Rain & Fallon

Chapter One

Fallon is turning eighteen in just four days. Rain had been falling madly in love with her since she was sixteen and was dieing to tell her how he felt. He had always loved her growing up but since she became a woman he was falling in love with absolutely everything about her. The way she smiled, laughed, joked around, and everything else. He knew she was dead serious about the man who wanted her had to beat her in all things.He worried he may have trained Fallon too well to be able to win her hand.

She was amazing at everything. He didn’t even have to go easy on her when they fought with swords anymore. She had turned into a magnificent woman. He thought Fallon felt the same but wasn’t sure.He also worried about how Hern would react. It was normal for a princess to marry a knight or guard but Hern loved his girls more than the average King so still may not approve of their union even if he could beat Fallon and get her to say yes to marrying him.

Rain didn’t even want to date her. He was so taken by her he wanted nothing else but to marry her and have a family. She was the most beautiful, smart and sweet girl he knew. She had taken much from her mother Suri. He was going to ask on her birthday and begin trying to win her hand in the different things she challenged him to.

“Come on Rain, one more race. How am I going to get all those boys to leave me alone if I can’t even beat you in a foot race?” Fallon stretched her legs then smiled at him.

“Alright one more then we need to eat lunch.” He replied and took up his position next to her. They got into their running positions.” Go.” He said and they took off across the valley, racing to the castle. They were neck and neck until Rain pulled ahead and got through the front gate before her. They dropped down in the court yard, laying in the grass and gasping for air.

“You beat me again.” Fallon said and cleared her throat.

“Not by much, you’re almost as fast as me.” Rain sat up and smiled warmly down at her. He wouldn’t tell her that he had been playing so much chess with her to learn her technique. “So, what do you plan on doing about all these young men?”

“I’ve decided to have my daddy hold a competition. All the men who wish to marry me must compete.”

“Is that why you’ve been training so hard lately?”

“Yes, sorry if it’s been annoying.”

He laughed. “You could never annoy me princess.” He was going to compete, but he wasn’t going to tell anyone. He didn’t want someone telling her. He pushed himself to his feet and stretched his arms above his head. He held out his hands and she took them, allowing him to pull her to her feet. “Ready to eat?”

“Yes, I am starving. Could you rub my legs after? They are so cramped from all the running and wrestling.” She said.

“Sure.” They walked to the kitchen and Fallon sat down at the table while he asked the cook what she already had made that he could take. She pointed at a cherry pie sitting on the counter and he cut two slices, thanking her.

Rain handed a slice to Fallon and she smiled at him making his heart skip. Her smile did that every time without fail. “after I rub you want to play more chess?”

“You always suggest that”

“I like it best”

“but thats what you lose at most”

“I dont need to win to have fun”

“You’re a gluten for punishment.”

“so you will?”

“Of course, I need to be able to beat every man who tries to win the competition” Rain smiled and finished his pie. When she was done he got up and knelt before her to rub her legs as she sat down. It hurt but in a very good and helpful way. “Thank you Rain” Fallon said sweetly. “I hope it’s not hurting too much”

“It needs to hurt in order to help me”

“True, I still try not to hurt you too much” When Rain was about to get up Fallon grabbed his face, landing a kiss on his forehead. “Thanks again Rain” Rain swallowed and stood up quickly. “ready to play chess my princess?”

“Yep, I’m going to kill you” Rain chuckled and gave her his most charming smile “I think I may surprise you.”

“we’ll see” Fallon said grabbing his hand and leading him to the room where they had the chess table. They each sat down and Fallon made her first move. Rain had been learning but he was very stressed about this part of the competition. He was confident in passing everything but this. Fallon was so smart and he worried even getting all this practice he wouldn’t be able to outwit her when he needed to. Rain dug through past games. Rain noticed Fallon had a certain system and what her first move was always indicated how she would play. Rain hoped he had learned this well and made his first move.

Move after move was taken, each person losing pieces. Fallons crush on Rain had developed into very strong love. She really hoped he played chess with her so much because he wanted to beat her when the time came. Fallon wanted to be with him so badly. Rain only seemed to grow more handsome and fun to be around. She wanted to spend the rest of her life around Rain and would be very disappointed if he didn’t compete.

“Check mate.” Fallon said and Rain frowned. He had been so close, but close wasn’t good enough.

“You’ll get me eventually.” She smiled and it warmed his heart.

“I know, some day I’ll be so good we’ll tie every time.” He reset the board and they played a few more games.

“Man I smell. We should shower before everyone in the castle is running from us.”

“I have some work to do anyway. I told your father I would go and check on the Rapu Lake wall.”

They stood and she gave him a kiss on the cheek. They went their separate ways, her to her room and him to the barracks. She stripped down and tossed her clothes on the floor. She turned on the shower and stepped under the warm water. It helped relax cramped muscles. She scrubbed the sweat and dirt from her skin then rinsed and rested her back against the wall. Wrestling with Rain had been a real test of her self control. Having him pinning her down had been exciting and arousing. He had looked so serious while teaching her how to take down someone twice her size, like he was in deep thought. She sometimes told herself that if he competed against her that she would lose on purpose just to be with him, but then she would think of it upsetting him. He would never throw a fight so she wouldn’t either.

Rain got out of the shower and dried. He wrapped a towel around his waist and went out to get dressed. He had lied to Fallon about where he was going. He was actually taking a day journey to a village close by to get her birthday present. He had had a sword custom made for her. It was perfectly balanced and the right length for her size. The swords at the castle were far to heavy for her. He had had his family motto engraved on the blade: Let us be judged by our actions. It was something he lived by and hoped that she too would learn to live by. He wanted to remind her that the things you do today will determine tomorrow.

It was near dinner time but Rain wanted to go ahead and go. If he left for the village tonight it would be less time he’d have to be away from Fallon. As a guard he was trained to miss nights of sleep so he’d just walk through the night instead of resting. He’d use this time to really think of all the moves Fallon made while playing chess. Maybe he would figure her out on his walk there. Once he had all he needed for a safe journey he walked out of the barracks and on towards his destination. He couldn’t wait to see her face when she got it. He also wanted to see how much better she fought with a sword that wasn’t too big.

He was confident enough in his own ability to feel he could still beat her even if she were equally matched with a proper sword. He wanted to beat her fairly anyway. He didn’t deserve Fallon if he couldn’t beat her in all things as she wished. Rain disliked lieing to Fallon but he really wanted this to be a surprise. He cleared everything else but his path out of his head so he could concentrate on Fallons every move in chess today, how she reacted to every move he made. He needed to beat her and that stupid board was the only thing in his way.

Rain knew he only had four days to be able to win against her. He tried to push out the overwhelming worry that some other man would win her from him. He’d have to go to their wedding since he was a guard. How was he supposed to watch the only woman he ever fell in love with get married to another man. Ever since he became a man he had been searching for his perfect mate. He turned down woman after woman because they were not what he wanted and finally Fallon came along. He couldn’t let himself lose her. He loved her way too much to let a chess board take her from him.

Fallon sat staring at the chess board. She played with the pieces, practicing her moves. She was surprised at how skilled Rain had become at playing her. He knew she was highly intelligent even though he never flaunted it, at least not like she did. She still needed to talk to her father. She headed to his office, tapping lightly on the door. He heard his voice on the other side telling her to enter. She pushed the door open and he looked up from his papers, smiling warmly at her.

“Daddy, since my birthday is coming up soon I was wondering if we could put together a competition for the men.” She said as she sat down in the chair across from him.

“How many men are we talking about?” He asked.

