Raisa & Silus 2

Chapter One

Raisa jerked awake at the sound of her phone ringing, she reached for it and realized she was held tightly against Silus. “Baby, let me go please.” She said drowsily and he groaned and released her. She moved over and grabbed her phone, seeing her aunts number and answering. “Aunt Madge?”

“Oh I’m sorry sweetie, did I wake you? I forgot about the difference in time.”

“It’s okay, is everything alright?”

“Your Uncle Peter and I were wondering if you were still planning on visiting us in France. We haven’t seen you in such a long time and we haven’t met your boyfriend.”

Raisa sat up. “I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy lately.” She turned and shook Silus and he opened his eyes. “Would you like to go to Paris and meet my aunt and uncle?”

“Sure, sounds like fun.”

“We’ll buy tickets in the morning Aunt Madge.”

Her aunt laughed. “You don’t have to come so soon.”

“If I don’t do it now you might not see me at all.”

“Alright sweetie, we’re very excited to see you. Why don’t you bring the twins.”

“If I must.” She said with a smile. “Let us get some more sleep and I’ll call you to tell you when we’ll be leaving.”

“Alright, I love you.”

“Love you too.” Raisa hung up then Silus pulled her back into his arms. “Sorry to spring something like that on you so soon, it’s just that they raised me after my parents died and I really miss them.”

“It’s okay, I’m happy to go anywhere as long as it’s with you.”
Raisa gave Silus a love filled kiss then allowed herself to fall asleep in his arms. In the morning Raisa purchased plane tickets then called her Aunt to let her know they would be taking off at three. It warmed Raisas heart how genuinely delighted her Aunt was. Upon hanging up she went ahead and called the twins until they woke so they could be getting ready. With excitement Eoin told Raisa they would meet them at the airport.

“Come on Silus, lets shower” she prompted since he was still under the covers with his head in their soft pillows. Silus rose without protest and went with Raisa to the bathroom. They took a slow shower since their flight was leaving so much later. Upon getting out Raisa went to make breakfast while Silus packed their bags.

Silus finished his part of the preparation swiftly then entered the kitchen “want any help?”

“No, I’m nearly done” Silus hugged her from behind “it will be so romantic to be in Paris”

“Maybe we can have a date after we’re there for a bit. I’d hate to go on one right away” Silus kissed her shoulder “Of course, I want to get to know the people who raised you” They had a relaxed morning together and headed over to the airport in plenty of time to meet the twins, collect their ticket and board without rush.
“Are you two excited about this trip?” Raisa asked as their plane started to move.

“Who doesn’t love visiting Madge and Peter.” Eoin answered.

“What about you Ellair?”

“Hey as long as she makes her peanut butter cookies I’m more than happy to go.”

Raisa laughed because she knew Ellair loved her aunt and uncle just as much as she did. “Peanut butter cookies are gross Ellair, oatmeal is better.” Eoin said.

“I think you have a screw loose brother, perhaps you should see a doctor while we’re there.” Eoin punched Ellair in the shoulder and Ellair put him in a head lock that he couldn’t get out of. He only let him go when they were told they were free to move about the plane. The flight attendant came by and everyone got drinks. Ellair read a magazine and Eoin chattered nonstop about Paris. Raisa rested her head on Silus’ shoulder and he held her hand with his free one, sharing in her joy at seeing her family again.
It was five am when the plane landed due to time difference and the flight taking eight hours. She still had a key to her Aunt and Uncles home so there was no need to call and wake them up. They just waited until they could gather their belongings then headed straight over in a cab. Eoin was talking even more now due to his excitement peaking now that they were actually there.

By the time they reached Madge and Peters it was almost seven am. They unlocked the door, giving her uncle a start since he was in the living room reading the paper “sorry, I just came in incase you two were sleeping”

“Your Aunt is still sleeping but I’ll go wake her. She’s so excited. Have the same rooms as always” They went to set their things down while Peter went to wake Madge. When they came back down Madge was completely disheveled but all she cared about was hugging Raisa and meeting her boyfriend. They all embraced the Madge apologized, excusing herself to get ready for the day.
“So what would you four like to do while you’re here?” Peter asked as he gestured for them to sit down.

“Eat some of Madge’s cookies.” Eoin answered and Peter laughed.

