her family took it well, acting like the news was just about what pie the baker was selling today. Baldr was not surprised one bit by their nonchalant reaction to her change. Her mother was more than happy to keep the boys longer and they were all relieved everything was the way it was again. He hung out with them a brief time then headed back to help Rahu and Albina. It would take awhile to train her but Baldr knew Albina was going to be an amazing vampire. She was fierce and fearless and a quick learner. Rahu was an amazing teacher too but Baldr wanted to be there to make sure he stayed patient with Albina. Everything was back to normal but everything was different but Baldr liked this new chapter in life.

~ The End

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