“About twenty.They’re going to be competing against me for my hand. You know Rain has been training me so there’s no way I can lose.”

“If you believe this is the best way to find the man you love then I will have the competition set up to start the day before your birthday.”

“Thanks daddy.” She got up and went around the desk, kissing his cheek.

“Do you need anything else sweety?”

“A hug.” He smiled and stood, embracing his daughter. She had grown up far to fast. Both her and her sister were to beautiful and sometimes he wanted to break the necks of any man that even looked at them that wasn’t related with the exception of Mictian. “I love you daddy.”

“I love you too princess. Could you go and ask your mother to come here. I’ve been so busy trying to get everything in order for when I’m ready to step down that I’ve hardly had any time with her.”

“She understands and you’re not neglecting her. I’ll go spend some time with her and tell her about the competition. You go ahead and finish work.”

“Thank you angel.”

“You’re welcome dad” Hern smiled as his daughter closed the door. Only a great man could win his daughters hand if he had to beat her in everything. Fallon found her mother playing the harp. It was a very beautiful sound. “Hey mom”

“Hey Fallon, how are you?”

“I’m good, thats a beautiful song”

“Thank you, I’ve been composing it lately while your father has been busy. I want to play it for him when he has time.”

“are you excited about him stepping down and giving Ryker the throne?”

“Very, I know he is too which is why he’s been working so hard.”

“Dad worries you feel neglected.”

“I don’t in the slightest, that crazy man” Fallon smiled “so I’m getting dad to set up a competition for my hand since my birthday is coming up. I will only accept the man who can beat me at everything.” Suri smiled “I’m excited”

“I know that smile mom, you already knew and you know who will win.”

“I do but of course I can’t tell you sweetheart”

“Will I be happy?”

“I would think so” Fallon got excited with hope it was Rain. Suri knew how much she loved Rain. Suri smiled, she was glad Fallon got the message even though she couldn’t actually say it outright. They made small talk until Hern came out “you ready for bed girls?” They both stood. Hern picked up Suri saying goodnight to his daughter then walking to his room. Fallon went happily upstairs. She really hoped her mother was trying to tell her what she hoped she was trying to tell her. Fallon jumped into bed and hugged her blanket. The excitement made it hard to sleep so she got up and retrieved a book she hadn’t read yet.¬†Fallon sat down on her bed and began to read chapter after chapter until the excitedness died down and sleep consumed her.

Rain walked quickly through the night, already missing Fallon. He wanted so badly to hold her and kiss her. He wanted to fall asleep wrapped in her warmth and wake up every morning to her beautiful smile. He laced his fingers behind his head and stared up at the night sky. He had caught himself many times about to kiss her when he had her pinned on the ground during their wrestling matches. He knew what might happen if he tried, she would slug him and even though he knew it wouldn’t physically hurt he knew it would be like a stab in the heart. At the pace he was walking he should be at the village before morning. He would pay for her sword and get back as fast as possible.

Fallon dreamed of him, worried that something would break through the lake wall and eat him. She always worried when he went on patrol. She knew there were many dangerous things in their world. Every time he returned she had to keep herself from crying with joy and kissing him. She jerked awake and sat up, her heart beating out a fearful rhythm. She got out of bed and went out to the courtyard. She sat down in the grass and stared up at the moon, feeling connected to him through the large celestial body.

“Fallon honey, what are you doing out here?” Her father’s voice startled her.

“Being worried. Rain said he had to patrol Rapu Lake.” She answered and he gave her a peculiar look. “What is it?”

“Nothing dear, just thinking. Don’t worry about Rain, he’s very strong. He’ll be back before you know it.” He smiled at her, helping to calm her nerves.

“Thanks daddy. I’ll go back to bed soon, I just want to look at the moon a little longer.”

“Alright, good night.”

He walked off, going back to her mother. She couldn’t help but smile at the wonderful relationship her parents had. She wanted to be that loved by someone. She wanted to be someone’s reason for breathing. She got to her feet and went back to her room, laying on her back and staring up at the ceiling until her eyelids were to heavy to hold open.

Rain only walked faster as the moon moved through the sky. He knew he wouldn’t be able to buy the sword until a decent hour but he atleast wanted to be there so he could pay for it and be back as fast as possible. Once he was finally at the village where he could purchase the sword he found himself a place on the ground to take a nap until the man was at his shop. He didn’t fully sleep but it was enough to get rest. Rain actually startled the man when he approached him because he sat up so quickly. “are you aiming to give me a heart attack?”

“Sorry sir, I’ve just been waiting on you all night. Is my sword ready?”

“Of course it is, just as promised. Come in please Rain” Rain followed the man inside. He was anxious to see that it had been made just as he asked. The man disappeared into the back then came out holding it in it’s sheath. “I’m honored a guard of the king chose me to make a sword for a girl he loves. I hope you are pleased with how it turned out.” Rain took it from the man and examined it. Rain smiled when he saw it was everything he wanted “Thank you so much sir. I will come back to you in the future if I have any such need again. This is perfect” The man bowed to show his respect as Rain left.

Rain was imagining her beautiful face lit with joy as he walked. He wanted to think about chess but was having trouble not imagining her when he gave her the sword. She never complained about the swords she used but Rain could see they weren’t right for her. After nearly two hours of walking he could finally push her face out of his head enough to concentrate on chess again. He would play her again today if he got back soon enough. He needed to eat and clean himself first which he hated but he couldn’t go see her with sweaty clothes and a growling stomach.

“Come on Mictian, come at me.” Fallon said as she held the sword out in front of her.

Mictian held out both hands, a sword appearing in each one. He rushed her, slashing at her. She ducked and parried, slashing back at him. She crouched, swinging at his legs, when he jumped she spun and kicked up into his stomach then slashed at him. The tip of her sword tore his shirt and she called a stop to the fight. “It’s just a shirt.” Mictian said as he looked at the hole.

“Maybe to you, but Sonata would kill me if I hurt you. I’m glad she opted out of watching.”

“Yeah, she does tend to worry. You would think after all the time I’ve spent with her she would know how tough I am.”

“You’re tough until Sonata starts talking to you, then your a mess. Have you asked her yet?”

He blushed and shook his head. “No, I love her, but that other boy has her affection too. She goes to hang out with him when we argue.”

“You mean Huet.” Fallon started laughing. “You really feel threatened by him. I mean he has a crush on my sister, but she doesn’t love him like that.”

“I know that, but I get so jealous. I just want to rip him in half.”

Fallon patted his shoulder. “You demons have such short tempers. She doesn’t want to marry him, they’re just friends.”

“You’re right of course. I should go find her and see if she wants to go up.” He smiled half heartedly.

“Thank you for practicing with me. Rain says I have to stay on my feet and never get rusty.” Mictian nodded and took to the sky. Fallon decided to take a shower then practice her chess moves.

It always felt good to step under the hot water after sword fighting. It relaxed her and she felt much lighter after stepping out. She often wished Rain would come in after she showered and rub the knots out of her back. It would always lead to her picturing him naked though so she tried not to think of it. It was hard enough trying to control herself around him without putting sexual thoughts into her own head. Fallon dried off then put new clothes on. She stood infront of her body length mirror and looked at herself. She didn’t feel ugly by any means but wondered if Rain found her as sexy as she though he was.

Fallon sighed then walked out of her room to sit at the chess board. She decided to practice until lunch. Fallon needed to keep her mind off Rain. She hated not knowing if he was safe. Fallon was also excited to shame the many men who would compete. She knew they all had big heads and were being over confident about easily beating her. Fallon would savour there faces as they realized they weren’t smarter than a girl. The only face Fallon wanted happy at the competition was Rains if he did compete.