“She made some after she called Raisa, peanut butter and oatmeal, go ahead and get some if you want.” Eoin jumped up excitedly like a little kid and Ellair came slowly to his feet, rolling his eyes at his brother.

“Can we take Silus sightseeing?” Raisa asked with a big smile.

“We’ll do whatever you want sweetie, this is your visit and we’re just happy to get to spend time with you. We do wish you’d come visit more often though, we miss you.”

“I know Uncle Peter and I’m sorry, I miss you guys too.”

“Oh Peter, stop making her feel bad.” Madge said as she came back into the living room.

“I was trying to, I just really miss having her in the house.”

“I know, but she has a really important job.”

“We’ll visit more.” Silus said. “Hell, maybe if I like Paris enough Raisa will move here with me then you could see her as much as you want.”

“Are you two talking about moving, can we come too?” Eoin asked as he came back into the living room and gave Madge a kiss on the cheek. “Best cookies ever Madge.”

“Don’t you two get enough of me as it is?” Raisa asked. “Besides moving hasn’t been decided.”

“Where you go we go sister dear. We’re a team and family, we should stick together.” Ellair said in his calm, polite way.

“We’ll see what happens after our visit.”
“makes my heart happy you’re even considering it.” They ate their cookies then discussed where they wanted to go in Paris. When they had their itinerary together they loaded into Madges van and set off. They didn’t plan to rush through anything but thought it best to atleast have an idea where to go next before they left so they didn’t waste time while they were out. First stop was an art museum both Raisa and Madge loved.

Peter had been here a million times with Madge but he’d go as many times as she wanted if it made his wife happy. A few of the things in the museum were new to Raisa so she was glad they came. Raisa almost laughed when she noticed Eoin was flirting while the rest of them were admiring art.
“Yo Eoin, just because she has two legs and tits doesn’t mean you should be flirting with her.” Ellair said and Eoin blushed in embarrassment. He walked away from the young woman, a smile on his face.

“Jealous that I can get a girl and you can’t?” Eoin asked.

Ellair arched an eyebrow. “What makes you think I want a girl?”

Eoin laughed. “Who wouldn’t want a…” His face turned serious and he just stared at his brother for a second. “Wait, wait are you uh gay?” Ellair shrugged and Raisa started laughing so hard she nearly fell over. “Come on Ellair tell me.”

“No, I’m not, but it sure shut you up didn’t it.”

“You jerk, I mean I’d still love you, but seriously.”

“Don’t be an ass and I won’t have to say such things to make you mind your manners. I just think it’s rude to flirt with everything that walks. Not all women are into being flirted with.”

“You never flirt?”

“I don’t have to. Sometimes silence is better than talking.”

“You mean looking like you don’t care which is what you always look like. Always so serious and just shrugging your way through life. Want to come back to my place, shrug, want me to buy you a drink, shrug, I don’t get it.”

“Oh stop being a baby.” Ellair said as he tussled his brother’s hair. “You’ll get a girl who can put up with your sarcasm some day.”
Ellair rolled his eyes and both men took to admiring art. Raisa laughed again and shook her head at the two. They walked through all of the museum then set off for their next destination. In the cab Peter suggested “why don’t we all go to Disneyworld tomorrow?”

“That could be fun. I havent been in years” Raisa answered. Eoin got excited “I’d love to go”

“I guess we’re going tomorrow then” Next they headed over to Mystery Escape. Everyone was excited about this. Peter, Raisa and Madge did this a couple times when Raisa was still a young girl. They paid and entered into a game, everyone thrilled for it to start. They were one over since the games were normally limited to five people but they made an exception and let them all play together since they really didn’t want to break into two groups.

It took them just a little over half an hour to beat the room they were in and decided that wasn’t good enough so they all played again, the next time finishing in twenty two minuets. It amazed the staff but they had to admit they had an advantage because of their work.

Chapter Two

“We beat the crap out of that.” Eoin said as they headed out.

“You’re like a kid in a candy store.” Raisa said with a big smile.

“Well yeah, I love France. Amazing sights, beautiful women, and bakeries everywhere.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t gained any weight with the way you eat.”

“With all the running around we do I doubt I’ll ever get fat.”

“So are you and Raisa planning on getting married?” Madge asked, her voice hopeful.

“We haven’t really discussed it yet, but we’ll be sure to tell you if we do.” Silus answered.