Time passed slow for Fallon, finally it was lunch time so she set the pieces back in their starting positions and walked to the dining hall. Fallon ate while talking to her dad excitedly about the different competitions she wanted them to beat her at. Hern just nodded and then said “I will make sure it’s announced so the men who want to marry you will know it’s going on. I promise all of the kingdom will know of it.”

“Thanks dad” Hern smiled “you’re welcome, I’m excited to see you crush those men. You are a daughter to be proud of and wont be beaten easily at anything. Especially with Rain training you. He is an amazing guard”

Chapter Two

“Yes he is.” She said dreamily. The look her father gave her made her feel embarrassed. She had let her feelings show. “So uh what are you and mom planning for my birthday?”

“Nothing,” he winked. “You know we can’t tell you that. Besides the competition is going to go on into your birthday so we’ll have to plan around it.” She was glad her father had not brought up her little slip.

“It’s going to be an exhausting couple of days.”

Rain started jogging, wanting to make it back to the castle before the sun set. There was a man running along the road, going in the direction he had just come from. “Oh hello Rain. I’m guessing you haven’t heard that the competition for Fallon’s hand is going to start the day before her birthday.”

“Really, that soon?”

“By what the king says she wants to get it over and done with. She’s probably becoming annoyed by all the men.”

“Thanks for letting me know.” He took off at a sprint. He would leave the sword in her room maybe with a boquet of wild flowers. He never saw himself as romantic, in all honesty he didn’t know how to be. He was a soldier, a man used to action. “But so is Hern and he managed to woo Suri just fine.” He said to himself. He wished he could ask Hern for advice, but he couldn’t let the king know, not yet. The top of the castle came into view and his heart beat excitedly in his chest. He was going to slip in quietly and make sure Fallon didn’t see him. He wanted to be clean before she saw him. He was covered in sweat from running and dirt from sleeping on the ground.

Rain jogged to some beautiful flowers near by that he knew Fallon really liked. He got a few of every color that was there then tied them together. He had to go a little slower now so the flowers wouldn’t get messed up but he was so close he needed to go slow anyway. He couldn’t let anybody, even his king notice him. Rain stealthily approached the castle and slipped inside. Without much trouble he was able to lay the sword on Fallons bed with the flowers resting on the hilt of her sword. He carefully went back out and to his home so he could get clean. Rain was disappointed he wouldn’t see Fallon until tomorrow since it was getting late but was still excited.

He knew she was going to be really happy. He was going to come back right after breakfast. Rain knew Fallon would realize it was from him because of what was engraved on it. He hoped she would give him a really good hug and a kiss on the cheek. It wasn’t the kind of kiss he really wanted but he enjoyed whatever affection he could get from Fallon. Rain was glad to be warned that the competition was now the day after tomorrow. He didn’t know if he was ready and able to beat her in chess. He had before but his losses far out numbered his wins against Fallon.

Fallon yawned so decided she needed to go to bed. Rain obviously wouldn’t be back today. She walked to her room trying not to look too sad. Her father probably knew now she liked Rain but just incase she still tried to keep up her front. When she opened her bedroom door her eyes widened with surprise at the sword laying on her bed by some of her favorite flowers. She went over to it quickly and picked the sword up. Fallon slowly pulled the sword out of its sheath, amazed by its beauty. When she read what the sword said she could have cried. Hern gave her that look when she said Rain was patrolling because he obviously lied to go get her a birthday present. Only he would write that on a sword. Fallon wanted to run to his house and punch him for not saying hi to her when he dropped this off.

Rain scrubbed the sweat and dirt from himself then got out and dried. He was to tired to worry about pants so he just went and flopped down on his bed. He stretched and then closed his eyes, playing a mental game of chess. He had studied all of her moves very closely, knew them by heart, but she still managed to win, to some how draw him into a trap like a moth to a flame. He wondered if it was because he was so easily distracted by her. Many times he had to force himself to look at the board instead of her face. The more he thought about her, the more he worried. Fallon was tough as nails, but he knew some of the men might not take their loss with dignity. He knew he would not be allowed to interfere and that made it even worse. He sighed and cleared his thoughts, forcing her out of his head so he could concentrate on the best way to beat her.

Fallon played with her new sword in the courtyard. She spun and slashed, laughing happily. It was lightweight and perfectly balanced. It allowed her to use her maximum speed and strength. She was definitely using it in the competition. She told herself that Rain was going to get a stern talking to when he visited again. Afterwards she would thank him for such beautiful gifts. She had put the flowers in a vase and sat them on her chest of drawers. She hoped he would always bring her flowers. It warmed her heart that he paid such close attention to the things she loved. She knew he loved her, could see it in his eyes every day. He was always warm and carefree with her, even if he was on duty. She hoped her father would be okay with them being together. Rain had been nothing but respectful, had made no move to kiss or touch her in a way that would seem inappropriate. He was everything a father wanted for his daughter.

There was a tapping at Rain’s door. He wondered who would be coming by at this time a quickly pulled on a pair of pants. He tugged the door open and was surprised to see his king standing there. “Sir, is something wrong?” He asked.

“You don’t have to talk to me like I’m the king. We are friends Rain. The formalities are only to be used in front of the clan leaders. May I come in?” He said and Rain moved out of the way. He closed the door behind them and stood there unsure what to do. “I need to talk to you about my daughter.”

“Has something happened?”

“I want you to win that competition. Fallon has to face twenty men already, but I want you to enter and win.” He turned and looked Rain in the eye. “Promise me you won’t let those other boys beat my Fallon. They don’t deserve her.”

“Anyone who marries her would not deserve her. They would be lucky to have her.”

“Then you will win?”

“Yes my old friend, I will win.” They clasped each others forearms and then Hern left with a satisfied smile.

Hern heard his daughter in the courtyard and went to her. “Having fun Fallon?” Fallon nodded then held out her sword for Hern to see “look what Rain gave me for my birthday. It’s perfect for me. I can fight with my full potential. I wish he would’ve actually given it to me instead of leaving it in my room.” Hern took it and said “this is really nice, don’t stay out here too late though please.”

“I’ll go ahead and go in. I need to train with Rain tomorrow anyway since he’s back.” she hugged her dad then said “I love you”

“I love you too Fallon” Hern said handing her sword back. Fallon ran inside happily and went to her room. Fallon took her clothes off then put the sword in its sheath before laying down in her bed. She ¬†hoped Rain would greet her early in the morning. Most days he ate breakfast with her since they trained so much. Fallon had worn herself out in the courtyard so slumber hit her hard. She had a very deep, restful sleep. The suns dawn rays peeked in her window, jerking Fallon from her rest. She quickly showered and got dressed then went to the dining hall. Fallon was overjoyed to see Rain waiting on her.

She ran into his arms so he could lift her up into a tight embrace. She kissed him on the cheek multiple times as she struggled not to kiss him on the lips. When he put her down she said “how dare you come home and not say hi to me. You just leave my gift for me to find and go home.”

“I was really disgusting form traveling and it was late so i thought it best to leave the sword and see you in the morning when I didn’t look and smell revolting.”

“You could never be revolting Rain. Thank you so much. I absolutely love it. I used it last night in the courtyard. I can finally fight with my full potential. I can’t wait for us to duel today.”

“We can right after breakfast.” Fallon hugged him again, unable to stop herself. Rain smiled happily as her embrace made him feel weak. Rain held Fallon until she released him, leaving him wanting more. They ate together then went outside to duel. He hoped Fallon would tire of it quickly so they could play a lot of chess today.

She slashed at Rain and he blocked, pushing back hard so she fell. She rolled back onto her feet and they circled each other. “Good, always get back to your feet as quickly as possible.” He said as their swords crashed against each other. He shoved her back again. They spun and slashed and blocked, looking for all the world like two dancers moving over the grass. She stabbed at him and he twisted sideways, grabbing her wrist and pulling her into him, the edge of his sword against her throat. They stood there, staring into each others eyes as they caught their breath. He wanted to kiss her, to push her down in the grass and make love to her. He broke eye contact and let her go. “If I had been an enemy you would have been dead.” He said softly as he sheathed his sword and sat down on the ground.

“I guess I got frustrated.” She replied and sat next to him.

“You must never let yourself get frustrated, never. Mistakes can end your life in an instant and besides, what if one of those boys beats you because you were frustrated? Clear your head and let the sword lead you.”

Fallon smiled and kissed his cheek. “Oh I owe you something by the way.”

“What?” He turned to face her and she slapped him hard.

“That’s for not coming and seeing me. I don’t care how late it is or how sweaty you are.”

He ran his hand over his cheek. “I’ve never been slapped so hard in my life. You have quite an arm on you.” She grinned and he found himself laughing.

“Thanks to you and all this training.” She rested her head on his shoulder.

“We should play chess after we shower.”

“Sounds good to me.” She kissed his cheek again and they stood, talking happily as they walked back into the castle walls, quickly going their separate ways.

Rain showered in the barracks again, still shocked that Fallon had slapped him. He knew she had not been angry when she had done it. It was the equivalent of punching him in the shoulder, but more feminine. He wondered why women always went for the face. He rinsed off then got dressed and went to wait for Fallon inside the room with the chess board.

Fallon came in looking absolutely breathtaking in a dress. Rain was actually struggling a little to breath. Fallon smiled, she loved the look he had on his face. She hoped to get that reaction. Fallon knew they’d be playing chess the rest of the day. Once they got started he kept wanting to play again and again so she knew a dress would be fine. She also didn’t want to be sore tomorrow when she needed to be able to fight well with all the skill she had. “Rain, are you there?” Rain blushed lightly and said “sorry, you look very beautiful in your dress Fallon.”

“Thank you, maybe when you find a girl you like she’ll wear pretty dresses for you.” Fallon teased hoping he would say “You are the one I like” He just blushed a little more so that it was visible now and said “you go first” Rain didn’t allow himself to think about or look at Fallon. His future with her depended on it so today was much easier to keep his eyes and mind on the board. He thought hard about every move he made. Rain failed the first game and they began again. The chess pieces were moving fast and deliberately. Near the end Fallon was surprised. It looked like Rain may win. She looked over at Rain as she waited for him to make his move. He looked deep in thought, like he wasn’t sitting infront of her but in the game itself.

He moved and said “Checkmate” Fallons jaw almost dropped “wow, it’s been a long time since you’ve won. Congratulations Rain” He had a huge smile that showed teeth. He was trying not to look so excited but he couldn’t force it down. It was all he could do not to jump out of his seat and cheer with joy. Now Rain had hope he could win tomorrow. “I dont think I’ve ever sene you so happy.” Fallon said in a very pleased tone. “I’m just glad to be reminded I can beat you. I may be able to beat you with speed and strength but your mind is far sharper than my own.”

“You’re smart Rain”

“Yes but not as smart as you.” Fallons smile grew wider. “would you like to play more?” Rain nodded, hopeful today would bring more wins.

He won once more, but lost every game after that. It didn’t matter though, to have two wins in a row against her was amazing. He had to stay confident or he would never have her. She smiled warmly at him and he swallowed nervously. He loved her eyes, how they glowed with happiness and love. He found himself sinking into their depths, forgetting himself completely. He found himself standing and leaning across the table. He froze when he realized he was about to kiss her. He pulled back so fast he nearly knocked his chair over.

“I’m sorry.” He said as he moved toward the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He left quickly, not giving her a chance to say anything.

Fallon just sat there, her face burning a bright red and her heart hammering excitedly in her chest. She wanted very badly to go after him, but she thought maybe he needed some time to collect his thoughts. She decided she would get something to eat and then relax. She made her way to the kitchen and cut herself a piece of banana bread. She ate it quickly and decided to go down to the hot springs. She grabbed a towel out of her room, along with her sword, and headed out. In her mind she went over what the competition would be like. Chess would be her final test. She wanted to get all the physically exhausting things out of the way so she would be able to sit and rest while she concentrate. She made it to the hot springs and checked that there was no one else there before stripping down and stepping into the bubbling water. It felt amazing, loosening cramped muscles and warming her skin as she sat down so the water came up to her shoulders. She let out a little moan and closed her eyes, singing softly.

Rain was sitting with his head in his hands. He couldn’t believe he almost kissed Fallon. The only thing that made the situation better is that she didn’t move, in fact he could have sworn Fallon was blushing when he came back to reality. Thinking about that his stress and upsetness at the situation dissipated as he sat there. A smile actually crept over mouth. He was happy she would have let him. Rain hoped it wasn’t just shock at the situation and it was really true Fallon loved him too. That he hadn’t just imagined it because he wanted her so badly. Maybe Hern noticed and that’s why he came to his room to make sure he was competing.

It was still early enough to go back to Fallon and spend more time with her but he didn’t know if he should. Probably the best thing to do now was rest for tomorrow. Rain needed to be at his absolute best. There were no second chances for what the next few days held. Fallon began to get sleepy from how relaxed she was so got out before she drowned herself. Fallon dried off then pulled her clothes back on before heading inside to talk to her dad. She found him with her mother in the courtyard. They were horsing around and laughing happily.

“Hey Fallon” Suri said “Hey mom”

“excited about the competition?”

“Yeah, I know we decided to do chess last but how are we doing the other competitions?”

“Sword fighting tomorrow, wrestling the following day, then running and archery in the same day. Since running everyone can do at the same time, there will be planty of time to also do archery. Finally chess will be the last day is what I thought would be best” Hern said with a happy glint in his eye. “Since the second day will be your birthday we will have a party for you that night. Just a small one with family because I know you’ll be tired.”

“sounds perfect”

She kissed them both on the cheek then went to her room. She was exhausted from all the practicing. She sat her sword on top of her chest of drawers and then flopped down on her bed. She was going to make Rain proud of her. He had worked hard to make sure she was ready for this moment and she wasn’t going to let him down. She hoped all the men were ready to be taken by surprise. She smiled and finally allowed herself to fall into a deep sleep.

Rain decided to sleep outside that night and enjoy the stars. He wished Fallon could be with him, wanted to wrap himself tightly around her and have her scent wash over him. He would spend every night making her smile if he won. He wanted her so badly and would have already snuck in to her room if he had not had a stronger will. He closed his eyes, breathing in the fresh night air and imagining her there beside him. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. He would have to watch her fighting young man after young man, worrying about her. He knew he shouldn’t since he had trained her himself, but the idea of her getting hurt was abhorrent. He tried pushing his worries aside, but could not. He pushed himself from the ground and made his way to the castle. He could practice chess until the morning.

Fallon jerked awake. She heard footsteps moving past her room. She listened closely, heard the door of the room where they kept the chess board open and then close. She sat up, wondering if it was him. She got slowly out of bed and moved down the dark hall. She could hear the chess pieces tapping against the board as they were picked up and put down. It had to be him, she recognized the firmness with which he sat them down. She slowly pushed the door open and peeked inside. She smiled at the determined look on his face.