Raisa felt a little guilty. She knew her aunt had always wanted her to settle down, but with her work she had not thought about marriage and children. It put a damper on her high spirits and Silus couldn’t help but notice. He hadn’t asked her to marry him yet, but he wanted to. They were a perfect match in every way and he wanted her to be happy. He brought her hand to his lips and pressed a kiss to her knuckles. She smiled up at him, her cheeks turning bright red. “Be happy.” He said quietly.

“Sorry, I will be. I love you.”

“I love you too.”
Since everyone was hungry their next stop was Terminus Nord. It was a gorgeous restaurant, very bright thought the twins didn’t much care for the painting on the walls. After drinks were ordered they all opened their menus to decide what they wanted to eat. Silus and Raisa decided to share a Fishmonger Platter, Madge and Peter shared the Royal Platter, Ellair had Filet of wild cod with riso pasta and asparagus risotto and langoustine bisque while Eoin decided on Grilled Angus entrecĂ´te , Bearnaise sauce and French fries.

They all continued to talk about the two mysteries they just played through until their food was served. One of Raisas favorite things about Paris was how fine the food was here. Seh ate slowly, unable to eat any faster than she was. Some food was just too good to rush through atall. Peter smiled, hoping remembering the food would pull her into living there again.

Not a word was spoken until they were all finished and ready to receive their check. “I vote again for us living here” Silus said and Raisa gave him a smile. “they do have some amazing food” she answered and left it at that.
“Lets go to the Canal Saint Martin.” Raisa said when they exited the restaurant. “It’s actually Ellair’s favorite spot.”

“Oh really and why is that?” Silus asked as they climbed into Madge’s van.

“The water is just so calm, reflecting everything around it. It’s like seeing everything in a different light and when it rains and the water is disturbed it makes the world look like it’s being shaken into chaos. It’s just neat to watch.”

“So deep brother.”

“Deeper than you.” Ellair shot back.

Raisa, Silus, Madge, and Peter laughed and they made their way to the canal. When they made it there and got out Silus laced his fingers through Raisa’s and they walked along the canal. “I really like it here.” He said as they moved onto the bridge and stopped midway to watch one of the ferries move underneath them.

“Yeah, it’s gorgeous. I used to come here all the time just to ride the ferry.”

He pulled her into his arms and tipped her head back. “Do you want to stay here? You seem so happy in this place, be honest.”

“As long as you’re not wanting to move just for me. I want you to want it too.”

“Raisa, wherever you are is home so if you want to move here so do I. I really like Paris and it would make your aunt and uncle extremely happy if you did.”

“Okay, then we’ll move.” He smiled and gave her gentle kiss.
They enjoyed being alone for awhile longer before telling her Aunt and Uncle they planned to move. Raisa loved how their faces lit up at the news. “then we’re moving too” The twins said. “I better let our boss know we’re moving. I’ll let him know when we aren’t on vacation though. No sense calling him now” The twins agreed and they all went back to enjoying the canal. They just lazed about Paris, enjoying everything until that night. Madge and Raisa cooked dinner at the house instead of them all going out again.

“Now that I’ve got you here I need to get you married” Madge said and Raisa blushed “I’m sure we will, lets not rush him”

“He wants to marry you. I can see that look in his eyes.”

“I’m sure he does too. It’ll come around, don’t you worry” Madge went back to focusing on the meal they were preparing, a blissful smile on her face. When dinner was ready they all sat around the table to talk and eat.
When dinner was over and the dishes had been washed and put away, Silus lifted Raisa off her feet and carried her to their room. He sat down on the bed, holding her in his lap. “I’m glad to have you to myself again.” He said and kissed her cheek.

“You have me to yourself almost every day.”

“And it’s always my favorite part of the day.” He kissed her softly, his lips moving seductively against hers. His hand slid beneath her shirt and unhooked her bra so he cup her breasts. She moaned into his mouth and he tipped her back onto the bed, pulling her clothes slowly off. He kissed his way down her neck, giving her small bites and sucking at her nipples as he pushed a hand between her legs and teased her.

“Silus, please.” He smiled as he bit his way down her stomach and licked between her legs, making her whimper and writhe beneath him. “Please baby, we’re not at home.” He bit her inner thigh and she let out a little yelp.

“Sorry, I just can’t get enough of you.” He pulled his own clothes off and crawled on top of her, settling himself between her legs and thrusting into her hot depths. She had to bite onto his shoulder to keep quiet and clung tightly to him as he brought her slowly over the edge again and again until she lay limp beneath him. “I love you my sweet angel.” He whispered in her ear.