“Just come in Fallon.” She jumped at his voice and he turned to look at her. She pushed the door open and crossed the room sitting across from him.

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” She asked.

“I can go days without sleep, you on the other hand cannot.”

Fallon sighed ‘alright then, I’ll leave if you want me to” She stood and Rain frowned “You know it’s not what I want Fallon. If tomorrow wasn’t such a big day then I’d want you to stay. I do want you to stay now but you need rest so you can fight your best tomorrow. I’m very happy you followed me in here. I’m sorry if I acted weird last time we were in this room. I sort of lost myself.” Fallon heard Rain stand so she turned. He held her in a tight hug “Good luck tomorrow. You show those men what you’re made of”

“I will, I wont let anybody beat me.” Rain smiled as he forced back the urge to kiss her. He wanted it so badly. He kissed her cheek instead of the lips he so desperately longed for. Unable to stop his mouth he said “I hope I’m the only man to beat you in the competitions” Fallon blushed and felt butterflies tickle her stomach. She wasn’t pushing him away and he had already said enough for her to know so he added “I love you so very much Fallon. I have for a few years now. I hope to win your hand. Even more so I hope you love me to like I suspect you do.” Rain kept her tightly in his arms as he pulled back slightly to look at her face. “do you love me too Fallon?”

“I do, very much” The biggest smile she had ever seen on Rains face was now shining brightly on him. “Could i have just one brief kiss then? I’ve been wanting to kiss you for so long”

“I guess we both need a good luck kiss for tomorrow.” Fallon said softly. It was hard for her to speak. His mouth quickly met hers in his eagerness. The most amazing feeling he had ever felt rushed through him. He finally got to experience a kiss with a woman he loved more than air. It made him feel weak. He wanted to continue kissing her but he hadn’t won yet. He pulled back slowly “Goodnight my love. I pray I win. I’m in here to practice chess. I will win against you tomorrow so I can be the man you deserve.”

Chapter Three

“Good night Rain.” She said softly and brushed her fingers over his cheek.¬†He let her go and sat back down at the chess board. She left him without another word, her cheeks flushed and her heart threatening to beat out of her chest. She went to her room and crawled into bed, wondering how she was going to face him now.

The sun filtered through her window and brushed against her skin, the sound of birds made her open her eyes. She couldn’t believe it was already morning. There was a light tapping on her door and one of the maids walked in. “The men are arriving Fallon. Your father thought you would want to greet them.”

“Yes, thank you.” She jumped out of bed and asked the maid to help her pick something out. “I want something that says warrior woman, but still allows me to retain a bit of femininity.” They went through her clothes finally settling on a pair of tight black pants with knees high boots and a red peasant top. The maid braided her hair and tied a black bow to the end of him.

“You look so beautiful, you’re going to knock them dead.”

“Well, more knock them out.” They laughed as she grabbed her sword and belted it around her hips. She left her room and headed out to the courtyard where Rain and the twenty other men were all lined up. The only one who wasn’t looking at her like she was a sex object was Rain. He stared politely ahead, hands clasped behind his back. He looked like the soldier he was. “Thank you all for making the trip here. As you know, you will have to fight me for the right to marry me. You must beat me in all things.” There was some mumbling a and eye rolling at the thought of being beaten by a woman.

Rain bit his tongue to keep from saying something to the other men. He had to keep his wits about him and not let the fools standing on either side of him distract him from his goal. He was going to win. He hear someone whispering something about him being there and almost punched the man in the face. Everyone knew that he had trained her and now some of these idiots were assuming he had done it simply to get in her pants. His loyalty had nothing to do with sex.

“I want you all to make sure you have eaten something before we begin. You can’t fight on an empty stomach. The competition will be held outside the castle walls with the exception of the chess matches. Today we will be fighting with swords.” She finished then walked away, heading to the dining hall to eat with her family.

She was amazed at how collected she was around Rain. She assumed it was because in her heart she had already known he loved her so hearing it from him last night wasn’t as shocking as it could have been. It was just an amazing thing that was finally confirmed. Hern, Suri, Sonata, Juliet, Mactian and her brothers were all at the table waiting to eat with her. “good morning” Suri said with a smile “A lot of men sure showed up” Ryker said slightly annoyed by them. He disliked men that chased after Fallon almost as much as their dad. Ryker was pleased to see Rain out there though. He’d be happy if it were Rain that won.

“Rains out there” Sonata said in a teasing voice making Fallons blush return. ‘Yes he is” Fallon said with a smile. Nico smiled “is that who you want to win then?”¬†

“Yes but I wont let him. He has to actually beat me out of his own merrit.”

“Good, you two will make a good pair if he does.” Fallon just stared at her plate. She was embaressed to be talking about it. Hern almost couldn’t contain his happiness. Rain was a strong and skilled warrior. The only thing Hern worried about Rain passing was chess. Fallon had quite the head on her shoulders but he knew they played all the time. Maybe luck would be on Rains side and he would beat her. They all finished their food then Fallon stood taking a deep breath. Hern came over to wrap his daughter in a hug. “good luck today.”

“Thanks dad” All Fallons siblings took turns hugging her and said good luck. Fallon walked out with Hern and Suri at each of hers sides. The rest of her siblings followed behind. Ryker and Nico were tense even though they hadn’t let on. They were afraid of a man loseing his temper and hurting Fallon. There were a few men in the crowd neither one of them would ever want to marry their sister.

Rain waited patiently outside the castle walls with the rest of the men. A ring had been made in the grass with large stones. If you were knocked out of the ring or stepped out whether voluntarily or by accident then you would be disqualified. Fallon came walking across the grass with her family close behind and he couldn’t help but think of how breathtaking she looked. His heart stuttered in his chest when she looked briefly his way and gave him a wink as she stepped into the ring.

Fallon looked at all the men and pointed at the one on the left end of the line. “You first.” She said and he stepped into the ring with her.

“Let this be a fair fight. Remember that you are not trying to kill each other. If it looks like the fight is getting out of control then I will stop it.” Hern announced to everyone standing there. “You may begin when you are ready.”

Fallon drew her sword and took her stance. The young saytr did the same and she stared him down, waiting. He attacked, slashing at her. She blocked and back pedaled. She twisted away from the edge of the ring and he followed. He slashed and she slapped his blade away with her own then spun and smashed the hilt of her sword against his temple. He dropped instantly, unconscious. She checked to make sure he was still breathing and had a pulse before Loki and another guard carried him out of the ring. Opponent after opponent fell, the ones who were not knocked out walked away shame faced. The next man she picked was the son of a Bourhn and a saytr. He had a strange, but beautiful look about him. There was a darkness swirling around him that she could feel, a need to dominate.

He came at her lightning fast, his sword a blur. She blocked again and again as he forced her into the defensive. She slashed and he dodged then punched her in the face. She fell back, but rolled quickly back to her feet. He rushed her and she slashed her sword across his chest before bounding out of the way. She spit out the blood in her mouth and held her sword up so the blade ran horizontal next to her face. She could tell this young man was very angry at being hit by a woman. His chest was bleeding. He growled at her and moved across the ring. She swung at him and he gripped her by her throat, slamming her into the ground. He raised his fist to hit her and she heard her father screaming for him to stop, but he wasn’t listening. He was suddenly knocked off of her and she gasped for air. Rain stood between her and the man, his sword drawn. Loki and the other guard jumped on the young man and hauled him out if the ring.

Hern came over yelling they were taking an hour break before continuing. Rain was blind with rage as he stood there. It took all the self control he had not to go kill him for daring to grab Fallon by her throat and attempt to punch her. He was no man atall in Rains eyes. Hern carried his daughter over to Suri so she could heal Fallons face. Rain wanted to go be by Fallons side but he knew it would look bad in the competition. Suri let a warm light wash over her daughter “you ok?”


“This is not a good idea. If Rain hadn’t been so fast he would have seriously hurt you. He is disqualified for his behaviour” Hern said in a tone that clearly stated how furious he was. “we will continue dad. I will be fine.” Hern sighed then pulled Fallon into his arms again. “You’ve fought impressively so far Fallon. I couldn’t be more proud of you.”

“Rain has been a good teacher”

“He obviously has.”

“There’s only seven left right?”

“Yeah, are you saving Rain for last?”

“Yep” Hern smiled “want to be nice and tired for the fight?” Fallon smiled “Nope, just saving the best for last” the girls smiled. Hern, Ryker, Nico and Mictian would have smiled but they were all too tense and angry. Mictian was having even a harder time not going to slaughter the man. His demon temper was at work again. Fallon was his sister and his best friend next to his love. That man was lucky Mictian couldn’t get his hands on him. When the hour had passed they all walked back to the ring. Fallon called man after man until it was down to Rain. Three of the seven remaining men had beaten her. She knew Rain would make four. Hern was proud Fallon beat eighteen men who were all much older than her.

“Don’t you dare hold back.” Rain said as he pointed the tip of his blade at Fallon.

“I don’t plan on it.” Fallon replied, holding his gaze as she brought her sword up. They both waited and went at each other at the same time. Their movements mirrored each other perfectly. They could read every shift of muscle and every movement of their eyes. He pushed her back and she tripped on one of the stones. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him so she stayed in the ring. She slashed at him and he ducked, kicking her legs out from under her. She landed on her butt and looked up to find the tip of his blade pointed at her face. He smiled down at her and offered his hand. She took it and he pulled her to her feet.

“Rain has won.” Hern announced. “Let us rest now until tomorrow. Dinner will be provided for everyone.”

Rain let Fallon leave with her family, wanting to follow her, but deciding to stay with the left over men. He was going to practice chess after dinner. Tomorrow he had to wrestle Fallon, being that close would be a test of his self control. He listened to a couple of the competitors making lewd remarks about wrestling with Fallon the following morning. He gritted his teeth and walked away, heading for the castle. He moved quietly throu the courtyard and to the barracks to shower. Afterwards he went to the kitchen and made a bowl of fruit salad then went to the chess room to practice. He pretended he was playing a game with Fallon, thinking on which move she would likely make to counter him and which move would be best to counter her. He could beat her.

“I knew you’d come here.” He looked up from the chess board and smiled at Mictian.

“It’s the only quiet place right now and I need to practice. The day after tomorrow I have to beat Fallon at chess. You and I both know that is near impossible.” He replied as he took another bite of fruit.

“She said you beat her a couple of times.”

“It was just luck.”

“Let me play with you. I’ve learned a thing or two from her.” Rain gestured to the empty chair and Mictian sat down, putting all the pieces back in their places so they could start over. “Are you coming to her party tomorrow?”

“No, I don’t want the other men to think I am recieving special treatment. I have already given her my birthday present. I had the sword she has been using made for her. I know she’ll understand why I can’t be there.”

“So come to this room tomorrow night and see her. I can tell her you wanted to wish her a happy birthday without the other competitors seeing you.”

“Thank you.”

“Not a problem” They played late into the night. The only competition he’d really need sleep for was chess. Tomorrow would be wrestling, racing and archery. He wasn’t amazing at archery but being sleepy or not didn’t have any effect on how he shot. Fallon had very little practice at archery herself which also made him worry less. Eventually Mictian said “I really have to go to bed. I’ll be sure Fallon is here tomorrow night.”

“Thanks again” Rain reset the board to get more practice. When the dark night sky started to turn light he went to his room to shower. Rain was glad as a guard he was trained in not sleeping. A shower could essentially do the same thing for him as resting. Rain got some breakfast then sat on his bed until it was time to meet the other men and Fallon outside. Fallon looked stunning yet again making it hard for Rain not to stare. The three men and Rain waited on Fallon to call one. She called them in the same order as before. Rain noticed she picked the weakest looking ones to the strongest. Two of the other men and Rain won against her. The one she beat couldn’t hold his head up. Getting beaten in wrestling was much more shameful than being beaten sword fighting. He wished he had lost yesterday to her. This would follow him the rest of his life. He could hear them now teasing about how a girl could beat him in a wrestling match. The man wasn’t even sure how she managed since he was so much bigger than Fallon.

“Does anybody need a break or can we move on?”

“I’m ready if these men are.”

“Good, we’ll do archery next. After that I will insist on atleast a thirty minuet break before the race.” They all walked over to where a targets, arrows and bows were laid out. Fallon readied her arrow with confidence and so did the other men. Arrows flew fast hitting the targets before them. Rains was only just above Fallons while one man hit the side of the target. The other man hit the center perfectly. He was obviously very practiced in archery. “In the race it will be Rain and Domitri against Fallon.” Hern said loudly. Fallon wanted to hug Rain before leaving to take break but knew it would look bad. She hated how smug Dimitri looked about getting the target perfectly. She definitely couldn’t live with that man forever.

Rain sat in the shade of a tree, watching as Fallon talked happily with her family and friends. Every once in awhile she would look his way and smile, making his whole world light up. Fallon suddenly looked away and he followed her gaze. She was looking at Dimitri who had been staring at her. He didn’t like the way the other man looked at her. He seemed like the type who thought he could put a woman in her place. He would be sorely disappointed if he thought Fallon would just lay down and take any crap from him. She was spirited, full of that fire that was life and love. He had a feeling that this man would beat her in a foot race. He looked like a runner, just like Rain was. He had to look away before he succumbed to the urge to do something nasty.

Fallon looked away from Dimitri and tried to ignore the fact that she could feel his eyes threatening to stare a hole through her. She didn’t like him. Hern finally announced that the break was over and Fallon chose Dimitri to race first. They took off across the field where Ryker was standing at the end. They had to touch one of his outstretched hands then turn and race back to her father. They made it to Ryker at the same time and turned. He pulled ahead just as they neared her father and he won. She felt very angry. She had not wanted to play this creep at chess. She was going to use every move in her power to beat him and shame him in front of everyone. She had a feeling he was underestimating her. Rain came up next and smiled warmly at her. She badly wanted to forfeit this match, but again his pride kept her from doing so.

They stood next to each other and he gave her a wink before they sped across the field. Rain was so much faster than her and Dimitri. He slapped Ryker’s hand first and was back around and heading for Hern before she could even get turned around. He could hear her footsteps on the grass as she pushed herself to catch up to him. She was so close that he was sure she could have reached out and touched him. He skidded to a halt as he past Hern first. Flopped down in the grass and smiled at Fallon. “That was close princess.” He managed to say.

“Not close enough.” She replied. They felt eyes on them and they both looked over at Dimitri who had his arms crossed over his chest and was glaring at them. They both shrugged and looked away.

“Alright everyone, we will see you all at the castle tomorrow for the chess match. Rain and Dimitri will be playing against Fallon. The winner will have my blessing to marry her. Rain, Dimitri, both of you get some rest. You’ll need it for the mental battle you will be waging against my daughter.” Hern said and everyone went their separate ways. Rain ran home, wanting to be clean before going to see Fallon. He would wait in the chess room and practice until she arrived.