“I love you too.”

Chapter Three

The next morning they were woken up be Ellair pounding on the door “get ready you two” Raisa groaned at Ellair who walked away. They both pulled themselves out of bed then showered before readying for their day. They had biscuits and gravy for breakfast then set off on their way. This day was just as fun as the last, everyone all smiles and laughter until yet another day had passed them by. All Silus thought about on their way back to her Aunts was getting a ring and proposing.

They had a simple dinner since everyone was tired then crashed right back into their beds. “what have you been thinking about all evening?” Raisa asked as Silus pulled her close. “our future”


“of course”

“then about what?”

“I want to propose but I havent got a ring yet”

“You dont need one now” Raisa answered and Silus chuckled “that anxious to marry me huh?”

“Rings are stupid anyways. All i care about is being with you forever”

“then will you marry me? We can buy stupid rings tomorrow”

“Yes” Raisa said with a smile then kissed Silus.
They laid there talking about what their wedding would be like, Silus happy with whatever she wanted. They fell asleep after midnight wrapped tightly in each others arms. Eoin woke them the following morning banging on the door and saying, “Come on lazy bones Madge wants to take us house hunting. She’s already printed out some listings.”

“Alright, two seconds.” Raisa yelled back and they got out of bed. They took a quick shower to wake themselves then dried and dressed. Madge already had breakfast on the table so they sat down and ate. “So, what kind of places are we looking at today?” Raisa asked.

“Houses for you and Silus, apartments for the boys, separate apartments of course.” Madge answered.

“I hope the houses have more than two bedrooms, you know since Silus and I are getting married.”

Everyone froze, just staring at her and she smiled at them. “Really?” Madge finally asked, her eyes lighting up.

“Really and I’m sure you want uh greatnieces or nephews so we’ll need lots of room.” Madge gave a squeal of delight and came to her feet, rushing around the table and hugging Raisa.

“Oh my god I’m so excited.” She squeezed Raisa and the guys all congratulated Silus.

“If you don’t mind ma’am, I would like to go ring shopping with Raisa today. You can all help me pick out something perfect since you’ve spent the most time with her.”
“would you like to do that before houses?”

“I would if that’s ok with all of you”

“it’s more than ok! You all are welcome here until you find suitable places anyway!” Madge was over the moon which made Raisa feel the same way. They finished eating then went to a nearby jewelers, Dubails. They had magnificent, beautiful jewelry which had them all looking around at all the cases. Raisas eyes lit up when she saw a silver ring with a blue diamond. It wasn’t a white one as was typical of wedding rings but to her this one was the most gorgeous ring she had ever seen. The silver came up to form small leaves up the band and around the blue diamond with tiny white ones in every leaf.

“you want that for your wedding ring?” Silus asked. “yes” He kissed her hand “then that one we will buy.” Madge was thrilled they found a ring in the first store they came to and could barely contain herself. With the ring purchased Silus thought he should propose to her properly so he got down on one knee and asked ‘would you please marry me Raisa?”

“If there was a word greater than yes to answer you with I’d say it” Silus smiled happily, showing off his teeth it was so big. He slipped the ring on and Madge cried. Peter hugged her “now now, only the bride to be should be crying” his voice had a small laugh in it that made Madge want to slap his shoulder.
They left the jewelry store under a cloud of pure bliss and headed for the first house Madge wanted to show them. It was a cozy two bedroom that both and Raisa and Silus agreed was too small. They wanted more space for a child and a yard where he or she could play. Ellair showed some interest in it and told Eoin if that was the place he chose he could move in if he wanted, especially since there was a basement that could be converted into another bedroom. They looked at houses and apartments until lunch time, keeping the listings they were interested in and throwing the others out. They stopped at Les Tablettes, Eoin tripping out on the basket weave wall design. They ordered their food and ate as they discussed wedding colors and where Silus and Raisa wanted to get married.