Rain showered as fast as he could. He was almost there, he had almost won everything he needed to to make Fallon his. He could soon kiss her like he had the night before last. Rain wanted another so badly. Her kiss was absolutely earth shattering. Once he was clean he pulled on some pants before going to the chess room to practice until Fallon arrived. Fallon was sad when she didn’t see Rain at her party but could understand why. It would look really bad if he came while the competition was going. After the cake was cut and served to everybody Mictian leaned over to whisper to Fallon. “really?”

“Yep” Fallon was excited now that Mictian had told her Rain was waiting for her in the chess room. If she didn’t love her family so much she would’ve ran out right then but she wouldn’t cut the party short. Fallon waited until everybody was satisfied and ready to settle down for the night before going to the chess room. She smiled when she saw Rain playing chess. He got up quickly, running to hug her. “Happy birthday Fallon. I really wanted to come to your party but I know you understand why I didn’t”

“yeah, it was sweet of you to wait here for me”

“There wasn’t any way I’d completely miss seeing you on your birthday Fallon. I’m very grateful to Mictian for coming up with this.”

“I’ll have to thank him later” Fallon said as he let go. Rain kissed Fallons head “we both need our sleep Fallon. Your party lasted a long time. I am going to win tomorrow so soon all our time will belong to eachother. You couldn’t possibly know how happy that makes me. It’s why I know I’ll win. I love you too much to let a game keep you away from me. I love you so I will win.”

“You make me so happy with your dedication. There is no one better than you and there never will be.” She rested her head on his chest, savoring the steady beating of his heart. “Let me stay with you tonight please.”

“Fallon, people might think I have an unfair advantage. I want to win you fairly, that’s why I am doing this competition.” He tipped her head back and kissed her softly. He tangled his fingers in her hair, finding it hard to pull away from her warmth. He pressed her tightly against him, letting her feel how aroused he was. He parted their lips, leaving them both breathless and flushed. “I need you so bad, want to bury every inch of myself into you.”

Fallon felt herself grow hot at his words. No one had ever said anything like that to her. She swallowed nervously. “I…I’ve…” she swallowed again, her face bright red.

“I know you’re a virgin Fallon. You spend every day training and being with your family, I’ve never even seen you look at another man the way you look at me. Don’t be embarrassed by the fact, there is no reason to be. I’ll have much to teach you when this competition is over.” He said softly in her ear then nibbled at her earlobe so she moaned. “Not tonight dearest love. I don’t want anyone talking.”

“Then when?” She was shocked that she was actually pouting, her voice whiny and needy. She had never acted this way.

“Tomorrow night, once I have won and all of our guests have left. I have somewhere special I want to take you, a beautiful place I found just for you.” He kissed her again and then ran his fingers over her cheek. “Until then you must rest and you must beat Dimitri, but if he and I should tie then I will fight him myself. I will not give up until I can call you mine.”

“I love you so much Rain, with all my heart. I will never marry him, no matter what happens.”

“You must always keep your word Fallon. Remember what I wrote on your sword. Never go back on that, never.”

“Then I will beat him for you. I will topple his king off the board.”

He smiled. “That’s my girl. Now get out of here so I can keep practicing. I still have to beat you tomorrow. One more thing, tell Sonata I said happy birthday.” He kissed her nose then let her go, sitting down as she left. He took a deep breath, pushing her to the back of his mind so he could calm down and concentrate.

Fallon had a hard time sleeping because of what just happened. She was hot and needy for Rain. Eventually Fallon settled herself down because she needed to have all her focus for beating Dmitri. She would be miserable if she married him. She would hate herself for holding this competition if he won and claimed her as his wife. When morning came Fallon got dressed then went to breakfast. Hern was happy today was nothing violent. As proud as Fallon made him he hated the other events. Once everyone was full Fallon and her family along with Dmitri and Rain went into the chess room.

“who would you like to play first Fallon?”

“Dmitri” She chose him because she knew he’d be easier to beat than Rain. Fallon also knew that once she beat Rain she wouldn’t want to play Dmitri. All she would want is to go home with him or to the special place he found for her. The man pissed her off by how confidently he sat down. He acted as though he was taking her home as soon as the match was over. Hern spoke “If Dmitri wins Rain still gets to play against Fallon. In the event of a tie the two men will play eachother for her hand.” The three nodded then Dmitri and Fallon began to play.

Rain watched nervously. He didn’t want Dmitri to have any chance with Fallon. He couldn’t watch her with another man. Fallon had been all he thought about for years. The only love he ever had, the love he had been searching for his whole life. They each were down to only a few pieces making the room fill with tension. Their moves slowed as they took careful deliberation with each move. Dmitri was also starting to look nervous. Fallon was backing him into a corner.

Chapter Four

Dimitri suddenly grinned and slid one of his pieces over. He won and it shocked everyone in the room. Fallon just sat there staring at the board, wondering what she had done wrong. She went through the whole game in her mind and found she couldn’t remember half the game. Her memory was spotty. He stood and walked away as she reset the board. Rain sat down across from her and she looked at him worriedly. She took a deep breath and made her first move. With Rain she felt confident and clear, her mind a pool of serenity. She focused on the game on his swift yet determined movements.

Rain watched only her hand and how gracefully it moved the pieces across the board. Before he knew it they both had a sizable amount of each others pieces and it was his move again. He studied the board and found his opening. He grabbed his knight and moved it. “Check mate.” He said softly and Fallon smiled and gave a sigh of relief. “I guess it’s me and you then Dimitri.” He said as he looked at the other man. He was going to find out why Fallon had lost. Fallon moved and went to stand next to Hern and Dimitri took her place. Rain reset the board and stared into the other man’s eyes. His opponent made his first move and Rain kept staring at him as he picked up a pawn and shifted it forward. It was a trap for Dimitri and he landed right in it. Rain started to feel fuzzy as his piece was taken.

“You can’t have her.” He said cooly, his voice had an icy bite to it.

“Of course I can as soon as I beat you.” Dimitri moved and Rain took his piece. More pieces were taken and Rain never looked away from Dimitri or allowed himself to lose focus.

“The problem is I think you are cheating. No one beats Fallon in a game of chess.”

“Oh really and how am I cheating?”

“Magic, some sort of spell to distract and confuse. It doesn’t matter because you are not going to win.”

Dimitri glared at him. “Why is that?”

“Because unlike you I actually love Fallon and because I love her, because my mind is totally focused on her your magic has not worked to confuse me.” They both looked down at the board and Dimitri stared in disbelief. “Check mate.” Rain said and knocked Dimitri’s king to the floor with his rook. “Should have paid attention.”

Dmitri was boiling with anger even though he had no right to be angry. He couldn’t believe Rain beat his magic. Hern was also pissed the young man had cheated to beat his daughter in the first place. Dmitri flipped the board with a growl and gritted teeth. “I don’t want your stupid fucking daughter anyway. She doesn’t know her place among men. This whole charade was foolish and I’m glad I’m not stuck with the little bitch” Rain got up quickly and punched Dmitri in the face hard. Dimitri swung back and soon Hern was screaming for them to stop because they were messing up the room.

“Get out of my castle Dmitri! Right now before I let Rain follow you home and kill you.” The bloodied man quickly left in a huff. Rain stood with barely a mark on him. “I’m sorry sir” Rain said “Don’t be sorry Rain. You should never let a man talk about your wife like that. Give me a wedding date as soon as the two of you decide one. You have my full blessing Rain. Just make Fallon happy.” Rain smiled, happiness filling his entire body. “I will sir, I’ll do everything I can to make Fallon happy” They all exited the room and Hern left to find some maids to clean it. Rain lifted Fallon into a tight hug. It was so tight she could barely breath but she knew he was doing it because he was overjoyed.