After lunch they paid and left to look at the last couple of listings. Raisa stared wide eyed at the beautiful three bedroom two bathroom house. It was as gorgeous on the inside as on the outside and she found herself turning in circles as she admired the architecture. There was a nice sized backyard, big enough for a dog and children to play. The best part was it was just outside of the city which one of the two balconies had a beautiful view of. “This is the one.” Raisa said as she ran up the stairs to look at the rooms. The others followed, smiling at her child like wonder. “I want it, this will be perfect for raising a family.”
They paid their deposit and were promised the house in a week due to the owners needing to take care of a few things. They all left excited “what about you boys?” Raisa asked and the boys decided they did want the two bedroom they had seen before. They were actually able to move in right away after their deposit so they began busying themselves with getting their things moved to Paris. The week they had to wait seem to fly by since they were helping the twins and making decisions for their wedding.

Raisa was also dealing with trying to sell her home while she wasn’t there which wasn’t too hard once she hired sombody to take care of all that for her. Now it came time to move her own things and decide where they belonged in the new home she would be sharing with Silus and soon children.
“I think this will be the baby’s room.” She said as Silus, the twins, and Peter moved things into the house. “That means we’ll have to get a crib. I want him or her sleeping in our room at first though so that means we’ll have to move it between rooms.”

“Nonsense.” Peter said as he and Silus carried their mattress upstairs. “We’ll buy you a bassinet for your room and when he or she outgrows that you can put them in their room.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Well we’re going to.”

She just smiled and headed downstairs to help Ellair and Eoin. She carried boxes inside, depositing them in their assigned rooms and unpacking them so she and Silus wouldn’t have to worry to much about it once everything was in the house. Every once in awhile Eoin or Ellair would stop her and ask her which cabinet she wanted things in and she would go into the kitchen or bathroom and direct them. At the end of the day everyone was exhausted, having only stopped for lunch and they hardly had any left to unpack and put away which made Raisa happy.

“Why don’t you all come over to our place and have dinner, that way you don’t have to cook?” Peter said as he stood and stretched.

“Sounds good because I’m about ready to fall asleep.” Raisa replied. “You boys want some of Madge’s cooking?”

“Do you even have to ask?” Eoin shot back and Raisa laughed.

They forced their aching bodies up and went over to Madge and Peters house. Excited to have her own home Raisa went back immediately after dinner, missing her own bed that was now in her new bedroom. Silus felt warm with happiness over Raisas excitement and was also glad they could now focus on their wedding day. “Plannings going to go alot quicker now”

“Yep, now that I can focus on it” Silus began kissing Raisa lustfully until she grew warm between her thighs. “we’re finally in a home all to ourselves” he whispered with a smile as he lifted her. Silus went into their new bedroom and threw Raisa onto the mattress. They stripped off eachothers clothes as if in a frenzy before he flipped her on her stomach and drug her legs off the bed. Raisa gripped the comforter with her hands as Silus rammed into her. Raisas moans were deep as she quivered around his pounding shaft.

Upon releasing he flipped her on her back then kneeled to enjoy her sweetness. Raisas moans were almost screams as he tongue slid expertly against all the perfect spots. He brought her over the edge and then almost to it again before he slid her up on the bed, lifted her legs so they were over his shoulders and began to move slowly, teasingly in and out until she was hoarse from her moans.

Silus ejaculated into her confines again and then situated them both under the covers to cuddle. He kissed her cheek ‘i think you missed that as much as I did”

“Of course” she replied weakly.
“I hope I get you pregnant soon.” He said as he rained feather light kisses onto her face. “You’re going to look adorable with a big belly. My pregnant warrior woman.”

She laughed softly and grabbed his face in her hands, kissing him excitedly. “I bet I’ll really intimidating with a huge belly and my knives. All those baddies won’t know what to do.”

“Oh no, you are stopping the mercenary, H.A.L.O. hopping stuff the minute a test says positive. I’d worry about you too much, even with the twins and I there.”

“I was just kidding my love, I’d never put our child in harms way if I can help it. I’ll stay home until he or she is old enough to stay with my aunt and uncle and don’t worry about me putting work first, that will never happen my love. My family is my everything.”

He smiled adoringly down at her, his heart warming with his love for her. She meant the world to him, was willing to marry him and give him children. She was his greatest gift and he couldn’t be happier having her in his life. “I am so glad you were the one sent for me Raisa.” He said as he tipped her head back to look into her beautiful eyes.

She smiled drowsily, all of her love for him shining through those bright blue orbs. “Me too Silus, that night I was the luckiest woman in the world.” They fell asleep wrapped in each others arms, dreaming of each other and the happiness that waited for them.


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