The rest of Fallons family walked away to leave the two alone. Rain began to kiss Fallon again. It was passionate and hungry. His grip on Fallon was still tight as they kissed. “It’s still early in the day Fallon. Do you want to just have a simple wedding after lunch? I want you to be my wife so badly. You are the woman I’ve waited my life for and I don’t want to wait any longer than I have to.”

“Lets go ask my father if it can be arranged.” They went to Hern and he was excited they wanted to be married so quickly. “I will gather as many as I can for your wedding after lunch. You need to go put on a suit while Fallon picks out her prettiest dress.” Rain nodded and quickly carried her to her bedroom so he could run home and clean up before putting a suit on. Fallon pulled out her dresses and picked the one she knew Rain liked on her the most.

Rain showered and dressed as quickly as he could. He looked at himself in the mirror, making sure everything looked perfect. He was suddenly very nervous and didn’t understand why. He ran his fingers through his short hair. He smiled, remember the day he had started keeping it that way. Fallon had grabbed a handful of it during one of their wrestling matches. The next day he had chopped it off. He liked it better short anyway. He took a deep breath and headed back to the castle. He was met at the front gate by Nico who directed him to the courtyard where Suri waited. She had taken older Fallon’s place so would be performing the wedding rite. She smiled warmly at him and squeezed his shoulder reassuringly when she saw how nervous he was.

Fallon stood in her room, twisting her fingers and staring at her reflection. There was a light knock on her door and she told the person to enter. It was her father. She ran into his arms, hugging him tightly. “What’s wrong sweety?” He asked.

“I’m nervous and afraid I don’t look good enough.” She answered and he started laughing. He held her at arms length and she glared at him.

“Are you being serious right now? The way you two have been looking at each other tells me he could care less what you look like. Half the time you’re with him you’re covered in dirt and sweat so what makes you think he’s going to dislike the way you look now?”

“Thank you daddy.” She hugged him again, feeling better. She could hear the music start and her heart skipped a beat.

“Come on angel face, lets get you two married before Rain explodes. He’d be hard to replace you know?”

“Daddy!” They both laughed as they exited the room and walked along the blocked off breezeway. She couldn’t see Rain, but she knew he was there. She let the fact that he was waiting for at the end of the isle give her courage. She had wanted this for so long and knew no matter what he would always adore her.

Rain watched eagerly for Fallon. When she finally started walking out he smiled. She knocked the air right out of him. He couldn’t believe this was finally happening. That he was marrying the woman he loved so deeply. Fallon was weak with how Rains eyes worshiped her. They were endless pools of devotion and love. Just the way he looked at her as she approached him told Fallon he’d never leave her. When Suri finished and told Rain he could kiss Fallon he pulled her in quickly. His yearning for her lips got the better of him. Fallons family and friends clapped happily and smiled. After everybody gave them their best wishes Rain cradled Fallon again.

“I have somwhere to take you. It’s the place I found just for you.” Fallon blushed. She couldn’t help but be overwhlemed with nervousness. She had no experience atall when it came to sex and knew even though Rain didn’t stay with girls long because they weren’t what he was looking for he had had sex before. Fallon worried she wouldn’t be good enough and dissapoint Rain. She’d cry if he regretted marrying her. This was her dream and she didn’t want him to change his mind. “Fallon” Rain said seeing how nervous she was. “Yes Rain?”

“I told you last night not to be nervous. I love you so much. Making love to you will be amazing simply because it’s you. You’re the only girl I’ve ever loved. You’re the only girl that’s everything I want. I will cherrish you always and this will be just one more way for me to express my affection for you. You’ve been my world for a long time. Nothing will ever change that Fallon” Rain stopped walking and kissed Fallon again. He poured his heart and soul into it hoping she would feel how crazy he was about her.

He continued walking, taking her into the woods. It was so quiet that she could hear their hearts beating. They were both going so fast, a physical manifestation of how excited they both were. He finally walked out into a large clearing. In the center of the clearing was a group of trees, the tops had been bent to form a dome. He lowered her slowly to her feet and told her to wait. She watched him reach out and touch something. Imbedded in the trees were crystals and they glowed a beautiful shade of orange that reminded her of candle light. The grass beneath her feet looked so soft and she quickly pulled off her shoes to sink her toes in it.

“Do you like it?” He asked.

“Yes, it’s so beautiful. What is it exactly?” She reached out and touched one of the crystals and it turned a bright blue.

“Your father called it an old fairy village. He said they move from place to place and leave these. They use magic to bend the branches. The dome keeps the rain and snow out. The lights are caused by fairy crystals which are just crystals infused with magic.”

“No one else has seen it?” He shook his head and she smiled happily. “That’s good. I’m glad you haven’t brought anyone else here.”

“I told you it was for you.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her against him. She blushed and looked away from him. “Please look at me.” Her eyes jumped to his face and she nearly combusted on the spot at the look of love and lust he was giving her. He kissed her softly as his hands pulled at her dress straps, slipping them off her shoulders. He pushed her dress down so it slipped down and pooled at her ankles. She swallowed nervously and started shaking. He pulled back to look at her, gasping in wonder at her beauty. “I will never get enough of you.” He whispered. He could feel her quivering, her eyes wide and unsure. He pulled his own clothes off and took her hands, pressing them against his chest. “Don’t be afraid to touch me Fallon. I need your hands on me.” He stood still and she moved her hands slowly over him. His breathing quickened when she moved down over his abdomen and hesitantly wrapped her fingers around his already erect penis. He kissed her and lay her gently down in the soft grass. He moved his hands over her soft skin, cupping her breasts. One hand moved lower and he slid two fingers inside her while he massaged her with his thumb.

“Rain.” She gasped, gripping his shoulders.

“Just relax and let go baby.

Fallons moans got louder and louder as warm liquid spread over Rains hand. Fallons every sound only made him harder while his heart beat painfully fast. When he was so hard he couldn’t stand it Rain pressed his forehead against hers saying “I love you Fallon” Before pushing himself quickly and hard into her. He did that so it would only hurt for a brief second. Fallon let out a moan so loud it was nearly a scream. “you ok?” Rain said huskily “yes, please keep going.” Rain moved in and out of Fallon at a steady pace. Every time he pushed forward every inch of him went into her tight, soaked warmth. Rain had never experienced a feeling like this. Only kissing Fallon compared with how good it felt to make love to her.

He was going to make love to her every night for the rest of their lives, he was going to make sure she always knew how loved and treasured she was. When Rain released into her a few tears fell down his cheeks as both their lungs fought to get air. He sat down, lifting her into his lap so he could hold her. Fallon didn’t notice his tears until her breathing became normal. “Rain? Was it that bad? Do you regret marrying me already?” She said in a heartbroken tone. He kissed her again. His lips pressed hard into hers. “I’m so lucky to have won and gotten the blessing of marrying you Fallon. I’m crying because I’m so happy and I can’t believe you’re mine. I’ve never experienced a greater feeling than making love to you and kissing you. You are everything I’ve ever wanted, you are all I will ever need Fallon.”

Rains lips quivered slightly before kissing Fallon again. When he pulled back Fallon was in tears too “I love you too Rain” The two sat there holding eachother in pure bliss. Neither one of them had ever been happier in their lives. Rain was glad he had been so picky all these years. He may have had to be lonely a long time but atleast now he had the woman who was perfect for him.

~ The End ~

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